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06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 30 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20150147461 - Fluid application device, strand engagement device and method of controlling the same: A fluid application device, strand engagement device, and method of controlling the same are provided. The fluid application device includes an applicator head and a nozzle assembly. The nozzle assembly includes a guide slot configured to receive a strand of material and an orifice configured to discharge a first fluid... Agent:

20150147460 - Method and apparatus for painting objects: An apparatus for painting an object, the apparatus having a painting head equipped with a spraying nozzle arranged to deliver a flow of paint on a surface. The apparatus also includes a device for moving the painting head in the space according to at least two degrees of freedom. An... Agent:

20150147463 - Dielectric materials: Certain polyphenylene oligomers having good solvent strip resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion and good adhesion to a variety of surfaces are useful as thin-film dielectric materials in electronics applications.... Agent:

20150147464 - Method for producing an electrode for electrochemical storage systems having active material soluble in the elctrolyte: A method for producing an electrode for electrochemical storage systems includes: applying an electrode slurry onto at least one side of a current collector for the formation of an electrode coating on the current collector, the electrode slurry having at least one active material; and applying an inhibitor material, with... Agent:

20150147462 - Resin composition, filler-containing resin film for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery, and method for producing filler-containing resin film for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery: An object of the present invention is to provide a filler-containing resin film in which shedding of inorganic materials or the like is suppressed, a resin composition that can be used in production of the filler-containing resin film, and a method for producing the filler-containing resin film. The filler-containing resin... Agent: Kureha Corporation

20150147465 - Non-tracking tack coat: Provided herein is a tack coat for use with paving applications and a method of making the same. The tack coat is substantially non-tracking, and includes asphalt, a pH adjustor, an emulsifier, acrylic, and water. In certain embodiments, the tack coat may also include a stabilizer to prevent settling of... Agent:

20150147466 - Method for depositing photoluminescent material: A method of depositing a photoluminescent material into a surface of the polymeric material is disclosed. The method comprises dissolving the photoluminescent material in water to create a solution. The temperature of the solution is then controlled at a predetermined temperature. The surface is contacted by the solution at the... Agent:

20150147467 - Apparatus and method for applications of optical fiber coatings: One embodiment of the disclosure relates to a fiber coating apparatus having a fiber entrance opening, a conical section with walls tapered at half angles between 2 and 25° and height (also referred to as length herein) L1 between 0.25 mm and 2 mm, and a cylindrical land portion of... Agent:

20150147468 - Quick-drying, tacky polymer film compositions and methods of use: A formulation for coating surfaces, for example gloves, with a tacky film comprises a hydrophobically modified biopolymer, where the hydrophobic modifications of the biopolymer correspond to between 1 and 90% of available functional groups, a plasticizer, and a volatile solvent. The formulation quickly dries into a tacky film that provides... Agent:

20150147469 - Method of producing silica-based particles: A method of producing silica-based particles includes, when a dispersion liquid of composite oxide particles is prepared by simultaneously adding an aqueous silicate solution and/or an acidic silicic acid solution and an aqueous solution of an alkali-soluble inorganic compound in an alkali aqueous solution or in an alkali aqueous solution... Agent:

20150147470 - Thin film composite membrane derived from tetra-functional acyl halide monomer: A method for making a composite polyamide membrane including a porous support and a thin film polyamide layer, wherein the method includes the step of applying a polyfunctional amine monomer and a tetraacyl acyl halide monomer represented by Formula (I) to a surface of the porous support and interfacially polymerizing... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20150147471 - Method for producing transparent gas barrier film and apparatus for producing transparent gas barrier film: A method for producing a transparent gas barrier film is performed using a roll-to-roll method. The method includes laminating a plurality of thin films of two or more types having different components on a long belt-shaped resin substrate 8 while feeding the resin substrate 8, wherein a plurality of evaporation... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150147473 - Airbrush effect system: An airbrush system includes a compressor with a tube attached thereto to provide air to an airbrush that includes an adaptor to mount a marker or ink supply on the airbrush in front of the outlet air nozzle thereof. As the air passes over the marker or other ink supply,... Agent:

20150147472 - Applying flowable materials to synthetic substrates: Methods and apparatuses are disclosed for applying activatable melt flowable materials to substrates made from synthetic materials. The methods are concerned with formation of appropriate flowable materials, control over the manner in which the flowable materials are applied, treatment of the substrates prior to application of the flowable materials and... Agent: Zephyros, Inc.

