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Communications: electrical April category listing, related patent applications 04/10

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04/29/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100102926 - Methods and systems for ad hoc sensor network: Methods and systems are provided for controlling a first node in an ad hoc network including network nodes, at least some of which are asynchronous nodes having a dormancy period and a non-dormancy period. The method may include activating a non-dormant-state after a predetermined period of dormancy. The method may... Agent: Syngenta Crop Protection , Inc. Patent And Trademark Department

20100102925 - Passive tag and radio frequency identification system utilizing the same: A passive tag receiving a reader signal provided by a reader is disclosed. The passive tag includes an antenna, an oscillator circuit, and an internal chip. The antenna receives the reader signal. The reader signal is within an operation frequency band. The oscillator circuit is coupled to the antenna and... Agent: Wang Law Firm, Inc.

20100102924 - Remote control system and a method of control: A remote control system and a method of control. The system includes a control module that facilitates execution of a set of functions, a remote control device that wirelessly communicates with the control module, and an input signal. The input signal is provided to the control module and includes data... Agent: Brooks Kushman P.C. / Lear Corporation

20100102927 - Mobile identification device: The invention relates to a mobile identification device (10) of a security system for keyless activation of a closing device of a motor vehicle (40), having a housing (20) and a sensor display (30). An electronic unit with a transmitting and receiving unit is arranged in the housing (20) and... Agent: Cantor Colburn, LLP

20100102928 - Monitoring apparatus and operating method thereof: A monitoring apparatus and the associated method are provided. The monitoring apparatus includes a tag reading module and a control module. The tag reading module accesses a target tag attached to a target object to generate an access signal. The control module is coupled to the tag reading module and... Agent: Edell, Shapiro & Finnan, LLC

20100102929 - Protection, security and displacement tracking luminous badge system: The invention relates to an equipment comprising at least one badge (40) provided with a power source (41), at least one energy radiation source (42) and an actuation member (43) for said source connected to a computer memory (45), an energy wave receiver (46), an actuation member programming unit (91),... Agent: Baker & Daniels LLP

20100102930 - Introduction of a self-reporting portable container into an inventory system: A method of introducing into an inventory system a self-reporting portable container containing a consumable substance configured to determine and selectively report information about the substance. The container is configured to self report an attribute of the consumable substance. An identifier is associated with at least one of the container,... Agent: Whirlpool Patents Company - Md 0750

20100102932 - Rfid transmitter: Embodiments of the invention relate to the field of RFID interrogators, particularly RFID interrogators that combine low loss with high rates of communication from the interrogator to a tag. Further embodiments relate to the field of active RFID tags and general radio transmitters. We describe a transmitter comprising a resonant... Agent: Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

20100102931 - Wireless transponder system with polarization modulation: A wireless transponder system includes at least one antenna configured to send transponder signals. The wireless transponder system also includes a wireless transponder circuit coupled to the at least one antenna, the wireless transponder circuit having a first state for sending transponder signals of a first polarization type and a... Agent: Seed Intellectual Property Law Group PLLC

20100102933 - Radio frequency identification system using multiple band transmission: A radio frequency identification (RFID) system employs multiple band transmission to prevent signal collision. The system includes a plurality of RFID tag groups and at least one RFID reader. Each RFID tag group includes at least one RFID tag. The RFID tags of the same RFID tag group are operated... Agent: Apex Juris, PLLC

20100102934 - Onboard system for identifying and monitoring the content of an aircraft: It relies notably on the use of means of remote reading (R1,R2,R3), such as RFID readers, positioned so as to form a portal at the level of at least one of the access doors (A1,A2,A3) of the transport aircraft (V), capable of acquiring the identity of the set of the... Agent: Lariviere, Grubman & Payne, LLP

20100102935 - Rfid-based data reduction system and techniques: A method for tracking events using a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag may include reserving a bit window in a memory on a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag, the bit window having multiple bits, randomly marking one of the bits in the bit window each time a RFID event occurs,... Agent: Brake Hughes Bellermann LLP

20100102937 - Method and apparatus for stimulating power line carrier injection with reactive oscillation: Stimulating power line carrier injection with reactive oscillation comprises exciting a tank circuit to oscillate at the carrier frequency by sinking pulses of current between one node of a capacitor in the tank circuit and the other node of the capacitor. A power transformer is connected to a distribution system... Agent: King & Spalding, LLP

20100102936 - Remotely controllable power switch of an appliance and methods of employing the same: A remotely controllable power switch of an appliance and a method of employing a remotely controllable power switch of an appliance to control the overall load that an electric power distribution network bears. The method may include a method of employing a remotely controllable power switch of an appliance to... Agent: Hitt Gaines, PC Alcatel-lucent

20100102938 - Method of activating a supplemental visual warning signal based on frequency emitted from a generator of a primary audible warning signal: A system and method for signaling users including a control device electrically connected to a transceiver. The transceiver has a specified frequency. A first mobile signal device being activated by a first user and electrically communicating with a first transmitter having a selectable signal frequency. The first transmitter electrically communicates... Agent: Scully, Scott, Murphy & Presser, P.C.

20100102939 - Electronic device including finger movement based musical tone generation and related methods: An electronic device may include a finger biometric sensor and an audio output transducer. The electronic device may further include a controller cooperating with the finger biometric sensor for determining at least one biometric characteristic of a user's finger. The controller may also cooperate with the finger biometric sensor for... Agent: Allen, Dyer, Doppelt, Milbrath & Gilchrist P.A.

20100102940 - Electronic sound level control in audible signaling devices: In further development of U.S. Pat. No. 6,310,540 B1, an audible signal device comprising of a microprocessor or microcontroller and a sounder element, or a microprocessor or microcontroller in conjunction with electronic circuitry such as discrete components, inductors, or IC's with a sounder element where the resulting sound pressure level... Agent: Joseph N. Hosteny, Iii Niro, Scavone, Haller & Niro

20100102941 - Mobile communication device and input device for the same: The invention relates to a mobile communication device and an input device provided for operating said communication device by means of which input operations necessary for using the communication device may be carried out. The aim of the invention is to provide solutions by means of which it is possible,... Agent: K.f. Ross P.C.

20100102942 - Interior fitting for a motor vehicle: A carrier supports a screen in an interior fitting for a motor vehicle, such as a driver's cab of a motor truck. The screen can be moved into two different positions relative to the carrier. In this way the screen can be used for various applications. The screen, for example,... Agent: Crowell & Moring LLP Intellectual Property Group

20100102943 - Wireless touch sensor: A passive keyless entry system is provided comprising a wireless touch sensor, a RFID tag, a security system, a sensor antenna connected to the security system that receives a sensor signal from the wireless touch sensor, and a tag antenna connected to the security system that receives a tag signal... Agent: Fish & Associates, PC Robert D. Fish

20100102944 - Tire pressure sensing devices, systems and methods employing an acoustic amplifier: A pressure sensing device, such as a tire pressure monitoring unit comprises a pressure sensor for measuring pressure of a fluid, such as air or an inert gas, in an environment external to the device, such as within the cavity of a tire. A hollow resonator, or standing wave tube,... Agent: Jerry L. Mahurin The Gates Corporation

20100102945 - Vehicle information display and method: An information display system for a vehicle includes an information display for displaying a plurality of selectable information display levels according to an information display hierarchy. Each selectable information display level may include one or more visual gauges for conveying vehicle information. Each successive selectable information display level may include... Agent: Brooks Kushman P.C./fgtl

20100102946 - Way of controlling vehicle brake lights and a control circuit designed to realize this control: The embodiments of the invention are directed to a method and apparatus to generate pulsing lights where parameters such as frequency, degree of brightness, and the number of pulses vary depending on the duration of the brake pedal application, the time interval between consecutive brake applications, and the deceleration rate... Agent: Philip H. Burrus, Iv

20100102947 - Wireless warning brake light: A wireless warning brake light includes a third brake light with a casing installed therein with plural LEDs and a signal receiver for detecting brake signals emitted by an emitter and for activating the LEDs. The rear side of the casing of the third brake light is provided with adhesive... Agent: J C Patents

20100102948 - Alarm and diagnostics system and method for a distributed architecture heating, ventilation and air conditioning network: The disclosure provides an HVAC data processing and communication network and a method of manufacturing the same. In one embodiment the network includes a system device and a user interface. The system device is configured to generate and locally store an alarm record in response to an alarm event. The... Agent: Hitt Gaines P.C.

20100102949 - Overheat detection in thermally controlled devices: Systems and methods of overheat detection provide for generating a control signal on a die containing a processor based on an internal temperature of the processor and a control temperature threshold. It can be determined whether to generate a warning temperature event on the die based on a behavior of... Agent: Intel Corporation C/o Cpa Global

20100102950 - System and method for providing a synergistic alert condition processing in an automated patient management system: A system and method for providing synergistic alert condition processing in an automated patient management system is presented. An alert condition is classified along a continuum that includes adverse outcome potential versus medical intervention impact potential. The alert condition is managed by assigning a disposition based on relative placement of... Agent: Pauly, Devries Smith & Deffner, L.L.C.

20100102951 - Sharing of a neighboring wireless network: A security system can detect if a first network is compromised and automatically access a second network to communicate an alert to a monitor. The second network could be a wireless network of a neighbor. An incentive could be provided to the neighbor to allow the security system to access... Agent: Fish & Associates, PC Robert D. Fish

20100102952 - Machine-tool safety device: A machine-tool safety device for a machine tool having a transmitting unit for transmitting an outgoing signal and a receiving unit for receiving an incoming signal. The machine-tool safety device has an adjusting unit for at least semi-automatically adjusting the outgoing signal to be transmitted.... Agent: Kenyon & Kenyon LLP

20100102954 - Automatic personal warning alert: An automatic personal warning system including: a first moving radio frequency transmitter apparatus; a first movable radio frequency receiver apparatus configured to receive first radio frequency signals originating from the first moving radio frequency transmitter apparatus and thereby obtain an indication of a kinematic parameter of the first moving radio... Agent: Harrington & Smith

20100102953 - Identification tag information reminder system and method and portable identification tag information reminder device using the method: An identification tag information reminder system and a method thereof are provided. The system comprises an identification tag, for storing a tag identification code, an identification condition data and a reminder message corresponding to the identification condition data; and a portable device, comprising a memory, for storing a plurality of... Agent: Wpat, PC Intellectual Property Attorneys

20100102955 - Apparatus and method for assisting medication, medication box, and medication storage container: An apparatus and method for assisting medication are capable of assisting medication of users who have to regularly take medications in daily life. The apparatus includes a medication box having a plurality of containers, each of which stores a dose of medication to be taken at one time according to... Agent: Ladas & Parry LLP

20100102956 - Player identification and geographical positioning device, for online games and equivalents: A device having electronics with general management logic, a GSM antenna and its management electronics, a USB connector and its driver, and an RS-232 connector similar to a Pen Drive both in external aspect and size. It generates an electronic signature that identifies the device univocally. It provides the geographical... Agent: Merek, Blackmon & Voorhees, LLC

20100102957 - Monitoring device with network connection and security component: A monitoring device has a smoke detector, a network connection and a security component. The security component could include a camera, a microphone, a motion detector, and an audio output component. The monitoring device could have a wireless access point and connect to a network using IP over power line.... Agent: Fish & Associates, PC Robert D. Fish

20100102958 - Object tracking and locating apparatus: An object tracking and locating device includes two or more identical units each having a receiving/transmitting module coupled to an antenna member for receiving and transmitting signals, a ZigBee wireless transmission module coupled to the receiving/transmitting module for processing the signals, and an alarm device coupled to the ZigBee wireless... Agent: Charles E. Baxley, Esquire

20100102961 - Alert system based on camera identification: Some embodiments of the application provides methods and systems for receiving image frames from a plurality of repositories, extracting a camera fingerprint for each of the image frames, storing the camera fingerprints in a directory, receiving a new image frame from one of the plurality of repositories and extracting a... Agent: Honeywell International Inc. Patent Services

20100102960 - Integration of led lighting control with emergency notification systems: An emergency lighting system for a building includes at least one LED-based light. An emergency detector is operable to detect an emergency. The emergency detector produces an emergency signal in response to the emergency. A controller is operable to control the at least one LED-based light in response to the... Agent: Young Basile

20100102959 - Modular attribute sensing device: A modular device for determining attributes of a substance stored in a container having a sensing module, a transmitter module and a power source module. The sensing module is capable of sensing attributes of a substance and providing an output. The transmitter module is configured to transmit an output of... Agent: Whirlpool Patents Company - Md 0750

20100102962 - Occupancy sensing with selective emission: An occupancy sensing system includes a driver to emit energy in a space, and a sensor to detect energy reflected within the space. An electrical load for the space is controlled in response to an occupancy condition determined in response to the detected energy. The driver may be selectively de-energized.... Agent: Marger Johnson & Mccollom PC - Leviton

20100102963 - Device for detecting the passage of objects with a rfid label, method and system using such device: A device for the detection of the passage of objects, people or animals bearing a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag, including at least one mobile support which, when at rest, forms a barrier to the passage of the objects, people or animals and which, when in contact with the latter,... Agent: Greer, Burns & Crain

20100102965 - Location system, for asset or personnel tracking: A location system, for the tracking of personnel or products for establishing the location of an identification tag attached to a person or product, has the tag comprising a power source; an ultrasonic transducer; a transmitter connected to an output signal from the transducer and capable of transmitting multiple frequencies... Agent: Trexler, Bushnell, Giangiorgi, Blackstone & Marr, Ltd.

20100102964 - Mobile tag tracking system: A mobile tag tracking system for providing mobile security monitoring is provided. The system includes a communications facility, a communications network coupled to the communications facility, and a mobile tag. The mobile tag is coupled to an item to be monitored. The mobile tag has a processor having a memory... Agent: Ogilvy Renault LLP

20100102967 - Container lid with a rfid tag: The present invention provides a container lid with a removable built-in RFID tag which makes it easy to perform general management, such as information management, inventory management, use list management, hazardous material management, etc., of contents stored in the container. The container lid with the RFID tag according to the... Agent: Merchant & Gould PC

20100102966 - Devices and methods for protecting a packaged radio frequency identification device from electronic reading: Devices and methods for protecting a radio frequency identification (RFID) device from electronic reading prior to the sale of the RFID device where a package includes an upper layer comprising a radio frequency shielding material covering at least the upper and side portions of an RFID device. The package also... Agent: Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP

20100102968 - Electronic article surveillance device and related assembly and method: An acousto-magnetic surveillance device for attachment to an article includes a first metal strip that is magnetostrictive with a predetermined resonance frequency, a second metal strip that is selectively magnetizable adjacent to the first metal strip, a housing at least partially surrounding the first and second metal strips and allowing... Agent: Herbert L. Allen Allen, Dyer, Doppelt, Milbrath & Gilchrist, P.A.

