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Communications: directive radio wave systems and devices (e.g., radar, radio navigation) December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/11

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12/29/2011 > 16 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20110316733 - Method and apparatus for locating a golf ball with doppler radar: A method comprises transmitting a radar signal into an target area, receiving reflected portions of the radar signal from the target area, and processing the reflected portions of the radar signal. The step of processing comprises windowing analog signals representative of the reflected portions of the radar signal, performing a... Agent:

20110316734 - Dual frequency antenna aperture: An antenna structure including at least two stacked antenna apertures, a first antenna aperture with first antenna elements and at least a second antenna aperture with second antenna elements. The antenna structure is arranged for operation in at least a high and a low frequency band. The first antenna elements... Agent: Saab Ab

20110316735 - Distance dependant error mitigation in real-time kinematic (rtk) positioning: A method for mitigating atmospheric errors in code and carrier phase measurements based on signals received from a plurality of satellites in a global navigation satellite system is disclosed. A residual tropospheric delay and a plurality of residual ionospheric delays are modeled as states in a Kalman filter. The state... Agent:

20110316736 - Locating satellites: A system and method of locating the position of a satellite or a user using a satellite positioning system. The system and method includes receiving, at a terminal, satellite positioning data for at least one specified time period over a communications channel. In addition, the system includes storing, at the... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (research & Development) Limited

20110316737 - Raim algorithm: Methods and apparatus for implementing a receiver autonomous integrity monitoring (RAIM) algorithm are provided. The RAIM algorithm is for determining an integrity risk in a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) by processing several ranging signals received from satellites of the GNSS. The algorithm involves determining several integrity risks at an... Agent: Astrium Gmbh

20110316738 - Adjusting a bandwidth of gnss receivers: Embodiments of the invention provide a method of adjusting a bandwidth of receivers. A plurality of outputs from a correlator engine are combined. User dynamics are sensed. Bandwidth of one or more receivers are adjusted. By detecting when the user is stationary, the Doppler frequency estimation can be corrected or... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110316739 - Digital beam-forming apparatus and technique for a multi-beam global positioning system (gps) receiver: An advanced multiple-beam GPS receiving system is achieved that is capable of simultaneously tracking multiple GPS satellites independently, detecting multiple interference signals individually, and suppressing directional gain in the antenna pattern of each beam in the interference directions. The GPS receiving system can be used for both planar and non-planar... Agent:

20110316740 - Reacquiring satellite signals quickly: Embodiments of the invention provide a method of reacquiring satellite signals quickly. A pseudorange of at least one satellite is estimated. A user's position is also estimated. Then a signal from at one or more satellites may be received. By detecting when the user is stationary, the Doppler frequency estimation... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110316741 - Control and features for satellite positioning system receivers: Control and feature systems for processing signals from a satellite positioning system include an expert system receiver manager; a joint detection, carrier centering and bit sync acquisition subsystem; peak detection; a multi-dimensional measurement interpolation subsystem; a system for mode switching between a navigational signal; and power control module for receiver.... Agent: Sirf Technology Inc.

20110316742 - Temperature sensor for oscillator and for satellite positioning circuitry: An apparatus and a method, the apparatus comprising: a temperature compensated oscillator; satellite positioning circuitry; and a temperature sensor configured to provide a first control output to the temperature compensated oscillator and to provide a second control output to the satellite positioning circuitry.... Agent:

20110316744 - Communication apparatus and communication method, computer program, and communication system: By effectively utilizing the beam pattern used at the time of the last communication, a directional link can be efficiently established, thereby reducing overhead. When establishing a link, a communication apparatus 100 transmits a preparation frame by using the last used transmit beam pattern, thereby efficiently establishing a directional link... Agent:

20110316743 - Method and system for vessel authentication and location validation: A method of and system for vessel authentication and location validation. The method includes detecting a radio transmission from a target vessel in a vessel control area; determining a time and date of the radio transmission; generating a triangulated geographical location of the radio transmission; extracting a maritime mobile service... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110316745 - Directional adjustment of voltage-controlled phased array structures: Implementations and techniques for directional adjustment of voltage-controlled phased array structures are generally disclosed.... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20110316746 - Slot antenna and rfid method: The invention relates to a slot antenna, more particularly to a transmitting antenna for RFID, comprising an antenna contour board having a plurality of antenna slots and at least one control circuit for enabling the antenna contour board to transmit and/or receive electromagnetic radiation. The slot antenna is characterized in... Agent:

20110316747 - Leading edge detection: A leading edge associated with a received signal is detected to provide, for example, time of arrival information for a ranging algorithm. In some aspects, a method of leading edge detection involves sampling a received signal, generating a drift compensated signal based on the samples, reconstructing the received signal based... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110316748 - Device and method for estimating an orientation of a mobile terminal device: A device for estimating a current orientation of a mobile terminal device at a current geographical position, wherein, at the current geographical position, a current measurement package may be determined which has a transmitter identification and an electromagnetic signal characteristic of a radio transmitter which may be received at the... Agent:

12/22/2011 > 19 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20110309966 - Method and system for locating a target in an interrogation-response system (iff): A method and system for locating a target, of azimuth Aestimatedtarget and of elevation angle Sestimatedtarget, in space by a carrier uses at least one first antenna array with electronic scanning ARRAY_H and at least one second antenna array with electronic scanning ARRAY_B. The target emits a signal in response... Agent: Thales

20110309965 - Method for transmission of a geographic coordinate: A method for transmission to a receiver of a geographic coordinate λ of a transmitter positioned in a spherical coordinate system λ, φ, at least a portion of one hemisphere of the Earth's sphere being divided into N sections each bounded by a minimum φ and a maximum φ, each... Agent: Thales

20110309967 - Apparatus and the method for distinguishing ground and obstacles for autonomous mobile vehicle: Disclosed is apparatus for distinguishing between ground and an obstacle for autonomous mobile vehicle, comprising an upper 2D laser radar 1, a lower 2D laser radar 2, and a processing unit 10, the processing unit 10 comprising a distance data receiving part 11, an inclination calculating part 12, a ground... Agent:

20110309968 - Radar sensor and method for operating a radar sensor: In operating a radar sensor, a modulation sequence having a number n of successive linear frequency ramps having different slopes an is cyclically repeated. A received radar signal reflected from an object is mixed with the emitted radar signal to form an intermediate frequency signal, which is analyzed for each... Agent:

20110309969 - System and method for microwave ranging to a target in presence of clutter and multi-path effects: A system for measuring the range to an RFID tag including situations containing high clutter and multi-path signals is disclosed. The system includes an RFID reader; an RFID tag; and a coordinated pulse compression radar system. In the system the RFID reader causes the tag to respond to received signals... Agent: Tc License Ltd.

20110309970 - System for detecting a position of an object in a plane: s

20110309971 - Electronic scanning radar apparatus, receiving wave direction estimating method, and computer-readable storage media storing receiving wave direction estimation program: In accordance with one of embodiments of the present invention, a frequency resolution processing unit calculates complex number data based on a beat signal caused by a receiving wave coming from a target and a transmission wave. A target detection unit detects a peak value from the intensities of beat... Agent: Honda Elesys Co., Ltd.

20110309972 - Adaptive sidelobe blanking for motion compensation: A motion compensation method and system is included in a radar antenna system mounted on a moving platform which is subject to pitch, yaw and roll. The radar antenna system includes a main array antenna, and an auxiliary antenna. The auxiliary channel associated with the auxiliary antenna utilizes roll, pitch... Agent: Raytheon Company

20110309973 - Combined transmit/receive single-post antenna for hf/vhf radar: An antenna configuration is described for high frequency (HF) or very high frequency (VHF) radars contained in a single vertical post. The radar may include a vertical dipole or monopole transmitting antenna collocated with a three-element receive antenna. The three antennas including two crossed loops and a vertical element are... Agent: Codar Ocean Sensors, Ltd.

