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Coating processes

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08/07/2014 > 33 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20140220230 - Nuclear fuel: This invention relates to a method of preparing nuclear fuel including the step of depositing at least two adjacent series of layers (16, 18) around a kernel (12) of fissile material, each series comprising a layer of pyrolytic carbon (16) contiguous with a layer of silicon carbide (18) and each... Agent: Pebble Bed Modular Reactor Proprietary Limited

20140220231 - Coating method and coating device with compensation for asymmetries of the spray jet: The invention relates to a coating method for coating a component surface (4) with a coating agent, in particular for painting a motor vehicle body component with a paint, having the following steps: • emitting a spray jet (1) of the coating agent onto the component surface (4) of the... Agent: D&#xfc Rr Systems Gmbh

20140220232 - Equipment for decorating a section: Equipment for decorating a section, comprising: a cavity filled with a material having a melting temperature corresponding to the temperature suitable for transferring the decorative materials; and a flexible die formed by a resiliently deformable conical casing having an inlet cross-section larger than the cross-section of the section to be... Agent:

20140220233 - Direct formation of a separator with a protective edge on an electrode: A method for forming integral separator-electrodes for a battery. The method comprises providing a continuous electrode sheet having an electrode active material deposited on a current collector. The method includes forming a plurality of individual electrodes from the continuous electrode sheet. Each electrode is formed having a center region and... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140220234 - Method for coating spark plug threads with a polytetrafluoroethylene mixture: The invention relates to a method for coating spark plug threads with a polytetrafluoroethylene mixture comprising the steps of (a) bringing the spark plug to room temperature of 21° C. to 26° C. (70° F. to 79° F.); (b) mixing the polytetrafluoroethylene mixture thoroughly and filtering the material through a... Agent:

20140220235 - Luminescent graphene patterns: A luminescent nanocomposite comprising functionalized graphene and a luminescent moiety, its fabrication, and uses are described. The luminescent moiety is anchored non-covalently to the functionalized graphene. Luminescence properties of the nanocomposite may be modulated by choosing appropriate luminescent moieties such as native lactoferrin, native lactoferrin protected gold clusters, and so... Agent: Indian Institute Of Technology Madras

20140220236 - Process for the manufacture of a capacitor film: Process for producing of a capacitor film comprising the steps of (a) polymerizing propylene in the presence of a catalyst comprising a solid catalyst system obtaining a polypropylene, (b) subjecting said polypropylene to a film forming process obtaining a capacitor film, wherein during the polymerization step (a) said catalyst comprising... Agent: Borealis Ag

20140220237 - Methods for fabricating inorganic proton-conducting coatings for fuel-cell membranes: The present invention provides methods for fabricating a fuel cell membrane structure that can dramatically reduce fuel crossover, thereby improving fuel cell efficiency and power output. Preferred composite membrane structures include an inorganic layer situated between the anode layer and the proton-exchange membrane. The inorganic layer can conduct protons in... Agent: Hrl Laboratories, LLC

20140220238 - Hybrid materials for printing (semi-) conductive elements: e

20140220239 - Copper paste composition and its use in a method for forming copper conductors on substrates: This invention relates to a copper thick film paste composition paste comprising copper powder, a Pb-free, Bi-free and Cd-free borosilicate glass frit, a component selected from the group consisting of ruthenium-based powder, copper oxide powder and mixtures thereof and an organic vehicle. The invention also provides methods of using the... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140220240 - Patterned mr device with controlled shape anisotropy: A magnetic sensor with increased sensitivity, lower noise, and improved frequency response is described. The sensor's free layer is ribbon shaped and is closely flanked at each long edge by a ribbon of magnetically soft, high permeability material. The side stripes of soft magnetic material absorb external field flux and... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

