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Communications: electrical March listing by industry category 03/11

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03/31/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110074541 - Locker system and method: The present disclosure describes a system for managing a plurality of lockers proximate a theme park attraction, the system having an electronically actuated lock disposed on the plurality of lockers, a guest identifier carriable on the guests person, the identifier usable as an electronic key configured to lock and unlock... Agent:

20110074542 - Monitoring and control system and monitoring and control device: A remote monitoring and control system includes a monitoring and control device operated to control loads; and a load control device for controlling the loads based on the operation of the monitoring and control device. The monitoring and control device includes: a display unit for displaying an operation screen including... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

20110074543 - Apparatus and method for electronic access control: Apparatus and methodology for providing electronic access control are disclosed. In an exemplary configuration, a retrofittable electronic lock can be used to provide secure storage to an enclosure. A user interface and LCD visual display can be provided to permit convenient adjustment of system operational parameters. In certain embodiments, the... Agent: Compx International Inc.

20110074540 - Control system and method for interface of electronic device: A control system for controlling interfaces of an electronic device. The electronic device includes a display device. The control system includes a storage module stores a plurality of human face images and desktop media files. A detecting module detects whether a face of a user is within a determined range... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110074544 - Method and apparatus for detecting simultaneous touch events on a bending-wave touchscreen: A method of detecting touch events on a touch panel includes identifying sets of coordinate locations based on at least one signal from at least one sensor. The at least one signal is responsive to at least one touch event, and the coordinate locations represent matches with respect to template... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

20110074546 - Information processing program, information processing device and information processing method: A card (which is displayed on a screen and is thus operated, and has a single function) is output to a display of an information processing device through a shell (an OS of the card and a seal), and the seal (a display associated with an action such as an... Agent:

20110074545 - Remote operation device, remote operation device system, remote operation method and program: There is provided a remote operation device including a display panel for displaying a predetermined operation screen, a detection unit for detecting an operation input to the display panel, a remote operation unit for remotely operating an electronic device in accordance with the operation input, a state information obtaining unit... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110074547 - Communication device including local location information: A device includes a processing module and a radio section. The processing module obtains location information regarding the device and converts it into a location signal. The radio section converts the location signal into a location wireless signal and transmits it within a local coverage area. A handheld device may... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110074548 - Electronic apparatus and electronic apparatus system: According to an aspect of the present invention, there is provided an electronic apparatus including: a storage portion configured to store identifiers of a plurality of remote controllers; a transmitting portion configured to transmit a signal to an outside; and a control portion configured to: receive a request for calling... Agent:

20110074552 - Apparatus and method for advanced communication in low-power wireless applications: A low power device is presented. In some embodiments, the low power device communicates with other devices utilizing transport channels defined from combinations of a plurality of physical channels. In some embodiments, the low power device communicates with other devices utilizing packets that includes a preamble, a header with a... Agent: Savi Technology, Inc.

20110074550 - Method for testing embedded rfid tags: A method of testing an electronic tag includes: embedding the electronic tag within an elongate carrier strip composed of a material having material properties simulating an end product material within which the tag resides embedded during end product use; positioning the embedded tag substantially within the carrier strip at a... Agent:

20110074554 - Method, device and system for communicating identification information: Disclose is a device method and system for information exchange. According to some embodiments of the present invention, there is provided a user device which includes a directional transmitter, a non-volatile memory adapted to store an identification string and control logic adapted to cause the directional transmitter to intermittently transmit... Agent:

20110074553 - Printer encoder adapted for positioning aboard a mobile unit: A printer/encoder system is provided for mounting to a mobile unit, such as a forklift-type vehicle. The printer/encoder system is adapted for printing and encoding one or more media units that may be stored in a media supply assembly of the printer/encoder system. The printer/encoder system may be mounted to... Agent: Zih Corp.

20110074551 - Radio-type transmitting device, container, transmitting/receiving system and transmitting/receiving method: A radio-type transmitting device capable of transmitting information other than information in an internal memory is provided. A RFID tag includes a encoding circuit for digitalizing receiving sensitivity of a radio wave sent from an external transmitting/receiving apparatus and then sending the digitalized receiving sensitivity to the external transmitting/receiving apparatus.... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110074549 - Testing apparatus for embedded rfid tags: A testing apparatus includes an elongate carrier strip encapsulating an electronic device such as an RFID tag therein. The apparatus includes multiple rollers positioned in sequence and defining a serpentine path for receiving and supporting a carrier strip mid-portion. A drive mechanism engages the end portions of the strip and... Agent:

20110074555 - Mobile rfid device and data communication method thereof: Provided are a mobile Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) device and a data communication method thereof. In the method, a mobile communication terminal unit provides a command to an mRFID reader unit and receives a response to the command from the mRFID reader unit. It is checked whether there is an... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110074556 - Controlling device having multiple user interfaces: A controlling device having a plurality of user selectable operating modes, a user interface providing a plurality of function keys each operable to cause a transmission of at least one command to at least one of a plurality of appliances for commanding at least one operating function of the at... Agent: Universal Electronics Inc.

20110074557 - Display device with illuminated input/output terminals: A display device is provided. The display device comprises a display unit having a rear side; an input/output unit disposed at the rear side of the display unit and having a plurality of input/output terminals; a back cover disposed at the rear side of the display unit and engaged with... Agent: Hannstar Display Corporation Ltd.

20110074558 - Electronic device, alarm control method, and recording medium: An electronic device 10 has an alarm 13; an alarm execution portion 170 making the alarm 13 execute an alarm operation at a previously set alarm time T(ALM); and a determination portion 170 determining whether or not an alarm stop condition for stopping in advance the alarm operation of the... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20110074559 - Mounting apparatus for a haptic surface: A haptic system including a compliant member which limits the direction of motion of an interface surface providing haptic feedback to motion along a single axis. The compliant member allows for easy assembly, reduced ports, lighter weight and improved longevity and performance. The compliant member typically has a longitudinal extent... Agent: Visteon Global Technologies, Inc.

20110074560 - Haptic surface with mechanical buttons: A haptic system including a plurality of mechanical buttons driven by a single haptic feedback driver. The mechanical buttons are integrated within the haptic surface and are configured to move with the haptic interface relative to said base. The haptic surface may include a touch screen interface.... Agent: Visteon Global Technologies, Inc.

20110074561 - Security system and method for operating the same: A security system is disclosed with a digital processor-based wireless remote controller that sends command to perform system operations and receive confirmation of various aspects of the system. The security system monitors environmental and vehicle system parameters and automatically provides commands or prohibits issuance of commands to operate vehicles systems... Agent: Dei Headquarters, Inc.

20110074562 - Remote ignition, theft deterrence, and records keeping system for a vehicle: Disclosed is a key-less ignition system for a vehicle. The system allows a user to automatically start the engine of a vehicle via a push button and a remote passive transponder. The system finds particular application in conjunction with smaller vehicles such as motorcycles. In one specific embodiment of the... Agent: Bulletproof Electronics, Inc.

20110074563 - Swinging device and apparatus for detecting rotating status and information displaying device using the same: The present disclosure provides a swinging device having a swinging mechanism disposed on an energy provider, wherein volume and shape of the swinging mechanism and a distance between the swinging mechanism and the energy provider are adjusted so as to control the ratio of the distance and a characteristic value... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110074564 - Interior tire power generation apparatus and tire monitoring system using the same: where, A is an A-site element, other than Pb, with an average ionic valence of 2, B is a B-site element with an average ionic valence of 3, C is a B-site element with an average ionic valence of greater than 3, and each of A, B, and C is... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110074565 - Method and apparatus for in-vehicle presence detection and driver alerting: A system for alerting a responsible party to the presence of an occupant in a passenger compartment of a vehicle includes a vibration sensor detecting movement of an occupant, a microphone detecting sound made by the occupant, a processor configured to receive signals output from the vibration sensor and the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110074567 - Passenger detection system: A passenger detection system includes a satellite sensor circuit; and a master determination unit. The satellite sensor circuit includes an antenna electrode which is provided in at least one of a seating face or a back face of a seat; and an electric field generation unit which generates an electric... Agent: Honda Elesys Co., Ltd.

20110074566 - System and method of vehicle passenger detection for rear seating rows: A system for detecting a passenger in a rear seating row of a vehicle and alerting an occupant of a vehicle when a passenger safety device in a rear row is not properly used. Occupancy is determined by sensing any actuation of a switch or control in the rear row... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110074568 - Wireless brake light apparatus: A wireless brake light apparatus includes a brake device adapting to be connected to a handlebar of a bicycle. The brake device comprises a brake lever. A clamping member is detachably connected to the brake device. An actuator is adjustably connected to the clamping member and located beside the brake... Agent:

20110074569 - Method and network for determining positions of wireless nodes while minimizing propagation of positioning errors: A wireless sensor network includes an initial set of anchors at known locations, and a set of sensors at unknown locations. Ranges, from each sensor to at least three of the anchors, determine a position, an anchor ranging weight, and an anchor position weight. For each anchor, the anchor ranging... Agent:

20110074570 - Systems and methods for remote building security and automation: A system and method for remotely monitoring and controlling building security are provided. A controller is communicatively coupled to various security devices of a building and can communicate an activity event detected by one of the security devices to a remote user device. The controller can then establish a communication... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

20110074571 - Wireless bed connectivity: A hospital bed has wireless communication circuitry operable to transmit wirelessly bed status data. A surface supported by the bed has wireless communication circuitry operable to transmit wirelessly surface status data. The wireless communication circuitry of the hospital bed and the wireless communication circuitry of the surface communicate with a... Agent:

20110074572 - Method and apparatus for the creation of an event-associated electronic device directory: A manner of creating an electronic device directory containing the identity of electronic devices that registered in an area associated with a plurality of events, which events are similar in certain respects. The directory is useful, for example, investigating criminal cases. When such an event occurs, an application server is... Agent:

20110074573 - Portable device with multiple modality interfaces: A portable device includes a plurality of interface modules and a processing module. The processing module is operably coupled to detect a user input and determine a user interface mode of operation. When the user interface mode of operation is in a first mode, the processing module enables a first... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110074574 - Auto-translation of source strings in global verification testing in a functional testing tool: Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, system and computer program product for translation verification of source strings for controls in a target application graphical user interface (GUI). In an embodiment of the invention, a method for translation verification of source strings for controls in a target application GUI... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110074577 - Interactive clothing system: An interactive clothing system includes a control unit having a processor and an antenna, and an item of clothing having a controller and a antenna. The antenna at the item of clothing communicates signals to the antenna at the control unit, the signals containing information about the item of clothing.... Agent: Patent Category Corp.

20110074575 - Remote vehicle starting system providing a tactile indication relating to remote starting and associated methods: A remote starting system for an engine of a vehicle includes a remote start handheld unit. A remote start controller may be positioned at the vehicle for starting the engine based upon the remote start handheld unit and causing the engine to run for a run time period before shutting... Agent: Omega Patents, L.L.C.

