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Communications: directive radio wave systems and devices (e.g., radar, radio navigation) November recently filed with US Patent Office 11/12

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11/29/2012 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120299762 - Radio frequency particles: Particle circuits for disrupting signals associated with a communication system or for marking a position of a device are provided. In one embodiment, the invention relates to a composite for generating radio frequency (RF) signals, the composite including a medium configured to adhere to a device for emanating communication signals,... Agent:

20120299763 - Position determining method and system using surveillance ground stations: An aircraft avionics system and method for automatically determining an aircraft position. The system and method determine distances to UAT ground stations based on timing signals in transmissions from the UAT ground stations and determines one or more possible positions for the aircraft at which the aircraft is at the... Agent: Avidyne Corporation

20120299764 - Radar apparatus and light scan apparatus: A radar apparatus for detecting a distance to an object by receiving an electromagnetic wave reflected by the object is disclosed. The radar apparatus comprises a scan part and an electromagnetic wave emitter. The scan part includes a polarized light separation member configured to pass a preset first component of... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120299765 - Compact smart antenna for mobile wireless communications: A compact, high gain 8-element circular smart antenna is able to scan a beam azimuthally through 360°. The 8-element array is placed on a ground skirt and connected to an 8-channel beamforning board via a transfer plate. Each channel has two T/R switches, one band pass filer, one power amplifier,... Agent: Montana State University

20120299766 - Moving object detection system: In a system, a detecting module cyclically detects positional information of reflection points of received echoes. A sampling module cyclically samples, from the detected reflection points for each cycle, first and second reflection points. The first and second reflection points are expected to be reflection points of the respective first... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120299768 - Device and method for determining media characteristics and container characteristics: A fill-level measuring device includes a self-learn device that is able to automatically determine the length of the dome shaft of the container. To this effect the self-learn device uses a multiple echo classified as such by a multiple-echo detection device. In this manner the result of fill level measuring... Agent:

20120299767 - Fmcw-type radar level gauge: By combining the samples from two (or more) different sweeps, the number of samples and the bandwidth can both be increased, thus maintaining the range L. However, as the samples are obtained from two separate sweeps, the sweep time for each individual sweep does not need to be increased, and... Agent:

20120299769 - Method and device for antenna calibration: A method for antenna calibration is provided, which includes the following steps: obtaining an updated calibration period T_i after the last time of antenna calibration (S301), calculating a calibration sequence of each antenna channel in the calibration period T_i (S302); according to the calibration sequence of each antenna channel, calibrating... Agent: China Academy Of Telecommunications Technology

20120299770 - Method of calculating position of gps receiver, recording medium having recorded thereon program for performing the same, and gps receiver: A method of calculating a position of a GPS receiver, a recording medium having recorded thereon a program for performing the method, and a GPS receiver are discussed. The method includes causing a control unit to combine a plurality of satellite signals received through the use of a receiver unit... Agent:

20120299771 - Method and apparatus for weak data bit sync in a positioning system: The present invention is related to location positioning systems, and more particularly, to a method and apparatus of synchronizing to data bits in a positioning system signal. According to a first aspect, the present invention speeds up data bit sync by allowing high Pfa in the overall bit sync computation... Agent: Csr Technology Holdings Inc.

20120299772 - Adjustment of radiation patterns utilizing a position sensor: A device for a wireless RF link to a remote receiving device can radiate at different radiation patterns in response to detecting a change in the device position. As the device is moved, displaced, or re-positioned, a position sensor in the device detects the change in position and provides position... Agent:

20120299773 - Beam forming device and method: The present disclosure relates to a beam forming device, comprising a transmit unit comprising at least two transmit elements that transmit radiation towards a scene, a receiver unit comprising at least two receive elements that receive radiation from said scene and that generate receive signals from said received radiation, and... Agent: Sony Coropration

20120299775 - Active phased array architecture: In an exemplary embodiment, a phased array solid-state architecture has dual-polarized feeds and is manufactured, for example, on highly flexible silicon germanium (SiGe). The implementation of dual-polarized feeds facilitates the operation of phased arrays where the polarization can be statically or dynamically controlled on a subarray or element basis. In... Agent: Viasat, Inc.

