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Communications: directive radio wave systems and devices (e.g., radar, radio navigation) February patent applications/inventions, industry category 02/12

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02/23/2012 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20120044104 - Device and method for three-dimensional positioning: A device and method for three-dimensional positioning are provided. The three-dimensional positioning of a common reference point is determined by fusion of supplied measurements, taking into account a lever arm compensation between the reference point, a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver antenna, at least one radar antenna, and an... Agent: Astrium Gmbh

20120044105 - High-resolution radar map for multi-function phased array radar: A method of operating a multi-function phased array radar system having an antenna array populated with dual-pol antenna elements is described. The method includes selectively controlling individual dipoles of each dual-pol antenna element in order to operate the array in either a polarimetric mode with improved cross-pol isolation, or in... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20120044106 - Apparatus and method for measuring spatial movements of plant structures: An apparatus and method for measuring spatial movements of plant structures, such as pipes, due for example to movement of the ground in presence of landslide phenomena, subsidence, collapse, or differential settling. The measuring apparatus includes at least one ground station that communicates with at least one corresponding signal-sending satellite... Agent: Eni S.p.a.

20120044107 - Apparatus for performing global navigation satellite system control, and associated methods and storage media: An apparatus for performing Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) control includes: a GNSS receiver arranged to obtain/calculate at least one position of the apparatus; and an assistance data provider implemented within the apparatus, wherein the assistance data provider is arranged to provide the GNSS receiver with assistance data for use... Agent:

20120044108 - System for controlling a radiation pattern of a directional antenna: The present system relates to radiation pattern control. More particularly, the present system is adapted for controlling a radiation pattern of a directional antenna. The system comprises a sample collection unit, a power angular spectrum estimation unit and a control unit. The sample collection unit is adapted for collecting a... Agent:

20120044109 - Location-determining system for radio clients within local-area spaces: Systems, devices, features, and/or methods for determining a location of a mobile device are disclosed. A method may include (a) receiving, into a mobile device, a common RF signal on a common carrier frequency, wherein the common RF signal includes a respective RF signal output by each of three or... Agent:

20120044110 - Advanced positioning system: The subject of the invention is a system or a method of determining the position of the radio signal receiver with respect to the radio signal transmission from a single moving transmitter with one or more antennas or from one static transmitter with one or more static or moving antennas.... Agent:

02/16/2012 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120038501 - Self-configuring universal access transceiver: Techniques are described that allow information to be acquired by an ADS-B system of an aircraft without the installation of ADS-B dedicated flight crew controls or wired data interfaces in the aircraft. In one or more implementations, a receiver is associated with the ADS-B system in the aircraft. The receiver... Agent: Garmin International, Inc.

20120038502 - Device for detecting pulsed signals with improved sensitivity: A device for detecting non-phase-modulated pulsed signals includes at least one amplifier receiving a radiofrequency signal, and restoring at least one first signal representative of the envelope of the input signal, and a second normalized signal, characterized in that a module for estimating the stability of the phase includes means... Agent: Thales

20120038503 - Coaxially-fed slot array antenna and vehicle radar apparatus: d

20120038504 - Enhanced-resolution phased array radar: A system and method for increasing the effective angular resolution of a multi-function phased array radar system is provided. The system is operative to simultaneously transmit a plurality of overlapping sub-beams covering a representative central beam. A de-convolution process is applied to received return signals. The process includes determining the... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20120038505 - Firearm threat detection, classification, and location using wideband radar: An aimed or aiming firearm can be detected before it is able to shoot. Wideband radar signals can be used to identify the barrel of a firearm when the radar antenna and barrel are aiming at or near each other. Signal processing correlates reflected signals to the characteristics of specific... Agent: Flex Force Enterprises LLC

20120038506 - Electronic scanning radar apparatus, received wave direction estimating method, and received wave direction estimation program: In an electronic scanning radar apparatus, a receiving unit includes a plurality of antennas receiving a reflected wave arriving from a target having reflected a transmitted wave as a received wave. A beat signal generating unit generates beat signals from the transmitted wave and the received wave. A frequency resolving... Agent: Honda Elesys Co., Ltd

20120038507 - Portable radiometric imaging device and a corresponding imaging method: The invention relates to a portable radiometric imaging device and to a corresponding method, finding a particular application in detecting articles carried by passengers or contained in baggage, for example in airports and train stations. The device includes a plurality of receiver antennas for picking up electromagnetic radiation from a... Agent: Microwave Characterization Center