20110074576 - Verification of dispensed items: An automated medication dispensing system is disclosed. The system includes a memory configured to store identifying information for at least one item. The identifying information includes an indicator associated with at least one specific feature of the at least one item. The system also includes a processor configured to dispense... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20110074578 - Facilities management for an automated interactive customer interface for an automotive facility: A system for managing exterior lighting levels and for communicating with intruders and potential customers after hours at an automotive sales and/or service facility. The system has sensors for monitoring the premises for human activity after hours. Lighting levels may be raised and lowered responsively to sensed intrusions. A speaker... Agent:

20110074579 - Method for using recording rules and previous value selection rules for presence information in a communications system: In a communications system, a presence server maintains and distributes presence information in accordance with recording rules and previous value selection rules. The presence server: associates a recording rule with each presence information element in a subset of a plurality of presence information elements for a presentity; maintains a set... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20110074580 - System, method, and apparatus for triggering an alarm: According to some example embodiments, systems, apparatus, methods and computer program products are provided for triggering an alarm. In this regard, one example apparatus includes means for receiving an instruction to alarm a security gate device, and means for tuning a security resonator at a location such that a field... Agent: Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

20110074581 - A method, a device and a system for preventing false alarms in a theft-preventing system: The invention relates to a method, a device and a system for preventing false alarms in a theft-preventing system comprising a magnetic field for detecting at least one metal object in a first detection zone and means for determining a time-difference; said method comprising the steps of detecting a first... Agent:

20110074582 - Eas alarming tag with rfid features: An alarming electronic article surveillance (“EAS”) tag for securing an item of merchandise includes an EAS sensor, a radio frequency identification (“RFID”) logic block, an alarm transducer, and an alarming tag processor. The RFID logic block includes a transceiver, a memory and a processor. The transceiver operates to receive a... Agent: Sensormatic Electronics Corporation

20110074583 - Electronic tag holder for bottle neck: A device supports an electronic tag to extending neck of a bottle where the extending neck includes a perimetrical undercut thereabout. The device includes a housing formed of a pair of matable housing portions for attachment about the neck of the bottle. At least one of the housing portions supports... Agent: B&g International, Inc.

20110074584 - Radio frequency ic device and electronic apparatus: A radio frequency IC device includes a radio frequency IC chip arranged to process a transmitted/received signal, a printed circuit board on which the radio frequency IC chip is mounted, an electrode arrange on the circuit board, and a loop electrode that is arranged on the circuit board so that... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110074585 - Patient tracking system: Provided are a method and system for tracking a patient at a medical facility. Tracking the patient includes, using a computer comprising an input peripheral manipulated by a user, receiving a first location of the patient within the medical facility identified by the user via the input peripheral. The first... Agent: Augusta E.n.t., P.C.

20110074586 - Personal water safety device and method thereof: A personal water safety device includes at least three base stations, at least one water sensing device, and an alarm apparatus. The at least one water sensing device wirelessly communicates with each of the at least three base stations. The alarm apparatus wirelessly communicates with each of the at least... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110074587 - Sensor based logistics system: Systems, methods, and computer program products are provided for tracking one or more items. In one exemplary embodiment, there is provided a method for tracking one or more items. The method may include periodically detecting, by a sensor device, sensor information of the one or more items, and periodically transmitting,... Agent:

20110074588 - Heat sensitive sensor for flexible waveguides: An apparatus designed to alert on an abnormal condition inside of a fiber bundle (116). The apparatus includes an air pipe (112) configured inside of the fiber bundle, an air compression element adapted to apply air into the air pipe, at least one sensor (124, 128, 132, 136, 148) configured... Agent:

20110074589 - Diagnostic system and method for home appliance: A diagnostic system and method for a home appliance is provided. When the home appliance outputs product information as a sound signal, a service center remotely performs fault diagnosis of the home appliance by receiving the sound signal, detecting the product information from the sound signal, checking the state of... Agent:

20110074590 - Smoke detector with wireless muting system: A smoke detector system comprising of a localized, radio frequency, wireless Remote Control incorporated within a small magnet, such as those produced for use in kitchens, and a portable, particulate matter and/or heat sensing, smoke detector. Smoke detector is designed to emit an audible and/or lighted alarm upon activation. System... Agent:

20110074592 - Controlling activation of electronic circuitry of data ports of a communication system: An apparatus and method of controlling activation of electronic circuitry of data ports of a communication system is disclosed. One method includes a first data port detecting a lack of data for transmission to a second data port. At least one of the first data port and a second data... Agent: Plx Technology, Inc.

20110074591 - System and method for reconfiguration of an entertainment system controlling device: An entertainment device is used to notify a user of a change in an audio visual entertainment system configuration in which at least one of a plurality devices is connected to the entertainment device as an audio and/or visual source and at least one of the plurality of devices is... Agent: Universal Electronics, Inc.

20110074593 - Electronic device and theft warning method thereof: A theft warning system includes a first electronic device and a second electronic device. The first electronic device is configured for transmitting monitoring signals, wherein the frequency of the monitoring signals is capable of changing according to change in the voltage supplied to the first electronic device. The second electronic... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110074594 - Battery assembly with alarm: A battery alarm for use with a battery assembly is provided, the battery alarm including a first activation component, a signaling component, and an output component. The first activation component is configured to activate the alarm upon disengagement of the battery assembly from a battery-operated device and is further configured... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110074595 - Pre-cover-opening power-off method and apparatus: A pre-cover-opening power-off method, comprising the steps of: (a) fixing a bolt casing to a bolt; (b) connecting a motion sensor to a safety protecting and monitoring unit in a wired or wireless manner; and (c) activating the motion sensor to send out a command to permit power delivery for... Agent: Shanxi Quan'an New Technology Development Co., Ltd

20110074596 - Methods and arrangements for smart sensors: Generally, smart sensors, logic to process messages from smart sensors, and smart sensor systems are described herein. Embodiments may comprise logic such as hardware and/or code to communicate events as messages via a messaging system to post the messages to a messaging account. The messaging system may be a texting... Agent:

20110074597 - Monitoring and control system: Provided is a monitoring and control system which, by displaying memo information created by an operator on an arbitrary system screen, can enhance freedom of memo display and fully exhibit the effectiveness of memo information. A memo data operation portion 4 receives an input of memo information from an input... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110074598 - Collection of telemetry data through a meter reading system: Disclosed are apparatus and related methodologies for transmitting data related to utility conditions between monitoring locations and a central and/or data collection facility using a meter reading system. Collection of both corrected and uncorrected data from meters is achieved to thereby provide backup data in case of corrector failure. The... Agent: Itron, Inc.

20110074602 - Gas shut-off valve with feedback: Disclosed are apparatus and methodology for providing a feedback mechanism to a system operator that provides a positive indication of the position of a valve which controls gas flow to a consumer. Rotation of a stepper motor controlling a valve mechanism is optically monitored and a feedback signal is sent... Agent: Itron, Inc.

20110074599 - In home display updatable via utility endpoint: Disclosed are an in home display apparatus and methodology for displaying utility consumption and other related information to a consumer. The display device monitors transmissions from a utility consumption endpoint on a meter for user readable display. Messages relevant to the consumer may be sent to the endpoint to be... Agent: Itron, Inc.

20110074601 - Utility meter with flow rate sensitivity shut off: Disclosed are apparatus and methodology for providing gas disconnection by way of a self-monitoring metrology device. In accordance with the present subject matter, a gas metering device is provided with a controllable valve previously generally operated remotely to respond to disconnect instruction from handheld, mobile, or fixed network devices or... Agent: Itron, Inc.

20110074600 - Utility remote disconnect from a meter reading system: Disclosed are apparatus and methodology for providing remote gas disconnection by way of a meter reading system. In accordance with the present subject matter, a gas metering device is provided with a remotely controllable valve, and a handheld or mobile device (normally employed to collect data such as normal meter... Agent: Itron, Inc.

20110074603 - Safety utility reconnect: Disclosed are apparatus and methodology for providing safe reconnection of remotely disconnectible gas meters. In accordance with the present subject matter, a gas metering device is provided with a remotely controllable valve and has associated therewith indicia uniquely identifying the meter. A gas company representative or other authorized person must... Agent: Itron, Inc.

20110074604 - Automatic parallel parking device: An automatic parallel parking device includes an ultrasonic positioning module and a central controlling unit. The ultrasonic positioning module includes a plurality of ultrasonic sensor units disposed at different locations of the vehicle, and a computation unit. Each of the ultrasonic sensor units detects a distance to each of the... Agent: Automotive Research & Testing Center

20110074605 - The combined loop type auto-mobile sensor using loop coil and parking information system the same: Provided are a loop type automobile sensing device formed integrally with a small loop coil, which has the automobile sensing sensitivity of a related art loop type automobile sensing device using a large loop coil, so as to greatly facilitate installing and maintaining of the loop type automobile sensing device... Agent: Moru Inven Co., Ltd.

20110074606 - Vehicle detection and identification system: A vehicle detection and identification system is disclosed that can promote accident avoidance and the reporting of traffic safety violations to public safety personnel, by providing to users (without limitation, visually handicapped users) indicia of vehicles in proximity to the user location, the relative orientation, motion and proximity of the... Agent:

20110074607 - Systems and methods for enhanced awareness of clearance from conflict for surface traffic operations: Systems and methods for improving pilot situational awareness in the airport vicinity. An example method determines if at least one of an aircraft or vehicle in a predefined vicinity of the airport is a conflict based on information about an installation aircraft, information received from the at least one aircraft... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

03/24/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110068891 - Remote control system: A remote control system (1) is described, in particular for regulating and controlling industrial drives, comprising at least one transmitting remote control (10) and at least one receiver (20) cooperating with the drive, such transmitting remote control (10) containing at least one inclination sensor (5).... Agent: Sist&matica S.r.l.

20110068892 - Wireless tracking system and method utilizing near-field communication devices: The present invention provides a method and system to determining a near-field communication interaction in a wireless tracking mesh network. The present invention preferably utilizes near-field communication devices in conjunction with tracking tags to transmit signals for reception by sensors stationed throughout a facility which form a mesh network and... Agent: Awarepoint Corporation

20110068895 - Control of a vehicle having a passive entry-passive start function: A method for controlling mobilizing and immobilizing a vehicle using a valid passive entry-passive start key includes detecting that a vehicle operator exits the vehicle, determining that the key is absent from the vehicle, automatically immobilizing the vehicle by preventing vehicle propulsion; if a power source of the vehicle is... Agent:

20110068894 - Method for authenticating an rfid tag: To ensure data protection in an authentication method for use in an RFID system in accordance with the challenge-response protocol, the data communication between RFID reader and RFID tag is usually encrypted in addition. Such an authentication can be designed to an arbitrary degree of complexity and therefore inevitably requires... Agent:

20110068893 - Rfid fingerprint creation and utilization: Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, system and computer program product for creating and managing radio frequency identification (RFID) fingerprints to ensure item authenticity. In an embodiment of the invention, an object fingerprint creation method can be provided. The method can include receiving a sensed signal from at... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110068896 - Communication device and method for sending a quick reply message: A communication device and method for sending a quick reply message includes creating at least one fingerprint biometric template, setting a quick reply message corresponding to each of the at least one fingerprint biometric template, and determining if computed fingerprint characteristic values of a user match any fingerprint biometric template.... Agent: Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.

