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Communications: directive radio wave systems and devices (e.g., radar, radio navigation) September class, title,number 09/11

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09/29/2011 > 15 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20110234442 - Mobile electronic detection device with user selectable alerts: A detection device for detecting the presence of a speed detection system, red light camera, or other electronic surveillance means. The device includes a display means whereby the graphical and audible presentation changes from the non alert condition to the alert condition in accordance to a user selectable choice of... Agent: The Whistler Group, Inc.

20110234443 - Communication device and imaging apparatus: A communication device includes an oscillator to generate an oscillation signal; a harmonic generator to generate a higher harmonic wave from the oscillation signal; a first filter to take out a first high frequency signal; a second filter to take out a second high frequency signal; a down conversion mixer... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110234444 - Ultra-wideband radar waveform calibration for measurements of a heterogeneous material: Embodiments of the disclosed technology comprise a ground penetrating radio device and methods of use for obtaining greater resolution. This is achieved by measuring the composition/reflection off a homogeneous material (e.g., metal plate), determining coefficients to correct the measured/reflection in order to make the measurements look like an idealized reference... Agent: Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc.

20110234453 - Weather radar apparatus and weather observation method: According to one embodiment, a weather radar apparatus includes an antenna unit, a drive unit, an adjustment unit, and a control unit. The antenna unit is configured to transmit radio waves from a plurality of antenna elements, perform beam scan in a direction of elevation angle by phase control, and... Agent:

20110234445 - Active target with height diversity: An active radar target comprising a plurality of receive antennas and a plurality of transmit antennas arrangeable into pairs of antennas with at least one antenna in a pair being at a different height to at least one antenna in a different pair of antennas.... Agent:

20110234446 - Apparatus for measuring the relative direction of a radio signal: An apparatus for measuring the relative direction of an incoming radio signal, the apparatus comprising at least first and second antennas, and comparison means for comparing the incoming radio signal as received at the first antenna with the incoming radio signal as received at the second antenna, and from the... Agent:

20110234447 - Active target: An active radar target comprising: a receive antenna for receiving a radar signal, an amplifier for amplifying the signal, and a transmit antenna for retransmitting the amplified signal, characterised in that the active radar target further includes a memory for storing an identity code or means for receiving an identity... Agent:

20110234450 - Apparatus and method for detecting division lines depicted on road: A division line depicted on a road is detected. A beam-formed electromagnetic wave is repetitively at intervals transmitted toward the road viewed from a vehicle to scan in the vehicle width direction. Each beam-formed electromagnetic wave is radiated to a radiation area on the road, and the radiation areas made... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110234449 - Motor vehicle with a radar mechanism and procedure for the operation of a radar mechanism: The invention relates to a motor vehicle with a radar device (3, 4) which is designed for detecting an object (25) located in a detection zone (7, 8) of the radar device (3, 4), wherein the detection zone (7, 8) is defined by an elevation angle zone (δ1, δ2) and... Agent: Valeo Schalter Und Sensoren Gmbh

20110234448 - On-vehicle radar device: A radar device includes: a frequency modulating unit for modulating a frequency of a transmission signal by a triangular wave; a transmitting unit for pulsing the frequency modulated transmission signal to transmit the pulsed transmission signal as a transmission pulse; a receiving unit for generating a beat signal based on... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110234451 - Method and device for distance measurement: A method and a device provide distance measurement between two points or one point on a path and a rail vehicle. In order to achieve a high measurement accuracy, the measurement of the propagation time of a radio frequency identification (RFID) signal is provided between the points or the point... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110234452 - Positioning system calibration: The described principles provide a method and system for calibrating an UWB RF positioning system. Means for automated calibration of the UWB RF positioning system allow calibration based on simple user input that does not require accuracy. Thus, the disclosed calibration means enables nomadic deployment of UWB RF positioning systems... Agent: Xsens Technologies, B.v.

