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Communications: directive radio wave systems and devices (e.g., radar, radio navigation) April category listing, related patent applications 04/12

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04/26/2012 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120098693 - Scene illuminator: A system is disclosed to identify authorized EO devices and unauthorized EO devices within a scene. The system hampers the operation of the unauthorized EO devices detected within the scene.... Agent:

20120098694 - Beam stabilization for wideband phase comparison monopulse angle estimation with electronically steered antennas: A method for estimating a target angle of a wideband signal received on an electronically steered antenna array includes: generating spatial frequency data from the received wideband signal; stabilizing the spatial frequency data to a beam steering direction; compressing the stabilized spatial frequency data to a plurality of frequency range... Agent:

20120098695 - Antenna arrangement: An antenna has multiple antenna elements, with a beam forming Butler matrix, having antenna ports and input/output ports, with each of said antenna elements being connected to a respective port of the beam forming Butler matrix. Transceiver circuitry is connected to each of the input/output ports of the beam forming... Agent: Deltenna Limited

20120098696 - Multiband radar detector calibrator: The invention discloses the multiband radar detector calibrator. The calibrator includes a user interface with a keypad and a display, a microcontroller unit that includes pre-stored values in the database and the algorithm-decision logic, digital to analog converter, signal conditioning circuit and voltage controlled oscillators, with their appropriate antennas. The... Agent:

20120098697 - Time transfer method and system: A Time Transfer Time Reverse Mirror (TT TRM) method and system includes a radio transceiver for transmitting a series of short pulses repeatedly at a period T and for receiving from a remote node a return signal that is a retransmission of the original signal at the same period T:... Agent:

20120098698 - Integrated circuit, communication unit and method for phase adjustment: An integrated circuit for phase shifting a radio frequency signal, wherein the integrated circuit comprises at least one phase shifter comprising: at least one input for receiving a radio frequency signal, a voltage variable element; and a plurality of active devices operably coupled to the voltage variable element and arranged... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20120098699 - Method and system for the geolocation of a radio beacon in a search and rescue system: A method for the geolocation of a device transmitting a signal containing at least one message to a plurality of relay satellites in a medium earth orbit, visible from said device, receiving said message and transmitting it to processing means, comprises at least the following steps: determination of the times... Agent: Thales

20120098700 - Method and system for computing universal hybrid navigation information for a gnss enabled device: A Global navigation satellite-based systems (GNSS) enabled device, handling at least two of a plurality of sensors, collects GNSS measurements and navigation related non-GNSS sensor data. The collected navigation related non-GNSS sensor data is automatically formatted into a data format that is compatible with a format of the GNSS measurements.... Agent:

20120098701 - Smart antenna: A smart antenna assembly includes a driving monopole element and an array of parasitic monopole elements arranged in an annular array around the driving monopole element, wherein the parasitic monopole elements are of bent or curved configuration, bending or curving towards the driving monopole element. Preferably, each parasitic monopole element... Agent:

20120098702 - Wideband antenna pattern: Embodiments of the invention include a method to control an antenna pattern of a wideband array antenna wherein a wideband array antenna unit comprising the wideband array antenna and transforming means is accomplished. Embodiments of the invention further include the corresponding wideband array antenna unit and transforming means arranged to... Agent: Saab Ab

20120098703 - Method for determining azimuth and elevation angles of arrival of coherent sources: A method for jointly determining the azimuth angle θ and the elevation angle Δ of the wave vectors of P waves in a system comprising an array of sensors, a number of waves out of the P waves being propagated along coherent or substantially coherent paths between a source and... Agent: Thales

20120098704 - Methods and systems for source tracking: Methods and systems are provided herein for signal source tracking. A signal emitted over time from a moving source is a collection of small sub-signals that were emitted by the source at different positions along its path. If the source is traveling at a slower speed than the signal, the... Agent:

20120098705 - Use of heuristic data for sending message from mobile computing device: A mobile computing device comprises a wireless transceiver and a processing circuit. The processing circuit is configured to store a data set for a predetermined location, the data set comprising location data and a location name. The processing circuit is further configured to compare a current location to the location... Agent: Palm, Inc.

04/19/2012 > 14 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120092205 - Coherent multi-band radar and communications transceiver: A multi-band RF transceiver for transmitting communications data and radar signals includes a transmitter having a source of communications data and radar signals. A modulator combines the data and radar signals and then modulates the combined signal with a carrier signal generated by a synthesizer. A processor instructs the synthesizer... Agent: Bbn Technologies

20120092206 - Metal detector and ground-penetrating radar hybrid head and manufacturing method thereof: A hybrid ground penetrating radar (GPR)/metal detector (MD) head includes a V-dipole GPR antenna and transmit and receive MD coils. One of the MD coils is arranged in a quadrupole configuration with a crossbar, and the V-dipole antenna is perpendicular to the crossbar. The legs of the V-dipole antenna may... Agent:

20120092213 - Gnss atmospheric estimation with federated ionospheric filter: Methods and apparatus are presented for estimating environmental parameters from GNSS signals in real time. Some embodiments estimate a float solution using a federated ionospheric filter. Some embodiments fix ambiguities for improved estimates.... Agent: Trimble Navigation Limited

20120092207 - System and method for radiating rf waveforms using discontinues associated with a utility transmission line: A method for processing radio frequency reflections is provided. The method applies an RF waveform to a transmission line that is a conductor used for providing a utility service. The method uses a RF waveform generator to transmit UltraWideband (UWB) RF waveforms through the conductors of a building. The RF... Agent: Time Domain Corporation

20120092208 - Systems and methods for collision avoidance in unmanned aerial vehicles: Systems and methods for collision avoidance in unmanned aerial vehicles are provided. In one embodiment, the invention relates to a method for collision avoidance system for an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the method including scanning for objects within a preselected range of the UAV using a plurality of phased array... Agent:

20120092209 - Radar device: Provided is a radar device capable of preventing mispairing from occurring, and obtaining a distance to a target and a relative velocity to the target even if at least one of the peak frequencies of beat signals cannot be extracted and pairs of the peak frequencies cannot be generated. A... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120092210 - Method for processing an echo amplitude profile generated by a pulse-echo ranging system: A method for considering an echo amplitude profile as a result of convoluting a single echo with a channel response sequence, wherein for multiple echo detection, an estimation task is broken into three major steps comprising estimating a channel response, recovering a full shape of a single echo, and iteratively... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120092211 - Device for receiving secondary radio signals with quasi-dynamic or dynamic sectoring of the space to be monitored and corresponding method: A device and method for secondary radar signal reception with quasi-dynamic or dynamic sectoring of a space to be monitored. The device includes at least one antenna assembly including antenna elements for the reception of transmitted secondary radar signals, a signal processing unit connected via a connection point to the... Agent: Iad Gesellschaft Fur Informatik, Automatisierung Und Datenverarbeitung Mbh

20120092212 - Method and receiver for receiving and processing altboc-modulated satellite navigation signals: d

20120092214 - Method of receiving gnss signal and apparatus thereof: A method of receiving a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) signal in a GNSS reception apparatus is provided. The method includes the steps of: measuring channel quality for each frequency band; selecting a plurality of reception channels by using the measured channel quality; reconfiguring an operating parameter of the reception... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120092215 - Systems and methods for obtaining a position of a cargo container: Systems and methods are provided for real-time data notification. In accordance with one implementation, a computerized method is provided that includes defining an event related to a resource in accordance with input from a first subscriber, and allowing a second subscriber to subscribe to a message concerning the event defined... Agent:

20120092216 - Alternate radio transmitter and method for operating the same: An alternate radio transmitter includes a processor, a modulator, a PLL unit and a radio transmission unit. The processor provides a digital signal. The modulator modulates the digital signal, thus providing at least two modulated signals. The PLL unit mixes the modulated signals, thus providing an output signal. The radio... Agent: Chung-shan Institute Of Science And Technology, Armaments, Bureau, Ministry Of National Defense

20120092217 - Control method of wireless communication system, wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus, and adjustment method of array weight vector: To suppress adverse effects caused by side lobes of an antenna array when an AWV to be used for communication is determined based on a transmission/reception result of a training signal. A first transceiver generates a fixed beam pattern and transmits a training signal. In that state, a second transceiver... Agent:

20120092218 - Electronic apparatus, method of making the same, and transceiving device: An electronic apparatus includes a metal base; a wiring board disposed on the metal base, the wiring board having an opening and including interconnects; a metal stage dispose in the opening, the metal stage serving as a ground line; and a semiconductor device disposed on the metal stage, wherein an... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

04/12/2012 > 15 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120086596 - System and method for generating derived products in a radar network: The present invention relates to systems and methods of measuring atmospheric conditions using networked radar systems. A processor receives sensed data from the radar nodes of the network to determine weather conditions within the atmospheric region measured by network. Preferred embodiments use a velocity processor to determine the velocity of... Agent:

20120086593 - Sensor, adjusting method, and measuring method for a sensor: A sensor including a sensor housing, the sensor housing having at least three reference measuring fields for forming a reference plane. An adjusting method and a measuring method.... Agent:

20120086594 - Mixer assembly and radar sensor for motor vehicles: Mixer unit for a radar sensor for motor vehicles, having an I mixer and a Q mixer which are connected in parallel branches between an oscillator port and an RF port with the aid of power splitters. A switch is situated between each of the power splitters and the Q... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120086595 - Mixer structure for doppler radar applications: A Mixer structure (210) for Doppler radar applications and a Doppler radar sensor (30) having an oscillator input port (LO) for output signals from an electric oscillator (32), having a radio frequency input port (RF) for output signals from receiving means (34), having an output port (IF) for an overall... Agent: Bea S.a.

