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Communications: directive radio wave systems and devices (e.g., radar, radio navigation) May archived by USPTO category 05/11

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05/26/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110122011 - Digital multi-channel ecm transmitter: An electronic countermeasure (ECM) transceiver including a receiver for sequentially receiving a plurality of signals in respective frequency sub-bands. A processor sequentially receives the plurality of signals and identifies the received signals as threats. The processor then generates ECM signals based on the threats and sequentially outputs the ECM signals... Agent: Itt Manufacturing Enterprises, Inc.

20110122012 - Distance measurement: A distance measurement arrangement (DDM) provides a distance indication (DV) on the basis of a delay between an electromagnetic signal (TB), which is transmitted in a transmission mode, and a reflection (RB) of the electromagnetic signal, which is received in a reception mode. The distance measurement arrangement includes an antenna... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110122014 - Object detection with multiple frequency chirps: A system and method are disclosed for the generation and processing of waveforms utilized to modulate the carrier frequency of a microwave sensor employed, to determine the range and velocity of an object of interest. The system and method result in improved performance in environments with high levels of interference.... Agent:

20110122013 - Radar apparatus: The present invention includes: a transmitter/receiver 20 that transmits an FMCW modulated sweep signal at least twice; an FFT unit 32 that performs Fast Fourier Transform on the at least two sweep signals received in response to the transmission from the transmitter/receiver; and an MRAV processor 35a that calculates ranges... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110122015 - system for reading information transmitted from a transponder: A reader device (110) for reading information transmitted from a transponder (130) via a backscatter signal (132) generated by the transponder (130) in response to a stimulus signal (112) generated by the reader device (110), the reader device (110) comprising a first power estimation unit (114) adapted for estimating a... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110122016 - Phased array antenna having integral calibration network and method for measuring calibration ratio thereof: A phased antenna arrangement and a method for estimating the calibration ratio of an active phased antenna having a plurality of phased array antenna elements are described. The phased antenna arrangement includes a plurality of antenna elements, a plurality of receiving channels, an injection unit for injection of calibrating signals... Agent: Elta Systems Ltd.

20110122017 - Single-antenna fm/cw marine radar: A high resolution, low power marine radar for use in applications such as the newly mandated barge/river radars that are to be used in very confined spaces such as canals. An example radar system includes frequency-modulated/continuous-wave (FM/CW) radar that uses very low transmitter power (a fraction of a watt) and... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110122018 - Electromagnetic conductor reflecting plate and antenna array thereof and radar thereof and communication apparatus thereof: An exemplary example of the present disclosure proposes an electromagnetic conductor reflecting plate including a perfect electronic conductor and at least two artificial magnetic conductors, wherein the each of the artificial magnetic conductor is disposed on arbitrary one side of the perfect electronic conductor, and a boundary between the perfect... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110122019 - Apparatus for searching a distress signal and the controlling method thereof: Provided are an apparatus for searching a distress signal and a controlling method thereof. The apparatus for searching a distress signal includes: a beacon receiver receiving the distress signal transmitted from a distress beacon apparatus of a COSPAS-SARSAT system; a decoder decoding the distress signal to acquire distress information; and... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110122020 - Method for a global satellite navigation system: A method for estimating satellite-satellite single difference biases is described. The method uses an ionosphere-free mixed code-carrier combination of maximum ambiguities discrimination defined at the ration between wavelength and noise standard deviation. The accuracy of the biases estimation is further improved by an additional ionosphere-free mixed code-carrier combination of time-difference... Agent:

20110122021 - Acquisition guard time reduction using triangulation ranging: Embodiments provide systems, devices, and methods for determining acquisition guard times and acquisition control parameters or distance metrics for terminals in a satellite communication network using triangulation and single terminal ranging. A terminal or multiple terminals from the network may be selected as ranging terminals; the terminals may include normal... Agent: Viasat, Inc.