20110234454 - System and method for positioning in configured environments: The present invention relates to a system and method for providing location determination in a configured environment in which Global Navigation Satellite System Signals are not available. In this regard, local beacon systems generate spread spectrum CDMA signals that are received by spectral compression units that derive physically meaningful observations... Agent: Loctronix Corporation

20110234455 - Gnss navigagtion aided by static data: A GNSS receiver includes a RF front end for receiving GNSS ranging signals, a navigation processor for calculating location from the ranging signals, and a repository of static data. The navigation processor includes the static data in the location calculation. Examples of static data include a digital elevation map, coordinates... Agent: Cellguide Ltd.

20110234456 - Long term compact satellite models: An improved network enabled extended ephemeris navigation system includes a network server able to collect ephemeris, clock, and almanac information from orbiting GPS satellites, and to use that information to build up extended ephemeris predictions that will be valid and useful for at least a week. A mobile client is... Agent:

09/22/2011 > 18 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20110227775 - Combined electromagnetic wave absorber: An electromagnetic wave absorber is provided which has an outstanding electromagnetic wave absorption property with a return loss of 20 dB or greater in a wide frequency band of 30 MHz to 20 GHz. A combined electromagnetic wave absorber includes a magnetic absorber plate, a crossed electromagnetic wave absorber disposed... Agent:

20110227776 - Multi-feed dipole antenna and method: A multi-feed dipole antenna and method. Provides a volumetrically efficient antenna with wide radiation pattern bandwidth and wide impedance bandwidth that are relatively independent. Driving the antenna at multiple locations provides for a half wavelength dipole antenna with a wider frequency range than any other known fat dipole of similar... Agent:

20110227778 - Hand-held see-through-the-wall imaging and unexploded ordnance (uxo) detection system: The housing of a portable radar unit includes features for providing positioning of auxiliary handles between a first position and a second position, in which: the first position places the auxiliary handles in a position to act as handgrips in conjunction with integral handles and the second position places the... Agent: Tialinx, Inc.

20110227777 - Two-dimensional array antenna and device for detecting internal object using the same: Provided are a two-dimensional array antenna and a device for detecting an internal object using the same. The device includes a plurality of unit antennas in a two-dimensional array of m columns and n rows on a board (where m and n are integers greater than 1), a first switch... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110227779 - Activating motion detectors: A method and apparatus for activating a motion detector. An electromagnetic signal is transmitted in a form of a beam. The beam is configured to activate the motion detector when the beam encounters the motion detector. The beam is moved to a location in which the motion detector is present... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110227780 - Transmission scheduling for ads-b ground systems: System and methods for reducing redundant messages broadcast in an Automatic Dependent Surveillance—Broadcast (ADS-B) system. For a given target, a controller determines the relevant customers that should receive information about the target, identifies all of the ground stations that can be satisfactorily heard by the relevant customers, and then identifies... Agent: Itt Manufacturing Enterprises, Inc.

20110227781 - Method and apparatus for detecting road-edges: An on-vehicle apparatus detects at least one of right and left edges of a road on and along which a vehicle travels. In the apparatus, acquired is information indicative of a plurality of detection points which are given as a plurality of candidates for the edges of the road viewed... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110227782 - Method for detecting a vehicle type, a vehicle speed and width of a detecting area by a vehicle radar sensor: A method for detecting a vehicle type, a vehicle speed and width of a detecting area by a vehicle radar sensor is disclosed. A radio wave is transmitted to a tracked vehicle. Subsequently, the reflective radio wave from the vehicle is received. The Doppler frequency versus time distribution is generated... Agent:

20110227783 - Determining at least one coordinate of an object using intersecting surfaces: In an embodiment, a coordinate determiner is operable to identify at least first and second surfaces that each approximately intersect an object, and to determine at least two approximate coordinates of the object from the first and second surfaces, where at least one of the surfaces is nonplanar. For example,... Agent: Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Inc

20110227784 - System employing a direct digital synthesiser: A DDS based system, such as a radar, includes means for generating a plurality of transmission signals using a DDS, and means for integrating signals derived therefrom, such as received signals. The system further includes means for varying the relative starting phase of the plurality of transmission signals, or adjusting... Agent: Qinetiq Limited

