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Coating processes

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10/02/2014 > 55 patent applications in 46 patent subcategories.

20140295053 - Apparatus and method for transporting a vessel to and from a pecvd processing station: Methods for processing a vessel, for example to provide a gas barrier or lubricity, are disclosed. First and second PECVD or other vessel processing stations or devices and a vessel holder comprising a vessel port are provided. An opening of the vessel can be seated on the vessel port. The... Agent:

20140295054 - Molecular film containing polymeric mixture for hydrophobic implant surfaces: Compositions are disclosed containing a polymeric mixture diluted into an aqueous solution, which can be usefully applied to any surface mat is hydbcphoixc to act, for example, as an aotifoggiag coating with minimal optical distortion and excellent transparency. The compositions can also be used as lubricious agents on medical implants,... Agent:

20140295057 - Anti-icing coating for power transmission lines: Provided are methods and systems for forming piezoelectric coatings on power line cables using sol-gel materials. A cable may be fed through a container with a sol-gel material having a piezoelectric material to form an uncured layer on the surface of the cable. The layer is then cured using, for... Agent: Advenira Enterprises, Inc.

20140295056 - Label forming apparatus and label forming method: A label forming apparatus includes a film forming device and a printer. The film forming device includes a transportation mechanism that transports a base sheet having a print surface, a storage unit that stores a position of the film based on prescribed positions of markers, a film forming unit that... Agent: Casio Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140295055 - Label production apparatus and label production method: A label production apparatus includes: a printing unit; a test unit; and a post-process unit configured to cut a material in accordance with test results by the test unit. In the stated label production apparatus, each of a label images includes a common image portion and a changeable image portion.... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140295058 - Method for testing charge generation layer and process for manufacturing electrophotographic photoreceptors on large scale: A method is provided for testing a charge generation layer disposed directly on an undercoat layer disposed directly on an aluminum-based cylindrical support member formed by extrusion and drawing having a periphery not subjected to cutting work. The method includes testing the charge generation layer for a defect or a... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140295059 - Refurbishment process of the pumping unit in a volumetric screw compressor of the \"oil free' type: m

20140295060 - Method of embedding an induction heating element into an injection molding tool: An injection molding tool includes a first mold die having a first tool face and a second mold die having a second tool face. The second mold die is configured to abut the first mold die, wherein the first tool face and second tool face are configured to partially define... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140295061 - Microporous polyolefin composite film with a thermally stable porous layer at high temperature: Provided is a microporous polyolefin composite film with a thermally stable porous layer at high temperature, particularly, to the microporous polyolefin composite film in which the thermally stable porous layer at high temperature, which contains organic or inorganic particles and heat-resistant polymer having aromatic ring in main chain and also... Agent:

20140295062 - Apparatus and method of manufacturing radiation detection panel: According to one embodiment, an apparatus of manufacturing a radiation detection panel, includes an evaporation source configured to evaporate a scintillator material and emit the scintillator material vertically upward, a holding mechanism located vertically above the evaporation source, and holding a photoelectric conversion substrate, and a heat conductor arranged opposite... Agent: Toshiba Electron Tubes & Devices Co., Ltd.

20140295063 - Method of manufacturing a capacative touch sensor circuit using a roll-to-roll process to print a conductive microscopic patterns on a flexible dielectric substrate: Mutual capacitance touch sensor circuits are used in manufacturing displays, including touch screen displays, such as LED, LCD, plasma, 3D, and other displays used in computing as well as stationary and portable electronic devices. A flexographic printing process may be used, for example, in a roll to roll handling system... Agent:

20140295064 - Printhead with nanotips for nanoscale printing and manufacturing: A nanoprinthead including an array of nanotip cantilevers, where each nanotip cantilever includes a nanotip at an end of a cantilever, and a method for forming the nanoprinthead. Each nanotip may be individually addressable through use of an array of piezoelectric actuators. Embodiments for forming a nanoprinthead including an array... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140295065 - Resin protrusion forming method and wiring board manufacturing method: A resin protrusion forming method includes: forming on a substrate a thermal curing resin layer that is in an uncured state; forming a protrusion by pressing a forming mold against the thermal curing resin layer; forming a retaining member that retains a side face of the protrusion; and heating the... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140295066 - Electroless plating of silver onto graphite: A one-pot process for the electroless-plating of silver onto graphite powder is disclosed. No powder pretreatment steps for the graphite, which typically require filtration, washing or rinsing, are required. The inventive process comprises mixing together three reactant compositions in water: an aqueous graphite activation composition comprising graphite powder and a... Agent:

20140295067 - Wire harness, wire harness manufacturing method and wire harness manufacturing apparatus: A wire harness manufacturing method prevents inadvertent deformation of thermoplastic material and separation of thermoplastic material. A predetermined part of an electric wire 91 is accommodated in a through hole of a tubular body formed by connection between a first and second nest members (123, 124) of a nozzle (12),... Agent:

20140295068 - Method for manufacturing electrode for storage battery: To provide a storage battery electrode including an active material layer with high density that contains a smaller percentage of conductive additive. To provide a storage battery having a higher capacity per unit volume of an electrode with the use of the electrode for a storage battery. A slurry that... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20140295069 - Nanostructured high voltage cathode materials: Objects of the present invention include creating cathode materials that have high energy density and are cost-effective, environmentally benign, and are able to be charged and discharged at high rates for a large number of cycles over a period of years. One embodiment is a battery material comprised of a... Agent: Aegis Technology Inc.

20140295070 - Electroconductive material superior in resistance to fretting corrosion for connection component: An electroconductive material includes a Cu or Cu alloy base member, a Cu—Sn alloy coating layer, and a Sn coating layer. The Cu—Sn alloy coating layer has a Cu content of 20 to 70 atomic %, and an average thickness of 0.2 to 3.0 μm. The Sn coating layer has... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel Ltd.)

20140295071 - Precursor compositions for atomic layer deposition and chemical vapor deposition of titanate, lanthanate, and tantalate dielectric films: wherein each of R1-R5 is the same as or different from one another, with each being independently selected from among hydrogen, C1-C12 alkyl, C1-C12 amino, C6-C10 aryl, C1-C12 alkoxy, C3-C6 alkylsilyl, C2-C12 alkenyl, R1R2R3NNR3, wherein R1, R2 and R3 may be the same as or different from one another and... Agent: Advanced Technology Materials, Inc.

20140295072 - Magnetic recording medium fabrication method: A method of fabricating a magnetic recording medium includes forming the lubricant by depositing a first lubricant on the stacked body after forming the protection layer, by vapor-phase lubrication deposition, without exposing the stacked body to atmosphere, and depositing a second lubricant that is dissolved in an organic solvent onto... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20140295073 - Magnetic recording medium fabrication method: A method of fabricating a magnetic recording medium by sequentially forming a magnetic recording layer, a protection layer, and a lubricant layer on a stacked body, includes forming the lubricant by depositing a first lubricant on the stacked body after forming the protection layer, by vapor-phase lubrication deposition, without exposing... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20140295074 - Binding agent for producing road markings ready quickly for traffic: A method of producing a trafficway marking, the method including applying a cold plastic to a trafficway surface, to obtain the trafficway marking, where, in less than 5 minutes after the applying, the trafficway marking can withstand the passage of traffic, and where the cold plastic includes from 15% to... Agent: Evonik Roehm Gmbh

20140295075 - Method for fixing metal onto surface of substrate: A method for fixing metal onto a surface of the substrate. The present method includes steps of: providing a substrate and a mercaptoalkylsilatrane compound; dissolving the mercaptoalkylsilatrane compound in a solvent; performing a condensation reaction of the substrate with and the dissolved mercaptoalkylsilatrane compound to complete the surface modification of... Agent: National Chung Cheng University

20140295076 - Low seal initiation lid for rigid substrates: A polyolefin-based heat sealable and peelable lidding film. The peelable seal films comprise from 5 to 95 percent by weight of a polyolefin based plastomer or elastomer and from 5 to 95 percent by weight of a second plastomer or elastomer. The invention also relates to methods of making and... Agent:

20140295077 - Capsule formation: A method of forming a capsule, comprising: encapsulating a body of solid core material with a coating material and converting the core material from a solid to a liquid to form a capsule having a liquid core encapsulated by a solid coating. An apparatus configured to perform the method is... Agent:

20140295078 - Composite polyamide membrane derived from aromatic monomer including anhydride and sulfonyl halide functional groups: A method for making a composite polyamide membrane including the step of applying a polyfunctional amine monomer and polyfunctional acyl halide monomer to a surface of the porous support and interfacially polymerizing the monomers to form a thin film polyamide layer, wherein the method is characterized by: i) conducting the... Agent:

