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Communications: directive radio wave systems and devices (e.g., radar, radio navigation) April category listing, related patent applications 04/11

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04/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110095931 - Radar camouflage fabric: A radar camouflage fabric comprising a base fabric layer and a conductive garnish fabric layer attached to the base fabric layer. The conductive garnish fabric layer comprises a conductive polymer coating and a plurality of holes. The radar camouflage fabric has an average microwave transmission of less than 50% at... Agent:

20110095932 - Absorber assembly for an anechoic chamber: An electromagnetic absorber assembly (10) capable of minimizing reflectivity caused by reflected and diffracted waves within a test chamber (1) is presented. The absorber assembly (1) includes a plurality of first wedges (11) and a plurality of second wedges (11) disposed in a symmetrical arrangement so as to form a... Agent:

20110095933 - Detection and location of radio frequency weapons from high altitude glider system: A method and system for detecting and locating RF weapons being used against aircraft. Large geographic regions may be defended by equipping a constellation of high-altitude airborne platforms with RF detectors, GPS receivers and a communications unit. The communications unit downlinks data indicating an RF weapon pulse and associated time... Agent: Southwest Research Institute

20110095934 - Identification and analysis of source emissions through harmonic phase comparison: The present invention is a signal processing method to significantly improve the detection and identification of source emissions. More particularly, the present invention offers a processing method to reduce the false alarm rate of systems which remotely detect and identify the presence of electronic devices through an analysis of a... Agent: Nokomis, Inc

20110095935 - Electromagnetically-countered systems and methods by maxwell equations: Various electromagnetically-countered systems (EMC systems) are provided to form a target space where an intensity of harmful electromagnetic waves is reduced by a preset extent or below a preset limit. The EMC system includes at least one counter unit which emits counter electromagnetic waves capable of countering the harmful waves... Agent:

20110095936 - Wireless sensor apparatus: A wireless sensor apparatus controls, in a case where wireless waves are radiated by feeding pulse signals generated by a signal generation circuit to antennas, an operation timing of the signal generation circuit and a path from the signal generation circuit to the antennas in such a manner that after... Agent: Alps Electric Co., Ltd.

20110095937 - Monostatic multi-beam radar sensor for motor vehicles: A radar sensor for motor vehicles includes a plurality of transmission and receiving antennas, which differ in their azimuthal directivity characteristic and to which a separate mixer is assigned, which mixes a transmitted signal with a received signal, at least one of the mixers being a transfer mixer, and at... Agent:

20110095938 - Vehicular traffic surveillance doppler radar system: A vehicular traffic surveillance Doppler radar system and method for use of the same are disclosed. In one embodiment, the system comprises a modulation circuit portion for generating modulated FM signals. An antenna circuit portion transmits the modulated FM signals to a target and receives the reflected modulated FM signals... Agent:

20110095939 - Process and system for determining the position and velocity of an object: A process for determining the position and velocity of an object is disclosed. The process comprises: -generating a first burst of pulses at a first pulse repetition frequency and subsequently receiving a first set of signals characteristic of the range and velocity of the object; -generating a second burst of... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20110095940 - Asset monitoring using micropower impulse radar: Arrangement and method for monitoring inanimate objects in an interior thereof includes a sensor system arranged to obtain data about the object by applying micropower impulse radar (MIR) transmissions into the interior of the asset, i.e., container volume monitoring using MIR, a location determining system arranged on the asset to... Agent: Intelligent Technologies International, Inc.

20110095941 - Cell clustering and optimization for space partitioning: A partitioning system includes a decomposer module, a supply and cell commonality computation module, a network structure setup module, a seed selection module, an optimization setup module, a solver module, and a boundary creation module. A network structure is created by connecting each cell to each of its neighboring cells... Agent: Metron Aviation, Inc.

20110095942 - Wireless sensor apparatus: A wireless sensor apparatus includes first and second polarization antennas whose polarization surfaces of radiation waves are mutually orthogonal, a first mixer circuit connected to the first polarization antenna and configured to input a first reception signal received by the first polarization antenna, a second mixer circuit connected to the... Agent: Alps Electric Co., Ltd.

