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Coded data generation or conversion June invention type 06/11

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06/30/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110156929 - Button for input interface, input interface and portable terminal: A button, which is used for an input interface of a portable terminal and which is stuck fixedly to a base sheet adjacently to at least one other button, is characterized in that a thin wall part, which is positioned lower than a key top part, is formed on at... Agent:

20110156930 - Capacitive touch panel with high touching sensitivity: A capacitive touch panel has a plurality of first conductor lines and a plurality of second conductor lines. The first conductor lines are disposed in a first direction for sensing a contact with an object. The second conductor lines are disposed in a second direction to be intersected insulatively with... Agent: Orise Technology Co., Ltd.

20110156931 - Input device with rotary wheel: The invention relates to an input device (1) for an electronic apparatus, particularly for a remote-control. The input device (1) comprises a printed circuit board (200) with an opening (201) in which a rotary wheel module (100) is mounted. The design allows to realize the input device (1) with small... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110156932 - Hybrid arithmetic-combinatorial encoder: Hybrid range coding/combinatorial coding (FPC) encoders and decoders are provided. Encoding and decoding can be dynamically switched between range coding and combinatorial according to the ratio of ones to the ratio of bits in a partial remaining sequence in order to reduce the computational complexity of encoding and decoding.... Agent: Motorola

20110156933 - Generating a jittered digital signal using a serializer device: A serializer device is used for generation, from a parallel digital signal, of a clock signal or a serial binary data signal having a pre-determined amount of jitter. A binary number having consecutive groups of ones and zeroes, when serialized by the serializer device, produces a clock signal. By varying... Agent: Jds Uniphase Corporation

20110156934 - Method and apparatus for parallel data interfacing using combined coding and recording medium therefor: A semiconductor device may include a coding lookup table unit including a plurality of coding lookup tables each of which is selected by a respectively selection signal, and a selection unit configured to receive one of N-bit parallel data and extract respective encoded data corresponding to the selection signal and... Agent:

20110156935 - Apparatus and method for simplifying digital-to-analog converter circuitry using gray code: For high resolution resistor string DACs, a resistor string is placed in an array of columns and rows, each resistor tap is connected to a switch network, and a decoder is used to select switches to be closed such that sub-DAC voltage comes from the resistor taps connected to the... Agent: Stmicroelectronics R&d (shanghai) Co. Ltd.

20110156936 - Mobile industry processor interface: An optimized Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) includes a transmitter physical (PHY) layer configured to convert input data into serial data and transmit the serial data in synchronization with a high-speed clock, a receiver PHY layer configured to convert the serial data into 8-bit parallel data in synchronization with the... Agent:

20110156937 - Multi-speed burst mode serializer/de-serializer: A multi-speed burst mode serializer/de-serializer (SerDes) is configurable and can operate in one of a plurality of operating modes. The plurality of operating modes correspond to the reception of signals from optical network units that operate at different nominal speeds. These various modes of operation can enable a single SerDes... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110156938 - Data output circuit: A data output circuit is presented. The data output circuit includes: a data serializer and a driver. The data serializer is configured to generate serial data using first parallel data. The driver is configured to drive the serial data to generate output data. The data serializer is also configured to... Agent: Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

20110156939 - Pulse edge selection circuit, and pulse generation circuit, sample-hold circuit, and solid-state image sensor using the same: A pulse edge selection circuit includes an input stage which selects and passes one clock from among a plurality of clocks and an output stage which outputs the clock to an edge detection circuit. The output stage has a combination of a plurality of NOR gates and a plurality of... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110156940 - Continuous-time sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter with non-invasive filter(s) for immunity preservation against interferers: A continuous-time sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter (CV) comprises i) a signal path (SP) which includes at least one combiner (C1) for combining analog signals to be converted with analog feedback signals, at least one integrator (H1) for integrating the combined analog signals, a quantizer (Q) for converting the integrated signals into... Agent: St-ericsson Sa

20110156941 - Method for converting analog data into digital data for analog input module: A method for converting analog data into digital data for analog input module is disclosed, wherein the analog input module adds at least one or more digital data determined at previous conversion periods (k−1th, . . . k−dth, said k and d being a natural number) to n numbers of... Agent: Ls Industrial Systems Co., Ltd.

