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Communications: directive radio wave systems and devices (e.g., radar, radio navigation) January recently filed with US Patent Office 01/12

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01/26/2012 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120019406 - Radar tomography apparatus and method: an inverse solver that determines one or more material properties of the object at the first number of positions in the region of interest from the electromagnetic field values determined at said second number of positions in the region of interest by applying compressive sensing.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120019410 - Process for filtering interferograms obtained from sar images acquired on the same area:

20120019407 - Multistatic radar system for airport monitoring: The present disclosure relates to a method for monitoring targets on a runway, wherein emitting modules and receiving modules are alternately distributed along each one of longitudinal sides of the runway. Orthogonal signals are emitted in a narrowband by the emitting modules and coherently received in a coherent manner by... Agent:

20120019408 - Microwave system utilizing elevational scanning by frequency hopping: For use in conjunction with a microwave antenna having a radiator array configured to scan in a horizontal direction, a method for scanning in the vertical direction. A first FMCW microwave signal having a first bandwidth is transmitted at a first microwave frequency and the echo, if any, is received... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20120019409 - Distance measuring apparatus and method for calculating a distance in a conducting structure: A distance measuring apparatus and method for calculating a distance in a conducting structure are provided. One distance measuring apparatus provides for calculating a distance between a reflection body in a conducting structure and an injection point provided on an end section of the conducting structure for electromagnetic waves is... Agent:

20120019411 - Integrity method for differential corrections: A system and method of calculating corrections to a navigation solution based on accurate data are provided. GNSS ephemeris, clock models and other navigation information are received from at least three GNSS satellites and pseudo-ranging to the GNSS satellites is performed. A PVT solution is resolved from the GNSS ephemeris,... Agent: Astrium Gmbh

20120019412 - Gps terminal, positioning method, communication system, and program: A GPS terminal, comprises: a communication unit that receives assist data from a network, the assist data used for positioning via GPS (Global Positioning System); and a GPS positioning unit that receives a GPS signal using the assist data and outputs a positioning result. A communication session with the network... Agent: Nec Corporation

20120019413 - System and method for real-time locating: A locating system, includes at least one initiator configured to operate at a first clock frequency, and to transmit a measurement signal including a first preamble; and at least one transponder configured to operate at a second clock frequency, to receive the measurement signal, and to transmit a response signal... Agent: Ensco, Inc.

01/19/2012 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120013501 - Process for identifying statistically homogeneous pixels in sar images acquired on the same area: A process is disclosed for identifying statistically homogeneous pixels in images acquired on the same area by means of a synthetic aperture radar (SAR sensor) comprising the following steps: (a) acquiring a plurality of N radar images (A1 . . . AN) by a SAR sensor on the same area... Agent:

20120013502 - System and method for phase retrieval for radio telescope and antenna control: Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for radio phase retrieval. A system practicing the method gathers first data from radio waves associated with an object observed via a first aperture, gathers second data from radio waves associated with the object observed via an introduced second aperture... Agent:

20120013503 - Method for detecting precipitaton using a radar locating device for motor vehicles: A method for detecting precipitation using a radar locating device for motor vehicles, that is designed to locate objects in the surroundings of the vehicle, in which method a locating signal (42), which is an index for the received power density as a function of the distance (R), is integrated... Agent:

20120013498 - Expandable and reconfigurable instrument node arrays: An expandable and reconfigurable instrument node includes a feature detection means and a data processing portion in communication with the feature detection means, the data processing portion configured and disposed to process feature information. The instrument node further includes a phase locked loop (PLL) oscillator in communication with the data... Agent:

20120013499 - Circuit board, high frequency module, and radar apparatus: A circuit board is provided. The circuit board includes a substrate, a waveguide line and a laminated waveguide. The waveguide line is at least partially positioned on a first surface of the substrate. The waveguide line transmits a high frequency signal. The laminated waveguide is formed inside the substrate. The... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20120013500 - Method of automatic target angle tracking by monopulse radar under conditions of interference distorting location characteristic: c

20120013504 - Mobile device battery management: In general, the subject matter described in this specification can be embodied in methods, systems, and program products. Data representing a plurality of power management profiles for a battery-operated wireless computing device are stored on the device. The power management profiles correspond to different power consumption levels. Each power management... Agent: Google Inc.

