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Communications: directive radio wave systems and devices (e.g., radar, radio navigation) October categorized by USPTO classification 10/11

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10/27/2011 > 20 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20110260904 - Electromagnetic wave absorber: An electromagnetic wave absorber includes a dielectric layer, a divided conductive film layer and an electromagnetic wave reflective layer, wherein a ratio of thickness ‘d’ and wavelength ‘λ’ satisfies a condition of [0.01≦d/λ0.03], weight per unit area of the electromagnetic wave absorber falls within a range of 1000 g/m2 and... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110260905 - Millimeter wave imaging apparatus: A millimeter wave imaging apparatus includes: an imaging device including a plurality of millimeter wave sensors that are arranged in a planar manner and receive millimeter waves radiated from a subject to detect signal levels thereof; a temperature sensor that detects a temperature of the imaging device; a storage device... Agent: Chuo Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110260907 - Method for detecting a bird or a flying object: A method detects a bird or an object flying level with a single wind turbine, using a device for radio wave detection of at least one bird or another flying object, in the form of at least one radar. The analog image from each radar is transformed into a digital... Agent:

20110260906 - Pulse radar device: A radiation type oscillator including a radiation type oscillator substrate including a microwave transistor for generating negative resistance by short-duration operation and a resonant cavity structure; a high-frequency pulse signal of an oscillation frequency/frequency bandwidth determined by negative resistance produced by the short-duration operation of the microwave transistor and the... Agent: Nat Institute Of Information And Comm Tech

20110260908 - Method for mitigating the effects of clutter and interference on a radar system: A method for mitigating against a clutter source or other interferer in a high precision radar is disclosed. The clutter source or interferer may be a wind farm. The method includes positioning a plurality of relatively low resolution radars, such as low cost marine navigation radars, in or about the... Agent: Qinetiq Limited

20110260909 - Method and apparatus for recognizing presence of objects: An object recognition apparatus is provided, which enhances accuracy in recognizing more than one object to be detected closely located along a scan direction. In the apparatus, measured-distance datums included in an area formed by those measured-distance datums which are spaced apart by a distance of not more than a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110260910 - System and method for microwave ranging to a target in presence of clutter and multi-path effects: A system for measuring the range to an RFID tag including situations containing high clutter and multi-path signals is disclosed. The system includes an RFID reader; an RFID tag; and a coordinated pulse radar system. In the system the RFID reader causes the tag to respond to received signals in... Agent: Tc License Ltd.

20110260911 - Systems and methods for resolving interferometric angle-of-arrival ambiguities due to local multipath reflections: Interferometric angle-of-arrival (AOA) ambiguities due to local multipath reflections are resolved by measuring the received phase differences of one or more pairs of antenna elements of the interferometer array, constructing hypotheses from unwrapped phase pairs that correspond to potential AOA solutions, and selecting the hypothesis that most likely represents the... Agent:

20110260912 - Monostatic multibeam radar sensor device for a motor vehicle: A monostatic multibeam radar sensor device for a motor vehicle, including a directional characteristic of an antenna unit having at least one transceiving channel and at least one receiving channel, and including a mixer system, which has an at least approximately isolating mixer for at least one of the receiving... Agent:

20110260913 - Method for adjusting a measurement cycle in a satellite positioning system signal receiver: A method for adjusting a measurement cycle in a satellite signal receiver is described. The method includes adjusting a measurement cycle in a satellite signal receiver by computing a position state comprising at least one of a velocity and a heading of the satellite signal receiver, detecting a change in... Agent:

20110260914 - Gnss signal processing methods and apparatus with candidate set selection: Methods and apparatus are provided for estimating parameters, i.e. ambiguities, derived from GNSS signals. Observations of GNSS signals are obtained from each of a plurality of GNSS satellites (120). The observations are fed to a filter having a state vector at least comprising a float ambiguity for each received frequency... Agent: Trimble Navigation Limited