20110227785 - Fmcw signal generation circuit and radar apparatus: According to one embodiment, an FMCW signal generation circuit includes a voltage-controlled oscillator, a digital phase detector, a differentiator, a comparator, a low-pass filter, an amplifier, a D/A converter, and an integrator. The voltage-controlled oscillator generates an FMCW signal including an oscillation frequency corresponding to a control signal. The digital... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110227786 - Abnormal value detection apparatus for satellite positioning system, abnormal value detection method, and abnormal value detection program: To detect an abnormal value in a satellite positioning system with high precision even when the observation environment changes or there is the time series correlation between data. An abnormal value index calculation unit 11 calculates an abnormal value index at each time of time-series data such as a pseudo... Agent:

20110227787 - Anti-spoofing detection system: Spoofing of a satellite positioning system is detected by receiving position location data from multiple sources. The received data is compared and inconsistent data is marked. A position location is estimated based on the received position location data, while accounting for the marked inconsistent data.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110227788 - Method and system for generating and propagating location information by a mobile device using sensory data: A mobile device may determine its initial absolute location; may track using a plurality of sensors, its movements relative to the initial absolute location; and may generate location related data for a location based on that tracking. Tracking movement of the mobile device may comprise generating data corresponding to three-dimensional... Agent:

20110227789 - Method and apparatus for managing time in a satellite positioning system: A method, apparatus and system for time management in a position-location system is described. The method may include (i) obtaining, at a global-navigation-satellite-system receiver while being served by a first node of a wireless network a first time base, a relative-time difference, and a third time base; and forming a... Agent:

20110227790 - Cuckoo hashing to store beacon reference data: Storing and retrieving beacon reference data in a truncated cuckoo hash table. Checksums of beacon identifiers associated with beacons are used to retrieve beacon reference data describing locations of the beacons in a hash table. The data is stored in one or more hash tables by cuckoo hashing to eliminate... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110227791 - Selecting beacons for location inference: Location inference using selected beacons. Data is received representing a set of beacons observed by a computing device. The beacons are located within a first geographic area. A subset (e.g., a clique) of the beacons is selected based on a coverage area of each of the beacons, where each of... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110227792 - Method and system for positioning mobile units based on angle measurements: A method and system for positioning mobile units using angle measurements taken by neighboring mobile units is disclosed. A selected mobile unit and mobile units in the vicinity of the selected mobile unit are selectively instructed to measure and report information related to the position of the selected mobile unit.... Agent: Interdigital Technology Corporation

09/15/2011 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20110221624 - Apparatus and method using a radar in a wireless and/or wireline sensor node and operating radar in the ground to detect and count vehicles in roadway, parking lot and airport applications: A package, wireless sensor module, wireless sensor node and wireline sensor node are disclosed including a radar configured to embed beneath vehicles in pavements, walkways, parking lot floors and runways referred to herein as in ground usage. An access point interfacing to at least one of the sensors is disclosed... Agent: Sensys Networks, Inc

20110221625 - Agile-beam radar notably for the obstacle 'sense and avoid' function: A radar device includes an antenna having at least two linear arrays of radiating elements being orthogonal to one another, a first array being used to focus a transmission beam in a first plane and a second beam being used to focus a reception beam in a second plane, orthogonal... Agent: Thales

20110221626 - Housing for aircraft mounted components: A traffic collision avoidance system device is provided. The device includes a radome having an antenna contained therein. A chassis is bonded to the radome by a layer of bonding material about the chassis periphery. A housing is provided having a substantially flat bottom portion and a wall extended about... Agent: Pti Industries, Inc.

20110221627 - Switchable delays optical fibre transponder with optical generation of doppler shift: The invention further concerns an optical generator of Doppler frequency, an optical link for the generation of a variable optical delay and a transponder, in particular for the calibration, the test and the performances test of a radar, in particular a phased-array radar, that uses the optical modulator according to... Agent: Selex Sistemi Integrati S.p.a.