20110156942 - Reduced area digital-to-analog converter: One embodiment of the invention includes a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) system. A resistive ladder comprises a plurality of resistors having an approximately equal resistance and is arranged in a respective plurality of resistive rungs between first and second ends of the resistive ladder. The first end of the resistive ladder... Agent:

20110156944 - Device control bus command translation for noncompliant and incompatible devices: A method of facilitating consumer device control bus functionality in an entertainment system is presented. In the method, a consumer device control bus command is received from a first electronic device. The control bus command is translated into a wireless remote control command compatible with a second electronic device. The... Agent: Eldon Technology Limited

20110156943 - Remote controller: A remote controller for toys includes a user interface which applies the low-cost capacitive sensing method with the remote controller. Users can touch and/or drag on a remote controller surface by fingers to remotely control the movement of R/C cars, planes, helicopters or a boat. The remote controller is essentially... Agent: Silverlit Limited

06/23/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110148667 - Intelligent multi-axial intuitive joystick suitable for use by both left-handers and right-handers: Provided is an intelligent multi-axial intuitive joystick suitable for use by both left-handers and right-handers and applicable to machine tools, measuring equipment, cars, and so on, which require moving instructions. The joystick features at most four-axis output control, multiple output modes to select from, a dead-band setting function, axial angle... Agent:

20110148668 - System and method for protecting a resistive touch panel of a communication device: A system and a method for protecting a resistive touch panel of a communication device includes setting a pressure threshold level, obtaining parameter values of the resistive touch panel and location information of the touch point and calculating the value of the touch resistance. The system and the method further... Agent: Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.

20110148669 - Thimble-type intermediation device and method for recognizing finger gesture using the same: Provided are a thimble-type intermediation device and a method for recognizing a finger gesture using the same. The thimble-type intermediation device includes: a motion sensing unit sensing a motion of a user's finger and generating the sensed result as motion data; a tactile sensing block sensing a tactile behavior of... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110148670 - Portable character input apparatus and method using change in tension of strings connected to fingers: A portable character input apparatus which is compact and uses strings connected to each finger to input characters. The portable character input apparatus includes a plurality of wearing units, each configured to be worn on or attached to a finger; at least one or more first connection strings, each configured... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110148671 - Curve-shaped touch-sensitive keyboard: A curve-shaped touch-sensitive keyboard comprises a keyboard casing in form of a curve surface, in which upper and lower ends of the keyboard casing are warped upwards along a whole length of the keyboard casing to form two convex sections and a concave section is formed between the two convex... Agent: Shining Union Limited

20110148672 - Transitioning digital data processors between power savings and non-power savings modes: A sink may be to used to process multimedia digital data. The sink may include a plurality of input ports, an output port, a switchably-enabled selector to select an input port from a plurality of HDMI input ports to couple to an output port, a control circuit to detect encrypted... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20110148673 - Method and device for encoding elements: It provides a method for encoding a set of elements by using components defining the structure of each of the set of elements, wherein each element comprises data structure information and at least one data value. The method comprises the steps of: selecting a current element for encoding; determining whether... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20110148674 - Digital signal coding method and apparatus, digital signal decoding apparatus, digital signal arithmetic coding method and digital signal arithmetic decoding method: In a bit stream syntax containing compressed video slice data for compressed video data of a slice structure, a slice header for compressed video slice data has attached thereto a slice start code, a register reset flag indicating whether a register value, which designates a status of a codeword occurring... Agent:

20110148675 - Analog/digital or digital/analog conversion system having improved linearity: A digital-to-analog converter (DAC) circuit includes a least significant bit (LSB) set of capacitors, each commonly coupled to an LSB node, and a most significant bit (MSB) set of capacitors, each coupled to an MSB node. A section-coupling capacitor couples the LSB and MSB nodes. The LSB node exhibits a... Agent: Integrated Device Technology, Inc.

