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Communications: directive radio wave systems and devices (e.g., radar, radio navigation) June invention type 06/11

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06/30/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110156946 - Dual-band antenna array and rf front-end for mm-wave imager and radar: The radar includes a PCB having a top surface and a bottom surface, and a processor mounted on the bottom surface of the PCB. The radar includes a second liquid crystal polymer layer formed on the top surface of the printed circuit board, a second microstrip array printed on the... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20110156945 - Observation signal processing apparatus: An observation signal processing apparatus transmits pulse signals as search signals per each search, generates observation values based on reflected signals against a target and delay modulation pulse signals, and performs coherent integration on the observation values to output an integration value. The apparatus includes a section for storing a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110156947 - Electronic scanning radar apparatus, receiving wave direction estimating method, and computer-readable storage media storing receiving wave direction estimation program: An electronic scanning radar apparatus includes a transmission unit configured to transmit a transmission wave, a receiving unit including a plurality of antennas receiving an incoming wave coming from a target, a beat signal generation unit configure to generate beat signals in response to the transmission wave and the incoming... Agent: Honda Elesys Co., Ltd.

20110156948 - Vehicle mounted antenna and methods for transmitting and/or receiving signals: An antenna for communicating with a satellite from a moving vehicle. The antenna comprises a transmitter for generating a transmission signal, main and sub reflectors, and a waveguide associated with the transmitter for conducting the transmission signal toward the sub reflector. The sub reflector is configured for redirecting the transmission... Agent: Mobile Sat Ltd.

20110156949 - Gnss signal processing methods and apparatus with tracking interruption: Methods and apparatus are provided for estimating parameters, i.e. ambiguities, derived from GNSS signals. Observations of each of received frequencies of a GNSS signal from a plurality of GNSS satellites are obtained for a plurality of instances in time (3120). The time sequence of observations is fed to a filter... Agent: Trimble Navigation Limited

20110156950 - Positioning system and positioning method: It is an object of the present invention to perform positioning at favorable positioning precision and in a favorable positioning time, according to whether a receiver is indoors or outdoors. A positioning server 10 comprises a reception state information acquisition component 12 that acquires reception state information indicating the reception... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110156951 - Positioning system and positioning method: It is an object of the present invention to obtain a positioning result corresponding to the state of a receiver in less time. A positioning server 10 comprises a reception state information acquisition component 12 that acquires reception state information indicating the reception state of a radio wave at a... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110156952 - Positioning system and positioning method: It is an object of the present invention to perform positioning at the proper positioning time and positioning precision in response to a requirement with respect to positioning. A positioning server 10 comprises a first positioning component 12 that performs positioning of a cellular terminal 20 by a hybrid algorithm... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110156953 - Method and system for sharing an oscillator for processing cellular radio signals and gnss radio data signals by deferring afc corrections: A global navigation satellite system (GNSS) enabled mobile device comprising a crystal oscillator and an automatic frequency correction (AFC) circuit may be operable to share the crystal oscillator between processing of cellular radio signals and processing of GNSS data messages. The GNSS enabled mobile device may be operable to enforce... Agent:

20110156954 - Position and velocity uncertainty metrics in gnss receivers: A GNSS navigation system and navigation method for determining user position, user velocity, and improved uncertainty metrics for position and velocity. A measurement engine in an applications processor of the system determines pseudorange and delta range values over each time period for each received satellite signal, and also determines measurement... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110156955 - Apparatus and sensor for adjusting vertical sensor-alignment: Disclosed are a sensor, the vertical alignment of which can be adjusted, and a vertical sensor-alignment adjustment apparatus using the same. In particular, in order to allow the vertical alignment to be adjusted, the sensor has a construction including a plurality of switchable transmitting antennas or a plurality of switchable... Agent: Mando Corporation

20110156956 - Subreflector tracking method, apparatus and system for reflector antenna: A subreflector tracking method, apparatus and system incorporating sensor feedback of the precise subreflector angular position of a nutating subreflector. The subreflector nutation generated by coupling the subreflector, off center, to a rotating support. Monitoring of the received signal strength peak during a rotation of the subreflector generating an error... Agent: Asc Signal Corporation

20110156957 - Precise positioning using a distributed sensor network: A method for determining the location and orientation of a transmitter object by measuring a set of complex electromagnetic field magnitude and phase strengths within a space using one or more receivers is provided. The method includes modeling a set of expected complex electromagnetic strengths to estimated position and orientation... Agent:

06/23/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110148687 - Adjustable antenna: A device includes a compressible conductive element including a first end and a second end, and an adjustment element coupled to the compressible conductive element, the adjustment element configured to adjust the compressible conductive element to a state of compression between an uncompressed mode and a compressed mode. The compressible... Agent: L-3 Communications Cyterra Corporation

20110148686 - Moving-entity detection: Sensing moving entities includes transmitting a stepped-frequency radar signal including multiple frequencies through a wall from a first side of the wall to a second side of the wall. Portions of the radar signal that are reflected by entities located beyond the second side of the wall are detected. The... Agent: L-3 Communications Cyterra Corporation

20110148691 - Distributed sensor sar processing system: According to one embodiment, a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) processing system includes multiple radar receivers and a corresponding multiple location determining devices communicating with a SAR processor. The SAR processor receives return envelopes from each radar receiver indicative of electro-magnetic energy reflected from a target of interest. The SAR processor... Agent: Raytheon Company

20110148693 - Inference of turbulence hazard from proximity to radar turbulence measurement: Systems and methods for conveying turbulence hazards to a flight crew. An exemplary weather radar system includes a three-dimensional buffer, a processor, and a display. The processor receives weather radar reflectivity values, stores the received weather radar reflectivity values into a three-dimensional buffer, generates and stores turbulence values into cells... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110148692 - Methods and systems for detection of hazard to aviation due to convective weather: Systems and methods for improving output of weather information. A weather radar system receives weather reflectivity values. A processing device stores the received weather reflectivity values into a three-dimensional buffer, calculates a sum of the reflectivity value stored in a column of cells within the three-dimensional buffer, and assigns a... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110148694 - Systems and methods for infering hail and lightning using an airborne weather radar volumetric buffer: A weather radar system for improving output of potential lightning and hail weather conditions. An exemplary system includes a processor that receives and stores the weather radar reflectivity values into a three-dimensional buffer, receives an outside air temperature value, and determines freezing level based on the received outside air temperature... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110148688 - Combined radar and communications link: In a CW radar system for detecting motion behind a wall involving modulation of the radar transmission, means are provided to interrupt the CW wave when motion is detected and to use the same radar transmitter to transmit a serial digital message to a remote monitoring receiver. The encoding can... Agent: Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

20110148689 - Passive radar for presence and motion detection: A passive detector (10) includes a receiver (11) configured to collect passive radiation (12) in an environment, where detailed information about a portion of the passive radiation is estimated as a baseline of the passive energy. The passive energy is generated by a passive source unrelated to the detector. A... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110148690 - Self-configuring ads-b system: Techniques are described that allow information to be acquired by an ADS-B system of an aircraft without the installation of ADS-B dedicated flight crew controls or wired data interfaces in the aircraft. In one or more implementations, a receiver is associated with the ADS-B system in the aircraft. The receiver... Agent: Garmin International, Inc.

20110148695 - Method and system for calculating position: A method for calculating a position of a moving vehicle using a first unit that performs a correlation process on a satellite signal received from a satellite to capture the satellite signal and calculate the position and velocity of the moving vehicle and a second unit capable of detecting at... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110148696 - Positioning device, positioning method and storage medium: An electronic device 1 receives ephemeris information from a GPS satellite at intermittent timings TE1, TE2, and TE3 and stores the received information in its memory. In addition, the electronic device 1 receives time information at intermittent timings TC1, TC2, TC3, and TC4, and corrects a clocked time based on... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20110148697 - Hybrid satellite positioning receiver: A satellite positioning receiver. The receiver comprises: an RF front end, for receiving satellite positioning signals; an analogue to digital converter, for sampling the received signals to generate signal samples; a memory; and a processor, for processing the signal samples to derive code-phases and pseudo-ranges and to calculate a position... Agent:

20110148698 - Gnss signal processing methods and apparatus with scaling of quality measure: Methods and apparatus are provided for estimating parameters, i.e. ambiguities, derived from GNSS signals. Observations of GNSS signals are obtained from each of a plurality of GNSS satellites (1120). The observations are fed to a filter having a state vector at least comprising a float ambiguity for each received frequency... Agent: Trimble Navigation Limited

20110148699 - Satellite positioning receiver and proxy location system: To reduce power consumption in a user terminal, especially mobile devices, a system and method are introduced that use terrestrial beacons as a location proxy when satellite positioning signals are not available. The geographic locations of the terrestrial beacons need not be known to use the beacons as a proxy... Agent: Trueposition, Inc.

