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Communications: directive radio wave systems and devices (e.g., radar, radio navigation) August inventions list 08/11

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08/25/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110205101 - Systems and/or methods for using coherent electromagnetic waves in a missile defense shield: Certain example embodiments of this invention relate to a holography-based missile defense shield. In certain example embodiments, an EM field is created on or proximate to a missile. Based on imaging and/or trajectory data, a holographic plate is prepared such that a holographic projection may be generated therefrom. Electromagnetic waves... Agent: Technology Patents, LLC

20110205102 - Radar device, object detection system, and object detection method: A vehicle mounted radar device operable to scan a transmission wave to detect a detection point representing a position of an object disposed around the vehicle on the basis of a reflected wave of the transmission wave from the object. The radar device includes a reading unit, a continuity determination... Agent: Fujitsu Ten Limited

20110205103 - Low cost, high performance radar networks: A real-time radar surveillance system comprises at least one land-based non-coherent radar sensor apparatus adapted for detecting maneuvering targets and targets of small or low radar cross-section. The radar sensor apparatus includes a marine radar device, a digitizer connected to the marine radar device for receiving therefrom samples of radar... Agent: Sicom Systems Ltd

20110205104 - Method and device for processing echo signal, radar device and echo signal processing program: A method includes inputting an echo signal from an antenna for discharging an electromagnetic wave to a predetermined area and receiving an echo signal reflected on a target object, outputting a level of the echo signal from every location so as to associate the level with a distance from the... Agent:

20110205105 - Integrated circuit, communication unit and method for phase compensation: A communication unit comprises a controller and a radio frequency signal path having a plurality of delay elements operably coupled to a series of respective amplifier stages, wherein the controller is arranged to individually enable the respective amplifier stages. In response thereto a number of the plurality of delay elements... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20110205106 - Power control for home base station with gnss receiver: Embodiments herein include a method and a network node in a wireless communications network for controlling a maximum output power of the network node. The network node comprises a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver. The GNSS receiver receives signals from the GNSS. The method comprises determining whether a GNSS... Agent:

20110205108 - Method for position estimation using generalized error distributions: A method for improving the results of radio location systems that incorporate weighted least squares optimization generalizes the weighted least squares method by using maximum a posteriori (MAP) probability metrics to incorporate characteristics of the specific positioning problem (e.g., UTDOA). Weighted least squares methods are typically used by TDOA and... Agent: Trueposition, Inc.

20110205107 - Positioning device, positioning method and storage medium storing program: A positioning device including: a time counter for counting time; a first reception controller (S1) for intermittently receiving time information from the positioning satellite through a reception unit; a time revising unit (S14) for revising the time counted by the time counter based on the received time information; an error... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20110205109 - Position measuring device and position measuring method by means of gps: In a position measuring method, GPS ranging data obtained at a reference station 1 and an observation station 2 is inputted to four solution calculating sections 12, RTK solutions such as a fix solution at the observation station 2 are calculated in the solution calculating sections 12 according to the... Agent:

20110205110 - Method and system for propagating gnss assistance data among communication devices in a gnss group: A communication device within a GNSS group propagates GNSS assistance data to one or more other communication devices in the GNSS group utilizing direct device-to-device connections. The GNSS assistance data comprises ephemeris received from one or more GNSS satellites and/or predicted ephemeris. As a source device, the communication device generates,... Agent:

20110205111 - Golf gps device: A method for displaying a portion of a golf course and a golfer's location on a handheld device. The method comprises retrieving coordinates for a golfer's location, selecting a geographical region, determining a golf course from a plurality of stored golf courses, selecting a portion of the golf course for... Agent: Callaway Golf Company

20110205112 - Method and device of satellite navigation system's integrity control: This invention relates to domain of space activity and can be used for the Earth satellite aided radio navigation, particularly, for control (monitoring) the system integrity without attendance of means of the ground control complex and globally allocated reference stations. A technical result of the claimed technical solution is the... Agent:

20110205113 - Frequency aiding method and system for navigation satellite receiver with crystal oscillator frequency hysteresis: A method and apparatus for estimating oscillator signal variation due to temperature and for providing an estimated frequency to a GPS receiver in order to assist the GPS receiver to acquire the signals quickly is disclosed. A temperature sensor is closely thermally coupled with the crystal oscillator in the GPS... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110205114 - Systems and methods for detecting multiple gnss signals: A representative radio frequency (RF) receiver comprises an RF section that receives RF signals. Such RF signals include more than one global navigation satellite system (GNSS) signals, which include at least one of the following: global positioning system (GPS) signals, Galileo signals and Glonass signals. A mixer and converter section... Agent:

20110205115 - Always on gps device: A wireless device including a transceiver that utilizes a power supply is described. The wireless device includes a Global Positioning System (“GPS”) section having a plurality of GPS subsystems and a power controller in signal communication with the power supply and GPS section, wherein the power controller is configured to... Agent: Sirf Technology, Inc.

20110205116 - Satellite navigation device: A pseudo range is corrected with high accuracy using a pseudo range correction method that incorporates carrier smoothing. A code pseudo range correction unit (19) performs carrier smoothing of an L1 code pseudo range (PRL1(i)) by the temporal change (ΔADRL1(i)) in an L1 carrier phase, and performs carrier correction of... Agent:

20110205117 - System and method for adaptive correction to phased array antenna array coefficients through dithering and near-field sensing: A system and method of adaptively correcting the excitation or receive coefficients for a phased array antenna. For a transmitting antenna, a sensor located in the near field of the antenna is used to sense the antenna transmission. A reference signal that represents the sensor response to a desired antenna... Agent:

20110205119 - Dual-beam sector antenna and array: A low sidelobe beam forming method and dual-beam antenna schematic are disclosed, which may preferably be used for 3-sector and 6-sector cellular communication system. Complete antenna combines 2-, 3- or -4 columns dual-beam sub-arrays (modules) with improved beam-forming network (BFN). The modules may be used as part of an array,... Agent:

20110205118 - Method and system for beamforming signal transmission under a per-antenna power constraint: A method and system for beamforming signal transmission under a per-antenna power constraint is presented. In one aspect, a multiple input multiple output (MIMO) transmitting station may compute a per-antenna power gain factor for each of a plurality of transmit chain signals. The transmit chain signals may be concurrently transmitted... Agent:

20110205120 - Monopulse beamformer for electronically switched antennas: A method and system for monopulse beamforming for electronically switched antennas is presented. Inputs of selected antenna elements from a phased array antenna are summed into subsets of elements which are then combined into sum and delta beams. 2:1 switches in a shoelace arrangement allow the combination of signals from... Agent: Src, Inc.

20110205121 - Method of determining real time location of reflecting objects and system thereof: There are provided a method of determining real time location of a reflecting object and a system thereof. The method comprises: a) providing initial internal delays of said RF units, and providing initial direct signal time of arrivals characterizing direct links between RF units corresponding to said operational links; b)... Agent: Camero-tech Ltd.

20110205122 - Method and arrangement of determining timing uncertainty: A network node such as a positioning node, and a related method of determining an uncertainty of a timing measurement used for positioning of a wireless device are disclosed. The method includes estimating a timing measurement uncertainty, and determining if an uncertainty reducing measurement is available. If an uncertainty reducing... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson

20110205123 - Interferometric methods and systems: An interferometer estimates at least one interferometric parameter of one or more signals emitted from a source. The interferometer has an array of antennas and at least one phase detector configured to determine a plurality of phase measurements of the one or more source signals. A combined estimator processes the... Agent:

20110205124 - Object locator system: Described is a locating system comprised of a locator and at least one target, the locator having a positioning subsystem such as a GPS receiver capable of determining its own location at any given time, a proximity subsystem such as an RFID reader capable of identifying targets and detecting whether... Agent:

20110205125 - Inferring beacon positions based on spatial relationships: Estimating positions of beacons based on spatial relationships among neighboring beacons. Beacon reference data defining positions of beacons is stored from beacon fingerprints observed by devices (e.g., enabled with global positioning system receivers). For a received beacon fingerprint having at least one beacon for which the beacon reference data is... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

08/18/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110199251 - Radio wave sensor: The object of the present invention is to provide a low power consumption, compact radio wave sensor capable of accurately detecting the presence and mobile status of a detected object present within a detection area, and having a superior S/N ratio. The radio wave sensor comprising: an oscillator circuit 1... Agent: Toto Ltd.

20110199252 - Sensor device having a variable azimuthal detection range for a motor vehicle: A sensor device, in particular a radar sensor device for a motor vehicle, in whose beam path at least one antenna exciter and at least one lens are situated, in which at least one diaphragm having a variable azimuthal opening width for realizing a variable azimuthal detection range of the... Agent:

20110199253 - Method and device for monitoring radioaltimetric heights of an aircraft: The device comprises means for generating an auxiliary height (HA) of an aircraft (AC) and for determining, with the aid of this auxiliary height (HA), an error in incoherent data which are received from two radioaltimeters.... Agent: Airbus Operations (s.a.s.)

20110199254 - Millimeter wave surface imaging radar system: A short range millimeter wave surface imaging radar system. The system includes electronics adapted to produce millimeter wave radiation scanned over a frequency range of a few gigahertz. The scanned millimeter wave radiation is broadcast through a frequency scanned transmit antenna to produce a narrow transmit beam in a first... Agent: Trex Enterprises Corp

20110199255 - Method and system for determining a position fix indoors: A location server may be operable to refine a location for a RF node based on a weight applied to one or more location samples that are received from one or more mobile devices. The received location samples may be weighted based on a manufacturer and/or a model information of... Agent:

20110199256 - Global satellite positioning system tracking system for handcuffs and feetcuffs: A GPS tracking system for handcuffs and feetcuffs, which includes a sensor, fitted with a GPS tracker, disposed within a mobile restraining device (such as: handcuffs, feetcuffs, police device, and the like). The GPS tracker is provided with a GPS receiving circuit, a microprocessor and a signal transmission circuit, and... Agent:

20110199258 - Method and apparatus for validating a position in a satellite positioning system using range-rate measurements: Method and apparatus for validating an initial position in a satellite positioning system using range-rate measurements is described. In one example, range-rate measurements are obtained at the remote receiver with respect to a plurality of satellites. Expected range-rates are computed with respect to the plurality of satellites using the initial... Agent:

20110199257 - Method and system for updating altitude information for a location by using terrain model information to prime altitude sensors: Methods and systems for updating altitude information for a location by using terrain model information to prime altitude sensors are disclosed and may include determining an altitude of a wireless device including one or more altimeters. The determination of altitude may include determining a location of the wireless device, receiving... Agent:

20110199259 - Sensor-assisted location-aware mobile device: A GNSS enabled mobile device moves from a first area where GNSS signal quality and/or level is above a threshold to a second area where GNSS signal quality and/or level is below the threshold. The GNSS enabled mobile device in the second area determines its own location utilizing previous GNSS... Agent:

20110199260 - Method and system for determining a location of a cellular base station utilizing mobile gnss velocity and corresponding cellular doppler: A GNSS enabled mobile device concurrently receives GNSS signals from GNSS satellites and transmissions from a cellular base station. GNSS-based velocities and GNSS locations are determined for the GNSS enabled mobile device utilizing the received GNSS signals. A cellular Doppler is measured on the cellular base station. A location of... Agent:

20110199261 - Method and system for stabilizing a gnss clock by reducing interference: Methods and systems for stabilizing a GNSS clock by reducing interference are disclosed and may include stabilizing a frequency of a temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) on a chip in a GNSS device. A clock signal may be generated for the device by temporarily configuring circuitry adjacent to the TCXO... Agent:

20110199262 - Estimating frequency of a gnss enabled device based on time stamps: A GNSS enabled device that is communicatively coupled to a network, receives time stamps via the network. The time stamps are generated based on reference clock signals within the network. GNSS receiver clock signal frequency may be adjusted based on the time stamps. When GNSS satellite signals and/or SRN signals... Agent:

20110199263 - Method and apparatus for estimating angle of arrival: Provided is a method of an angle of arrival (AoA) estimating apparatus. The AoA estimating apparatus may obtain at least two candidate values for an AoA of a received signal, based on a first steering vector. The AoA estimating apparatus may further detect a second steering vector corresponding to a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

08/11/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110193738 - Radar for aerial target detection fitted to an aircraft notably for the avoidance of obstacles in flight: A radar being carried by an aircraft includes means for transmitting an RF wave towards a target, said wave having a double form, a first waveform being composed of at least two sinusoids of different frequencies transmitted simultaneously, the radar comprising reception circuits receiving the signals reflected by the target... Agent: Thales

20110193739 - Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) radio as radar: An orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) communication system is adapted for radar ranging and imaging. A radar system includes an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) radio communications transmitter configured to transmit information bits using one or more payload symbols in a transmitted signal; and a receiver configured to: construct the... Agent: Tialinx, Inc.

20110193740 - Electronic scanning radar apparatus, receiving wave direction estimating method, and computer-readable storage media storing receiving wave direction estimation program: An electronic scanning radar apparatus includes a transmission unit configured to transmit a transmission wave, and a receiving unit including a plurality of antennas receiving a receiving wave coming from a target. The receiving wave is formed from a reflection wave of the transmission wave reflected at the target. A... Agent: Honda Elesys Co., Ltd.

20110193742 - Method and apparatus for weak data frame sync in a positioning system: The present invention is related to location positioning systems, and more particularly, to a method and apparatus of synchronizing to data frames in a positioning system signal. According to one aspect, the invention speeds up the frame synchronization process by computing a frame synchronization metric for each satellite and then... Agent: Sirf Technology Holdings, Inc.

20110193741 - Satellite signal tracking method, position calculating method, and position calculating device: A satellite signal tracking method includes : detecting a situation of movement; calculating an error of the detection; and setting a loop bandwidth of a tracking filter, which is used to track a satellite signal received from a positioning satellite and of which the loop bandwidth can be changed, using... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110193743 - Method and system for utilizing reduced functionality processing channels in a gnss receiver: A global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver comprising one or more regular channel circuits and one or more sniff channel circuits may be operable, utilizing the sniff channel circuits, to monitor power levels of currently visible GNSS satellites which are not being utilized by the regular channel circuits. An alternative... Agent:

20110193744 - Method and system for integrated glonass and gps processing: An integrated global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver may be operable to decompose GNSS IF signals associated with GPS satellites and/or GLONASS satellites into a constituent narrowband GPS data stream and/or a plurality of constituent narrowband GLONASS data streams utilizing, for example, a GPS IF tuner and/or one or more... Agent:

20110193745 - Method of processing a digital signal derived from an analog input signal of a gnss receiver, a gnss receiver base band circuit for carrying out the method and a gnss receiver: An acquisition unit of a GNSS receiver base band circuit includes an integrator with a number of preprocessors where an incoming digital signal is mixed with different frequency signals to compensate at least in part for clock drift and Doppler shifts. The resulting digital signals are, after an accumulation step... Agent: U-blox Ag

20110193746 - Method of positioning rfid tags: A method of positioning a RFID tag by using four antennas associated with an algorithm is disclosed. A positioning space is sliced into several spatial boxes with an equal size. The center of each spatial box is assumed roughly as the target position and thus the positions are used to... Agent: National Pingtung University Of Science And Technology

08/04/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110187576 - Jammer antenna system: The invention relates to a jammer antenna system having a main plate, the main plate being substantially horizontally oriented during use of the jammer antenna system, a horizontal antenna provided in the main plate and arranged for radiating horizontally polarized radiation; first vertical antenna removably attached to the main plate;... Agent:

20110187577 - Resolution radar using metamaterials: A radar system includes at least one transmit array comprising a plurality of metamaterial elements. The radar system further includes at least one near-field stimulator for inputting electromagnetic signal to the transmit array so that a sub-wavelength target is illuminated with an electromagnetic wave.... Agent: Alliant Techsystems Inc.