20150147474 - Foaming porous pad for use with a motorized device: A foaming porous pad suitable for coupling to a hand-held device and for application to human skin includes a porous pad substrate and a foaming composition disposed on the porous pad substrate. The porous pad substrate includes a nonwoven pile fabric having a nonwoven backing layer and a pile comprising... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc.

20150147475 - Controlled radical assisted polymerization: The present invention is directed to a method of forming a polymer coating on a substrate. The method comprising the steps of providing in an evacuated reaction chamber a substrate having a surface to be coated; and providing a first source of polymer forming material and a second source of... Agent: Centre De Recherche Public - Gabriel Lippmann

20150147476 - Plating method, plating apparatus, and storage medium: A plating method can improve uniformity in a thickness of a plating layer formed on an inner surface of a recess. The plating method includes a loading process of loading the substrate in which the recess is formed into a casing; and a plating process of supplying a plating liquid... Agent:

20150147477 - Grease & method for applying grease: A two-component grease package for lubricating a mechanism, wherein the grease package includes a first component comprising a thickener, and a second component comprising a fluid lubricant, whereby the two-component grease is obtained by mixing together the first and the second component.... Agent:

20150147478 - Fire-resistant cellulose material: A fire-resistant cellulose material composed of a liquid acid fire-retardant chemical composition and methods of producing the cellulose material are disclosed.... Agent: Nature Tech LLC

20150147479 - Methods for the formation of cooling channels, and related articles of manufacture: A method for the formation of channels on a metallic substrate is described. The method includes the steps of applying at least one layer of a metallic coating material onto a surface of the substrate by a cold spray technique, so as to define boundary walls for the channels, and... Agent: General Electric Company

20150147480 - Method and device for regenerating the interior surfaces of conduits by means of thermal spraying of metals: A method for regeneration of internal conduit surfaces by thermal projection of metals, includes inserting a device including a vehicle having a rolling assembly to permit rolling of the vehicle and carrying a thermal projection system, through a manhole in a conduit installation, including the steps of inserting the device... Agent:

20150147481 - Method for making a scissoring-type current-perpendicular-to-the-plane (cpp) magnetoresistive sensor with exchange-coupled soft side shields: A method for making a scissoring type current-perpendicular-to-the-plane magnetoresistive sensor with exchange-coupled soft side shields uses oblique angle ion milling to remove unwanted material from the side edges of the upper free layer. All of the layers making up the sensor stack are deposited as full films. The sensor stack... Agent: Hgst Nertherlands B..v.

20150147484 - Atomic layer deposition of films comprising silicon, carbon and nitrogen using halogenated silicon precursors: Provided are methods for the deposition of films comprising SiCN. Certain methods involve exposing a substrate surface to a silicon precursor, wherein the silicon precursor is halogenated with Cl, Br or I, and the silicon precursor comprises a halogenated silane, a halogenated carbosilane, an halogenated aminosilane or a halogenated carbo-sillyl... Agent:

20150147482 - Chamber undercoat preparation method for low temperature ald films: Methods and apparatus disclosed herein relate to the formation and use of undercoats on the interior surfaces of reaction chambers used to deposit films on substrates. The undercoats are deposited through atomic layer deposition methods. The disclosed undercoats help prevent metal contamination, provide improved resistance to flaking, and are relatively... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

20150147483 - Method for forming conformal nitrided, oxidized, or carbonized dielectric film by atomic layer deposition: A method for forming a film on a patterned surface of a substrate by atomic layer deposition (ALD) processing includes: adsorbing onto a patterned surface a first precursor containing silicon or metal in its molecule; adsorbing onto the first-precursor-adsorbed surface a second precursor containing no silicon or metal in its... Agent: AsmIPHolding B.v.