20110148700 - Method and system for mobile device based gnss position computation without ephemeris data: A GNSS enabled mobile device receives GNSS assistance data comprising acquisition assistance data, from an A-GNSS server and calculates a relative GNSS position using the receive acquisition assistance data and a local code delay measurement, without using ephemeris data. The received GNSS assistance data comprises an approximate position, acquisition assistance... Agent:

20110148701 - Precise absolute time transfer from a satellite system: Systems and methods according to one or more embodiments are provided for obtaining a precise absolute time using a satellite system. The precise absolute time may be used, for example, as an aid for positioning systems including navigation in attenuated or jammed environments. A method of obtaining precise absolute time... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110148702 - Method and system for polar quantization for gnss data: A global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver may be operable to quantize two-dimensional GNSS sample data with an in-phase (I) and quadrature (Q) pair to two-dimensional quantized data with a magnitude and angle pair using the polar quantization, for example, an unrestricted polar quantization. The GNSS receiver may be operable... Agent:

20110148703 - System and method for highly directional electronic identification and communication and combat identification system employing the same: An antenna for directional electronic communication and a directional communication system are provided. In one embodiment, the antenna includes: (1) a conductive shield having an opening at an end thereof and a radio frequency absorptive material located on an inner surface thereof, (2) a Luneberg lens located within said conductive... Agent:

20110148704 - Beam steering apparatus: A beam steering apparatus is provided. The beam steering apparatus is implemented to steer a beam in a specific direction according to arrangement of a plurality of unit structures which have different transmittance coefficients and are arranged on a medium. Thus, simplification of the application of the beam steering apparatus... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institue

20110148706 - Antenna with controlled sidelobe characteristics: An antenna with controlled sidelobe characteristics includes: a power coupler configured to receive a signal to be transmitted and generate and output a main channel signal and an auxiliary channel signal; a main channel power distributor configured to receive the outputted main channel signal and distribute power of the main... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110148705 - Single envelope tracking system for an active antenna array: An active antenna array comprises a plurality of transmission paths, a variable common power supply unit, and an envelope detection system. The transmission paths are adapted to carry a plurality of similar transmission path signals, wherein at least one of the plurality of transmission paths comprises an amplifier having a... Agent:

20110148707 - Vertically integrated phased array: A vertically integrated electronically steered phased array that employs beamsteering using a programmable phase locked loop including a local oscillator. The local oscillator provides an oscillator signal that is converted to an RF signal that can be either up-converted for a transmit operation or down-converted for a receive operation. The... Agent: Emag Technologies, Inc.

20110148708 - Method for accuracy improvement of time measurement and position tracking apparatus using the same: Disclosed is a method for improving accuracy of time measurement and a position tracking apparatus using the same. A method for improving accuracy of time measurement includes receiving a radio communication signal and obtaining timing information in a received signal; tracking a code that detects inconsistent timing between the received... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110148709 - Signal path delay determination: Propagation time for a target signal path is determined by detecting and processing a plurality of unknown signals received at two locations. A third location is established, such that the propagation time between the third location and one of the two locations is known, and the signal path between the... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20110148710 - Distance separation tracking system: A distance separation tracking process is provided that includes the transmission of a periodic radio frequency original signal from a beacon transceiver. The original periodic signal from the beacon transceiver is received at a remote target transceiver as a target received periodic signal. The target retransmits the received periodic signal... Agent: Itrack, LLC

20110148711 - Positioning method and communication system using the same: A communication system for supporting a positioning operation within a specific area includes a system server and a communication device. The system server receives training location data corresponding to m training locations, wherein m is a natural number greater than 1, and obtains a first set and a second set... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20110148712 - Apparatus and method for determining vehicle location: Communications are established and conducted between a communication and jamming detection at a vehicle and a base station. At the communication and jamming detection device, a determination is made as to when jamming of the communications between the communication and jamming detection device and the base station is occurring. When... Agent:

20110148713 - Apparatus and method for tracking stolen vehicles: An indication that jamming is occurring with vehicular communications is received. When activated by a control signal from a vehicle recovery service, a vehicle location signal is transmitted over a channel in the communication network that enables the vehicle recovery service to track a location of the vehicle. When the... Agent:

20110148714 - Near field electromagnetic location system and method: A system and method for determining a position of a locus comprising a locator device for disposition at the locus; the locator device configured for receiving an electromagnetic signal from a beacon device, the locator device receiving at a distance from the beacon device within near field range of the... Agent: Q-track Corporation