20100102969 - Portable radio frequency identification system: A radio frequency identification (“RFID”) system and method of operating the same. In one embodiment, the RFID system includes a portable structure including a frame with a base supported by a plurality of wheels, an antenna tower and at least one removable shelf therein. The RFID system also includes an... Agent: Slater & Matsil, L.L.P.

20100102970 - System for detecting an accident: A system integrated in a helmet or another headgear, for the registration of direct violence against the head/body that a wearer of the helmet is subjected to in connection with an accident, comprising at least one sensor (12) intended to detect movements, at least one sensor for measuring vital data,... Agent: Dickstein Shapiro LLP

20100102971 - Arrangement and method to wake up a sleeping subject at an advantageous time instant associated with natural arousal: Intelligent alarm clock arrangement adapted into an electric device and utilizing the microphone, loudspeaker or other alarming device, memory unit, processor and timer feature thereof. The apparatus is located near a sleeping subject so as to sample and analyze the statistical properties of sound signals produced by the movements of... Agent: Young & Thompson

20100102972 - Driver inattention detection system and methodology: A driver inattention detection system includes a rotary encoder (e.g., an optical rotary encoder) operably associated with a steering column of a vehicle and configured to produce steering signals representing the magnitude and direction of rotation of the steering column. A drive wheel concentrically coupled to the rotatable shaft of... Agent: Mark Young, P.A.

20100102973 - Alarm and diagnostics system and method for a distributed-architecture heating, ventilation and air conditioning network: The disclosure includes an HVAC data processing and communication network, and a method of manufacturing the same. In one embodiment the HVAC data processing and communication network includes a system device and a user interface. The system device is configured to store alarm data in local memory in response to... Agent: Hitt Gaines P.C.

20100102974 - Diagnostic and response systems and methods for fluid power systems: Diagnostic and response systems and methods for a fluid power system acquire data from pressure and temperature sensors disposed in the fluid power system, analyze the data in a failure algorithm to build a history of cumulative damage to hoses in the fluid power system, communicates an indication of potential... Agent: The Gates Corporation

20100102975 - Battery leakage detection system: Battery leakage detection system comprising a gas sensor having a gas sensitive nanoparticle structure.... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100102976 - System and method for monitoring vibration of power transformer: The present invention provides a system and method for monitoring vibration of a power transformer. The system comprises at least one vibration sensor operably mounted to the outer case of a transformer for sensing vibration of the power transformer; a spectrum analyzer for processing the vibration signal from the vibration... Agent: Martine Penilla & Gencarella, LLP

20100102977 - Detection and alarm circuit: A detection and alarm circuit includes a transformer, a rectifier, and an alarm. A first input terminal of the transformer is connected to a ground terminal of an electronic device, and a second terminal of the transformer is grounded. A first output terminal of the transformer is connected to a... Agent: PCe Industry, Inc. Att. Steven Reiss

20100102978 - Closing system comprising a force sensor: The invention relates to a closing system comprising at least one door provided with at least one displaceable closure element and a closure element receiving member. The at least one closing element of the door lock projects into the closing element receiving member when the closing system is in the... Agent: Baker & Hostetler LLP

20100102979 - Laptop computer with hardware security protection: A laptop computer with hardware security protection includes a lid near the image capture module. The lid can move to shield the image capture module to avoid the image captured by the image capture module transmitting to another computer. Therefore, the hardware security protection is achieved by the real lid... Agent: Dr. Banger Shia Patent Office Of Bang Shia

20100102980 - Hand-held positioning interface for spatial query: A system and method for determining the position and orientation of a handheld device relative to a known object is presented. The system comprises a handheld device having an inertial measurement unit and a sighting device, such as a laser pointer, that are used to determine the position of the... Agent: Thompson Hine LLP

20100102981 - Methods and apparatus to detect carrying of a portable audience measurement device: Methods and apparatus to detect carrying of a portable audience measurement device are disclosed herein. An example portable audience measurement device includes a housing; a media detector in the housing to collect media exposure data; a first status sensor to detect a first distance between the housing and an object... Agent: Hanley, Flight & Zimmerman, LLC

20100102982 - Holistic alarm monitoring: Holistic alarm monitoring may be provided. An alarm display interface may receive alarm messages relating to assorted priorities and/or categories. Users may configure rules for displaying and processing the alarm messages as they are received. Historical alarm messages may be correlated and analyzed to determine trends, as by displaying the... Agent: Merchant & Gould PC

20100102983 - Method and system of translating developing conditions in spatial geometries into verbal output: A verbal language based output system includes data defining a geometrical region, such as a building, configuration data relative to various detectors in the region, and a plurality of event inputs associated with the detectors. Verbal language generation software, in response to the data and the event inputs, produces verbal... Agent: Honeywell/husch Patent Services

20100102984 - Remote controller and communication combined use digital broadcasting tranceiver for performing voice or image communication, method and system therefor: The present invention relates to a remote controller and a communication-capable digital broadcasting receiver for voice or image communication, a system including the remote controller and the digital broadcasting receiver, and a method thereof.... Agent: David A. Einhorn, Esq. Baker & Hostetler LLP

20100102985 - Receiver orientation in an electromagnetic survey: A system for determining the position and/or orientation of electromagnetic receivers in a network of receiver instruments at a remote location, a first receiver instrument including one or more electromagnetic sensors, the system comprising transmitting means to send a characteristic signal, detecting means to detect transmitted signals from a plurality... Agent: Patterson, Thuente, Skaar & Christensen, P.A.

20100102986 - System and method to remotely interact with nano devices in an oil well and/or water reservoir using electromagnetic transmission: The invention provides for electromagnetic transmission and reception used in detecting relative changes associated with nano devices existing within an oil reservoir. The system enables monitoring of the relative movement of the nano devices in the oil and/or water over a given area based on the incremental or relative changes... Agent: HowardIPLaw Group

20100102987 - Power line communication device having virtual local area network functionality: A power line based communication system includes a power line termination module, a plurality of power line gateways, and a plurality of power line nodes. The power line termination module manages data for local area networks within the power line based communication system. The plurality of power line gateways is... Agent: Capital Legal Group, LLC

20100102988 - Driving conditions monitoring device and method thereof: A driving conditions monitoring device includes an image capturing unit, a data processing unit, a control unit, and an abnormality processing unit electronically connected in series. The image capturing unit includes at least two image capturing devices to respectively obtain the image of the expression of the drive and the... Agent: PCe Industry, Inc. Att. Steven Reiss

20100102989 - Method for providing mobile sign post service and system thereof: The present invention relates to a method and system for providing geographic information which provides guidance about a route to a destination desired by a user. The method of providing geographic information, the method including: providing guidance about a route to a destination set by a user; reading a plurality... Agent: Akerman Senterfitt

20100102990 - Light source discriminating apparatus, a light source discriminating program, a vehicles detection apparatus, and a light control apparatus: A light control system identifies in the processing that discriminates light sources in the acquired image as either luminous objects or reflective objects, each pixel obtained that constitutes the acquired image being classified into a plurality of groups according to the brightness of each pixel, and generates a histogram showing... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100102991 - Pedestrian crossing with presence detector and warning: Pedestrian crossing with presence detector and warning, characterised in that it constitutes an independent and transportable constructive element, easy to assemble and dismantle, with low maintenance cost, equipped with presence detectors, warning devices, power supply system, accumulators and electronic devices (circuitry, etc.), which detects pedestrians, vehicles, or both, in a... Agent: Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack, L.L.P.

20100102992 - Systems and methods for remote monitoring of weather: Systems and methods are operable to capture images of weather along a portion of a flight path of an aircraft, and are operable to wirelessly communicate information corresponding to the captured images to the aircraft. An exemplary embodiment has at least one camera pointed in a direction corresponding to a... Agent: Honeywell/fogg Patent Services

20100102993 - Monitoring device for a tracking system: There is provided a monitoring device for a tracking system adapted for use in at least one vehicle. An exemplary monitoring device comprises a communication circuit adapted for communication with at least one radio frequency identification (RFID) tag on an article to be transported by the vehicle and a position... Agent: InternationalIPLaw Group

20100102994 - Electronic apparatus and electronic system: An electronic apparatus from which a portable apparatus having a display can be detached, the electronic apparatus characterized by including: a first output unit that outputs an image signal to the portable apparatus; a second output unit that outputs an image signal to a display apparatus different from the portable... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

04/22/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100097177 - Electronic device and access controlling method thereof: An electronic device and method for controlling access to an electronic device includes acquiring a login iris image of a user, and computing iris characteristic values according to iris characteristic points in the login iris image. The electronic device and method further includes obtaining original iris characteristic values of one... Agent: PCe Industry, Inc. Att. Steven Reiss

20100097173 - Entry/exit managing device and information communication terminal: An entry/exit managing device for controlling entry and exit of a user, who carries a portable memory and an information communication terminal, to and from a predetermined place includes: a portable memory communication unit which reads and writes data from and to the portable memory; a user managing unit which... Agent: Hogan & Hartson L.L.P.

20100097174 - Providing parcel procurement with acknowledgement of receipt in an intelligent mailbox: A method for providing a procuration to a user on behalf of a letter or parcel recipient for authorizing this user to retrieve this letter or parcel with acknowledgement of receipt in an intelligent mailbox. Exemplary embodiments include a method to forward delegation between the original recipient and the delegated... Agent: Cantor Colburn LLP - IBM Endicott

20100097178 - Vehicle biometric systems and methods: A vehicle biometric system includes an in-vehicle telematics unit having a receiver configured to receive authentication data from a wireless communication device, a memory configured to store computer program instructions, and a processor configured to access and execute the computer program instructions. The authentication data can include voice data based... Agent: Kenyon & Kenyon LLP

20100097176 - Input device and user authentication method: An input device having a given input screen includes a first unit that generates data indicating any one of a touch position, a touch area, and a touching time, the touch position being a position touched by an object, the touch area being an area touched by the object, and... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20100097175 - Vehicle authentication device: A vehicle authentication device has an in-vehicle device mounted on a vehicle, an authentication unit disposed in the in-vehicle device, for matching an ID returned from a portable device in response to a request from the in-vehicle device and performing an authentication of the vehicle, and an operation switch for... Agent: Osha Liang L.L.P.

20100097179 - User authentication device and user authentication method: Biometric information registered for each user is held, user information being a plurality types of attribute information associated with each user is held, a possibility that the user requests authentication is predicted and a predicted value is calculated for each user by using the plurality types of attribute information contained... Agent: Westerman, Hattori, Daniels & Adrian, LLP

20100097180 - System and method for credit card user identification verification: A system for verifying a credit card user's identification includes a scanner, a comparator and a control unit. The scanner is configured to scan a holographic fingerprint image on a credit card and a credit card user's fingerprint and output first fingerprint image data representing the holographic fingerprint image and... Agent: Mcguirewoods, LLP

20100097189 - Battery monitor: A circuit tracks the total amount of time that a host device has spent in its high power “activated” state (an optionally idle and hibernate states) and thereby can estimate the total power consumed by the tag. A remote device can query the state of a counter storing a value... Agent: The Caldwell Firm, LLC

20100097190 - Battery monitor: A circuit tracks the total amount of time that a host device has spent in its high power “activated” state (an optionally idle and hibernate states) and thereby can estimate the total power consumed by the tag. A remote device can query the state of a counter storing a value... Agent: The Caldwell Firm, LLC

20100097184 - Method and apparatus for reading short distance emission rfid tags to locate items in a container: The present invention is directed to a method and apparatus for reading short distance emission RFID tags to locate items in a container. A method in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention includes: initiating a reading sequence of a plurality of first RFID tags, wherein each first RFID... Agent: Hoffman Warnick LLC

20100097181 - Patient lifting system using rfid technology: An arrangement for a patient lifting system, wherein the patient lifting system comprises a lifting device and a sling adapted to be coupled to the lifting device. The lifting device is during use of the lifting system adapted to lift the patient from a lowered to a raised position and... Agent: Potomac Patent Group PLLC

20100097188 - Radio frequency identification system and method: An identification system and method is disclosed to identify an identity and a position of a radio frequency (RF) device. The RF device generates a response signal when receiving an RF signal. The identification system includes a plurality of antenna units, a switching unit, an RF module and a microcontroller.... Agent: Edell, Shapiro & Finnan, LLC

20100097185 - Rfid tag positional addressing: The present invention is directed to a method and apparatus for radio frequency identification (RFID) tag positional addressing. A method in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention includes: activating a plurality of first RFID tags, wherein each first RFID tag emits an identification (ID) and a position; capturing... Agent: Hoffman Warnick LLC

20100097187 - Rfid tags: We describe RFID tags that incorporate a nonlinear resonator that self-adapts to the driving frequency of a reader. More particularly we describe an RF tag for sending data to a tag reader by modulating energy drawn from an RF field of said tag reader, the tag comprising: an antenna; a... Agent: Clise, Billion & Cyr

20100097182 - Signal power mapping for detection of buried objects and other changes to the rf environment: In one embodiment, an RF disturbance detection system is provided that includes: an RF interrogator configured to transmit an RF interrogation signal; and a plurality of RF transceiver modules configured to respond to the RF interrogation signal by transmitting unique RF response signals, wherein the RF interrogator is further configured... Agent: Haynes And Boone, LLPIPSection

20100097183 - System and method for coupling a component to a vehicle: An alignment system for coupling a component to a vehicle includes at least one sensor target coupled to the component, and a controller assembly configured to transmit a signal towards the sensor target and receive a reflected signal from the sensor target, wherein the controller assembly is configured to output... Agent: John S. Beulick (24691) Armstrong Teasdale LLP

20100097186 - User interface devices for control of machine systems: What is disclosed is a system for controlling a process, where the process is implemented by a machine system. The system includes a user interface device and a first transceiver coupled to the user interface device. The first transceiver is configured to receive communications from the user interface device and... Agent: Rockwell Automation, Inc/sr

20100097191 - Wireless tag and method for producing wireless tag: The wireless tag includes an antenna conductor; a first power-supply conductor which is electromagnetic-inductively coupled with the antenna conductor; and a second power-supply conductor which is loop-shaped and which is electrically coupled with the first power-supply conductor.... Agent: Hanify & King Professional Corporation

20100097192 - Back-door data synchronization for a multiple remote measurement system: Disclosed is an apparatus and methodology for synchronizing data received at a central location that has been collected at plural remote locations and separately transmitted to the central location. A plurality of remote sensors is provided and configured to be simultaneously triggered to begin a data collection sequence and to... Agent: Dority & Manning, PA & Michelin North America, Inc

20100097193 - Lifestyle management system and method: A system for use by a person to evaluate an edible item having a nutritional content is provided. The edible item is associated with a menu. The system includes an RFID tag associated with the menu and encoded with information regarding at least a portion of the nutritional content of... Agent: Dorsey & Whitney LLP Intellectual Property Department - Sf

20100097194 - Tracking variable conditions using radio frequency identification: A method and system for tracking variable conditions using radio frequency identification (RFID) are disclosed. In embodiments of the present invention, an RFID sensor tag is used to measure a condition. The condition can be any measurable condition such as location, temperature, humidity, pressure, time, date, inertial measurements, etc. Variable... Agent: At & T Legal Department - Ws Attn: Patent Docketing

20100097195 - Data interface process with rfid data reader glove: In one embodiment, a method and apparatus for reducing time expended on non-value added tasks during assembly of an aircraft is provided. A RFID tag reading function of a RFID tag reader integrated into user apparel is enabled. The RFID tag reader comprises a set of touch activation components integrated... Agent: Duke W. Yee

20100097196 - Method and apparatus for visually locating short distance emission rfid tags to locate items in a container: The present invention is directed to a method and apparatus for visually locating short distance emission RFID tags to locate items in a container. A method in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention includes: initiating a reading sequence of a plurality of first RFID tags, wherein each first... Agent: Hoffman Warnick LLC

20100097197 - Healthcare industry pillow speaker cables and interfaces: Healthcare industry pillow speaker cables and interfaces are disclosed. Pillow speaker cables communicatively couple a pillow speaker to another device. Pillow speaker cables comprise four wires. The first wire and the second wire comprise a data bus for communicating data to and from the pillow speaker. The third wire and... Agent: Westman Champlin & Kelly, P.A.

