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Communications: electrical July category listing 07/10

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07/29/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100188188 - Sensing device and system, controlling method and control program: A sensing device includes a situation acquisition unit acquiring information on situation of a site of interest sensed; a sensing range change unit changing sensing range of the situation acquisition unit; a position identification unit identifying position of the situation acquisition unit; and a sensing operation controlling unit which detects... Agent: Mr. Jackson Chen

20100188190 - Electromechanical lock: An electromechanical lock and its operation method is disclosed. The method includes: reading data from an external source; matching the data against a predetermined criterion; providing a fulcrum provided that the data matches the predetermined criterion; holding the lock by a locking pin, when engaged, in a locked state, and,... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20100188189 - Safety system for control of the access to an object: A safety system is provided for control of the access to an object with a lock, that can alternatively be locked or unlocked by a mechanical key subsystem and by a remote control key subsystem offers the possibility to intentionally deactivate a remote control key subsystem by using for example... Agent: Ingrassia Fisher & Lorenz, P.C. (gme)

20100188192 - Keyless-go ignition switch with fault backup: A vehicle ignition system includes a fob for transmitting an identification code. The fob includes a low frequency transceiver circuit and low frequency antenna. An ignition module is provided including, a housing, switch contacts and a push button slidably mounted in the housing and arranged so that pushing of said... Agent: Tarolli, Sundheim, Covell & Tummino L.L.P.

20100188193 - Mirror assembly for vehicle: An interior rearview mirror assembly includes a mirror reflective element having a front surface, a rear surface and a reflector. A display element is disposed to the rear of the rear surface and is operable to emit light when actuated, the emitted light passing through the mirror reflective element to... Agent: Van Dyke, Gardner, Linn & Burkhart, LLP

20100188191 - System and method for providing secure identification solutions: The present invention provides a method and system for verifying and tracking identification information. In an embodiment of the invention, a system for delivering security solutions is provided that includes at least one of the following: a radio frequency (RF) identification device, an identification mechanism (e.g., a card, sticker), and... Agent: Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch LLP

20100188196 - Curable liquid composition cured film and antistatic laminate: The present invention relates to A curable liquid composition comprising 0.5-20 wt % of conductive particles, 0.4-10 wt % of a curable compound having at least two polymerizable groups, 15-50 wt % of water, 5-50 wt % of a solvent D and 30-80 wt % of a solvent E, wherein... Agent: Thorne & Halajian, LLP

20100188197 - Finding sensor data in an rfid network: A system and method of selectively reading sensor data from a memory device is able to search the memory device for an indicator that identifies the sensor data, and read only the sensor data identified by the indicator from the memory device. In this way, interrogating devices are able to... Agent: Kinney & Lange, P.A.

20100188194 - Mobile rfid monitoring system and method thereof: A mobile RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system and method are provided to monitor multiple control zones of the system simultaneously through a mobile outpost monitor. The control zones included in the system are connected with each other through a data exchange interface. Each of the control zones includes a link... Agent: Apex Juris, PLLC

20100188195 - Smartcard protocol transmitter: Techniques for protecting communication between a card reader and a contactless smartcard are disclosed. In one embodiment, a protocol transmitter includes a transmit circuit and a processor. The transmit circuit is configured to generate a blocking signal having a frequency used by the card reader to communicate with the contactless... Agent: Townsend And Townsend And Crew, LLP

20100188198 - Function display device: A function display device includes an operating portion, a display portion for displaying a function operable by the operating portion, a trigger information generating portion that generates trigger information for displaying the function on the display portion based on movement of an operator with respect to the operating portion, and... Agent: Roberts Mlotkowski Safran & Cole, P.C. Intellectual Property Department

20100188199 - Antitheft device, electronic control unit, antitheft security system, and antitheft method: An antitheft device that activates in connection with tampering with a vehicle, includes an air-conditioning unit operation determining portion that determines whether an air-conditioning unit is about to be operated or is operating, and a restricting portion that performs control to prohibit or restrict activation of the antitheft device when... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100188200 - Device and method for warning of lane deviation detection: In a driving lane deviation detection and warning system, a deviation detection ECU suppress a warning unit to supply a warning when an obstacle placed in a front of a vehicle is detected, and the driver's operation allows the vehicle to deviate from a driving lane. That is, when the... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100188201 - Method and system for tuning the effect of vehicle characteristics on risk prediction: A Method and System for Tuning the Effect of Vehicle Characteristics on Risk Prediction is disclosed. The system many incorporate many of those driver risk assessment system features previously disclosed by Assignee's Prior Applications. The present system provides a major functional distinction from those prior systems by adding the feature... Agent: Steins & Associates

20100188202 - Method and monitoring unit for monitoring a tire pressure: A method and a monitoring unit for monitoring an air pressure in a tire of a motor vehicle register a measured value of the air pressure in the tire. The current and/or future distance of the motor vehicle relative to a service station and/or an operating situation of the motor... Agent: Lerner Greenberg Stemer LLP

20100188203 - Brake monitoring system and method: A brake monitoring system and method for a vehicle having multiple axles and a plurality of brake actuators and an engine control module, each brake actuator being associated with one of the axle. The system include sensors for measuring, in real-time, brake pressure and brake lining wear, and generating first... Agent: Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC

20100188204 - Display device for vehicle: A display device for vehicles has a screen 2 that is composed of a soft material and is mounted on a surface of a panel 6 installed in front of a seat; a projection unit 1 that is mounted at the back of the panel and generates projection light to... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20100188205 - Management of resources in emergency and operational situations: Provided is a method for designing, managing and executing response plans. Specific plan and resources are defined and a defined plan is executed either automatically or manually according to pre-determined or “real-time” parameter definitions. An executed plan notifies, by various user-defined means, actively or pre-defined parties in a near simultaneous... Agent: Greg Goshorn, P.C.

20100188206 - Method and apparatus for detecting water leaks: A low cost, robust, wireless sensor system that provides an extended period of operability without maintenance is described. The system includes one or more intelligent sensor units and a base unit that can communicate with a large number of sensors. When one or more of the sensors detects an anomalous... Agent: Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP

20100188207 - Server system for remote monitoring: A server system for remote monitoring includes a wireless communication interface, a processor, and a storage device. The wireless communication interface receives at least one data packet over wireless communications from a remote monitoring system. The processor processes the data packet including sensor information from a sensor coupled to the... Agent: Carr & Ferrell LLP

20100188208 - Wireless patient parameter sensors for use in mri: A wireless patient monitor for MRI provides for on-board filtering of physiological signals from the patient to provide improved assessment and processing of MRI noise before the signal is affected by the transmission process. A system of powering of a wireless patient monitor using capacitors is also provided.... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20100188210 - Method and system to transfer and to display location information: The present invention relates to a method and system to display information about an object. The system includes a mobile device to relay information about an object to a location content provider. The location content provider formats the information into a visual representation and transmits the information to, one or... Agent: Marsh, Fischmann & Breyfogle LLP

20100188209 - Wireless tracking and monitoring system: The invention relates to a wireless tracking and monitoring system having at least one mobile unit and at least one central unit, wherein each mobile unit has at least one first communication component for communication with the central unit, wherein each mobile unit has at least one sensor, and wherein... Agent: Burr & Brown

20100188211 - Method and apparatus for locating items: A convenient handheld locator is provided for locating an item in an urban environment in which the locator is programmed to search for and locate specific items, with the detected item being displayed on the locator as to its identity or name, also displaying where the item is relative to... Agent: Bae Systems

20100188212 - Applications for a two-way wireless speaker system: The two-way wireless speaker system of this invention increases sound fidelity by enabling speakers to acknowledge receipt of audio data packets. This provides increased functionality because the audio hub can receive data not only from wired inputs, but also wireless transmission from computer, cell phone, and other sources. Audio hub... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20100188214 - Display integrated vibrating alarm: An alarm system and method for use with a breathing apparatus that provides a source of breathable air to a user/diver. A tactile signal is generated in response to a signal representing at least one parameter corresponding to the breathing apparatus status, and the tactile signal can be both felt... Agent: Powley & Gibson, P.C.

20100188216 - Methods and apparatus for generating alerts on a locate device, based on comparing electronic locate information to facilities map information and/or other image information: A locate device for a locate operation to detect a presence or an absence of one or more underground facilities is configured to access and display facilities map information, and/or other image information, as a visual aid to facilitate the locate operation. In various aspects, methods and apparatus relate to:... Agent: Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

20100188215 - Methods and apparatus for generating alerts on a marking device, based on comparing electronic marking information to facilities map information and/or other image information: A marking device for a marking operation to mark a presence or an absence of one or more underground facilities is configured to access and display facilities map information, and/or other image information, as a visual aid to facilitate the marking operation. In various aspects, methods and apparatus relate to:... Agent: Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

20100188213 - Usb fingerprint scanner with touch sensor: A fingerprint scanner is provided. The fingerprint scanner includes a control module for detecting and controlling the transmission of signals, an electrical connector coupled to the control module for connecting the fingerprint scanner to a periphery device, a plurality of light emitting diode (LED) indicators coupled to the control module... Agent: Byip, Ltd.

20100188217 - Refrigeration case motion detector: Disclosed is a triple-sensor motion detector for illuminating the approach to a display case or other object. The triple-sensor motion detector provides a field of detection that spans the front width of the case, yet does not include the areas along the sides of the case. The detector reduces inadvertent... Agent: Bohan Mathers

20100188218 - System to detect presence in a space: A system to detect a presence in a space is provided and includes a sensor to issue a signal at an instance when a door to the space closes, a detector to periodically issue packets that identify when a presence was last detected in the space, and a processing unit,... Agent: Cantor Colburn, LLP

20100188220 - Security alarm system: An alarm system is disclosed which notifies an owner when a personal item they have secured with the alarm system is moved or taken. The alarm system includes a notification device, wherein the notification device generates a notification output in response to being in an actuated state. The alarm system... Agent: Schmeiser Olsen & Watts

20100188219 - Security module: A security module (2) comprises a motion detector (4), a microcontroller (6) and an antenna (8). The motion detector (4) detects motion of the security module relative to a cellular telephone network. The security module (2) is adapted to be installed into the cash cassette of an ATM (Automatic Telling... Agent: Zilka-kotab, PC

20100188221 - System and method for securing and displaying items for merchandising: A system and method for automatically advertising items put on display, as well as protecting those items against theft. The system and method include an event sensor associated with the item and connected to a monitoring and alarm transmitter for initiating an advertising experience on an associated and local graphic... Agent: Sand & Sebolt

20100188223 - System and method for securing and displaying items for merchandising: A system and method for automatically advertising items put on display, as well as protecting those items against theft. The system and method include an event sensor associated with the item and connected to a monitoring and alarm transmitter for initiating an advertising experience on an associated and local graphic... Agent: Sand & Sebolt

20100188222 - Tether cord and sensor alarms: Methods, systems and other embodiments associated with protecting merchandise items are presented. A method of protecting merchandise items includes displaying a plurality of merchandise items at a consumer display so that the merchandise items can be handled by a consumer. Each merchandise item is connected to the consumer display with... Agent: Sand & Sebolt

20100188227 - Anti-theft device: An anti-theft device monitors objects having a shaft, strap, or similar element. The anti-theft device is comprised of a housing hingably connected to a cover. The housing and cover can move from an open position to a closed position to enclose the shaft or similar element. The housing has a... Agent: Robert R. Waters, Esq. Waters Law Office, PLLC

20100188226 - Device configuration manager and absent connection alerter: A system and method for notifying a vehicle user that a particular item that is part of a predetermined group of items is missing when the user enters the vehicle. Items that a vehicle user may bring into the vehicle that may be part of the group may be in... Agent: MillerIPGroup, PLC General Motors Corporation

20100188224 - Method for searching electronic data and system thereof: The invention provides a method for searching electronic data and a system thereof. The method for searching electronic data includes: obtaining identification data from an RFID tag, Generating an authentication key according to the identification data, being connected to a third-party server. The third-party server is to determine whether the... Agent: Reed Smith LLP Suite 1400

20100188225 - System and method of reading rfid tags at high speeds: Processing a transponder signal received from a transponder may include providing a first signal that is in-phase with the transponder signal and a second that is off-phase with the first signal. A first transformed signal is generated using the first signal, where the first transformed signal has a first characteristic... Agent: Seed Intellectual Property Law Group PLLC

20100188232 - Breath analyzer system and method of operating the same: A breath analyzer system and method for determining an estimate of blood alcohol concentration of a person. A light source projects light into a sampling region where breath from the person is expected. A first light detector and a second light detector are configured to detect light intensity of light... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc Legal Staff - M/c 483-400-402

20100188230 - Dynamic reminder system, method and apparatus for individuals suffering from diminishing cognitive skills: A computer implemented method for automatically delivering a series of dynamic alerts to a user and for automatically reconfiguring the user interface to compensate for changes in perceived diminished cognitive ability of the user, said method being implemented using a computer application running on a computing device having a user... Agent: Massinger Law Offices C/o Douglas Wm Massinger

20100188229 - Safety shut off system for household appliances: A safety shut off system incorporated into the electrical circuitry of the house for shutting off an appliance after a predetermined time period elapses within which no physical movement within the vicinity of the appliance is detected includes a motion sensor interconnected to the breaker controlling the appliance whereupon the... Agent: The Inventors Network, Inc.

