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Communications: directive radio wave systems and devices (e.g., radar, radio navigation) March listing by industry category 03/12

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03/29/2012 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20120075138 - Systems and methods for providing gps alternatives on 1090 mhz: Systems and methods can provide alternatives to a global positioning system (GPS). For example, certain systems can operate on 1090 MHz and provide for methods of estimating location that can be used in place of GPS. Thus, a method can include obtaining an estimate of position of an own aircraft... Agent:

20120075139 - Method and apparatus for tracking or tracing the movement of shipping containers: A covert device for tracing or tracking the movement of a shipping container has a primary satellite receiver responsive to external satellite signals to obtain positional information, a secondary receiver for obtaining coarse positional information from terrestrial radio signals, and a memory. A processor processes the available positional information to... Agent: Tektrap Systems, Inc.

20120075141 - Method and system for a location-based broker service (lbs) client broker: A GNSS enabled handset receives signals from different resources comprising GNSS satellites and/or from a wireless network. The GNSS enabled handset acquires location information comprising various positioning resource data comprising GPS data and/or WiFi data from the received signals. The GNSS enabled handset calculates a plurality of possible position fixes... Agent:

20120075140 - Method and system for a virtual wide area gnss reference network: A GNSS enabled mobile device receives GNSS assistance data in a determined format from a central processing station communicatively coupled to a wide area reference network (WARN). The WARN comprises a first plurality of GNSS tracking stations from which usable signals are received by the central processing station, and a... Agent:

20120075142 - Multi-stage glonass/gps automatic frequency control: A method of providing automatic frequency control pull-in for efficient receipt of GLONASS bits is described. This method can include first determining whether a channel noise (CNo) is greater than or equal to a predetermined value. When the CNo is greater than or equal to the predetermined value, the pull-in... Agent:

20120075143 - Satellite radiowave receiver and satellite radiowave receiving method: Disclosed is a satellite radiowave receiver which obtains a satellite signal transmitted from a positioning satellite including a receiving unit which receives a radiowave in a frequency range which is set in advance, the frequency range including a frequency transmitted by the positioning satellite transmit, a capture unit which detects... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20120075144 - Method and system for reducing autonomous time to fix of a multi-standard gnss receiver: A multi-standard GNSS receiver, handle different global navigation satellite systems (GNSSs), determines with respect to a current time instant, the earliest broadcast timing based on corresponding satellite broadcast cycles for satellites in the different GNSSs. The multi-standard GNSS receiver acquires fresh broadcast ephemeris at the determined earliest broadcast timing to... Agent:

20120075145 - Positioning system and method based on radio communication apparatus comprising multiple antenna: This disclosure relates to a positioning system and a method based on a radio communication apparatus including multiple antennas, and more particularly, to a positioning system and a method of positioning a terminal using a communication apparatus including multiple antennas. The positioning system and the method based on a radio... Agent: Snu R&db Foundation

03/22/2012 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120068874 - Method and apparatus for laser return characterization in a countermeasures system: In a method for laser return characterization in a DIRCM system, the improvement locating, a single IR detector in an aperture in an image mirror so that its output can be used for countermeasure effectiveness measurement, missile range measurement, missile characteristic determination and to provide an AGC signal for tracking... Agent: Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

20120068875 - Radar image generation system: According to one embodiment, a synthetic aperture radar includes a back projection processor that is configured to receive multiple return signals from the radar as the radar is moved with respect to an object, wherein the return signals are representative of electro-magnetic radiation reflected from the object. The back projection... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120068876 - Control of an electronic apparatus using micro-impulse radar: A computer or entertainment system is configured to respond to data received from a micro impulse radar configured to detect movement, physiology, posture, presence, and/or absence of a person in one or more regions near the computer or entertainment system.... Agent: Searete LLC

20120068877 - Systems and methods of providing a tcas primary radar: Systems and related methods are delineated for employing a TCAS to provide a radar function for a UAS. One such system comprises a TCAS having at least a transceiver and an antenna, and a processor coupled to the transceiver for receiving signals generated from receipt of reflected energy received over... Agent:

20120068878 - Method for increasing the time for illumination of targets by a secondary surveillance radar: A secondary surveillance radar with rotating antenna, configured for transmitting interrogations in S or IFF mode and processing the responses to these interrogations. The radar includes an antenna having a lobe with three channels, a Sum channel, a Difference channel and a Control channel, whose transmission means are configured for... Agent: Thales

20120068879 - Method and an apparatus for determining a deviation between an actual direction of a launched projectile and a predetermined direction: In a method of determining a deviation of a path of a projectile from a predetermined path, the method uses an image of a target area in which the desired path or direction is pointed out. Subsequently, the real direction or real path is determined and the deviation is determined.... Agent:

20120068880 - System and method for dual-band antenna pointing, acquisition, and tracking: A system for tracking a target includes a dual-band antenna. The dual-band antenna includes a first antenna and a second antenna rigidly coupled to the first antenna. The first antenna is configured to communicate within a first frequency band and the second antenna is configured to communicate within a second... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120068881 - Target detection from a slow moving radar platform: The target detection from a slow moving radar platform technology includes a system. The system includes a radar power determination module configured to determine a clutter power based on radar information associated with a radar signal. The system further includes a maximum likelihood determination module configured to determine a plurality... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120068882 - Antennas: An active antenna array is arranged to activate subsets of switchable elements causing the antenna to form a first beam having a first beam pattern, and later to form a second beam having a second beam pattern of substantially identical far field radiation pattern to the first beam pattern but... Agent: Trw Automotive US LLC

20120068883 - Method for gnss coexistence: A method for operating a wireless transmitter and a global navigation satellite (“GNSS”) receiver coexistent in a mobile wireless device. A mobile wireless device includes a GNSS receiver and a wireless networking system. The wireless networking system includes a wireless transmitter. The wireless transmitter provides a first interference level signal... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20120068884 - Gps-based roll rate and roll angle measurement in the absence of jamming: A system and method for determining the roll rate and roll angle of a spinning platform by using the measured phase and/or amplitude differences between the GPS satellite signals received on two or more antennas. The measured signal differences and the navigation solution from a GPS receiver are processed in... Agent: Mayflower Communications Company, Inc.

20120068885 - Gnss receiver: To provide an art that can improve a performance of a GNSS receiver. A GNSS receiver 100 includes a receiver 1, a navigation message acquiring unit 3, a navigation message processor 5, and a calculator 6. The receiver 1 receives signals from satellites. The navigation message acquiring unit 3 acquires... Agent:

20120068886 - Global positioning system tracking device: A global positioning system (GPS) tracking device that includes a casing including a GPS transmitting and receiving unit configured to transmit and receive GPS signals including GPS routing information; a signal amplifying unit coupled with the GPS transmitting and receiving unit and configured to amplify cell signals; and a timing... Agent: Consolidated Edison Company Of New York, Inc.

03/15/2012 > 21 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120062407 - Forward-looking detection radar: An explosive detection system includes an unmanned vehicle and a manned vehicle. The unmanned vehicle includes a reflector. The manned vehicle includes a ground penetrating radar. The manned vehicle also includes electronics configured to process radar signals that are reflected by the reflector to detect an explosive device. The manned... Agent: L-3 Communications Cyterra Corporation

20120062408 - Unsynchronized radio imaging: An unsynchronized acoustic or radio-frequency (RF) computed tomography (CT) imaging system with matched, but independent, continuous wave (CW) transmitters and receivers configured to radiate acoustic or RF transmissions in a plurality of vector paths through solid geologic material. A computer calculates and displays tomographic images constructed from individual acoustic or... Agent:

20120062409 - Method for detecting targets using space-time adaptive processing and shared knowledge of the environment: where x0 is a test signal, xk are K training signals, α is an unknown amplitude of a target signal within the test signal, λ is a scaling factor, R is a covariance matrix of the training signals, and a function max returns a maximum values. The test statistic is... Agent:

20120062410 - Multi-band seeker with tiltable optical/receiver portion: A seeker/receiver system for a moving body, such as for guiding the moving body to a target, includes an optics/receiver portion that tilts as a unit relative to other parts of the moving body. The optics/receiver portion includes a window which may be used to enclose and protect one or... Agent:

20120062411 - Millimeter and sub-millimeter wave radar-radiometric imaging: An antenna is provided that is configured to implement a combined radar and radiometric imaging method. The antenna comprises: a bearing device on which is rigidly mounted: rotating waveguide adapter which provides the output for the antenna; an electromechanical drive, the output shaft of which is defined as the main... Agent: Radio Physics Solutions, Inc.