20100097198 - Haptic feedback controller: A haptic feedback controller of the present invention includes: a pointing position detecting sensor which is arranged along a fingertip pointing path and detects a pointing position of a fingertip when a pointing operation is performed along the fingertip pointing path; a haptic feedback imparting device which has a piezoelectric... Agent: Lowe Hauptman Ham & Berner, LLP

20100097199 - Vehicle safety device: A vehicle safety system that provides an improved line of sight for oncoming traffic as the vehicle is backed out of a parking space. A set of rear side looking cameras input video information to a display used by the vehicle driver. The cameras are positioned on the rear side... Agent: John C. Smith, Esq.

20100097200 - Method and device for identifying and classifying objects: A method and device for identifying and classifying objects, electromagnetic radiation being emitted by a sensor, the radiation components reflected on objects being received by the sensor, the received signals being analyzed by comparison with stored characteristic values and the class of the reflecting object being deduced on the basis... Agent: Kenyon & Kenyon LLP

20100097201 - Method and system for acquiring integrated operational and support data for a vehicle: Methods and apparatus are provided for acquiring integrated operational data and support data regarding a vehicle. The apparatus comprising a network interface for communicating with the vehicle and a processor that is coupled to the network interface. The processor is configured to transmit a first request for operational data to... Agent: Honeywell/ifl Patent Services

20100097202 - Eco-drive assist apparatus and method: An eco-drive assist apparatus that displays a quantity of eco-drive that indicates a degree of ecology and/or economy in driving in a hybrid vehicle equipped with an engine and a motor, includes: a first part configured to calculate the quantity of eco-drive on the basis of a vehicle power generated... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20100097203 - Wireless tire pressure monitor system: A wireless tire pressure monitor system has multiple pressure sensors and at least one receiving module. The pressure sensors detect tire pressures and transmit wireless signals representing the tire pressure. The at least one receiving module is mounted on a chassis of a vehicle at a geometric center of the... Agent: Kolisch Hartwell, P.C.

20100097204 - Group analysis system and group analysis equipment: Face-to-face detection by infrared-ray communication is effective in grasping interaction between persons. However the problem here is that infrared rays have a high directivity and detection fails unless the persons face each other right in front. Sensor signals having a high directivity and sensor signals having a low directivity are... Agent: Stanley P. Fisher Reed Smith LLP

20100097205 - Portable motion detector and alarm system and method: A portable security alarm system including a movement detecting and signal transmitting member for mounting on or proximate to the object whose movement is to be detected, a signal receiving and alarm generating member for receiving a signal from the movement detecting and signal transmitting member and producing a security... Agent: Walter W. Duft Law Offices Of Walter W. Duft

20100097206 - Post cap for guardrail with luminous lamp: The present invention relates to a post cap for a guardrail equipped with light emission means. The post cap for a guardrail is configured to produce beautiful scenery through variation in the color and the blinking state and to ensure safe nighttime passage through the transmission of signals depending on... Agent: Hyun Jong Park Park & Associates Intellectual Property Law LLC

20100097207 - Activation device for personal alarm system: A personal alarm is provided which comprises a flexible card adapted to be carried by a user. The personal alarm includes a power source, a transmitter, and an activation component that is activated in response to bending or folding of the personal alarm. The activation component is coupled to the... Agent: George H. Gerstman Seyfarth Shaw LLP

20100097208 - Method and system for tracking assets: The present invention provides a device for tracking a mobile or portable asset. A navigation system beacon device (NSBD) is stored in, on or near the asset, and is turned on under the control of an accelerometer in response to movement of the asset. A signal providing the asset's position... Agent: Patent Correspondence Arnall Golden Gregory LLP

20100097209 - System and method for creating a proximity map of living beings and objects: A contact or proximity network map defines who and what objects have come in contact of each other including location and time. This map selects the list people who have come in contact with known infected people based on contagious disease epidemiology criteria for the purpose of control its spread,... Agent: Steptoe & Johnson LLP

20100097212 - Dynamic information projection for a wall sensor: An implementation of a system, device and method for projecting a visual indicator against a surface is provided. A display projection system in a handheld sensor device (e.g. a handheld wall scanner) projects a static or computer-controlled dynamic pattern of light onto a surface being scanned to indicate a specific... Agent: Silicon Valley Patent Group LLP Attn: Bryan Wyman

20100097211 - Life safety device with automatic battery discharge at the end of life: When a rechargeable battery of a life safety device reaches its end of life, the life safety device provides an audible signal indicating that replacement is required. When the device is disconnected from line power, the rechargeable battery still contains a significant amount of energy. The device automatically begins controlled... Agent: Kinney & Lange, P.A.

20100097213 - Security infrastructure: An automated security infrastructure is disclosed that includes security agents that are designed to analyze security issues. The security agents process events received from event-messages, and records data associated with a security issue in a ticket. Security and management personnel are kept informed based on notification subscription lists. Assigned security... Agent: At & T Legal Department - Wt

20100097210 - Wireless interface device allowing a reliable digital and audio communication transfer between a security system, pots and/or ip network modem device: A system, method process and apparatus is presented for interfacing digital and audio communications in a security system, comprising, a control panel having one or more first radio receiver/transceivers and one or more remote alarm sensors coupled to the control panel and the control panel receiving one or more digital... Agent: Honeywell International Inc. Patent Services

20100097214 - System and method for monitoring a location: According to one embodiment of the invention, a method for monitoring a location is presented. The method includes monitoring one or more entryways of a building to detect when an entryway of the building is being opened and responsive to detecting an entryway of the building being opened, the method... Agent: Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP

20100097215 - Security material having a web-like interlaced fabric: The invention relates to a security material having a web-like interlaced fabric and insulated, electrically conductive wires integrated therein. Provision is made for a first wire to be arranged in the longitudinal direction of the web-like interlaced fabric and for a second wire to extend in a meandering manner across... Agent: Studebaker & Brackett PC

20100097216 - Intruder detection system: An intruder detection system comprises an illumination means for illuminating a field of view with a modulated optical signal, modulated by a modulation signal; an optical receiver for receiving a delayed reflected signal; a cross correlator for calculating a cross correlation function between the modulation signal and the received delayed... Agent: Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP

20100097217 - Clip alarm: The clip alarm (100) is a retaining clip attachable to personal items in order to function as a loss prevention device capable of emitting an audible and/or visual alarm in response to the clip and attached item being dislodged from a user's person. Upon dislodgment from a person or other... Agent: Litman Law Offices, Ltd.

20100097219 - Article with theft-deterring feature: An article formed to receive a security marker in a manner that reduces the likelihood of the security marker from being removed, either intentionally (such as to remove the article from a restricted area without authorization to do so) or inadvertently (such as by getting caught on another article). The... Agent: Philip S. Johnson Johnson & Johnson

20100097218 - Communications in an item tracking system: System and methods for communicating tracking information about tagged items. A tagged item is a tangible item that carries a self-identifying tag. The tracking information can be stored in the tag or in a document that is accessible through an item tracking system. The tracking information can be accessible by... Agent: Fish & Richardson, P.C.

20100097222 - Insuring personal mail delivery with automatic acknowledgement: An intelligent mailbox and a method for authorizing a user to pickup a parcel with acknowledgement of receipt in a mailbox. Exemplary embodiments include a method to insure personal mail delivery in a mailbox, the method including determining a first biometric data as required by an RFID tag enclosed in... Agent: Cantor Colburn LLP - IBM Endicott

20100097221 - Methods, computer program products, and systems for providing automated video tracking via radio frequency identification: Methods, computer program products and systems for providing video tracking. The method includes receiving a first signal from a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag. A location of the RFID tag is determined in response to the first signal. An image that includes the location of the RFID tag is recorded.... Agent: At&t Legal Department - Cc Attn: Patent Docketing

20100097223 - Product security system: The present system provides a tag having one or more components comprising a physically rugged structure which can be attached to a product in a manner that renders the product inoperable, defaced, or that otherwise denies access to the intended use or value of the product until it is “unlocked”... Agent: Dla Piper US LLP

20100097224 - Sanitizer dispensers with compliance verification: A system is provided for providing compliance verification of sanitizer use from a sanitizer dispenser. The system provides for identifying individual users of one or more sanitizer dispensers through technologies such as RFID. Individual's use of sanitizer dispensers is monitored to determine compliance with sanitizer use requirements. A compliance report... Agent: Sheridan Ross PC

20100097220 - Wireless information system for wind turbine components: A wireless information system for wind turbine components is disclosed. The wireless information system includes radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags that are attached to wind turbine components. The RFID tags contain component information such as identification, commissioning date, and maintenance information. The system allows the components to be identified and/or verified... Agent: Mcnees Wallace & Nurick, LLC

20100097225 - Automation and security system: Methods and systems for an automation and security system including a first sensor, a second sensor, and a controller. The first sensor detects a signal from an identification device indicative of a first authorized person in an exterior area near a door. The second sensor is coupled to a handle... Agent: Michael Best & Friedrich LLP

20100097226 - Occupancy sensing with image and supplemental sensing: An occupancy sensing system monitors a space with an image sensor and a supplemental sensor. The occupancy condition of the space is determined in response to information from both the image sensor and the supplemental sensor. An electrical load for the space is controlled in response to the occupancy condition.... Agent: Marger Johnson & Mccollom PC - Leviton

20100097227 - Alarm control apparatus and method using face recognition: An alarm unit includes an apparatus and a method of maximizing the efficiency of an alarm function that wakes up a sleeping user. An image input unit capable of photographing an eye image as a criterion for determining if the user has woken up is mounted on an alarm control... Agent: Docket Clerk

20100097229 - Method for monitoring the power state of an x-ray emitter and/or an x-ray detector, and system for carrying out said method: In a method and system for monitoring the power state of an x-ray emitter and/or an x-ray detector, the x-ray emitter is operated according to a set of test parameters, so as to emit x-rays that strike at least a portion of the detector region of the x-ray detector. At... Agent: Schiff Hardin, LLP Patent Department

20100097228 - System and method for monitoring and/or notifying wireless device users of radiation exposure: A system and method for monitoring and/or notifying wireless device users of radiation exposure includes determining at least one of an amount of radiation and a level of radiation, a wireless device user is exposed to. The system and method may also comprise inputting at least one of a threshold... Agent: Verizon Patent Management Group

20100097230 - Water activated safety light and flotation device using same: There is disclosed a flotation device such as a life vest or inflatable raft for keeping a user afloat when in water, the flotation device comprising a light source attached to the flotation device, a water activated switch, wherein the light source is illuminated when the water activated switch is... Agent: Goudreau Gage Dubuc

20100097231 - Process and system for measuring liquid volumes and for controlling pipetting processes: The instant invention provides a methods and a system for measuring liquid volumes and controlling a pipetting process.... Agent: Roche Molecular Systems, Inc. Patent Law Department

20100097232 - Method for determining empty oxygen tank and device therefor: A cost effective method is provided for determining empty and/or near empty medical and other medical emergency oxygen tanks employing a single, simple device for practicing the method, comprised of 5 or 6 readily obtainable components, to issue visual and audible alarms when the oxygen pressure of a medical oxygen... Agent: Mr. Marion E. Ellis

20100097233 - Furnace filter alert: A dust particle detector comprised of one or more light beam emitters (10) and detectors (11), mounted on a hanging arm (50) which is attached to rear case (31). Enclosed in front case (30) and said rear case, a buzzer (4), battery (1), control potentiometer (5), switch (9) and electronic... Agent: Suzanne Larson-kolomyjec

20100097234 - Local area warning of optical fiber intrusion: Disclosed is a method and apparatus which provides for alerting of potential fiber optic cable intrusion. A stress detector located at a fiber optic cable termination point detects stress on the fiber optic cable and generates an alarm signal in response to the stress detection. The alarm signal is transmitted... Agent: At & T Legal Department - Ws Attn: Patent Docketing

20100097235 - Explosion proof non-contact check point to mount in explosion proof enclosure: A voltage indicating device comprises a test port disposed in a casing that allows the test port to operate during extreme conditions, such as corrosive or explosive environments. The indicating device is coupled to a housing enclosing an electrical apparatus and is connected to a power source of the electrical... Agent: King & Spalding, LLP

20100097236 - Measuring device for the electromagnetic field emitted by an apparatus being tested: Measuring device (1) for the electromagnetic field emitted by an apparatus being tested (11, 14), including a support (3) being mobile in relation to the apparatus being tested, at least one electromagnetic sensor (8) fixed to the support and driving elements (5,6) capable of rotating the support around the apparatus... Agent: Young & Thompson

