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Coating processes

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11/13/2014 > 23 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20140335266 - Process for preparing a sol-gel from at least three metal salts and use of the process for preparing a ceramic membrane: a) Preparing an aqueous solution of water-soluble salts of said elements A, A′, optionally A″, B, and B′, in stoichiometric proportions needed to obtain the material as defined above; b) preparing a hydro-alcoholic solution of at least one non-ionic surfactant in an alcohol, mixed with an aqueous solution of ammonia... Agent:

20140335267 - Atomic layer deposition reactor for processing a batch of substrates and method thereof: The invention relates to a method that includes providing a reaction chamber module of an atomic layer deposition reactor for processing a batch of substrates by an atomic layer deposition process, and loading the batch of substrates before processing into the reaction chamber module via a different route than the... Agent: Picosun Oy

20140335268 - Rare earth sintered magnet, method for producing same, motor and automobile: A rare earth sintered magnet 10 including a magnet body that includes a rare earth compound, and a protective layer on the magnet body, having a first layer and a second layer in that order from the magnet body side, wherein the surface portion of the magnet body has a... Agent:

20140335269 - Nanoscale array structures suitable for surface enhanced raman scattering and methods related thereto: Methods for fabricating nanoscale array structures suitable for surface enhanced Raman scattering, structures thus obtained, and methods to characterize the nanoscale array structures suitable for surface enhanced Raman scattering. Nanoscale array structures may comprise nanotrees, nanorecesses and tapered nanopillars.... Agent:

20140335270 - Production of zinc oxide coated powders: This disclosure concerns the production of ZnO (zinc oxide) coated particles for use in rubber as a substitute for bulk ZnO particles. Compared to bulk oxide, oxide coated particles offer the advantage of a higher specific surface per mass unit of ZnO. This implies both ecological and economical benefits. An... Agent:

20140335271 - Boats configured to optimize vaporization of precursor materials by material deposition apparatuses: A boat according to this disclosure includes side walls and a base that are arranged to define a container with an interior. A bottom of the boat may have a convex configuration. In a specific embodiment, the base may have a convex configuration, such as the shape of a portion... Agent:

20140335272 - Protective coating of silver: In the method, silver is protected against tarnishing using an Atomic Layer Deposition method. In the Atomic Layer Deposition method, a thin film coating is formed on the surface of silver by depositing successive molecule layers of the coating material. For example aluminium oxide (Al2O3) or zirconium oxide may be... Agent: Beneq Oy

20140335273 - Transfer method for producing thermoplastic coatings for floor tiles: The present invention relates to a process for the production of a decorative, abrasion-resistant laminate in which a thermoplastic wearlayer is applied to a substrate by means of a transfer process. The present invention further relates to the use of the laminate produced via the process of the invention for... Agent:

20140335274 - Deposition of nano-diamond particles: The present invention relates to a method (1) for creating a diamond structure (38) on a substrate (31). This method comprises the steps of providing (2) a substrate (31), providing (3) a mold (25) on the substrate (31), providing (4) a diamond seed solution (34) in the mold (25), and... Agent: Imec

20140335276 - Methods of preventing or counteracting crystalline deposits of substrates: A method of counteracting crystalline deposits on a surface includes applying a sprayable low-viscosity suspension including a binder system including at least one organosilicon constituent selected from the group consisting of alkylpolysiloxane, alkylsilicone resin and phenylsilicone resin; ceramic particles; hexagonal boron nitride particles; optionally, process additives; and at least one... Agent:

20140335275 - Modified hybrid sol-gel solutions and compositions formed from such solutions: Provided are modified hybrid sol-gel precursor solutions and coatings formed from such solutions. A modified hybrid sol-gel precursor solution includes an inorganic precursor, cross-linkable inorganic-organic precursor, cross-linkable organic precursor, protic solvent, and aprotic solvent. The inorganic precursor may include a metal or metalloid and two or more hydrolysable groups. The... Agent: Advenira Enterprises, Inc.

