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Coded data generation or conversion December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/11

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12/29/2011 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20110316722 - Incremental coder and method for determining a value of variation of stable positions of the coder: An incremental coder in which stable positions of the coder are defined by multiples of an increment of the coder. The coder computes a difference between a binary word obtained for a current stable position and a binary word obtained for a previous stable position, and computes the value of... Agent: Thales

20110316723 - Method and system for predictive human interface: A method and system provide a predictive human interface for a plurality of user electronic devices, which includes establishing a user account with a service provider, registering the plurality of user electronic devices in an electronic database associated with the user account, and storing, in the electronic database, initial user... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20110316724 - Tactile force sense presenting device, electronic device terminal applied with tactile force sense presenting device, and tactile force sense presenting method: A tactile force sense presenting device of the present invention includes: an operation unit which includes an operation lever to be operated by an operator, and a movement guide surface which guides an input of a slide motion of the operation lever in the XY-planar direction and an input of... Agent:

20110316725 - Scanning circuit and method for keyboard: A scanning circuit includes n column wires, a ground column wire, n row wires, n*n keys, and n diodes. The column wires and the ground column wire cross the n row wires to form n*(n+1) intersections. The ground column wire having a terminal is for being connected to the high... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20110316726 - Low power multi-level signaling: Apparatus are disclosed, such as those involving a transmitter circuit that is configured to generate multi-level signals based on a plurality of data digits. One such transmitter circuit includes a signal output and an encoder configured to provide control signals based at least partially on the plurality of data digits.... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20110316727 - Method and device for encoding and/or decoding a sequence of discrete source values and data carrier provided with an encoded sequence of source values: In a method and device for encoding and/or decoding a sequence of discrete source values (Si) sub-groups (Gi) of a number of successive source values are taken from the sequence of source values. The sub-groups of source values are encoded into packets, comprising in each case an initial value (S1)... Agent:

20110316728 - Data compression by multi-order differencing: Embodiments of the present invention enable compression and decompression of data. Applications of the present invention are its use in embodiments of systems for compression and decompression of GPS long-term Ephemeris (LTE) data, although the present invention is not limited to such applications. In embodiments, the LTE data may be... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110316729 - Complex bandpass deltasigmaad modulator and digital radio receiver: A complex bandpass READ modulator 10 is configured by a subtraction unit 20, a complex bandpass filter 30, an addition unit 40, a noise extraction circuit unit 50, an ADC unit 60, and a DAC unit 70. The noise extraction circuit unit 50 extracts a quantized noise signal of the... Agent: National University Corporation Gunma University

20110316730 - Analog unit: An ADC code given in response to input of an analog input value to an A/D converter circuit is measured at a site where an A/D converter unit is used to measure a user-measured value. A user-set value calculating part calculates a user offset value and a user gain value... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110316731 - Method and device for phase and/or pulse-width modulation: The present invention relates to a device (2000) and a method for encoding an input signal (102) into a digital pulse-width and/or phase modulated output signal (162). The present invention also relates to a transmission method, a power amplifier and a transmitter. With the aid of a mapping process comprising... Agent: Ihp Gmbh-innovations For High Performance Microelectronics/leibniz-institut Fur Innovative

20110316732 - Vector quantization device, vector inverse-quantization device, and methods of same: An LSP vector quantization device able to improve the precision of quantization in vector quantization where a codebook for first stage vector quantization is switched according to the type of a feature that has a correlation with the quantization target vector. In this device, a classifier (101) selects, from a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

12/22/2011 > 11 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20110309957 - Input module and electronic device having the same: An input module includes a substrate, at least two bio-keys and a control unit. The substrate has at least two bio-leads and switches. Each of the bio-keys has a key surface, at least one conductive elastic piece and a protrusion. The conductive elastic piece is electrically connected and conducted to... Agent: Sentelic Corporation

20110309956 - Low power sensing via resistive sensor matrix: Embodiments are disclosed that relate to input devices. In one embodiment, an input device comprises a sensor matrix having first and second pluralities of conductors, a plurality of first resistors, a voltage-applying mechanism configured to apply a selected voltage to each second conductor of the plurality of second conductors, a... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110309955 - Radio frequency identification interface devices and methods: A radio frequency identification (RFID) device is described. In one implementation, there is provided a keyboard emulator; a first keyboard interface configured to receive an operative connection to a host computer, and operatively connected to the keyboard emulator; and a controller configured to receive data from at least one RFID... Agent: Intelletto Technologies Inc.

