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Communications: directive radio wave systems and devices (e.g., radar, radio navigation) October categorized by USPTO classification 10/12

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10/25/2012 > 21 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20120268305 - Stealth detector: The idea for a Stealth Detector was generated by the statement of American military that Stealth technology could never be defeated. The American military stated Stealth technology allows a Stealth plane to send a very small radar signal back to a radar installation, that cannot be interpreted as a plane.... Agent:

20120268306 - Wireless connectivity in a radar detector: A radar detector accessory permits wireless connectivity to a smartphone to enhance or improve upon the existing radar detector, by providing enhanced display of the detector status and control of the detector, including storage of false alerts and locations of interest, storage and alerting to known hazards such as speed... Agent: Escort Inc.

20120268307 - Systems and methods for mapping the crust of the earth: A system comprises a radar transmitter configured to generate a radar signal at a predetermined frequency and a radar receiver configured to receive a reflected signal produced by a reflection of the radar signal. The system further includes a radar antenna system configured to transmit the radar signal into a... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120268318 - Automated layout of beams: The technology described herein includes a system and/or a method of automated layout of beams. The method includes generating a plurality of boundary positions along boundaries of an image frame. The method further includes determining a start location for a first beam within the plurality of boundary positions based on... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120268319 - Air-to-ground antenna: A directional antenna is disclosed. The directional antenna may include a support structure for defining a support surface; a first antenna stack positioned on the support surface, the first antenna stack having multiple antenna elements oriented in a first orientation, allowing the first antenna stack to concentrate radiations in a... Agent: Rockwell Collins, Inc.

20120268308 - Systems and methods to use radar in rfid systems: Systems and methods to use radar systems for radio frequency identification (RFID) applications. In one embodiment, radar systems are adapted to use RFID communications protocols and methods to enhance the usefulness of radar systems beyond the determination of the presence, distance, direction and/or speed of a vehicle or object, to... Agent: Keystone Technology Solutions, LLC

20120268309 - Virtual aperture radar (var) imaging: Virtual Aperture Radar (VAR) imaging provides terminal phase radar imaging for an airborne weapon that can resolve multiple closely-spaced or highly correlated scatterers on a given target with a single pulse to provide an aimpoint update at a useful range to target without training data and without requiring a large... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120268310 - Apparatus and method for intelligently controlling moving object: Provided is a smart radar apparatus for vehicle. The smart radar apparatus sets mobility or motion of a close vehicle as backup data by multiplexing a radar sensor and analyzing signals of multiple sensors. The backup data is indicated as two-dimensional (2D) data having magnitude data and direction vector of... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120268311 - Forward facing sensing system for vehicle: A forward facing sensing system for a vehicle includes a windshield electronics module disposed in the vehicle cabin behind the windshield, a radar sensor device disposed within the windshield electronics module with a sensing direction forward of the vehicle, an image sensor disposed within the windshield electronics module with a... Agent: Magna Electronics Inc.

20120268312 - Method for monitoring the law of illumination of a radar antenna and corresponding device: A method for controlling laws of illumination of a radar antenna with adjustable gain and/or phase, suitable for sending and for receiving a radar signal, the method including obtaining a position of an obstacle located in a near field of a beam of the radar antenna according to a direction... Agent: Thales

20120268313 - Radar device for detecting azimuth of target: In a radar device, an azimuth estimating module estimates, when there are a plurality of arrival echo and an angular range between the arrival azimuth of one of adjacent arrival echoes in the plurality of arrival echoes and the arrival azimuth of the other thereof is equal to or smaller... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120268314 - Multibeam radar apparatus for vehicle, multibeam radar method, and multibeam radar program: An on-board multibeam radar apparatus includes a plurality of beam elements that constitute an antenna transmitting a transmission wave and receiving an incoming wave being reflected and arriving from a target in response to the transmission wave, a control unit configured to select a beam element used for transmission and... Agent: National University Corporation Shizuoka University

20120268315 - Wide area detection of insects using reflected microwaves: An insect detection system including a transmitter array (201) for transmitting microwave signals into a region, a far field receiver array (202) for receiving far field signals reflected or scattered from the region illuminated by the transmitted microwave signals, a processor (500) for processing the received microwave signals; and a... Agent:

20120268316 - Electronic scanning radar apparatus, received wave direction estimating method, and received wave direction estimating program: An electronic scanning radar apparatus in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention, a frequency resolving unit resolves beat signals into beat frequencies having a predetermined frequency bandwidth and calculates complex data based on the resolved beat signals for each beat frequency. An azimuth calculating unit estimates a number... Agent: Honda Elesys Co., Ltd.

