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Communications: electrical April category listing, related patent applications 04/11

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04/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110095862 - Alarm system and method for warning of emergencies: An alarm system and method for warning of emergencies are provided. The method predefines a sign language list, and stores the sign language list in a storage device of a terminal device connected to at least one video camera. The method can control the video camera to capture sign images... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110095863 - Apparatus and method for a biometric reader for access with identification on the device: A networkless biometric access device is provided hereby, the networkless biometric access device comprises a housing adapted to be secured in an electrical box, an electronic system comprising a biometric reader connected to the housing and adapted to scan fingerprints, and a memory module operatively connected to the biometric reader... Agent:

20110095864 - Laboratory device, laboratory rack assembly and method for coupling an rfid chip: The invention relates to devices and methods for the identification of test tubes in a test tube rack using RFID technology.... Agent: Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.

20110095866 - Locator inventory system: A transmission sequence is broadcast from a locator to a group of transponder devices. Each transponder identified with the group is arranged to receive and capture at least a portion of the transmission, correlate the captured information with an internally stored reference sequence for the identified group, and identify a... Agent: Roundtrip LLC

20110095869 - Method and apparatus for real time location tracking using rfid: Proposed are a method and apparatus for real-time location tracking using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), the apparatus including: a first reception information receiver to receive first reception information of a tag signal from a plurality of RFID readers that receives the tag signal from an RFID tag; a reader group... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110095867 - Remote monitoring and control of led based street lights: The present invention is directed to a method for remotely collecting metering information via a light emitting diode (LED) based street light. In one embodiment, the method includes collecting information from a utility meter coupled to a home, establishing a two-way communication path via a communication module to a central... Agent:

20110095868 - Rfid protection system, device, combination, and related methods: Embodiments of systems, combinations, devices and methods of enhanced Radio Frequency Identification (“RFID”) protection are provided. An embodiment of a combination of a separate RFID device and a separate RFID blocking device each adapted to be positioned separately into a container includes a separate RFID device adapted to be positioned... Agent: Curio, Ltd.

20110095865 - Underwater rfid arrangement for optimizing underwater operations: A method and system to optimize underwater operations utilizing a radio frequency identification (RFID) arrangement. The RFID arrangement includes a plurality of RFID tags positioned on an underwater surface, with each of the plurality of tags coded with unique information related to each tag's location on the underwater surface. The... Agent: The United States Of America, Secretary Of The Navy

20110095870 - Method for measuring pressure in a tire: A method for sensing pressure in a pressurized article utilizing an electronic tag includes: calculating the impedance of a tag antenna, the tag antenna being flexible and at least partially composed of a flexible conductive pressure sensitive material including rubber; measuring changes in antenna impedance resulting from changes in pressure... Agent:

20110095872 - Manifest integrity management via radio frequency identification (rfid): Embodiments of the present invention address deficiencies of the art in respect to assuring manifest integrity for a shipping container of objects and provide a method, system and computer program product for manifest integrity management via radio frequency identification (RFID). In an embodiment of the invention, a manifest integrity management... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110095871 - Forklift radio frequency identification systems for tracking pallet stacks: a forklift comprising a body, a mast mounted to the body and a fork assembly including forks moveably mounted on the mast. A RFID antenna is secured in a fixed position on the fork assembly above the forks of the forklift and a RFID reader is positioned on the fork... Agent:

20110095873 - Gesture-initiated remote control programming: A method and system for configuring a universal remote control (URC) to control a remote-controlled device includes establishing a communication link between the URC and the remote-controlled device in response to detecting a gesture motion of the URC. Device information may be received from the remote-controlled device and used by... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20110095874 - Remote switch to monitor and navigate an electronic device or system: A remote switch monitors, navigates, and provides transport control to an electronic device or system, including computers or other digital systems. It includes: a switch with a visual indicator, transitionable between first and second states, or multiple states; a symbol on the visual indicator to identify the navigation function; and... Agent: Apogee Electronics Corporation

20110095875 - Adjustment of media delivery parameters based on automatically-learned user preferences: Systems and methods are described that automatically adjust a value of a parameter relating to the delivery of media content, such as audio content or image content, based on both environmental conditions and on automatically-learned user preference data. For example, a first embodiment adjusts a volume setting used to control... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110095876 - Mobile device: Provided is a mobile device including: an audio output unit; an audio source unit which provides music information to the audio output unit; an adjustment unit which adjusts the audio volume of the audio output unit; an announcement information generation unit which provides announcement information to the audio output unit;... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20110095877 - Apparatus and methods for mounting haptics actuation circuitry in keyboards: Systems and methods are employed for implementing haptics for pressure sensitive keyboards, such as the type of keyboards having keys that produce alternating digital open/short signals that emulate actuation of conventional “momentary on” digital keys. The disclosed systems and methods may be implemented to provide haptics for both touch typing... Agent:

20110095879 - Behavior-based learning of visual characteristics from real-world traffic scenes for driver assistance systems: structuring information gathered by the visual sensing by classifying the at least one sensed rate of change in different categories of e, in order to find visual features associated to a certain category of sensed rate of change and thus associated with a certain behavior of the driver.... Agent: Honda Research Institute Europe Gmbh

20110095878 - Vehicle information display and method: An information display system for a hybrid electric vehicle configured to display one or more reasons an engine is on is provided. The information display system also indicates how close the engine is to turning on due to an engine on reason by displaying a proximity indicator representing a value... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110095880 - Brake pipe charge monitor system and method: A method for establishing a predicted brake pipe pressure gradient is disclosed and generally includes installing an end-of-train unit on a railcar of an active train for sensing brake pipe pressure; installing a head-end-unit on a locomotive in the active train; transmitting brake pipe pressure data from the end-of-train unit... Agent: Wabtec Holding Corp.

20110095881 - Alert network systems and methods: Alert network systems and methods are disclosed. In some embodiments, a method comprises receiving an emergency alert regarding an emergency condition affecting a geographic region, selecting a facility from a plurality of facilities based on at least the geographic region, generating an alert notification regarding the emergency alert, providing the... Agent: Channel One, LLC

20110095882 - System and method for automatic enrollment of two-way wireless sensors in a security system: A system and method are disclosed for enrolling two-way wireless security system devices (alarms, detectors, lights) in a security system. A controller is provided and is capable of exchanging wireless signals with the two-way wireless devices. The system has an enroll mode where the two-way wireless devices transmit enroll signals... Agent: Tyco Safety Products Canada Ltd.

20110095883 - Asset monitoring system and portable security system therefor: A portable security system for monitoring an asset has one or more alarm sensors and a wireless transmitter/receiver that communicates via wireless communication with a host system. The portable security system is switchable between a disabled (partially powered) state and an enabled (fully powered state) in response to commands received... Agent: Cattail Technologies, LLC

20110095884 - Disposable diaper state detecting device and disposable diaper state monitoring system: A disposable diaper condition detecting device includes a disposable diaper, an induction device (01; 56) and an alarming device (20; 60). The disposable diaper includes an outer layer (15; 80), an interlayer (16) and an inner layer (17). The induction device (01; 56) is provided on the outer layer (15;... Agent:

20110095886 - Coding and behavior when receiving an ims emergency session indicator from authorized source: A method is provided for a user equipment (UE) 110 to respond to an emergency-related message sent to the UE 110. The method comprises the UE 110 receiving a first message 150 containing an indicator 160 indicating that an emergency-related request has been made, the UE 110 recognizing the indicator... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110095885 - Methods and apparatus for generating electronic records of locate operations: Exemplary apparatus include locate devices that generate, store and/or transmit electronic records of locate information relating to detection of underground facilities. An exemplary method for analyzing and processing locate information includes a computer-implemented method for visually rendering (e.g., in a display field of a display device) various aspects of locate... Agent: Certusview Technologies, LLC

20110095887 - Container security devices, systems, and method: A dosimeter is disclosed for use in container including outer walls defining an interior volume, the dosimeter including: a radon detection element adapted to detect a radon level for the interior volume; a neutron detection element adapted detect a neutron level for the interior volume. The dosimeter is adapted to... Agent:

20110095888 - Solar panel assembly with alarms to indicate a removable of a panel: The present invention provides a solar panel assembly having an alarm system which is actuated when one or more solar panels are removed from the assembly. The assembly includes a plurality of solar panels linked together to form a solar array. An alarm circuit is provided having a plurality of... Agent:

20110095889 - Active antenna: An EAS system comprises a central circuit for sequentially generating signal bursts. At least one local transmitting antenna is positioned remote from the central circuit for receiving and propagating the signal bursts into an interrogation zone. A receiver is associated with the local transmitting antenna for detecting the presence of... Agent:

20110095890 - Interactive radio frequency tags: Interactive radio frequency tags that are responsive to external stimuli to change state are disclosed. The tags preferably include a passive radio frequency transponder, having an antenna, an interface for receiving an external stimulus, and one or more integrated circuits responsive to the external stimulus received at the interface to... Agent:

20110095891 - Product and electronic tag assembly: A host article and electronic tag assembly includes an article portion of rubber-based material composition. The electronic device and antenna attach to or are embedded within the article portion. The antenna is constructed to be flexible and at least partially composed of a flexible conductive material such as conductive rubber.... Agent:

20110095892 - Reader based on rfid: Disclosed is an RFID-based reader configured to allow a UHF band RFID reader unit to recognize an RFID tag in a short distance, and to minimize an erroneous recognition, the reader including a gate frame discretely installed at both sides of an entrance and exit, a parabolic surface type reflective... Agent: Ls Industrial Systems Co., Ltd.

