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Coating processes

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05/14/2015 > 40 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20150132468 - Method of making a coated wire guide: In a method for making a wire guide, a fluoropolymer coating is removed from a distal section of an FP coated core wire to expose a metallic portion. A polymer coating is applied to a proximal section of the FP coated core wire such that the polymer coating overlays at... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20150132469 - Implants and methods for manufacturing same: Implantable prosthesis, components of prosthesis, and methods of making same are provided. The methods generally include the steps of providing an implant shell, applying a curable fluid composition to the shell to form a coating thereon and applying a particulate component to the composition. The composition is a mixture, for... Agent:

20150132470 - Film-producing device and method for producing artificial joint component: It is an object, with regard to a configuration for forming a macromolecular layer on a surface of a base material of an artificial joint component, to achieve a size reduction, to accurately control ultraviolet irradiation intensity, to form a macromolecular layer having a uniform thickness, to suppress the influence... Agent: Kyocera Medical Corporation

20150132471 - Method and apparatus for curtain coating: A curtain coating method including forming a curtain including a coating material. A coated web is formed by coating a moving primary web with the coating material. The curtain and the primary web meet at a contact line. A primary pattern is projected on a material layer. The material layer... Agent: Upm Raflatac Oy

20150132472 - Method for the addition of a functional coating on an optical surface of a spectacle lens suitable to be arranged in a spectacle frame: For optical surface of a spectacle lens, providing a first set of rules to determine if features of an optical surface from a list of features are compatible with a functional coating from a list of functional coatings, and a second set of rules to determine a modified optical surface... Agent:

20150132473 - Methods for thick films thermoelectric device fabrication: Solid state thermoelectric energy conversion devices can provide electrical energy from heat flow, creating energy, or inversely, provide cooling through applying energy. Thick film methods are applied to fabricate thermoelectric device structures using microstructures formed through deposition and subsequent thermal processing conditions. An advantageous coincidence of material properties makes possible... Agent:

20150132474 - Micro-extrusion printhead with nozzle valves: A solar cell extrusion printing system includes a printhead assembly having one or more elongated valve structures that are adjustably disposed adjacent to the outlet orifices of selected nozzle channels, and a valve control device for controlling the position of the valve structures to facilitate controllable ink flow through selected... Agent:

20150132475 - Method for preparing a lead-free piezoelectric thin film: The present invention discloses a method of preparing a lead-free piezoelectric thin film comprising the steps of: providing a precursor solution comprising at least one alkali metal ion, a polyamino carboxylic acid, and an amine; depositing the precursor solution on a substrate to form a film; and annealing the film.... Agent: Agency For Science, Technology And Research

20150132476 - Conductive compositions comprising metal carboxylates: A conductive composition that comprises a branched metal carboxylate and one or more solvents. The solvents may be an aromatic hydrocarbon solvent. In embodiments, the branched metal carboxylate is a silver carboxylate. The conductive composition may be used in forming conductive features on a substrate, including by inkjet printing, screen... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150132477 - ClichÉ and printing apparatus comprising same: The present specification describes a cliché, a method of manufacturing the cliché, and a printing method using the cliché.... Agent:

20150132478 - System and method for providing a reflective coating inside a tire: A system and a method provide a coating on an interior surface of a tire. A valve connects to the interior of the tire. The method connects a source of coating material to the valve, propels the coating material through the valve, and applies the coating material to the interior... Agent: Sennco Solutions, Inc.

20150132479 - Hybrid organic-inorganic nano-particles: The invention relates to a method of making hybrid organic-inorganic core-shell nano-particles, comprising the steps of a) providing colloidal organic particles comprising a synthetic polyampholyte as a template; b) adding at least one inorganic oxide precursor; and c) forming a shell layer from the precursor on the template to result... Agent:

20150132480 - Device for applying adhesive to a material: An adhesive application device for applying an adhesive to a material which is moved along a direction of transport x, comprising a nozzle unit having a number of nozzles for applying the adhesive to the material should be able to process gluing patterns of different sizes particularly flexibly and efficiently... Agent: Winkler & D&#xdc Nnebier Gmbh

20150132481 - Fluid application device having a modular non-contact nozzle for applying fluid to an article: A fluid application device, a nozzle assembly and a method of applying a fluid onto a strand of material provided. The fluid application device includes an applicator head and a nozzle assembly. The nozzle assembly includes a guide slot for receiving a strand of material. The nozzle assembly further includes... Agent:

20150132482 - Dispensing apparatus having substrate inverter system and clamping system, and method for dispensing a viscous material on a substrate: A dispenser, which is capable of dispensing viscous material on a substrate having a top surface and a bottom surface, includes a frame, a gantry system, and a dispensing unit. The gantry system is configured to move the dispensing unit in x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis directions. The dispenser further includes... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20150132483 - Dispensing apparatus having substrate inverter system and roller system, and method for dispensing a viscous material on a substrate: A dispenser includes a frame, a gantry system coupled to the frame, and a dispensing unit coupled to the gantry system. The dispenser further includes a substrate support assembly coupled to the frame and configured to support the substrate to dispense material on the top surface of the substrate and... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20150132484 - System for coating granular materials: A system for heating, coating, cooling and screening a granular substrate is provided. The system, such as an apparatus for continuous coating granular particles, includes a preheater apparatus for heating granular particles, a rotary drum having an inlet horizontally coupled to the preheater for receiving heated granular particles directly from... Agent:

20150132485 - Method and apparatus for producing diffusion aluminide coatings: Unique and improved methods and coating apparatuses for applying diffusion aluminide materials onto internal sections of various parts are disclosed. The source material is coated onto an elongated member, such as a wire or rod, which is subsequently inserted at a specific location into a hollow cavity of the component... Agent:

20150132486 - Vapor deposition apparatus and method using the same: A deposing apparatus includes a crucible having a deposition area formed inside the crucible; a heat sink partially embedded in the crucible and capable of transferring heat from the deposition area; a heat-insulator fixedly surrounding without covering the deposing area; and a thermal reflector securely mounted on a free surface... Agent: Chung-shan Institute Of Science And Technology, Armaments Bureau, Ministry Of National Defence

20150132487 - Woven preform, composite, and method of making thereof: A three dimensional woven preform, a fiber reinforced composite incorporating the preform, and methods of making thereof are disclosed. The woven preform includes one or more layers of a warp steered fabric. A portion of the warp steered fabric is compressed into a mold to form an upstanding leg. The... Agent: Albany Engineered Composites, Inc.

20150132488 - Method and apparatus for forming a graphene pattern using peel-off technique: The present invention relates to a graphene pattern forming method using a delamination technique employing a polymer stamp. The technique is adequate for forming a graphene pattern having a an arbitrary target pattern. According to the present invention, a portion of a graphene layer formed on a substrate is physically... Agent: Korea Research Institute Of Chemical Technology

20150132489 - Method of fabricating a uniformly aligned planar array of nanowires using atomic layer deposition: e

20150132490 - Method and device for printing patterns onto three-dimensional articles: Method for printing patterns onto three-dimensional articles mounted respectively on rotary receiving elements, including a step of generating, for each receiving element, a set of several digital images for respectively printing parts of a same pattern onto an article mounted on the receiving element, a step of printing successively parts... Agent:

20150132491 - Media identification processes: A process for the preparation of identifying media, such as a label or decal, that includes the deposition of suitable layers, and where each of the layers can be individually and sequentially formed with a three dimensional printing apparatus in communication with a computer assist device.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150132492 - Wax-biocide wood treatment: p

20150132493 - Double cut single point cutoff tool for cutting and finishing an end surface of a fuel injector pole piece: A method removes a fuel injector pole piece from bar stock and provides a cutoff tool having a first cutting surface and a second cutting surface separate from the first cutting surface. The pole piece and bar stock are caused to rotate about a longitudinal axis. The tool is advanced... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.

20150132494 - Methods for preparing vanadium dioxide composite powders, vanadium dioxide powder slurry, and vanadium dioxide coating for intelligent temperature control: A vanadium dioxide coating for intelligent temperature control is formed by mixing a vanadium dioxide powder slurry, a polymer emulsion, and coating additives, and then coating the mixture onto a substrate. The vanadium dioxide powdery slurry comprises vanadium dioxide composite powders and a dispersion medium, the composite powders comprising vanadium... Agent: Fspg Hi-tech Co., Ltd.