20100188231 - System and method for automatic sensor position recognition: The present invention relates to an automatic sensor position recognition system comprising: a position recognition unit (1) located at pre-determined positions on a person's body and bearing a unique identification; a sensor (2) bearing a unique identification; a communication unit (3) assigned to the sensor and being in communication with... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20100188228 - System and method for monitoring hygiene standards compliance: This invention relates to a system and method of monitoring hygiene standards compliance in a medical facility in which there is provided a surveillance network having a monitoring unit 3 and a plurality of mobile network units 7. There may additionally be provided a plurality of fixed network units 5.... Agent: Charles C. Valauskas Valauskas & Pine

20100188233 - Device for waking up a driver and an operator: An arrangement to awaken a sleeping driver or operator of a vehicle, a vessel, an aeroplane or any other system that is controlled by a person, includes a detection part that is arranged to measure movements of a control element that belongs to the vehicle with which control element the... Agent: Young & Thompson

20100188234 - Multiple event notification appliance: An apparatus, system and method including an event notification appliance including first and second light sources configured to indicate an event, including a fire and/or alert.... Agent: Gerald M. Bluhm Tyco Safety Products

20100188235 - Alarm unit: An alarm unit of the invention is provided with: a light emitting section; a battery power supply; a voltage booster circuit that boosts a voltage from this battery power supply to thereby generate a boosted voltage; a light emission control section that controls the voltage booster circuit to supply, with... Agent: Wood, Herron & Evans, LLP

20100188236 - In-situ water analysis method and system: An automatic system for monitoring chemistry information for a body of water comprises a sensor for determining chemistry information, a microprocessor for processing chemistry information, and a housing coupled to at least one of the sensor and the microprocessor. Preferably the housing is floatable or mountable. The method of providing... Agent: Haverstock & Owens LLP

20100188237 - Reporting a faulty charging device: Reporting a faulty charging device. A mobile device may determine if a charging device is a faulty charging device. The determination may be performed after coupling the charging device to a power source and to the mobile device. If the charging device is a faulty charging device, the mobile device... Agent: Meyertons, Hood, Kivlin, Kowert & Goetzel, P.C.

20100188238 - Delayed power-on function for an electronic device: A delayed power-on function for an electronic device is disclosed. A charging unit charges a rechargeable battery with a pre-charge current when a voltage of the rechargeable battery is less than a voltage threshold value and with a current larger than the pre-charge current when the voltage of the rechargeable... Agent: Morrison & Foerster LLP

20100188239 - Monitoring electrical assets for fault and efficiency correction: A system and method of monitoring a plurality of electrical assets comprise an electricity distribution infrastructure, including a plurality of electrical asset sensors coupled to the electrical assets for monitoring an operating condition of the electrical assets as well as any fault conditions. The sensors may include a current transformer... Agent: Ratnerprestia

20100188240 - Continuous condition monitoring of transformers: A device and method for monitoring the condition of an electrical power transformer in an electrical power grid synchronously measures current and voltage data at both a high voltage side of the transformer and a low-voltage side of the transformer and computes from this measured data corresponding transformer impedance data.... Agent: Lumen Patent Firm

20100188241 - Current detection and precaution alarm device: The present invention discloses a current detection and precaution alarm device consisting of a current sensing device, a current voltage converter, an alarm device, a selection adjusting button and an illumination device, and primarily used in a current loop of an electric power system for detecting a current signal of... Agent: Rosenberg, Klein & Lee

20100188242 - Automotive vehicle with system for detecting the proximity of an occupant: An automotive vehicle has arranged therein a vehicle seat and is equipped with an occupant detection system for detecting whether an occupant is present on the vehicle seat, the system including a first antenna electrode arranged in the seat and a first sensing circuit associated with the seat, where the... Agent: Cantor Colburn, LLP

20100188243 - Method and handheld electronic device for detecting and providing notification of a device drop: A method and handheld electronic device for detecting and providing notification of a device drop are provided. In accordance with one embodiment, there is provided a method for detecting and providing notification of a device drop on an electronic device, comprising: measuring acceleration using an accelerometer of the electronic device;... Agent: Ridout & Maybee LLP

20100188245 - Locate apparatus having enhanced features for underground facility locate operations, and associated methods and systems: Locate information relating to use of a locate device to perform a locate operation may be acquired from one or more input devices, logged/stored in local memory of a locate device, formatted in various manners, processed and/or analyzed at the locate device itself, and/or transmitted to another device (e.g., a... Agent: Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

20100188244 - Orientation identification label, reagent container carrier structure, analyzer device and reader module: A reagent container carrier structure for holding at least one reagent container, wherein the carrier structure has thereon an RFID assembly and an optically detectable definition pattern defining an orientation of the carrier structure, is disclosed. The reagent container carrier structure may have an orientation identification label that has a... Agent: Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP Fifth Third Center

20100188246 - Inorganic thick film ac electroluminescence element having at least two inputs, and production method and use: The invention relates to an electroluminescence (EL) element based on a particular zinc sulfide thick film with at least two planar electrodes, wherein at least one planar electrode is designed to be transparent. At least two AC voltage inputs are provided on each electrode at two points which are spaced... Agent: Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz, LLP

20100188247 - Load driving device and electrical device using the same: A load driving device according to the present invention includes: a first current generation section generating a first current in accordance with a driving current of a load; a second current generation section generating a predetermined second current; an integration section charging and discharging a capacitor in accordance with magnitude... Agent: Fish & Richardson P.C.

20100188249 - Convertible wireless remote control: Embodiments include a convertible wireless remote control suitable for controlling a computer of a media management system offering an integrated multimedia experience. Embodiments control the media management system wirelessly with a small amount of buttons but are convertible to offer expanded and/or changed functionality to the user, as desired.... Agent: Ference & Associates LLC

20100188248 - Dual purpose wireless device: A communications system utilizing a portable communications device for controlling functions in a vehicle includes a first display for controlling vehicle operating functions and a first transceiver connected to the first display device. A multifunctional control switch is connected to the first display device, while a second transceiver is used... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc Legal Staff - M/c 483-400-402

20100188251 - Apparatus and method for an ac wireless switch: An apparatus and method for using an AC wireless switch is disclosed. The AC wireless switch may include an AC powered transmitter capable of transmitting signals wirelessly, an AC powered receiver capable of receiving signals wirelessly, and at least one switch in electrical communication with the transmitter and capable of... Agent: Miller, Matthias & Hull

20100188250 - Remote controller transceiver: A remote control transceiver is described. The remote control transceiver reduces costs by simplifying a structure of a conventional space movement remote controller including an acceleration sensor, a microprocessor, a radio transmitting unit, and a radio receiver. A grid pattern formed by a light emitting diode (LED) and an optical... Agent: Patterson Thuente Christensen Pedersen, P.A.

20100188252 - Wireless apparatus: If it is judged that audio information is being transmitted when transmitting position information by a control unit, a wireless apparatus of a mobile station side embeds the position information in an empty packet of audio information being transmitted by the control unit and causes a wireless communication unit to... Agent: Robinson Intellectual Property Law Office, P.C.

20100188253 - Pulse signaling for downhole telemetry: Disclosed herein are mud pulse telemetry systems and methods that employ some combination of modulated pulse positions, modulated pulse widths, and modulated pulse amplitudes to increase telemetry data rates. In at least some of the employed coding techniques, information is conveyed by the positions of both the upward and downward... Agent: Krueger Iselin LLP (1391)

20100188260 - Endpoint classification and command processing: Packet formats and related infrastructure for improved messaging and processing of commands in an AMR system are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method for identifying the features of an endpoint based on data encoded in a standard meter reading is provided. In this regard, the method includes receiving a standard... Agent: Dority & Manning, P.A.

20100188262 - Energy consumption measurement: A system for measuring energy consumption comprises a plurality of devices (DEi) of which at least a subset comprises a communication unit (CUi) for supplying operating status information (OSi) indicating an actual operating status with respect to an actual energy consumption of the associated one of the plurality of devices... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20100188259 - Filtering of meter reading data: Packet formats and associated metering infrastructure for filtering meter reading data that is being transmitted by utility meters are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method suitable for being implemented in a metering environment is provided that filters meter reading data being received by multiple collectors. Specifically, the method includes ranking... Agent: Dority & Manning, P.A.

20100188261 - Gas appliance monitoring apparatus: The apparatus includes a flow rate measurement unit 17 for measuring the gas flow rate, a gas shut-off valve 2c for shutting off a gas flow path at the abnormal time, an information storage unit 10b for storing various pieces of information based on the measurement result of the flow... Agent: Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione/panasonic

20100188257 - In-home display: Generally described, the disclosed subject matter is directed to providing enhanced features regarding the consumption of utility services. In accordance with one embodiment, a method is provided for obtaining a specified time interval of consumption data using the two-way communication ability of a utility meter. Specifically, the method includes capturing... Agent: Dority & Manning, P.A.

20100188255 - Relative time system: A system, method and device are provided for obtaining, from each endpoint device, meter reading data where the meter reading data are recorded and managed based on a relative time clock in each endpoint device. The relative time clock may be a simple inexpensive clock that tracks minutes and triggers... Agent: Dority & Manning, P.A.

20100188256 - Requested time adjustment for accurate data exchange: A system, method and device are provided for reducing consumption calculation errors caused due to time drift in an endpoint device. In one embodiment, the endpoint device transmits consumption data in response to a request for consumption data. The request generally includes a time period of the consumption data. The... Agent: Dority & Manning, P.A.

20100188254 - Systems and methods for improving reception of data in wireless communication environments: Generally described, the disclosed subject matter is directed to improving the reception of data in wireless communication environments. In accordance with one embodiment, a method is provided for improving the reception of meter data in an AMR system. In particular, the method includes obtaining a sample of data indicative of... Agent: Dority & Manning, P.A.

20100188258 - Time-divided communications in a metering system: A method, system, and related apparatus for performing time-divided communications in a metering environment are disclosed. In one embodiment, an endpoint (e.g., ERT) is provided that implements a method for communicating messages with a remote device. Generally, the method includes causing the endpoint to transmit a standard meter reading message... Agent: Christensen, O'connor, Johnson, Kindness, PLLC

20100188263 - Prioritized collection of meter readings: Generally described, the disclosed subject matter is directed to improving the collection of GDT meter readings. In accordance with one embodiment, a method is provided for prioritizing the transmission and process of GDT meter readings in an AMR system. In particular, the method includes capturing a GDT meter reading that... Agent: Dority & Manning, P.A.

20100188264 - Method and system for developing traffic messages: A computer implemented method of compressing a plurality of TPEG format traffic messages is provided. The method forms a template containing the data values of fields of a message management container, an event container and a location container and forms a global data set representing a base time of the... Agent: Navteq North America, LLC

20100188265 - Network providing vehicles with improved traffic status information: A vehicle communication network provides information about traffic conditions in a local area on a near real time basis. An RF transceiver in a vehicle communicates with other transceivers in other vehicles to relay traffic condition related information. The traffic information can be provided to local vehicles equipped with transceivers,... Agent: Weingarten, Schurgin, Gagnebin & Lebovici LLP

20100188266 - Method of formulating response to expired timer for data link message: A method for communicating a data link message is provided. The method comprises transmitting a data link message from a sender to a receiver, storing the trasmitted data link message, and starting a message timer when the data link message is transmitted. The method further comprises determining whether a response... Agent: Honeywell/fogg Patent Services

07/22/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100182123 - System for monitoring users' time and attendance and controlling users' access: Systems and method, remotely monitor; the times, at which a user or users access certain facilities. Particularly, but not exclusively such systems can be used to monitor, at a central location, an employee's working times, at remote locations, for example building sites. The use of biomettic scanners in such systems... Agent: Luedeka, Neely & Graham, P.C.

