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Communications: electrical March listing by industry category 03/09

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03/26/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090079537 - Machine tool comprising an access control device: The invention relates to a machine tool 101 comprising a plurality of operation functions and a selection device 113a-113d for selecting one or more operation functions by a user. The machine tool 101 receives data from a mobile data carrier 311 via a reception device 112, on the basis of... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20090079538 - Multicomputer data transferring and file accessing to authenticate online voting and registration in a secure database system: Disclosed is a method and system for file accessing and data transferring to secure online voting using a multilayered security system where all contents of the data may be delivered to users of varied electronic devices. The data transferring occur as an external communication between separate computers which themselves are... Agent: Mcdonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP

20090079540 - Electronic system of management of multi-address access: Intelligent access management system contains an electronic key executed for fingerprint identification of the user. The multi-address access management system contains an electronic key, an electronic lock, a storage device, an identification and processing unit. The electronic key includes a wafer and mounted on the wafer: a scanning device for... Agent: Young & Thompson

20090079539 - Jsi key: Jstone Industries has developed an integrated product that convergences biometric fingerprint technology and a (CRS) Chip Recognition System that can identify and control three different landscapes that are heavily used by consumers and merchants. The chip recognition system with its electrical sensors can identify a JSI-Point of Sales application, JSI-Automotive... Agent: Linsey A. Johnson

20090079541 - Configuring spectrum agile devices by means of labels storing spektrum opportunity parameters: A device (DEV) which is capable of communicating using different spectrum opportunities comprises a communication unit (CMM) capable of communicating with other devices (DEV) and/or with communication networks, wherein the communication unit (CMM) is capable of communicating using different spectrum opportunities, and wherein a spectrum opportunity is defined by a... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20090079546 - Dna sample data in a transponder transaction: The present disclosure relates to the use of DNA sample data as part of a biometric security system in a transponder transaction. The biometric security system also includes a DNA sensor that detects biometric samples, and a device for verifying biometric samples. In one embodiment, the biometric security system includes... Agent: Snell & Wilmer L.L.P. (main)

20090079545 - Flexible rfid tag device and method for constructing same: The present invention relates generally to a flexible RFID tag comprising an RFID inlay and added protection via one or more means of encapsulation, and method of constructing a flexible RFID tag.... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20090079544 - Periodic detection of location of portable articles using an rfid system: A system for tracking network devices includes a host computing device, a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag secured to at least one of the network devices, and a reader configured to communicate with the RFID tag to receive device parameters from the RFID tag, the reader being configured to transmit... Agent: Workman Nydegger 1000 Eagle Gate Tower

20090079542 - Rfid tag and method for spacing an rfid tag: An RFID tag comprising a label material including a printing surface and an adhesion surface opposite the printing surface, the adhesion surface including an adhesive operative to mount at least one RFID inlay to the label material, the label material also including deformation indicia for a user to deform the... Agent: Taft, Stettinius & Hollister LLP

20090079543 - Wireless ic tag reader: A wireless IC tag reader includes a receiving antenna, a transmitting antenna and a beam direction control unit. The receiving antenna has a maximum beam direction and a half-value angle. The transmitting antenna has a maximum beam direction and a half-value angle narrower than the half-value angle of the receiving... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, P.C.

20090079547 - Method, apparatus and computer program product for providing a determination of implicit recommendations: An apparatus for providing a determination of implicit recommendations may include a processing element. The processing element may be configured to receive sensor data from at least one sensor, determine context information associated with the at least one sensor, and determine an implicit recommendation based on the sensor data and... Agent: Alston & Bird LLP

20090079548 - Microwave control system: A microwave control system is applied to control a working system to execute at least one predetermined assignment, and comprises a microwave control unit, a control card and a passive control unit. A microwave illuminator of the microwave control unit is applied to send a microwave signal. After receiving the... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20090079549 - Device and system for patient-care provider communication: An electronic identification badge configured to provide patient-care provider communication, comprising a clip and a housing. The housing includes a master image display device; wherein the master display module further includes a first pocket disposed on the front side of the housing. The badge also includes a manual signal module... Agent: Advantia Law Group

20090079550 - Method and apparatus for sensory stimulation: An apparatus for producing an electrosensory sensation to a body member (120). The apparatus comprises one or more conducting electrodes (106), each of which is provided with an insulator (108). When the body member (120) is proximate to the conducting electrode, the insulator prevents flow of direct current from the... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20090079551 - Driver alert system for the steering wheel of a motor vehicle: A driver alert system for the steering wheel of a motor vehicle includes a vibration module with an eccentric mass and a driving device for rotating said eccentric mass about a rotational axis. The vibration module is arranged such that the rotational axis of the eccentric mass is essentially parallel... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20090079552 - Multi-controller data bus adaptor and associated methods: A remote control system for a vehicle of a type including a data communications bus extending throughout the vehicle and connecting a plurality of vehicle devices within the vehicle may include a remote transmitter and a vehicle remote function controller being responsive to the remote transmitter. The vehicle remote function... Agent: Allen, Dyer, Doppelt, Milbrath & Gilchrist P.A.

20090079553 - Vehicle periphery monitoring apparatus and image displaying method: A vehicle periphery monitoring apparatus includes an image capturing device, a display device, a blind spot determining section, and a processing section. The image capturing device is arranged to capture an image of a region rearward of a host vehicle and an image of a region laterally rearward of the... Agent: GlobalIPCounselors, LLP

20090079554 - Method for the prevention of accidents caused by turning vehicles: The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for preventing the drivers of vehicles from overlooking light vehicles, when turning the vehicle, where the light vehicle comprises means for transmitting a radio signal, where the vehicle comprises means for receiving the radio signal, where the vehicle comprises information means... Agent: Cantor Colburn, LLP

20090079555 - Systems and methods for remotely configuring vehicle alerts and/or controls: The present invention provides systems and methods for remotely configuring a mobile device communicatively coupled with a vehicle. The mobile device receives current GPS and vehicle information and transmits the information to a remote server. The remote server displays vehicle and/or driver information to remote users via a user interface.... Agent: Latimer, Mayberry & MatthewsIPLaw, LLP

20090079556 - Tire pressure monitoring system having a collapsible casing: A tire pressure monitoring device and system includes a support or housing mounted to a rim of a wheel of a vehicle. A casing is movably secured to the support and a pair of spaced magnets are disposed within the casing. The casing is collapsible for varying the length of... Agent: Garlick Harrison & Markison

20090079557 - Warning system for signaling to vehicle operator that a child has been left unattended in an infant seat: A wireless, self-activating, proximity warning system utilizes an on-board computer of an automobile and a GPS locating system to sending a warning signal to a vehicle operator that a child has been left buckled and unattended in an infant seat. A transmitter associated with the child seat transmits coded RF... Agent: The Weintraub Group 32000 Northwestern Highway

20090079558 - Midspan powering without the use of data transformers in a power over ethernet application: A midspan power sourcing equipment (PSE) for operation with power over Ethernet (PoE). The midspan PSE provides powering over wire pairs that are also used for data communication. To reduce costs by the midspan manufacturer, the midspans can be designed without the use of data transformers. Rather, midspans can include... Agent: Law Office Of Duane S. Kobayashi

20090079559 - Capturing body movement related to a fixed coordinate system: Briefly, in accordance with one or more embodiments, a kinematic sensor may be carried by or on one or more body segments of a user to obtain one or more kinematic variables based at least in part on movement of the user with respect to a fixed, global reference system.... Agent: Cool Patent, P.C. C/o Cpa Global

20090079560 - Remotely monitoring railroad equipment using network protocols: Remote monitoring and diagnosis of railroad devices using data structures defined for each of the railroad devices. The railroad devices are configured to populate the data structures with status data. The railroad devices transmit the status data for analysis using a network protocol. The analysis of the data results in... Agent: John S. Beulick (12729) C/o Armstrong Teasdale LLP

20090079561 - Night light wake up indicator: A night light that transitions between at least two states to provide a visual indication to a child as to whether it is time for the child to get out of bed or that the child should stay in bed. The night light shows an illuminated sun to indicate that... Agent: Smith Frohwein Tempel Greenlee Blaha, LLC

20090079562 - Smart mediation and reaction system for protecting interdependent critical infrastructures: To monitor the functioning of the services of a first infrastructure (CI1) upon which the functioning of the critical services of a second infrastructure (CI2) depend, a server (SS) capable of communicating with both infrastructures receives, upon the detection of a failure of a service of the first infrastructure by... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20090079563 - Intrusion detection sensor: According to an embodiment, an intrusion detection sensor includes a microwave sensor (120) that transmits microwaves toward a detection area, receives the microwaves reflected by an object present in the detection area, and outputs a reflected wave reception intensity signal according to the received intensity; a direction variable antenna device... Agent: Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack, L.L.P.

20090079564 - Microwave direction of travel detector by parallel sampling: A microwave direction of travel detector and method of detecting the direction of an intruder in a protected region. The microwave direction of travel detector transmits and receives, by a microwave transceiver a microwave signal directed toward a protected area. The microwave return signal is modulated by a moving target... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20090079566 - Security device including sensor having an extension: A security device for an item of merchandise having at least one removable component includes a sensor attached to the item of merchandise. The sensor has an extension that extends outwardly from the sensor in a first direction generally parallel to an axis defined by the item of merchandise sufficiently... Agent: Adams Intellectual Property Law, P.A.

20090079565 - System and method for tracking an inventory within an asset: A technique is provided for tracking and/or monitoring an inventory within one or more assets. The technique includes activating a plurality of antennas on each of the one or more assets in turn for a specified period of time, and receiving a response from an RFID tag attached to the... Agent: General Electric Company Global Research

20090079569 - Medical system and tracking device: A tracking device and system for tracking medical supplies, in particular, medical trays and their components is disclosed. The tracking device utilizes GPRS/GSM technology to enable an individual to locate and monitor the movement of a medical tray at any given time and for any desired period of time. The... Agent: Mchale & Slavin, P.A.

