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Communications: electrical June invention type 06/10

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20100156590 - Image plate readout device: The invention relates to an image plate readout device, the readout device comprising receiver elements for the reception of an image plate and/or a transfer element intended for an image plate. In connection with the readout device is provided, for detecting an object, at least one sensing element, which is... Agent: Andrus, Sceales, Starke & Sawall, LLP

20100156591 - Facility access integrated with other security systems: Systems and methods for integrating facility access with other security systems are described. An individual seeking access authorization to a facility may be identified with a biometric parameter such as an iris scan. If authorized, the system may allow entry by disabling the alarm system, and a time period for... Agent: Banner & Witcoff, Ltd Attorneys For Client Number 007131

20100156592 - Television theft deterrence: A signal received by a television over a communication medium is interrogated for the presence of a remotely transmitted ping. The television is operated in response to detection of the presence of the ping in the received signal. The television is locked against use in response to failing to detect... Agent: Zenith Electronics LLC

20100156594 - Biometric lock: A lock unit is provided with a housing that includes a key-receiving body, a biometric sensor and a control circuit. The key-receiving body is arranged to receive a key therein. The biometric sensor is adapted to receive a biometric input from a user of the lock unit and to provide... Agent: Caesar, Rivise, Bernstein, Cohen & Pokotilow, Ltd.

20100156595 - Control panel for controlling information processing system: A control panel for controlling an information processing system is provided. The control panel is an integral device and is capable of being integrated with the information processing system. The control panel includes a plurality of capacitive touch buttons assembled in a printed circuit board assembly, a fingerprint sensor assembled... Agent: Byip, Ltd.

20100156593 - Radiation image capturing system: The power consumption of a battery for supplying electric power to a cassette having a radiation detector for detecting radiation image information is greatly reduced. When a cassette transceiver of the cassette starts transmitting the radiation image information to a console transceiver of a console, the cassette transceiver changes the... Agent: Akerman Senterfitt

20100156596 - Secure transaction card using biometrical validation: A validation scheme for use with a transaction card such as a calling card, et cetera, using personalized biometric profile data that is inherently coupled to the card owner/user. A configuration process is used for populating a profile database with sample voice or other biometric responses elicited from the owner/user... Agent: Verizon Patent Management Group

20100156597 - Real-time automatic rfid inventory control system: The present disclosure describes a system for tracking store-items placed in a storage space. The system includes a plurality of wireless RFID readers distributed within the storage space such that at least one store-item, having an RFID tag attached, is within an interrogation range of at least one of the... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20100156603 - Asset apparency method and apparatus: A method and apparatus making an asset apparent. The method and apparatus may be configured to obtain an asset apparency request to locate an asset, wherein the asset apparency request includes an identification code corresponding to the asset, to generate an asset apparency message, wherein the asset apparency message includes... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20100156602 - Commodity display position alert system and commodity display position alert method: A commodity display position alert system includes commodity display shelves set in a selling floor space of a store, an RFID reader provided in each of the commodity display shelves, and a server as a system control unit. The RFID reader reads a commodity code from an RFID tag attached... Agent: Turocy & Watson, LLP

20100156601 - Llrp-based flexible reader system and method: A system includes a host computing device, a first RFID transceiver, and at least one second RFID transceiver. The host computing device executes an application according to a predetermined RFID communication protocol. The predetermined RFID communication protocol supports communication only with a single RFID transceiver. The first RFID transceiver communicates... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20100156600 - Method and system for a broadband impedance compensated slot antenna (bicsa): Described herein are devices, systems and methods for compensating a frequency response of an antenna to an electronic device, such as a radio frequency identification (“RFID”) reader. An exemplary embodiment is a device including at least one radio frequency (“RF”) source for transmitting RF signals, at least one RF receiver... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20100156598 - Rfid medical devices and systems for reading physiological parameter: In the medical field, it is necessary to obtain physiological parameters, including temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure, from patients frequently. The devices involved generally require human operation (for example thermometer and sphygmomanometer), or continuous direct connection to large devices. All these do not only create discomfort to the patients,... Agent: Byip, Ltd.

20100156599 - Zone determination by combining signal strength with topological factors: Active RFID technologies are used to tag assets and people within buildings or open areas, such as parking lots or military bases; and to identify, preferably within a few meters, the real-time location (RTL) of the tag, i.e. to create a real-time location system, known as an RTLS. A novel... Agent: Glenn Patent Group

20100156604 - Rfid tag reading apparatus and method: A method comprises identifying a known-ID-number set comprising at least two ID numbers of corresponding tags and each ID number comprises a plurality of bit positions; calculating an entropy between each corresponding bit position in the known-ID-number set; identifying the bit position having a greatest entropy; and transmitting a reading... Agent: General Electric Company Global Research

20100156605 - Wireless display tag (wdt) using active and backscatter transceivers: A wireless display tag, adapted to fit within the C-channel of a shelf-edge, or otherwise usable as a hang tag or small identification device, includes, depending on implementation, an active transceiver, a passive transceiver, or both, with analog and digital control portions for managing communications with a host.... Agent: Dla Piper LLP (us )

20100156610 - Rfid repeater for range extension in modulated backscatter systems: A backscatter tag system including a tag having tag circuitry and a reader for transmitting a command signal to the tag includes an energizer node for transmitting an energy signal to the tag to energize the tag and provide energy for operating the tag circuitry and for emitting a backscatter... Agent: Caesar, Rivise, Bernstein, Cohen & Pokotilow, Ltd.

20100156606 - Rfid sensor assemblies and methods of use: An embodiment of a RFID Sensor Assembly includes two or more RFID tags—an identifier tag and one or more sensor tags, each capable of providing output readable by a RFID tag reader. A processing system may identify, based on one or more signals received from the identifier and sensor tags,... Agent: Robert Plotkin, PC

20100156611 - Apparatus for communicating with rfid tag: This disclosure discloses an apparatus for communicating with an RFID tag comprising: an apparatus antenna device configured to conduct radio communication with an RFID tag circuit element; a tag information obtainment portion configured to obtain identification information from the RFID tag circuit element via the apparatus antenna device; a management... Agent: Day Pitney LLP

20100156613 - Apparatus for communicating with rfid tag: This disclosure discloses an apparatus for communicating with an RFID tag comprising: a radio communicating device configured to conduct radio communication with a plurality of RFID tag circuit elements respectively having an IC circuit part storing information and a tag antenna capable of transmission and reception of information; and a... Agent: Day Pitney LLP

20100156614 - Beverage container authenticity and provenance devices and methods: An RFID label and optional secondary security label ensures the authenticity of a beverage contained in a beverage container. The RFID label cannot be removed without destroying the RFID label or rendering it inoperable. A secondary security label may be placed over the closure of the beverage container to provide... Agent: Luce, Forward, Hamilton & Scripps LLP

20100156612 - System for recognizing animals: A system for recognizing animals in a detection zone (4) wherein the animals are provided with a label (6.i) that responds by transmitting a return signal with information when the label is (6.i) introduced into an electromagnetic interrogation field, provided with at least a transmitting and receiving system (2) for... Agent: Leydig Voit & Mayer, Ltd

20100156608 - Apparatus and method of controlling digital appliances based on parking management: An apparatus for controlling digital appliances based on parking management is disclosed. The apparatus includes an interface unit, connected to a control terminal through a wired/wireless communication network, for providing an interface for establishing a home network service environment that is dependent upon information about incoming or outgoing vehicle; a... Agent: Ladas & Parry LLP

20100156607 - Method for activating an rfid antenna and an associated rfid antenna system: An improved method and an improved device for activating an RFID antenna uses an antenna (A) and an antenna network (N). The antenna (A) is operated via the antenna network (N) by means of a connectable reader (R). The antenna (A) is operated as a circular or elliptical polarized antenna... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20100156609 - Portable terminal with rfid tag and method for providing local service using rfid tag thereof: When a portable terminal with an RFID tag reaches a predetermined region where an RFID reader is disposed, the present invention inquires whether or not a service provided in the corresponding region is used of a user and provides the corresponding service depending on the response without opening user information... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20100156615 - Device and method for issuing rfid holding medium and computer-readable recording medium: A conveyance unit conveys an RFID holding medium along a guide path for guiding RFID holding media and an RFID reader-writer conducts radio communication to an RFID chip placed in a predetermined communication position in the guide path. A control unit stops an RFID holding medium in the communication position... Agent: Turocy & Watson, LLP

20100156616 - Vehicle environment monitoring apparatus: A vehicle environment monitoring apparatus is equipped with a monitored object detecting unit 26 which detects an object having possibility of contact by applying an object detecting algorithm for short range when the distance calculated from data on one disparity by the first distance calculating unit 24 is equal to... Agent: Carrier Blackman And Associates

20100156617 - Apparatus, method, and program of driving attention amount determination: Even when a driver is not directing his or her line of sight to objects in the surroundings, the amount of attention of the driver to the peripheral visual field can be determined, and safe driving assistance in accordance with the result of determination can be provided. A driving attention... Agent: Mark D. Saralino (pan) Renner, Otto, Boisselle & Sklar, LLP

20100156618 - Tire monitoring system without battery: The present invention relates to a tire monitoring system without battery, which is firmly set on the wheel rim or in the tire to monitor the status of the tire. The present invention includes a tire status sensor and a generator. The former is set on the wheel rim or... Agent: Kamrath & Associates P.A.

20100156619 - Brake warning device: A device and method for providing a warning to an operator of a truck/tractor and trailer unit of a potential loss or reduction of brakes. The invention provides a pressure differential sensor (12) which bridges between an air supply line (13, 16) to the spring brakes (17) of a truck/tractor... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100156620 - Vehicle rear safety distance alerting system: This device will gauge the speed and distance between the subject car and the car following it, and signal the driver of the following car to adjust the distance for a safer commute. This will be accomplished by a signaling system to the driver of the following car by visual... Agent: Sohail Shams

20100156621 - Directional indicator: A directional indicator includes a momentary type turn signal lever supported to undergo a swing operation and automatically returning to a neutral position after the swing operation, a turn switch operated by the swing operation of the turn signal lever in a first zone for generating a turn signal for... Agent: Roberts Mlotkowski Safran & Cole, P.C. Intellectual Property Department

20100156622 - Poll-based alarm handling system and method: A system and method of handling poll-based alarms. The method begins by detecting a high-priority problem in a network. Next, network elements in the network related to the high-priority problem are mapped. The mapping step includes grouping network elements into focus groups wherein each focus group includes network elements having... Agent: Ericsson Inc.

20100156623 - Method and apparatus for network service assurance: Trouble ticket management automates existing institutional operational processes by engaging various external trouble ticketing systems. These systems feed correlated alarm events, trouble analysis results, and trouble ticket information to a particular institutional network. Correlated alarm feeds, including trouble ticket information, are correlated and sent to institutional trouble ticket management systems.... Agent: At & T Legal Department - Ws Attn: Patent Docketing

20100156624 - Radio proximity monitoring: A tag (2) is attachable to items such as a briefcase or a laptop and communicates via Bluetooth™ (4,8) with a mobile (cell) phone (6). In use, a user carries their mobile phone on their person and the proximity of one or more of the tags is monitored (14). When... Agent: Jenkins, Wilson, Taylor & Hunt, P. A.

20100156625 - Sensor data sharing: The disclosed embodiments relate to a method for operating two or more mobile terminals in an interactive session. The mobile terminals are provided with one or more sensors. The data captured by the sensors is sent via a wireless connection to the other mobile terminals that participate in the interactive... Agent: Ditthavong Mori & Steiner, P.C.

20100156626 - Remote telemetric panic and service apparatus: The present invention, a system utilizing an emergency command center, includes: a keychain or penchant body including within a GPS navigation means, an GPS antenna; a radio-frequency transmitter, a radio-frequency antenna; a power source, the present invention one or more buttons; wherein, when the one or more button are pressed,... Agent: Michael E. Klicpera

20100156627 - Systems and methods for providing viewer-related information on a display based upon wireless identification of a particular viewer: Systems and methods are described for presenting viewer-related programming to a particular viewer. In at least one embodiment, a wireless reader is configured to receive at least one identifier when the particular viewer is in proximity to the reader. A controller is configured to receive the identifier from the wireless... Agent: Ingrassia Fisher & Lorenz, P.C. (dish)

20100156628 - Automated adaption based upon prevailing threat levels in a security system: Four threat levels reflect a prevailing risk and can be adjusted, for example, when local authorities advise of an increased likelihood of terrorist activity. Thus, a higher threat level in such system indicates a higher level of risk to a particular facility. In an embodiment of the invention, the behavior... Agent: Glenn Patent Group

20100156630 - Contextual risk indicators in connection with threat level management: A system is provided that that allows users to define factors that uniquely affect the security risk of certain events at a certain locale. The system can then change its behavior based on these custom risks and invoke various counter measures when threats are more likely. Accordingly, one embodiment of... Agent: Glenn Patent Group

20100156632 - Infrastructure monitoring system and method: An infrastructure monitoring system and method that comprises multiple monitoring devices and/or multiple output devices. Each monitoring device includes at least one sensor for collecting data, a data storage device for storing the data, a processor for analyzing the data, and a communications device for transmitting and receiving data. The... Agent: Remenick PLLC

20100156633 - Liquid infusion pump: A method is provided for controlling change access to a display menu of an ambulatory liquid infusion pump. A programmed menu of the infusion pump may be displayed and a menu lock flag may be monitored. Changes to at least one active item of the programmed menu may be disabled... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations Inc.