20120062412 - Movable information collection apparatus: An object of the present invention is to provide a movable information collection apparatus capable of grasping the current situation in a timely fashion. Also, an object of the present invention is to provide a geographical monitoring system capable of utilizing the movable information collection apparatus. The movable information collection... Agent: Pasco Corporation

20120062413 - Method for correcting position estimations by selecting pseudo-distance measurements: A method for correcting position estimations is provided, an enhanced position Xhuber being determined by application of a robust estimation algorithm using N measurements of pseudo-distances ρi corresponding to the distance measured between a navigation receiver and N satellites and an estimation Xprim of the position of said receiver made... Agent: Thales

20120062414 - Positioning apparatus, positioning method, and storage medium for measuring position using both autonomous navigation and gps: A positioning apparatus including: a first positioning unit which intermittently receives signals from satellites and carries out a first position measurement; a second positioning unit which carries out a second position measurement by adding information of a moving direction and a moving amount to positional information of a reference position;... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20120062415 - Location information decision method in integrated terminal: Provided is a method of efficiently determining a location of a terminal. The method includes receiving both of a GPS signal and a mobile communication signal. When the GPS signal is not received, a location calculated using the mobile communication signal is determined as the location of the terminal.... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120062416 - Supporting an assisted satellite based positioning: For supporting a satellite based positioning of a mobile arrangement (30, 40) with assistance data, a communication network converts parameters of a dedicated orbit model describing a movement of a satellite (50, 60), which dedicated orbit model is defined for a particular satellite based positioning system, into parameters of a... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120062417 - Method and system for verifying the precision performance of a satellite navigation system: A method and a system verifies the precision performance of a satellite navigation system that can certify compliance with a level of precision whatever the observation conditions, notably as regards satellite geometry, and is a performance verification tool for the design, verification and qualification of a satellite navigation system.... Agent: Thales

20120062418 - Method and system of calculation for the evaluation of the precision performance of a satellite navigation system: A method and a system calculates the low probability events for the evaluation of the precision performance of a satellite navigation system, and makes it possible to certify the precision performance of a satellite navigation system for high levels of requirement by modelling events of low probability on the basis... Agent: Thales

20120062419 - Apparatus and method for analyzing radio wave propagation in radio wave system: An apparatus for analyzing radio wave propagation in a radio wave system includes: an identification unit configured to search and identify all objects existing in a service area in which users are provided with services; a construction unit configured to calculate a relative position between the identified objects and acquire... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120062420 - satellite ground terminal incorporating a smart antenna that rejects interference: This device combines multiple elements that function like a single smart antenna that performs both connectivity and spatial discrimination functions. The antenna functions in both receive and transmit modes. The apparatus utilizes commonly used components to distinguish and separate desired satellite signals from those signals of satellites in close directional... Agent:

20120062421 - Phase rotation techniques in a multi-user wireless communication environment: A mechanism for mitigating inter-user interference in a multi-user wireless communication environment is disclosed. A first network device determines a plurality of steering matrices, associated with a corresponding plurality of subcarriers, for each of multiple destination devices associated with the first network device. A phase difference between corresponding steering vectors... Agent: Atheros Communications, Inc.

20120062424 - Electronic device and control method thereof: An electronic device including a first antenna, a second antenna, a first sensor, a signal processing module and an antenna control module is provided. The first antenna has a function of transmitting a wireless signal and is disposed on a first side of the electronic device. The second antenna is... Agent: Compal Electronics, Inc.