20110309954 - Touch-type key input apparatus: A touch press key inputting device includes: a plurality of character keys 21˜32 with at least 2 characters displayed on the surface of each key; an input judging means 72 for sensing the character keys touched and the first touched points in the area of the character keys, performing a... Agent: Tip Communications LLC

20110309958 - Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding data: Methods and apparatuses for encoding and decoding data. The method for encoding data includes: receiving data; determining one quantizer from among a plurality of quantizers having a same quantization step size and different offset values; and transmitting an indicator and a quantized coefficient related to the determined quantizer. The method... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110309959 - Method for improving the resolution and for correcting distortions in a sigma-delta modulator, and sigma-delta modulator implementing said method: In a method for improving resolution and for correcting distortions for a sigma-delta modulator, a modulator converts an analog input signal into a secondary output digital signal sampled at a frequency fe and coded on NB bits, a second main output digital signal s′(t) is represented on NMSB bits also... Agent: Thales

20110309960 - Power supply apparatus for test apparatus: A power supply apparatus is provided for a test apparatus configured to supply a power supply signal to a DUT. An A/D converter performs analog/digital conversion of an analog observed value that corresponds to a power supply signal so as to generate a digital observed value. A digital signal processing... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110309961 - A/d conversion circuit and a/d conversion method: An analog-to-digital conversion circuit includes: comparators to compare an input analog signal and one of reference voltages corresponding to each operation in an analog-to-digital conversion; an interpolating comparator to compare the input analog signal and a determination voltage between first and second reference voltages corresponding to two comparators; a correction... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110309962 - Analog-to-digital converter timing circuits: An analog-to-digital converter timing circuit disclosed herein uses a clock generation circuit that makes the analog-to-digital converter insensitive to input clock duty cycle. Minimum clock jitter is added to the clock signal while propagating through the disclosed circuit. A method and system are also disclosed to clock an interleaved pipelined... Agent: Arctic Silicon Devices

20110309963 - Successive approximation type a/d converter, method of controlling successive approximation type a/d converter, solid-state imaging device, and imaging apparatus: A successive approximation type A/D converter includes: a reference signal generating section generating a reference signal; a comparator comparing an analog signal input thereto with the reference signal and converting the analog signal into a digital signal; and a control section controlling the reference signal to perform oversampling by executing... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110309964 - Network remote control: A network of devices with remote control includes a network interconnecting two or more networked devices and a wireless remote control unit for communicating with one or more of the networked devices. The remote control unit stores an interface for one or more of the networked devices so that the... Agent: Sony Corporation

12/15/2011 > 12 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20110304482 - Absolute optical encoder with long range intensity modulation on scale: An encoder configuration comprises a dual-modulation scale track pattern that provides a first intensity modulation component for producing periodic signals, and a second intensity modulation component for producing a long-range absolute signal. The dual-modulation scale track pattern increases the range-to-resolution ratio of the encoder without the use of additional scale... Agent: Mitutoyo Corporation