20100156629 - Mems devices and remote sensing systems utilizing the same: A remote sensing system comprises a micro-electromechanical sensor (MEMS) device comprising a sensing element, an exciting element to resonate the sensing element at resonant frequency from a remote location by transmitting signals comprising any of acoustic signals, optical signals, radio frequency signals, or magnetic induction signals, and a reader circuitry... Agent: General Electric Company Global Research

20100156631 - Method and system for transmitting a plurality of notifications in a notification pool: A method for transmitting a plurality of notifications in a notification pool includes determining a first notification batch having the plurality of notifications, and assigning a priority weight to each of the plurality of notifications, at least two of the priority weights being different. The method further includes inserting the... Agent: Mcdermott, Will & Emery

20100156635 - Signal level detection method: An electronic signal level detection system and method are provided. The method receives an analog input signal having a variable voltage and compares the input signal voltage to a threshold. A detection signal is generated for input signal voltages exceeding the threshold in a periodic first time frame. In a... Agent: Gerald W. Maliszewski

20100156634 - Table top contraband sensing apparatus and method: A table top mounted apparatus and method for detecting contraband, such as paper currency, within a container, where the contraband has a ferromagnetic component. The apparatus includes a DC magnetic field source for inducing a de-magnetization field in any ferromagnetic contraband that may be present within a container, and magnetic... Agent: Gerald W. Spinks

20100156636 - Intruder identifying method, intruder identifying device and intruder identifying sensor device: In an intruder identifying method and device, an intruder identifying sensor device identifies an intruder as a detection target to be originally detected by determining whether a variation style for a predetermined time of intruder intrusion state information based on the reception signal of the electric wave receiving unit during... Agent: Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney PC

20100156637 - Method for detecting an intruder's path: A Sophisticated algorithm for processing sensors data in a four dimensional space including location and time, includes a method for detecting an intruder's path in a location and time space, comprising: a. Measuring signals from a plurality of sensors distributed in a protected location; b. storing the measured sensors data,... Agent: Josef Samuelson

20100156638 - Hand directed contraband sensing apparatus and method: A hand held, or at least hand directed, apparatus and method for detecting contraband, such as paper currency, within a container, where the contraband has a ferromagnetic component. The apparatus includes a DC magnetic field source for inducing a de-magnetization field in any ferromagnetic contraband that may be present within... Agent: Gerald W. Spinks

20100156639 - Device configuration system and method: A device configuration method comprises transferring configuration data between a terminal and an electronic device, such as a self-service terminal, wirelessly whilst the electronic device is within packaging and is powered down. The electronic device stores the configuration data locally at a wireless receiver and a core processor interrogates the... Agent: Paul W. Martin

20100156640 - Optical control of rfid chips: A radio frequency identification (RFID) system includes an RFID chip and a photo-active material disposed in proximity to the RFID chip. The photo-active material provides energy—in the form of optical frequency radiation—to the RFID chip that affects (e.g., enhances or inhibits) the performance of the RFID chip and its sensitivity... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation Amanda Wittine

20100156641 - Rfid enabled tire control system and method: A tire control system for a vehicle is provided includes an RFID tag mounted to the tire and having a unique tire serial number stored within tag memory accessible to an external reader; a pass-through portal operatively entered and exited by the vehicle; one or more tire-directed antenna positioned within... Agent: The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company Intellectual Property Department 823

20100156642 - Deactivating a data tag for user privacy or tamper-evident packaging: Deactivating a data tag attached to packaging for user privacy or tamper-evident reasons. Each of a plurality of data tags stores identification information. At least one of the data tags is removable and capable of wireless signal transmission at a first range such that removal of the data tag substantially... Agent: Perkins Coie LLP Patent-sea

20100156643 - Stimulus delivery device having an adjustable stimulus intensity range: Described is an animal training system for delivering a stimulus to an animal, whereby the intensity of the stimulus is selected from a plurality of intensities that is within a selectable range of available intensities. More specifically, each of the plurality of intensities is within the range of available intensities.... Agent: Pitts And Brittian P C

20100156644 - Radiation detector: A detecting unit (2) detects radiation. A data acquiring block (34) creates basic data equivalent to the count per unit time of the detected radiation. A data processing block (40) compares the basic data with a threshold and generates a annunciation control signal when the basic data is above the... Agent: Drinker Biddle & Reath (dc)

20100156645 - Apparatus for displaying operating states of a cooking vessel: An apparatus for determining and displaying or monitoring at least one operating state, selected from the group of temperatures, pressure or air humidity, of a cooking vessel includes: an adjusting element for detecting the operating state, and a signaling apparatus having an acoustic signal transmitter and/or an optical signal transmitter... Agent: The Webb Law Firm, P.C.

20100156646 - System to identify viscosity of aspirated material during ophthalmic surgery: An ophthalmic surgical system 10 detects a change in a viscosity of a material being aspirated from an eye 32. The system 10 includes a control module 18 connected to an aspiration pump 20, and a flow meter 19 connected to the control module 18 and the aspiration pump 20.... Agent: Bausch & Lomb Incorporated

20100156647 - Visual indicator of gas sensor impairment: A gas detector includes at least one gas sensing element and a calorimetric sensing material for detection of a different, potentially contaminating gas which can impair the function of the gas sensing element disposed within the detector. The sensing material provides a visual indication of the presence of the potentially... Agent: Honeywell/husch Patent Services

20100156648 - Wireless communications device: A wireless communications device for performing wireless communications includes a notifying unit for notifying a user of a status of the corresponding wireless communications device when a dedicated user interface is manipulated, a display unit and a detector for detecting failure in the display unit. The notifying unit notifies the... Agent: Bacon & Thomas, PLLC

20100156649 - System and method for detecting distribution transformer overload: A system, device, and method of detecting an overload condition of a distribution transformer that supplies power to one or more customer premises via a low voltage subnet is provided. In one embodiment, the method comprises determining the power output of the transformer; storing in a memory a threshold power... Agent: Capital Legal Group, LLC

20100156650 - Rfid device and related method for providing assistance for locating it: A method of providing assistance for locating a radio-frequency identification (RFID) device is provided. The RFID device preferably comprises a power source having a power level and a feedback device. The method comprises determining the power level of the power source is below a first predetermined power level, and transmitting... Agent: Ingrassia Fisher & Lorenz, P.C. (symbol)

20100156651 - Rfid tag movement determination: A system, techniques, and apparatus for determining RFID tag movement are disclosed. The system includes an RFID reader that is configured to detect an RFID tag's motion by comparing backscattered signals received from the tag. The system can also generate and filter alerts according to pre-defined business rules based on... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20100156652 - Portable bearing test device: A portable bearing test device includes a power supply that is operable to supply direct current (DC) electrical power via a plurality of power supply outputs and a circuit common. Independent bearing test circuits are coupled to receive output electrical power from one of the power supply outputs, and are... Agent: Honeywell/ifl Patent Services

20100156653 - Assessment device: An assessment device is provided which allows for measurement of a position of interest, e.g., a body part, while a subject is in a functional position, such as may be required for the demands of an activity of interest without also requiring a lengthy setup time, tethered connection to other... Agent: Thomas E. Lees, LLC

20100156654 - Alarm trend summary display system and method: An alarm trend summary display system and method can utilize an alarm trend list that works together with an alarm summary list. A set of rows in the alarm trend list can be organized in a top-to-bottom manner. A set of alarm indicators within each row in the alarm trend... Agent: Honeywell/ortiz & Lopez Patent Services

20100156655 - Equipment area alarm summary display system and method: An equipment area alarm summary display system and method that can help operators cope with inevitable alarm floods is disclosed. An equipment area summary display with dedicated screen areas for each major equipment area works together with a detailed list display. Alarms within each equipment area can be grouped logically... Agent: Honeywell/ortiz & Lopez Patent Services

20100156657 - Display device: A display device is provided. The display includes a display main body, a light source, a diffusion part, and a transmission part. The display main body includes a display module and a cabinet protecting the display module. The light source generates light according to an operating state of the display... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20100156656 - Enhanced visual feedback for touch-sensitive input device: A touch-sensitive input device provides improved visual feedback at (or near) the point and time of contact. As the user touches a touch-sensitive screen or pad, a portion of the screen or pad changes in visual appearance to indicate that the input has been received. In one embodiment, the change... Agent: Raubvogel Law Office

20100156659 - Access, monitoring, and control of appliances via a media processing system: A device and method for accessing, monitoring, and controlling home appliances in a media exchange network by establishing a communication link between a communication initiation device and at least one home appliance and communicating at least one command from the communication initiation device to the at least one home appliance... Agent: Mcandrews Held & Malloy, Ltd

20100156658 - Universal remote control apparatus and universal remote control system for controlling plurality of electronic devices, and control methods thereof: A universal remote control apparatus including a user input unit which receives an input of a user, a signal transmitting unit which transmits a control signal, a remote control signal receiving unit which receives a remote control signal from a device-specific remote control apparatus, a communication unit which performs communication... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20100156660 - Apparatus and method for estimating position of mobile unit: Provided is a tag attached to a mobile unit to estimate a position of the mobile unit, which can minimize the estimation position error of a mobile unit even while increasing the positioning interval of a beacon, and the tag includes a radio frequency (RF) transceiver transmitting and receiving an... Agent: Ipla P.A.

20100156661 - Locator system and device: A system for locating an object includes a transmitter and a receiver. A transmitter includes an actuator and a transmitter adapted to generate a radio-frequency signal in response to the actuator. The receiver is adapted to receive a radio-frequency signal and, in response to receipt of the radio-frequency signal, generate... Agent: Robert Ryan Morishita Morishita Law Firm, LLC

20100156662 - Subsea electronic module: An electronic module for use as a subsea electronic module for an underwater fluid extraction well, wherein a local area network enables communication within the module, the local area network including a plurality of interfaces with components of the network, and wherein the interfaces comprise capacitive coupling interfaces.... Agent: Bracewell & Giuliani LLP

20100156664 - Apparatus and methods for multi-channel electric metering: In one aspect, the invention comprises a device for measuring electricity usage, comprising: means for remote disconnection via power line communication; means for detection of electricity theft; means for tamper detection; and means for reverse voltage detection. In another aspect, the invention comprises an apparatus for multi-channel metering of electricity,... Agent: Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP

20100156665 - System, method and apparatus for advanced utility control, monitoring and conservation: The present application is directed to a system and method of providing flexible real-time two-way energy control and monitoring between utility providers and consumers. Consumer friendly nodes permit communication of targeted information and control, while permitting the utility provider to remotely communicate and control in a real-time environment. Data collection... Agent: Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox P.l.l.c.

20100156666 - System and methods for monitoring energy consumption and reducing standby power: A power saving system and method for the home appliances and home network devices is provided. The system provides an energy consumption monitoring and standby power saving system that is connected to home appliances and that may detect the amount of power consumed by corresponding home appliances. The system includes... Agent: North Star Intellectual Property Law, PC

20100156663 - Radiosonde having hydrophobic filter comprising humidity sensor: Radiosondes (200) and related radiosonde systems (500) include a plurality of different sensors (105, 218, 237, 239) for acquiring sensor data related to atmospheric data, wherein the plurality of sensors consist of a single humidity sensor (105) that is within a sealed housing (120). The sealed housing (120) includes a... Agent: Honeywell/s&s Patent Services

20100156667 - Trailer identification system: A system and method that, upon connection of a trailer to a tow vehicle, recognizes the trailer and applies a stored trailer configuration in a controller. In one embodiment, tire pressure sensors transmit RF signals that are received by the tire pressure monitoring system. Transmissions from the sensors are decoded... Agent: Angela M. Brunetti, PLLC

20100156668 - Method and apparatus for vehicle driving guide: A method and an apparatus for vehicle driving guide with lamps are applied to a target road. The apparatus has a traffic condition detection module, multiple indication lamps and a signal control module. The traffic condition detection module obtains a traffic condition. The indication lamps are mounted separately on the... Agent: Hershkovitz & Associates, LLC

20100156669 - Method for running vehicles detecting network and system thereof: Provided are a method for running a network for vehicle detection and a system thereof. Each vehicle detecting device is classified into a plurality of groups based on information provided from the vehicle detecting devices and control information that activates or deactivates components of the corresponding vehicle detecting devices is... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20100156670 - Preemptive variable rate travel fees: Variable thoroughfare toll rates are applied in anticipation of an event impacting traffic flow. An event occurrence is identified and determined to cause a change in a normal traffic flow amount on an impacted section of a thoroughfare. A traveler is notified of the impacted section of the thoroughfare in... Agent: Driggs, Hogg, Daugherty & Del Zoppo Co., L.p.a.

20100156671 - Device and method for assisting a parking maneuver of a vehicle: A device for assisting a parking maneuver of a vehicle, in particular a motor vehicle, into a parking space situated transverse to the vehicle, having a parking space measuring device with a sensor system, and an evaluation unit, connected to the sensor system, for determining a parking trajectory of the... Agent: Kenyon & Kenyon LLP

20100156672 - System and method for auto valet parking: Provided are a system and a method for auto valet parking. In the system and method, a parking slot of a target vehicle among a plurality of slots formed in a parking place is determined based on situation information on the parking place and a movement path based on information... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20100156673 - Method and system for managing traffic advisory information: Methods and systems for operating an avionics system are provided. A set of data that is representative of traffic advisory information is received. A visual indicator is displayed to a user based on the set of data that is representative of the traffic advisory information. The traffic advisory information may... Agent: Honeywell/ifl Patent Services

20100156674 - Systems and methods for displaying heading-based leg symbology: An aircraft display system includes a processor configured to receive a heading-based leg and to generate display signals based on the heading-based leg; and a display device including a horizontal situation indicator coupled to the processor. The horizontal situation indicator receives the display signals from the processor and displaying symbology... Agent: Honeywell/ifl Patent Services

06/17/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100148917 - System, method and program for supervisory control: A supervisory control device is configured such that when a function is added to a device to be subjected to supervisory control, an attribute usage flag that indicates whether the supervisory control device supports any changes, and an attribute effectiveness flag that indicates whether the supervisory control target device supports... Agent: Mr. Jackson Chen

20100148920 - Automated presence detector for motor vehicles: The disclosure presents various embodiments, as well as features and aspects thereof, of a presence detection technique and system used in motor vehicles. Exemplary embodiments recognize the presence of a motor vehicle driver in, or near, a motor vehicle. Based on the recognized presence of a driver, embodiments of an... Agent: Smith Frohwein Tempel Greenlee Blaha, LLC

20100148918 - Hybrid access control system and method for controlling the same: A wireless access apparatus for controlling access into a secure area comprises a first power source and a second power source. A controller automatically switches between the first and second power source based at least on a calculated power level of the first and second power source. The controller is... Agent: Honeywell/husch Patent Services

20100148919 - Method and system for room activity communication: The invention relates to a method and system for room activity communication. In one embodiment, a tray sensing device detects the presence of a tray in a given location and forwards the information to a room controller. The tray can be a conventional tray for supporting food articles or can... Agent: Diane Dunn Mckay, Esq. Mathews, Shepherd, Mckay & Bruneau, P.A.

