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Communications: directive radio wave systems and devices (e.g., radar, radio navigation) November recently filed with US Patent Office 11/11

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11/24/2011 > 23 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20110285580 - Method for constructing focused radar images: A method for constructing focused radar images includes chopping the radar illumination period into p sub-periods, two successive sub-periods overlapping temporally; choosing n successive sub-periods from among the p sub-periods, and for each of the n chosen sub-periods, performing radar acquisitions to generate an image IM_0x of resolution R0; and... Agent: Thales

20110285581 - Surveillance system comprising a radar antenna mounted on a blade of a windmill: A surveillance system for detecting targets comprises a radar antenna mounted on a blade of a windmill.... Agent: Thales Nederland B.v.

20110285582 - Cylindrical polarimetric phased array radar: A radar data acquisition system including a polarimetric phased array antenna and a radar control and processing system. The polarimetric phased array antenna includes a support system, an array of panels and a switching network. One or more of the panels include a dual pole antenna for at least one... Agent:

20110285571 - Sensor and alignment adjusting method: Disclosed is alignment adjustment technology for a sensor, and more particularly a sensor having an antenna structure of a specific form, which enables the alignment of the sensor to be simply and accurately adjusted even without a separate mechanical adjustment device or a change in the structure of a vehicle,... Agent: Mando Corporation

20110285572 - Mode 5 detection process using phase and amplitude correlation: A receiver in a mode 5 air traffic control system provides amplitude and phase signal outputs a digital data stream containing preamble and flight information from data transmitted from an aircraft. A signal splitter divides the amplitude and phase signal outputs between an odd channel and an even channel that... Agent: Northrop Grumman Guidance And Electronics Company, Inc.

20110285576 - Forward facing sensing system for a vehicle: A forward facing sensing system comprises a windshield electronics module disposed in the interior cabin of a vehicle at and behind the windshield. A radar sensor device is disposed within the windshield electronics module and a forward facing image sensor is disposed within the windshield electronics module, and with both... Agent:

20110285575 - Integrated circuit comprising frequency generation circuitry for controlling a frequency source: An integrated circuit comprises frequency generation circuitry for controlling a frequency source for an automotive radar system. The frequency generation circuitry comprises a Phase Locked Loop (PLL) arranged to generate a control signal for controlling the frequency source, a fractional-N divider located within a feedback loop of the PLL, and... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20110285573 - Integrated radar system and vehicle control system: An integrated radar system and a vehicle control system are provided. More particularly, an antenna structure that can sense multiple distances using multiple beams, an integrated radar system using the same, and a vehicle control system that performs vehicle control through multiple distance sensing of a target are provided.... Agent: Mando Corporation

20110285574 - Radar system: Provided is a radar system which calculates a track of a detected object and can determine whether or not the track is accurate. The radar system includes: a radar section for emitting an electromagnetic wave to an object and receiving a reflected wave reflected from the object to detect position... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110285577 - Forward-looking 3d imaging radar and method for acquiring 3d images using the same: Disclosure is a forward-looking 3D imaging radar, comprising: a transmitting unit which generates RF signals to be radiated for observing object in front of the radar; a transmitting antenna which radiates the RF signal generated by the transmitting unit; a receiving antenna which receives signals radiated from the transmitting antenna... Agent: Agency For Defense Development

20110285578 - Rf based tracker for rotating objects: An RF beam is used to probe the presence or absence of a rotating blade in a known field of view. Timing of appearance or disappearance or “zero-crossing” of a reflected signal is correlated with timing of the blade movement. Blades which are leading or lagging versus other blades will... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110285579 - Tracking identities of persons using micro-impulse radar: One or more human attributes extracted from a micro-impulse radar (MIR) signal is correlated to a temporary identity or phenotypic identity of a person.... Agent: Searete LLC

