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07/10/2014 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20140193758 - Method for burner and burner device: Burner device (2) for an industrial furnace (1) comprising a channel (3) for fuel, a channel (4) for a first oxidant, an outlet (9) for flue gases, a control device (10) and a heat buffer (7), where the first oxidant and the flue gases alternating are led through the heat... Agent: Aga Ab

20140193759 - Evaporator burner for a mobile heating device: An evaporator burner for a mobile heating device is provided, with: a combustion chamber surrounding a combustion space for converting fuel with combustion air; an evaporator receiving portion for receiving an evaporator body for evaporating liquid fuel, the evaporator receiving portion being arranged at a rear side of the combustion... Agent: Webasto Se

07/03/2014 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140186778 - Wirelessly powered electrodynamic combustion system: A combustion system includes an electrodynamic combustion control system that provided for electrical control of a combustion reaction. Energy is received wirelessly, and electrical energy is generated from the wirelessly received energy. The electrical energy is applied to the combustion reaction in order to control or regulate operation of first... Agent: Clearsign Combustion Corporation

20140186779 - Ignition system having control circuit with learning capabilities and devices and methods related thereto: Featured is an ignition system using miniaturized hot surface igniters of various types, configurations, and material systems. The ignition system includes an electronic microprocessor on which a software program is executed so as to control the operation of an igniter and all functions of the ignition system. The software program... Agent: Coorstek, Inc.

20140186780 - Novel velocity control device for a burner using bimetallic materials for preheated fuel and oxidizer: Methods and systems for controlling jet velocity of a preheated gas are described herein. Through the use of a temperature-sensitive bimetallic valve, the flow of a gas can be redirected to maintain jet velocity based on temperature. The temperature-sensitive bimetallic valve can redirect flow of the gas based on the... Agent: American Air Liquide, Inc.

20140186781 - Velocity control device for a burner using the curie effect for preheated fuel and oxidizer: Methods and systems for controlling jet velocity at a burner when using heated gases and standard temperature gases are described herein. Through the use of a temperature-sensitive magnetic valve, the flow of a gas can be redirected to reduce velocity based on temperature. The temperature-sensitive magnetic valve can redirect flow... Agent: American Air Liquide, Inc.

20140186782 - Catalytic burner, especially for a vehicle heater: A catalytic burner, especially for a vehicle heater, for the catalytically supported combustion of a fuel/combustion air mixture, includes a mixing chamber (24) and a combustion air feed device (36), for feeding combustion air to the mixing chamber (24) and a fuel feed device (28, 34), for feeding fuel to... Agent: Ebersp&#xe4 Cher Climate Control Systems Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140186783 - Dual fuel heater with selector valve: A heater assembly can be used with a gas appliance. The gas appliance can be a dual fuel appliance for use with one of a first fuel type or a second fuel type different than the first. The heater assembly can include at least one pressure regulator, a housing, and... Agent: Continental Appliances, Inc. D.b.a. Procom

20140186784 - Burner: A fuel burner includes an outer tube that extends along a central axis and has an outer surface and an inner surface defining a passage. An inner tube positioned within the passage of the outer tube has an outer surface and an inner surface defining a central passage. A fluid... Agent:

06/26/2014 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20140178826 - Combustion control device: A combustion control device includes a combustion fan motor, a control unit, a silicon diode group, a silicon diode, and a combustion-fan-disconnection detecting unit. The control unit is configured to control a combustion state of the combustion fan motor. The silicon diode group includes at least two silicon diodes coupled... Agent: Shizuoka Seiki Co., Ltd.

06/19/2014 > 12 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140170569 - Electrically controlled combustion system with contact electrostatic charge generation: A system for electrically controlling a combustion reaction includes a charging mechanism with a surface of a charging material with a work function that is sufficiently different from a work function of a charge carrier material to be capable of undergoing contact electrostatic charging. The charge carrier material is contacted... Agent: Clearsign Combustion Corporation

20140170570 - Valve leak detecting method and combustion equipment: A valve leak detecting method includes a started pressure setting step for opening and closing valves individually to set a pressure in a pipe, a first threshold value evaluating step for closing the valves, after the pressure being set to no less than the threshold value, and evaluating whether the... Agent: Azbil Corporation

20140170571 - Combustion control electrode assemblies, systems, and methods of manufacturing and use: Combustion control electrode assemblies, combustion control systems using such assemblies, and methods of manufacturing and using such assemblies are disclosed. The electrode assemblies may include one or more electrodes including a sintered refractory metal material for heat and/or wear resistance. In an embodiment, an electrode assembly for a combustion control... Agent: Clearsign Combustion Corporation

20140170572 - Leakage reduction system in power plant operations: The leakage reduction system includes a heat exchanger, a duct arrangement and a separation arrangement. The heat exchanger includes a rotor assembly rotatably mounted along a rotor post. The heat exchanger further includes a second inlet plenum, whereat the duct arrangement is configured. Further, the separation arrangement is incorporated at... Agent: Alsom Technology Ltd

20140170573 - Burner utilizing oxygen lance for flame control and nox reduction: A method of providing oxygen enriched fuel into a combustion atmosphere of a furnace includes injecting a fuel stream into the combustion atmosphere, and providing oxygen into the fuel stream during the injecting of the fuel stream into the combustion atmosphere. A fluid injection apparatus for a combustion atmosphere of... Agent:

20140170574 - Flame instability detector: Systems and methods for detecting an instability associated with at least one burner are disclosed. A detector measures a signal associated with a characteristic of the at least one burner. The signal is converted to a time-varying signal spectrum using at least one processor. An instability is detected based at... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20140170577 - Burner having a cast dielectric electrode holder: A burner may include a dielectric body configured to hold one or more electrodes in proximity to a combustion reaction. The dielectric body may be cast from a refractory material. The one or more electrodes may be cast into the dielectric body. The dielectric body and the electrodes may be... Agent: Clearsign Combustion Corporation

20140170576 - Contained flame flare stack: A flare stack may be equipped with an electrical energy application system configured to apply electrical energy to a flare stack combustor. The applied electrical energy may be selected to affect flare flame length, flare flame containment, and/or flare flame exhaust gas composition.... Agent: Clearsign Combustion Corporation

20140170575 - Ionizer for a combustion system, including foam electrode structure: An ionizer mechanism includes a corona electrode and a counter electrode positioned with respect to one another. The counter electrode includes a first layer of a porous, open cell foam material with a medium-to-high intrinsic resistance. The counter electrode has a point contact resistance that is at least two orders... Agent: Clearsign Combustion Corporation

20140170579 - Candle with embedded item and methods for manufacturing and selling same: A candle with an embedded item and methods for manufacturing same are disclosed. According to one aspect, a method for manufacturing a candle having an item embedded within includes providing a first set of items of a first value and a second set of items of a second value different... Agent: Diamond Candles, LLC

20140170578 - Layered candle assembly and methods of forming thereof: A method of forming a layered candle assembly includes positioning a candle core in a form. A layer of powdered wax is loaded into the form. The powdered wax layer has an outer region and an inner region. Mechanical force is applied to compress the outer region of the powdered... Agent: Lancaster Colony Corporation

20140170580 - Gas burner: A gas burner 10 intended to point downwardly in use. The gas burner comprises a flame strip 24 in the form of a sheet material with a plurality of openings 38 therein to define ports for combustion gas. The outer side of the flame strip 24 provides a combustion surface... Agent:

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