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Communications: directive radio wave systems and devices (e.g., radar, radio navigation) July category listing 07/11

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07/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110181455 - Clutter reduction in detection systems: The present invention relates to a system (300) for reducing or cancelling unwanted signals when detecting objects of interest with a detection system (200). The detection system thereby is an antenna based system using two or more receive beams as echo response to an emission signal. The system (300) for... Agent: Intersoft Electronics Nv

20110181456 - Motor vehicle radar system, and method for determining speeds and distances of objects: Presented is a method for determining speeds (vr14, vr16) and distances (r14, r16) of objects (14, 16) relative to a radar system (12) of a motor vehicle (10), wherein a coverage area (EB) of the radar system (12) is divided into at least two part-areas (TB1, TB2, TB3), the coverage... Agent: Valeo Schalter Und Sensoren Gmbh

20110181457 - Vehicle length sensors: A vehicle length sensor for a vehicle such as a variable length truck, the sensor being provided with a mount for mounting the sensor on a vehicle and being arranged with a detection circuit arranged to measure, in use, a length of a vehicle to which the sensor is mounted.... Agent:

20110181458 - Calibration of a radar unit with device-specific correction curves: A method for lessening disturbances of a measurement signal in a radar unit for distance measurement by means of frequency-modulated radar in continuous wave operation. The method comprises steps of: registering, in a reference measurement, a reference signal as a function of time; deriving an error correction signal from the... Agent: Endress+hauser Gmbh + Co.

20110181459 - Systems and methods for incident angle measurement of waves impinging on a receiver: Embodiments relate to radar systems and methods. In an embodiment, a system includes a radio frequency (RF) sensor array comprising a plurality of spaced apart sensors; and a reflector element positioned proximate the RF sensor array to reflect waves toward the RF sensor array. In an embodiment, a system includes... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20110181460 - Device for generation of microwaves: The invention relates to a device for generation of microwaves comprising a virtual cathode oscillator (1) in a coaxial embodiment with an outer cylindrical tube forming a cathode (2) and connected to a transmission line (14) for feeding the cathode (2) with voltage pulses, and an inner cylindrical tube, at... Agent:

20110181461 - Passive radiometric imaging device and method: The present invention relates to a passive radiometric imaging device and a corresponding method for scanning a scene and reconstructing an image of said scene. To provide an improved image quality, the proposed device comprises a radiometer configured to detect radiation emitted in a predetermined spectral range from a plurality... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110181463 - Satellite-based positioning receiver: A satellite-based positioning receiver includes processing channels, each processing channel being associated with a respective satellite from among N satellites, and an extended Kalman filter for performing a vector tracking for the set of satellites using signals received from the satellites. The extended Kalman filter performs a resetting on the... Agent: Thales

20110181462 - System and method for positioning with gnss using multiple integer candidates: Methods and systems find position solutions using GNSS carrier phase. A plurality of integer cycle ambiguity candidates associated with the carrier phase are found as a function of corrected carrier phases. Positions and position error estimates are derived from the plurality of integer cycle ambiguity candidates.... Agent:

20110181464 - Method of position determination in a global navigation satellite system (gnss) receiver: A method of determining coordinates of a mobile Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver includes processing signals from space vehicles including performing measurements of pseudoranges and Doppler shift, extracting ephemeris data, and determining GNSS receiver coordinates from said measurements.... Agent: Mstar Software R&d (shenzhen) Ltd.

20110181465 - Multi-constellation global navigation satellite system augmentation and assistance: A multi-constellation GNSS augmentation and assistance system may include a plurality of reference stations. Each reference station may be adapted to receive navigation data from a plurality of different global navigation satellite systems and to monitor integrity and performance data for each different global navigation satellite system. An operation center... Agent:

20110181466 - Receiver and method for authenticating satellite signals: A receiver is configured to authenticate received satellite signals having a carrier wave carrying positioning data. The receiver includes a processor arrangement configured to analyze the carrier wave to determine an apparent acceleration between the satellite and receiver. The processor arrangement is also configured to compare the apparent acceleration between... Agent: Astrium Limited

20110181467 - Analog front end for system simultaneously receiving gps and glonass signals: A receiver for receiving both GPS signals and GLONASS signals is provided. This receiver includes an analog front end (AFE), a GPS digital front end (DFE) and a GLONASS DFE for receiving an output of the AFE, and a dual mode interface (DMI) for receiving outputs of the GPS and... Agent:

20110181468 - Digital front end in system simultaneously receiving gps and glonass signals: A receiver for receiving both GPS signals and GLONASS signals is provided. This receiver includes an analog front end (AFE), a GPS digital front end (DFE) and a GLONASS DFE for receiving an output of the AFE, and a dual mode interface (DMI) for receiving outputs of the GPS and... Agent:

20110181469 - Method and apparatus for determining the changing position of a mobile transmitter: A method and a device for determining the changing position of a mobile transmitter in a three-dimensional space is proposed in which transmitted signals are issued at a pre-determined frequency from a mobile transmitter, wherein a plurality of receivers receive said transmitted signals. An evaluation device evaluates the received signals... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur F&#xd6 Rderung Der Angewand

20110181471 - Adaptive antenna radio communication device: A device for estimating a direction-of-arrival of a radio wave, the device comprising an array antenna including a plurality of antenna elements for receiving a high frequency signal, a demultiplexer for demultiplexing the received high frequency signal for each of the plurality of antenna elements to generate a plurality of... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110181470 - Geosecurity methods and devices using geotags derived from noisy location data from multiple sources: In a geo-security system, a device receives RF signals from multiple distinct classes of RF communication systems and extracts location-dependent signal parameters. A current geotag is computed from the parameters by fuzzy extractors involving quantization of the parameters and Reed-Solomon decoding to provide a reproducible unique geotag. The current geotag... Agent:

20110181472 - Incoming wave classifying and distinguishing device, incoming wave classifying and distinguishing method, originating position estimating device and originating position estimating method: Provided are a device and a method that can classify an incoming wave and can correctly distinguish the position of an originating device, even in a multipath environment. A principal vertically polarized wave arrival direction sensing unit (104-1) and a principal horizontally polarized wave arrival direction sensing unit (104-2) respectively... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110181473 - Transient rf detector and recorder: A portable device for detecting a radio frequency transmission of electromagnetic radiation includes a housing; a controller situated within the housing; memory communicatively connected to the controller; an antenna connected to the controller and configured to receive the radio frequency transmission; and an audio-generating component connected to the controller. The... Agent:

07/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110175765 - Device for detecting objects, notably dangerous objects: The present invention relates to a device for detecting objects. The device comprises at least one microwave-frequency transmitter and one microwave-frequency receiver. The receiver makes a relative rotary movement about the transmitter, a signal being transmitted toward an individual for several positions of the receiver on the circle of relative... Agent:

20110175770 - High resolution sar imaging using non-uniform pulse timing: A synthetic aperture radar (SAR) system includes a non-uniform pulse generator, and an echo receiver. A SAR image is reconstructed from samples of received echoes, wherein transmitted pulses and reflected echoes overlap in time.... Agent:

20110175771 - Synthetic aperture radar hybrid-quadrature-polarity method and architecture for obtaining the stokes parameters of radar backscatter: A synthetic aperture radar hybrid-quadrature-polarity method and architecture comprising transmitting both left and right circular polarizations (by alternately driving, at the minimum (Nyquist) sampling rate, orthogonal linear feeds simultaneously by two identical waveforms, +/−90° out of phase), and receiving two orthogonal linear polarizations, coherently. Once calibrated, the single-look complex amplitude... Agent:

20110175766 - Three dimensional noncontact motion sensor: A non-contact motion sensor comprising a radar detector that includes a first antenna, a second antenna that is orthogonal to the first antenna and a third antenna that is orthogonal to the first antenna and the second antenna. The non-contact motion sensor further includes a control that collects and analyzes... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110175767 - Radar apparatus, and measurement method used in the radar apparatus: The present invention provides a radar apparatus capable of changing a characteristic of filter processing while considering also a relative velocity of an object. A measurement section measures a relative position and a relative velocity of an object such as another vehicle, a pedestrian, and an object placed on a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110175768 - Relative vibration measurement: A method of detecting motion in a load bearing member on a machine. The method includes positioning a Doppler radar detector on the machine and orienting the Doppler radar detector such that the Doppler radar detector floods the load bearing member transmitted radio frequency signals. The method further includes receiving... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110175769 - Microwave sensor: Microwave sensor includes an oscillator for generating microwave signals, a power divider for dividing the microwave signals, an antenna for transmitting the divided microwave signals to an outside of the microwave sensor and receiving microwave signals reflected from an object, and a mixer for detecting differences between the microwave signals... Agent: Teltron, Inc.