20110095943 - Multifrequency receiver intended for satellite location: A multifrequency receiver comprises a first receiving subsystem comprising: means for receiving at least a first and a second distinct frequency at least one of which comprises a signal containing information relating to the position of a satellite, the said receiving means comprising: a first amplification stage delivering a first... Agent: Thales

20110095944 - Enhanced calibration for multiple signal processing paths in a frequency division duplex system: Calibrating signal processing paths for a plurality of transmission devices by obtaining calibration data for at least one of the signal processing paths for each of the transmission devices and determining a plurality of calibration weights from the calibration data for each of the transmission devices. A calibration variance is... Agent:

20110095945 - Single sheet phased array: A single sheet phased array includes a flexible dielectric substrate having a first surface and an oppositely facing second surface, and a first conductive layer on the first surface and a second conductive layer on the second surface. The flexible dielectric substrate, the first conductive layer and the second conductive... Agent:

20110095946 - Method and system for enhancing a location server reference database through round-trip time (rtt) measurements: A mobile device in a cellular communication network collects three or more round-trip time (RTT) measurements for a single active cell. The collected RTT measurements are transmitted to a location server. The location server uses the transmitted RTT measurements to calculate a GNSS position of the single active cell. One... Agent:

04/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110090110 - System and method for inspecting a wind turbine blade: A wind turbine blade inspection system includes a frequency modulated continuous wave radar system configured to be movable with respect to a wind turbine blade while transmitting reference microwave signals and receiving reflected microwave signals and a processor configured for using a synthetic aperture analysis technique to obtain a focused... Agent: General Electric Company

20110090111 - Method and apparatus for the nowcast of lightning threat using polarimetric radar: A system and method for predicting the probability of cloud-to-ground lightning strikes, ‘frequent’, more than 2 strikes per minute on average, cloud to ground lightning strikes, and/or ‘numerous’, more than 4 strikes per minute on average, through the use of polarimetric radar is presented. The data volume created by the... Agent: Propagation Research Associates, Inc.

20110090109 - Charge pump: A charge pump includes: a control input for applying a control pulse, a pulsed current source for generating a current pulse in accordance with the control pulse, a direct current source for generating a direct current, and a current output that is connected to the pulsed current source and to... Agent:

20110090112 - Satellite navigation receiver having a configurable acquisition engine: A satellite navigation receiver having a flexible acquisition and tracking engine architecture. The flexible acquisition engine has a reconfigurable delay line that can be used either as a single entity or divided into different sections. Consequently, it can be configured to search different satellite vehicles, a single Doppler frequency, and... Agent:

20110090113 - Short and ultra-short baseline phase maps: A system for generating and utilizing a look-up mechanism consisting of one or more phase difference error maps, tables and/or mathematical models calculates the respective maps, tables and/or models by placing a short baseline or ultra-short baseline antenna array in a known location and known orientation, determining angles of incidence... Agent:

20110090114 - Ultra short baseline gnss receiver: A GNSS receiver utilizes an antenna structure that two or more antennas that are spaced apart from their neighboring antennas by less than 1 wavelength of a GNSS satellite carrier signal of interest. The receiver calculates the orientation of the antennas directly from differences in the carrier phase angles measured... Agent:

20110090115 - Methods and apparatuses for responding to a request for satellite positioning system related information associated with a mobile station: Methods and apparatuses are provided which may be enabled within and/or for use with a Satellite Positioning System (SPS) receiver and/or other like apparatuses or device(s) to perform and/or otherwise support certain location sessions.... Agent: Qual Comm Incorporated

20110090116 - System and method for compensating for faulty measurements: A system and method for compensating for faulty satellite navigation measurements. A plurality of measurements in a system is received for a measurement epoch. A Kalman filter is used to calculate a state of the system for the measurement epoch based on the plurality of measurements, wherein the state of... Agent:

20110090117 - Position estimation enhancement for a global navigation satellite system receiver: A method of estimating a position of a satellite receiver, comprising computing a weight matrix, and computing an estimated position of the satellite receiver based on the weight matrix, wherein computing the weight matrix includes computing quantities indicative of degradations experienced by satellite signals and of multipath interference, and computing... Agent:

20110090118 - Master antenna controller: A Master Antenna Controller is provided comprising a RET Master which may replace several devices, provide full RET control based on the AISG 1.1 and 2.0 standards, provide extensive, screen-guided, intuitive RET diagnostics functionality, and provide an alignment tool free from the problems of magnetic deviation and cumbersome differential GPS... Agent: Andrew LLC

20110090119 - Wire detection systems and methods: In one embodiment a system to detect, from a remote location, one or more wires in a target location comprises a radiation targeting assembly to direct a rotating polarization radiation field at the target location, a reflected radiation collecting assembly that collects radiation reflected from the target location, and a... Agent:

20110090120 - Radio communication device and arrival direction estimation method: A receiver having an array antenna estimates arrival directions of multiple paths that arrive with an angular spread. Consequently, arrival direction estimation accuracy can be ensured without increasing throughput even if the power every path is low by estimating an average arrival direction of an entire set of multiple paths... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110090123 - Binning venues into categories based on propagation characteristics: Example methods, apparatuses, or articles of manufacture are disclosed herein that may be utilized to facilitate or otherwise support one or more processes or operations in connection with defining and determining a plurality of venue types and binning a plurality of venues into categories based, at least in part, on... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110090122 - Location measurement acquisition adaptive optimization: A disclosed method uses the results of location queries to tune the value of measurements of a property to obtain a statistically representative measurement for geo location. As location requests arrive, a current measurement value associated with the serving area or location is used to determine the number of measurements... Agent: Andrew LLC

20110090121 - Location measurement acquisition optimization with monte carlo simulation: The present subject matter discloses a method for estimating dilution of precision (DOP) across a service area. A Monte Carlo simulation is used to determine the DOP across a service area. Random points are selected across a service area and as well as the radio transmitters who signals are capable... Agent: Andrew LLC

20110090124 - Method and system for indoor positioning: A method and a system for indoor positioning are provided. In the present method, a default positioning weight is defined at first. Then, a plurality of neighboring ranging devices near a target device is obtained from all wireless ranging devices deployed in an indoor space, and a current positioning weight... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

04/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110084868 - Variable range millimeter wave method and system: A variable range millimeter wave method and system is disclosed. In a particular embodiment, the system includes a primary mirror having an aperture to reflect millimeter wave energy to a secondary mirror, where the secondary mirror is disposed in front of the primary mirror and adapted to redirect the millimeter... Agent: Brijot Imaging Systems, Inc.

20110084869 - Multiple beam directed energy system: A method and apparatus for transmitting beams of electromagnetic energy. A plurality of beams having a first number of frequencies and a number of beams having a second number of frequencies are transmitted. The plurality of beams and the number of beams overlap each other at an area with a... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110084870 - Navigation assisting device: This disclosure provides a navigation assisting device, which includes a TT information acquiring module for acquiring target object data by performing target tracking based on an echo received by a radar antenna, an AIS information acquiring module for acquiring target object data based on a Universal Shipborne Automatic Identification System,... Agent:

20110084871 - Cognitive tracking radar: Methods and systems relating to a cognitive tracking radar system. A radar system determines an immediately preceding state of a target being tracked. Based on this immediately preceding state, the system determines parameters and waveforms which may be used to better illuminate the target. These parameters and waveforms are then... Agent: Mcmaster University

20110084872 - Signal processing apparatus and radar apparatus: A signal processing apparatus of a radar transceiver is provided. The radar transceiver transmits a frequency-modulated transmission signal and generates beat signals having a frequency difference between transmitted/received signals for respective receiving antennas. A distance detection section detects relative distances of objects based on frequencies of the beat signals. A... Agent: Fujitsu Ten Limited

20110084873 - Determining characteristics of a radar cross section (rcs) test range: A method for determining characteristics of a RCS test range may include vertically orienting a field probe including an elongated rigid body at a predetermined location within the RCS test range. The method may also include generating incident radar waves at a selected frequency and polarization and pivoting the field... Agent:

20110084875 - Execution method of position calculating circuit, position calculating circuit, operation control method of position calculating circuit, host device, and electronic apparatus: An execution method of a position calculating circuit that calculates a position by receiving a satellite signal transmitted from a positioning satellite and that has an externally readable storage section includes: receiving a selection signal for selecting acquired information, which is information acquired from information obtained from the satellite signal,... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110084874 - Hybrid system and device for calculating a position and for monitoring its integrity: Hybrid system (1) comprising an elementary hybrid system (2) comprising an extended processing module CALC (100) determining a first protection radius of the hybrid system RHG1, associated with a position quantity G, using a first extended variance/covariance matrix MHYPE1 as a function of a predetermined first false alarm probability PFA1,... Agent: Thales

20110084876 - Qualifying coarse position injection in position determination systems: A position determining system (PDS) receiver gathers independent location information from multiple sources. These multiple pieces of location information are analyzed to determine consistency of location. If the location is consistent among the various independently gathered location information, then the location information is injected into the PDS positioning process for... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110084877 - Improved sbas receiver: Disclosed herein is a Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) receiver. The SBAS receiver is configured to receive SBAS messages containing augmentation data and to provide one or more served GPS receivers with augmentation information based on the augmentation data extracted from the received SBAS messages. The SBAS receiver is designed... Agent:

20110084878 - Methods and apparatuses for selectively validating satellite positioning system measurement information: Methods and apparatuses are provided that may be implemented in various electronic devices to identify suspect measurements for use in a position/velocity/time estimation filter and provide corresponding validated measurements that may be either operatively re-weighted in some manner or operatively one-sided isolated in some manner when subsequently considered by the... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110084879 - Retrodirective transmit and receive radio frequency system based on pseudorandom modulated waveforms: Embodiments provide radio-frequency systems that can automatically detect, focus-on, and track objects in the environment without the need for expensive electronic scanning and phase-shifting components. Some embodiments are directed to retrodirective systems including: (1) quiescently broadcast pseudorandom-modulated radiation, such as pseudorandom bit sequences, in the absence of a target, over... Agent: Physical Domains, LLC

20110084880 - Array antenna: Disclosed is an electronic scanning array antenna which can be used as a UWB radar having an occupied band of not less than 500 MHz. An impulse generator is connected to each of a plurality of antenna elements constituting the electronic scanning array antenna, and a transmission trigger time to... Agent:

20110084881 - Identifying neighbors of geo-spatially distributed radio transmitters: Processes and systems are presented, for identifying a set of neighbors of a radio transmitter based on available geo-spatial coordinates of radio transmitters in operation around the world. In one aspect, the identified set of radio transmitters can be have a desired size (in terms of number of neighbors and/or... Agent: Apple Inc.

04/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110080311 - High output laser source assembly with precision output beam: A laser source assembly (10) for providing an assembly output beam (12) includes a first MIR laser source (352A), a second MIR laser source (352B), and a beam combiner (241). The first MIR laser source (352A) emits a first MIR beam (356A) that is in the MIR range, and the... Agent:

20110080313 - Radar sensor with frontal and lateral emission: l

20110080312 - System and method for providing driving safety: A safe driving providing system for supporting a safe driving of a vehicle includes: a radar for transmitting a signal of a predetermined frequency bandwidth to a plurality of vehicles, analyzing signals provided by the vehicles, calculating location information and distance information of the vehicles, and finding inter-vehicle distance information... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110080314 - Radar system comprising overlapping transmitter and receiver antennas: s

20110080315 - Surveillance with reanalysis of screening data: A surveillance system may include at least one controller configured to receive information data from at least one information source and to control operation of at least one controllable subsequent information source based, at least in part, on the information data. A surveillance method may include analyzing screening data, obtaining... Agent: L-3 Communications Security And Detection Systems.

20110080316 - Surveillance system for detecting targets with high cross-range resolution between targets: A surveillance system for detecting targets with high cross-range resolution between targets. The system includes at least two radar antennae mounted on blades of a windmill and is configured to apply a compressive sensing technique when the blades do not rotate.... Agent: Thales Nederland B.v.

20110080317 - Method of determining position in a hybrid positioning system using a dilution of precision metric: The disclosed subject matter relates to a method for determining the position of a device in a hybrid positioning system. The method includes determining an initial position estimate of a device using a non-satellite positioning system, obtaining satellite measurements from less than four satellites, wherein the measurements include each satellite's... Agent: Skyhook Wireless, Inc.

20110080318 - Determining a dilution of precision metric using two or three gps satellites: The disclosed subject matter relates to a method for determining a Dilution of Precision Metric (DOP) with less than four satellites in a hybrid positioning system. In some embodiments, the method includes determining an initial position estimate of a device using a non-satellite positioning system, obtaining satellite measurements from less... Agent: Skyhook Wireless, Inc.

20110080319 - Method and system for rf interference mitigation using a blanking watchguard: A global navigation satellite system (GNSS) enabled mobile device may be operable to monitor and determine counts at which autoblank signals are asserted over time intervals corresponding to consecutive time windows during the RF interference mitigation process using autoblanking. The GNSS enabled mobile device may be operable to disable the... Agent:

20110080320 - Signal processing techniques for improving the sensitivity of gps receivers: A system for measuring the pseudo range from a target GPS sensor to a designated navigational satellite, for use in a satellite positioning system (SPS) is comprised of multiple GPS sensors for receiving and recording portions of the signals transmitted by designated navigational satellites, the recordings referred to as datagrams;... Agent: Etherwhere Corporation

20110080321 - Signal processing techniques for improving the sensitivity of gps receivers: The use of multiple GPS sensors provides the conceptual framework for novel techniques for reducing the minimum signal strength required by a GPS assistance system to acquire and accurately track GPS satellites at or near the horizon. A strong signal attenuation system for synthesizing GPS satellite-specific I/F signals, enabling more... Agent: Etherwhere Corporation

20110080322 - Method and system for calibrating group delay errors in a combined gps and glonass receiver: A combined GPS and GLONASS receiver receives GPS signals and GLONASS signals. A calibration signal is generated utilizing the received GPS signals and/or the received GLONASS signals to offset group delay errors in the received GLONASS signals. The generated calibration signal is filtered through Kalman filters to estimate group delay... Agent:

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