20100148921 - Lock actuating device for a lock mechanism of a lock, and a method of providing wireless control of a lock: In one embodiment of the present invention, a lock actuating device for a lock mechanism of a lock has a transceiver capable of interaction with a wireless key device, a controller coupled to the transceiver and capable of generating a control signal, and a lock actuator adapted for actuation of... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100148922 - Biometric authentication device and method, computer-readable recording medium recorded with biometric authentication computer program, and computer system: A computer system checks whether or not an authentication success rate for a registered user shows an over-time reduction based on the history of the results of the previous biometric authentication processes in which the high-speed verification process is executed, when the authentication success rate is determined as showing an... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20100148923 - Vehicle on-board biometric authentication system: A vehicular biometric authentication system is equipped with a portable terminal that includes a receiver that receives authentication data output from a data management center, and an on-board device that acquires the authentication data via the portable terminal and uses the acquired authentication data to carry out identity verification when... Agent: Gifford, Krass, Sprinkle,anderson & Citkowski, P.c

20100148924 - Wireless communication devices: A method of controlling access to a movable container, the method comprising controllably locking the container using an electronically actuated locking mechanism; storing in a memory a desired geographical location; determining the geographical location of the container; and enabling the locking mechanism to unlock the container if the determined geographical... Agent: Greenberg Traurig, LLP (sv)IPDocketing

20100148926 - Dual antenna rfid tag: A dual antenna RFID tag which can perform both Near Field (NF) communication and Far Field (FF) communication using a single RF tag is presented. The RFID tag includes an antenna unit and a voltage rectification unit. The antenna unit can perform communications in either or both a first and... Agent: Ladas & Parry LLP

20100148929 - Multi-protocol radio frequency identification transceiver: A transceiver for a RFID reader and a transceiver for a RFID transponder (tag) allow communication between the two devices. The RFID reader utilizes an analog front end and a digital backend. In the receiver portion of the transceiver, the front end of the RFID reader uses a pair of... Agent: Garlick Harrison & Markison

20100148928 - Payment skin with contactless chip: An apparatus is provided for making contactless card transactions, specifically of the secure element payment application variety, adapted for use in, but not limited to a customized and personalized skin that is applied to various mobile devices. The contactless payment skin provides a customized fit to the physical design of... Agent: Luedeka, Neely & Graham, P.C.

20100148930 - Product item having location-indicating coded data and rfid tag: An object comprising first coded data disposed on or in a surface thereof and an RFID tag is provided. The first coded data identifies a plurality of locations on the surface and the RFID tag identifies a unique identity of the object.... Agent: Silverbrook Research Pty Ltd

20100148927 - System for managing information in relation to a pet animal carrying subcutaneous electronic identification device: A system is provided for managing information in relation to a pet animal carrying subcutaneous electronic identification device, said system including: A reader, which reads a piece of identification information contained in the electronic identification device; at least one scale, which measures at least one physical datum associated with the... Agent: Westman Champlin & Kelly, P.A.

20100148925 - Wide-area dynamic rfid system using uwb: A wide area radio frequency identification (RFID) system includes: a first RFID cell and a second RFID cell. The first RFID cell and the second RFID cell each include a reader and tags. The readers access the tags using ultra-wide band signaling. The RFID cells each include: a communications interface... Agent: Dr. Mark M. Friedman C/o Bill Polkinghorn - Discovery Dispatch

20100148931 - Radio devices and communications: Each of multiple radio devices in a region (e.g., a zone) receives time reference information for synchronizing themselves amongst each other. For example, based on the timing reference information, each radio device in a region synchronizes itself with respect to a common time reference, enabling communications according to shared access... Agent: Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP

20100148932 - Wireless electronic article surveillance synchronization system and method with data transfer: A method and system are provided for synchronizing a plurality of electronic article surveillance (“EAS”) units and providing wireless data transfer by the EAS units. The invention generates a master synchronization signal, transmits the master synchronization signal to the plurality of EAS units and applies the master synchronization signal to... Agent: Christopher & Weisberg, P.A.

20100148933 - Inclusive or exclusive rfid tag interrogation and query round: Embodiments of the present invention allow for dynamic selection and query of different types of RFID tags into a session. Embodiments of the present invention also allow for dynamic activation of different types of RFID tags. In certain embodiments of the invention, an inclusive operation is performed on the RFID... Agent: Zilka-kotab, PC

20100148938 - Direct wireless polling of model trains: A method and apparatus for designating a particular model vehicle for a command function without punching in the ID of the model vehicle. A remote control device is positioned near one of the model vehicles. A limited field transmission occurs between the model vehicle and the remote control device. The... Agent: O''melveny & Myers LLP Ip&t Calendar Department La-13-a7

20100148939 - Electric power transmitting and receiving device, electric power transmitting device and electric power receiving device: Two antennas with different resonance frequencies are provided, and the resonance frequencies of a reception loop and a reception coil of a receiver are corrected in accordance with a reception status of a carrier transmitted from a transmitter to improve the efficiency of transmission and reception. Further, data transmitted from... Agent: Antonelli, Terry, Stout & Kraus, LLP

20100148934 - Secure inventory control systems and methods for high-value goods: Embodiments of the present invention include methods and systems for tracking and monitoring high-value goods by scanning RFID tags associated with the goods. A central monitoring service verifies both the RFID tags and the devices used to scan the tags against a database of known and trusted tags and scanning... Agent: Goodwin Procter LLP Patent Administrator

20100148936 - Device for reading data from a transponder module: A reader device in accordance with an embodiment of the present disclosure includes an antenna connected electrically to a processing unit through an antenna connection element. The processing unit controls are configured to read data from a transponder module via an electromagnetic field. The reader device includes a user interface... Agent: Ostrolenk Faber Gerb & Soffen

20100148935 - Duplication detection for non-cryptographic rfid tags using encrypted traceability information: A duplication detection module may be configured to determine if data on a RFID tag is encoded. If the data on the RFID tag is not encoded, the duplication detection module may determine that the RFID tag is a duplicate RFID tag and that an item associated with the duplicate... Agent: Brake Hughes Bellermann LLP

20100148937 - System and method of tracking salvaged vehicles and parts using rfid tags: A system and method of tracking salvaged vehicles using RFID tags is disclosed. The method includes creating a record of a vehicle, where the record includes information associated with the vehicle. The method further includes assigning an RFID tag to the record associated with the vehicle, attaching the RFID tag... Agent: Mckinney Law, LLC

20100148940 - Apparatus for internetworked wireless integrated network sensors (wins): The Wireless Integrated Network Sensor Next Generation (WINS NG) nodes provide distributed network and Internet access to sensors, controls, and processors that are deeply embedded in equipment, facilities, and the environment. The WINS NG network is a new monitoring and control capability for applications in transportation, manufacturing, health care, environmental... Agent: Mcdonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP

20100148942 - Apparatus and method of reproducing content in mobile terminal: Content reproducing apparatus and method of a mobile terminal are disclosed. During the reproduction of content, vibration pattern corresponding to content is detect or generated. The vibration pattern is synchronized with an audio signal during the reproduction of content.... Agent: Cha & Reiter, LLC

20100148944 - Haptic function control method for portable terminals: A haptic function control method for a portable terminal including a receipt-specific vibration motor that vibrates in a first frequency band and a haptic-specific vibration motor that vibrates in a second frequency band. At least one of the receipt-specific vibration motor and the haptic-specific vibration motor is driven based on... Agent: The Farrell Law Firm, LLP

20100148941 - Indicating article, device and method: The invention provides devices and methods for indicating a shopper to retrieve his or her reusable shopping bag from the home or vehicle as the shopper embarks on a shopping trip. A device according to one embodiment of the invention includes a down-scaled general replica of a re-usable shopping container.... Agent: Christine Johnson Esq.

20100148943 - Networked applications including haptic feedback: Method and apparatus for providing peer-to-peer force feedback over a computer network. A network force feedback system includes a network, a first computer coupled to the network, and a second computer coupled to the network. The first and second computers each include a visual display and a force feedback interface... Agent: Patent Department (51851) Kilpatrick Stockton LLP

20100148945 - Haptic feedback device for a portable terminal: A haptic feedback device for a portable terminal. The haptic feedback device includes an input member, a vibration member that passes through the input member, and serves as a rotation axis of the input member, and a piezo actuator in contact with the vibration member. As the input member rotates... Agent: The Farrell Law Firm, LLP

20100148946 - Surveillance system: Surveillance system for automatic detection and presentation of threat indications, the system comprising several threat indication detectors (1, 2) and at least one central unit (3) adapted for communication with said threat indication detectors (1, 2) and for presentation of threat images. Threat information signals are transferred automatically from the... Agent: Potomac Patent Group PLLC

20100148947 - Automated geo-fence boundary configuration and activation: A geo-fence is defined and established automatically based on a current location of an asset along with some range or distance, avoiding the need for a user to manually specify a location by drawing a perimeter, specifying a point location, or by any other means. Once established, the geo-fence can... Agent: Raubvogel Law Office

20100148948 - Vehicle lane departure warning system and method: A vehicle lane departure warning system and method are provided. The system includes a position sensor for sensing position of a vehicle and memory storing learned vehicle path data. The system further includes a controller for processing the position data and determining a stored learned vehicle path that the vehicle... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc Legal Staff - M/c 483-400-402

20100148949 - Method and system for associating a tire pressure sensor to a wheel location in an intitiator based tire pressure monitoring system: A method and system for eliminating cross talk in a tire pressure monitoring system that ranks potential sensor identifications based on the number of times the sensors respond to an initiator. Upon determination of a sufficient separation between second and third ranked sensors, an assignment of the first and second... Agent: Angela M. Brunetti, PLLC

20100148950 - Tire internal pressure alarm device: An elastic member 11 positioned between an inner surface of a casing 2 and a front face of a pressure sensing portion 8 of a pressure sensor 1 reduces a possibility of liquid and foreign matters in a tire directly reaching the pressure sensing portion 8. The elastic member also... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20100148951 - Hydrostatic-pressure-sensitive actuator: An actuator, designed to be used in a pressurized enclosure, creates a relative movement between two parts, in response to a variation of hydrostatic pressure. The actuator includes a closed-cell foam block fixed to the two parts. The actuator may be used in the deployment of wheel units and antennas... Agent: Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto

20100148952 - Behavior-based low fuel warning system: A method is provided for determining when to provide a refueling notification to a driver of a vehicle. A refueling behavior is determined for refueling the vehicle. The refueling behavior is associated at least in part to an amount of fuel customarily remaining in the vehicle when the vehicle is... Agent: Macmillan, Sobanski & Todd, LLC One Maritime Plaza

20100148953 - Disaster vulnerability assessment in buildings: The number and identities of people in a building along with personal data that is useful in disaster response planning are determined from a database receiving information from the building's security access card readers and from user information extracted from wireless network access points. This information is used in the... Agent: Patent Capital Group - Cisco

20100148954 - Mobile handset proximity location: A system and method which allows for a more direct form of presenting useful information to a mobile handset user is disclosed. More specifically a method to supply increased functionality to a mobile handset by adding a friend location function to mobile handsets, and to provide a location/homing function to... Agent: The Law Offices Of Dennis L. Cook, PLLC

20100148955 - Baby monitor having a temporary mute function and method of use: A system and method for monitoring a baby is disclosed incorporating a parent unit in communication with a baby unit. The parent unit includes a function operable to temporarily mute the substantial reproduction of baby sounds at the parent unit. The parent unit may additionally included a plurality of outputs... Agent: Dorsey & Whitney, LLP Intellectual Property Department

20100148956 - System and method for remotely communicating with a sensor/actuator unit using a cellular gateway device: A system and method for remotely communicating with a sensor/actuator unit uses a cellular gateway device to allow a master device to access the sensor/actuator unit by establishing a telecommunication connection between the master device and the cellular gateway device via a cellular network and by establishing a wireless connection... Agent: Thomas H. Ham Wilson & Ham

20100148957 - Dog bark door bell notification and personal protection system: A security system includes a warning notification module adapted to recognize at least one of a wireless or audible signal. A door bell ringer or emergency transmission signal from a wireless transmitter can provide a recognition signal to a microprocessor in the security system via the warning notification module. The... Agent: Ortiz & Lopez, PLLC Registered Patent Attorneys

20100148958 - Expiration warning device of refrigerator: An expiration warning device installed on a refrigerator includes a processor unit, a power source unit electrically connected to the processor unit, an operating unit electrically connected to the processor unit for setting a countdown of number of days, at least one display unit electrically connected to the processor unit... Agent: Muncy, Geissler, Olds & Lowe, PLLC

20100148960 - Metal detector for salt soils: This invention relates to metal detectors used to detect metal targets in soils wherein the detector is insensitive to signals induced by a received magnetic field due to perpendicular components of a uniform conducting half-space, including metal detectors simultaneously capable of suppressing signals due to components of substantially log-uniform viscous... Agent: Beyer Law Group LLP

20100148959 - System and method for monitoring ensilage of fodder: A system for monitoring the fermentation process in connection with ensilage of fodder (1) comprises a sensor device (3) arranged in the fodder during the ensilage thereof and a monitoring device (11) operatively connected to the sensor device during the ensilage. The sensor device (3) comprises at least one sensor... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100148961 - Active virtual fence using mesh networked rf tags: A system capable of monitoring an area and detecting a disturbance with the area. The system has a plurality of ultra-wide band radio frequency tags, each of the tags including a digital signal processing module configured to monitor changes in radio frequency multipath properties of received packets transmitted by at... Agent: Dr. Mark M. Friedman C/o Bill Polkinghorn - Discovery Dispatch

20100148963 - Devices, systems and methods for portable device location: Devices, systems, and methods are disclosed which relate to a network of RFID readers which detect a location of an RFID transmitter coupled to a portable device. The network of RFID readers transmits the location to a user. The RFID transmitter couples to any personal device and broadcasts a unique... Agent: At&t Legal Department - Moazzam Attn: Patent Docketing

20100148962 - Electronic article surveillance tag: An embodiment is an EAS tag that may be included in an EAS system. More specifically, an embodiment is a reusable EAS tag including an arcuate channel with an L-shaped keyway, into which an appropriate corresponding tool, in the form of an arcuate probe, can be inserted for releasing a... Agent: Tyco International Ltd

20100148965 - Method and system for item level uhf rfid tag with low frequency power assist: A method and system for increasing the read range of a security tag by supplying an additional antenna system to the tag in order to provide power to a radio frequency identification (“RFID”) chip without the need to rely solely on power from the RFID reader. The security tag includes... Agent: Christopher & Weisberg, P.A.