20090079568 - Rfid interposer with impedance matching: An RFID interposer has conductive material that includes an impedance matching structure. The impedance matching structure aids in matching impedance between a chip that is to be mounted to the interposer, and an antenna that the interposer is to be coupled to. The impedance matching structures may allow different chips,... Agent: Jonathan A. Platt Renner, Otto, Boisselle & Sklar, LLP

20090079567 - Securing an article of value: Embodiments of the invention disclose a mobile device, such as a mobile phone, that is capable of causing an alarm to be played to a user, to prevent a loss thereof. Advantageously, the mobile device also moves to a locked state in anticipation of being lost, thereby to prevent unauthorized... Agent: Hahn And Moodley, LLP

20090079570 - System for automatic notification in a sequential process: A computer implemented method, data processing system, and computer program product that enable a component to prepare for the arrival of a moving component by providing, to the component, an automated notification of the moving component's approach. When a moving component approaches an arrival point, a signal is received from... Agent: Ibm Corp (ya) C/o Yee & Associates PC

20090079571 - Optimizing rfid reader duty cycle or power to preserve battery life: The duty cycle of a portable battery-powered RFID tag reader is reduced during time periods when it is less likely to produce a “read” in order to preserve battery life. The reader operates with an aggressive duty cycle during periods of a high probability of a tag read and reduces... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20090079573 - Large scale folded dipole antenna for near-field rfid applications: In accordance with a preferred embodiment of the invention, reader antennas are provided within storage fixtures or supporting fixtures for transporting RF signals between, for example, an RFID reader and an RFID tag. In a preferred embodiment, the RFID-enabled fixtures are implemented using an intelligent network, which may allow enhanced... Agent: Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

20090079574 - Rfid tag: A circuit chip having a loop-shaped antenna coil on a main surface and a tag sheet having an antenna pattern on a main surface are prepared, and the circuit chip is mounted on the main surface of the tag sheet so as not to place over the antenna pattern. The... Agent: Antonelli, Terry, Stout & Kraus, LLP

20090079572 - Semiconductor device and wireless communication system using the same: Initialization of a semiconductor device can be efficiently performed, which transmits and receives data through wireless communication. The semiconductor device includes an antenna, a power source circuit, a circuit which uses a DC voltage generated by the power source circuit as a power source voltage, and a resistor. The antenna... Agent: Eric Robinson

20090079575 - Emergency ingress/egress monitoring system: A system to monitor the entry and exit of individuals from a facility and to identify individuals who safely evacuated the facility and those who have entered, but apparently have not safely evacuated it and indicated safe evacuation by use of a card reader or similar device at an emergency... Agent: Stephen R. Chapman

20090079576 - System and method for position matching of a patient for medical imaging: A system for position matching of a patient for medical imaging includes a set of RFID tags configured to locate a patient position. A set of RFID interrogators are located to receive RFID position information from the set of RFID tags. A medical imaging system is positioned to produce a... Agent: George A Leone, Sr Citadel Patent Law

20090079577 - Adjusting a communications channel between control unit and remote sensor: The present invention provides apparatuses and systems for adjusting a communication channel between a control unit and a remote sensor. A system may include a control unit that controls an environmental unit and a remote sensor that provides data about an environmental factor as measured at the remote sensor. The... Agent: Banner & Witcoff, Ltd.

20090079578 - Access disconnection detection system: An access site disconnection system and method are disclosed. RFID sensors are sensitive to moisture and their presence may not be detected if the sensor is wetted. When a patient receives dialysis treatment, wetness may arise from blood if the access needle becomes disconnected from the access site. At least... Agent: Baxter Healthcare Corporation

20090079579 - Mobile operating device and method for using said device: There is described a method to operate a mobile operating device and a mobile operating device, with which machines within of effective ranges which are spanned by RFID transponders can be operated wirelessly. A safety module is provided in the operating device, with which both measured values assigned to the... Agent: Siemens Corporation Intellectual Property Department

20090079580 - Virtual group maintenance and security: The present invention relates to a method and system (10) for distance determination of RF tags (4) and its applications, based on measuring the round trip delay, avoiding deterministic collisions between a plurality of wide band response signals transmitted by the tags (4) by adding a pseudo-random time delay to... Agent: Dr. Mark M. Friedman C/o Bill Polkinghorn - Discovery Dispatch

20090079581 - Novelty container with cover-activated musical playback: The invention is directed to a novelty container with a cover mounted to the container operable between closed and open positions which activate and deactivate a sound generating assembly. An electrically operated sound generating assembly is mounted to the container, having a sound generator circuit board, a battery electrically connected... Agent: John S. Hale Gipple & Hale

20090079582 - Wireless switch module: A wireless switch module is fitted with a frame and a covering board, so as to form a wireless switch assembly, which is capable of being installed on a wall or assembled into a movable adapted-box. The wireless switch module comprises at least one switch cell and at least one... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20090079583 - Shutdown system: wherein in use safety signals are passed from the safety system to the drive control means via the topside communications module and the underwater communications component, and wherein the safety system and drive control means are rated according to a prescribed safety level but the communications module and underwater communications... Agent: Bracewell & Giuliani LLP

20090079584 - Method and system of reading utility meter data over a network: A utility meter may be read by sending a request to read the meter from a meter reading application, which may be located on a utility server or on an access point to a network, to a communications module associated with the utility meter. The communications module initiates a session... Agent: Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney PC

20090079585 - Vehicle periphery monitoring apparatus and image displaying method: A vehicle periphery monitoring apparatus includes an image capturing device, a display device and an image processing device. The image capturing device is configured and arranged to capture a first original image of a region rearward of a vehicle and a second original image of a region laterally rearward of... Agent: GlobalIPCounselors, LLP

20090079586 - Use of pattern matching to predict actual traffic conditions of a roadway segment: Actual traffic conditions of a roadway segment are predicted by providing a plurality of historical roadway condition patterns of the roadway segment in a database, obtaining an electronic representation of a current roadway condition pattern of the roadway segment, identifying one or more of the historical roadway condition patterns that... Agent: Navteq North America, LLC

20090079587 - Weather information display device: A weather information display device displays on its display device a section, for which weather information is acquired, in a display mode corresponding to the weather information. An icon indicating the weather information is displayed on the section of the weather information. When a relatively wide area map is displayed,... Agent: Posz Law Group, PLC

20090079588 - Adaptable traffic control sign: A portable traffic control sign that includes a lightweight sign head selectively attachable to a lightweight pole. The sign head includes a thin interior frame sandwiched between two opposite facing, traffic sign panels. The inner support sign frame includes an octagonal outer support frame and an inner support frame. Attached... Agent: Dean A. Craine

20090079589 - Parking guidance apparatus and method: A parking guidance system having an anchor for suspending a marking object and an applicator which allows the use of an extension arm or pole to install the system without a ladder. The anchor is connected to a garage ceiling with an adhesive and the filament is connected to the... Agent: Cooper & Dunham, LLP

20090079590 - Device for displaying other ship targets: An apparatus for displaying other ship targets is provided that displays the positions and detailed information concerning substantially all vessels present in a predetermined region around the own ship in a manner that is easy to grasp for the operator. A display screen includes Graphical Position Display Area 11, Target... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20090079591 - Vehicle locating method and system using a mobile device: A system to transmit a location of a vehicle, including: a transmission system including, a first system unit configured to determine a current location using radio signals, a first memory unit storing a database that includes a list of one or more mobile devices, a processor configured to select one... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, P.C.

03/19/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090072944 - Street lighting method and apparatus using a channel hopping scheme for a wireless communication between a master node and a slave node: A method and apparatus are disclosed for communicating between a first node and a further node of a communication network via a wireless communication link comprising a plurality of channels. The method includes the steps of generating a pseudo random number at the first node, selecting a one of the... Agent: Klarquist Sparkman, LLP

20090072945 - Automatic lighting control system and method: Disclosed is directed to an automatic lighting control system and method. The system includes at least a lighting device, at least a sensor, and a decision module. Each lighting device is adjustable and has a remote control function. A wireless sensor network is configured by the one or more sensors.... Agent: Lin & Associates Intellectual Property, Inc.

20090072947 - Control method for high-frequency radio equipment and high-frequency radio system: A high-frequency radio equipment system provided with, in a base station, an antenna part comprised by a plurality of antennas, a radio part for amplifying a received signal, band-limiting and down-converting it to an intermediate frequency, a signal processing part for carrier-demodulating the signal inputted from the radio part, demodulating... Agent: Jacobson Holman PLLC

20090072946 - Collaborative product authentication: An identification of an RFID tag is received from a mobile device. A product associated with the identification is identified, and a keeper associated with the product is identified. The keeper is provided to the mobile device, and a selection of the keeper is received from the mobile device. Authentication... Agent: Fish & Richardson, P.C.

20090072948 - Id reading device, id reading method, id reading program, and inspection device: An ID reading device in an ID reading system that acquires IDs from a reader that reads identification labels, comprises an expected ID acquisition unit that acquires IDs to be read; a read attribute acquisition unit that acquires a correspondence between read attributes and the IDs, the read attributes being... Agent: Antonelli, Terry, Stout & Kraus, LLP

20090072949 - Rfid system: An RFID system according to the present invention includes an RFID antenna system including: a first antenna that can communicate with an external reader/writer; an antenna selector for connecting with the first antenna; and a plurality of second antennas that can connect with the first antenna in order via the... Agent: Hoffman Warnick LLC

20090072950 - Transponder with stabilized oscillator: A coherent RFID tag design having no internal power source is disclosed. The design exhibits a longer detection range and less interference relative to conventional tag designs. The coherent RFID tag design operates in a locked or stabilized fashion, in that the frequency at which energy is parasitically coupled to... Agent: Bae Systems

20090072951 - Near-field communication device with environmental sensor: A wireless communication device (200) energized by an electromagnetic field produced by another device, including a near-field activated circuit (210) transmitting an output signal upon exposure to an energizing electromagnetic field, a sensor (230) having an output coupled to the near-field activated circuit, the sensor producing a signal on the... Agent: Motorola Inc

20090072952 - Wireless tag processing apparatus, processing system and wirless tag processing method: The wireless tag processing apparatus is provided with: a transportation unit that transports a medium holding plural wireless tags; and a plurality of at least selected ones from writing units and reading units arranged so as to perform at least any one of an operation to write information with respect... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20090072953 - Reliable redundant data communication through alternating current power distribution system: A method, system, and computer program product are provided for providing reliable redundant data communications. A programming unit issues a request for data to a set of powered elements using a set of secondary communication channels in response to a reduction in a level of communications being detected. The set... Agent: Ibm Corp. (wip) C/o Walder Intellectual Property Law, P.C.