20150132495 - Machine component with a cavitation resistant coating: A machine component may include a body made of an iron alloy. The body may include a surface, and a coating fused to the surface. The coating may be an alloy including phosphorous, carbon, and iron. The coating may have solidus temperature of less than or equal to about 1000°... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150132496 - Ink for display device manufacturing and method for manufacturing of the same, method for manufacturing using the same: An ink for display device manufacturing, including a solid, a first solvent having a solubility for the solid of 2% or more and a second solvent having a solubility for the solid of 0.5% or less.... Agent:

20150132497 - Curable film-forming composition comprising catalyst associated with a carrier: A coating composition is disclosed comprising a film-forming resin and a catalyst component. The catalyst component comprises a catalyst contained within or encapsulated by a carrier; at least some of the catalyst is capable of being released from the carrier via diffusion through the carrier and into the coating composition.... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20150132498 - Metal-backed plain bearing: A bearing comprises a resin matrix filled with fluoropolymer, graphite, and other discrete particles of an additive material that is attached to a backing material. The specific selection and mix of fillers with the resin matrix provides the desired blend of bearing properties such as wear resistance, fatigue and erosion... Agent:

20150132499 - Manufacturing method for multilayer laminated film: Provided is a manufacturing method for a multilayer laminated film at a high coating rate, whereby film thickness uniformity is improved and interference unevenness is reduced. The present invention is a manufacturing method for a multilayer laminated film, the method including the step of simultaneous multilayer coating of plural coating... Agent:

20150132500 - Compact reel coating/washing system: A coating or washing apparatus and method that utilizes a reel to receive tubings, the tubings receive elongate flimsy members at tubing inlets and provide circulating fluid for coating the flimsy members. An elevator raises and lowers tubing inlets while maintaining fluid circulation; the raising corresponds with an unwinding of... Agent:

20150132501 - Method of producing plug for piercing-rolling: A method for producing a plug for use in a piercing rolling mill for producing a seamless steel tube/pipe includes an arc-spraying step of melting iron wires, and spraying molten material thereof onto a surface of a base metal of a plug by use of an arc-spray gun, so as... Agent:

20150132502 - Method for preparing diamond carbon membrane on surface of stainless steel: The present invention relates to a method for preparing a diamond carbon membrane on a surface of stainless steel, including: immersing the pretreated stainless steel into a solution of a biomass-derived carbonaceous mesophase in ethanol for several minutes, prior to taking out and air drying; or alternatively, spraying the solution... Agent: Shanghai Jiao Tong University

20150132503 - Methods of forming near field transducers: Methods of forming a near field transducer (NFT), the method including depositing a plasmonic material; and laser annealing the plasmonic material.... Agent:

20150132504 - Method for fabricating carbon molecular sieve membrane: This invention is about a method for fabricating carbon molecular sieve membrane. The above method comprises a step of deposition, and a step of carbonization to obtain a high performance and high selectivity carbon molecular sieve membrane. According to this invention, an ultra-thin and defects free carbon molecular sieve membrane... Agent: Chung-yuan Christian University

20150132505 - Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method: A plasma processing apparatus is provided. According to the apparatus, a main antenna connected to a high frequency power source and an auxiliary antenna electrically insulated from main antenna is arranged. Moreover, projection areas when the main antenna and the auxiliary antenna are seen in a plan view are arranged... Agent:

20150132506 - Method for preparing structured graphene on sic substrate based on cl2 reaction: Disclosed is a method for preparing structured graphene on a SiC substrate on the basis of Cl2 reaction, the procedures are as follows: firstly, performing standard cleaning to a SiC sample chip; depositing a layer of SiO2 on the surface of the SiC sample chip and engraving a figure window... Agent:

20150132507 - Medium for random laser and manufacturing process of the same: A process for fabricating a device capable of random lasing comprising a substrate and a rare earth-doped glass fabricated on the substrate in the form of a waveguide, wherein the glass comprises a germanium glass, a titanium glass or a chalcogenide glass, where the process comprises ablating a target glass... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 41 patent applications in 38 patent subcategories.

20150125590 - System and method for continuous polymer coating of particles: The present disclosure relates to the field of polymer coating. The present disclosure provides improved systems and methods for continuous polymer coating of particles (e.g., nanoparticles). The present disclosure provides for a solid hollow fiber cooling crystallization (SHFCC) technique to continuously coat the nanoparticles with polymer. In certain embodiments, the... Agent: New Jersey Institute Of Technology

20150125591 - System and method for supplying a precursor for an atomic layer deposition (ald) process: Systems and methods for supplying a precursor material for an atomic layer deposition (ALD) process are provided. A gas supply provides one or more precursor materials to a deposition chamber. The deposition chamber receives the one or more precursor materials via an input line. A gas circulation system is coupled... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited

20150125592 - Manufacturing method of fiber-containing dispersion, conductive fiber-containing dispersion, and manufacturing method of conductive layer: s

20150125593 - Method of patterning elastomeric polymer material: A method of patterning an elastomeric polymer material includes: (a) dissolving a precursor of the elastomeric polymer material in a solvent to give an elastomeric polymer precursor solution; and (b) forming a pattern from the elastomeric polymer precursor solution on a base by using a printer, wherein a temperature of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150125594 - Fuel cell membrane electrode assembly with multilayer cathode: Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell membrane electrode assemblies are provided having multilayer cathodes, where a first layer of the cathode which is more proximate to the polymer electrolyte membrane is more hydrophilic than a second more distal layer of the cathode. In some embodiments, the first layer includes a polymer... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150125595 - Surface treated silicon containing active materials for electrochemical cells: Provided are active materials for electrochemical cells. The active materials include silicon containing structures and treatment layers covering at least some surface of these structures. The treatment layers may include aminosilane, a poly(amine), and a poly(imine). These layers are used to increase adhesion of the structures to polymer binders within... Agent: Nexeon Limited

20150125596 - Ink composition for manufacture of high resolution conducting patterns: Systems and methods of flexographically printing a pattern comprising a plurality of lines or a first antenna loop array on a first side of a substrate, wherein printing the first antenna loop array comprises using an ink and at least one flexomaster. The ink comprises an acrylic monomer resin and... Agent:

20150125597 - In-line type film forming apparatus and method of manufacturing magnetic recording medium using the same: Provided is an in-line type film forming apparatus including a processing chamber which is disposed to deviate from a closed path and is connected to a corner chamber, a first loading and unloading unit which unloads a substrate from a carrier and moves the substrate to the inside of the... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20150125598 - Method for producing hard disk substrate: An object of the present invention is to obtain a hard disk substrate that can have a smooth surface of a plating film through electroless NiP plating and does not have deteriorated corrosion resistance against acid solutions. A method for producing a hard disk substrate of the present invention is... Agent:

20150125599 - Powder particle coating using atomic layer deposition cartridge: A method includes receiving an atomic layer deposition (ALD) cartridge into a receiver of an ALD reactor by a quick coupling method. The ALD cartridge serves as an ALD reaction chamber, and the method includes processing surfaces of particulate material within the ALD cartridge by sequential self-saturating surface reactions.... Agent: Picocun Oy

20150125600 - Porous ceramic bodies and process for their preparation: A process for producing a porous ceramic body comprises a) mixing a coated porogen with a silicate or a oxide ceramic precursor, wherein the porogen is decomposable to gaseous decomposition products and optionally solid products upon heating, and is coated with a coating agent; b) forming a green body from... Agent:

20150125601 - Method and apparatus for producing nanosilicon particles: A method and apparatus for the production of nano-sized silicon particles via a low-temperature chemical solid-liquid reaction between a silicon-containing compound and a reducing agent. Embodiments of the present invention provide a production method that is cost-effective, while producing elemental silicon having purity, particle sizes, and stability suitable for energetics... Agent:

20150125603 - Methods and apparatus for depositing chalcogenide layers using hot wire chemical vapor deposition: Methods and apparatus for depositing chalcogenide materials on substrates in a hot wire chemical vapor deposition (HWCVD) process are provided herein. In some embodiments, a method of depositing a chalcogenide film atop a substrate in a hot wire chemical vapor deposition (HWCVD) process chamber includes vaporizing one or more liquid... Agent:

20150125602 - Methods of treatment of ferrous metal surfaces and ferrous alloy surfaces: Methods of treating iron-comprising metallic materials by providing an iron-comprising metallic material having one or more surfaces to be treated, contacting the surfaces with a processing agent comprising the processing agent being water-based and containing fee electrons and hydrogen, and allowing electron rich gas from the processing agent to embed... Agent:

20150125604 - Method of producing graphene: Graphene can be produced from the byproducts formed during electrolysis of coal. These byproducts may be electrolyzed coal particles, gelatinous film formed on the electrolyzed coal particles, or the electrolyzed coal particles together with the gelatinous film. The electrolyzed coal byproduct is deposited as a thin layer onto a surface,... Agent: Ohio University