20100148964 - Rogue rfid detector: A system, techniques, and apparatus for detecting rogue RFID readers are disclosed. The system detects unauthorized reader to tag communication, and with multiple detectors, provides location information concerning one or more unauthorized readers. The system can detect high power commands of an unauthorized reader(s) in predefined areas and be integrated... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20100148966 - System and method for real time theft detection: A method for tracking one or more portable devices in real time to detect theft of the one or more portable devices is provided. The method enables, firstly, interrogating a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag via a RFID reader during successive sweep intervals. The sweep interval represents active state of... Agent: Lerner, David, Littenberg, Krumholz & Mentlik

20100148967 - Integrated data reader and electronic article surveillance (eas) system: An integrated data reader and electronic article surveillance (EAS) system, and methods of operation. Several configurations are also disclosed for alternate deactivation coil designs and mounting schemes.... Agent: Datalogic - Stoel Rives LLP C/o Stoel Rives LLP

20100148968 - Ruggedized rfid tag and reader: A radio frequency identification (RFID) transponder tag is contained in and electrically connected to a mechanically rugged metallic tag housing slotted to define a radio frequency antenna, such as a half turn antenna, and sealed with an epoxy filling.... Agent: Law Offices Of Natan Epstein

20100148969 - Optimization of the field profile on a high field strength magnetic detacher: A magnetic detacher has a core magnet and a ring magnet. The core magnet has a body with a top and bottom surface, and produces a first magnetic field. The ring magnet defines a cavity. The ring magnet has a body with a top and bottom and produces a second... Agent: Christopher & Weisberg, P.A.

20100148971 - Electrically actuatable sanitary fitting: The flow of water through a sanitary fitting is controlled by a hydraulic control unit through which a cold water stream and hot water stream flow, said control unit emitting a mixed water stream. The hydraulic control unit is controlled in turn by a control unit cooperating with a presence... Agent: Factor & Lake, Ltd

20100148970 - Generating deportment and comportment cohorts: A computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer program product for generating deportment and comportment cohorts. Digital sensor data associated with an individual is received. The digital sensor data comprises event metadata describing a set of events associated with the individual. The set of events comprises at least one of body... Agent: Stewart & Liu PLLC

20100148972 - Rf tag on test strips, test strip vials and boxes: A glucose monitoring system, includes a glucose sensor strip or package of strips. The strip includes a substrate and a glucose monitoring circuit that has electrodes and a bodily fluid application portion of selected chemical composition. An antenna is integrated with the glucose sensor strip. A RFID sensor chip is... Agent: Jackson & Co., LLP

20100148973 - System, apparatus and method for detecting unknown chemical compounds: Apparatus and techniques for detecting unknown chemical compounds in the field are provided. A Digital Signal Processor (DSP) includes a database of chemical signatures and corresponding chemicals. An air sample is analyzed in the field and chemical signature of any chemicals present is determined. This chemical signature is then correlated... Agent: John R. Casperson

20100148974 - Multifunctional portable electronic device and method for using the same: A portable electronic device includes an image capturing unit, a processor unit connected to the image capturing unit, and an alarm unit connected to the processor unit. The image capturing unit captures outside images, the processor unit detects if there is any smoke near the portable electronic device according to... Agent: PCe Industry, Inc. Att. Steven Reiss

20100148975 - Duress alarm system for clothing: An article of clothing includes a sensor attached to a fabric body for detecting forces applied to the fabric body. A processor is attached to the fabric body and is communicatively coupled to the sensor. The processor receives signals from the sensor, analyzes the signals, and discerns therefrom whether a... Agent: Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP

20100148976 - Machine tool: A machine tool, in particular a stationary saw, includes a worktable and a safety device which is designed to trigger a reaction as a function of a safety signal, and which includes a signaling device which displays a state of the safety device. The signaling device includes a display which... Agent: Striker, Striker & Stenby

20100148977 - Localization and detection system applying sensors and method thereof: In embodiments of the invention, multiple sensors, which are complementary, are used in localization and mapping. Besides, in detecting and tracking dynamic object, the sense results of sensing the dynamic object by the multiple sensors are cross-compared, to detect the location of the dynamic object and to track the dynamic... Agent: Thomas, Kayden, Horstemeyer & Risley, LLP

20100148978 - System and method for introducing a substrate into a process chamber: A system and method for introducing a substrate into a process chamber is provided. A presence or absence of a substrate on a stage in an apparatus for manufacturing a semiconductor or a flat panel display may be determined by lift pins used for loading and unloading a substrate, the... Agent: Ked & Associates, LLP

20100148979 - System and method for introducing a substrate into a process chamber: A system and method for introducing a substrate into a process chamber is provided. A presence or absence of a substrate on a stage in an apparatus for manufacturing a semiconductor or a flat panel display may be determined by lift pins used for loading and unloading a substrate, the... Agent: Ked & Associates, LLP

20100148980 - Guidance system by detecting tapped location: A method for guiding a user to connect a peripheral component to a unit of electronic equipment includes the user tapping upon one of a plurality of connector interfaces comprising the unit of electronic equipment. In response to the tapping, the one tapped connector interface is identified and the user... Agent: Schmeiser, Olsen & Watts

20100148981 - Method of performing notification in personal navigation device: To help a user avoid potentially harmful purchases, performing notification in a personal navigation device (PND) includes determining position of the PND, comparing the position against a plurality of restricted points of interest according to a predetermined setting, and activating an alert when the position is within a threshold distance... Agent: North America Intellectual Property Corporation

20100148982 - Proximity sensor system for industrial process transmitter: A process transmitter for measuring a process variable comprises a process sensor, transmitter circuitry, a transmitter housing, a mounting component, and a non-contact proximity sensor. The process sensor senses a process variable of a process fluid. The transmitter circuitry processes a signal from the process sensor. The transmitter housing receives... Agent: Kinney & Lange, P.A.

20100148983 - Electrical supply devices: A mains electrical supply outlet comprising: signal-receiving means to receive an encoded wireless signal; a socket, connectable, in use, to an electricity-consuming device, to supply mains electricity thereto; a controller, powered by mains electricity, to decode said received encoded signal and, in response to said signal, to control switching of... Agent: Renner Otto Boisselle & Sklar, LLP

20100148984 - Led (light emitting diode) module: An LED (Light Emitting Diode) module includes a base seat and a plurality of LEDs. The base seat includes a planar portion having a planar external surface and a straight portion connected interactively to the planar portion, and having a straight external surface. The plurality of LEDs includes a first... Agent: Rosenberg, Klein & Lee

20100148985 - Association based locationing for rfid: An apparatus, system and techniques for determining a location of an RFID tag among a population of tags are disclosed. The system includes an RFID reader with at least one antenna port and a population of RFID tags. The population of tags can be homogenous or heterogeneous. The RFID reader... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20100148986 - Controller for wireless communication with a peripheral unit: Controller for a motor vehicle for wireless communication with a least one peripheral unit with a least one receiver unit (1) for receiving radio signals for standard applications and at least one receiver unit (2) for receiving radio signals for long-range applications which are emitted by the peripheral unit at... Agent: King & Spalding LLP

20100148987 - Communication via fluid pressure modulation: In some embodiments, an apparatus [100] and a system, as well as a method and an article, may operate to transmit downhole data in a drilling fluid via fluid pressure modulation, and receive the downhole data at a fluid pulse receiver included in a conduit [104] coupled to a drill... Agent: Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner, P.A.

20100148988 - Information provision system and in-vehicle apparatus: An information provision system, which includes (i) a navigation apparatus in a vehicle and (ii) an information center, provides an occupant of the vehicle with information. The navigation apparatus and information center communicate via a wireless communication link. The navigation apparatus wirelessly acquires reception position information, which indicates several reception... Agent: Posz Law Group, PLC

20100148989 - Safety or alert device: The invention resides in an alert device, the device including a housing containing one or more flashing light sources and one or more non-flashing light sources, wherein both flashing and non-flashing light sources are arranged to emit light away from the housing, and optionally a detector adapted to detect the... Agent: Marshall, Gerstein & Borun LLP

20100148991 - Dynamic display of navigational information: A display system for dynamically displaying aircraft flight information. The system includes a processor, memory, and a display. The processor is capable of communicating with the memory, the display, and a system environment of the aircraft. The processor is configured to display a flight map for the aircraft on the... Agent: Harness Dickey & Pierce, PLC

20100148990 - System and method for selectively displaying terminal procedure data: A flight deck display system is provided for selectively displaying terminal procedure data. The flight deck display system comprises at least one display device, a terminal procedure data source, and a processor coupled to the at least one display device and the terminal procedure data source. The processor is configured... Agent: Honeywell/ifl Patent Services

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20100141378 - Apparatus and method for identifying structure: A transmitter of an apparatus position in a moving body transmits a first move command signal for moving a radio frequency identification tag to a location within an identification distance to a receiver positioned within a communication distance. A radio frequency identification reader of the moving body transmits an information... Agent: Jae Y. Park

20100141379 - Modular rack controllers for patching systems: A modular rack controller for an intelligent patching system includes a base unit comprising a processor and memory that monitor and log patch cord connectivity in the patching system, and a separate display unit comprising a user interface. The base unit and display unit are in electrical communication with each... Agent: Myers Bigel Sibley & Sajovec

20100141377 - Power aware techniques for energy harvesting remote sensor system: A distributed monitoring system for a structure.... Agent: Bracewell & Giuliani LLP

20100141380 - Spectroscopic method and system for multi-factor biometric authentication: A multi-factor biometrics authentication method including the steps of: acquiring a non-spectrometric biometric signature (e.g. fingerprint, iris pattern, etc.) of a biometric signature source (e.g. fingertip, iris, etc.) of a subject to be authenticated (e.g. person); acquiring spectral information (e.g. diffuse reflectance spectrum, reflectance spectrum, etc.) of the biometric signature... Agent: Davar Pishva

20100141381 - Access control system, lock device, administration device, and associated methods and computer program products: An access control system uses an existing file format standard, e.g. for personal data interchange (PDI) or image file interchange, for novel access control purposes to provide temporary access for a wireless key device to a lock device and its protected environment by creating appropriate temporary access defining data in... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100141382 - Remote control system for car-mounted device: A remote control system for a car-mounted device capable of realizing communication performance required for a keyless function and communication performance required for a smart function while suppressing increase in circuit scale. The remote control system includes a portable unit and an in-car unit. The portable unit includes: a function... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100141383 - Commodity management apparatus: A commodity management apparatus includes, a weighing dish on which a container having a wireless tag attached thereto is mounted, an antenna which forms a region to communicate with the wireless tag from the side part of the weighing dish to the upper part of the weighing dish, a tag... Agent: Turocy & Watson, LLP

20100141384 - Bottle cap having anti-counterfeit function and bottle using the same: A bottle cap having anti-counterfeit function comprises a cap body and an RFID tag. The cap body has a cap portion, a ring neck portion and at least one joint portion, there is an interval between the cap portion and the ring neck portion, and the joint portion crosses through... Agent: Guice Patents PLLC

20100141385 - Handheld electronic device and mobile rfid reader thereof: A handheld electronic device and mobile RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) reader equipped thereon allow a user to move to wherever necessary and sense RFID tag data of a target object. The mobile RFID reader includes a microprocessor, a memory unit connected to the microprocessor, a reader positioning unit, a RFID... Agent: Apex Juris, PLLC

20100141387 - Information-processing apparatus, information-processing method, and program: h

20100141386 - Near-field rfid reader antenna: A near-field radio frequency identification (RFID) reader antenna is provided. The near-field RFID reader antenna is intended to separately recognize adjacent items to which a plurality of small RFID tags are attached, such as wines displayed on a shelf in a store or chip trays on casino tables, using a... Agent: Jae Y. Park

20100141390 - Rfid interrogator device: An RFID interrogator device has a transmission section for transmitting a command to an RFID tag and a reception section for receiving an RF signal from the RFID tag and is configured to perform backscatter radio communication with the RFID tag. The RFID interrogator device comprises a time window setting... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100141389 - Rfid transponder with improved wake pattern detection and method: An RFID transponder is provided which includes an automatic gain control (AGC) stage for amplifying a radio frequency (RF) signal and for providing an amplified RF signal. The AGC stage has a control signal indicating an increase of the amplitude of the RF signal. A demodulator is coupled to receive... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20100141388 - System for providing information on pieces of furniture: A system for providing information on pieces of furniture includes a piece of furniture and an electronic device on the piece of furniture. The electronic device contains information and is able to transmit information to an external receiver. The system also includes a locator that covers the electronic device and... Agent: Price Heneveld Cooper Dewitt & Litton, LLP

20100141391 - User interface and identification in a medical device system and method: There are provided systems and methods for reading identification information and storing identification information in a medical device. More specifically, in one embodiment, there is provided a method for accessing a medical device, the method including reading identification information from an identification tag and storing identification information in the medical... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC Attn:IPLegal

20100141392 - Method for preventing reader collision, method for driving an rfid reader using the method and rfid reader for performing the method: A method for preventing reader collision, includes detecting the number of readable readers within a readable region of a target reader, calculating the number of peripheral readers within the readable region and a collision region of the target reader by using the number of the readable readers, forming one frame... Agent: Muncy, Geissler, Olds & Lowe, PLLC

20100141393 - System and method for group tracking: The present invention relates generally to a system and method for group tracking wherein at least one individual within a tracked group is provided with an article of footwear equipped with a wireless tracking device. The wireless tracking device is configured for bi-directional communications with a monitoring center, wherein the... Agent: Law Offices Of Carol N Green. P.A.