20110221628 - Radar apparatus and computer program: e

20110221629 - Radar level gauge with improved radar window:

20110221630 - Super-resolution imaging radar: A system, apparatus, and method are disclosed for a super-resolution imaging radar (SRIR). The SRIR employs a pulse signal generator that propagates bursts of radio frequency (RF) energy. Each burst contains a number of pulses. One pulse of each burst is an ancilla pulse, and the remaining pulses are propagated... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110221631 - Spacecraft position estimating system and method: A system for estimating a spacecraft (6) position is disclosed. It includes receiving stations (4) for receiving signals transmitted from the spacecraft (6) and a processing station (2) for receiving data from the receiving stations (4). Each receiving station (4) records, during a recording window (8), the signals transmitted from... Agent: Ses Astra

20110221632 - High-precision radio frequency ranging system: Methods for estimating a distance between an originator and a transponder, methods for calculating a fine time adjustment in a radio, computer-readable storage media containing instructions to configure a processor to perform such methods, originators used in a system for estimating a distance to a transponder, and transponders used in... Agent: Ensco, Inc.

20110221633 - Methods and systems for determining the distance between two objects using wirelessly transmitted pulses: Methods and systems for determining the distance between two objects and optionally activating an alarm when the distance exceeds a predetermined threshold. The detection system includes a base unit and a remote unit. The base unit includes a first transmitter for transmitting at least one locator pulse; a first receiver... Agent:

20110221634 - Method and system for position and track determination: The present disclosure describes a method and system for detecting and determining the position of a target or intruder using a plurality of sensors positioned throughout a secured perimeter and a single antenna. The system of the present disclosure detects and determines the position of a target by first analyzing... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20110221635 - System, method and apparatus for integrated local area locationing, tracking and communications: The present invention is an integrated wireless system with multiple functionalities including robust (indoor/outdoor) position location, mobile receiver tracking and adaptive broadband communication. The present invention may be an adaptive position location system for local and indoor applications with improved accuracy, flexibility and security. The self-calibration technique of the present... Agent:

09/08/2011 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20110215964 - Radar apparatus and target detecting method: Provided is a radar apparatus including an envelope detector unit that acquires an envelope component of a signal transmitted from a receiving antenna in at least one combination of a plurality of combinations of transmitting antennas and receiving antennas whose spatial phases become equal to each other in the array... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110215960 - Radio receiver: A method of receiving signals from an aircraft transponder is provided that enables ADS-B signals to be decoded even though parts of the signal may be overlapped due to interference. A plurality of antennas are summed and subtracted in pairs in order to create directional signal channels, which are then... Agent:

20110215961 - Optimized multistatic surveillance system: A multistatic radar surveillance system includes transmitter elements and receiver elements arranged according to a zone to be monitored, and a command and control unit that configures the elements and collects information relating to objects detected by the receiver elements. Each transmitter element transmits a signal, the bandwidth of which... Agent: Thales

20110215962 - Interleaved beam coherent radar apparatus and processing method: A method for interleaved pulsed-Doppler processing. Radar energy management and associated processing techniques take advantage of spatial degrees of freedom available on modern, short range, wide angle, volume search ESA radar systems. The method creates an advantage in Doppler resolution when compared to currently utilized Doppler processing techniques. An Electronically... Agent: Src Inc.

20110215963 - Compact beacon radar and full atc services system: A system and method for a single site beacon transceiver including an omni-directional transceiver, a plurality of directional receiving antennas for receiving a signal, and a digital receiver for processing the signal to determine an azimuth to the source of the received signal. The digital receiver includes a plurality of... Agent: Sensis Corporation

20110215965 - Ground-based system and method to monitor for excessive delay gradients: A processing function to monitor a horizontal delay gradient in satellite signals is provided. The processing function includes a satellite differencing module, a double differencing module, and a gradient estimator module. The satellite differencing module receives carrier phase measurements for at least two satellites from at least two reference receivers... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110215966 - Apparatus, method, manufacture, and system for sensing substitution for location-based applications: A method and apparatus for communicating over a network is provided. The method includes selecting between location-sensing methods for an LBA, such as between GPS and network triangulation. For each location-sensing method, a dynamic determination is made as to whether the accuracy of the location-sensing method, in the current environment,... Agent: Deutsche Telekom Ag

