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Communications: directive radio wave systems and devices (e.g., radar, radio navigation) March listing by industry category 03/11

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03/31/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110074619 - System and method of detection of uncrushable metallic pieces in mineral loads: A system and method to detect uncrushable metallic pieces hidden inside a mineral load directly inside a transport device to a primary crusher includes a directionally adjustable radar having at least one device with electromagnetic wave emitter/receiver antennas, a portal through which the transport device passes, a spectral generator/analyzer connected... Agent:

20110074624 - Systems and methods for preparing ground-based weather radar information for use in an installation vehicle: Systems and methods prepare ground-based supplemental weather radar information for integration with onboard weather radar information. An exemplary embodiment receives ground-based weather radar information from a ground-based weather radar station, the ground-based weather radar information referenced in a first coordinate system; generates supplemental weather radar information from the received ground-based... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110074620 - Radar system with elevation measuring capability: and in the signal processing means it is utilized that the received signals from an object have a phase portion that alternates with the period length P over the combinations of transmitter and receiver antennas arranged as above, depending on the angular position of said object in the spatial direction... Agent: Adc Automotive Distance Control Systems Gmbh

20110074621 - Radar system with improved angle formation: d

20110074622 - Signal processing apparatus, radar apparatus, object detection system, signal processing method, and computer-readable medium: A signal processing apparatus performs an object detection process of detecting object data with respect to peak signals which indicate a difference in frequency between a transmitted signal of which the frequency is changed in a predetermined period and a received signal which is obtained by receiving a reflected wave... Agent: Fujitsu Ten Limited

20110074623 - Low-power wireless network beacon for turning off and on fluorescent lamps: A low-power wireless network involves a plurality of RF-enabled fluorescent lamp starter units. In each of a plurality of intervals, a receiver of a starter unit operates in a receive mode during a beacon slot time, and for the majority of the rest of the interval operates in a low-power... Agent: Zilog, Inc.

20110074625 - Determination of a relative position of a satellite signal receiver: For enhancing the quality of a relative positioning, a filter is adjusted depending on information on a movement of a satellite signal receiver. A position of the satellite signal receiver is determined relative to a reference station using the filter, wherein measurements on satellite signals received by the satellite signal... Agent:

20110074626 - Improvement of the accuracy and performance of a hybrid positioning system: The present disclosure relates to a method for determining the position of a WLAN positioning system (WPS) and satellite positioning system (SPS) enabled device. The method can include determining an initial WPS position of the device using WPS, calculating an error region around the initial WPS position of the device,... Agent: Skyhook Wireless, Inc.

20110074627 - Positioning system: A positioning system (1) comprises a plurality of pseudolites (2) each comprising a transmitter (6) and configured to broadcast a transmission. The transmission includes positioning data (46, 48, 50) usable by a receiver (5) to calculate position; and communications message data (54) comprising information to be output to a user... Agent: Astrium Limited

20110074628 - Positioning system: A positioning system (1) comprising one or more transmitters configured to transmit transmissions including positioning data, wherein the system is configured to synchronise the transmission with a reference time. The transmissions are formed using a repeating pseudorandom number (PRN) code comprising a plurality of chips. The system (1) is configured... Agent: Astrium Limited

20110074629 - Techniques for bar code assisted positioning: A method and apparatus for generating a bar code and for using a bar code to assist with positioning are provided. The method for generating a bar code to assist with positioning includes obtaining Global Positioning System (GPS) assistance data, generating a bar code with the GPS assistance data encoded... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110074630 - Aperiodic antenna array: An exemplary aperiodic antenna array comprises a plurality of first elements radiating electromagnetic energy over a first bandwidth including a first frequency. Each of the first elements is spaced apart from a pattern center by an element distance and from the nearest first element by an element spacing in a... Agent:

20110074631 - Method of correlating known image data of moving transmitters with measured radio signals: Systems and methods of correlating potential transmitters with received radio signals is provided. Image data is provided including paths traveled by potential transmitter. Potential transmitters are identified within the image data along with path segments traveled by potential transmitters. A first and second transmitter calculate certain parameters of received signals... Agent:

20110074632 - Wireless positioning method and apparatus: A wireless positioning method of a receiver is provided. Signals are received from a plurality of transmitters, propagation taps of the plurality of transmitters received from the plurality of transmitters are determined, respectively, the distance between the receiver and each of the transmitters is calculated, respectively, the weight of each... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110074633 - Methods and systems for estimating angle of arrival: Methods and systems for estimating an angle of arrival are provided. In an embodiment, a system for estimating angle of arrival includes a snapshot determining module configured to receive a signal from each antenna of an antenna array and to generate a snapshot vector including values based on the signals... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110074634 - Wireless positioning method and apparatus: A wireless positioning method of a receiver is provided. Signals are received from a plurality of transmitters, propagation taps of the plurality of transmitters received from the plurality of transmitters are determined, respectively, the distance between the receiver and each of the transmitters is calculated, respectively, the distances are corrected... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110074635 - Method and apparatus for positioning: Provides are method and apparatus for wireless positioning. An exemplary embodiment of the present invention provides a method for wireless positioning, which includes: receiving signals from a plurality of transmitters; determining propagation delay tabs of the plurality of transmitters, from the signals received from the plurality of transmitters, respectively; setting... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute.

03/24/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110068968 - Radar detection device used in wireless communication device: A radar detection device of an example of the present invention includes a section which increments a value of a counter when a first difference value between a receiving power value in detecting an edge of a received signal of wireless communication and a receiving power value after a first... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110068969 - Pulse doppler coherent method and system for snr enhancement: A method and system for SNR enhancement in pulse-Doppler coherent target detection. In accordance with the method of the invention, complex signals are obtained for each of two or more sub-intervals of the time-on-target interval, allowing simultaneous range and Doppler measurements. A coherent integration is then performed on the signals... Agent: Elta Systems Ltd.

20110068970 - Vehicular radar device: Provided is a vehicular radar device which is capable of reducing an operation resource quantity necessary for a process of estimating an axis deviation angle in a radar measurement coordinate system, to thereby reduce a device size. The vehicular radar device includes: a measurement unit that measures an azimuth angle... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110068971 - Enhanced calibration for multiple signal processing paths in a wireless network: Calibrating signal processing paths for a plurality of transmission devices by obtaining calibration data for at least one of the signal processing paths for each of the transmission devices and determining a plurality of calibration weights from the calibration data for each of the transmission devices. A calibration variance is... Agent:

20110068972 - Global communication system: A global communication satellite system includes at least three communication satellites. Each communication satellite is disposed in a geostationary orbit about the Earth. Each communication satellite also includes a feed horn array having at least 4,000 feed horns with each feed horn capable of transmitting at least one radio frequency... Agent:

20110068973 - Assimilating gnss signals to improve accuracy, robustness, and resistance to signal interference: A method for upgrading GNSS equipment to improve position, velocity and time (PVT) accuracy, increase PVT robustness in weak-signal or jammed environments and protect against counterfeit GNSS signals (spoofing). A GNSS Assimilator couples to an RF input of existing GNSS equipment, e.g., a GPS receiver, and extracts navigation and timing... Agent: Coherent Navigation, Inc.

20110068975 - Gnss ultra-short baseline heading determination system and method: A heading determination system comprises an inertial measurement unit (IMU) coupled with at least two GNSS receivers, each receiver paired with and receiving signals from a corresponding GNSS antenna, wherein the GNSS antennas are separated by an ultra-short baseline. The heading determination system receives signals broadcast by a plurality of... Agent:

20110068974 - Inline gps receiver module: Devices and methods are disclosed which relate to a mountable, inline global navigation satellite system receiver module with a standard interface to mobile computing devices and a connection to external antennae. In addition to allowing for data transfer from the receiver module to the mobile computing device, the standard interface... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20110068976 - Method and apparatus for accelerating the process of determining a geographic position: Methods and apparatus are provided for accelerating the process of determining a geographic position. The method includes, but is not limited to activating a satellite navigation device that is configured to receive a satellite communication signal and to receive a wireless communication signal. The method also includes receiving the wireless... Agent: General Motors Company

20110068977 - Enhancing location accuracy using multiple satellite measurements based on environment: A system and method for determining a location of a wireless device in a communications network. A request for satellite assistance data may be received from a requesting entity, and a reference location determined as a function of the request. One or more characterizing attributes may be identified as a... Agent: Andrew LLC

20110068978 - Method and apparatus for processing location service messages in a satellite position location system: Method and apparatus for processing location service messages in a satellite position location system is described. In one example, a mobile receiver includes a satellite signal receiver, wireless circuitry, and at least one module. The satellite signal receiver is configured to receive satellite positioning system signals, such as Global Positioning... Agent:

20110068979 - Reducing complexity of calculations performed by a navigation system receiver: In at least some embodiments, an electronic device includes a navigation system receiver and a receiver motion estimator coupled to the navigation system receiver. The receiver motion estimator determines and provides a receiver motion estimation to the navigation system receiver to reduce complexity of a satellite signal search operation performed... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110068980 - Direction finding method and device: The invention relates to a method for determining whether a target is within a direction sector of interest of a direction finder, which comprises: (a) predefining said sector of interest as a specific threshold difference between an R reference value and an N null value; (b) providing at least two... Agent: Hisep Technology Ltd.