20120268317 - Fmcw radar sensor system having a device for detecting a radome coating: An FMCW radar sensor system is described having an antenna covered by a radome, a mixer for mixing a frequency-modulated transmission signal with a signal received by the antenna, a device for recording the mixed product of the mixer as a time-dependent signal, a device for calculating the spectrum of... Agent:

20120268320 - Method and apparatus for combining measurements and determining clock offsets between different satellite positioning systems: Method and apparatus for processing satellite signals from a first satellite navigation system and a second satellite navigation system is described. In one example, at least one first pseudorange between a satellite signal receiver and at least one satellite of the first satellite navigation system is measured. At least one... Agent: Global Locate, Inc.

20120268321 - Global positioning system signal reception with increased resistance to interference: A method and apparatus for identifying a position of a receiver. A number of first radio frequency signals including navigation information at the receiver is received. The number of first radio frequency signals is sent from a number of platforms configured to receive second radio frequency signals from a plurality... Agent: The Boeing Company

20120268322 - Gps positioning system, gps positioning method, and gps positioning terminal: A GPS positioning system including: a storage unit for storing therein assist data for GPS positioning; a determination unit for determining whether the stored assist data stored in the storage unit is valid or invalid; an autonomous positioning unit for, when the stored assist data is determined to be valid,... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20120268323 - Methods and apparatuses for requesting/providing code phase related information associated with various satellite positioning systems in wireless communication networks: Methods and apparatuses are provided that may be used by one or more devices within in wireless communication network to request and/or provide code phase related information signals associated with various Satellite Positioning Systems (SPSs).... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120268324 - Dual beam sector antenna array with low loss beam forming network: A low loss beam forming method and antenna structure are disclosed. The method and structure may preferably be used in forming two narrow beams within a cellular sector. This method allows an increase in the overall network capacity by using a three-column non-planar array and a compact, low-cost, low-loss 3-to-2... Agent:

20120268325 - Maximum likelihood angle estimation of wideband signals using phased array antennas: A method for estimating a target direction of a wideband signal received on an electronically steered array includes: applying convolutional or stretch processing to spatial frequency data of the wideband signal; initializing a stabilization direction to a beam pointing direction; stabilizing the spatial frequency data to the stabilization direction; compressing... Agent:

10/18/2012 > 18 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120262326 - Device and method for detection of water flow in ground: The invention relates to a device and a method to determine whether a water leakage has occurred in ground by means of Doppler radar. The device comprises a radar emitting unit for emitting electromagnetic waves into the ground, a receiver unit for receiving signals reflected from a fluctuating water surface,... Agent:

20120262325 - Mine detection: An integrated mine detection system includes a ground penetrating metal detector and a ground penetrating radar detector. The integrated mine detection system includes an integrated search device housing a radio-wave transmitter of the radar detector and a coil of the metal detector. The radio-wave transmitter includes an antenna. The integrated... Agent: L-3 Communications Cyterra Corporation