20100182124 - Electronic device and fingerprint identifying method employing the same: An exemplary electronic device includes a fingerprint sensing unit, a signal converting unit, a processor, and a storage unit. The fingerprint sensing unit, the signal converting unit, the processor, and the storage unit are electrically connected in series. The fingerprint sensing unit includes a touch sensing module for obtaining a... Agent: PCe Industry, Inc. Att. Steven Reiss

20100182122 - Rfid tag and operating method thereof: A radio frequency identification (RFID) tag and a method for operating the RFID tag are provided. The method includes steps of receiving a read command, generating a mode parameter, selecting a simulation situation from a situation group according to the mode parameter, and selectively generating a response signal according to... Agent: Edell, Shapiro & Finnan, LLC

20100182125 - Man-machine interface for controlling access to electronic devices: The invention disclosed herein describes a man-machine interface device for controlling access to electronic devices. The man-machine interface device comprises an electronic display unit including a transparent finger touch sensor region that is seated above the display apparatus, which is responsible for determining the presence and absence of a finger... Agent: Cooley LLP Attn: Patent Group

20100182126 - Biometric sensing apparatus and methods incorporating the same: A sensing apparatus simultaneously and noninvasively measures on a single finger a static biometric parameter, such as a fingerprint or blood vessel pattern, and a dynamically variable parameter, such as oxygen saturation of the blood and/or pulse rate.... Agent: Porter Wright Morris & Arthur, LLP Intellectual Property Group

20100182127 - Electronic identification system with improved sensitivity: The electronic identification system provides two-way communications between reader and tags using alternating magnetic fields established by the reader and tag. Communication is accomplished by utilizing either a one-step or a two-step modulation process in which the information to be communicated either modulates an alternating magnetic field directly or modulates... Agent: Robert E Malm

20100182129 - Interference rejection in rfid tags: RFID tags, tag circuits, and methods are provided that reject at least in part the distortion caused to wireless signals by interference in the environment. When the received RF wave is converted into an unfiltered input (971), a filtered output (972) is generated that does not include an artifact feature... Agent: TurkIPLaw, LLC

20100182128 - Tag identification method, tag anticollision method, rfid tag: Provided is a tag identification method in an RFID system. A tag identification method generates a query tree according to a query and a response between an RFID reader and a tag to identify the tag. In the method, a query message is transmitted from the RFID reader to the... Agent: Occhiuti Rohlicek & Tsao, LLP

20100182130 - Poker chips and methods of reading the same: A method for reading poker chips according to one embodiment includes sending out an interrogation signal; receiving responses from poker chips in response to the interrogation signal, each of the poker chips comprising a circuit and an antenna coupled to the circuit, wherein the antenna minimally affects electromagnetic RF fields... Agent: Zilka-kotab, PC

20100182131 - Apparatus having at least one packaging unit with an rfid chip which is used for radio-frequency identification, and method therefor: An apparatus comprises at least one RFID chip (30), which is surrounded by a metallic outer casing (11) of a packaging unit (1), is used for radio-frequency identification and has a circuit (32) and an antenna structure (31), and a transmitting/receiving unit (41) for transmitting a transmission signal (42) and/or... Agent: Michael P. Morris Boehringer Ingelheim Usa Corporation

20100182132 - Article management apparatus and its system: In an article management apparatus in which the weight of a bottle, including content, placed on a weighing scale is measured and tag data of a radio tag, indicating content of the bottle, which is affixed on the bottle is read out in a non-contact manner by a radio tag... Agent: Turocy & Watson, LLP

20100182133 - Reader/writer and article sorting system: A system that reads and writes information from and onto a non-contact information recording medium using an electric wave includes a reader/writer and a measuring unit. The reader/writer includes an antenna configured to transmit an electric wave onto the non-contact information recording medium, a demodulator configured to demodulate a reflected... Agent: Osha Liang L.L.P.

20100182134 - Navigation aid: An apparatus for directing a user to a predefined location, which includes a receiver arranged to receive input information identifying the predefined location as well as an output device for tangibly communicating to the user information for directing the user to the predefined location. Advantageously, the user receives direction information... Agent: Gordon & Jacobson, P.C.

20100182135 - Portable electronic device including tactile touch-sensitive display: An electronic device including a base, a touch-sensitive display comprising a display device and a touch-sensitive overlay connected to a controller and disposed on the display device for detecting a touch event thereon, the touch-sensitive display connected to and moveable relative to the base, an actuating arrangement including a pad... Agent: Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

20100182136 - Control of appliances, kitchen and home: The disclosed invention is generally in the field of control of appliances in the home, and in their networking and connectivity also with audio systems and internet sources and the integration of these elements in a connected manner. Preferred apparatus generally employs a video projection system and one or more... Agent: Warner Norcross & Judd LLP

20100182137 - Control systems involving novel physical controls and touch screens: Disclosed are methods and apparatus, which enable the reconfigurable control of vehicles, homes, computers and other applications. Physical controls and virtual displayed controls on single and multipoint touch screens are used, separately or in combination to enable higher visibility and understanding of control information and easier operation of controls, particularly... Agent: Warner Norcross & Judd LLP

20100182138 - Freight protection system: An alarm unit (1) for a vehicle comprises four magnet housings (4), each having a vehicle-engaging surface and four magnets (5) received within respective magnet housings (4) and arranged for movement relative to the vehicle-engaging surface of the housing. A spring material (11) biases the magnets (5) into a position... Agent: Renner Otto Boisselle & Sklar, LLP

20100182139 - Lane departure warning method and system thereof: A lane departure warning method and system thereof are provided. First a driver model is established, wherein the driver model is established according to a lateral position error of a vehicle being driven and a steering angle generated by a driver for controlling the vehicle. Next, a system identification process... Agent: Jianq Chyun Intellectual Property Office

20100182140 - On-vehicle information providing device: In an on-vehicle information providing device including an input device 1 for inputting information corresponding to operation, on-vehicle information equipment 2 for executing processing corresponding to the information input, an active safety system 3 for monitoring surrounding conditions of the vehicle and generating caution information, a liquid crystal display device... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20100182141 - Adaptive interface providing apparatus and method: An adaptive interface providing apparatus and method of setting an individual degree of attention for a specific driver based on an average degree of attention are provided. The adaptive interface providing apparatus includes a statistics database unit which analyze a predetermined statistical population, extracts a context feature including an average... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20100182142 - Method, system and computer program of issuing a tire pressure deviation warning: The invention is directed to a system, a method and a computer program including program code for carrying out the method, when executed on a processing system, of the tire low pressure warning of a vehicle. The system comprises an input unit (3) adapted to receive a vehicle signal. It... Agent: Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP

20100182143 - Display device for exterior mirror: A mirror reflective element sub-assembly includes a mirror back plate having a display receiving portion established thereat and being molded to have an integral light baffle at the display receiving portion. A display element attached to the display receiving portion of the mirror back plate and a light source is... Agent: Van Dyke, Gardner, Linn & Burkhart, LLP

20100182144 - Rfid magnetic sheet, noncontact ic card and portable mobile communication apparatus: Provided is a RFID magnetic sheet to be attached to an IC tag. The RFID magnetic sheet is provided with a plurality of stripe arranged layers (11a, 11b) whereupon a plurality of magnetic stripes (12) composed of a metal magnetic material are arranged at intervals, and a resin film (10)... Agent: Hamre, Schumann, Mueller & Larson P.C.

20100182145 - Interactive map for displaying remote user location and supplemental information: A method and system for displaying location data and supplemental information associated with a remote mobile device uses, e.g., a spherical display device to display a map of the world or a specific region. The system receives location data from a remote mobile device and displays the location indicated by... Agent: Perkins Coie LLP Patent-sea

20100182146 - Device for detecting explosives by radiofrequency: Device for detecting explosives by radio frequency the invention relates to an arrangement specially conceived and designed to allow detecting both the presence in a specific place and tracking the trajectory followed by an explosive, for the purposes of generating, if appropriate, alarm and warning signals warning of the presence... Agent: Dennison, Schultz & Macdonald

20100182147 - Remote storage of data in phase-change memory: A security circuit comprising including a sensor located remotely from a central alarm handler and configured to sense an attack, and a phase-change memory cell coupled to and located remotely with the sensor, and configured to store an alarm event when the attack is sensed.... Agent: Dickstein Shapiro LLP

20100182148 - Method and devices for tracking and monitoring containers in global transportation: A method for tracking and managing containers in a global supply chain based on a network includes steps of providing a container with an electronic device, inputting basic information of said container into said electronic device and performing encryption at a departure point; detecting automatically status of said container during... Agent: Law Offices Of Donald Cox

20100182149 - Apparatus for and method of using rfid antenna configurations: In accordance with exemplary embodiments of the invention, antenna structures having specified geometries (e.g., serpentine, slot, etc.) are provided for incorporating into fixtures such as shelves. Preferred antenna structures of the invention can be used as tag reader antenna systems in RFID (radio frequency identification) applications and the like. In... Agent: Dickstein Shapiro LLP

20100182150 - Rfid tags system for pallets: An RFID device (100) including a passive smart tag (120) embedded into a pallet (190) for the life of the pallet with no need of any special maintenance. The smart tag is integrated in a special supporting cube (110), sealed to protect the smart tag from any fluid penetration. The... Agent: Husch Blackwell Sanders, LLP Husch Blackwell Sanders LLP Welsh & Katz

20100182151 - Life saving and warning system for a swimming pool: A life saving and warning system for a swimming pool includes an electromagnetic wave emitting device, at least one electromagnetic wave receiving device, and a main processor. The main processor includes a counting device, a time preset device, and a warning device. Thus, when the user stays in the water... Agent: Kamrath & Associates P.A.

20100182152 - Position detection arrangement and operating method for a position detection arrangement: A method is provided for operating a position detection arrangement. An optical unit is also provided for a position detection arrangement. A position detection arrangement is also provided for a head position of a driver. An optical unit includes at least one light source providing backlight directed to the driver... Agent: Wrb-ip LLP

20100182153 - Apparatus with an infrared sensor and magnetic near field communication properties for monitoring activity in a selected area: An electronic communication apparatus comprising an electronic communication apparatus comprising a control unit with a digital processor electronically coupled to an infrared sensor and to a wireless near field magnetic transceiver for communication with a portable electronic device. The infrared sensor is configured for detection of infrared radiation in a... Agent: James C. Wray

20100182154 - Battery management system for electric vehicle: The invention provides a battery management system which can reliably and easily manage a power unit of an electric vehicle. The power unit includes a plurality of battery modules. The battery management system includes: a power source for a motor, the power source being constituted by a plurality of battery... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20100182155 - Device and method for detecting loading of battery: A battery load detecting device includes: a battery check pulse generator generating a check pulse in response to a check enable signal; a constant voltage regulator generating a battery status signal in response to a first battery check signal; and a battery detection determining unit comparing a predetermined reference signal... Agent: F. Chau & Associates, LLC

20100182157 - Wireless battery sensor: A sensor includes a detector circuit configured to measure current, voltage, and temperature of a battery. A processor is in communication with the detector circuit and is configured to convert the current, voltage, and temperature into battery information. A transmitter is in communication with the processor and is configured to... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc Legal Staff - M/c 483-400-402

20100182156 - Protection circuit with timer: A protection circuit includes a detection block, a timer and a protection enable block. The detection block is used to compare a monitoring signal with a reference signal and generate an alert signal if a difference between the monitoring signal and the reference signal exceeds a threshold for a first... Agent: Patent Prosecution O2mirco , Inc.

20100182158 - Wavelet based hard disk analysis: Monitoring systems with predictive failure analysis technology (e.g., Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T)) operate on the basis of correlations between the hard disk's mechanical and electronic characteristics. Using wavelet transforms to analyze electrical signals from the hard disks can help better determine changes in values and trends in... Agent: Ibm Austin Iplaw (dg)

20100182159 - Contactless plug detect mechanism: This is directed to systems and methods for detecting the insertion of a plug in a device port without physically contacting the plug. For example, systems and methods are provided for detecting the insertion of an audio plug into an audio jack without using physical contacts placed in the periphery... Agent: Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP

20100182160 - Remote control with passive rfid tag and zigbee arrangement: A remote control for consumer electronic device in one embodiment includes a passive RFID tag so as to be powered by its own rechargeable battery in operation, and a Zigbee arrangement so as to be aligned with future trend with respect to wireless transmission. In another embodiment, the remote control... Agent: Sam Chen

20100182161 - Wireless telemetry repeater systems and methods: Various electromagnetic LWD telemetry systems are disclosed having a wireless repeater positioned on or near the seabed. The wireless repeater receives and demodulates electromagnetic uplink signals and retransmits the uplink signals from the seabed as electromagnetic or acoustic signals. A receiver on the drilling platform or suspended from the water's... Agent: Krueger Iselin LLP (1391)

20100182162 - Sealed transmitter assembly for subsurface utility installations: An assembly (10) for installation in a subsurface ground enclosure has an electronic transmitter, an antenna and other circuitry that are encapsulated against moisture conditions. The assembly (10) comprises a circuit board (31) supporting radio frequency transmitter circuitry, the circuit board (31) having at least two orthogonal edges (31b, 31c),... Agent: Boyle Fredrickson S.c.