20120013505 - Method and device for detecting and excluding satellite malfunctions in a hybrid ins/gnss system: According to a first form, the invention relates to a method for monitoring the integrity of position information outputted by a hybridization device that includes a bank (3) of Kalman filters, each filter developing a hybrid navigation solution from inertial measurements calculated by a virtual platform (2) and from raw... Agent:

20120013506 - Satellite tracking method and apparatus thereof: A satellite communication ground station configured for communicating over an inclined orbit geostationary satellite may include a tracking antenna having three fixed axis and one moving axis, a motor for swinging the antenna along the moving axis, a controller for controlling the motor, a receiver configured to receive a signal... Agent: Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd

20120013507 - Retrodirective antenna systems: A retrodirective antenna system (1) for receiving an incoming signal (15) from an object (13) and directing an outgoing signal (11) back to the object (13), comprising two or more transceiver cells (3), each of which receives a part of the incoming signal, produces a phase conjugate output signal, which... Agent:

20120013508 - Wireless localization techniques in lighting systems: The invention relates to a system and method for localization positioning in lighting systems. At least two of a Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA), Angle of Arrival (AOA), Received Signal Strength Index (RSSI) and a Position Estimation Algorithm with unified TDOA and RSSI are used to obtain localization positioning. The... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120013509 - Frequency channel diversity for real-time locating systems, methods, and computer program products: Provided are architectures, systems, methods, and computer program products for real-time object locating and position determination using frequency channel diversity for transmitting and receiving position determination signals including bursts of location signals. Channelized frequency diversity of a short burst of small location signals that “hop” across multiple frequency channels is... Agent: Zebra Enterprise Solutions Corp.

01/12/2012 > 16 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120007765 - Dual-band antenna array and rf front-end for mm-wave imager and radar: The radar includes a PCB having a top surface and a bottom surface, and a processor mounted on the bottom surface of the PCB. The radar includes a second liquid crystal polymer layer formed on the top surface of the printed circuit board, a second microstrip array printed on the... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20120007764 - Front structure and rear structure of vehicle: Provided is a front structure of a vehicle wherein damage on auxiliary equipment by a millimeter-wave radar is limited at the time of collision, and cooling efficiency for auxiliary equipment using traveling wind is not reduced. A front structure of a vehicle comprises a front right side radar for detecting... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120007766 - Method and program for setting threshold, and method, program and device for detecting target object: This disclosure provides a method of setting a threshold according to a level of an echo signal of an unused component. The echo signals are generated by transmitting and receiving a radio wave with an antenna while the antenna revolves. The method of setting the threshold includes calculating a difference... Agent:

20120007767 - Method, device and program for setting threshold, and method, device and program for detecting target object: This disclosure provides a method of setting a threshold according to a level of an echo signal containing an unused component. The echo signal is generated by transmitting and receiving a radio wave with an antenna while the antenna revolves. The method includes acquiring levels of the echo signals at... Agent:

20120007768 - Radar level gauge system with bottom reflector and bottom reflector: A radar level gauge system, for determining a filling level of a product contained in a tank, the radar level gauge system comprising: a transceiver for generating, transmitting and receiving electromagnetic signals; a propagating device electrically connected to the transceiver and arranged to propagate a transmitted electromagnetic signal towards a... Agent:

20120007769 - Method of automatic target angle tracking by sum-and-difference monopulse radar and device therefore: r

20120007770 - System for calibration of dual polarization radar with built-in test couplers: A calibration system for a dual polarization radar system with built in test couplers has been developed. The system includes a dual polarization radar transmitter antenna that generates a transmission pulse. A test coupler is located behind the antenna that reads a sample of the transmission pulse a test signal.... Agent:

20120007771 - Slot array antenna and radar device: This disclosure provides a slot array antenna, which includes an emission waveguide having a conductor surface where emission slot rows are formed and for guiding electromagnetic waves to be emitted from the emission slot rows, each of the emission slot rows having a plurality of emission slots are arrayed in... Agent:

20120007772 - controller for a directional antenna and associated apparatus and methods: A controller for a directional antenna, the controller configured to receive input signalling representative of a user's gaze direction. The controller is configured to generate output signalling for controlling the directionality of the directional antenna in accordance with the input signalling.... Agent:

20120007773 - Processing radar return signals to detect targets: In certain embodiments, an apparatus comprises range matched filters and a Doppler-acceleration matched filter system. The matched filters are configured to receive radar return signals detected by an antenna and range match filter the radar return signals to place the radar return signals into range cells. The Doppler-acceleration matched filter... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120007774 - Method and system for selecting optimal satellites in view: A system and method for determining one or more satellites in view of a wireless device. A request for satellite assistance data may be received from a requesting entity and a reference location determined as a function of the request. A set of satellites may be determined as a function... Agent: Andrew LLC

20120007775 - Systems and methods for using a satellite positioning system to detect moved wlan access points: The disclosed subject matter generally relates to hybrid positioning systems and methods and, more specifically, systems and methods of detecting moved WLAN assess points using a wireless local area network based positioning system (WLAN-PS) and a satellite-based positioning system (SPS) with at least two satellites measurement.... Agent: Skyhook Wireless, Inc.

20120007776 - Indoor satellite navigation system: A navigation system for an enclosed area, the navigation system comprising: a) at least one satellite signal receiving station, positioned outside the enclosed area, to receive satellite signals transmitted by a constellation of satellites and to determine time synchronization information relative to the transmitted signals; b) at least one local... Agent: Galileo Satellite Navigation Ltd.

20120007777 - Hybrid satellite positioning receiver: A hybrid satellite positioning receiver architecture is provided with a first receive path and a second receive path. The first receive path downconverts received satellite positioning signals of a first type to an intermediate frequency range, and the second receive path downconverts received satellite positioning signals of a second type... Agent:

20120007778 - Fluidic constructs for electronic devices: In various embodiments, an actuating mechanism is employed to displace a conductor disposed within a fluidic channel, thereby reconfiguring an electronic component.... Agent:

20120007779 - location and tracking system: A location and tracking system (1) comprises a site survey tool (2), a location engine (3), a self-calibration engine (4), and a fingerprint database (5). The system (1) operates for a wireless network of access points in a building and it generates from initialization data a model of the physical... Agent:

01/05/2012 > 16 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120001796 - Method and device for determining aspect angle progression: A method and a device are provided for specifying, in the context of the image generation of ISAR processing, the determination of the aspect angle course subject to which the radar illuminates the vehicle during the exposure and subject to which the vehicle echoes are reflected back to the radar.... Agent: Eads Deutschland Gmbh

20120001795 - Multipath sar imaging: Disclosed is a method for removing the distortions produced by multipath Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imaging. Conventional SAR systems assume that the returned signal consists of only direct scatterings; in practice however, the returned signal consists of multiple scattering events. Multiple or multipath scattering occurs when part of the surface... Agent:

20120001787 - Method for estimating an object motion characteristic from a radar signal, a computer system and a computer program product: The invention relates to a method for estimating an object motion characteristic from a radar signal. The method comprises the step of receiving radar data of an object from a multiple beam radar system. Further, the method comprises the steps of associating radar data with estimated height and/or cross-range information... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast- Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

20120001788 - Transponder decoder: An Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) system for an aircraft and method of automatically harmonizing a transponder squawk code and an ADS-B system such that a squawk code broadcast by the ADS-B system matches the transponder squawk code, includes transmitting the transponder squawk code from a transponder positioned onboard an aircraft... Agent: L-3 Communications Avionics Systems, Inc.