20120062423 - Portable device with smart antenna: A portable device with smart antenna is disclosed, which includes an antenna array comprising a plurality of antennas, each antenna capable of receiving and/or transmitting signals, a phase and amplitude control unit coupled to the antenna array for controlling amplitude and phase of the plurality of the signals so as... Agent:

20120062422 - Smart antenna system: The present invention discloses a smart antenna system for a portable device. The smart antenna system includes a plurality of directional antennas, disposed at a plurality of positions of the portable device, having a plurality of directional radiation patterns corresponding to a plurality of areas; wherein all of the plurality... Agent:

20120062425 - Phased array antenna system with intermodulation beam nulling: A phased array antenna system with intermodulation beam nulling device includes nulling phase shifters.... Agent:

20120062426 - Multipath mitigation in positioning systems: The location of a receiver is determined by receiving respective ranging signals from each of a plurality of transmitters at known locations. The ranging signals are cross-correlated with respective model signals to provide respective cross-correlation functions. For cross correlation functions that are determined to include multipath noise, the multipath noise... Agent: Cellguide Ltd.

20120062427 - Positioning method and wireless communication system using the same: A positioning method is disclosed. The positioning method includes providing a reference information comprising a plurality of predetermined RSSI values corresponding to a plurality of directional antennas receiving signals from a plurality of areas, utilizing the plurality of directional antennas to scan and detect a wireless communication device, calculating a... Agent:

03/08/2012 > 15 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120056780 - Method and apparatus for simultaneous synthetic aperture radar and moving target indication: Method and apparatus for simultaneous synthetic aperture radar and moving target detection. A plurality, of independent radio frequency signals are generated and applied to separate radiating/receiving antenna elements. Signals are generated as basis functions, such that moving target detection and synthetic aperture radar signals are constructed from individual waveform components... Agent:

20120056772 - Multistatic target detection and geolocation: Aspects of this invention are directed to the substantially improved detection and geolocation accuracy of targets (stationary or moving) by using the coherent data received at multiple airborne sensors. Further aspects are directed to aligning the (unknown) time-delayed and Doppler-shifted signals received at the multiple sensors relative to an arbitrary... Agent:

20120056773 - Radar apparatus for use in vehicle: The radar apparatus includes a target candidate detecting means for detecting a peak frequency at which the intensity of the power spectrum of a beat signal peaks as a target candidate, a road shape recognizing means to sequentially connect, along a predetermined direction, the target candidates detected to be stationary... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120056774 - Radar level gauge system with operation monitoring functionality: A method of monitoring operation of a radar level gauge system installed at a tank and arranged to determine a filling level of a product contained in the tank. The method comprises the steps of: providing a first propagation property discontinuity at a first distance from a reference position at... Agent:

20120056775 - Method for detecting wind power plants using a radar system: A method for detection of wind power installations using a radar installation is provided. The method involves transmitting a number N of predetermined sequences of modulated transmission pulses at a predetermined pulse repetition frequency successively in time and receiving and processing transmission pulses reflected by an object to determine whether... Agent: Eads Deutschland Gmbh

20120056776 - Antenna device and radar device: According to one embodiment, an antenna device is provided with a dielectric substrate whose both surfaces are covered by first and second metal films, a via-hole row in which via-holes are arranged in two rows on the dielectric substrate, and a waveguide line is formed by the first and the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120056777 - Target detection system, detection method, and detection information processing program: To provide a target detection system including transmitters/receivers constituted with radars, sonars, or lidars, which is capable of effectively capturing a target even under an environment where the S/N ratio is low and reflected signals may be buried under noises. The target detection system is characterized to include at least... Agent:

20120056778 - Waveguide converter, antenna and radar device: This disclosure provides a waveguide converter, which includes a first waveguide for propagating an electromagnetic wave, a second waveguide for being inputted the electromagnetic wave from the first waveguide and propagating the electromagnetic wave in a direction different from the propagating direction of the electromagnetic wave in the first waveguide,... Agent:

20120056779 - Method and apparatus for determination of a doppler frequency shift resulting from the doppler effect: A method and apparatus for determination of a Doppler frequency shift 30 between a transmitted signal 4 and a received signal 20 resulting from this transmitted signal. A plurality of relative frequency shifts are carried out, in each case by a real frequency shift value, in that either at least... Agent: Atlas Elektronik Gmbh