20090072954 - Communications method and device: The present invention relates to communications devices and methods, particularly in the field of power line networks. The invention has a number of aspects, which in one form, relate to a communication device and/or methods adapted for the automatic meter reading, data concentrator, home gateway, IR gateway and home automation,... Agent: Latimer, Mayberry & MatthewsIPLaw, LLP

20090072955 - Wearable coin-sized sensory devices, and related systems and methods, providing immediate wireless notification of activities on separate electronic devices: Wearable coin-sized sensory devices, and related systems and methods, providing immediate wireless notification of activities occurring on separate electronic devices, such that the invention can be worn in contact or near contact with the user's skin, which does not require the user to replace, reconfigure or retrofit items already possessed... Agent: Leydig Voit & Mayer, Ltd

20090072956 - Trailer alarm: An alarm device for use with a vehicle includes an input connector for electrical connection with a vehicle wiring harness of a vehicle, an output connector for electrical connection with a trailer lighting receptacle of a trailer, and an alarm circuit electrically connected in series between the input connector and... Agent: Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP

20090072957 - Radio frequency proximity sensor and sensor system: A proximity sensor may be used as part of a vehicle blind spot detection system. The sensor is configured to transmit multiple radio frequency (RF) signals of different frequencies, receive reflected RF signals, and supply intermediate frequency (IF) signals. Each IF signal is representative of one of the reflected RF... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20090072958 - Intelligent tire systems and methods: The invention is related to intelligent tire systems and methods. In one embodiment, an intelligent tire system (ITS) comprises a first sensor device, a second sensor device, a central control unit, and a transceiver. The first sensor device is mounted in a tire of a vehicle and comprises a radio... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag Patent Department

20090072959 - Tire pressure monitoring system: A tire pressure monitoring system is capable of ensuring accuracy of the rate of transmission of data via wireless communications without an increase in the number of oscillators and an increase in the cost. The tire pressure monitoring system includes a tire pressure measuring module. The tire pressure measuring module... Agent: Crowell & Moring LLP Intellectual Property Group

20090072960 - Optical input device: One aspect is a device for displaying an indication of a system parameter. The device includes an input circuit, an optical sense circuit, a control circuit, and an output circuit. The input circuit is configured to receive input signals that are indicative of a measured system parameter. The optical sense... Agent: John M. Weyrauch Dicke, Billig & Czaja, Pplc

20090072961 - Method for dynamically adjusting the sensitivity of a sensor in a security system: A method for dynamically changing a control panel response to a transmission from one or more multi-output sensors. The transmission includes a state of a plurality of sensitivity levels for each multi-output sensor indicating multiple outputs. The method comprising the steps of receiving a transmission from the multi-output sensor, determining... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20090072962 - System of devices comprising a plurality of sensor devices communication with a central gateway device: A system of devices comprises a plurality of sensor devices and a central gateway device. Each sensor device comprises communicating means for communicating with the central gateway device, storage means storing a unique identifier, and display means displaying a location identifier. The central gateway device comprises communicating means for communicating... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20090072963 - Apparatuses and methods for driving a doorbell system peripheral load at a higher current: A peripheral load driver that utilizes the power, wiring, and primary load of a conventional doorbell system to drive a doorbell system peripheral load at a higher current without risk of inadvertently energizing the primary load of the conventional doorbell system. The peripheral load driver comprising a power converting means... Agent: Peter Langer

20090072966 - Enhanced firefighter door chock: This invention relates to safety equipment used by fire fighters and other emergency response workers. In one example, the invention includes a portable electronic fire fighter's equipment, such as a door chock, that has electronic sensor and communication capabilities.... Agent: Juneau Partners

20090072965 - Flexible, scalable, service-oriented surveillance system architecture: A surveillance architecture having applications in a wide variety of surveillance-related applications is disclosed. This architecture can be used in various surveillance scenarios, including, but not limited to, chemical, biological, radiological surveillance and physical security, is highly scalable and allows for rapid, plug-and-play field data/sample acquisition and local and remote... Agent: John P. O'banion O'banion & Ritchey LLP

20090072967 - Auto-locating system and method for data center mapping and monitoring: Automated locating of electronics racks within a data center room is provided. The automated approach employs n wireless identification units associated with respective electronics racks of the data center, and first and second transceiver units positioned within the data center along a common plane at known X,Y locations. A monitor... Agent: Heslin Rothenberg Farley & Mesiti P.C.

20090072964 - Remote shock sensing and notification system: A low-power shock sensing system includes at least one shock sensor physically coupled to a chemical storage tank to be monitored for impacts, and an RF transmitter which is in a low-power idle state in the absence of a triggering signal. The system includes interface circuitry including or activated by... Agent: Akerman Senterfitt

20090072969 - Baggage management gate: A baggage management gate including an exciting coil, a detecting coil and signal processing unit. The exciting coil forms an alternating magnetic field in a passage to an area from which manages objects to be carried in or carried out. The detecting coil detects a variation in the alternating magnetic... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20090072968 - Event detection module: An event alert system and method provide event detection modules that communicate detected events with a central command center. The central command center combines the detected events with related data to provide an intelligent response signal, and communicates the intelligent response signal to event responders. The event alert system also... Agent: Raytheon Company C/o Daly, Crowley, Mofford & Durkee, LLP

20090072970 - Safety system and method for conventional lighting fixtures: A safety device is incorporated within conventional lighting fixtures, such as table lamps, floor lamps, wall lighting fixtures, ceiling lighting fixtures, chandeliers, recessed lighting fixtures, and decorative lighting fixture structural members such as ceiling medallions. The safety device incorporates several safety function response mechanisms within conventional lighting fixtures to conceal... Agent: Robert A. Barton

20090072972 - Intelligent observation and identification database system: An intelligent video/audio observation and identification database system may define a security zone or group of zones. The system may identify vehicles and individuals entering or exiting the zone through image recognition of the vehicle or individual as compared to prerecorded information stored in a database. The system may alert... Agent: Vidas, Arrett & Steinkraus, P.A.

20090072971 - Perimeter security system: A method of operating a perimeter security system comprises monitoring a perimeter for a plurality of events, receiving an event signal for an event of the plurality of events wherein the event signal comprises an acceleration, processing the first event signal to determine if the event is a threat, transferring... Agent: Setter Roche LLP

20090072976 - Method, system, and apparatus for detaching and collecting an ic tag from a paper sheet to which it is attached: In order to efficiently detach and collect an IC tag (1) from a paper sheet (2) to which the IC tag (1) is attached, the IC tag (1) is detached from the paper sheet (2) by applying external force to the adhesive surface between the paper sheet (2) and the... Agent: Kanesaka Berner And Partners LLP

20090072973 - Physical audit system with radio frequency identification and method thereof: The present invention relates to a physical audit system with radio frequency identification (RFID) and a method thereof, which perform physical audit by means of RFID. First, a plurality of electronic tags is set in a physical system and all the physical units included in the physical system, respectively. The... Agent: Rosenberg, Klein & Lee

20090072974 - Tape processing apparatus, tag label producing apparatus, tag assembly, and tape processing method: [Solving Means] The RFID tag label producing apparatus 1 comprises a tag inserter 26 for inserting at predetermined intervals RFID tags Tg between an adhesive layer 200Aa of a first tape 200A fed out from a first tape roll 211 and an adhesive layer 200Ba of a second tape 200B... Agent: Day Pitney LLP

20090072975 - Tracking module with global positioning system for cargo and goods: An integrated radio frequency identification system includes a locking assembly affixed to a shipping container and a tracking module having a RFID device in electrical communication with the locking assembly. The tracking module includes integrated GPS components enabling communication with GPS satellites. A machine readable computer software and terminal assembly... Agent: Mccormick, Paulding & Huber LLP

20090072977 - Method and system of asset identification and tracking for enterprise asset management: A system and method for managing enterprise assets located at geographically distributed sites utilizing wireless tag technologies. The method includes storing in a database information relating to each asset, wherein the stored information includes cost of each asset and cost of service for each asset. The method further includes tracking... Agent: Faegre & Benson LLP Patent Docketing

20090072978 - Radio frequency identification system and method for use in cast concrete components: A radio frequency identification (RFID) assembly is configured for use with cast concrete components. The RFID assembly has a planar back plate having a plurality of break-away, registration posts extending perpendicular to the nominal plane of the back plate, and a plurality of gripping surfaces extending opposite the registration posts.... Agent: Cesari And Mckenna, LLP

20090072979 - Baggage management gate: A baggage management gate includes a first reading device and a second reading device, a detecting device, a determining unit, a first opening and closing device and a second opening and closing device. The baggage management gate manages baggage that is restricted to be carried in or out from a... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20090072980 - Alarm device and water-cooling heat dissipation alarm system: The water-cooling heat dissipation alarm system according to the present invention comprises a water-cooling heat dissipation system and an alarm device, in which the water-cooling heat dissipation system is mutually connected to a water block, a heat exchanger, a water tank and a circulation pump through the pipe, wherein the... Agent: Rosenberg, Klein & Lee

20090072981 - Fire detection: A fire detection system for monitoring a volume containing fluid, typically air, for the presence of smoke particles is disclosed. A conduit for receiving the fluid, and any smoke particles therein, and directing the fluid to a smoke detector has a plurality of inlets formed therein. A respective temperature sensor... Agent: Merchant & Gould PC

20090072982 - Health monitoring for power converter capacitors: A method for detecting a performance degradation of a capacitor in a power converter is disclosed. The method includes monitoring a voltage across the capacitor, detecting the performance degradation of the capacitor based on the monitored voltage, and generating a warning signal after detecting the performance degradation of the capacitor.... Agent: Harness, Dickey, & Pierce, P.l.c

20090072983 - Power converter with degraded component alarm: A power converter including a processor, at least one component whose health in the power converter will degrade over time, and at least one alarm is disclosed. The processor is configured for monitoring the health of the component over time, and for activating the alarm when the monitored health of... Agent: Harness, Dickey, & Pierce, P.l.c

20090072984 - Health monitoring for power converter components: A power converter including a processor and at least one component whose health in the power converter will degrade over time is disclosed. The processor is configured for monitoring the health of the component over time, and for generating a warning signal when the monitored health of the component reaches... Agent: Harness, Dickey, & Pierce, P.l.c

20090072985 - Detecting actuation of electrical devices using electrical noise over a power line: Activity sensing in the home has a variety of important applications, including healthcare, entertainment, home automation, energy monitoring and post-occupancy research studies. Many existing systems for detecting occupant activity require large numbers of sensors, invasive vision systems, or extensive installation procedures. Disclosed is an approach that uses a single plug-in... Agent: Law Offices Of Kenneth W. Float

20090072986 - Motion monitoring: There is described a method for motion monitoring of a machine, comprising a sensor, wherein a sensor signal is transmitted from the sensor to a controller and/or to a drive device, a failsafe controller or drive device being employed as controller or drive device. The controller or drive device comprises... Agent: Siemens Corporation Intellectual Property Department

20090072987 - Remote garage door monitoring system: An apparatus and methods for implementing a garage door monitoring system coupled to a garage door opener. The door monitoring system allow a user to actuate the door under control via a network connection. In at least one embodiment, the door monitoring system is controlled by a cell phone or... Agent: Woodard, Emhardt, Moriarty, Mcnett & Henry LLP

20090072988 - Security device comprising a plurality of interfaces: A security device comprising interfacing means incorporating a speaker (50) and a microphone (49) for interfacing with a person; a mobile network transmitter; an internet communication means; a controller which automatically responds to interaction with said interfacing means and firstly employs said mobile network transmitter to dial one or more... Agent: Workman Nydegger 1000 Eagle Gate Tower

20090072989 - System and methods for providing mass notification using existing fire system: An apparatus configured to integrate with existing fire system strobe/horn plates. The apparatus may be a mass notification plate. Also disclosed are embodiments of a strobe housing configured to mix and/or reflect light emitted from one or more light emitters, such as high intensity LEDs, through a lens. The lens... Agent: General Electric Company Ge Global Patent Operation

20090072990 - Substrate processing apparatus: It is intended to provide a substrate processing apparatus capable of reliably informing a running state of the apparatus. The substrate processing apparatus 100 having a signal indicator for indicating the running state, including a signal indicator 306 capable of setting at least one operation condition under which the signal... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20090072991 - Gateway device allowing home network appliances to be introduced and controlled over a network and a control method therefor: A gateway device includes a base processor which converts a signal input from an IP network to a signal which can be handled by the gateway device, and a home appliance control processor having a controller which converts the signal which can be handled by the gateway device to a... Agent: Rabin & Berdo, PC

20090072992 - Remote control for sensing movement, image display apparatus for controlling pointer by the remote control, and controlling method thereof: A remote control is provided including a plurality of sensors which sense movement of the remote control, and a control unit which turns on at least one sensor of the plurality of sensors and thereby senses movement of the remote control, and determines whether to turn on or off the... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20090072993 - Remote control system and method thereof: An remote control system includes a remote control and a corresponding electronic device. The remote control includes a transmitter module configured for transmitting signals. The electronic device includes a user-defined module configured for setting a self-defined function code correlating a desired operation of the electronic device with a button of... Agent: PCe Industry, Inc. Att. Cheng-ju Chiang

20090072994 - High performance architecture for process transmitters: A process transmitter includes at least one sensor which monitors a process variable, and analog-to-digital (A/D) converter circuitry coupled to the at least one sensor and configured to provide process variable data indicative of process variable values. A digital signal processor (DSP) is coupled to the A/D converter circuitry to... Agent: Westman Champlin & Kelly, P.A.