20110175773 - Managing the measurement of signals: For managing measurements on signals, a quality of received signals, for which a measurement circuit provides measurement results, is monitored. In the case that the quality does not exceed a set quality before Receive and monitor signal measurements an end of a reporting period, a reporting of measurement results that... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110175772 - Positioning device, positioning method and storage medium: When a positioning request is made, position measurement using a positioning satellite is executed, and when the position measurement is executed, positioning result data is obtained as position data responded to the positioning request. On the other hand, when the position measurement using the positioning satellite is not executed, position... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

07/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110169682 - Lateral wave radar system for forward detection: A forward-looking radar system adapted to detect and identify buried or near surface objects from a moving ground vehicle has been developed. The system incorporates a radar detection system and in one embodiment is mounted on a ground vehicle. The system is adapted to differentiate common roadway clutter from objects... Agent: The Ohio State University Research Foundation

20110169683 - Filtering sensor data to provide estimates of structures: According to one embodiment, a method comprises receiving sensor data generated by one or more sensors in response to sensing a structure. The sensor data is filtered to identify edge data and reverberation data each describing the same structural feature of the structure. Image data for a filtered image of... Agent: Raytheon Company

20110169686 - Target detection in a sar-imaged sea area: Disclosed herein is a method of detecting a target in a sea area based on a Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) image thereof. The Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) image is made up of pixels, each having a respective magnitude. The method comprises computing a first reference quantity which characterizes a Poisson... Agent:

20110169687 - System and method for detecting damage, defect, and reinforcement in fiber reinforced polymer bonded concrete systems using far-field radar: A non-contact, far-field radar nondestructive testing (NDT) method is disclosed that is capable of detecting at least one of defects, damages, and reinforcement conditions in near-surface region of multi-layer systems using monostatic inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) measurements and applicable to various types of structural elements. The method includes the... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110169684 - System for sensing aircraft and other objects: A system for sensing aircraft and other objects uses bistatic radar with spread-spectrum signals transmitted from remotely located sources such as aircraft flying at very high altitudes or from a satellite constellation. A bistatic spread spectrum radar system using a satellite constellation can be integrated with a communications system and/or... Agent:

20110169685 - Method and device for reducing fake image, radar apparatus, and fake image reduction program: This disclosure provides a fake image reduction device, which includes a target object detection module for being inputted with an echo signal from an antenna that transmits an electromagnetic wave and receives the echo signal, measuring a level of the echo signal to detect a target object, a reflecting body... Agent:

20110169688 - Apparatus and methods for satelite communication: A communications system and method are disclosed that may include a constellation of satellites operating in a substantially equatorial, non-geostationary orbit; a plurality of ground stations configured to communicate with the satellites, at least one given ground station of the ground stations lacking a wired connection to any global communications... Agent:

20110169690 - Satellite positioning: A method of estimating the position of a first event of interest using a satellite positioning system. The method comprises: performing in response to the first event a satellite reception function; determining at some later time whether it is possible to calculate a position estimate from signals resulting from the... Agent:

20110169689 - Ultra-tightly coupled gps and inertial navigation system for agile platforms: An Ultra-Tightly Coupled GPS-inertial navigation system for use in a moving agile platform includes a range residual extractor that uses best curve fitting of a third order polynomial for estimating range residual. The curve-fitted residual is used to update an error Kalman filter. The error Kalman filter includes correction for... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110169691 - Detecting and compensating for erroneous time measurement for mobile device position calculation: A method implemented by an assisted Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) server determines a position of a GNSS receiver. The method includes sending a request for measurement information to the GNSS receiver at a first time and receiving the measurement information from the GNSS receiver in response to the request... Agent: Andrew LLC

20110169692 - Gps management system: A method applied to a mobile device having a GPS receiver having access to a network interface is disclosed. When transmitting via the network interface a first command to edit a user location information on the network interface based on a first geo-information from the GPS receiver to update location... Agent:

20110169693 - Integrity communication in a satellite navigation system: Embodiments of the invention are directed to a method for integrity communication in a satellite navigation system having a space segment with several satellites transmitting navigation signals for reception and evaluation by use systems for position determination, and a ground segment with several observation stations that, in their totality, monitor... Agent: Astrium Gmbh

20110169694 - Positioning device, electronic instrument, and storage medium storing program: A slice set for a specific period of time is acquired from a storage area of a memory which is a ring buffer while changing the read position, and the signal strength total value of each slice set is calculated. The signal strengths of the slices included in the maximum... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110169695 - Method and apparatus for managing network elements in a satellite navigation data distribution system: Method and apparatus for managing a network element in a satellite navigation data distribution system is described. In one example, a network element includes a processor for processing satellite navigation data. For example, a network element may be a reference station, a hub, or a server in the satellite navigation... Agent:

20110169696 - Portable antenna positioner apparatus and method: A low power, lightweight, collapsible and rugged antenna positioner for use in communicating with geostationary, geosynchronous and low earth orbit satellite. By collapsing, invention may be easily carried or shipped in a compact container. May be used in remote locations with simple or automated setup and orientation. Azimuth is adjusted... Agent:

20110169697 - Gps-assisted source and receiver location estimation: A mobile communication device includes, in part, a first wireless receiver adapted to determine, as it travels along a path, a multitude of positions of the mobile communication device using signals received from a primary positioning source, a second wireless receiver adapted to receive signals from one or more ambient... Agent: Maxlinear, Inc.