20120086597 - Apparatus for processing satellite navigation signals adaptively, and method therefor: Provided is a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver including: an RF signal processor to receive navigation signals; a signal level measurement unit to measure a signal level of each navigation signal; a signal processor to determine whether the navigation signal is a jamming signal or a normal signal based... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120086598 - Apparatus and methods for driftless attitude determination and reliable localization of vehicles: In order to determine positional information, about a mobile robot, Real Time Kinematic (RTK) Global Satellite Navigation System (GNSS) measurement data are obtained by at least two GNSS receivers mounted on the mobile robot. Estimates of the covariance matrices of the measurement data are computed. The RTK GNSS measurement data... Agent: Canadian Space Agency

20120086599 - System and method for indoor location tracking using pseudo gps signal tranmsitter: To track the location of a terminal in an indoor space by using a pseudo GPS signal transmitter, a GPS signal sent from an artificial satellite is received, and a clock signal of the artificial satellite is extracted from the received GPS signal to perform synchronization with the artificial satellite.... Agent: Electronic And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120086600 - Chip cards providing trusted time references: The subject innovation relates to a chip card to be inserted in terminals. An exemplary embodiment of the chip card includes a clock unit to provide a time reference and an internal power source to at least run the clock unit in case of absence of an external power source.... Agent: Vodafone Holding Gmbh

20120086602 - Hybrid beam forming apparatus in wideband wireless communication system: A beam forming apparatus includes: a receiver including a plurality of digital phase shifters configured to estimate an angle of arrival (AOA) of a received signal; and a transmitter including a plurality of analog phase shifters configured to perform phase shift based on the estimated AOA or a designated angle... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120086601 - Microwave antenna system: A microwave antenna system having a plurality of antenna elements arranged in an array having two spaced ends. A first phase shifter is electrically connected to a first group of at least two adjacent antenna elements at one end of the array to control the signal phase in that first... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20120086604 - Compact multi-element antenna with phase shift: A phased array antenna system includes a first radiation element that is made of a material and has a length selected to resonate at a desired frequency. A phase-shift element is coupled to one end of the first radiation element. A second radiation element is coupled to the end of... Agent:

20120086603 - Method and apparatus for adjusting horizontal beam of omni-directions antenna: A horizontal beam adjusting method and apparatus for an omni-directional antenna are provided. The horizontal beam adjusting apparatus may generate a switch control signal according to an inclination of the omni-directional antenna, and adjust a radiation direction of the omni-directional antenna according to the switch control signal. Accordingly, the adjusted... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120086605 - Method of determining the direction of arrival of a high-frequency electromagnetic wave: A method of measuring the direction of arrival θ of radio signals in the HF band received by a crossed loop antenna includes, in a preparatory calibration phase, acquiring and recording the measurements made by the antenna of a calibration signal which varies in its frequency and bearing angle; and... Agent: Thales

20120086606 - Doppler aided inertial navigation: Doppler Aided Inertial Navigation (DAIN) facilitates the determination of position, velocity and direction of mobile devices operating in highly obstructed GPS/GNSS environments. Delivering high precision, high resolution positioning information using signals of opportunity, the present invention measures the Doppler shift of a moving device using a variety of signals combined... Agent:

20120086607 - Wireless time reference system and method: Various methods and apparatuses that utilize a wireless time reference system are provided herein. One example method involves calibrating independent, spatially-located clocks of a geoposition system in order to geolocate an object having an associated object tag. The example method may include transmitting an RF pulse pair, receiving the pulse... Agent: Multispectral Solutions, Inc.

04/05/2012 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120081247 - Radar with wide angular coverage, notably for the obstacle avoidance function on board auto-piloted aircraft: A radar includes a transmitting antenna and receiving antenna formed by an array of radiant elements. Antenna beams are calculated in P directions by a BFC function. Detections of a target by secondary lobes of the beams are processed by an algorithm comparing levels received in a distance-speed resolution cell,... Agent: Thales

20120081248 - System and method for robust navigation and geolocation using measurements of opportunity: A system and method to opportunistically capture and use measurements on a priori unknown radio signals, not intended for radio navigation or geolocation, to improve navigation/geolocation position estimation yield and accuracy.... Agent:

20120081249 - Radiolocation using path loss data: Determining the location of a station in a wireless network including determining path losses between the wireless station of unknown location and at least some access points at known locations. The determining includes receiving measurements from the wireless station of unknown location, and measuring the received signal strengths as a... Agent:

20120081250 - System framework for mobile device location: A method for estimating the location of a beacon from an ensemble of measurements associated with said beacon, where, contained in each measurement, are GPS data from which surfaces of location may be extracted, together with the ID's of beacons detectable at the point of measurement, is disclosed. The method... Agent: Etherwhere Coporation

20120081251 - Dynamic radiation pattern antenna system: The present invention relates to a dynamic radiation pattern antenna system comprising a plurality of antenna units, a control unit and an electronic interface. The plurality of antenna units has electronically controllable radiation patterns. The control unit is dynamically controlling the radiation pattern of the plurality of antenna units and... Agent: Polyvalor, Limited Partnership

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