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Coded data generation or conversion May archived by USPTO category 05/11

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05/26/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110122000 - Control panel and control method thereof: A control method of a control panel is disclosed. First, a first display plate having at least one first pattern is provided, and the first display plate is in an on-state, so that the first pattern is shown. Then, a touch region of a touch panel disposed on the first... Agent:

20110122001 - Scanning circuit and scanning method for keyboard: A scanning circuit includes n input ports K1˜Kn arranged in n rows L1˜Ln; and m−2 output ports W2˜(m−1) arranged in m columns P1˜Pm. The n rows and the m columns define a switch matrix including n*m switches. Ends of the switches in the same row are connected to one of... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110122002 - Parallel-serial converter circuit: In a parallel-serial converter circuit of a multistage configuration, there is formed a clock propagation path so that when multistage connected data converters are operated according to the timing of a clock signal, a reference clock signal or a clock signal in which the reference clock signal has been frequency-converted,... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110122003 - Method and device for encoding and decoding of data in unique number values: Systems and methods for the encoding of data in a dataset, comprising the storage of the data in an i-th temporary code list (TCL(i)); generating an i-th folder (folder(i)) from the i-th temporary code list (TCL(i)) by replacing each value by an index that refers to the same value in... Agent:

20110122004 - Method of decoding a signal implementing a progressive construction of a decoding tree, corresponding computer program and decoding device: A method of decoding a data signal includes progressively constructing a decoding tree, implementing at least two iterations of the following steps: selecting at least one child node of a current node belonging to a selection interval; storing the child nodes in a first stack; deleting the current node from... Agent: Institut Telecom / Telecom Paristech

20110122005 - method to linearize the output from an adc: A method is disclosed of compensating the output of an ADC for non-linearity in the response of the ADC. The method comprises converting an analog input signal to uncorrected digital ADC output samples, applying a vector of correction variables to each of a block of uncorrected ADC output samples to... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110122006 - Calibration method and related calibration apparatus for capacitor array: A capacitor array includes a plurality of capacitor components each having a first node and a second node, and first nodes of the capacitor components are coupled to each other. A calibration method for the capacitor array utilizes a calibration capacitor component to couple the first nodes. Then, the calibration... Agent:

20110122007 - Semiconductor storage device and method of manufacturing thereof: An analog-to-digital converter circuit includes: a plurality of sample-and-hold circuits configured to sample an analog signal; an analog-to-digital converter configured to convert the analog signal held by each of the plurality of sample-and-hold circuits into a digital signal; and a control circuit configured to output a control signal, wherein a... Agent: Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

20110122008 - High resolution overlapping bit segmented dac: A controller receives an M-bit input and generates, in response, an S-bit upper range binary data feeding S-bit high range DAC and an R-bit lower range data feeding an R-bit low range DAC. The controller detects transition points in the M-bit input and in response, adds a transition data to... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110122009 - Sigma delta modulator and quantizer and quantization method thereof: A quantizer of a sigma-delta modulator includes a pulse width modulator (PWM), a converter and a voltage level tracing device. The PWM receives an input signal, and generates a PWM signal according to one or more sawtooth waves and one or more reference voltages. The converter is connected to the... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110122010 - Flexible annular protection of a remote control: A remote control device (1, 100, 200) for home automation equipment, of the roaming type, comprising a housing (2) containing an electronic circuit (7) comprising a radiofrequency transmitter (9), said housing (2) being of substantially cylindrical or spherical shape and having an axis of revolution, wherein the device comprises a... Agent: Somfy Sas

05/19/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110115651 - Keyboard: A keyboard can power a computer on or off. A switch arranged on the keyboard receives power on or off operations. A control chip in the keyboard outputs control signals to a microcontroller according to the power on or off operations. The microcontroller actuates a switch circuit to make a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110115652 - Detection of intended key activation on a mobile device: A method and device are provided for preventing unintended activation of one or more hard keys on a mobile device. A capacitive sensor senses a capacitance level at a location on the keyboard, to detect whether a hard key is being actuated by a human hand or human skin. If... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110115653 - Key coding circuit: A key coding circuit includes N keys, a signal processing unit, a bus, and a ground wire, and each key includes an input end and a ground end electrically connected to the ground wire. The signal processing unit includes M signal lines, where M is the smallest positive whole number... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110115654 - Data encoding process, data decoding process, computer-readable recording medium storing data encoding program, and computer-readable recording medium storing data decoding program: In a data encoding process: data is encoded by using unit bit series obtained from an encoding bit series; the encoding bit series is searched for a first bit series identical to a portion of the encoded data; the portion is substituted with a second bit series which includes a... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110115655 - Coding method, coding apparatus, decoding method, and decoding apparatus: Disclosed herein is a coding method including the step of: coding an information sequence in such a manner that upon performing error correction coding after carrying out RLL coding of the information sequence, the maximum number of consecutive 1-bits or 0-bits is α−β or less in an RLL code word... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110115656 - Digital signal coding method and apparatus, digital signal decoding apparatus, digital signal arithmetic coding method and digital signal arithmetic decoding method: In a bit stream syntax containing compressed video slice data for compressed video data of a slice structure, a slice header for compressed video slice data has attached thereto a slice start code, a register reset flag indicating whether a register value, which designates a status of a codeword occurring... Agent:

20110115657 - Method and apparatus for pulse width modulation signal processing: A signal processor (30) is provided. The signal processor (30) is configured to receive a first analog signal and convert the first analog signal into a digital signal. The digital signal is transmitted across an electrical barrier and converted into a scaled pulse width modulation signal. The scaled pulse width... Agent:

20110115658 - Dual dac structure for charge redistributed adc: A system for converting an analog signal to a digital codeword having N bit positions that includes a dual DAC structure having a small DAC and a large DAC. At least one comparator is coupled to the small DAC and large DAC. The small DAC performs bit trials to calculate... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20110115659 - Offset compensation scheme using a dac: An offset compensation scheme using a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) is disclosed. In some embodiments, a DAC is coupled to a circuit having an undesired current or voltage offset and is configured to at least in part compensate for the undesired current or voltage offset. For example, in some embodiments, the... Agent: Link_a_media Devices Corporation

20110115661 - Analog-to-digital converter: An analog-to-digital converter (ADC) system and method. The ADC system includes a digital control circuit, an amplifier, a capacitor, and an evaluation circuit. The digital control circuit is configured to sequentially configure the ADC system in a first configuration and a second configuration to derive a digital representation of an... Agent: Linear Technology Corporation

20110115660 - Method and system having adjustable analog-to-digital conversion levels: An adaptive Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) that adjusts the representation levels used in the conversion process so as to optimize system performance. By establishing system performance criteria by which to select or adjust the signal value range associated with each digital representation and/or the digital representation, substantially fewer bits... Agent: Of Illinois

20110115662 - High speed low voltage flash: An analog-to-digital converter comprising: first and second sets of ordered nodes, each first node having a corresponding second node; for each first node, a respective first resistor and current source pair, the resistor of each pair being connected to a first converter input and the current source of each pair... Agent: Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited

20110115663 - Analog-to-digital conversion in pixel array: An analog-to-digital converter generates an output digital value equivalent to the difference between two analog signals. The converter forms part of a set of converters. The converter receives a first analog signal and a second analog signal (Vreset, Vsig) and a ramp signal (Vramp). A clock is dedicated to the... Agent:

20110115664 - Programming a remote control using removable storage: A method and system for programming, using a removable storage, a remote control apparatus providing universal remote control functionality is disclosed. A removable storage module may be introduced into the remote control apparatus. Programming codes for a remote-controlled device controllable by the remote control apparatus may be transferred from the... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

05/12/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110109483 - Control method and control system: An exemplary control method includes the following steps. Judging if a hot key is pressed. Updating a data in a data field when the hot key is pressed. Judging if a first function key is pressed. When the first function key is pressed, outputting a first key code according to... Agent: Giga-byte Technology Co., Ltd.

20110109484 - Information processing apparatus, and signal processing method: Provided is an information processing apparatus including a distributor that distributes input data in units of M bits and generates N M-bit bit sequences, an encoder that converts each of the N bit sequences distributed by the distributor into a binary symbol sequence of K symbols and generates N binary... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110109485 - Computer product, information processing apparatus, and information search apparatus: A recording medium stores an information processing program that causes a computer to execute storing a compression symbol map group having a bit string indicating for each character code, presence or absence of the character code in a file group, and a Huffman tree whose leaf corresponding to the character... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110109486 - Pseudo-orthogonal code generator: A pseudo-orthogonal code generator is provided. The pseudo-orthogonal code generator simplifies overall configuration and provides a more efficient operating speed by implementing a pseudo-orthogonal code generator using combined circuits instead of using a read only memory (ROM) circuit. The pseudo-orthogonal code generator reduces its overall size by reducing gate area.... Agent:

20110109488 - Analog-to-digital converter: An analog-to-digital converter includes a higher-order analog-to-digital converter that outputs a higher-order digital value, a first lower-order converter that converts a first residual signal into a first lower-order digital value, a second lower-order converter that converts a second residual signal into a second lower-order digital value, a calibrator that outputs... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110109487 - Integrated non-linearity (inl) and differential non-linearity (dnl) correction techniques for digital-to-analog converters (dacs): INL values are determined for a plurality of sub-segments of a DAC that is adapted to accept N bit digital input codes, and a first set of correction codes that can be used to reduce to a range of INL values (to thereby improve linearity of the DAC) are determined... Agent: Intersil Americas Inc.