20100141400 - Lower power discovery and wake up using service set identifier probabilistic scanning synchronization verification and optional sensor: Processes to achieve low power discovery and wake-up in the presence of desired 802.11 coverage are disclosed. In one aspect, probabilistic scanning for 802.11 SSID triggers is provided. In another aspect, the 802.11 Access Point (AP) is equipped with a Bluetooth inquiring device, which initiates the wake-up process with a... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20100141401 - Lprf device wake up using wireless tag: A wireless transceiver includes: (a) a low power radio frequency (LPRF) communications component capable of powering down to conserve energy and capable of powering up in response to an electronic signal, the LPRF communications component including a transmitter and a first receiver; and (b) a second receiver that is configured... Agent: Tillman Wright, PLLC

20100141399 - Method of sensor cluster processing for a communication device: A sensor enhanced communication device (200) is provided with a wake mode, a standby mode and sleep mode. The sleep mode is a periodic occurrence within the standby mode which places a cluster of sensors and transducers (202) into a state of arousal in which the sensitivity of the transducers... Agent: Motorola, Inc

20100141395 - Apparatus for communicating with rfid tag: The disclosure discloses an apparatus for communicating with an RFID tag, comprising; a radio communication device; a tag number estimation portion configured to estimate the number of RFID tag circuit elements in a peripheral area of said apparatus; a storage device configured to store a list of identification information of... Agent: Day Pitney LLP

20100141396 - Apparatus for communicating with rfid tag: The disclosure discloses an apparatus for communicating with an RFID tag comprising: a radio communicating device configured to conduct radio communication with a plurality of individual RFID tags constituting a single tag group and a single representative RFID tag associated so as to represent said tag group; a first information... Agent: Day Pitney LLP

20100141394 - Radio communication apparatus and method thereof: An RF-tag inquiry unit inquires for tag identification information to an RF-tag by radio communication. A radio field intensity detecting unit detects a radio field intensity of a response radiowave returned from the RF-tag, and a radio field intensity determining unit determines whether or not this radio field intensity is... Agent: Turocy & Watson, LLP

20100141402 - Method for recognizing radio frequency identification tag reader and apparatus thereof: Provided is a method and apparatus for recognizing a radio frequency identification tag reader. In order to obtain protocol addresses of a plurality of radio frequency identification (hereinafter referred to as RFID) tag readers, a request message including a timestamp indicating a generation time is generated and transmitted, and a... Agent: Jae Y. Park

20100141403 - Devices and methods useful for authorizing purchases associated with a vehicle: Disclosed are various devices useful as components of a system for authorizing purchases associated with a vehicle that are generally simple to install, operate and maintain and are generally resistant to abuse. Devices disclosed include an identification vehicle identification tag reader with a loop-shaped antenna.... Agent: Martin D. Moynihan D/b/a Prtsi, Inc.

20100141397 - System for activity recognition: A sensor-based activity recognition system is disclosed. Activity information is received by using various sensors that can detect activities in daily life and analyzed to recognize daily activities of an individual. A required device can be controlled or relevant information is transferred to a management center according to the recognized... Agent: Ladas & Parry LLP

20100141404 - Rfid sensor tag and sensor data storing method: A method of storing sensor data in a sensor tag is provided. The method comprises receiving new sensor data output from a sensor, comparing the received new sensor data with immediately previous sensor data to determine whether the comparison result satisfies a predetermined criterion, and storing the new sensor data... Agent: Jae Y. Park

20100141405 - Radio tag reading device and radio tag recognition method using the device: A radio tag reading device has a target tag storage unit, a non-target storage unit, and an antenna. The target tag storage unit stores the tag data of any radio tag held in a section from which to read data. The non-target storage unit stores at least the identification data... Agent: Turocy & Watson, LLP

20100141398 - Apparatus and method for enhancing face-to-face communication: A wearable electronic tag for displaying graphics and text images and for communicating with other similar tags. Each tag includes a visible, graphical display adapted to be worn by a user. The tag also includes a short range, substantially unidirectional electronic communication channel, such as an infrared transmitter-receiver, located on... Agent: Fish & Richardson PC

20100141406 - Method for grouping sensor nodes in heterogeneous wireless sensor networks: A method for grouping sensor nodes in heterogeneous wireless sensor networks has a sensor network management system. The method includes: receiving a group forming code from the sensor network management system at the respective sensor nodes, wherein the group forming code have sensor conditions and selecting group information from the... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20100141407 - Method and apparatus for providing haptic feedback from haptic textile: A method and apparatus for generating haptic feedback over a surface of a haptic textile are disclosed. The flexible haptic structure includes a group of sensing circuits and a haptic textile. The sensing circuits, such as touch sensitive detector or motion detector, provide at least one activating signal in accordance... Agent: Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, PLLC

20100141409 - Apparatus and method for providing haptic augmented reality: m

20100141408 - Audio amplifier apparatus to drive a panel to produce both an audio signal and haptic feedback: A control panel apparatus includes a control panel that is vibrated to generate sound and/or haptic feedback. The control panel apparatus is configured to receive tactile input, such as a touchscreen, and to provide tactile feedback so as to function like a haptic panel, in response to a haptic signal... Agent: Haverstock & Owens LLP

20100141410 - Input apparatus accepting a pressure input: There is provided an input apparatus having a configuration simple enough to be compact and capable of presenting an operator with the same real feeling of pressing as the feeling of operating a push-button switch when the operator operates a pressing-type input unit. The input apparatus includes an input unit... Agent: Morrison & Foerster LLP

20100141411 - Touch screen and method of operating the same: Provided are a touch screen and a method of operating the same. The touch screen includes a detecting part, a control part, and a tactile feedback part. The detecting part detects object's approach or contact. The control part receives a signal of the detecting part to output a feedback signal.... Agent: Rabin & Berdo, PC

20100141412 - Vehicle location reminder system and method: A vehicle location reminder system having a vehicle positioning system operable to provide an approximate location of a vehicle and record the approximate location of the vehicle. A status check system monitors use of the vehicle and sends a signal to the vehicle positioning system to record the approximate location... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc Legal Staff - M/c 483-400-402

20100141414 - Field watch apparatus: A field watch apparatus uses a storage unit to store detection data of a detected obstacle from an obstacle sensor that detects objects under control of a control unit, and the detection data accumulated in the storage unit over time is used to display a mark on a captured image... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100141413 - Surroundings monitoring apparatus for a motor vehicle: In a surroundings monitoring apparatus (1), a front approaching object detection section (12) detects a front approaching object that is approaching the vehicle from ahead from among objects sensed by a front millimeter wave radar (20) (step S1). An object specifying section (14) specifies the object which has been detected... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20100141415 - Sleep alert device: The present invention relates to a sleep alert device that acts by pressure of the fingers of the user on sensors. The invention includes a limited number of sensors as well as an instant alarm system which prevents accidental problems with previous delay alarm systems. At least one sensor is... Agent: Passe' Intellectual Property, LLC

20100141416 - Tire pressure monitoring (tpm) system and method of operating the same: There is provided an exemplary tire pressure monitoring (TPM) system that can use a half-duplex wireless link to communicate between one or more wheel-mounted sensor units and a vehicle-mounted transceiver unit. The half-duplex wireless link enables the sensor units to report sensor readings to the transceiver unit, and it enables... Agent: General Motors Corporation C/o Reising, Ethington, Barnes, Kisselle, P.C.

20100141417 - Tire sensor module: A tire sensor module for use in a vehicle tire including at least one sensor device for measuring at least one measured variable and for outputting at least one measuring signal, a control device, e.g., an analyzer ASIC for receiving the measuring signal and for outputting at least one transmitted... Agent: Kenyon & Kenyon LLP

20100141418 - Remotely configurable vehicular sign: A configurable sign includes a mounting mechanism that connects the configurable sign to a vehicle, a display, a memory to store a plurality of instructions, and a processor to execute instructions in the memory. The processor executes instructions in the memory to receive configured sign information from one of a... Agent: Verizon Patent Management Group

20100141419 - Combined backup alarm and reversing lamp: A backup alarm that is adapted to be mounted to a motor vehicle. The backup alarm is activated when the motor vehicle is placed in a reverse gear. The backup alarm makes an audible tone to alert individuals of the motor vehicle's intended reverse travel. The alarm unit allows the... Agent: Barnes & Thornburg LLP

20100141421 - Alarm analysis system and a method for providing statistics on alarms from a process control system: An alarm analysis system for providing statistics on alarms collected by a process control system including an alarm server receiving and storing alarms from one or more processes supervised by the control system. The alarm analysis system is run on the alarm server and the alarm analysis system is adapted... Agent: St. Onge Steward Johnston & Reens, LLC

20100141420 - System for remotely monitoring a premise: A system and method for monitoring a premise in case of an emergency and enabling 2-way voice communications with an individual at every possible location within the monitored premises. The system utilizes a radio frequency 2-way wireless communication link from a centrally located Base Alarm Control Unit on the premise... Agent: Ron Goldman

20100141424 - Anti-theft device for solar panels: A theft protection device for photovoltaic solar panels is provided. The device includes of at least one cable which is made to pass through the solar panels. The cable can be fibre optic or electrical, and a light beam or an electrical current, respectively, is made to circulate through the... Agent: Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP

20100141425 - Device security system: One embodiment involves a usage code system comprising an electrical device powered by a battery only if the battery contains a characteristic usage code. Another embodiment involves a presence confirmation device that repeatedly sends wireless query signals. The electrical device receives the query signals and responds by sending a wireless... Agent: Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP

20100141422 - Method, apparatus, and system for projecting hot water availability for bathing: Methods, apparatus, and system for predicting the availability of hot water for bathing. One or more parameters corresponding to the operation of a water heater are monitored over time and/or a temperature distribution of water in a hot water tank measured. Data corresponding to the monitored parameters and/or temperature distribution... Agent: Law Office Of R. Alan Burnett

20100141426 - Sensor and transmission control circuit in adaptive interface package: A programmable interface module includes a linear power regulator to control and provide power to interfaced components on an as needed basis. The interface module is implemented in, for example, a sensor pack and multiplexed to a plurality of sensor modules. In a first mode, the linear voltage regulator provides... Agent: Fenwick & West LLP

20100141423 - Wireless sensor network and data sensing method thereof: A wireless sensor network and data sensing method thereof are provided. A prediction model is established according to sensed data. When statistical value of the sensed data is within a user allowable range, the average value of the sensed data is returned to a user based on the prediction model.... Agent: Thomas, Kayden, Horstemeyer & Risley, LLP

20100141428 - Personal alarm system for large geographic areas: A personal alarm system is provided that employs two different radio frequency subsystems to maximize the probability that the alarm message will reach its destination. The personal alarm sends its alarm message over a dedicated and unshared RF channel to minimize problems of RF interference and obstructed signal paths. The... Agent: Seyfarth Shaw LLP

20100141427 - Portable electronic security device: A two part security system has a portable tamper warning device, adapted to be co-located with a portable object, and incorporating a tamper sensor and an alarm able to be activated by tampering with the physical object; and a separate complementary portable device adapted to be carried by the owner... Agent: Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LLP Attn:IPDocketing

20100141429 - Medical data transmission system: A system for transmission of medical data comprises a first device which is designed to be worn on the body of a patient and which generates medically relevant data when in operation, said data being transmitted wirelessly to a second device. The first device comprises a communication unit for the... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations Inc.

20100141435 - Asset monitoring using the internet: Asset including an arrangement for monitoring objects in an interior of the asset includes a sensor system arranged on or in the asset to obtain data about the asset or an object in the asset and a communication system arranged on the asset and coupled to the sensor system. The... Agent: Brian Roffe, Esq

20100141432 - Correcting and/or improving location information using object location history, topology, and/or other information: A zone location of a tracked object may be refined by (a) accepting first location information derived from a first location technology, (b) generating a set of at least two candidate location zones using the first location, topology information and an accuracy range for the first location technology, (c) for... Agent: Straub & Pokotylo

20100141434 - Global positioning system (gps) enabled apparatus for carrying objects and method therefor: An apparatus for holding an object has a holding piece for holding the object. A locating device is coupled to the holding piece.... Agent: Weiss & Moy PC

20100141430 - Mobile tag local data reporting system: A mobile tag tracking system for providing mobile security monitoring is provided. The system includes a communications facility; a communications network coupled to the communications facility; and a mobile tag coupled to an item to be monitored. The mobile tag has a processor having a memory and for controlling operation... Agent: Ogilvy Renault LLP

20100141433 - Personal radio location system: Methods and apparatus for using an energy emanating device to find a person (17a,b) or an object based on preselected attributes (33) stored in the energy emanating device (10) are disclosed. A network radio (52) enables the user of the device to communicate with others over a wireless network (50)... Agent: Thomas N. Giaccherini

20100141431 - Vehicle method, system, and program product for managing electrical device power state: A system, method, and program product that manages the power state of a portable electrical device located within a monitored region about a vehicle. Information about the portable electrical device such as the power state of the portable electrical device is obtained and used to identify an action for the... Agent: Driggs, Hogg, Daugherty & Del Zoppo Co., L.p.a.

20100141436 - Alarm device: Provided is an alarm device capable of performing transmission and reception reliably while suppressing an amount of current consumption. An alarm device (100) includes: a fire detection circuit (7); a control circuit (1); and a transmitting/receiving circuit (5). The transmitting/receiving circuit (5) transmits the status signal to the another alarm... Agent: Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack, L.L.P.

20100141437 - Proximity sensor network: A system, device and method for a proximity sensor network are disclosed. The proximity detection device includes a short range wireless receiver, a wireless network transceiver; and a controller connected to the receiver and transceiver. The device receives a short-range radio signal from a user's mobile communications device, and locates... Agent: At & T Legal Department - Canavan

20100141441 - Apparatus and method for identifying a defect and/or operating characteristic of a system: An apparatus and methods for identifying a defect and/or an operating characteristic of a system being monitored (and/or one or more of the system's components) are described. In an embodiment, orthogonally related data monitored by two or more detectors may be fused to determine whether a component of a system... Agent: Caterpillar Inc. Intellectual Property Dept.