20110095893 - Anti-theft device for sporting goods: A theft-deterring security apparatus for articles with handles is described. The apparatus consists of a bracket that substantially surrounds an article handle and a locking body into which the bracket is telescopically inserted, to in turn compress both the bracket and the locking body about the article handle so as... Agent: Se-kure Controls, Inc.

20110095894 - Portable fish bite alarm detector and fishing line release apparatus: A fish bite alarm detector and fishing line release apparatus for a fishing pole which comprises a clothespin having a spring between two operable levers. A mechanism is for removably securing the first lever of the clothespin to the fishing pole, whereby the fishing line of the fishing pole can... Agent:

20110095895 - Safety light apparatus: The present invention relates to a safety apparatus for providing a visible signal to firefighters or other rescuers of occupants of a building that an occupant is in a particular location or room of the building. According to one embodiment of the invention, the safety apparatus may include an emergency... Agent:

20110095896 - System and method for efficiently generating audible alarms: Various inventive features are disclosed for efficiently generating regulation-compliant audible alerts, including but not limited to 520 Hz square wave alert/alarm signals, using an audio speaker. One such feature involves the use of a non-linear amplifier in combination with a voltage boost regulator to efficiently drive the audio speaker. Another... Agent: Innovalarm Corporation

20110095897 - Energy usage index: An energy usage index provides energy intensity monitoring and managing capability. This capability is accomplished by monitoring an energy usage of a facility region and calculating an energy intensity based, at least in part, on the energy usage of the facility region and an area of the facility region. The... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20110095898 - Interactive security screening system: An interactive security screening system includes a main housing, a contact or palm pad provided on the main housing and a sample sheet positioned upon the contact pad. A sensor is operatively connected to the contact pad to measure pressure applied to the contact pad during a sample collection process.... Agent: Redxdefense, LLC

20110095899 - In-train display-device management system and in-train display-device management method: To provide an in-train-display management device that is incorporated in a train constituted by a plurality of vehicles and is connected to a plurality of display devices arranged in each vehicle of the train by a transmission path, and displays whether a driving status of the display devices is normal... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110095900 - Speaker enclosure design for efficiently generating an audible alert signal: Various inventive features are disclosed for efficiently generating regulation-compliant audible alerts, including but not limited to 520 Hz square wave alert/alarm signals, using an audio speaker. One such feature involves the use of a non-linear amplifier in combination with a voltage boost regulator to efficiently drive the audio speaker. Another... Agent: Innovalarm Corporation

20110095901 - Power distribution unit: A power distribution device includes a chassis, a power input, and power brick bays for receiving, and delivering power to, power bricks. Each power brick bay includes a power adapter for providing power to a power brick.... Agent:

20110095902 - Treatment area zoning system: A treatment area marker device and method for using the treatment area marker in setting up a triage facility for patient care. The device and the method may be particularly useful during an emergency or crisis situation. The treatment area marker is an article of manufacture that includes a light... Agent:

20110095903 - Method and apparatus for utility usage monitoring: An approach is provided for monitoring utility usage and generating notifications. A platform collects utility data from a utility meter of a subscriber and determines whether the utility data satisfies a usage threshold. The platform generates a notification based on the determination and presents the notification.... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20110095905 - In-vehicle data communication device and method for communicating with external resource center: An assigning unit assigns multiple conditions to communication units. A detection unit detects which of the communication units is communicable with an external resource center. When the detection unit detects that multiple communication units are communicable with the external resource center, a selecting unit selects one communication unit according to... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110095904 - Method and system for providing safety guidance service: A method for providing a safety guidance service from a local server to a nomadic device includes gathering information regarding surrounding conditions within a service area on a road, receiving device information from the nomadic device, which enters the service area, determining whether or not the nomadic device is placed... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110095909 - Driving support apparatus: When an own vehicle waits to turn left or right, a vehicle data processing unit processes information of an oncoming vehicle based on data analyzed by data analyzing units. A support processing unit sets a blind angle rank according to a difficulty degree of recognizing a following vehicle due to... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110095906 - Method and device for controlling traffic flow: A method and an apparatus for controlling the flow of traffic. To this end, the information about the period of time before a set of traffic lights changes to another traffic light phase is used to provide the driver of a vehicle with a speed recommendation for approaching the traffic... Agent: Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

20110095908 - Mobile sensing for road safety, traffic management, and road maintenance: Mobile monitoring systems and methods are disclosed. In accordance with one aspect of the invention, the system includes a plurality of vehicles and a base communication station that are in communication with each other. Each of the vehicles includes a camera that generates image data, a location device that generates... Agent:

20110095907 - Right-turn driving support apparatus: When an own vehicle waits to turn right, a vehicle data processing unit processes information of an oncoming vehicle based on data analyzed by data analyzing units. A support processing unit sets a blind angle rank according to a difficulty degree of recognizing a following vehicle due to the blind... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushuki Kaisha

20110095910 - Parking assistance system and parking assistance method: A parking assistance system for a vehicle includes multiple on-board cameras (11, 12, 13, 14) each configured to capture an image of a surrounding area of the vehicle, overhead image generating means (21) for joining the captured multiple images and generating an overhead image viewed from above the vehicle, and... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20110095911 - Projection of different image contents in a large-capacity cabin of a transport means: According to an embodiment of the present invention a projection facility for projecting image contents onto an inside wall in an open cabin of a transport means, with which any given image contents can be projected onto a curved inside wall in a large-scale manner. The projection facility may comprise,... Agent: Airbus Sas

20110095912 - Jet engine protection system: A modern jet engine inlet protection system that protects against large birds and operates autonomously, that is dormant in routine aircraft operations, that automatically actuates its protective device(s) only at the immediate point of need, then returning it (them) to a non-interfering position, including a RADAR system and a LIDAR... Agent:

20110095913 - System and method for displaying runways and terrain in synthetic vision systems: A method and system for displaying three dimensional images of runways and terrain, as well as additional information, on one or more screens of an avionics display system is provided. The system merges elevation information for terrain points and elevation information for runway points by grouping runways together that are... Agent: L-3 Communications Avionics Systems, Inc.

20110095914 - Nautic alert apparatus, system and method: In at least one exemplary embodiment, an autonomous onboard monitoring and communications system for watercraft is disclosed. The autonomous onboard monitoring and communications system may include a processor, at least one system console, a plurality of sensors configured to monitor operating and environmental conditions aboard the watercraft, a system application... Agent: Market Spectrum, Inc.

20110095915 - Power management system and method for vehicle locating unit: Improved power management for a vehicle locating unit is achieved by receiving a transmission from a communication source, each transmission including at least one message frame having a data field and at least one auxiliary field; entering a wake mode upon indexing the assigned message frame of the receiver in... Agent:

04/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110090041 - Asset management device and method using simplex satellite transmitter augmented with local area transceiver: A device, method, and computer program product for monitoring and transmitting a location and a local status of a remote device using a satellite transmitter is provided. The monitoring device includes a position location unit, a satellite transmitter, a power source, a controller, and a short-range radio transceiver. The position... Agent:

20110090040 - Safety system: A safety system for detecting the presence of an undesired object in a safety area may include a first pair of distance measuring sensors disposed on opposed sides of the conveying path, the pair of distance measuring sensors defining a sensor field between said pair of distance measuring sensors, and... Agent:

20110090042 - Wireless demand response system: A wireless demand response endpoint includes a power switch and a wireless receiver to control the power switch in response to a wireless demand signal. The wireless demand signal may be transmitted at the same premises as the endpoint. One or more wireless endpoints at the premises may be configured... Agent: Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.