20110260915 - Positional information transmitter, positional information receiver, and position measuring system: The present invention provides a positional information transmitter, a positional information receiver and a position measuring system capable of measuring a position under moving circumstances. The positional information transmitter transmits positional information for specifying the current position. The positional information transmitter comprises a memory unit which stores therein a plurality... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110260916 - Method for building a vibration-resistant navigational satellite signals receiver and a device for receiving and process ngnavigation signals: The effects of shock and vibration on a navigation receiver processing satellite signals received from global navigation satellites are reduced by controlling the frequency and the phase of the individual numerically controlled oscillator in each individual satellite channel. The frequency is controlled by an individual frequency control signal based on... Agent:

20110260917 - Position signal sampling method and apparatus: A method of processing data signals suitable for providing positioning information comprises sequentially recording blocks of data samples of a satellite broadcast from the beginning of a period of time of interest, and storing them in memory. When the memory is full, previously stored blocks of data samples are overwritten,... Agent:

20110260918 - Method and apparatus for a wireless mobile system implementing beam steering phase array antenna: In a preferred embodiment, a wireless mobile system implementing Beam Steering Phased Array Antenna is disclosed having an array of [N×N] antennas mounting on the wireless mobile Terminal transmits unidirectional signals directly to the Base Station as opposed to transmitting multi-directional signals. The wireless mobile system implementing beam-steering phased array... Agent: Icomm Technologies Inc.

20110260919 - Directional antenna and methods thereof: A device includes, in one embodiment, first and second patch antennas. The first patch antenna is disposed at a dielectric substrate, and defines a first principle plane. The second patch antenna is disposed at the dielectric substrate, and defines a second principle plane, an orientation of the second principle plane... Agent: Dell Products, Lp

20110260920 - Systems and methods for protecting a receiving antenna from interference by a transmitting antenna: Embodiments of the invention provide systems and methods for systems and methods for adaptively canceling interfering signals generated by a transmission antenna. Under one aspect, a system includes: an auxiliary antenna co-located with the main antenna, the auxiliary antenna configured to transmit an auxiliary signal to the victim antenna; a... Agent: The Aerospace Corporation

20110260921 - Multi-user interactive motion tracking using sensors: Mobile platforms exchange their positions in a three-dimensional common reference frame based on data from their respective inertial sensors. The mobile platforms establish the common reference frame, e.g., by contacting each other. The position of each mobile platform is updated in its local reference frame and the position is transformed... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110260922 - Mapping locations based on received signal strengths: Disclosed is a system for updating an RSSI-based map. A scanning devices notes which tags are seen during a scan and measures a “proxy distance” from the scanning device to each tag. When the scan is initiated, the scanning device measures the RSSIs from the local WAPs. The current location... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20110260923 - System and method for positioning using signal transmit power and signal receive packet error ratio: A system and method for positioning using signal transmit power, SNR of the signal receiving unit, signal receive PER or PLR, and distance relationship between the signal source and receiving unit. The system includes a ranging signal transmitting unit and receiving unit. The transmitting unit continuously transmits a fixed number... Agent: Westvalley Digital Technologies, Inc.

10/20/2011 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20110254728 - Three quarter spatially variant apodization: A new spatially variant apodization (SVA) algorithm that uses a 3/4 filled aperture prior to two dimensional discrete Fourier transform (2-D DFT) to form the image. The algorithm can be used, for example, to improve contrast and resolution on synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery, with a lower degree of oversampling... Agent:

20110254724 - Array of uhf radar bases for protecting sensitive zones against intrusions: A system for protecting sensitive zones includes detection bases disposed in such a way that each base performs the monitoring of a part of the limit of the protected zone. To each base n is allocated a frequency channel of width B′ centred on a frequency Fn. Each base comprises... Agent: Thales

20110254725 - Airport travel surface edge lighting and foreign object detection system and method: An object detection system for use in airports including an airport travel surface light assembly, a rotatable sensor assembly mounted on the airport travel surface light assembly for sensing objects and an omnidirectional illuminator mounted above the rotatable sensor assembly.... Agent:

20110254726 - Systeme radar uhf pour mettre en oeuvre un procede d'elimination d'un fouillis de vegetation: A system includes a pulsed UHF radar for integrating the signal received over a given integration time. The integration time for the received signal and the size of the distance bin are defined in such a way that, taking into account the range of speeds of the targets of interest,... Agent: Thales

20110254727 - Phased array millimeter wave imaging techniques: An apparatus, imager elements, and a method for detecting a radio frequency image using phased array techniques. An example apparatus includes an array of radio frequency antennas fabricated on one or more packaged integrated circuits. The apparatus also includes a controller configured to selectively phase shift radio frequency signals from... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110254731 - High-reliability product/activity tracking system: Disclosed herein is a tracking system configured to track a product and/or an activity. The tracking system comprises a tracing device and a verification server. The tracing device is coupled with the verification server by means of communication means configured to allow exchange of data between the tracing device and... Agent: Telespazio S.p.a.