20120001789 - Digital registration of 3d laser radar data based on manually selected fiducials: A system and method for registering 3D data sets is disclosed based on manual fiducial selection. The technique is useful in imaging obscured targets with 3-D imaging laser radars. For such an exemplary method, which defines a three-dimensional linear shift vector for each data voxel, four fiducials are required to... Agent: United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army

20120001790 - Sensor for determining velocity: There is provided a sensor for use generally within the signal processing unit of a radar system. The sensor enables entity returns to be classified according to the velocity of the entity and thus allows returns to be processed according to classification. In particular the sensor comprises a first processing... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20120001791 - Radar system having arrangements and methods for the decoupling of transmitting and receiving signals and for the suppression of interference radiation: Receiving means are provided in which the signals that are received by reflection from objects are mixed with high-frequency signals, whereby low-frequency receiving signals are generated that represent sequences of individual signals, and the phase position thereof is varied over successive low-frequency individual receiving signals by varying the phase position... Agent: Conti Temic Microelectronic Gmbh

20120001792 - Measuring device with a measuring section and a reference section: A measuring device is disclosed. In at least one embodiment, the measuring device includes a waveguide that extends into a bore, wherein the bore and the waveguide contain a medium and wherein the waveguide and the bore are displaceable relative to each other. In at least one embodiment, the measuring... Agent: Horst Siedle Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120001793 - Radar registration using targets of opportunity: A method for registering a radar system. The method includes obtaining first values for a location of a target relative to the radar system using radar system initiated signals, obtaining geo-referenced location data for and from the target, obtaining second values for the location of the target relative to the... Agent:

20120001794 - System for response to a signal transmitted by a radar and use of this system notably for testing radars, in particular of the mti type: A system for response to a signal transmitted by a radar includes: a passive antenna capable of receiving and then backscattering a signal transmitted by said radar; a microwave switch connected to said antenna; at least two microwave lines each having a distinct impedance and being connected to the microwave... Agent: Thales

20120001797 - Gnss reception using distributed time synchronization: A GNSS receiver communicates with any connectivity device, such as a WiFi device that is, in turn, in communication with a wired network having access to the DTI timing. Such connectivity devices may set their timing and frame synchronization to the DTI and thus serve as Geopositiong beacons, thereby enabling... Agent: Maxlinear, Inc.

20120001798 - Method and system for inter-delay product test for signal degradation detection in a gnss receiver: A GNSS enabled communication device receives GNSS signals from GNSS satellites. The resulting GNSS baseband signals may be concurrently correlated with GNSS acquisition codes. Inter-delay products for the received GNSS signals may be generated utilizing the correlation IQ samples. The inter-delay products are utilized to calculate either an open loop... Agent:

20120001799 - Geopositioning method using assistance data: In order to enable a geopositioning receiver of a user to resolve phase ambiguities without necessarily using multi-frequency observations, assistance data is developed thanks to measurements made at a reference network (10, 12, 14) and sent to the receiver of the user. The assistance data used preferably consist of transmitter... Agent: Centre National D'etudes Spatiales

20120001800 - Method and apparatus for detecting position: A position detecting apparatus includes a GPS receiver configured to catch one or more of GPS satellites and track one or more of the satellites while receiving a GPS signal or GPS signals from one or more of the satellites. A power supply controllably feeds power to the GPS receiver.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kenwood

20120001801 - Antenna system: A beamformer is arranged to receive an input from a first antenna element and from at least one other antenna element and to generate at least a first and second output beam. The first and second output beams are combined at a connecting port such that signals received at the... Agent: Rockstar Bidco L.p.

20120001802 - Receiver including a matrix module to determine angular position: A receiver includes an antenna array, a plurality of phase shifters, a matrix module, a low noise amplifier module, and a down conversion module. The antenna array is coupled to receive an inbound wireless signal. The plurality of phase shifters is coupled to the antenna array and to produce a... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

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