20110090045 - Lockable container with time-controlled remote control: Apparatus for limiting access to items only during pre-determined times, a lockable container system includes a lockable container assembly and a remote control unit. The remote control unit includes an input keypad, a display, a processor, and a transmitter. The lockable container assembly includes a receiver, a locking mechanism, and... Agent:

20110090046 - Coded wireless key card sensor unit: A coded wireless sensor unit has a slot sized to receive a key card. When a key card is inserted into the slot, the act of insertion generates a energy-harvested power pulse, which powers circuitry that reads electrical device control information coded on the key card and creates a first... Agent:

20110090043 - Mobile-controlled electric entrance device: A mobile-controlled electric entrance device includes an electrically powered entrance body and a control unit. The control unit includes a mobile phone number comparison unit, a storage unit, an oscillation timer, a delay and sequential logical decoding unit, a current driver and a relay switch. The mobile phone number comparison... Agent:

20110090044 - Information processing apparatus, communication apparatus, and program: An information processing apparatus includes: a storage block configured to store a first region as part of a layer structure; an execution block which, in response to a designation command transmitted by a communication apparatus to designate the creation of a second region as a lower layer of the first... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110090047 - Biometric switch and indicating means: A biometric switch for reading fingerprints, giving tactile feedback when the fingerprint has been read, and opening a locking mechanism when depressed. The biometric mechanisms are encased into a small push button type switch with the finger print reader at the top surface. When the fingerprint is read and the... Agent:

20110090048 - Data transmission device with user identification capability: The present invention provides, in one embodiment, a medical test data acquisition device that acquires both a test subject's test results and one or more biometric indicators such as a fingerprint, and links the test results to the biometric indicators or the test subject's identity associated with the test subject,... Agent:

20110090049 - Finger biometric sensor including laterally adjacent piezoelectric transducer layer and associated methods: A finger biometric sensor may include a finger biometric sensing layer having an upper major surface and at least one sidewall surface adjacent thereto. The finger biometric layer may be for generating signals related to at least one biometric characteristic of the user's finger when positioned adjacent the first major... Agent: Authentec, Inc.

20110090051 - Apparatus, method, and system for identification of multiple points located throughout an area: Disclosed herein are apparatus, methods, and systems for determining point locations with respect to an origin point. Aspects described herein provide for a cost-effective and easy to use way in which a limited number of persons may map out point locations over a relatively large area with a high degree... Agent: Musco Corporation

20110090050 - Method for locating objects: A method for locating objects including: applying an adherent composition to the object, the composition including an adherent substance, a fluorescent substance and an odorific substance; and visually locating the object by the light emitted by the fluorescent substance or by the odor given off by the odorific substance which... Agent: Rfid Mexico, S.a. De C.v.

20110090057 - Data collection system having eir terminal interface node: A network accessible node that facilitates management of a fleet of portable communication devices (EIR terminal), including portable data terminals and/or barcode readers, by directing performance of software upgrade and/or configuration update actions by one or more members of the fleet of EIR terminals.... Agent: Hand Held Products, Inc.

20110090054 - Magnetic rfid coupler with balanced signal configuration: A magnetic coupler arrangement that includes two quarter wave length strip patches, an input signal source, a signal splitter that splits an input signal from the input signal source into two signals and phase-shifts one of the two signals, wherein the phase-shifted signal and the non-phase-shifted signal are fed into... Agent:

20110090053 - Omnidirectional pseudo-antenna for interrogator or system allowing the interrogation response and/or passive listening functions: m

20110090055 - Programming of remote control operational modes: A remote control and method of programming a remote control for controlling components in an entertainment system are disclosed. The remote control may operate in multiple modes including a limited mode that prevents the remote control from sending predetermined commands to one or more components, even when instructed to do... Agent:

20110090058 - Radio ic device: A radio IC device that can be used in a plurality of frequency bands for RFID tags and that is compact and has superior radiation characteristics is provided. A spiral line electrode portion and a first side electrode, extending from an inner end thereof, of a capacitor electrode portion are... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110090059 - Rfid beam forming system: A multi-protocol, multi-band array antenna system may be used in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system reader and sensory networks. The antenna array may include array elements with an integrated low noise amplifier. The system may employ digital beam forming techniques for transmission and steering of a beam to a specific... Agent: Mojix, Inc.

20110090056 - Wireless communication system comprising receiver and image transmitter and wireless communication method thereof: Communication-identifier-assigned image data is transmitted via a set channel using the same as a communication identifier set for each image transmitter and a channel set in transmission. Then, a receiver which has received a plurality of image data items stores the received image data items, communication identifiers, and channels in... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110090052 - Wireless devices for process automation and verification: The present invention provides one or more powered wireless transceivers and/or one or more passive wireless transceivers, a reader and interrogator with variable power, one or more antennas connected to a human or robotic hand and/or foot, a method for making same and the method of using these devices for... Agent:

20110090060 - Isolating rfid reader: Systems and methods for using a multimodal handheld reader are described. The reader can be used to read non electronic labels, passive RFID tags using backscatter modulation techniques and battery based active RFID tags using a single handheld. The reader deploys a multiplexed antenna design and thereby contains a method... Agent:

20110090061 - Methods for noise validated phase ranging rfid location: A method and apparatus for validating a distance output of a phase ranging RFID location system, based upon the phase readings included in data sets obtained from monitoring reply signals corresponding to interrogation signals at multiple frequencies and a common interrogation signal beam direction; by comparison of measured phase and... Agent: Rf Controls, LLC

20110090062 - Phase ranging rfid location system: A method and apparatus for phase ranging the distance an RFID tag is from an RFID location system antenna along the interrogation signal beam, based upon the phase readings included in data sets obtained from monitoring reply signals corresponding to interrogation signals at multiple frequencies and a common interrogation signal... Agent: Rf Controls, LLC

20110090063 - Apparatus and method using histogram-based techniques for avoiding overpolling: A device including an RF transceiver coupled to receive signals from an antenna; and a micro-controller coupled to the RF transceiver periodically scanning for a wakeup signal and measuring a signal strength is provided. The micro-controller may use the signal strength to update a count value in a bin of... Agent:

20110090064 - System and method for stockkeeping in an aircraft galley: A system (100) for stockkeeping in an aircraft galley (10) comprises a plurality of receiving devices (16) which are provided for reception in a base body (12) of the aircraft galley (10) and are each provided with a transponder (18) which is configured to emit an identification signal characteristic of... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20110090065 - Systems and methods for controlling serially connected rfid transmitters and receivers: Systems and methods are provided for monitoring a plurality of RFID tags. A system includes a plurality of serially connected transmitters along a transmit path, where each of the serially connected transmitters are configured to relay a received transmitter selection signal when the transmitter selection signal identifies a selected transmitter... Agent:

20110090066 - Automatic analyzer: An automatic analyzer restartable within a short time includes at least one of quality control information and calibration information stored into an analyzer processing unit. A reagent management unit reads out information from a reagent vessel ID tag affixed to a reagent vessel inside a reagent accommodation unit containing the... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20110090067 - Communication apparatus enabling coexistence of systems: A frequency band is divided into N subchannels. Sub-channels are first allocated for a power line communication system having a higher priority, such as public communication or the like. Sub-channels for a power line communication system having a relatively low priority, such as in-home communication or the like, are allocated... Agent:

20110090068 - Apparatuses and methods for driving a doorbell system peripheral load at a higher current: A peripheral load driver that utilizes the power, wiring, and primary load of a conventional doorbell system to drive a doorbell system peripheral load at a higher current without risk of inadvertently energizing the primary load of the conventional doorbell system. The peripheral load driver comprising a power converting means... Agent:

20110090069 - Variable operation sensation input device: A variable operation sensation input device includes: an operation member slidable along a plane including first and second directions perpendicular to each other; a first driving member including a first engagement portion driven by sliding movement of the operation member in the first direction; a second driving member including a... Agent: Alps Electric Co., Ltd.