20140295079 - Hybrid nanoparticle tfc membranes: Reverse osmosis membranes made by interfacial polymerization of a monomer in a nonpolar (e.g. organic) phase together with a monomer in a polar (e.g. aqueous) phase on a porous support membrane. Interfacial polymerization process is disclosed for preparing a highly permeable RO membrane, comprising: contacting on a porous support membrane,... Agent:

20140295080 - Board and method for growing high-quality graphene layer: This invention relates to a board and method for forming a graphene layer, and more particularly, to a board for use in forming a graphene layer, which has a structure able to improve properties of the graphene layer formed thereon, and to a method of forming a high-quality graphene layer... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20140295081 - Treatment of steel surfaces: The content of phosphorus in polycrystalline silicon prepared by the Siemens process is reduced by treating phosphorus-containing steel surfaces with an α-amino-functional alkoxysilane. The treated surface exhibits less corrosion in an atmosphere of moist hydrogen chloride, and less loss of phosphorus as a result.... Agent:

20140295082 - Driving method of vertical heat treatment apparatus, storage medium and vertical heat treatment apparatus: A driving method of a vertical heat treatment apparatus having a vertical reaction container with a heating part installed includes: performing a process of loading wafers by a substrate holder support to the reaction container; performing a film forming process of storing a first gas at a storage unit and... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140295083 - Film forming apparatus, gas supply device and film forming method: There is provided a film forming apparatus including gas supply paths, retaining units, valves, a purge gas supply unit and a control unit. The control unit is configured to implements a film forming process for sequentially performing operations of actuating the valves such that reaction gases are retained in the... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140295084 - Tris(dialkylamide)aluminum compound, and method for producing aluminum-containing thin film using same: e

20140295085 - Method for manufacturing donor substrate: A method for manufacturing a donor substrate according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes: providing a base member; forming a coating layer on one surface of the base member; hardening the coating layer; and detaching the coating layer from the base member.... Agent:

20140295086 - Process for producing a layer system: A process for producing a layer system is provided wherein the layer system has at least a substrate, a ceramic layer, which is applied to a surface structured in a targeted manner, in which process the intermediate layer, in particular the metallic layer, is applied in such a way that... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140295087 - Method for additively manufacturing an article made of a difficult-to-weld material: The invention relates to a method for additively manufacturing an article made of a difficult-to-weld highly-precipitation-strengthened Ni-base super alloy that comprises Al and Ti in the sum of more than 5 wt.-% or a difficult-to weld carbide/solution-strengthened cobalt (Co)-base super alloy, whereby a metal particle mixture of at least a... Agent:

20140295088 - Flexible polyamines, flexible amine-terminated adducts, compositions thereof and methods of use: Disclosed are flexible polyamines, flexible amine-terminated polyformal adducts, flexible-amine-terminated polythioether adducts, compositions comprising flexible polyamines and isocyanate-terminated prepolymers, and compositions comprising flexible amine-terminated adducts and isocyanate-terminated prepolymers. Uses of the compositions as sealants, and particularly as aerospace sealants, are also disclosed.... Agent:

20140295089 - Roller coating: A method of preparing the surface of a roller comprising adding a coating comprising isocyanate to a ground surface of the roller. A roller comprising a ground surface, the ground surface having unreacted hydroxyl (—OH) groups on the surface of the roller and a layer of isocyanate layered over the... Agent: Hewlett-parkard Indigo B.v.

20140295090 - Curable sheared or extruded, cross linked starch nanoparticle latex binder for use with mineral, natural organic or synthetic fibre products and non-woven mats: A curable aqueous binder composition comprising sheared or extruded cross linked starch particles and a crosslinking agent for use in the formation of composite materials such as mineral, natural organic or synthetic fibre products including mineral fibre insulation, non-woven mats, fibreglass insulation and related glass fibre products as well as... Agent:

20140295091 - Process for the production of an automotive oem multi-layer coating: A process for the production of an automotive OEM multi-layer coating, includes, but is not limited to applying a base coat layer onto an automotive substrate, applying a clear top coat layer onto the base coat layer, and jointly curing the base coat and clear top coat layers. The base... Agent:

20140295092 - Methods and apparatuses for roll-on coating: Coating rollers accepting liquid media provide liquid chemicals to substrates for depositing a thin coating layer on the flat substrates, such as semiconductors or panels. The liquid media is cooled to a life-preserving temperature while shielded from the thermal energy heating the substrates to prevent degrading the liquid media. Physical... Agent:

20140295093 - Plating apparatus and plating method: A plating apparatus includes a processing bath configured to store a processing liquid therein, a transporter configured to immerse a substrate holder, holding a substrate, in the processing liquid, raise the substrate holder out of the processing bath, and transport the substrate holder in a horizontal direction, and a gas... Agent:

20140295094 - Combustion deposition systems and methods of use: Combustion deposition systems and methods of using combustion deposition systems are disclosed. In an embodiment, a combustion deposition system may include a burner that is in fluid communication with at least one supply of at least one precursor such that the at least one precursor can be introduced to a... Agent: Clearsign Combustion Corporation

20140295095 - In-line powder coating of non-conductive profiles produced in a continuous forming process such as pultrusion and extrusion: A method and apparatus for the continuous powder coating of a non-conductive profile produced in a continuous forming process, such as pultrusion or extrusion, such that the profile is powder coated while on the profile forming machine and before the subject segment of the continuous profile is severed from the... Agent:

20140295096 - Process for producing coating plastic lenses, and lens holder: A process is provided whereby a photocurable coating agent is applied to a surface of a plastic lens having a central area less than 2 mm in thickness and thinner than the peripheral area, and the coating agent is cured to produce an objective coated plastic lens without any special... Agent:

20140295097 - Norbornene monomer, polynorbornene derivative, liquid crystal photoalignment film containing the same and liquid crystal display containing the same: The present invention relates to a norbornene monomer, a polynorbornene derivative, a liquid crystal alignment film including the same, and a liquid crystal display device including the same. More particularly, the present invention relates to a norbornene monomer, a polynorbornene derivative, a liquid crystal alignment film including the same, and... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20140295098 - Composite catalyst and method for manufacturing carbon nanostructured materials: A method of forming a carbon nanotube array substrate is disclosed. One embodiment comprises depositing a composite catalyst layer on the substrate, oxidizing the composite catalyst layer, reducing the oxidized composite catalyst layer, and growing the array on the composite catalyst layer. The composite catalyst layer may comprise a group... Agent:

20140295099 - Liquid coating, coated film and process for coating film: A system, a method, a device, an article of manufacture, a liquid coating, a computer program manufacturing a liquid coating, and a computer program for coating a film and making a coated film product for use with digital printers.... Agent: Klockner Pentaplast Of America, Inc.

20140295100 - Electric induction heating and coating of the exterior surface of a pipe: A modular electric induction heating and coating apparatus and method for coating, heating and/or coating and heating (and vice versa) the exterior surface of a pipe section within a pipe treatment region is provided. The apparatus comprises an interchangeable central main frame assembly removably attached to an outer drive frame... Agent: Inductotherm Heating & Welding Limite

20140295101 - High permittivity low leakage capacitor and energy storing device: A method is provided for making a high permittivity dielectric material for use in capacitors. Several high permittivity materials in an organic nonconductive media with enhanced properties and methods for making the same are disclosed. A general method for the formation of thin films of some particular dielectric material is... Agent: Carver Scientific, Inc.

20140295103 - Deposition of coatings on substrates: A process and apparatus are disclosed for the deposition of a layer of a first material onto a substrate of a second material. Powder particles of the first material are entrained into a carrier gas flow to form a powder beam directed to impinge on the substrate. This defines a... Agent:

20140295102 - Sintering process of metal oxide based formulations: p

20140295104 - Film deposition apparatus and film deposition method: A film formation device (10) that increases the mechanical resistance of the liquid repellent film formed on the oxide film. The film formation device (10) includes an oxide film formation unit (14, 15, 16), which forms an oxidized film on a substrate by releasing grains towards the substrate that is... Agent:

20140295105 - Method and device for depositing silicon on a substrate: The invention relates to a method and a device for depositing silicon on a substrate using a focused beam of charged particles. A precursor containing silicon is provided, said precursor being dissociated by the beam in the immediate vicinity of the substrate. The aim of the invention is to allow... Agent:

20140295106 - High throughput multi-wafer epitaxial reactor: An epitaxial reactor enabling simultaneous deposition of thin films on a multiplicity of wafers is disclosed. During deposition, a number of wafers are contained within a wafer sleeve comprising a number of wafer carrier plates spaced closely apart to minimize the process volume. Process gases flow preferentially into the interior... Agent: Crystal Solar, Incorporated