20110215967 - Positioning apparatus: A positioning apparatus calculates an offset frequency of a local oscillator based on position information which is positioned, satellite position information acquired from a satellite signal of a GPS satellite, and a velocity vector of a GPS satellite. A GLONASS function is operated based on the offset frequency; then, positioning... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110215968 - System and method of generating a radio frequency signal: A system and method of generating a radio frequency signal adapted for allowing a receiving device to calculate a navigational indicator relative to a plurality of antennas. The system comprising a radio frequency generator unit for generating: a primary signal for driving at least one antenna of the plurality of... Agent: Indra Australia Pty Limited

20110215969 - Gps-based ce device wireless access point mapping: A CE device can incorporate a GPS receiver and can be moved around a building with wireless access point (AP) signal strengths recorded at various locations. The optimum AP location is selected on the basis of the location-to-signal strength correlations.... Agent: Sony Corporation

09/01/2011 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20110210883 - Standoff detection of motion and concealed unexploded ordnance (uxo): A surveillance system includes a multi-propeller aircraft having a main propeller and a plurality of wing unit propellers; a housing that houses the main propeller and the wing unit propellers; an ultra-wideband (UWB) radar imaging system; a control system for controlling flight of the multi-propeller aircraft from a remote location;... Agent:

20110210885 - System and method for target signature calculation and recognition: The present invention is directed to a system and method for the identification of a target object in PCL radar applications. The disclosed embodiments describe the systems and methods used in the identification of a target object from the collection of data representing specific target object features, such as velocity,... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20110210884 - Apparatus and method to generate and detect virtual targets: An apparatus and method to generate and detect virtual targets. Position information for one or more virtual targets is calculated onboard a vehicle from real position information obtained from GPS satellites or other external or internal sources. This virtual position information is coded, mixed with a carrier frequency, amplified, and... Agent: Federal Aviation Administration / Department Of Transportation / Gov't Of The U.s.

20110210886 - Method and system for maintaining a gnss receiver in a hot-state: A GNSS receiver in a wake up state during a standby mode may acquire ephemeris from received GNSS signals such as GPS signals and/or GLONASS signals. When subsequently transitioning from the standby mode to a normal mode operating at a high frequency clock, the acquired ephemeris may be utilized to... Agent:

20110210887 - 2d web trilateration: The invention provides systems and methods of locating a network device based on the time latency between a request by a user device and the receipt of the request by a plurality of satellite servers provided at different locations. Preferably three or more satellites may be employed. The request may... Agent:

20110210888 - Processing of radionavigation signals using a wide-lane combination: The global positioning comprises, for each satellite, the determination (16) of a pseudo distance by means of an ionosphere-free combination of the measurements of code and of the difference of the phase measurements, compensated for the widelane ambiguity, this ionosphere-free combination being optimised in terms of noise. The pseudo distance... Agent: Centre National D'etudes Spatiales

20110210889 - Method and system for estimating position with bias compensation: A primary phase measurement device measures a first carrier phase and a second carrier phase of carrier signals received by the location-determining receiver. A secondary phase measurement device measures the third carrier phase and the fourth carrier phase of other carrier signals. A real time kinematic engine estimates a first... Agent:

20110210890 - System for monitoring a satellite constellation of a positioning system: The present disclosure relates to a monitoring system which comprises at least one monitoring satellite placed in orbit at a lower altitude than that of the satellites of the satellite constellation so as to be capable of receiving the positioning signals emitted towards the Earth by said satellites, and which... Agent:

20110210891 - Communication device and method for controlling an antenna arrangement: A communication device is described comprising an antenna arrangement, an orientation determining device configured to determine the orientation of the antenna arrangement, and a controller configured to control the directivity of the antenna arrangement based on the determined orientation of the antenna arrangement.... Agent: Agency For Science, Technology And Research

20110210892 - Method for single stream beamforming with mixed power constraints: System and method for calculating a transmitter beamforming vector related to a channel vector h under per-antenna power constraints combined with total power constraint, under per-antenna power constraints combined with overall line of site (LOS) effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP) and under all three constraints. Calculating a transmitter beamforming vector... Agent:

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