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09/18/2014 > 16 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140272729 - Fluid bed regenerative thermal oxidizer and a method for its use: The present device is a fluid bed regenerative thermal oxidizer configured to minimize dead spaces within it and eliminate the need for complex valve systems, which are typically required to move treated and untreated air across fixed beds. The present device can be a fluid bed regenerative thermal oxidizer comprising... Agent:

20140272730 - Active magnetic control of a flame: A combustion system can allow for the interaction of a magnetic field and an electrical current within a flame supported by a nozzle. The magnetic field can be generated by one or more electromagnets in proximity to or contact with the flame. The electrical current can be generated by a... Agent: Clearsign Combustion Corporation

20140272731 - Flame control in the momentum-dominated fluid dynamics region: A combustion system includes a fuel nozzle and first and second electrodes. An electric charge is applied to a flame supported by the nozzle via the first electrode. An electrical potential applied to an aerodynamic surface of the second electrode. The electrically charged flame reacts to the electrical potential according... Agent: Clearsign Combustion Corporation

20140272734 - Electrochemical device for syngas and liquid fuels production: The invention relates to methods for creating high value liquid fuels such as gasoline, diesel, jet and alcohols using carbon dioxide and water as the starting raw materials and a system for using the same. These methods combine a novel solid oxide electrolytic cell (SOEC) for the efficient and clean... Agent:

20140272733 - Liquefied fuel combustor with integrated evaporator device and associated method: The method can include injecting fuel from a liquefied fuel source into a combustion chamber having a combustion path, by circulating the fuel out from an inlet conduit into an evaporator housing, along the evaporator housing in a direction opposite the combustion path and across an evaporator element receiving fuel... Agent:

20140272732 - Method for low power non-coking liquid hydrocarbon fuel vaporization and supercritical phase change: Methods for vaporizing hydrocarbon fuel and delivering the hydrocarbon fuel in either a vaporized phase or a supercritical phase to, for example, a combustion chamber are provided herein. A method of vaporizing a hydrocarbon fuel, wherein the hydrocarbon fuel is in a liquid phase at a first temperature and a... Agent: U.s. Army Research Laboratory Attn: Rdrl-loc-i

20140272735 - Diffuse combustion method and apparatus: A method supplies reactants, including fuel gas, to burners that discharge the reactants into a furnace process chamber. In a stable flame mode of operation, stable flames are projected from the burners into the furnace process chamber. At a time when the furnace process chamber has a temperature at or... Agent:

20140272736 - Low nox combustion method and apparatus: A low NOx combustion method includes steps of injecting reactants into a combustion chamber. A primary reactant stream, including fuel and combustion air premix, is injected from a premix burner port into the combustion chamber. A staged fuel stream is injected into the combustion chamber from a staged fuel injector... Agent:

20140272737 - Staged combustion method and apparatus: A primary reactant stream is injected from a burner port into a combustion chamber along an axis. Staged reactant streams are injected into the combustion chamber adjacent to the primary reactant stream in differing configurations. The differences between the configurations of the staged reactant streams include differences in radial distance... Agent:

20140272738 - Burner igniting system for gas stove: A burner igniting system includes a burner disposed in a gas stove, a pilot light disposed in the gas stove for supplying a flame to the burner, an igniting and sensing device disposed in the gas stove for igniting the pilot light and for sensing a presence of flame on... Agent: Ame-lighting Co., Ltd.

20140272739 - Flare stack with integrated collector: A system for removing liquids from a fluid stream having a mixture of gas and liquid phase components comprises a flare stack riser configured to couple to a gas flare module. A liquid collector has an input port, an internal cavity, and an output port. The input port is configured... Agent:

20140272740 - Gas regulating fitting: The aim of the invention is to provide a gas regulator fitting that ensures simple manual operation. In particular, activation and deactivation, respectively, are to be made possible with one motion. Furthermore, the invention aims to ensure that even in the event the voltage source malfunctions, the gas regulator fitting... Agent: Mertik Maxitrol Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140272741 - Fuel selector valve with shutter mechanism for a gas burner unit: A selector valve and shutter mechanism for use with a gas burner unit is disclosed. The valve includes a pilot gas manifold which is in communication with two pilot flames and associated ODS for two different kinds of gas fuel. The shutter mechanism opens or closes an opening to a... Agent: Ghp Group, Inc.