20120299774 - Wireless communication device, wireless communication system, and method for detecting interference direction: There is provided a wireless communication device includes a transmitter configured to transmit a known signal in each of a plurality of first directions different from each other, a receiver configured to receive a plurality of first reflected waves, each of the plurality of first reflected waves being generated by... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120299776 - Emergency position indicating radio beacon terminal and apparatus and method for monitoring operating state thereof: The present invention relates to an emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) terminal for confirming positions of ships and rescuing the ships during a marine disaster in a marine search and rescue system and an apparatus and a method for monitoring an operating state of the EPIRB terminal. The EPIRB... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120299777 - Method of determining the position of a vehicle moving along a guideway: A method of determining the position of a vehicle moving along a guideway is disclosed wherein signals from groups of transponders located beside the guideway are detected as the vehicle moves along the guideway to create a footprint in the time domain corresponding to the time the vehicle is in... Agent: Thales Rail Signaling Solutions Inc.

11/22/2012 > 19 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120293355 - System and method for detecting concealed explosives and weapons: A method for detecting hidden explosives or weapons, including transmitting a signal in different polarization channels towards an object, the next stage includes collecting back scattered energy in different polarization channels from the object, the next stage includes determining parameters that are dependent upon the transmitted signal polarization channels and... Agent: Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.

20120293356 - Method for detecting objects: In a method for detecting objects, at least one sensor emits a transmitting pulse as a wave, particularly as an acoustic or an electromagnetic wave, which wave is reflected at least partially by objects in the propagation space, and the reflected wave being detected by at least one receiver as... Agent:

20120293357 - Vehicle surroundings monitoring device: A vehicle surroundings monitoring device includes a moving direction determining unit 20 which determines whether a physical body is moving in a traveling direction of a self vehicle or a transverse direction orthogonal to the traveling direction, from a change in a detection position of the physical body by a... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120293358 - Radar apparatus: There is provided a radar apparatus for detecting a target. A detection signal generating unit generates detection signals of the target based on transmission and reception waves of antennas. A detection signal processing unit performs frequency analysis on the detection signals to extract signal components of the target, and performs... Agent: Fujitsu Ten Limited

20120293359 - Radar imaging apparatus, imaging method, and program thereof: A radar imaging apparatus includes: (i) a delay code generation unit which repeats, for M scan periods, scan processing of generating, using a transmission code, N delay codes in a scan period for scanning N range gates having mutually different distances from the radar imaging apparatus; (ii) a signal storage... Agent:

20120293360 - Radar device, calibration system and calibration method: In an environment inspection mode of a calibration system, a radar device executes a signal analysis process to calculate an eigenvalue ratio of each comparison eigenvalue. The eigenvalue ratio has a small value when a pair of eigenvalues corresponding to arrival radar waves has a strong correlation. On the other... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120293361 - Radar clutter suppression system: Sidelobe suppression methods and systems for use in processing radar video streams generated by rotational radar antenna scanners. The sidelobe suppression methods function in parallel with traditional Sensitivity Control (SC) processing by selectively reducing sensitivity where necessary depending on sidelobe suppression schemes that can be either directional, omni-directional (non-directional), or... Agent:

20120293362 - Phase-arrayed device and method for calibrating the phase-arrayed device: A phase-arrayed device includes: a signal processing circuit arranged to generate a specific signal; a first phase-arrayed channel arranged to provide a first phase-arrayed signal according to the specific signal; a first conducting path arranged to conduct the specific signal to the first phase-arrayed channel; a second conducting path arranged... Agent:

20120293363 - Method and device for recognizing pri modulation type of radar signal: A method and device for recognizing a pulse repetition interval (PRI) modulation type of a radar signal are provided. The method for recognizing a pulse repetition interval (PRI) modulation type includes: extracting time of arrival (TOA) information of pulses aligned in time order from a received radar signal; generating a... Agent:

20120293364 - Positioning device and positioning method thereof: A positioning device and a positioning method thereof are provided. The positioning device can cooperate with a first satellite group and a second satellite group, and it comprises a storage, a receiver and a processor. The receiver is configured to receive a first satellite group signal from the first satellite... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20120293365 - Satellite signal multipath mitigation in gnss devices: A method for mitigating the effects of multipath errors in GNSS devices is provided. Signals from GNSS satellites are received. Image data from an image sensor is received. Orientation data from an orientation sensor is received. The orientation data describes the orientation of the image sensor. Obstruction data is determined... Agent: Javad Gnss, Inc.

20120293366 - System, method and computer program for ultra fast time to first fix for a gnss receiver: The present invention provides a system, method and computer program for a GNSS receiver that is operable to provide an ultra fast Time To First Fix (TTFF). The invention is implementable without requiring the decoding of a navigation message transmitted by GNSS satellite systems. The system of the present invention... Agent: Baseband Technologies Inc.

20120293367 - Gnss signal processing with regional augmentation network: Methods and apparatus for processing of GNSS data derived from multi-frequency code and carrier observations are presented which make available correction data for use by a rover located within the region, the correction data comprising: the ionospheric delay over the region, the tropospheric delay over the region, the phase-leveled geometric... Agent: Trimble Navigation Limited

20120293368 - Mobile wireless communications device including antenna assembly having spaced apart parallel conductor arms and related methods: A mobile wireless communications device may include a portable housing, at least one wireless transceiver carried by the portable housing, and at least one satellite positioning signal receiver carried by the portable housing. The mobile wireless communications device may also include an antenna assembly carried by the portable housing. The... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120293369 - System, method and computer program for navigation data bit synchronization for a gnss receiver: The present invention relates to navigation data bit synchronization for a GNSS receiver and more specifically to a software-based GNSS receiver that is operable to rapidly achieve accurate navigation data bit synchronization. It provides a system, method and computer program for navigation data bit synchronization for a GNSS receiver. The... Agent: Baseband Technologies Inc.

20120293370 - Transmitter beamforming steering matrix processing and storage: A mechanism for processing beamforming steering matrices in a transceiver system. A plurality of beamforming steering matrices associated with a plurality of subcarriers of an RF signal received at the transceiver system are generated. The beamforming steering matrices are compressed and stored. The beamforming steering matrices may also be grouped... Agent: Qualcomm Atheros, Inc.

20120293371 - System and method for geolocation of multiple unknown radio frequency signal sources: According to an embodiment of the present invention, geolocations of multiple unknown radio frequency (RF) signal sources are determined using three-dimensional (3-D) geolocation techniques. The three-dimensional (3-D) geolocation techniques obtain reliable geolocation estimates of radio frequency (RF) emitters based on energy or received signal strength (RSS) of emitter transmitted signals... Agent: Itt Manufacturing Enterprises, Inc.

20120293372 - Precision location method and system: Systems and methods for locating an object are disclosed herein. The locator system includes a plurality of reference units and a processor in communication with the reference units. The reference units are positioned about a region in which a mobile unit is located, and each reference unit includes a transceiver... Agent: Worcester Polytechnic Institute

20120293373 - Rtls system using tdo: Provided is an RTLS system using TDOA, the RTLS system tracking, by a positioning unit, a position of a transmitter based on a position signal transmitted by the transmitter, the system comprising a plurality of receivers receiving the position signal from the transmitter, and a gateway calculating a time difference... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