20140295107 - Method of smoothing solid surface with gas cluster ion beam and solid surface smoothing apparatus: A scratch or similar surface roughness in a solid surface is reduced by gas cluster ion beam irradiation. A gas-cluster-ion-beam solid surface smoothing method includes an irradiation step in which the solid surface is irradiated with a gas cluster ion beam. The irradiation step includes a process of causing clusters... Agent: Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited

09/25/2014 > 33 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20140287134 - Coating system and method for drug elution management: The teachings are directed to a medical device having a drug-retaining coating that at least substantially delays the initial elution of a drug for a time effective at forming a functional endothelium over a surface of the medical device.... Agent: Pls Technologies, LLC

20140287135 - Method for coating non-uniform substrates: A method for applying a uniform coating to a non-uniform substrate, the method including: a) optically characterizing the non-uniform substrate; b) adjusting a thickness and a color of a primer layer to achieve a first target color while depositing the primer layer on the non-uniform substrate; c) optically characterizing the... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140287136 - Lanio3 thin film-forming composition and method of forming lanio3 thin film using the same: This LaNiO3 thin film-forming composition includes: LaNiO3 precursors; and acetic acid, wherein a ratio of an amount of the LaNiO3 precursors to 100 mass % of an amount of the LaNiO3 thin film-forming composition is in a range of 1 mass % to 20 mass % in terms of oxides,... Agent: Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

20140287137 - Method for rust-proofing mold: A method for rust-proofing a mold, which is capable of reducing the time and the cost required for rust-proofing the mold. The method includes an iron hydroxide-forming step for forming iron hydroxide on a predetermined part of the surface of the mold, and a surface-treating step for forming a film... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140287138 - Method of forming single face corrugated board: m

20140287139 - Extrusion-based additive manufacturing: A method of manufacturing an object. A thermoplastic matrix material is melted to transform it into liquid matrix material. The liquid matrix material is fed into a chamber via one or more matrix inlets. A fibre is also fed into the chamber via a fibre inlet. The fibre in the... Agent: Eads Uk Limited

20140287140 - Method and system for manufacturing a target for the emission of photon radiation, particularly x rays, or of particles, particularly protons or electrons, by laser firing: A method of manufacturing a target for the generation of radiation of photons, protons or electrons by means of a laser, including: forming a support including first and second surfaces connected by openings, and forming in an enclosure a layer of material on the first surface by protecting the first... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20140287141 - Process for preparing trialkyl compounds of metals of group iiia: m

20140287142 - Cvd reactor and substrate holder for a cvd reactor: The invention relates to a CVD reactor, with a process chamber (4) which is arranged therein and into which a process gas can be fed by means of a gas inlet member (2), with a substrate holder (3) which, on the upper side (3′) thereof facing the process chamber (4),... Agent:

20140287143 - Maskant for use in aluminizing a turbine component: A mask is used in aluminizing of superalloy turbine component, such as a turbine blade, where a region exposed to relatively high operating temperature is aluminized to form a diffusion aluminide coating and another region exposed to relatively lower operating temperatures is masked to prevent aluminizing of the masked region... Agent: Howmet Corporation

20140287144 - Process and method for cellulose acetate manufacturing waste product recycling: The present invention is directed to processes and methods for recycling the waste products from the manufacture of cellulose acetate materials, using the example of cigarette butt manufacturing, in this case, but also applies to cellulose acetate production for other materials. Once the cellulose acetate containing materials are processed, they... Agent:

20140287145 - Wood-like coating method for substrate: A protective coating method of a material such as aromatic polyurethane substrates is effected through a process that promotes coating adhesion to the substrate while providing a wood-like aesthetic. Closed cells on the surface of the aromatic polyurethane are opened via sanding techniques to promote adhesion. Once a sufficient surface... Agent: Nyloboard, LLC

20140287146 - Production process of film and column for cation chromatography: One object of the present invention is to produce a weakly acidic cation exchanger under mild conditions. Another object of the present invention is to produce a more firm weakly acidic cation exchange film. Still another object of the present invention is to provide a weakly acidic cation exchanger capable... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20140287147 - Photonic devices on planar and curved substrates and methods for fabrication thereof: A versatile and rapid sol-gel technique for the fabrication of high quality one-dimensional photonic bandgap materials. For example, silica/titania multi-layer materials may be fabricated by a sol-gel chemistry route combined with dip-coating onto planar or curved substrate. A shock-cooling step immediately following the thin film heat-treatment process is introduced. This... Agent: University Of Utah Research Foundation

20140287148 - Building composition comprising cellulose ether: Cellulose ethers, wherein at least a part of the hydroxyl groups of the cellulose backbone are substituted by methoxy groups and hydroxyalkoxy groups, and optionally alkoxy groups being different from methoxy groups, having an unconventional distribution of methoxy substituents at the 2-, 3- and 6-positions of the anhydroglucose units are... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140287149 - Method for coating a component of a turbomachine and coated component for a turbomachine: The invention relates to a coating system for a component of a turbomachine, which includes at least two different base powders. Each of the at least two different base powders has an individual predetermined distribution within the coating system. Further, each of the at least two different base powders is... Agent:

20140287150 - Condensation on surfaces: A uniform external field can enhance condensation on a superhydrophobic surface. Jumping droplets on superhydrophobic surfaces accumulate a positive charge which promises the manipulation and control of jumping behavior using external electric fields.... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140287151 - Reaction-based laser marking compositions, systems and methods: An ink formulation comprises a binder and at least one marking component, which comprises at least one metal oxides or oxyanion and at least one oxidizing/reducing agent, which absorbs laser irradiation between wavelengths of 780-10,600 nm, thereby causes the formulation to change color.... Agent:

20140287152 - Process for the production of an oem base coat/clear top coat multi-layer coating: A process for the production of an OEM base coat/clear top coat multi-layer coating wherein a waterborne base coat composition is spray-applied by electrostatically-assisted high speed rotary atomization is provided. The waterborne base coat composition comprises binder solids comprising about 20 to about 100 wt. % of an aqueously dispersed... Agent:

20140287153 - Image display device: A method for manufacturing an image display device includes the step of forming a cured resin layer by interposing a photo-curable resin composition between a protection member and a display-side panel including an image display unit and a frame member and then photo-curing the photo-curable resin composition, with the photo-curable... Agent: Dexerials Corporation

20140287154 - Reactive surface coating having chemical decontamination and biocidal properties: Reactive compositions are provided, having biocidal and chemical decontamination/neutralization properties, comprising a hygroscopic polymer and an active, which are useful in a variety of commercial, healthcare and military applications and a wide variety of contaminants, including without limitation chemical and biological warfare agents. The reactive compositions are renewable or rechargeable... Agent:

20140287155 - Pretreatment method, graphene forming method and graphene fabrication apparatus: A pretreatment method is performed before a graphene grows by performing a CVD method on a catalyst metal layer formed on a workpiece. The method includes a plasma treatment process in which the catalyst metal layer is activated by applying plasma of a treatment gas including a reducing gas and... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140287156 - Supported polysilsesquioxane membrane and production thereof: Membranes of the invention comprise a hybrid silica film on a organic polymer support. The silica comprises organic bridging groups bound to two or more silicon atoms, in particular at least 1 of said organic bridging groups per 10 silicon atoms. The membranes can be produced by dry chemistry processes,... Agent:

20140287157 - Method of manufacturing a magnetic recording medium: In the proposed method of manufacturing a magnetic recording medium, the first layer of the original material, is placed onto the substrate. A second layer of the second material is placed on the first layer. The thickness of the second layer is 3.8 nm or more. A lithographic mask with... Agent:

20140287159 - Conductive paste formulations for improving adhesion to plastic substrates: A conductive paste for screen application to a substrate has a mixture of copper particles having a mean diameter between 1.0-5.0 micrometers and polymer-coated copper nanoparticles having a mean diameter from 10 nm to 100 nm. The ratio of the copper particles to the nanoparticles is between 2:1 and 5:1... Agent: Intrinsiq Materials, Inc.

20140287158 - Performance of conductive copper paste using copper flake: A conductive paste for screen application has a mixture of copper flake having a mean diameter between 1.0-8.0 micrometers and copper nanoparticles having a mean diameter from 10 nm to 100 nm, wherein the ratio of the copper flake to the nanoparticles is between 2:1 and 5:1 by weight; and... Agent: Intrinsiq Materials, Inc.

20140287161 - Methods for coating tubular devices used in oil and gas drilling, completions and production operations: Provided are methods and systems for vacuum coating the outside surface of tubular devices for use in oil and gas exploration, drilling, completions, and production operations for friction reduction, erosion reduction and corrosion protection. These methods include embodiments for sealing tubular devices within a vacuum chamber such that the entire... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20140287160 - Vapour deposition process for the preparation of a phosphate compound: The present invention provides a vapour deposition process for the preparation of a phosphate compound, wherein the process comprises providing each component element of the phosphate compound as a vapour, and co-depositing the component element vapours on a common substrate, wherein the component elements react on the substrate to form... Agent: Ilika Technologies Ltd.