20110122022 - Method for protecting a radio navigation receiver user against aberrant pseudo-range measurements: The present invention relates to a method for protecting a radionavigation receiver user in relation to aberrant pseudo-range measurements. In the method, a measurement error is detected by a statistical estimation scheme based on calculating the residuals of the measurements. This method makes it possible, in particular, in a manner... Agent: Thales

20110122023 - Inertia/gnss navigation system: e

20110122024 - Device and method for determining the distance and/or orientation of a moveable object: A device and method for determining a distance and/or orientation of a movable object includes a transmitter that is located on the object and a receiver. One of the transmitter and the receiver has an antenna having a known polarization plane. The other of the transmitter and the receiver has... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Forderng Der Angewandt Forschung E.v

20110122025 - Antenna adjustment apparatus, antenna adjustment method and tangible machine-readable medium thereof: An antenna adjustment apparatus, an antenna adjustment method and a tangible machine-readable medium thereof are provided. The antenna adjustment apparatus is electrically connected to a directional antenna and is configured to generate a signal loss value according to an environmental coordinate parameter, an antenna coordinate parameter, an excitation parameter set... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20110122026 - Scalable and/or reconfigurable beamformer systems: A scalable and/or reconfigurable true-time-delay analog beamformer system having a hierarchical distributed control architecture composed of an arbitrary number of reconfigurable and scalable units. The beamformer system may be applied to an antenna array with an arbitrary number of elements in a scalable manner and the configuration of the beamformer... Agent:

05/19/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110115665 - Beam steering system of phased array antenna using frequency: Provided is a beam steering system of a phased array antenna using a frequency. The beam steering system according to the present invention includes: a plurality of transmitting/receiving front-ends including phase shifters for adjusting phases of inputted signals; a plurality of array antennas emitting signals outputted from the transmitting/receiving front-ends... Agent: Lig Nex1 Co., Ltd.

20110115666 - Highway speed ground penetrating radar system utilizing air-launched antenna and method of use: Embodiments of the disclosed technology comprise an air-launched antenna system with interference-rejection technology that operates in analog hardware as well as by way of a digital filtering technique. Using an inline analog hardware filter combined with a digital filter, to determine transversal (and/or recursive) coefficients, in a calibration phase, a... Agent: Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc.

20110115667 - Ultra-wideband radar waveform calibration for measurements of a heterogeneous material: Embodiments of the disclosed technology comprise a ground penetrating radio device and methods of use for obtaining greater resolution. This is achieved by measuring the composition/reflection off a homogeneous material (e.g., metal plate), determining coefficients to correct the measured/reflection in order to make the measurements look like an idealized reference... Agent: Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc.

20110115668 - Method and apparatus using non-contact measuring device to determine rail distance traveled: A non-contact, distance traveled measurement system (DTMS) to calculate speed and distance traveled by a vehicle over rails—more specifically, by trains traveling on standard railroad tracks. Preferably, a pair of short range (near field) microwave-based transmitters/sensors (transceivers) are mounted on the underside of the train and used to key on... Agent: Systems And Materials Research Corporation

20110115669 - Detection and correction of anomalous measurements and ambiguity resolution in a global ...: A global navigation system includes a first navigation receiver located in a rover and a second navigation receiver located in a base station. Single differences of measurements of satellite signals received at the two receivers are calculated and compared to single differences derived from an observation model. Anomalous measurements are... Agent: Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.

