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Communications: directive radio wave systems and devices (e.g., radar, radio navigation) May archived by USPTO category 05/12

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05/31/2012 > 17 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120133542 - Apparatus and method for concentrating electromagnetic energy on a remotely-located object: A method for transmitting radio frequency (RF) radiation to an object located in proximity to a reflector includes the steps of: selecting a target reflector and a level of power for conveying to the target reflector by reradiation from the target reflector, determining a resonance profile of the target reflector,... Agent: Drosera Ltd.

20120133543 - Dual mode ground penetrating radar (gpr): A dual mode ground penetrating radar includes an enclosure which houses radar electronics. The dual mode ground penetrating radar includes an enclosure housing radar electronics. The dual mode ground penetrating radar further includes a first antenna feed having ferrite loading and extending outside of the enclosure. The dual mode ground... Agent: King Abdulaziz City For Science And Technology

20120133544 - Measurement method and apparatus: There is provided a method and associated apparatus for measurement. Specifically, a method for determining a distance travelled by a signal in a medium, or the time of flight of a signal travelled. The method comprises considering an unambiguous range wherein the unambiguous range greater than a distance to be... Agent:

20120133550 - Method for determining the geographic coordinates of pixels in sar images: A method for effecting the airborne determination of geographic coordinates of corresponding pixels from digital synthetic aperture radar images, where the SAR images are available in the form of slant range images and the recording position of the respective SAR image is known. The coordinates of the corresponding pixels in... Agent: Eads Deutschland Gmbh

20120133551 - Method of correcting reflectivity measurements and radar implementing this method: A method of correcting reflectivity measurements performed by a radar, such as a weather radar, includes a reflectivity measurement being associated with a resolution volume. The method includes acquiring the reflectivity measurement Zm corresponding to the current resolution volume, estimating the attenuation kc introduced by the cloud droplets, said estimating... Agent: Thales

20120133545 - Collision avoidance transponder for aerial hazards and method for reducing collisions with aerial hazards: Embodiments of a collision-avoidance transponder and method for reducing collisions with an aerial hazard are generally described herein. The collision-avoidance transponder may be configured for location on an aerial hazard and may be configured to regularly transmit a signal that mimics an air traffic control (ATC) transponder reply signal. The... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120133546 - Combining data from multiple radar signals on a single plan position indicator (ppi) display: In certain embodiments, a method for combining data from multiple radar signals on a single PPI includes receiving, from a first radar device having a first angular range of visibility, first radar signal data corresponding to the first angular range of visibility. The method further includes receiving, from a second... Agent:

20120133547 - Automotive radar system and method for using same: A radar system (44) for a vehicle (42) includes a transmit unit (56) and a receive unit (58). The transmit unit (56) includes a single beam antenna (72) for output of a radar signal (74) into a target zone (46). The receive unit (58) includes a single beam antenna (76)... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20120133548 - Method for direction finding by means of monopulse formation: A method for direction finding by means of monopulse formation in a radar system with electronically controlled group antenna and analog beam shaping of sum and difference channels, a self-test of the antenna being carried out to identify failed receiving elements, and the result of the self-test going directly into... Agent: Eads Deutschland Gmbh

20120133549 - Active electronically scanned array antenna for hemispherical scan coverage: An antenna architecture for hemispherically-scanning active electronically scanned arrays (AESA). The antenna architecture utilizes variable diameter disks of antenna elements configured in a conical implementation. The antenna elements are oriented such that the element boresight is normal to the surface of the conical structure. Beamforming takes place on each disk... Agent: Src, Inc.

20120133552 - System and method for gnss in-band authenticated position determination: The present invention provides a system and method for determining the authenticity of reported positions of GNSS receivers, such as aircraft equipped with GPS positioning devices, and provides an in-band verification capability for GNSS positions by tasking one or more GNSS satellites as designated authentication support (DAS) satellites that transmit... Agent: Sensis Corporation

20120133553 - Data access and management using gps location data: Disclosed are methods, systems and products, including a method that includes maintaining a plurality of records associated with a plurality of objects, the plurality of records are configured to include global positioning system (GPS)-based data representative of locations of the plurality of objects. The method also includes accessing at least... Agent:

20120133554 - Method and system for processing positioning signals based on predetermined message data segment: A method and system for determining a geolocation of an object includes collecting a positioning signal including a predetermined message data segment. A time of arrival of the predetermined message data segment may be determined in the positioning signal. Information based on the time of arrival may be provided for... Agent: Fast Location, Net, LLC

20120133555 - Method and system for building location information database of access points and method for providing location information using the same: A method and system for building a database (DB) of location information of APs and providing AP location information in a shadow area of Global Positioning System (GPS) using the DB includes acquiring a reference location during a location information acquisition mode; collecting AP information of at least one AP... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120133556 - Mobile apparatus: A mobile apparatus is provided. The mobile apparatus comprises a transceiver and a processor. The transceiver receives a nearby signal from a nearby mobile apparatus, wherein the nearby signal carries a nearby positioning information. The processor electrically connected to the transceiver estimates a nearby received signal strength of the nearby... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20120133557 - System and method for high performance beam forming with small antenna form factor: An antenna arrangement, a system, and method are provided for implementing a wireless communication module capable of performing adaptive beam forming, with a small antenna sail area. The antenna has a large horizontal to vertical aspect ratio. The antenna module is designed to include very few, or potentially a single... Agent:

20120133558 - High-precision radio frequency ranging system: Methods for estimating a distance between an originator and a transponder, methods for calculating a fine time adjustment in a radio, computer-readable storage media containing instructions to configure a processor to perform such methods, originators used in a system for estimating a distance to a transponder, and transponders used in... Agent: Ensco, Inc.

05/24/2012 > 23 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20120127028 - Method for geo-referencing of optical remote sensing images: In the method for geo-referencing of optical remote sensing images of an area of the earth's surface, the geo-referencing is corrected based on an SAR image which is geo-referenced.... Agent:

20120127013 - Method and program for detecting object of interest, and radar device: This disclosure provides a radar device, which detects an object of interest from image data produced based on an input signal containing echo signals caused by transmitted signals reflecting on objects. The radar device includes a memory module for storing template image data produced based on one or more characteristics... Agent:

20120127014 - Method for producing sensor-supported, synthetic vision for landing support of helicopters under brown-out or white-out conditions: A method for producing a sensor-supported, synthetic view for landing support of helicopters under brown-out or white-out conditions is provided. A virtual 3-D representation of the landing zone is continuously created from 3-D data of the intended landing zone recorded during the landing approach and a monitoring routine is available... Agent: Eads Deutschland Gmbh

20120127015 - Multilateration system and method: A multilateration system and method includes a plurality of receiver stations for receiving signals from an aircraft, and a controller that derives the position of the aircraft by applying a multilateration process to outputs from the receiver stations. For this purpose, the controller determines the altitude of the aircraft and... Agent: Roke Manor Research Limited

20120127017 - Object detection device for vehicle and object detection method for vehicle: An object detection device for a vehicle includes a transmission and reception unit that transmits an electromagnetic wave and receives a reflected wave generated when the electromagnetic wave is reflected by an object around a subject vehicle, a reflecting point computation unit that computes a position of a reflecting point... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120127016 - Radar device: A signal processing unit in a radar device calculates a change amount Y (=log(P)−log(Pb)) between a power P of a current arrival echo and a power of a previous arrival echo arrived before an observation period TSW. A memory unit in the radar device stores, every type of objects, a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120127018 - Method, device and program for processing signals, and radar apparatus: This disclosure provides a signal processing device, which includes an echo signal input module for inputting echo signals from an antenna discharging electromagnetic waves to a predetermined area and receiving the echo signals reflected on a target object, an echo signal level detection module for detecting a level of each... Agent:

20120127019 - Method and device for detecting target object, and radar apparatus: This disclosure provides a method of detecting a target object by receiving reflection echoes of detection signals transmitted sequentially from a revolving antenna, and by detecting a target object based on detection data resulted from sampling reception signals at a predetermined time interval. The method comprises temporarily storing the detection... Agent:

20120127020 - Distributed time-reversal mirror array: A distributed time reversal mirror array (DTRMA) system includes a plurality of independent, sparsely distributed time reversal mirrors (TRMs). Each of the TRMs includes an antenna; a transceiver connected to the antenna for transmitting a signal toward a target, for receiving a return, reflected signal from the target, and for... Agent:

20120127021 - System and method for microwave ranging to a target in presence of clutter and multi-path effects: A system for measuring range to an RFID tag including situations containing high clutter and multi-path signals is disclosed. The system includes an RFID reader; an RFID tag; and a coordinated signal compression radar system. The reader causes the tag to respond to received signals in a first backscatter state... Agent: Tc License Ltd.