20090072995 - Method and apparatus for transmitting information between a primary vehicle and a secondary vehicle: A warning and/or information transmission or exchange system is provided for vehicles. In accordance with one aspect of the system, a first vehicle may alert its proximity to one or more secondary vehicles. These secondary vehicles will then be able to yield in a timely fashion to the primary vehicle.... Agent: Weide & Miller, Ltd.

20090072996 - Vehicle illumination system: A vehicle illumination system includes a light source emitting light for illuminating the vehicle surroundings or the vehicle interior or both, and a modulation unit modulating the emitting of light of the light source, where the emitted light is modulated with a frequency that is high enough so that the... Agent: The Eclipse Group LLP

20090072997 - Collaborative environmental reporting: Methods, systems, and computer-readable media provide for the reporting of an environmental condition to vehicles prior to encountering the environmental condition. According to various embodiments described herein, local environment data corresponding to the environmental condition is collected from sensors on a vehicle. The local environment data is used to determine... Agent: Hope Baldauff Hartman, LLC

20090072998 - Road-to-vehicle communication system, road-to-vehicle communication method, road-to-vehicle communication program and program recording medium: Disclosed is a road-to-vehicle communication system to provide highly reliable road-to-vehicle communication services by effective use of a car navigation system installed in a vehicle. The roadmap information for the car navigation system 1 contains information to indicate if an area is a road-to-vehicle communication possible area as well as... Agent: Nec Corporation Of America

20090072999 - Navigation image display apparatus and method thereof: This present invention provides a navigation image display apparatus and method thereof. The navigation image display apparatus comprises a Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) module and a control module. The VFD module comprises at least one electric emitting part connected to a power source for generating a plurality of electrons; and... Agent: Rosenberg, Klein & Lee

20090073000 - Method and apparatus for alerting about driving state of vehicle: A method and apparatus for alerting a driving state of a vehicle is provided. The method of alerting about a driving state of a vehicle includes: identifying an adjacent vehicle from a photographed image and extracting identification information about the adjacent vehicle; determining whether the adjacent vehicle approaches based on... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

03/12/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090066473 - Commissioning wireless network devices according to an installation plan: A method for commissioning installed building service devices comprises establishing wireless communication between plural building service devices L1, L2, E1, E2, 2, 3 to determine spatial positions of each device relative to at least three reference nodes G1, G2, G3 by triangulation of the signal. The coordinates of the determined... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20090066474 - Vehicle input device: A vehicle input device includes an operating part arranged within a passenger compartment and a signal processing part that processes signals input through the operating part. The device includes a movable support mechanism that supports the operating part to move between a distant position away from an operator and a... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, P.C.

20090066475 - Radiographic apparatus and control method therefor: If image data is input to an image processor (step S1), the image processor generates an integrated image sum (step S2). The image processor extracts a maximum output max from the integrated image sum (step S3). The image processor compares the maximum output max with a preset threshold (step S4).... Agent: Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto

20090066476 - Method of self-service access control for frequent guests of a housing facility: An improved electronic lock with keyless, card-less digital key system is provided for use in residential and commercial buildings. The invention describes a novel method of self-service remote assignment and access authorization to the facility for a specified period of time, and consequent contact-less operation of door locks by means... Agent: Mark J. Pandiscio Pandiscio & Pandiscio, P.C.

20090066477 - Authentication apparatus: The authentication apparatus disclosed here is formed of a unit to be controlled and a plurality of portable devices having communication with the unit via radio waves. The unit has a first controller, a first transmitter controlled by the first controller and a first receiver. Each of the portable devices... Agent: Pearne & Gordon LLP

20090066478 - Biometrically secured identification authentication and card reader device: An intelligent Caddy-Pilot for facilitating biometric verification. The device works as a single sign-on device for an internal VPN or network or in conjunction with a central data network and may act as a card reader for various Safe Card and traditional credit cards to perform secure transactions and other... Agent: Ober, Kaler, Grimes & Shriver

20090066479 - Electronic device capable of identifying external antennas and related external antenna module: An electronic device with external antenna identification function includes a plurality of external antenna modules, each of which includes an antenna and an identification tag unit for generating a specific identification signal to identify the external antenna module according to a query signal, a connection port, a identification tag authorizing... Agent: North America Intellectual Property Corporation

20090066480 - Rfid reader and rf transmission method thereof: A Radio Frequency (RF) transmission method of a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader using a plurality of channels is provided. The method includes: selecting at least part of the plurality of channels, measuring an RF power of each of the selected channels, determining a transmission environment of the RF according... Agent: F. Chau & Associates, LLC

20090066481 - Method and apparatus for improving the efficiency and accuracy of rfid systems: The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for transmitting a narrow signal beam that allows the precise location of RFID tags to be determined and reduces tag collisions. The present invention further relates to a method and apparatus for combing an RFID reader with an optical source to... Agent: Fulbright & Jaworski, LLP

20090066482 - Radio frequency identification system capable of reducing power consumption and method for operating the same: An RFID system and a method for operating the same, in which the RFID system includes an RFID tag and an RFID reader. The RFID reader communicates with the RFID tag through a tag communication signal. The RFID reader transmits a tag sensing signal having a lower level power than... Agent: F. Chau & Associates, LLC

20090066483 - Passive contactless integrated circuit comprising a flag for monitoring an erase/programming voltage: A passive contactless integrated circuit includes an electrically programmable non-volatile data memory (MEM), a charge accumulation booster circuit for supplying a high voltage necessary for writing data in the memory. The integrated circuit includes a volatile memory point for memorizing an indicator flag, and circuitry for modifying the value of... Agent: Seed Intellectual Property Law Group PLLC

20090066484 - Rf tag r/w (reader/writer) control method and control apparatus: A failure of execution of an R/W control command with respect to plural RF tags that are attached to a moving thing occurs. There are disclosed a method and apparatus for controlling an R/W (reader/writer) that performs a read/write operation on RF tags attached to a moving body. In this... Agent: Antonelli, Terry, Stout & Kraus, LLP

20090066485 - Method for monitoring the load condition of an engine and corresponding device: There is described a method for monitoring the load condition of a variable speed engine. Said method shows a determination of an actual speed and an actual load moment during operation. A warning signal is emitted when the actual load moment remains outside a monitoring range, predetermined depending on the... Agent: Siemens Corporation Intellectual Property Department

20090066486 - Modular signal device for a room occupancy management system and a method for using same: A method and a system for using a modular signal device for a room occupancy management system are disclosed here. The method includes the steps of determining the occupancy status of a room associated with the device and generating a signal in the device in response to the determination of... Agent: Michael P. Mazza, LLC

20090066487 - Status indicator and reminder system for vehicle temporary mobility kit: A status indicator and reminder system for use with a vehicle having a tire sealant-containing temporary mobility kit is provided. The system includes a signal provided for viewing by the operator which indicates that the temporary mobility kit requires servicing. The need for servicing can be based on certain variables,... Agent: Angela M. Brunetti, PLLC

20090066488 - Interactive wireless vehicle security system: A security system detects intrusive activities in and around a vehicle and transmits warnings specifically describing the intrusions through a wireless telephone network to the owner's designated contacts. In response to the intrusion warnings, the vehicle owner or designees can establish remote wireless communication with the security system and obtain... Agent: Thomas J. Germinario, Esq.

20090066489 - Multi sensor detection, stall to stop and lock disabling system: A multi sensor detection and disabling lock system includes detector cases for holding interchangeable detectors that sample for chemical, biological and radiological compounds, agents and elements, with each detector case disposed in or upon the monitored product whereupon light alarm indicators (color coded) on the detector case light up when... Agent: The Inventors Network, Inc.

20090066490 - Object detection system and method: An object detection system, comprising an unit for calculating relationship information between a position on an image of an object existing on a road surface and a size of an image picked up by one camera, using an actual size of a target object and camera parameter, a unit for... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20090066491 - Wireless safety system for trains, buses and trucks: A method for improving safety in a moving vehicle comprising a train, bus or truck having a wireless device not in active voice mode and capable of receiving a signal indicative of a nearby traffic light. The following steps are exercised by means of a computer program operating within the... Agent: Berliner & Associates

20090066492 - In-vehicle communication apparatuses, methods, and programs: In-vehicle communication apparatuses, methods, and programs store a database including a plurality of data groups. Each data group includes a plurality of frequencies and each frequency in each data group is associated with a predicted arrival time from a set point in the vicinity of an intersection to the intersection.... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20090066493 - Audio coordinated visual indicator: An audio-coordinated visual indicator device reducing vehicle operator distraction associated with using a communications device during vehicle operation. The visual indicator being placed within the operator's field of view and provides a synchronized visual display associated with the output from the communication device. Providing an apparent visual anchor for the... Agent: Greenberg Traurig LLP (la)

20090066494 - Failure information detection device, failure information detection system, server, and failure information detection method: A failure information detection device that detects abnormality of a vehicle-mounted device that is mounted in a vehicle has: an attachment detection portion that detects whether a first component part has been attached to the vehicle; an abnormality detection portion that detects abnormality of a second component part that is... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20090066495 - Methods and systems for determining driver efficiency and operating modes in a hybrid vehicle: A method for determining driver efficiency in a hybrid vehicle includes the steps of measuring a hybrid vehicle parameter, and calculating driver efficiency based, at least in part, on the hybrid vehicle parameter. The hybrid vehicle parameter is influenced, at least in part, by an action taken by a driver.... Agent: Ingrassia Fisher & Lorenz, P.C. (gm)

20090066497 - Automotive tire pressure monitoring system: An automotive tire pressure monitoring system is provided including a group of tire pressure monitor sensors each comprising a pressure sensor element, a dual-axis accelerometer, and a transmitter generating a pressure signal including accelerometer information. A front antenna and a rear antenna are both in communication with a tire pressure... Agent: Dickinson Wright PLLC