20120038508 - Satellite signal tracking method and receiver: A satellite signal tracking method performed by a receiver that receives a satellite signal from a positioning satellite, the satellite signal tracking method including: computing a first Doppler frequency using a received signal obtained by receiving the satellite signal, computing a second Doppler frequency using the first Doppler frequency and... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120038509 - Receiver for gps-like signals: A module for receiving a plurality of signals that are modulated with a common carrier, where each of the signals includes information that enables a determination of a distance from said receiver to a source that transmits the signal, and outputs to outside the module a digital representation of a... Agent:

20120038510 - System and method to obtain signal acquisition assistance data: Signal acquisition assistance data is obtained for receiving devices such as wireless position assisted location devices seeking signals from any source, such as satellite vehicles and base stations. The data may be obtained from previously acquired data, based upon evaluation of changes in parameters such as time and location that... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120038511 - Computing of robust and improved signal-in-space accuracy parameters in a regional or global navigation satellite system: Method, computer program to implement method, storage medium to store the program and apparatus for computing Signal-in-Space Accuracy (SISA) parameters in a regional or Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). The method includes at least of: determining individual Signal-in-Space Error (SISE) vectors; mapping individual SISE vectors to a service area; accumulating... Agent: Astrium Gmbh

20120038512 - Satellite receiver and method for navigation using merged satellite system signals: Embodiments of a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver and method for navigation are generally described herein. In some embodiments, the GNSS receiver includes signal processing circuitry to systematically identify clear channels from channels with persistent interference by performing two or more signal measurements within each of a plurality of... Agent:

20120038513 - Centralized antenna interface for wireless networks: An antenna interface system, device, method and program allow access to a centralized antenna interface by establishing connection to a server via a first network connection, wherein the server includes a user interface configured to establish a communication connection between the antenna interface system and the user of the access... Agent:

02/09/2012 > 24 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20120032832 - Wide-band hirf detector- and analysis system for aircraft: A method for detecting electromagnetic threats to an aircraft, wherein electromagnetic fields are measured, and in the case of an arising threat to the aircraft being detected, countermeasures are taken, characterized by the following steps: measuring the frequency and the amplitude of at least one electromagnetic field in the frequency... Agent: Eurocopter Deutschland Gmbh

20120032839 - Creating and processing universal radar waveforms: A new approach to radar imaging is described herein, in which radar pulses are transmitted with an uneven sampling scheme and subsequently processed with novel algorithms to produce images of equivalent resolution and quality as standard images produced using standard synthetic aperture radar (SAR) waveforms and processing techniques. The radar... Agent: Arete Associates

20120032840 - Method for detecting precipitation using a radar sensor system for motor vehicles: A method for detecting precipitation using a radar sensor system for motor vehicles designed for locating objects in the surroundings of the vehicle, in which method a locating signal that is a measure of the received power density as a function of the distance is integrated across a specific distance... Agent:

20120032833 - Radar coherent processing interval scheduling via ad hoc network: Techniques disclosed herein include systems and methods for accurately scheduling radar and radio events against each other. Specifically, a scheduling manager can schedule radar events based on scheduled radio events (wireless network communication events). A given radio schedule for a compact radar sensor can be a relatively complicated schedule, especially... Agent:

20120032834 - Use of accelerometer and ability to disable power switch for tamper protection and theft tracking: Embodiments disclosed herein include a sensor device that monitors external activity and that includes functionality to detect tampering of the device itself. When monitoring for tampering, a power switch is disabled. Techniques include detecting relative movement of the sensor device, reporting tampering activity, and executing tamper detection responses. Responses can... Agent:

20120032835 - Three-dimensional target tracking: The invention relates to a three-dimensional target tracking method comprising acquiring a first track generated by a first target location system having a first coverage area, said first track comprising a first position of a first target at a given time in a first relative reference system of the first... Agent:

20120032836 - Gain enhanced ltcc system-on-package for umrr applications: An apparatus, system, and method for Gain Enhanced LTCC System-on-Package radar sensor. The sensor includes a substrate and an integrated circuit coupled to the substrate, where the integrated circuit is configured to transmit and receive radio frequency (RF) signals. An antenna may be coupled to the integrated circuit and a... Agent: King Abdullah University Of Science And Technology

20120032837 - Network analyzer with an n-port network having at least two ports for measuring the wave parameters of a measurement object: A network analyzer includes an n-port network with two ports for measuring wave parameters of a measurement object. Each port has a feed for a radio-frequency signal from a signal source. Signal components of the radio-frequency signal fed into the respective port are reflected at the measurement object and the... Agent:

20120032838 - Method for detecting loss of sensitivity of an fmcw radar locating device by diffuse sources of loss: A method for the detection of sensitivity losses of an FMCW radar locating device due to diffuse sources of loss, in which the radar locating device emits a transmit signal whose frequency is periodically modulated in successive modulation ramps, and at least one power characteristic of at least one frequency... Agent:

20120032842 - Triply redundant integrated navigation and asset visibility system: Methods and apparatus are described for a navigation system. A method includes providing a global positioning system fix having a plurality of tracking parameters; providing a theater positioning system fix; monitoring the plurality of tracking parameters for predetermined conditions; and, when the predetermined conditions are met, sending a notifying signal... Agent: Ut-battelle, LLC.

