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Communications: directive radio wave systems and devices (e.g., radar, radio navigation) July category listing 07/12

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07/26/2012 > 16 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120188114 - Multi-layered electromagnetic wave absorber and manufacturing method thereof: A multi layer electromagnetic wave absorber is provided. The absorber includes a surface layer comprising at least one of a dielectric lossy mixture and a magnetic lossy mixture, an absorption layer, laminated on a rear side of the surface layer, comprising: a dielectric lossy mixture having a higher loss than... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20120188119 - Identification and analysis of persistent scatterers in series of sar images: Disclosed herein is a method for identifying persistent scatterers in digital “Synthetic Aperture Radar” images of an area of Earth's surface each taken at a respective time. The method involves processing the digital Synthetic Aperture Radar images to produce digital generalized differential interferograms. The method further involves analyzing properties of... Agent: Telespazio S.p.a.

20120188115 - Using forward-look and side-look doppler radars for precise vehicle association in automated traffic surveillance: This invention is related to an automated traffic surveillance system to monitor traffic comprising of a plural number of Doppler radars, circuitry for processing radar signals, and data recording and displaying devices. Although the system is mainly designed for roadside traffic surveillance, it can be used in different applications, such... Agent:

20120188116 - Calibration of active electronically scanned array (aesa) antennas: The present invention concerns an active electronically scanned array antenna comprising: an active array, configured for radiating/receiving radiofrequency signals through first radiating openings that lie on a ground plane; and a dielectric cover arranged at a given distance from the ground plane so that between said dielectric cover and said... Agent:

20120188117 - Detection sensor: Disclosed is a detection sensor, which can detect various detection regions even with a small-sized antenna.... Agent: Mando Corporation

20120188118 - Passive radiometric imaging device and method: A passive radiometric imaging device and a corresponding method for scanning a scene and reconstructing an image of said scene provide an improved image quality. The device comprises a radiometer for detecting radiation and a processing means for subsequently determining pixel values of pixels of the image to be reconstructed.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120188120 - Method and apparatus for positioning: A positioning method and a positioning apparatus are provided. In this positioning method, a differential global positioning system is used to calculate a double difference of satellite distance in connection with a reference station and a receiver station. A baseline vector pointing from the reference station to the receiver station... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120188121 - Systems and methods for synthesizing gps measurements to improve gps location availability: There are situations where GPS signals are received from less than four satellites. In order to improve the GPS location availability, disclosed here are systems and methods for synthesizing GPS measurements, which, together with fewer than four available real GPS signals, can be used to calculate a position fix. In... Agent: Csr Technology Inc.

20120188122 - Handheld global positioning system device: A handheld GNSS device includes a housing, handgrips integral to the housing for enabling a user to hold the device, and a display screen integral with the housing. The device has a GNSS antenna and a communication antenna, both integral with the housing. The GNSS antenna receives position data from... Agent: Javad Gnss, Inc.

20120188123 - Satellite signal receiving device, method of controlling satellite signal receiving device, and electronic device: A solar cell, a charge state detection circuit and a voltage detection circuit as a generating state detection circuit that detects the generating state of the solar cell, and a control circuit are provided. The control circuit operates a GPS receiver circuit when a detection value detected by the voltage... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120188124 - Gnss receiver and operating method: A GNSS receiver (100) receives radio signals (S(SV)) transmitted from an active set of signal sources (SV1, SV2, SV3, SV5) and based thereon produces position/time related data (DPT). The receiver (100) has a tracking channel resource for each signal source (SV1, SV2, SV3, SV5) in the active set, and the... Agent:

20120188125 - Method and system for use of gps disciplined oscillators for coherent timing reference in distributed radar systems: An active electronically scanned array radar system and method uses a coherent, stable timing reference to transmit phase synchronized radar signals from a plurality of receiver/exciter elements. A global positioning system (GPS) carrier phase disciplined oscillator receives the GPS carrier signal at a GPS receiver. The GPS carrier contains phase... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20120188126 - Synthetic aperture antenna device for transmitting signals of a satellite navigation system comprising a carrier and means for determining its trajectory: A synthetic aperture antenna device for transmitting signals of a system includes a carrier and means for determining its trajectory, and, for each signal respectively associated with a spatial direction, processing means suitable for generating a stationary phase signal over a time window corresponding to the distance traveled by the... Agent: Thales

20120188127 - Global positioning system receiver timeline management: Satellite positioning system (SATPS) receiver that has a plurality of modes and channels, where a timeline module configures the channels based on the mode of operation of the SATPS receiver and reconfigures the channels if the mode of operation of the SATPS changes.... Agent: Csr Technology Inc.