20120127022 - Detection device, radar apparatus, detection method and detection program: This disclosure provides a detection device, which includes an image data generation module for generating image data based on echo signals, and a target object detection module for determining an existence of a target object based on a level of the echo signal at each location of the image data... Agent:

20120127023 - Method and device for processing signal, and radar device: This disclosure provides a signal processing device, which includes an echo signal input unit for being inputted with echo signals caused by electromagnetic waves discharged from an antenna and reflected on one or more target objects, an echo signal level detector for detecting a level of each of the echo... Agent:

20120127024 - Radar apparatus and method of detecting target object: This disclosure provides a radar apparatus, which includes an antenna for discharging a transmission beam with frequencies corresponding to elevation/depression angles with respect to a particular surface and receiving a reflection echo from a reflective body and a reception module for detecting an elevation/depression angle of the reflective body based... Agent:

20120127025 - Method for estimating the angular position of a target by radar detection and radar implementing said method: i

20120127026 - Method, device and program for displaying echo image: This disclosure provides an echo image display device, which includes an antenna for discharging electromagnetic waves and receiving echo signals reflected on one or more target objects, an echo signal input unit for inputting the echo signals from the antenna, an echo signal level detector for detecting a level of... Agent:

20120127027 - Persymmetric parametric adaptive matched filters for detecting targets using space-time adaptive processing of radar signals: A method provides space-time adaptive processing (STAP) for target detection using adaptive matched filters (AMF). A generalized likelihood ratio test (GLRT) is determined where spatial and temporal correlation matrices Q and A are assumed. Then, the correlation matrices A and Q are replaced with maximum likelihood (ML) estimates obtained only... Agent:

20120127029 - Coded filter: A method and apparatus for estimating and compensating for a broad class of non-Gaussian sensor and process noise. In one example, a coded filter combines a dynamic state estimator (for example, a Kalman filter) and a non-linear estimator to provide approximations of the non-Gaussian process and sensor noise associated with... Agent: The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.

20120127030 - Tight optical integration (toi) of images with gps range measurements: A method of determining the position of a user in 3D space is disclosed. In one example, the method comprises utilizing range measurements from one or more GPS satellite vehicles, angular information of a camera located at the user position, and a camera image associated with one or more known... Agent: Ohio University

20120127031 - Autonomous orbit propagation system and method: A method of predicting a location of a satellite is provided wherein the GPS device, based on previously received information about the position of a satellite, such as an ephemeris, generates a correction acceleration of the satellite that can be used to predict the position of the satellite outside of... Agent: Rx Networks Inc.

20120127032 - Portable base station network for local differential gnss corrections: A DGNSS-based guidance system, wherein a rover receiver first utilizes data from a master base station transceiver, a DGNSS reference network, or some other differential source to compute a differentially corrected location to establish a reference DGNSS relationship. Using this location and data observed only at the rover, the rover... Agent:

20120127033 - Alignment system: An apparatus for determining alignment of a first subsystem relative to a second subsystem. The apparatus includes a first antenna system for simultaneously transmitting a delta pattern radiation beam at a first frequency and a sum pattern radiation beam at a second frequency. The apparatus also includes a second antenna... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120127034 - Phased array antenna with reduced component count: A phased-array antenna with electronic beam steering that provide simultaneous operation at transmit and receive frequencies and polarization control is disclosed. The antenna architecture reduces the number of beam steering and polarization control devices used compared to conventional array designs. The extremely compact, low-loss, and largely passive design reduces the... Agent: Raysat Antenna Systems, L.L.C.

20120127035 - Electrically small, source direction resolving antennas: An electrically small receiver system is provided. The receiver system includes a plurality of antennas and a signal processing circuit. The plurality of antennas includes a first antenna configured to receive a first signal and a second antenna configured to receive a second signal. The signal processing circuit includes a... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

05/17/2012 > 22 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20120119932 - Radar module: An integrated antenna package includes an interposer, an integrated circuit die, and a cap that forms a cavity within the integrated antenna package. A lossy EBG structure resides at the cap overlying the integrated circuit device. A lossless EBG structure resides at the cap overlying a microstrip feedline. A radar... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20120119933 - Electronic counter measure system: A tactical electronic counter measure system comprising a first retro-directional transceiver sub system, receiving signals at a first frequency band, and first retro-directional transceiver re transmitting a signal at least substantially toward the direction from which the sources signal was received, and first retro directional transceiver sub system including a... Agent: Elbit Systems Ew And Sigint - Elisra Ltd.