20100097237 - Safety device: A proximity alert system for monitoring the presence of at least one object, and has a portable master unit and at least one slave unit. The slave units are attachable to an object. the master unit has a warning member and a device for causing outputting of a warning signal... Agent: Roberts Mlotkowski Safran & Cole, P.C. Intellectual Property Department

20100097238 - Method for configuring a home automation installation and tool for implementing same: p

20100097239 - Mobile device gateway systems and methods: A control system (106) for mounting to a vehicle (100) and for providing information to an occupant of the vehicle from a first source device (116) is provided. The vehicle includes an audio system (130) and/or a display system (100). The control system includes a first interface (120) for communicating... Agent: Foley And Lardner LLP Suite 500

20100097240 - Traffic display depicting view of traffic from within a vehicle: A method and system for displaying an in-car view of current traffic conditions is disclosed. A user can select an “In Car View” as a display option. A display shows traffic conditions from a driver's eye view. A forward view depicts a vehicle dashboard, which may include a steering wheel,... Agent: Navteq North America, LLC

20100097241 - Method and apparatus for displaying prioritized photo realistic features on a synthetic vision system: An apparatus and method for displaying photo realistic features (230, 232, 234) on a display (116) of an aircraft (218) include storing (302) a plurality of photo realistic features (230, 232, 234), the photo realistic features including at least one of terrain (230) and obstacle (232) features. A priority factor... Agent: Honeywell/ifl Patent Services

20100097242 - System and method for providing policy based radio frequency identification service: Disclosed is a system and method for providing a policy based radio frequency identification service The system for providing the policy based radio frequency identification service includes a policy vocabulary managing device for generating and managing policy vocabulary based on a policy vocabulary writer's control input, a policy performing resource... Agent: Jae Y. Park

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20100090795 - Method for the wear-minimized operation of installation components: A method for wear-minimized operation of a component of an installation and a corresponding installation are disclosed. A sensor for state identification is associated with the component and transmits a sensor signal to an evaluation unit. The evaluation unit checks the sensor signal to ascertain whether a wear-promoting operating state... Agent: Siemens Corporation Intellectual Property Department

20100090797 - Vehicle security system: A vehicle is disclosed which includes a controller having at least one of a vehicle security module and a playback module. The vehicle security module may operate in a secure once mode of operation or in a secure all mode of operation. The playback module records ride information associated with... Agent: Baker & Daniels LLP-polaris

20100090798 - Template synthesis for ecg/ppg based biometrics: The present invention relates to a method and a device for verifying identity of an individual by employing biometric data derived from a physical feature of the individual. A basic idea of the invention is that, rather than determining peak locations in cyclic signals such as ECG or PPG signals... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20100090799 - Communication system including a vehicle electronic key, electronic key for use in a communication system and method for communicating information from a vehicle to a portable telecommunication terminal: The invention relates to a communication system that comprises a vehicle electronic key, a vehicle telecommunication device and a portable telecommunication terminal, the electronic key including a first transmitter and the vehicle including a first receiver, the first transmitter and the first receiver being provided for carrying out the transmission... Agent: Dobrusin & Thennisch PC

20100090796 - Movable barrier system adapted to transmit diagnostic information to a remote device: The invention is a movable barrier system with wireless connectivity to a remote device in close proximity. More particularly, an apparatus in accordance with the present invention comprises of a movable barrier, an operator adapted to control movement of the movable barrier, and a wireless peer-to-peer interface adapted to transmit... Agent: Jafari Law Group, P.C.

20100090800 - Data storage device with radio frequency fingerprint scanner: A data storage device includes a storage module for storing data, a control module coupled to the storage module for detecting signals and controlling their transmission, an interface coupled to the control module for connecting the data storage device to a periphery device, a radio frequency fingerprint scanning module coupled... Agent: Byip, Ltd.

20100090801 - Serial bus fingerprint scanner with led indicators: A serial bus fingerprint scanner includes a control module for detecting and controlling the transmission of signals, a fingerprint scanning module coupled to the control module for detecting fingerprints and transmitting fingerprint signals to the control module, a serial bus connector coupled to the control module for connecting the fingerprint... Agent: Byip, Ltd.

20100090803 - Method of shipping and tracking inventory: A universal tracking assembly that is capable of supporting more than one protocol used in electronic article surveillance (EAS) labels. The universal tracking assembly includes an acousto-magnetic (AM) EAS portion with a Radio Frequency (RF) EAS portion. The intrinsic characteristics and properties of the components of these individual labels are... Agent: Mccormick, Paulding & Huber LLP

20100090802 - Sensor arrangement using rfid units: A sensor arrangement suitable for determining a condition. A first RFID-unit and a second RFID-unit are subjected to the condition. The second RFID-unit is at least partly provided with a degradation unit having such properties that, when subjected to the condition, the second RFID-unit is functionally degraded to a greater... Agent: Venable LLP

20100090804 - Contactless transmission element and method of characterizing the same: A method of characterizing a contactless transmission element (100) is provided, wherein the method comprises sampling a first value of a first physical parameter indicating a property of a contactless transmission element (100), and determining an interference reliability value for the contactless transmission element (100) based on the sampled first... Agent: Nxp, B.v. Nxp Intellectual Property & Licensing

20100090805 - Electronic device and management of competing contactless communication of such a device and a host equipment: m

20100090807 - Apparatus for reading rfid tag information and rfid tag information reading system: This disclosure discloses an apparatus for reading a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag information configured to perform information transmission and reception with a plurality of RFID tag circuit elements having an IC circuit part storing information and a tag antenna connected to said IC circuit part, comprising: a first movement... Agent: Day Pitney LLP

20100090806 - Management control of household appliances using rfid communication: A method and system for communicating with an associated home appliance having a micro-controller includes providing a master device that emits a signal in response to data indicative of energy operational costs. One or more RFID tags receive the master device signal. The RFID tag(s) are connected to the associated... Agent: Fay Sharpe LLP

20100090809 - Method and apparatus for transmitting sensor status of radio frequency identification tag: Provided are a method and apparatus for transmitting a sensor status of a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag. The method and apparatus transmit an RFID tag identifier (ID) together with sensor data or sensor status information to an RFID reader, thereby enabling the RFID reader to receive the sensor status... Agent: Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP

20100090810 - Method for storing data as well as a transponder, a read/write-device, a computer readable medium including a program element and such a program element adapted to perform this method: A method for storing or reading data in a memory array of a transponder and a corresponding transponder, read/write device and program element is described. Therein, a data structure for storing data within the memory array is defined by a predetermined protocol. The data structure comprises: a header data block... Agent: Nxp, B.v. Nxp Intellectual Property & Licensing

20100090808 - Use of a transponder for servicing work on an installation component: Described is the use of a transponder in a commercial installation, particularly a power plant, which allows problems and dangerous situations existing in this context to be avoided and the attainable occupational safety in a commercial installation, particularly a power plant, to be increased. The transponder includes a reception element,... Agent: Fay Kaplun & Marcin, LLP

20100090811 - Pong scores: An automatic scoring device for a table game, such as ping pong/table tennis. The device is configured to detect individual parameters that combine to comprise a physical event. Sensor(s) and a processor are configured to perform analysis of the parameters that occur during game play, such as the ping pong... Agent: Law Office Of Robert C. Klinger

20100090812 - Apparatus that prepares and delivers intelligible information to the human brain by stimulating the sense of touch in intelligible patterns within an area of skin: The apparatus is typically constructed within a sock or shoe and interfaces the output of source systems (not part of the invention) with an area of touch sensitive skin. Being a receiving, processing, interfacing and delivering apparatus, the uses of the apparatus are limited only by the imagination of those... Agent: Aaron R. Cathcart

20100090813 - Electronic device with localized haptic response: An electronic device (100) configured to provide a localized haptic response to a user is provided. The electronic device (100) includes an interface assembly (102) having a user interface surface (600) with a display (206) disposed beneath the user interface surface (600). A compliance member, such as a haptic feedback... Agent: Philip H. Burrus, Iv

20100090814 - Electronic device with suspension interface for localized haptic response: An electronic device (100) is configured to deliver a localized haptic feedback response (101) to a user. The electronic device (100) includes a device housing (107) and an interface assembly having a display lens (202) or other user interface surface and a motion generation device (212) affixed to the interface... Agent: Philip H. Burrus, Iv

20100090815 - Handwriting electronic input system: An handwriting electronic input system in which a feeling representing that of handwriting performed actually using a writing instrument can be attained when handwriting input is performed electrically. The electric handwriting input system to perform handwriting electrically is provided with a handwriting input section used in handwriting input of operator's... Agent: Lucas & Mercanti, LLP

20100090816 - Computer screen blanking systems: A system for detecting vehicular motion to blank a computer screen. The system includes filtering the motion to determine whenever the motion is consistent with vehicular motion. The system includes communicating the vehicular motion to a computer. The system includes blanking the screen of the computer whenever detecting vehicular motion... Agent: Law Office Of Andrew P. Lahser, PLC

20100090817 - Vehicle electronic key system: A vehicle electronic portable key system including a master key and sub-key. A retainer is arranged in the vehicle to retain the sub-key. A control unit determines whether the master key or sub-key is located in a vehicle interior or exterior wireless communicatable area. When the key is located in... Agent: J. Rodman Steele Novak Druce & Quigg LLP

20100090818 - Fuel consumption saving drive supporting device: A fuel consumption saving drive supporting device which calculates a mileage of each driver and informs each driver of advice based on an increase or a decrease of the calculated mileage is disclosed. The fuel consumption saving drive supporting device extracts a drive operation of the driver or a drive... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20100090819 - integrated read station for a wheel-mounted vehicle: A read station and method for a vehicle includes a support pad for admitting and exiting a vehicle onto an upper pad surface; two or more data-receiving systems, one or both of such systems receiving a data transmission from a vehicle situated on the read station pad surface. The data-receiving... Agent: The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company Intellectual Property Department 823

20100090820 - Data communication device, air pressure monitoring system using thereof, and data communication method: A data communication device includes: an antenna resonance circuit; a detection circuit; an arithmetic processing device; and a first switch. The antenna resonance circuit receives a signal in the ASK (Amplitude Shift Keying) format. The detection circuit demodulates a digital baseband signal based on the reception signal. The arithmetic processing... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20100090821 - Braking display apparatus: A braking display apparatus for a vehicle, the apparatus including at least one sensor means adapted to detect changes in input information, signal generating means to generate a signal based upon changes detected in the input information, and a display means mounted for at least visual display and operable to... Agent: Renner Otto Boisselle & Sklar, LLP

20100090822 - Trusted monitoring system and method: Methods and apparatus for monitoring remotely located objects with a system comprised of at least one master data collection unit, any number of remote sensor units, and a central data collection server are described. The master unit is configured to monitor any object, mobile or stationary, including monitoring multiple remote... Agent: Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP

20100090823 - Hybrid clustering based data aggregation method for multi-target tracking in wireless sensor network: Provided are a sensor network structure, a data aggregation method, and a clustering method for efficient multi-target tracking. The multi-target tracking may be efficiently performed in a heterogeneous sensor network by combining clustering methods and adaptively varying the clustering methods. As such, an energy consumption problem in a sensor network... Agent: Jae Y. Park

20100090824 - Miniature and multi-band rf coil design: A near field apparatus comprises a Radio Frequency (RF) coil including at least one of a shorting bridge from a first point to a second point along an electrical path of the RF coil and/or a discontinuity in the electrical path of the RF coil.... Agent: Fulbright & Jaworski L.l.p

20100090827 - Location based proximity alert: A method of location based proximity alert retrieves, from a location based proximity alert physical server, a current location of wireless client devices and determines if it is within a given area. The method accesses, from the location based proximity alert physical server, a physical law enforcement database comprising a... Agent: Manelli Denison & Selter PLLC

20100090825 - Technique for detecting tracking device tampering: A technique is disclosed for detecting the presence of a certain form of tampering with respect to the operation of a location tracking device. The tracking device is of the kind that receives signals from which the location of the tracking device is determined and the tampering that is detected... Agent: Gibbons P.C.

20100090826 - Technique for detecting tracking device tampering using an auxiliary device: A technique is disclosed for detecting the presence of a certain form of tampering with respect to the operation of a tracking device. The tracking device is of the kind that receives signals from which the location of the tracking device is determined and the tampering that is detected is... Agent: Gibbons P.C.

20100090828 - Sensing and reporting devices, systems and methods: Environmental sensing devices, systems and methods are provided. In one embodiment, an environmental sensing device includes an environmental sensor and an internal signal generator. The environmental sensing device may be configured to be mechanically coupled to one or more interior surfaces of an enclosure. The environmental sensor may be operable... Agent: Dinsmore & Shohl LLP

20100090829 - Method for monitoring authorized and unauthorized persons within a security perimeter around an apparatus: The invention relates to the automatic detection of the presence of non-authorized persons in the vicinity of an apparatus of the aircraft type. To this end, the invention comprises equipping persons with radio transmitters for identifying them as authorized personnel. The aircraft are also fitted, such as at the existing... Agent: Patterson, Thuente, Skaar & Christensen, P.A.

20100090830 - Cable wrap security device: A security device includes a locking member, a ratchet mechanism, and a plurality of cables. The cables are wrapped around all six sides of a box-like article. An attachment clip is releasably snap-fitted into the body of the security device and locked therein by a magnetically attractable member. The ratchet... Agent: Sand & Sebolt

20100090831 - Electronic device with radio frequency identification (rfid) technology: An electronic device includes a radio frequency identification (RFID) reader and a controller coupled to the RFID reader. The RFID reader is used for detecting an RFID tag when a distance between the RFID tag and the RFID reader is within a predetermined range. The controller is used for enabling... Agent: Patent Prosecution O2mirco , Inc.