20120188128 - Orientation: An apparatus, a method and a computer program are provided. The apparatus comprises: determination circuitry configured to determine a first bearing from a first location to a radio transmitter at a second location, using at least one radio signal received from the radio transmitter; and orientation circuitry configured to control... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120188129 - Extensible object location system and method using multiple references: An ultra wideband (UWB) or short-pulse RF system is disclosed that can be used to precisely locate or track objects (such as personnel, equipment, assets, etc.) in real-time in an arbitrarily large, physically connected or disconnected, multipath and/or noisy environment. A system implementation includes multiple zones or groups of receivers... Agent: Multispectral Solutions, Inc.

07/19/2012 > 14 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120182171 - Change detection method and system for use in detecting moving targets behind walls, barriers or otherwise visually obscured: A system and method for locating a moving target behind a wall or barrier comprising: providing a plurality of images of the region of interest; selecting a reference image from the plurality of images; forming a predetermined number of difference images by subtracting the absolute value of the pixels of... Agent: U.s. Government As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army

20120182172 - Detecting shopper presence in a shopping environment based on shopper emanated wireless signals: Tracking systems and methods for tracking shoppers in a shopping environment are provided. The systems include at least one receiver configured to receive wireless transmissions from a remote source and a data analyzer configured to receive data from the at least one receiver and to determine statistical data corresponding to... Agent: Shopper Scientist, LLC

20120182173 - System and method for moving target detection: A system and method of detecting moving targets comprises transmitting electromagnetic waves rays from a plurality of transmitters at sequential; receiving reflected waves into a plurality of receivers after each transmission; the compilation of the reflected waves from the plurality of receivers for each transmission representing a data frame; forming... Agent: U.s. Government As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army

20120182174 - Optimizing switching sequence in the case of switched antenna arrays: An antenna array for a radar sensor, wherein the antenna array has a number of antenna elements linearly arranged next to one another. The antenna elements are designed for transmitting or receiving a radar signal, and the antenna array has a switching unit, which is designed to connect the antenna... Agent: Endress + Hauser Gmbh + Co. Kg

20120182175 - Uwb measuring device: A UWB measuring device, in particular a hand-held positioning device, includes at least one signal-generating unit for generating at least one first UWB measuring signal, which is intended for a UWB measurement. The signal-generating unit is provided for generating a second measuring signal that differs from the first UWB measuring... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120182176 - Methods and apparatus for active reflection: An electromagnetic reflector includes an antenna that receives an incoming signal and that transmits an outgoing signal. A three-port device, such as a circulator, has a first port electromagnetically coupled to the antenna. An RF circuit has an input that is electromagnetically coupled to the second port of the three-port... Agent: Photonic Systems, Inc.

20120182177 - Mixer monitoring: In a method for checking the functionality of a mixer, the mixer is supplied with a high-frequency signal and a high-frequency comparison signal in order to generate a baseband signal. The amplitude of the high-frequency signal is modified as a function of time. A direct-current voltage component of the baseband... Agent:

20120182178 - Carbon nanotube devices and method of fabricating the same: An imaging system includes an RF source, a focal plane array and device for focusing the RF signal from the RF source. The focal plane array includes a plurality of carbon nanotube mixers for capturing RF signals and down-converting the signals to a selected bandwidth and output an output signal.... Agent: Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

20120182179 - Method for the computer-supported creation and/or updating of a reference map for a satellite-supported positioning of an object: Distance dimensions in a predetermined spatial region of a reference map are corrected during positioning of an object from which dimensions the object position is determined from a satellite signal, received via a receiving unit at the location of the object, representing the distance from the satellite to the object.... Agent:

20120182180 - Wide area positioning system: Positioning systems and methods comprise a network of transmitters that broadcast positioning signals comprising ranging signals and positioning system information. A ranging signal comprises information used to measure a distance to a transmitter broadcasting the ranging signal. A reference sensor array comprising at least one reference sensor unit is positioned... Agent:

20120182181 - Method and system for determining clock corrections: A satellite clock error is determined for each navigation satellite based on the pseudo-range code measurements, the carrier phase measurements, and broadcast satellite clock errors provided by a receiver network. Differences are determined between the computed satellite clock errors and the broadcast clock errors for each satellite. For each constellation,... Agent:

20120182182 - Recovery from position and time outliers in positioning: A mobile device may use one or more outlier detectors to detect likelihoods that an outlier condition exists for a satellite positioning system (SPS) position fix. In some implementations, an outlier detector may compare a computed position fix to an element of assistance data to generate an outlier likelihood. A... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120182183 - Differentially coherent strobe correlator: A GPS receiver for tracking a GPS signal. The receiver generates a mixed GPS signal by mixing the GPS signal with an oscillator signal, generates a first correlation signal by correlating the mixed GPS signal with a reference signal, and generates a filtered GPS signal from the GPS signal. The... Agent: Sirf Technology Inc.