20120119934 - Globally referenced positioning in a shielded environment: A method, apparatus and system for globally referenced positioning in a shielded environment includes integrating and correlating information from a UWB receiver, a GPS receiver, and a bent-path GPS receiver adapted to extract a GPS radio frequency wave from a heterodyned GPS signal. The method, apparatus, and system is resistant... Agent: Lightwaves Systems, Inc.

20120119935 - Remote interrogation for detection of activity or living organisms inside electronically conductive containers: A system includes: a radar scanner disposed to scan the interior of a container; an interrogator in communication with the scanner; and a processing system in communication with the interrogator, in which the processing system displays information about the interior of the container. A method includes: mounting a radar scanner... Agent: Tialinx, Inc.

20120119943 - Method and apparatus for determining a doppler centroid in a synthetic aperture imaging system: There is described a method for determining a Doppler centroid in a synthetic aperture imaging system, comprising: receiving raw data representative of electromagnetic signals reflected by a target area; selecting, among the raw data, at least two sets of sub-area data each representative of electromagnetic signals reflected by a corresponding... Agent:

20120119944 - Gnss atmospheric estimation with ambiguity fixing: Methods and apparatus are presented for estimating environmental parameters from GNSS signals in real time. Some embodiments estimate a float solution using a federated ionospheric filter. Some embodiments fix ambiguities for improved estimates.... Agent: Trimble Navigation Limited

20120119936 - System and method for transmitting vehicle information to an occupant communication device: In at least one embodiment, an apparatus for transmitting vehicle information to an occupant communication device (OCD) is provided. The system comprises a communication module positioned within the vehicle. The communication device is configured to receive a transmission status signal indicative of a transmission mode for the vehicle. The communication... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120119937 - Radar device: A radar device 100 includes: a receive antenna 2 having a plurality (here, three) of element antennas (21, 22, and 23) disposed in the left-right direction such that at least some of the plurality of element antennas is shifted in the up-down direction from the others; and a position detecting... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120119938 - Fmcw radar apparatus having plurality of processor cores used for signal processing: A FMCW radar apparatus obtaining information about a target object includes: a transmitter generating a transmission signal of which frequency is modulated based on the FMCW method, the receiver receiving the radar waves reflected at the object, a mixer that generates a beat signal from a mixed signal of the... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120119939 - Radar apparatus: A radar apparatus includes a transmitter, a receiver, and a signal processor. The transmitter outputs a radar wave. The receiver includes a plurality of receiving antennas and a plurality of receiving devices. Each of the receiving devices mixes a reception signal from the corresponding receiving antenna with a local signal... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120119940 - Radar apparatus with multi-receiver channel: In a radar apparatus, a signal processor successively selects outputs of a plurality of receiving channels at time intervals and repeat, at a sampling cycle, a sequence of the successive selections of the outputs of the plurality of receiving channels, thus sampling values of a beat signal. The signal processor... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120119941 - Augmenting radar contact size on a radar plan position indicator (ppi) display: In certain embodiments, a method includes receiving a radar signal comprising one or more radar contacts each having associated location information. The method further includes determining, based on at least a portion of the location information associated with each of the one or more radar contacts, one or more pixels... Agent:

20120119942 - Radar wave transmit/receive device: Device for transmitting/receiving frequency modulated type radar waves that includes: a circuit for generating radar waves which includes a voltage-controlled oscillator coupled to a circulator which is itself connected to a transmit/receive antenna; a detection circuit including a first mixer which is fed by the circulator and the voltage-controlled oscillator,... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.a.

