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Coherent light generators

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08/07/2014 > 12 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140219297 - Anisotropic beam pumping of a kerr lens modelocked laser: Apparatus and methods for anisotropic pumping of a Kerr lens modelocked laser. Direct diode laser pumping of an ultrafast Kerr lens modelocked laser oscillator is accomplished. Diode lasers generate severely anisotropic beams, meaning the pump beam has a higher-beam-quality dimension and a lower-beam-quality dimension. By spatially overlap of the pump... Agent:

20140219296 - Compact coherent high brightness light source for the mid-ir and far ir: Compact laser systems are disclosed which include ultrafast laser sources in combination with nonlinear crystals or waveguides. In some implementations fiber based mid-IR sources producing very short pulses and/or mid-IR sources based on a mode locked fiber lasers are utilized. A difference frequency generator receives outputs from the ultrafast sources,... Agent: Imra America, Inc.

20140219298 - Optical scanning and imaging systems based on dual pulsed laser systems: The invention relates to scanning pulsed laser systems for optical imaging. Coherent dual scanning laser systems (CDSL) are disclosed and some applications thereof. Various alternatives for implementation are illustrated, including highly integrated configurations. In at least one embodiment a coherent dual scanning laser system (CDSL) includes two passively modelocked fiber... Agent: Imra America, Inc.

20140219300 - Method and system for high power parametric amplification of ultra-broadband few-cycle laser pulses: A system and method for high power parametric amplification based on performing amplification in a frequency domain after time domain pulses are optically Fourier transformed, to overcome bandwidth limitations. In a nutshell, a first optical Fourier transformation of a seed spectrum is performed and parametric amplification is carried out in... Agent: Institu National De La Recherche Scientifique

20140219299 - Method for actively controlling the optical output of a seed laser: Seed pulse generators for fiber amplifier systems include a seed pump controller coupled to a seed pump laser diode. A photodetector is situated to detect seed pulse generation, and is coupled to the seed pump controller so that seed pumping is decreased upon pulse detection. For a laser diode pump... Agent: Nlight Photonics Corporation

20140219301 - Reflectivity-modulated grating mirror: The invention relates to vertical cavity lasers (VCL) incorporating a reflectivity-modulated grating mirror (1) for modulating the laser output. A cavity is formed by a bottom mirror (4), an active region (3), and an outcoupling top grating mirror (1) formed by a periodic refractive index grating region in a layer... Agent: Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

20140219302 - Thermal management in laser diode device: Embodiments are disclosed that relate to reducing inductive losses and controlling driver and laser diode temperatures in an optical assembly comprising a laser diode. For example, one disclosed embodiment provides an optical assembly comprising a printed circuit board, and a laser diode package and laser diode driver mounted to the... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140219303 - Semiconductor light emitting device: A semiconductor light emitting device includes a light emitting structure including a first conductivity type semiconductor layer, an active layer, and a second conductivity type semiconductor layer, a first electrode disposed below the light emitting structure, the first electrode being electrically connected to the first conductivity type semiconductor layer, a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140219304 - Semiconductor light emitting device: A semiconductor light emitting device includes a conductive substrate, a light emitting laminate including a second conductivity type semiconductor layer, an active layer, and a first conductivity type semiconductor layer stacked on the conductive substrate, a first electrode layer electrically connected to the first conductivity type semiconductor layer, a second... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140219305 - Semiconductor lasers and etched-facet integrated devices having h-shaped windows: An edge-emitting optical semiconductor structure has a substrate, an active multiple quantum well (MQW) region formed on the substrate, and a ridge waveguide extending between first and second etched end facets. The first etched end facet is disposed in a first window, while the second etched end facet is disposed... Agent: Avago Technologies GeneralIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd

20140219306 - Multicolor photonic crystal laser array: A multicolor photonic crystal laser array comprises pixels of monolithically grown gain sections each with a different emission centre wavelength. As an example, two-dimensional surface-emitting photonic crystal lasers comprising broad gain-bandwidth III-nitride multiple quantum well axial heterostructures were fabricated using a novel top-down nanowire fabrication method. Single-mode lasing was obtained... Agent: Sandia Corporation

20140219307 - Combined laser light source: A combined laser light source includes a substrate, a waveguide, a first laser source, a second laser source, and a Bragg grating. The substrate includes a top surface, a first side surface, and a second side surface. The waveguide is formed in the top surface and includes a first branch... Agent:

07/31/2014 > 12 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140204963 - 193nm laser and inspection system: A laser for generating an output wavelength of approximately 193.4 nm includes a fundamental laser, an optical parametric generator, a fourth harmonic generator, and a frequency mixing module. The optical parametric generator, which is coupled to the fundamental laser, can generate a down-converted signal. The fourth harmonic generator, which may... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20140204964 - Short-pulse fiber-laser: A mode-locked fiber laser has a resonator including a gain-fiber, a mode-locking element, and a spectrally-selective dispersion compensating device. The resonator can be a standing-wave resonator or a traveling-wave resonator. The dispersion compensating device includes only one diffraction grating combined with a lens and a mirror to provide a spatial... Agent: Coherent, Inc.