20120182184 - System and method for determining the location of the phase center of an antenna: A system and method for determining the location of the phase center of an antenna are provided. For the transverse location of the phase center, the system may include radio frequency (RF) probes symmetrically surrounding the antenna's geometrical center to define RF probe pairs, a plurality of phase detectors for... Agent: The Boeing Company

07/12/2012 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20120176265 - Method and apparatus for examining an object using electromagnetic millimeter-wave signal illumination: A method examining an object using millimeter-wave signals includes: (a) providing at least two millimeter-wave signal sources; (b) transmitting at least two millimeter-wave signals having at least two different frequencies from the signal sources illuminate the object; (c) in no particular order: (1) determining whether a return reflected signal is... Agent: The Boeing Copany

20120176266 - Method and radar apparatus for detecting target object: Disclosed is a method and a radar apparatus for transmitting a transmission signal at a controlled timing in order to avoid signal interference, thereby exactly detecting a target object without misrecognition.... Agent: Mando Corporation

20120176267 - Object detecting apparatus: The judgment accuracy is enhanced to judge whether or not an object is actually exists. An object detecting apparatus includes an acquiring unit which acquires information of the object by means of a radar, an angle detecting unit which detects an angle of the object with respect to a subject... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120176268 - Vehicular traffic surveillance doppler radar system: A vehicular traffic surveillance Doppler radar system and method for use of the same are disclosed. In one embodiment, the system comprises a modulation circuit portion for generating modulated FM signals. An antenna circuit portion transmits the modulated FM signals to a target and receives the reflected modulated FM signals... Agent:

20120176269 - Systems and methods for protection from explosive devices: Devices, systems and methods are disclosed which relate to reproducing and testing a simulation of electromagnetic propagation of multiple Radio Frequency (RF) jammers in an environment to determine the effectiveness of the jammer configuration. In some configurations, a multi-jammer simulator renders the electromagnetic propagation of a multiple jammer scenario, including... Agent: Ares Systems Group, LLC

20120176270 - Method for providing reliability of reckoning location and mobile terminal therefor: Disclosed are method and apparatus for evaluating reliability of reckoning location information and providing reliability information. A mobile terminal implementing the method provides a user with a handheld device to provide accurate location information. The method for providing reliability of a reckoning location preferably includes: reckoning a location using speed... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120176271 - Navigation system and method for resolving integer ambiguities using double difference ambiguity constraints: A system and method for providing improved correction information to navigation receivers includes receiving, from a plurality of reference stations at known locations, a plurality of satellite navigation measurements of signals from a plurality of global navigation satellites. A state of the plurality of global navigation satellites is computed based... Agent:

20120176272 - Ultra-sensitive system for measuring distance or position: Plural UWB transmitter-receivers (1), periodically transmitting PN codes of M system and preliminarily disposed on known positions are provided, a server (3) to synchronize the plural UWB transmitter-receivers (1) is provided, an RF tag (T), attached to a moving object (20) as to receive signals (I0) synchronously and periodically transmitted... Agent:

07/05/2012 > 22 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120169522 - Distributed and coordinated electronic warfare system: A distributed and coordinated electronic warfare system is disclosed, which comprises a plurality of autonomous, geographically-distributed, mobile units (e.g., soldiers, vehicles, etc.), each of which carries an electronic warfare module. Each electronic warfare module comprises: a telecommunications transceiver for enabling the electronic warfare modules and their users to communicate with... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20120169523 - Method and radar apparatus for detecting target object: Disclosed is a method and a radar apparatus for transmitting a transmission signal through a changing transmission frequency band in order to avoid signal interference, thereby exactly detecting a target object without misrecognition.... Agent: Mando Corporation

20120169532 - Vehicle-mounted radar device: The vehicle-mounted radar device is mounted on a vehicle, and includes: a detector for irradiating a periphery of the vehicle with electromagnetic waves, and for outputting a reception signal obtained from reflected waves that are reflected from an object that exists in the periphery of the vehicle; a vehicle information... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120169531 - Weather radar beam-sharpening and de-quantization: Systems and methods for improving display quality for at range weather data of smaller antenna size radar weather systems. A processor receives a column of quantized reflectivity data associated with an antenna from a radar system. The processor adjusts the column of quantized reflectivity data based on estimated quantized reflectivity... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120169524 - Single channel semi-active radar seeker: The disclosed approach provides a low-cost approach by employing a single channel receiver for a direction-finding missile, rather than a conventional four-channel system. It employs interferometry techniques. The proposed approach leverages orthogonal waveforms and pseudorandom noise (PN) codes. This is a low-cost approach for a single channel direction finding system... Agent:

20120169526 - Driver assistance system for a vehicle, vehicle having a driver assistance system, and method for assisting a driver in driving a vehicle: The invention relates to a driver assistance system for a vehicle (1), wherein the driver assistance system has at least one controller (2, 4, 6, 9, 11, 14) installed in the vehicle (1) and/or at least one sensor device (16, 17, 18, 19) installed in the vehicle (1), wherein the... Agent: Valeo Schalter Und Sensoren Gmbh