06/16/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110140955 - System for measuring turbulence remotely: A method of predicting turbulence that may involve receiving electromagnetic energy that has traveled along a path subject to the turbulence, with the turbulence altering the electromagnetic energy. A determination may be made as to the alteration caused by the turbulence by filtering the electromagnetic energy as it was received... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110140949 - Mimo radar apparatus and wireless communication method using the same: Provided are a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) radar apparatus and a wireless communication method using the same. The MIMO radar apparatus includes a transmitter generating and transmitting different signals having a frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) form to a moving object as a target through transmitting antennas of a transmitting antenna... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110140950 - Validity check of vehicle position information transmitted over a time-synchronized data link: A method for validating positional data in vehicle surveillance applications wherein vehicles transmit positional data indicating their own position to surrounding vehicles using a data link over which a transmission is initiated at a given transmission point in time that is known by all users of the data link. A... Agent: Saab Ab

20110140951 - Pulsed radar level gauge system and method for energy efficient filling level determination: A method of determining a filling level of a product contained in a tank using a radar level gauge system, the method comprising the steps of: generating a transmission signal using first pulse generating circuitry outputting a first signal having a first oscillation frequency, the transmission signal being in the... Agent:

20110140952 - Airborne radar having a wide angular coverage, notably for the sense-and-avoid function: An airborne radar device having a given angular coverage in elevation and in azimuth includes a transmit system, a receive system and processing means for carrying out target detection and location measurements. The transmit system includes: a transmit antenna made up of at least a first linear array of radiating... Agent: Thales

20110140953 - Radar apparatus: A radar apparatus comprising a transmit/receive antenna having a plurality of channels, comparator means coupled to the antenna channels for providing receive signal sum and difference channels, a radar receiver, means coupling the sum and difference channels to the radar receiver, a radar transmitter for providing a signal to be... Agent: Mbda Uk Limited

20110140954 - Radar-imaging of a scene in the far-field of a one-or two-dimensional radar array: r

20110140957 - Methods for reducing global positioning system errors in portable electronic devices: A portable user device may provide Global Positioning System (GPS) services. The device may include a GPS unit. The GPS unit may provide accurate information about the current position, direction, and speed of the device. A user may use the device to perform tasks. Certain tasks may generate excess heat... Agent:

20110140959 - Gnss signal processing methods and apparatus with ambiguity selection: Methods and apparatus are provided for estimating parameters, i.e. ambiguities, derived from GNSS signals. Observations of a GNSS signal from each of a plurality of GNSS satellites are obtained (4120). The observations are fed to a filter having a state vector at least comprising a float ambiguity for each received... Agent: Trimble Navigation Limited

20110140958 - Method for determining biases of satellite signals: A new method for bias estimation on multiple frequencies with a Kalman filter is proposed. It consists of four steps: First, a least-squares estimation of ranges, ionospheric delays, ambiguities, receiver phase biases and satellite phase biases is performed. The code biases are absorbed in the ranges and ionospheric delays, and... Agent:

20110140956 - Systems and methods for determining geographic location of a mobile device: A method for determining geolocation of a mobile device, and a system for performing the method. The mobile device includes a location component, a local positioning component, and a reference positioning component. The method includes determining a local-positioning period based on an identified factor, and obtaining a location fix for... Agent:

20110140961 - Mobile phone cradle with gps and bluetooth functionality: A method of providing Global Positioning System (GPS) signals received by a cradle to a portable electronic device installed in the cradle includes mounting the portable electronic device in the cradle for establishing electrical connection between a first connector of the cradle and a second connector of the portable electronic... Agent:

20110140960 - Preference lists for assistance data requests in global navigation satellite systems: Methods and devices may request and provide assistance data from an assistance server to a receiver in a global navigation satellite system. A request for assistance data may include a preference list of navigation models suitable for the requesting receiver. Multiple preference lists for different navigation model types (e.g., orbit... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110140962 - Devices, systems and methods for providing location information over a cellular network: The disclosure provides devices, systems, and methods for approximating the location of a mobile communication device. A base station transceiver (BTS) broadcasts assistance data across a control channel. The assistance data is received by a mobile communication device in communication with the BTS. The assistance data includes location information for... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20110140964 - Rf vector modulator for beamforming: A beamforming RF vector modulator is provided. The beamforming RF vector modulator includes a first amplification part for amplifying an input single RF signal and outputting differential RF signals of different phases; an RF signal converter for receiving the differential RF signals and outputting four differential signals I+, I−, Q+,... Agent: Korea Electronics Technology Institute