20090066496 - Low frequency receiver for a tire pressure monitor system: A tire pressure monitoring (TPM) system for a vehicle is provided. The system comprises a TPM receiver, a trigger device and a TPM sensor. The TPM receiver is adapted to receive tire pressure information. The trigger device is adapted to generate a low frequency (LF) unmodulated signal that is indicative... Agent: Brooks Kushman P.C. / Lear Corporation

20090066498 - Tire localization systems and methods: Embodiments of the invention are related to tire localization. In one embodiment, a tire localization system comprises a wheel module and a control unit. The wheel module comprises a sensor, a global positioning system (GPS) receiver, and a radio frequency (RF) transmitter. The control unit is adapted to receive data... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag Patent Department

20090066499 - External sound generating system and method: An external sound generating system and method are provided that can be used to generate an external sound for quiet vehicles such as hybrid vehicle, an electric motor vehicle or a fuel cell vehicle.... Agent: Dla Piper LLP (us )

20090066500 - Calling-help warning device of a third brake light of an automobile: A calling-help warning device of a third brake light of an automobile includes a remote controller and a calling-help warning device. The remote controller has at least one battery, a switch, a plurality of control buttons and a wireless signal emitter that are sequentially linked up. The calling-help warning device... Agent: Pin-ying Yu

20090066501 - Method and system for sensing abnormal signs in daily activities: There are provided a method and system for sensing abnormal signs in daily activities, the method comprising, at the system, sensing the daily activities, reading previously stored daily activity information, generating a daily activity sequence based thereon, sensing the abnormal signs from the daily activity sequence by using a preset... Agent: Ladas & Parry LLP

20090066502 - Emergency machine off feature with safety control interface: An apparatus for implementing an emergency machine off circuit of a fabrication system, includes: at least one safety switch adapted for shunting an operation enable signal from a piece of equipment selected for removal from service, the switch also removing from service supplemental devices for the selected equipment. A semiconductor... Agent: Cantor Colburn LLP - IBM Fishkill

20090066504 - Multi-functional emergency device: A multi-function emergency device combining a flashlight mounted on a housing with one or a plurality of beacons. A terrestrial location of the device is determinable by GPS or cellular triangulation. A first beacon employs visible light for responders to follow to the terrestrial location while a second beacon employs... Agent: Donn K. Harms Patent & Trademark Law Center

20090066503 - System for monitoring containers with seals: A system for monitoring a container includes a seal, a monitoring device and a communication center. The seal is used to lock the doors of the container. The doors can be opened only when the seal is broken or cut illegally. The monitoring device is connected to the seal when... Agent: Rosenberg, Klein & Lee

20090066505 - Environmental data collection: One computer readable medium embodiment includes computer readable instructions stored thereon for execution by a device to perform a method of environmental data collection. The method can include receiving environmental data and associated time data. The method can also include aggregating time data into categories of environmental data within, above,... Agent: Brooks, Cameron & Huebsch , PLLC

20090066508 - Electric device and method of normality determination for communication function in such an electric device: A normality determination unit determines that a communication function for an outdoor unit of its own is normal when receiving a signal from one of indoor units, and writes a normality flag into an EEPROM. Further, the normality determination unit determines that it is not asserted that the communication function... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20090066506 - Electronic device with circuitry operative to change an orientation of an indicator and method for use therewith: An electronic device with circuitry operative to change an orientation of an indicator and method for use therewith are disclosed. In one embodiment, an electronic device is provided comprising a display device, a user interface element, an indicator displayed outside of the display device, and circuitry operative to change an... Agent: Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione/sandisk

20090066507 - Portable detection system and method: A method and apparatus for providing assay information to a portable detection unit, by way of a remote server in communication with the portable detection unit or a consumable with stored information for use with the portable detection unit. Global Positioning System (GPS) information is provided to a portable detection... Agent: Foley And Lardner LLP Suite 500

20090066509 - Uniform architecture for processing data from optical and radio frequency sensors: A method and apparatus for capturing and processing bar code and RFID data by a uniform architecture contained in a mobile device including a combined bar code and RFID reader. The bar code data is captured by a sensor included in the mobile device. The RFID data is received from... Agent: Morgan & Finnegan, L.L.P.

20090066511 - Informational management system, livestock management system and cages: An information management system, livestock management system and cages with which chickens can be managed as individual units. A tag reader 8 communicates with a transponder 5 attached to chicken 2 in cage 1 through a passive antenna disposed on one surface of cage 1 so that the distance from... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20090066510 - Method and apparatus for automated publishing of customized presence information: A method and apparatus for automated publishing of customized presence information to one or more mobile devices in a wireless communication network is provided. The method comprises obtaining (202) location data of a mobile device. Further, the method comprises determining (204) availability of a customized presence tag related to the... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20090066514 - Method, system, and apparatus for detaching and collecting an ic tag from a paper sheet to which it is attached: In order to efficiently detach and collect an IC tag (1) from a paper sheet (2) to which the IC tag (1) is attached, the IC tag (1) is detached from the paper sheet (2) by applying external force to the adhesive surface between the paper sheet (2) and the... Agent: Kanesaka Berner And Partners LLP

20090066513 - Object detecting device, object detecting method and object detecting computer program: When object detection means, for detecting ID information and a position of an object from outputs of a wireless tag reader, a human detection sensor, and a camera, determines that data relating to first object ID information and data relating to second object ID information, corresponding respectively to first time... Agent: Gregory A. Stobbs

20090066515 - Security system for inventory: A security system for inventory automatically detects removal of inventory items from an area or areas protected with security sensors. A person removing the item then scans an identifying code of the item, such as its bar code or radio-frequency identification (“RFID”) tag, with a device such as a portable... Agent: Marcia L. Doubet Law Firm

20090066512 - Transponder device: A transponder device includes a mode selector and a transponder. The transponder, such as a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag, is coupled to the mode selector, such as a mechanical switch, and has a function that is switched selectively between enabled and disabled states upon receipt by the transponder of... Agent: Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, LLP

20090066516 - Dual mode rfid tag utilizing dual antennas: An RFID tags is constructed and arranged to have two or more antennas that are operable in two different frequency bands. An integrated circuit (IC) of the RFID tag is capable of configuring the RFID tag to operate as two distinct state machines, one corresponding to each of the frequency... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20090066517 - Rfid tag and method and apparatus for manufacturing same: A Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag using multiple microradios and inkjet printing techniques together with a method and system for manufacturing and applying the tag to an end item are disclosed.... Agent: Bae Systems

20090066518 - Id tag package and rfid system: Embodiments of the present invention provide an ID tag package including a structure covering an ID tag therein. The structure has a thickness necessary for reducing attenuation of electromagnetic wave caused by existence of metal or water external to the ID tag, and includes at least an elastic layer enabling... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation Dept. 18g

20090066519 - Apparatus and method for cyber healthcare monitoring, diagnosis and treatment using thin client communicating techniques: A moving small body is located within a human body. The movement of the body can be detected by a thin client and associated with other information for an operating system. The body can be passive and its motion detected by an external sensor. The body can be active and... Agent: Law Office Of Scott C Harris Inc

20090066520 - Transmitting and receiving apparatus according to transcutaneous discrete stimulation of nerve at a plurality of regions and dedicated transmitter for communication: A transmission means main body T transmits stimulation control signals respectively corresponding to stimulation means 1a, 1b (referring to FIGS. 1 and 2) respectively corresponding to a multi-region nerve stimulation means 1 (referring to FIG. 1) of a nerve stimulation receiver main body 3 (referring to FIG. 1) of a... Agent: Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack, L.L.P.

20090066521 - Method and system for detecting the physiological onset of operator fatigue: A method and system for detecting the physiological onset of operator fatigue. The condition of the operator is correlated with physiological signs of the early stages in the process of falling asleep according to the Hori EEG model. Passive correlation is done via monitoring of the gripping pressure of the... Agent: Dan Atlas Meir Ben David

20090066522 - Emergency guidance lamp system for guiding to nearest exit in the event of fire: An emergency guidance lamp system for guiding to the nearest exit in the event of a fire is provided. A fire detection sensor is installed at a specific region such as ceilings or passages of tunnels or large buildings, and detects a fire occurrence and sends a corresponding detection signal.... Agent: Bacon & Thomas, PLLC

20090066523 - Switched mode power converter with over temperature detection: An over temperature detector circuit for use in a switching converter including one or more power switches in accordance with an embodiment of the present application includes a silent sense generator connected to at least one power switch and operable to detect a noise level of the switch and to... Agent: Ostrolenk Faber Gerb & Soffen

20090066524 - Water leakage monitoring system: A water leakage monitoring system including a water leakage position estimator which includes a periodic data acquiring unit for fetching predetermined-period flow rate pressure data stored in a monitoring device, and for fetching a signal related to a flow rate change and pressure changes expecting a water leakage reaction time... Agent: Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP

20090066525 - Smoke meter and locator: A device which provides a smoke meter and locator.... Agent: Weiss & Weiss

20090066526 - Security system for protecting construction site assets: An apparatus for deterring removal of electrical wiring that is installed in a building includes a controller, and a wiring module responsive to the controller and forming a monitored circuit with installed electrical wiring by coupling to an end of the wiring located at a load distribution junction. The other... Agent: Lanier Ford Shaver & Payne P.C.