20150125605 - Method of atomic layer deposition of elemental metal: Methods for deposition of elemental metal films on surfaces using metal coordination complexes are provided. The metal complexes comprise thiophene, pyrrole or salen-based ligands. A substrate surface may be contacted with a vapor phase metal coordination complex such that a layer is formed on the surface comprising the metal coordination... Agent:

20150125606 - Method of forming mask structure, film forming apparatus and non-transitory storage medium: A method of forming an etching mask structure on an insulating film containing silicon and oxygen includes forming a first silicon film on the insulating film formed on a substrate, forming a reaction blocking layer on a surface layer of the first silicon film, forming a second silicon film on... Agent:

20150125607 - Trowel: A trowel may include a main body including at least one working edge, the working edge including an edge radius, a plurality of radial teeth extending from the working edge, each radial tooth of the plurality of radial teeth including a radial edge and a tooth radius. A distance between... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150125608 - Impregnation device and impregnation method: The present invention includes (i) a liquid storing tank in which an impregnating liquid is stored, (ii) a hollow tube provided in the liquid storing tank, (iii) a vacuum pump which produces a vacuum in one end of the hollow tube, and (iv) a transport mechanism which transports a porous... Agent:

20150125609 - Spray coating system and method: A spray coating system has a wash module with an enclosed wash space. A plurality of liquid tanks disperse liquids within the wash space via emitters. A spray module has at least one spray port coupled to an enclosed spray space. A part hanger dimensioned to carry parts, is rotatable... Agent: Torrent Systems, LLC

20150125610 - Process and seal treatment for improving corrosion resistance and paint adhesion of metal surfaces: Aqueous seal coat compositions useful for sealing a pretreated metal surface, comprise water, at least two organo-functional silanes, and optionally a pH-adjusting agent. A process for sealing a pretreated metal surface includes contacting the metal surface with such an aqueous seal coat composition. Preferably, the pH of the seal coat... Agent: Bulk Chemicals, Inc.

20150125611 - Self-assembling peptide and peptide gel with high strength: Provide are a peptide gel with practically sufficient mechanical strength and a self-assembling peptide capable of forming the peptide gel. The self-assembling peptide is formed of the following amino acid sequence: a1b1c1b2a2b3db4a3b5c2b6a4 where: a1 to a4 each represent a basic amino acid residue; b1 to b6 each represent an uncharged... Agent: National University Corporation Okayama University

20150125612 - Water repellent organosilicon materials: A process for increasing the hydrophobicity of a porous product by treating the product, or a composition providing for the product, with a water repellent material, characterised in that the porous product or a composition providing the product, is treated with an aqueous suspension of microcapsules where the microcapsules comprise... Agent:

20150125614 - One part, storage stable polymerization formulation: A one part, storage stable polymerizable formulation is provided that includes an ethenically unsaturated polymerizable compound intermixed with a free radical polymerization initiator and an organic solvent. The organic solvent provides storage stability and upon evaporation of the solvent, the rate of polymerization of the compound accelerates independent of addition... Agent:

20150125613 - Plasticiser compositions comprising gelification accelerators based on ester(s) of 1,4 : 3,6-dianhydrohexitol having low molar weight: Disclosed is a composition that can rapidly plasticise polymers, including, in relation to the total mass of (A) and (B): between 0.1 and 99 mass-% of at least one ester of 1,4:3,6-dianhydrohexitol (A), having a molar mass varying between 255 and 345 g·mol−1 and selected from among monoesters and diesters... Agent: Roquette Freres

20150125615 - Surface composition and method of application thereof: A composition for forming a protective layer on a substrate comprises a plurality of silicas having different particle size ranges, and a curable resin. The substrate may be a building substrate such as a floor or wall concrete, blocks or bricks. The silica is typically white or colorless crystalline compound,... Agent:

20150125616 - Apparatus for the intermittent application of a liquid to pasty medium onto an application surface: An apparatus for the intermittent application of a liquid to pasty medium onto an application surface, comprising an application valve which can be switched between an open and a closed state and is intended for dispensing the medium onto the application surface, a volumetric delivery pump for metering a volume... Agent:

20150125617 - Activator means for pre-applied adhesives: An activator means for use in activating or re-activating adhesive and sealant compositions that have been pre-applied to a bonding surface prior to mating said bonding surface said means having a plurality of features for directly acting upon the pre-applied composition.... Agent: Appvion, Inc.

