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Communications: directive radio wave systems and devices (e.g., radar, radio navigation)

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02/05/2015 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150035693 - Ground penetrating radar with variable dwell time: An object detection system may be capable of sensing a buried object and providing an estimate of the object's depth. The object detection system may comprise a signal generator transmitting one or more signals. At least one of the signals may be directed toward the buried object and reflected off... Agent:

20150035694 - Object determination using a radar sensor: A method for determining an object in a surroundings of a motor vehicle includes: scanning a far range, which extends as of a predetermined minimum distance from the radar sensor, using a radar sensor for scanning the far range; detecting objects in the far range based on reflections of a... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150035695 - Frequency modulation continuous wave radar level meter and signal-tracking and phase-locking method for the same: An FMCW radar level meter has an RF signal processing module, an intermediate frequency (IF) signal processing module, and a computation and display module. A signal generator of the RF signal processing module generates a first RF signal, which is radiated by an antenna to a measured object. The antenna... Agent: Finetek Co., Ltd.

20150035696 - Optimized monotonic radiation pattern fit with ambiguity resolution: Characterizing a radiation pattern of an antenna, accurately, is needed to improve the determination of an angle arrival of a radar signal received by the antenna. Accordingly, an optimized monotonic fitting approach with corresponding method and system are provided. The approach represents an approximation of the radiation pattern as a... Agent: Raytheon Company

20150035697 - Radar calibration system for vehicles: Disclosed herein is a radar calibration system for vehicles. The radar calibration system for vehicles includes a target simulator receiving a radar signal through a reception antenna, delaying the received signal through a delay line, and transmitting the delayed signal through a transmission antenna, and a radar apparatus transmitting the... Agent:

20150035698 - Amelioration of frequency errors and/or their effects: A satellite positioning subsystem includes a frequency converter that applies a downshift in frequency to a received signal that should contain a satellite signal that has been spread and modulated on a carrier signal. A non-crystal oscillator produces an output signal whose frequency acts as a controlling reference for the... Agent:

20150035699 - Detecting and localization method of unknown signal using aircraft with ads-b system: A method of detecting an unknown signal and estimating a source location of the unknown signal using aircraft based on an automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) system is provided. The method includes a first step (S100) for obtaining from a plurality of airborne aircrafts provided with a network system, aircraft signals... Agent:

20150035700 - Method and apparatus for distinguishing direct gnss signals from reflections: A global navigation satellite system (GNSS) enabled device that is configured to distinguish reflected GNSS signals from direct GNSS signals utilizing three-dimensional models of the terrain in the proximity of the GNSS enabled device. By utilizing the identification of reflected GNSS signals, the reflected GNSS signals can be excluded and/or... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150035701 - Gnss receiver dynamic spur mitigation techniques: Techniques for compensating for interference in a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver of a mobile device are provided. An example method according to these techniques includes determining transmission band information and channel tuning information associated with an operating configuration of a Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN) transceiver of the... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150035702 - Gps jamming signal receiver and gps jamming signal receiving method: A global positioning system (GPS) jamming signal receiver and a GPS jamming signal receiving method are provided. The GPS jamming signal receiver may include a sample data generator to generate a sample data signal with respect to a signal received through an GPS antenna; a jamming signal determiner to determine... Agent:

20150035703 - Radar sensor device having an adjusting mirror: A radar sensor device for motor vehicles, having a sensor housing, which includes a radome; a fastening section having an engagement contour for a fastening element which is in engagement with the engagement contour and carries a mirror-reflective region; and further fastening sections having engagement contours that are suitable for... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150029050 - Wearable radar reflectors: A wearable radar reflector includes a retroreflector configured to reflect radiation received from a vehicle, and incorporated into a garment worn by a pedestrian.... Agent: Elwha LLC

20150029051 - Wearable radar reflectors: A wearable radar reflector includes a retroreflector configured to reflect radiation received from a vehicle, and incorporated into a garment worn by a pedestrian.... Agent:

20150029055 - Antenna and method of manufacturing the antenna: A slot array antenna where slots are arrayed in two directions is provided for suppressing occurrence of side lobes. An antenna includes a radiation waveguide part and probes. The radiation waveguide part has two sheets of metal plates facing each other and outwardly radiates a radio wave from a plurality... Agent:

20150029052 - Quantum harmonic radar: A quantum harmonic radar method includes comparing the determined timing or spacing of the detected hertzian waves with the pre-determined amplitude and frequency of the hertzian waves being transmitted from a transmitter, and by the comparison determining if the detected hertzian waves have a spacing therebetween is greater than a... Agent:

20150029053 - One way time of flight distance measurement: Determination of distance and/or position relative to one or more points by transmission of a wideband signal by a first antenna, reception of the transmitted wideband signal by a second antenna and comparison of the time delay between the transmitted and received signals. The first and second antennas are connected... Agent:

20150029054 - Radar-based fill level measurement device having a security device: A radar-based fill level measurement device having a signal generator for the purpose of generating electromagnetic waves, and an antenna for the purpose of emitting the electromagnetic waves into a container, as well as for the purpose of receiving electromagnetic waves reflected out of the container, having a security device... Agent:

20150029056 - Wireless communication device, wireless communication system, and computer readable storage device: A wireless communication device includes: a directional antenna configured to wirelessly receive data from the wireless communication device which is a connection partner; a processing unit configured to perform a first detection process of controlling a directivity direction of the directional antenna and detecting a first direction which is a... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150029057 - Antenna apparatus, antenna system, and antenna electrical tilting method: Embodiments of the present invention provide an RCU (remote control unit), an antenna apparatus, an antenna electrical tilting method and an antenna system. The RCU includes a reading device and a driver. The reading device is configured to read, from a memory inside the antenna apparatus, when the antenna apparatus... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20150029058 - Accurate timing distribution by high-frequency radio: A method of obtaining an absolute time reference for a high-frequency (HF) sounding signal includes transmitting a reference signal at a first location and transmitting a sounding signal in close proximity to the transmitting of the reference signal at the first location. The method additionally includes receiving the reference signal... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

01/22/2015 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150022389 - Radar sensor: The invention relates to a radar sensor including a radar antenna, a radar lens and a funnel element between the radar antenna and the radar lens. The funnel element includes a material which absorbs the radar radiation emitted by the radar antenna.... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150022390 - Method and system for through-the-wall imaging using sparse inversion for blind multi-path elimination: Targets are detected in a scene behind a wall by first transmitting a pulse through the wall. Then, a primary impulse response is detected by a sparse regularized least squares inversion applied to received signals corresponding to the reflected pulse. A delay operator that matches the primary impulse response to... Agent:

20150022391 - System and a method for illumination and imaging of an object: The invention relates to a system for the illumination and imaging of objects with the assistance of electromagnetic radiation, for example, millimeter radiation. Such a system comprises at least one transmitting antenna, at least one receiving antenna, and at least one reflector element. An actively polarizing material layer is present... Agent:

20150022392 - Method for representing a vehicle environment with position points: The invention relates to a method for representing a vehicle environment for a vehicle with a sensor system in order to detect the environment. For this purpose, the vehicle environment is described with a predetermined fixed set of position points (particles).... Agent:

20150022393 - Data processing apparatus, radar apparatus, and data processing method: A data processing apparatus that can set the magnification factor according to the distance from the antenna is provided so that the display of objects close to the antenna is easier to see and with which the changes in the settings of the magnification factor is easy. The buffer memory... Agent:

20150022395 - Method and receiver for determining system time of a navigation system: Receiver and methods for determining system time of a navigation system is disclosed. In one example, the receiver includes a baseband processing module and a calculation module. The baseband processing module is configured for obtaining satellite information from the navigation system. The calculation module is configured for estimating a pseudorange... Agent:

20150022394 - Receiver alias rejection improvement by adding an offset: Methods, systems, computer-readable media, and apparatuses for isolating a desired GNSS signal from a plurality of GNSS signals with the same code are presented. In some embodiments, a method may comprise receiving, by a mobile device, the plurality of GNSS signals, wherein the plurality of GNSS signals include the desired... Agent:

20150022396 - Apparatus, system and method for locating a lost instrument or object: A locatable object includes a microprocessor for operating the object, and a memory for storing at least a first position and a second position. The locatable object also includes an instrument recovery system integrated into the object. The instrument recovery system further includes a receiver for determining the location of... Agent:

20150022397 - Low power asynchronous gps baseband processor: Asynchronous Global Positioning System (GPS) baseband processor architectures with a focus on minimizing power consumption. All subsystems run at their natural frequency without clocking and all signal processing is done on-the-fly.... Agent:

20150022398 - Method and program of detecting positioning signals, positioning signal reception device, positioning apparatus and information equipment terminal: Whether received positioning signals are target positioning signals is determined accurately. A first code phase difference of a first replica code signal of a positioning signal StA and a second code phase difference of a second replica code signal of a positioning signal StB are acquired. A first pseudorange ρ1... Agent:

20150022399 - Communication system with broadband antenna: A communication system including a plurality of horn antennas, a waveguide feed network, and a converter unit coupled to the plurality of horn antennas is disclosed. The waveguide feed network is coupled to each horn antenna, splits an information signal into a first component signal having a first polarization and... Agent:

20150022400 - Method and system for locating and navigating a target: Techniques and methodologies are disclosed for minimizing inaccuracies in distance measurements and location determinations for autonomous vehicles or targets ranging to subsets of beacons. Such techniques and methodologies can be used to better control (e.g., navigate) an autonomous vehicle in an area and/or along a pathway, or trajectory.... Agent: Nav-track, Inc.