20120262324 - Subterranean image generating device and associated method: In certain embodiments, a subterranean imaging apparatus comprises at least two receive channels configured on a land-based vehicle and a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) system. The at least two receive channels are operable to generate electrical signals according to electromagnetic radiation reflected from a subterranean target below a ground surface.... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120262328 - Active array antenna device: In one embodiment, an active array antenna device includes: M (M≧2) bandpass filters to filter signals received by M antenna elements; M low noise amplifiers to amplify the filtered received signals; M distributors to distribute respective of the M amplified signals into N (N≧2) distributed signals; M sets of N... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120262327 - Devices, methods, and systems for occupancy detection: Devices, methods, and systems for occupancy detection are described herein. One or more device embodiments include a memory and a processor. The processor is configured to execute executable instructions stored in the memory to determine an interference temperature associated with a number of radio equipped devices located in an area... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120262329 - Athletic performance monitoring systems and methods in a team sports environment: Systems, apparatuses, and methods estimate the distance between a player and a ball by transmitting a chirp (sweep signal) to a radio tag located on the ball. During the chirp, the frequency of the transmitted signal is changed in a predetermined fashion. The radio tag doubles the transmitted frequency and... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20120262330 - Radar apparatus: An embodiment of the present invention relates to a radar apparatus, wherein a distance to a target and a velocity of the target are measured by transmitting a digitally modulated transmitting signal using a digital code and receiving and demodulating an echo signal returned due to reflection of the transmitting... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120262331 - Filling level measuring device antenna cover: A filling level measuring device antenna cover includes a base body and a plurality of circular fins concentrically arranged on the base body, wherein the fins and the base body consist of a plastic material. The fins and the base body are one piece and injection-moulded.... Agent:

20120262332 - Range side lobe removal device, signal-processing device, radar device provided with the signal-processing device, and method of removing range side lobe: This disclosure provides a range side lobe removal device, which includes a pulse compressor for acquiring a reception signal from a radar antenna and generating a pulse-compressed signal by performing a pulse compression of the reception signal, a pseudorange side lobe generator for generating a pseudo signal of range side... Agent:

20120262333 - Beam position monitor for electron linear accelerator: Disruptive influences through the acceleration field are minimized by the measurement method according to the invention and the frequency range to be evaluated. The high evaluated frequencies also offer geometrically small coupling probes which one can introduce into a drift tube in which only the field of the electron beam... Agent: Astyx Gmbh

20120262334 - Integrated reference source and target designator system for high-precision guidance of guided munitions: A method for determining a position of a device in a reference coordinate system. The method including: receiving, at the device, less than all of GPS signals necessary to determine the position of the device in the reference coordinate system; transmitting a signal from aυ illuminating source defined in the... Agent: Omnitek Partners LLC

20120262335 - Network coverage and demand maps: Disclosed is an apparatus and method for pairing measurements and position estimate as an information pair from multiple mobile devices and reporting these information pairs to a server without over burdening the mobile device and without requiring the mobile devices to establish a new link. Also, disclosed is an apparatus... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120262336 - Radio communication system and controlling method thereof: The radio communication system includes: a transmitter that transmits a first polarized signal and a second polarized signal to a receiver and terminates the transmission of the second polarized signal in accordance with an instruction from the receiver; and the receiver that receives the polarized signal from the transmitter, determines... Agent: Nec Corporation

20120262337 - Single-antenna vehicle transponder: Embodiments of the present invention relate to a vehicle transponder comprising an antenna and a power directing means, the power directing means having a first port, a second port and a third port. In various embodiments, the power directing means is arranged to direct power from the first port to... Agent: Kapsch Trafficcom Ab

20120262338 - Proximity monitoring: Presented is a proximity monitoring apparatus and method. The apparatus comprises: a transmitter adapted to transmit a electromagnetic signal in a periodic time slot defined with reference to a master clock signal; and a detector adapted to receive the electromagnetic signal transmitted by the transmitter, to determine the period of... Agent: Cowper Holdings

20120262339 - Determination of state vector, timing, and navigation quality metrics from reception of ads-b transmissions: A technique for determining the position of a mobile device includes receiving messages from respective mobile reference devices. Each of the messages is broadcast beginning at one of several predetermined message start opportunity (MSO) times that have known timings relative to a reference time. Each of the messages contains a... Agent: Itt Manufacturing Enterprises, Inc.

20120262340 - Step filter for estimating distance in a time-of-flight ranging system: A ranging system includes a time of flight subsystem including circuitry incorporated in a mobile node and a base station for generating a TOF signal between the mobile node and the base station, measuring the time taken for transmission of the TOF signal, and generating a TOF distance signal based... Agent: Magna Electronics Inc.