20110285583 - Perceptive global positioning device and method thereof: A perceptive global positioning device is disposed on or carried by a carrier (vehicle, pedestrian, etc.) for receiving positioning signals transmitted from satellites, to detect various behavioral states related to movement and correct errors in positioning data for positioning the carrier. The positioning device includes a sensor for receiving positioning... Agent:

20110285584 - Handheld antenna attitude measuring system: An antenna attitude measuring system includes internal and external electrical components providing data for recording and displaying on a handheld device. The data can be transmitted to a database for access by a network operator. The antenna attitude can be adjusted for maximizing telecommunications network performance.... Agent:

20110285585 - Position location using opportunistic analog and digital radio-frequency signals: A method and apparatus for determining the synchronization and the position of terminals comprising of methods and apparatus for receiving a plurality of signals from opportunistic transmitters such as analog or digital radio/television broadcast and cellular tower signals; down-converting, sampling and processing such signals without requiring demodulation or detection of... Agent:

20110285586 - Global navigation satellite system (gnss) reference station integrity monitoring and assurance: In a method of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) reference station integrity monitoring, network Real Time Kinematic (RTK) information is accessed for a location associated with a GNSS reference station. At least one aspect of GNSS information local to the location of the GNSS reference station is compared with a... Agent:

20110285587 - Gnss surveying methods and apparatus: Methods and apparatus are presented for improved productivity in determining static position of an antenna of a GNSS rover, such as in stop-and-go surveying. Computer-implemented methods and apparatus provide for determining a static position of an antenna of a GNSS rover from observations of GNSS signals collected at the antenna... Agent: Trimble Navigation Limited

20110285588 - Device for discriminating the phase and the phase variation of a signal: In a phase discriminator device for receiving, as input, a complex signal whose argument represents a phase error, and for producing, as output, an estimate of the phase error for each signal sample Zn+1 received, the device includes a frequency discriminator and a computation part for determining the phase estimate... Agent: Thales

20110285589 - Network location and synchronization of peer sensor stations in a wireless geolocation network: Transmitters are located with a network of sensors by measuring signal characteristics at multiple known locations and processing these measurements at a central node. The sensors communicate their location to the central node along with measured characteristics of the transmitter's signal, and may be required to synchronize with other sensors.... Agent: Trueposition, Inc.

20110285590 - Determining spatial orientation information of a body from multiple electromagnetic signals: A method for determining a spatial orientation of a body, including receiving, by receiving equipment located with the body, at least three electromagnetic signal sets, each of the received signal sets having been transmitted by a different one of at least three separate transmitters at different locations, detecting, for each... Agent:

20110285591 - Correlating contextual data and position data to improve location based services: A computer system for correcting position fixes received from a mobile computing device comprises a database and one or more computer server computers. The database is configured to store position fixes and corrected positions received from a plurality of mobile computing devices via wireless communication. The one or more server... Agent: Palm, Inc.

20110285592 - Position determination method and geodetic measuring system: Position determination method for a target point, using a geodetic measuring device, such as a total station or a theodolite, having a distance and angle measurement functionality, a sighting device, and a first radio module, and using a hand-held data processing device, such as a data logger for the measuring... Agent: Leica Geosystems Ag

20110285593 - Radio frequency positioning system for vehicles: A positioning system for radio frequency devices includes a two-way radio antenna, for vehicles, having a transmitting and a receiving element. Reference antennas have retro-directive arrays which can shape the signal beams in elevation; polarize transmission and reception signals according to a circular or a linear polarization, the polarized transmission... Agent:

11/17/2011 > 25 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20110279301 - Rf anechoic chamber: A rectangular RF anechoic chamber, where the material or absorbing material attached to its feeding wall has a homogeneous property on X-Y plane, i.e. the plane parallel to the feeding wall. The MA(s) are mounted on the feeding wall from which the material with a homogeneous property will reduce interferences... Agent:

20110279302 - Method for optimizing the management of radar time for secondary radars operating in modes: A method for the real-time management and sequencing of the information interchanges between a secondary radar and a plurality of aircraft includes the interchanges between the radar and a given aircraft being performed, depending on the aircraft concerned, either in a non-selective, SSR, IFF or “All Call” interrogation mode or... Agent: Thales

20110279303 - Active-radar-assisted passive composite imagery for aiding navigation or detecting threats: Typical inventive practice provides for electronic communication of a computer with a display, an active radar device (for transmitting target-location data and environmental data), a light measurement device (for transmitting visual light data), and passive imaging devices covering bands in the visual, infrared (MWIR and/or LWIR), and millimeter wave regions... Agent: The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20110279304 - Millimeter wave radar-equipped headlamp: A millimeter wave radar-equipped headlamp includes a millimeter wave radar that detects an object ahead of a vehicle, and a lighting device unit that irradiates an area ahead of the vehicle. The lighting device unit incorporates an antenna module of the millimeter wave radar. The lighting device unit includes a... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110279305 - Method for estimating the position and the speed of a target with a radar emitting an ofdm waveform: A method for estimating the position and the speed of a target with a radar is provided. The radar emits a waveform including a train of pulses, each pulse having an OFDM chip constructed from subcarriers, the subcarriers covering the whole bandwidth of the radar. Upon receipt of the echoed... Agent: Thales Nederland B.v.

20110279306 - Pulsed radar level gauge system and method with reduced start-up time: A radar level gauge system, for determination of a filling level of a product contained in a tank, the radar level gauge system comprising: first pulse generating circuitry for generating a transmission signal in the form of a first pulse train having a first pulse repetition frequency; second pulse generating... Agent:

20110279307 - High duty cycle radar with near/far pulse compression interference mitigation: In conventional pulse compression processing, sidelobes from strong return signals may hide correlation peaks associated with weaker return signals. Example embodiments include methods of mitigating this near/far interference by weighting a received return signal or corresponding reference signal based the return signal's time of arrival, then performing pulse compression using... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110279308 - Radiometric imaging device and corresponding method: The present invention relates to a radiometric imaging device and a corresponding method for scanning a scene. The proposed device comprises a radiometer configured to detect radiation in a predetermined spectral range emitted from said scene and to generate a radiation signal from said detected radiation, and a processor configured... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110279309 - Apparatus and method for pseudo range verification of global navigation satellite system (gnss) receiver: Provided is a method and apparatus for a pseudo range verification of a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver, more particularly, a method and apparatus for the pseudo range verification of the GNSS receiver by comparing the pseudo range for a measurement calculated in the GNSS receiver and the pseudo... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110279310 - Radio wave receiving apparatus and position calculating method: A radio wave receiving apparatus includes a plurality of antennas disposed on a circuit board, the plurality of antennas having radiation patterns with different bearings and which indicate a directivity of said antennas upon receipt of radio waves, a storage unit for storing information of the radiation patterns of the... Agent:

20110279311 - Systems and methods for providing media content listings according to points of interest: Systems and methods are provided for allowing a user to obtain a listing of points of interest and associated media content listings based on the user's current geographic location. The user's current geographic location may be determined using, for example, a GPS transceiver incorporated in the user's user access device.... Agent: Rovi Technologies Corporation

20110279312 - Generating accurate time assistance data for an lte network: A system method for estimating Global Navigation Satellite System assistance data in a communications network. The method may comprise transmitting a location request from a mobility management entity to a location server, requesting a wireless device to transmit a first signal, and transmitting the first signal by the wireless device.... Agent: Andrew LLC

20110279313 - Apparatus and method for processing navigation signal: An apparatus and method for processing a navigation signal are provided. When a navigation signal is received and processed, a search range associated with signal processing may be reduced by directly computing a clock offset of a receiving terminal, and accordingly it is possible to reduce an operation amount associated... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110279314 - Gnss signal processing methods and apparatus with ionospheric filters: Methods and apparatus are provided for processing a set of GNSS signal data derived from signals of a first set of satellites having at least three carriers and signals of a second set of satellites having two carriers. A geometry filter uses a geometry filter combination to obtain an array... Agent: Trimble Navigation Limited