20110115670 - Method and apparatus for receiving a global positioning system signal using a cellular acquisition signal: Method and apparatus for a GPS device that uses at least one cellular acquisition signal is described. More particularly, a GPS device is configured to receive at least one cellular acquisition signal for obtaining benefits associated with AGPS with only a small subset of AGPS circuitry to interact with a... Agent:

20110115671 - Determination of elevation of mobile station: A mobile station determines it elevation based on the determined position of mobile station and a database of elevation data. The determined elevation of the mobile station may be used to vertically position a computer generated graphics in an image produced by the mobile station. In one embodiment, the elevation... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110115672 - Navigation receivers and navigation methods thereof: A navigation receiver is provided having a receive chain arranged to down convert signals received in a tuneable receive frequency band using a tuneable local oscillator. The tuneable receive frequency band is determined by tuning the local oscillator. The receiver includes a sampler arranged to sample the down converted signals... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110115673 - System and method for interrogating a target using polarized waves: A system and method for communication that could be used in an identification friend or foe system. The method comprises generating a first message by a processor and controlling a beam steerer to deflect transmitted waves toward a first angle. The method further comprises transmitting the first message through an... Agent: Bae Systems Information And Electronics Systems Integration Inc.

20110115674 - System and method for interrogating a target using polarized waves: A system and method for communication that could be used in an interrogate friend or foe system. The method comprises generating a first message by a processor and controlling a beam steerer to transmit waves polarized in a first polarization-direction toward a first spatial angle. The method further comprises transmitting... Agent: Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

20110115675 - System and method for coordinated spatial multiplexing using second order statistical information: A system and method for coordinated spatial multiplexing using second order statistical information is provided. A method for controller operations includes receiving second order statistics from a plurality of communications devices, computing a beamforming vector for each communications device in the plurality of communications devices, selecting a subset of communications... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

05/12/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110109491 - Method and system for reducing light pollution: A system for preventing light pollution includes one or more radar units that monitor for vehicles in a volume surrounding or containing one or more obstructions having one or more obstruction lights. A master radar detection processing unit receives sensed radar detection information from the one or more radar units... Agent:

20110109492 - Signal processing device, radar apparatus and signal processing program: This disclosure provides a signal processing device, which includes a reception signal acquiring module for acquiring reception signals received by a radar antenna, an identifying module for identifying a kind of each reception signal, an extracting module for extracting the reception signal for each kind, and a kind-base signal processing... Agent:

20110109493 - Control device and method utilizing the same: A control device including a signal emitter, a signal receiver, and a processing unit is disclosed. The signal emitter emits an output signal including a first output component and a second output component. The signal receiver receives an input signal. The input signal includes a reflected component when the first... Agent:

20110109494 - Radar apparatus: According to one embodiment, an radar apparatus includes a signal processor, a transmitting unit, an antenna, a first receiving unit, and a second receiving unit. The signal processor generates first or second pulses, and generates a control signal having first or second states. The transmitting unit converts the first and... Agent:

20110109495 - Radar apparatus: The present invention includes: an antenna 10 including an element 11a for use in both transmission and reception that is divided into a first transmission/reception element and a second transmission/reception element, and an element 12a for reception only that is divided into a first only-reception element and a second only-reception... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110109496 - Method and apparatus for monitoring the surfaces of slag and molten metal in a mould: A method for monitoring the surfaces of slag and molten metal in a mould of a continuous casting apparatus, using radar equipment is disclosed. The radar equipment emits a beam of electromagnetic waves having a bandwidth of at least 20 GHz. This also relates to an apparatus for using the... Agent: Tata Steel Ijmuiden B.v.

20110109497 - Antenna device and radar apparatus: This disclosure provides an antenna device, which includes a waveguide having a rectangular cross-section and formed with a plurality of slots in at least one side face thereof. The plurality of slots are arranged in a tube axis direction. At least one of the plurality of slots is formed with... Agent:

20110109498 - Methods and systems for encoded broadcasting and antenna reception, particularly for radar: To reduce radar cells and to improve the detection of a radar system, particularly a high-frequency surface wave radar (HFSWR), the broadcast system (SEM) is capable of broadcasting basic orthogonal signals two by two and each orthogonal to itself, temporally shifted to form, respectively, broadcast radiation patterns, each including main... Agent: Antheop