20110140965 - Beam-forming antenna with amplitude-controlled antenna elements: A beam-forming antenna for transmission and/or reception of an electromagnetic signal having a given wavelength in a surrounding medium includes a transmission line electromagnetically coupled to an array of individually controllable antenna elements, each of which is oscillated by the signal with a controllable amplitude. The oscillation amplitude of each... Agent:

20110140966 - Method of multi-transmitter and multi-path aoa-tdoa location comprising a sub-method for synchronizing and equalizing the receiving stations: Method and system for locating one or more transmitters in the potential presence of obstacles in a network comprising a first receiving station A and a second receiving station B that is asynchronous with A. The method includes the identification of a reference transmitter through an estimation of its direction... Agent: Thales

20110140967 - Radio-tracking method, system and devices: A device configured to be worn by a target to be located, a console device for displaying information relating to the position, direction and distance of the target with respect to a person using the console, and a system and a method for searching for and locating a target by... Agent:

20110140968 - A lean v2x security processing strategy using kinematics information of vehicles: A vehicle-to-vehicle communication filtering system is provided to selectively process broadcast messages between a host vehicle and a remote vehicle. A processing unit evaluates a time-to-collision status between the host vehicle and the remote vehicle sending the message. The time-to-collision status is a function of a relative distance and a... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110140970 - Base station device and distance measuring method: Provided are a distance measuring device and a distance measuring method which can easily distinguish a reflected signal from a desired tag from an unnecessary wave so as to improve the distance measuring accuracy even when IR-UWB is used for measuring a distance. The method uses a reader ID indicated... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110140969 - Method and system for hybrid positioning using partial distance information: The present invention provides a method and system for positioning one or more anchor nodes or one or more non-anchor nodes in one or more communication networks. A non-anchor node may be in communication with two or more anchor nodes. The method comprises determining two or more distance measurements, corresponding... Agent:

06/09/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110133977 - Indoor electromagnetic environment implementing structure and a constructing method thereof: Disclosed is an indoor electromagnetic environment implementing structure. A shield room in a polyhedron structure for blocking electromagnetic waves output from the interior toward the exterior thereof and electromagnetic waves input from the exterior toward the interior when measuring a characteristic of the electromagnetic waves is installed, an electromagnetic wave... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110133978 - Multi-directional resonant-type electromagnetic wave absorber, method for adjusting electromagnetic wave absorption performance using the same and manufacturing method of the same: A multi-directional resonant-type electromagnetic wave absorber includes: at least one ground layer; a first dielectric layer and a second dielectric layer respectively formed on different outer surfaces of the ground layer; a first resistive pattern layer formed on an outer surface of the first dielectric layer; and a second resistive... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110133983 - Methods for two-dimensional autofocus in high resolution radar systems: Provided are two-dimensional autofocus methods in a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) system which include: (1) two-dimensional pulse pair product algorithm including shear PGA, eigenvector phase history (“EPH”), shear PGA/EPH); (2) two-dimensional optimization algorithms including parametric one-dimensional estimate/two-dimensional correction, parametric two dimensional estimate/two-dimensional correction, unconstrained two-dimensional nonparametric and constrained two-dimensional nonparametric... Agent:

20110133979 - Method and system for detecting ground obstacles from an airborne platform: o

20110133980 - Systems and methods integrated air traffic control management: Systems and methods for integrated air traffic control management are provided. In one embodiment, a system comprises a first processing system including a FANS application for implementing a CPDLC and AFN system; a second processing system including an ATN application for implementing a PM-CPDLC and CM system; a third processing... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110133981 - System and method for the three dimensional locating of an object in a volume: The invention relates to a system for locating an object in a volume comprising:—a first matrix of scanning antennas positioned in a first plane;—first detection means arranged so as to detect a first signal received by the object in response to a first electromagnetic signal emitted by the first matrix... Agent: Universite Francois Rabelais De Tours

20110133982 - System and method for calibration of phased array antenna having integral calibration network in presence of an interfering body: A method for calibrating an antenna comprising a phased array of antenna elements connected to a plurality of transceivers, the method comprising providing an RF source located close to the antenna and synchronized with the transceivers, determining, per antenna element, a calibration ratio adapted to accommodate for presence of at... Agent: Elta Systems Ltd.