20110148676 - Digital phase locked loop with dithering: An embodiment of the present invention provides a phase locked loop that operates on clock signals derived from an RF clock signal generated by the phase locked loop. A frequency reference input provides a reference clock. A controllable oscillator generates the RF clock signal. A phase detection circuit operates on... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110148678 - Converter:

20110148677 - D-class digital amplifier configured for shaping non-idealities of an output signal: The disclosure relates to an amplifier comprising a digital delta-sigma modulator, a quantifier receiving a signal supplied by a delta-sigma stage and supplying a quantified signal, and a power circuit supplying an output signal. The device comprises N state loops of a first type configured to send the output signal... Agent: Primachip Sas

20110148679 - Reconfigurable bandpass delta-sigma modulator: A delta-sigma modulator is disclosed which has a filter comprising a filter input, two LC resonators (LC1-1, LC1-2), and two switches (CBT/CGT). An input of each one of the two switches is connected to the filter input and a corresponding output of each one of the two switches is connected... Agent:

20110148680 - Digital-analog converting apparatus and test apparatus: Provided is a DA conversion apparatus comprising a capacitor array DA converter that outputs to an output line an output voltage corresponding to a digital value input thereto; and a load changing section that changes a size of a load capacitance connected to the output line. The load changing section... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110148681 - Digital-to-analog converter to produce paired control signals in a power supply controller: An example digital-to-analog converter (DAC) for a power supply controller includes a first node, a second node, a current source, and a switch. The first node is to be coupled to provide a first analog signal to a variable oscillator of the power supply controller. The second node is to... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20110148682 - Predictive analog-to-digital converter and methods thereof: Predictive Analog-to-Digital Converter system in one embodiment includes a sampling section producing a sampled analog input signal with a first summer section combining the sampled analog input signal and an analog prediction signal to produce an analog prediction error signal. There is at least one error analog-to-digital convertor digitizing the... Agent: General Electric Company

20110148683 - Analog-to-digital converter: There is provided an analog-to-digital converter that comprises an analog signal input for receiving an analog signal; a reference voltage input for receiving a reference voltage signal; and a plurality of comparators, one input of each comparator being connected to the analog signal input, and the other input of each... Agent: Iti Scottland Limited

20110148684 - Successive approximation analog-to-digital converter: There is provided a successive approximation analog-to-digital converter including only minimal capacitors to perform an analog-to-digital conversion operation, thereby making it possible to have very strong process change resistance characteristics while having reduced capacitance and circuit area. The successive approximation analog-to-digital converter may include a reference current supplying unit that... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110148685 - Configurable light fixture, configurable lighting system and method for configuring a lighting system: A configurable light fixture for a lighting system is described. The light fixture comprising a receiver, wherein the receiver of the light fixture is arranged to, upon receipt of a pairing signal from a transmitter, store a transmitter ID comprised in the pairing signal in a first memory unit when... Agent: Eldolab Holding B.v.

06/16/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110140929 - Apparatus for analyzing operations and method for analyzing operations: An operations analysis apparatus for motion includes a prescribed-motion data acquisition unit configured to acquire prescribed-motion data which is measured when an exemplar and an examinee perform a prescribed motion, respectively, and a feature extraction unit configured to extract exemplar features and examinee features, and a transformation matrix calculation unit... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20110140931 - Motion detection system: A motion detection system (100) comprises a sensor (106) arranged to detect a movement pattern of a movement occasioned by a user, and a control device (108) arranged to receive movement data representative of the detected movement pattern. The control device (108) is further arranged to compare the detected movement... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110140930 - Touch apparatus, transparent scan electrode structure, and manufacturing method thereof: A touch apparatus, a transparent scan electrode, a geometric electrode structure and a manufacturing method thereof are disclosed. The transparent scan electrode structure comprises a first transparent scan electrode, a second transparent scan electrode and an isolative layer. The first transparent scan electrode comprises a first resistance region and a... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110140932 - Key assembly: A mobile device is described herein in which the mobile device has a housing that includes a transition point and an actuator that can be flexible and that can be used to initiate a predetermined action. The actuator can include a transition point. The mobile device can also have a... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110140934 - Metal keyboard for a computer and manufacturing method thereof: A metal keyboard for a computer and the method thereof are provided. The keyboard includes an aluminum panel in which a plurality of nano-micro-pores is defined by nano-molding process T; a plastic body disposed on the aluminum panel and made through injection molding based on above nano-molding process, one side... Agent: Metalplas Forming Technology (zhuhai) Ltd.

20110140933 - Remote control system and method for operating the same: A remote control system is disclosed. The remote control system includes a remote control transmitter module for transmitting a learning signal or a functional signal, and a remote control receiver module in a host for receiving the learning signal or the functional signal wherein the remote control receiver module operates... Agent: Powertech Industrial Co., Ltd.