11/15/2012 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120286989 - Target identification for a radar image: The target identification technology described herein includes a method, a system, and a computer program product. In some examples, the system includes a length estimation module configured to determine a length of a target from a radar image based on a range profile, the radar image, and one or more... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120286988 - Method and system for detecting moving vehicle speed through athird generation photo radar: The various embodiments herein provide a moving vehicle speed detection system for recording the speed violation. The system comprises third generation photo radar for determining an accurate speed of the moving vehicles by measuring a speed and also by measuring the speed with the help of an image processor. The... Agent: Capis Sprl

20120286990 - Compact high efficiency intregrated direct wave mobile communications terminal: A compact mobile satellite communications system, including an integrated direct wave antenna and a low profile precision antenna positioning system, where the integrated direct wave antenna is configured to provide the minimum swept volume when steered and pointed such that it moves completely within a ten inch sphere, which provides... Agent:

20120286991 - Gnss signal processing with regional augmentation positioning: Methods and apparatus for processing of GNSS data derived from multi-frequency code and carrier observations are presented which make available correction data for use by a rover located within the region, the correction data comprising: the ionospheric delay over the region, the tropospherπc delay over the region, the phase-leveled geometric... Agent: Trimble Navigation Limited

20120286992 - Indoor positioning system based on gps signals and pseudolites with outdoor directional antennas: This invention comprises at least three directional GPS antennas (2) for picking up specific GPS signals conning from at least three GPS satellites (S), at least three RF GPS repeaters (3) for amplifying GPS signals coming from directional GPS antennas (2), at least three GPS antennas (6) for transmitting GPS... Agent:

20120286993 - Method for detecting the distortion of a gnss signal: A method for detecting the distortion of a GNSS signal transmitted by at least one GNSS satellite and received by at least one GNSS receiver, said distortion being caused by a GNSS signal generation defect, includes at least the following steps: a step for determining at least one autoregressive parametric... Agent: Thales

20120286994 - Method and system for locating interferences affecting a satellite-based radionavigation signal: m

20120286995 - Systems and methods for clock correction: A non-GPS satellite-based system enables correction of a local clock in a user device to facilitate GPS-based location determination.... Agent: The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.

20120286996 - Method for single stream beamforming with mixed power constraints: System and method for calculating a transmitter beamforming vector related to a channel vector h under per-antenna power constraints combined with total power constraint, under per-antenna power constraints combined with overall line of site (LOS) effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP) and under all three constraints. Calculating a transmitter beamforming vector... Agent:

20120286997 - Modeling and location inference based on ordered beacon sets: Embodiments order observed beacons based on relative signal strength to create a correspondence between beacon sets and positions. A computing device such as a mobile device provides a positioned observation including a plurality of observed beacons and a position of the mobile device during observation. The observed beacons are ordered... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120286998 - Position correction apparatus, position correction method, program, position correction system: Systems and methods for correcting a location of a terminal are provided. In various aspects, a processor in a position correction apparatus may associate a reference position with the terminal, and determine a range for the terminal based on the reference position. The processor may also associate a second position... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120286999 - Apparatus and method for determining a correspondence of a position with a reference position: An apparatus for determining a correspondence of a position with a reference position, wherein radio signals of stationary radio transmitters are receivable at the position, having a determiner for determining an identification of a certain radio transmitter and for determining a signal characteristic of a radio signal of the certain... Agent:

11/08/2012 > 20 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120280847 - System for detecting an intrusion and method: A system and a method for detecting an intrusion in an area by disposing a plurality of corner reflectors therein, interrogating and receiving successive response signals therefrom, and operating a control unit, coupled to a radar, the control unit being operative to compare and detect a change in returned signals... Agent: Frucht Systems, Technologies And Business Development

20120280848 - Method, system and program product for deinterleaving and classifying arbitrary radar pulse patterns using non-determinsitic finite state automata: A method, a system and a program product for deinterleaving and classifying an incoming unknown radar pulse pattern uses a library of state machines that mesh with a library of known radar pulse patterns of a library of known radar emitter sources. A continuous sequence of radar pulse descriptor words... Agent: Src, Inc.