20140335277 - Reinforced articles and methods of making the same: A method includes disposing a bond layer on a substrate; disposing a reinforcing layer on the bond layer, the reinforcing layer comprising hydrogen; and disposing a protective layer on the reinforcing layer, wherein the reinforcing layer reduces formation of thermally grown oxide generated at the bond layer.... Agent:

20140335278 - Spray texture material compositions, systems, and methods with anti-corrosion characteristics: A system for dispensing texture material in a desired spray pattern that substantially matches an existing texture pattern on a target surface has a container assembly, an actuator assembly, and a concentrate. The concentrate comprises a solvent/carrier comprising water, wall texture material, a first anti-corrosion material, where the first anti-corrosion... Agent:

20140335279 - Method and apparatus for color coding a tool bit: A method for color coding a tool bit includes the following steps: Firstly, a hexagon receptacle is defined in one end of a shaft of a motor. Then, a tool bit to be colored is inserted into the hexagon receptacle of the shaft of the motor in a coaxial manner.... Agent:

20140335280 - Concealment composition and method: A concealment composition and method of application may provide a colored composition and a method of applying the composition on at least a portion of an object, such as a hearing aid transmission tube. The application of the composition to the object may be permanent. The composition may be comprised... Agent:

20140335281 - Film-forming treatment jig, plasma cvd apparatus, metal plate and osmium film forming method: In a film-forming treatment jig for forming a thin film on a plate having a through hole of a micro diameter by a single plasma film-forming treatment, the film-forming treatment jig includes: a holding member 39 for holding the aperture plate in a state of exposing the through hole and... Agent:

20140335283 - Device for forming amorphous film and method for forming same: SOLUTION: A device of the invention sprays a flame including a particulate material with a spraying machine toward a substrate, melts the material with the flame, and cools the material and flame by cooling gas before they reach the substrate to form an amorphous film. The spraying machine has particulate... Agent:

20140335282 - Method for coating a substrate: A method of coating a substrate is proposed, in which a starting material in the form of a process beam is sprayed onto a surface of the substrate by means of thermal spraying, wherein the surface of the substrate is initially pretreated with a plasma flame of a plasma spray... Agent:

20140335284 - Electrostatic coating method: In a first coating step, low electrical conductivity is imparted to a coating surface 21 of a non-electrically conductive coating object 20 and a first paint film is formed by applying a charged first paint to the coating surface 21 with free ions being suppressed. In a second coating step,... Agent: Isuzu Motors Limited

20140335285 - System of surface treatment and the method thereof: The present disclosure is directed to a system for a surface treatment via plasma generated by a slim and/or flexible electrode and the method thereof. By using the plasma, the surface treatment for an outer wall or an inner wall of a tube can be performed.... Agent:

20140335286 - Label paper processing method and apparatus: A label paper processing method includes printing a print image on label paper with a cutting locus along a contour of a shape to be cut out, using a printer in which the label paper is fed to travel intermittently. While the printed label paper is fed to travel continuously,... Agent: Miyakoshi Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.

20140335287 - Atomic layer deposition apparatus and atomic layer deposition method: Provided is an atomic layer deposition apparatus including: a sealable deposition chamber; a holding portion configured to hold a substrate including a deposition surface in the deposition chamber; a supply mechanism that includes an introduction portion connected to a gas supply source that supplies gas and is configured to supply... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140335288 - Plasma processing device and plasma processing method: There is provided a plasma processing apparatus which can improve density uniformity of plasma excited by a high frequency wave as in the VHF frequency band and reduce production costs by downsizing for a substrate having a large size. The plasma processing apparatus includes a waveguide member defining a waveguide,... Agent: Tohoku University

11/06/2014 > 36 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20140328999 - Dynamic and switchable slippery surfaces: The present disclosure describes a strategy to create self-healing, slippery liquid-infused porous surfaces (SLIPS) that can be modified as desired. Roughened (e.g., porous) surfaces can be utilized to lock in place a lubricating fluid, referred to herein as Liquid B to repel a wide range of objects, referred to herein... Agent: President And Fellows Of Harvard College

20140328998 - Apparatus and methods for coating medical devices: Embodiments of the invention include apparatus and methods for coating drug eluting medical devices. In an embodiment, the invention includes a coating apparatus including a coating application unit comprising a movement restriction structure; a fluid applicator; and an air nozzle. The apparatus can further include a rotation mechanism and an... Agent: Surmodics, Inc.

20140329000 - Method of adjusting the tack value of a binder composition: The present invention is directed to a method for adjusting the tack value of a binder material formed from a composition comprising an emulsion wherein the emulsion comprises water and an emulsifiable prepolymer and wherein the emulsifiable pre-polymer is the reaction product of (i) an isocyanate compound, (ii) a polyol... Agent:

20140329001 - Automatic painting and maintaining wet-surface of artifacts: A system and method of coating a workpiece is disclosed. A controller is in electronic communication with a robotic manipulator having a coating dispenser. A layer of coating is applied to a surface of the workpiece by the robot. A wet-surface time is determined corresponding to the areas of the... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20140329002 - Compositions comprising enhanced graphene oxide structures and related methods: Embodiments described herein generally relate to compositions comprising a graphene oxide species. In some embodiments, the compositions advantageously have relatively high oxygen content, even after annealing.... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140329003 - Electrode-forming composition: The present invention pertains to a solvent based electrode-forming composition which comprises at least one vinylidene fluoride (VDF) polymer and a graphene oxide with an oxygen content of no more than 25 wt % dispersed in an organic solvent, wherein the VDF polymer comprises recurring units derived from vinylidene fluoride... Agent:

20140329004 - Method of fabricating light extraction substrate for oled: A method of fabricating a light extraction substrate for an OLE) by which the flatness of the light extraction substrate for an OLED can be increased. Particles of a first metal oxide and a sol of a second metal oxide are inputted and mixed into an organic solvent. A base... Agent: Samsung Corning Precision Materials Co., Ltd.