20090066528 - Automated configuration of a power monitoring system using hierarchical context: Methods of automatically configuring a power monitoring system based upon the locations of the monitoring devices in a hierarchy representing the spatial interrelationships of the monitoring devices. The power monitoring system includes a host computer communicatively coupled to a plurality of monitoring devices arranged in a hierarchy in an electrical... Agent: Schneider Electric / Square D Company Legal Dept. - I.p. Group (np)

20090066527 - Power meter having fault tolerance: A power meter having fault tolerance enhances the monitoring of electrical power by increasing the reliability of data output by the power meter having fault tolerance. The power meter having fault tolerance may enhance the monitoring process by transitioning from a faulty power monitoring device to a non-faulty power monitoring... Agent: Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione/pml

20090066529 - Remaining battery level management system and method of controlling the same: A remaining battery level management system includes a battery-driven measurement device and a data collection server device. The measurement device includes: a communication data generation section that generates communication data to be transmitted to the data collection server device based on the measured value; and a wireless transmission section that... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20090066530 - Method and device for recognition of the seat occupancy of a seat: The recognition of seat occupancy of a seat is achieved by recording at least one measured signal by way of a seat occupancy sensor. The measured signal is allocated a weight signal by way of an allocation rule, which is representative of a weight with which the seat is occupied.... Agent: Lerner Greenberg Stemer LLP

20090066531 - Device for assembling two structural elements: A device (10) for assembling two structural elements comprising a radio frequency tag (30) incorporating an antenna for transmitting data concerning the status of the assembly to an external control unit. It further comprises a metallic element (31) taking up a first position before the structural elements are assembled, and... Agent: Baker & Daniels LLP 111 E. Wayne Street

20090066532 - Color messaging lens: An enhanced color messaging instrument gauge assembly is disclosed having a lens with one or more surface interruptions. A lens covering an instrument cluster transmits colored light longitudinally from at least one light source near its edge. Light encountering the surface interruption causes the surface interruption to illuminate. In one... Agent: Visteon/brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione

20090066533 - Control apparatus and method: Provided are a control apparatus and method. The control apparatus includes: a measurement module which measures a motion of the control apparatus due to an external force; and a signal generation module which generates a signal corresponding to the measured motion, wherein the signal is transmitted to a display device... Agent: The Nath Law Group

20090066534 - Network-based access and control of home automation systems: A device may include a memory to store a home automation graphical application and a processor to operate based on the home automation graphical application to establish via a network a communication link with a home automation system, and provide a graphical user interface to permit a user to view... Agent: Verizon Patent Management Group

20090066535 - Aligning inductive couplers in a well: An apparatus that is usable with a well includes a first equipment section that includes a first inductive coupler and a second equipment section that includes a second inductive coupler. The second equipment section is adapted to be run downhole into the well after the first equipment section is run... Agent: Schlumberger Reservoir Completions

20090066536 - Groundwater monitoring system: A groundwater monitoring device includes a wireless communications device operable to communicate only within a range of about 150 meters and a sensor package operably associated with the wireless communications device. The wireless communications device includes an antenna, a radio frequency transceiver coupled with the antenna, a processor coupled with... Agent: Schlumberger Canada Limited

20090066537 - Remote module for utility meters: The present invention relates to a remote display module (RDM) for display a resource consumption value synchronized with a resource consumption value indicated by a meter metering resource consumption. The RDM is configured with one or more inputs that are electrically associated with the pulse output for a utility meter.... Agent: Simmons Patents

20090066538 - Method and apparatus for object recognition and warning system of a primary vehicle for nearby vehicles: A vehicle to vehicle warning system comprises a transmitter associated with a primary vehicle alerting one or more secondary vehicles of its proximity through a receiver. The transmitter may emit a radio frequency signal which activates radio frequency receivers in surrounding vehicles. When in appropriate proximity, the signal is configured... Agent: Weide & Miller, Ltd.

20090066539 - Road communication system and mobile device: A mobile device (20) comprises mobile establishing means for establishing communication with a road device (40), detecting means for detecting vehicle information on a vehicle, mobile transmitting means for transmitting the detected vehicle information to the road device, mobile receiving means for receiving warning information transmitted from the road device... Agent: Eric Robinson

20090066540 - Centralized route calculation for a multi-hop streetlight network: A system and various apparatus and methods performed therein configured for calculating routes touching and monitoring and controlling streetlights includes a multiplicity of streetlight controllers and a local coordinator. Each streetlight controller includes a switch operative to control the operation of a load, a sensor operative to monitor the operation... Agent: Law Offices Of Charles W. Bethards, LLP

03/05/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090058593 - Hazardous material transportation monitoring techniques: Method and arrangement for monitoring transport of hazardous materials includes arranging at least one sensor capable of detecting hazardous materials on a vehicle, transmitting information about the detection of hazardous materials by each sensor upon approach of the vehicle to infrastructure regulating the transport of the hazardous materials, and regulating... Agent: Brian Roffe, Esq

20090058596 - Access control means with biometric sensor: A biometric device fitted to, or adapted for fitting to, an access control member including a fastening element which is movable, in use, between a position in which it prevents opening of a closure and a position in which it permits opening of the closure, and operating members operable to... Agent: Young & Thompson

20090058595 - Biometric control device: Systems and methods for a biometric control device. Actuation of a control device can include direction information which can be used to generate a control signal associated with the actuation. Control signals can facilitate user functions on a recipient device.... Agent: Fish & Richardson P.C.

20090058594 - Management system: A management system manages use of management object provided in facilities by using an information storage medium of a user. An entrance management apparatus, provided in the vicinity of an entrance of the facilities, stores use permission information for permitting the use of the management object on an information storage... Agent: Ladas & Parry LLP

20090058597 - Vehicle communication system: A vehicle security system for improving convenience without lowering the security level. The vehicle communication system includes a plurality of portable devices and a communication controller, which communicates with the portable devices and controls a vehicle. The communication controller includes a first transmitter circuit, which transmits a first wireless signal... Agent: Patterson, Thuente, Skaar & Christensen, P.A.

20090058598 - Distinctive user identification and authentication for multiple user access to display devices: A user interface (20, 20′, 20″, 20″′ for providing authenticated access to medical equipment, data, or records includes a dynamic display (30, 30″′) that selectively shows user options. A touchscreen overlay (40) aligned with the dynamic display identifies a touch location on, in, or adjacent the dynamic display. A fingerprint... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20090058609 - Coupon provided with rfid tag and method of using the same: A coupon commercially associated with a product comprises a base sheet and an RFID tag secured to the base sheet The RFID tag stores coupon data including data identifying the product commercially associated with the coupon and a monetary amount of discount on the product. A method of purchasing the... Agent: Berenato, White & Stavish, LLC

20090058599 - Customizable mechanically programmable rfid tags: A system and method to track a status an item, or steps in a process, via one or more mechanical modifications to an RFID tag. In one embodiment, a plurality of tearable strips are attached to the tag, each strip having an electrical conductor. Each tearable strip may receive a... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20090058601 - Data detector for uhf rfid tags: A method of detecting a signal in radio frequency identification (RFID) transponder (FIG. 1) is disclosed. The method includes receiving a signal (FIG. 7) having a first time in a first logic state (high) and having a second time in a second logic state (low). A weight (700, 702) is... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20090058600 - Determining compatibility of components for assembling approved personal protection configurations: This disclosure relates generally to methods and systems for determining whether at least a first component and a second component of a personal protection (PP) configuration are compatible so as to be assembled into an approved PP configuration, responsive to being compared against at least one predetermined criterion. Included is... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20090058608 - Method for connecting wireless electric actuating devices to a medical appliance: Method for connecting wireless electric actuating devices (2) to a medical appliance (1) via a wireless communication channel, having the steps of initiating the connection operation for a wireless electric actuating device (2) to a medical appliance (1) and performing a connection procedure, in which the actuating device (2) is... Agent: Casella & Hespos

20090058607 - Radio frequency identification (rfid) positioning apparatus and method thereof: This invention discloses a RFID positioning apparatus and a method for identifying and positioning at least one RFID tag. The apparatus comprises a transmission module for transmitting a frequency, a capacitor, sensing modules, an identification module and circuit modules. A first switching unit of the sensing module performs a connection... Agent: Rosenberg, Klein & Lee

20090058603 - Rfid reading apparatus and method: This publication discloses an RFDD reading apparatus (1) and a method for the reading apparatus. The RFID reading apparatus comprises a transmitter (3), which is arranged to feed power to at least one RFED tag (2) in the vicinity of the RFID reading apparatus (1), and a receiver (4) operating... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20090058604 - Rfid tag and method for controlling the same: Disclosed are a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag and a method for controlling the same which may receive/transmit data from/to an RFID reader even at a relatively long distance. The RFID tag includes a modulation unit for modulating data requested from an RFID reader to generate a first transmission signal... Agent: Cantor Colburn, LLP

20090058606 - Tracking system using radio frequency identification technology: A tracking system determines the orientation of an object. A transceiver transmits a signal and detects responses from multiple transponders. A processing unit determines an orientation parameter of the object by comparing the responses from the multiple transponders.... Agent: Harman - Brinks Hofer Chicago Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione

20090058610 - Valve unit with electronic means of valve detection: Valve unit with a plurality of valves linked together for switching a pressurized air flow, where electronic means of valve detection consisting of individual valve-side transponders and a reading device are provided, where the reading device consists of individual RFID read heads, each allocated to a transponder, as well as... Agent: Jack Schwartz & Associates, PLLC

20090058602 - Vehicle identification: Device for vehicle identification, comprising a license plate for a vehicle, wherein the license plate is made of electrically conductive material and provided with a transponder, particularly an RFID chip, wherein the transponder with both connections is electrically coupled to the material of the license plate and wherein the license... Agent: Ladas & Parry LLP

20090058611 - Wearable device: A wearable device is worn by a person participating in an event in which a plurality of other people are participating and wearing other wearable devices. The wearable device includes a request unit for transmitting a request signal to other wearable devices that are in a predetermined range, and receiving... Agent: Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack L.L.P.

20090058605 - Wireless reception device, wireless sending device, and wireless transmission device: The wireless reception device writes a reception parameter into reception parameter memory means for renewal, only when a predetermined renewal condition is satisfied. The wireless reception device generates a reception characteristic control signal, on the basis of a reception parameter which is stored in the reception parameter memory means. The... Agent: Studebaker & Brackett PC

20090058612 - Method and apparatus for avoiding collision between each of radio frequency identification readers: Provided are a method and an apparatus for avoiding a collision between each of radio frequency identification (RFID) readers. The method and the apparatus divide the RFID readers into first RFID readers and second RFID readers according to a maximum output level, and set first frequency channels for the first... Agent: Cantor Colburn, LLP

20090058613 - Method and apparatus for communication between readers having dual sensitivity modes: Provided is a method for communication with between readers having dual sensitivity modes for avoiding conflict between readers arising from interference each other when simultaneously used in a limited space. The method for communication between a tag and a reader using dual sensitivity modes for avoiding conflict between the reader... Agent: Cantor Colburn, LLP

20090058615 - Clothing history application and method for mobile station having an integrated transponder reader: The various embodiments provide an application with which a mobile station having a transponder reader may record a clothing item's date of wear, a list of other items it was worn with, etc., and a plurality of Global Positioning System (GPS) locations where the clothing item was worn at particular... Agent: Motorola Inc

20090058614 - Electronic identification device or transponder fitted with two antennae tuned to different frequencies: The electronic identification device or transponder (2) comprises a trigger circuit (12) linked to receiving means (14) of an interrogation signal sent at a first frequency by a reader (4 or 6), this trigger circuit serving to supply power to the transponder. It comprises an electronic response circuit (18) linked... Agent: Griffin & Szipl, PC

20090058617 - Method for setting up system of reagent chip analyzer: A method for setting up a system of a reagent chip analyzer is provided. The method is adapted to modify parameters and testing conditions according to data of an authorization tag, so as to improve the adaptability range of the reagent chip analyzer for reagent chips of multiple specifications. The... Agent: Lin & Associates Intellectual Property, Inc.