20110109499 - Modular design for a fill-level-radar antenna system: A modular system is for assembling a fill-level radar antenna, a fill-level radar antenna, and o a fill level radar. The modular system comprises several modules that can be interconnected. In this way a host of different fill-level radar antennae may be produced that are optimally adapted to the corresponding... Agent:

20110109500 - Radar apparatus with amplifier duplexer: An amplifier/duplexer for an antenna channel of a radar apparatus, comprises a first hybrid junction having two input/output ports for connection into the antenna channel, and two further ports each connected to a parallel combination comprising an amplifier and switching means switchable between a transmit condition in which it presents... Agent: Mbda Uk Limited

20110109501 - Automated beam peaking satellite ground terminal: This disclosure may relate generally to systems, devices, and methods for a phased array illuminated reflector dish RF antenna combining a phased array with a microwave reflector dish and using beam steering to align the antenna beam to maximize antenna performance. The phased array may be connected in communication with... Agent: Viasat, Inc.

20110109502 - Apparatus, system and method for displaying construction-related documents: A mobile device for displaying construction-related documents, including at least one touch-sensitive display surface, at least one image capture device, a rugged casing, and at least one handle. The device may further include a processor, a storage medium, an optical drive, a global positioning sensor, at least one power source... Agent:

20110109503 - Partial ambiguity fixing for multi-frequency ionospheric delay estimation: A method is suggested for robust estimation of a subset of carrier phase integer ambiguities for precise ionospheric delay estimation. The advantages of this method are the precise estimation of receiver and satellite biases, an increase in the number of reliably fixable ambiguities, and an improved accuracy for the ionospheric... Agent:

20110109504 - Alternative geolocation capabilities: A global positioning system (GPS) receiver receives signals from at least three or more high-definition television (HDTV) transmitters at HDTV transmitting power and frequency bands. The GPS receiver includes dynamic reconfigurable logic hardware to decode data patterns (i.e., dynamic algorithm patterns) in the received signals to compute and/or identify GPS... Agent: Advanced Communication Concepts, Inc.

20110109505 - Gnss satellite frequency is in gnss assistance data standards: Systems and methods are provided to allow for the use of existing satellite identification parameters generically, so as to allow for Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) identification. In addition, an optional or conditional parameter is linked to the satellite identification parameter for a frequency identification, where frequency identification is indicative... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110109506 - Simulating phase-coherent gnss signals: A method and apparatus for simulating radio-frequency Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signals that are carrier-phase and code-phase aligned with ambient GNSS signals at a user-specified location in the vicinity of the simulator. Such phase alignment allows the synthesized signals to be made to appear substantially the same as the... Agent: Coherent Navigation, Inc.

20110109507 - Apparatus, system, and method for integrated modular phased array tile configuration: An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for phased array antenna communications. A phased array antenna tile includes a plurality of antenna elements. A beamformer module is integrated into the phased array antenna tile. The beamformer module is electrically coupled to each antenna element to process directional signals for the... Agent: Linear Signal, Inc.

20110109508 - Location proofs: A wireless computing device includes an antenna that is configured to transmit and receive wireless signals. The wireless computing device comprises a transmitter component that causes a first wireless signal to be transmitted to a wireless access point via the antenna, wherein the first wireless signal comprises a request for... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

05/05/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110102231 - Insulated ultrafine powder and high dielectric constant resin composite material: The present invention provides an insulated ultrafine powder containing electrically conductive ultrafine particles coated with an insulation coating, characterized in that the electrically conductive ultrafine particles are formed of a carbon material which is in the form of spherical particles having a diameter of 1 nm or more and 500... Agent:

20110102232 - Radar detector with navigation function: A GPS enabled radar detector incorporated in a general purpose navigation device dynamically handles radar sources based upon previously-stored geographically-referenced information on such sources and data from the GPS receiver. The detector may ignore detections received in an area known to contain a stationary source, or may only ignore specific... Agent: Escort Inc.