20110068897 - Method for setting remote controller and remote controller applying the same: A method for setting a remote controller which controls a remote controller is provided. The method includes identifying a user by fingerprint recognition, and setting the remote controller to provide functions corresponding to the identified user.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110068898 - Remote control signaling using audio watermarks: A system for using a watermark embedded in an audio signal to remotely control a device. Various devices such as toys, computers, and appliances, equipped with an appropriate detector, detect the hidden signals, which can trigger an action, or change a state of the device. The watermarks can be used... Agent: Verance Corporation

20110068899 - Method and system for controlling electronic devices: A method and system for controlling electronic devices are disclosed. According to one embodiment, a computer-implemented method comprises accessing a physical location having location coordinates, defining a location name for the physical location, identifying a controllable device within the physical location, defining privacy settings for the physical location, wherein the... Agent:

20110068900 - Location-based addressing lighting and environmental control system, device and method: Location-Based Addressing (LBA) is a method of controlling and commissioning networked lighting devices. The lighting devices communicate over a wireless network using radio frequency communication protocols. The lighting devices are commissioned or grouped based on their respective locations in a building floor plan or a building architecture. The lighting devices... Agent:

20110068902 - Method and system for controlling electronic device using external device: A method and system for controlling an electronic device with information provided by an external device through a wired or wireless interface is provided. An electronic device control method of the present invention includes detecting an event; acquiring execution information associated with the event; and executing a task indicated by... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110068903 - Mobile communication terminal including rfid reader and transception method thereof: A mobile communication terminal including a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader includes a base band unit to control communications, a Radio Frequency (RF) unit to transceive a signal representing voice and data communications with an external mobile communication terminal, and an RFID unit to transceive an RFID signal with a... Agent: Pantech Co., Ltd

20110068901 - Radio frequency identification tag: A battery-assisted radio frequency identification (RFID) tag having a battery-assisted circuit and a filter is provided. The battery-assisted circuit generates a radio frequency signal whose frequency is outside an operating frequency band of the RFID tag to supply additional power to the RFID tag. The filter filters the radio frequency... Agent: National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology

20110068905 - Reader and transponder for obscuring the applications supported by a reader and/or a transponder and method thereof: Transponder (104), comprising a storage unit (106) having stored a number of different applications, a processing unit (108) which, on request of a reader (102), is adapted to generate a response interpretable using an encryption scheme known by both the transponder (104) and the reader (102) so that the reader... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110068904 - Rfid tag: An RFID tag includes: a tabular dielectric member 11; an antenna pattern 12 that extends over a top surface and an undersurface of the dielectric member and forms a loop antenna L1 having both ends existing on one surface of the top surface and the undersurface; a circuit chip 13... Agent: Fujitsu Frontech Limited

20110068906 - Systems, methods, and apparatuses for managing configurable monitoring devices: Provided are embodiments of configurable monitoring devices, methods, systems, computer readable storage media and other means for locating devices. In some examples, the devices are attached to a retail or other type of article. The devices can be dynamically configurable and communicate wirelessly with other network entities.... Agent: Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

20110068907 - Reader control system: An RFID reader control system and method is provided. A protocol for controlling an RFID reader and an RFID reader control unit of a mobile phone is defined. Messages, information, commands, responses, and notification are constructed and transmitted between the RFID reader and the RFID reader control unit.... Agent:

20110068908 - Reader control system: An RFID reader control system and method is provided. A protocol for controlling an RFID reader and an RFID reader control unit of a mobile phone is defined. Messages, information, commands, responses, and notification are constructed and transmitted between the RPM reader and the RFID reader control unit.... Agent:

20110068909 - Battery-free remote controller: A battery-free remote controller includes an antenna, a plurality of key switches, and at least one electronic tag. The antenna is electrically connected to the plurality of key switches, and each electronic tag is electrically connected to the antenna through at least one of the key switches. Each electronic tag... Agent:

20110068910 - Lighting device for vehicle and lighting method: A lighting device (100) for a vehicle, capable of more adequately draw the attention of a pedestrian to the fact that the vehicle is approaching the pedestrian. The lighting device (100) for a vehicle is provided with an object position detecting section (110) and a lighting control section (130). The... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110068911 - System for providing and displaying video information using a plurality of video sources: In one aspect, a system for providing and displaying video information in a vehicle is provided. The system includes a display device having a video input, a first camera mountable at the rear of the vehicle, the first camera having a first video output, a second camera mountable at the... Agent:

20110068912 - Inductive sensor module for a vehicle and method for operating such a sensor module: The invention relates to a sensor module for a vehicle safety system and to a method for actuating such a sensor module for a vehicle safety system, wherein data are wirelessly transmitted by at least one transmitter of the sensor module according to a sensor signal. The sensor module uses... Agent:

20110068913 - Good checking for vehicle pressure sensor: A mechanism for determining whether a malfunctioning pressure sensor has returned to a normal or acceptable operating range. The mechanism includes controllers and methods that perform a “good check” on the sensor to determine whether the sensor has returned to normal or acceptable operation after a malfunction has been detected.... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110068914 - Collective objects management system using r.f. object identification with multiple crystals: A collective objects management system for objects such as documents contained in file folders in drawers of file cabinets. Each file folder has an electrical circuit with a visible indicator mounted on the file folder. Each folder circuit has a pair of crystals which are responsive to R.F. signals of... Agent: Imicrodata

20110068915 - Geocoded alert system: A method and memory for a geocoded alert system are disclosed. The method includes the steps of obtaining an alert from an information database, determining an applicable geographic area of the alert, acquiring a geographic location from a communication device, geocoding the geographic location into a geocoded location, storing the... Agent: Thinair Wireless, Inc.

20110068916 - Life saving system with rfid tag having ip communication function: Disclosed herein is a life saving system with an RFID tag having an IP communication function. The life saving system using RFID tags and a GPS comprises a plurality of RFID tags respectively attached to life jackets of survivors, respectively transmitting distress signals, and transmitting distress signals of other RFID... Agent: Dong-a University Research Foundation For Industry-academy Cooperation

20110068917 - Emergency notification apparatus: An emergency notification system includes a single-motion user input device and a processor in data communication therewith. The system includes an input jack for connecting the processor to a communication network for allowing communication between the processor and an emergency response entity. A microphone and a speaker are in data... Agent:

20110068918 - Recognition award, personnel identification holder and/or personnel unit for attachment to hardhats, protective helmets or the like: A signal device is provided for identifying and communicating a location or hazard, concealed within a housing on a hard hat having a pocket. Further provided is a detachable housing to be placed in the pocket. Embodiments incorporate a speaker for audible identification, a light emitting diode (LED) for visual... Agent:

20110068919 - Display assembly with cable stop: Methods and other embodiments associated with a display stand with a tether stop are presented. In the preferred embodiment, a display stand includes a base, a mounting member, a tether, a recoiler, and a cable stop. The mounting member is adapted for mounting thereon a display item and is movable... Agent: Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

20110068920 - Display assembly with interchangeable head devices: Methods and other embodiments associated with a display stand with interchangeable head devices are presented. In one embodiment, a display assembly comprises a base, an interchangeable head device, a mounting member, a tether, and a sensor. The interchangeable head device is mounted to the base. The interchangeable head device is... Agent: Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

20110068921 - configurable monitoring device: Provided are embodiments of configurable monitoring devices, methods, systems, computer readable storage media and other means for dynamically transitioning the functionality, roles and/or modes of operation of networked devices. In some examples, the dynamic configuration of the configurable monitoring device may be accomplished wirelessly and used to monitor and track... Agent: Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

20110068922 - Inventory monitoring and verification system: Methods and systems for monitoring the inventory of products in a storage device that has an antenna are provided, wherein each product has a corresponding wireless tag having a unique wireless tag identification. The inventory monitoring includes accessing an inventory list containing at least one wireless tag identification, sending a... Agent: Carefusion 303 Inc.

20110068924 - Pallet with pallet rfid reader/writer for conducting on-demand pallet inventory: A material handling apparatus has a communications device associated therewith. The device includes a reader/writer for communicating with RF tags located on products supported upon the apparatus and with RF tags located within distribution networks. A further aspect of the present invention provides a RF tag attached to the apparatus... Agent: Nextreme, LLC

20110068923 - Power efficient object detection with selective polling: Detecting the absence of tagged objects near a computing device and attempting to locate the absent, tagged objects using other computing devices in a power-efficient manner. The computing device is monitored for triggering conditions. Upon occurrence of at least one of the triggering conditions, the computing device polls for the... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110068925 - Rfid tag monitoring system: An RFID tag monitoring system with multiple reader units each equipped with processing capacity sufficient to enable the unit to operate autonomously under its own command and control as well as to register in its individual memory the identity of all of the items that potentially could be present at... Agent:

20110068926 - Hand ring having a biomedical monitoring function: A hand ring having a biomedical monitoring function includes at least one sensor unit, a control circuit, a data-transmitting circuit and at least one display device. The control circuit electrically connects with the sensor unit, the data-transmitting circuit and the display device. The sensor unit is used to attach to... Agent:

20110068930 - Hygiene monitoring system: A method is provided for monitoring hygiene compliance.... Agent:

20110068927 - Over-the-door pressure sensor anti-ligature and alarm system: b. an electrical controller with circuit means adapted to receive the signal from the sensor indicating that a downward force has been applied by the cord, and in response to receiving the signal to forward an alarm signal indicating that the sensor has sensed the downward force.... Agent:

20110068929 - Process for generating an alarm, control device and device for carrying out the process: A process is provided for generating an alarm if at least one monitored parameter (13) deviates from at least one preset value or value range, with the detection or determination of parameter (13) in case of its deviation. The process takes into account a verification interval (25) of limited duration... Agent: Dr&#xe4 Ger Medical Ag & Co. Kg

20110068928 - Sensor control for apparatuses for supporting and monitoring a person: A person support apparatus includes a frame and a support surface cooperating with the frame to support a person. The person support apparatus also has a sensor coupled to one of the frame and the support surface. The sensor detects at least one characteristic associated with the person. A controller... Agent:

20110068931 - System and method for detecting activities of daily living of a person: The system according to the invention comprises a plurality of sensors (10), (20) arranged to measure an ambient condition of a person. A movement of the person is being detected by the movement sensor (20) included in the system. The system further comprises interpretation means (110) arranged for interpreting a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110068932 - Bed exit alarm of hospital bed mattress: A mattress system includes a mattress, a control unit spaced from the mattress, and a connector assembly that pneumatically and electrically interconnects the control unit with the mattress. The control unit has a main housing and a plurality of user interface modules that are selectively coupleable to the control unit... Agent:

20110068933 - Personal water safety device: A personal water safety device includes a barrel portion, and a base part. The base part connects two portions of a swimming goggle frame. The barrel portion includes a button, and a cylinder connected to the button via a spring. The base part includes a timer connected to the cylinder,... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110068935 - Apparatuses for supporting and monitoring a condition of a person: A person monitoring system is operable to predict the onset of an adverse condition of a person. The system receives first information corresponding to a feature of a person support apparatus and second information corresponding to a physiological characteristic of the person. The system calculates a condition score as a... Agent:

20110068934 - Method and system for monitoring driver: A method and system for monitoring a driver is disclosed. Firstly, an inner cabin image of a vehicle's cabin is continuously captured. Next, a face detection of a driver for the inner cabin image is performed to obtain a face detection result. Next, the inner cabin image and the face... Agent: Automotive Research & Test Center

20110068936 - Sensor: A sensor having a detecting part for detecting an environmental value representing change in physical amount of circumference environment by a fluid flowing into externally and a controlling part for discriminating abnormality in circumference environment based on the environmental value detected by the detecting part. A separating plate is provided... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

20110068937 - Motion sensing controller and game apparatus having same: An exemplary motion sensing controller includes an infrared light detection module, a spherical light output member, and a processing unit. The infrared light detection module is configured for detecting infrared light and includes a lens module. The spherical light output member is configured for outputting infrared light. The infrared light... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110068938 - Search and rescue using ultraviolet radiation: A system includes an ultraviolet c-band radiation detector to enable detection of radiation during search and rescue operations, at least a portion of the radiation including ultraviolet c-band radiation, and a stimulus generator configured to generate a stimulus in response to detected ultraviolet c-band radiation. Further embodiments may include multiple... Agent: Raytheon Utd, Inc.

20110068939 - Patient support surface index control: A control system of a patient support surface calculates a surface performance index as a function of pressure and shear. The control system also receives information from an electronic medical record (EMR) corresponding to a person's susceptibility of developing at least one of a pressure ulcer and a superficial lesion... Agent:

20110068940 - Apparatus for detecting carbon dioxide concentration in unsaturated zone, carbon dioxide concentration monitoring system, and carbon dioxide concentration monitoring method: A system for monitoring a concentration of carbon dioxide in an unsaturated zone of a site in which carbon dioxide should be stored underground is provided which includes: a plurality of apparatuses for detecting the concentration of carbon dioxide in the unsaturated zone, each including a cylindrical chamber buried in... Agent: Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resources (kigam)

20110068941 - Electronic apparatus with remaining battery power indicating function: An electronic apparatus has a multiplicity of display units including an electronic viewfinder and a liquid crystal display (LCD) panel. The apparatus has various display modes. The remaining battery power, i.e., estimated amounts of remaining battery times relative to a current remaining battery capacity, are calculated for the respective display... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110068942 - Wait staff signaling apparatus with high visibility indicators: A wait staff signaling apparatus and method used to summon wait staff to a restaurant table includes a housing having a plurality of signaling indicators wherein the indicators illuminate by means of a light source driven by a battery and an integral control module when activated by a patron at... Agent:

20110068943 - Storage rack safety device: A safety device for a storage rack can include a length of webbing configured to span across a rear side of the storage rack. A sensor device can be coupled to one end of the webbing and a signaling device can be configured to communicate with the sensor device. The... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20110068944 - Motion sensing remote microphone: An apparatus and method comprising of a remote microphone attached to a portable radio such as those carried by Firefighters and other First Responders and equipped with automatic motion sensing and Emergency Alert capabilities which becomes activated when such Firefighters and other First Responders are unconscious or immobilized. The invention... Agent:

20110068945 - Rule based display systems and methods: Rule based display systems and methods are provided. In an aspect of the disclosure, a display screen is dynamically generated using one or more display boxes selected from a plurality of display boxes stored in memory. Each of the plurality of display boxes has rules associated with the display box.... Agent: Haas Automation, Inc.