20140287162 - Microwave plasma apparatus and method for materials processing: A microwave plasma apparatus for processing a material includes a plasma chamber, a microwave radiation source, and a waveguide guiding microwave radiation from the microwave radiation source to the plasma chamber. A process gas flows through the plasma chamber and the microwave radiation couples to the process gas to produce... Agent:

20140287163 - Method of forming copper wiring and method and system for forming copper film: A method of forming a Cu wiring in a trench or hole formed in a substrate is provided. The method includes forming a barrier film on the surface of the trench or hole, forming a Ru film on the barrier film, and embedding Cu in the trench or hole by... Agent:

20140287164 - Compositions and processes for depositing carbon-doped silicon-containing films: Described herein are compositions for depositing a carbon-doped silicon containing film wherein the composition comprises a first precursor comprising at least one compound selected from the group consisting of: an organoaminoalkylsilane having a formula of R5Si(NR3R4)xH3-x wherein x=1, 2, 3; an organoalkoxyalkylsilane having a formula of R6Si(OR7)xH3-x wherein x=1, 2,... Agent: Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

20140287165 - Cladding composition with flux particles: The present disclosure is related to a cladding composition. The cladding composition may include cladding powder particles and flux particles. The flux particles may have an average particle size of less than about 40 μm, and more than about 50% of the flux particles may adhere to the surfaces of... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140287166 - Method of producing roofing shingles with enhanced granule adhesion: The retention of roofing granules on bituminous roofing products is enhanced by providing an adherent material in the interstices between the exterior surface of the roofing granules and the exposed upper surface of the base sheet.... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 102 patent applications in 76 patent subcategories.

20140272096 - Method and apparatus for revealing a hidden element: Kits and methods are provided for revealing a hidden element of an article. The article has printing thereon using a combination of visible ink materials and colorless ink materials. An activating solution is applied to a body part using an applicator. The body part is then contacted with the article.... Agent: Hallmark Cards, Incorporated

20140272097 - Dna marking of previously undistinguished items for traceability: The invention provides a method of marking an item with a naturally-derived or synthetic non-natural polymeric marker molecules, such as a DNA or Peptide marker in conjunction with optional visible or rapid scan reporters for authenticating or tracking, in which the method includes providing an item for marking, and applying... Agent:

20140272098 - Process for manufacturing nanoparticles in a concentrated slurry: The present invention concerns a process for manufacturing nanoparticles in a slurry based on an aqueous solvent by treating said inorganic particles or their agglomerates in said solvent at a solids content of 30-75w-%, by adding dispersing agent(s) and by carrying out ultrasonic treatment at an intensity of 5-1000 W/cm2... Agent: Nordkalk Oy Ab

20140272099 - Method for producing and monitoring oral active ingredient films: Method for producing and monitoring oral active ingredient films with a base to which a solution containing at least one active ingredient is applied, the method comprising the steps: • metering and mixing the base formulation, • coating the base formulation onto a substrate, so that a strip results •... Agent: Tesa Se

20140272100 - Processes for coating a carrier with microparticles: Processes for coating a carrier with microparticles of a drug are described. For example, a coated carrier can be obtained in a one-stage process that entails evaporating a solvent from microdroplets of a solution containing an API to obtain dry microparticles, which are then coated on the carrier.... Agent: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

20140272101 - Microarray for delivery of therapeutic agent, methods of use, and methods of making: Devices and methods for using and manufacturing microstructure arrays are described.... Agent: Corium International, Inc.

20140272102 - Intraocular shunt manufacture: An intraocular shunt can be manufactured using a system that includes a liquid bath and a wire, which is moved through the bath. When moved through the bath, the wire is coated with a material, such as gelatin. For example, the liquid bath can have a top layer, including water,... Agent:

20140272106 - Alcoholic compositions with improved properties and methods for evaluating interaction of the compositions with surfaces: A method is provided for measuring the interaction of a disinfecting composition with a floor wax. The method include coating a surface with floor wax, allowing the coating to dry, applying a selected amount of disinfecting composition to the coated surface, and measuring, after a pre-determined amount of time, the... Agent: Gojo Industries, Inc.

20140272104 - Coating methods and pressurized masking systems for controlling coating microstructures: Methods for coating a target surface of an article having one or more passageways include fluidly connecting a temperature controlled fluid to at least one passageway, passing the temperature controlled fluid through the at least one passageway, wherein the temperature controlled fluid at least partially controls a temperature profile of... Agent: General Electric Company

20140272103 - Color-based linear three dimensional acquisition system and method: A system and method for capturing three-dimensional image data for inspection, alignment and operations of a material applicator includes an imaging system configured to capture three-dimensional image data of an electronic substrate. The imaging system includes one or more illumination assembly configured to project a spectrum of light substantially along... Agent:

20140272109 - Methods and devices for jetting viscous medium on workpieces: An apparatus for depositing and/or jetting viscous medium on a surface of a workpiece includes at least two depositing head assemblies. The at least two depositing head assemblies are configured to move in three dimensional space. The at least two depositing head assemblies are also configured to at least one... Agent: Micronic Mydata Ab

20140272107 - Substrate coating techniques: According to certain techniques, a system for coating a substrate includes a preparation component, a coating component, and a curing component. The preparation component includes a plasma applicator that irradiates the substrate with plasma to form a prepared substrate. The coating component coats the prepared substrate with a coating medium... Agent:

20140272105 - System and methods of reducing diffuse reflection of an optical stack: The present disclosure relates to a method for improving optical qualities of transparent conductive films including a multilayer optical stack and conductive nanowires embedded therein.... Agent:

20140272108 - Toroidal plasma processing apparatus: A plasma processing apparatus including a vacuum chamber comprising a conduit, a process chamber, and a first gas input port for introducing gas into the vacuum chamber, and a pump port for evacuating gas from the vacuum chamber. A magnetic core surrounds the conduit. An output of an RF power... Agent: Plasmability, LLC

20140272110 - Methods of plating or coating ultrasound transducers: According to some embodiments, a method of depositing at least one electrode on a base member of an ultrasound transducer comprises at least partially etching a surface of the base member using a first etching agent, catalyzing the surface of the base member using a first catalyst, plating copper on... Agent: Recor Medical, Inc.

20140272111 - Non-aqueous emulsions and methods of preparing surface-treated articles: Non-aqueous emulsions comprise a continuous organic phase comprising an organic vehicle. The non-aqueous emulsions further comprise a discontinuous phase comprising a polyfluoropolyether silane. Methods of preparing surface treated articles therewith are also disclosed.... Agent:

20140272112 - Combinatorial methods and systems for developing electrochromic materials and devices: Embodiments provided herein describe methods and systems for evaluating electrochromic material processing conditions. A substrate having a plurality of site-isolated regions defined thereon is provided. A first electrochromic material, or a first electrochromic device stack, is formed above a first of the plurality of site-isolated regions using a first set... Agent: Intermolecular, Inc.

20140272113 - Gum rosin protective coating and methods of use: A rosin composition includes a gum rosin, an emulsifier, and a randomizing additive. The rosin composition may be applied to circuit cards for protection of the circuit card during storage. The rosin composition is solderable and is also easily removed for the soldering of components.... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140272114 - Abrasion resistant solid oxide fuel cell electrode ink: A method for forming a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) includes co-firing the anode and cathode electrode layers, which involves placing an unfired anode onto a surface during the cathode print cycle. To avoid damage to the electrolyte and cathode production cycle by the green anode ink, an abrasion resistant... Agent: Bloom Energy Corporation

20140272115 - Fire retardant coating for halogen free cables: Cables having a conductor with a polymeric covering layer and a non-extruded coating layer made of a material based on a liquid composition including a polymer resin and a fire retardant. Methods of making cables are also provided.... Agent: General Cable Technologies Corporation

20140272116 - Titanium diboride granules as erosion protection for cathodes: b

20140272117 - Low cost vehicle electrical and electronic components and systems manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials: Vehicle electrical and electronic components are formed of a conductive loaded resin-based material. The conductive loaded resin-based material comprises micron conductive powder(s), conductive fiber(s), or a combination of conductive powder and conductive fibers in a base resin host. The percentage by weight of the conductive powder(s), conductive fiber(s), or a... Agent: Integral Technologies, Inc.

20140272118 - Method for producing silver conductive film: A silver conductive film is formed on a substrate in a continuous roll-to-roll system by applying a fine silver particle dispersing solution, which contains 30 to 70 wt % of fine silver particles dispersed in a water based dispersing medium, to the substrate via a halide, such as a chlorine... Agent: Dowa Electronics Materials Co., Ltd.