20110279315 - Method and apparatus for determining gnss time for a gnss receiver without accurate time information: A method and an apparatus for determining a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) time for a GNSS receiver are provided. The method includes storing ephemeris information into a non-volatile memory, and utilizing the ephemeris information to determine a GNSS time without referring a real time clock (RTC). The apparatus includes... Agent:

20110279316 - Method and device for predicting gnss satellite trajectory extension data in mobile apparatus: A method and device for predicting satellite trajectory extension data in a mobile apparatus. The device in accordance with the present invention comprises an I/O interface and a microprocessor. The input/output (I/O) interface is used for obtaining at least one satellite navigation message for at least one satellite. The microprocessor... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20110279317 - High sensitivity satellite positioning system receiver: An attenuated satellite positioning system (SPS) signal is acquired using long integration over multiple navigation data bits. To produce a stable internal clock signal to perform the long integration, an external clock signal is received from a highly stable source, such as a wireless communication base station or a nearby... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110279318 - Method and apparatus for a gps receiver capable of reception of gps signals and binary offset carrier signals: A system and method capable of mitigating the migration from the current GPS system to the Galileo system and allow a single satellite system positioning receiver to process both GPS signals and Galileo signals.... Agent: Sirf Technology Inc.

20110279319 - Communication device, communication control method and communication system: To enable high-speed learning of an antenna directionality to be used for millimeter-wave communication, there is provided a communication device including a first radio communication unit capable of radio communication in accordance with a first communication method, and a second radio communication unit capable of radio communication in accordance with... Agent:

20110279320 - System for emitting electromagnetic beams, comprising a network of antennae: This invention relates to a system for emitting electromagnetic beams, comprising a network of elements for the far-field emission of electromagnetic beams, the signals coming from and/or arriving towards each element weighted by excitation coefficients digitally determined by calculation means. According to the invention, the system comprises: a second separate... Agent: Microwave Vision

20110279321 - Wireless multicasting with beamforming antennas: A method for wireless multicasting with beamforming includes dividing single lobe beam patterns into groups, each group being a composite beam pattern, the dividing being according to one of an equal power partition configuration and an asymmetric power partition configuration; and transmitting the information with the composite beam pattern.... Agent: Nec Laboratories America, Inc.

20110279322 - Signal transmission surveillance system: A system and method of detecting, processing, and selectively responding to radio frequency transmissions detected by at least one electronic signal observation device deployed above a geographic area.... Agent:

20110279324 - Compressed sensing for navigation data: Methods, apparatuses, and systems are provided for processing positioning signals to obtain navigation information by applying compressed sensing.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110279323 - System and method for providing location information on mobile devices: A system and method for activating a GPS receiver or a WiFi receiver on a mobile device may be provided, which comprises determining an approximate location of the mobile device. The approximate location of the mobile device may be determined using cell tower location information. If the approximate location of... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110279325 - Localization system for determining a position of a device that can be moved on the floor: The invention relates to a localization system for determining a state of a device that can move on a floor, comprising a floor transceiver system having a plurality of floor transceivers which each have floor antennas for marking position points within the plane of the floor, and a transceiver tablet... Agent: Robotics Technology Leaders Gmbh

11/10/2011 > 17 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20110273319 - Tunable negative permeability based devices: Negative permeability metamaterials and devices based on negative permeability metamaterials are described. The invention presents a new paradigm for realizing electromagnetic devices utilizing naturally available magnetic materials operating in their negative permeability spectrum. The superior advantages of negative permeability materials are utilized for providing unique electromagnetic devices including, for example,... Agent:

20110273326 - Radar apparatus: A radar apparatus includes: an array antenna having antenna elements having function of a transmission antenna and a reception antenna and receiving an echo signal which is a reflection of a probe signal from a target, the probe signal being radiated from the antenna elements; a converter for converting the... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110273321 - Method and system for tracking objects using radio tomographic imaging: New systems and methodologies that use radio tomography for object tracking.... Agent:

20110273320 - Radiometric imaging device and corresponding method: The present invention relates to a radiometric imaging device and a corresponding method for scanning a scene. The proposed device comprises a radiometer for detecting radiation emitted in a predetermined spectral range from a spot of said scene and for generating a radiation signal from said detected radiation, a spot... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110273322 - Techniques for reporting on or tracking ground vehicles: Ground vehicle reporting and tracking techniques are provided to track vehicles associated with a particular area (e.g., an airport, a military base, etc.). Ground vehicles may regularly report information about the vehicle to one or more control stations via corresponding communication links. The communication links may include, for example, an... Agent: Ads-b Technologies, LLC

20110273323 - Electrically self-contained radar device: The invention relates to a radar device having a housing that includes: a microwave motion detection module (3) generating a Doppler signal, a signal processor (5) for calculating a speed from said Doppler signal, processing means (1) for switching the module and the signal processor from a detection mode to... Agent: Dzotech Sa

20110273324 - Continuous high-accuracy locating method and apparatus: Method and apparatus for locating an object (2) that is to be located relative to a reference object (1), by electrically generating a locating signal (SL) by modulating a carrier signal with pseudo-noise. The modulation is continuous and of the ultra-wideband (UWB) type. Analysis using a cross-correlation function between said... Agent: Eurocopter

20110273325 - Radar system and antenna with delay lines and method thereof: A radar system, apparatus, and method includes at least one radar transmitter for transmitting an electromagnetic waveform; a receiving antenna comprising a plurality of receiving antenna elements and delay lines, each of the plurality of receiving antenna elements receiving the return signal operatively associated with a predetermined delay line; each... Agent: U.s. Government As Represented By The Secreatry Of The Army

20110273327 - Method and apparatus for fast ttff: A data model containing orbital parameters is stored in a mobile device. When a First Fix is required by a GNSS system within the mobile device, these stored orbital parameters are used to rapidly generate accurate satellite trajectory data model. The stored orbital parameters may be modified in part or... Agent:

20110273328 - Precision geolocation of moving or fixed transmitters using multiple observers: A method of geolocating a stationary transmitter observed by a fixed receiver device and at least two receiver devices, at least one of the receiver devices moving includes obtaining wavelength-scaled phase difference measurements between pairs of receiver devices, and obtaining a result lattice of possible locations of the transmitter, one... Agent: Rincon Research Corporation

20110273329 - Method and apparatus for fast ttff: A data model is built using satellite ephemeris data collected over an extended period of time, allowing generation on a server of very precise orbital parameters preferably using a force or numerical method. These orbital parameters are stored in a mobile device. When a First Fix is required by a... Agent:

20110273330 - Method and system for customized full ephemeris compatible with standard agps network devices: Aspects of a method and system for customized full ephemeris compatible with standard AGPS network devices allows a GPS enabled handset to receive real-time full ephemeris from an AGPS server for calculating a position fix. The real-time full ephemeris may be generated at the AGPS server in response to one... Agent:

20110273331 - Global positioning system receiver with phase offset compensation: An electronic device such as a cellular telephone may include transceiver circuitry for handling wireless communications. The transceiver circuitry may include a transceiver such as a cellular telephone transceiver or a wireless local area network receiver and may include a satellite positioning system receiver. Radio-frequency circuitry may be used to... Agent:

20110273332 - Method for processing combined navigation signals: The subject matter disclosed herein relates to a system and method for processing multiple navigation signal components received from multiple global navigation satellite systems (GNSS'). In a particular implementation, a code phase in a first navigation signal component may be detected based, at least in part, on information in a... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110273333 - Piezoelectric oscillator, gps receiver device, and electronic apparatus: A piezoelectric oscillator includes: a piezoelectric resonator; a storage unit that stores temperature compensation data used for specifying frequency-temperature characteristics of the piezoelectric resonator therein; a temperature compensation circuit; a voltage-controlled oscillation circuit that oscillates the piezoelectric resonator and controls an oscillation frequency of the piezoelectric resonator based on an... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110273334 - Ultra-secure communication methods and apparatus: A secure communication topology can be used for communications between a locator and one or more transponders to determine the location of the transponders. An example system may include a locator that is configured to transmit an interrogation signal that is encoded for receipt by one or more of the... Agent: Roundtrip LLC

20110273335 - Method and system for using a wireless local area network (wlan) phase shifter for smart antenna beam steering: Aspects of a method and system for using a wireless local area network (WLAN) phase shifter for smart antenna beam steering are presented. Aspects of the system may enable determination of an angle of arrival (AOA) for signals received at a receiving station in a wireless network. Based on the... Agent:

11/03/2011 > 21 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20110267215 - Methods and systems for determining the phase constant for a dielectric medium: A method for determining a phase constant for a dielectric medium is provided. The method includes deploying a calibration object with a known free-space spectral response within a dielectric medium of interest, determining the spectral response of the calibration object deployed in the dielectric medium, and determining the phase constant... Agent:

20110267222 - Location detection methods and systems: This document discusses, among other things, target, e.g., a vehicle, detection methods and systems that can identify, track, and positionally locate the vehicle using passive sensing of stray signals emitted by a target. The detector can be handheld, in an example, with computing devices, interchangeable antenna units, and a display.... Agent:

20110267223 - System and method for resolving ambiguity in radar, lidar, and acoustic systems: Range and Doppler ambiguities are common in radar, lidar, and acoustic systems. Resolving these ambiguities is important to achieve desirable geolocation and image quality performance in these systems. A new method is described to iteratively resolve the ambiguities. For Doppler ambiguity applications, a first PRF value and an initial Doppler... Agent: Raytheon Company

20110267224 - Storm advection nowcasting: Embodiments of the invention can predict the ground location and intensity of storm cells for a future time using radar reflectivity data. In some embodiments, a Sinc approximation of the general flow equation can be solved to predict the ground location and intensity of a storm cell. In some embodiments,... Agent:

20110267216 - Systems and methods for providing antenna calibration: Systems and methods for providing antenna calibration can be used in a variety of applications. A method of calibrating an antenna array for use in a traffic advisory system or traffic alert and collision avoidance system provide a mechanism that renders complex combining circuitry unnecessary in the array. A method... Agent:

20110267217 - Antenna radar system and method for its operation: In an antenna radar system including a short-range function and a long-range function which is situated separately from the short-range function, the short-range function and the long-range function having different antenna apertures, means are provided for mutual cross-polarization of the signals emitted and received using the short-range function and the... Agent:

20110267219 - Low energy radar system: A low energy radar comprising a radar signal generator generating a radar signal, a transmitter transmitting the radar signal via a transmitting antenna, a receiving array including plurality of receiving antennas and a plurality of receivers, each antenna being coupled with a corresponding receiver, each of at least selected ones... Agent: Elbit Systems Land And C4i Ltd.

20110267218 - System and method for reduction of point of origin errors: A method of using a discriminant analysis and Kalman filter cascade to improve the accuracy of point of origin solutions. Tracking information about a potential target is utilized by an initial discrimination function to classify the target as a projectile. Using that information, the output of a first Kalman filter... Agent: Src, Inc.

20110267220 - Sensor node positioning in a sensor network: Systems and methods for positioning sensor nodes in a sensor network are described. A system can include multiple base nodes. The base nodes can have a differential global positioning system. The global positioning system can be used to determine a precise location of the base nodes. Sensor nodes can be... Agent:

20110267221 - Sparse array rf imaging for surveillance applications: Techniques are provided for sparse array RF imaging for surveillance applications. The present invention enables object image identification using a sparsely populated array of distributed radio nodes deployed and operated as a radar detection, tracking and identification application. Three-dimensional object images are formed, from which estimates of extent and shape... Agent: Applied Physical Sciences Corp.