20110309974 - Annihilation method for gps integer ambiguity with residual probability scoring: A method of locating a first GPS receiver relative to a second GPS receiver. The method includes the steps of: providing a first and second GPS receiver, the first and second GPS receiver spaced apart by a distance D along a baseline; receiving a finite number of observables from a... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20110309975 - Firearm global satellite positioning system tracking system: A firearm GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking system, in which a GPS tracker is disposed within a firearm, and the GPS tracker is provided with a GPS receiving circuit, a microprocessor, a wireless transmission circuit and a detector. The detector is able to detect various operational circumstances of the firearm,... Agent:

20110309976 - Intermittent tracking for gnss: A GNSS system operates intermittently and has adaptive activity and sleep time in order to reduce power consumption. The GNSS system provides an enhanced estimate of its position in the absence of GNSS signals of sufficient strength. The user's activity and behavior is modeled and used to improve performance, response... Agent: Maxlinear, Inc.

20110309977 - Power reduction in wireless applications: A mobile tracking device is provided that monitors or measures one or more signals from GPS satellites and remote wireless base stations during a GPS acquisition process and a registration process, and terminates the process(es) prior to reaching a default timeout when the signals do not meet a predetermined threshold... Agent: Enfora, Inc.

20110309978 - Gnss receiver: To realize a GNSS receiver that can perform further optimal correlation processing on a positioning signal phase-modulated by a CBOC signal. A correlation processing module 32 performs correlation processing between a baseband signal and a BOC(1, 1) replica code to output a BOC(1, 1) correlation data, and also performs correlation... Agent: Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.

20110309979 - System for transmitting wireless high-speed data signals between a terrestrial-based antenna and an aircraft: A system and method for providing wireless high-speed data services for an aircraft. Wireless data signals can be received and transmitted by one or more directional antennae on the aircraft which can be dynamically directed to track one or more terrestrial-based antennae. The terrestrial-based antennae, for receiving and transmitting wireless... Agent:

20110309980 - Controlling a beamforming antenna using reconfigurable parasitic elements: Methods, devices, and systems for controlling a beamforming antenna with reconfigurable parasitic elements is provided. In one embodiment, a method of controlling a beamforming antenna in a wireless device comprises calculating the input impedance of the beamforming antenna using an adaptive matching network, wherein said beamforming antenna includes a primary... Agent:

20110309981 - Combined direction finder and radar system, method and computer program product: A system for determining a propagation direction of a received electromagnetic wave includes a linear phased array of receiving antenna elements and a processing unit for processing signals received by the receiving antenna elements. The processor is arranged for generating, from the received signals, receiving data corresponding to a set... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast- Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

20110309982 - Receiving station and methods for determining an angle-of-arrival of short-duration signals using surface-acoustic-wave (saw) devices: Embodiments of a system and method for determining an angle-of-arrival (AOA) of signals received from a transmitting device are shown. Signals from the transmitting device are received through two or more pairs of spatially-diverse antennas. A non-inverted version of the signals received through a first antenna of a pair is... Agent: Raytheon Company

20110309983 - Three-dimensional direction finding for estimating a geolocation of an emitter: One embodiment of the invention includes a computer readable medium configured to perform a method for determining a three-dimensional geolocation of a terrestrial emitter. The method includes receiving a signal from the emitter at an antenna array. The method also includes determining a three-dimensional line-of-position (LOP) to the emitter based... Agent:

12/15/2011 > 16 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20110304494 - Wireless microwave interferer for destructing, disabling, or jamming a trigger of an improvised explosive device: A wireless microwave interferer for destructing, disabling, or jamming a trigger of an improvised explosive device. The interferer includes a power source interface, a control and monitoring panel, a waveform generator, a modulated HV power supply, at least one microwave generator, a waveguide to co-ax transformer and combiner, one of... Agent:

20110304495 - Beat-product radio imaging method (rim): A beat-product radio imaging method (RIM) system uses a matched continuous wave (CW) transmitter and receiver to electronically image material in between. Signal attenuation measurements are taken from a number of different transmitter and receiver perspectives around the material. The transmitter and receiver each have a crystal oscillator rated at... Agent:

20110304501 - Radar return signal processing apparatus and method: According to one embodiment, a radar return signal processing apparatus includes a detector, an estimation unit and an extraction unit. The detector detects an average Doppler frequency, a spectrum width, and a received power of each of echoes, from a radar return signal obtained repeatedly at regular intervals. The estimation... Agent:

20110304496 - Effective marine stabilized antenna system: An effective marine stabilized antenna system, in terms of antenna to radome size and antenna/RF performance complies with all relevant worldwide SatCom regulations. The combination of a dual offset Gregorian antenna (DOGA) with a stabilized polarization over elevation over tilt over azimuth pedestal, and a control/stabilization algorithm, ensures antenna orientation... Agent: Orbit Communication Ltd.