20100182163 - Smart modem device for vehicular and roadside applications: A method and system are provided in which maintenance vehicles collect information from sensors and operators, forward the collected information to a server, and, in response, receive maps and operator instructions.... Agent: Sheridan Ross PC

20100182164 - Electronic traffic signage: An illuminated display apparatus for supplementing street signals includes a housing containing an LED array capable of producing multicolored and animated images, a bracket system holding the housings together wherein a row of multiple housings and LED arrays may be assembled together to create larger displays, and wherein a system... Agent: Lauson & Tarver LLP

20100182165 - Method and system for displaying symbologies on an aircraft: The display system (1) comprises means (5, 11A, 14) to take into account a recorded symbology, in the event of a malfunction in the emission of a symbology, to perform a display of symbology.... Agent: J. Rodman Steele Novak Druce & Quigg LLP

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20100176914 - Control and signaling device for vehicles: Describes an electronic device for controlling and signaling in automotive vehicles, preferably fastened onto the user's body. The remote device and object of the present invention 8,106,150,180,210,228, which is fastened onto the user's body by means of an adjustable elastic strap 82 or even a retractable and adjustable one 251,252,... Agent: Alston & Bird LLP

20100176915 - Remote control communication system: The present invention relates to remote control communication system that uses electromagnetic waves to communicate with and send commands to operate receiving devices. In a preferred embodiment of the present invention, the remote control communication system relates to a cellular telephone device that has been equipped with the necessary hardware... Agent: Douglas E. Warren Attorney At Law

20100176916 - Asset security system and associated methods for selectively granting access: An automated asset management and security system for providing selective authorized access to an asset disposed within or associated with a remotely located lockable device, including: a control console, including: a processor executing one or more algorithms operable for identifying a user, authorizing a predetermined level of access based upon... Agent: Clements Bernard PLLC

20100176917 - Access control system: An access controlled storage device may include multiple doors, each having a different lock, to insure safety and security of the contents of the storage device. In one example, the access controlled storage may include a first outer door having a physical lock and a second interior door having an... Agent: Banner & Witcoff, Ltd.

20100176918 - Identification and tracking of information stored on radio frequency identification devices: A method and apparatus for detecting and tracking an object within a defined area, and determining its position, status, movement and identity therein, includes interrogating the defined area to communicate with an information device associated with an object and transmit information received to a master controller unit, which determines the... Agent: Zuber & Taillieu LLP

20100176919 - One-time access for electronic locking devices: Systems and methods for providing one-time access to electronic locking devices for non-keyholders. The one-time access rights are delivered from a server to the electronic locking device in real-time, or in near-real time, over short and long-range wireless communication links in a manner that is secure and traceable. A handheld... Agent: General Electric Company Ge Global Patent Operation

20100176920 - Method and device for providing digital security: This invention relates to a method and system for providing digital security by means of a reconfigurable physical uncloneable function, RPUF. The RPUF comprises a physical system constituted by distributed components arranged to generate a first response when receiving a first challenge at a point of the physical system. The... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20100176921 - Determining speeds of radio frequency tags: The present disclosure is directed to determining speeds of radio frequency tags. In some implementations, a method includes sampling a Radio Frequency (RF) signal from an RFID tag at a plurality of different times as the RFID tag approaches an RFID reader and recedes from the RFID reader. A phase... Agent: Fish & Richardson P.C.

20100176925 - Method and apparatus for surgical instrument identification: Systems and methods for identifying surgical instruments by use of radio-frequency identification tags (RFID) are disclosed. In the systems and methods, each of a plurality of surgical instruments is provided with at least one RFID transponder tag storing identification information associated with the corresponding instrument. The tag may be adhered... Agent: Medtronic Attn: Noreen Johnson -IPLegal Department

20100176922 - Mobile radio frequency identification (rfid) reader system: A mobile radio frequency identification (RFID) reader system is provided. The RFID reader system includes an RFID reader. The RFID reader system further includes a primary antenna for transmitting RFID signals to acquire RFID information from RFID item tags and a secondary antenna for transmitting RFID signals to acquire RFID... Agent: Vern Maine & Associates

20100176924 - Rfid system with improved tracking position accuracy: In one embodiment the present invention includes a radio frequency identification (RFID) system. The RFID system includes a reader system that generates electromagnetic energy, reader antennas that communicate information with RFID tags using the electromagnetic energy, switches that are coupled to the reader antennas. The reader system selectively controls the... Agent: Fountainhead Law Group, PC Chad R. Walsh

20100176923 - Wireless transmission apparatus and method: A wireless transmission apparatus for transmitting electrical energy and a data stream between a base electronic device and a portable electronic device. The wireless transmission apparatus includes a mobile transceiver installed in the portable electronic device and a base transceiver installed in the base electronic device. Each of the mobile... Agent: PCe Industry, Inc. Att. Steven Reiss

20100176926 - Time slot allocation apparatus and method for preventing collisions between time slots in tdma-based rfid network: The present invention relates to a time slot allocation apparatus and method for preventing collisions between time slots in a TDMA-based RFID network. The time slot allocation apparatus allocates time slots, obtained by dividing a same frequency band into unit time slots, to RFID readers for reading identification codes of... Agent: H.c. Park & Associates, PLC

20100176928 - Apparatus for communicating with rfid tag: This disclosure discloses an apparatus configured to conduct radio communication with at least one RFID tag having a reversible flag capable of being reversed at response; communication area switching portion capable of sequentially switching and generating a plurality of modes of communication areas from the antenna device; flag unification command... Agent: Day Pitney LLP

20100176927 - Device and method for analysing radio-frequency systems: The invention relates to a device for analysing radio-frequency systems. Such a device comprises means for detecting radio-frequency electromagnetic signals, and means for determining at least one analog property of the radio-frequency signal received form the reader. According to the invention, the device further comprises means for producing an electromagnetic... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20100176933 - Remotely monitoring field assets: Disclosed methods, systems, and apparatuses remotely monitor a plurality of field assets. Device discovery is conducted to find a communication path through a master controller to an operations center. A plurality of states are monitored for individual field assets of the plurality of field assets. In response to trigger events,... Agent: Jackson Walker L.L.P. Attn: Intellectual Property Department

20100176934 - Radio frequency charging system: A radio frequency (RF) charging system is capable of charging an RF device on a display panel to increase charging efficiency. The RF device generates a response signal upon receiving an RF signal. The RF charging system includes an antenna set having a plurality of antennas, a switch unit, an... Agent: Edell, Shapiro & Finnan, LLC

20100176930 - Active tag apparatus, communication apparatus and system: A communication apparatus and an active tag apparatus that conduct radio communication with for data transmission and reception by radio with each other are provided. A frequency designation data including local transmission frequency used for data transmission and specifying data on a frequency of a carrier sense to be carried... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20100176929 - Efficient protocol for reverse direction data transmission: A method, system, and computer program product for wireless communication between an initiator station and a responder station. The method includes assigning a transmit window having a predefined window duration to the initiator; sending a request-to send signal (S41) from the initiator to the responder; sending a clear-to-send (S42) signal... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.

20100176931 - Identifying a plurality of devices: A method and apparatus of identifying a plurality of devices connected along a common communications link is disclosed. A control station scans the devices by sending a succession of interrogation signals along the communication link, the interrogation signals comprising a representation of the identification numbers of the devices. A first... Agent: Gerald M. Bluhm Tyco Safety Products

20100176932 - Mail alert systems and process: A process for receiving, assigning/cataloging, distributing, and notifying regarding mail parcels. An exemplary process may include (1) receiving mail such as bulk mail, correspondence, certified mail, and packages; (2) assigning/cataloging a classification code to each parcel of mail based on the type of mail (as ascertained based on the name... Agent: Michael J. Bootcheck, LLC

20100176936 - Applications for radio frequency identification systems: The present invention relates to RFID devices, including handheld RFID devices, and applications for such devices. The devices and applications may be used in connection with items that are associated with an RFID tag, and optionally a magnetic security element. The devices and applications are described with particular reference to... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20100176935 - Pre-authenticated identification token: An identification token such as a proximity payment device may be integrated with a wristwatch. For security purposes, the identification token may be disabled when removed from the user's wrist. The identification token may be re-enabled by interaction with a docking station or personal computer at the user's residence.... Agent: Buckley, Maschoff & Talwalkar LLC

20100176937 - Hardware continuity loop for preventing vehicle misappropriation: The specification and drawing figures describe and show a hardware continuity loop that is installable in a vehicle for preventing vehicle misappropriation. In one embodiment, the hardware continuity loop includes a plurality of cables that is operatively connected across selected components of a mobile computing platform, and a relay for... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20100176938 - Gauge device: Provided is a gauge device that can provide innovativeness to representation during an operation of effect creation, and can improve the marketability and designability. A gauge device 1 is configured to include a display section 2 that displays vehicle information by rotating a pointer needle on a display panel, and... Agent: Mcdermott Will & Emery LLP

20100176939 - Opitcal wireless sensor network: A wireless sensor network including a receiver including a photodetector, and a sensor node that includes a sensor configured to sense a property, a transmitter configured to emit outgoing optical energy, the outgoing optical energy being indicative of the property, and a photodetector configured to harvest incoming optical energy and... Agent: Thompson Hine LLP

20100176940 - Method and apparatus for determining the location of a node in a wireless system: During operation, a node (104) will determine a particular probability of achieving a successful location. When battery resources are below a threshold the node will utilize a minimum probability for success in determining how many time-slots to collect RSSI measurements. However, if battery resources are above the threshold, a higher... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20100176941 - Method and system for facilitating automated navigation in a healthcare environment: A method and system for facilitating automated navigation in a healthcare facility. The navigation system comprises: a healthcare information system configured to have access to at least patient information, healthcare resource information and healthcare facility information; and an identification device provided to a patient in the healthcare facility, configured to... Agent: General Electric Company Ge Global Patent Operation

20100176942 - Baby monitoring systems: There is provided a baby monitoring system comprising a baby unit and a parent unit, the baby unit being for use in the vicinity of a baby or child, the baby unit detecting noise and transmitting a corresponding stream of audio samples to the parent unit, the parent unit comprising... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20100176943 - Pre-selection display of alerts in an order entry system: An order entry system is described which displays items together with visual attributes that correspond to respective alerts. The visual attributes provide pre-selection guidance to a user in choosing from among the items without deluging the user with a cumbersome series of post-selection alerts. In one illustrative case, the items... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20100176944 - Lift apparatus: A lift apparatus configured to move a passenger platform of the lift apparatus between a first position and an elevated second position. A stairway of the example lift apparatus may be used as a stairway when the passenger platform is arranged in the first position. As the passenger platform is... Agent: Merchant & Gould PC

20100176945 - Detachable carriage for merchandise security system: A sensor for a merchandise security system for displaying an article of merchandise includes a sensor housing, a detachable carriage releasably attached to the sensor housing, and an alarm for indicating when the article of merchandise is displaced from the detachable carriage or when the detachable carriage is detached from... Agent: Christopher C. Dremann, P.C.

20100176946 - System and method for preventing portable terminal from being left, and portable terminal: A system for preventing a portable terminal from being left is characterized in that the portable terminal sounds an alarm when a signal from a wireless terminal can no longer be received, terminates sounding of the alarm after a predetermined amount of time passes, and makes a transition to a... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20100176948 - Methds and systems for activating a proximity information device: A proximity information device includes a body, a radio frequency identification (RFID) integrated circuit (IC) supported by the body, and a threshold detector coupled to the RFID IC. The RFID IC is operative to transmit a response message in response to an interrogation signal if the threshold detector indicates that... Agent: Buckley, Maschoff & Talwalkar LLC

20100176949 - Mobile surveillance: In some embodiments, a technique for logging an item encountered by a mobile device comprises automatically detecting an item in an uncontrolled environment, extracting an identity associated with the item, logging an encounter, wherein the encounter includes the identity, and deleting the encounter after a predetermined period of time has... Agent: Mahamedi Paradice Kreisman LLP

20100176947 - System and method for detection of eas marker shielding: A system for detecting electronic article surveillance marker shielding includes electronic article surveillance (“EAS”), metal detection and video analysis subsystems communicatively coupled to a system controller. The EAS subsystem detects EAS markers within a detection zone. The metal detection subsystem detects metallic objects within the detection zone. The video analysis... Agent: Christopher & Weisberg, P.A.