20110090070 - Systems and methods for providing haptic feedback at multiple resonance frequencies: Systems and methods for providing haptic feedback at multiple resonance frequencies are disclosed. For example, one disclosed apparatus includes a resonator with a base and a plurality of projections, a first projection of the plurality of projections having a first resonance frequency and a second projection of the plurality of... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20110090071 - Vehicle driver assist system: A driver assist system is provided that generates a video signal representing a vehicle environment outside a vehicle. At least one feature is extracted from the video signal. A reference is selected from a plurality of reference features stored as location attributes in a map database. The extracted feature is... Agent: Harman Becker Automotive Systems Gmbh

20110090072 - Auxiliary tow lighting with versatile gripping apparatus and method: A high-level auxiliary lighting unit for towed vehicles, such as a trailer (and/or the load carried on a trailer) includes a multi-function lamp having tail, stop, and turn signal lights. An adjustable connector carries this multi-function lamp relative to a non-marring temporary clamping device, and allows a user to attach... Agent:

20110090073 - Blind spot display device and driving support device: Disclosed is a blind spot display device which enables a driver to check the image of a blind spot area at required timing and can prevent the visual distraction of the driver due to display of unnecessary images, ensuring that the driver is sufficiently attentive during driving. On the basis... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110090074 - Vehicular meter unit and display device: In a first display mode, a common image function component is displayed to occupy at least a part of a display region of a second specific image function component. In a second display mode, the common image function component is continuously displayed outside the second specific image function component to... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110090075 - Systems and methods for vehicle performance analysis and presentation: A method of operating a driver analysis system, the method including receiving vehicle operation data corresponding to operation of vehicles by drivers, identifying a peer group associated with a target driver, processing at least a portion of the vehicle operation data to determine driving performance of the target driver relative... Agent:

20110090076 - Speed alarm system: A speed alarm system includes: a vehicle position detecting unit that detects a position of a vehicle; a map data storage unit that stores map data including information on a type of a road and a speed limit of the road; an entrance determining unit that determines whether the vehicle... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110090077 - Window handle or door handle with position monitoring for monitoring room climate and ventilation behavior: The invention relates to a device for monitoring room climate and ventilation behavior in and of inside rooms, having a readable memory unit, a control unit, and a signal generator that are integrated into a window or door handle, wherein the memory unit and/or the control unit is connected to... Agent:

20110090078 - Methods and apparatus for estimating departure time based on known calendar events: A method and apparatus generating a departure alert for an event based on a current location. The method may comprises: obtaining scheduling data associated with a first event, wherein the first event scheduling data includes a first event time value and a first event location value, obtaining a device location... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110090079 - Safety belt and system for checking a usage status of the safety belt: A safety belt includes a connecting member including a rope, an attaching portion connected to a first end of the rope and arranged to be attached to a body belt worn around a body of a worker, a hook connected to a second end of the rope, and a load... Agent: Techno Links International, Inc.

20110090081 - Mapping wireless signals with motion sensors: A displacement device for mapping wireless signal fingerprints includes motion sensors and at least one of a received signal strength indicator (RSSI) sensor and a round trip time (RTT) sensor. The motion sensors may include a pedometer and one or more sensors to receive turn information. The start position of... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110090080 - Methods and systems for identifying points of interest: Systems and corresponding methods are provided that include at least one computing device in communication with a plurality of mobile devices over a communication network. The at least one computing device is operable to track with a location service each of a plurality of mobile devices from a departure area... Agent:

20110090082 - Video guardian protector system: A personal safety device comprising a housed portable transmitter that sends a communication to a receiver. The housed portable transmitter has an upper and lower portion comprising at least one clip for attaching and concealing to the clothing of the user. Further, the personal safety device has at least one... Agent:

20110090084 - Systems and methods for repeating area denial: Systems and methods inhibit locomotion of a human or animal target in a denial zone. Acquiring the target includes forming a prediction of at least two locations of impact on the target and testing the prediction according to criteria that may include whether the locations are within a boundary corresponding... Agent:

20110090083 - Systems and methods of searching based on trademarks: A system and method of searching the world wide web for relevant web sites by a user. The system provides a means for indexing relationship information, such as owners of trademarks, in the search engine and retrieval thereof. The user can select particular relationship elements to rank at the top... Agent:

20110090085 - System and method to monitor a person in a residence: Systems and methods to monitor a person in a residence are provided. A particular method includes receiving data at a monitoring service from a set-top box (STB) device. The data includes a location in a residence of a person being monitored. The location may be obtained from a location system... Agent: At & T Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20110090086 - Systems for personal emergency intervention: There are provided methods and systems for personal emergency Intervention, comprising determining that an event regarding a patient has occurred, and thereupon enabling a tracking mode in a device controlled by the patient; monitoring one or more conditions to determine whether the tracking mode should be disabled, and until the... Agent:

20110090087 - System and method for safe handling of information handling resources: Systems and methods for safe handling of information handling resources are provided. In some embodiments, a method is provided. The method may include detecting occurrence of a power down sequence and in response to detecting of the power down sequence, controlling operation of a cooling fan coupled to information handling... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20110090088 - Method and apparatus for detection of phase separation in storage tanks: A system and method for detecting phase separation in storage tanks is provided. At least one float has a density calibrated to detect a density differential among surrounding fluids. The float is buoyant on a relatively more dense lower layer of fluid such as phase separated fuel or pure water,... Agent: Franklin Fueling Systems, Inc.

20110090089 - Method and apparatus for detecting a fault in a solar cell panel and an inverter: A method and apparatus for detecting a fault of a solar panel and an inverter in a solar array includes a monitoring device to detect and to identify a fault of a solar panel and an inverter in a solar array. The method generates a normal operation profile by extracting... Agent:

20110090090 - Impact detector and packaging container: An impact detector includes a weight having a circular periphery, a case in which the weight is contained, an interior of which defines a transition path that connects an initial position and an impact detection position, and a restriction portion projecting from the interior of the case into the transition... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20110090091 - Apparatus and methods for controlling and communicating with downwhole devices: Apparatus and methods for controlling and communicating with one or more tools in a downhole tool string including a tractor, an auxiliary tractor tool, a logging tool, a safety sub, a release mechanism, a unit containing sensors for monitoring downhole conditions, a setting tool, and a perforating gun. Also provided... Agent:

20110090092 - Fitness facility equipment usage control system and method: A system and method control usage of exercise equipment by: using a control server remote from a first fitness equipment unit to gather usage information at a fitness facility including the first fitness equipment unit; using the control server to communicate a maximum available individual workout time setting to the... Agent: Precor Incorporated

20110090093 - Vehicle to entity communication: A vehicle to pedestrian communication system includes a vehicle-based device having a transmitter and receiver for communicating global positioning of the vehicle. The transmitter broadcasts a global position of the vehicle as part of a vehicle periodic beacon message. A pedestrian-based device is carried by a pedestrian. The pedestrian-based device... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110090094 - In-vehicle information processor: In an in-vehicle information processor 100 including a communication device 104 which acquires traffic signal information regarding the lighting state of a traffic signal 401 and a display 106 which executes signal waiting time notification based on the traffic signal information acquired by the communication device 104, the display 106... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110090095 - Method and apparatus for displaying toll charging parameters: The invention relates to methods and apparatus for displaying toll charging parameters of vehicles by means of a roadside display. In one embodiment, parameters are sent from an onboard-unit of the vehicle to the roadside display. In an alternative embodiment, parameters are registered under a vehicle identification in a database... Agent: Kapsch Trafficcom Ag

20110090096 - Runway status indicator: Technologies are described herein for displaying runway status information to a pilot in an aircraft. In one aspect of the present disclosure, a runway status display module displays a runway status indicator indicating the runway status information at a fixed scale independent of a scale of the map on a... Agent:

04/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110084795 - Systems and methods for dynamically changing alerts of portable devices using brainwave signals: A method for dynamically adjusting alerts of a portable electronic device is provided. The method may include steps for receiving, from a threshold value associated with an attention level of a user. The method may also include receiving one or more numeric values corresponding to a current mental state of... Agent:

20110084797 - Activity based management system: The present invention is directed to management of activities by the operation of keys for performing said activities that are monitored for timing of any activity itself, its duration and frequency in predefined intervals and more particularly to an activity based key monitoring and management system. The present system provides... Agent:

20110084798 - System interaction with a movable barrier operator method and apparatus: A secure communication link (24) is provided between a movable bather operator (23) and a peripheral system (20). Information conveyed via this link is used by one, the other, or both such elements to further inform or direct their respective actions.... Agent: The Chamberlain Group, Inc.