20110304485 - Legend highlighting: A method for manufacturing keycap includes applying a first coating layer on a surface of a keycap layer, applying a second coating layer on top of the first coating layer, etching at least a portion of the first coating layer to a first depth to form a first etched area,... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110304484 - Light guide having a capacitive sensing grid and related methodology: An electronic device may include a keypad having a plurality of predefined key areas and a light guide that may be used to illuminate the key areas. The light guide may include a capacitive sensing grid to sense user contact relative to the keypad.... Agent: Avago Technologies EcbuIP( Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20110304483 - Method and apparatus for text data input with an alphanumeric keypad for an electronic device: In the Alpha mode method, the key designated by the numeral 1 displays the Alpha key (α), when pressed Alpha mode is activated. In Alpha mode the alphabet letter corresponding to the first letter displayed on a selected key is input by a user by pressing the corresponding key once.... Agent:

20110304486 - Solar keyboard and electronic device using the same: A solar keyboard includes a base, a touch keyboard module and a solar cell. The touch keyboard module is disposed on the base and includes a transparent layer. The solar cell is selectively disposed over or below the transparent layer. An area of the solar cell is substantially equal to... Agent:

20110304487 - Floating point timer techniques: Aspects of the present disclosure relate to floating point timers and counters that are used in a variety of contexts. In some implementations, a floating point counter can be used to generate a wave form made up of a series of pulses with different pulse lengths. An array of these... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20110304488 - Filter for the suppression of noise in resolver-to-digital converters: A system and method for reducing noise in resolver-to-digital converters (RDC) using a cascaded tracking loop filter. In some embodiments, one or more tracking loop filters may be implemented in a cascade to attenuate carrier harmonic frequencies in the digitized output of an RDC. Where a plurality of tracking loop... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20110304489 - Methods of and arrangements for offset compensation of an analog-to-digital converter: An arrangement is disclosed for offset compensation of a time-interleaved analog-to-digital converter, having a plurality of computing channels and being adapted to convert a signal from an analog domain to a digital domain. The arrangement comprises the time-interleaved analog-to-digital converter, an analog offset estimation and compensation unit adapted to estimate... Agent: Zoran Corporation

20110304490 - Low power comparator for use in sar adcs: Successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) generally use one or more comparators to convert an analog signal to a digital signal. These comparators, however, can consume a great deal of power, so it is desirable to have a comparator configuration that consumes less power. Here, a multi-bandwidth comparator is... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110304491 - Digital feedforward sigma-delta modulator in analog-to-digital converter and modulation method thereof: A digital feedforward sigma-delta modulator in an analog-to-digital converter and its modulation method are disclosed. The modulator changes a feedforward path from an analog domain to a digital domain and processes it. The modulator integrates an analog input by using a plurality of integrators, weights them, quantizes them by using... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20110304492 - Multi-channel sar adc: For high voltage applications, multi-channel successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) are often plagued with numerous problems that are generally associated with parasitics (which are present in high voltage components). Here, a different architecture is provided where the sampling capacitors are separated from conversion capacitors so as to have... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110304493 - Ternary search sar adc: Traditionally, successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) using binary search algorithms have consumed power by performing unnecessary switching of a capacitive digital-to-analog converter (CDAC) when a CDAC voltage is relatively close to a sampling analog input signal. Here, a SAR ADC is provided that reduces the number of switching... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

12/08/2011 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20110298641 - Bubble correction in a flash analog-to-digital converter: Embodiments of a flash analog-to-digital converter (ADC) that can detect and suppress bubbles in a thermometer code of a flash ADC are provided herein. Bubbles can result in large sparkle errors, which degrade the bit error rates (BER) of flash ADCs. The present invention utilizes a bubble correction module that... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110298642 - Current trimming circuit and a/d converter including current trimming circuit: A current is generated from a reference voltage using an operational amplifier. The current is mirrored by a current mirror circuit to obtain a reference current. For example, the current mirror circuit includes a plurality of PMOS transistors. Based on the result of measurement of the reference current by an... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110298643 - Adaptive bias current generator methods and apparatus: In one aspect, a method of reducing power consumption in a circuit by adaptive bias current generation of a bias current configured to bias, at least in part, at least one amplifier of the circuit is provided. The method comprises establishing the bias current based, at least in part, on... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20110298644 - Switched-capacitor amplifier and analog front-end circuit: In a first period, a first and a second feedback capacitors each store an electric charge dependent on a voltage level of an input signal. In a second period, a first and a second output voltages are fed back respectively through the first and the second feedback capacitors respectively to... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110298645 - Shared operational transconductance amplifier pipelined adc incorporating a sample/hold amplifier and multiple mdac stages: A single operational transconductance pipelined ADC incorporating a sample/hold amplifier and multiple MDAC stages. An input signal is sampled on input signal sampling capacitors, and then coupled around an operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) so that the output of the OTA is equal to the sampled voltage. There is no net... Agent: Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