20140329006 - Optical device fabrication: Transparent conductive coatings are polished using particle slurries in combination with mechanical shearing force, such as a polishing pad. Substrates having transparent conductive coatings that are too rough and/or have too much haze, such that the substrate would not produce a suitable optical device, are polished using methods described herein.... Agent: View, Inc.

20140329005 - Supercritical deposition of protective films on electrically conductive particles: A method for depositing a thin film of a coating material onto an electrically conductive particle surface via supercritical fluid deposition includes providing electrically conductive particles, providing a precursor of a coating material, dissolving the precursor of the coating material into a supercritical fluid solvent to form a supercritical solution... Agent: Microreactor Solutions LLC

20140329007 - Process for producing sintered r-t-b magnet: A method according to the present disclosure includes the steps of: stacking RH diffusion sources and sintered R-T-B based magnet bodies alternately one upon the other with a flat plate holding member having openings interposed between each pair of the diffusion source and the magnet body, thereby forming a multilayer... Agent:

20140329008 - Roofing granules with high solar reflectance, roofing materials with high solar reflectance, and the process of making the same: Roofing granules include a core having an average ultraviolet transmission of greater than 60 percent and an average near infrared reflectance of greater than 60 percent and a UV coating layer on the exterior surface. The coating provides UV opacity, while the core provides near infrared reflectance.... Agent:

20140329009 - Processing apparatus for processing a workpiece surface: Processing apparatus and method for processing a workpiece surface, in particular for the internal coating of cylinder bores. Processing apparatus has a shield unit which is provided to separate from one another—at least during operation—a part region of the workpiece surface provided for the processing and an adjacently arranged part... Agent: Sulzer Metco Ag

20140329010 - Hybrid tfc ro membranes with non-metallic additives: A process for preparing a reverse osmosis membrane that includes: (A) providing a polyamine, a polyfunctional acid halide, and a flux increasing additive having the formula Z+B−, where Z+ is an easily dissociable cation and B− is a beta-diketonate; (B) combining the polyamine, polyfunctional acid halide, and flux increasing additive... Agent:

20140329011 - Composition and method for low temperature chemical vapor deposition of silicon-containing films including silicon carbonitride and silicon oxycarbonitride films: Silicon precursors for forming silicon-containing films in the manufacture of semiconductor devices, such as films including silicon carbonitride, silicon oxycarbonitride, and silicon nitride (Si3N4), and a method of depositing the silicon precursors on substrates using low temperature (e.g., <550° C.) chemical vapor deposition processes, for fabrication of ULSI devices and... Agent:

20140329012 - Cleanable articles and methods for making and using same: Cleanable articles having overcoats with hydrophilic front surfaces and which are siloxane-bonded to an underlying body member. Also, methods of making and using such articles.... Agent:

20140329013 - Dynamic symchronized masking and coating: A computer implemented system and method of coating a workpiece includes moving a coating applicator mounted to a coating dispensing robot relative to a workpiece and moving a mask mounted to a masking robot relative to the workpiece, wherein the mask is positioned between the coating applicator and the workpiece.... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20140329014 - Composition and method for treating wood: The present invention relates to a composition for treating wood comprising a wood preserving compound and a carrier, wherein the carrier is an emulsion comprising a hydrophobic phase, a hydrophilic phase and a surfactant system. In particular, the surfactant system comprises a non-ionic polyethoxylated alkyl amine and an anionic C10-C16... Agent: Danip Pty Ltd

20140329015 - Peelable antifog coated film for amorphous polyester trays: Described are antifog films useful for packaging food, and more particularly to antifog films that can be used as lidding films in trays made of amorphous polyester. The films may include at least one base layer or film, such as a polyester film, and a heat seal layer. The antifog... Agent:

20140329016 - Coating method for objects of extended size: This invention discloses a metal coating method whereby an abrasion resistant and wear resistant coating is first applied to the that portion of a metal object of extended size to be protected, the coating is then fused onto the metal object with the use of a temperature controlled induction heater,... Agent: The Lund Industrial Group

20140329017 - Adhesion promoters and gel-modifiers for olefin metathesis compositions: This invention relates to compositions and methods for improving the adhesion of resin compositions to substrate materials, pre-treating substrate materials to improve the adhesion of resin compositions to the substrate materials, and/or controlling gel formation of resin compositions. More particularly, the invention relates to compositions and methods for improving the... Agent: Materia, Inc.