20140220241 - Indirect printing of agm: The present invention relates to a method of applying absorbent gelling material (AGM) granules by indirect printing onto an carrier layer for use in an absorbent article, particularly diaper for babies or adults, training pants, pull-up diapers (diaper pants), sanitary napkins, panty liners or the like. These articles typically comprise... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140220242 - Laminate concrete panels for use as countertops or the like: Laminate concrete countertops and methods for fabricating same employ a plywood core or substrate onto which concrete layers are applied using spray techniques. In one embodiment, a countertop template is created at the installation site, and subsequently used at a remote fabrication site to cut the core to the customized... Agent:

20140220243 - Electrically conductive structural adhesive: The present invention relates to curable compositions which are capable of safely and sufficiently bonding components of electrical devices. In particular, the invention relates to electrically conductive, curable compositions, which are capable of rapidly curing at room temperatures as well as at elevated temperatures.... Agent: Henkel USIPLLC

20140220244 - Ald reactor for coating porous substrates: A system and method for improved atomic layer deposition. The system includes a top showerhead plate, a substrate and a bottom showerhead plate. The substrate includes a porous microchannel plate and a substrate holder is positioned in the system to insure flow-through of the gas precursor.... Agent: Uchicago Argonne LLC

20140220245 - Hollow weave fabric for an air bag and method of producing the same: A hollow weave fabric for an air bag in which the periphery of a double-layer hollow weave portion is formed with a seam zone, wherein the warp yarn and the weft yarn forming the base fabric are each a poly(hexamethylene adipamide) fiber having a total size of 150 to 500... Agent: Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation

20140220246 - Ultrafiltration membranes and methods of making: The present invention is an integral multilayered composite membrane having at least one ultrafiltration layer made by cocasting or sequentially casting a plurality of polymer solutions onto a support to form a multilayered liquid sheet and immersing the sheet into a liquid coagulation bath to effect phase separation and form... Agent: Emd Millipore Corporation

20140220247 - Method and system for treatment of deposition reactor: A system and method for treating a deposition reactor are disclosed. The system and method remove or mitigate formation of residue in a gas-phase reactor used to deposit doped metal films, such as aluminum-doped titanium carbide films or aluminum-doped tantalum carbide films. The method includes a step of exposing a... Agent: AsmIPHolding B.v.

20140220248 - Apparatus and process for the surface treatment of carbon fibers: A method for surface treating a carbon-containing material in which carbon-containing material is reacted with decomposing ozone in a reactor (e.g., a hollow tube reactor), wherein a concentration of ozone is maintained throughout the reactor by appropriate selection of at least processing temperature, gas stream flow rate, reactor dimensions, ozone... Agent: Ut-battelle, LLC

20140220249 - Interlaced painting: A system and method of applying coating to automotive workpieces is disclosed. A first coating dispensing robot dispenses coating at least a portion of an engine compartment, trunk and internal surfaces of a bed of an automotive workpiece during a first time interval, while a second robot dispenses coating on... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20140220250 - System and method for painting a structure: A system for painting a structure includes a motorized, wheeled vehicle that is movable along a surface and includes a frame and a lift structure coupled with the frame. The system also includes a support structure supported by the lift structure, and a table supported by the support structure. The... Agent:

20140220251 - Nanoporous coating synthesis and apparatus: An example of a nanoballoon thermal protection system includes a refractory ceramic foam having carbide balloons. The foam has a closed cell structure not allowing liquid to penetrate through the foam. Each of the carbide balloons is hollow and has a diameter greater than 0 nm and less than 900... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20140220252 - Crosslinkable composition comprising a latent base catalyst and latent base catalyst compositions: A crosslinkable composition including at least one crosslinkable component that is crosslinkable under the action of a base catalyst, a first carbonate salt according to a first formula as latent base crosslinking catalyst, and a second carbonate salt according to a second formula as potlife extender, wherein the second carbonate... Agent: Nuplex Resins B.v.