20100176950 - Vending enclosure recovery method and system: A tracking system and method provide updated location and status information of a vending machine even after the vending machine is moved from its installed location. This allows law enforcement to use the updated location information to locate and recover the vending machine and the assets contained therein during a... Agent: Haynes And Boone, LLPIPSection

20100176951 - Surveillance device: A surveillance device in the form of an EAS tag (10) is provided, which includes a body (12) with one or more EAS markers (16) inside an inner cavity of the housing. The tag (10) further includes a detent (18) with one end (46) that is pivotally attached to the... Agent: Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz LLP

20100176953 - Orientation system and method: An orientation system for a visually impaired user which includes a base station and a handset; said base station is attached close to an item that the user wishes to orientate themselves to; the base station is configured to emit a beam which is unable to penetrate solid objects and... Agent: John Alexander Galbreath

20100176952 - System for detection of body motion: An approach for determining motions of a body using distributed sensors is disclosed. In one embodiment, an apparatus can include: a plurality of sensors coupled to a body, where each sensor is positioned at about a designated location on the body, and where each sensor is configured to acquire motion... Agent: Trellis Intellectual Property Law Group, PC

20100176954 - System and method for startling animals: A device is disclosed which is configured to startle certain pests which may cause a variety of problems in certain areas of a home or workplace. By limiting the action of the pests, or removing the pests from the area, the invention may prevent the destruction of property, minimize animal... Agent: Snell & Wilmer L.L.P. (main)

20100176955 - High-tech animal training system: Described is a high-tech animal training system for delivering a stimulus to an animal and for providing a user with information relating to the ambient environment and to the operation of the animal training system, the information enabling the user to monitor and maintain the health and well-being of the... Agent: Pitts And Brittian P C

20100176956 - Device for detecting a body fall into a pool: This invention relates to a water condition indication system for a swimming pool comprising a water condition sensor (110), a memory (130) and a processor (140) and alarm (150). The memory collects and stores the information. The data processor filters the water condition information, corrects for perturbations, and generates an... Agent: Richard Moerschell

20100176957 - Photoelectric smoke detector: A photoelectric smoke detector may detect presence of smoke by utilizing a light emitting element and a light receiving element whose optical axes intersect with each other. The photoelectric smoke detector may include a casing for storing the light emitting element and the light receiving element. Inlet and outlet ports... Agent: SocalIPLaw Group LLP

20100176958 - Electrically adjustable piece of furniture and method of diagnosing an operating state for an electrically adjustable piece of furniture: An electrically adjustable piece of furniture includes an adjusting device that includes at least one electrical drive, at least one control unit for activating the drive and at least one input device. A detection device detects at least one operating state of the adjusting device. A display device is arranged... Agent: Slater & Matsil, L.L.P.

20100176959 - Air conditioner and reverse phase detection method thereof: An air conditioner and a reverse-phase detection method thereof are provided. According to the air conditioner and the reverse-phase detection method thereof, it is possible to perform reverse-phase detection in real time by subtracting the voltage of one of two phases arbitrarily selected from the phases of an input three-phase... Agent: Mckenna Long & Aldridge LLP

20100176960 - Branch current monitor with an alarm: A power meter for monitoring current in a power cable annunciates an alarm if the current transgresses one or more alarm current limits. False alarms are avoided by delaying the activation of the alarm for a delay interval following determination that current is flowing in the monitored conductor.... Agent: Chernoff, Vilhauer, Mcclung & Stenzel, LLP

20100176961 - Cargo loading trailer: A cargo loading system for loading freight into or out of the cargo hold, the system comprising: a tilt control means which can be actuated by control signals in such a way that variances in tilt of a palletized load can be immediately righted; a control panel for actuation by... Agent: Bullivant Houser Bailey PC

20100176962 - Cabling system and method for monitoring and managing physically connected devices over a data network: The present invention relates to a method and system configured to monitor devices that are physically connected over a data network, said system comprising at least one scanner configured to monitor said data network and to determine devices that are physically connected over said data network, said at least one... Agent: The Law Office Of Michael E. Kondoudis

20100176963 - Multidimensional volume and vibration controls for a handheld electronic device: A system and method for adjusting a notification setting of a handheld electronic device is provided. The method includes receiving a request to adjust a notification setting which causes the electronic device to display a notification module on a display of the electronic device. The notification module includes a plurality... Agent: Rim

20100176964 - Inspection system and inspection method: The article IDs of a mixture mounting pallet being shipped are read out collectively by means of an ID reader and collated with the ID list on a shipment table. IDs and their positions are stored on the shipment table and the positions of IDs not read out by means... Agent: Westerman, Hattori, Daniels & Adrian, LLP

20100176965 - Continuously-arranged sensor system, network unit, and sensor unit: A continuously-arranged sensor system is provided that can eliminate a shift in timing between a determination signal of each sensor unit and sensor information relating to the determination signal. The continuously-arranged sensor system includes a network unit and a plurality of sensor units, which are connected by a serial transmission... Agent: Kilyk & Bowersox, P.l.l.c.

20100176967 - Collecting utility data information and conducting reconfigurations, such as demand resets, in a utility metering system: In a data collection system having a utility data collector configured for remotely collecting utility data, a system includes one or more endpoints. Each endpoint has a utility meter, memory for storing at least utility consumption data from the utility meter, and a radio for transmitting a communication message to... Agent: Dority & Manning, P.A.

20100176966 - Methods and systems of simultaneously communicating utility data and voice data: A method for communicating utility data includes receiving a voice signal and a data signal via a utility network, combining the voice signal and the data signal to form a communication signal, and transmitting the communication signal to a plurality of utility asset controllers and handheld devices via the utility... Agent: John S. Beulick (17851) Armstrong Teasdale LLP

20100176968 - Power line communication apparatus and method of using the same: The present invention provides a communication device for use with a power line communication system. One embodiment of the present invention forms a communication device that comprises a first wireless modem, a controller, a second modem, and a sensor module. The controller operates the sensor module to take power line... Agent: Capital Legal Group, LLC

20100176969 - Sensor system and method for operating a sensor system: A sensor system having a sensor module and an induction unit is provided, the sensor module having a first antenna, and the induction unit having a second and a third antenna, an induction transmission of signals being provided between the first and the second antenna, and the signals being sent... Agent: Kenyon & Kenyon LLP

20100176970 - Vehicle-mounted alarm generating apparatus: The vehicle-mounted alarm generating apparatus includes an extracting section configured to extract a road boundary marking representing a boundary of a lane from an image of a picture of a road surface ahead of a vehicle, a position setting section configured to set a first position and a second position... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100176971 - Rfid packaging and attachment methods and devices: One exemplary electrically conductive, RFID-enabled signage includes (1) an electrically conductive article including an opening and (2) an assembled device that is coupled to the electrically conductive article to provide RFID functionality to the electrically conductive article. One exemplary kit includes (1) an RFID IC arrangement including conductive leads adjacent... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20100176972 - Method and device for monitioning avionics systems connected to a shared medium: The invention relates to a method and a device for monitoring avionics systems connected to a shared medium. A preliminary phase is aimed at determining the conditions of activation of each alarm of each avionics system connected to the communication medium. These conditions are related to each avionics system and... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

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20100171585 - Function control method using boundary definition, function control system using boundary definition, function control server using boundary definition and program: A function control method using boundary definition of present invention includes the steps of, setting a boundary line to virtually partition a given physical space, and controlling a predetermined function of an electronic appliance based on at least one or all of a position of the boundary line, and a... Agent: Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP

20100171587 - Audio device, av system having the audio device, and method to control the audio device: An audio device, an Audio/Visual (NV) system having the audio device, and a method to control the audio device, the audio device including a receiver connected to a transmitter of an external device to receive a signal from the external device, and a microcomputer to control power supply and audio... Agent: Stanzione & Kim, LLP

20100171586 - Rfid tag with led and rf identification managing method using the same: A RFID tag having a LED is provided. The RFID tag includes an antenna, a RF processor, a controller, a memory, at least one of LEDs, and a LED switching unit. The RF processor receives and transmits a wireless signal through the antenna, and modulates and demodulates transmitted and received... Agent: Lowe Hauptman Ham & Berner, LLP

20100171588 - System for causing garage door opener to open garage door and method: A system and a method for causing a garage door to open using a garage door opener having a wireless receiver is provided. The system comprises an interface coupled to an environment sensor and configured to receive data from the environment sensor. The system can include processing electronics coupled to... Agent: Foley And Lardner LLP Suite 500

20100171589 - Access control system, and closing mechanism: In one embodiment of the invention, the access control system comprises a door with an integrated mechatronic closing mechanism which is equipped with a receiver device. The receiver device is designed to receive and evaluate capacitive-resistive signals that are emitted by a transmitter and are transmitted via a user's body.... Agent: Rankin, Hill & Clark LLP

20100171592 - Determining apparatus and computer program and determining method: A determining apparatus ensures an assurance value of reliability in the determination result for determining the correct tag. A signal receiving unit 121 receives a signal transmitted by the tag (the communication apparatus), a plurality of times. An identification acquiring unit 122 acquires identification data of the tag based on... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100171593 - Process and assembly for identifying and tracking assets: An assembly and process for identifying and tracking assets, such as tubulars, equipment, tools and/or devices. An antenna is electrically connected to a responding device, such as a radio frequency identification device, and this assembly is connected to an asset. The antenna may be positioned about the exterior and/or the... Agent: Marathon Oil Company C/o Law Office Of Jack E. Ebel

20100171591 - System comprising a transponder, consumer item or other product, and method for fitting an item with a transponder: The aim of the invention is to improve previously known systems and applications for protecting persons and goods. The aim is achieved by a method for protecting persons and goods and structurally delimiting closed areas by means of a transponder, e.g. an RFID chip, which is permanently or removably mounted... Agent: Collard & Roe, P.C.

20100171590 - X-band turnstile antenna: An X-band, crossed dipole turnstile antenna configured to be omni-directional with horizontal polarization is disclosed. It comprises a set of two dipole antennas aligned at right angles to each other attached to a common 50 ohm coaxial feedpoint and fed 90 degrees out-of-phase. The antenna pattern is nearly omnidirectional in... Agent: Bae Systems

20100171594 - Rfid reader discipline: A method for coordinating reader transmissions according to one embodiment includes, at a first reader, receiving from a second reader a request to transmit to a radio frequency identification tag; and if the first reader is transmitting, sending a denial of the request from the first reader to the second... Agent: Zilka-kotab, PC

20100171595 - Rfid tag communicating apparatus and rfid tag communication system: A radio frequency identification (RFID) tag communicating apparatus that executes communication of information with an RFID tag by transmitting a transmission signal toward the RFID tag and receiving a return signal returned from the RFID tag in response to the transmission signal, includes a communication control portion that selectively establishes... Agent: Day Pitney LLP

20100171596 - In vivo rfid chip: An in vivo RFID chip implanted in a patient's body, comprising an integrated antenna formed on the chip, and a CMOS-compatible circuitry adapted for biosensing and transmitting information out of the patient's body. In preferred embodiments, the CMOS-compatible circuitry is adapted to sense a chemical and/or physical quantity from a... Agent: Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, LLPIPProsecution Department

20100171597 - Locking device, method and system to determine the relative position of an edge-lock to a container or of a group of container edge-locks in relation to other container locs: The invention relates to a method to determine the relative position of a container corner lock and/or a group of container corner locks in relation to other container corner locks. The method comprises the steps of: requesting information regarding identification from those locks (1) that are within a certain area;... Agent: Potomac Patent Group PLLC

20100171599 - Method for searching a plurality of rfid tags and apparatus thereof: A method for searching RFID tags and an RFID reader thereof are provided. Each of a plurality of RFID tags awaiting to be accessed has a UID composed of a plurality of bits. The method comprises dividing the plurality of bits of the UID into groups to generate a plurality... Agent: Lee & Hayes, PLLC

20100171598 - Rfid device and system for setting a level on an electronic device: A system in one embodiment includes an electronic device; and a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) device in direct electrical communication with the electronic device for selectively setting a voltage or current on the electronic device to one of at least three different levels. A Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) device in... Agent: Zilka-kotab, PC

20100171600 - Remote messaging and security system: A message and security system comprising a visitor message device and a host message device is disclosed. The host message device allows a host to select a message or status which is indicated or displayed on the visitor message device. The messages can be personalized so that a visitor after... Agent: Sinorica, LLC

20100171601 - Resetting a target device: A power reset module may reset an automatic shut-off module of a target device by momentarily disrupting power to the automatic shut-off module at a determined interval and automatically restoring power after a time period of up to two minutes. In multiple embodiments, the power reset module comprises an activation... Agent: Ibm Corporation (jss) C/o Schubert Osterrieder & Nickelson PLLC

20100171602 - Intelligent power management of an intermediate network device switching circuitry and poe delivery: Embodiments of the invention include a management agent which has access to power output control circuitry of a digital electronic communication switch, a power meter, a load sharing means, and the ability to manage the power of switching circuits in the switch. The power meter enables the management agent to... Agent: Robert Plotkin, PC