20110267226 - Gnss signal processing methods and apparatus with ambiguity convergence indication: Methods and apparatus are provided for estimating parameters, i.e. ambiguities, derived from GNSS signals. Observations of a GNSS signal from each of a plurality of GNSS satellites are obtained (2120). The observations are fed to a filter having a state vector comprising a float ambiguity for each received frequency of... Agent: Trimble Navigation Limited

20110267228 - Gnss signal processing methods and apparatus with geometric filter: Methods and apparatus are provided for processing a set of GNSS signal data derived from signals of a first set of satellites having at least three carriers and signals of a second set of satellites having two carriers. A geometry filter uses a geometry filter combination to obtain an array... Agent: Trimble Navigation Limited

20110267225 - System and method for determining the heading angle of a vehicle: A system and method for determining the heading angle of a vehicle includes first and second antennas associated with the vehicle. The first and second antennas are configured to receive signals comprising global positioning system data. A receiver front end is configured to receive the signals comprising global positioning system... Agent:

20110267227 - System and method for determining the heading angle of a vehicle: A system and method for determining the heading angle of a vehicle includes first and second antennas associated with the vehicle. The first and second antennas are configured to receive signals comprising global positioning system data. A receiver front end is configured to receive the signals comprising global positioning system... Agent:

20110267229 - Distributed distance measurement system for locating a geostationary satellite: A distance measurement system for locating a geostationary satellite equipped with a transponder includes: a central station emitting a distance measurement signal; and at least one measurement station receiving the emitted signal, including means for measuring the time of arrival of the emitted signal, and transmitted via the transponder of... Agent: Thales

20110267230 - Distributed orbit modeling and propagation method for a predicted and real-time assisted gps system: A distributed orbit and propagation method for use in a predicted GPS or GNSS system, which includes a predicted GPS server (PGPS Server), a source of high accuracy orbit predictions (Orbit Server), a global reference network (GRN Server) providing real-time GPS or GNSS assistance data to the PGPS Server, a... Agent:

20110267231 - Cellular antenna phase shifter positioning using motorized torque lever: An actuator providing improved torque, control, and reduced motor and actuator size is provided. An actuator according to one example may include a base plate, a stationary ring gear on the base plate, the ring gear having an arc of substantially less than a conventional full circle ring gear, a... Agent: Andrew LLC

20110267232 - Null-fill antenna, omni antenna, and radio communication equipment: A wide-angle null-fill antenna with no null in the depression angle range, an omni antenna using the same, and radio communication equipment. A null-fill antenna comprises a first antenna array including antenna elements arranged with a prescribed point as the center, and a second antenna array having amplitude characteristics substantially... Agent: Nec Corporation

20110267233 - Technique for determination of the signal subspace dimension: A technique for determination of the signal subspace dimension by using the ratios between the squared singular values of the processed data matrix and of its sum with an auxiliary matrix composed of random entries from a normal distribution. The disclosed noise addition technique (NAT) is computationally effective and thoroughly... Agent:

20110267234 - Ranging diversity-reception method and receiver: Method for determining an arrival time of a RF ranging signal at a ranging receiver, comprising receiving at least one RF ranging signal via a plurality of antennas comprised by the ranging receiver, providing a plurality of antenna signals, each comprising at least a section of the ranging signal as... Agent:

20110267235 - Method of tracking a vehicle using microradios: A microradio is provided with a hysteretic switch to permit an optimum range increasing charging cycle, with the charging cycle being long relative to the transmit cycle. Secondly, an ensemble of microradios permits an n2 power enhancement to increase range with coherent operation. Various multi-frequency techniques are used both for... Agent: Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

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