20140329018 - Reticulated open-cell foam modified by fibers extending across and between the cells of said foam and preparation methods thereof: A reticulated foam structure comprising a plurality of closely-spaced fibers extending across and between the cells. A reticulated polymer foam structure is enhanced by fibers of metal, metal alloys, metal oxides, carbon or glass that are chopped or milled and introduced into the foam structure during foam formation or by... Agent:

20140329019 - Contact coating by use of a manifold provided with capillary tubes: A coating apparatus and method of use wherein at least one capillary tube is in contact with a moving substrate during coating.... Agent:

20140329020 - Thermo spray gun with removable nozzle tip and method making and using the same: A thermo spray gun (10) includes at least one of; at least one removable nozzle tip (20) for spraying a coating material, at least one replaceable nozzle tip (20) for spraying a coating material, and at least one interchangeable nozzle tip (20) for spraying a coating material. A thermo spray... Agent: Sulzer Metco (us) Inc.

20140329021 - Method and apparatus for depositing stable crystalline phase coatings of high temperature ceramics: Producing high temperature coatings on ceramics using a high enthalpy air plasma spray torch and supplying in at least 3 passes to deposit the coating is advantageous for spraying high temperature ceramics while avoiding formation of undesirable phases, if the stand off distance is chosen such that a width of... Agent: National Research Council Of Canada

20140329022 - Method for producing article with low reflection film: A method for producing an article with a low reflection film having a low reflection film on a substrate 2, comprising applying a coating composition to the substrate 2 using an electrostatic coating method of atomizing and electrifying the coating composition so as to be attached to the substrate 2... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20140329023 - Method of producing high voltage electrical insulation: Method of producing a high voltage electrical insulation, in that (i) an ultra-violet radiation as well as thermally curable composition, comprising at least one UV-curable and heat-curable epoxy resin, at least one cationic photo-initiator and at least one cationic thermal-initiator, is provided, and that (ii) ultraviolet radiation as well as... Agent: Abb Research Ltd.

20140329024 - Preparation method of a super absorbent polymer: The present invention relates to a method of preparing a super absorbent polymer (SAP), and more specifically to a method of preparing a SAP including the steps of spraying the monomer composition on a substrate having a hydrophobic surface of a certain tan angle and carrying out a UV polymerization... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20140329025 - Solid precursor-based delivery of fluid utilizing controlled solids morphology: Apparatus and method for volatilizing a source reagent susceptible to particle generation or presence of particles in the corresponding source reagent vapor, in which such particle generation or presence is suppressed by structural or processing features of the vapor generation system. Such apparatus and method are applicable to liquid and... Agent:

20140329026 - Ceramic barrier layers: Forming an arrangement of two ceramic barrier layers (5, 10) on a polymeric substrate (1) includes the steps of applying a first ceramic barrier layer (5) on the substrate (1). The surface (5A) of the first barrier layer (5) is modified to introduce new nucleation sites on the surface of... Agent:

20140329027 - Low temperature flowable curing for stress accommodation: Methods of forming gapfill silicon-containing layers are described. The methods may include providing or forming a silicon-and-hydrogen-containing layer on a patterned substrate. The methods include non-thermally treating the silicon-and-hydrogen-containing layer at low substrate temperature to increase the concentration of Si—Si bonds while the silicon-and-hydrogen-containing layer remains soft. The flaccid layer... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140329028 - Uv forming apparatus and method for roll to roll alignment: A UV forming apparatus and method for roll to roll alignment is disclosed. The apparatus comprises an unrolling mechanism (101), a coating mechanism (102), a UV forming mechanism (100), a stripping mechanism (107) and a withdraw roll mechanism (110); wherein the apparatus further comprises an adjusting alignment mechanism (10) comprising... Agent:

20140329029 - Hydrophilic member and hydrophilic product using the same: In one embodiment, a hydrophilic member includes a substrate having a surface and particles existing at least on the surface of the substrate. The particles are constituted of at least one selected from tungsten oxide particles and tungsten oxide composite particles. The substrate surface on which the particles exist has... Agent: Toshiba Materials Co., Ltd.