20110304497 - Athletic performance monitoring systems and methods in a team sports environment: Systems, apparatuses, and methods estimate the distance between a player and a ball by transmitting a chirp (sweep signal) to a radio tag located on the ball. During the chirp, the frequency of the transmitted signal is changed in a predetermined fashion. The radio tag doubles the transmitted frequency and... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20110304498 - Submillimeter radar using phase information: A signal processor (30) for a submillimeter wavelength active radar system (10, 20, 30) processes signals received and downconverted by the radar system, the downconverted signals corresponding to a given pixel of the field of view having time varying amplitude and phase components which have a periodic component which is... Agent: Toyota Motor Europe Nv/sa

20110304499 - System for determining the movement of a swaying structure: A system for determining the movement of a swaying structure, on which a receiver is fixedly mounted, is proposed, wherein at least three reference transmitters having known and fixed positions are provided and transmit the transmission signals received by the receiver at defined carrier frequencies. In addition, an evaluation unit... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20110304500 - Fmcw radar sensor for motor vehicles: An FMCW radar sensor for motor vehicles, having a high frequency part for generating, transmitting and receiving radar signals, a modulation device for controlling the frequency modulation of the transmitted radar signal, at least one analog preprocessing stage for an intermediate frequency signal formed from the received radar signal, at... Agent:

20110304502 - Systems and methods for segmenting a satellite field of view for detecting radio frequency signals: A satellite system for detecting radio frequency signals from space including at least two sensors, a processing unit and at least one receiver. Each sensor receives a plurality of radio frequency signals containing messages and outputs a sensor signal that is representative of the plurality of radio frequency signals. The... Agent: Com Dev International Ltd.

20110304503 - Simultaneous localization and rf modeling: The simultaneous localization and RF modeling technique pertains to a method of providing simultaneous localization and radio frequency (RF) modeling. In one embodiment, the technique operates in a space with wireless local area network coverage (or other RF transmitters). Users carrying Wi-Fi-enabled devices traverse this space while the mobile devices... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110304504 - Adaptive beamforming: A computer implemented method for generating transmit (TX) and receive (RX) antenna weight vectors (AWVs) for beamforming without utilizing explicit channel estimation.... Agent: Nec Laboratories America, Inc.

20110304505 - Electronic tracking system: An ordnance usable against a living body, the ordnance having a tracking module with a transmitter that can use at least a portion of the body as an antenna. In preferred embodiments, the tracking module is releasably coupled to a carrier, and a pointed tip is disposed on at least... Agent:

20110304506 - Method for measuring location of mobile terminal: A method for measuring a location of a mobile terminal includes calculating first location information by using a ToA (Time of Arrival) scheme, calibrating the first location information by using angle information between two base stations and the terminal; calculating second location information by using an AoA (Angle of Arrival)... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20110304507 - Compact single-aperture antenna and direction-finding navigation system: A radio-based navigation system uses a small multi-mode direction-finding antenna and a direction-finding receiver to determine platform position, velocity, attitude and time while simultaneously providing protection against narrowband and broadband sources of interference. Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signals such as those from a Global Positioning System (GPS) provide attitude... Agent: Toyon Research Corporation

20110304508 - Direction finding antenna system and method: An antenna system for estimating the DOA of arriving signals, comprising: a first omnidirectional antenna; and a second omnidirectional antenna, which is located coaxially above the first omnidirectional antenna at a predefined distance D. The first omnidirectional antenna is configured to transform the received arriving signal into output signals, and... Agent:

20110304509 - Method and system for detecting signal sources in a surveillance space: A respective electromagnetic parameter and spatial disposition of an unknown number of signal sources in a surveillance space simultaneously bombarded by multiple signals are determined by receiving multiple signals at each of a plurality of widebeam, wideband antennas equally spaced apart in a linear array. Respective antenna signals are simultaneously... Agent: Elta Systems Ltd.