20100171603 - Keyless security lock for light electric vehicles: A removable keyless security lock for a light electric vehicle which employs existing permanent magnet brushless motor or motors that is or are programmed to produce high resistance to paddling to prevent theft. This antitheft mode offer resistance to motor rotation, thereby effectively locking the movement of the electric bicycle.... Agent: Electric Motion Systems, LLC

20100171604 - Method and device for locating the wheels of a vehicle: A method and device for locating n wheels of a vehicle each equipped with an electronic module designed to emit, to a central unit, electromagnetic signals representative of operating parameters of each wheel and an identification code of the latter. There is, in a fixed position on the vehicle, in... Agent: Young & Thompson

20100171605 - Device and method for determining vehicle data: An apparatus and a method for ascertaining vehicle data, for example, tire pressure data, are provided. For example, the apparatus includes a sending unit, a receiving unit and a measuring unit. The sending unit and/or the receiving unit are battery-operated. The receiving unit is a threshold value receiver or a... Agent: Kenyon & Kenyon LLP

20100171606 - Flexible light bar: A light bar apparatus is disclosed. The light bar apparatus is attached to a vehicle and comprises a plurality of LED lights capable of illuminating in patterns signaled by the vehicle. The light bar is made at least in part of flexible material such that the body is capable of... Agent: Agnew International Patent & Trademark Law Firm

20100171607 - Method and apparatus for automatically disarming a security system: A security system comprises a system control panel for arming and disarming the security system. A door sensing unit comprises a first radio frequency (RF) transceiver interconnected with the system control panel over a network. The first RF transceiver is mounted proximate to a door that defines at least a... Agent: Gerald M. Bluhm Senior Patent And Trademark Counsel

20100171608 - Carbon monoxide detector, system and method for signaling a carbon monoxide sensor end-of-life condition: A CO detector includes a sensor configured to detect a presence of CO and generate a signal indicative of the presence of CO, and a controller in signal communication with the sensor. The controller is configured to measure a level of detected CO in response to receiving the signal generated... Agent: Patrick W. Rasche (22697) Armstrong Teasdale LLP

20100171610 - Method and apparatus for providing peak detection circuitry for data communication systems: Method and apparatus for providing a peak detection circuit comprising a diode including an input terminal and an output terminal the input terminal of the diode configured to receive an input signal, a capacitor operatively coupled to the output terminal of the diode, an output terminal operatively coupled to the... Agent: Jackson & Co., LLP

20100171609 - Systems and method for communicating data in a railroad system: A communications system for use in transmitting data in a railroad system is provided. The communications system includes a track circuit having a plurality of rails configured to transmit an electrical signal thereon, a first processor communicatively coupled to the track circuit via a first locomotive on said track circuit,... Agent: Armstrong Teasdale LLP (12729 +2000) John S. Beulick

20100171611 - Sensor-based adaptive methods for wearable devices: The present disclosure is directed towards apparatuses, systems and methods for providing improved sensor-based patient monitoring and tracking. In accordance with one aspect, a method is provided for adjusting a vital sign alarm threshold of a vital status sensor as a function of a patient's GPS data, which may comprise:... Agent: The Johns Hopkins Universityapplied Physics Labora Office Of Patent Counsel

20100171612 - Two-way remote control unit: A two-way remote control unit includes at least one two-way remote controller provided with remotely calling and locating functions, so that a user can save the money that is otherwise needed for purchasing an additional calling device or a finder for calling or locating the remote controller, and needs not... Agent: Bacon & Thomas, PLLC

20100171613 - Checking apparatus for containers: An apparatus for checking for the presence of objects and in particular containers, comprising a transmitting device which has a sound signal generation unit for emitting a sound signal, and a receiving device which is arranged relative to the transmitting device in such a way that a sound signal emitted... Agent: Hayes Soloway P.C.

20100171614 - Antenna impedance-based apparatus and method for detecting a breach in the integrity of a container: A security breach in the integrity of a container (10), such as a cargo container or a security vault, is detected using an apparatus (12) formed of a transmitter (18) and a processor (20). The transmitter (18) includes an antenna (26) that radiates electromagnetic waves from within the container (10).... Agent: Kinney & Lange, P.A.

20100171615 - system for detection of underwater objects: An underwater detection system comprising: at least one transmitter (14) for transmitting electromagnetic and/or magneto-inductive signals through water; at least one receiver (15, 16); means for monitoring a signal received from the transmitter (14), and means for using the monitored signal both as a reference and to identify any change... Agent: Goodwin Procter LLP Attn: Patent Administrator

20100171618 - Anti-theft device for containers of fluid products: An anti-theft device for containers of fluid products comprising: a support element (3) connected to a container (2) to be monitored and attached to the inside of a neck (6) of container (2), between the neck (6) itself and a closure member (11) which is irremovably attached to container (2);... Agent: Pearne & Gordon LLP

20100171616 - Providing a traveler with offers particularly suited to that individual: The use of RFID (radio-frequency identification) chips in luggage tags to provide travelers with coupons and information related to their respective destinations. The luggage (or “bag”) tag will include an embedded RFID chip. When the traveler checks his or her suitcase or other package, the bag-tag printer will place a... Agent: Eugene F. Friedman Friedman & Friedman, Ltd.

20100171617 - Wireless tag reading method and apparatus: A method of reading, by a wireless tag reading apparatus, article wireless tags attached to articles placed in a reading area, the method includes, disposing an outside-area distinguishing wireless tag differentiable from the article wireless tag outside the boundary of the reading area, transmitting an electromagnetic signal to the reading... Agent: Turocy & Watson, LLP

20100171619 - Electronic article surveillance deactivator using visual pattern recognition system for triggering: A method, system and electronic article surveillance tag deactivator detect the presence of an electronic article surveillance tag within a deactivation zone. Video of an item within the deactivation zone is captured. The video is evaluated using a pattern recognition technique to determine the presence of an electronic article surveillance... Agent: Christopher & Weisberg, P.A.

20100171621 - Eas tag using tape with conductive element: An electronic article surveillance apparatus for monitoring large objects is comprised of a base, at least one segment of tape, and an electronics housing. The segment of tape has a least one electrically conductive element running the length of the tape. The base rests on an object to be monitored,... Agent: Robert R. Waters, Esq. Waters Law Office, PLLC

20100171620 - Theft protection element arranged to be attached to an item: A theft-protection element intended to be attached to an item that is to be protected from theft and that is of textile or equivalent material, which theft-protection element is arranged to be attached to the item through a needle penetrating and passing through the item. The invention is characterized in... Agent: Young & Thompson

20100171622 - bed with intefrated sensor unit for a patient: The present invention relates to a bed with an integrated sensor unit for a patient. Furthermore the invention relates to a method of providing a bed with a sensor unit for a patient. In order to provide a simple and reliable technique for monitoring patients a bed is suggested, comprising... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20100171623 - Drain blockage responsive alarm system: Disclosed is a drain blockage responsive alarm system. The drain blockage responsive alarm system comprises a cleanout cap member, at least one drain blockage responsive element, and an alarming module. The cleanout cap member is capable of being installed at a portion of a drain pipe. Further, the at least... Agent: Law Office Of Jerry D. Haynes , P.a

20100171624 - Remote monitoring of fluid containers: Apparatus for remote inspection of oxygen containers includes an electronic circuit in communication between each container (or at various locations along a pipeline) and a remote central station. The electronic circuit is adapted to issue a signal to the remote central station that includes information about predetermined internal and/or external... Agent: Strategic Patents P.C..

20100171625 - Air sampling system having inline flow control switch: A sampling system for quantifying the amount of contaminants in a controlled environment within a facility. The system has an air sampling devices each associated with a respective flow switch module, both within the controlled environment, and a first and second controller located outside the controlled environment. The first controller... Agent: Blank Rome LLP

20100171626 - Enhanced classification for power over ethernet: A method of classification of power requirements in a power over Ethernet system, the method comprising: providing a first classification voltage for a first classification cycle time, the provided first classification voltage being within a classification voltage range defined by a lower classification voltage limit and upper classification voltage limit;... Agent: Microsemi Corp - Amsg Ltd.

20100171627 - Printer, cash drawer drive device, control method for a cash drawer drive device, and a control program: A printer, a printer control method and control program, a POS terminal device, and a cash drawer drive device detect when a non-standard cash drawer is connected, and prevents a non-recoverable overcurrent protection device from operating (such as a fuse blowing) by preventing an overcurrent from flowing to the cash... Agent: Townsend And Townsend And Crew, LLP

20100171628 - Motion classification device: The present invention relates to a motion classification device 14 comprising sensor means 141 for monitoring movements of a targeted object, said sensor means 141 being operable to output motion signals based on said monitored movements, a processing means 147 for processing said motion signals, said processing means being operable... Agent: Lariviere, Grubman & Payne, LLP

20100171629 - Signal tower and integration system using the same: A signal tower is installed on a body of a manufacturing equipment and having lamps for displaying operational states of the manufacturing equipment through lighting of various colors. The signal tower comprises a frame formed with a display window; and a display device installed in the display window of the... Agent: Christopher Paul Mitchell

20100171630 - Vehicle health management system: A method, apparatus, and computer program product for processing health management data for a vehicle. A plurality of modulated signals is received on a bus system in the vehicle. The plurality of modulated signals contains health management data from a plurality of data acquisition units. Each modulated signal has a... Agent: Duke W. Yee

20100171631 - Adapter plate assembly for outdoor installation of notification appliances: The present invention generally discloses a weatherproof flush adapter plate assembly. In one embodiment, the adapter plate assembly includes a plate. The plate includes a front side, a back side, an outer edge, at least one inner edge, at least one mounting member for receiving a back box and at... Agent: Patterson & Sheridan L.L.P. Nj Office

20100171632 - Indicator device in a motor vehicle: The invention relates to a display device (1, 20) in a motor vehicle, consisting of a display (3, 25), a transilluminatable screen (4, 21) disposed behind the display (3, 25), a lighting means (6, 23) and a reflector (7, 24), wherein the lighting means (6, 23) is attached in the... Agent: Cantor Colburn, LLP

20100171633 - Switch arrangement for a lighting device: A lighting device includes a touch switch with touch contacts 304, 306, located on the grip of the lighting device is that the light 312 can be turned on when the contacts are bridged by the hand of a user. An electronic circuit 300 includes a latching arrangement 302, 316... Agent: Michael C. Pophal Eveready Battery Company Inc

20100171634 - Function configuration method and related device for a remote control device: A function configuration method for a remote control device is disclosed. The remote control device is utilized for controlling an electronic device. The function configuration method includes detecting a touch signal of a user, receiving a human characteristic according to the touch signal, identifying the human characteristic to generate an... Agent: North America Intellectual Property Corporation

20100171636 - Remote control devices and methods: A remote control device comprising a motion detector consisting of a single accelerometer, means for receiving data from the motion detector and mapping the received motion detector data to at least one user instruction, and means for transmitting a signal indicative of the at least one user instruction.... Agent: Fulbright & Jaworski L.l.p

20100171635 - System and method for motion-sensitive remote control for audio-visual entertainment system: A remote control device has one or more accelerometers for measuring a vertical acceleration and a horizontal acceleration caused by an operator gesturing with the device. Signals from the accelerometer enter a microcontroller and used to determine a gesture type; the microcontroller then generates an encoded command appropriate to a... Agent: Lathrop & Gage LLP

20100171637 - Wireless auxiliary monitoring and control system for an underwater installation: The present invention provides a wireless auxiliary system for monitoring and control of an underwater installation. The auxiliary system of the present invention sends data and control signals between an underwater installation—for example, a lower stack 26 in a hydrocarbon drilling or production facility—and an associated riser assembly 23. Data... Agent: Goodwin Procter LLP Attn: Patent Administrator

20100171638 - Wellbore telemetry and noise cancellation systems and methods for the same: A method of signal processing includes providing at least a first pressure sensor and a second pressure sensor spaced in a drilling system and using an algorithm to separate the downwardly propagating waves from the upwardly propagating waves. In one or more examples, an algorithm may include determining a velocity... Agent: Schlumberger Oilfield Services

20100171639 - Wellbore telemetry and noise cancellation systems and methods for the same: A method of signal processing includes providing at least a first pressure sensor and a second pressure sensor spaced in a drilling system and using an algorithm to separate the downwardly propagating waves from the upwardly propagating waves. In one or more examples, an algorithm may include determining a velocity... Agent: Schlumberger Oilfield Services

20100171640 - Method and system for controlling and adjusting traffic light timing patterns: The present invention relates to methods and systems for controlling and adjusting traffic light timing patterns, and more particularly, to a method and system for controlling and adjusting traffic light timing patterns based on input variables related to known or predicted events, and for gradually changing traffic light intervals over... Agent: Bond Schoeneck & King, PLLC

20100171641 - Methods and systems for monitoring vehicle movement: A method for monitoring vehicle movement for use in a first vehicle includes the steps of determining a lane location at a first point in time, determining a position of a second vehicle at a second point in time, the second point in time being subsequent to the first point... Agent: Ingrassia Fisher & Lorenz, P.C. (gm)

20100171642 - Mobile control node system and method for vehicles: In a mobile control node system and method for a vehicle (630), the mobile control node (624) can interact, via a bi-directional radio link (642), with a transceiver processor unit (628) in the vehicle. The transceiver processor unit (628) is connected to a vehicle control system (120) and allows the... Agent: Magna International, Inc.