20110187588 - Methods and systems for presenting weather hazard information on an in-trail procedures display: Systems and methods for improving situational awareness on an in-trails procedures display. A radar system transmits a radar signal and receives and stores weather radar reflectivity values into a three-dimensional buffer. A processor determines whether any of the stored weather reflectivity values indicate the presence of a weather hazard and... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110187578 - Conductive line communication apparatus and conductive line radar system and method: A conductive line radar comprising at least one signal surface wave launcher, which comprises a signal surface wave transceiver, which is physically attached to a power line. The signal surface wave transceiver transmits a wave signal along the power line with another signal radiating from the wave signal in a... Agent: Sensis Corporation

20110187579 - Method and device for transmission, method and device for reception, and method and device for detecting target object: This disclosure provides a transmission device, which includes a signal generating module for generating two or more kinds of pulse-shaped signals of mutually different pulse widths, and an antenna for emitting the pulse-shaped signals to the exterior. For the two or more kinds of pulse-shaped signals generated by the signal... Agent:

20110187580 - Device for detecting a vehicle on an airport runway: The invention relates to a device (10) for detecting a vehicle, especially an aircraft (A), on an airport runway (R), especially a take-off or landing strip, a taxi strip or in the ramp region, said device comprising at least one radar sensor (11) which is arranged in the region of... Agent:

20110187581 - Radar device for detecting or tracking aerial targets fitted to an aircraft: A radar device includes means for emitting microwave-frequency signals; means for receiving signals reflected by a target; computation means; a plurality of antenna systems disposed around the aircraft, an antenna system comprising a set of emission antennas coupled to the emission means and a set of reception antennas coupled to... Agent: Thales

20110187582 - Traveling direction vector reliability determination method and traveling direction vector reliability determination device: There is provided a traveling direction vector reliability determination method in which reliability of a traveling direction vector of another vehicle is calculated so as to increase reliability of a collision prediction. The traveling direction vector reliability determination method determines the reliability of the traveling direction vector when the traveling... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110187583 - Method of measuring distance, notably for short-range radar: The present invention relates to a procedure for measuring distance. It applies notably in respect of short-range radars, but not exclusively. The method uses an electromagnetic wave comprising at least one emission sequence (31, 32, 33, 34, 35) of the FSK type, at least two emission frequencies (F1, F2), emitted... Agent: Thales

20110187584 - Method for suppressing clutter in space-time adaptive processing systems: A method surpresses clutter in a space-time adaptive processing system. The method achieves low-complexity computation via two steps. First, the method utilizes an improved fast approximated power iteration method to compress the data into a much smaller subspace. To further reduce the computational complexity, a progressive singular value decomposition (SVD)... Agent:

20110187585 - Compact imaging receiver architecture: A system and method is shown for receiving microwave/millimeter-wave signals. The system and method are balanced and can be effectively implemented on a silicon substrate using single pole double throw switches.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110187586 - Radar detection method, notably for airborne radars implementing an obstacle detection and avoidance function: A method includes: generating a frequency-modulated continuous signal, an emission sequence being formed of successive ramps centred on a carrier frequency; fixing a modulation band ΔF and the duration Tr of a recurrence in such a way that at the range limit, a reception ramp appears shifted by at least... Agent: Thales