20100090832 - Method of protecting a radio frequency identification inlay: The present invention provides a container blank having at least one joint formed by overlapping panels. Between the panels is located at least one RFID inlay and at least one adhesive layer for joining the panels to each other.... Agent: Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP (c/o Patent Administrator)

20100090833 - Non-transferable radio frequency identification label or tag: A Non-transferable Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) assembly for attachment to an article comprises a RFID module; and a antenna module coupled with the RFID module, the antenna module comprising a conductive layer, a substrate, and an adhesive modification layer between the conductive layer and the substrate, the adhesive modification layer... Agent: Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch LLP

20100090836 - Child seat safety system: The Child Seat Safety System provides drivers (common vehicles) with an alarm and monitoring system for the attachment of safety harnesses and temperature readings for respective child seat occupants within the car. The monitoring component details the attached “status” of said harnesses through indicator lights on the main operator dashboard... Agent: Marcus A. Trummer

20100090837 - Methods and systems for sterilization: The present disclosure relates to sterilization methods and systems that may be used within numerous contexts, such as health-care and manufacturing facilities.... Agent: Searete LLC Clarence T. Tegreene

20100090835 - System and method for taking responsive action to human biosignals: To enhance interaction and use with electronic devices, the present disclosure describes several improved systems and methods of taking responsive action to a detected human mental state. A training signal containing biosignal data corresponding to a mental state of the user while the user concentrates on a perceptual cue may... Agent: Warren A. Sklar (soer) Renner, Otto, Boisselle & Sklar, LLP

20100090834 - Wearable device for adaptively recording signals: A condition of a subject is monitored by a wearable recording unit that adaptively records various signals associated with the condition of the subject. The various signals are recorded by the wearable recording unit using a recording plan that is contextually adaptively updated to the monitored subject from one recording... Agent: Toler Law Group

20100090838 - Person recovery system and method: A system and method provides an electronic bracelet, necklace, clothing, shoes or tag for a person and maintains a database which correlates a variety of information with each such tag. When a person is reported lost or missing, pre-arranged volunteers are mobilized to begin searching for the person. Additionally, local... Agent: Stockwell & Smedley, Psc

20100090839 - Driver management apparatus and travel management system: In a driver management apparatus for managing the driver of a vehicle, a state estimating means (14) estimates a state of the driver based on the sensing information from a sensing means (11, 12, 25). Based on an estimation result, an extracting means (11) extracts, as a capture region, part... Agent: Posz Law Group, PLC

20100090840 - Method and device for easily monitoring the maintenance status of an uv-drinking water disinfection system in an aircraft: A disinfection system for liquids is provided that features an irradiation chamber for accommodating a liquid to be disinfected. A UV-radiator with a cladding that is transparent to UV-light is arranged in the irradiation chamber such that the UV-radiation emitted by the UV-radiator may penetrate the liquid. A first UV-sensor... Agent: Lerner, David, Littenberg, Krumholz & Mentlik

20100090841 - Environmental monitoring using mobile devices and network information server: Sensors mounted on vehicles (e.g., buses, taxis, police cars) and public personnel (e.g., policemen) are used to monitor various conditions and situations such as air quality, potential biological and chemical attacks, and road and traffic conditions. The invention improves upon the typical approach that deploys fixed sensors at every geographical... Agent: Attn: Stephen B. Parker (wpd) Westerman, Hattori, Daniels & Adrian, LLP

20100090842 - Signal transmitter for a filling level sensor: A signal transmitter for a filling level sensor has two sliding contacts which are manufactured integrally with a holder and with spring elements. This leads to the manufacturing costs of the signal transmitter being particularly low. The sliding contacts are arranged on spring tongues and are connected to one another... Agent: Cohen, Pontani, Lieberman & Pavane LLP

20100090843 - Occlusion detection system and method: A method, computer program product, and infusion pump assembly for determining a first rate-of-change force reading that corresponds to the delivery of a first dose of an infusible fluid via an infusion pump assembly. At least a second rate-of-change force reading is determined that corresponds to the delivery of at... Agent: Holland & Knight LLP

20100090844 - Telephone interface shut off system: A Gas and Electric Alarm Shut Off System with a Telephone Interface System is an invention that will prevent smoke from growing into a fire and alert the user by telephone. This will save lives, property and alert the user.... Agent: Harold Shirlee

20100090845 - Infrared gas detection and spectral analysis method: A gas detection system and method for analysis of infrared gas spectra is used for chemical threat detection, quantification and alarm, using a chemical library, a chemical threat list, and a background model that incorporates the data history, allows spectra containing interferent signals into the background model, the model being... Agent: Carole A. Mulchinski The Aerospace Corporation

20100090846 - Systems and methods for detecting a patch cord end connection: Systems and methods for detecting a patch cord connection are presented. The insertion of a patch cord into a device jack physically closes a circuit, thereby permitting determination of the patch cord connection. The connection of only one side of a patch cord to a jack is able to be... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20100090847 - Portable computer battery indicator: A portable computer may include battery indicator light structures. Battery status information in the portable computer may be presented to a user using an array of light-emitting diodes or other light emitters. Light-emitting diodes may be mounted on a printed circuit board. A stiffener may provide the printed circuit board... Agent: Treyz Law Group

20100090848 - Fuse and breaker alarm device and method using a finite state machine: An alarm circuit and method of monitoring a circuit protection device are disclosed. The alarm circuit includes a circuit protection device connected in series at an input voltage of a load. The alarm circuit also includes a programmable circuit connected in parallel to the circuit protection device and including an... Agent: Merchant & Gould PC

20100090849 - Electric equipment with digital interface and method for controlling the same: In electric equipment that has a digital interface, an operation that is normally performed by an output terminal during authentication processing is executed on equipment connected to an input terminal of the digital interface by the input terminal as an erroneous connection detection operation. When there is a proper response... Agent: Cowan Liebowitz & Latman P.C. John J Torrente

20100090851 - Electrical extension cord: An electrical extension cord to conduct and provide electrical power to multiple locations on a job site includes a power supply portion having an electrical connector configured to be received in an electrical outlet that provides a source of electricity. The extension cord includes a power distribution portion having at... Agent: Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP

20100090850 - Systems, methods and apparatus for tapping a metal electrolysis cell: The present disclosure relates to systems, methods, and apparatus for extracting molten liquid from an electrolysis cell. In one embodiment, a system includes a container and an electrical characteristic detector. The container comprises a body adapted to contain molten liquid and a spout. The spout includes a base portion, a... Agent: Intellectual Property

20100090852 - Geographical boundary based tracking: An apparatus, method and system for geographical tracking entry and/or exiting of an asset into and/or out of a defined geographical boundary and reporting the same. Entry and exit tests compare position fixes with various thresholds and parameters to determine if the asset has entered or exited the geographical boundary.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20100090855 - Method and system for preventing fuel theft: A method and system for preventing fuel theft includes one or more tamper detection sensors mounted on a fuel dispenser, the tamper detection sensors being operable to detect dislocation of one or more portions of the fuel dispenser's shell. A dispenser security controller is communicatively coupled to the one or... Agent: Mayback & Hoffman, P.A.

20100090854 - Mobile apparatus and operating method thereof: A mobile apparatus and an operating method thereof are provided. According to the present invention, a sensor is installed in the mobile apparatus, and the sensor and a receiver are installed on the same side of the mobile apparatus. The sensor is used to detect whether an object exists within... Agent: J C Patents

20100090853 - Visual-protective warning apparatus: The present invention relates to a visual-protective warning apparatus and more particularly to a visual-protective warning apparatus that prevents the distance between a person's eyes and a visual object being too close to each other. The visual-protective warning apparatus comprises a transmitter and a receiver The transmitter is mounted on... Agent: Morris Manning Martin LLP

20100090856 - Emergency alarming apparatus: An emergency alarming apparatus primarily comprises one or more sensing modules, a control module and one or more display unit. Upon sensing a fire or an emergency, the sensing module sends a signal to the control module, and then the control module sends a control signal to the display units... Agent: Juei-chao, Chen

20100090857 - Emergency notification appliance mounting bracket: A mounting bracket for attaching an plurality of alarm notification devices to an electrical box. The mounting bracket includes a first mounting section to receive a first alarm notification device and a second mounting section to receive a second alarm notification device. The second mounting section defines an enclosure which... Agent: Gerald M Bluhm Tyco Safety Products

20100090858 - Systems and methods for using marking information to electronically display dispensing of markers by a marking system or marking tool: Marking information relating to the use of a marking system or a marking tool configured to dispense one or more markers to mark, on ground, pavement, or other surface, a location of an underground utility, is used to control a display device so as to visually display a dispensing of... Agent: Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

20100090859 - Indicator: A numeral-displaying face provided with a numeral-display and an exterior wall intersecting a periphery of the numeral-displaying face are provided on a cover and a case body of an indicator. A monitor indicator for checking an operating condition of the indicator is provided on the exterior wall. An outer circumference... Agent: Rankin, Hill & Clark LLP

20100090860 - Low power led visual messaging device, system and method: A visual messaging system and device can employ high efficiency LEDs and current driven versus voltage driven circuits to reduce power consumption and enable the device to be powered from IEEE 802.3af (Power over Ethernet (PoE)) standard based power sources. The device can be powered from a local area network... Agent: Williams Mullen

20100090861 - Remote control device: Methods, systems, devices, and memory are disclosed for remote controlling consumer electronics devices. Different orientations of a remote control device are detected. A signal is provided to a processor, and the signal indicates an orientation. The processor changes a mode of operation of the remote control device that corresponds to... Agent: At&t Legal Department - Sz Attn: Patent Docketing

20100090862 - Point-of-use energy monitoring and management: A system for monitoring and managing the energy consumption of designated devices or services obtains the point-of-use energy consumption of the designated devices or services and collects this consumption information in various formats as data. The collected data may be analyzed for peak load analysis and load shedding recommendations, among... Agent: Brosemer, Kolefas & Associates, LLC

20100090863 - Image-based vehicle safety warning system: An image-based vehicle safety warning system is disclosed, which uses an image retrieval module for receiving an image signal and camera parameters related to the source of the image signal into a space definition module, which defines an image space and warning areas of different levels in the image space.... Agent: Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP

20100090864 - Signaling device: A signaling device, configured to selectably display visual information, comprising an elongated light group configured to selectably project light from portions of the group. The device also comprises a multi-axis accelerometer configured to provide multi-axis device acceleration data. The signaling device further comprises a control module, in communication with the... Agent: Advantia Law Group

20100090865 - Systems and methods for recording parking space information: A system and method for recording data associated with a parking space. The data may be received a portable electronic device, such as a cell phone. The data may be received from a computer readable medium associated with the parking space, such as a bar code. The data may also... Agent: Verizon Patent Management Group

20100090866 - Optical distress beacon for use in space environments: A beacon system includes emitter devices, driver circuitry configured for controlling the emitter devices, and at least one processor programmed to receive and process one or more inputs and control the driver circuitry to actuate the emitter devices. In an example embodiment, the emitter devices include visible light sources that... Agent: Henricks Slavin And Holmes LLP Suite 200

20100090867 - Method and system for meteorological monitoring aboard an aircraft: b

20100090868 - Aircraft displays and display arrangements: An aircraft cockpit display arrangement having a primary instrument display region for positioning in front of at least one pilot. The primary instrument display region has a wide screen format panel display and duplicated redundant display drive electronics configured to present both primary flight information and navigational display information on... Agent: General Electric Company Ge Global Patent Operation

20100090869 - Method and system for depicting visually predominant features on a flight display: The system for presenting visual features to a pilot of an aerial vehicle contains a flight display. The flight display includes a display screen, a programmable device, an input device, and a memory. A plurality of visual features is contained in the memory. A plurality of feature characteristics is contained... Agent: Hayes Soloway P.C.

20100090870 - Navigation apparatus: In a navigation apparatus having: a base unit fastenable to a vehicle and equipped with at least a microcomputer; and a front panel unit attachable to and detachable from the base unit and equipped with at least a display displaying map data and a microcomputer performing a navigation function to... Agent: Westerman, Hattori, Daniels & Adrian, LLP

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20100085144 - Electrical appliance, in particular an electrical household appliance, a corresponding optional auxiliary device, and a system comprising said appliance and device: An electrical appliance (100) comprises a digital control system (SC), configured for enabling the performance of a plurality of pre-determined basic functions, and an auxiliary device (200) comprises means (PM, 230-231) for acquiring and/or processing auxiliary information. The electrical appliance (100) and the auxiliary device (200) moreover comprise respective communication... Agent: Cesari And Mckenna, LLP

20100085146 - Jsi residential and commercial access unit (rca): The JSI Residential and Commercial Access Unit (RCA) is a biometric entry access unit designed for the residential and commercial markets and is an integral component in the JSI Key system integration that can reduce and eliminate identity and electronic theft and provide entry access to designated places.... Agent: Linsley A. Johnson

20100085145 - System and method for control of multiple barrier operators: A system for controlling operation of a plurality of movable barrier operators includes a controller configured to communicate with a plurality of movable barrier operators. The controller is programmed to receive a command to operate the plurality of movable barrier operators and to send a signal to start operation of... Agent: Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery

20100085147 - Keyless entry using hand signals: Methods and apparatus are provided for enabling the entry by a user into a locked vehicle. An optical data sampler is configured to detect an image associated with the user. A processor is coupled to the optical data sampler and is configured to grant the user access to the vehicle... Agent: Ingrassia Fisher & Lorenz, P.C. (gm)

20100085148 - Delivery container: A lockable container (1) for receiving items includes elements for generating a random code when the container is locked, elements for transferring the code to a person locking the container, and a memory for storing the code. The container further includes elements (2) for unlocking the container to a first... Agent: Young & Thompson

20100085149 - Systems and methods for mounting a security device: A mount according to the various aspects of the present invention for coupling to a provided object, releasably coupling a provided security device, and providing an information. The mount includes a body, a first coupler, a second coupler, a conductor, and a data carrier. The first coupler for coupling the... Agent: Letham Law Firm, LLC

20100085151 - Authentication apparatus: An apparatus for authenticating a user includes a detector for determining a state or a position of a bodily part placed by the user for biometric authentication, a unit capable of obtaining biometric data from different portion of the bodily part, a plurality of biometric authentication engines capable of authenticating... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20100085152 - Authentication method: A method of authenticating a user includes storing a reference biometric data of the user, performing initial authentication by obtaining biometric data of the user and comparing the obtained biometric data with the reference biometric data, storing the obtained biometric data upon successful initial authentication, performing second and subsequent authentication... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20100085153 - Biometric control system and method for machinery: The present invention is a system and method that allows only authorized users to turn on specific equipment they are approved to use and maintains a record of the name of the user, date, time and length of operating time. In one embodiment, the system comprises an AMS unit in... Agent: Steven N. Fox, Esq.