20110068946 - Power load control system for utility power system: The system frequency can be effectively and efficiently regulated within a permissive range by using a power load control system capable of matching a high frequency component of a total generated power to a variation of total power consumption of power equipments.... Agent:

20110068947 - Mobile meter reading for locating stolen utility meters: A method, collection device, and automatic meter reading (AMR) system for locating stolen utility meters use a set of identifiers, such as transponder serial numbers, to build a route of utility meters that have been reported as having been stolen. When each mobile collection device's daily routes are prepared, the... Agent: Elster Electricity, LLC

20110068948 - In-vehicle christmas tree for drag racing starting and timing: In accordance with one embodiment an in-vehicle Christmas tree for drag racing starting and timing where a prior art drag tree is not available or convenient. An accelerometer integrated circuit provides means to synchronize all tree devices in a race and to detect a change in motion and/or acceleration instead... Agent:

20110068949 - Vehicle-mounted communication device: A vehicle-mounted communication device includes a non-directional antenna provided at a vehicle and having a directional characteristic in all directions uniformly in a horizontal plane, at least one of directional antennas provided at the vehicle and having a directional characteristic in a specific direction, an antenna switching portion switching so... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20110068950 - Traffic management systems and methods of informing vehicle operators of traffic signal states: A traffic management system and method are provided that determine and present a target speed for a vehicle to travel from a first position to a second position when a signaling device at the second position is in a desired phase. The target average speed can be presented via a... Agent:

20110068951 - Optical traffic control system with burst mode light emitter: Various approaches for a traffic control preemption system that includes a receiver, a light emitter, and control circuitry. The receiver includes a photodetector and circuitry that produces a number of electrical pulses in response to each detected light pulse. For each detected light pulse the number of electrical pulses represents... Agent:

20110068952 - Time slot based roadway traffic management system: A traffic management system (31) is described that combines wireless tracking of motorists (32) with scheduling of time slots for travel on roadways (33) during peak hours. Rewards are given to motorists (32) who travel during allotted time slots thus improving the effectiveness of the system over time. Motorists are... Agent:

20110068953 - Vehicle park assist system and method for parking a vehicle using such system: A park assist system for parking a vehicle in a target parking space includes a first sensing system which determines whether there is a sufficient slot length in a target parking space in which to park the vehicle. A second sensing system determines whether an obstacle is located in a... Agent:

20110068954 - Method and apparatus to collect object identification data during operation of a vehicle and analysis of such data: System and method for collecting object identification data from a plurality of objects that interact with a vehicle during operation of the vehicle, where the vehicle interacts with specific objects at specific geographical positions. An identification sensor is coupled to a geographical position sensor, and whenever an object is identified... Agent: Zonar Systems, Inc.

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20110063073 - Tactile remote control system: The present invention discloses a tactile remote control system, which uses a processor to integrate the operation selection items of controlled devices and arrange the selection items into a graphic user interface, and which uses a microswitch to output instructions. The processor arranges the graphic user interfaces of a controlled... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20110063074 - Method and system for determining the activity of a person, recording medium for this method: e

20110063076 - Apparatus for preventing unauthorized use of a vehicle: An apparatus for protecting a vehicle includes a fob in the possession of a person who whishes to use the vehicle. The fob includes a fob code. A proximity sensor mounted on the vehicle is used to actuate circuitry for interrogating the fob so as to retrieve the fob code.... Agent: Omron Automotive Electronics, Inc.

20110063075 - Control system for a door drive: The present invention relates to a control system for a door drive with a plurality of components and a digital data bus via which the components communicate, wherein at least one safety component such as a closing edge-safety device or a light barrier detects safety-relevant events and reports the same... Agent: Marantec Antriebs- Und Steuerungstecknik Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110063077 - Vein authentication apparatus using total internal reflection: Disclosed herein is a vein authentication apparatus. The vein authentication apparatus includes a protective panel provided with a finger-resting surface, a light entry hole and a light exit hole and configured to totally reflect light, a light source located adjacent to the light entry hole of the protective panel and... Agent:

20110063081 - Antenna device for rf tag communication and rf tag reader and writer: There is provided an antenna device for RF tag communication including: a plate-shaped radiation element; and an antenna case body which contains the radiation element and has an indicating unit at a position corresponding to a region in which the field intensity of the electric field generated at the radiation... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110063078 - Communication system, operation confirmation processing method and operation confirmation processing program for communication system: The invention provides a technique that makes it possible to surely detect an abnormality in normal operation of an antenna of a communication system for wireless communication with an RF tag attached to a management target article. The antenna is provided with an operation confirmation RF tag with which the... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110063079 - Enhancements to meterless remote parking monitoring systems: A remote meterless parking monitoring system including a plurality of individual parking spaces, a plurality of vehicle detector/RFID units for monitoring the status of the individual parking spaces; at least one Gateway device responsive to the plurality of vehicle detector/RFID units; a Command and Control Server for employing numerous security... Agent:

20110063080 - Mobile electronic device: According to one embodiment, a mobile electronic device that makes an initial response in a slot marker system, includes a reception unit configured to receive an initial response command from a terminal, a recognition unit configured to recognize a total slot number N (integer equal to or greater than 2)... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110063084 - Reader control system: An RFID reader control system and method is provided. A protocol for controlling an RFID reader and an RFID reader control unit of a mobile phone is defined. Messages, information, commands, responses, and notification are constructed and transmitted between the RFID reader and the RFID reader control unit.... Agent:

20110063083 - Rf tag reader and writer: The present invention relates to an RF tag reader and writer including: an antenna device which has a first radiation element and a second radiation element which is larger than the first radiation element, causes the first radiation element to radiate radio waves with an intensity distribution capable of communicating... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110063082 - Wireless tag reader and wireless tag reading method: According to one embodiment, a wireless tag reader includes a receiver, a memory, a reader, and a transmitter. The receiver configured to receive an instruction from a host. The memory configured to store a dummy identifier, when the receiver received a set instruction for setting the dummy identifier from the... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110063085 - Method for determining optimal frame size for tag collision prevention in rfid system: The present invention relates to a method for determining an optimal frame size for tag collision prevention in an Aloha-based RFID system in which frame sizes limited to a certain unit are used to identify tags, the method including the steps of using an RFID for: (a) calculating an estimated... Agent: Sk Telecom Co., Ltd.

20110063086 - Rf tag reader and writer: There is provided an RF tag reader and writer including: a transmission antenna configured to transmit a desired signal; a receiving antenna configured to receive radio waves transmitted from an RF tag which is a communication target; a return-loss determination unit configured to determine the receiving intensity of the receiving... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110063087 - Resistive and capacitive modulation in an electromagnetic transponder: The selection of at least one back-modulation element of an electromagnetic transponder from among a plurality of resistive and/or capacitive modulation elements of the load of an oscillating circuit of the transponder, including selecting the modulation element(s) according to a binary message received from a read/write terminal.... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.a.

20110063089 - Radio frequency identification (rfid) system: A radio frequency identification (RFID) system is disclosed. The RFID system connects a sense-signal generator to a power-supply voltage VDD input terminal of an RFID chip so that it detects a power-supply operation status of the RFID chip using sensory organs of a human being. The RFID system includes an... Agent: Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

20110063088 - Rfid detection and identification system for implantable medical devices: An RFID tag is disposed within a hermetically sealed housing of an IMD. Low frequency RFID interrogators and tags are used, and the housing walls are made of materials, and/or are reduced in thickness, to facilitate RF communication between the RFID tag and an RFID reader/interrogator programmer. An RFID reader/interrogator... Agent: Greatbatch Ltd.

20110063090 - Establishing a link with a radio transmit controller: A method for a radio control receiver establishing a link with a radio control transmit controller is provided. Two or more identifiers are stored in a radio control receiver. Each identifier is an identifier of a radio control transmit controller. The receiver receives a first signal from a first transmit... Agent:

20110063091 - Radio frequency identification system: A radio frequency identification (RFID) system allocates an identification (ID) code to a driving device using an RFID device such that each driving device can be wirelessly controlled at a remote site. The RFID system includes an RFID device which reads and writes data in response to a radio frequency... Agent: Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

20110063092 - Rf tag reader and writer: The present invention relates to an RF tag reader and writer including: a communication unit which communicates with an RF tag as a target from which information is obtained and obtains the information held in the RF tag; and a communication stability determination unit which determines that stable communication with... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110063093 - System and method for performing serialization of devices: A serialization service module is provided for configuring an asset management system to provide a secure means of generating, assigning to chips (or other electronic objects or devices), and tracking unique serial numbers. To provide this service, a controller is used to define a product model, then to define one... Agent: Certicom Corp.

20110063094 - Device and methods for optimizing communications between a medical device and a remote electronic device: An electronic device may communicate wirelessly with another electronic device. The electronic device may include a first processor configured to control only wireless communications with the another device but not operations associated only with the electronic device, a second processor configured to control the operations associated only with the electronic... Agent:

20110063095 - Rf tag reader and writer: There is provided an RF tag reader and writer including: a communication unit configured to exchange signals with RF tags by performing a predetermined process unit a plurality of times; a buzzer configured to perform notification by audio output; a read-tag number determination unit configured to determine the number of... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110063096 - Vehicle control device, portable device, portable device search system: A vehicle control device mounted on a vehicle has a search signal transmission unit that transmits a search signal for searching a position of a portable device, which remotely operates the control device, a determination unit that determines a bright and dark state of outside of the vehicle, and a... Agent: Omron Corporation

20110063097 - Device for detecting/judging road boundary: There is provided a road boundary detection/judgment device resistant to environmental change and capable of detecting even a road boundary demarcated by a three-dimensional object in the distance. The device is provided with: an image acquisition section having two or more cameras for image-capturing the road area; a distance data... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd

20110063098 - Standard mobile communication device distraction prevention and safety protocols: Methods and systems for providing standardized mobile device distraction prevention and safety protocols are disclosed. In particular, an embodiment of a method for activating a distraction prevention or safety protocol behavior in a mobile device when the mobile device satisfies a specific condition is disclosed. The method includes discovering one... Agent:

20110063099 - System and method for recording vehicle events and for generating reports corresponding to the recorded vehicle events based on driver status: In at least one embodiment, an apparatus for recording events in a vehicle based on driver status of a driver is provided. The apparatus comprises a vehicle interface device. The device is configured to receive a driver status signal indicative of the driver being one of a primary driver and... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110063100 - Truck safety device: A braking indication system for illuminating the brake lamps on a vehicle having an engine braking device is disclosed. The vehicle may be slowed or stopped using either the brake pedal or the engine braking device. A first electrical conduction path is established between the vehicle power source and the... Agent:

20110063101 - Carbon monoxide safety system and method: A safety alarm system and method are provided. The alarm system includes a gas detector and a possible fire detector. A controller is provided to process signals from the detectors and provide signals to a vent controller so that if a detected gas level is too high, the vent controller... Agent:

20110063103 - Bluetooth communication method and system: A Bluetooth connection establishment method and system is provided for facilitating establishment of a communication channel between a master device and a target slave device. The method has the steps of broadcasting an inquiry signal for discovering a slave device and transmitting an inquiry response signal. The inquiry response signal... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110063102 - Interrogator-transponder rf system for prevention of hunting accidents: The RF system for preventing hunting accidents comprising RF interrogator mounted on the firearm and RF transponder attached to hunter's coat, wherein sharp-diagram K-band RF channel of the interrogator, which is directed along the sightline of hunter's rifle, provides alert information about “friendly targets” that could be under fire, such... Agent:

20110063104 - Electronic device, including handheld electronic device with intelligent holster: A handheld electronic device that includes a first battery and a holster that includes a second battery and a charging apparatus. When the handheld electronic device and the holster are electrically connected together, the charging apparatus charges the first battery on the handheld electronic device from the second battery on... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110063105 - Emergency message relay: A wireless device receives a first emergency message in a first communication protocol via a first wireless interface of the plurality of wireless interfaces from a transmitting wireless device, translates the first emergency message in the first communication protocol to a second emergency message in a second communication protocol, and... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110063106 - Wireless communication for hygiene dispenser systems: A communication system for handwash compliance monitoring, comprises a plurality of handwash monitoring sensors for collecting handwash compliance data at a respective plurality of handwash stations, at least one hub which wirelessly receives handwash compliance data transmitted from said plurality of handwash monitoring stations, a gateway which wirelessly receives handwash... Agent: Ultraclenz, LLC

20110063107 - Apparatus for the wireless remote monitoring of storage tank roofs: This invention relates to the remote monitoring of the floating roofs of large storage tanks, including tanks used for storing liquid petroleum products or other chemicals. The invention is used to monitor the position and flexure of the roof and other conditions such as vibration; the presence of vapours or... Agent:

20110063108 - Store surveillance system, alarm device, control method for a store surveillance system, and a program: A store surveillance system, a warning device for use in such system, a store surveillance control method, and program-based instruction implementations of such method facilitate the detection of fraudulent activity in a retail store, supermarket, or other type of store. A store management server has a pattern storage unit that... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110063109 - Device for monitoring a space by series-connected normally-open contacts, in particular cover interlock switches in a security enclosure: A device for monitoring a space by changing a sequence of a serial interconnection of closing contacts, in particular of cover switches in a security housing, having a series circuit variation apparatus, a security cover, at least two closing contacts, and a protective circuit, wherein said at least two closing... Agent: Hypercom Gmbh

20110063110 - Intrusion detection and tracking system: An intrusion detection and tracking system includes a plurality of nodes, a DP and a gateway. The nodes are disposed about an area and form a wireless network to be monitored, the nodes are configured to receive data and transmit data frames with a signal strength indicator and/or a link... Agent: Raytheon Company

20110063111 - Intrusion detection and tracking system and related techniques: An intrusion detection and tracking system includes a plurality of nodes, a DP and a gateway. The nodes are disposed about an area and form a wireless network to be monitored, the nodes are configured to receive data and transmit data frames with a signal strength indicator and/or a link... Agent: Raytheon Company

20110063113 - Calibration and operational assurance method and apparatus for rfid object monitoring system: A method for monitoring objects in a three dimensional target area and or business process decision making. The methods include calibration, recalibration, operation and rules compliance for a radio frequency object monitoring system. Location tags are placed throughout a three dimensional area in predetermined positions and used to determine relative... Agent: Rf Controls, LLC

20110063112 - Product administration system: According to the product administration system of the present embodiment, the radio tag having the acceleration sensor and the inquiry unit for communication with the radio tag are provided, the inquiry unit sets a direction of acceleration and a threshold value of the acceleration in the direction in the radio... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110063114 - Posture training device: Sensory indication modules intimately associated with a surface for detection of angle relative to true vertical and acceleration, and include feedback indicators for communicating localized information in relation to the detected angle and acceleration. Further included is a control module for communicating command and control instructions with the sensory indication... Agent:

20110063115 - Light emitting device, illumination device, and photo sensor: Provided is a light emitting device improved in safety to an eye. The light emitting device includes: a semiconductor laser element for emitting laser light; an optical conversion member for converting coherent laser light which is emitted from the semiconductor laser element into incoherent light, and for emitting the incoherent... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20110063116 - Sensing network and method: A system and method are described for detecting toxic gas releases in an urban environment. The system includes a series of repositionable remote sensor nodes that are located in an environment containing a toxic gas, the sensor nodes including a chemical sensor and/or a meteorological sensor. The sensor nodes gather... Agent: Selex Galileo Limited

20110063117 - Pump pressure control: A method and apparatus is disclosed for determining pressure provided by a pump element of a topical negative pressure (TNP) system. The method includes the steps of determining a current pressure provided by a pump element of a TNP system, comparing the determined pressure with a predetermined pressure and selecting... Agent: Smith & Nephew PLC

20110063118 - Imaging device and imaging device control method: An imaging device of the present invention comprises a photographing lens for forming a subject image, an imaging section for converting the subject image to image signals and outputting the image signals, a storage section for storing image data obtained based on the image signals output from the storage section,... Agent:

20110063119 - User interface for rechargeable batteries: A rechargeable battery includes a housing having an external surface including a user interface region. A battery cell within the housing is characterized by a charging status, a state of charge, and a state of health. A processor disposed within the housing determines and/or stores the charging status as well... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20110063120 - Motorcycle grips with pressure sensors and alarm system: A pressure sensitive alarm system for solving the problem of arm pump commonly experienced by competitive motocross riders is provided. The system comprises motorcycle grips which incorporate one or more pressure sensors. The pressure sensors provide a signal to a control unit which compares the magnitude of the pressure sensor... Agent:

20110063121 - Device for providing information on positioning of a moveable coupling of a marine fluid loading system: A device (1) for providing information on positioning of at least one moveable coupling (26) of a marine loading system (2), the system comprising at least one fluid transfer line having a line end fixed to a base (21), and a moveable line end provided with a coupling (26) adapted... Agent: Fmc Technologies Sa

20110063122 - Numerical controller having a function for determining machine abnormality from signals obtained from a plurality of sensors: Signals from a plurality of sensors (vibration sensors, temperature sensors, and humidity sensors) disposed at places on a machine are input through a communication circuit to a numerical controller that controls the machine. The numerical controller uses vibration information, temperature information and humidity information obtained from these sensors to determine... Agent: Fanuc Ltd

20110063123 - Vehicle console display buttons and vehicle consoles incorporating the same: Display buttons and vehicle consoles include etched lenses operable to diffract light provided by a light source within a vehicle console such that the light emitted from the display button diverges from the first pathway within the button housing into a secondary pathway outside of the display button.... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America

20110063126 - Communications hub for resource consumption management: The subject disclosure provides a communications architecture for managing/relaying utility information, such as energy, water or gas information. In one aspect, the system includes a hub having a first communications interface for receiving consumption data of a predetermined energy load and a second communications interface for communicating with a metering... Agent: Energyhub

20110063125 - Method and system for remote metering the consumption of electricity, water or gas: The method and devices for remote metering the consumption, of utilities according to the present invention provide the possibility to retrieve a specific amount of data, i.e. consumption data and/or additional data, from remote meters of a remote metering system. The retrieved data provide a data profile in a given... Agent:

20110063124 - Pit mount interface device: A pit mount interface device includes a body having a head and an elongate stem extending from a bottom surface of the head. The elongate stem is sized and configured to be received in and extend through a hole formed in a cover of a pit. A nut defines a... Agent: Elster Amco Water, Inc.

20110063127 - Exposure management system, dosimeter, and wireless relay device: An exposure management system includes dosimeters, wireless relay devices that wirelessly communicate with the dosimeters, and a monitoring device. The dosimeters are carried by workers for measuring exposure doses in a radiation management facility. The wireless relay devices transmit a monitor indication message that requests the dosimeters to provide respective... Agent: Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd.

20110063128 - Apparatus and method for monitoring chamber status in semiconductor fabrication process: A chamber-status monitoring apparatus includes a plurality of chambers, a time-division multiplexer configured to receive, via optical fiber probes, optical signals from each chamber, to divide each optical signal into first time slots having a predetermined duration, and to multiplex the first time slots to generate an OTDM signal, a... Agent:

20110063130 - Communication system, communication control method, and roadside unit: A communication system includes a roadside unit and a mobile communication unit that communicates with the roadside unit by using one of a plurality of communication channels. The mobile communication unit obtains, for each communication channel, a reception condition measurement representing the reception condition of a radio signal received from... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110063129 - Geobroadcast via a server: A hazard warning for a driver of a vehicle is provided which involves measured values captured by different vehicles or corresponding advance analysis results being evaluated centrally by a server. The server then decides who needs to receive a corresponding warning. In this way, the main computation power can be... Agent: Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

20110063132 - Apparatus and method for determining information: A navigation device and a method of determining parking information are disclosed. In at least one embodiment, the method includes receiving, at a server, journey information from a plurality of navigation devices, the journey information indicating one or more journeys made by each navigation device and determining, by the server... Agent:

20110063133 - Gen ii meter system with multiple processors, multilple detection sensor types, fault tolerance methods, power sharing and multiple user interface methods: A parking space monitoring system, with multiple microprocessors for handling various parking space management conditions, including at least one of the following conditions: (1) Space Occupancy (vehicle detection); (2) Parking Meter Status; (3) Display of Parking Policy to Motorists; (3) Motorist User Interactions; (4) Maintenance User Interactions; (5) Radio Communications... Agent:

20110063134 - System and a method for an automatic parking meter: The present invention is a new and innovative device for regulating parking permits in parking zones in which parking is permitted for short time spans. Embodiments of the present invention enable users to purchase reusable electronic parking devices which display the amount of time remaining for free parking. For instance,... Agent:

20110063131 - Vehicle park assist system and method for parking a vehicle using such system: A park assist system for parking a vehicle in a target parking space includes a first sensing system which determines whether there is a sufficient slot length in a target parking space in which to park the vehicle. A second sensing system determines whether an obstacle is located in a... Agent:

20110063135 - Meterless remote parking monitoring system: A meter-less remote parking monitoring system, incorporating a plurality of vehicle detector and Radio Frequency Identification Reader (RFID) units deployed in individual parking spaces; a plurality of Cellular Gateway Radios, each Cellular Gateway Radio being connected to one of said plurality of vehicle detector and Radio Frequency Identification Units; a... Agent:

20110063137 - Installation for detecting and displaying the failures of the functional systems of an aircraft: An installation for detecting and displaying the failures of the functional systems of an aircraft is described. The installation can include both a general alarm system (4) connected to said functional systems (2) and to the auxiliary alarm detection means (5) originated from said functional systems, and a complementary alarm... Agent: Airbus (sas)

20110063136 - Method and device for centralized management of warnings in an aircraft comprising several warning presentation interfaces: The invention in particular has as an object a method and a device for centralized management of warnings in an aircraft comprising a centralized system for management of warnings (405) and a plurality of warning presentation interfaces (220′, 225′), each interface being adapted for presenting at least one warning to... Agent: Airbus Operations (s.a.s.)