20140272742 - Gas pilot burner assembly: A pilot tube assembly for easy repair and/or replacement of a pilot hood is disclosed. In one example, a field configurable burner tube assembly may include a burner tube, a pilot hood, wherein the pilot hood engages the burner tube and can be secured to the burner tube in any... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140272743 - Decorative cake shield and candle support: Provided is a cake shield for placement above a cake surface. The cake shield includes a plate and at least one pair of telescopic legs attached thereto. The plate can be constructed in various adaptations to accommodate different styles of cake. The plate may have a number of flexible insertion... Agent:

20140272744 - Stone burner for a fragrance lamp: Provided is a stone burner for a fragrance lamp, which has a first socket and a base detachably connected to the first socket. The first socket has a first wall and a second wall opposite to the first wall. The base has a second socket and a body connected to... Agent: Mei & Kuang Technical Company Limited

09/11/2014 > 6 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20140255855 - Dynamic flame control: In an embodiment, a combustion system includes a burner, a flame charging device, and a flame control system. The burner outputs a flow including fuel that when ignited generates a flame. The flame charging device is positioned adjacent to the flame and charges the flame to generate a charged flame.... Agent: Clearsign Combustion Corporation

20140255856 - Flame control in the buoyancy-dominated fluid dynamics region: A burner system includes a nozzle configured to emit a fuel stream for the support of a flame, and first and second electrodes, each configured to apply electrical energy to a flame supported by the nozzle. The first electrode is positioned in a momentum-dominated fluid dynamics region of the flame,... Agent: Clearsign Combustion Corporation

20140255857 - Feed and burner control system: A fire display assembly has a burner tray with a porous non-combustible material located in the burner tray positioned adjacent, on or in a non-combustible structure. A source of a combustible liquid positioned a distance from the burner tray is provided with conduits for flowing liquid fuel between the sources... Agent: Duraflame, Inc.

09/04/2014 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140248566 - Combustion system including one or more flame anchoring electrodes and related methods: In an embodiment, a combustion system includes a burner, at least one charging electrode, flame anchoring electrode(s), and at least one voltage power supply. The burner is configured to discharge fuel into a combustion volume in which the fuel and an oxidizer are ignited to generate a flame. The charging... Agent: Clearsign Combustion Corporation

20140248567 - Safety pilot: A safety pilot can be used with a gas appliance. The gas appliance can be a single fuel or a dual fuel appliance for use with one of a first fuel type or a second fuel type different than the first. The safety pilot can include a first thermocouple, a... Agent:

20140248569 - Heating assembly: A heating assembly can include a gas hook-up and a pressure switch. The pressure switch can be in fluid communication with the gas hook-up and be movable at a predetermined threshold pressure from a first position to a second position. The pressure switch can be further configured such that if... Agent:

20140248568 - Safety pressure switch: A safety pressure switch can be used with a gas appliance. The gas appliance can be a single fuel or a dual fuel appliance for use with one of a first fuel type or a second fuel type different than the first. The safety pressure switch can be fluidly connected... Agent:

20140248570 - Infrared ray gas burner: An infrared ray gas burner comprises an ignition valve, a nozzle, an ejector, a furnace chamber, a porous combustion radiant panel and an ignition needle. An ignition nozzle is placed in the furnace chamber, a sundries baffle is provided in the furnace chamber below the porous combustion radiant panel and... Agent:

20140248571 - Heating assembly: A heating assembly can be used with one of a first fuel type or a second fuel type different than the first. The heating assembly can include housing have a first actuation member and a second actuation member. The first and second actuation members can be positioned within respective first... Agent:

20140248572 - Metallic wick assembly: A metallic wick assembly includes at least one mesh member and a sleeve member. The at least one mesh member includes a first length defined between first and second ends thereof. The sleeve member is mounted around the mesh member and includes a second length defined between two longitudinal opposite... Agent: Pro-iroda Industries, Inc.

08/28/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140242527 - Reduced emissions combustor: Embodiments of this invention relate generally to furnaces, particularly to furnaces with combustors utilizing fuel and oxidizer jets, more particularly to furnaces used for glass production, and further to glass container production. In one embodiment, a furnace comprises first and second opposing walls, the first wall including a fuel nozzle... Agent:

20140242528 - Support system for radiant tube heaters: A modular support system for outdoor radiant tube heaters includes a frame defined by hollow beams for receiving fuel and electrical lines and supporting electrical heaters posts for supporting the beams and saddles for interconnecting the beams and mounting them on posts.... Agent:

20140242529 - Torch and torch attachment: An attachment for a torch includes a combustion cone mounted on a fuel delivery tube. The combustion cone bounds a combustion chamber and has an inlet through which fuel from the tube enters the chamber to create a flame when the torch ignites the fuel. The cone diverges away from... Agent: Booker & Dax, LLC

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