20110084799 - Lock system including an electronic key and a passive lock: A lock system that includes a passively powered lock device having an electric lock mechanism and a key device having a power supply, wherein the key device stores a lock credential associated with the lock device. The key device is structured to be operatively coupled to the lock device. The... Agent: Pitney Bowes Inc.

20110084800 - Access authorization method and apparatus for a wireless sensor network: An access authorization method and apparatus for a wireless sensor network comprises at least a base station and a wireless sensor network formed by a plurality of sensor nodes. After having obtained an access authorization of a user, the at least a base station issues a request message to a... Agent:

20110084796 - Method and system for secure rfid communication between a noisy reader and a communicating object: A method for communication between a RFID noisy reader (100) and a RFID communicating object, including a method for authenticating the noisy reader done between the noisy reader and the communicating object before a transmission of data from the communicating object to the noisy reader, said data transmission being subject... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene. Alt.

20110084801 - Method and electronic apparatus for creating biological feature data: A method is used for creating a biological feature data in an electronic apparatus with a user-operable controller. The method includes: capturing at least a biological feature of a user in response to a control signal generated by the controller due to a manipulating input operation of the user, thereby... Agent: Htc Corporation

20110084802 - Door lock device: Provided is a door lock device which is installed on a door, to enable people to facilitate to find out location of the door at dark or night and enable the door to be illuminated with a certain brightness so as to be easily viewed at indoor and outdoor sides... Agent:

20110084803 - Controlling location information: A method and apparatus for controlling location information at a computer device such as a mobile telephone. Location information is intercepted and obtained by, for example, intercepting it from an Application Programming Interface destined for a location application. The location application is identified, and a rule is determined for applying... Agent: F-secure Oyj

20110084804 - Method and system for building annotation layers based on location aware user context information: The subject matter disclosed herein relates to a system and method for determining annotations for a map. Location information for mobile devices and contextual information associated with users of mobile devices may be utilized to determine such annotations.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110084805 - Remote control device for air conditioner: The present invention is aimed at providing a remote control device for an air conditioner which makes it possible for a user to fully use added functions of the air conditioner without being unable to make a quick decision about or giving up added value functions, and to realize energy... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110084811 - Rfid tag for rfid service and rfid service method thereof: Disclosed are an RFID tag for an RFID service and an RFID service method thereof. The present invention includes a tag storage unit including a TID memory and a user memory; and a tag controller that inserts and stores a content name field including content name information related to an... Agent:

20110084810 - Rfid transponder: An RFID transponder (1) comprises a demodulator (3) for demodulating received phase modulated carrier signals (CSQ), converting them down to a modulated baseband signal (MS) and filtering the converted signal. Sampling means (7) sample the filtered signal (FS) and store an actual sampling value (S(t0)) and a previous sampling value... Agent:

20110084807 - System, method and device to interrogate for the presence of objects: A system, method and device to interrogate for the presence of objects, to prevent the inadvertent separation of the objects from their owner. An owner is alerted when they are separated from the objects by determining when a trigger event occurs, such as a person leaving and/or entering a particular... Agent: James D. Logan

20110084808 - Tracking systems, methods of locating and identifying rfids, and methods of tracking items: Some embodiments include observable properties triggered upon interrogation of RFIDs. The RFIDs can be passive RFIDs, and the observable properties can be visible changes that require little power to generate, and little or no power to maintain. The visible information can include information about items tracked with the RFIDs, such... Agent: Round Rock Research, LLC

20110084806 - Wireless tracking system and method for backhaul of information: The present invention provides a solution to backhauling health information. The present invention utilizes a mesh network to backhaul the health information. The system includes a plurality of first tags, a mesh network, and an information engine. Each of the tags represents a first object. The mesh network preferably includes... Agent: Awarepoint Corporation

20110084809 - Wireless tracking system and method for backhaul of information: The present invention provides a solution to backhauling health information. The present invention utilizes a mesh network to backhaul the health information. The system includes a plurality of first tags, a mesh network, and an information engine. Each of the tags represents a first object. The mesh network preferably includes... Agent: Awarepoint Corporation

20110084812 - Rfid interrogator device: An RFID interrogator device has a transmission section for transmitting a command to an RFID tag and a reception section for receiving an RF signal from the RFID tag and is configured to perform backscatter radio communication with the RFID tag. The RFID interrogator device comprises a time window setting... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110084814 - Security tag utilizing rfid reflectivity mode power rationing: An RFID security tag which changes its reflectivity after receiving an interrogation signal is provided. The RFID security tag changes its reflectivity so that it becomes transparent to RF power of the RFID reader interrogation signal once the RFID security tag responds, thereby permitting surrounding RFID security tags to absorb... Agent: Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

20110084815 - Device and method for activating a communication unit: A communication system with a plurality of devices with a communication unit (CU1) arranged to communicate on a first wireless communication channel (CH1), e.g. GSM, in an active mode. Otherwise, the communication unit (CU1) is in an in-active power saving mode. A receiver unit (R1, R2) receives a wake-up signal... Agent: Aalborg Universitet

20110084816 - Apparatus and method for reducing the current consumption of a control circuit: Through a microcontroller, control signals are transferred to a transmitting and receiving unit or configuration data are transferred. Through the transmitting and receiving unit, in a first operating state transmission signals are issued, while controlling the control signals of the microcontroller. Upon a first specified event, the transmitting and receiving... Agent:

20110084813 - System and method for integrating asset tagging with a manufacturing process: A system includes an ordering module, an asset tagging module, a database, and a manufacturer server. The ordering module is configured to receive an order for a component from a web browser. The asset tagging module is configured to receive information for an asset tag from the web browser, and... Agent: Dell Products, Lp

20110084817 - Remote control device and recognition method thereof: A remote control device and a recognition method thereof. The recognition method is adapted to the remote control device for generating a corresponding remote control signal to control an electronic device when the remote control device is moved. A sequence of sensing signal corresponding to movement of the remote control... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20110084818 - Telecommunications system and method for a mobile device allowing escalation through notification levels: Upon receipt of a communication, the mobile device performs an escalation from visual to tactile to audible notification. The user can designate particular “contacts” listed in a database as being authorized to send high priority communications to the device. Designated contacts are then able to mark communications as high priority.... Agent:

20110084819 - Handheld charge indicator assemblies for use with children's ride-on vehicles, children's ride-on vehicle kits including the same, and methods of determining the state of charge of a battery assembly of a children's ride-on vehicle: Handheld charge indicator assemblies, children's ride-on vehicle kits including the same, and methods of determining the state of charge of a battery assembly of a children's ride-on vehicle. Handheld charge indicator assemblies are sized to be held in the hand of a user and are configured to be selectively interconnected... Agent: Mattel. Inc.

20110084820 - Ignition interlock breathalyzer: The invention relates to an improvement in a breath alcohol test devices includes within the handheld unit containing a fuel cell, a miniaturized self calibrating test device thereby avoiding the need for 30, 60 and 90 day calibration testing. It also relates to various tamper or circumvention improvements that may... Agent: Consumer Safety Technology, Inc.

20110084822 - Detecting apparatus for a bicycle: A detecting apparatus for a bicycle includes a detector mounted on a wheel fork and a monitoring device connected to a bicycle for immediately monitoring cycling status data. The detector wirelessly communicates with the monitoring device for detecting a wheel rotation rate. The monitoring device includes a process unit controlling... Agent:

20110084821 - Luminous alerting device: A luminous alerting device includes two connecting portions, two illuminating units detachably attached to the two connecting portions for adapting to be mounted on an outfit, and a wireless controller wirelessly communicated with the two illuminating units for controlling illuminating of the two illuminating units.... Agent:

20110084823 - Hazardous vehicle alert system and method based on reaction time, distance and speed: A hazardous vehicle alert system comprising a control module, a special graphical user interface, a speed and distance detector, and an alarm module where the user sets alarm triggers based on reaction time until potential impact from the hazardous vehicle. The user can assess the landscape, traffic patterns, and specifics... Agent:

20110084824 - Identification assessment and response to environmental conditions while in an automobile: A method is disclosed for estimating the exposure of vehicle occupants to environmental conditions capable of inducing a least discomfort. The occupants are alerted to their proximity to a zone where environmentally-challenging conditions exist and, in a first embodiment, the details of the environmental condition and the estimated duration of... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110084825 - System and method for monitoring and communicating the actions of riders of group transportation: In accordance with one embodiment, a system and method for monitoring and communicating the actions of riders of a group transportation vehicle includes an identifying device that is uniquely associated with and uniquely identifies one rider and a device, such as a reader, that is part of the vehicle and... Agent: American Gardens Management Co.