20150147485 - Device for the microstructured grafting of proteins onto a substrate: The invention relates to a device for the microstructured grafting of a plurality of proteins onto a substrate, which includes a substrate (7), a film, a matrix (10), a light source (9), an optical system (11), a first container (1) for receiving a first aqueous solution, a second container (2)... Agent:

20150147486 - Photosintering of micron-sized copper particles: Micron-sized metal particles in an ink or paste composition are deposited onto a substrate and then photosimered. The substrate may comprise a polymeric material. The polymeric substrate may have a coefficient of thermal expansion greater than two times the coefficient of thermal expansion of the photosimered ink or paste composition.... Agent:

20150147487 - Method and apparatus for forming organic monolayer: A method for forming an organic monolayer includes supplying to an object an organic material gas including organic molecules, each molecule having a binding site that is to be chemically bonded to a surface of the object. The method further includes supplying excited hydrogen to the organic material gas before... Agent:

20150147488 - Plasma enhanced vapor phase deposition: A plasma enhanced vapor deposition apparatus includes a process chamber including a first space and a second space, a substrate holder provided in the first space and supporting a substrate, a plasma generating device combined to the process chamber and inducing plasma in the second space, an ion species screening... Agent:

20150147489 - Process for complete cladding of metal parts of aircraft turbojets, and complete protection tool for implementing the process: A process for cladding a metal part of an aircraft turbojet, including a plurality of metal portions, using a nozzle for emitting a laser beam, the process including positioning the metal part to be cladded on a turntable; positioning a cover on the turntable; positioning the nozzle in an aperture... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 37 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20150140199 - Method and device for the automated application of a spray coating: A monitoring device (14) and a method for monitoring spray coating of a component by a spraying device (1) including a spray nozzle (3) movable along a specific path in relation to a component surface to be coated. The device has: an input interface (15) for inputting geometry data representative... Agent:

20150140202 - Aluminum electrical wire with crimped terminal and method for producing aluminum electrical wire with crimped terminal: Provided is a method for producing an aluminum cable with crimping terminal in which a copper or copper alloy crimping terminal is crimped to a conductor that is exposed by peeling off an insulating covering member in a terminal portion of an aluminum cable in which an outer periphery of... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150140201 - Esd protection device and method for manufacturing the same: An ESD protection device is manufactured such that its ESD characteristics are easily adjusted and stabilized. The ESD protection device includes an insulating substrate, a cavity provided in the insulating substrate, at least one pair of discharge electrodes each including a portion exposed in the cavity, the exposed portions being... Agent:

20150140200 - Process for manufacturing a li-ion battery comprising a fluoropolymeric separator: A method for making a Li-ion battery including the preparation of a positive electrode from an ink comprising at least one active electrode material, and at least one binder; the preparation of an electrode separator from an ink comprising at least one fluorinated copolymer; the preparation of a negative electrode... Agent:

20150140203 - Process for producing electrolytic capacitors with a polymeric outer layer: The invention relates to a process for producing electrolytic capacitors with low equivalent series resistance, low residual current and high thermal stability, which consist of a solid electrolyte and an outer layer comprising conjugated polymers, to electrolytic capacitors produced by this process and to the use of such electrolytic capacitors.... Agent:

20150140204 - Fuel cell separator and method for manufacturing same: A separator is provided that has a metal substrate and a conductive resin layer on the surface of the metal substrate. The conductive resin layer contains a resin and a conductive substance dispersed in the resin. The separator is configured such that the proportion of the conductive substance to the... Agent: Toyota Shatai Kabushiki Kaisha

20150140205 - Methods of producing batteries utilizing anode coatings directly on nanoporous separators: Provided are methods of preparing a separator/anode assembly for use in an electric current producing cell, wherein the assembly comprises an anode current collector layer interposed between a first anode layer and a second anode layer and a porous separator layer on the side of the first anode layer opposite... Agent:

20150140206 - High energy materials for a battery and methods for making and use: A method of forming an electrode active material by reacting a metal fluoride and a reactant. The method includes a coating step and a comparatively low temperature annealing step. Also included is the electrode formed following the method.... Agent:

20150140207 - Method for preparing electromagnetic wave shielding material: Disclosed herein is a method for preparing an electromagnetic wave shielding material. The preparation method includes: preparing a fiber matrix; sorbing a metal salt precursor to the fiber matrix by dip coating; and bringing the fiber matrix to which the metal salt precursor is sorbed with a basic solution to... Agent:

20150140208 - Plug for use in piercing machine and regenerating method of plug: It is an objective to provide a plug capable of enhancing a usage count of the plug, which is for use in a piercing machine for piercing-rolling a billet, and a regenerating method of the plug. The plug (10) is for use in a piercing machine (30) for piercing-rolling a... Agent:

20150140209 - Pre-treatment method for plating and storage medium: A pre-treatment method for plating can form a plating layer having sufficient adhesivity on an inner surface of a recess and on a surface of a substrate at an outside of the recess even when the recess has a high aspect ratio. The pre-treatment method for plating includes a preparation... Agent:

20150140210 - Method and system to reduce outgassing in a reaction chamber: Systems and methods of reducing outgassing of a substance within a reaction chamber of a reactor are disclosed. Exemplary methods include depositing a barrier layer within the reaction chamber and using a scavenging precursor to react with species on a surface of the reaction chamber. Exemplary systems include gas-phase deposition... Agent:

20150140211 - Scalable 2d-film cvd synthesis: This patent relates to 1) primary tool designs for a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) synthesis system in the form of open tray stacks or more readily accessible, quasi-gas-tight enclosure boxes, to 2) system designs for low volume and high volume CVD graphene production, and to 3) methods for CVD graphene... Agent:

20150140215 - Durable conformal wear-resistant carbon-doped metal oxide-comprising coating: The present invention is related to carbon-doped metal oxide films. A method of depositing a low friction metal oxide film on a substrate is provided, including: using an atomic layer deposition technique, wherein said metal oxide film is deposited using at least an organo-metallic precursor, and wherein said substrate is... Agent:

20150140216 - Chemical vapor deposition process for depositing a silica coating on a glass substrate: A CVD process for depositing a silica coating is provided. The process includes providing a glass substrate. The process also includes forming a gaseous mixture including a silane compound, oxygen, a fluorine-containing compound, and a radical scavenger such as ethylene or propylene. The gaseous mixture is directed toward and along... Agent:

20150140212 - Film-forming apparatus and film-forming method: There is provided a film-forming apparatus including a roll-to-roll mechanism and a heating unit. The roll-to-roll mechanism is configured to transport a film-forming target and includes a tensile force relaxation unit configured to relax a tensile force applied to the transported film-forming target. The heating unit is configured to heat... Agent:

20150140213 - Production of glancing angle deposited films: Method and apparatus for producing glancing angle deposited thin films. There is a source of collimated vapour flux, the source of collimated vapour flux having a deposition field; and a travelling substrate disposed within the deposition field of the source of collimated vapour flux, the collimated vapor flux being collimated... Agent:

20150140214 - Nozzle geometry for organic vapor jet printing: A first device is provided. The device includes a print head. The print head further includes a first nozzle hermetically sealed to a first source of gas. The first nozzle has an aperture having a smallest dimension of 0.5 to 500 microns in a direction perpendicular to a flow direction... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20150140218 - Continuous annealing furnace for annealing steel strip, method for continuously annealing steel strip, continuous hot-dip galvanizing facility, and method for manufacturing hot-dip galvanized steel strip (as amended): A continuous annealing furnace for annealing steel strips that is a vertical-type annealing furnace is configured so that part of gas inside the furnace is drawn and introduced to a refiner disposed outside the furnace including an oxygen removing apparatus and a dehumidifying apparatus, oxygen and moisture contained in the... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20150140217 - Continuous annealing furnace for steel strip, continuous annealing method, continuous galvanizing apparatus and method for manufacturing galvanized steel strip (as amended): Provided is a vertical annealing furnace, in which a heating zone and a soaking zone are communicated with each other in the upper part of the furnace, in which a part of the furnace other than the communicated parts is separated by a dividing wall, in which part of the... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20150140219 - Disinfectant composition for textile and related substrates, and method of treating a substrate to provide disinfecting antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal, wash durable, optionally enhanced with multifunctional properties: o

20150140220 - Method for forming a non-deformable patterned template: A method for forming a non-deformable patterned template includes providing a stable mesh, wherein the stable mesh is resistant to deformation; providing a curable liquid polymer; placing the stable mesh in the curable liquid polymer such that the stable mesh is completely enclosed within the liquid polymer; curing the liquid... Agent:

20150140221 - Textile coating apparatus and method: An apparatus for coating a textile includes a coating reservoir for containing a textile coating composition, and one or more coolable rollers operable to convey a textile material through the apparatus and into contact with the coating composition, in a manner which considerably reduces build-up of the textile coating composition... Agent:

20150140222 - Hydrophobic coating composition and method of imparting hydrophobicity onto a surface: The present invention relates to a method of producing a water repelling surface or imparting hydrophobicity onto a surface comprises applying a polymer-based coating composition. The water repelling surface or the hydrophobic surface imparted by the present method has at least 90° of water contact angle. The water repelling surface... Agent: Nano And Advanced Materials Institute Limited

20150140223 - Bulk-product conveyor with fluid injectors: A belt conveyor including a conveyor belt that has hollow injectors for injecting a process fluid into a conveyed layer of bulk products and a method for injecting a process fluid into a layer of bulk products conveyed on a conveyor belt.... Agent:

20150140224 - Waterproof coating method of application: A coating comprises a resin solution including a solution of neoprene latex and liquid asphalt emulsion and an accelerator solution including an aqueous solution of zinc sulfate powder and water. A spray system for applying the coating includes a spray gun having first and second nozzles, a first pump fluidly... Agent: Harco Americas, Inc.

20150140225 - Method and device for hot-dip coating a metal strip with a metal covering: The invention relates to a device and a method for hot-dip coating a metal strip with a metal covering, wherein the metal strip is directed continuously through a melt bath, wherein the thickness of the metal covering present on the metal strip when it leaves the melt bath is adjusted... Agent:

20150140226 - Process for diffusing a substrate into a base material: An improved process for diffusing a substrate into a base material is described. Generally, a process is provided for introducing a base material into a salt bath having a substrate with a catalyst. A select amount of catalyst and desired salt bath temperature are provided sufficient to lower the activation... Agent:

20150140227 - Resin production method and resin production apparatus: Provided is a resin production method in which a mold release force applied between a mold and a curable resin is reduced in a resin production method using a nano-imprint method. The resin production method includes an arrangement step of arranging a curable composition (1) on a substrate (2); a... Agent:

20150140228 - Re-lined pipe technique for wear mitigation in slurry transport pipeline: The present invention provides apparatus, including a pigging tool, that comprises a spraying mechanism configured to move along an inner surface of a pipeline, including a slurry transport pipeline in a minable oilsands facility or plant, and to spray a coating on the inner surface of the pipeline; and a... Agent: Cidra Corporate Services Inc.

20150140229 - Method and apparatus for forward deposition of material onto a substrate using burst ultrafast laser pulse energy: A process of forward deposition of a material onto a target substrate is accomplished by passing a burst of ultrafast laser pulses of a laser beam through a carrier substrate that is transparent to a laser beam. The carrier substrate is coated with a material to be transferred on the... Agent: Rofin-sinar Technologies Inc.

20150140230 - Machine tool: p

20150140231 - Method and apparatus for deposition of thin film materials for energy storage devices: The present invention is a method and apparatus for applying coatings in a rarefied gaseous medium. A cold cathode electron gun is used to generate an electron beam, which is directed to a crucible containing initial solid materials in a vacuum chamber, thus generating an initial solid material vapor. Nitrogen... Agent: Enerize Corporation

20150140232 - Ultrahigh vacuum process for the deposition of nanotubes and nanowires: e

20150140233 - Methods for preferential growth of cobalt within substrate features: Methods for depositing cobalt in features of a substrate include providing a substrate to a process chamber, the substrate having a first surface, a feature formed in the first surface comprising an opening defined by one or more sidewalls, a bottom surface, and upper corners, and the substrate having a... Agent:

20150140234 - Device and method for manufacturing nanostructures consisting of carbon: The invention relates to a device for manufacturing nanostructures consisting of carbon, such as monolayers, multilayer sheet structures, tubes, or fibers having a gas inlet element (2) having a housing cavity (5) enclosed by housing walls (3, 3′, 3″), into which a gas feed line (6) opens, through which a... Agent:

20150140235 - Method for operating a rotary atomizer, spray head, and rotary atomizer with such a spray head: A bell plate is rotated about a rotational axis, and coating material is supplied to a discharge surface of the bell plate such that the coating material is projected away from the bell plate. A working fluid is blown at least temporarily as a transonic or supersonic flow onto the... Agent:

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