20120119945 - Satellite orbital data compression method, satellite orbital data providing method, satellite orbital data expansion method, server, and positioning apparatus: A compression method of satellite orbital data includes: calculating an estimate value of a first parameter from a predetermined calculation using either another parameter value or a first parameter in a different unit term, and replacing the first parameter value with the difference value between the estimate value and the... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120119946 - System and method for testing performance of transponder: Disclosed is a satellite performance monitoring system. The satellite performance monitoring system may include a satellite communication controlling apparatus that is installed outdoors to transmit a test signal for measuring a performance of a satellite transponder to the satellite transponder and thereby receive a test response signal from the satellite... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120119947 - System and/or method for reducing ambiguities in received sps signals: The subject matter disclosed herein relates to a system and method for resolving ambiguities associated with signals received from space vehicles (SVs) in a satellite navigation system.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120119949 - Method and device for discriminating among locations of a mobile terminal: A location-information discrimination method and device are provided that can accurately discriminate between locations of a mobile terminal in keeping with an actual environment. A discrimination value calculator calculates a discrimination value that is dependent on the amount of a change, from a predetermined value, in the received power of... Agent:

20120119948 - Position information detection device, communication apparatus, and communication system: A position detection device includes a first position obtaining unit obtaining position information by receiving a GPS signal, a second position obtaining unit obtaining position information based on information obtained from a plurality of peripheral base stations, a position information obtainment determining unit determining whether or not the first position... Agent:

20120119950 - Navigation satellite signal repeater and navigation satellite signal repeating method: A navigation satellite signal repeater and a navigation satellite signal repeating method are provided. The navigation satellite signal repeater includes an outdoor navigation satellite receiver and a plurality of navigation satellite signal generators. The outdoor navigation satellite receiver is configured to receive a navigation satellite signal from a navigation satellite... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120119951 - Global navigation satellite antenna systems and methods: A method for reducing multipath when determining a location of a stationary or near stationary position, includes receiving a signal from an antenna moving continuously with respect to the stationary or near stationary position, the signal including a multipath component, processing the received signal including the multipath component, wherein multipath... Agent:

20120119952 - Method and apparatus for controlling sidelobes of an active antenna array: A method of controlling sidelobe distribution in an active electronically steered array, including electronically reshaping the array aperture so as to reduce sidelobes over a selected region of a coverage volume of the array. In one example, reshaping of the aperture is achieved by electronically turning on and/or off selected... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120119953 - Control method of wireless communication system, wireless communication system, adjustment method of array weight vector, and wireless communication device: To suppress an adverse effect caused by side lobes of an antenna array when determining an AWV to be used in communication. A first communication device transmits/receives a training signal while scanning a beam pattern, and a second communication device receives/transmits the training signal with a fixed beam pattern. A... Agent:

05/10/2012 > 15 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120112949 - Wideband rf detection: The present invention relates to a method of wideband RF detection. The method may include transmitting a signal from a plurality of transmit positions along a drive path. Reflections of the transmitted signal are received at a plurality of receive positions along the drive path. A signature is formed based... Agent: Lucent Technologies Inc.

20120112957 - Multidirectional target detecting system and method: A method and system for investigating and displaying an image of an area of interest comprising a moving vehicle; at least one processor for producing an image of the area of interest; at least one first transmitter for emitting first signals substantially in a first direction, the at least one... Agent: U.s. Government As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army

20120112950 - Automatic dependant surveillance systems and methods: A communications system including an automated dependant surveillance-broadcast system and a global positioning system integrated into a single unit. A radio frequency receiver receives analog automated dependent surveillance-broadcast information at a selected transmission frequency and converts that information into digital form. A global positioning system receiver receives global positioning information... Agent:

20120112951 - Radar device: A radar device transmits an electric wave and receives waves reflected by a plurality of objects to generate a received signal, so as to detect a plurality of up frequency peaks and a plurality of down frequency peaks from the received signal and measure characteristic values with regard to the... Agent: Fujitsu Ten Limited

20120112952 - Systems and methods for suppressing ambiguous peaks from stepped frequency techniques: Signal compensation systems and methods compensate an estimated range profile from a plurality of detected signal returns from a true range profile, wherein the signal returns correspond to an emitted stepped frequency pulse-train. An exemplary embodiment utilizes knowledge of the radar system design to identify locations, predict power levels, and... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120112953 - Integrated and configurable radar system: An integrated radar system includes a processing module and a radar device. The radar device includes an antenna module, a configurable shaping module, and a configurable transceiver module. The processing module generates an outbound signal and a control signal to configure the integrated radar system. The configured transceiver module converts... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20120112954 - Radar device: The conventional ESPRIT method is accompanied by the problem of very long signal processing time. The radar device of the invention includes a signal vector-forming unit for forming signal vectors based on waves reflected from an object and received by using a plurality of receiving antennas; a submatrix-forming unit for... Agent: Fujitsu Ten Limited