20110084826 - Method for combining tire pressure monitoring with keyless entry: A method for combining tire pressure monitoring with keyless entry, is applied in a vehicle (10) and a remote controller (20), the vehicle (10) includes a vehicle radio frequency transceiver unit (106), an engine (102), a vehicle door lock (104) and a tire (110). The tire (110) includes a tire... Agent:

20110084827 - Belt lock with a means for detecting the locking status: A belt lock for a seat belt equipped with a locking mechanism that is arranged in a belt lock housing. The locking mechanism has a component that changes its location from a first end position into a second end position and detects a locking status. In the actuation of the... Agent: Polycontact Ag

20110084828 - Seat belt warning apparatus and seat belt warning method: To provide with a seat belt warning apparatus capable of stopping the operation of a buzzer, for example, when a passenger has moved from a rear seat to another seat, such as a front passenger's seat, and fastens the seat belt, the seat belt warning apparatus outputs a notice when... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20110084829 - Mezuzah case: The present invention relates to a mezuzah case having an electronic signaling device for attracting attention of Jewish people walking through a doorway to a mezuzah which is affixed to the doorpost. The Mezuzah case includes housing for holding and protecting a mezuzah parchment and an electric signaling device for... Agent:

20110084830 - Active emergency control system based on real time location system and sensor network: Disclosed is an active emergency control system capable of guiding passengers to a safe evacuation route from an accident occurring area, controlling access to the accident area, and rescuing the isolated or trapped passengers using a real time location recognition and sensor network technology when an accident such as a... Agent: Korea Martime & Ocean Enigineering Research Institute

20110084831 - Mesh network door lock: Systems and methods are disclosed for sending a code from a mesh network key and wirelessly communicating the code with one or more mesh network appliances over a mesh network such as ZigBee; receiving the code over the mesh network by a mesh network lock controller; and providing access to... Agent:

20110084832 - System and method for location detection and management of uncertain information thereof: The system provides approximations of a person's location to interested parties wherein the approximations are based upon a detection device's location and inherent inaccuracies related to that detection device. The system can evaluate location information from multiple detectors and approximate the location using and combining that information. The system can... Agent: Mitel Networks Corporation

20110084833 - Perimeter security system: A security system for detecting physical intrusion in a monitored area including a plurality of radio units arranged in a network around the monitored area to determine received signal strength and pass variations thereof through the radio units to a base station.... Agent:

20110084835 - Medical instrument cleaning system and method: A system and method for monitoring a status of a medical instrument is provided. Using an input peripheral associated with a computer terminal, a code associated with the medical instrument to be subjected to a cleaning operation after a previous use of the medical instrument is received. A timer for... Agent: Augusta E.n.t., P.C.

20110084834 - Method and system for contact lens care and compliance: A method for tracking ophthalmic lens care compliance, said method comprising the steps of: including at least one sensor with said ophthalmic product for monitoring at least one ambient condition and for logging and recording at least one reading associated said at least one ambient condition, following a predetermined event;... Agent:

20110084836 - Alarm system interaction with a movable barrier operator method and apparatus: A secure communication link (24) is provided between a movable bather operator (23) and a peripheral system (20). Information conveyed via this link is used by one, the other, or both such elements to further inform or direct their respective actions.... Agent: The Chamberlain Group, Inc.

20110084837 - Security systems and methods: A system for providing security for an electronic device comprising an embeddable security device and a remote portable device. In operation, when the embeddable security device and the remote portable device are proximate to each other, the embeddable security component will not trigger an external alarm system. However, when the... Agent:

20110084838 - Merchandise display stand defining an angled exit path: A merchandise display stand for displaying an item of merchandise defines an angled exit path for a security cable attached to the merchandise. The display stand includes a base configured for attachment to a support surface and an upright extending from the base. The security cable extends from the base... Agent: Invue Security Products Inc.

20110084839 - Data center equipment location and monitoring system: A data center equipment location system includes both hardware and software to provide for location, monitoring, security and identification of servers and other equipment in equipment racks. The system provides a wired alternative to the wireless RFID tag system by using electronic ID tags connected to each piece of equipment,... Agent:

20110084840 - Key device for monitoring systems: Exemplary systems, methods and other means for providing a key device that may be used with a monitoring system are discussed herein. The key device may be configured to communicate with one or more other devices, silence an alarm, commission a tag, decommission a tag, unlock a tag from an... Agent: Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

20110084841 - Method and apparatus for determining range information of a node in a wireless system: A method and apparatus for determining a range within a wireless communication system is provided herein. The range information can then be used to locate a node (e.g., an asset tag). During operation, the minimum transmission power of a source transceiver (e.g., an RFID reader) that enables a tag to... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20110084843 - Management system and management system for judging correctness of substance in a bottle: A management system includes a container unit, a sensing unit, a control unit, a signal display unit and a liquid pumping unit. The container unit has a container, a liquid substance and an information storing element. The liquid substance has material information recorded in the information storing element. The sensing... Agent: Inotera Memories, Inc.

20110084842 - Optical fluid tester: An optical fluid tester device for testing a fluid sample in an ampoule includes an ampoule cradle, a radiation source, a radiation detector and an analyzer. The ampoule cradle supports the ampoule. The ampoule with the fluid sample serves as a lens whose focal properties are dependent on the index... Agent:

20110084844 - Smoke and carbon monoxide detector device: A sensor device for the detection of smoke and carbon monoxide. Smoke and carbon monoxide detecting elements are placed within a housing which also contains a rechargeable power source for powering the detector elements The housing is provided with a first interface to engage a lighting fixture and a second... Agent:

20110084845 - First energy storage device: A device including a first energy storage device configured to be charged by a machine when the device is coupled to the machine and a wireless transceiver configured to receive input commands from an input device and transmit the input commands to the machine, where the first energy storage device... Agent:

20110084846 - Electromagnetic whiteboard pen: An electromagnetic whiteboard pen is disclosed, and particular an electromagnetic whiteboard pen capable of inking and digital inputting simultaneously is disclosed. The electromagnetic whiteboard pen has a marker for writing with ink and a coil for emitting electromagnetic signals. When user writes on an electromagnetic whiteboard by the marker, the... Agent: Waltop International Corporation

20110084847 - Process for detecting an alarm in an operating machine: A process for detecting an alarm in an operating machine (1), so that an operator (7) is able to interact with such a machine (1) determining a connection between the machine and the ground, comprising the steps of: determining a current value of a main parameter representative of an electric... Agent:

20110084848 - Illuminated level: An illuminated level has a housing containing a solid body pivotally mounted in the housing and forming a pendulum which can pivot to a first position in which the surface is accurately level. A light path is provided through the solid body having an exit opening at the pivot point... Agent:

20110084849 - Intelligent vehicle dashboard: A two-way vehicle communication system has been developed that includes at least one vehicle, at least one vehicle data collection point, at least one operations data supply system, and at least one data communication system, wherein the data communication system is operatively coupled to the at least one vehicle, the... Agent:

20110084850 - Bio-information monitoring system: A bio-information monitoring system is provided. The bio-information monitoring system comprises a wireless sensor and a first wireless network node. The wireless sensor senses at least a bio-information. The first wireless network node collects the bio-information, wherein the bio-information is monitored in response to a command from a second wireless... Agent: National Taiwan University

20110084851 - System and method for assisting in the refilling of agricultural vehicles: A system and method for directing when and where an agricultural vehicle should refill a container thereof may comprise a sensor for detecting an amount of material in the container, a location determining device, and a processing device communicably coupled with the sensor and the location determining device, as well... Agent: Agco Corporation

20110084852 - Method and apparatus for communicatively changing interior illumination color in a vehicle: An apparatus for communicating information to an operator of a vehicle without unnecessarily distracting the operator by illuminating an interior of the vehicle with different colors, includes an illumination control module monitoring an informational input and determining a lighting color command based upon the informational input. The apparatus further includes... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110084853 - Centralized management of preemption control of traffic signals: Managing traffic signal preemption at a plurality of intersections. In one approach a security level code that specifies one of a plurality of security levels for at least one jurisdiction is input. The security level controls which emitter codes are allowed to preempt traffic signals at the intersections in the... Agent:

20110084854 - Monitoring management and presentation of preemption control data of centrally managed traffic signals: Managing traffic signal preemption data accumulated at a plurality of intersections. In one approach a method includes reading the preemption data stored at each of the intersections. The preemption data includes for each preemption request an emitter code, and a date and a time the preemption request was submitted. The... Agent:

20110084855 - Autonomous wide-angle license plate recognition: A system in a moving surveillance vehicle operates in background mode to capture images of license plates of neighboring moving vehicles, which may occupy lanes other than the lane in which the surveillance vehicle is moving. The images are used to determine the license plate numbers of the moving vehicles,... Agent:

20110084856 - Key unit for a lock system of a vehicle: A key unit for a lock system of a vehicle includes a device for opening and closing a lock system, in particular having a transmitter for the remote control of the lock system and/or a mechanical key. The key unit has a modular design, which includes a key case and... Agent:

04/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110080252 - Automated bathroom-stall door: A first proximity sensor array arranged on a first side of a stall-door comprises three linearly aligned sensors whereby left-to-right movement of a patron's hand within the sensing zone causes a bathroom stall door to open. A second proximity sensor array arranged on a second side of the stall door... Agent:

20110080253 - Remote control apparatus: According to one embodiment, a remote control apparatus includes a first input module, a second input module, a transmit/receive module and a controller. The first input module is configured to input a gesture pattern. The second input module is configured to input starting of an application. The transmit/receive module is... Agent:

20110080255 - Bedbug detection, monitoring and control techniques: One nonlimiting variation of a detection arrangement includes one or more sensors each structured to detect at least one biochemical substance indicative of biochemistry of one or more target insect species and provide a corresponding sensor signal, a controller responsive to the sensor signal of each of the one or... Agent:

20110080254 - System and method for logging in multiple users to a consumer electronics device by detecting gestures with a sensory device: A system and method of maintaining login state information is disclosed. In one embodiment a system comprises a memory configured to store login state information, a camera configured to capture an image, and a processor configured to determine, based at least in part on the image data, a location of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110080256 - Vehicle access system: An access control system includes an access database and barrier controller in communication with the access database. The access control system includes a vehicle with an electrical system having an OBD transceiver in communication with an on-board computer through an OBD connector. The OBD transceiver provides a vehicle indication signal... Agent:

20110080259 - Antenna and splitter for receiving radio and remote keyless entry signals: An antenna system may include a first antenna having a helical shaped portion, and configured to receive signals over a first frequency range. A second antenna may be positioned in proximate distance from the first antenna, and be configured to receive signals over a second frequency range. A splitter may... Agent:

20110080258 - Identity:

20110080257 - Configurable display for signal activated device: A system for providing a configurable display for a signal activated device may include a receiver, a memory, a processor, and a display. The receiver may be operative to receive a radio frequency signal. The memory may be coupled with the receiver, and may be operative to store an item.... Agent: Ut Battelle LLC

20110080260 - Method and computer program product of switching locked state of electronic device: In a method of switching a locked state of an electronic device with a user-verifying function, a biologic feature data from a user is captured while receiving an input from the user for an operation when the electronic device is in a locked state. Whether the biologic feature data conforms... Agent: Htc Corporation

20110080261 - Function indicator system for electric fireplace: A function indicator system for displaying the control settings related to functions and features of an electric fireplace. The function indicator system can feature a function indicator module, a controller communicatively connected to the function indicator module, and a power source electrically connected to the function indicator module. The function... Agent: Twin-star International, Inc.

20110080262 - Location finder system: A locating system for locating a specific subject among a number of possible subjects having an RFID tag attached to subjects which, when interrogated by an RFID reader, provides a unique identification code. A database containing information about subscribers including a list of RFID tag codes associated with the subjects... Agent:

20110080264 - Localizing tagged assets in a configurable monitoring device system: In a tag communication system, a method includes determining range information representative of a distance between two tags, and estimating parameter information representative of backscatter signals of a marker tag and an asset tag. A tag is localized according to the range information and the parameter information to provide a... Agent: Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

20110080263 - Reader with swappable power/communication module: A power/communication kit for use with a reader module where the code reader module includes a reader connector and a reader housing, the power/communication kit comprising a plurality of different power/communication modules wherein each module communicates via a different communication protocol and each includes a power source and a communication... Agent:

20110080265 - Rfid tag communication system and apparatus for communicating with rfid tag: The disclosure discloses an RFID tag communication system comprises: at least one RFID tag provided with one or more reversible identifiers capable of reverse at response; and a plurality of apparatuses, said apparatus including: an antenna device; a storage device configured to store a setting element of each of said... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110080266 - Power controller for an electronic reader device: A system and method for controlling the power of an electronic reader device is provided. The system for controlling the power of an electronic reader device may comprise a computing apparatus that may receive a command from a host system to change the power state a power controller. The system... Agent: Firstpaper LLC

20110080269 - Transceiver: A transceiver comprising a transmit pin configured to receive a signal from a microcontroller, a receive pin configured to transmit a signal to a microcontroller and a bus pin configured to transmit and receive signalling to/from a network.... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110080267 - Calibration of beamforming nodes in a configurable monitoring device system: A system for radio frequency identification of a tag in an interrogation zone, includes a calibration node disposed in the interrogation zone to measure a signal strength of radio frequency identification signals from a beamforming system and provide signal data in accordance with the signal strength. A reader node is... Agent: Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

20110080268 - Sales data processing apparatus and data processing method: According to one embodiment, a sales data processing apparatus includes: a commodity-information reading section configured to read, from a scanner, commodity information included in a code symbol attached to a commodity; and a tag invalidating section configured to invalidate an RFID tag attached to the commodity, when the commodity-information reading... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110080270 - Data input device: A data input device is configured to include a first RFID tag containing identification data and being able to transmit the identification data to an RFID reader upon receipt of a radio wave from the RFID reader, a conductive element which allows the first RFID tag to be incommunicable with... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20110080271 - Antenna, tag communication apparatus, and reader-writer system: A first antenna section included in an antenna has a first conductor, supplies electric power to a plurality of tags, and transmits electromagnetic waves to and receives electromagnetic waves from the plurality of tags. One end of the first conductor is a feeding point and an other end of the... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110080272 - Mouse expeller: The mouse expeller contains a casing member, a control circuit inside the casing member, and at least a set of pressurized audio or ultrasonic speakers also inside the casing member and connected to the control circuit. The speaker is positioned at an end of a tubular body made of a... Agent:

20110080273 - Sensation presenting system and sensation presenting device: There are provided a sensation presenting system and a sensation presenting device which allow a user to perceive a desired tactual stimulation based on a virtual bodily pseudo image recognized through a visual sensation. When a tactual sensing unit 5 gives a tactual stimulation to a back hand 3 of... Agent: Waseda University

20110080274 - Integrated vehicle cellular telephone detection system: There is provided a structure and a method to detect a signal prompted by the use of a wireless communications device in a motor vehicle or, optionally, in the area of a vehicle operator station. A signal detection will set off audible and/or visual alarms. The alarms may continue until... Agent:

20110080275 - On-board emergency reporting apparatus and auxiliary battery device for the same: An emergency reporting apparatus includes a power supply circuit, a control circuit, and a timer. The power supply circuit generates operating power of the emergency reporting apparatus from a vehicle battery in a vehicle battery mode and from an auxiliary battery in an auxiliary battery mode. The control circuit causes... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110080276 - Vehicle with warning device: The present invention relates to a vehicle, in particular a lorry or bus, provided with a device for issuing, in the event of the vehicle turning off, an acoustic warning signal in the direction of a warning region next to the vehicle, comprising: —at least one sound source for generating... Agent: Lichtveld Buis & Partners B.v.