20120262341 - Method for identifying transmitters by a terminal in a single-frequency network: A method for identifying transmitters by a terminal in a single-frequency network comprising a plurality of transmitters. The transmitters are synchronized and transmit with an artificial delay τi, specific to each transmitter. The method comprises at least one step of acquiring the approximate position of the terminal {circumflex over (p)},... Agent: Thales

10/11/2012 > 17 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20120256777 - Method for identifying materials using dielectric properties through active millimeter wave illumination: Described herein is a method by which active millimeter wave radiation may be used to detect and identify the composition of concealed metallic, concealed non-metallic, concealed opaque or concealed semi-transparent materials based on their optical properties. By actively radiating a semi-transparent target anomaly with multiple millimeter wave radiation frequencies, the... Agent: United States Department Of Homeland Security

20120256778 - Short-range vehicular radar system: Short-range vehicular radar systems are described. In one implementation, an apparatus used in radar applications includes a programmable digital receiver having an adaptable interference filter that is configured to reject radar pulses received from another radar system. In another implementation, a short-range vehicular radar system includes receive and transmission antennae,... Agent: M/a Com, Inc.

20120256779 - Systems and methods for detecting and tracking gun barrels using millimeter waves: Systems and methods for detecting and tracking a gun using millimeter waves are provided. In one embodiment, the invention relates to a method for detecting and tracking a gun using radio frequency waves at millimeter wavelengths, the method including storing empirical data, for up to N types of guns, including... Agent:

20120256780 - Radar equipment and received data processing method: According to one embodiment, a radar equipment includes a radio transmitter, a pulse compressor, a Doppler filter, and an integration processor. The radio transmitter receives pulse signals and digitizes the received pulse signals by oversampling with a frequency higher than that for generation of a pulse compression coefficient to generate... Agent:

20120256781 - Systems and methods for automatically determining a noise threshold: Systems and methods for automatically determining a noise threshold are provided. In one implementation, a system comprises: an antenna configured to gather data about a surrounding environment; a processing unit configured to remove samples representing target data from the gathered data; to estimate the noise floor from the gathered data... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120256782 - Immersion nozzle used for measuring level of molten metal and apparatus for measuring level of molten metal: An immersion nozzle used for measuring a level of molten metal, wherein a first conductive portion and a second conductive portion which are made of carbon are imbedded in a pair of slots which are provided on the surface of the immersion nozzle separately from each other and along the... Agent: Nireco Corporation

20120256783 - Radar detection and location of radio frequency (rf) devices: A system and method for detecting the presence of an RF device and determining a location of the RF device. The system includes a first antenna capable of transmitting a first radar signal and receiving RF signals, a second antenna capable of transmitting a second radar signal and receiving RF... Agent:

20120256784 - Antenna apparatus: In an antenna apparatus, a transmitting antenna includes transmitting-side unit antennas arranged in an arranging-direction at transmitting-side arrangement intervals. Receiving antennas are arranged in the arranging-direction at arrangement intervals. Each of the receiving antennas includes receiving-side unit antennas arranged in the arranging-direction at receiving-side arrangement intervals. The receiving-side arrangement interval... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120256785 - Systems and methods for calibrating dual polarization radar systems: A dual polarization radar system is calibrated based on real-time data measurements, such as measured horizontal and vertical reflectivities, ZH and ZV. In this regard, the radar system analyzes the reflected power measurements to identify which measurements are associated with reflections from a respective spherical object. Using such measurements, the... Agent:

20120256786 - Detection of objects: A detection method comprising directing radiation such that it is incident upon a target, the radiation containing a component having a first polarisation and a component having a second orthogonal polarisation, detecting radiation which is scattered from the target, and analysing the polarisation state of the detected scattered radiation to... Agent: Manchester Metropolitan University

20120256787 - Radar reception signal processing apparatus and method thereof: According to one embodiment, a calculating of a weight includes which is calculating a covariance matrix by applying a process (Post-Doppler process) of selecting a plurality of banks after execution of a Doppler filter process to a specified number of pulses of the received signal, and extracting a plurality of... Agent:

20120256788 - Gnss surveying receiver with multiple rtk engines: The position of a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) surveying receiver is determined based on a plurality of RTK engines. A first RTK engine is implementing using a first set of parameters. A second RTK engine is implemented using a second set of parameter different than the first set. A... Agent: Javad Gnss, Inc.