12/08/2011 > 18 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20110298647 - Method, apparatus, and system to remotely acquire information from volumes in a snowpack: A method, apparatus, and system to remotely acquire information from volumes in a snowpack and to analyze the information are disclosed. Electromagnetic energy is transmitted remotely to a region of interest in a snowpack and data about reflections are processed to determine reflection values for different volumes within the snowpack.... Agent: Brigham Young University Technology Transfer Office

20110298654 - Sar radar system: A method for detecting targets including moving and stationary targets with a radar system equipped with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) onboard a SAR platform including navigation equipment for accurate determination of the position of the SAR platform. The SAR platform is transversing a stationary ground region and targets in the... Agent: Saab Ab

20110298655 - Synthetic-aperture radar system and operating method for monitoring ground and structure displacements suitable for emergency conditions: A synthetic-aperture radar system, and related operating method, for the monitoring of ground and structure movements, particularly suitable for emergency conditions, characterized by a ground based platform with polarimetric capabilities, that able to quickly acquire, embeddedly process and post-process data by a novel data acquisition “On the Fly” mode of... Agent: Ellegi S.r.l..

20110298656 - Radar sensor and method for detecting precipitation using a radar senor: In the method for detecting precipitation using a radar sensor, the radar sensor emits a transmission signal, whose frequency is varied periodically in successive modulation ramps. Signals received by the radar sensor are analyzed to determine precipitation on the basis of two different criteria. In the method, a first criterion... Agent:

20110298648 - Method and on board device for providing pilot assistance in the lack of air control: A system and method for providing pilot assistance to an aircraft in the lack of air control airspace, within the context of IFBP and TIBA procedures. The system and method includes receiving blind broadcast messages on a dedicated frequency, inputting relevant data regarding the blind broadcast message to a system... Agent:

20110298649 - Navigation, identification, and collision avoidance antenna systems: Antenna embodiments are illustrated that are particularly suited for use in aircraft navigation, identification and collision avoidance systems. An exemplary antenna embodiment operates about a center wavelength and in association with a ground plane and comprises first and second grounded, shortened, and top loaded monopoles. These monopoles are spaced apart... Agent: Sensor Systems, Inc.

20110298650 - Signature matching method and apparatus: Described are computer-based methods and apparatuses, including computer program products, for signature matching. In some examples, the method for signature matching includes receiving a first target profile associated with a first data signal, the first data signal associated with a first target object; receiving a second target profile associated with... Agent: Raytheon Company

20110298651 - Method and device for processing signal, radar apparatus, and program for processing signal: This disclosure provides a signal processing device, which includes an echo signal input module for being inputted with echo signals caused by electromagnetic waves emitted from an antenna being reflected on one of more target objects, an echo signal level detecting module for detecting a level of each of the... Agent:

20110298652 - Submillimeter radar using signals reflected from multiple angles: A submillimeter wavelength radar system has a receiver (20, 27, 90) for receiving and downconverting signals from content in a field of view of the system and a signal processor (30) arranged to determine information about the content from the downconverted signals, the radar system being arranged to obtain signals... Agent: Toyota Motor Europe Nv/sa

20110298653 - Method and device for detecting azimuth: A device for detecting an azimuth has a transmission array antenna having plural transmission antenna elements arrayed along an array axis and a receiving array antenna having plural receiving antenna elements arrayed along the array axis. A reception signal is acquired for each of channels by transmitting and receiving a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110298657 - Transmitting apparatus and receiving apparatus for tracking position using gps and the method thereof: A method of tracking a position of a transmitting apparatus in a sensor network is provided. The transmitting apparatus may receive Global Positioning System (GPS) information from each of satellites, may extract satellite time information and satellite identification information from the GPS information, may generate a transmission frame together with... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110298658 - Position determination using measurements from past and present epochs: The subject matter disclosed herein relates to positioning systems and location determination using measurement stitching.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110298659 - System and method for using a satellite positioning system to filter wlan access points in a hybrid positioning system: This disclosure describes a system and method for using a satellite positioning system to filter WLAN access points in a hybrid positioning system. In some embodiments, the method can include detecting WLAN APs in range of the WLAN and satellite enabled device, obtaining satellite measurements from at least two satellites... Agent: Skyhook Wireless, Inc.