20120280849 - Method of using ground penetrating radar to detect corrosion of steel bars in ferroconcrete components: The present invention discloses a method of using ground penetrating radar to detect corrosion of steel bars in ferroconcrete components. The method comprises the following steps. Firstly, a ground penetrating radar is used to emit an electromagnetic wave toward a ferroconcrete component. Then, a reflected electromagnetic wave is received. The... Agent:

20120280857 - Horizon scanning system for a rotary wing aircraft including sensors housed within a tubercle on a rotor blade: A rotary wing aircraft, a rotor blade and a horizon scanning system are provided. The rotary wing aircraft, for example, may include, but is not limited to, a mast, an engine configured to provide rotational force to the mast and a controller. The rotary wing aircraft may further include a... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120280850 - Method for detecting a message sent by an interrogator or a transponder in mode s: A method for detecting a message provided with a preamble with a number of pulses in a signal sent by an interrogator or a transponder in mode S, said method including a step for decomposition of said signal into an amplitude signal and into a complex phase signal, a step... Agent: Thales

20120280851 - Pulse radar range profile motion compensation: A pulse radar range profile motion compensation method (10) comprises: acquiring receiver samples (12); acquiring an estimate of the range rate of a target (14); removing an additional phase acquired by the echo signals; removing a shift in range cells of the receiver samples (18); applying a pulse Doppler filter... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20120280852 - Universal impedence probe for detection of side-connections through thermoplastic, thermosetting and cementitious liners: A conduit survey apparatus having a carriage capable of movement axially down a conduit. The carrier includes a radio frequency (RF) signal generator and an RF signal detector positioned on the carriage along with a controller controlling the signal generator and signal detector. The carrier further includes a waveguide with... Agent:

20120280853 - Radar system and method for detecting and tracking a target: A radar system for detecting and tracking at least one target utilizing a mechanically rotated two-dimensional radar antenna system with a fan-shaped beam arrangeable on a non-stable radar platform. The radar system includes a tracking filter configured to estimate an azimuth angle of the at least one target with respect... Agent: Saab Ab

20120280855 - Detector system with adjustable phase stage: A detector system has a local oscillator port, a radio frequency port, and an oscillator providing a local oscillator signal having amplitude-modulated (“AM”) noise coupled. A first detector detects the local oscillator signal and produces a first detected signal having a first detected AM noise signal component and a demodulated... Agent: Invention Planet, LLC

20120280854 - Signal processing system and method: An FMCW radar system includes received signal processing arranged to apply multiple window functions in parallel to a received beat signal including at least one window function having a narrower main-lobe in its frequency response than at least one other window function and said at least one other window function... Agent:

20120280856 - Radar: A radar receiver having an antenna. The antenna has an array of antenna elements. The receiver also includes a number of processing stages including a first processing stage adapted to process radar signals received via each antenna element of the array and a second processing stage adapted to serve the... Agent:

20120280858 - Method and system for enhancing a location server reference database through round-trip time (rtt) measurements: A mobile device in a cellular communication network collects round-trip time (RTT) measurements for a single active cell. The collected RTT measurements are transmitted to a location server. The location server uses the transmitted RTT measurements to calculate a GNSS position of the single active cell. One or more of... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20120280859 - Systems and methods of assisted gps: Embodiments of an improved assisted global positioning system (GPS) method and system are described. Wireless access points send assistance data to GPS receivers that are integrated into cellular chipsets and other chipsets. The access points may also act as fixed location references for differential GPS (DGPS) mobile stations. Errors caused... Agent: Golba LLC