20110109489 - Data converter having a passive filter: Exemplary implementations of electrical circuits and systems are disclosed, and methods for signal processing including sampling and quantizing of amplitude and band limited signals implemented through a Passive Pulse Modulation Analog to Digital Converter (PMADC).... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20110109490 - Programming a universal remote control via direct interaction with an original remote control: A method and system for programming a universal remote control (URC) to operate with a remote-controlled device is disclosed. A user may be instructed to operate a control element of an original remote control (ORC) of the remote-controlled device. The ORC may be operated directly with the URC, which may... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

05/05/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110102203 - Phone with qwerty keypad having a connection for linking to a computer: A keyboard unit has a keyboard being approximately two thumb lengths in width and one thumb length in height to allow thumb typing. At least one connector is provided to couple the keyboard to a computer system... Agent:

20110102204 - Method for correcting typing errors according to character layout positions on a keyboard: A method for correcting typing errors according to character layout positions on a keyboard which consists of depressing responsive touch panels to do character entry to correct typing errors caused by mistakenly hitting a neighboring key of a targeted character due to a swerved typing position includes at least the... Agent:

20110102205 - Keypad structure: A keypad structure comprises a plurality of dome switches. Each of the plurality of dome switches provides a first tactile feedback to a user when pressed. At least one vibratory element is electrically connected to the dome switches to actuate when one of the plurality of dome switches is pressed.... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110102206 - Keyboard arrangement for a phonetic symbol inputting method for chinese characters: A keyboard arrangement for an electronic device has multiple keys for inputting Chinese characters, multiple of the keys represent multiple combination vowels and all of the keys are arranged in a matrix form. The matrix of the keys are arranged in four key rows including a monosyllabic vowel row and... Agent: Kun Shan University

20110102207 - Evaluating alternative encoding solutions during data compression: Method and apparatus for compressing data. In accordance with various embodiments, an input string of data bits is received and arranged into fixed-sized chunks. Multiple successive chunks of the input string are compared to previously received chunks of the input string during a single clock cycle. At least two alternative... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20110102208 - Encoding apparatus, encoding method, and program: Provided is an encoding apparatus including an encoding unit that converts, based on a first conversion rule group according to which a total value for a base-K symbol sequence is X and a second conversion rule group according to which the total value for the base-K symbol sequence is −X... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110102209 - Signal encoding apparatus and method of radio frequency identification reader: A signal encoding apparatus and method of a radio frequency identification (RFID) reader capable of removing a high frequency component without using a digital filter, and performing Manchester encoding by using two symbols. The signal encoding apparatus of the RFID reader including an encoding unit that stores a first symbol... Agent: Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.

20110102210 - Digital signal coding method and apparatus, digital signal decoding apparatus, ditigal signal arithmetic coding method and digital signal arithmetic decoding method: In a bit stream syntax containing compressed video slice data for compressed video data of a slice structure, a slice header for compressed video slice data has attached thereto a slice start code, a register reset flag indicating whether a register value, which designates a status of a codeword occurring... Agent:

20110102211 - Parallel-to-serial conversion circuit and method thereof: A parallel-to-serial conversion circuit for converting pieces of parallel data into serial data, and a parallel-to-serial converting method thereof include: a shifter configured to sequentially shift an initiation signal to generate a plurality of transfer activation signals; a valid duration generator configured to define valid durations of the plurality of... Agent:

20110102212 - Entropy decoding device: An entropy decoding device offers all nodes on a decoding tree, and a most probable symbol for each node, and predicts presumptive information of a next node. The entropy decoding device decodes an encoded bit stream, and output a decoded content that includes real information of the next node. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110102213 - Digital signal coding method and apparatus, digital signal decoding apparatus, digital signal arithmetic coding method and digital signal arithmetic decoding method: In a bit stream syntax containing compressed video slice data for compressed video data of a slice structure, a slice header for compressed video slice data has attached thereto a slice start code, a register reset flag indicating whether a register value, which designates a status of a codeword occurring... Agent:

20110102214 - Rotation angle detecting device and drive unit: A rotation angle detecting device for a motor includes a first capacitor connected in parallel with a first winding of a rotor of the motor, and a second capacitor connected in parallel with a second winding of the rotor. The second capacitor has a capacitance different from that of the... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110102215 - Analog-digital converter: The present system is based on an analog-digital converter (ADC) having an analog input signal and at least one quantization threshold. The analog-digital converter (ADC) includes an arrangement for varying the at least one quantization threshold.... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110102216 - Apparatus for correcting setting error in an mdac amplifier: Multiplying digital-to-analog converters (MDACs), which are generally employed in pipelined analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), can have a settling error associated with the MDAC amplifier. Here, a circuit is provided that includes additional amplifiers and a capacitor network that compensates for this settling error. Thus, a more accurate pipelined ADC can now... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110102217 - Analog-to-digital converter and related calibrating comparator: An analog-to-digital converter includes a sample and hold unit, a successive control unit, a look-up memory, and a calibrating comparator, which further includes a positive input end, a negative input end, a timing signal input end, a data port, a latch unit, an enable switch, a first controllable resistor, a... Agent:

20110102218 - Dedicated sample and hold modules: A method and system for sampling values. Multiple values are sampled concurrently. One of the values is stored while another one of the values is converted to a corresponding digital value by an analog-to-digital converter (ADC). Subsequently, the stored value is made available to the ADC.... Agent:

20110102220 - Pipeline analog-to-digital converter: Provided is a pipeline analog-to-digital converter (ADC) without a front-end sample-and-hold amplifier (SHA). To minimize a sampling error occurring between a flash ADC and a multiplying digital-to-analog converter (MDAC) of a first sub-ranging ADC due to removal of a front-end SHA, a delay time of a preamplifier included in the... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110102219 - Successive approximation analog/digital converter and time-interleaved successive approximation analog/digital converter: A successive approximation analog/digital converter includes a sample & hold part sampling and holding an intensity of an analog input signal using a single clock cycle of a clock signal; a first comparator comparing the intensity of the analog input signal with comparison voltages determined according to estimated digital values... Agent: Korea University Industrial & Academic Collaboration Foundation

20110102221 - Transparent multiplexing of analog-to-digital converters: A method and apparatus for sampling and converting analog input values. In response to an event, a value is transmitted from an input of a multiplexer to the output of the multiplexer. The output of the multiplexer is coupled to an input of an analog-to-digital converter (ADC). In response to... Agent:

20110102223 - Amplifier with digital input and digital pwm control loop: A class D amplifier is configured to accept a digital input signal wherein the control loop of the class D amplifier employs a hybrid filter merged with the front-end of a sigma-delta ADC converter. The term hybrid refers to the filter using both digital and analog components in which the... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20110102222 - Continuous time sigma-delta a/d converter and electrical system comprising the a/d converter: A continuous time sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter comprising: a summator of an input analog signal and a feedback signal; a feed-forward integrator path connected to the summator and configured to provide a digital signal; a feedback digital-to-analog converter to convert the digital signal into a feedback analog signal; a feedback low... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Design & Application Gmbh

20110102224 - Integrated circuit and corresponding method of processing a multitype radio frequency digital signal: Integrated circuit, incorporating an electronic device (PA) comprising input means (BE) for receiving a radiofrequency digital signal (SCH), output means (BS) capable of delivering a radiofrequency analogue signal (SARF), and a processing stage coupled between the input means and the output means and comprising several processing channels (VTi) in parallel,... Agent:

20110102225 - Method for reducing current consumption of digital-to-analog conversion, and associated tri-state current digital-to-analog converter: A method for reducing current consumption of digital-to-analog conversion includes: monitoring logical states of a set of differential digital inputs, wherein the set of differential digital inputs are utilized for controlling at least one tri-state current Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) cell of a tri-state current DAC, and the tri-state current DAC... Agent:

20110102226 - Digital-to-analogue converter: An N-bit DAC (1) comprises a main DAC circuit (5) having a main impedance string (8) of series connected main resistors, which define main nodes on which analogue voltages are produced of progressively increasing values in steps of the value of one MSB value, and a sub-DAC circuit (6) having... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20110102227 - Fine resistance adjustment for polysilicon: A resistor string digital to analog converter formed of polysilicon resistor segments to each of which is applied an electric field. The approach improves the overall accuracy.... Agent: Intersil Americas, Inc.

20110102228 - Background calibration of offsets in interleaved analog to digital converters: A multi-channel time interleaved ADC (TIADC) provides for offset estimation and correction. The correction is accomplished through analog adjustment of offset rather than by digital correction of their outputs. In certain aspects, polarity reversal circuits may be used to further improve performance.... Agent: Intersil Americas, Inc.

20110102229 - Analog-to-digital converter on two bits with successive approximations: The analog-to-digital converter comprises a first stage in which a voltage to be converted is applied to the input of a first comparator. The first comparator delivers a first digital result representative of the comparison between the voltage to be converted and the reference voltage on a first digital output.... Agent: Societe Francaise De Detecteurs Infrarouges - Sofradir

20110102230 - Dynamic linking of codesets in universal remote control devices: A codeset having function-code combinations is provisioned on a controlling device to control functions of an intended target device. Input is provided to the controlling device which designates a function to be controlled on the intended target device. From a plurality of codes that are each associated with the designated... Agent: Uei Cayman Inc.

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