07/01/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100164680 - System and method for identifying people: A system for identifying a person includes at least one biometric sensor for sensing a biometric characteristic of the person; at least one signal sensor for sensing a signal emitted from a device carried by the person; and a computing device for comparing the sensed biometric characteristic and the sensed... Agent: Hovey Williams LLP

20100164681 - Electronics antitheft authorizing unit: Locked electronic device, e.g., a device which produces a video output, such as a game console or TV. The device is shipped in a locked state, and cannot be used as a game console or a TV until it is unlocked. The unlocking is carried out by a code. The... Agent: Scott C Harris Law Office Of Scott C Harris, Inc

20100164682 - Ic card, data control method and program: There is provided an IC card including a recording unit (card CPU) to record display request data for requesting display on a display unit and control data for controlling display on the display unit onto card memory in response to a request from an external device, and a verification unit... Agent: Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP

20100164683 - Method and apparatus for automatically disarming a security system: A security system comprises a system control panel for arming and disarming the security system. A door sensing unit comprises a first radio frequency (RF) transceiver interconnected with the system control panel over a network. The first RF transceiver is mounted proximate to a door that defines at least a... Agent: Gerald M. Bluhm Senior Patent And Trademark Counsel

20100164685 - Method and apparatus for establishing device connections: A system, apparatus, method and article to establish device connections are described. The apparatus may include an input device to receive identification information for a selected target device. The apparatus may also include a connection module operative to send a connection request message including the identification information to one or... Agent: Kacvinsky LLC C/o Cpa Global

20100164684 - Portable information terminal device: An objective of the present invention is to provide a portable information terminal device capable of reducing excessive time and labor required in an authentication process. A sub-camera is started on the basis of operation to select “secret mode” by a user (FIG. 9(a)) and brought into a photographable state... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20100164686 - Method for monitoring a package, sentinel indicator system and logistics system: There is provided a method for monitoring a package for storage and/or transport of at least one item. An exemplary method comprises receiving at a transmission unit measured data about properties of the item and/or about influences on the item via at least two sensors. The exemplary method also comprises... Agent: InternationalIPLaw Group

20100164688 - Auxiliary device for implantable units: In at least some embodiments, an auxiliary device compatible with a biomedical implantable comprises a first transceiver and a controller coupled to the first transceiver. If the first transceiver receives a wireless data signal from an implantable unit, the controller generates a corresponding data signal for transmission to a wireless... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20100164687 - Rfid reader and identification method for identifying the same: A method for identifying an RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) reader is provided. A first transmission path is defined between a first RFID reader and a host apparatus in a RFID system. A second transmission path is defined between the host apparatus and a second RFID reader adjacent to the first... Agent: Apex Juris, PLLC

20100164689 - System and method for detecting access to an article or opening of a package: A system for detecting access to an article, including an RFID tag, a reader detecting the RFID tag via wireless communication, and a container including conductive material. The container encloses the article, the conductive material surrounding the RFID tag and substantially preventing wireless communication between the RFID tag and the... Agent: Sullivan & Worcester LLP

20100164690 - Array of very light readers for active rfid and location applications: The Very Light Readers of the present invention are based on an augmented Tag circuit with a preferred embodiment including at least one VLSI chip integrating a UWB front end, digital transceiver, and possibly an internal controller; a UWB Antenna; a power supply; a controller configured to implement the Media... Agent: Dr. Mark M. Friedman C/o Bill Polkinghorn - Discovery Dispatch

20100164693 - Method of targeted discovery of devices in a network: A targeted discovery between a first device and a second device in a network, in particular, a WHDI network, provides discovery for an identified device or a group of identified devices. The targeted discovery determines an identifier for a second device or a group of devices that the second device... Agent: Motorola, Inc. Law Department

20100164694 - Article inventory device, article inventory system, and article inventory method: This disclosure discloses an article inventory device comprising: an area information obtainment portion configured to obtain inventory area information; a recording portion configured to record an article list in which registration identification information and storing area information are associated with each other; a determining portion configured to determine whether or... Agent: Day Pitney LLP

20100164691 - Device, method and system for monitoring, tracking and theft protecting of objects to be secured: The invention relates to a security device for objects, for instance for products for the retail trade, comprising an active member and coupling means for attaching the active member to the product, wherein the active member comprises a memory element, such as an RHD chip, which is remotely at least... Agent: Bozicevic, Field & Francis LLP

20100164692 - Mobile body remote control system: A system that remotely controls a mobile body includes a guideway (i.e., balanced feeder line) for guiding the mobile body to its destination, and a coupling device provided on the mobile body for transmitting and receiving control information to control movement of the mobile body along the guideway. The coupling... Agent: Quarles & Brady LLP

20100164695 - Electronic disk-type horn and horn using photointerrupter: The present invention relates to an electronic disk-type horn having no contact point and a non-contact horn using a photointerrupter. The electronic disk-type horn generates a sound, and includes a switch circuit for selectively supplying current to the coil, a pulse generation timer circuit for periodically providing a pulse to... Agent: St. Onge Steward Johnston & Reens, LLC

20100164696 - Apparatus and method pertaining to a doorbell chime cover: A doorbell chime (100) can comprise a chassis (101), a cover (104) having a mechanical-cover identifier (105, 106), a mechanical-cover identifier detector (103) (to detect when the cover is at least substantially disposed in the installed position), and a chime (102) mounted in the chassis. This chime is configured to... Agent: Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery

20100164697 - Apparatus and method for providing haptic function in a portable terminal: An apparatus and a method for providing a haptic function in a portable terminal are provided. The method for providing the haptic function in the portable terminal includes determining information which denotes a movement of the portable terminal, generating a haptic data to stimulate a user's tactile sense according to... Agent: Cha & Reiter, LLC

20100164698 - Display control device, information display system for moving object, module for driver's seat and moving object: An imaging module that generates a plurality of display images respectively based on a plurality of pieces of state information different from each other, in accordance with an instruction signal from a controller, and allows the plurality of display images to be displayed simultaneously on a display screen of a... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha C/o Keating & Bennett, LLP

20100164699 - Monitoring system for monitoring an object to be secured against unauthorized access as well as corresponding method: In order to further develop a monitoring system (100; 100) for monitoring at least one object (30) to be secured against unauthorized access as well as a corresponding method, the monitoring system (100; 100′) comprising—at least one transponder unit (40), in particular to at least one mobile phone, which transponder... Agent: Nxp, B.v. Nxp Intellectual Property & Licensing

20100164700 - System and method for generating an alert for a trailer: A system and method for generating an alert signal for a trailer. Proper truck/trailer matching is based on a proximity analysis between position reports for a truck and position reports for a trailer. In one embodiment, this proximity analysis is triggered by a detection of movement in a trailer. In... Agent: Law Office Of Duane S. Kobayashi

20100164701 - Method of analyzing the surroundings of a vehicle: A method of analysing the surroundings of a vehicle, comprising the steps of: gathering data regarding objects in the vicinity of the vehicle; analysing the data to determine regions of empty space around the vehicle; creating one or more signatures representing at least some of the regions of empty space;... Agent: Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione/ann Arbor

20100164702 - Automotive display system and display method: An automotive display system includes an image projection unit and an angle information acquisition unit. The image projection unit projects a light flux including an image including a display object toward one eye of an image viewer. The angle information acquisition unit acquires at least one of vehicle angle information... Agent: Turocy & Watson, LLP

20100164703 - Method for assisting high-performance driving of a vehicle: An assistance method for performance driving of a vehicle; the assistance method includes the steps of: identifying a route used by the vehicle; on each section of the route, identifying the optimum point for the operation of an accelerator command, a brake command, a steering command and/or a gearbox command;... Agent: Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner, P.A.

20100164705 - Self-powered sensor system for monitoring tire pressure: A self-powered tire pressure sensor device. The sensor device includes a power circuit, an air pressure measurement sensor, a signal circuit and a wireless transmission circuit. The power circuit converts mechanical acceleration experienced by the device into electrical potential using an electromechanical transducer. Mechanical acceleration due to collisions between the... Agent: Stmicroelectronics, Inc.

20100164704 - System, method and computer program of estimating tire pressure deviations: The invention provides a system, a method and a computer program of estimating tire pressure deviations in a number of tires of a vehicle wherein a plurality of possible constellations of one or more pressure deviating tires exists. The system comprises a plurality of pressure deviation detectors (11), wherein each... Agent: Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP

20100164706 - System and method for detecting surrounding environment: A system and method applicable to a vehicle for detecting a surrounding environment are provided. The system and method include installing primary and secondary display units in a vehicle; installing a plurality of detectors of various types around the vehicle; detecting obstacles around the vehicle using the plurality of different... Agent: Rabin & Berdo, PC

20100164707 - System and method for distinguishing messages: A method, computer program product, and computing system for associating a time indicator with a message. The time indicator may be indicative of an urgency of a particular task associated with the message. The message having the time indicator may be displayed at a computing device. Numerous other variations and... Agent: Holland & Knight

20100164708 - Alarm processing circuit and alarm processing method: An alarm processing circuit includes a primary mask processing unit that performs primary mask processing on an alarm signal based on a first condition; and a secondary mask processing unit that performs secondary mask processing on the alarm signal based on a second condition and a mask processing result by... Agent: Mr. Jackson Chen

20100164709 - Apparatus for monitoring water drinking device: An apparatus for monitoring a water drinking device is provided. The apparatus includes a signal processing unit, at least a sensing unit provided in the water drinking device and electrically connected to the signal processing unit, and a wireless transmission unit electrically connected to the signal processing unit. The apparatus... Agent: Muncy, Geissler, Olds & Lowe, PLLC

20100164711 - Energy harvesting, wireless structural health monitoring system with time keeper and energy storage devices: A system comprises a sensing node that includes a sensor, a processor, an energy harvesting circuit, a time keeper, a first energy storage device, and a second energy storage device. The energy harvesting circuit is connected for recharging the first energy storage device. The processor is connected for receiving all... Agent: James Marc Leas Law Office Of James Marc Leas

20100164710 - Object monitoring, locating, and tracking system and method employing rfid devices: An RFID system and method utilizes an RFID device, wherein the RFID device senses a thing or condition interior to a closable container at or proximate the RFID device and transmits messages. The messages include information uniquely identifying the RFID device and information relating to the thing or condition sensed... Agent: Dann, Dorfman, Herrell & Skillman

20100164712 - Communications system: A communications system comprises a mobile master transceiver unit for a patent and one or more mobile slave transceiver units for a child. The slave unit includes means for sending a non-voice alarm signal to the master unit. The slave unit can include an optional GPS module for transmitting a... Agent: Howison & Arnott, L.l.p

20100164713 - Portable occupancy detection unit: A method includes receiving, with a portable occupancy unit, a first signal using a first detector, where the first signal is indicative of an occupant in a structure. A second signal is received with the portable occupancy unit using a second detector. The second signal is indicative of the occupant... Agent: Foley & Lardner LLP

20100164714 - Device monitoring: A method of monitoring for proximity of items, comprising monitoring for reception of a wireless signal from one or more wireless devices; upon reception of a wireless signal from one or more wireless devices, ascertaining the identity of a wireless device from which the wireless signal was received; comparing the... Agent: Amster, Rothstein & Ebenstein LLP

20100164715 - System, method and network for monitoring of location of items: A network for monitoring of location of items is provided, including a plurality of wireless devices, where each of the plurality of wireless devices is associated with a monitored item. Each of a plurality of mobile stations are associated with a respective user and configured to generate an alert when... Agent: Amster, Rothstein & Ebenstein LLP

20100164717 - Feild device: A field device, wherein only those faults are displayed, which are relevant for the particular application of the user. The field device includes: a means for detecting a plurality of field-device-specific faults and for generating associated field-device-specific fault reports; a memory for storing an application-specific fault report profile, which contains... Agent: Bacon & Thomas, PLLC

20100164718 - Illumination and detection architecture: An illumination and detection architecture that illuminates a target for detecting a material of interest. The architecture includes an illumination component that illuminates the target using a predetermined light wavelength known to energize and thereby cause a detectable change in the desired chemical and/or compounds associated with the target in... Agent: Eric D. Jorgenson

20100164716 - System and method for monitoring dispensing of medication: A system is capable of monitoring dispensing of medication from a medication container having a volume. The system comprises a measuring portion and a processor portion. The measuring portion is operable to measure a parameter at a first time and to measure the parameter at a second time. The processor... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20100164720 - Apparatus and method for location-based access control in wireless networks: A method includes receiving wireless signals from a device at a wireless access point associated with a wireless network. The method also includes estimating a location of the device and determining whether the estimated location is within a specified area. In addition, the method includes allowing the device to communicate... Agent: Honeywell/munck Patent Services

20100164719 - Method and apparatus for a cooperative alarm network: Devices and methods using wireless or wired network communications to form cooperative alarm networks centered on themselves. Intrusion detection alarms broadcast signals notifying other intrusion detection alarms of its status. When an alarm system experiences a security event, such as an attempted break-in, it notifies its network of its security... Agent: The Marbury Law Group, PLLC

20100164721 - Intrusion detector: An intrusion detector comprising a passive sensor for detecting a person entering a space to be monitored, said intrusion detector comprising a housing provided with a window for said passive sensor, optical means for directing electromagnetic radiation from said person onto the passive sensor, alarm means connected to said passive... Agent: The Webb Law Firm, P.C.