20120256789 - Diversity time and frequency location receiver: A Wide Area Sensor Network is disclosed that utilizes wideband software defined radios (SDRs) to provide a capability to monitor the airwaves over a wide frequency range, detect when critical frequencies are being jammed or otherwise interfered with, and locate the source of the interference so that the interference can... Agent:

20120256790 - System and method for managing ephemeris requests from client devices: A system and method for reducing peak loads on a network, includes: a server in communication with a plurality of GPS receivers, the receivers sending requests for an ephemeris to the server when a time of ephemeris (TOE) for a previous ephemeris expires; and the ephemeris received by the receivers... Agent: Rx Networks Inc.

20120256791 - Mobile wireless communications device comprising a satellite positioning system antenna and electrically conductive director element therefor: A mobile wireless communications device may include a portable housing, at least one wireless transceiver carried by the portable housing, and a satellite positioning signal receiver carried by the portable housing. An antenna may also be carried by the portable housing and connected to the satellite positioning signal receiver. Further,... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120256792 - Ephemeris extension method for gnss applications: Systems, methods and devices for improving the performance of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers are disclosed. In particular, the improvement of the ability to calculate a satellite position or a receiver position where a receiver has degraded ability to receive broadcast ephemeris data directly from a GNSS satellite is... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120256793 - Simultaneous radio detection and bearing system: Provided is a simultaneous radio detection and bearing system. More specifically, the radio detection and bearing system includes an RF conditioning subsystem having a plurality of First Frequency Range and Second Frequency Range signal receiving channels. The RF conditioning subsystem operable to combine First Frequency Range and Second Frequency Range... Agent: On Target Enterprises, Inc.

10/04/2012 > 20 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120249354 - Radar detector capable of turning on and off the power of oscillators: A radar detector capable of turning on and off the power of oscillators in accordance with the present disclosure, for detecting existence of a signal of a predetermined frequency through a signal processing unit comprising at least one oscillating unit that receives, through an antenna, electromagnetic waves generated from outside... Agent:

20120249355 - Full-wave receiver architecture for the homodyne motion sensor: A homodyne motion sensor or detector based on ultra-wideband radar utilizes the entire received waveform through implementation of a voltage boosting receiver. The receiver includes a receiver input and a receiver output. A first diode is connected to the receiver output. A first charge storage capacitor is connected from between... Agent:

20120249356 - Surface penetrating radar system and target zone investigation methodology: A radar system (22) includes a transmitter (45), a receiver (59), and a software defined radio (SDR) peripheral (40). Methodology (80) for investigating a target zone (26) utilizing the system (22) entails generating (106) a direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) code (120) having a code length (122) corresponding to a... Agent: Sandia Research Corporation

20120249365 - Method and system for generating weather and ground reflectivity information: A method, system, and computer program product for storing weather radar return data into a three-dimensional buffer. The system located on an aircraft includes a radar system that transmits a radar signal and generates a radar measurement as a result of radar return of the transmitted radar signal. A three-dimensional... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120249357 - Antenna/optics system and method: A missile includes a radar system that has a radome through which a main antenna sends and receives signals. The radome includes a radome body and a radome tip include different transmissive materials, with for example the radome body primarily made of a lossy optically nontransparent material, and the radome... Agent:

20120249358 - Dynamic calibration radar system: A missile radar system includes a tapered radome covering a front face of a main antenna. A calibration antenna is the combination of a metal tip and an attached one or more radiating or excitation elements (monopole) on the tip. A narrow end (wedge) of the radome may aid in... Agent:

20120249359 - Calculation device for radar apparatus, radar apparatus, and calculation method and program for radar apparatus: There is provided a calculation device for a radar apparatus which is configured to specify a direction of a target based on respective reception signals of a plurality of antennae. A calculation unit is configured to use a predetermined estimation algorithm of estimating angles of targets corresponding to a preset... Agent: Fujitsu Ten Limited

20120249360 - Electronic scanning radar apparatus, received wave direction estimating method, and received wave direction estimating program: An electronic scanning radar apparatus mounted on a moving object includes a receiver unit including a plurality of antennas receiving a received wave arriving from a target having reflected a transmitted wave, a beat signal generating unit generating a beat signal from the transmitted wave and the received wave, a... Agent: Honda Elesys Co., Ltd.