20140329030 - Plasma generation for thin film deposition on flexible substrates: A system for depositing a thin film on a flexible substrate comprises a plurality of processing zones spaced apart by an isolation zone, a plasma generator for generating a plasma region proximal to a pathway along which the substrate travels, and a substrate transport mechanism for guiding the substrate back... Agent:

20140329031 - Method for forming complex film of diamond-like carbon and silicon carbide: A method for applying a resin-repellant coating to an injection molding component made of metal forms a complex film of diamond-like carbon (DLC) and silicon carbide (SiC) on the metal. A vacuum chamber is evacuated of air and an electric field is created in the chamber. A first gas containing... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140329032 - Device for improving the uniformity of the film for packaging and method for applying the same: A device and a method for improving uniformity of a film, which uses the controllable magnets instead of permanent magnets and controlling the magnetic polarity by a programmable control device, so that when the clamping frame is aligned with the mask, the magnetic polarity of the electromagnet is controlled to... Agent: Everdisplay Optronics (shanghai) Limited

20140329033 - Method for dip coating a steel strip and facility for implementing same: A method for hot-dip coating of a steel strip running in a bath of liquid metal such as zinc, or metal alloy contained in a pan is provided. Dross which are formed during the coating and float at the surface of the bath are moved away from the surface of... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 28 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140322429 - Device and method for monitoring a property of a coating of a solid dosage form during a coating process forming the coating of the solid dosage form: A method and a device for monitoring a property of a coating of a solid dosage form during a coating process forming the coating of the solid dosage form are provided. The device comprises a coating apparatus configured for forming the coating on the solid dosage form, and a monitoring... Agent: Research Center For Non Destructive Testing Gmbh

20140322430 - Surgical mesh spray and delivery system: A device for spraying a biological substance onto a biocompatible implant. The device includes a housing that defines a sterile chamber. A spray head is within the chamber and proximate to a first end. A first conduit is configured to direct the biological substance into the chamber through a first... Agent:

20140322432 - Assembly method of a voice coil motor and assembly device thereof: An assembly method of a voice coil motor for assembling component parts of a voice coil motor includes the following steps: (1) providing identifiable glue, and the identifiable glue is made by mixing colorable substance or phosphor into transparent glue; (2) coating the identifiable glue on connecting positions of the... Agent:

20140322431 - Predicting a characteristic of an overcoat: A method for predicting a characteristic of an overcoat for a media for a hard disc drive is disclosed. An overcoat is probed via a microscope using inelastic scattering of a photon by optical phonons from the overcoat to generate data related to in-plane bond-stretching motion of pairs of atoms... Agent: Hgst Netherlands B.v.

20140322433 - Durable transparent intelligent coatings for polymeric transparencies: A hard, transparent coating for a substrate and associated method for coating is disclosed. The coating includes alternating layers of a soft coating and a hard coating. The coating further includes a sensor. The electrical resistivity of the sensor may be measured to determine if the coating has been degraded.... Agent:

20140322434 - Methods for producing electrophotographic photosensitive member and organic device each having charge transporting layer: A method for producing an electrophotographic photosensitive member has a charge transporting layer, including preparing a first solution containing a specified first liquid, a charge transporting substance and a binder resin, preparing a second solution containing a specified second liquid and water, preparing an emulsion from the first and second... Agent:

20140322435 - Three-dimensional multilayer solenoid transformer: This disclosure provides implementations of inductors, transformers, and related processes. In one aspect, a device includes a substrate having first and second surfaces. A first inducting arrangement includes a first set of vias, a second set of vias, a first set of traces arranged over the first surface connecting the... Agent:

20140322436 - Making multi-layer micro-wire structure: A method of making a multi-layer micro-wire structure includes providing a substrate having a surface and forming a plurality of micro-channels in the surface. A first material composition is located in a first layer only in each micro-channel and not on the surface. A second material composition different from the... Agent:

20140322437 - Non-magnetic particles for non-magnetic undercoat layer of magnetic recording medium, and magnetic recording medium: The present invention relates to non-magnetic particles for non-magnetic undercoat layer of magnetic recording medium, comprising: hematite particles; an inner coating layer comprising a phosphorus-containing inorganic compound which is formed on a surface of the respective hematite particles; and an outer coating layer comprising an aluminum-containing inorganic compound which is... Agent:

20140322438 - Transfer medium manufacturing method, transfer method, transfer medium manufacturing apparatus, and transfer apparatus: A transfer medium manufacturing method for manufacturing a transfer medium in which a foil forming recording material containing metallic particles capable of being transferred onto a target has been applied to a base material includes: applying the foil forming recording material to the base material; and smoothing the surface of... Agent:

20140322439 - Apparatus and method for manufacturing optical compound film: A method of manufacturing an optical compound film includes providing a substrate, a first surface of the substrate facing upwards. A first curable glue is applied on the first surface. The first curable glue is pressed by a first roller with a rough circumferential surface to form a rough surface... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140322440 - Method for manufacturing optical member: A method for manufacturing an optical member includes forming a printed layer on one surface of a sheet substrate or flat-plate substrate. The method further includes coating one or more pressure-sensitive adhesives selected from the group consisting of a hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive and an active energy-ray curable pressure-sensitive adhesive... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140322441 - Method of grinding poly(aryl ether ketones): The present invention relates to an improved method of grinding polyaryletherketones, providing very good yields and the production of powders of polyaryletherketones with an average diameter below 100 μm having a narrow size distribution with few fine particles (Dv10>15 μm).... Agent:

20140322442 - Calcium enriched refractory material by the addition of calcium carbonate: The composition applied to the refractory structure has a magnesia-based refractory material, calcia source and a binder. After application of the refractory material to a refractory structure and upon application of heat to the applied refractory material a matrix is formed which protects against penetration of the slag into the... Agent: Specialty Minerals (michigan) Inc.

20140322443 - Reverse osmosis separtion membrane having high degree of salt rejection and high permeation flux and method of manufacturing the same: A reverse osmosis separation membrane includes a minute, porous support, and a polyamide active layer formed on the minute, porous support and including at least one compound containing grapheme is disclosed. A method of manufacturing the reverse osmosis separation membrane is also disclosed.... Agent:

20140322444 - Method for manufacturing transparent, heat-resistant gas-barrier film: The present invention provides a process for producing a transparent heat-resistant gas-barrier film capable of exhibiting a good gas-barrier property and maintaining good properties even after heat-treated at a temperature of 250° C. or higher, in a simple manner at low costs without need of a large size facility and... Agent: Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.

20140322445 - Defined dosing atmospheric temperature and pressure vapor deposition system: A closed chemical introduction system used to deliver active ingredients in liquid chemical to a chemical vapor deposition system includes a robust, moisture-free cartridge containing a defined dose of liquid chemical. The cartridge is placed on a mounting slot specially configured to receive the cartridge. Upon initiating the system, a... Agent: Diamon Fusion International, Inc.

20140322446 - Processes and systems for engineering a copper surface for selective metal deposition: An integrated system for transferring and processing a substrate in a controlled environment to enable selective deposition of a thin layer of a cobalt-alloy material on a copper surface of a copper interconnect to improve electromigration performance of the copper interconnect, comprising: a lab-ambient transfer chamber; a substrate cleaning reactor... Agent:

20140322447 - Method of forming a fluoroplastic topcoat including carbon nanotubes: A method for forming a surface topcoat can include mixing a plurality of carbon nanotubes (CNT) with a thermally decomposable polymer binder to form a thermally decomposable polymer composite. The thermally decomposable polymer composite is mixed with a plurality of fluoroplastic particles, a fluorinated surfactant, and a solvent media to... Agent:

20140322448 - Polyurethane coating agent composition, multistage coating method using said coating agent compositions, and use of the coating agent compositions as clear coating or pigmented coating material, and use of the coating method for automotive repair painting: m

20140322449 - Photoresist coating device and coating method thereof: The present invention provides a photoresist coating device and the coating method thereof. Wherein, the photoresist coating device comprises a nozzle, the nozzle comprising a first nozzle split and a second nozzle split provided oppositely and a top plate used to fix the first nozzle split and the second nozzle... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140322450 - Coating method and device of the packaging material: The present invention relates to a coating method and a coating device of the packaging material, applicable in the packaging process of a substrate. By adopting the melt spraying process for coating the molten packaging material, the steps of drying and sintering in the related art can be omitted. Therefore,... Agent: Everdisplay Optronics (shanghai) Limited

20140322451 - Electrohydrodynamic jet printing device with extractor: A printing device includes a nozzle and an extractor. An electrostatic extraction field is generated at the extractor and at a discharge opening of the nozzle to extract polarized ink from the nozzle for deposition on a printing substrate. The extractor includes an electrically conductive portion for application of one... Agent:

20140322452 - Depositing polymer solutions to form optical devices: Provided are methods of depositing polymer solutions on substrates to form various optical elements. A polymer solution may include about 0.1%-0% by weight of a specific polymer having rigid rod-like molecules. The molecules may include various cores, spacers, and sides groups to ensure their solubility, viscosity, and cross-linking ability. The... Agent: Light Polymers Holding