20100085150 - Semiconductor element, biometric authentication method, biometric authentication system and mobile terminal: A semiconductor element or mobile terminal stores a user's biometric information pattern used for execution of a biometric authentication process and the residual number of trials indicating the number of allowed failures in the biometric authentication process, sends processing data to an external device so that the external device can... Agent: Antonelli, Terry, Stout & Kraus, LLP

20100085154 - Method and device of forming rfid virtual tag and method for receiving contents using the same: Provided is a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag generating method and device, and a contents receiving method using the same. The contents receiving method using the RFID tag generating device includes: a terminal detecting a virtual tag corresponding to contents; receiving a password to be used once, corresponding to the... Agent: Lahive & Cockfield, LLP Floor 30, Suite 3000

20100085156 - Apparatus, systems and methods for identifying patch cords in high density connector port configurations: An RFID tag includes an accelerometer that is configured to determine an orientation of the RFID tag and to generate an orientation signal associated with the RFID tag orientation when the RFID tag is energized. The accelerometer may be a single axis accelerometer that is configured to determine the orientation... Agent: Myers Bigel Sibley & Sajovec

20100085155 - Liquid exposure detection method, system, and program product: Methods, systems and program products are provided for monitoring an article for fluid exposure. A plurality of liquid sensors is incorporated into an article beneath an outer layer in a furnishing installation. In response to a fluid-detected or no-fluid-detected state, polling the sensors and sometimes other data, a processor component... Agent: Driggs, Hogg, Daugherty & Del Zoppo Co., L.p.a.

20100085157 - Method for providing service using rfid tag identifier in rfid system and apparatus thereof: A method and an apparatus for providing a service using an RFID tag identifier in an RFID system are provided. The method includes: identifying the RFID tag for providing the service; acquiring an object identifier and a unique item identifier from the RFID tag and determining whether or not each... Agent: Lahive & Cockfield, LLP Floor 30, Suite 3000

20100085158 - Method of transmitting data, electronic device and transponder: In a method of transmitting data, a low or high frequency transponder (4) receives a first data stream (12) via a field emitted by a reader (1), decodes the first data stream (12) utilizing an internal clock signal (13) generated by the transponder (4), and generates and emits a second... Agent: Nxp, B.v. Nxp Intellectual Property & Licensing

20100085159 - Method to determine a field strength by a reader for telemetry units: A method and a passive tag enable making a distance d detection of a radio telemetry unit, typically an RFID active tag or passive tag, without having the possibility to measure the incoming amplitude of power at the reader. The telemetry unit of a tag sends a sequence of steps... Agent: Lerner Greenberg Stemer LLP

20100085160 - Systems and methods for zero-power security: The present invention provides systems and methods for utilizing zero-power, energy-harvesting computational modules to provide secure and reprogrammable wireless communications with vulnerable devices comprising integrated circuits (ICs), including active implantable medical devices, electronic lock and key systems, credit cards, access cards, identification cards and passports. The zero-power, energy-harvesting computational modules... Agent: Mirick, O'connell, Demallie & Lougee, LLP

20100085161 - Data communication apparatus, communication method, and program: In a data reading apparatus performing contactless data communications with IC tags, a multi channel setting section sets a plurality of frequencies to be used for data communication with an IC tag in advance; a multi channel interference detecting section detects radio interference from other data reader in each of... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100085162 - Method of shipping and tracking inventory: A universal tracking assembly that is capable of supporting more than one protocol used in electronic article surveillance (EAS) labels. The universal tracking assembly includes an acousto-magnetic (AM) EAS portion with a Radio Frequency (RF) EAS portion. The intrinsic characteristics and properties of the components of these individual labels are... Agent: Mccormick, Paulding & Huber LLP

20100085164 - Control circuit, system for operating a device and device for programming such a control circuit: A control circuit for controlling operation of a device is provided. The control circuit is configured to be comprised in a group of control circuits. The group is identified by a group identifier which is stored in the control circuit. An identifier communication interface is configured to receive a group... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20100085163 - Decoding scheme for rfid reader: The present invention is directed toward the recovery of RFID signals from RFID credentials. The recovery and subsequent interpretation of RFID signals may be accomplished by providing a set of predetermined probabilities for the occurrence of a symbol after another symbol in a received signal. The predetermined probabilities may be... Agent: Sheridan Ross P.c

20100085166 - Method for the production of a textile label having an rfid transponder chip and interlaced information carrier, and system for carrying out the method: In order to configure a textile label having an RFID transponder comprising information, particularly comprising individual pieces of information that may differ from label to label, so that it is more operationally safe, the invention provides that the label has interlaced information. For this purpose, the information present in the... Agent: George Pappas Harrison Place Suite 300

20100085165 - Rfid chip memory utility: Disclosed is a computer-enabled method for writing data to the extended user memory of a Class 1 Generation 2 Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag. The disclosed method can also be used to format extracted maintenance data from the tag and compare it to the master database for validity.... Agent: Hayes Soloway P.C.

20100085167 - Sports monitoring and tracking system: A sports monitoring and timing system utilizing remotely actuated game clock controls with coded identification carried by a plurality of officials and a signal processor to combine the control signals with timing signals to generate a record of each starting and stopping of the game clock along with the identity... Agent: Irving M. Freedman

20100085168 - Tactile stimulation device and apparatus using the same: There are provided a tactile stimulation device that is suitable for portable apparatuses by meeting all requirements such as miniaturization, low power consumption, low noises, prompt response time and sufficient physical force, and an apparatus using the same. The tactile stimulation device may be useful to provide a sufficient level... Agent: Ladas & Parry LLP

20100085169 - User interface feedback apparatus, user interface feedback method, and program: A user interface feedback apparatus includes an operable element, a sensor, a processing unit, and a tactile control module. The operable element has a two-layer structure made up of a conductor and an insulator. The sensor detects, in the form of user contact information, at least a user contact position... Agent: Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP

20100085170 - Camera unit with driving corridor display functionality for a vehicle, method for displaying anticipated trajectory of a vehicle, and system for generating driving corridor markers: A method and apparatus for driving corridor markers display are disclosed in the invention. The steering angle is obtained and the parameters of driving corridor image are selected correspondingly from the non-volatile memory. The parameters are used to calculate the locus of the nodes, using the equation of quadratic or... Agent: Mcdermott Will & Emery LLP

20100085171 - Telematics terminal and method for notifying emergency conditions using the same: A telematics device and method for notifying emergency conditions associated with a motor vehicle. The method includes sensing an occurrence of at least one predetermined event and generating a corresponding notification signal; activating a camera in or on the motor vehicle based on the notification signal; and transmitting an image... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20100085172 - Trailer detection apparatus and method: Apparatus and method for detecting the connection of a trailer to a vehicle. The apparatus is connected to a pneumatic pressure line of the trailer's service braking system, and measures the pressure of the system to determine if the trailer is properly connected to the vehicle when the vehicle's engine... Agent: Volvo Technology Of America, Corporate Patents

20100085173 - Method for detecting vehicle-to-vehicle distance and system thereof: A method for detecting a vehicle-to-vehicle distance and a system thereof are applied in a first vehicle for detecting a distance between the first vehicle and a second vehicle. The method includes focusing on the second vehicle; capturing an image of the second vehicle after the focusing; analyzing the captured... Agent: Rabin & Berdo, PC

20100085175 - Device for detection of surface condition data: A device is disclosed for detection of surface properties or conditions, in particular detection of water, snow and ice and in particular to road surfaces by means of detector means mounted on individual vehicles, and transmitting the data from the vehicle, preferably together with position data of the vehicle, to... Agent: Cantor Colburn, LLP

20100085174 - Monitoring system for a vehicle: A monitoring system for a car (10) having a top (12) movable along a path of movement is disclosed as including a number of pairs of infrared (IR) transmitters (22a, 22b) and infrared (IR) receivers (24a, 24b), in which each IR receiver is adapted to receive IR signals transmitted by... Agent: William J. Sapone Coleman Sudol Sapone P.C.

20100085176 - Method and device for warning the driver: To warn the driver as a function of the driver condition, a standing acoustic wave is generated. The head of the driver is positioned in this standing wave in such a way that, in a setpoint position of the head, the ears of the driver come to lie in nodal... Agent: Kenyon & Kenyon LLP

20100085177 - Tire pressure monitor system tool with vehicle entry system: A tire pressure monitor system tool is capable of communicating with a plurality of tire pressure monitor systems. The tool includes a storing module that stores a plurality of communication protocols that are used for enabling the tool to communicate with a tire pressure monitor system. The tool enables a... Agent: Baker & Hostetler LLP

20100085178 - Discrete sensor inputs: A set of inputs each selectively provides a discrete signal, whereby the sensor inputs together provide a plurality of discrete signals. A memory includes instructions executable by a processor for receiving the discrete signals, identifying a bit pattern from the discrete signals, and determining a position of a physical member... Agent: Rader, Fishman & Grauer PLLC

20100085179 - Vehicle light system: One embodiment of the present application includes a vehicle illumination system. The vehicle illumination system comprises an input keypad configured to receive at least one input provided by a user. The vehicle illumination system also comprises a controller configured to receive input commands provided by the input keypad and to... Agent: Tarolli, Sundheim, Covell & Tummino L.L.P.

20100085180 - Deceleration brake light system: The purpose of the invention is to improve and upgrade the existing automobile brake system. Currently, when a motorist pushes the foot brake in the car to decelerate a Light Emitting Diode (LED) indicator mounted on the trunk and in the rear windows of a vehicle lights up to indicate... Agent: Monica Mathis

20100085181 - Multiple color multi-functional light bar: A multiple color multi-function light bar for a law enforcement vehicle, emergency vehicle, tow truck or the like. The light bar includes a plurality of light emitting diodes aligned in a single row. Each of the plurality of light emitting diodes are configured to emit two different colors of light... Agent: King & Schickli, PLLC

20100085182 - Method for processing alarm data to generate security reports: A system and method are provided that allow analysis of alarm data to generate security reports. A security report system may include a monitoring tool and a data analyzer. The monitoring tool may include an alarm data acquiring module and an alarm database for storing the alarm data acquired by... Agent: Honeywell International Inc. Patent Services

20100085183 - Lock monitoring: The cars of a passenger transport means are provided with a sensor (3) which scans the state of the locking mechanism and with a transponder antenna (5) which is fitted to the outside of the car (1), and the stations (6) contain transmission antennas (7) which poll signals from the... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100085184 - Electronic finder for a remote control device: An electronic finder system for locating a misplaced remote control device includes a remote control device to control the operations of associated equipment; the remote control device including an audio signal device, a visual signal device, and a vibration signal device. The remote control device further includes means to selectively... Agent: Robert J. Bird

20100085185 - Methods and apparatus for generating electronic records of locate operations: Exemplary apparatus include locate devices that generate, store and/or transmit electronic records of locate information relating to detection of underground facilities. An exemplary method for analyzing and processing locate information includes a computer-implemented method for visually rendering (e.g., in a display field of a display device) various aspects of locate... Agent: Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

20100085187 - Security system including genetic sampling device: A security system includes a sensor for sensing a presence of an intruder within a protected space. A genetic sample-gathering mechanism takes a genetic sample from the intruder in response to a signal from the sensor.... Agent: Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP

20100085186 - Tamperproof non-contact switch: A non-defeatable magnetically actuatable switch device is shown and described for restricting access to industrial controls. The non-contact switch device employs one or more non-contact access switches, and an access key removably disposed in close proximity to each access switch. Removal or installation of an access key alters the electrical... Agent: Miller, Matthias & Hull

20100085188 - Intruder detector and classifier: A method and system for detecting and classifying intruders is provided. A noise threshold can be determined and set based on background noise. A seismic sensor can be configured to receive a plurality of seismic data signals. A microcontroller can be configured to count the number of times the noise... Agent: Naval Research Laboratory Associate Counsel (patents)

20100085189 - Anti-theft method and device: The invention comprises of a method and alarm device used to prevent metal theft from irrigation systems. The alarm device attaches to a plurality of electric conductor such as copper wiring that is in need of protecting and the preexisting irrigation system circuit. The alarm device detects voltage in the... Agent: Crowell Ing, LLP

20100085190 - Rfid system, reader-writer, and rfid tag: An RFID system includes: a plurality of RFID tags each having a tag antenna unit and a tag circuit unit storing identification information; and a reader-writer including a first transceiver unit reading the identification information of the plurality of RFID tags using an antenna. Here, when the identification information to... Agent: Greenblum & Bernstein, P.L.C

20100085191 - Electronic tag holder for bottle neck: A device supports an electronic tag to extending neck of a bottle where the extending neck includes a perimetrical undercut thereabout. The device includes a housing formed of a pair of matable housing portions for attachment about the neck of the bottle. At least one of the housing portions supports... Agent: Hoffmann & Baron, LLP

20100085192 - Theft deterrent device with onboard alarm: A theft deterrent tag includes a first tag element having a post and a second tag element for receiving the post to secure the tag elements together on an item of merchandise. Spaced electrical contacts within the second tag element receive therebetween the post, which abuts each of the electrical... Agent: Sand & Sebolt

20100085194 - Device and method for monitoring consumer test compliance: A packaged product and a method for monitoring usage in a consumer test is reported herein. The packaged product includes a bottle having a container body with an open end and a closed end, the open end being formed with a neck and a mouth at a terminus of the... Agent: Unilever Patent Group

20100085193 - Recording storing, and retrieving vehicle maintenance records: A variety of sensors, such as mechanical triggers, light sensors and motion sensors, magnetic sensors, and radio frequency identification tags, are strategically placed throughout a motor vehicle to detect service and maintenance activities relating to the vehicle during the lifetime of the vehicle. A sensed activity then activates a suitable... Agent: Driggs, Hogg, Daugherty & Del Zoppo Co., L.p.a.

20100085195 - Monitoring method: A method of monitoring an alarm system comprises transmitting a sound alert signal, receiving the transmitted sound alert signal, comparing the received sound alert signal with a reference signal having parameters dependent upon equivalent parameters of the transmitted sound alert signal, and outputting a signal indicating whether or not the... Agent: Gerald M. Bluhm Tyco Safety Products

20100085196 - Data center thermal monitoring: A measurement indicative of a temperature of a computer is received and a thermal health value for the computer is calculated based on the measurement.... Agent: Fish & Richarson P.C.

20100085197 - System and method of damage prevention from weather occurrences: A method and system of damage prevention from weather occurrences is provided wherein incoming notifications from weather services are used to take action on user specified and configurable powered devices. Threshold levels may be set based on severity of weather occurrences. The threshold levels may be reset or reconfigured by... Agent: Bond Schoeneck & King, PLLC

20100085198 - Immersion detection method, system, and program product: A fluid detection system comprises a liquid sensor, an air pump and an atmospheric pressure sensor encased within an air and water permeable casing defining an enclosed air space. The pressure sensor acquires pressure samples within the casing, the air pump expelling additional gas into the casing. In response to... Agent: Driggs, Hogg, Daugherty & Del Zoppo Co., L.p.a.

