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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 18 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150145717 - Integrated rainfall estimation method using x-band dual-polarimetric radar measurement data: An integrated rainfall calculation method using X-band dual-polarimetric radar measurement data includes a precipitation classification step of classifying hydrometeors into four types of snow, rain/snow, rain and non-meteorological target through a fuzzy logic technique using a correlation coefficient (cross correlation coefficient, ρhv), features of a measured differential propagation phase (Ψdp(r))... Agent:

20150145718 - Radar weather data signal processing method and signal processing module: Disclosed is a radar weather data signal processing module comprising: a pulse compression unit for pulse-compressing a received weather signal; a correlation coefficient calculation unit for calculating a correlation coefficient on the basis of the pulse-compressed weather signal; and a weather variable calculation unit for calculating a weather variable on... Agent:

20150145711 - Retro-reflective radar patch antenna target for vehicle and road infrastructure identification: An onboard vehicle detection system for detecting roadway items of interest. The vehicle detection system includes a central controller and a detection system connectable to the vehicle and operably coupled to the central controller. The detection system outputs a detection signal. A target device is connectable to the roadway item... Agent:

20150145712 - Integratable ils interlock system: Methods and compositions for preventing opposing ILS systems on a single runway from becoming active at the same time. A physical interlock system employs a physical switch element that may activate a first ILS system or an opposing second ILS system, but is not capable of permitting, and may prevent,... Agent:

20150145713 - Retro-reflective radar patch antenna target for articulated vehicle trailer sensing: A vehicle detection system for determining the position of a trailing section relative to a forward section of a vehicle, such as a tractor-trailer combination. The trailing section is pivotally coupled to the forward section for driving movement therewith. The vehicle detection system includes a central controller and a detection... Agent:

20150145714 - Radar apparatus: In a dual-frequency CW radar apparatus, first/second beat signals that include reflection components of radar waves conforming to transmission signals of first/second frequencies are generated for each antenna element and the generated signals are Fourier transformed. A power spectrum average of the beat signals is used as a basis for... Agent:

20150145715 - Radio altimeter: The present disclosure relates to a radio altimeter including a path extending unit positioned in a signal transmission path or a signal reception path of the radio altimeter, wherein the path extending unit delays a signal received from the outside to reduce a dynamic range of the radio altimeter.... Agent:

20150145716 - Radar using hermetic transforms: The systems and methods use Hermetic Transform processing to achieve higher resolution in space, time, and frequency measurements, leading to enhanced object detection, localization, and classification, and can improve several aspects of RADAR, including: phased-array beamforming, Doppler filter processing, pulse compression/replica correlation, and in the creation of higher resolution ambiguity... Agent:

20150145719 - Multiple-criterion based global navigation satellite sub-set recursive selection: In one embodiment, a method for selecting a sub-set of satellites from a set of N satellites is provided. The method includes recursively evaluating each sub-set of N−P satellites of a set of N satellites. If only one sub-set satisfies one or more first criterion, then the one sub-set that... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150145720 - Coarse attitude determination from gnss antenna gain profiling: Systems and methods provide coarse attitude determination without inertial sensor input. An attitude determination module can be configured to compare receiver-calculated values with expected values based on an antenna gain pattern. The differences between calculated and expected values can be used to generate an attitude plane. Platform attitude can be... Agent: Agco Corporation

20150145721 - Method of positioning and electronic apparatus using the same: An electronic apparatus includes a selection unit, a storage unit and a processing unit. The selection unit and the storage unit are coupled to the processing unit. The selection unit selects a first reference point proximate to the electronic apparatus. The storage unit stores a plurality of second locations of... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150145722 - Using sbas ionospheric delay measurements to mitigate ionospheric error: Systems and methods for using SBAS delay measurements to mitigate ionospheric error are provided. In an embodiment, an array of ionospheric delay measurements of a GNSS is provided, wherein a pierce point is associated with each delay measurement in the array. Further, at least one first element in the array... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150145723 - System and method for determining the position error of a satellite localization receiver: A system and method are provided for determining a distribution of a position error of a receiver of localization signals, the signals being sent by at least one satellite. The system includes the receiver, one position of which is known as first position and is affected by an error, known... Agent:

20150145724 - Architectures for high integrity multi-constellation solution separation: A method comprises receiving a plurality of signals from a plurality of space-based satellites, wherein the plurality of space-based satellites comprises at least one space-based satellite from each of a plurality of Navigation Satellite System (NSS) constellations. The method also comprises determining, in a first domain, a first plurality of... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150145725 - Navigation device and control method for reducing power consumption thereof: A navigation device includes an antenna to receive a satellite signal, a control unit to control provision of the satellite signal, an amplifier circuit for amplification of the satellite signal, and a positioning unit to position the navigation device based upon the satellite signal. When the navigation device has been... Agent:

20150145726 - Actuated pin antenna reflector: Apparatus for improving the performance and allowing increased directionality of reflecting-type antenna systems by varying the geometry of the reflecting surface. A reflecting surface is composed of an array of actuated pins which are capable of extending or retracting to alter the overall pattern. An actuator controlling unit has the... Agent:

20150145727 - Tracking a mobile computer indoors using wi-fi and motion sensor information: A mobile computer may receive a bluetooth signal from a wireless sensor to determine entrance to a building. The mobile computer may track, on a floor of the building, its indoor position by utilization of a combination of Wi-Fi information and accelerometer information. The indoor position may be tracked without... Agent: Hj Laboratories, LLC

20150145728 - High frequency transmitter and receiver tracking system: A tracking system for remotely tracking the movement and location of an object in a three-dimensional space. The tracking system including a transmitter for transmitting a signal, a plurality of receivers for receiving the signal, and a computing device for determining a location of the object based on known positions... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150138009 - Wide-frequency wave-absorbing metamaterial, electronic device and method for obtaining wide-frequency wave-absorbing metamaterial: The disclosure discloses a wide-frequency wave-absorbing metamaterial, which comprises a plurality of layers of substrates and microstructures respectively arranged on the substrates at different layers. The wave-absorbing frequency band of the wide-frequency wave-absorbing metamaterial is relatively wide. The disclosure further discloses an electronic device and a method for obtaining a... Agent: Kuang-chi Innovative Technology Ltd.

20150138010 - Remote sensing using mimo systems: A technique for sensing a moving object within a physical environment using a MIMO communication link includes generating a channel matrix based upon channel state information of the MIMO communication link. The physical environment operates as a communication medium through which communication signals of the MIMO communication link propagate between... Agent:

20150138011 - Parking assisting device: Provided is a parking assisting device capable of appropriately setting a target parking space for parking a self vehicle. This parking assisting device includes an object detecting section transmitting, from a self vehicle, oscillatory waves in different directions on one lateral side of the self vehicle during traveling of the... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20150138012 - Checking method and system for radar device: A first step sets a second inclination angle of a housing to an angle different from a reference housing angle by a limit angle; drives an actuator to set a first inclination angle to an angle different from a substrate inclination angle by the limit angle such that a beam... Agent:

20150138013 - Apparatus and method for positioning wlan terminal: A WLAN terminal positioning apparatus includes a directional antenna module including a directional antenna, a first motor, and a second motor wherein the second motor is combined with a shaft of the first motor and the directional antenna is combined with a shaft of the second motor such that the... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150138014 - Portable biometric monitoring devices having location sensors: Assisted-GPS for a portable biometric monitoring device is provided. The portable biometric monitoring device may obtain updated ephemeris data from an associated secondary device via a short-range, low-power communication protocol. The secondary device may be a computing device such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Various rules may control when... Agent:

20150138015 - Positioning device: An object is to provide in a positioning device of a moving body such as a vehicle, a technique which can modify a built-in clock error of a moving body to increase accuracy of a velocity. The positioning device includes a built-in clock error estimating unit which estimates a built-in... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150138016 - Method for generating unambiguous correlation function for cboc (6,1,1/11) signal based on partial correlation functions, apparatus for tracking cboc signals and satellite navigation signal receiver system: A method of generating a correlation function for a CBOC(6,1,1/11) signal according to the present invention includes generating a delayed signal delayed based on a phase delay, with respect to a signal pulse train of a CBOC(6,1,1/11)-modulated received signal, generating first to twelfth partial correlation functions by performing an autocorrelation... Agent: Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University

20150138017 - Method and apparatus for beamforming in wireless communication system: A method and apparatus for beamforming in a wireless communication system are provided. The method of supporting beamforming in a wireless communication device includes detecting a direction change of the wireless communication device while communicating with a peer device. The method of supporting beamforming in a wireless communication device also... Agent:

20150138018 - Array-fed reflector antenna device and method of controlling this device: A beam direction controlling unit includes a relative position determining unit that determines a relative position between a reflector antenna and an array antenna by controlling a driver in such a way that a range on the array antenna onto which a parallel light beam from a desired beam direction... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150138019 - Method and apparatus for transmitting indoor context information: The subject matter disclosed herein relates to a system and method for determining indoor context information relating to a location of a mobile device. Indoor context information may be utilized by a mobile device or a network element to obtain an estimate of a location of the mobile device within... Agent:

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