20110298646 - Code set determination for a remote control: Universal Remote Controls are designed for controlling a large amount of appliances. Each of these appliances needs to be controlled by using codes of its own code set. For this reason, Universal Remote Controls store multiple code sets, so that they are able to control any of the appliances by... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

12/01/2011 > 10 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20110291864 - Input inducing device and inducing keyboard: An input inducing device is provided. The input inducing device includes a winding, a current sensor, and a processing unit. Two ends of the winding are connected to the current sensor and form a closed-loop with the current sensor. When a magnetic object moves towards the winding, the winding cuts... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20110291865 - Method, system, and apparatus for interpolating an output of an analog-to-digital converter: A system, method, and apparatus is disclosed for interpolation of an output of an analog to digital converter (ADC) to enable operation of the ADC at a sampling rate that is independent of the sampling rate for a DSP core so as to efficiently enable operation at higher date rates.... Agent:

20110291866 - Variable-length decoding device: A variable-length decoding device includes a data determination unit which determines whether or not each of component values decoded by a variable-length decoding unit is a specific value; a data buffer that holds only a component value which is not the specific value; a last valid data determination unit which... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110291867 - Encoding and decoding methods and devices using a secondary codeword indicator: A method for encoding an input sequence of symbols as a plurality of codewords including primary codewords and secondary codewords, and a method of decoding the plurality of codewords. The codewords are output as a bitstream including an associated codeword type indicator, which specifies whether its associated plurality of consecutive... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110291868 - Method for detecting errors of an a/d converter: A method for detecting errors of an A/D converter which is designed for converting an analog input signal into a digital output signal. The digital output signal represents a number z which results from an input value of the analog input signal when an A/D conversion is carried out. In... Agent:

20110291869 - Detecting device: A detecting device has: a detecting element to which a first constant voltage is applied; a resistance element connected to the detecting element; a switching element having a first terminal to the resistance element, a second terminal controlled to a second constant voltage lower than the first constant voltage, and... Agent: Oki Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

20110291870 - Analog-to-digital converting circuit: The present invention relates to an analog-to-digital converting circuit, which comprises an integrating circuit, a reference signal generating circuit, a comparator, and a first counting circuit. The integrating circuit integrates an input signal for producing an integration signal. The reference signal generating circuit produces a plurality of reference signals. The... Agent: Sitronix Technology Corp.

20110291871 - Current-mode dual-slope temperature-digital conversion device: A current mode dual-slope temperature-to-digital conversion device is disclosed. The conversion device comprises a temperature dependent current source and a reference current source. Firstly, a capacitor is charged by the temperature dependent current source. Next, the capacitor is discharged by the reference current source. The capacitor is coupled to at... Agent:

20110291872 - Multi-gigabit analog to digital converter: An analog to digital converter for operating at high speeds can be implemented with a micro-comparator/sampler, an encoder, and a selector. The micro-comparator includes an input from an antenna of a receiver/transceiver system; a transistor pair; reset transistor; cascaded inverters; an inverter circuit; a buffer; and a D flip flop... Agent: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

20110291873 - Differential amplifier and pipeline a/d converter using the same: In a differential amplifier, input terminals to which a differential input is given are connected to gates of input transistors, respectively. One ends of capacitive devices are connected to sources of the input transistors, respectively. A switching section switches connection between the other ends of the capacitive devices and the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

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