20140220253 - Micro-channel coating deposition system and method for using the same: Methods of pressure coating a target surface of an article comprising one or more grooves formed in an outer surface of an article include fluidly connecting a pressure masker comprising a pressurized masking fluid to one or more coolant supply holes on a first side of the article. The one... Agent: General Electric Company

20140220254 - Printing method and printing system: A printing method according to the present invention includes an applying step of applying a curable resin-containing ink onto a transfer sheet (10), a heating and thickening step of heating the ink on the transfer sheet (10) to increase viscosity of the ink, a transfer step of transferring the ink... Agent: Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd

20140220255 - Method for producing pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet having ultraviolet-ray curing-type acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive layer: Provided is a method for producing a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet having an ultraviolet-ray curing-type acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive layer that has a high conversion per unit amount of light, is excellent in productivity, and is also excellent in balance between pressure-sensitive adhesive performances. The method includes: a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer forming... Agent:

20140220256 - Process for manufacturing a continuous coated iron electrode: Provided is a continuous process for preparing a high quality and high performance iron electrode. The process comprises preparing a formulation comprising an iron active material and a binder and coating a continuous substrate material on a least one side with the formulation. The coated continuous substrate material is dried,... Agent: Encell Technology, Inc.

20140220257 - Method of processing a substrate: In a method of processing a substrate in accordance with an embodiment, a trench may be formed in the substrate, imprint material may be deposited at least into the trench, the imprint material in the trench may be embossed using a stamp device, and the stamp device may be removed... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140220258 - Method of fabricating graphene using a plurality of light sources: A method of fabricating graphene using a plurality of light sources is provided. The method includes irradiating a graphite oxide layer on a substrate with light from a first light source, and irradiating the irradiated graphite oxide layer with light from a second light source.... Agent: Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Korea Corporation

20140220259 - Making a conductive article: A method of making a conductive article includes depositing on a substrate a metal nanoparticle composition having water, silver nanoparticles dispersed in the water and a water-soluble polymer having both carboxylic acid and sulfonic acid groups. The weight percentage of silver in the composition is greater than 10%. The metal... Agent:

20140220260 - Substrate processing apparatus and method of depositing a film: A substrate processing apparatus for performing a plasma process inside a vacuum chamber includes a turntable including substrate mounting portions for the substrates formed along a peripheral direction of the vacuum chamber to orbitally revolve these; a plasma generating gas supplying portion supplying a plasma generating gas into a plasma... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140220261 - Microwave plasma reactors: Microwave plasma assisted reactors, for example chemical vapor deposition (MPCVD) reactors, are disclosed. The disclosed reactors operate at high pressures (>180-320 Torr) and high power densities (>150 W/cm3), and thereby enable high deposition rate CVD processes that rapidly deposit materials. In particular, reactor design examples are described that, when operating... Agent: Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University

20140220262 - Methods for plasma processing: Apparatus and method for plasma-based processing well suited for deposition, etching, or treatment of semiconductor, conductor or insulating films. Plasma generating units include one or more elongated electrodes on the processing side of a substrate and a neutral electrode proximate the opposite side of the substrate. Gases may be injected... Agent: Plasmasi, Inc.

07/31/2014 > 33 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 30 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20140205740 - Coated stent and method of making the same: A coated implantable medical device and a method of coating an implantable medical device is disclosed, the method includes applying a composition onto the device and drying the composition at elevated temperature in an environment having increased relative humidity. A pre-screening method for a manufacturing lot of coated stents to... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20140205741 - Process for making personal care articles: A process for coating a personal care composition onto at least one discrete treatment area of a substrate having a first and second surface wherein the personal care composition has a yield point of from 10 Pa to 2000 Pa measured via a stress controlled amplitude sweep at a frequency... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140205744 - Line striper: Herein is an apparatus for overlaying a media stripe onto a media stripe previously applied to a surface (i.e., “old media strip”). The apparatus includes a mobile frame housing controls and an applicator head having a spray nozzle that applies new media. The applicator head also includes sensors and/or a... Agent:

20140205743 - Optimization of a device for coating workpieces: wherein the paint spraying robot (6) is set up to coat side surfaces (14) and/or top surfaces (15) of the workpiece (13) and the surface spraying machine (8) is set up to coat the top surfaces (15) and/or side surfaces (14) of the workpiece (13).... Agent: Venjakob Maschinenbau Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140205742 - Real time process control of the polymer dispersion index: Techniques disclosed herein include apparatus and processes for real time process control of the Polymer Dispersion Index (PDI) during polymerization processes. By tuning this chain length distribution in real time, a resulting polymer can have predetermined physical properties such as thickness, physical yield strength, decomposition time, thermal stability, etc. Techniques... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140205745 - Method and use of organic and mineral admixtures for emi and radioactive isotope shielding of building materials such as glass fiber wall coverings, gypsum wallboard and electrically conductive or resistive, high performance, high strength concrete: A method is disclosed for the use of an organic admixture composed of a polysaccharide such as hydroxypropylcellulose and a monosaccharide such as ethoxylated methylglucoside and de-ionized water and minerals such as zeolites for electromagnetic; radio and microwave frequency and radioisotope shielding of building materials such as wall liners, gypsum... Agent:

20140205746 - Process for preparing a multi-layer electrochromic structure: Process for preparing a multi-layer electrochromic structure comprising depositing a film of a liquid mixture onto a substrate and treating the deposited film to form an anodic electrochromic layer comprising a lithium nickel oxide composition, the anodic electrochromic layer comprising lithium, nickel and the bleached state stabilizing element(s) wherein in... Agent: Kinestral Technologies, Inc.

20140205747 - Method of manufacturing a flexible flat cable: A flexible flat cable which includes wire cores, insulation coating layers surrounding the wire cores, shield coating layers surrounding the insulation coating layers, an upper insulation plate layer formed on the shield coating layers, a lower insulation plate layer formed under the shield coating layers and opposite to the upper... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140205748 - Process for preparing a multi-layer electrochromic structure: Process for preparing a multi-layer electrochromic structure comprising depositing a film of a liquid mixture onto a substrate and treating the deposited film to form an anodic electrochromic layer comprising a lithium nickel oxide composition, the anodic electrochromic layer comprising lithium, nickel and the bleached state stabilizing element(s) wherein in... Agent: Kinestral Technologies, Inc.

20140205749 - Nano-antenna based infrared molecular taggants: A detectable taggant is described. The detectable taggant may include at least one nano-antenna having a resonant frequency of about 300 GHz to about 800 THz. The nano-antenna is adapted to be physically or chemically associated with an article of manufacture.... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20140205750 - Cathode active material coating: Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to apparatus and methods for forming particles of cathode active materials with a thin protective coating layer. The thin protective coating layer improves cycle and safety performance of the cathode active material. A coating precursor may be added at various stages during formation of... Agent:

20140205751 - Mortar composition, method of preparation thereof and use thereof: A mortar composition in the form of a dry powder, ready for use, comprising at least one powdery binder and at least one aggregate, as well as possibly at least one standard additive and/or adjuvant, and formed from particles, at least some of which, referred to as fine particles, are... Agent: Parexgroup Sa

20140205752 - Methods of utilizing block copolymer to form patterns: Some embodiments include methods of forming patterns. A block copolymer film may be formed over a substrate, with the block copolymer having an intrinsic glass transition temperature (Tg,0) and a degradation temperature (Td). A temperature window may be defined to correspond to temperatures (T) within the range of Tg,0≦T≦Td. While... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20140205753 - System and method of pointillist painting: A system of pointillist painting comprises an automated 3-D positioning system disposed proximate a painting surface, a colorant dispenser coupled to the gantry structure and having a dispensing tip in fluid communication with a colorant chamber, the gantry structure operable to move the colorant dispensing tip to a specified position... Agent: Sso Venture Partners, LLC

20140205754 - Method for partially dyeing films: A method for partially dyeing films in which a black-and-white film is guided through a dye bath.... Agent:

20140205755 - Molding roller, apparatus and method for manufacturing same: A molding roller includes a cylindrical main body and a seamless ring-shaped molding film. The main body has a circumferential surface. The molding film is directly formed on the circumferential surface. The molding film has a molding surface including a number of molding patterns. The molding film is made of... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140205756 - Iron pyrite thin films from molecular inks: Systems and methods are provided for fabricating pyrite thin films from molecular inks. A process is provided that comprises dissolving simple iron-bearing and sulfur-bearing molecules in an appropriate solvent and then depositing the solution onto an appropriate substrate using one of several methods (roll-to-roll coating, spraying, spin coating, etc.), resulting... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140205757 - Blended fluoropolymer compositions: Blended fluoropolymer compositions are provided. In one embodiment, a liquid dispersion of a first fluoropolymer is blended with a liquid dispersion of a second fluoropolymer. The first fluoropolymer may be polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), such as a low molecular weight PTFE (LPTFE) that has been polymerized via a dispersion or emulsion polymerization... Agent: Whitford Corporation

20140205758 - Solvent-free wire enamel composition: The present invention relates to a solvent-free wire enamel composition containing extrudable, polyesterimide-containing binders, prepared from polyols, polycarboxylic acids, imide-forming components, and structural elements which are crosslinkable after extrusion.... Agent: Elantas Gmbh

20140205759 - Aqueous coating composition comprising polyurethanes and vinyl polymers: An aqueous coating composition comprising (i) a polyurethane obtained by the reaction of (a) an isocyanate-terminated pre-polymer obtained from the reaction of components comprising at least one polyisocyanate of which at least 50 wt % is at least one aliphatic polyisocyanate; in an NCO/OH ratio in the range of from... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20140205760 - Coating system and coating method: A coating system comprises: a coating apparatus connected to a syringe filled with a coating agent and having a nozzle for discharging the coating agent of the connected syringe; a robot which moves an object to be coated, held by a robot hand, to a coating position; and a control... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140205761 - Method for nano-dripping 1d, 2d or 3d structures on a substrate: A method for the production of nano- or microscaled ID, 2D and/or 3D depositions from an solution (6), by means of a liquid reservoir (2) for holding the ink with an outer diameter (3,D) of at least 50 nm, is proposed, wherein there is provided an electrode (7,8 or 9)... Agent: Eth Zurich

20140205762 - Method for depositing film and film deposition system: A method for depositing a film includes depositing an oil repellent film having an enhanced abrasion resistance properties and which is suitable for practical use. A film deposition system, wherein a substrate holder having a substrate holding surface for holding a plurality of substrates is provided rotatably to inside a... Agent: Shincron Co., Ltd.

20140205763 - Growth of graphene films and graphene patterns: Large area graphene can be fabricated by depositing carbon and catalytic metal thin film(s) on a substrate, heating the carbon and the catalytic metal, and forming graphene on the substrate. The catalytic metal is evaporated during the heating process. The catalytic metal can be, for example, nickel, cobalt, or iron.... Agent:

20140205764 - Method and apparatus for acquiring nanostructured coating by effect of laser-induced continuous explosion shock wave: A method and apparatus for acquiring a nanostructured coating on a metal surface by using an intense shock wave generated by continuous explosion of a laser-induced plasma is provided. The method comprises: irradiating a laser beam on a black paint surface of an upper opening of a high pressure resistant... Agent: Jiangsu University

20140205765 - Method for manufacturing carbon nanotubes: A method for manufacturing carbon nanotubes is provided. First, a substrate having a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface is provided. Second, a catalyst film is formed on the first surface of the substrate, wherein the catalyst film comprises a carbonaceous material. Third, a mixture... Agent: Tsinghua University

20140205766 - Surface nanoreplication using polymer nanomasks: Methods for replicating a nanopillared surface include applying a nanopillar-forming material to a surface of a replica substrate to form a precursor layer on the replica-substrate surface. A template surface of a nanomask may be contacted to the precursor layer. The nanomask may include a self-assembled polymer layer on a... Agent:

20140205767 - Polymeric composition: t

20140205768 - Process and hardware for deposition of complex thin-film alloys over large areas: Systems and methods for depositing complex thin-film alloys on substrates are provided. In particular, systems and methods for the deposition of thin-film Cd1-xMxTe ternary alloys on substrates using a stacked-source sublimation system are provided, where M is a metal such as Mg, Zn, Mn, and Cu.... Agent: Colorado State University Research Foundation

20140205769 - Cascaded plasma reactor: Embodiments relate to a plasma reactor including two or more sub-plasma reactors connected in series to generate an increased amount or increase the reactivity of radicals and reactive species. The two sub-plasma reactors may be of the same type or a different type. The plasma reactor including two or more... Agent: Veeco Ald Inc.

07/17/2014 > 34 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20140199468 - Nanofibers containing latent reactive groups: A nanofiber is formed by combining one or more natural or synthetic polymeric materials and one or more than one cross-linking agents having at least two latent reactive activatable groups. The latent reactive activatable nanofiber may be used to modify the surface of a substrate by activating at least one... Agent: Innovative Surface Technologies, Inc.

20140199469 - Sustained-release tablet and process for preparing the same: A method for producing a sustained-release tablet having improved stability and content uniformity is provided. The method involves first preparing a core tablet by granulating, drying, milling, blending, and compressing a mixture of active and inactive ingredients. Four coating layers are applied to the core tablet: an inner layer, an... Agent: Galderma S.a.

20140199470 - Polymer composition on substrate and surface modification method: Provided are a polymer composition on a substrate and a surface modification method which is non-selective to substrate materials. Chemical vapor deposition polymerization is used to deposit a maleimide-functionalized poly-p-xylylene coating on a substrate. The substrate is readily available to perform a thiol-maleimide coupling reaction under mild conditions so as... Agent: National Taiwan University

20140199471 - Method for manufacturing insulated wire and manufacturing apparatus of the same: There is provided a method for manufacturing an insulated wire, including at least: coating an outer periphery of a running wire with an insulation coating material discharged from a coating material discharging tank; baking the insulation coating material by an incinerator, the insulation coating material being used for coating the... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20140199472 - Ejection volume correction method for inkjet head, ejection volume correction apparatus: An aspect of the present invention provides an ejection volume correction method for an inkjet head, including: an arranging step of ejecting functional ink as ink droplets from nozzles of an inkjet head so as to discretely arrange the ink droplets on a front surface of a substrate; a contacting... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140199473 - Apparatus and method for providing an embedded structure and for providing an electro-optical device including the same: An apparatus for providing a patterned structure includes a deposition facility for depositing an electrically conductive material on a cylindrical surface of a transfer roll, a supply facility for providing a flexible substrate with a carrier layer, a press-roll for pressing the flexible substrate with the carrier layer against the... Agent:

20140199474 - Multilayer electrical component, coating composition, and method of making electrical component: An electrical component including a substrate comprising an electroconductive filler in a first polymeric binder, and a coating layer adhered to at least a portion of the substrate surface, the coating layer comprising a nanostructured electroconductive particulate dispersed in a polymeric binder, such as an epoxy resin. A method of... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140199475 - Positive electrode active material for lithium secondary battery and production method of same: A positive electrode active material for a lithium secondary battery having a core portion and a shell layer is employed in which the core portion is represented by Lix1M1y1Pz1O4 (where, M1 represents an element such as Mg, Ca, Fe or Mn, and the letters x1, y1 and z1 representing composition... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20140199476 - Magnetic recording medium fabrication method and apparatus: A method of fabricating a magnetic recording medium sequentially forms a magnetic recording layer, a protection layer, and a lubricant layer on a stacked body. The stacked body is enclosed in a transfer container unit without exposing the stacked body to atmosphere after forming the protection layer on the stacked... Agent: Showa Denko K,k.