20140322453 - Method for producing ionomer-coated, catalyst-supporting carbon nanotubes: Disclosed is a method for producing ionomer-coated, catalyst-supporting carbon nanotubes, the method comprising: a step of preparing catalyst-supporting carbon nanotubes on at least one surface of a substrate; a step of preparing a first ionomer solution; an ionomer coating step of bringing the catalyst-supporting carbon nanotubes into contact with the... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140322454 - Method for manufacturing artificial smouldering scent-stick: A method for manufacturing the hemispherical light emitting portion of an artificial smouldering scent-stick comprises the steps of providing a light guide pipe and a light emitting element. The light guide pipe includes a bottom portion and a top portion opposite to the bottom portion. The light emitting element is... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140322455 - Method of fabricating surface body having superhydrophobicity and hydrophilicity and apparatus of preparing the same: The present invention relates to a method of preparing a material having a superhydrophobic region and a hydrophobic region, and more particularly to a method of preparing a material having a superhydrophobic region and a hydrophobic region by preparing a superhydrophobic surface body and hydrolyzing one surface of the prepared... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20140322456 - Pcvd method for manufacturing a primary preform for optical fibers: A method for manufacturing a primary preform including providing a hollow substrate tube, supplying to the interior of the tube a main gas flow containing at least one glass-forming gas and at least one secondary gas flow containing at least one precursor for a dopant, creating a plasma reaction zone... Agent: Draka Comteq B.v.

10/23/2014 > 24 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140314945 - Gradient coated stent and method of fabrication: The gradient coated stent 150 of the present invention provides a coated stent having a continuous coating 130 disposed on the stent elements. The continuous coating 130 includes a first coating component and a second coating component. The concentration of the first coating component varies continuously over at least part... Agent:

20140314946 - Assembly for a device of a fiber web production line: An apparatus having a rod or a blade (21) for a device of a fiber web production line, especially a rod-bed or a blade holder or holder assembly for a rod or a blade (21) of a device for coating or sizing a fiber web, particularly a paper or a... Agent: Valmet Technologies, Inc.

20140314947 - Articles and methods for enhanced boiling heat transfer: The present disclosure provides, among other things, scale-coated surfaces, vessels with controlled deposits of scale, and associated methods for enhanced boiling heat transfer. It is presently found that creating and/or maintaining a scale deposit at a controlled thickness actually enhances a type of boiling called nucleate boiling, which improves heat... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140314948 - Method of fabricating a three-dimensional (3d) porous electrode architecture for a microbattery: A method of fabricating a 3D porous electrode architecture comprises forming a microbattery template that includes (a) a lattice structure comprising a first lattice portion separated from a second lattice portion on a substrate, and (b) a solid structure on the substrate including a separating portion between the first and... Agent:

20140314949 - Carbon nanotube conductor with enhanced electrical conductivity: A method includes the steps of receiving a conductor element formed from a plurality of carbon nanotubes; and exposing the conductor element to a controlled amount of a dopant so as to increase the conductance of the conductor element to a desired value, wherein the dopant is one of bromine,... Agent:

20140314950 - Method of making an electrochemical sensor strip: A method of making an electrochemical sensor strip that includes: depositing a first electrode on a base; depositing a second electrode on the base; applying a first layer onto the first electrode; and applying a second layer onto the second electrode. The first layer includes an oxidoreductase and a mediator.... Agent: Bayer Healthcare LLC

20140314951 - Multilayer organic-templated-boehmite-nanoarchitecture for water purification: An adsorbent composition comprising a nanoscale shell of metal oxide or hydroxide on an organic-templated-boehmite-nanoarchitecture (OTBN) is provided. The nanoscale shell is prepared by impregnating OTBN with a metal or a non-metal ion, followed by in-situ hydrolysis of the deposited ion on the OTBN surface. The thickness of the shell... Agent:

20140314952 - Spray coating system and method: A spray coating system includes a rotating spray head and a transfer assembly. The spray head is coupled with a spray nozzle that directs spraying of a fluid multi-component product onto an interior surface of a structure. The spray head rotates around a longitudinal axis in order to cause the... Agent: Hartman Walsh Corp.