20110102233 - Active millimeter-wave imaging system: An active millimeter wave imaging system and method. The system includes a spatially distributed broadband millimeter-wave illuminating source for illuminating a field of view and a millimeter-wave imaging receiver for imaging the field of view. The subject area to be imaged is illuminated simultaneously from many different angles by the... Agent: Trex Enterprises Corp.

20110102235 - Identification of potential threat materials using active electromagnetic waves: Electrical properties of concealed dielectric objects, such as the dielectric permittivity, can be deduced from incident, reflected, and transmitted electromagnetic waves in an imaging system. In a confocal arrangement a horn illuminates a reflect array and the reflect array is configured to focus the radiation at an element in the... Agent: Smiths Detection Ireland Limited

20110102234 - Standoff range sense through obstruction radar system: A standoff range, sense-through-obstruction radar system is capable of detecting micro-Doppler, or life form signatures, and movements through obstructions at stand-off ranges and displaying the target information over a live video feed of the area under surveillance. The sense-through-obstruction radar system comprises an antenna assembly that includes a horn antenna... Agent: Vawd Applied Science And Technology Corporation

20110102249 - Resolution enhancement system (res) for networked radars: Embodiments provide methods, systems, and/or devices that can provide measurements of the inherent reflectivity distribution from different look angles using N radar nodes. Doppler weather radars generally operate with very good spatial resolution in range and poor cross range resolution at farther ranges. Embodiments provide methodologies to retrieve higher resolution... Agent: Colorado State University Research Foundation

20110102250 - Sensitivity enhancement system: Sensitivity is a critical aspect of weather radar systems. Such systems not only detect atmospheric patterns but often need to precisely measure weak precipitation echoes. Embodiments of the invention use pulse compression techniques to increase the sensitivity of weather radar systems. These techniques can include sending two waveforms into a... Agent: Colorado State University Research Foundation

20110102236 - Apparatus for sharing an omnidirectional antenna between an iff transponder and an iff interrogator: An apparatus for transmitting and receiving radio-frequency signals. including a cylindrical antenna array which has an omnidirectional channel; an IFF interrogator and an IFF transponder connected to the cylindrical antenna array; and a means for sharing the omnidirectional channel between the IFF interrogator and the IFF transponder.... Agent: Thales Nederland B.v.

20110102237 - Fusion algorithm for vidar traffic surveillance system: This invention is related to a fusion algorithm for a video-Doppler-radar (Vidar) traffic surveillance system comprising of (1) a robust matching algorithm which iteratively matches the information from a video camera and multiple Doppler radars corresponding to a same moving vehicle, and (2) a stochastic algorithm which fuses the matched... Agent:

20110102238 - Onboard radar device and program of controlling onboard radar device: An onboard radar apparatus includes a transmission wave generating unit configured to generate a transmission wave, a vertically polarized wave transmitting antenna configured to vertically polarize and transmit the transmission wave, a horizontally polarized wave transmitting antenna configured to horizontally polarize and transmit the transmission wave, a receiving antenna configured... Agent: Honda Elesys Co., Ltd.

20110102239 - Antenna device and radar apparatus: This disclosure provides an antenna device that includes an electromagnetic wave radiation source for radiating an electromagnetic wave, and an electromagnetic wave shaping module, arranged forward of the electromagnetic wave radiation source, where a plurality of slot array rows each including a plurality of slots arranged in the horizontal direction... Agent:

20110102240 - Method of down converting high-frequency signals: A method of down-converting couples a first high-frequency signal to a first detector and to a second detector. An antenna receives a signal and the received signal is provided to at least the first detector. The high-frequency signal is detected to produce a first detected signal including a first detected... Agent:

20110102241 - Continuous-wave field disturbance sensing system: A field disturbance sensing system has an antenna, an oscillator producing a high-frequency signal, a first detector circuit, a second detector circuit, a combining network configured to couple the high-frequency signal to the antenna, and to couple the high-frequency signal and a reflected high-frequency signal to the first detector and... Agent:

20110102242 - Radar apparatus: The present invention includes a transmitter/receiver 20 that transmits/receives an FMCW based sweep signal, a velocity grouping unit 36 that performs grouping of a target for each velocity range by a velocity of the target calculated based on the sweep signal from the transmitter/receiver, and a correlation tracking unit 37... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110102243 - Digitally controlled uwb millimeter wave radar: An ultra wide band (UWB) millimeter (mm) wave radar system includes a signal source having a control input, a GHz signal output and a frequency controlled output. A control loop is coupled between the GHz signal output and the control input including a frequency divider and a digitally controlled PLL... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110102244 - Digital radar or sonar apparatus: A radar or sonar system amplifies the signal received by an antenna of the radar system or a transducer of the sonar system is amplified and then subject to linear demodulation by a linear receiver. There may be an anti-aliasing filter and an analog-to-digital converter between the amplifier and the... Agent: Raymarine Uk Limited

20110102245 - Subwavelength aperture monopulse conformal antenna: In various aspects and embodiments, incident electromagnetic radiation is received through a subwavelength aperture in a lens, the subwavelength aperture being defined by a substrate encased in a dielectric medium.... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20110102247 - Adaptive clutter filter for maritime surface search radar: A time sequence of raw radar data for a region of space is subdivided into a plurality of processing frames. The processing frames are subdivided into a plurality of processing cells and iteratively processed by selecting a single processing cell for processing, transforming the radar data of the processing cell... Agent: Applied Signal Technology, Inc.

20110102246 - Noise-canceling down-converting detector: A detector system has a first detector configured to detect a first high-frequency signal having amplitude-modulated (“AM”) noise to produce a first detected signal having at least a first detected AM noise signal component and a demodulated signal component and a second detector configured to detect a second high-frequency signal... Agent:

20110102248 - Method and program for displaying radar image, and target object detection signal processing device: This disclosure provides a target object detection signal processing device, which includes a reception data output module, to which a reception signal is inputted, for outputting reception data indicative of a signal level of the reception data, a scan-to-scan correlation processing module for performing scan-to-scan correlation processing between the reception... Agent:

20110102251 - Methods and apparatuses for reducing time to estimate a position using a satellite positioning system: Methods and apparatuses are provided that may be implemented in various electronic devices to possibly reduce a first-time-to-fix and/or otherwise increase the performance or efficiency of a device in determining its current estimated position.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110102252 - Positioning apparatus for calculating and correcting reception position and speed and method for the same: A positioning apparatus includes: a first positioning device for calculating a reception position of a GPS receiver with respect to each combination of satellites based on a pseudo distance from each positioning satellite to the reception position; a component error calculator for calculating an error of at least one component... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110102253 - Methods and apparatuses for estimating time relationship information between navigation systems: Methods and apparatuses are provided that may be implemented in various electronic devices to possibly reduce a first-time-to-fix and/or otherwise increase the performance or efficiency of a device by employing a position/velocity estimation process using at least one estimated time relationship parameter.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110102254 - Centimeter positioning using low cost single frequency gnss receivers: A global positioning system includes a base GNSS receiver that determines position and carrier phase measurements for GNSS satellites in view and a rover GNSS receiver, which is a single frequency receiver that captures GNSS satellite signals transmitted in the single frequency band during a capture window from a plurality... Agent:

20110102255 - Land survey system: A method and system obtains precise survey-grade position data of target points in zones where precise GPS data cannot be obtained, due to natural or man-made objects such as foliage and buildings. The system comprises position measurement components such as a GPS receiver, together with an inertial measurement unit (IMU)... Agent: Trimble Navigation Limited

20110102257 - Gps baseband controller architecture: A GPS receiver includes an RF front end for acquiring and tracking a satellite signal and a baseband processor configured to preserve power. The baseband processor includes a GPS engine configured to process the satellite signal and generate a PVT fix, a power supervisory module for receiving the PVT fix,... Agent: Maxlinear, Inc.