20120112955 - Method of determining threshold for detection of peak frequency in radar and object information producing apparatus using the same: A peak detecting threshold determining method is provided which determines a peak detecting threshold which is used by an FMCW radar in detecting a peak frequency component which appears as representing a target object in a frequency spectrum. A CW radar wave is transmitted to produce a CW noise spectrum.... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120112956 - Integrated circuit, transceiver and method for leakage cancellation in a receive path: An integrated circuit for cancelling a radio frequency transmit leakage signal comprises: a transmitter portion comprising at least one amplifier stage for transmitting a radio frequency signal to an antenna port; and a first coupler arranged to operably couple the transmitter portion, the antenna port and a receiver portion. The... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20120112958 - Method of and system for increasing the reliability and accuracy of location estimation in a hybrid positioning system: Methods and systems of hybrid positioning are provided for increasing the reliability and accuracy of location estimation. According to embodiments of the invention, the quality of reported locations from specific sources of location is assessed. Satellite and non-satellite positioning systems provide initial positioning estimates. For each positioning system relevant information... Agent:

20120112960 - Access point, mobile terminal, global navigation satellite system using the access point, and method of providing position information using the access point: An access point (AP), a mobile terminal, a global navigation satellite system (GNSS), and a method of providing position information using the AP are provided. The AP may be equipped with or connected to a GNSS receiver, and the GNSS may precisely determine the position of the mobile terminal using... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120112959 - Method and apparatus for establishing meshed gps network: An apparatus and method for determining real time location of assets by calculating the relative position of a plurality of GPS enabled devices transported together, taking advantage of multiple GPS enable devices being transported together including dual band GPS and averaging location data between US and European GPS data. Additionally,... Agent: System Planning Corporation

20120112961 - Method and apparatus for faster global positioning system (gps) location using a pre-computed spatial location for tracking gps satellites: A method and apparatus for faster global positioning system (GPS) location using pre-computed spatial location data are described. In one embodiment, a method includes acquiring a pre-computed spatial location of a mobile platform device (MPD) that is computed when a GPS receiver is disabled due to the spatial location of... Agent: Intel Corporation

20120112962 - Beamforming rf circuit and applications thereof: A beamforming radio frequency (RF) circuit includes a plurality of antennas, a plurality of amplifiers and an adjust module. The plurality of antennas is operably coupled to interrelate a plurality of beamformed signal components with a beamformed signal. The plurality of amplifiers is operably coupled to interrelate the plurality of... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20120112963 - Butler matrix and multi-port amplifier having the same: A butler matrix and a multi-port amplifier having the same, capable of splitting a single input signal into N-signals or combining N-signals into a single output are provided. The hybrids are provided in a predetermined disposition, the input port and the output port of the hybrids are provided in a... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

05/03/2012 > 19 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120105268 - Method of detecting a scatterer in a structure, a radar system and a computer program product: The invention relates to a method of detecting a scatterer in a structure, such as a building structure. The method comprises the steps of transmitting from one or a multiple number of positions exterior to a structure, a wall probing radar signal towards the structure. The method also comprises the... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

20120105267 - Surveillance with subject screening: A surveillance system is disclosed. In some embodiments, the surveillance system may include at least one controller adapted to control operation of first and second screening apparatus and to produce image data and screening data, to relate the image data to the screening data, and to produce relational information data... Agent: L-3 Communications Security And Detection Systems, Inc.

20120105275 - Detection system and method using gradient magnitude second moment spatial variance detection: A detection system includes a detection processor configured to receive a frame of image data, that includes a range/Doppler matrix, perform a rate-of-change of variance calculation with respect to at least one pixel in the frame of image data, and compare the calculated rate-of-change of variance with a predetermined threshold... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120105274 - Radar system and method for a synthetic aperture radar: A radar system for a synthetic aperture radar including an arrangement of at least one transmitter, two receivers, two antennas and signal processing means located on a platform. The platform is arranged to move over ground and arranged to transmit a known signal shape and receive signals reflected from the... Agent: Saab Ab