20140272119 - Functionally graded polymer articles and methods of making same: Disclosed herein are methods for manufacturing a functionally graded polymer material. The methods comprise preparing a melted polymer mixture comprising a thermoplastic polymer and a magnetic filler dispersed in the thermoplastic polymer, molding the melted polymer mixture and applying a magnetic field to a portion of the melted polymer mixture... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPB.v.

20140272120 - Method for producing a smooth ru side gap of a damascene writer pole: The present invention generally relates to a method for forming a smooth gap of a damascene write pole. An opening having a side wall with a first angle with respect to vertical is formed in a fill layer, and a first non-magnetic layer is deposited into the opening by ion... Agent: Hgst Netherlands B.v.

20140272121 - Digital 3d fabrication using multi-layered mold: A replica 3D structure is fabricated inside a multi-layered mold by patterning each mold layer to define a void/opening that matches a corresponding cross section of the structure's peripheral surface, and filling the patterned opening of each layer with a structural material (i.e., before depositing a subsequent layer of mold... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20140272122 - Color dispensing system for recreational gear: Spray color dispensing devices and associated systems and methods are disclosed. Color dispensing devices in accordance with certain embodiments include colorant contained in a pressure vessel, a pressure vessel holder including an attachment mechanism and an actuator system, and a control cable leading to a remote trigger controller. The remote... Agent:

20140272123 - Method of embedding photocatalytic titanium dioxide in concrete structures to reduce pollutants via photocatalytic reactions: Methods for embedding photocatalytic titanium dioxide in concrete surfaces to reduce pollutants via photocatalytic reactions are provided herein. One method includes applying an amount of concrete treatment compound to an upper surface of the concrete, the concrete treatment compound comprising a mixture of a liquid carrier compound with a titanium... Agent:

20140272124 - Coating systems and methods for countertops: A method of forming a restored countertop surface on an existing countertop surface comprises the step of applying discrete portions of a secondary material onto a base coat formed of uncured base material. The base material and the secondary material are formulated such that the secondary material does not mix... Agent: Homax Products, Inc.

20140272125 - Anti-reflection glass made from aged sol including mixture of tri-alkoxysilane and tetra-alkoxysilane: A method of making a coated article including an anti-reflection coating on a glass substrate, the method comprising: mixing at least a tri-alkoxysilane based binder and a tetra-alkoxysilane based binder with at least silica based nanoparticles and a solvent in forming a coating sol formulation; aging the coating sol formulation... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp

20140272127 - Anti-glare coatings with sacrificial surface roughening agents and methods for forming the same: Embodiments provided herein describe optical coatings, panels having optical coatings thereon, and methods for forming optical coatings and panels. A sol-gel matrix is formed above a surface of a substrate. Organic micro-particles are embedded in a surface of the sol-gel matrix. A heat treatment is applied to the sol-gel matrix... Agent: Intermolecular Inc.

20140272126 - Anti-reflection glass made from sol made by blending tri-alkoxysilane and tetra-alkoxysilane inclusive sols: Anti-reflection (AR) coating for a glass substrate is prepared by blending at least two different sols to form a coating sol which is used to coat a substrate such as a transparent glass substrate. In certain example embodiments, a method includes forming a first sol formulation including a colloidal solution... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20140272128 - Wear resistant lead free alloy bushing and method of making: A bearing having improved wear resistance has a bearing material of a copper-tin-bismuth alloy which may also include phosphorus which has excellent strength, due to the solid solution of copper, tin and phosphorus (when used), attached to a steel backing shell. The material also has good lubricity as a result... Agent: Federal-mogul Corporation

20140272129 - Compliant permeable glue applicator: An adhesive applicator including an adhesive dispenser to provide adhesive at a pressure and a compliant head adapted to rotate about a symmetry axis is provided. The compliant head includes a permeable material to provide the adhesive to an adhesive layer on a top surface of a substrate. The adhesive... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140272130 - Fluid applicator: Systems and methods directed to the art of transferring a fluid, such as to a work surface, are provided. A fluid applicator capable of being received within a standard hobby knife handle and used to apply a desired amount of fluid to a work surface. The fluid applicator has a... Agent:

20140272131 - Hot melt and pressure sensitive adhesives that include highly-plasticized cellulose esters and methods and articles relating thereto: Highly-plasticized cellulose esters may be useful as adhesives, including for use in producing laminates. For example, producing a laminate may include providing an adhesive melt that comprises an adhesive that comprises a cellulose ester and a plasticizer, the plasticizer included in an amount of about 30% to about 75% by... Agent:

20140272132 - Complexometric precursors formulation methodology for industrial production of high performance fine and ultrafine powders and nanopowders for specialized applications: g

20140272133 - Corrosion control compositions and methods of mitigating corrosion: Corrosion inhibitor compositions are provided that can include a mixture of one or more transition metals, one or more organic phosphates, one or more inorganic phosphates, optionally a dispersant, and hydroxyphosphono acetic acid and/or salts thereof. Methods of mitigating or inhibiting corrosion of housing or conduits containing aqueous mediums are... Agent:

20140272134 - Composite polyamide membrane derived from carboxylic acid containing acyl halide monomer: A method for making a composite polyamide membrane comprising the step of applying polyfunctional amine and acid halide monomers to a surface of a porous support and interfacially polymerizing the monomers to form a thin film polyamide layer. The method further includes the step of conducting the interfacial polymerization in... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140272135 - Deposition injection masking: In deposition devices, a precursor is directed at a substrate within a deposition chamber, and a block plate comprising a set of block plate apertures adjusts the direction and volume of the outflowing precursor. However, arrangements of block plate apertures that are suitable for some deposition scenarios (such as one... Agent:

20140272136 - Chemical vapor deposition of graphene using a solid carbon source: Aspects of the invention are directed to a method of forming a film on a substrate. The substrate and a solid carbon source are placed into a reactor. Subsequently, both the substrate and the solid carbon source are heated. Optionally, one or more process gases may be introduced into the... Agent: Bluestone Global Tech Ltd.

20140272137 - Method for growth of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes on diamond substrates: Method of growing carbon nanotubes which are substantially vertically aligned on a diamond-based substrate via a chemical vapor deposition system utilizing an iron-based catalyst is disclosed.... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140272138 - Method to control corrosion of a metal surface using alkyl sulfamic acids or salts thereof: The present invention provides a method of inhibiting corrosion of a metal surface with at least one alkyl sulfamic acid or salt thereof to the metal surface in an amount effective to inhibit corrosion of the metal surface. The alkyl sulfamic acid or salt thereof can be applied in any... Agent: Buckman Laboratories International, Inc.

20140272140 - Acoustic ceiling popcorn texture materials, systems, and methods: An actuator for forming a texture layer on a target surface has a housing, a trigger, and an adapter. The housing supports the trigger for pivoting movement between first and second trigger positions. The housing supports the adapter member for sliding movement between first and second adapter positions. The trigger... Agent:

20140272141 - Metallic ink composition and writing instrument containing same: Metallic ink compositions for use in capillary-action markers are provided. More particularly, a metallic ink composition includes a polar solvent, an encapsulated metallic pigment, and a resin component.... Agent:

20140272142 - Imaging apparatus and methods for bindery systems: Imaging apparatus and methods for bindery systems. An example apparatus disclosed herein includes a platform having a plurality of openings to provide suction through a surface of the platform and a first track that moves across the surface of the platform. The first track has a plurality of apertures to... Agent: R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company

20140272143 - Method for flame retarding composition: The present invention teaches a flame retardation composition. The composition comprises: Ammonium Polyphosphate, Sodium Borate, Boric Acid, 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Solution used as Biocide, and Distilled Water. A homogeneous flame retarding composition solution is processed by mixing the referenced composition compounds in distilled water. The flame retarding composition solution is... Agent:

20140272144 - Stable catalysts for electroless metallization: Aqueous catalysts of nanoparticles of precious metals and stabilizers of flavonoid derivatives are used to electrolessly plate metal on non-conductive substrates. Such substrates include printed circuit boards.... Agent:

20140272146 - Paint to be sprayed on the surface of a slim tube-shaped bamboo product and a spraying method thereof: A paint for spraying on bamboo products, such as on the exterior surface of a slim tube-shaped bamboo product, is a nonaqueous acrylic-based paint including 10 to 15 percent by weight of one or more flatting powders, 50 to 55 percent by weight of one or more acrylic resins, 1... Agent: Beifa Group Co., Ltd.

20140272148 - Formulations for applying a hydrophobic film to a substrate: A composition is provided that includes a universal hydrophobic active ingredient of modified silicone polymer forming a microemulsion in water, and a water miscible organic solvent to produce a clear and transparent solution that cleans and leaves a hydrophobic film on a glass substrate when dried. A process of applying... Agent: Illinois Tool Works, Inc.