20140314953 - Coating device and coating method: A coating method includes arranging a nozzle portion with a plurality of nozzles above a substrate with a plurality of coating areas, moving the substrate or the nozzle portion in a first direction, and applying a coating liquid to respective coating areas through corresponding nozzles.... Agent:

20140314954 - Multinozzle deposition system for direct write applications: A multinozzle deposition system for direct write applications comprises a body including a first network of microchannels embedded therein, where the first network of microchannels extends from a parent microchannel through a series of furcations to a plurality of branching microchannels. The series consists of k generations with furcation number... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

20140314955 - Deposition apparatus: A deposition apparatus includes: a deposition chamber; a deposition source in the deposition chamber; a film fixing portion configured to fix a film, provided with a deposition surface to which the deposition material is deposited; and a protection plate in the deposition chamber to prevent the deposition material from being... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140314956 - Method for dispensing controlled patterns of liquid material: A liquid dispensing module and nozzle or die tip for discharging at least one liquid filament. The nozzle includes a strand guide for guiding a substrate past the nozzle and a frustoconical protrusion disposed on a surface of the nozzle adjacent the notch. A liquid discharge passage extends along an... Agent:

20140314957 - Substrate plating apparatus and substrate plating method: A substrate plating apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus includes a substrate holder; a plating bath configured to plate a surface of the substrate in a plating solution; a cleaning bath configured to clean the substrate holder and the substrate with a cleaning liquid; an inner shell disposed in the cleaning... Agent: Ebara Corporation

20140314958 - Inorganic/organic hybrid nanolaminate barrier film: An inorganic/organic hybrid nanolaminate barrier film has a plurality of layers of an inorganic material that alternate with a plurality of layers of an organic material. Such a barrier film can be fabricated using nanocomposite self-assembly techniques based on sol-gel chemistry.... Agent:

20140314959 - Method for the establishment of a crack resistant epoxy paint coat and paint compositions suitable for said method: The present invention relates to a method for the establishment of a crack resistant epoxy paint coat and paint compositions suitable for said method. The method is developed for use in ballast tanks e.g. a ballast tank of a vessel. The method involves the steps: (i) applying a paint composition... Agent: Hempel A/s

20140314960 - Polyurea compositions and methods of use: Disclosed are polyurea compositions comprising the reaction products of a polyformal-isocyanate prepolymer and a curing agent comprising an amine. The compositions are useful as sealants in aerospace applications.... Agent:

20140314961 - System and method for extending the service life of concrete structures: A cost-effective process for treating a concrete structure includes the following steps. A surface of the concrete structure is coated with an organo-silicon compound and the organo-silicon coated surface is covered so as to reduce atmospheric exposure of the organo-silicon compound while the organo-silicon compound migrates into the concrete structure.... Agent: Advanced Chemical Technologies, Inc.

20140314962 - High performance fabric release composition and use thereof: The current invention provides for a composition and method for the improvement of fabric release in applications such as tissue and towel making processes. The method comprises treating the surface of a fabric in structured sheet making applications using compositions containing hydrophobic quaternary amines in combination with other hydrophobes and... Agent: Hercules Incorporated

20140314963 - Plant and method for immersion of bodyworks: A plant for dipping treatment of bodyworks may include, the plant comprising: at least one processing liquid basin; a conveying line for sequential arrival of skids toward a front end of the basin and sequential departure of the skids from a rear end of the basin, the skids each configured... Agent: Geico S.p.a.

20140314964 - Method and apparatus for additive manufacturing: Various embodiments provide a method and apparatus for forming a three-dimensional article through successive fusion of parts of at least one layer of a powder bed provided on a work table in an additive manufacturing machine, which parts corresponds to successive cross sections of the three-dimensional article. The method comprises... Agent: Arcam Ab

20140314965 - Apparatus and method for dielectric deposition: The disclosed invention includes apparatus and methods that may be used for plasma-based deposition of thin layers of material on separate or continuous web substrates at very low temperatures with very low defect density. It achieves superior control of gas phase chemistry by controlling the sequence of introduction of gaseous... Agent:

20140314966 - Sintering metallic inks on low melting point substrates: Tape lamination on a dry copper ink film, followed by a flash lamp procedure, produces conductive films. The tape lamination increases the curing parameter window and reduces crack formation in the metallic film Tape lamination facilitates curing of a continuous copper film on temperature sensitive substrates, such as PET, at... Agent:

20140314967 - Aqueous phase pore sealing agent imroving pcb coating oxidation- resistant and corrosion-resistant properties and method for using same: The present invention relates to a water-based pore sealing agent enhancing PCB coating anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties, consisting of, by weight, 4-12 parts of a corrosion inhibitor, 15-25 parts of a mixed surfactants system, 10-20 parts of an ion chelating agent, 6-15 parts of a pH regulator, 20-40 parts of... Agent: Tantz Environmental Technologies Ltd.

20140314968 - Ionisation device: Ionisation device, comprising a linear hollow cathode device which has hollow cathode electrodes, defining a main hollow cathode electrode gap in which a magnetic field created by means of magnetic elements is confined; and a gas distribution element in which a gas distribution cavity is arranged providing uniform gas distribution... Agent: Asociacion De La Industria Navarra (ain)

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