20140204965 - Laser device and method: A laser beam combining and power scaling device and method. A first highly reflective mirror residing perpendicular to the first optical axis reflecting radiation emitted from the first laser head. A first Q-switch in alignment with the first optical axis interposed between the first highly reflective mirror and the first... Agent: Lee Laser, Inc.

20140204966 - Laser projection device and method for manipulating the same: A method for manipulating a laser projection device is provided. A laser projection device comprising a laser source, a driving module and a scanning mirror module is provided. The laser source provides a laser beam. The scanning mirror module disposed at one side of the laser source reflects the laser... Agent: Lite-on It Corporation

20140204967 - Thermal shunt: A thermal shunt is to transfer heat from a sidewall of a device to a silicon substrate. The device is associated with a Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) including a buried oxide layer. The thermal shunt extends through the buried oxide layer to the silicon substrate.... Agent:

20140204968 - Cooling module for laser, fabricating method thereof, and semiconductor laser fabricated from the module: A cooling module for fabricating a liquid-cooled semiconductor laser, a fabricating method, and a semiconductor laser fabricated from the module are provided, wherein the cooling module for a laser makes use of a liquid cooling plate provided with radiating fins to cool the semiconductor chip. After replacement of the traditional... Agent: Xi'an Focuslight Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140204969 - Semiconductor laser device: The present invention is aimed to prevent occurrence of COD and rapid degradation of light output in semiconductor laser devices. The semiconductor laser device includes a semiconductor laser element 100A and a support member 200. The semiconductor laser element 100a includes a first electrode 13, a substrate 11, and a... Agent:

20140204970 - Semiconductor device: A semiconductor device has an active layer, a first semiconductor layer of first conductive type, an overflow prevention layer disposed between the active layer and the first semiconductor layer, which is doped with impurities of first conductive type and which prevents overflow of electrons or holes, a second semiconductor layer... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

07/17/2014 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140198813 - Laser resonator for generating frequency-converted laser radiation: The invention relates to a laser resonator for generating frequency-converted laser radiation, comprising a laser-active solid-state medium and a wavelength conversion crystal. A transmissive optical element having a concavely curved surface for generating collimated laser radiation is arranged in the laser resonator.... Agent: Trumpf Laser Marking Systems Ag

20140198814 - Wavelength modulation heterodyne light source: The present invention discloses a wavelength modulation heterodyne light source, which comprises: a modulation unit, a wavelength modulated light source and a birefringent crystal. The modulation unit produces a triangular or sine wave modulating signal, and transmits the modulating signal to the wavelength modulated light source to generate a wavelength... Agent: National Central University

20140198815 - Laser device: The present invention provides a light source for light circuits on a silicon platform. A vertical laser cavity is formed by a gain region arranged between a first mirror structure and a second mirror structure, both acting as mirrors, by forming a grating region including an active material in a... Agent: Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

20140198816 - Isolated modulator electrodes for low power consumption: A light-emitting device, multi-channel light-emitting device, and method(s) of making the same are disclosed. The light-emitting device can include a substrate; a lower contact layer on or over the substrate comprising a first lower contact in a first region and a plurality of second lower contacts in a second region;... Agent:

20140198817 - Lasers with ingaasp quantum wells and gaasp barrier layers: A laser can include an active region having: one or more quantum wells having InGaAsP; and two or more quantum well barriers having GaAsP bounding the one or more quantum wells, wherein the active region is devoid of Al. The laser emits light having about 850 nm. The one or... Agent: Finisar Corporation

20140198818 - Alleviation of laser-induced damage in optical materials by suppression of transient color centers formation and control of phonon population: Laser-induced damage in an optical material can be mitigated by creating conditions at which light absorption is minimized. Specifically, electrons populating defect energy levels of a band gap in an optical material can be promoted to the conduction band—a process commonly referred to as bleaching. Such bleaching can be accomplished... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

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