20110140935 - Icon illumination for capacitive touch switch: A capacitive touch switch is disclosed which includes a substrate having a channel formed between a first surface and a second surface thereof, thereby defining a flexible section of the substrate. The capacitive touch switch also includes an insulating panel having a first face and a second face, the second... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20110140936 - System for text acquisition, transformation and/or database load: One embodiment of the present invention is a text acquisition system that includes: (a) a character stream application module; (b) a parallel property bit stream module; (c) an analysis module; (c) a character stream generator; and (d) a database.... Agent: International Characters, Inc.

20110140937 - Distributed on-demand media transcoding system and method: A method for delivering media content over a network includes transcoding the media content to generate multiple copies of the media content, each of the multiple copies having a different destination type or a different source type or both, storing the multiple copies in a cache, receiving requests for the... Agent:

20110140939 - Sample hold circuit and method for sampling and holding signal: A sample hold circuit and a method for sampling and holding a signal are provided. The sample hold circuit includes a sample unit, a direct current (DC) voltage elimination unit, and a hold unit. When the sample hold circuit is in a first state, the sample unit samples an input... Agent: Himax Media Solutions, Inc.

20110140938 - Signal generating apparatus and test apparatus: Provided is a signal generating apparatus comprising a DA converter that outputs an output signal corresponding to input data supplied thereto; a sample/hold unit that is provided between the DA converter and an output end of the signal generating apparatus, and that samples an output voltage of the DA converter... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110140940 - Coefficient multiplier and digital delta-sigma modulator using the same: Provided are a coefficient multiplier and digital delta-sigma modulator using the same. The coefficient multiplier has the average of output signals of respective dependent multipliers as an effective coefficient using a coefficient averaging technique without employing an adder that has a complex structure and occupies a large chip area. Accordingly,... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110140942 - Conversion of a discrete time quantized signal into a continuous time, continuously variable signal: Provided are, among other things, systems, apparatuses, methods and techniques for converting a discrete-time quantized signal into a continuous-time, continuously variable signal. An exemplary converter preferably includes: (1) multiple oversampling converters, each processing a different frequency band, operated in parallel; (2) multirate (i.e., polyphase) delta-sigma modulators (preferably second-order or higher);... Agent: Syntropy Systems, LLC

20110140941 - Voltage adder circuit and d/a converter circuit: A voltage adder circuit includes an amplifier circuit having a first operational amplifier and into which a first voltage is input, a circuit that supplies an output current to the amplifier circuit, and a current providing section that detects the output current of the circuit and supplies an output current... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20110140943 - Digital-analog converter: In order to reduce a current mismatch by laying-out the bias circuit of current cells adjacent to each other in a common current centroid manner or connecting the output lines of the current cells in a tournament manner, there is provided a digital-analog converter in which a plurality of current... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110140944 - Digital-to-analog converter: A resistor string digital-to-analog converter includes a high-order resistor string, first high-order switches, a high-order decoder, a low-order decoder, and a conversion unit. The high-order resistor string includes a plurality of voltage acquisition points that are coupled through unit resistors. The high-order decoder generates a first high-order control signal in... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110140947 - Analog-to-digital conversion unit and analog-to-digital converting method thereof: An analog-to-digital conversion unit (ADC unit) and an analog-to-digital converting method (ADC method) are provided. The ADC unit has a plurality of sub analog-to-digital converters and an encoding unit. Each of the employed sub analog-to-digital converters is coupled to two threshold voltages non-successive in terms of levels arrangement, compares the... Agent: Himax Media Solutions, Inc.

20110140946 - Data converter system that avoids interleave images and distortion products: A data converter system provides an output signal having reduced spurious tones by confining an input signal to a specified frequency band and over-sampling so that the converted input signal “straddles” or “avoids” spurious tones. The spurious tones may then be filtered away, providing an output signal having a much... Agent: Tektronix, Inc.