20120280860 - Chip packages including through-silicon via dice with vertically inegrated phased-array antennas and low-frequency and power delivery substrates: An apparatus includes a die with through-silicon vias and radio frequency integrated circuit capabilities and it is vertically integrated with a phased-array antenna substrate. The through-silicon via and a radio frequency integrated circuit is coupled to a plurality of antenna elements disposed on the phased-array antenna substrate where each of... Agent:

20120280861 - Radio communication apparatus, transmitter, and radio communication method: In a phased array antenna radio communication apparatus including a plurality of antennas, a radio communication apparatus is provided which can reduce an influence of the local leak signals on the radiation direction of transmission signals. Local signal phase shifters 11-1 to 11-h are used to control phases of local... Agent:

20120280863 - System and method for location estimation: A device and method for providing location estimations. The device may be configured to estimate its location be transmitting and/or receiving signals of respective transmission ranges. The device may also be configured to transition from a client device operational mode to a location beacon operational mode once an accurate location... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20120280862 - Wireless location detection and/or tracking device and associated methods: The wireless detection beacon is for use with a Radio Frequency (RF) interrogator transmitting at a first frequency and receiving at a second frequency. The wireless detection beacon includes a substrate, a power supply carried by the substrate, an antenna assembly carried by the substrate, and a local oscillator (LO)... Agent: Harris Corporation

20120280864 - Position sensor: An exemplary position sensor can be provided that can include a transmitting arrangement for configured to generate electromagnetic waves, a receiving arrangement configured to detect electromagnetic waves, and a position arrangement. The transmitting arrangement and the receiving arrangement can be moved relative to the position arrangement. The position arrangement can... Agent: Polycontact Ag

20120280865 - Range localization system: The location of a transmitter can be determined by accurately measuring the elapsed time that it takes for a signal to propagate from a transmission source to a plurality of disparate receivers of a known location. By comparing the received transmitted signal to reference signal a range between each receiver... Agent: Eido, LLC

20120280866 - Systems and methods for using a satellite positioning system to detect moved wlan access points: The disclosed subject matter generally relates to hybrid positioning systems and methods and, more specifically, systems and methods of detecting moved WLAN assess points using a wireless local area network based positioning system (WLAN-PS) and a satellite-based positioning system (SPS) with at least two satellites measurement.... Agent: Skyhook Wireless, Inc.

11/01/2012 > 19 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120274505 - Automated registration of synthetic aperture radar imagery with high resolution digital elevation models: A method, a radar image registration manager, and a set of instructions are disclosed. A primary sensor interface 430 may receive a primary sensor image and a camera model of the primary sensor image. A data storage 420 may store a digital elevation model. A processor 410 may automatically align... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20120274506 - Performance model for synthetic aperture radar automatic target recognition and method thereof: A target correlation matrix is generated for multiple two-class combinations of target types each having a target correlation and a synthetic aperture radar observation space. A target probability density of a target radar cross-section signature and a background probability density of a background radar cross-section signature are utilized. The observation... Agent:

20120274498 - Personal electronic device providing enhanced user environmental awareness: A personal electronic device is configured to provide enhanced user awareness of the environment responsive to data from a micro-impulse radar (MIR).... Agent: Searete LLC

20120274499 - Radar imaging via spatial spectrum measurement and mimo waveforms: MIMO radars via spatial spectrum measurements are well suited for wide angle surveillance via improved angle estimation and minimum detectable velocity. SDS proposed MIMO radar design concepts on moving platforms can be used for both the line-of sight (LOS) SAR/GMTI applications. For fixed Radar, they are applicable for fixed radars... Agent: Spatial Digital Systems

20120274500 - Pulsed radar level gauge system with higher order harmonic regulation: A radar level gauge system comprising first pulse generating circuitry for generating a transmission signal, second pulse generating circuitry for generating a reference signal; and frequency control circuitry for controlling the second pulse generating circuitry to achieve a predetermined frequency difference between the transmission signal and the reference signal. The... Agent:

20120274501 - Multibeam radar apparatus for vehicle, multibeam radar method and multibeam radar program: An on-board multibeam radar apparatus includes a plurality of beam elements that constitute an antenna transmitting a transmission wave and receiving an incoming wave reflected by and arriving from a target in response to the transmission wave, and a processing unit configured to apply a Fourier transformation to beam element... Agent: National University Corporation Shizuoka University

20120274503 - Network and personal electronic devices operatively coupled to micro-impulse radars: A network resource can be operatively coupled to personal electronic devices that include or are operatively coupled to micro-impulse radars (MIRs).... Agent: Searete LLC

20120274502 - Personal electronic device with a micro-impulse radar: A personal electronic device such as a smart phone can include a micro-impulse radar (MIR).... Agent: Searete LLC

20120274504 - Information display device, information display method, and radar apparatus: This disclosure provides an information display device. The information display device includes an acquirer for acquiring positional information on one or more display targets including at least one of a landmark serving as a reference mark used when a movable body is in move, another movable body, and a location... Agent:

20120274507 - Architecture and method for optimal tracking of multiple broadband satellite terminals in support of in theatre and rapid deployment applications: An antenna communication architecture for simultaneous optimal tracking of multiple broadband satellite terminals in support of in theatre operations and rapid deployment applications, and methods in relation therewith. This communication architecture is especially suitable for implementation as a hosted payload configuration on a host spacecraft.... Agent:

20120274508 - Athletic watch: A device for monitoring athletic performance of a user has a wristband configured to be worn by the user. The electronic module may include a controller and a screen and a plurality of user inputs operably associated with the controller. The user inputs may include a user input configured to... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20120274509 - Gnss receiver and method for determining whether to switch from one operation state to another operation state according to state switching criterion and positioning information: A method for controlling a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver operated in a first operation state includes: providing a state switching criterion; obtaining a positioning information; determining whether to switch from the first operation state to a second operation state according to the obtained positioning information and the state... Agent:

20120274510 - Apparatus and method for estimating the location of a portable terminal: An apparatus and method for location estimation in a portable terminal are provided. An operation of the portable terminal includes, if a location estimation function is activated, determining whether a reference location corresponding to a cell IDentifier (ID) of a currently connected cell is prestored, determining a search frequency range... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120274511 - Satellite based augmentation system: A system for augmenting the availability and performance of a satellite geolocation system includes at least: a behaviour model of at least one of the satellites of said geolocation system incorporating new parameters with which to augment the operating range of said system; and an indicator of the deviation between... Agent: Thales

20120274512 - Signal processing method, device and system: An aspect of the invention is a signal processing method for correlating an N-bit received signal with an N-bit code word signal, wherein the method comprises steps of preprocessing said N-bit received signal and said N-bit code word signal, performing a Fourier transform (126) for said preprocessed signals, multiplying (130)... Agent: Fastrax Ltd.

20120274513 - Method and a system for configuring a beam forming antenna in a communication network: A method of configuring a beam forming antenna in a communication network that comprises a first node where the beam forming antenna is located, second nodes and at least one destination node, communication links being established between said first node and said at least one destination node through at least... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120274514 - Beamforming methods and apparatuses: A method is provided for using an antenna array to create two beams (a first beam and a second beam). In one aspect, the method uses dual polarization beam forming, which allows for many degrees of freedom in designing a desired power pattern. The method is well suited for systems... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20120274516 - Positioning: A positioning method comprising: solving a geometric algebraic expression that relates: position vectors for a plurality of antennas relative to a shared origin, a putative position vector for the shared origin and phase information measured at each of the plurality of antennas, to determine a position vector for the shared... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120274515 - Positioning system and method: The present invention relates to a positioning system and method. The system and the method are particularly well-suited for indoor positioning of several idle objects or moving objects, preferably with very short time between two successive position determinations. According to the invention, two signals of different propagation velocities (preferably ultra-sound... Agent: Gamesontrack A/s

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