20110298660 - Systems and methods for using a satellite positioning system to detect moved wlan access points: The disclosed subject matter generally relates to hybrid positioning systems and methods and, more specifically, systems and methods of detecting moved WLAN assess points using a wireless local area network based positioning system (WLAN-PS) and a satellite-based positioning system (SPS) with at least two satellites measurement.... Agent: Skyhook Wireless, Inc.

20110298661 - System and method of compensating for micro-jump events: A system comprises a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver configured to acquire and track a unique radio frequency (RF) signal for each of a plurality of channels, wherein the GNSS receiver is configured to provide one or more system state measurements based on the unique RF signals; processing functionality... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110298662 - System and/or method for acquisition of gnss signals: The subject matter disclosed herein relates to a system and method for acquiring signal received from space vehicles (SVs) in a satellite navigation system. In one example, although claimed subject matter is not so limited, information processed in acquiring a signal from a first SV may be used in acquiring... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110298663 - Systems and methods for using a satellite positioning system to detect moved wlan access points: The disclosed subject matter generally relates to hybrid positioning systems and methods and, more specifically, systems and methods of detecting moved WLAN assess points using a wireless local area network based positioning system (WLAN-PS) and a satellite-based positioning system (SPS) with at least two satellites measurement.... Agent: Skyhook Wireless, Inc.

20110298664 - Systems and methods for using a satellite positioning system to detect moved wlan access points: The disclosed subject matter generally relates to hybrid positioning systems and methods and, more specifically, systems and methods of detecting moved WLAN assess points using a wireless local area network based positioning system (WLAN-PS) and a satellite-based positioning system (SPS) with at least two satellites measurement.... Agent: Skyhook Wireless, Inc.

12/01/2011 > 19 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20110291878 - Rotational parabolic antenna with various feed configurations: A rotational antenna includes a stationary feed which is disposed in a substantially vertical orientation. A parabolic dish is rotationally mounted about the stationary feed in a state of being tipped with respect to the stationary, substantially vertically oriented feed. The rotational parabolic antenna may alternatively be provided with a... Agent: Detect, Inc.

20110291879 - System and method for detecting and determining remote atmospheric anomalies: A system for detecting and determining remote atmospheric anomalies is furnished with a movable-beam anemometry probe for measuring the orthogonal projection onto the sighting axis, named the radial component, of a relative velocity remotely, with respect to a remote air mass by Doppler frequency shift. The system comprises means for... Agent: Thales

20110291875 - Automotive radar with radio-frequency interference avoidance: An automotive radar system is disclosed that comprises an interference classifier 203 for determining a type of interference in a signal received from a multiuser environment. A sweep pattern comprising frequency sweep signals for a transmitted radar waveform is then advantageously determined in dependence upon the level of interference experienced... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110291874 - Vehicle radar system and method for detecting objects: A vehicle radar system and method for detecting objects are provided. The vehicle radar system includes a side radar sensor providing a detection area at a side of the vehicle and a rear radar sensor providing a detection area at a rear of the vehicle. Each of the side and... Agent:

20110291876 - Doppler-vision-radar traffic surveillance system: This invention is related to a Doppler-Vision-Radar Traffic Surveillance System comprising of multiple Doppler radars, circuitry for processing radar signals, and data recording and displaying devices. Although the system is mainly designed for roadside traffic surveillance, it can be used in different applications, such as mounted on a host vehicle... Agent:

20110291877 - Methods and apparatus for non-isotropic sea clutter modeling: Methods and apparatus to provide computing, using a processor, sea clutter threshold bias values as a function of range and azimuth, receiving a first shape corresponding to a first region of sea clutter about a radar, combining the sea clutter threshold bias values with the first shape to provide non-isotropic... Agent: Raytheon Company

20110291880 - Apparatus and method for collecting navigation data: An apparatus and a method for collecting navigation data are disclosed, where the apparatus includes a correlator, a first buffer, a first calculating unit and a management unit. The correlator can generate a plurality of power bits based on navigation data of a satellite. The first buffer can store a... Agent: Skytraq Technology, Inc.