20110068981 - Apparatus and method for constructing and utilizing a beacon location database: A method to support client device position discovery within a building includes ascribing building position coordinates to beacons within the building. The building position coordinates are converted to physical position coordinates. The physical position coordinates are augmented with at least one additional parameter that supports position resolution. A client device... Agent: Teecom Design Group

03/17/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110063156 - Radar vehicle detection system: A radar parking detection system with a Ultra Wide Band (UWB) detection and transmission system including a hardened radar device placed in the vicinity of a parking space to be monitored by using measurements of time delays observed in the reflection of radio waves reflected from objects in the proximity... Agent:

20110063157 - Method for operating a radar system in the event of possible concealment of the target object and radar system for performing the method: In a method for operating a radar system and a radar system for performing the method, in particular a microwave radar system for applications in or on motor vehicles, in which at least one target object and at least one possible concealing object are detected using radar technology, it is... Agent:

20110063164 - Weather radar apparatus and signal processing method thereof: According to one embodiment, a weather radar apparatus includes a transmitting/receiving unit configured to transmit a radar wave to an observation target and receive a reflected wave, a distribution unit configured to distribute a received signal of the reflected wave to a main path and at least another path, an... Agent:

20110063158 - Array antenna apparatus and radar apparatus: An array antenna apparatus includes a transmission-array-antenna including transmission-antenna-elements, a transmission-side directivity control unit controlling a directivity of the transmission-array-antenna by controlling phases of at least part of the transmission-antenna-elements, a reception-array-antenna including reception-antenna-elements, and a reception-side directivity control unit controlling a directivity of the reception-array-antenna by controlling phases of... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110063159 - Aircraft collision avoidance alarm: The present invention provides an aircraft collision alarm system and method. The method includes the steps of collecting aircraft position information for aircraft in a given area and digitally encoding this aircraft position information. This aircraft position information is then transmitted on an audio sub-carrier over the voice communications channel... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110063160 - Double piston rod: A distance measuring apparatus for detecting the position of a reflection body in a line structure is provided that includes a sensor device, which has at least one antenna for feeding a transmission signal as an electromagnetic wave into the line structure and for receiving the electromagnetic wave reflected on... Agent:

20110063161 - Dual polarization radar apparatus and interference judgment method: According to one embodiment, a dual polarization radar apparatus includes a received power calculation unit configured to calculate a horizontal polarization received power and a vertical polarization received power, the horizontal polarization received power indicating a power value of a horizontal polarization received signal reflected from an observation target, the... Agent:

20110063162 - Image processing device, radar apparatus equipped with the same, method of processing image, and image processing program: This disclosure provides an image processing device, which includes an actual trail image memory for storing an actual trail data group indicating absolute changes in position of a target object detected by echo signals obtained corresponding to detection signals transmitted while changing an azimuth direction of the transmission, and a... Agent: Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.

20110063163 - Image processing device, radar apparatus equipped with the same, method of processing image, and image processing program: This disclosure provides an image processing device, which includes a relative trail image memory for storing a relative trail data group indicating relative changes in position of a target object detected by echo signals obtained corresponding to detection signals transmitted while changing a transmitting azimuth direction, with respect to a... Agent: Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.