20140272147 - Method and finish for concrete walls: A method for forming a uniform texture concrete wall using Shotcrete or other pneumatically projected concrete materials. The method generally includes forming an exterior face mixture from a concrete mixture wherein the large aggregates are removed such that when the face mixture is pneumatically applied to a base structure, the... Agent: Lithocrete, Inc.

20140272150 - Fluorocarbon polymer coatings prepared by living polymerization: A process for forming a fluorocarbon polymer film on a substrate is disclosed. A self-assembled monolayer (SAM) containing an initiator for living polymerization such as controlled radical polymerization is formed on the surface of the substrate followed by living polymerization such as controlled radical polymerization of a polymerizable fluorocarbon monomer... Agent: Aculon, Inc.

20140272149 - Modification of substrate surfaces with polymer coatings: A process for forming a polymer film on a substrate through an intermediate organometallic layer is disclosed. A self-assembled monolayer (SAM) containing an initiator for living polymerization such as controlled radical polymerization is formed on the organometallic layer followed by living polymerization such as controlled radical polymerization of a polymerizable... Agent: Aculon, Inc.

20140272151 - Fast set, solvent bourne cement based coating: The present invention is directed to cement-based coating compositions providing a stable, hard, fast setting and drying cement coating. In particular, the cement-based coating includes a low-flashing, VOC-exempt solvent in combination with cement materials, aggregates, resins and other optional components. Methods of making, application and use of the cement coating... Agent: Cem-stripe, LLC

20140272152 - Agent for imparting anti-bacterial/anti-fungal properties, fiber processing agent, and production method for anti-bacterial/anti-fungal fiber: An object of the present invention is to make it possible that a pyridine antibacterial/antifungal agent is dispersed stably in a liquid for appropriate impartation of the pyridine antibacterial/antifungal agent to fibers, and that when fibers are processed with the agent which is mixed with various other treating agents such... Agent:

20140272153 - Free standing polymeric films: Polymeric compositions comprising polyvinylidene fluoride and one or more acrylic components are described. The compositions can be formed into films which do not require a carrier or other backing. Also described are methods for forming the films and applications for the films.... Agent:

20140272155 - Ambient curable corrosion resistant sol-gel coating and composition and process for making the same: A coating composition and a method for coating metallic substrates for corrosion resistance. In at least one embodiment, the coating composition comprises acid, metal acetate, epoxy silane, aminosilane and water.... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20140272154 - Melt formulation process for preparing structured organic films: Processes for preparing structured organic films (SOFs) comprising a plurality of segments and a plurality of linkers arranged as a covalent organic framework. The processes for preparing structured organic film may include mixing a plurality of molecular building blocks each comprising a segment and a number of functional groups to... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140272156 - Aqueous alkyd resin emulsions containing non-fugitive, reactive emulsifying surfactants: An aqueous alkyd resin coating composition, comprising (a) at least one alkyd resin as a dispersed phase; (b) an emulsifier based on styrenated phenols that have been converted into reactive surfactants by first reaction with one or more equivalents of an allyl glycidyl ether to provide pendant allyl groups and... Agent:

20140272157 - Methods of dispensing a vulcanizable material: Methods of dispensing a room-temperature one-part or two-part vulcanizable material are disclosed. First, a curing material is supplied in a cartridge and the cartridge is inserted into a dispenser. The material is sprayed from the cartridge by actuation of the dispenser such that the material begins curing upon exiting the... Agent:

20140272158 - Semiconductor polymers: Disclosed is a semiconductor polymer having the following structure:... Agent: Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

20140272159 - Silane containing coatings: Disclosed are corrosion resistant compositions and processes for the preparation thereof that involve the application of a plurality of layers comprised of at least one tetraalkoxysilane and at least one functionalized silane layer to a supporting substrate.... Agent: Vanchem Performance Chemicals

20140272160 - Slot curtain coating apparatus and slot curtain coating method: A slot curtain coating apparatus, including: ejecting unit containing coating liquid outlet to eject coating liquid; pair of guiding units, each containing auxiliary water outlet to eject auxiliary water, the guiding units being configured to support both edges of curtain film formed of the coating liquid ejected from the coating... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20140272161 - Small scale microencapsulated pigments and uses thereof: A method is provided for making thermochromic pigments in microcapsules having unusually small particle sizes.... Agent: Chromatic Technologies, Inc.

20140272162 - Polyaspartic gel coats with improved weather and chlorine resistance: The present invention provides a two-component coating composition comprising as component I (a) an acrylate modified amine functional polyaspartic acid ester having an acrylate/acid ester mixture of greater than 2 to 30 wt. % acrylate; (b) at least one moisture scavenger; (c) at least one deaerator; (d) at least one... Agent: Bayer Materialscience LLC

20140272163 - Repulpable and recyclable composite packaging articles and related methods: Unexpectedly unique and environmentally friendly composite material structures, storage articles fabricated therefrom, and related methods. The composite structure includes at least one or more fiber-containing layers, such as fiberboard or other layers having fibers from natural and/or synthetic sources, and one or more mineral-containing layers. The mineral-containing layer(s) comprises a... Agent: Smart Planet Technologies, Inc.

20140272164 - Tube coaters and methods of using same: The present application provides for coaters, and methods of using coaters, configured to coat tubes, rods or like members. The coaters may include a coating reservoir configured to apply a coating to the exterior surface of such members. The coating reservoir may include at least one void, first and second... Agent: General Electric Company

20140272165 - Methods of forming modified thermoplastic structures for down-hole applications, and related down-hole tools: A method of forming a modified thermoplastic structure for a down-hole application comprises forming a thermoplastic structure comprising at least one thermoplastic material formulated for crosslinking using an electron beam process. The thermoplastic structure is exposed to at least one electron beam to crosslink polymer chains of the thermoplastic structure.... Agent:

20140272166 - Coating system for improved leading edge erosion protection: A gas turbine engine includes airfoils. At least a portion of the airfoils are coated with a coating that provides for erosion and corrosion protection for the portion of the airfoils.... Agent:

20140272167 - High temperature stable amorphous silica-rich aluminosilicates: A solid amorphous silica-rich aluminosilicate composition is stable at temperatures up to 1500° C. or above and is capable of sustained use as a coating under high to extreme temperature conditions.... Agent: Applied Thin Films, Inc.

20140272168 - Method for fabricating multilayer environmental barrier coatings: A method of making a multilayer environmental barrier coating for a ceramic matrix composite is provided, comprising the steps of: plasma spray coating an oxide-based bond coat over top of the ceramic matrix composite and depositing a columnar top coat over the oxide-based bond coat.... Agent:

20140272169 - Method for fabricating multilayer environmental barrier coatings: A method of making a multilayer environmental barrier coating for a ceramic matrix composite is provided, comprising the steps of: plasma spray coating an oxide-based bond coat over top of the ceramic matrix composite and depositing a columnar top coat over the oxide-based bond coat.... Agent:

20140272170 - Nanoparticle hybrid composites by rf plasma spray deposition: A method of fabricating a composite material includes utilizing a radio frequency plasma process to form a plasma plume comprising nanoparticles. The nanoparticles may comprise boron nitride nanoparticles, silicon carbide nanoparticles, beryllium oxide nanoparticles, or carbon nanoparticles. The nanoparticles may comprise nanotubes or other particles depending on the requirements of... Agent:

20140272171 - Ternary ceramic thermal spraying powder and method of manufacturing thermal sprayed coating using said powder: The invention describes a method for producing ternary and binary ceramic powders and their thermal spraying capable of manufacturing thermal sprayed coatings with superior properties. Powder contain at least 30% by weight ternary ceramic, at least 20% by weight binary molybdenum borides, at least one of the binary borides of... Agent: Mesocoat, Inc.

20140272172 - Method for producing conducting and transparent films from combined graphene and conductive nano filaments: A method of producing a transparent and conductive film, comprising (a) forming aerosol droplets of a first dispersion comprising a first conducting nano filaments in a first liquid; (b) forming aerosol droplets of a second dispersion comprising a graphene material in a second liquid; (c) depositing the aerosol droplets of... Agent:

20140272173 - Apparatus and method for mounting particles on a carrier: Method and apparatus for individually positioning and mounting particles on a target carrier according to a predefined pattern. In particular the particles are spheres of an electrically chargeable material with a diameter in the range of 10 micrometer up to one millimeter and are electrically conductive.... Agent: Oce-technologies B.v.