20110291881 - Position calculating method and position calculating device: There is provided a position calculating method including: calculating a pseudorange by receiving a satellite signal from a positioning satellite; and calculating a position using a normal mixture distribution model which expresses distribution of an error included in the pseudorange with normal mixture distribution.... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110291882 - Co-operative geolocation: A method and apparatus for extending the coverage of geolocation to indoor locations through cooperative geolocation. The method includes establishing an ad-hoc wireless network comprising a plurality of devices including a first device. The method includes receiving, at the first device, position information from the plurality of devices and determining... Agent: Maxlinear, Inc.

20110291883 - Positioning system, position information transmitter, communication terminal, and control method of the positioning system: A position information transmitter including: a digital processing device including a CPU and a position information database storing position information of the position information transmitter and information of channels used by other position information transmitters; and a radio transmitting device executing a signal modulation, wherein the digital processing device generates... Agent:

20110291884 - Method and apparatus for determining accuracy of location information: A method and apparatus for determining accuracy information of location information. The method includes receiving Global Positioning System (GPS) location information of a user terminal from a GPS, determining whether the user terminal enters into a GPS shadow area, checking terminal movement information including a moving speed and a moving... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110291885 - Almanac maintenance for mobile station positioning: An almanac data management system at a location remote from a cell phone (20) has an almanac memory (44) for containing at least a current version of almanac data (52). A mobile device information memory (48) contains an identification of a version of almanac data held by the cell phone... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110291886 - method for marking locations of associated peripheral devices: A system and method for marking the location of a lost device using geographical location-sensing means is provided. The method involves time-stamping the moment of disconnection, recording the navigation from point of disconnection, fixing the geographical location, and then applying geographical displacement to GPS coordinates to fix the location of... Agent:

20110291887 - Navigation system integrity: A method for modelling integrity of a filtered global navigation satellite system, by calculating component navigation system error distributions for a set of fault conditions and a fault free condition, and determining overall navigation error distribution by forming a mixture distribution from these component navigation system error distributions. The mixture... Agent: Qinetiq Limited

20110291888 - Method and system for rf interference mitigation using a blanking watchguard: A global navigation satellite system (GNSS) enabled mobile device may be operable to assert one of autoblank signals when RF interference is detected in received GNSS signals for one of consecutive first time windows. The asserted autoblank signals are monitored by the GNSS enabled mobile device over time intervals corresponding... Agent:

20110291890 - Method for angularly refining the antenna beam of a radar: The present invention relates to a method for angularly refining the antenna beam of a radar. The antenna performs M pointings along an axis, a signal being received by the antenna for each of said pointings, each of said signals being, on account of the shape of the antenna pattern,... Agent: Thales

20110291889 - Phased array antenna and a method of operating a phased array antenna: An element of a phased array antenna is provided. The element comprises a phase tracking circuit configured to multiply the in-phase component (In) of a local output signal by the quadrature phase component (Qout) of an external output signal to generate a phase control signal (535) and/or to multiply the... Agent: Phasor Solutions Limited

20110291891 - Method and system for mixed analog/digital beamforming in wireless communication systems: A method is disclosed for mixed analog/digital beamforming in a wireless communication system having transmit and receive antennas and analog front-ends connected to either the transmit antennas or the receive antennas. The method includes determining transmit and receive analog/digital beamforming coefficients by a) determining information representative of communication channels formed... Agent: Imec

20110291892 - Method of determining the direction of arrival of an electromagnetic wave: A method of measuring the bearing angle of arrival θ of HF band electromagnetic signals received by a crossed loop antenna or an Adcock antenna array includes measuring the phase difference Δφ between the signals acquired in the sine and cosine paths of the antenna; measuring the ratio R of... Agent: Thales

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