20110133984 - Devices, systems and methods for locating a positioning satellite: A mobile communication device is disclosed which receives a Base Station Transceiver (BTS) broadcast that identifies the serving cell coordinates, PLMN information, etc. The device determines an approximate location in Europe, and uses this information to invoke an almanac containing information about GALILEO satellites rather than GPS satellites. Consequently, broadcast... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20110133985 - Method and apparatus for maintaining integrity of long-term orbits in a remote receiver: A method and apparatus for maintaining integrity of long-term-orbit information used by a Global-Navigation-Satellite-System or other positioning receiver is described. The method comprises obtaining a predicted pseudorange from a first set of long-term-orbit information possessed by a positioning receiver; obtaining, at the positioning receiver from at least one satellite, a... Agent:

20110133986 - Directional multiple-polarization wide band antenna network: A directional multiple-polarization wide band antenna array working in a selected frequency band and including a plurality of N individual sensors of convoluted spiral type complementing a number of strands arranged according to a structure making it possible to obtain for obtaining a given azimuth coverage, each of the N... Agent:

20110133987 - apparatus and method for a directional finder: The invention provides a determination of direction to a remote object which omnidirectionally transmits a signal. The invention includes a handheld directional and omnidirectional antenna at a user's location and a handheld circuit coupled to the antennas to determine field strengths of the signal received from the remote object by... Agent: Compass Auto Tracker LLC

20110133988 - Radio arrival direction estimation device and radio arrival direction estimation method: A radio arrival direction estimation device that accurately estimates the arrival direction of radio waves from a desired tag, even when there are multiple antennas disposed at short intervals. When ID detection timing is provided from a timing detector (114) to a switch (201), relative amplitude/phase data related to the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110133989 - Emergency rescue system and rescue-information judgment method: An emergency rescue system and a rescue-information judgment method are disclosed. The emergency rescue system includes a plurality of fixed nodes, a dynamic node and a back-end processing platform. Each fixed node has its own fixed node identification. The dynamic node can be a portable device with an emergency illumination... Agent:

20110133990 - System for determining position in a work space: A system for determining the dimensional coordinates of a point of interest in a work space, includes a plurality of fixed-position ranging radios, located at known positions in the work space, and a wand having a first end configured for indicating a point of interest. A pair of ranging radios... Agent:

06/02/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110128178 - Cognitive anti-jam receiver systems and associated methods: Cognitive anti-jam receiver systems and associated methods are provided. The systems and methods may include a signal analysis module that processes a baseband signal to determine one or more signal characteristics of the baseband signal, the baseband signal comprising at least a desired signal; a cognitive decision unit that receives... Agent: The Aerospace Corporation

20110128179 - Scanning near field electromagnetic probe: A method and apparatus is devised for detecting objects of interest in which frequency-scanned RF in the HF region of the electromagnetic spectrum is projected out across a given area and returns are detected and converted into image data in which phase, amplitude, range and frequency associated with the incoming... Agent: Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

20110128180 - Reply detection in a secondary surveillance radar: The present invention relates to a detecting device for detecting an SSR signal having a characteristic structure. The detecting device comprises filtering means matched to the characteristic structure of the SSR signal, and means for maintaining a false-alarm rate at a substantially constant value. The characteristic structure of the SSR... Agent: Selex Sistemi Integrati S.p.a.

20110128181 - Locating system based on noisy type waveforms: The present invention relates to a system for locating non-cooperating objects by means of a random or pseudo-random noisy type waveform generator, an amplifier, of said waveforms and an antenna which radiates them towards the object, which object generates an electromagnetic echo which is detected by a passive subsystem of... Agent:

20110128182 - Apparatus for position notification of vehicle, method and computer-readable medium: A vehicle position notification apparatus include a main body unit which includes at least a detection unit, an attachment unit and a communication unit; wherein the detection unit detects a body under detection; the attachment unit makes the main body unit adhere to the body under detection detected; and the... Agent:

20110128183 - Robust location estimation: A method of collecting information for supplementing a trusted estimate of position. The method comprises: receiving first information sufficient to derive a trusted estimate of a first position; receiving an indication that a supplementary estimate of a second position in the vicinity of the first position may be required; in... Agent:

20110128184 - Method for the location of mobile terminals: A location of a mobile terminal in a given area may be determined by including the mobile terminal in a satellite-based positioning system and in a cellular communications system. The approximate coordinates of the mobile terminal may be determined based on both satellite signals received from the satellite-based system and... Agent: Telecom Italia S.p.a.

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