20100141440 - Method and apparatus for visual silent alarm indicator: An apparatus and method thereof wherein a portable computer system or personal digital assistant generates a visual signal in response to an occurrence of a programmed event. For example, the portable computer system can use a light emitting diode to visually signal an alarm at a specified time. The visual... Agent: Palm C/o Murabito, Hao & Barnes LLP

20100141439 - Time for ear pill intake determined by noise dosimetry in wearable devices: The disclosure relates to a portable processing system adapted for being worn by a user and comprising an input transducer for converting an input sound to an electric input signal, and a signal processing unit adapted for processing an SPU-input signal originating from the electric input signal. The disclosure further... Agent: Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney PC

20100141438 - Wheelchair accessory: My invention is an improvement upon the previously existing wheelchair warning lamp apparatus that fails to allow the wheelchair to fold and be used indoors when installed onto the wheelchair and require drilling to be installed. My apparatus, a clamp-on extendible and retractable cylinder shaped erected pole has a safety... Agent: Laurthera Black

20100141442 - Home network, area network using the same, program for computer to execute operation in home network, and computer-readable recording medium storing the program: Slaves are respectively provided corresponding to electric devices, measure, in real time, power usage states and disposed positions of the electric devices to transmit to a master. The master detects operational states of electric devices on operation based on power usage states received from the slaves, and detects a positional... Agent: Westerman, Hattori, Daniels & Adrian, LLP

20100141443 - Smart container uwb sensor system for situational awareness of intrusion alarms: An in-container monitoring sensor system is based on an UWB radar intrusion detector positioned in a container and having a range gate set to the farthest wall of the container from the detector. Multipath reflections within the container make every point on or in the container appear to be at... Agent: Llns / John P. Wooldridge John H. Lee, Assistant Laboratory Counsel

20100141444 - Method to improve white light immunity of infrared motion detectors: The present invention provides a system and method for improved white light immunity for 1R motion sensors. The system comprises a first sensor responsive to light in a first range of wavelengths in the secure area, the first sensor generating a first output signal indicative of a first detected parameter... Agent: Honeywell/husch Patent Services

20100141445 - Multi-mode commissioning/decommissioning of tags for managing assets: Multi-mode commissioning/decommissioning of a wireless monitoring device (Tag) for managing assets and shipments is disclosed. Users can request commissioning, status resets and decommissioning of Tags using multiple modes of communication. The users are authenticated by an information service that receives the requests. Responsive to a successful authentication of a user,... Agent: Fish & Richardson P.C.

20100141450 - Apparatus for communicating with rfid tag: This disclosure discloses an apparatus for communicating with an RFID tag comprising: a radio communication device configured to conduct radio communication with a plurality of RFID tag circuit elements, the RFID circuit element having an IC circuit part and a tag antenna; an information obtaining portion configured to specify identification... Agent: Day Pitney LLP

20100141449 - Lprf device wake up using wireless tag: A wireless transceiver includes: (a) a low power radio frequency (LPRF) communications component capable of powering down to conserve energy and capable of powering up in response to an electronic signal, the LPRF communications component including a transmitter and a first receiver; and (b) a second receiver that is configured... Agent: Tillman Wright, PLLC

20100141446 - Method and system for automatically tracking and controlling the usage of removable hard drives: A method and a system for automatically tracking and controlling usage of a first set of components, including the steps of receiving data from one or more radio frequency identification (RFID) tags electrically coupled with a second set of components; checking whether the first set of components are permitted to... Agent: Xerox Corporation (cdfs)

20100141447 - Radio frequency identification asset management system, and computer program product: A radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking system to track and manage assets. Each asset to be tracked is tagged with an RFID tag, and tracked using RFID readers located throughout a facility. Based on the tracking information, the system allows users to manage assets and generate reports regarding the various... Agent: Peter Vogel Ge Healthcare

20100141448 - Switch function equipped tag, tag management apparatus, tag management program and tag management method: A tag management apparatus that reads individual information on objects to be managed from an IC tag attached to each of the objects to be managed and manages the objects to be managed, the apparatus includes: a switch function equipped tag that is disposed at each of a plurality of... Agent: Westerman, Hattori, Daniels & Adrian, LLP

20100141451 - Metal oxide semiconductor device for use in uhf electronic article surveillance systems: An Electronic Article Surveillance (“EAS”) tag and method and system for deactivating EAS tags without the need to physically contact the tag with a deactivation device. The EAS tag replaces the conventional diode with a non-linear device such as a metal-oxide-semiconductor (“MOS”) capacitor with a given breakdown voltage threshold. Inducing... Agent: Christopher & Weisberg, P.A.

20100141452 - Method and system for deactivation of combination eas/rfid tags: A combination Electronic Article Surveillance/Radio Frequency Identification (“EAS/RFID”) tag and method and system for deactivating said combination EAS/RFID tags without the need to physically contact the tag with a deactivation device. The EAS/RFID tag replaces the conventional diode with a non-linear device such as a capacitor with a given breakdown... Agent: Christopher & Weisberg, P.A.

20100141453 - Method and apparatus for making a radio frequency inlay: A method and apparatus are provided for making radio frequency (RF) inlays. The RF inlays include an integrated circuit and an antenna affixed to a substrate material carrying the integrated circuit. During processing, portions of the wire forming the antenna are located adjacent to, but not directly over the integrated... Agent: Sheridan Ross P.c

20100141454 - Rf tag reader for accurate position determination: A system for accurate positioning using radio frequency tags and corresponding method thereof. The system comprises at least two antennas in phased array combination and an RF tag position determination unit coupled with the at least two antennas. The system also comprises a main RF output and a position detection... Agent: Lowe Hauptman Ham & Berner, LLP

20100141455 - Anti-theft device: An anti-theft device comprising a main body (10) ; a circuit (20) at least partly housed in said main body (10) and designed to receive a request signal (100) and generate a corresponding response signal (110); an elongated element (30) attach to said main body (10) and extending at least... Agent: Pearne & Gordon LLP

20100141456 - Data logger: Multiple identical data loggers are produced on sheet material and then separated to produce individual products for distribution to separate locations. A continuous roll of tape sheet material comprises a contiguous series of data loggers which each include a cover sheet, a transponder, a sensor, a power source (such as... Agent: William Anthony Drucker

20100141457 - Rfid medical supplies consumption monitoring system and method: A system and method for tracking supplies, particularly medical supplies, and specifically individual medical items, to the end of the product lifecycle to the point of utilizes. RFID tag technology is utilized. This has the advantage of enabling a system that requires less or no active intervention by the medical... Agent: Houston Eliseeva

20100141458 - Illuminated keyboard and illuminating method for keyboard: An illuminated keyboard and an illuminating method for a keyboard are disclosed. The illuminated keyboard includes an illumination module, a first sensing module, a second sensing module, and a control module. The first sensing module is used for sensing an ambient light. If the brightness of the ambient light is... Agent: Patterson & Sheridan, LLP - - - Iptec

20100141459 - Method and installation for real-time inspection of the quality of water in a delivery network: Method for inspecting, in real time, the quality of water of a drinking water delivery network comprising, on the one hand, on connections for consumers, consumption meters (9a) fitted with remote-reading devices, and, on the other hand, on-line analysers (10a) distributed at supervision points on the network in order to... Agent: Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz LLP

20100141460 - Acoustic fluid presence/absence detection: An acoustic sensor detects presence and/or absence of fluid in a fluid delivery medium. The acoustic sensor detects fluid absence based on the difference of the speed of sound between air and a fluid. For example, the acoustic sensor may detect fluid absence based on a phase shift between acoustic... Agent: Shumaker & Sieffert, P. A.

20100141461 - Alarm system and alarm device: Provided are an alarm system and an alarm device which are capable of enhancing a fail-safe function. A fire alarm device (A) operating as a master unit transmits a switching request signal to fire alarm devices operating as slave units at a predetermined timing, the switching request signal containing at... Agent: Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack, L.L.P.

20100141462 - Circuit for indicating operating status of computer hardware devices: A circuit for indicating operating status of a plurality of hardware devices of a computer includes a detecting module, a decoding module, and an indicating module. The indicating module includes a dual color indicator and two electronic switches connected to a first input and a second input of the dual... Agent: PCe Industry, Inc. Att. Steven Reiss

20100141463 - Providing price and service information to electric power customers: A notification device and method associated therewith for notifying an electric power consumer to reduce electric power consumption when the notification device detects selected power system conditions. The notification device detects conditions on the electric power system that would likely be alleviated by a reduction in consumer power consumption and... Agent: Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. Richard Edge

20100141464 - Mine roof monitoring apparatus: A mine roof monitoring apparatus has at least two contact members. At least one contact member maintains contact with the roof of a mine shaft. At least one contact member maintains contact with a floor of the same mine shaft. A motion monitoring apparatus monitors the relative motion between the... Agent: Robert R. Waters, Esq. Waters Law Office, PLLC

20100141465 - Electronic device enabling near-field contactless communications: A portable electronic device comprises an antenna ANT connected to an integrated circuit CI, allowing the establishment by the integrated circuit of near-field contactless communications with an external system. The antenna comprises several windings E1, E2 linked together by current-conducting means. Each winding has its ends connected to connection terminals... Agent: Lariviere, Grubman & Payne, LLP

20100141466 - System and method for automatic detection of fiber and copper in data switch systems: A system and method automatically maintains data indicating a type of transmission medium connected at a port in a data switch device. The method comprises reading first transmission medium type data representing whether a first transmission medium type is connected to the port. A check is performed to determine whether... Agent: Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt, P.C.

20100141467 - Apparatus for providing visual and/or audible alert signals: Apparatus (100, 300, 400) for providing visual and/or audible alert signals. The apparatus (100, 300, 400) comprises one or more lighting means (e.g., 105) for providing visual signals and siren means (e.g., 104) for generating at least one selected siren tone. The apparatus (100, 300, 400) also comprise speaker means... Agent: Dority & Manning, P.A.

20100141468 - Automatic erosion control, water recovery and fire suppression system: The present invention relates to the state of the art automatic erosion control, fire suppression and water recovery storage system. Precipitation sensors automatically activate synchronized motor controls, activating the upper reel and lower tension reel constructing a repellent barrier, diverting and collecting water run-off thereby controlling and prohibiting over-saturation of... Agent: Conrad C. Bar

20100141469 - Apparatus and method for operating home network by using building structure drawing: An apparatus for operating a home network includes a plurality of devices connected through the home network; and a building structure drawing DB for storing a building structure drawing regarding the inside of the building. Further, the apparatus for operating a home network includes a home network management system for... Agent: Ladas & Parry LLP

20100141471 - Handheld apparatus for reading rfid tag information: The disclosure discloses a handheld apparatus for reading RFID tag information comprising: a radio communicating device configured to conduct radio communication with a plurality of RFID tag circuit elements; a display device configured to display display information corresponding to said RFID tag circuit elements; an information obtainment device configured to... Agent: Day Pitney LLP

20100141470 - Systems, methods, and computer program products for refreshing data: A method performs an update for a first device that consumes information with a known expiration time. The first device operates within a network that accommodates other devices also consuming the information. The method includes setting a time for the first device to refresh the information, the time to refresh... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20100141472 - Decoding method and apparatus for infrared remote control commands: A decoding method and apparatus capable of automatically adjusting a sampling period is provided. The decoding apparatus decodes a serial code including at least one header pulse and a plurality of data pulses. The decoding apparatus includes a detecting unit for detecting the header pulse to generate an initialization signal,... Agent: Edell, Shapiro & Finnan, LLC

20100141473 - Intelligent appliance control system: An intelligent appliance control system comprises a remote control device and a base station. The remote control device comprises a first micro processor, a first display unit, a frequency identity button, a first control code learning button, a signal emission control button set, a storage unit, a frequency identification unit,... Agent: Hdls Patent & Trademark Services

20100141474 - Electronic electric meter for networked meter reading: An electronic electric meter for use in a networked automatic meter reading environment. The electric meter retrofits into existing meter sockets and is available for new meter installations for both single phase and three phase electric power connections. The meter utilizes an all electronic design including a meter microcontroller, a... Agent: Michael Best & Friedrich LLP

20100141475 - Emergency service warning system: An emergency service warning system is described herein that is arranged to warn a user of approach of emergency services. The system includes movable emergency service transmitters (T) and at least one receiver (M, R), arranged to receive signals transmitted by the emergency service transmitters (T). The system is provided... Agent: Leydig Voit & Mayer, Ltd

20100141476 - Driver assistance system for traffic sign recognition: An evaluation device for a driver assistance system for a vehicle includes an input for receiving image information recorded by a camera, a first component for locating an image section present in a predefined shape in first image information received from the camera, and a second component for requesting second... Agent: Lerner Greenberg Stemer LLP

20100141477 - Apparatus and method for controlling traffic light: A traffic light control apparatus and method is provided. The traffic light control apparatus for controlling an emergency vehicle in a traffic network includes: a traffic network control unit configured to determine overall traffic network control and traffic light control for supporting movement of the emergency vehicle during an emergency... Agent: Ladas & Parry LLP

20100141478 - Adaptive communication method and sensor node for performing the method: Provided are an adaptive communication method and a sensor node for performing the same. The sensor node adaptively selects transmitted signal output strength and a wakeup zone of transmitted data based on a received signal strength indication of a control packet received from a sink node and existence of an... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20100141479 - Detecting targets in roadway intersections: The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for detecting targets in roadway intersections. Transmit antennas transmit signals into a roadway intersection. Receive antennas receive corresponding signal reflections off objects in the roadway. The reflections correspond to two dimensional image data for the roadway intersection. The reflections... Agent: Workman Nydegger 1000 Eagle Gate Tower

20100141480 - Directing a movement of visitors in an event venue for maximizing revenue: The illustrative embodiments described herein provide a computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer program product for directing a movement of visitors in an event venue. In one embodiment, the process generates a visitor profile for each visitor at an event venue. The visitor profile may include, without limitation, a unique... Agent: Ibm Corp (ya) C/o Yee & Associates PC

20100141481 - Multi-stage label: An aspect of the present invention provides a method for providing information to an air traffic controller. The method comprises the steps of: displaying, on a video display, a symbol representative of a position of an aircraft and a first stage of a multi-stage label comprising information relating to the... Agent: Wood, Phillips, Katz, Clark & Mortimer

20100141482 - System and method for rendering a primary flight display having an attitude frame element: A flight deck display element for an aircraft includes a primary flight display rendered thereon. The primary flight display includes a primary display region having a perimeter, a perspective view of terrain corresponding to a flight deck viewpoint, and an attitude frame surrounding the perimeter of the primary display region.... Agent: Honeywell/ifl Patent Services