20110080277 - Collision avoidance display system for vehicles: The system includes a detector display having visual indicators arranged in a pattern representing a monitored area near the vehicle desired to be monitored. The visual indicators represent physical locations within the monitored area. An indicator controller is operatively associated with the detector display for actuating the visual indicators to... Agent: Lang Mekra North America, LLC

20110080278 - System and method for customizing an information display within a vehicle: A display system having an information display configured to display at least one digital indicator. The display system may be configured to receive one or more customization settings indicative of a type, quantity, and placement of at least one digital indicator. A controller may transmit the customization settings to the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110080279 - Belt lock with status detector: A belt lock for a seat belt that has a locking mechanism that is arranged in a belt lock housing. The locking mechanism includes a component that changes location from a first end position into a second end position when the locking mechanism is actuated, and in doing so interacts... Agent: Polycontact Ag

20110080280 - Configurable notification device: A notification device includes a processing module configured to determine a communication mode capability of an alarm panel. The processing module communicates with the control using the determined communication mode. The notification device also includes an output module that is in electrical communication with the processing module. The output module... Agent: Simplexgrinnell Lp

20110080281 - System for managing mail carriers in a sorting facility using persistent asset routing terminals: A system for managing a plurality of carriers in a mail sorting facility includes a server configured to create, implement and/or execute a sort plan, a plurality of terminals disposed on the plurality of carriers and each configured to send a wireless beacon signal and at least one gateway in... Agent: Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

20110080282 - Vehicle system passive notification using remote device: A method of vehicle monitoring includes monitoring one or more vehicle safety systems while a vehicle is in operation to detect an unsafe condition. The method also includes sending an alert to a handheld device if an unsafe condition is detected.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110080283 - Fault detection using phase comparison: A system for communicating information between a detection device and a wireless device is provided. The system generally includes a detection device adapted to monitor a condition related to a power system. A radio interface unit is in communication with the detection device via a communication member. A wireless device... Agent:

20110080285 - Distress beacon and distress alarm system: A distress beacon and associated detection system for water borne activities are disclosed. The beacon includes a signal transmitter, an antenna and an actuator arranged to activate the signal transmitter upon actuation, the signal transmitter being arranged, upon being activated, to periodically output a signal pulse via the antenna, the... Agent:

20110080284 - Illuminated furniture utilizing solar or wind energy: The present invention is a furniture apparatus that uses an indicator, such as a light, to provide a signal to a user. Power can be provided to the indicator by energy acquisition elements and energy storage elements. The energy acquisition elements and energy storage elements can be combined along with... Agent:

20110080286 - Means to avoid unintentionally placing garments in a washing machine or a dryer: This invention provides a manner by which a party can avoid unintentionally placing particular pieces of clothing in a washer or dryer. Specifically, this invention comprises the use of a tag to be affixed to a garment that its owner does not want to be put in a washer or... Agent:

20110080287 - Audible alert lock: The present invention relates to an alert alarm lock system comprising: a lock; a cable assembly, where the lock may place the cable assembly in a locked position or an unlocked position; a copper conductor, where the copper conductor runs along the length of the cable assembly; a power source... Agent:

20110080293 - Biological information monitoring apparatus: A biological information monitoring apparatus operable to receive biological information measured by a detector adapted to be attached to a patient, and operable to display the biological information on a display, includes: a first display controller which displays an alarm on the display; and a second display controller which displays,... Agent: Nihon Kohden Corporation

20110080294 - Biological information monitoring apparatus and alarm control method: A biological information monitoring apparatus operable to measure biological information of a patient by detecting a biological signal of the patient, and operable to output an alarm, includes an alarm controller which changes the alarm. The alarm includes a first alarm of a first priority and a second alarm of... Agent: Nihon Kohden Corporation

20110080290 - Ergonomic detection, processing and alerting for computing devices: Methods, apparatuses and systems receive information, via at least one sensor, indicating an ergonomic characteristic of a user of a computing device. The information is user to determine if the ergonomic characteristic of the user is within a reference ergonomic boundary. In response to determining the ergonomic characteristic of the... Agent:

20110080289 - Output device detection: A device may include a sensor configured to detect when a user is wearing or holding the device. The device may also include a display and a communication interface. The communication interface may be configured to forward an indication to a media playing device when the user is wearing or... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20110080288 - Portable occupant detection and notification system with smart seat cushion for use with standard child carseats: A portable occupant detection and notification system comprised of a smart seat cushion for use with standard child carseats, a remote wireless vehicle door switch, and a wireless remote bullhorn. This system can be purchased in a box as an aftermarket product and used with any standard child carseat and... Agent:

20110080292 - Security device and security system: This security device includes a control portion determining whether or not a user can hear an alarm sound for informing the user of an abnormality when the abnormality occurs and informing the user of the abnormality by generating the alarm sound, or illuminating or blinking a light in a house... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20110080291 - Security system and electronic photo frame: This security system includes an activity detection portion detecting an activity of a monitored person in a house, a first communication portion acquiring a detection result (information about the activity) and an abnormality determination portion determining whether or not an abnormality is happening to the monitored person on the basis... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20110080295 - Fire-preventing terminal device: To provide a fire-preventing terminal device that can eliminate the need to newly lay a power line and a signal line and can avoid problems caused by battery driving. Display lights 10 provided in a fire-preventing area each include a display unit that transmits fire-preventing information in the fire-preventing area... Agent: Hochiki Corporation

20110080296 - Fire detection fault enhancement: A fire detection switch for use in a fire detection circuit of a aircraft engine, having: a first resistor and a second resistor disposed in series between a common terminal and an alarm terminal; and a thermally-sensitive element having a different resistance at low temperature than at high temperature, the... Agent:

20110080297 - Device for evaporating a fluid that is absorbed by a porous substrate, and method of estimating a level of fluid that is absorbed by a porous substrate: Method of estimating a level of fluid that is absorbed by a porous substrate, wherein fluid is absorbed by the substrate, wherein a light is arranged near the substrate such that it emits light rays directed to the substrate, wherein the light intensity of the light rays transmitted through the... Agent:

20110080298 - Magnetic rotary encoder with feedback unit: A magnetic rotary encoder with feedback unit, including a base, a cover body, a sensing element and a display element. The base has a hollow main body formed with a receiving space. The receiving space has an opening at one end of the main body. The cover body is disposed... Agent:

20110080299 - Emergency power activation device: An emergency power activation device includes at least one power module and a main control module. Each of the at least one power module includes an output end. The main control module includes an interface unit and a monitoring unit. When the interface unit is electrically connected with the power... Agent: Orchard Electronics Company Ltd.

20110080300 - Monitoring device for electronic devices: A monitoring device for use in a vehicle includes a body configured to be mounted within the vehicle. A controller is housed within the body that has a communication module configured to detect the presence and/or absence of at least one electronic device in the vicinity of the monitoring device... Agent:

20110080301 - Powerline network system having data relay function: A powerline network system having data relay function includes a plurality of power monitoring zones mutually connected with a powerline network and at least one repeater. Each of the power monitoring zones has at least one power monitoring device. The repeater is connected with each power monitoring device in two... Agent:

20110080302 - Reducing the computational load on processors by selectively discarding data in vehicular networks: A method is provided for efficiently processing messages staged for authentication in a security layer of a protocol stack in a wireless vehicle-to-vehicle communication system. The vehicle-to-vehicle communication system includes a host vehicle receiver for receiving messages transmitted by one or more remote vehicles. The host receiver is configured to... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110080303 - Computerized traffic signal system: Traffic through a portion of a city formed of streets defining a grid includes clusters of traffic signs, each cluster being positioned at an intersection and having its own cluster process controller. The clusters also include cameras monitoring traffic through and at each intersection. The cameras provide information used locally... Agent:

20110080304 - Vehicle park assist system and method for parking a vehicle using such system: A method for parking a vehicle in a parking spot comprises the steps of: providing a vehicle having a sensing system and a park assist system, the sensing system including a sensor which provides an input signal; scanning neighboring objects to determine if a feasible target parking space is available;... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110080305 - Vehicle park assist system and method for parking a vehicle using such system: A park assist system for parking a vehicle in a target parking space includes a sensing system. The sensing system determines whether there is a sufficient slot length in a target parking space too small to complete a parking maneuver in a single maneuver, but large enough to complete a... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110080306 - Device and method for determining the direction, speed and/or distance of vehicles: The invention relates to the determination of direction, speed and/or distance of vehicles on a roadway by means of a sensor, which operates according to the light-section procedure and is directed onto the roadway, for recording the surface contour of a vehicle, and an evaluation unit, which is connected to... Agent:

20110080307 - Device and method for detecting wheel axles: The invention relates to the detection of wheel axles of a vehicle on a roadway by means of a sensor, which operates according to the light-section procedure and emits at least one fan of light from a first location along the roadway to project a line of light onto the... Agent:

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