20110102256 - Positioning system, positioning method, and positioning program: It is possible to obtain the highly accurate positioning result even when positioning by a GPS is unsuccessful. A positioning server 10 includes a GVM database 12 storing information indicating a relationship between a position and whether or not signal reception from a GPS satellite 40 is possible in the... Agent: Polaris Wireless, Inc.

20110102258 - Signal processing system for satellite positioning signals: A signal processing system for processing satellite positioning signals is described. The system comprises at least one processor and a signal processor operating under a number of operational modes. The signal processor includes at last one of a signal processing subsystem, a fast Fourier transform (FFT) subsystem, and a memory... Agent: Sirf Technology, Inc.

20110102259 - Augmenting gnss user equipment to improve resistance to spoofing: A method of countering GNSS signal spoofing includes monitoring a plurality of GNSS signals received from a plurality of GNSS signal sources and comparing broadcast data to identify outlying data, which is excluded from generation of a navigation solution defined by the plurality of GNSS signals. The outlying data can... Agent: Coherent Navigation, Inc.

20110102260 - Methods and apparatuses using mixed navigation system constellation sources for time setting: Methods and apparatuses are provided that may be implemented in various electronic devices to possibly reduce a first-time-to-fix and/or otherwise increase the performance or efficiency of a device by using portions of system time identifiers from different systems to determine at least one navigation system time.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110102261 - System and method to form coherent wavefronts for arbitrarily distributed phased arrays: A system and method for providing coherent sources for phased arrays are provided. One method includes providing a plurality of transceivers configured to transmit signals and defining an array of nodes. The method also includes providing a plurality of beacons at different frequencies to one of aim or focus phase... Agent:

20110102262 - Phased array antenna system with variable electrical tilt: A phased array antenna system with variable electrical tilt comprises an array of antenna elements etc. incorporating a divider dividing a radio frequency (RF) carrier signal into two signals between which a phase shifter introduces a variable phase shift. A phase to power converter converts the phase shifted signals into... Agent:

20110102263 - Reconfigurable beam-forming-network architecture: A beam-forming network having: a plurality (NI) of input signal ports (IP); a plurality (NO) of output signal ports (OP); a weighting and interconnecting network (WIN) comprising a plurality of signal dividers (SD), phase and amplitude weighting elements (WE), switches (SW1, SW2) and signal combiners (SC), for associating each input... Agent: Agence Spatiale Europeenne

20110102264 - Apparatus and method for detecting interior position using digital broadcasting signal: Provided is a receiving apparatus for detecting an interior position using digital broadcasting signals includes: a receiving unit receiving a digital broadcasting signal, which includes navigation information used for determining a position of the receiving apparatus, transmitted from a digital broadcasting signal transmitting apparatus; and an output unit outputting a... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110102265 - Localization method and system thereof: A positioning method for a sensor node is provided, and the method includes steps of: providing a first antenna having a first omnidirectional radiation pattern on a first plane; rotating the first antenna about an axis substantially parallel to the first plane; transmitting a wireless signal while the first antenna... Agent: National Taiwan University

20110102266 - Wireless proximity probe and method of operating same: A proximity probe, for use in determining a distance to a probe target, includes a first antenna configured to wirelessly receive a radio-frequency signal at a first predetermined frequency and a converter configured to convert the received signal to a driving signal and to an electrical signal. The proximity probe... Agent:

20110102267 - Method and system for determining location information: An exemplary method of determining location information includes transmitting a modeling signal from each of a plurality of detectors. Each of the plurality of detectors receives at least one of the transmitted modeling signals from the other detectors. At least one characteristic of each of the received modeling signals is... Agent:

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