20140272174 - Pattern formation method and pattern formation device: According to one embodiment, a pattern formation method is disclosed. The method includes preparing a substrate having an underlying pattern and a mold having a concave/convex pattern. The method cures the resin in an uncured region and separate the mold from the resin. The curing the resin includes first and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140272175 - Dual curable composition: in which a and b are identical or different and are each represented by an integer greater than or equal to 1; and wherein the dual curable composition is radiation curable and/or moisture curable. The moiety A comprises at least one of an aliphatic hydrocarbon, a cycloaliphatic hydrocarbon, an aryl... Agent:

20140272176 - Method and apparatus for spatially locating lens components on a lens precursor: This invention provides for Spatial Placement of Lens Components by Spatially Polymerizing portions of Fluent Lens Reactive Media using one or more controlled projections of actinic radiation to a Lens Precursor device. More specifically, the Lens Components Spatially Placed can include one or more of: electrical components, pigment particles, coatings,... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20140272177 - Dispersing agent, a method for manufacturing a dispersing agent, an ink, and a method for forming an electrically conductive pattern: wherein R1 is a hydrogen atom or a methyl group, R2 is a hydrogen atom, an alkyl group with a carbon number equal to or greater than 1 and equal to or less than 9, a phenyl group, a bicyclopentenyl group, or a nonylphenyl group, x is 2 or 3,... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20140272180 - Apparatus and method for improved perpendicular recording medium using ion implantation in a magnetic field: In one embodiment, a system for treating a magnetic layer includes an ion source to generate an ion beam containing ions of a desired species. The system may also include a magnetic alignment apparatus downstream of the ion source and proximate to the substrate, wherein the magnetic alignment apparatus is... Agent:

20140272181 - Apparatus and method for ion implantation in a magnetic field: In one embodiment, a system for treating a magnetic layer includes an ion generating apparatus for directing an ion beam to the substrate and a magnetic alignment apparatus downstream of the ion generating apparatus and proximate to the substrate and operative to generate a magnetic field that intercepts the substrate... Agent:

20140272179 - Apparatus and techniques for energetic neutral beam processing: A processing system includes a plasma source chamber to generate a plasma; an extraction assembly adjacent the plasma source chamber having an extraction plate and a beam modifier, the extraction plate defining an extraction plate plane and an aperture to extract ions from the plasma source chamber into an ion... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20140272182 - Method for implementing low dose implant in a plasma system: Methods of decreasing the dose per pulse implanted into a workpiece disposed in a process chamber are disclosed. According to one embodiment, the plasma is generated by a RF power supply. This RF power supply may have two different modes, a first, referred to as continuous wave mode, where the... Agent:

20140272178 - Multi-platen ion implanter and method for implanting multiple substrates simultaneously: An ion implantation apparatus and a method for ion implantation provides for implanting multiple substrates simultaneously. The different substrates are on corresponding platens within an ion implantation chamber or they may be positioned on separate substrate holders on a single oversized platen. The substrates and platen or platens, are translatable... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140272183 - Large scale manufacturing of nanostructured material: The present disclosure relates to methods for producing large scale nanostructured material comprising carbon nanotubes. Therefore, there is disclosed a method for making nanostructured materials comprising depositing carbon nanotubes onto at least one substrate via a deposition station, wherein depositing comprises transporting molecules to the substrate from a deposition fluid,... Agent: Seldon Technologies, LLC

20140272184 - Methods for maintaining clean etch rate and reducing particulate contamination with pecvd of amorphous silicon filims: Methods for maintaining clean etch rate and reducing particulate contamination with PECVD of amorphous silicon films are provided. The method comprises cleaning a processing chamber with a plasma comprising a cleaning gas, exposing at least a portion of the interior surfaces and components of the processing chamber to an oxidation... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140272187 - Adhesion improvement between cvd dielectric film and cu substrate: Methods of forming dielectric layers on a copper substrate are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a method of depositing a dielectric layer can include positioning a copper substrate in a process chamber, forming and delivering the cleaning plasma to the substrate to form a cleaned surface on the substrate, forming... Agent:

20140272186 - Substrate coating techniques: According to certain techniques, a system for coating a substrate includes a preparation component, a coating component, and a curing component. The preparation component includes a plasma applicator that irradiates the substrate with plasma to form a prepared substrate. The coating component coats the prepared substrate with a coating medium... Agent:

20140272185 - Systems and methods for remote plasma atomic layer deposition: Systems and methods deposit a film on a substrate by introducing a precursor gas into a reaction volume of a processing chamber. A substrate is arranged in the reaction volume. After a predetermined soak period, the precursor gas is purged from the reaction volume. The substrate is exposed with plasma... Agent:

20140272188 - Anti-friction coating to piston assembly: A method of applying an anti-friction coating to a piston assembly is provided including applying an anti-friction coating to at least a portion of the surface area of a piston. The anti-friction coating comprises a binder matrix and a solid lubricant. A localized curing energy is applied to only a... Agent: Mahle International Gmbh

20140272189 - Microwave driven diffusion of dielectric nano- and micro-particles into organic polymers: A method of doping a substrate with dielectric dopant particles. The substrate, comprising an organic polymer, is exposed to a first layer comprising a first plurality of dielectric dopant particles. The organic polymer has a thermal conductivity that is less than 5 Wm−1K−1 and a lossiness that is less than... Agent: Government Of The United States As Represented By The Secretary Of The Air Force

20140272190 - Annealing method for thin film electrodes: A method of annealing a thin film deposited on a substrate. According to the method, the thin film deposited on the substrate is provided. The provided thin film is irradiated with electromagnetic radiation until a predetermined crystal quality of the thin film is achieved. The spectral band of the electromagnetic... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140272191 - Automatic painting on pliable items: Aspects relate to systems and methods for dispensing paint uniformly on pliable items. The system comprises at least one paint application device having at least one nozzle, at least one infrared heating unit, and a conveyance mechanism. Other aspects of the system will also comprise a mask exchanger, a mask... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140272192 - Plastic protective composition and process for use thereof: A process for protecting a plastic substrate from ultraviolet electromagnetic radiation is provided that includes the application of a composition to the plastic substrate containing between 0.01 and 10 total weight percent of a UV absorber in a non-polymerizing oil present in an amount of greater than 50 total weight... Agent: Illinois Tool Works, Inc.

20140272193 - Directing plasma distribution in plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition: Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) devices enable the generation of a plasma in a plasma zone of a deposition chamber, which reacts with a surface of a substrate to form a deposited film in the fabrication of a semiconductor component. The plasma generator is often positioned over the center of... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited

20140272194 - Organoaminosilane precursors and methods for making and using same: Described herein are organoaminosilane precursors which can be used to deposit silicon containing films which contain silicon and methods for making these precursors. Also disclosed herein are deposition methods for making silicon-containing films or silicon containing films using the organoaminosilane precursors described herein. Also disclosed herein are the vessels that... Agent: Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

20140272195 - Methods of manufacture of engineered materials and devices: Methods, systems, and devices are disclosed for precision fabrication of nanoscale materials and devices. In one aspect, a method to manufacture a nanoscale structure include a process to dissociate a feedstock substance including a gas or a vapor into constituents, in which the constituents include individual atoms and/or molecules. The... Agent: Mcalister Technologies, LLC

20140272197 - Directed vapor deposition of environmental barrier coatings: In some examples, a method may include directing an electron beam at a coating source to create a vapor plume, wherein the coating source comprises alumina and at least one rare earth oxide. The method also may include transporting the vapor plume using a gas stream provided adjacent to the... Agent: Rolls-royce Corporation

20140272196 - Oxidation of porous, carbon-containing materials using fuel and oxidizing agent: A method may include exposing a porous, carbon-containing material to a fuel source and an oxidizing agent; allowing the porous, carbon-containing material to adsorb at least some of the fuel source; and heating the porous, carbon-containing material to a temperature at which combustion of the adsorbed fuel source occurs, so... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140272198 - Systems, methods, and media for creating metallization for solar cells: Systems, methods, and media for forming metallization for solar cells are provided. In some embodiments, a system for forming metallization on a substrate is provided, the system comprising: a first laser; a second laser; and a hardware processor programmed to: rotate a target at a predetermined speed; cause the first... Agent:

20140272199 - Ultrasonic spray coating of conducting and transparent films from combined graphene and conductive nano filaments: An ultrasonic spray coating method of producing a transparent and conductive film, comprising (a) operating an ultrasonic spray device to form aerosol droplets of a first dispersion comprising a first conducting nano filaments in a first liquid; (b) forming aerosol droplets of a second dispersion comprising a graphene material in... Agent:

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20140255593 - Fusion of biocompatible glass/ceramic to metal substrate: Applicants have disclosed a process for fusing a biocompatible glass to a metal substrate. In the preferred embodiment, the process comprises: grit blasting a metallic substrate (e.g., titanium) to remove a surface layer of the metal; after blasting, cleaning the abrasion residue off the surface layer; blending a solvent to... Agent: Covalent Coating Technologies, LLC

20140255594 - Method of preparing biologically active formulations: The invention provides pellet for use as a core for a pharmaceutical dosage form having an inner and an outer zone where the inner zone includes a biologically active agent and said outer zone includes a layer formed by applying a substantially dry, free flowing inert powder which forms a... Agent: Nortec Development Associates Inc.