07/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110163903 - Apparatus for radar target cloaking using polyhedral conducting mesh: An apparatus for interfering with and canceling electromagnetic reflections from a conducting object such as a solid or hollow conducting sphere. The reflection of an incident electromagnetic wave from a conducting sphere can be reduced or cancelled by placing a polyhedral conducting mesh (PCM) around the conducting sphere. The incident... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20110163904 - Integrated radar-camera sensor: An integrated radar-camera sensor is provided which includes a camera sensor component and a radar sensor component both housed within a common single module housing. The sensor module also includes processing circuitry for processing the radar sensor and camera outputs. The sensor module is located behind the windshield of a... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20110163905 - Method and system for aiding environmental characterization by ultra-wideband radiofrequency signals: The invention relates to environmental characterization on the basis of an Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radiofrequency communication network. Pulses are emitted and the waveform received is compared with predicted waveforms corresponding to well determined interactions between the wave and its environment. The comparison is done by searching for maximum temporal... Agent: Commissariat A L'engerie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20110163911 - Identification and analysis of persistent scatterers in series of sar images: Disclosed herein is a method for identifying persistent scatterers in digital “Synthetic Aperture Radar” images of an area of Earth's surface each taken at a respective time. The method involves processing the digital Synthetic Aperture Radar images to produce digital generalized differential interferograms. The method further involves analyzing properties of... Agent: Telespazio S.p.a.

20110163912 - System and method for iterative fourier side lobe reduction: A method and system for generating images from projection data comprising: at least one processor for processing input data, the input data comprising positional data and image data, the image data comprising frequency data for a pre-determined number k frequencies the at least one processor operating to: a) set the... Agent: U.s. Government As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army

20110163906 - Radar apparatus, antenna apparatus, and data acquisition method: A radar apparatus, an antenna apparatus, and a data acquisition method are provided, which can reduce the size of a radar apparatus as well as maintaining angular resolution.... Agent: Mando Corporation

20110163907 - Selectable filed motion detector: A detection field selectable motion sensor that includes a modulator having a output with a shaped response to received radiation emissions forming a detection field and a sensor configured to detect the output from the modulator. The motion sensor can be configured with a set of lenses that can be... Agent:

20110163908 - Validity check of vehicle position information: A method for validating received positional data in vehicle surveillance applications wherein vehicles transmit positional data indicating their own position to surrounding vehicles. A a radio direction finding antenna arrangement of a receiving unit receives a signal carrying positional data indicating an alleged position of a vehicle, transmitted from a... Agent: Saab Ab

20110163909 - Integrated radar apparatus and intergrated antenna apparatus: An embodiment of the present invention discloses a radar apparatus and an antenna apparatus, and more particularly, an integrated radar apparatus and an integrated antenna apparatus which make it possible to attain angle resolution with high definition, to decrease size and the number of devices, to integrate long and mid-range... Agent: Mando Corporation

20110163910 - Radar liquid level detection using stepped frequency pulses: The invention relates to a method for accurately determining the level L of a liquid by means of radar signals emitted to the liquid surface and radar signals reflected from the liquid surface. The invention further relates to a device for accurately determining the level of a liquid by means... Agent: Enraf B.v.

20110163913 - Practical method for upgrading existing gnss user equipment with tightly integrated nav-com capability: A practical method for adding significant new high-performance, tightly integrated Nav-Com capability to any Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) user equipment, such as GPS receivers, requires no hardware modifications to the existing user equipment. In one example, the iGPS concept is applied to a Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR) and... Agent: Dalaware Corporation

20110163914 - Gps with aiding from ad-hoc peer-to-peer bluetooth networks: The present invention is related to location positioning systems, and more particularly, to a method and apparatus for providing an update of ephemeris information. According to one aspect, GPS enabled devices in the signal unavailable area monitors the state of its ephemeris data and time information. When the ephemeris data... Agent:

20110163915 - Methods and apparatus for obtaining gnss time in a gnss receiver: A method and apparatus for obtaining Global navigation Satellite System (GNSS) time in a GNSS receiver are provided. The following steps are included: obtaining a time relationship between a first clock signal and the received GNSS time; obtaining a first clock value of a second clock signal and an first... Agent:

20110163916 - System for detecting an object within a building or structure: A system for locating objects within a building having walls. The system incorporates the use of electronic identification tags that wireless communicate with both a stationary base device and a movable handheld device. Through triangulation, the location of the object within the building can be displayed on an electronic version... Agent:

20110163917 - Method and system for antenna orientation compensation for power ranging: A mobile device comprising an antenna may be operable to adjust a plurality of received signal strength indications (RSSIs) for a plurality of known RF nodes based on an orientation of the antenna and an antenna gain profile (AGP) of the antenna. The mobile device may be operable to calculate... Agent:

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