20100085199 - Dynamic alarm sensitivity adjustment and auto-calibrating smoke detection: A microprocessor controlled hazardous condition detection system and method containing a sensor package, the sensor package containing sensors exposed to the ambient environment. The system also includes an alarm means coupled to the sensor package through a microprocessor having volatile and non-volatile memory. In a preferred embodiment the hazardous condition... Agent: Cahn & Samuels LLP

20100085200 - Detector: A detector comprises a detector base (1) and first and second detector elements (2 & 3) each having a respective electronic interface (2a, 3a). The detector base (1) has electronic interfaces (1a) to the electronic interface (2a, 3a) of each of the detector elements (2, 3), wherein at least one... Agent: Tyco International Ltd

20100085201 - Function check for a gas-alarm annunciator: A test device, for checking the functioning capability of a gas-alarm annunciator, has a reservoir in which are located a target fluid and a carrier fluid. At least a part of the carrier fluid is present in a liquid aggregate state and the target fluid is at least partially dissolved... Agent: Lerner Greenberg Stemer LLP

20100085202 - Sensor drive control method and sensor-equipped radio terminal device: A network system including: a first sensor device which includes a first sensor unit which detects an action of a detection object; and a first transmission unit which transmits first data regarding the action and first identification information to a server via a first base station: a second sensor device... Agent: Antonelli, Terry, Stout & Kraus, LLP

20100085203 - Method and system for waking up a device due to motion: A method comprises determining an idle sample value for a dominant axis of a device in an idle state. The method further comprises registering a motion of the device, and evaluating the motion. The method further comprises waking up the device when the analysis of the motion indicates a change... Agent: Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP

20100085204 - Phase signal triggering hold off: A system includes a comparator that triggers a signal indicating an event occurrence of a moving element of a machine that is sensed by a sensor. The signal is triggered in response to a raw signal from the sensor exceeding a trigger level. Logic calculates a hold off time for... Agent: Hoffman Warnick LLC

20100085205 - Systems and methods for sensor-level machine monitoring: According embodiments of the invention, systems and methods for sensor-level machine monitoring are provided. In one example embodiment, there is disclosed a system for monitoring a machine. The system may include a first sensor including a first processor and a second sensor including a second processor. The system may further... Agent: Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP

20100085206 - Visual indication of fault status, storage and clearance in an arc fault circuit interrupter (afci): An arc fault detector includes a means for repeatedly measuring an elapsed time. The arc fault detector also includes at least one means to perform arc detection at each repeated elapsed time. Means for initiating a tripping mechanism is activated after the elapsed time. When a fault occurs, means for... Agent: Siemens Corporation Intellectual Property Department

20100085207 - Control unit for an appliance: A control unit including a keypad having a plurality control indicators, a light producing device configured to illuminate the control indicators, and a light blocking device disposed between the control indicators and the light producing device and configured to selectively restrict or transmit light from the light producing device to... Agent: General Electric Company Ge Global Patent Operation

20100085208 - Electronic apparatus and method and program of controlling electronic apparatus: An electronic apparatus is designed so that a change in state of the operation key leads to a predetermined processing operation. In the electronic apparatus, a first detector detects operation keys being touched among a plurality of operation keys. A second detector detects an operation key being subjected to an... Agent: Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

20100085209 - Universal remote control device: A universal remote control device (100) is provided which is able to operate different electronic devices such as television sets, recorders, set top boxes, and audio systems. The universal remote control device (100) is provided with a database (10) in which control data collected from a plurality of individual physical... Agent: Setter Roche LLP

20100085210 - Actuating downhole devices in a wellbore: A downhole tool system includes a first downhole tool and a second downhole tool. The first downhole tool includes a first controller operable to receive an actuation signal including a tone. The first controller actuates the first downhole tool if the tone is a first specified frequency and changes the... Agent: Fish & Richardson P.C.

20100085211 - Self-powered in-pipe fluid meter and piping network comprising a plurality of such fluid meters: A self-powered in-pipe fluid meter to be mounted inside of a pipe carrying a fluid therein. The fluid meter comprises at least one sensing unit capable of measuring one or more parameters of the fluid inside of the pipe; a telemetric data transmission unit capable of telemetrically transmitting data including... Agent: Altera Law Group, LLC

20100085212 - Method and device for locating each of the wheels of a pair of twin wheels mounted on a vehicle: A method and device for locating each of the wheels of a pair of twinned wheels mounted on a vehicle. Each twinned wheel is equipped with an electromagnetic receiving antenna, and these two twinned wheels are provided with elements of relative blocking rotation-wise designed to make it possible to obtain... Agent: Young & Thompson

20100085213 - High occupancy vehicle status signaling using electronic toll collection infrastructure: An electronic toll collection system, reader, method and transponder for communicating occupancy status. The vehicle-mounted transponder includes a selection device that permits a user to select between a normal and high occupancy state. The transponder reports its occupancy status to a reader. If the electronic toll collection system processes a... Agent: Hanley, Flight & Zimmerman, LLC

20100085214 - Parking place confirmation system and method thereof: Disclosed is a system and method for checking a parking position that enables a parking lot user to conveniently check a position of a vehicle that he/she has parked using his/her mobile communication terminal. When a customer with a mobile communication terminal having a built-in Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) reader... Agent: The Webb Law Firm, P.C.

20100085215 - System for pairing vehicle components: The specification and drawing figures describe and show a system for pairing and decoupling vehicle components. The vehicle components may be disparate and distantly located from one another. The system includes a network management center having one or more data processing systems that may communicate with the vehicle components. An... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

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20100079235 - Adaptive remote verification of vehicular functions: Methods and apparatus are provided for generating a confirmation signal indicating that a vehicle function has been activated. The apparatus comprises an annunciator for generating the confirmation signal. A processor is coupled to the annunciator and is configured to store an annunciation profile that characterizes the confirmation signal as a... Agent: Ingrassia Fisher & Lorenz, P.C. (gm)

20100079239 - Repurposing user identity tokens: An exemplary method for repurposing user identity tokens comprises receiving identification information from a user, the user having an existing user identity token and seeking to repurpose the token, obtaining a repurpose identifier associated with the user, enabling a configuration of an identification tag based on the repurpose identifier, and... Agent: Hewlett-packard Company Intellectual Property Administration

20100079240 - Rfid cabinet: An RFID cabinet for monitoring items having an RFID tag includes a cabinet having at least one locking front door. An RFID detector is used for monitoring each item placed within the cabinet and is located within the interior of the cabinet. A computer is coupled to the RFID cabinet... Agent: Townsend And Townsend And Crew, LLP

20100079236 - Connection partner device control apparatus and connection partner device control method: According to one embodiment, a connection partner device control apparatus includes a reception module configured to receive a valid key codelist transmitted from a connection partner device, a storage module configured to store the valid key codelist, an information output module configured to output guide information used to guide operable... Agent: Patterson & Sheridan, L.L.P.

20100079241 - Integrated vehicle entry/data transfer device and method: An integrated vehicle entry/data transfer device (100) comprises vehicle entry logic (208) adapted to provide at least one vehicle entry function, a data input/output port (120) that is adapted to receive external data and a memory (204) that is adapted to store external data received via the data input/output port... Agent: Panasonic Automotive System Company Of America

20100079237 - Device and method for providing rfid identification data for an authentication server: In a system (1) for transmitting RFID identifiers, which can be read from RFID tags (4), to an authentication server (6), at least one RFID protocol message, which is encoded in authentication messages, can be transmitted from an RFID reading unit (2A) to the authentication server (6).... Agent: King & Spalding LLP

20100079238 - Rfid tag with piezoelectric sensor for power and input data: An RFID tag having a non-volatile memory and a piezoelectric sensor. The piezoelectric sensor produces an electrical charge that momentarily supplies electrical power to the RFID tag when subjected to a mechanical force and the electrical power is sufficient to record data in the non-volatile memory. The piezoelectric sensor is... Agent: Caesar, Rivise, Bernstein, Cohen & Pokotilow, Ltd.

20100079242 - Patient identification system: A patient identification device is disclosed. The device includes a first sensor, a second sensor, and a processor. The first sensor may be configured to be positioned on the patient's finger. The device may include a camera. The device may include an identifier. The identifier displays a randomly generated alphanumeric... Agent: Porter Wright Morris & Arthur, LLP Intellectual Property Group

20100079243 - Authentication system, authentication method, and authentication program: An object of an exemplary embodiment of the present invention is to provide an authentication system which can perform highly convenient authentication while ensuring minimum required authentication accuracy. An authentication system of an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes a first authentication device which acquires a first authentication level,... Agent: Mr. Jackson Chen

20100079244 - Robust paging indicator detection: A robust method of page indication (PI) detection improves the probability of detecting a transmitted PI under conditions that decrease the probability of accurate PI detection. The method includes choosing a standard value of a PI threshold against which to compare accumulated PI bits when the probability of correctly detecting... Agent: Coats & Bennett, PLLC

20100079252 - Apparatus for communicating with rfid tag and method for communicating with rfid tag: This disclosure discloses an apparatus for communicating with a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag, configured to execute information reading from a plurality of RFID tag circuit elements, each of the RFID tag circuit elements having different polarization-phase direction of a tag antenna, comprising: a distribution-related information obtainment portion configured to... Agent: Day Pitney LLP

20100079249 - Communication device and method for acquiring information of radio frequency identification tags: A communication device and method for acquiring information of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags include setting a RFID tag search request comprising header information of the predetermined RFID tags, and searching a RFID tag according to the RFID tag search request. The communication device and method further include acquiring position... Agent: PCe Industry, Inc. Att. Steven Reiss

20100079251 - Frame processing circuit: A frame processing circuit performs frame processing that is creation processing of creating an RFID data frame from a payload or analysis processing of analyzing an RFID data frame and obtaining a payload. The frame processing includes m (1≦m≦n) number of processing steps according to a type of data frame... Agent: Young & Thompson

20100079250 - Information-processing device and system for restricting use of the device: Schedule information including a user-specific ID and user occupying time period authorized to the user is stored in a device in advance. In a state that inputting from an input section of a device is inhibited, when wireless communications are carried out between an RFID module carried by an individual... Agent: Patterson & Sheridan, L.L.P.

20100079246 - Integrated circuit with a rectifier element: An integrated circuit with a rectifier element. One embodiment provides a signal source, an electronic circuit and a rectifier element with a copper layer and a cuprous oxide layer adjacent to and in direct contact with the copper layer. The signal source is configured to drive a signal on a... Agent: Dicke, Billig & Czaja

20100079248 - Optical fiber connector assembly with wire-based rfid antenna: An optical fiber connector assembly (10) that provides improved radio-frequency (RF) antenna capability for a radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag (200). The assembly includes a connectorized fiber optic cable (150) having a connector (11). The assembly also includes a wire (246) that either is connected to the RFID tag or is... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20100079247 - Radio frequency identification communication system and method thereof: A radio frequency identification (RFID) communication system and method is provided to resolve the power-consuming problems of an active RFID tag while operating at a receiving mode in a long duration. A designated channel is established between the reader and the RFID tag, and also the reader sends a designated... Agent: Apex Juris, PLLC

20100079245 - Radio frequency identification reader having antennas in different directions: A radio frequency identification (RFID) reader includes a plurality of signal antennas, which are respectively arranged in directions that are not parallel to and co-linear with each other. Each of the signal antennas has a predetermined antenna field pattern and operates with a predetermined carrier wave frequency. A wireless receiver... Agent: Apex Juris, PLLC

20100079253 - Rfid bridge antenna: An RFID bridge antenna is positioned between a tag antenna associated with a tag and a reader antenna associated with a reader. The bridge includes at least two RF antenna elements spaced apart from one another and coupled together by an electrical conductor. The first RF antenna element is located... Agent: Xerox Corporation C/o Wiggin And Dana LLP

20100079254 - Method of upgrading an operation program of a radio frequency identification system: A method of upgrading an operation program in an interrogator of a radio frequency identification (RFID) system including the interrogator and a transponder is provided. The method includes transmitting, from the interrogator to the transponder, a first message requesting an operation program upgrade based on information exchanged between the interrogator... Agent: F. Chau & Associates, LLC

20100079257 - Item positioning system and method thereof: An item positioning system is provided. The item positioning system comprises a plurality of tag readers and a control device. The plurality of tag readers generate access signals respectively and receive a response signal from a target tag. The control device adjusts transmitting power of the access signals of the... Agent: Edell, Shapiro & Finnan, LLC

20100079255 - Method and apparatus for responder accounting: A method and apparatus for accounting for responders at a site, includes obtaining a first RFID from a scanning of a responder radio performed in a vicinity of the site; determining, by using the first RFID, a responder identity from a RFID database that associates each one of a plurality... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20100079256 - Monitoring responsive objects in vehicles: A vehicle for carrying responsive objects is outfitted with a proxy for the responsive objects. The vehicle is also outfitted with a sensor that detects which responsive objects it is carrying and sensor that detect environmental conditions (e.g., temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, etc.) inside and outside of the vehicle. When... Agent: Avaya Demont & Breyer, LLC

20100079259 - Apparatus for communicating with rfid tag and article management system: A reader obtains tag identification information of an RFID tag circuit element for article via radio communication using an apparatus antenna, stores the obtained tag identification information in a memory, gets area identification information of each room relating to a plurality of rooms storing the articles and a corresponding number... Agent: Day Pitney LLP

20100079258 - Mode identification and decomposition for ultrasonic signals: A method is present for processing a signal. A response signal is received from a structure. The response signal is decomposed into a plurality of signals based on a number of characteristics. A mode in the plurality of signals is identified based on a number of known characteristics for the... Agent: Duke W. Yee

20100079261 - Communication device, communication method, computer program and computer system: A communication device includes: a first communication processing unit performing contactless communication operations in a first communication rate in which waveform distortion hardly become a problem; a second communication processing unit performing contactless communication operations in a second communication rate in which waveform shaping by adaptive equalization is necessary; and... Agent: K&l Gates LLP

20100079260 - Method for establishing a wireless communication connection between an automation component and a mobile operating terminal: A method for establishing a wireless communication connection between an automation component and a mobile operating terminal is provided. The automation component reads out a first request from a tag, wherein the operating terminal has stored the first request on the tag using a read/write device, the operating terminal requesting... Agent: Siemens Corporation Intellectual Property Department

20100079262 - Systems and methods for conveying information using a control signal referenced to alternating current (ac) power: Systems and methods convey information from a controller to at least one slave unit using a single wire referenced to an alternating current (AC) power supply. A control signal has a high voltage and a low voltage. The high voltage is greater than a voltage midpoint of the AC power... Agent: Lathrop & Gage LLP

20100079263 - Information processing apparatus and information processing method: Contact detection units (101-1-101-M) are attached to an information transfer device (100) in a predetermined arrangement pattern to detect direct/indirect contact. Stimulus presentation units (104-1-104-N) are attached to the information transfer device (100) in a predetermined arrangement pattern to present a tactile stimulus. A contact pattern recognition unit (102) specifies... Agent: Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto

20100079264 - Haptic feedback system: Localized haptic feedback at discrete locations or regions of a surface is disclosed. Controllable haptic transmission nodes can be selectively controlled to transmit a haptic feedback signal to a surface. The nodes can be controlled between a first state that transmits the haptic feedback signal to the surface and a... Agent: Apple C/o Morrison And Foerster ,llp Los Angeles

20100079265 - Relay apparatus, communication system, and communication method: While ECUs are connected with a distribution apparatus via a communication line, each of the ECUs sends status notification representing own status to the distribution apparatus. The distribution apparatus creates status information representing status of the ECUs in accordance with status notifications received from the ECUs connected with the distribution... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20100079266 - Motorcycle accident warning alarm: A motorcycle safety warning alarm (1) wherein an at least one audible and/or visual alarm (22) indicates when a motorcycle (18) has been involved in an accident and has tipped over. A tipping sensor (2) is provided having a V-shaped housing (15) with a predetermined amount of mercury (16) located... Agent: Edward M. Livingston, Pa

20100079267 - Automobile anti-collision early-warning device: The present invention relates to an automobile anti-collision early-warning device, which is structured from a main unit used for processing images and a plurality of camera devices. The main unit is internally provided with a holding space, within which a system board is located. The system board is configured with... Agent: Troxell Law Office, PLLC

20100079268 - Display device and vehicle: A vehicle has a display device which widens the field of view (visible area) reflected by a side mirror or a back mirror mounted on the vehicle. To enable a driver driving the vehicle to confirm safety even when it is difficult for the driver to visually recognize some of... Agent: Fish & Richardson P.C.

