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Coded data generation or conversion September class, title,number 09/10

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09/30/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100245132 - Compensation method for touch sensor system: A compensation method devoid of operating voltage calibration, establishing fundamental linearity calibration table and inputting, and detecting the actual operating voltage is disclosed. The compensation method comprises the steps of: a) turning off a switch in a touch sensor system; b) initializing the touch sensor system and measuring a reference... Agent: Wpat, PC Intellectual Property Attorneys

20100245131 - Method, apparatus, and system of stabilizing a mobile gesture user-interface: The embodiments of the invention disclose a method, apparatus, and system for communicating via a user gesture with a mobile device having applications. The gesture acts like a user interface to a menu of applications that can be accessed while the user is in motion including while running, walking, riding,... Agent: Intel/bstz Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP

20100245133 - Key sheet: An object of the present invention is to provide a satisfactorily operable key sheet having a structure which entirely has rigidity and shape stability but which is capable of increasing the degree of freedom in the selection of a material, thickness or the like. The key sheet according to the... Agent: Hedman & Costigan, P.C.

20100245134 - System and method for configuration of a controlling device to enable selection of media streams: A controlling device has a configurable key. An overlay, such as a sticker, is provided to the configurable key and includes an indicia representative of media content and machine readable data indicative of an identity of the media content represented by the indicia. A memory of the controlling device stores... Agent: Greenberg Traurig, LLP

20100245135 - Capacitive keyboard with enhanced electrode areas: A touch sensitive capacitive keypad (200) is provided that multiple electrodes (201-210) and associated wire connectors (220-229) formed under a touch panel in a single layer of conductive material, where the electrodes (201-210) are arrayed in relation to a keypad to form unique combinations of two electrodes per key, where... Agent: Hamilton & Terrile, LLP - Freescale

20100245138 - Methods and apparatus for decorrelating quantization noise in a delta-sigma modulator: Methods and apparatus are provided for decorrelating quantization noise in a delta-sigma modulator. An input signal is quantized using a predictive delta-sigma modulator, by quantizing the input signal using a quantizer; determining a quantization error associated with the quantizer by subtracting an input to the quantizer from an output of... Agent: Ryan, Mason & Lewis, LLP

20100245137 - Methods and apparatus for look-ahead block processing in predictive delta-sigma modulators: Methods and apparatus are provided for look-ahead block processing in predictive delta-sigma modulators. An input signal is quantized using a predictive delta-sigma modulator by generating error prediction values for a current block of input values based on a linear combination of error prediction values from one or more previous blocks,... Agent: Ryan, Mason & Lewis, LLP

20100245136 - Methods and apparatus for whitening quantization noise in a delta-sigma modulator using dither signal: Methods and apparatus are provided for whitening quantization noise in a delta-sigma modulator using a dither signal. An input signal is quantized using a predictive delta-sigma modulator by quantizing the input signal using a quantizer; adding a dither signal at a first location of the predictive delta-sigma modulator; determining a... Agent: Ryan, Mason & Lewis, LLP

20100245139 - Pulse modulation a/d-converter with feedback: t

20100245140 - Data processing device and data processing system: In AD conversion of a voltage under measurement, data continuity is ensured between the result of conversion after amplification by using an amplifier circuit and the result of direct conversion without using the amplifier circuit. In AD conversion operation using a DA converter circuit, an amplifier circuit, and an AD... Agent: Miles & Stockbridge PC

20100245141 - Disconnection detecting circuit and disconnection detecting method by using capacitor: A disconnection detecting method includes charging a capacitor by connecting a node of the capacitor to a first power source line supplied with a first power source potential, connecting the node of the capacitor to an input terminal, after the node of the capacitor is disconnected from the first power... Agent: Mcginn Intellectual Property Law Group, PLLC

20100245142 - Tri-level dynamic element matcher allowing reduced reference loading and dac element reduction: Systems and methods using the same to achieve a tri-level multi-bit delta-sigma DAC having reduced power consumption and voltage droop have been achieved. A new rotation-based first order noise-shaping Dynamic Element Matcher (DEM) technique for use with 3-level unit elements have been disclosed. Reduced reference loading has been achieved when... Agent: Saile Ackerman LLC

20100245143 - Analog-to-digital conversion module adapted for irregular sampling sequences: Apparatus and methods are provided for performing a sampling sequence for a plurality of samples. An analog-to-digital conversion module comprises a sampling module, a register, and a sampling control module coupled to the sampling module and the register. The sampling module is configured to convert analog signals into corresponding digital... Agent: Ingrassia Fisher & Lorenz, P.C. (fs)

20100245144 - Sigma-delta modulator including truncation and applications thereof: A multi-stage sigma-delta modulator including bit truncation between stages. The bit truncation reduces the number of bits that must be processed in subsequent stages and thus allows for faster response times. In some embodiments the gain of a feedback loop is selected to compensate for the bit truncation such that... Agent: Peters Verny , L.L.P.