20110140945 - Gain circuit: A gain circuit comprises a main amplification unit and a first refresh unit. The main amplification unit comprises an amplifier, a first capacitor connected between a first input terminal of the gain circuit and a first input terminal of the amplifier, and a second capacitor connected between the first input... Agent: Zoran Corporation

20110140948 - Proxy remote control: A method includes receiving, at a proxy remote control signal receiver device, first control data from a remote control device that is associated with a first device. The first control data is prevented from being received at a remote control signal receiver associated with the first device. The first control... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

06/09/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110133964 - Oversampling a/d converter: An oversampling A/D converter includes a first filter including a first resistive element, a first capacitive element, a second resistive element, an operational amplifier, and a second capacitive element; a second filter receiving an output of the first filter; a third filter including a third resistive element, a third capacitive... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110133963 - Successive aproximation a/d converter: A successive approximation A/D converter, includes a reference voltage generation circuit, a sample/hold circuit, a D/A converter circuit, a comparator, and a control circuit. A potential difference between the comparison target voltage generated by the D/A converter circuit and the internal analog voltage is applied to one input terminal of... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20110133965 - Angle detection device and method of manufacturing the same: An angle detection device of the present invention includes: a stator which includes a plurality of salient pole portions which are formed on a flat sheet made of a magnetic material and are raised by bending, each salient pole portion constituting a winding magnetic core on which a winding member... Agent: Tamagawa Seiki Co., Ltd.

20110133967 - High speed latch comparators: In a latch circuit having a bistable pair of cross connected transistors of a first polarity and a third transistor of a second polarity, a current signal greater than a bias current is received at a latch circuit port, amplified with the third transistor, and applied to the latch circuit... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110133966 - Switched-capacitor input circuit and analog-to-digital converter including the same: A switched-capacitor input circuit which receives an analog input signal, and samples and holds the analog input signal, comprising an amplifier, at least one capacitor, one terminal of the capacitor being connected to an input terminal of the amplifier, and a first switch configured to selectively connect the other terminal... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110133969 - Bandpass delta-sigma modulator: A bandpass delta-sigma modulator is formed to include a bandpass filtering circuit that bandpass filters an input signal. An analog-to-digital converter (ADC) receives output of the bandpass filtering circuit and generates an output quantization code. A digital filter receives the output quantization code. A digital-to-analog converter (DAC) receives output of... Agent: National Taiwan University

20110133968 - Modulator with loop-delay compensation: A modulator is constructed with a loop-delay compensation. A delta-sigma modulator generates a quantization code, and a digital compensation filter receives the quantization code and outputs a digital code. The digital compensation filter then feeds the digital code back to the delta-sigma modulator.... Agent: National Taiwan University

20110133971 - Analog-to-digital converter: An SAR ADC includes a digital-to-analog converter, a first comparator that compares an input analog signal with a reference analog signal, a second comparator that compares an input analog signal with a reference analog signal, a selection circuit that selects one of comparison results of the first comparator and the... Agent: Semiconductor Technology Academic Research Center

20110133972 - Gamma voltage generator and dac having gamma voltage generator: A gamma voltage generator includes an RGB common gamma voltage generation section configured to generate RGB common gamma voltages using corresponding gamma reference voltages among a plurality of gamma reference voltages; and at least two of an RG gamma voltage generation section configured to generate RG gamma voltages using corresponding... Agent: Silicon Works Co., Ltd

20110133970 - Multipath amplifier: Because of variations in open loop gain and bandwidth in successive approximate register (SAR) analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), designing amplifiers with the desired characteristics is difficult. Here, a multipath amplifier is provided that accounts for the variations in open loop gain and bandwidth. Preferably, a number of cascaded amplifiers are provided... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110133973 - Time measurement circuit: A time measurement circuit measures the time difference between edges of a first signal and a second signal. A sampling circuit acquires the logical level of the first signal at a timing of the edge of the second signal. When a sampling circuit enters a metastable state, an output signal... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110133974 - Switched-capacitor input circuit and analog-to-digital converter including the same: A switched-capacitor input circuit which receives an analog input signal, and samples and holds the analog input signal, comprising a differential amplifier, a first capacitor, one terminal of the first capacitor being connected to a non-inverting input terminal of the differential amplifier, a second capacitor, one terminal of the second... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110133975 - Electrical energy-generating device and remote control equipped with such a device: s

20110133976 - State-based remote control system: A remote control system includes a remote control device configured to control a plurality of consumer electronic devices. The remote control system further includes a programming system configured to: i) receive identifying information, which identifies each of the consumer electronic devices, ii) generate at least one macro, which is configured... Agent: Logitech Europe S.a.