20090058616 - Radio frequency identification device having nonvolatile ferroelectric memory: A RFID device having a nonvolatile ferroelectric memory includes an analog block. A power-on reset unit configured to sense a power voltage and output a power sensing signal is included in the analog block. A radio frequency signal sensing unit is configured to sense the level of a detecting signal... Agent: Ladas & Parry LLP

20090058618 - Creation and management of rfid device versions: The claimed subject matter provides a system and/or method that creates, manages, or maintains multiple device versions in a network of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) devices. The system can include components that detect whether a device has joined the network and based at least in part on such indication creates... Agent: Amin, Turocy & Calvin, LLP

20090058619 - Wireless tag reader/writer apparatus: A wireless tag reader/writer apparatus according to this invention includes a receiving/transmitting antenna configured to transmit an interrogation signal to wireless tags, each having a storage unit with at least a reserved area and an EPC area for storing a group ID unique to the wireless tag, and configured to... Agent: Patterson & Sheridan, L.L.P.

20090058620 - Digital satellite receiver controller: This disclosure relates to a satellite receiver controller having a digital to analog circuit with an output having a dynamic range offset voltage, which is adjusted in synchronization with a signal pulse.... Agent: Lee & Hayes, PLLC

20090058622 - Method for predicting lane line and lane departure warning system using the same: A method for predicting lane line is provided in the present invention, in which the method is capable of predicting and reconstructing the unidentified lane line according to a predetermined geometry relationship based on the recognized lane line data previously while one side of lane line is unable to be... Agent: Wpat, PC

20090058621 - Multifunction crash-protecting alerting system: A multifunction crash-protecting alerting system to one embodiment of the present invention mainly comprises a host capable of configuring in a carrier, a micro processor arranged in the host, wherein the micro processor has control programs controlling detecting, altering and lighting functions. The micro processor is coupled respectively with a... Agent: Bacon & Thomas, PLLC

20090058623 - Digital radio broadcast receiver, radio broadcast receiving unit and digital radio broadcast receiving system: A digital radio broadcast receiver, a radio broadcast receiving unit and a digital radio broadcast receiving system are provided. Character information stored in a memory is displayed as image on a display device when such a condition that a vehicle speed is 0 km/h and a foot brake or a... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20090058624 - Cognitive alerter: A system and method for ensuring that an operator remain alert includes monitoring the operator to determine when the operator is actively working the train controls, and, when the operator has not actively worked the controls for a first period of time, displaying a sequence the repetition of which requires... Agent: Dla Piper LLP (us) Attn: Patent Group

20090058626 - Tire inflation pressure detecting apparatus capable of triggering only selected transceiver to perform task: A transceiver according to the present invention includes a receiver, a signal strength determiner, and a controller. The receiver receives a trigger signal transmitted by a triggering device; the trigger signal indicates both a signal strength range and a command. The signal strength determiner determines the strength of the trigger... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20090058625 - Tire sensor system and tire used for the same: Electromagnetic field transmissions between a sensor unit mounted on the inside surface of a tire and a sensor control unit mounted on the vehicle body are attenuated by the wall surface of a tire disposed between the units, and sensitivity is reduced. A booster antenna (18) is embedded in the... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20090058627 - System and method for detecting whether seat belt is worn: A system and method of detecting whether a seat belt is worn is disclosed. The system includes a contact type sensor and a non-contact type sensor installed in a seat belt buckle. A Body Control Module (BCM) receives a signal from the contact type sensor and transmitting the signal to... Agent: Dal Soo Shin Apt. Sa 2-dong

20090058628 - Secure point of sale device employing capacitive sensors: A point of sale device including a housing, a protected enclosure located within the housing, information storage functionality located within the protected enclosure and storing information to be protected information, a capacitance sensor based security system including at least one capacitance sensor operative to sense the capacitance of at least... Agent: Darby & Darby P.C.

20090058629 - System and method for monitoring security at a premises using line card: A security system includes at least one audio sensor and alarm panel, each located at a premises and generating alarm report data through a communications network to at least one alarm receiver located at a central station remote from the premises. A line card receives the alarm report data. An... Agent: Richard K. Warther Allen, Dyer,doppelt,milbrath & Gilchrist P.A.

20090058630 - System and method for monitoring security at a premises using line card with secondary communications channel: A security system includes at least one audio sensor and an alarm panel that transmits alarm report data through a communications network to at least one alarm receiver located at a central station remote from the premises that receives the alarm report data transmitted from the alarm panel through the... Agent: Richard K. Warther Allen, Dyer,doppelt,milbrath & Gilchrist P.A.

20090058631 - Alarm management using source attributes: An alarm management system includes an alarm management system server (“alarm server”), one or more data sources, and one or more system users (and associated user devices), all of which can be communicably connected through a communications network. The system can be configured by defining the data sources and users,... Agent: Workman Nydegger/power Measurement 1000 Eagle Gate Tower

20090058632 - Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for providing an event alert: Methods, systems, and computer-readable media provide for providing an event alert. According to embodiments, a method for providing an event alert is provided. According to the method, an incoming communication from a first device is detected. An initiating party associated with the first device is identified. Whether the initiating party... Agent: Hope Baldauff Hartman, LLC

20090058633 - Anc notch filter adaptation system and method for handling road noise peak shifts in a motor vehicle: A notch filter adaptation system for use with an active noise control system of a motor vehicle has a parameters determination module receiving data from a bus of a vehicle and employing the data to determine one or more parameters for a notch filter. The data can include vehicle type,... Agent: Gregory A. Stobbs

20090058635 - Medical data transport over wireless life critical network: A portable patient communicator (PPC) includes a portable housing that supports a processor coupled to memory for storing medical firmware and wireless radio firmware, first and second radios, a processor, and a power source. Communications between a patient implantable medical device (PIMD) and the first radio of the PPC are... Agent: Hollingsworth & Funk, LLC

20090058634 - Systems, methods and devices for collecting data from wireless sensor nodes: A data request from a requesting device is received at a network of wireless sensor nodes. The data request is then forwarded through the network of wireless sensor nodes to a source wireless sensor node, where data responsive to the data request is generated. A reply including the responsive data... Agent: Seed Intellectual Property Law Group PLLC

20090058636 - Wireless patient communicator employing security information management: A portable patient communicator (PPC) includes a portable housing supporting a processor, memory for storing medical and wireless radio firmware, first and second radios, a processor, an identity module, and a power source. The PPC and a patient implantable medical device (PIMD) communicate via the first radio in accordance with... Agent: Hollingsworth & Funk, LLC

20090058637 - Multi-antenna wireless sensor system: The present invention relates to a multi-antenna wireless sensor system that allows a subject to measure and transmit physiological signals, comprising a wireless sensor, a wireless base station, a network device, and a data processing unit. The wireless sensor senses and collects the physiological signals of the subject and contains... Agent: Wpat, PC Intellectual Property Attorneys

20090058638 - Methods and apparatus for a pervasive locationing and presence-detection system: A locationing system for use in a wireless network generally includes a wireless switch and a global positioning system (GPS) located proximate to or integrated into the wireless switch such that it communicates GPS data to the wireless switch. At least one access port (AP) is coupled to the wireless... Agent: Ingrassia Fisher & Lorenz, P.C. (symbol)

20090058639 - Sensor node and sensor network system: Provided are a sensor node that changes and processes various applications in accordance with the change of networks and wirelessly transmits the data obtained from devices such as the scales to a specified monitor PC in the same manner as the sensing data and a sensor network system having the... Agent: Mattingly, Stanger, Malur & Brundidge, P.C.

20090058640 - Tracking device: A tracking device includes a transmitting mechanism operably disposed one of within and on a first predetermined object for transmitting a signal. A first power source is operably connected to such first transmitting mechanism for supplying power to such first transmitting mechanism. A switch mechanism is disposed intermediate such transmitting... Agent: James Ray & Associates

20090058641 - Detecting component removal: Component removal detection may be accomplished by a variety of systems and techniques. In one embodiment, a system for component movement detection may include a payment module, a fuel dispenser, and a movement detection device. The fuel dispenser may receive the payment module and enclose the payment module at a... Agent: Fish & Richardson P.C.

20090058642 - Penetration detecting apparatus: The present invention provides a penetration detecting apparatus which is applicable for various kinds of applications. Although an interval between processing machines and the conveying of an object W is suspended to wait for processing, a muting function of the penetration detecting apparatus is effective. Another feature of the present... Agent: Kilyk & Bowersox, P.l.l.c.

20090058643 - Alarm apparatus, system and/or method for securing an article: An alarm apparatus, a system and/or a method for securing an article are provided. The alarm apparatus, the system and/or the method may operate as an alarm system that may prevent a theft and/or a removal of the article. The alarm apparatus, the system and/or the method may have a... Agent: Patents+tms, P.C.

20090058644 - System and method for reducing inventory shrink: A merchandise monitoring system includes a weight sensor mounted on a pad for supporting merchandise. Further, a controller is electronically connected to the weight sensor for measuring weight decrements as merchandise is removed from the pad. Also, an enunciator is mounted on the controller to create an alarm when a... Agent: Nydegger & Associates

20090058645 - Electronic lock-out tag-out safety device: An electronic lock-out tag-out system comprising a transmitter lock and a portable receiver. One or more switches of the transmitter lock is connected to a utility box or the like and are actuated when the transmitter lock is moved or removed. When the switch is activated, an alarm is sounded... Agent: Daniel P. Burke, Esq.

20090058653 - Hospital inventory management including radio tag(s) and additional tranceiver(s): The present invention relates to a hospital inventory management system including a radio tag, a beacon configured to monitor the proximity of the radio tag, and a reader configured to read information from the tag and the beacon.... Agent: Merchant & Gould PC

20090058655 - Method and apparatus for monitoring a drum with an rfid tag: A drum has a body, a lid, and fastening structure cooperable with portions of the body and lid to effect a releasable coupling therebetween. A sensor is disposed between the two portions. According to a different aspect, a support member has a flange with a hole, and a pressure sensor... Agent: Haynes And Boone, LLPIPSection

20090058650 - Method and system for retrieving and broadcasting updated informational data based on location: A tracking method and system. The method comprises receiving by a tracking apparatus, data comprising informational data segments and associated tracking data segments. The tracking apparatus is moved within a specified proximity of a first location. The tracking apparatus senses the first location. The tracking apparatus retrieves a first informational... Agent: Schmeiser, Olsen & Watts

20090058648 - Methods and systems of using rfid tags in emergency situations: Methods and systems of using RFID tags in emergency situations. At least some of the illustrative embodiments are methods comprising writing emergency information to a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag, and enabling a first responder to read the emergency information in an emergency situation.... Agent: Greenberg Traurig, LLP (sv)IPDocketing

20090058651 - Methods, computer program products, terminals and systems for providing location reporting of rfid enabled moveable objects: A method of providing location information associated with moveable objects can include periodically receiving identification (ID) information at a first terminal from a moveable object via a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) signal. Location information associated with the ID information can be updated to provide updated location information for the moveable... Agent: Myers Bigel Sibley & Sajovec, P.A.

20090058646 - Networked rf tag for tracking baggage: The invention disclosed provides a method, system, and associated tag for detection and tracking of inanimate and animate objects. The novel method broadly comprises the steps of: a) attaching a low radio frequency detection tag to each of the objects, each tag comprising a tag antenna operable at a low... Agent: Visible Assets Inc.