20100245145 - Un-buffered segmented r-dac with switch current reduction: An resistor string digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that includes elements to compensate for resistor ladder loading, and/or to provide compensation for loading such as via switch current cancellation. The approach reduces output voltage sensitivity to switch resistances while also reducing INL and DNL errors. Additional resistor loops are optionally disposed at... Agent: Hamilton, Brook, Smith & Reynolds, P.C.

20100245148 - Analog-digital converter and corresponding system and method: An analog-digital converter for converting an analog signal into a digital signal includes a first configuration register for configuring a first group of channels and a second configuration register for configuring a second group of channels. The conversion result of the channels of the first group is transferred to a... Agent: Hogan Lovells US LLP

20100245149 - Comparison circuit and analog-to-digital conversion device: A comparison circuit comprising: an input circuit includes a first transistor for receiving a first signal, and a second transistor for receiving a second signal; a first current route of which the electric current is controlled by the first transistor; a second current route of which the electric current is... Agent: Fujitsu Patent Center Fujitsu Management Services Of America, Inc.

20100245147 - Delta-sigma a/d converter: An object of the present invention is to provide a highly accurate delta sigma A/D converter. Disclosed is a delta sigma A/D converter including: a first integration circuit to generate a first signal on the basis of an input signal and a first feedback signal from an output side; a... Agent: Mcginn Intellectual Property Law Group, PLLC

20100245146 - Intelligent analog-digital converter chip: The present invention discloses an intelligent analog-digital converter chip. It mainly comprises an amplifier, a filter, an analog/digital converter and a central processing unit. The main feature of the present invention is that it can directly connect to the micro-controller and computer, and possess the advantages of lower power consumption,... Agent: Muncy, Geissler, Olds & Lowe, PLLC

09/23/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100238053 - Touch panel assembly with haptic effects and method of manufacturing thereof: A system with haptic effects includes a first surface, a second surface with a flexible arm portion, a coupling that couples the flexible arm portion to the first surface, and a haptic effect generator attached to the first surface. The flexible arm portion includes a coupling portion, and the coupling... Agent: Blank Rome LLP

20100238054 - Keyboard device and method for identifying different key functions on the keyboard device: A keyboard device and a key function identification method are provided. The keyboard device includes a micro-controller, a wire circuit and multiple keys. A key code table has been previously stored in the micro-controller. The multiple keys have different key identification parts. When the key identification parts are electrically connected... Agent: Kirton And Mcconkie

20100238055 - Signal transmission system and signal conversion circuit: A signal transmission system in which a serializer IC connected to first parallel signal wirings and a deserializer IC connected to second parallel signal wirings are connected by a transmission line. Among input terminals of the serializer IC, redundant input terminals which are not connected to the first parallel signal... Agent: Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto

20100238056 - Code amount estimating device, image coding apparatus including the code amount estimating device, and code amount estimating method: To provide a code amount estimating device which can perform, at high speed and with high precision, estimation of code amount obtained after arithmetic coding. The code amount estimating device includes a context index calculation unit which calculates a context index of a binary symbol included in binary data, and... Agent: Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack L.L.P.

20100238057 - Rotary clock flash analog to digital converter system and method: System and method for converting an analog voltage to a digital signal. The system includes an input voltage sampler, a ramp generator, a comparator, a time-to-digital converter (TDC), and a multiphase oscillator, preferably a rotary traveling wave oscillator, that provides the critical system timing. The phases of the multiphase oscillator... Agent: Ipxlaw Group LLP

20100238058 - Multiple input analog to digital converter: A multi-input analog to digital converter (“ADC”) to accept and process multiple inputs. The analog multiplexer is integrated with an amplifier chopper circuit to form a high precision, temperature stable, ADC circuit with multiple inputs.... Agent: Standley Law Group LLP

20100238059 - Adaptive digital audio pre-distortion in an audio digital to analog converter: An adaptive digital pre-distortion block is used to cancel device nonlinearities to improve the overall linearity of a Delta-Sigma DAC system. In particular, the pre-distortion block may be implemented all in digital components and utilize programmable registers that change the pre-distortion transfer function either statically or dynamically, or both. Static... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20100238060 - Hybrid control circuit and method: A hybrid control circuit and method combine analog circuit and digital circuit to generate digital PWM signals for a multiphase DC-DC converter to generate an output voltage. For current balance control, analog current error signals are generated by the analog circuit from analog phase current signals of the multiphase DC-DC... Agent: Rosenberg, Klein & Lee