20110187587 - Receiver test circuits, systems and methods: Embodiments relate to apparatuses, systems and methods for testing high-frequency receivers. In an embodiment, a method includes integrating a pulse train generator and a receiver in an integrated circuit; generating a pulse train by the pulse train generator and applying the pulse train to an input of the receiver; measuring... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20110187589 - Global navigation satellite system: Each of a first and a second navigation satellite system (NSS) are adapted to operate according to a first and a second specification, respectively, and each includes a first and a second plurality of satellite vehicles (SV), respectively. Each of the first and the second plurality of SVs are adapted... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110187590 - Position estimation methods and apparatus: A method of determining the position of a GNSS receiver antenna includes steps of acquiring input data which includes observations at the GNSS receiver antenna of signals of at least clock and position information of GNSS satellites, for each of a plurality of epochs. Float parameters of a state vector... Agent:

20110187591 - Hybrid wireless area network (wan) and global positioning system (gps) circuit board and method for seamless indoor and outdoor tracking: Systems and methods for distance and location tracking a wireless device are disclosed. More specifically, according to one aspect of the present disclosure, a Wireless Area Network-Location Based Services (WAN-LBS) algorithm that utilizes a hybrid Wireless Area Network (WAN) and Global Positioning System (GPS) circuit board and method for seamless... Agent:

20110187593 - Global navigation satellite system: Each of a first and a second navigation satellite system (NSS) are adapted to operate according to a first and a second specification, respectively, and each includes a first and a second plurality of satellite vehicles (SVs), respectively. Each of the first and the second plurality of SVs are adapted... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110187592 - Satellite based position of a cellular terminal: At least one set of values of parameters is determined, each set of values defining a respective troposphere model. The at least one determined set of parameter values is then assembled for transmission via a wireless communication network to a wireless terminal as assistance data for an assisted satellite based... Agent:

20110187594 - Method for self-calibration of frequency offsets: A method for self-calibration of frequency offsets in a measurement equipment of an interference monitoring system is provided. The method involves sampling I/Q data using the interference monitoring system measurement equipment and acquiring satellite navigation signals from the I/Q data. A carrier frequency of the satellite navigation signal is estimated... Agent: Astrium Gmbh

20110187595 - Transfer of calibrated time information in a mobile terminal: A method of and system for calibrating un-calibrated time information within a mobile terminal 101 is disclosed. The terminal has a receiver 203 capable of receiving signals from which calibrated time information carried by a calibrated system (a satellite positioning system) can be extracted, and a receiver 200 capable of... Agent:

20110187596 - Receivers, circuits, and methods to improve gnss time-to-fix and other performances: An electronic circuit (2250) for a satellite receiver (100, 2200). The electronic circuit (2250) includes a correlator circuit (2310) operable to supply a data signal including ephemeris data and a subsequent satellite time datum, and a data processor (2370, 2380) operable to infer satellite time TS from as few as... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110187597 - Position information acquisition device, computer readable storage medium storing position information acquisition program and position information acquisition system: A position information acquisition device includes, a first communication unit to communicate with at least another position information acquisition device; a detection unit to detect whether a number of other position information acquisition devices that are not communicable with the first communication unit reaches a threshold or higher based on... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110187598 - Method and system for estimating position using dual real time kinematic engines: A method and system for estimating the position comprises measuring a first carrier phase of a first carrier signal and a second carrier phase of a second carrier signal received by a location-determining receiver. A primary real time kinematic (RTK) engine or receiver data processing system estimates a primary integer... Agent:

20110187600 - System and method for measurement of distance to a tag by a modulated backscatter rfid reader: Distance to a modulated backscatter tag is measured with a RFID reader that measures changes in phase with frequency of modulated backscattered RF signals. Measured distances are linked to a specific tag. The effects of other sources of reflected and interfering signals are mitigated. The techniques eliminate the need for... Agent: Tc License Ltd.

20110187599 - Technique for effectively communicating location information in a wireless communication service: In providing a wireless location communication service including a location based service to a user of a mobile device, the mobile device sends information concerning a location of the device relative to a given position in a wireless communication system. The given position may be that of a base station... Agent:

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