20090058654 - Radio frequency identification device having nonvolatile ferroelectric memory: A RFID device having an analog block, a digital block, and a memory block having a nonvolatile ferroelectric memory is presented. The analog block is configured to receive a radio frequency signal so as to output an operating command signal. The digital block is configured to generate and output an... Agent: Ladas & Parry LLP

20090058649 - Selectively coupling to feed points of an antenna system: Selectively coupling to feed points of an antenna system. At least some of the illustrative embodiments are systems comprising an antenna system, an antenna communication circuit, a first diode coupled between the antenna communication circuit and a first feed point of the antenna system, and a second diode coupled between... Agent: Greenberg Traurig, LLP (sv)IPDocketing

20090058652 - Synchronized relayed transmissions in rfid networks: Some embodiments of the invention relate to a circuit for allowing an RFID transponder to relay transmissions. According to some embodiments of the invention, a circuit for allowing a first RFID transponder to relay transmissions may include a logic module and a synchronization module. The logic module may be configured... Agent: The Nath Law Group

20090058647 - System and method for rfid dynamic content presentation: A system and method for providing RFID dynamic content presentation using wireless devices and RFID technologies. The method comprises providing a wireless capable device which is configured to receive RFID information and store the RFID information in storage for later retrieval. The system is an infrastructure which comprises at least... Agent: Greenblum & Bernstein, P.L.C

20090058656 - Inverted f antenna with coplanar feed and rfid device having same: An RFID device according to one embodiment includes an inverted F antenna having an active portion, a ground plane spaced from the active portion, and a feed coupled to and coplanar with the active portion; and an RFID controller coupled to the feed. An inverted F antenna according to another... Agent: Zilka-kotab, PC

20090058657 - Methods and systems using polarization modulated electromagnetic waves: Methods and systems using polarization modulated electromagnetic waves. At least some of the illustrative embodiments are systems comprising a radio frequency identification (RFID) reader, and a RFID tag (the RFID tag communicatively coupled to the RFID reader),. The RFID tag is configured to transmit data to the RFID reader with... Agent: Greenberg Traurig, LLP (sv)IPDocketing

20090058658 - Tag antenna and tag: A tag antenna is composed of a dielectric spacer, and an antenna pattern which is formed on one of surfaces of the spacer and has a size smaller than one half of a wavelength at an operating frequency, and in which a slit pattern suitable for the resistance and the... Agent: Hanify & King Professional Corporation

20090058659 - Inventory alarm and ink tag combination: An inventory control tag comprises a first component, a second component, and a fastening mechanism for fastening together the first component and the second component. The fastening mechanism is configured such that the first component and the second component can be easily locked together and can only be unlocked from... Agent: Colin P. Abrahams

20090058660 - Biosensors, communicators, and controllers monitoring eye movement and methods for using them: Biosensor, communicator, and/or controller apparatus, systems, and methods are provided for monitoring movement of a person's eye. The apparatus includes a device configured to be worn on a user's head, a light source for directing light towards one or both eyes of the user, one or more image guides on... Agent: VistaIPLaw Group LLP

20090058661 - Providing information related to the posture mode of a user applying pressure to a seat component: A system for producing information about the posture of a user applying pressure to a seat component is provided. A sensor structure with array of sensors is connected with the seat component, with the sensors in a predetermined pattern configured to provide output signals related to predetermined posture modes of... Agent: Lawrence R. Oremland, P.C.

20090058663 - Mininature modular wireless sensor: A miniature modular wireless sensor unit. The unit includes three separate easily assembled and disassembled modules: a processor-communications module, a battery pack module, and a swappable sensor module. Preferred embodiments utilize Bluetooth radio communication technology to communicate sensor data. The total size of preferred embodiments is 1.380 inch×0.940 inch×0.540 inch.... Agent: John R. Ross

20090058664 - Power control apparatus: Disclosed is an apparatus for controlling power of an electronic device, controlled by a touch input. To this end, a power control apparatus for an electronic device according to a preferred embodiment of the present invention is disclosed including a touch sensor for sensing a user's touch by a user's... Agent: The Farrell Law Firm, P.C.

20090058662 - Safe dining implement structure with temperature measuring and warning function: A dining implement includes a dining implement body, and a warning device fitted to the dining implement body; the warning device includes a power source, a temperature measuring device to measure temperature of foods, a vibrator, a sound giving-off device, and several power sources, which include blue, yellow, and red... Agent: Rosenberg, Klein & Lee

20090058665 - Apparatus and method for providing weather and other alerts: An apparatus for providing location-specific alert information associated with an alert condition relevant to a geographical area may include a receiver adapted to receive transmissions comprising formatted text on a communication channel of a wireless bi-directional communication network; a peripheral device operable to indicate an alert condition, including displaying the... Agent: Hope Baldauff Hartman, LLC

20090058666 - Tank fluid level monitor and indicator: A device and system for monitoring a fluid level within a tank and for indicating when the fluid level within the tank has dropped below a predetermined minimum level. The device includes a strobe light, which is switched on when a sensor determines that the fluid level within the tank... Agent: Rankin, Hill & Clark LLP

20090058667 - Tire pressure monitoring system sensor patch: A sensor mounting assembly for securing a sensor within a pressurized chamber defined between a wheel and a tire, comprises a patch 2 having a fastening surface 2a by a device in which it is securable, in use, to an inner surface of a tire or wheel. A plate 5... Agent: Keusey, Tutunjian & Bitetto, P.C.

20090058668 - Environmental sensor, particle counting system having an environmental sensor, and methods of operating the same: An environmental sensor including an inlet and an outlet such that a flow of fluid moves from the inlet to the outlet, a particle detection portion to detect particles in the fluid, and a controller connected to the particle detection portion. The environmental sensor can be in communication with a... Agent: Michael Best & Friedrich LLP

20090058669 - Light sensing pull station: An alarm pull station includes a housing, an alarm indicator carried within the housing, an alarm activation mechanism carried within the housing, such that the alarm activation mechanism is adjacent to the alarm indicator, and configured to generate an alarm signal, and a sensor carried within the housing such that... Agent: Siemens Corporation Intellectual Property Department

20090058671 - Position detector: A position detector comprises a body having a chamber. The chamber includes a first bottom surface, a second bottom surface and a top portion. The first bottom surface is a horizontal surface, the second bottom surface is an inclined surface and is connected to an end of the first bottom... Agent: Pro-techtor International Services

20090058670 - System and method for a wireless device locator: A system and method for locating a wireless accessory. User input to search for the wireless accessory is received. A determination is made whether a signal is received from the wireless accessory. Location information is displayed to a user in response to detecting the signal from the wireless accessory.... Agent: Ip Department Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP

20090058672 - Mounting plate for a notification appliance: A mounting plate assembly for a notification appliance. For example, a mounting plate is designed with at least one aperture for receiving a plurality of leads, e.g., from a backbox. In turn, these leads can be received by a plurality of contacts that are deployed on the mounting plate. In... Agent: Kin-wah Tong, Esq. Patterson & Sheridan, LLP

20090058673 - Information communication and interaction device and method for the same: An information communication and interaction device and method for the same are disclosed according to the present invention; the device is applicable to data processing device that can run the information communication software and has first data transmission unit; the data processing device is capable of processing information communication and... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20090058674 - Real time well data alerts: A system for remote monitoring of well operations. The system may include an alerts module positioned proximate a well, at least one well parameter sensor in communication with the alerts module, and a well operation control module in communication with the alerts module. The system may further include a remotely... Agent: Haynes And Boone, LLPIPSection

20090058675 - Non-contact capacitive datalink for a downhole assembly: Aspects of this invention include a downhole assembly having a non-contact, capacitive coupling including first and second transceivers deployed in corresponding first and second downhole tool members. The capacitive coupling is disposed to transfer electrical signals between the first and second transceivers. In one exemplary embodiment, the capacitive coupling is... Agent: W-h Energy Services, Inc.

20090058676 - Automated meter reading, billing and payment processing system: The present invention includes an automatic commodity or services billing and metering system that when installed does not damage any existing meters or gauges, will fit virtually all known meters and gauges, and has incorporated into the system programmable reading ability to allow reading and accumulation of data by unit,... Agent: Alston & Bird LLP

20090058678 - Driving assist device for vehicle: A driving assist device for a vehicle of the present invention, comprising an object detection device to detect an object to be recognized around the vehicle, an eyes-direction specification device to specify a direction of driver's eyes, and a mark indication device to indicate a specified-shape mark at a specified... Agent: Studebaker & Brackett PC

20090058677 - Method and apparatus for predicting/alarming the moving of hidden objects: The invention relates to a method and apparatus for predicting/alarming the moving of hidden objects. The apparatus comprises: a distance sensing unit, for obtaining a distance data detected within a specific sensing range and thus outputting the distance data; a speed sensing unit, for measuring the movement of a carrier... Agent: Wpat, PC

20090058679 - Processor-controlled receiving unit for navigation data and method for transmitting and processing navigation data: The processor-controlled receiving unit (1) for navigation data, for example, traffic, position and acceleration information, makes possible a particularly easy to install and easy to operate supply of mobile minicomputers and handheld computers with these input data for navigating vehicles with simultaneously optimal receiving features, in particular, in the event... Agent: Brooks Kushman P.C.

20090058680 - Traffic safety arrow systems and methods: Traffic safety systems and method impart traffic control information to traffic in a construction zone. The traffic safety arrow system includes a plurality of light emitting diodes (LEDs), an input switch for selecting the information to be displayed, a plurality of solid state switches, each solid state switch connected to... Agent: Lathrop & Gage Lc

20090058681 - Method and system for the wireless remote control of marker lights: A system for wirelessly controlling marker lights comprising a remote controller comprising a transmitter and one or more marker lights. Each of the marker lights comprise a receiver and processing means, and each of the marker lights have a configuration mode in which the processing means is adapted to cause... Agent: Quarles & Brady LLP

20090058682 - Aircraft data network access for personal electronic devices: A method for providing aircraft data link network access for personal electronic devices is disclosed. The method comprises processing communications data for a personal electronic device operating within an aircraft, translating the processed data as a communications management function of the aircraft, and routing the translated data between the personal... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20090058683 - System and method for providing location-based entertainment: There is disclosed a system and method for providing location-based entertainment. In one embodiment, a device capable of providing location-based entertainment comprises a navigational interface module configured to receive navigational data, an entertainment selection module configured to utilize the navigational data to generate location-based entertainment content for a user, and... Agent: Disney Enterprises C/o Farjami & Farjami LLP

20090058684 - Onboard display device and display method for onboard display device: An onboard display device has a pickup unit that picks up nighttime environment to acquire a nightview image, a display that can display a nightview image together with a map image, and a display control unit that displays an information-providing image that is different from the map image and the... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20090058685 - Multimode vehicle location device and method: A user carried electronic device and method therefore is provided for directing the user to a parked vehicle using several modes of operation. The device includes a display, a memory, an interface for receiving information downloads from the vehicle and a controller coupled thereto for managing operation of the device.... Agent: General Motors Corporation Legal Staff

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