20150125618 - Method of forming golf club head with multi-material face using spray deposition: A metal wood golf club with a striking face portion made from more than one material is disclosed. More specifically, due to the unique construction of the striking face portion having multiple materials, the present invention utilizes bonding spray deposition process to achieve the desirable bond between the more than... Agent: Acushnet Company

20150125619 - Electrostatic application apparatus and method for applying liquid: An electrostatic application apparatus 100 comprises a tubular electrode 1 forming a first flow path F1 whose inner surface is formed of an electrically conductive wall; a counter electrode 20 placed to block an extension of an axis line of the first flow path F1; a power source 30 applying... Agent:

20150125620 - Bipolar plate for a fuel cell and method of manufacturing the same: The present invention relates to a separator plate for a fuel cell and to a method for producing the same, and relates to an invention wherein a surface-modification layer is formed through the use of low temperature plasma processing such that it is possible to prevent the hydrophobic characteristics which... Agent:

20150125621 - Continuous plasma carrier coating process and apparatus for preparing same: The disclosure relates to processes of preparing coated carrier particles by means of plasma activation and apparatus for use thereof.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150125622 - Systems and methods for high and ultra-high vacuum physical vapor deposition with in-situ magnetic field: Systems and methods for high and ultra-high vacuum physical vapor deposition with in-situ magnetic field are disclosed herein. An exemplary method for depositing a film in an evacuated vacuum chamber can include introducing a sample into the vacuum chamber. The sample can be rotated. A magnetic field can be applied... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In Hie City Of

20150125623 - Patterned nanoparticle assembly methodology: Methods for forming a nanoparticle assembly are generally provided. The method can comprise applying a colloidal fluid to a surface of a magnetic media, wherein the colloidal fluid comprises magnetic nanoparticles, a surfactant, a trigger salt, and a carrier medium; and assembling the magnetic nanoparticles into a pattern through a... Agent:

20150125624 - Spray application process for three dimensional articles: A three-dimensional article having spray-applied ink and a spray application process for three-dimensional articles are disclosed. The article includes a substrate and conductive ink spray-applied to a non-planar region of the substrate. The conductive ink on the non-planar region is at least a portion of a power trace, an antenna,... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

20150125625 - Manufacturing method for multi-layer circuit board: A manufacturing method for a multi-layer circuit board includes the following steps. Firstly, a substrate having a first via penetrating the substrate is provided. Next, a patterned circuit layer is formed on a surface of the substrate by using the first via as an alignment target. The first patterned circuit... Agent: Unimicron Technology Corp.

20150125626 - Laser marking compositions and related methods: Various laser marking compositions and related methods are described. The laser marking compositions utilize one or more populations of particles having certain average particle sizes or a range of sizes. Marks or other indicia formed using the compositions and methods exhibit increased contrast, improved substrates bonding, and greater dispersability.... Agent: Ferro Corporation

20150125627 - Radical reactor with inverted orientation: A radical reactor including an elongated structure received within a chamber of a body of the radical reactor. Radicals are generated within a radical chamber formed in the elongated structure by applying a voltage signal across the elongated structure and an electrode extending within the radical chamber. The radicals generated... Agent:

20150125628 - Method of depositing thin film: Disclosed is a method of depositing a thin film, which includes supplying a purge gas and a source gas into a plurality of reactors for a first period, stopping supplying of the source gas, and supplying the purge gas and a reaction gas into the plurality of reactors for a... Agent: AsmIPHolding B.v.

20150125629 - Method of depositing thin film: A method of depositing a thin film includes: repeating a first gas supply cycle a first plurality of times, the first gas supply cycle including supplying a source gas to a reaction space; supplying first plasma while supplying a reactant gas to the reaction space; repeating a second gas supply... Agent:

20150125630 - Method for producing a plug for hot tube-making: A plug for hot tube-making having a sprayed coating resistant to peeling is provided. A method for producing a plug for hot tube-making according to the present embodiment includes a step of preparing a plug whose surface includes a sprayed coating formed thereon, the sprayed coating containing iron and an... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 29 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150118388 - Marked precoated medical device and method of manufacturing same: A medical device, such as a medical wire, which includes a coating applied to the surface of the medical wire. The coating includes a base layer bonded to the surface of the medical wire and an at least partially transparent low-friction top coat applied to the base layer. The base... Agent:

20150118389 - Apparatus and method for coating separator: Provided are an apparatus and method for coating a separator. The method includes supplying a coating solution to a receiving chamber; applying the coating solution received in the receiving chamber to a surface of the separator through a coating bar; collecting coating solution overflowing the receiving chamber by a collection... Agent:

20150118390 - Electro-optic displays, and components for use therein: A method and system for forming filter elements on a plurality of display substrates using a digital imaging system operable to selectively deposit filter material at a plurality of deposition locations is disclosed. The method involves receiving orientation information defining a disposition of a plurality of pixels associated with the... Agent:

20150118391 - Thermal management circuit materials, method of manufacture thereof, and articles formed therefrom: A thermal management circuit material comprises a thermally conductive metallic core substrate, metal oxide dielectric layers on both sides of the metallic core substrate, electrically conductive metal layers on the metal oxide metal oxide dielectric layers, and at least one through-hole via filled with an electrically conductive metal-containing core element... Agent:

20150118392 - Friction ring and method for producing same: t

20150118393 - High performance, lightweight precast composite insulated concrete panels and high energy-efficient structures and methods of making same: The invention comprises a relatively lightweight cementitious-based material panel. The cementitious-based material panel comprises a foam insulating panel having a first surface and a second surface; a first structural layer of cementitious-based material formed on the first surface of the foam insulating panel and affixed thereto; and a second non-structural... Agent:

20150118394 - Ground state hydrogen radical sources for chemical vapor deposition of silicon-carbon-containing films: A thin layer of a silicon-carbon-containing film is deposited on a substrate by generating hydrogen radicals from hydrogen gas supplied to a radicals generation chamber, supplying the hydrogen radicals to a substrate processing chamber separate from the substrate processing chamber via a multiport gas distributor, and reacting the hydrogen radicals... Agent:

20150118395 - Vapor deposition of metal oxides, silicates and phosphates, and silicon dioxide: Metal silicates or phosphates are deposited on a heated substrate by the reaction of vapors of alkoxysilanols or alkylphosphates along with reactive metal amides, alkyls or alkoxides. For example, vapors of tris(tert-butoxy)silanol react with vapors of tetrakis(ethylmethylamido)hafnium to deposit hafnium silicate on surfaces heated to 300° C. The product film... Agent:

20150118397 - Method of producing structure containing phase-separated structure: A method of forming a structure containing a phase-separated structure, the method including applying a block copolymer solution to a substrate to form a layer containing a block copolymer and having a film thickness of less than 100 nm; and phase-separating the layer containing the block copolymer, a solvent of... Agent:

20150118396 - Underlayer film-forming composition for self-assembled films: An underlayer film-forming composition used for an underlayer for a self-assembled film, including a polysiloxane and a solvent. The polysiloxane may be a hydrolysis-condensation product of a silane containing a phenyl group-containing silane, or a hydrolysis-condensation product of a silane containing a silane of Formula (1) in a ratio of... Agent:

20150118398 - Preventing equipment fouling via corrosion reduction: An embodiment prevents equipment fouling (deposition of unwanted material) in an oil recovery system via implementing passivation of metallic components. By preventing or at least slowing or inhibiting corrosion of equipment or components via passivation, such as passivating heat exchangers, metallic piping, and the like, an embodiment in turn reduces... Agent:

20150118399 - Lead-free and sulphuric acid-free method for galvanising metallic materials, and stearate-removing composition: The process of this invention removes the use of lead of the conventional wire cleaning process for galvanization and incorporates a step with a stearate removing composition which maximizes the galvanization efficiency and reduces lead acquisition and energy costs to heat said lead, and avoids handling of lead and oxide... Agent: Oxiprana Industria Quimica Ltda

20150118400 - Method for forming coating film and method for producing fixing member: The method for forming a coating film includes: supplying a first liquid from a nozzle to a cylindrical substrate to thereby form the coating film of the first liquid, wherein the method includes, pressing a member including a second liquid, to form a liquid film of the second liquid on... Agent:

20150118401 - Apparatus and method for coating a material with resin and applying the coated material to a surface: A device for saturating material with resin and subsequently laying the saturated material onto a surface includes a frame and a vessel for retaining the resin attached to the frame. The vessel has a slot sized and configured so that material is passable through the slot after being coated with... Agent:

20150118402 - Method and doctor blade device for spreading a resin paste onto a carrier film, and a resin sheet installation for producing resin sheets: A method for spreading a resin paste onto a carrier film includes feeding resin paste into a doctor blade unit having a doctor blade, using a feed device that includes a discharge opening through which the resin paste is fed from the feed device into the doctor blade unit, moving... Agent: Dieffenbacher Gmbh Maschinen- Und Anlagenbau