20100164722 - Theft deterrence technology using asynchronous notification: For one disclosed embodiment, an enabled state of a mobile computing platform may be modified in response to an asynchronous notification from a server. Other embodiments are also disclosed.... Agent: Intel Corporation C/o Cpa Global

20100164724 - Amplitude shift keying demodulator and radio frequency identification system using the same: An exemplary amplitude shift keying (ASM) demodulator and a radio frequency identification (RFID) system using the same are provided. The ASM demodulator is adapted to demodulate an alternating current input signal and generate a demodulated envelope signal. The ASM demodulator includes a signal input terminal group, an input rectifier circuit,... Agent: Portal Ipr Services

20100164723 - System and method for positioning active rfid tag: A positioning system and method are provided to use multiple RFID readers to position a target object with an active RFID tag equipped thereon. The system and method defines a geometric center of the locations of the RFID readers as a first coordinate. When the RFID readers continuously receive RF... Agent: Apex Juris, PLLC

20100164726 - Communication antenna, rfid tag, non-contact communication device, and non-contact communication method: A communication antenna has a rectangular radiating section, and has a structure that emits an electric field of linear polarized waves only in a vicinity of the radiating section of the antenna. An RFID tag has an IC chip and a tag antenna that is long in a predetermined direction.... Agent: Solaris Intellectual Property Group, PLLC

20100164725 - Transponder demodulator for a low antenna limiter threshold: An RFID transponder having an antenna for receiving an RF signal including an amplitude modulated downlink data signal, and a demodulating stage coupled to the antenna for receiving a derived RF signal which is derived from the received RF signal. The demodulating stage has a first filter for extracting a... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20100164730 - Apparatus for sensing impact of a body on a trip located on a support: An apparatus for sensing impact of a body on a strip located on a support, characterised by comprising: a strip (2) of material presenting piezoelectric characteristics, applicable to a support in the region to be monitored; at least one continuous tape (4) made of conductive material and associated with said... Agent: Hoffman Wasson & Gitler, P.c Crystal Center 2, Suite 522

20100164727 - Color detection system for detecting reservoir presence and content in device: A system for identifying a reservoir used with a fluid delivery device. The system includes a reservoir comprising a housing for holding fluid and a colored marking located on a surface of the housing. A fluid delivery device includes a compartment for receiving and operatively coupling with the reservoir. A... Agent: Medtronic Minimed Inc.

20100164731 - Method and apparatus for media viewer health care: A method and apparatus are provided for evaluating viewing behaviors of media viewers. The viewing space of the media is imaged and analyzed to detect media viewers and evaluate their viewing behaviors using machine vision. Based on their evaluated viewing behaviors, a health care feature may be delivered to the... Agent: Aiguo Xie

20100164729 - Methods and systems for presenting an inhalation experience: Methods, computer program products, and systems are described that include accepting an indication of an individual's compliance with an artificial sensory experience and presenting an indication of an inhalation device-dispensed bioactive agent at least partially based on the indication of the individual's compliance with the artificial sensory experience.... Agent: Iv - Suiter Swantz PC Llo

20100164728 - System, method and implementation for increasing a likelihood of improved hand hygiene in a desirably sanitary environment: A monitor implements a protocol for evaluating the sufficiency of a worker's hand washing activity in a desirably sanitary area. After a quantity of cleanser has been dispensed to the worker, data representative of the frequency, amplitude and duration of hand reciprocation by the worker are combined according to a... Agent: Frank J. Catalano Gable Gotwals

20100164732 - Evacuation system: A method includes receiving occupancy information from a node located in an area of a structure, where the occupancy information includes a number of individuals located in the area. An indication of an evacuation condition is received from the node. One or more evacuation routes are determined based at least... Agent: Foley & Lardner LLP

20100164733 - Remote detection systems for absorbent articles: Signaling systems are disclosed that indicate a change in an absorbent article, such as the presence of a body fluid. The various different signaling systems disclosed do not include any conductive elements contained on the interior of the article as were required in the past. Instead, the changes are monitored... Agent: Dority & Manning, P.A.

20100164734 - Multi-object protection, control, and monitoring in the same intelligent electronic device: An Intelligent Electronic Device with integrated protection, and/or control, and/or monitoring for two power system primary objects or more power system primary objects, responsive to a plurality of inputs from the power system primary objects, and providing a plurality of outputs to the power system primary objects.... Agent: Venable LLP

20100164735 - System and method for testing power transistors: A method for testing a power converter having at least one power transistor is disclosed. The method may include receiving a power transistor test request, and resetting a fault flag. The method may also include applying a gate driver signal to each power transistor, receiving a feedback signal from each... Agent: Caterpillar Inc. Intellectual Property Dept.

20100164736 - Energy-saving status indicator: The embodiments described herein present methods and apparatus for an energy-saving status indicator. A method includes receiving a configuration of a first power consumption state for a status indicator light in a network device. The method then activates the first power consumption state using the configuration. After detecting a condition,... Agent: Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner, P.A.

20100164737 - Pressure sensing based localization and tracking system: A locating and tracking system is provided. The locating and tracking system includes plural pressure sensing modules, each of which includes at least one pressure sensing unit detecting a pressure source and generating a signal; a data processing unit connected with the at least one pressure sensing unit, and processing... Agent: Bever Hoffman & Harms, LLP 901 Campisi Way

20100164738 - Electronic balance: An electronic balance for clearly indicating the degree of precision to a target weight value is provided. A signal converter (2) converts an electronic signal outputted from a weight detecting circuit (1) into a digital signal. A computing section (3) converts the digital signal into a measured weight value Wx,... Agent: J C Patents

20100164739 - Monitoring device for a laser machining device: A monitoring device (10) for a laser machining device (12) that has one or more laser beams (13) that are displaced along a predetermined adjustable trajectory (14, 16) along a workpiece (18) includes one or more sensors (20, 22) which monitor(s) the processing signal (24) of the machining process in... Agent: Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz, LLP

20100164740 - Automatic lock and automatic unlock method for computer system and computer system thereof: An automatic lock and automatic unlock method for a computer system and the associated computer system are provided. The method includes steps of detecting whether a user is in a predetermined range when a computer system is in an unlock status and recording a duration during which the user is... Agent: Edell, Shapiro & Finnan, LLC

20100164741 - Wireless music transmission device for wirelessly controlling volume-adjustment and song-selection functions of ipod: A wireless music transmission device for wirelessly controlling volume-adjustment and song-selection functions of iPod includes a wireless earphone and a wireless music transmitter. The wireless music transmitter is electrically connected to iPod. The wireless earphone and the wireless music transmitter both have a radio frequency integrated circuit, so as to... Agent: Bacon & Thomas, PLLC

20100164742 - Activation circuit for sealed electronic device: An environmentally sealed electronic device with an internal activation circuit that does not require a constant interrogation signal to maintain power to its internal circuitry. The electronic device includes sensor circuitry for gathering or sensing data; an internal battery for powering the sensor circuitry; and an internal activation circuit for... Agent: Hovey Williams LLP

20100164743 - Operating signal system and method for controlling a motorized window covering: A motorized window covering includes a motor and a housing that holds the motor and a dc battery. Also, within the housing is a wake-up signal amplifier that is constantly energized and a data signal amplifier that is only energized when a wake-up signal is received. A remote control unit... Agent: Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch LLP

20100164744 - Method and apparatus for bi-directional communication with a miniature circuit breaker: A wireless electrically isolated plug-n-play communications system for branch circuit breakers. The system providing means for automatically connecting the wireless electrically isolated communication system between the branch circuit breaker and a communications strip as the branch circuit breaker is being installed in the load center.... Agent: Schneider Electric / Square D Company Legal Dept. - I.p. Group

20100164745 - Remote control device with multiple active surfaces: A remote control unit is disclosed having multiple active surfaces. In general, the side facing upward (with respect to the direction of gravity) will be active and illuminated, and the side facing downward will be inactive and blank. The present system further includes one or more orientation/motion sensors for sensing... Agent: Vierra Magen/microsoft Corporation

20100164746 - Toe-switch: Described is a toe-switch for attaching with a user's toe and discretely operating a toe-switch operated device. The toe-switch includes a toe attachment, such as a Velcro band, that is formed to connect with a user's toe. A switching device, such as a tilt ball switch, is connected with the... Agent: Risso & Associates

20100164747 - Method and apparatus for establishing low frequency/ultra low frequency and very low frequency communications: A method for generating electromagnetic waves in the ELF/ULF comprising the steps of using a ground-based Horizontal Electric Dipole (HED) antenna to send electromagnetic pulses upwardly in the E-region of the ionosphere to form an oscillatory or pulsed electric field; allowing said pulsed electric field to interact with magnetized plasma... Agent: Bae Systems

20100164748 - Method, system, and apparatus of downhole time interlaced communications: A method, system, and apparatus of downhole time interlaced communications are provided. The method includes setting command intervals for first and second communications systems associated with downhole tools. Each command interval is a delay value between consecutive commands greater than an actual command duration to define periods of communications inactivity.... Agent: Bracewell & Giuliani LLP

20100164750 - Adapter for meter: An adapter is interposed between a standard resource meter and its socket, to provide RF-capabilities. Communications between meter and adapter are effected by optical technology. The adapter has emergency battery back-up capabilities.... Agent: Ip Dept / Tantalus Systems Corp.

20100164749 - Automatic registration of meters to a centralized data system: A system and methods for automatically configuring a monitoring device that is attachable to a network coupled to a data collection system. The network has associated network parameters. The monitoring device is coupled to an energy distribution system. The monitoring device measures a characteristic of energy supplied by the energy... Agent: Schneider Electric / Square D Company Legal Dept. - I.p. Group (np)

20100164751 - Telemetry signal collection, process, diagnosis, transmission, control and activation system: This patent refers to an electronic equipment system, which is intended to collect data from the equipment of certain area, which it monitors, to process this data, diagnose faults of the equipment and transfer data to a central control system, to accept commands, to activate the active equipment installed in... Agent: Tsigiroglou Kiriakos

20100164752 - Server-based warning of hazards: A hazard warning unit for a vehicle for detecting hazards and for warning about hazards is disclosed, which hazard warning unit has a plurality of sensing units for sensing measured values, and an analysis unit for analyzing the measured values. If a hazard is detected, a hazard message is transferred... Agent: Ratnerprestia

20100164753 - Mobile flow readout and mobile flow sequencer features: An invention regarding traffic management is disclosed. A system that tells motorist how fast to go in order to make it through a traffic signal while it is green serves one or more lanes in one or more directions. A Fast Lane On Warning (FLOW) sequencer is in synchronization with... Agent: James Jacob Free

20100164754 - System comprising two combined instruments mounted on board an aircraft and method implementing the system: The invention relates to a system including two integrated electronics instruments mounted onboard an aircraft and communication links between the two integrated electronics instruments, each integrated electronics instrument including independent determination of flight parameters of the aircraft and display of either flight parameters or navigation parameters of the aircraft. The... Agent: Darby & Darby P.C.

20100164755 - Electronic apparatus and electronic system: The present invention is an electronic system and an electronic apparatus 100 from which a portable apparatus 10 is detachable, and which includes a controller 140 being capable of controlling controlled portions 134 and 135. The controller 140 recognizes a current mode of the controlled portions 134 and 135 when... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

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