20120249361 - Method for detecting targets using space-time adaptive processing: A method for detecting a target in a non-homogeneous environment using a space-time adaptive processing of a radar signal includes normalizing training data of the non-homogeneous environment to produce normalized training data; determining a normalized sample covariance matrix representing the normalized training data; tracking a subspace represented by the normalized... Agent:

20120249363 - Long range millimeter wave surface imaging radar system: A long range millimeter wave imaging radar system. Preferred embodiments are positioned to detect foreign object debris objects on surface of the runway, taxiways and other areas of interest. The system includes electronics adapted to produce millimeter wave radiation scanned over a frequency range of a few gigahertz. The scanned... Agent:

20120249362 - Method for obtaining object-plane field from its two images: The invention provides a method for obtaining the object-plane field without a pure theoretical estimation or a direct experimental measurement of a point spread function (PSF) of an imaging system. Instead, at least two image-plane fields have to be recorded. It is essential that the resolutions of the system producing... Agent:

20120249364 - Method of radar emission-reception: A radar emission-reception method including a step of cyclic emission of a group of pulses of different frequency, each frequency being emitted on a different channel and each cycle comprises a single emission phase and a single listening phase and a reception step during which the echoes of each emitted... Agent: Thales

20120249366 - Communications on the move antenna system: Embodiments of the present apparatus and system are directed to a compact satellite communications on the move (SOTM) antenna system that maintains a communications link with a hybrid combination of mechanical and electronic beam steering. This hybrid system ensures that the antenna beamwidth in the plane of the geosynchronous satellites... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120249367 - Satellite-based positioning system improvement: A method, device and system for determining a receiver location using weak signal satellite transmissions. The invention involves a sequence of exchanges between an aiding source and a receiver that serve to provide aiding information to the receiver so that the receiver's location may be determined in the presence of... Agent:

20120249368 - Method and apparatus for determining a position of a gnss receiver: A method of determining a position of a GNSS receiver includes: receiving, at the GNSS receiver, information from at least two GNSS satellites and an estimated location area from a non-GNSS positioning application, determining candidate pseudoranges corresponding to candidate correlation peaks determined based on the information received from the at... Agent: Rx Networks Inc.

20120249369 - Quasi-cold start satellite vehicle search method and system: Methods, systems, computer readable media, and mobile devices for searching for global navigation satellite system (GNSS) signals include acquiring satellite position location signals from a first SV in the GNSS from an Earth location. From an SV position list a determination is made whether any SVs in the GNSS are... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120249370 - Communication device: Communication systems and methods are disclosed. A number of interference sources are obtained based on received signals. A communication is performed using a plurality of antennas and a transmission directivity of the antennas is controlled when transmitting signals. At least null-steering from among null-steering and beam-forming is performed in relation... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20120249371 - Directional radio-signal-detection apparatus and methods of use: An apparatus for direction-finding a received radio signal is disclosed. The receiving apparatus selectively receives on a predetermined frequency to match the transmitter frequency. The receiving apparatus comprises of two or three antennas, including one or two loop antennas that work in conjunction with a third reference antenna (whose phase... Agent:

20120249372 - Methods and apparatus for triggering cooperative positioning or learning in a wireless network: One or more bits are used in peer discovery signals to signal a device's ability and/or willingness to participate in a cooperative manner with regard to one or more mobile device location determination related operations. In some embodiments, the one or more bits are located at predetermined locations within a... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120249373 - Populating non-positional transmitter location databases using information about recognized positional transmitters: Methods and systems for populating and maintaining a non-positional transmitter location database are disclosed. When a mobile station detects a non-positional transmitter, the mobile station transmits information regarding the non-positional transmitter as well as information regarding recognized positional transmitters to a non-positional transmitter location (NPT_L) database server. The NPT_L database... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

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