20140199477 - Linerless labels: Linerless labels are presented. A label includes a specific pattern or set of patterns of adhesive applied to one side of the label. The adhesive pattern(s) reduces contact between a cutter blade of a printer and the adhesive on the one side of the label. Moreover, the adhesive patterns reduce... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20140199478 - Method for producing carbon membrane: Provided is a method of producing a carbon membrane including dipping a porous support in a suspension of a phenolic resin or a suspension of a phenolic resin precursor, drying the resulting support to form a membrane made of the phenolic resin or the phenolic resin precursor, and heat treating... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140199479 - Apparatus and process for low-temperature injection of a liquid crop preservative formulation: An apparatus and method for treating a substrate with a volatile liquid, crop-preservative formulation, wherein said substrate is in proximity to a crop to be treated by the vapor from said formulation, is disclosed. The substrate is most conveniently a portion of a container in which said crop is stored... Agent: 1,4 Group, Inc.

20140199480 - Method of manufacturing fuel system part and fuel system part: A method manufactures a fuel delivery pipe including a crude metal made of forged iron, a nickel-phosphorus plating layer formed on an inner surface of the crude metal, and a nonmetal paint film formed on an outer surface of the crude metal. The method includes coating the outer surface of... Agent: Otics Corporation

20140199481 - Method for forming chemical layer and apparatus for forming chemical layer: A method for forming a chemical layer on a surface of a substrate by rotationally applying a chemical, including spraying a chemical-removing solvent to a region where a filamentously entangled chemical is generated when excess of the chemical discharged to the outside of the substrate during rotational application of the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140199482 - Cement and skinning material for ceramic honeycomb structures: Skins and/or adhesive layers are formed on a porous ceramic honeycomb by applying a layer of a cement composition to a surface of the honeycomb and firing the cement composition. The cement composition contains inorganic filler particles, a carrier fluid and a clay material rather than the colloidal alumina and/or... Agent:

20140199483 - Composite polyamide membrane including tri-hydrocarbyl phosphate: i

20140199484 - Process and system for producing waterborne coating layer in high temperature and low humidity climate: The present disclosure is directed to a process for applying a waterborne coating composition in a spray booth and a system thereof. The disclosure is particularly directed a process for introducing water into incoming air for the spray booth to produce a conditioned spray booth having appropriate humidity levels. The... Agent:

20140199485 - Imprint lithography: A method of depositing an imprintable medium onto a target area of a substrate for imprint lithography is disclosed. The method includes moving the substrate, a print head comprising a nozzle to eject an imprintable medium onto the substrate, or both, relative to the other in a first direction across... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20140199486 - Multi-component coating method for porous substrates: The disclosure relates to a coating method including the steps of providing a multi-component coating composition including two or more components, applying each component to a porous substrate, mixing each component with at least one other component thereby causing at least two components to undergo a chemical reaction.... Agent: Valspar Sourcing, Inc.

20140199487 - Method for producing high-strength hot-dip galvannealed steel sheet: Exemplary embodiments of the present invention can provide a method for producing hot dip galvannealed steel sheet which exhibits high strength, high ductility, and a significant degree of alloying. Such exemplary method can be applied to, e.g., a pickled hot rolled steel sheet or an annealed and pickled cold rolled... Agent: Nippon Steel Corporation

20140199488 - Cement hydrate products for sprayed concrete: Process for the preparation of a sprayable inorganic binder composition containing as main components water, aggregates, inorganic binder, set accelerator, characterized in, that a cement hydrate products containing component is added before and/or at the spray nozzle.... Agent: Construction Research & Technology Gmbh

20140199489 - Applicator for polishing solution: An applicator for vehicle polishing solution is provided. The user would fill the handle of the device with polishing solution and would be able to continuously polish the vehicle, dispersing the polishing solution at a controlled interval. This applicator would have a hollow tube constituting the handle of the device,... Agent:

20140199490 - Deposition substrate temperature and monitoring: An apparatus for depositing a coating on one or more parts (21) has: a chamber (22); a part holder (64) for carrying the part(s); a bias voltage source (94) coupled to the part(s) to apply a bias voltage to the part(s); a source (34) of the coating material; a plurality... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140199491 - One-component, dual-cure conformal coating compositions: Disclosed are one-component compositions that include: (1) an isocyanate-functional urethane acrylate and (2) a polyisocyanate containing allophanate and/or uretdione groups, wherein the one-component composition has a viscosity of less than or equal to about 500 mPas and an isocyanate content of greater than about 5% by weight, based on the... Agent: AllnexIPS.&#xe0 .r.l.