20100238061 - Remote control method and related apparatus for a computer system: A remote control method for a computer system includes receiving a remote control signal including a control command, checking validity of the remote control signal to generate a check result when the control command is utilized for switching the computer system from a first operating mode to a second operating... Agent: North America Intellectual Property Corporation

20100238062 - Remote controller: A remote controller is provided with: at least one first input unit that macro-controls predetermined remotely controlled devices including signal source devices; a plurality of second input units that select the signal source devices; a memory unit that stores a plurality of remote control codes for remotely controlling the remotely... Agent: Mark D. Saralino (general) Renner, Otto, Boisselle & Sklar, LLP

09/16/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100231420 - Encoding and decoding method for microdot matrix: An encoding and decoding method for a microdot matrix includes the steps of: forming a plurality of microdots by encoding based on Reflected Gray Codes in a data region included in each of a plurality of microdot blocks included in a microdot matrix, wherein the microdots corresponding to lower order... Agent: Lowe Hauptman Ham & Berner, LLP

20100231421 - Adjustable bed position control: The present invention provides an adjustable bed handheld remote control that may include a handheld housing, a touch sensor on a front face of the handheld housing, a transmitter and the like. The touch sensor may be presented in a slider form and may be adapted to facilitate a user... Agent: Strategic Patents P.C..

20100231422 - Touch panel: The invention provides a touch panel that can satisfactory support opposing electrodes while reducing variation in the input load value between the perimeter and center sections. The touch panel of the invention has a lower electrode comprising a first transparent base and a first transparent conductive layer laminated on the... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20100231423 - Keyboard: A magnetic induction keyboard that can also be used as a charger for rechargeable batteries.... Agent: Altis Law Group, Inc. Attn: Steven Reiss

20100231424 - Decoding device and decoding method: A decoding method includes: inputting control information including first and second codec identifiers identifying first and second codecs corresponding to first and second material data, respectively, and first and second time information representing start times of decoding of the first and second material data, respectively; loading corresponding to the first... Agent: Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP

20100231425 - Systems and methods for constructing high-rate constrained codes: A high-rate constrained code is provided to encode/decode channel data. A transformer translates binary channel data into an arbitrary alphabet size. The transformer selects an indicator word and makes forbidden prefix substitutions in the data to be transformed. A finite-state encoder imposes some user-defined constraint on the transformed data before... Agent: Ropes & Gray LLP

20100231426 - Device and method for coding a data signal and device and method for decoding a data signal: In a method for encoding and an encoder statistical information is generated and said statistical information (LSB=F(MSB) about the reconstruction values to be used during reconstruction (sometimes called “inverse quantization”) is added to the encoded data signal. The encoded data signal comprises data information providing information on the relation between... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20100231427 - Electronic circuit for correcting at least one digital measurement signal: An electronic circuit for correcting at least one digital measurement signal (ΣΔn, ΣΔ1, ΣΔ2) comprising at least one measurement channel having a sigma-delta modulator and a correction circuit. The sigma-delta modulator changes an analog measurement signal into a digital measurement signal in the form of a binary value sequence. The... Agent: Ratnerprestia

20100231428 - Track-and-hold circuit and a/d converter: A track-and-hold circuit includes a first sampling circuit that samples an analog input signal, a second sampling circuit that samples the analog input signal, the second sampling circuit and the first sampling circuit being connected in parallel, a first amplifier that amplifies a signal output from the first sampling circuit,... Agent: Young & Thompson

20100231429 - Direct capacitance-to-digital converter: A direct capacitance-to-digital converter is provided, including a plurality of switches, an ADC, a reference voltage circuit and a trigger unit. By using trigger unit to control a plurality of switches, and combining the reference voltages outputted by the reference voltage circuit, the converter can directly sense the external to-be-measured... Agent: Lin & Associates Intellectual Property, Inc.