20110063138 - Method and system for implementing a geofence boundary for a tracked asset: An asset's TCU, or a mobile device coupled thereto, receives and stores geographical boundary definitions to a memory. A processor uses the boundary definition to determine an initial-location boundary based on the definition and the current location of the TCU at the time it received the boundary request message. As... Agent:

03/10/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110057768 - Electronic device with remote control function: A receiving module, checking module, and a controller are provided. The receiving module is configured for receiving external wireless signals. The checking module is configured for checking whether a current wireless signal comprises checking codes of a control signal which is configured for controlling the electronic device and, if yes,... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110057769 - Key switch for installation in a drive device and method for operating the key switch: The invention relates to key switches (15) for drive devices having key recognition means (30) for recognizing a key (13) having key bit (13.1) and having a key receptacle for inserting the key bit (13.1). The key recognition means (30) operate without contact and have corresponding scanning means (32) for... Agent:

20110057770 - Rfid reader revocation checking using low power attached displays: A method of authenticating a radio frequency identification (RFID) reader to efficiently and timely check of revocation status of the RFID reader includes the steps of checking whether a given certificate is expired or revoked, and allowing a user of an RFID tag to verify that the credentials and revocation... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110057771 - Method and apparatus for enabling communication between a first device and at least one further device: A controller node for an entertainment control network, comprises controller logic arranged to be paired with at least one controlled device over a wireless interface. The controller logic is further arranged to provide pairing information for the at lease one controlled device with which it is paired to a further... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20110057772 - Automatic locking apparatus: An automatic locking apparatus which is installed in a vehicle, communicates with a portable-unit in areas inside/outside the vehicle, and automatically locks doors, based on whether a response-signal is received from the portable-unit and opening/closing of the doors. The apparatus includes a door-opening/closing-detecting-unit, an inside-of-vehicle-determining-unit forming a communication-area inside the... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110057773 - Keyless entry assembly having capacitance sensor operative for detecting objects: A keyless entry assembly includes a carrier with an electrical conductor thereon, a light pipe having an indicator, and a controller. The light pipe is connected to the carrier such that the indicator and conductor are in alignment. The light pipe is operable for receiving light to illuminate the indicator.... Agent: Uusi, LLC D/b/a Nartron

20110057774 - Security systems: Systems and methods for delivering goods and services involving use of locks that are programmed to permit limited entry under specified circumstances. A lock may be electronically programmed from a remote location in connection with an e-commerce transaction.... Agent:

20110057775 - Biometric authentication device: Disclosed herein is a biometric authentication device. The biometric authentication device includes a main body for forming a hand grip surface and constituting an entire framework of the biometric authentication device. At least one light source is disposed on one side of the main body and configured to radiate light.... Agent:

20110057776 - Process of controlling the correct connection of at least one power driven user to various power outlets: A system and method is provided for controlling the correct connection of power driven users, such as on an implement, to various power outlets on a tractor. Each user on the implement is identified by a signal coming from a sensor and being unique for this user. A controller generates... Agent:

20110057777 - Method for efficiently querying an identifying multiple items on a communication channel: Systems and methods for efficiently querying and identifying multiple items on a communication channel are disclosed. The inventions preferably uses radio frequency identification with interrogation devices and systems that identify radio frequency identification transponders. A depth-first tree traversal protocol algorithm, including commands and symbols, is used to more efficiently interrogate... Agent:

20110057778 - Automatic determination of radio control unit configuration parameter settings: A method for determining an output signal is provided. A radio device identifier associated with a second radio device is stored in a first radio device. One or more configuration parameter settings associated with the second radio device are stored in the first radio device. The first radio device identifies... Agent:

20110057779 - Method of authenticating a radio tag by a radio reader: The invention relates to a method of authenticating a radio tag by a radio reader, the tag possessing an identifier accessible to the reader via a database of tag identifiers, comprising: dispatching an authentication request by the reader to the tag, dispatching by the tag, a response, calculated by applying... Agent: France Telecom

20110057780 - Wide viewing angle indicators for network devices: A network device and method for improving performance monitoring capabilities using wide view angle indicators are disclosed. A network device, in one embodiment, includes a first plate, a second plate, and a light source. The first plate has multiple performance indicators situated at a side of the network device. The... Agent: Netgear, Inc.

20110057781 - Wireless light indication and control device: A wireless light indication and control device connected with a helmet is provided. The wireless light indication and control device includes a direction detector, a wireless transmitter, and at least one light element, wherein the direction detector senses a movement of the helmet to generate a turning signal, the wireless... Agent:

20110057783 - In-vehicle device for recording moving image data: A normal image quality coding unit generates normal-quality compressed moving image data by compressing moving image data generated by capturing an image around a vehicle with a normal image quality. A high image quality coding unit generates high-quality compressed moving image data by compressing the moving image data with an... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110057782 - Methods and systems for displaying vehicle rear camera images in different modes: A method for displaying images of a camera associated with a vehicle includes the steps of displaying the images in a first mode if a first condition is satisfied, and displaying the images in a second mode if a second condition is satisfied.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110057784 - Operation state judgement method and system: A vehicle state determination unit receives vehicle data from a vehicle sensor and position data from a position sensor with a certain frequency. A mode selection unit selects a driving operation mode on the basis of the data received from the vehicle state determination unit and passes the data to... Agent:

20110057785 - Integrated vehicle turn signal system and apparatus: The present provides a system which integrates motor vehicle turn signal operation into actuators located in the rim of a motor vehicle steering wheel. The actuators of the system of the present invention, one for controlling the right-hand turn signal and one for controlling the left-hand turn signal, are located... Agent:

20110057786 - Alert braking system: The present invention to provides an improved brake light system which provides increasing illumination with increased braking intensity. The ALERT BRAKING System is a brake light system for automotive vehicles which comprises a speed sensing device, a third brake light mounted on the rear window or either tail light, and... Agent:

20110057787 - Residential security surveillance and notification management system: A residential security surveillance and notification management system is provided according to the present invention. The system is applicable to a communications network, wherein, via an information processing platform of a network server end, the system is connected to a network surveillance device installed in a monitored environment, in which... Agent: Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.

20110057788 - Apparatus and method for determining tampering with a movable barrier: A tampering detection apparatus is used to determine the occurrence of unauthorized tampering with a barrier. At a tampering detection apparatus, a quantity during an operation of the movable barrier is sensed without actuating a magnetic switch. The quantity is potentially indicative of unauthorized tampering with the movable barrier. A... Agent:

20110057790 - System and method for location-based reminders on a mobile device: A system and method are described for processing location-based reminders. For example, a system according to one embodiment of the invention comprises: a location database to store a plurality of different locations including event facilities, points of interest, and one or more personal locations specified by an end user, the... Agent:

20110057789 - Network-based identification of uninsured vehicles: Systems and methods are disclosed that detect uninsured vehicles. An insurance monitoring system described herein receives a message over a mobile network from a mobile device embedded in a vehicle, where the message from the mobile device includes a vehicle identification for the vehicle. The insurance monitoring system queries an... Agent:

20110057791 - Passive environmental sensing: Various sensors, systems, and methods for monitoring environmental conditions are provided. In one embodiment, among others, a passive sensor includes an antenna; a modulating circuit coupled to the antenna by a microstrip transmission line, the modulating circuit capable of modulating a backscattered signal; a sensing material disposed between the microstrip... Agent:

20110057794 - Alarm: An alarm comprising: a transmission reception circuit unit transmitting and receiving an event signal with an other alarm; a sensor unit detecting an abnormality; an alerting unit outputting an abnormality warning; an abnormality monitoring unit receiving an abnormality detection signal from the sensor unit, while outputting the abnormality warning of... Agent: Hochiki Corporation

20110057792 - Automated, prescription use recording device: An automated container-use recording device is described. The device includes an interconnection device for connecting with a container and an active time keeping component for connecting with the interconnection device. The active time keeping component includes a trigger switch configured to generate a signal when the active time keeping component... Agent:

20110057793 - Mote servicing: One aspect can include determining that at least one mote device is operating outside normal operational parameters and should be serviced, and determining at least partially using the at least one mote device that is operationally located within a mote network is not meeting a goal of the at least... Agent:

20110057795 - Motion detectore for electronic fence: The present invention relates to a motion detector for electronic fence the type of the fence is a wire strings fence that stretched horizontally between two poles and in the middle of those poles there is a detector pole which contains the motion detectors, the motion detector is construct on... Agent:

20110057796 - Apparatus and method for operation of a display device to provide a home security alarm: An apparatus and method are provided for operation of a display device to provide a home security alarm. In one embodiment, a method includes receiving a user alarm activation command by the display device; initiating a detection mode, by the display device, based on the user command; and detecting, by... Agent: Sony Electronics Inc.

20110057797 - Alert for real-time risk of theft or loss: Devices, methods, systems and a computer readable medium for the provision of alerts to electronic devices in response to real-time, location based analysis of the risk of theft or loss of such devices are provided. A continually updated database of locations of thefts, losses and/or stolen or lost electronic devices... Agent: Absolute Software Corporation

20110057799 - Hand washing monitoring system: A hand cleansing monitoring system that electronically monitors and communicates hand washing frequency and procedures to management through a computer based system.... Agent:

20110057798 - Personalization of event participation in mobile neighborhoods: Embodiments described herein are directed to personalizing event participation of a visitor at an event. Embodiments include communication nodes that form defined wireless areas. A first one of the communication nodes determines when the visitor enters a first defined wireless area in response to detecting an identifier associated with the... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110057800 - Car alcohol monitoring system: An alcohol monitoring system for monitoring a driver of a car includes a vapor analyzer system for detecting the amount of alcohol in a driver operating the car. A speed controller is provided for setting the maximum speed of the car to a predetermined level in the event that the... Agent:

20110057802 - Image quality monitor for digital radiography system: A system for monitoring the state of calibration of a digital x-ray detector having a solid state sensor with a plurality of pixels, a scintillating screen and at least one embedded microprocessor, the system having means for capturing a digital image and a computer operable during normal diagnostic use of... Agent:

20110057801 - Space monitoring system with remote reporting: An enclosed space monitoring system includes a controller and a plurality of sensors located within the enclosed space. The sensors may include a humidity sensor, a water presence sensor, a water pump operation sensor, a temperature sensor, a radon gas detector, a propane or natural gas detector, a smoke sensor,... Agent:

20110057803 - Temperature predicting apparatus and method: A temperature predicting apparatus for predicting possible abnormal temperature of air for cooling at least one of electronic devices mounted on a rack, the temperature predicting apparatus includes a storing section for storing temperature information related to at least one temperature measured by a temperature sensor provided on an intake... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110057804 - Search and rescue using ultraviolet radiation: A system for search and rescue includes a rescue beacon including a radiation source to emit radiation, at least a portion of which includes ultraviolet c-band radiation, and an ultraviolet c-band detector to detect the ultraviolet c-band radiation to enable locating of the rescue beacon.... Agent: Raytheon Utd, Inc.

20110057806 - Hazardous condition detector with hardware hush: A hazardous condition detector including a housing containing at least one sensor unit for sensing at least one ambient condition and a microprocessor contained within the housing operatively coupled to the sensor unit though a hardware interface. The hazardous condition detector also includes a memory means associated with the microprocessor,... Agent: Universal Security Instruments, Inc

20110057805 - Smoke alarm with temporal evaluation of a backscatter signal, test method for the functional capability of a smoke alarm: A smoke alarm is described which comprises a base element (105) with a flat mounting surface, a light transmitter (111) that is attached to the mounting surface and that is configured to issue an illuminating light (111a), and a light receiver (112) that is attached to the mounting surface next... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110057807 - Portable device, display method, and display program: A portable device driven by a battery unit including a rechargeable battery which can be charged and discharged, the portable device includes an impact detecting part configured to detect an impact applied to the portable device; an abnormality determining part configured to determine whether an abnormality is generated in the... Agent:

20110057808 - Overcurrent protection circuit: An overcurrent protection circuit connected between a voltage input and a voltage output of an electronic device to protect against excessive current is disclosed. The overcurrent protection circuit includes first to fifth resistors, a relay comprising a coil and a normally closed switch, a pnp transistor, and a break-over element.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110057809 - Personal alert device: A personal alert device for use with a wireless communications device is provided. In at least one embodiment, the personal includes: a housing configured for discreet, inconspicuous use by a wearer; a vibrator mechanism disposed within the housing; a processor disposed within the housing, the processor configured to pair uniquely... Agent:

20110057810 - Wired drill pipe connection for single shouldered application and bha elements: A method and apparatus for transmitting data across a tool joint connection. In one embodiment, the system includes a first data transmission element connected to a first downhole component, a second data transmission element connected to a second downhole component, and a biasing element biasing at least one of the... Agent:

20110057811 - Projected instrument displays for field mounted process instruments: An industrial process transmitter includes a first process sensor, transmitter circuitry, a housing and an image projector. The first process sensor measures a process variable of an industrial process and generates a sensor signal. The transmitter circuitry is connected to the first process sensor and is configured to operate functions... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

20110057812 - Remote monitoring apparatus: Various sensors are provided inside control equipment, and it is determined whether environment inside the control equipment is abnormal or not, based on data obtained from the sensors.... Agent:

20110057814 - Method and system for recognizing obstacle in parking: Disclosed are a system and method for recognizing an obstacle at the time of parking. The inventive system includes: at least one lateral side ultrasonic sensor for sensing lateral distance data between a user's vehicle and an obstacle positioned adjacent to a lateral side of the user's vehicle; a first... Agent: Mando Corporation

20110057815 - Parking meter communications for remote payment with updated display: A parking meter receives data indicative of a remote payment being completed and displays an amount of time purchased by the remote payment for a parking session. The parking meter determines an amount of time remaining in the parking session and powers down at least a portion of a meter... Agent: Ips Group, Inc.