20110063165 - Methods and apparatuses for affecting application of a filtering model using carrier phase: Methods and apparatuses are provided that may be implemented various electronic devices to affect application of a filtering model used for obtaining a navigation solution. In particular, signal characteristics of one or more received signals are used for selecting application of a particular filtering model from a plurality of filtering... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110063166 - Positioning data producing unit and position tracking device: A positioning data producing unit can select suitable region position units automatically in accordance with the environmental conditions of the moving target. The location information of a position tracking device is calculated either from a coordinate data of a narrow region and a position data of the narrow region which... Agent: Gta Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110063167 - Using magnetometer with a positioning system: A mobile station determines an approximate latitude using a measured feature of the Earth's magnetic field. An approximate longitude may also be determined. The mobile station uses the approximate latitude and longitude, if determined, to assist in determining a position fix for the mobile station, e.g., by determining a list... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110063168 - Portable electronic device and method of operating the same: A portable electronic device is disclosed. The portable electronic device comprises an antenna with tunable directivity. Furthermore, the portable electronic device comprises an orientation unit adapted to sense an orientation of the portable electronic device. Moreover, the portable electronic device comprises a control unit operatively connected to the orientation unit... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20110063169 - Phased-array transceiver for millimeter-wave frequencies: A phased-array transmitter and receiver that may be effectively implemented on a silicon substrate. The transmitter distributes to front-ends, and the receiver combines signals from front-ends, using a power distribution/combination tree that employs both passive and active elements. By monitoring the power inputs and outputs, a digital control is able... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110063171 - Antennas and methods to provide adaptable omnidirectional ground nulls: GPS reception on helicopters and ground vehicles may be subject to varying near-ground interference. A compact antenna includes vertically spaced arrays of radiating elements. The first array provides a basic reception pattern. The second array provides a pattern having a distinctive low elevation angle phase reversal. By combining signals for... Agent: Bae Systems Information And Electronic System Integration Inc.

20110063170 - Radar apparatus for radiating and receiving electric waves having grating lobes: A radar apparatus has a transmission array antenna for radiating electromagnetic waves containing a main lobe and a grating lobe in a transmission directivity, a reception array antenna for receiving electromagnetic waves radiated from the transmission array antenna and reflected from a target, and a microcomputer for setting the reception... Agent: Denso Corporation

03/10/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110057827 - Holographic imaging based on time-domain data of natural-fiber-containing materials: Methods and apparatuses for imaging material properties in natural-fiber-containing materials can utilize time-domain data. In particular, images can be constructed that provide quantified measures of localized moisture content. For example, one or more antennas and at least one transceiver can be configured to collect time-domain data from radiation interacting with... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20110057832 - Method for determining the angular aperture corresponding to the extent in a plane of an object seen by a radar antenna: The slope is determined at a value θp of a function e of θp interpolated between the calculated differences, the angular aperture which corresponds to the extent of the object at the given distance being deduced from the slope. The invention has an application in meteorological radar.... Agent: Thales

20110057828 - Mapping method implementing a passive radar: e

20110057829 - Wireless sensor device: A wireless sensor device includes a transmission signal generation unit that generates a frequency-spread high frequency transmission signal such that a transmission frequency is continuously increased and decreased with a predetermined period, a transmitter antenna that radiates the high frequency transmission signal, a receiver antenna that receives a reflected wave... Agent:

20110057830 - Method for validating aircraft traffic control data: A method for group travel and group communications, wherein the group travel parameters and group communications are combined for verifying and validating ADS-B data on aircraft. The full connectivity within a navigating group of aircraft allows all the group members to communicate spatial/temporal observations and collaborate in group protocols, e.g.,... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110057831 - Radar device: In a radar device including: a transmission antenna group having a plurality of transmission antennas; a reception antenna group having a plurality of reception antennas; and transmission switchover means to transmit transmission waves in a way that sequentially switches over the transmission antennas of the transmission antenna group, the reception... Agent: Fujitsu Ten Limited

20110057834 - Multi-frequency gnss receiver baseband dsp: A dual-frequency DSP correlator receives I and Q signal components from a down convertor in a GNSS receiver system. The signal components are cross-wiped (de-spread) for noise cancellation and can be combined for use in a processor.... Agent:

20110057833 - Selecting raw measurements for use in position computation: Raw measurements for a plurality of GNSS satellites are pruned based on signal to noise ratio (SNR) and elevation; with remaining unpruned raw measurements sorted by SNR into a sorted list of raw measurements. A first dilution of precision (DOP) based selecting process is performed to select an initial candidate... Agent:

20110057835 - Method and apparatus for determining location using a hybrid solution: A method and device for location determination includes receiving at least one signal from a first transmitter and receiving at least one signal from a second signal transmitter. The first transmitter transmits a first type of signal and the second transmitter transmits a second type of signal different from the... Agent:

20110057836 - Position estimation assistance information for mobile station: The subject matter disclosed herein relates to providing assistance information to a mobile station for performing position estimation operations.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110057837 - Single local oscillator frequency band to receive dual-band signals: A dual-band GPS receiver and method and apparatus for downconversion of dual-band GPS signals. A dual-band GPS receiver in accordance with the present invention comprises an antenna, a Radio Frequency (RF) section, coupled to the antenna, and a baseband section, coupled to the RF section, wherein the RF section comprises... Agent: Atheros Communications, Inc.