20140255595 - Foam compositions and articles including cyclodextrin crosslinked with polyurethane prepolymer and preparation thereof: An odor-absorbing foam composition comprising a cyclodextrin crosslinked with a polyurethane prepolymer. In one embodiment, the foam includes a ratio of the cyclodextrin to the polyurethane prepolymer selected to result in formation of the foam. The odor-absorbing foam may be used in a personal care product or wound care. A... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20140255596 - Method and apparatus for adjusting the relative movement between flocking fibers and flocked objects: A method and apparatus for adjusting the relative movement between flocked fibers and an object to be flocked is disclosed. Fibers move along a curved or arcuate path which includes both vertical and horizontal movement of the fibers from a flocking machine to the object to be flocked. The method... Agent: Tamicare Ltd.

20140255597 - Reversible color-changing sanitizer-indicating nonwoven wipe: A nonwoven wipe having a reversible sanitizer indicator for multiple uses and recharges is provided. The nonwoven wipe includes a cloth-like nonwoven fabric coated with a reversible color-changing ink formulation. During use, the nonwoven wipe is impregnated with a quaternary ammonium compound-based sanitizer. When the level of free quaternary ammonium... Agent: Illinois Tool Works

20140255598 - Optical design techniques for providing favorable fabrication characteristics: Disclosed are methods and techniques for providing favorable fabrication characteristics for optical elements. One method includes providing a desired integrated computational element (ICE) design comprising a plurality of layers, each layer having a design thickness, randomizing the design thickness of each layer of the desired ICE design to simulate a... Agent:

20140255599 - Method of preparing an electrochemical half-cell: The present invention relates to a method for preparing an electrode-supported electrochemical half-cell including a step consisting in subjecting a green electrode layer on which a precursor gel of the electrolyte or a precursor thereof is deposited to sintering at a temperature of less than or equal to 1350° C.... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20140255600 - Aqueous activator solution and process for electroless copper deposition on laser-direct structured substrates: The invention disclosed relates to an aqueous activator solution and a method for the electroless deposition of copper on a laser direct structured substrate surface. By the invention, an aqueous activator solution comprising a strong reducing agent is proposed to enhance the catalytic activity of the irradiated surface area of... Agent: Enthone Inc.

20140255601 - Coating compositions for inorganic casting molds and cores and use thereof and method for sizing: The invention relates to coating compositions, comprising specific clays, an aqueous carrier fluid and refractory materials in powder form, and to the use thereof for casting molds and cores, in particular those that are produced using water glass as a binder. The invention further relates to a method for producing... Agent:

20140255602 - Method and system for forming a reflective surface: The method and system of the present invention involves coating a substrate or material with both a polymeric powder coating material and a retro-reflective material and finally applying a surface treatment of hydrophobic nano-molecular particles. The polymeric powder coating material provides a tough, corrosion resistant protective layer on the substrate... Agent:

20140255603 - Surface coating method and a method for reducing irreversible capacity loss of a lithium rich transitional oxide electrode: A surface coating method and a method for reducing irreversible capacity loss of a lithium rich transitional oxide electrode are disclosed herein. In an example of the surface coating method, a dispersion of a lithium rich transitional oxide powder and an oxide precursor or a phosphate precursor in a liquid... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140255604 - Synthesis of nanomaterials: A method is disclosed for synthesis of nanoparticles of metal selenide, metal selenide alloys, metal chalcogenide comprising at least selenium or metal chalcogenide alloys comprising at least selenium. The method comprises obtaining a heterogeneous dispersion of powder at least selenium in a first solvent at a first temperature, the first... Agent: Universiteit Gent

20140255605 - Process for producing a coated fertilizer: A process for producing polyurethane coated fertilizer granules having core granules in a rotating drum, wherein the drum has an inlet and an outlet and n application zones arranged along the longitudinal direction of the drum between the inlet and the outlet, n being an integer of at least 2... Agent: Ekompany Agro B.v.

20140255606 - Methods for depositing films comprising cobalt and cobalt nitrides: p

20140255607 - Method and apparatus for coating discrete patches: An improved system for applying a coating to a sheet is disclosed. The system allows precise control of the actuation of the valves and movement of the nozzle to create a plurality of coating profiles. The system includes a controller, which is used to actuate the valves to begin and... Agent: Megtec Systems, Inc.

20140255608 - Coatings that exhibit a tri-coat appearance, related coating methods and substrates: Processes for forming a multilayer composite coating on a substrate to provide a coating system exhibiting a tri-coat effect in fewer coating layers.... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20140255609 - Terminal-modified difunctional sulfur-containing polymers, compositions thereof and methods of use: Disclosed are terminal-modified difunctional sulfur-containing polymers that are the reaction products of a sulfur-containing diol, an aldehyde or a ketone, and a compound containing a functional group. Compositions comprising the terminal-modified difunctional sulfur-containing polymers useful as sealants are also disclosed.... Agent:

20140255610 - Thermally stable oleophobic anti-wetting coating for inkjet printhead face: A coating for an ink jet printhead front face, wherein the coating comprises an oleophobic anti-wetting coating having high thermal stability and maintaining good contact and sliding angle performance. In particular, the coating comprises fluorinated silicone.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140255611 - Process for the anticorrosion treatment of a solid metal substrate and treated solid metal substrate capable of being obtained by such a process: An anticorrosion treatment process in which applied to an oxidizable surface of a solid metal substrate is a liquid solution, referred to as treatment solution, including: at least one alkoxysilane, and at least one cerium (Ce) cation; in a liquid aqueous-alcoholic composition, the treatment solution being suitable for being able... Agent:

20140255612 - Assembly for coloring articles and method of coloring: A coloring system includes an assembly for retaining articles to be colored and an actuator for moving the assembly. The assembly can be translated horizontally, raised and lowered and rotated by the actuator. The coloring system may include a fluid control system that allows gas to be removed from a... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140255613 - Low energy plasma coating: A method of coating an aluminum alloy or magnesium alloy component, including cleaning and drying surfaces of the component to be coated; suspending a powdered coating material in a carrier gas and feeding the suspended powdered coating material through a plasma torch in a flowing gas; heating the coating material... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20140255615 - Apparatus and process for depositing a thin layer of resist on a substrate: The present inventions relate to the formation of a thin polymer film on a substrate. Apparatus is described for transforming a solid polymer resist into an aerosol of small particles, electrostatically charging and depositing the particles onto a substrate, and flowing the particles into a continuous layer. Apparatus is further... Agent:

20140255614 - System and method of producing a coating with an electrostatic spray: A system including an electrostatic spray system, including an electrostatic tool configured to charge and spray a PTFE, a material delivery system configured to deliver the PTFE to the electrostatic tool, a gas delivery system configured to deliver an airflow that atomizes the PTFE and sprays the charged PTFE on... Agent: Finishing Brands Holdings Inc.

20140255616 - Crystallization and bleaching of diamond-like carbon and silicon oxynitride thin films: Optically transparent diamond-like carbon (DLC) thin films are formed using relatively low-temperature deposition conditions followed by a post-deposition bleaching step. The bleaching can include exposure of an as-deposited thin film to UV laser radiation, which reduces the concentration of defects in the film. The method is compatible with temperature-sensitive substrates,... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140255617 - Method for forming coating film on piston of internal combustion engine and coating film forming apparatus: Disclosed is a method for forming a double-layer, solid lubricant coating film on an external surface of a skirt portion of a piston in an internal combustion engine. This method includes the steps of (a) applying on the external surface of the skirt portion a solid lubricant composition containing a... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20140255618 - Method and apparatus for marking consumer products: A system for providing consumers with information relating to packaged consumer goods involves marking the package for the goods with a permanent digital code that may be scanned with a cell phone to communicate over the Internet with a web site containing information about the package contents. The website and... Agent:

20140255619 - Method for producing a fuel cell separator: Provided is a method for producing a fuel cell separator which can achieve a stable power generation over a prolonged period of time and a method of producing the fuel cell separator. The fuel cell separator has a recess for gas flow path whose surface is roughened in such a... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20140255620 - Sonic grain refinement of laser deposits: A metal additive method includes directing sonic and/or ultrasonic energy from a probe that is directed toward a melt pool during solidification of the melt pool and formation of a layer, wherein a solid portion of an object on which the pool is positioned at least partially surrounds the melt... Agent: Rolls-royce Corporation

20140255621 - Systems and methods for production of graphene by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition: Production of bulk quantities of graphene for commercial ventures has proven difficult due to scalability issues in certain instances. Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition of graphene can address at least some of these issues. Methods for production of graphene by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition can include: providing a metal substrate and... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

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