20120169525 - Fmcw radar sensor for motor vehicles: FMCW radar sensor for motor vehicles, having at least one antenna element and a modulation device for feeding the antenna element using a frequency-modulated transmission signal, whose frequency periodically sweeps a frequency band, characterized in that the antenna element has multiple subelements, which are positioned in a vertical column and... Agent:

20120169527 - High frequency mode generator for radar level gauge: With this design, electromagnetic waves having the first propagation mode emitted by the radiator into the lens will be reflected at least twice within the lens (first in the bottom surface and then in the upper surface). At the second reflection (in the upper surface of the lens), the propagation... Agent:

20120169528 - Radar level gauging using frequency modulated pulsed wave: t

20120169529 - method for detecting a distance, a radar system and a computer program product: The invention relates to a method for detecting a distance between a radar system and a reflecting surface. The method comprises the steps of transmitting a frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar signal from the radar system and receiving a reflected FMCW radar signal being the transmitted signal that has... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast

20120169530 - Portable housings for generation of building maps: A system and method are presented for producing a model of the interior of a building. The model is capable of receiving and dynamically incorporating input from various sources including, for example, existing static map data, data such as annotations and updates provided by persons on the scene but outside... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120169533 - System and method for locating mobile device in wireless communication network: A method is provided for determining a location of a mobile device in a wireless network. The method includes receiving global navigation satellite system (GNSS) measurements from the mobile device, and receiving terrestrial measurements from corresponding transceivers in the wireless network, each terrestrial measurement indicating a distance between the corresponding... Agent: Andrew LLC

20120169534 - Optimizing performance of multiple location based service applications that are running either alone or simultaneously on a wireless device: Requests for location fix for a mobile device, received from one or more Location Based Service (LBS) applications are queued in a queue in the mobile device. Based on information in a first queued request, the mobile device runs a location engine in a first fix mode to obtain a... Agent: Cellco Partnership D/b/a Verizon Wireless

20120169535 - Affecting electronic device positioning functions based on measured communication network signal parameters: Techniques are provided which may be implemented in various methods and apparatuses to allow an electronic device to determine when it transitions between certain environments which may be perceived, for example, from observations associated with wireless signals transmitted by a wireless communication network. In response to an environment transition determination,... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120169536 - Gnss receiver design testing: A GNSS receiver design is tested, which design includes software for generating position/time related data (DPT) based on raw digital data (dRAW) when the software is executed in a processing unit of the receiver. GNSS signals (SRF) are received via a radio frequency input device while moving the radio frequency... Agent: Nordnav Technologies Ab

20120169537 - Method and apparatus for detecting positioning system antenna connection change: Through use of the method and circuits disclosed herein, connection and disconnection of positioning system antenna to a positioning system enabled mobile device is automatically detected. Upon detection of a connection or disconnection of the active positioning antenna, a low noise amplifier is disabled (or enabled) and the gain of... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120169538 - Enhancing search capacity of global navigation satellite system (gnss) receivers: Enhancing search capacity of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers. A method for searching satellite signals in a receiver includes performing a plurality of searches sequentially. The method also includes storing a result from each search of the plurality of searches in a consecutive section of a memory. Further, the... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20120169540 - Antenna failure compensation: A method for compensating for the failure of an element in a phased array antenna assembly is provided. After failure of an element of the assembly, a composite pattern is generated from signals received by respective elements in the antenna assembly. This generated pattern is then compared to a standard... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20120169539 - Robust beamforming for antenna arrays through use of motion/displacement sensing: One embodiment of a beamforming system includes an antenna array and at least one sensor configured to sense one of movement and displacement of at least a portion of the antenna array. A processor is configured to control beamforming by the antenna array based on output from the sensor.... Agent:

20120169541 - Systems and methods for a terrestrial-based positioning beacon network: Terrestrial-based positioning beacon networks may include first and second terrestrial-based positioning beacons that are configured to simultaneously transmit signals to a terrestrial receiver. The first terrestrial-based positioning beacon may be configured to modify its transmissions to the terrestrial receiver in response to an identification of potential interference with the transmissions... Agent:

20120169542 - System and method for positioning using hybrid spectral compression and cross correlation signal processing: The present invention relates to a system and method for positioning and navigation using hybrid spectral compression and cross correlation signal processing of signals of opportunity, which may include Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) as well as other wideband energy emissions in GNSS obstructed environments. Examples of these signals of... Agent:

20120169543 - True omni-directional antenna: An antenna and a method for using the antenna in a wireless appliance are provided. The antenna includes a conducting surface having a length and a width; a dielectric slit having a slit length portion oriented along either the length or the width, the slit forming two lips on the... Agent: Secureall Corporation

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