20110057838 - Systems and methods for alignment with a remote source: Systems and methods for monitoring, testing, and controlling alignment are provided, including an antenna assembly with an antenna and a receiver, the antenna configured to receive signals from a remote source, the receiver coupled to the antenna and configured to generate signal strength values associated with the signals from the... Agent:

20110057839 - Method and apparatus for passive geolocation using synthetic-aperture processing: Using in-phase and quadrature components of a received signal, spatial and temporal information is utilized to generate a maximum likelihood coefficient from the measured data to geolocate an emitter of unknown frequency. In one embodiment an iso-Doppler contour is generated having regions of high correlation to estimate location in which... Agent:

20110057840 - Method of positioning rfid tags: A method of positioning a RFID tag by using four antennas associated with an algorithm is disclosed. A diagram is depicted, which is about relationships between the RSSI and distance according to environment of the space. Next, four antennas are arranged in the space. Four measured distances analyzed from the... Agent: National Pingtung University Of Science And Technology

03/03/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110050479 - Static rf imaging for inside walls of a premises: A system includes a radar unit configured to provide raw data from scanning an exterior of a structure; and a signal processing and imaging module configured to: process the raw data into markers of interior locations of the structure; and display an image of interior structural features based on the... Agent:

20110050486 - Doppler radar apparatus and method of calculating doppler velocity: According to one embodiment, a Doppler radar apparatus includes a quadrature detection unit configured to quadrature-detect a received signal of a reflected pulse from an observation target, and generate time-series data including an in-phase component and a quadrature component, an interference judgment unit configured to judge whether an interference signal... Agent:

20110050481 - Signal processing device, radar device, vehicle control system, signal processing method, and computer-readable medium: A signal processing device performs object detection processing in which peak signals each representing a differential frequency between a transmitted signal in which a frequency thereof changes in a predetermined cycle and a received signal are derived in a first period where the frequency of the transmitted signal rises and... Agent:

20110050480 - Static rf imaging for inside walls of a premises: A method and a device for the spatially resolved detection and reconstruction of objects using microwaves is described, in which at least one object to be detected is subjected to microwaves that are generated by a plurality of microwave antennas and microwave fractions reflected by the object are detected and... Agent:

20110050482 - Object detecting device: The present invention is directed to provide an object detecting device which can reduce the influence of an error caused by temporal displacement between a detection result by a radar and a detection result by image processing and thus, the precision of object detection can be improved. An object detecting... Agent:

20110050483 - System to prevent two rotating antennas from illuminating each other: An apparatus or a method for preventing radio-frequency (RF) interferences between rotating antennas. For example, the invention is particularly applicable to radar and communication systems on board naval ships.... Agent:

20110050484 - Radar: A frequency spectrum of a beat signal of a transmission signal and a reception signal is determined. Whether or not the number of peaks exceeding a noise threshold in the frequency spectrum exceeds a predetermined number is determined. According to the determination result, presence or absence of interference on the... Agent:

20110050485 - method for cross-range enhancement of real-beam radar imagery: Methods and apparatus for enhancing the resolution of a radar image in the cross-range direction. An example method includes receiving a plurality of received power samples in the cross-range dimension as the radar antenna scans and calculating a window function from the antenna beam response pattern. Then for each of... Agent:

20110050487 - Systems and methods for tracking a remote source and orientation control: Systems and methods for tracking a remote source and monitoring and controlling the angular orientation of an antenna array, including a first antenna portion and a second antenna portion, are provided, including a sum-difference structure coupled to a first output of the first antenna portion and a second output of... Agent:

20110050490 - Positioning data receiver, error correcting device and error correcting method: A positioning data receiver for receiving positioning data transmitted from a positioning satellite, including an error judging unit for judging whether an error is contained in the positioning data on the basis of collation of parity bits contained in the positioning data; and an error correcting unit for determining which... Agent:

20110050489 - System and method for correcting global navigation satellite system pseudorange measurements in receivers having controlled reception pattern antennas: Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) pseudorange measurements are compensated for receiver hardware and directionally dependent antenna errors to obtain desired accuracies for high precision GNSS positioning applications using a multiple element controlled reception pattern antenna (CRPA). Pseudorange errors are calibrated and stored in a sky map by azimuth, elevation, radio... Agent:

20110050491 - Device and method for producing a data stream on the basis of data packets provided with packet sequence marks, and satellite receivers for providing the data stream: A device for determining a position of a satellite receiver on the basis of data packets that are received from the satellite receiver, include a satellite signal, and are provided with packet sequence marks includes a packet loss detector for detecting, while using the packet sequence marks, whether one or... Agent:

20110050492 - Single frequency user ionosphere system and technique: A method and apparatus for directly estimating depleted ionosphere delay in a GPS receiver and using the estimate for improved navigation precision in satellite based augmentation systems.... Agent:

20110050493 - Position information providing system indoor transmitter and method for providing position information: Provided is a position information providing system which can reduce a time required for acquiring position information. An indoor transmitter is adapted to provide position information by using a second positioning signal compatible with a first positioning signal which is a spread spectrum signal from each of a plurality of... Agent:

20110050488 - Positioning system and method: A positioning method whereby inertial positioning data is calculated based upon measurements of an Inertial Navigation System. Virtual satellite ranging data is then generated based upon the inertial positioning data. The virtual satellite ranging data is then combined with received satellite ranging data from one or more satellites forming part... Agent:

20110050494 - Network and method for calculating ionosphere corrections: The invention relates to a network making it possible to calculate and provide ionospheric corrections to the users of a satellite navigation system, wherein the network also comprises: an aeronautical segment comprising an aeronautical user segment composed of a plurality of aircraft each one having an on-board RF receiver capable... Agent:

20110050495 - Methods and apparatus for obtaining gnss time in a gnss receiver: A method for obtaining GNSS time in a GNSS receiver includes: obtaining a time relationship between a first clock signal and the received GNSS time; obtaining a clock value B1 of a second clock signal and further obtaining an associated clock value A1 of the first clock signal to obtain... Agent:

20110050496 - Energy domain based peak reconstruction methods and apparatuses: Methods and apparatus are provided for use in devices enabled to perform waveform correlation processing of satellite positioning system (SPS) signals, including peak reconstruction.... Agent:

20110050497 - System and method for correcting global navigation satellite system carrier phase measurements in receivers having controlled reception pattern antennas: This invention discloses a method for enhancing a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), such as Global Positioning System (GPS), location calculation by supplying carrier phase corrections within a GNSS receiver used with a multiple element Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA) receiver. GNSS carrier phase measurements should be compensated for receiver... Agent:

20110050498 - Closed shape beam forming network: The invention concerns a network for distributing a plurality of input microwave signals into a plurality of output signals having a Gaussian amplitude and in-phase distribution per said input signal, the network comprising: a plurality of N input ports providing N different input signals; a plurality of M output ports,... Agent:

20110050499 - Sensing device having multi beam antenna array: Provided is a sensing device having a multi beam antenna array. The sensing device includes an antenna array including a plurality of antennas, a plurality of low noise amplifiers respectively connected to the antennas to amplify radio frequency signals received from the respective antennas, a delay line box including a... Agent:

20110050500 - Method of estimating direction of arrival and apparatus thereof: A method includes generating a correlation vector of baseband-signal vectors based upon signals received from a plurality of sensor devices, generating a generalized Hankel matrix R representing a covariance matrix to which a spatial averaging is applied based upon the correlation vector, generating a kernel matrix Ω1, which is a... Agent:

20110050501 - Location system and method with a fiber optic link: A TDOA (time difference of arrival) location system, in which mobile wireless devices broadcast wireless signals which are received by two or more transceivers deployed in the vicinity of the mobile wireless device. Each transceiver measures the TOA (time of arrival) of the received broadcasted signal and reports the TOA... Agent:

20110050502 - Three dimensional rf search system: An RF signal detection process by incorporating direction detection of the RF signal along with energy detection to arrive at a signal of interest (SOI). The SOI is identified by matching direction detections and energy detections. Low-level and noise-like signals can be reevaluated for unresolved direction detections or energy detections.... Agent:

20110050503 - Power saving system and method for mobile computing device: A mobile computing device includes a housing, a processor provided within the housing, and a location-determining system configured to determine a current location of the mobile computing device at a first rate. The location determining system may be configured to adjust the first rate to a different second rate based... Agent:

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