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02/05/2015 > 6 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150037739 - Apparatus, method and system for a pilot ignition system: An apparatus, method and system is disclosed for a pilot light ignition system. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes: (1) a fluid powered linear actuator and (2) a trigger member, wherein the linear actuator is configured to move the trigger member to triggering a spark generating mechanism to generate a... Agent:

20150037738 - Fuel injection systems with enhanced corona burst: Methods, systems, and devices are disclosed for delivery a fluidic substance using Lorentz forces. In one aspect, a method to accelerate particles into a chamber includes distributing a fluidic substance between electrodes configured at a location proximate a chamber, in which electrodes include a low work function material, generating a... Agent:

20150037737 - System for gaseous fuel ignition for a cooking appliance: An improved ignition system is provided for use with a gaseous fuel burner on a cooktop of an appliance. A flame sensor is used to detect the presence of a flame at the gaseous fuel burner. When the flame is detected as absent for at least a certain predetermined period... Agent: General Electric Company

20150037740 - Gas valve assembly: An assembly for controlling the flow of a gas to a gas burner. The assembly including a rotational regulating valve and an electromagnetic safety valve. The regulating valve is rotational between a first angular position corresponding to a closed position and a second angular position corresponding to an open position.... Agent: Coprecitec, S.l.

20150037741 - Combustion systems for cooking equipment burners: The present invention refers to a combustion system applied in cooking equipments, which comprises technical features capable of enhancing heat exchange efficiency and capacity of cooking equipments through a turbulent combustion regime process. Preferably, the combustion system in accordance with the present invention comprises a fuel feed duct (1) connected... Agent:

20150037742 - Auxiliary burner assembly and control system for combusting vent gases in petroleum production and processing: An auxiliary burner assembly is provided within the exhaust stack associated with a main burner assembly for combusting vent gases from a petroleum production and processing facility. The auxiliary burner unit is located within the exhaust stack associated with the main burner assembly. The auxiliary burner assembly enables the same... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150030986 - Servo gas system, gas burner and method for operating the gas burner: Servo gas system (11) for a gas burner (10), namely for controlling a pressure regulation valve (20) positioned in a gas duct (18) of the gas burner, thereby controlling a gas pressure within the gas duct (18) being present downstream of the pressure regulation valve (20) and thereby controlling a... Agent:

20150030987 - Flare stack monitoring: Methods, systems, and computer-readable and executable instructions are described herein. One method includes receiving a sequence of images of a flare stack area from a thermal imaging component, identifying a first portion of the flare stack area moving at a first threshold optical flow using the sequence of images of... Agent:

20150030988 - Modular wick holder: A modular wick holder includes a first wick holder assembly and a second wick holder assembly joined together. The first and second wick holder assemblies are disposed symmetrical to each other. The first wick holder assembly includes a first projection and the second wick holder assembly includes a second projection... Agent: Pro-iroda Industries, Inc.

01/22/2015 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20150024328 - Regenerative thermal oxidizer for the reduction or elimination of supplemental fuel gas consumption: The present invention provides a regenerative thermal oxidizer system, comprising: a recuperative heat exchanger that receives process exhaust gas from an anaerobic digestion process and boosts an inlet temperature of the gas to a second gas temperature; and a regenerative thermal oxidizer that receives the gas from the heat exchanger,... Agent: Clean Energy Renewable Fuels, LLC

20150024329 - Environmentally friendly packaging assembly and a candle embodying the same: An environmentally friendly product packaging assembly having a secondary use after a product has been removed therefrom. The packaging assembly comprises a candle having a wall made of a vaporizable material and defining a cavity therein for retaining the product. The candle includes a wick embedded in the wall in... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20150017591 - Systems and methods for advanced closed loop control and improvement of combustion system operation: A system includes an analytics system including a processor configured to receive an indication of a detectable radiation associated with a combustion system. The detectable radiation includes multidimensional granular data associated with an operation of the combustion system. The processor is configured to determine a first value of one or... Agent:

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