01/15/2015 > 13 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150015430 - Mobile device signal interference emitter and control method thereof: A radio signal jamming device for preventing mobile phone use by a driver when a vehicle is in operation includes a radio signal jammer capable of interfering with the normal operation of a mobile communication device, a controller, and a vehicular interface. The radio signal jamming device is activated when... Agent:

20150015431 - System and method for a radio frequency system: In accordance with an embodiment, a method includes producing a baseband variable frequency signal and producing a substantially fixed frequency signal by phase-locking an oscillator to a substantially fixed reference frequency. The method further includes upconverting the baseband variable frequency signal by mixing the variable frequency signal with the substantially... Agent:

20150015432 - Sub-carrier successive approximation millimeter wave radar for high-accuracy 3d imaging: A sub-carrier successive approximation (SCSA) radar having a sufficiently high accuracy to capture 3D images of concealed objects. The invention is phase-based, and directly measures round trip time by estimating the phase delay of the carrier. One of its advantages is that the carrier does not need to sweep across... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20150015433 - Work area monitor: A Work Area Monitor comprising a radar module mounted on a motorised vehicle. The Work Area Monitor provides early warning of slope failure in a work area by generating an alarm if movement detected in movement data derived from interferometrically processed radar images exceeds a threshold.... Agent:

20150015434 - Peripheral object detection apparatus and peripheral object detection method: A peripheral object detection apparatus that is installed in a vehicle to detect a peripheral object obstructing travel by a vehicle includes: a radar that obtains a reflection intensity by transmitting an electromagnetic wave and receiving an electromagnetic wave reflected by an object; and a determination unit that calculates an... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150015435 - Receiver signal strength indicator meter for automatic antenna alignment in indoor and outdoor mount applications: An antenna RSSI meter includes a microcontroller unit for digitizing an antenna receiver voltage signal, converting the digitized antenna receiver voltage signal into a receiver signal level in accordance with a predefined antenna specification, and converting the receiver signal level into the antenna tuning signal in accordance with the predefined... Agent:

20150015436 - Method for calibrating spatial errors, and method and system for estimating the attitude of a vehicle: A method for calibrating spatial errors induced by phase biases having a detrimental effect on the measurements of phase differences of radio signals received by three unaligned receiving antennas of a vehicle. An inter-satellite angular deviation of a pair of satellites is estimated in two different ways: on the basis... Agent: Airbus Defence And Space Sas

20150015437 - Code minus carrier multipath observation for satellite exclusion: A method comprises generating a respective code-carrier difference for each of a plurality of satellite vehicle and signal frequency combinations, wherein the code-carrier difference is based on a code range and a carrier range. The method also comprises filtering the respective code-carrier difference for an unknown bias and random noise;... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150015439 - Common coordinate-quartz loop for reducing the impact of shock and vibration on global navigation satellite system measurements: m

20150015438 - Method to improve satellite signal detection: A method of acquiring a satellite signal in a GNSS receiver includes multiplying a received signal with a hypothesized doppler frequency signal to generate a frequency shifted signal. A PN code sequence signal is multiplied with the frequency shifted signal to generate a PN wiped signal. A windowing function signal... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150015440 - Frequency selective polarizer: A wideband frequency selective polarizer is provided. The wideband frequency selective polarizer includes arrays of first-frequency slots in at least two metallic sheets in at least two respective planes; and arrays of second-frequency slots interspersed with the arrays of first-frequency slots in the at least two metallic sheets in at... Agent:

20150015441 - Methods for providing positioning service for a wireless device in an wireless network and related wireless devices: Methods for providing positioning service for a wireless device within a wireless network are provided. First, at least one positioning signal is received by a first wireless device, wherein, each of the at least one position signal is received from at least one wireless device other than the first wireless... Agent:

20150015442 - System and method to find lost objects: The invention disclosed herein is a system and method to locate lost objects. The system (1000) is comprised of at least one accessory, at least one computing device (e.g. smartphone, tablet, lap top), and at least one remote device. In one embodiment, the accessory computing device, and remote device may... Agent:

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