20110057813 - Vehicle park assist system and method for parking a vehicle using such system: A method for parking a vehicle in a parking spot comprises scanning objects to determine if a feasible parking space is available, the neighboring objects including at least one object either in front of or behind the vehicle and at least one object alongside the vehicle; determine whether there is... Agent:

20110057816 - Security systems: A vehicle detection system for detecting the presence of at least part of a vehicle in image data, the system comprising: an interface configured to receive image data; an identifier module configured to identify a plurality of linear regions in an image represented by the image data; a comparator configured... Agent: Citysync, Ltd

20110057817 - Method of determining vehicle location from key fob: A method of indicating a proximity value representative of the distance between a key fob (202) and a vehicle (102) includes transmitting (304, 406, 504) at least one locate signal from the key fob (202) to the vehicle (102), transmitting (364, 468, 562) at least one response signal from the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

03/03/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110050387 - Method for controlling external device and transmitting apparatus and receiving apparatus thereof: A method for controlling an external device and a signal transmitting and receiving apparatus thereof. The method for controlling an external device in a receiving apparatus that receives media signals from a transmitting apparatus connected through a wireless network, includes according to an embodiment: receiving information on the external devices... Agent:

20110050390 - Electronic access control device and management system: A mobile electronic control device, such as an electronic key, is used to access or otherwise control the operations of a field device, such as an appliance, power tool, shipping container, etc. In a control event in which the mobile control device interacts with the field device via wired or... Agent:

20110050391 - Electronic access control device and management system: A mobile electronic control device, such as an electronic key, is used to access or otherwise control the operations of a field device, such as an appliance, power tool, shipping container, etc. In a control event in which the mobile control device interacts with the field device via wired or... Agent:

20110050392 - Communication device: A method for operating an electronic device is disclosed. First biological information of a first operator performing an input operation to the electronic device is detected. Second biological information from a second operator of a second electronic device is received. Third biological information of a registered person permitted to use... Agent:

20110050393 - Portable wireless fingerprinter indentification system and method: The present invention relates to a portable wireless fingerprinter identification system, in which user's four-digit identification number is transmitted to a main system by using a portable terminal having a fingerprint recognition element and a keypad via electric frequencies such as radio frequencies or Bluetooth, or light such as infrared... Agent:

20110050388 - Gesture based electronic latch for laptop computers: A portable information handling system includes a top cover, a base, and an electronic latch. The top cover is connected to the base. The top cover has a gesture sensitive surface configured to receive a trace. The electronic latch is in communication with the gesture sensitive surface, and is configured... Agent:

20110050389 - Low power wireless controller systems and methods: A wireless control device is described that single chip passive wireless control integrated circuit device. The device is coupled to an antenna configured to receive a radio signal and comprises a radio frequency transceiver circuit fabricated on a semiconductor substrate of an integrated circuit device and configured to extract information... Agent:

20110050394 - Systems and methods for pressure-based authentication of an input on a touch screen: Systems and methods are provided for authenticating an input on a touch screen. A method comprises obtaining one or more pressure metrics for an input by a user on a touch screen that is being proffered as that of a known user. Each pressure metric corresponds to a pressure applied... Agent:

20110050395 - Utility monitoring system: A utility monitoring system, methods of implementation, and programs are disclosed which can provide real-time information regarding a utility system, such as a water system of a home or building. The monitoring system can detect operating parameters or attributes of one or more sources in the water system and create... Agent:

20110050396 - Planogram compliance using automated item-tracking: A planogram specifying items of a item type associated with a first location may be determined, and item read events for the items of the item type may be received from a first receiver associated with the first location and from a second receiver associated with a second location. A... Agent:

20110050397 - System for generating supply chain management statistics from asset tracking data: Techniques for monitoring and tracking assets and providing notifications to users are disclosed. In one aspect, enterprise data describing a plurality of items, each item being shipped in one of a plurality of assets, is received. Tag data for a tag associated with each asset is received while the asset... Agent:

20110050398 - Transponder holder for controlling the operation of a transponder: Exemplary embodiments are directed to a transponder holder for controlling the readability of a transponder by an interrogator. Embodiments of the transponder holder can be removable mounted to a support structure, such as a windshield of a motor vehicle. The transponder can be supported by a plate of the transponder... Agent:

20110050399 - Method and apparatus for communication in ultra-wide bandwidth rfid systems: A method for communication in ultra-wide bandwidth RFID systems includes the steps of generating through a transceiver device an interrogation signal composed of at least a sequence of equally time spaced pulses within a period and transmitting the signal to at least one RFID identification device which generates a response... Agent:

20110050401 - Product managing apparatus and control method: According to one embodiment, a product managing apparatus includes a radio unit, an instruction receiving unit, an area-password storing unit, and a password updating unit. The radio unit performs radio communication with an RFID tag that is attached to a product and can store an identification code of the product... Agent:

20110050400 - Rfid portal system with rfid tags having various read ranges: A system and method selectively reads radio frequency identification (“RFID”) tags within an RFID interrogation zone. A portion of the RFID tags have a first operating range and a portion of the RFID tags have a second operating range that is different from the first operating range. Each RFID tag... Agent:

20110050402 - Arrangement and method for wirelessly networking devices of automation technology: An arrangement for wirelessly interconnecting devices of automation technology comprises a signal path for transmitting a high-frequency transmit signal which has a plurality of temporally successive signal packets. The arrangement has a first and a second antenna and an antenna switch which connects the signal path selectively to the first... Agent:

20110050403 - Multifunctional switch and detector assembly for a medical imaging system including the same: A control circuit for a portable x-ray medical imaging system detector. The control circuit operates to reduce power consumption of the portable x-ray detector. The detector control circuit includes a multi-function switch coupled to the portable detector, and a detector control module installed in the portable detector, the detector control... Agent:

20110050404 - Haptic information presentation system and method: A system and method are disclosed in which in a conventional non-grounding man-machine interface having no reaction base on the human body and for giving the existence of a virtual object and the impact force of a collision to a person, a haptic sensation of a torque, a force and... Agent:

20110050406 - Device for producing a haptic feedback from a keyless input unit: The invention relates to a device for the production of a haptic feedback from keyless input units such as touchscreens or keypads in mobile IT devices such as mobile telephones, PDAs, music or multimedia players, cameras, navigation devices, etc. The market demands a device which can produce a haptic signal... Agent:

20110050405 - Magnetic levitation haptic interface system: This invention discloses a haptic interface system that uses Lorentz forces to provide magnetic levitation for a handle which can be manipulated by a person, typically a computer user.... Agent:

20110050407 - Sobriety interlock device: A device and method for measuring the alcohol concentration in a driver's saliva is used in an automobile ignition locking system. The device includes an input testing unit, a processing unit, and an output unit. The input testing unit includes a sampling device, an analyzing unit, and a housing unit.... Agent:

20110050408 - Device for displaying a plurality of detectable variable quantities: A device for displaying a plurality of detectable variable quantities of a motor vehicle that are in a ratio to one another, each quantity represented by a band, and the bands being arranged relative to one another such that they form a variable geometric figure. The bands have a variable... Agent:

20110050409 - Alert and verification system: System for an event alert signal and verifying the completion of event is disclosed. The system may include at least one alert device for generating alert for certain events. The system may also include at least one destination device that may be configured to be communicating with the alert device... Agent:

20110050410 - Systems and methods for the automatic registration of devices: Systems and methods for providing registration at a remote site that may include, for example, a monitoring module that may communicate with a remote site. A registration protocol may be used by the monitoring module and the remote site in generating the messages communicated during the registration process. The monitoring... Agent:

20110050411 - Integrated healthcare communication and locating system: A nurse call system includes an integrated locating system. The system includes room-level IR/RFID tracking features. Transition zones incorporate hysteresis to identify transition lines for entering a specific room or location. Capabilities of located persons or assets may be associated with patient treatment plans and/or care alerts based on proximity.... Agent:

20110050412 - Voice activated finding device: Selected objects may be located by pushing a button on a keypad of a base unit, or by giving an oral command thereto. A receiver microprocessor, loaded with a unique electronic address, is attachable to each object. A base unit PROM is loaded with a library of digitized voice command... Agent:

20110050416 - Charging method for a mobile terminal: A charging method of a mobile terminal is provided. The method comprises detecting brightness of ambient light around the mobile terminal by an illumination sensor of the mobile terminal; activating a charging circuit for charging a battery of the mobile terminal when the detected brightness is more than a first... Agent:

20110050413 - Dual-warning protector having multiple protections: A dual-warning protector having multiple protections includes a protection circuit, a first alarm circuit and a second alarm circuit. The protection circuit includes two protection modules each having a thermistor, a semiconductor discharge tube, and a voltage dependent resistor. The protector provides multiple protections for the equipment, the circuit and... Agent:

20110050415 - Food storage container: A food storage container comprises a body for containing food, a cap, and an alarm module provided on one side of the body. The alarm module comprises a switch, a control unit to set an expiration date, a timing unit to show a present date and a present hour and... Agent:

20110050417 - Method and system for situation tracking and notification: Alerts (13) are generated at mobile entity devices (12) and servers (16). The alerts are examined at the servers and handled by the server and/or forwarded to a clearing house (22). At the clearing house, emergency events (40) are created in response to the alerts by an event module (36).... Agent:

20110050414 - System and method for detecting states: Systems and methods for detecting states are disclosed. An information handling system may include a processor and a plurality of information handling resources communicatively coupled to the processor via the common control line. The processor may be configured to produce a first signal on a common control line. Each of... Agent:

20110050418 - Security system: A security system comprising: a controller; and a plurality of dispensing devices, wherein the controller is configured to receive signals from a plurality of remote detectors and transmit signals to the plurality of dispensing devices, the controller being adapted to determine which of the plurality of detectors has transmitted a... Agent:

20110050419 - Remote intrusion signaling security system: The present invention discloses a novel system for signaling intrusion of a protected space to a remotely located user. The system includes a lock mechanism and a sensor module that detects an unlocked state of the lock mechanism and in response sends out a signal to a central unit. The... Agent:

20110050420 - Electronic apparatus with alarm function and method thereof: An electronic apparatus with an alarm function is provided. The electronic apparatus includes an image obtaining device, a data storage, and a processing unit. The image obtaining device is for obtaining an image of the position where the electronic apparatus is located. The data storage is for storing at least... Agent:

20110050425 - All-in-one radio frequency identification (rfid) system for sale and inventory management: This is an all-in-one radio frequency identification system for goods inventory and sale management, comprising at least one tag, an antenna unit and a multi-port reader comprising a micro control unit, a reader and a multiplexer. The tag is attached on each article. The antenna unit is RF coupled to... Agent:

20110050423 - Asset monitoring and tracking system: Techniques for monitoring and tracking assets and providing notifications to users are disclosed. In one aspect, a request to track an asset and enterprise data describing the asset are received, a tag is selected to associate with the asset, an event notification is received from the tag, and a user... Agent:

20110050424 - Asset tracking using alternative sources of position fix data: Techniques for tracking physical assets are disclosed. In one aspect, input indicating that an asset has been loaded on a conveyance is received. When a tag attached to the asset is unable to transmit position fix data describing a location of the asset to a server, alternative position fix data... Agent:

20110050426 - Rfid label readable on surfaces which interferes with rf waves and method of manufacturing the same: c

20110050422 - System and method for identifying location of an information handling system: Systems and methods for identifying the location of an information handling system are disclosed. A method may include placing a slot passive tag proximate to a corresponding slot, wherein the corresponding slot is configured to mechanically couple a corresponding information handling system to the slot and wherein the slot passive... Agent:

20110050421 - Systems, methods and apparatus for determining direction of motion of a radio frequency identification (rfid) tag: The present disclosure describes a system, methods and apparatus for determining a direction of motion of an RFID tag. An RFID reader is provided that includes an antenna that is tilted at a tilt angle with respect to a detection path. Response signals from the RFID tag are received at... Agent:

20110050427 - Security tag assembly: A security tag assembly and security system associated therewith to prevent the unauthorized removal of merchandise from a given area, such as a retail establishment. The security tag assembly comprises a base and at least one tag member removably connected in an operative position on the merchandise being protected. A... Agent:

20110050428 - Medical device having an intelligent alerting scheme, and related operating methods: A portable medical device and related operating methods are provided. One operating method involves a portable medical device that includes a situational awareness sensor. The method begins by detecting an alert condition associated with operation of the portable medical device. In response to the alert condition, the situational awareness sensor... Agent:

20110050429 - Ice safety device: An inexpensive and simple-to-operate ice safety device is provided for deployment in a body of water. Once deployed, the ice safety device can be activated to check whether ice has formed to a predetermined thickness around the ice safety device. If ice has not formed to the predetermined thickness, the... Agent:

20110050430 - Preconditioned air (pca) temperature monitor: The performance of a PCA unit associated with an airport gate is monitored by a temperature sensor in the stream of output air leaving the PCA unit, to produce a signal indicative of the temperature of the output air that may be compared to an acceptable range of values, or... Agent:

20110050432 - interactive apparatus for use with a urinal: An interactive apparatus for a urinal comprises one or more non-contact passive infra-red sensors, computing means and a display. The one or more non-contact passive infra-red sensors are arranged to detect a flow of liquid within one or more zones and to output a signal corresponding to the target zone... Agent:

20110050431 - Beverage containers with detection capability: Methods and systems described herein include individual-use beverage containers including sensors and methods of their use. Beverage containers include: a vessel body configured to hold a beverage; and at least one sensor associated with the vessel body, the at least one sensor including a sensor configured to detect one or... Agent:

20110050433 - Environmental parameter responsive, aspirated fire detector: An aspirated smoke detector includes at least one ambient atmosphere inflow collection pipe with a plurality of inflow ports arranged along the pipe. The ports of the pipe are defined at least in part by temperature sensitive materials which alter the area of the respective inflow port in response to... Agent:

20110050434 - Security system for the vent stack of a structure: Building vents and the associated vent stacks are an emerging security challenge. The vents may run the entire length of a building, providing a direct and substantially unobstructed path for gases and devices to be introduced into a building's interior. A security apparatus for the vent(s) of a structure may... Agent:

20110050435 - Projection display device: A projection display device includes: a dustproof filter that removes dust and a foreign material from drawn air; an air guide path that guides, to a liquid crystal panel, the cooling air blown by a suction fan; an air velocity detector that is arranged in the air guide path and... Agent:

20110050436 - Wakeup device detecting voltage variation in standby mode: A resume device is provided. The device detects voltage variation in standby mode. When a big voltage variation is detected, a resume process is run and a sound is played. Volume of the sound is adjustable and power is maintained within a proper range. Thus, power consumption is saved, efficiency... Agent:

20110050438 - Power supply detection and indication: A power detection and indication circuit device includes a processor, a signal conditioning circuit coupled to the processor and an indicator coupled to the signal conditioning circuit. The power detection and indication circuit performs a test to determine the presence of a switch coupled to the processor through the conditioning... Agent:

20110050437 - System and method of processing sensor information: A system for processing sensor information in a wireless communications device, comprising a sensor processing module for execution by the microprocessor, the sensor processing module being configured to: receive a signal representing the state of the sensor; and process the received signal to determine whether there is a change in... Agent:

20110050439 - Protector having a dual-warning outer casing: A protector having a dual-warning outer casing includes a housing and a circuit board. The housing has one end formed with a pull portion. The pull portion has a through hole for insertion of an illuminating unit. The circuit board is disposed in the housing and includes two protection modules,... Agent:

20110050440 - Monitoring device for functionally monitoring reporting system, reporting system, and method for monitoring: Reporting systems, such as fire alarm systems, alarm systems or the like, are usually used for communications equipment in large plants, wherein automatic or manual reports are produced at decentralized locations and are forwarded to a central control system. To this end, the reporting systems comprise a plurality of reporting... Agent:

20110050441 - Diagnostic system and method for home appliance: A diagnostic system and method for a home appliance is provided. When the home appliance outputs product information as a sound signal, a service center remotely performs fault diagnosis of the home appliance by receiving the sound signal, detecting the product information from the sound signal, checking the state of... Agent:

20110050442 - Dynamic occupancy monitoring: The present disclosure is directed to systems and methods for monitoring and displaying occupancy of a seating area, such as a theater. In a seating area there are chairs for use by patrons. There is a system and method for determining and communicating occupancy information to a display corresponding to... Agent:

20110050443 - Portable electronic device operateable by rotation thereof: A portable electronic device includes a housing, a rotation sensor, and a processor. The rotation sensor includes a supporting plate fixed to the housing, a cylindric carrier, an electron emitting device, a magnet, a number of strip-shaped electrodes, and a detecting device. The cylindric carrier is disposed on the supporting... Agent:

20110050445 - Device for early registration of a closing state of a closure element for a compartment opening: A device is provided for early registering of the closing state of a closure element for a compartment opening includes, but is not limited to an inductive proximity sensor, a measuring plate and a movement path guide. By means of the movement path guide the measuring plate is guided parallel... Agent:

20110050444 - Person/worker/device proximity warning system: A Person/Worker/Device Proximity Warning System of a type including a clip-on or pocket sized radio frequency or infrared pocket transmitter, an externally mounted radio frequency or infrared antenna receiver, and an audible and visual warning system, which is connected by circuitry to the antenna receiver. The audible and visual warning... Agent:

20110050446 - Proximity sensors: A proximity sensor can be used with a device such as a monitoring tag or portable tracking device that relies on GPS signals or other radio-frequency signals. The proximity sensor determines if the signals are being deliberately blocked by an object such as metal foil being placed in proximity to... Agent:

20110050447 - Charger loss prevention adaptor: A reminder system for a portable-device charger is designed for determining when it is likely that the charger is about to be left behind. Detection which may be in real time can pertain, depending on the embodiment, to disconnection of a portable device from the charger, and/or movement of a... Agent:

20110050448 - Method and apparatus for providing an asic controlled alarm unit: The present invention is an ASIC-controlled alarm unit. The ASIC circuit performs all the necessary control functions to provide audible and visual signaling when used with external horn and strobe circuits.... Agent:

20110050449 - Apparatus and method for remote control in a short-range network, and system supporting the same: An apparatus and method for remote control in a short-range network system, and a system supporting the same are provided, in which from a remote device that remotely controls the application execution device using a predetermined Control User Interface (CUI), information about capability of the remote device is collected, a... Agent:

20110050450 - Universal infrared receiving apparatus and associated method: A universal infrared receiving apparatus is provided. The universal infrared receiving apparatus includes a slicer, a non-volatile memory, a volatile memory and a comparison apparatus. The slicer slices a remote control command waveform into digital waveform data. The non-volatile memory pre-stores target waveform data. The volatile memory stores the digital... Agent:

20110050451 - Method of selecting a transmission frequency of a one-way wireless remote control device: A radio-frequency (RF) load control system includes both two-way and one-way (e.g., transmit-only) remote control devices, and provides a simple, reliable process for configuring the one-way devices into the system. The one-way device may be programmed to operate at one of a predetermined number of radio frequencies as part of... Agent:

20110050452 - System and method for communicating data between wellbore instruments and surface devices: A method for communicating signals between an instrument in a wellbore and a device at the Earth's surface using a wired drill pipe telemetry channel includes allocating signals generated by at least one instrument in the wellbore to a plurality of buffers. Each buffer represents data having a respective communication... Agent:

20110050453 - Electronic control system for drilling devices: An electronic control system for drilling devices, includes at least one pair of data-processing units (2a, 2b); a plurality of data-exchange lines, connected to the data-processing units (2a, 2b) for transmission of signals from and to control devices (4a-4c) of the drilling device; and accessories or sensors (5, 9) proper... Agent:

20110050454 - Wireless system and method for remotely reading counters: The invention relates to a wireless system for remotely reading meters, comprising: at least one storage device (100) connected to, or built into a meter, including means (2) for storing data relating to consumption; at least one concentrator device (200); and a central device (400). The storage device (100) includes... Agent:

20110050455 - Alarm reporting through utility meter reading infrastructure: A system is provided that includes a utility meter of a utility company that measures consumption of a utility within a space occupied by a user, a wireless fault detector associated with the utility located within the space and a wireless transmitter of the utility meter that receives a fault... Agent:

20110050456 - Versatile radio packeting for automatic meter reading systems: An automatic meter reading (AMR) system utilizes versatile radio packets that are recognizable by AMR system receivers capable of receiving conventional interval data message (IDM) radio packets. A versatile radio packet includes a packet preamble portion, a packet body portion, and a packet validation portion. The packet preamble portion has... Agent:

20110050457 - Network address field for nodes within a meter reading wireless mesh network and associated system: A meter reading system includes a meter reading wireless mesh network having wireless meter reading nodes in communication with an access point. Each wireless meter reading node has an address associated therewith. The meter reading wireless mesh network is configured to establish a network address field for each wireless meter... Agent:

20110050458 - Dynamic environmental information transmission: The different advantageous embodiments provide a system comprising a dynamic transmission process and a processor unit. The processor unit is configured to run the dynamic transmission process. The dynamic transmission process is configured to receive environmental information. The dynamic transmission process determines whether to send the environmental information to a... Agent:

20110050460 - Method and apparatus for alerting mobile telephone call participants that a vehicle's driver is occupied: A method and apparatus for improving safety when a driver of a vehicle such as an automobile is engaged in a conversation with another party (or other parties) using a mobile telecommunications device such as a cell phone. Specifically, a situation that requires an elevated attention level of the driver... Agent:

20110050459 - System and method to enhance safety and legal compliance by location analysis: Various exemplary embodiments relate to a method and related device including one or more of the following: determining a current location of the vehicle; determining, for the current location, an appropriate maximum speed which the vehicle should not exceed; determining a current speed at which the vehicle is traveling; determining... Agent:

20110050461 - Network of traffic behavior-monitoring unattended ground sensors (netbugs): A Network of Traffic Behavior-monitoring Unattended Ground Sensors (NeTBUGS) is configurable to detect the passing of vehicles, determine when and where individual vehicles have stopped for a period of time that raises suspicion of illegal or dangerous activity, track the vehicles after the stop and to generate a location-tagged alert... Agent:

20110050462 - Finders keepers locator: The present invention provides a transmitting and receiving system that is specially designed to quickly find an automobile when lost in a parking lot or public parking garage. The transmitter unit is installed in a selected location within a vehicle or other object and operates on power supplied by an... Agent:

20110050463 - Method for providing vehicle information and terminal device applying the same: A vehicle information providing method and a terminal applying the same are provided. The vehicle information providing method includes communicably connecting to a Global Positioning System (GPS) mounted on a vehicle, receiving location information from the GPS and receiving vehicle information from a vehicle information system based on the received... Agent:

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