20150118403 - Method of making a dispersible moist wipe: A method for making a dispersible nonwoven sheet generally comprises dispersing natural fibers and regenerated fibers in a ratio of about 70 to about 90 percent by weight natural fibers and about 10 to about 30 percent by weight regenerated fibers in a liquid medium to form a liquid suspension.... Agent:

20150118404 - Pvc membrane with reduced plasticizer migration: The present invention relates to a membrane comprising a bulkhead layer, wherein more than 50% by weight of the bulkhead layer is composed of PVC, and a barrier layer. The barrier layer can, on the one hand, be a barrier layer S1, wherein the barrier layer S1 has a polyvinyl... Agent:

20150118405 - Method of forming antifouling coating film: Provided is a method of forming an antifouling coating film including the steps of [1] preparing a colored antifouling paint containing a prescribed Si-containing hydrolyzable resin and a color pigment such that a coating film having a target dry film thickness T completely hides a surface of an object to... Agent:

20150118406 - Catalyst solution for electroless plating: The present invention relates to a stable palladium ion catalyst aqueous solution for electroless metal plating that does not use boric acid and can be used stably over a wide pH range. The catalyst solution for electroless plating of the present invention contains palladium ion, palladium ion complexing agent, and... Agent:

20150118407 - Structures utilizing a structured magnetic material and methods for making: A soft magnetic material comprises a plurality of iron-containing particles and an insulating layer on the iron-containing particles, the insulating layer comprising an oxide. The soft magnetic material is an aggregate of permeable micro-domains separated by insulation boundaries.... Agent:

20150118408 - Wet coating method: A wet coating method is described, which includes the following steps. A film coating is applied to at least one surface of a substrate using a wet process. A plasma-assisted filling treatment is performed on the film coating to crystallize the film coating into a film. The plasma-assisted filling treatment... Agent: National Cheng Kung University

20150118409 - Release film with enhanced mechanical properties and method in preparing thereof: This invention relates to a method of preparing a coating formulation for processing a release paper and a method of processing a release paper with the coating formulation for use in synthetic leather industry. The coating formulation includes MEMO-surface modified nanoparticles and an acrylate composition. The release paper processed by... Agent: Nano And Advanced Materials Institute Limited

20150118410 - Deposition device and deposition method: A deposition device that deposits material particles includes an ionization section that ionizes the material particles utilizing a photoelectric effect in a reaction chamber to which the material particles are supplied, and an electrode section that guides the ionized material particles to a given area utilizing a Coulomb force.... Agent:

20150118411 - Method of producing a graphene coating on a stainless steel surface: A method of producing a graphene coating on a stainless steel surface, the method comprising the steps of electrochemically polishing of the stainless steel surface, and heating the polished stainless steel surface in contact with a carbon precursor.... Agent:

20150118412 - Device and method to form protective coating: Device configured to form a protective film includes a receiving unit made of transparent material, an attracting unit, and an UV curing unit. The receiving unit defines a receiving groove configured to locate and hold an uncoated component. A shape of the receiving groove is same as that of the... Agent:

20150118413 - Conductive film forming method and sintering promoter: In a conductive film forming method using photo sintering, a conductive film having low electric resistance is easily formed. Disclosed is a conductive film forming method in which a conductive film is formed using a photo sintering, which includes the steps of: forming a liquid film made of a copper... Agent:

20150118414 - Method for manufacturing an article: A method for manufacturing an article configured to enhance the coalescence of a dispersed phase from a continuous phase in an emulsion is presented. The method includes forming a pattern of a plurality of regions on a surface of the article, wherein a portion of the plurality of regions is... Agent: General Electric Company

20150118415 - Plasma processing apparatus and method of performing plasma process: A plasma processing apparatus for processing a substrate includes a turntable for orbitally revolving a substrate mounting area; a nozzle portion facing the substrate mounting area and having gas discharge ports for generating plasma; an antenna including a linear portion extending to cover a substrate passage area on a downstream... Agent:

20150118416 - Substrate treating apparatus and method: Provided is a substrate treating apparatus. The substrate treating apparatus includes a processing chamber, a substrate supporting unit, an antenna plate, a dielectric plate, a gas supplying unit or the like. In the gas supplying unit, an excitation gas injection unit is provided at a position higher than that of... Agent:

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