20100231430 - Amplifier and analog/digital converter: An amplifier that is operated between first and second power supplies includes a transistor pair having control terminals to which input signals are input, a load resistor pair that is provided between each transistor of the transistor pair and the first power supply, a constant current source that is provided... Agent: Foley And Lardner LLP Suite 500

20100231431 - Electronic system: An electronic system includes: an AC-DC converter to convert an AC voltage into a DC voltage and to supply the DC voltage to a secondary battery; a first detector to detect a remaining amount of the secondary battery; a transmitter to transmit a signal corresponding to the remaining amount of... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100231432 - Remote controller and remote control system: A remote control method includes: grouping a plurality of apparatuses to respond to a command from a single remote controller at the same time; broadcasting, by the remote controller, a command corresponding to an operation; receiving, by each of the plurality of apparatuses, the command and judging whether the received... Agent: Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP

09/09/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100225505 - Portable electronic device and movement sensor thereof: The disclosure provides a portable electronic device. The portable electronic device includes a movement sensor and a processing module. The movement sensor is configured for sensing a movement of the portable electronic device and generating electrical signals in response to the movement. The movement sensor further includes a metal assembly... Agent: PCe Industry, Inc. Att. Steven Reiss

20100225506 - Multi-mode encoding for data compression: The present disclosure includes apparatus, systems and techniques relating to lossless data compression. In some implementations, an apparatus includes a memory module to store data. The memory module includes a first buffer portion to store encoded symbols of the data, and a second buffer portion to store symbols of the... Agent: Fish & Richardson P.C.

20100225507 - Decoder device and movement controller: A decoder device has a reference voltage generating section for outputting first and second threshold level signals, a first comparator for comparing a stair-stepped waveform input signal and the first threshold level signal to output a comparison result, a second comparator for comparing the input signal and the second threshold... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20100225508 - Variable-length code decoding device and variable-length code decoding method: To provide a decoding device that compactly stores prefix related information therein compatible to variable-length codes used in various systems. The decoding device includes a register file in which a prefix common portion and a word length of the prefix common portion, prefix individual portions and word lengths of the... Agent: Foley And Lardner LLP Suite 500

20100225509 - Analog-digital converter with pipeline architecture associated with a programmable gain amplifier: A device may include a programmable gain amplifier and an analog-digital converter with pipeline architecture having several stages. The first stage of the analog-digital converter may incorporate the programmable gain amplifier and an analog-digital conversion circuit with a programmable threshold.... Agent: Allen, Dyer, Doppelt, Milbrath & Gilchrist P.A.

20100225512 - A/d conversion circuit for use with low-potential and high-potential power supplies: A D/A conversion circuit for performing D/A conversion at high speeds. The D/A conversion circuit includes a resistor string including a plurality of resistor elements connected between a low-potential power supply and a high-potential power supply. A plurality of first switch groups are connected to the connection nodes between the... Agent: Arent Fox LLP

20100225510 - Correction circuit for d/a converter: There is provided a correction circuit for a D/A converter, comprising: a constant current source to be connected between high- and low-potential power source lines for supplying a power source voltage to the D/A converter; and a current controller which is adapted to control a current flowing to the constant... Agent: Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

20100225511 - Integrated circuit device and electronic instrument: An integrated circuit device includes a plurality of data line driver circuits, a first correction D/A conversion circuit, and a plurality of D/A conversion circuits. Each of the data line driver circuits includes an operational amplifier, an input capacitor, and a first correction capacitor. Each of the D/A conversion circuits... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20100225513 - Self-calibrating pipeline adc and method thereof: An inter-stage gain of a conversion stage of a pipeline ADC is calibrated by imposing a perturbation to a sub-ADC within the conversion stage and adjusting a gain factor in a closed loop manner so as to make a conversion output substantially independent of the perturbation.... Agent: Thomas, Kayden, Horstemeyer & Risley, LLP

20100225514 - Analog/digital conversion device: An disclosed analog/digital conversion apparatus for converting an analog signal into digital data by cycling the analog signal through a fully differential amplifier circuit includes a polarity switching unit configured to switch connection polarities of the fully differential amplifier circuit; and a control unit configured to control the polarity switching... Agent: Ipusa, P.l.l.c

20100225515 - Track and hold amplifiers and analog to digital converters: A track and hold amplifier is provided. The track and hold amplifier includes an input node receiving an analog signal, a buffer coupled between a first node and an output node, a first switch coupled between the input node and the first node, a plurality of switching circuits and a... Agent: Thomas, Kayden, Horstemeyer & Risley, LLP

20100225516 - Semiconductor device and input selection control method: A semiconductor device includes: input terminals identified by channel numbers and configured to receive analog signals; analog input pads identified by pad numbers and connected with whole or part of the input terminals; a data holding section configured to hold a data of the input terminals; a channel designating section... Agent: Mcginn Intellectual Property Law Group, PLLC

20100225517 - Delta-sigma modulator: The present invention provides a continuous-time delta-sigma modulator which is configured with an SC (SCR) feedback DA (103) for improving tolerance to jitter for a clock signal and operates stably by maintaining a certain feedback amount without being influenced by a change in a production process thereof or an operating... Agent: Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP

20100225518 - Digital/analog converter circuit: A selection section (105) selects a step voltage, among a plurality of step voltages (SV1, SV2, SV3, . . . ) each having a voltage value changing stepwise, corresponding to the digital value of digital data (D-DATA). For each of the plurality of step voltages (SV1, SV2, SV3, . .... Agent: Mcdermott Will & Emery LLP

20100225519 - Edc architecture: A method and apparatus for performing pipelined capacitive folding and interpolation analog-to-digital conversion. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises a multistage pipelined analog-to-digital converter having: a distributed sample/hold and preamp, folding and interpolation unit which combines a plurality of preamplified signals using a capacitive folding and capacitive interpolation; and a... Agent: Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP

09/02/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100219989 - Input system and wearable electrical apparatus: A wearable input device is worn on a finger of a user to detect contact and separation of the finger to and from the other body part of the user, respectively, and further measure motion of the finger. In the wearable input device, a signal supply unit supplies an electrical... Agent: Posz Law Group, PLC

20100219990 - Compact encoding of small integers: A method and apparatus for encoding a set of integers is described. The largest power of two integer is determined based on a size of the set of integers with an integer encoder. A code table is constructed using the largest power of two integer. A uniform coding is constructed... Agent: Red Hat/bstz Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP

20100219991 - New generation data compression methods: m

20100219992 - Method and device for decoding a signal: A method and a device for decoding a signal transmitted via at least one transmission line of a data transmission system, in a user of the data transmission system receiving the signal. Instead of at discrete instants, as currently done, sampling at a specific sampling instant does not take place.... Agent: Kenyon & Kenyon LLP

20100219993 - Efficient coding of integers in non-power-of-two ranges: Coding efficiently in non-power-of-two ranges. Coding is performed in an N-bit system, where certain codes are represented with N bits and other codes are represented with (N+1) bits. An example is where the other codes may have an N-bit representation used to represent multiple values, with the additional bit being... Agent: Red Hat/bstz Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP

20100219994 - Systems and methods for optimizing bit utilization in data encoding: In one of many possible embodiments, a system for optimizing bit utilization in data encoding is provided. The exemplary system includes a data processing subsystem configured to identify a total number of unique characters within a set of data, which number represents an original base of representation of the set... Agent: Verizon Patent Management Group

20100219995 - Demodulator capable of compensating offset voltage of rf signal and method thereof: A demodulator capable of compensating for an offset voltage of a radio frequency (RF) signal, and a method of compensating for the offset voltage of the RF signal are provided. The demodulator includes an analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) unit for converting a first analog signal corresponding to a difference between the... Agent: Juneau Partners

20100219996 - Dc offset detection and correction for user traffic: In described embodiments, a communication system employing, for example, clock and data recovery (CDR) detects and applies correction for DC offset in an input data stream signal, termed as “DC offset calibration”. DC offset calibration applies static calibration for DC offset in input circuits, such as an input amplifier and... Agent: Ip Legal Services

20100219997 - Continuous-time sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter with capacitor and/or resistance digital self-calibration means for rc spread compensation: A continuous-time sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter (CV) comprises i) a signal path (SP) comprising at least one combiner (C1) for combining analog signals to convert with feedback analog signals, at least two integrators (H1, H5), mounted in series, to integrate the combined analog signals, a quantizer (Q) for converting the integrated... Agent: Nxp, B.v. Nxp Intellectual Property & Licensing

20100219999 - Continuous-time sigma-delta modulator with multiple feedback paths having independent delays: Apparatus are provided for continuous-time sigma-delta modulators. A sigma-delta modulator comprises a quantizer configured to convert an analog signal to a digital value. A main feedback arrangement is coupled to the quantizer, and the main feedback arrangement delays the digital value by a first delay period and generates a main... Agent: Ingrassia Fisher & Lorenz, P.C. (fs)

20100219998 - Sigma-delta modulator with digitally filtered delay compensation: Apparatus are provided for continuous-time sigma-delta modulators. The sigma-delta modulator comprises an input node for an input signal and a quantizer configured to convert an analog signal to a digital value. A main feedback arrangement is coupled to the quantizer and configured to delay the digital value by a first... Agent: Ingrassia Fisher & Lorenz, P.C. (fs)

20100220000 - Method to reduce error in time interleaved analog-to-digital converters arising due to aperture delay mismatch: A system for randomizing aperture delay in a time interleaved ADC system that includes a plurality of selection switch stages corresponding to each of the ADCs in the system and a second selection switch stage coupled to a voltage source. A plurality of conductors extend between the second selection switch... Agent: Kenyon & Kenyon LLP

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