20100141483 - Method and system for determining a position of a vehicle: Radio frequency identification tags are spaced apart from one another in or around a work area for the vehicle. Each of the tags has a corresponding unique identifier. A path planning module establishes a path comprising a path segment between at least two of the radio frequency identification tags. The... Agent: Deere & Company

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20100134241 - Activity state classification: A method and device may comprise receiving a signal from a sensor attached to an object. The signal may represent a characteristic of the object. An activity state of the object may be classified based upon, at least in part, the characteristic. Further, a locomotive rate corresponding to the activity... Agent: Holland & Knight LLP

20100134242 - In-vehicle system, in-vehicle device, and execution control method of command of the in-vehicle device: In an in-vehicle system, a portable terminal interprets a command intended by operation data operated by an occupant via a touch panel of a DA, and determines whether the interpreted command is a prohibition command, that is, whether execution of the command in an own device is prohibited. When the... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20100134240 - Remote control system and method: A system for mounting to a vehicle including a user interface element and for controlling a transmitter device configured to send an expected transmission to receiving device is provided. The system includes a transceiver. The system further includes an interface for receiving a first signal from the user interface element.... Agent: Foley And Lardner LLP Suite 500

20100134243 - Drawer control apparatus: A device for selectively controlling access to a plurality of secure areas includes a driver circuit including a plurality of drivers, and a plurality of access modules each assigned to a corresponding secure area of the plurality of secure areas. Each access module is operatively coupled to at least one... Agent: Mark D. Saralino (general) Renner, Otto, Boisselle & Sklar, LLP

20100134244 - Image processing device, user authentication method and program: The present invention is intended to improve operability of an operation panel in case of using a function imposed a limitation on use in an image processing device. In order to achieve this, an image processing device 1 having an operation panel 4 on which a plurality of operation keys... Agent: Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney PC

20100134246 - Apparatuses, system and method for authentication: It is presented a method for authenticating a candidate individual, comprising the steps of: obtaining candidate biometric data related to the candidate individual; obtaining a first data item related to first reference biometric data from a data carrier, wherein any significant part of the first reference biometric data is not... Agent: Smith, Gambrell & Russell

20100134245 - System and method for authenticating a meeting: A method for authenticating a meeting, including obtaining biometric information belonging to each of at least two participants in the meeting within a predetermined time duration, using said biometric information of the at least two participants to authenticate identities of the at least two participants, providing a meeting authentication message... Agent: Soroker-agmon Advocate And Patent Attorneys

20100134247 - Personal digital asset manager: Methods and apparatus for a Personal Digital Asset Manager are disclosed. One embodiment of the present invention is a miniature electronic device, which functions as a fully-powered personal computer, which stores digital files and content, and which communicates wirelessly with external input and output devices and a network such as... Agent: Thomas N. Giaccherini

20100134248 - Simplified biometric character sequence entry: A device having a biometric input device is configured to allow a user to enter a character sequence for use in validation using the biometric input device. A predetermined assignment of characters to enrolled biometric templates allows a user to determine a sequence of biometric inputs to provide to enter... Agent: Rim

20100134249 - Document authentication device: The invention relates to the field of the authentication of valuable securities and documents, preliminarily protected in a specific way. The technical result of the present invention is an increase in the signal to noise ratio. The technical result is achieved by the fact that, additionally introduced into a device... Agent: Houston Eliseeva

20100134250 - Forged face detecting method and apparatus thereof: A forged face detecting method includes: acquiring a photorealistic image and an infrared image of a subject on which line beams are projected; extracting face features from the infrared image based on characteristics of a pattern of the line beams projected on the acquired infrared image; and detecting whether or... Agent: Ampacc Law Group

20100134251 - System and method for systematizing provisioning of two bins replenishment systems: The present invention relates to a system and method for systematizing provisioning of two bins replenishment systems. The system comprises a database and a reader. The database stores location information and product identification for each product, the location information including rack identification, row information, and bin information. The reader receives... Agent: Bereskin And Parr LLP/s.e.n.c.r.l., S.r.l.

20100134254 - Chip-less radio frequency identification systems using metamaterials and identification methods thereof: A chip-less RFID system, using metamaterial, may include a tag and a reader. The tag may include the metamaterial. The metamaterial may have at least two resonance frequencies. The reader may change a frequency of a first electromagnetic wave to be transmitted to the tag. The reader may recognize an... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100134256 - Communication device, communication method, computer program and adaptive equalizer: A communication device is provided for receiving a packet including a preamble part having a continuous waveform, a sync part having a specific pattern and a data part, which has been modulated by changing electrical load. The communication device includes: a preamble detection unit for detecting the preamble part from... Agent: K&l Gates LLP

20100134253 - Method for monitoring and/or controlling a transport device, transport device for carrying out said method and clamp for detachably holding and transporting: The invention relates to a method for monitoring and/or controlling a transport device (10) wherein a plurality of similar products (17), in particular printed products, such as newspapers, magazines or similar are held in a detachable manner by means of individual clamps (12) that are arranged in a row, one... Agent: Pauley Petersen & Erickson

20100134252 - Polarized rfid antenna with spatial diversity: A system, apparatus, and techniques for interrogating a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag are disclosed. The system includes an RFID reader that includes a pivotable polarized antenna for reading a reader/tag link. The antenna moves at a specific frequency over a specific distance resulting in reader/tag links being moved out... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20100134255 - Rfid device, rfid system and signal distortion pre-compensation process in rfid systems: In an RFID system an RFID device (2) comprises a device air interface (C2) with a predefined quality factor (Q2) for transmitting wireless carrier and data signals (CS) being transmitted to a remote RFID transponder(1) comprising a transponder air interface (C1) with a predefined quality factor (Q1). Carrier and data... Agent: Nxp, B.v. Nxp Intellectual Property & Licensing

20100134258 - Method and system of utilizing rfid tags for jointly processing task: A method of utilizing RFID tags for jointly processing a task and an associated system are provided. The method includes causing a plurality of RFID tags to enter a ready state, causing the RFID tags to enter an accessible state in turn, transmitting the task to the RFID tags, utilizing... Agent: Edell, Shapiro & Finnan, LLC

20100134259 - Contactlessly rechargeable identification device and method thereof: A non-contact state charging authentication device and a method thereof are disclosed. The authentication device includes: a power supply for receiving and transmitting power; a control unit for controlling a signal; a shunt and voltage divided circuit connecting to the said power supply and the said control unit for controlling... Agent: Volpe And Koenig, P.C.

20100134257 - Rfid tag facility with access to external devices: In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for a passive radio frequency identification (RFID) tag, where the passive RFID tag contains an RF network node and communication facility. The RF network node includes an RF and analog block for receiving and transmitting an RFID reader signal, a... Agent: Strategic Patents P.C..

20100134260 - Method of tracking items using rfid: Methods for accounting for an managing inventory and accounting for goods is disclosed. An RFID tag in the form of an RFID inlay is placed in the interior of a carton, pallet or other container for shipping or storing items. RFID readers can be used to elicit identification information from... Agent: Carol Wilson Bp America Inc.

20100134261 - Sensory outputs for communicating data values: Architecture for communicating data values that enables visually impaired persons to perceive a non-image indicator corresponding to the data values. For example, an organized data set such as a chart or a graph can be displayed on a computer monitor or other user interface output component. A user employs a... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20100134262 - Method of positioning sensors for twinned wheels of a vehicle: The invention relates to a method of positioning sensors on wheels (200 and 300) installed coaxial to the same end of one and the same axle of a vehicle (C) comprising a receiving module (100) associated with the body of the vehicle, noteworthy in that it consists in positioning the... Agent: Jerome D. Jackson (jackson Patent Law Office)

20100134263 - Method and apparatus for avoiding rear-end collisions: The invention relates to a method and a device for preventing rear end collisions with a vehicle. According to the invention, the distance (d) and/or speed (vrel) of the vehicle in relation to the vehicle in front are determined by means of an environmental sensor (2) oriented towards the front... Agent: Kenyon & Kenyon LLP

20100134264 - Vehicle surrounding confirmation apparatus: According to an aspect of this disclosure, a vehicle surrounding confirmation apparatus includes a narrow-field-of-view image generating portion generating a narrow-field-of-view image, showing a portion of a vehicle surrounding, from a captured image of the vehicle surrounding obtained by an image capturing portion, an obstacle recognizing portion recognizing an obstacle... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20100134265 - Method for determining the angular magnitude of imaging acquiring apparatus and vehicle collision warning system using thereof: The invention provides a method for determining the angular magnitude of an imaging acquiring apparatus, which is capable of obtaining an arranging angular magnitude with respect to the imaging acquiring apparatus in various environments by an iteration algorithm having parameters of position of a calibrating tool with respect to an... Agent: Wpat, PC Intellectual Property Attorneys

20100134266 - Vehicular system having a warning system to alert motorists that a mobile phone is in use: This invention relates to a warning system for use on board a motorized road vehicle. The warning system includes an activity detector that detects an RF signal emitted from a mobile phone when a person driving the motorized vehicle is communicating over the mobile phone. The warning system also has... Agent: T.h.p. Richardson

20100134267 - Vehicle warning system and method: The present invention provides a vehicle speed warning system and method for acquiring the images thereof. There is a speedometer image acquisition device, mounted correspondingly to the speedometer of the existing panel, and used to acquire the images of the speedometer. An image converter converts the images acquired by a... Agent: Egbert Law Offices

20100134268 - Apparatus and method for detecting decrease in tire air pressure and program for detecting decrease in tire air pressure: an acceleration variation calculation means for calculating acceleration variations of the respective tires; a comparison means for comparing the acceleration variations of the respective tires; an estimation means for estimating, when a comparison result of the comparison means shows that an acceleration variation of a certain tire is greater than... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20100134270 - Tire inflation pressure detecting device: A pressure detection unit includes a front-wheel transmitter and a rear-wheel transmitter operatively connected to wheel rims of a front wheel and a rear wheel, respectively. Inflation pressure signals transmitted from the front-wheel transmitter and the rear-wheel transmitter are received by a receiver. The receiver is arranged to be offset... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20100134269 - Tire parameter monitoring system with sensor location using rfid tags: A tire parameter monitoring system has a plurality of sensor units for monitoring tire parameters, with each sensor unit mounted with a different vehicle tire. Each sensor unit has an RFID tag reader for interrogating an RFID tag securely mounted to the vehicle adjacent the corresponding tire and containing a... Agent: Warren P. Kujawa

20100134271 - Hazard ahead warning light and method: A hazard warning apparatus for use in motor vehicles enabling a driver observing a road hazard to warn other drivers. One embodiment is provided with at least one light preferably an array of lights arranged as a hazard warning signal mounted a body associated of the vehicle in a forward... Agent: Brooks Kushman P.C.

20100134272 - Helmet providing driving instructional signals: A helmet adapted for use with motorized non-enclosed vehicles and particularly motorcycles, and which helmet is capable of providing signal indicating lights, such as a braking light or left or right turn signal lights contemporaneously with the generating of such lights on the vehicle. In one embodiment of the invention,... Agent: Robert J. Schaap

20100134273 - Radiofrequency safety of switchable segmented transmission lines: A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system includes an interventional instrument and a switched, segmented transmission (Tx) line which ensures safety during an MRI protocol while the interventional instrument is located in the system. The transmission line includes at least two electrically conductive Tx line segments separated by a non-conductive gap.... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20100134274 - Anticipatory responses to commands: Responsive to intercepting an outbound command, a command interceptor may, upon determining that the command is associated with a particular category of commands, transmit an anticipatory response to the source of the command, for example, to prematurely indicate that the command has met with success. Accordingly, a given application whose... Agent: Ridout & Maybee LLP

20100134275 - Invocation of system services through auxiliary interface: The invention is directed to a user interface on a provided electronic device, the user interface including: (i) an auxiliary interface for receiving input from a user and providing output to the user; and (ii) a primary access interface. Using the auxiliary interface, a message to the user is provided,... Agent: Squire Sanders & Dempsey LLP

20100134276 - Location and tracking system, method and device using wireless technology: A system, method, and devices for locating an object, in which the system includes objects having location tags for projecting data about the object, a processing unit for receiving data about the object, and an algorithm for processing the data. Typically, the location tag includes at least one mobility sensor... Agent: Chowdhury & Georgakis, P.c

20100134279 - Method and system of automatic generation of travel based action: A user defines a travel as a pair of originating and destination location points. A travel Alarm System on a portable device is described which generates an alarm at the predefined destination point only when the portable device automatically detects a travel from the predefined starting point to the predefined... Agent: Roy Schwartz

20100134278 - Methods and apparatus to encode and decode audio for shopper location and advertisement presentation tracking: Methods and apparatus to encode and decode audio for shopper location and advertisement presentation tracking are disclosed. A method for tracking a shopper includes receiving a first audio signal at a first location with a decoder attached to a shopping implement, determining a first code encoded in the first audio... Agent: Hanley, Flight & Zimmerman, LLC

20100134277 - System and method for transmitting and responding to an emergency signal: A system and a method for transmitting and responding to an emergency signal are provided. In the system, when a user facing an emergency situation presses an emergency signal button of a mobile terminal, an emergency signal is transmitted to a security unit provided with alarm apparatuses such as flashing... Agent: JeffersonIPLaw, LLP

20100134280 - Tracking system with redundant security and retransmission features: The invention relates to a tracking system with redundant security and retransmission features. The invention comprises one or more positioning devices (2), one or more localisers (1), one or more communication networks and one or more control centres (3). The localisers (1) and the positioning devices (2) comprise two or... Agent: Dickinson Wright PLLC

20100134283 - Method and apparatus for delivering visual information: An information display device illuminates a light pipe, and includes a controller to regulate the power levels delivered to a light source, thereby regulating the amount of light delivered to the light pipe. Alternatively, the information display device delivers visual data, including alpha-numeric characters, predetermined images, or a controlled phasing.... Agent: John Vira

20100134284 - Night light wake up indicator: A night light that transitions between at least two states to provide a visual indication to a child as to whether it is time for the child to get out of bed or that the child should stay in bed. The night light shows an illuminated sun to indicate that... Agent: Smith Frohwein Tempel Greenlee Blaha, LLC