20110254729 - Cross coupled positioning engine (pe) architecture for sensor integration in global navigation satellite system (gnss): Embodiments of the disclosure provide a cross coupled position engine architecture for sensor integration in a Global Navigation Satellite System. In one embodiment, a data processing engine for processing inertial sensor data within a positioning system receiver is disclosed. The data processing engine includes a first input for receiving the... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110254730 - Agps server with sbas aiding information for satellite based receivers: A satellite navigation system assistance server is configured to reply to client requests that include an indication of the client's location, and if an accurate location is included in the server request, the satellite navigation system assistance server computes which particular SBAS systems are observable to the requesting client, and... Agent:

20110254732 - System and method for multi-correlation with modulation-adapted filter for the fast acquisition and the tracking of a radio navigation signal in the presence of jamming: A system for receiving a radionavigation signal, notably in a jammed medium, emitted by a satellite of a satellite positioning system, includes: at least one first multi-correlator and at least one second multi-correlator disposed in parallel and operating respectively at a frequency; filtering means, disposed upstream of said multi-correlators; a... Agent: Thales

20110254733 - Method of keeping a gps receiver in a state that enables rapid signal acquisition: Aspects of a method and system for keeping a device for satellite navigation in a state that enables rapid signal acquisition are provided. The device may acquire broadcast ephemeris from one or more satellite signals during a data refresh operation. The satellite signals may comprise a GPS signal, a GLONASS... Agent:

20110254734 - Software gnss receiver for high-altitude spacecraft applications: A system that provides GPS-based navigation/orbit determination capabilities for high-altitude spacecraft. The system uses an existing spacecraft processor and an easy-to-space-qualify minimum-hardware front end to minimize the need for new space-qualified hardware. The system also uses coherent integration to acquire and track the very weak GPS signals at high altitudes.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110254735 - Signal path delay determination: Propagation time for a target signal path is determined by detecting and processing a plurality of unknown signals received at two locations. A third location is established, such that the propagation time between the third location and one of the two locations is known, and the signal path between the... Agent:

20110254736 - Manifold calibration for a communication system: A method and apparatus for determining stream weights is provided herein. During operation, an uplink direction of arrival (DOA) and a downlink direction of departure (DOD) calibration procedure is implemented using uplink signals and GPS information from a subset of mobiles without the need of calibration circuitry at the base.... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

10/13/2011 > 12 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20110248878 - Method for protecting location privacy of air traffic communications: Methods of protecting location privacy of air traffic communications from unauthorized monitoring of aircraft locations in an uncontrolled airspace include designating a bounded region of uncontrolled airspace; ceasing transmission of a traffic beacon by each aircraft of a plurality of aircraft upon the aircraft entering the bounded region; and updating... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110248879 - Method for determining the presence of a transmitter and a receiver in a vehicle and a system designed for carrying out the same: t

20110248880 - Apparatus and method of recognizing presence of objects: An apparatus and method for recognizing presence of an object is provided, the apparatus and method are mounted on or implemented a vehicle. In the apparatus and method, by scanning a beam-shaped electromagnetic wave, data showing reflection intensities of reflected waves and distances between the vehicle and objects outside the... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110248882 - Method for interferometric radar measurements: A method for interferometric radar measurements that provides prearranging, at a target observed by the radar, of a transponder that is adapted to perform a frequency shift fd of a radar signal received by the target, and to retransmit a response signal towards the radar. The frequency-shift is such that... Agent: Ids Ingegneria Dei Sistemi S.p.a.