20120032843 - Relay tag, location computation reader, continuous indoor and outdoor real-time location tracking method and system using global positioning system (gps) signal and wireless communication: Disclosed is a relay tag, a location computation reader, and a continuous indoor and outdoor real-time location tracking method and system, which tracks locations of a plurality of target objects of location tracking with a plurality of relay tags, in real time, wherein a GPS satellite transmits a location information... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120032841 - Arrangement with means for ensuring bona fide of received signals: An arrangement including a receiver that receives a plurality of signals from different source that are modulated with a common carrier, where each signal of the signals experiences a transit delay and Doppler frequency shift before reaching the receiver. The receiver includes means, such as a directional antenna, to ensure... Agent:

20120032844 - Real-time location tracking apparatus and method using global positioning system (gps) signal relay tag: Real-time location tracking apparatus and method using a global positioning system (GPS) signal relay tag is provided. Here, a tag may receive a GPS signal and transmit the received GPS signal to a reader, and the reader may calculate a location of the tag, and thereby a real-time location tracking... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120032845 - Method and device to determine out of coverage for mobile devices: A method and a mobile device configured to obtain position information from a position broadcast system, the position broadcast system comprising a plurality of transmitters that each broadcast a respective signal containing position information for the respective transmitter. The method comprising: measuring signal strengths of signals from a plurality of... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120032846 - Navigation receiver: The subject matter disclosed herein relates to a system and method for processing navigation signals received from multiple global navigation satellite systems (GNSS′). In a particular implementation, signals received from multiple GNSS′ may be processed in a single receiver channel.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120032847 - Integrated reconfigurable solar panel antenna: A system for dynamically reconfiguring the radiation pattern of a collection of slot antennas. A collection of slot antennas of various lengths and widths are fabricated. The control system independently drives the feed to one or more slot antennas to produce the desired radiation pattern. The control system activates and... Agent: Utah State University

20120032848 - Method and system for analog beamforming in wireless communication systems: A method of analog beamforming in a wireless communication system is disclosed. The system has a plurality of transmit antennas and receive antennas. In one aspect, the method includes determining information representative of communication channels formed between a transmit antenna and a receive antenna of the plurality of antennas, defining... Agent: Imec

20120032849 - Multi-orientation phased antenna array and associated method: According to one embodiment, an antenna apparatus includes first and second antenna arrays configured in a support structure. Each antenna array has multiple antenna elements that transmit and/or receive electro-magnetic radiation. The elements of the first antenna array are oriented in a boresight direction that is different from the boresight... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120032850 - Array signal processing device: Provided is an array signal processing device capable of, when a spatial averaging method is applied to array signal processing, reducing the number of antennas constituting an array antenna while making use of the spatial averaging method. In the array signal processing device (300), an array antenna (310) comprises four... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120032851 - Emitter location: The present invention recites a method of determining the location of an emitter source comprising the steps of receiving signal information from the source at a plurality of sensors; and simultaneously processing a large bandwidth, and all received signal information using the fundamental RF frequency that lay within the detection... Agent: Selex Sensors & Airborne Systeme Limited

20120032852 - Precision geolocation of moving or fixed transmitters using multiple observers: A method of geolocating a stationary transmitter observed by a fixed receiver device and at least two receiver devices, at least one of the receiver devices moving includes obtaining wavelength-scaled phase difference measurements between pairs of receiver devices, and 10 obtaining a result lattice of possible locations of the transmitter,... Agent: Rincon Research Corporation

20120032853 - Direction finding antenna: An apparatus for a direction finding system is described. The apparatus includes at least three antenna elements. Each antenna element faces in a facing direction different than the other antenna elements. An individual antenna element has a substantially smooth polarization gain in the corresponding facing direction. Each antenna element includes... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120032854 - Interference detection, characterization and location in a wireless communications or broadcast system: A Wide Area Sensor Network (WASN) is disclosed that utilizes wideband software defined radios (SDRs) to monitor RF energy over a wide frequency range, detect when critical frequencies are being jammed or otherwise interfered with, and locate the source of the interference so that the interference can be eliminated. The... Agent:

20120032855 - High-resolution ranging and location finding using multicarrier signals: The invention relates to methods and systems for accurate ranging and geo-locationing using coherent multicarrier (CM) signals and based on a high-resolution estimation of a receiver timing offset in a signal receiver that receives ranging CM signals. A transmitter transmits a ranging CM signal having a known subcarrier modulation pattern.... Agent:

02/02/2012 > 14 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120026029 - Motion detection system and method with null points: A motion detection system and method with null points with a motion detection method including transmitting a signal (102); detecting the signal at a first device (104); determining whether signal strength of the detected signal is less than an expected signal strength (106); transmitting at least one additional signal (108);... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120026030 - Multi-function radar device: Provided is a multi-function radar apparatus capable of measuring both a distance to a target object and a temperature of the target object with high accuracy. A transmission signal produced from a high-frequency signal generating unit (9) is amplified by a transmission signal amplifying unit (12) while intermittently stopped by... Agent: Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

20120026031 - Method and system for continuous wave interference suppression in pulsed signal processing: A System and Method for CW interference suppression in pulsed signal processing having a front-end, an A/D converter, a data store, and a suppressor module coupled to both the A/D converter and the data store. The front-end is operable to receive a waveform and communicate such to the A/D converter... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120026032 - Cross-polarization component cancellation: A system includes a remote station configured to transmit a first signal having a co-polarization component and a first cross-polarization component. A satellite is configured to receive the first signal and transmit a repeated signal that substantially includes the first signal. A monitoring station is configured to isolate the repeated... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20120026033 - Position calculation method and apparatus with gps: A GPS position calculating apparatus is configured to acquire orbit information from navigation data contained in signals transmitted from GPS satellites, the orbit information including a position, clock time and orbital speed of each GPS satellite at a transmission time of each signal, to calculate a position of each GPS... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120026034 - Position calculation method and apparatus with gps: A GPS position calculating apparatus is configured to acquire from navigation data contained in signals transmitted from GPS satellites, orbit information including a position, clock time, orbital speed and altitude of each GPS satellite at a transmission time of each signal from a respective one of the GPS satellites, then... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120026035 - Method for resolving sub-carrier ambiguities of a number of tracking channels of a navigation signal: A method for resolving sub-carrier ambiguities of a total number of tracking channels of a binary offset carrier (BOC) navigation signal is provided. For a simultaneously considered subset of at least four tracking channels, a set of sub-carrier candidate ambiguities is determined based on the sub-carrier modulation. Position and receiver... Agent: Astrium Gmbh

20120026036 - Methods and systems for location determination via multi-mode operation: Provided is a method for facilitating location determination. The method includes granting a subscriber access to a location determination network via a first device and determining location of a second device via the network, the second device being configurable for dual mode location determination. Finally, the determined location of the... Agent: Eikonik Inc.

20120026037 - System and method for server side detection of falsified satellite measurements: A system and method for determining whether a wireless device has transmitted one or more forged satellite measurements. An estimated location of the wireless device may be determined as a function of information from a cellular network. Acquisition assistance data may be determined for a first set of satellites as... Agent: Andrew LLC

20120026038 - Gnss signal processing methods and apparatus: Methods and apparatus are provided for processing a set of GNSS signal data derived from observations of GNSS signals of multiple transmitters over multiple epochs, the GNSS signals having a first signal and a second signal in a first band which can be tracked as a single wide-band signal and... Agent: Trimble Navigation Limited

20120026039 - Single rf receiver chain architecture for gps, galileo and glonass navigation systems, and other circuits, systems and processes: A wireless receiver for multiple frequency bands reception includes a single receive radio frequency (RF) circuit (160, 170) having an RF bandpass substantially confined to encompass at least two non-overlapped such frequency bands at RF, a single in-phase and quadrature (approximately I, Q) pair of intermediate frequency (IF) sections (120I,... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20120026040 - Method, apparatus, computer program and a computer readable storage medium: A method including calculating a parameter for controlling a main lobe of a radiation pattern of an antenna array, the calculation using a direction of a location relative to the antenna array, the direction determined from information including a position of the location; determining a parameter for controlling the main... Agent:

20120026041 - Systems and methods for locating a target in a gps-denied environment: A system for locating an object in a GPS-denied environment includes first and second stationary nodes of a network and an object out of synchronization with a common time base of the network. The system includes one or more processors that are configured to estimate distances between the first stationary... Agent: Progeny Systems Corporation

20120026042 - Near-vertical direction finding and geolocation system: A system and method for geolocating an RF emitter disposed on or near the ground includes receiving a signal from the RF emitter at each antenna of an array of N non-collinear antennas, wherein N is an integer greater than 2; routing the signal received at each of the antennas... Agent: Raytheon Applied Signal Technology, Inc., A California Corporation

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