20100134281 - Project management notification and updates using family tree: A method and apparatus for automated project management notification using an update family tree. The system utilizes a set of subscription service managers and a set of message processing managers to automatically manage the inter-relationship between a set of systems belonging to different entities within the overall family tree of... Agent: Red Hat/bstz Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP

20100134282 - Vibe: alarm: The Vibe: Alarm is an alarm clock equipped with a vibrator that makes it most useful for the deaf and hard of hearing. The Vibe: Alarm is equipped with a vibrator that turns on when the alarm is triggered which makes it most useful for the deaf and hard of... Agent: Ruth Eure

20100134285 - Method of sensor data fusion for physical security systems: A method of sensor data fusion in a physical security system of a monitored area is provided. The method comprises receiving data inputs from one or more sensors in the physical security system, with the monitored area being overlaid with a grid defining a plurality of locations. The method further... Agent: Honeywell/fogg Patent Services

20100134287 - Method of detecting a conterfeit rfid tag: A method for determining a counterfeit from authentic RFID tag includes: assigning a unique tag identification number T wherein T=tag identification number TID; locking the unique number T into tag memory; assigning a secondary unique number E wherein E=a unique electronic product code EPC; locking the unique number E into... Agent: The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company Intellectual Property Department 823

20100134288 - Method of reducing power consumption of a radio badge in a boundary detection localization system: A method of reducing power consumption of a radio badge in a boundary detection localization system is disclosed, in which the radio badge is carried by a tracked target and performs location sampling communication with an infrastructure component of the localization system at the start and end of sampling time... Agent: Foley And Lardner LLP Suite 500

20100134290 - Methods and apparatus for rfid tag placement: Systems and methods for placing RFID tags on objects are shown and described. The method includes scanning an object and analyzing one or more reflected signals from the to determine a suggested location for placement of an RFID tag. The scan can be accomplished using a scanning device having an... Agent: Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP

20100134286 - Radio frequency based sensors employing analyte recognition element: A radio frequency based sensor is provided. The sensor comprises a radio frequency identification tag having a substrate, where the radio frequency identification tag generates an associated electromagnetic field. The sensor further includes an analyte recognition element in operative association with the substrate, where the analyte recognition element is capable... Agent: General Electric Company Global Research

20100134289 - Rfid reader controlling device, interlocking method for rfid reader, and rfid reader controlling method: An RFID reader controlling device based on a plurality of RFID reader protocols receives control instructions for controlling RFID readers from application devices providing services, and confirms RFID reader protocol types corresponding to control instructions to confirm whether communication channels corresponding to RFID reader protocols are generated. Further, the RFID... Agent: Jae Y. Park

20100134293 - Communication apparatus, communication system, and power control method: A communication apparatus includes a first RF tag which performs communication using electromagnetic waves in a first frequency band; a second RF tag which performs communication using electromagnetic waves in a second frequency band different from those in the first frequency band; a storage unit having a shared area accessible... Agent: Westerman, Hattori, Daniels & Adrian, LLP

20100134291 - Radio frequency identification inlay with improved readability: A radio-frequency identification (RFID) inlay is provided that is substantially isolated from the environment in proximity to one side of the device. A radio-frequency identification (RFID) inlay is provided including a two-port microchip having a first and a second port, a first antenna coupled to the first port of the... Agent: Raytheon Company C/o Daly, Crowley, Mofford & Durkee, LLP

20100134292 - Radio-frequency identification device with foam substrate: The present invention encompasses an antenna (12) for use with a radio-frequency identification transponder (10) that performs optimally in free space and near optimally when near a conductive surface. The radio-frequency identification transponder (10) broadly comprises an antenna (12); an integrated circuit (14); a matching circuit (16) interposed between the... Agent: Spencer, Fane, Britt & Browne

20100134295 - Anti-theft security device and perimeter detection system: A security tag in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention includes a housing, a membrane operable for attachment to merchandise, wherein the housing is connected the membrane, a monitoring device operable to monitor whether a party removes or attempts to remove the housing from the membrane and an... Agent: Ostrolenk Faber Gerb & Soffen

20100134294 - Method of and apparatus for making an rfid label: The invention relates to method for producing an RFID label. According to said method, a coupling antenna (2) arranged on a web-shaped support material (1) comprising an RFID chip (4) arranged thereon is glued onto a secondary antenna (10). The aim of the invention is to provide an RFID label... Agent: K.f. Ross P.C.

20100134297 - Activity monitoring eyewear: Disclosed is an activity monitoring eyewear for a swimmer. The activity monitoring eyewear includes a frame having a pair of hollow rim portions, an attachment member operatively coupled to the frame, and an at least one monitoring system configured on the attachment member. Each of the pair of hollow rim... Agent: Jay M. Schloff

20100134298 - Cooking system and controlling method for the same: A cooking system is provided to improve the safety and the reliability of the cooking system, and the convenience of a user. The cooking system includes at least one RF tag, a cooking appliance with an RF reader detecting the RF tag approaching, and an RF tag recognition button in... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20100134299 - Display of information through auxiliary user interface: The invention is directed to systems and methods for that provide a user interface on an electronic device, the user interface including: (i) an auxiliary interface for receiving input from a user and providing output to the user; and (ii) a primary access interface. Using the auxiliary interface, a message... Agent: Squire Sanders & Dempsey LLP

20100134296 - Hand hygiene verification/tracking system and method: A system and method for monitoring and tracking the thoroughness of hand washing/cleansing of personnel who must undergo hand hygiene frequently during a day's work schedule including (1) dispensers for dispensing a soap/disinfectant containing a visibly detectable marker agent, (2) photometric means for quantitatively measuring the marker agent present after... Agent: John F O'rourke Wang Hartmann Gibbs&cauley

20100134300 - Safety-determination information generating apparatus and safety confirmation system: A safety-determination information generating apparatus detects that a toilet equipment used for excretion, which is a regular behavior in the daily life of a monitoring subject, is used. Once the flushing operation unit is touched by the monitoring subject who flushes the toilet after relieving himself/herself, the safety-determination information generating... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20100134301 - Networked pest control system: A pest control device system includes a plurality of pest control devices and a data collector. The system may further include the data collector in the form of a gateway that is connected to a data management server via a computer network along with other gateways in corresponding pest control... Agent: Krieg Devault LLP

20100134302 - System and method for controlling emotion of car driver: Provided are a system and method for controlling the emotion of a car driver. A system for controlling the emotion of a car driver includes a detection unit, a control unit, and an emotion controlling unit. The detection unit detects emotion information including the voice, expression, gesture, heart rate, and... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20100134303 - Fluid level detector for an infusion fluid container: A fluid level sensing assembly includes a clamp that securely clamps a fluid level detector in place on a rigid walled infusion container, to minimize movement during use of the infusion container and fluid level detector. The fluid level detector includes a light sensor array and a light source. The... Agent: Michael L. Smith Bausch & Lomb Incorporated

20100134304 - Vibratory flow meter and method for correcting for entrained gas in a flow material: A vibratory flow meter (100) for correcting for entrained gas in a flow material is provided. The vibratory flow meter (100) comprises a flow meter assembly (10) configured to generate a vibrational response for the flow material, a bubble size sensor (50) configured to generate a bubble measurement signal for... Agent: The Ollila Law Group LLC

20100134305 - Intelligent adaptive energy management system and method for a wireless mobile device: An intelligent adaptive energy management system and method for an electronic device such as a cell phone or laptop computer. The system comprises at least two batteries that work cooperatively. The system includes multiple features that may be used alone or in combination. One feature includes one or more sensors... Agent: Nyemaster, Goode, West, Hansell & O''brien, P.C.

20100134306 - Ground fault circuit interrupter with end-of-life indicator: A circuit interrupter with end-of-life indicator is provided. A fuse is provided between the power supply and the control chip, and between the power supply and the main circuit. If the current passing through the control chip or the main circuit is drawing too much current, it indicates a short-circuit... Agent: Hogan & Hartson L.L.P.

20100134307 - Device for triggering functions in a vehicle: Two sensors (20, 30) which cooperate with one another are used in the interior of an activator (10) in order to trigger functions in a vehicle, said sensors (20, 30) being a proximity sensor (20) with a capacitive electrode (21) and a pressure sensor (30) with a pressure measuring element... Agent: Horst M. Kasper

20100134308 - Remote control device, in particular a wand: An infrared remote control is encapsulated in a plastic moulding and has no physical controlling buttons or virtual touch screen buttons that uses motion to determine which remote control codes are to be transmitted to adjust the function of home audio visual equipment. The combination of a motion sensor (14)... Agent: Carstens & Cahoon, LLP

20100134309 - Method and system for locating signal emitters using cross-correlation of received signal strengths: A method and system for determining a location of a first device that emits a signal: provide at least three sensors separated and spaced apart from each other; at each of the sensors, receive the signal emitted by the first device; determine the received signals for each of the sensors;... Agent: Agilent Technologies Inc.

20100134310 - Authentication apparatus, authentication method, and computer readable storage medium: An authentication apparatus includes a registration unit that registers authentication information representing a check target, a first authentication unit that authenticates the check target at the entrance of the check target to a first area, a second authentication unit that authenticates the check target at the entrance of the check... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20100134311 - Alignment of flagstaffs in the marching formations: A device for maintaining a flag in a desired position, and comprising a position transducer is disclosed. A support mounts the position transducer on a flagstaff. An alarm indicates a deviation in the position of the transducer from the desired position. The alarm has an audio output. The audio output... Agent: Thompson Hine L.L.P. Intellectual Property Group

20100134312 - Input device for portable terminal and method thereof: The present invention relates to an input device and method of a portable terminal. The present invention includes generating an input event by a first input mode, generating a second input event by a motion of the portable terminal simultaneously or consecutively with the input event, and controlling operation of... Agent: H.c. Park & Associates, PLC

20100134313 - Electron-emitting device and display panel including the same: An electron-emitting device includes an electroconductive member and a lanthanum boride layer on the electroconductive member and further includes an oxide layer between the electroconductive member and the lanthanum boride layer. The oxide layer can contain a lanthanum element. The lanthanum boride layer can be overlaid with a lanthanum oxide... Agent: Canon U.s.a. Inc. Intellectual Property Division

20100134314 - Power switch: A power switch, in which one end is electrically connected to a power supply terminal, while another end is electrically connected to an electronic device, and the power switch is used to switch the power supply state of an electronic device. The present invention primarily effects an electrical connection between... Agent: Muncy, Geissler, Olds & Lowe, PLLC

20100134316 - Apparatus for remote opening of doors or gates of a building: There is disclosed an apparatus for remote opening of doors or gates of at least a building (A, A1 . . . An). The apparatus comprises a unit (B, B 1 . . . Bn) located in the building (A, A1 . . . An) and accessible from a plurality... Agent: Jacobson Holman PLLC

20100134315 - Fail-safe remote control: The present invention relates to a remote control (160) operates fail-safe. The remote control comprises a safety filter (150) in order to provide a fail save operation. The present invention also relates to an adjustable patient table (100) comprising a fail-safe wireless remote control for controlling an actuator to adjust... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20100134317 - Method for configuring a wireless communication device as a remote control, remotely controllable electronic device and wireless communication device: A method of configuring a wireless communication device operable as a remote control of an electronic device includes storing a pointer to a remote source in the electronic device, the remote source including control software for enabling the wireless communication device to remotely control the electronic device. The method also... Agent: Hogan & Hartson LLP

20100134318 - System and method for using image data in connection with configuring a universal controlling device: A user provides to an image recognition system an image that is intended to be used to identify one or more appliances that are to be controlled by a universal controlling device. The image recognition system has access to a database of images that have been cross-referenced to appliances and... Agent: Greenberg Traurig, LLP

20100134319 - Electromagnetic/acoustic underwater communications system: An underwater communications system is provided that transmits electromagnetic and/or magnetic signals to a remote receiver. The transmitter includes a data input. A digital data compressor compresses data to be transmitted. A modulator modulates compressed data onto a carrier signal. An electrically insulated, magnetic coupled antenna transmits the compressed, modulated... Agent: Goodwin Procter LLP Attn: Patent Administrator

20100134320 - Optimization of vehicular traffic flow through a conflict zone: An automatic vehicular traffic flow control technique defines a controlled area, wherein vehicles belonging to different traffic streams contend for occupancy of a conflict zone. A traversal order is computed for the vehicles in the controlled area, wherein the ordered vehicles are assigned to traverse the conflict zone sequentially in... Agent: Ibm Corporation, T.j. Watson Research Center

20100134321 - Method and apparatus for recognizing parking area: A method and an apparatus for recognizing a parking area are disclosed. The parking area recognizing apparatus includes: a signal transmitter transmitting a signal using a sensor; an echo signal receiver receiving an echo signal for the signal; a multiple signal generator generating a multiple echo signal using the echo... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100134322 - Apparatus and method for detecting vehicles: An apparatus for detecting a vehicle includes a magnetic sensor that continuously obtains a magnetic signal varied due to movement of a vehicle; a gradient detecting unit that detects a gradient of the magnetic signal based on the obtained magnetic signal; and a vehicle status transitioning unit that generates status... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20100134323 - Display device for an aircraft for displaying a piloting symbology dedicated to obstacle avoidance: The general field of the invention is, within the framework of the terrain anti-collision systems for aircraft, the presentation on the displays for aiding the piloting and the navigation of a simplified symbology suited to these critical situations. More precisely, the symbols comprise guidance indications in the depictions representing the... Agent: Lowe Hauptman Ham & Berner, LLP

20100134324 - Method and apparatus for providing and using public transportation information: The present invention relates to method and apparatus for providing and using transportation information of various types of public vehicles. A public transportation information encoding method according to the present invention creates identifying information on a type of public transportation means and on stations pertaining to service line of the... Agent: Fish & Richardson P.C.

20100134325 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and recording medium: An image processing apparatus, includes: a state information obtaining unit obtaining state information that indicates a state of driving operation of the vehicle; an image storage unit storing a plurality of two-dimensional image data pieces obtained from the plurality of imaging devices whose viewing fields partly overlap with each other;... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20100134326 - Electronic apparatus and electronic system: The present invention is an electronic apparatus 100, from which a portable apparatus 10 is detachable, and which includes an information providing portion 200 for providing information to the portable apparatus 10, the electronic apparatus 100 including: a controller 140 which transmits to and receives from the portable apparatus 10... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

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