20120056781 - Apparatus and method for ultra-fast gnss initial positioning scheme with peer assistance, and recording medium thereof: A method and an apparatus for acquiring an ultra-fast global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) initial position with peer assistance are disclosed. The apparatus includes a communication unit configured to receive assistance generated using a distance from a master terminal to a slave terminal and frequency error of a counterpart's terminal,... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20120056782 - Satellite navigation receivers with self-provided future ephemeris and clock predictions: An improved extended ephemeris navigation receiver includes a fully autonomous satellite navigation receiver for receiving microwave transmissions from orbiting navigation system satellites, and able to demodulate navigation messages that include the ephemerides for those navigation system satellites. The improvements include a force model of the accelerations acting on a particular... Agent:

20120056783 - Method of satellite status judgment: A method of satellite status judgment and computer program applying the same is disclosed. The method includes steps of obtaining a signal variation slope of a first signal of a target satellite during a first observation time period, determining whether the target satellite is under a situation of being masked... Agent: Getac Technology Corporation

20120056784 - Communication antenna automatic orientation apparatus and method: The present invention discloses a communication antenna automatic orientation apparatus and method, wherein the apparatus comprises: a target base station geographical storage for storing the corresponding relation between the spatial location information on the air lane and the identifier of a target base station; a sensor for confirming current spatial... Agent:

20120056785 - Methods and apparatus for increasing the reliability of signal reference maps for use in position determination: A mobile wireless device receives a set of fingerprint prediction maps, e.g., RF signal prediction maps, and corresponding probability metrics, e.g., indicative of map reliability. A fingerprint prediction map is an expected signal measurement map corresponding to a parameter or parameters to be measured and a area given a set... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120056786 - Location estimation for wireless devices: In an example embodiment, there is disclosed herein, an apparatus comprising an interface and location determination logic coupled with the interface. The location determination logic receives data representative of measured signal strengths for a wireless device from a plurality of receiving devices at known locations via the interface. The location... Agent:

03/01/2012 > 21 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120050088 - Method for identifying a facility on the ground or at sea: The present invention includes a method for identifying a facility on the ground or at sea, the method being implemented on an airborne responder linked to at least two antennas, the method including a step of choosing a first transmission antenna and a step of transmitting an interrogation message from... Agent: Thales

20120050089 - Radar activation multiple access system and method: A radar activation multiple access system and method is provided that includes a plurality of radar participant nodes wirelessly connected and forming a radar network and a multiple access unit in communication with the radar network. The multiple access unit includes a scheduler component, a synch component, a priority component... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120050090 - Predictive and adaptive wide area surveillance: A device and method for wide area surveillance of a geographic region includes identifying a search space associated with a geographic region having a plurality of sub-regions. The search space is divided into a plurality of search cells and observation data is collected for each of the plurality of search... Agent:

20120050091 - Radar apparatus and antenna device: Four rows on one side of linear arrays arranged at equal intervals in the vertical direction and arranged at a predetermined interval in the horizontal direction form transmission channels and remaining twelve rows form a reception channel group. Among the remaining twelve rows, linear arrays of four rows in the... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120050092 - Multi-range radar system: A radar system operable to detect objects within multiple ranges using common components is provided. The radar system includes a transmitter antenna, a first and second microwave radiation source, and a receiver. The first and second microwave radiation sources both are transmitted through the transmitter antenna. The echoes are received... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20120050093 - Radar sensor having a blindness detection device: A radar sensor having a corresponding evaluation and control device, which has a measuring mode for locating radar targets and a blindness detection device, which is configured to detect blinding of the radar sensor with the aid of the signals received by the radar sensor itself; wherein the evaluation and... Agent:

20120050094 - Radar apparatus provided with series-feed array-antennas each including a plurality of antenna elements: A radar apparatus forming a series-feed array-antenna includes an array antenna having transmission/reception antennas, and each antenna includes a plurality of antenna elements arrayed with feed-lines to be series-connected each other. A calibration line is disposed between the transmission antenna and the reception antenna via a switch which connects or... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120050096 - Glonass bit boundary detection: A method of determining a bit boundary of a GLONASS string is provided. In this method, a global position receiver can remove the meander sequence from bits of a GLONASS signal. After removing the meander sequence, time averages of bit energies for 20 possible (consecutive) bit boundary positions can be... Agent:

20120050097 - System and method for applying augmentation corrections for gnss positioning: A method for determining a position using a GNSS system having a plurality of GNSS satellites and one or more augmentation systems, which method includes the steps of obtaining a code or phase measurement from the GNSS satellite signals, generating measurement groups, and generating corrected measurement groups by applying code... Agent: Nexteq Navigation Corp.