06/02/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110128165 - Keypad for electronic device and method for manufacturing the keypad: A keypad for an electronic device having metallic texture has rigidity and elasticity equivalent to those of stainless steel. The keypad is manufactured and includes a metal alloy board, a keypad body manufactured by primarily thermal-treating the metal alloy board to a rigidity enough to be molded and molding the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110128166 - Portable electronic device and state notification method thereof: A portable electronic device comprises a key input unit including a plurality of keys or buttons. A plurality of key backlight LEDs are arranged right below or close to predetermined keys or buttons of the plurality of keys or buttons. The key backlight LEDs are capable of selecting and setting... Agent:

20110128167 - Unicode-compatible dictionary compression: A character data set is compressed with a compression algorithm module of a computer system to generate one or more streams of encoded values. A code point mapper assigns the encoded values to code points reserved for private use in a Unicode format. An encoder encodes the streams of assigned... Agent:

20110128168 - Unicode-compatible entropy coding: A character data set is compressed with a compression algorithm module of a computer system to generate one or more streams of encoded values. The compression module is configured to compress the character data set with an entropy encoder to generate one or more streams of encoded values with UTF-8... Agent:

20110128169 - Unicode-compatible base-n range coding: A character data set is compressed with a compression algorithm module of a computer system to generate one or more streams of encoded values. The compression module is configured to compress the character data set with an base-n range encoder to generate one or more streams of encoded values with... Agent:

20110128170 - Semiconductor devices, a system including semiconductor devices and methods thereof: Semiconductor devices, a system including said semiconductor devices and methods thereof are provided. An example semiconductor device may receive data scheduled for transmission, scramble an order of bits within the received data, the scrambled order arranged in accordance with a given pseudo-random sequence. The received data may be balanced such... Agent:

20110128171 - Analog/digital converter and semiconductor integrated circuit device: In the digital calibration technique of the conventional time-interleaved analog/digital converter, it is impossible to perform highly-accurate calibration that supports a high-speed sampling rate of the next-generation application and achieves a high resolution. For its solution, a reference A/D conversion unit is connected in parallel to an input common to... Agent:

20110128172 - Low power convert and shutdown sar adc architecture: With Successive Approximation Register (SAR) analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), there are several different architectures. One of these architectures is a “convert and shut down” architecture, where an internal amplifier is powered down during the sampling phase to reduce power consumption. This powering down comes at a price in that a portion... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110128173 - Delta-sigma modulator and dithering method including a dithering capability for eliminating idle tones: A delta-sigma modulator (100) including a dithering capability for eliminating idle tones is provided according to the invention. The delta-sigma modulator (100) includes a bitstream converter (107) configured to generate a digital signal output substantially corresponding to an analog signal input, a periodicity detector (111) coupled to the bitstream converter... Agent: Micro Motion, Inc.

20110128174 - Digital to analog converter: A digital to analog converter with two outputs controlled by an input signal with n-bits is disclosed. A reference voltage circuit generates (2n+1) reference voltages numbered from 1 to (2n+1). A switch array coupled to the reference voltage circuit, a first output terminal, and a second output terminal, includes a... Agent: Himax Technologies Limited

20110128176 - Analog to digital conversion circuit and method: Disclosed is a circuit for converting an analog input signal (100) into a digital code (b1-bN), comprising a delay circuit (230) adapted to generate a periodical signal (CLK) having a delay as a function of the analog input signal value; and a quantization stage (205) for converting the delayed periodical... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110128175 - Sampling method for time-interleaved data converters in frequency-multiplexed communications systems: A wide band analog-to-digital converter used in a frequency multiplexed communication system. The converter includes a plurality, M, of time-interleaved analog-to-digital converter subunits (ADC subunits). The sampling rate, FS1, of the M ADC subunits is selected to locate one or more integer multiples of a Nyquist frequency of a respective... Agent: Intersil Americas, Inc.

20110128177 - Apparatus and methods thereof for reducing energy consumption for pwm controlled integrated circuits in vehicles: An apparatus, protocol and methods for reducing vehicle energy consumption and for precise electronic event control, by implementing full CPU off-loading, using pulse-width modulation (PWM) with analog feedback diagnosis enabling real-time operation. Accordingly, analog feedback is used for external integrated circuits (IC) controlled by a PWM output, for processes to... Agent: Scaleo Chip

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