20110248881 - Radar with high angular accuracy, notably for the obstacle sensing and avoidance function: The present invention relates to a radar device with high angular accuracy. The solution provided by the invention simultaneously combines an interferometer that is accurate but, for example, ambiguous when receiving; and a space colouring mode when transmitting. The colouring of the space consists notably in transmitting on N transmitting... Agent: Thales

20110248883 - Antenna device and radar apparatus: The disclosure provides an antenna device, which includes a waveguide antenna having wall surfaces and for emitting a radio wave in a direction substantially perpendicular to an emission face that is one of wall surfaces of the waveguide antenna extending in an elongated direction of the waveguide antenna, a plate-shape... Agent:

20110248884 - Slot antenna and radar device: This disclosure provides a slot antenna, which includes a tubular electromagnetic wave radiation part having a hollow space, a plurality of electromagnetic wave radiating slots for radiating electromagnetic waves being formed in at least a part of a side surface of the radiation part and a plurality of feeding slots... Agent:

20110248886 - Event location determination: A method of determining a location of an event of interest by processing signals from a satellite positioning system comprises periodically recording blocks of data samples of a satellite broadcast. In response to a request for a position determination at a particular time, a most recent block of data samples... Agent:

20110248885 - Location calculating method and location calculating device: A location calculating method includes acquiring measurement information by receiving satellite signals from positioning satellites and storing the acquired measurement information in a storage unit in association with acquisition time, calculating movement information that includes a movement direction and a movement distance by using a detection result of a sensor... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110248887 - Geolocation leveraging spot beam overlap: A method and system are disclosed for providing an estimate of a location of a user receiver device. The method and system involve emitting from at least one vehicle at least one spot beam on Earth, and receiving with the user receiver device a signal from at least one spot... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110248888 - Shared memory device applied to functional stages configured in a receiver system for processing signals from different transmitter systems and method thereof: A shared memory device for a receiver system is disclosed. The receiver system is configured to have a first functional stage and a second functional stage for processing information carried by signals transmitted from a first transmitter system through a first carrier frequency and a second transmitter system through a... Agent:

20110248889 - Device and a method for establishing communication between nodes in a wireless communication system: The present invention relates to a first node (1) in a wireless communication system (2), where the first node (1) comprises at least two antenna ports (3, 4), and is arranged for communication with a second node (5) via a channel (H) by means of at least one antenna radiation... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

10/06/2011 > 20 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20110241923 - Digital receiver techniques in radar detectors: A method and apparatus are provided for detecting a RADAR signal. RADAR channel data in a frequency range is received, where the frequency range is divided into a plurality of equally wide channels. The received RADAR channel data is digitally processed and analyzed to identify a signal in the RADAR... Agent: Escort Manufacturing Corporation

20110241924 - Projection detecting apparatus and projection detecting method: A projection detecting apparatus according to the present invention is that for detecting a projection on a surface of a running metal object, and includes a transmission antenna for radiating electromagnetic waves; a reception antenna for receiving reflected electromagnetic waves; and a transmission and reception signal processing section for processing... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20110241925 - Secondary radar system with sighting functionalities typical of primary radar systems: The invention concerns a radar for the control of civil aerial traffic, comprising a secondary radar (100) including a transmitter (110) and a receiver (120), and an antenna (500) of a secondary radar, wherein the signal at 1030 MHz, exiting the transmitter (110), is sent and transmitted into the air... Agent: Selex Sistemi Integrati S.p.a.

20110241926 - Method and system for reducing light pollution: A system for preventing light pollution includes one or more radar units that monitor for vehicles in a volume surrounding or containing one or more obstructions having one or more obstruction lights. A master radar detection processing unit receives sensed radar detection information from the one or more radar units... Agent:

20110241929 - High frequency surfacewave radar: A process for reducing erroneous plots when detecting targets using High Frequency surfacewave radar (HFSWR) is provided. Detection of genuine targets is thereby enhanced. A first difference in range of an apparent target is determined, based on range data, associated with the apparent target. A second difference in range of... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20110241927 - Method for detecting small targets in radar images using needle based hypotheses verification: A method detects a target in a sequence of radar images, wherein each image is partitioned into a grid of cells, and wherein each cell has a corresponding position in an image coordinate system associated with a location in a world coordinate system. For each most recent image in a... Agent:

20110241928 - Radar system and method: A radar system for discriminating between sources of radar interference and targets of interest. The system includes a transmitter for transmitting radar signals into a region, a receiver for receiving return signals of the radar signals returned from within the region, and a processor for processing the return signals to... Agent:

20110241930 - System and method of using image grids in detection of discrete objects: A sensor is used to identify detections of discrete objects in a search grid. An image grid of the detections is created. The image grid is analyzed to identify a pattern of detections. The pattern of detections is used to identify objects of interest.... Agent: Raytheon Company

20110241931 - Iterative clutter calibration with phased array antennas: An iterative clutter calibration method comprises measuring an average of a sidelobe power in a range-Doppler image for a plurality of ranges. A determined value of an objective function is responsive to an average of the sidelobe clutter power. A plurality of beamformer weights is modified and the step of... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110241932 - Shield: A printed circuit board shield (100) is provided. The shield comprises a sealing surface (120) and a shielding surface (110). The sealing surface is configured to cooperate with, and be connectable to, a sealing region of a printed circuit board (80) upon assembly therewith. The shielding surface is substantially parallel... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20110241933 - Pixel data generating device, image display device, radar apparatus, method of generating pixel data and pixel data generating program: The disclosed device generates a plurality of pixel data in an XY coordinate system. The pixel data includes first pixel data generated on a first sweep line, according to a distance from a transmitting source, based on an echo of a detection signal from the source toward a first direction,... Agent:

20110241934 - Indirect radar holography apparatus and corresponding method: The present invention relates to an indirect radar holography apparatus for scanning a scene and generating a high-density signal pattern representing said scene. To reduce the signal acquisition time and/or increase the resolution a device is proposed comprising an illumination means for illuminating said scene with radiation according to an... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110241935 - Method and apparatus for improving gps receiver accuracy using an embedded map database: The present invention is related to location positioning systems, and more particularly, to a method and apparatus for making accuracy improvements to a GPS receiver's navigation solutions. According to a first aspect, cartography information from a map database embedded within the GPS receiver is integrated into the position calculations performed... Agent:

20110241936 - System and method for collecting and updating geographical data: A system and method for generating a geographical data transaction including information about a topography of a region and utilities within the region. The method and system include providing information about the topography of the region; receiving information from a user collecting data related to one or more utilities in... Agent: Global Precision Solutions, LLP.

20110241937 - Apparatus and method for signal acquisition in global navigation satellite system receiver: An apparatus for signal acquisition of a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver may downsample digitalized satellite signals based on a code resolution, correlate the downsampled satellite signals and oversampled pseudo-random noise (PRN) codes using a block unit based on a size of a matching filter, and may perform FFT... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110241938 - Sequential chip correlation array: An arrangement of M signal generators in a global navigation satellite signal baseband chip for obtaining a sequential chip correlation array is provided. The sequential chip correlation array generates M×N code bit sequences, M in-phase and M quadrature-phase carrier mixed signals. The M signal generators are arranged consecutively. A programmable... Agent: Accord Software And Systems Pvt., Ltd.

20110241939 - System and method for frequency domain correction of global navigation satellite system pseudorance measurements in receivers having controlled reception pattern antennas: Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) pseudorange measurements must be compensated for receiver hardware and directionally dependent antenna errors to obtain desired accuracies for high precision GNSS positioning applications. The problem of pseudorange measurement errors resulting from directionally dependent group delays is not an issue in Fixed Reception Pattern Antenna (FRPA)... Agent:

20110241940 - Radiation reducing apparatus for wireless communication device: A radiation reducing apparatus for a wireless communication device includes a sensing module, a control module, and a radiation reducing module. The sensing module senses radiation intensity of the wireless communication device and generates a signal corresponding to the sensed radiation intensity. The control module compares the sensed radiation with... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110241941 - Method for low sidelobe operation of a phased array antenna having failed antenna elements: Described is a method of modifying an antenna pattern for a phased array antenna having at least one failed antenna element. A number of proximate beamformers in a proximate angular region about a beamformer at an angle of interest are determined. Each of the proximate beamformers has a proximate beamformer... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110241942 - Multiplexing receiver system: A position tracking system includes a transmitter constructed and arranged to emit a electromagnetic signal and an array of at least three receiver antennae. Each of the at least three receiver antennae is constructed and arranged to receive the electromagnetic signal emitted from the transmitter. The position tracking system also... Agent: Position Imaging, Inc.

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