20120050095 - Systems and methods for computing vertical position: Control systems and methods that provide a high degree of vertical measurement accuracy for a body in motion are disclosed. The systems employ an inertial sensor system for vertical measurement and a Global Navigation Satellite System that includes multipath reduction or attenuation to provide corrected vertical information for a moving... Agent:

20120050099 - Handheld global positioning system device: A handheld GNSS device for determining position data for a point of interest is provided. The device includes a housing, handgrips integral to the housing for enabling a user to hold the device, and a display screen integral with the housing for displaying image data and orientation data to assist... Agent: Javad Gnss, Inc.

20120050101 - Personal locator device: Some embodiments may relate to a location monitoring system and/or method. Embodiments may include a plurality of locator units, each adapted to be worn by a living subject. The locator units may be adapted to communicate with a host computer through the Internet, and/or receive location data signals from a... Agent:

20120050098 - Reliable location information for a mobile station using a non-gps location technique: A method and apparatus determines if a location fix received by a mobile station using a non-GPS location techniques is accurate. Location results obtained using the non-GPS location technique or techniques are treated as accurate if they are verified as being within an error margin obtained from a trusted source... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120050100 - System and method for time synchronization: The present invention relates to a system, and a method for time synchronization with low power consumption and high accuracy. The system comprises a plurality of devices for time synchronization. Each device comprises a GPS receiver, a microprocessor, and an oscillator. The microprocessor generates a drift per second according to... Agent:

20120050102 - Satellite-based position determination: Method and apparatuses involving satellite position signals are disclosed. Based on data indicating a usage environment, parameters, for example acquisition parameters or calculation parameters, are adapted.... Agent:

20120050103 - Synthetic aperture device for receiving signals of a system comprising a carrier and means for determining its trajectory: Synthetic aperture antenna device for receiving signals of a system comprising a carrier and means for determining its trajectory, comprising, for each signal respectively associated with a spatial direction, processing means adapted for generating a signal with stationary phase over a time window corresponding to the distance traversed by the... Agent: Thales

20120050104 - Gnss smart antenna and receiver system with weatherproof enclosure: A GNSS smart antenna system includes an antenna, a processor and a receiver combination unit adapted for economical construction and enhanced performance when performing differential guidance operations. The antenna unit includes a dual frequency antenna, a dual frequency receiver unit, dual processors, and a radio bay for receiving a radio... Agent:

20120050105 - Directional antennas and antenna selection for wireless terminal: This invention discloses directional antenna systems, antenna combining and transmission antenna selection mechanism for wireless communication terminals such mobile handsets, mobile embedded laptops, mobile CPEs (Customer premises equipment), nomadic wireless CPEs, fixed wireless terminals and etc. The disclosed systems and methods only require analog circuitry and compass readings therefore are... Agent:

20120050106 - Method and apparatus for reconfiguring a photonic tr beacon: A system and method for recalibrating a beacon for illuminating an antenna array, the system including an adjustable beacon configured to illuminate at least a portion of an array of antenna elements with a beacon signal, an element locator coupled to the antenna elements and configured to determine a location... Agent:

20120050107 - Phased antenna arrays using a single phase shifter: Techniques for the design of low cost, low complexity phased arrays are described. The techniques allow control of the phase progression in the entire phased array by using only one phase shifter for a bank of arrays. In some examples, the phased array includes directional couplers, amplifying stages, power combiners... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20120050108 - Unsupervised learning and location systems for tracking in wireless communication systems: The present invention provides a method of unsupervised learning and location for tracking users in a wireless communication system. One embodiment of the method includes forming a signal map of a geographic area using unlabeled values of one or more signals so that the signal map relates locations in the... Agent:

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