20140199492 - Ion implanter and method of operating ion implanter: An ion implanter that introduces a process gas into an ion source, extracts a ribbon-shaped ion beam from the ion source using an extraction electrode system made up of multiple electrodes, and uses the ion beam to irradiate a substrate disposed in a processing chamber during ion implantation processing, and... Agent: Nissin Ion Equipment Co., Ltd.

20140199493 - Film formation method and film formation apparatus: Provided is a film formation apparatus with which an anti-fouling film having high usability and antiwear performance may be formed efficiently. According to a film formation apparatus (1) of the present invention, a substrate holder (12) which comprises a basal body holding surface for folding a plurality of substrates (14)... Agent: Shincron Co., Ltd

20140199494 - Highly reflective, hardened silica titania article and method of making: The present disclosure is directed to improved silica-titania glass articles intended for use in EUV or other high energy reflective optic systems, and to a process for producing such improved silica-titania articles. The improved silica-titania glass articles provide a more stable surface for the coatings that are used in the... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140199495 - Digital printing and embossing: A method and equipment to form a digital print by applying dry colourants on a surface, bonding a part of the colourants with a binder and removing the non-bonded colourants from the surface. Also, a method to form embossed structures. Hard press particles may be applied in patterns on a... Agent: Floor Iptech Ab

20140199496 - Method and device for producing a low-emissivity layer system: A method for producing a low-emissivity layer system includes the steps of forming at least one low-emissivity layer on at least one side of the substrate by deposition, and subsequent brief tempering of a deposited low-emissivity layer by electromagnetic radiation, avoiding an immediate heating up of the substrate. A device... Agent: Von Ardenne Gmbh

20140199498 - Composition for liquid crystal alignment layer, preparation method of liquid crystal alignment layer using the same, and optical film comprising the liquid crystal alignment layer: The present invention relates to a composition for liquid crystal alignment layer, a preparation method of liquid crystal alignment layer using the same, and an optical film comprising the liquid crystal alignment layer. More particularly, the composition for liquid crystal alignment layer according to the present invention includes crosslinkable functional... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20140199497 - Methods for reducing metal oxide surfaces to modified metal surfaces: Method and apparatus for reducing metal oxide surfaces to modified metal surfaces are disclosed. Metal oxide surfaces are reduced to form a film integrated with a metal seed layer by contacting a solution with a reducing agent with the metal oxide surfaces. The solution with the reducing agent can contact... Agent:

20140199499 - Method for applying material to a surface: A method for depositing a particle on a work piece is disclosed. The housing is coupled to the work piece to form a chamber and a separation distance between a surface of the work piece and a surface of the housing is controlled using a coupling device. A working gas... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140199500 - Method and apparatus to apply material to a surface: An apparatus for particle deposition is disclosed. The apparatus includes a housing configured to couple to a work piece to form a chamber. A nozzle directs a working gas into the chamber to deposit a particle entrained in the working gas at the work piece. The nozzle may be coupled... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140199501 - Methods of production for corrosion-resistant bit patterned media (bpm) and discrete track media (dtm): A method for producing a magnetic recording medium in one embodiment includes forming a magnetic material layer above a substrate, transferring an uneven pattern to the magnetic material layer to form concave portions and convex portions, the convex portions being magnetic regions, depositing a nonmagnetic material above the concave portions... Agent: Hgst Netherlands B.v.

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