20120105276 - Synthetic aperture radar (sar) imaging system: One embodiment of the invention includes a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) system including a receiver configured to receive a plurality of reflected radar pulses corresponding to a plurality of radar transmission pulses having been reflected from a target region. A processing controller divides the target region into a plurality of... Agent:

20120105269 - Multibeam radar sensor apparatus and method for determining a distance: In a multibeam radar sensor apparatus having at least two transmission/reception channels, whose signal paths each include an antenna and a mixer, at least one first mixer is configured bidirectionally as a transfer mixer, and at least one second mixer is switchable from a first into a second operating state;... Agent:

20120105270 - Observation signal processing apparatus: An observation signal processing apparatus transmits a pulse signal as a search signal, generates an observation value based on a reflected signal against a target and a delay modulation pulse signal, and performs coherent integration on the observation value to output an integration value. The apparatus includes a section for... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120105271 - Satellite signal determination apparatus: A vehicle direction estimation section estimates an absolute direction of a heading direction of a vehicle based on GPS information and vehicle information. A satellite direction estimation section estimates an absolute direction of a target satellite of several satellites for positioning based on corresponding GPS information, and estimates a relative... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120105272 - Method for filtering the radar echoes produced by wind turbines: In the field of the radar monitoring of airspace zones, and more particularly to the low altitude air surveillance of zones that are more or less densely populated with fixed objects comprising moving parts, such as wind turbines for example, two processing modules are applied to the raw signal Sb(t)... Agent: Thales

20120105273 - Radar system comprising a switching mode power converter: A radar system including a switching mode power converter. A pulse radar unit is configured to transmit RF pulses with a pulse repetition frequency. The power converter includes a switching controller that is configured to control at least one switching element. The switching controller is configured to receive a frequency... Agent: Saab Ab

20120105277 - Time synchronization with ambient sources: Systems and methods for extracting synchronization information from ambient signals, such as broadcast television signals, and using the synchronization information as a reference for correcting the local time base so that a GNSS positioning receiver system maintains relative time base accuracy with respect to a GNSS time.... Agent: Maxlinear, Inc.

20120105279 - Delayed geotagging: Various methods, apparatuses, and systems for providing a delayed geotag using GPS devices are described. The GPS device includes a wireless receiver configured to receive satellite state data and satellite range measurements from a plurality of satellites, a communications interface in communication with a media device, and a position engine... Agent:

20120105282 - Method and apparatus for determination of the positioning of an apparatus or an user from satellite signaling: Method and apparatus for the calculation of the positioning from satellite signals, wherein the results of a first satellite signal (M1) and a second satellite signal are used for the said calculation, the receiver of the satellite signals is fixed located during the time period between receiving the first satellite... Agent:

20120105281 - Method and apparatus for distribution of satellite navigation data: A method and apparatus for distributing satellite navigation data is described. In one example, satellite signals are processed at each of a plurality of reference stations to receive a respective plurality of satellite navigation data streams. Packets are formed in response to said plurality of satellite navigation data streams to... Agent:

20120105280 - Synchronized measurement sampling in a navigation device: In a hot start mode of a navigation device, the process of obtaining pseudo-range measurements can be synchronized with the processes of tracking navigation satellites and initializing a positioning unit to compute a position, velocity, and time (PVT) solution of the navigation device. This can influence a time instant at... Agent: Atheros Communications, Inc.

20120105278 - Method of determining navigation parameters for a carrier and hybridization device associated with kalman filter bank:

20120105283 - Distance measuring device for golf: A distance measuring device for determining distances to objects on a golf course comprises a laser rangefinder; a satellite navigation receiver; and a portable handheld housing for housing both the laser rangefinder and the satellite navigation receiver. The housing has opposed left and right sidewalls, opposed top and bottom walls,... Agent: Bushnell Inc.

20120105284 - Gps antenna diversity and noise mitigation: A system and method for improving acquisition sensitivity and tracking performance of a GPS receiver using multiple antennas is provided. In an embodiment, the acquisition sensitivity can be improved by determining the correlation weight of each received path signal path associated with one antenna form a plurality of antennas and... Agent: Maxlinear, Inc.

20120105285 - Apparatus and method for estimating angle of arrival in real time: An apparatus for estimating an angle of arrival includes: a plurality of direction synthesizing units shifting the phase of each of a plurality of signals received by an array antenna such that the angle of arrival of each of the received signals is changed by a predetermined change angle; and... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

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