20100079269 - Capacitive detection systems and methods: The invention is related to capacitive sensing and detection systems and methods. In one embodiment, a capacitive sensor system comprises a first electrode arrangement having a first characteristic and related to a first capacitance, a second electrode arrangement having a second characteristic different from the first characteristic and related to... Agent: Patterson, Thuente, Skaar & Christensen, P.A.

20100079270 - Method for displaying a visual warning signal: A method for displaying a visual warning signal to warn a driver of a vehicle about a traffic situation determined to be critical, in which based on sensor data furnished by at least one sensor unit, a line of sight of the driver is determined. From a group of at... Agent: Ronald E. Greigg Greigg & Greigg P.l.l.c.

20100079271 - Alarm device of vehicle battery for monitoring voltage ranges in charging and discharging processes of vehicle battery: An alarm device of a vehicle battery for monitoring voltage ranges in charging and discharging processes of the vehicle battery uses a sampling circuit to monitor the charging and discharging voltages real time of a battery, and prompts alert through a light or a buzzer of an alert unit in... Agent: Alan Hsu 235 Chung - Ho

20100079272 - Method for displaying starting process of electronic device: A method for displaying a starting process of an electronic device is described hereinafter. Firstly, divide the starting process of the electronic device into a plurality of starting stages. Next, set a displaying data for each of the starting stages respectively. Lastly, transmit the corresponding displaying data to a displaying... Agent: Muncy, Geissler, Olds & Lowe, PLLC

20100079273 - Radio communication terminal: A radio communication terminal includes a radio communication unit that performs radio communication with another device, a detector that detects radio waves in a predetermined frequency range emitted from a medical device that is used integrally with a human body, and a prohibition unit that prohibits radio communication by the... Agent: Solaris Intellectual Property Group, PLLC

20100079274 - System for wireless activation of communication indicators within an industrial or professional working environment: A system for the wireless activation or deactivation of one or more switches associated with one or more communication indicators within an industrial or professional working environment. The system includes at least one portable, handheld transmitter comprising at least one manually operated switch and a signal transmitter. Further included is... Agent: Kammer Browning PLLC

20100079275 - Apparatus and method for controlling alarm in a portable terminal: A portable terminal includes an alarm control. A method for controlling an alarm includes determining whether an input fact to analyze an exceptional situation of an alarm operation is generated; analyzing the exceptional situation by rule using at least one fact; and when there is an alarm which is placed... Agent: Docket Clerk

20100079276 - Hospital bed with network interface unit: A system includes at least one computer device coupled to a hospital Ethernet, the hospital Ethernet having at least one wired access point and at least on wireless access point. The system also includes a hospital bed and a network interface unit (NIU) that facilitates communications from the hospital bed... Agent: Barnes & Thornburg, LLP

20100079277 - Method and apparatus for determining a physical location of a customer: A method and apparatus for determining a physical location of a customer of a network service, e.g., a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service are disclosed. For example, the method receives a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) message containing a geographical coordinate data from a Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) device being... Agent: At & T Legal Department - Wt

20100079278 - Wireless fire alarm system: A power saving wireless fire alarm system has a master station and a plurality of battery-powered fire detecting cc terminals linked for wireless communication with each other. Upon detection of a fire occurrence at one of the fire detecting terminals, the fire detecting terminal transmit a fire detection message to... Agent: Cheng Law Group, PLLC

20100079280 - Advanced object detector: An advanced object detector, system and method comprising a memory device which contains a library of tailor-made signals and specific object resonances with those signals; an antenna which will act as both the exciter and receiver directing the memory device's tailor-made signals towards locations potentially having the objects intended to... Agent: Timothy John Van Tuinen, LLC

20100079281 - Attachable document manager: A novel programmable timer includes a sensor for sensing opening of a refrigerator or cabinet door and an alarm outputting a visible and/or audible alarm when a timer has expired if and only if the sensor indicates that the door is open, thereby preventing expenditure of the alarm at times... Agent: Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner, P.A.

20100079279 - Detecting a signal quality decrease in a measurement system: Techniques for detecting a signal quality decrease are disclosed. A sensor or probe may be used to obtain a plethysmograph or photoplethysmograph (PPG) signal from a subject. A wavelet transform of the signal may be performed and a scalogram may be generated based at least in part on the wavelet... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC Attn:IPLegal

20100079282 - Passive microwave speed and intrusion detection system: A passive microwave receiver, receiving a WARC protected frequency of 1420 MHz may be used for fire, temperature speed detection and intrusion detection. One or more receiver arrays can be used to provide a plurality of frequency ranges that can be detected. In an interior installation, one or more receiver... Agent: PCt Law Group, PLLC

20100079283 - Capacitive detection systems and methods: The invention is related to capacitive sensing and detection systems and methods. In one embodiment, a capacitive sensor system comprises a first electrode and a second electrode forming a first capacitive sensor mounted to a vehicle and configured to create a first electric field directed outward from the vehicle, and... Agent: Patterson, Thuente, Skaar & Christensen, P.A.

20100079285 - Adjustable security device for laptop computer: An adjustable security device is configured for engaging and securing items of merchandise having various widths and thicknesses. The security device includes an adjustment mechanism that manipulates in a lateral direction a pair of opposed arms having retaining members for engaging the opposed sides and top of the item. The... Agent: Christopher C. Dremann, P.C.

20100079284 - Swing ticket housing: A swing ticket holder for securing a swing ticket to an item using a lock and a pin includes a rigid housing arranged to retain the swing ticket. The pin extends outwardly from the rigid housing. The pin is insertable into the lock to secure the swing ticket holder to... Agent: Christopher & Weisberg, P.A.

20100079286 - Encapsulated rfid device for flexible, non-planar or curvilinear surfaces: An encapsulated device and method for fabricating a radio frequency identification (RFID) device is disclosed herein. The method includes providing a first substrate layer, the first substrate layer including at least one cavity; placing a RFID tag into the cavity; placing a second substrate layer over the first substrate layer,... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20100079287 - Rfid device with changeable characteristics: An RFID device includes a first, relatively permanent portion and a second alterable or inactivatable portion. Upon the occurrence of some predetermined event, the second portion and/or its coupling to the first portion is physically altered, inactivating it. The first portion may itself be an antennaless RFID device that may... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation Amanda Wittine

20100079288 - Rfid tag device with temperature sensitive antenna: An apparatus system, and techniques for detecting temperature change are disclosed. The system includes a temperature sensitive antenna that can be included in an RFID tag device. The antenna is associated with a temperature sensitive material that, upon being exposed to a particular temperature level over a time interval, causes... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20100079289 - Rfid tag based discrete contact position indication: An RF based state indicator for indicating the state of a control device is provided. The RF-based state indicator indicates the position of a control mechanism by using the position of the control mechanism to enable or disable an RF tag. An RF reader acquires RF transmitted data from enabled... Agent: Susan M. Donahue Rockwell Automation, Inc./fy

20100079290 - Rfid device having protective cap element and method of making: The present invention relates to a dynamic RFID device assembly which is able to withstand the additional stresses of using RFID devices in a non-planar arrangement. The invention includes the provision of a protective cap to prevent the fracturing or breakage of chip and antenna connection. The RFID device of... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20100079292 - Microprocessor system for the analysis of physiologic and financial datasets: A medical alarm system for processing physiologic and laboratory data in hospitals and other environments is disclosed. The alarm system provides early detection of complex pathophysiologic cascades. The alarm system detects aggregated timed patterns of inflammatory indicators, metabolic, pulse, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and/or ventilation trends to detect expanding cascade... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC Attn:IPLegal

20100079291 - Personalized activity monitor and weight management system: A weight management system comprised of a body worn device which interfaces periodically with a computer. The established weight goals of the user are translated by the computer into daily activity targets and downloaded into the device. The device monitors the user's activity, offering progress status toward the daily activity... Agent: Vidas, Arrett & Steinkraus, P.A.

20100079293 - Device for detecting a body falling into a pool: The invention concerns a device for detecting a body falling in a volume of water (20) of a pool comprising a probe (1) adapted to transmit aquatic waves propagated in the pool (20) and an electronic unit (4) adapted to receive and interpret electric signals representing pressure variations caused by... Agent: Marsh, Fischmann & Breyfogle LLP

20100079294 - Alertness estimator: Example apparatus and methods for estimating a living being's alertness include modeling the sleep-wake cycle using a function generator circuit to model the circadian component, and one or more analog circuits to model the homeostatic and inertial components. In some embodiments of the present invention, temporal scaling is used for... Agent: Gifford, Krass, Sprinkle, Anderson & Citkowski, P.C.

20100079295 - Emergency device actuator absence notification system and method therefor: An emergency device actuator absence notification system and method therefore capable of notifying an observer or system supervisor of the presence and operability of the emergency device actuator and also capable of notifying an observer or system supervisor of the absence or inoperability of the emergency device actuator.... Agent: Weiss & Moy PC

20100079296 - System for monitoring temperature and slope of a wafer and a method thereof: A method for monitoring the temperature and slope of a wafer is presented, and the steps of the method comprises: (a) providing a cooling machine, a monitoring system, a sensing module, and a wafer; (b) cooling the wafer by the cooling machine; (c) sensing all regions of the wafer by... Agent: Rosenberg, Klein & Lee

20100079297 - Apparatus and method for width detection: An apparatus and method for detecting a difference in width of a strip of material from a desired width of material. The apparatus may comprise a light source, a light detector, an alarm, a first fiber optic cable coupled with the light source, a second fiber optic cable coupled with... Agent: Hovey Williams LLP

20100079298 - Odor-generating alarm apparatus: One embodiment of the present invention discloses an odor-generating alarm apparatus that can ensure the reliability of a releasing operation and the odor dispersibility. In an odor-generating alarm apparatus, when abnormality information indicating occurrence of an abnormal state is supplied from a sensor for occurrence of an abnormal state, an... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100079299 - Photoelectric smoke detector: Provided is a photoelectric smoke detector capable of preventing an erroneous alarm from being issued even when steam flows into a smoke detecting unit. The smoke detecting unit includes: an installation section; and a smoke inlet section. The installation section includes: a light emitting element for emitting light to an... Agent: Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack, L.L.P.

20100079300 - Image processor: An image processor includes: a notification control unit configured, when apparatus condition information which requires an alert is received, to notify alert information corresponding to the alert using a notification unit; a storage unit configured to store first information related to alert information previously notified using the notification unit and... Agent: Mots Law PLLC

20100079301 - System and method for testing a machine using an interactive test script: A method of testing a machine includes a step of establishing a communication link between a test system and a control system of the machine. An interactive test script is executed on the test system, and includes a communication of a first operator initiated machine task to an operator. After... Agent: Caterpillar C/o Liell, Mcneil & Harper Intellectual Property Department

20100079302 - Managing condition indicators that use the same physical indicator device in a logically partitioned computer system: A computer system independently maintains states of multiple condition indicators as logical state data, each indicator for a different respective condition and having at least an active and inactive state. Multiple condition indicators share a single human-perceptible physical indicator having at least (N+1) states, where N is the number of... Agent: Ibm Corporation RochesterIPLaw Dept. 917

20100079304 - Location detection system for a patient handling device: A location detection system for a facility including a patient handling device for supporting a patient and being mobile for positioning at a location in the facility, a locator fixed relative to the patient handling device for transmitting a unique location identifier corresponding to the location of the patient handling... Agent: Van Dyke, Gardner, Linn & Burkhart, LLP

20100079303 - Monitoring objects in motion along a static route using sensory detection devices: A system for monitoring a plurality of objects in motion (OIMs) along a static route using a plurality of sensory detection devices, the static route having a plurality of route portions, each route portion having an entering boundary and an exiting boundary, at least one OIM being a designated OIM... Agent: Keohane & D'alessandro

20100079305 - Garage opener communicating device-equipped motorcycle: A garage door opening device for a motorcycle is provided that includes a vehicle-side communicating device configured to transmit a door opening or closing signal to a garage-side communicating device. The garage door opening device also includes a manual operation switch configured to initiate sending of the opening or closing... Agent: Squire, Sanders & Dempsey L.L.P.

20100079306 - Traffic flow monitoring for intersections with signal controls: A method and system are provided for determining travel time through intersections by assigning an initial position for a virtual probe in the intersection and updating the position and velocity for the virtual probe such that the position and velocity of the virtual probe are determined multiple times from a... Agent: Westman Champlin & Kelly, P.A.

20100079307 - Parking assist device: A parking assist device detecting a parking stall line from an image, which is captured by a capturing portion; setting a parking target position on the basis of the parking stall line; and assisting the vehicle to travel to the parking target position; the parking assist device includes a vehicle... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20100079308 - Method of monitoring the landing phase of an aircraft: p

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