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Coating processes

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04/10/2014 > 27 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140099425 - Method for fabricating small-scale, curved structures: A method is proposed for fabricating small-scale, curved structures. Firstly, a calligraphy paper or filter paper is provided. Liquid-phase material droplets are applied to calligraphy paper or filter paper to form a desired pattern at a contact angle that can form convex curved small-scale structures.... Agent: National Tsing Hua University

20140099426 - Natural coating formulas and composition for coating tablets: A solid dosage form coating composition including gray oyster shell powder in a form suitable to be coated on a solid dosage form. A method including coating a solid dosage form with a coating composition comprising gray oyster shell powder; and drying the coating composition into a film.... Agent: Pharmavite LLC

20140099427 - Method for the manufacture of nerve regeneration-inducing tube: A method for manufacturing a nerve regeneration-inducing tube with excellent pressure resistance, shape recovery property, anti-kink property, film exfoliation resistance, resistance to invasion of outer tissues, and leakage resistance. The tubular body is formed by weaving together fibers made up of biodegradable polymer. The outer surface of the tubular body... Agent: Toyo Boseki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140099428 - Currency operated tire inflation and repair apparatus and methods: The present disclosure provides tire repair assemblies that can include: a tire sealant tank; an air assembly coupled to the tire sealant tank; a valve configured to control fluid communication between the tank and the air assembly; and a currency operating assembly configured to control the valve. Methods for repairing... Agent:

20140099429 - Particle supplying apparatus, method of controlling particle supplying apparatus, and method of acquiring speed determining information: In an absorbent sheet manufacturing apparatus, a storage part stores speed determining information including relationships between conveying speed of a first sheet member and rotational speed of a supply cylinder and corresponding respectively to target particle densities. A control part determines the rotational speed of the supply cylinder on the... Agent: Livedo Corporation

20140099430 - Reducing glitching in an ion implanter: Methods of reducing glitch rates within an ion implanter are described. In one embodiment, a plasma-assisted conditioning is performed, wherein the bias voltage to the extraction electrodes is modified so as to inhibit the formation of an ion beam. The power supplied to the plasma generator in the ion source... Agent:

20140099431 - Conductive leather materials and methods for making the same: Conductive leather materials and methods for making the same are provided. The conductive leather materials may have a conductivity suitable to operate touch-sensitive electronic devices without a conductive path to the human body.... Agent: Fownes Brothers & Co., Inc.

20140099432 - Fabrication method for flexible circuit board: A fabrication method for a flexible circuit board is provided. The fabrication method includes the following steps. Firstly, a release film having an upper surface and a lower surface opposite to each other is provided. Next, two flexible substrates are respectively disposed on the upper surface and the lower surface.... Agent: Unimicron Technology Corp.

20140099433 - Basket jig for electroless plating apparatus and electroless plating method: The present invention relates to a basket jig for an electroless plating apparatus and an electroless plating method. A basket jig for an electroless plating apparatus in accordance with the present invention includes a basket loaded thereon a plurality of printed circuit boards, a rotating structure coupled to top portions... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140099434 - Methods of manufacturing wire, multi-layer wire pre-procucts and wires: Exemplary methods for manufacturing a wire and resultant wires are disclosed herein. The method includes extruding a receptor cross-linkable polymer that is substantially free of curing agent about a conductive core and extruding a donor polymer in association with a curing agent. The method includes disposing the donor polymer about... Agent: Prestolite Wire LLC

20140099435 - Methods of manufacturing wire, wire pre-products and wires: Exemplary methods for manufacturing a wire and resultant wires are disclosed herein. The method includes extruding a cross-linkable polymer that is substantially free of curing agent about a conductive core, then adding a curing agent to the extruded wire pre-product, then heat-curing the extruded wire pre-product.... Agent: Prestolite Wire LLC

20140099436 - Method for implementing capacitive sensing in the presence of conductive decorative materials: A control panel is disclosed. The control panel includes an electrically conductive substrate having a front surface. A first dielectric layer is disposed on the front surface of the substrate. A first electrode layer is disposed on a front surface of the first dielectric layer, wherein the first dielectric layer... Agent: Visteon Global Technologies, Inc.

20140099437 - Magnetic recording medium fabrication method and apparatus: A method of fabricating a magnetic recording medium sequentially forms a magnetic recording layer, a protection layer, and a lubricant layer on a stacked body. The stacked body is enclosed in a transfer container unit without exposing the stacked body to atmosphere after forming the protection layer on the stacked... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20140099438 - Optical media production system and method for controlling same: A nano-imprinting system may be configured to at least one of transport, emboss, coat and slit an optical media according to operational parameters. A control system may be configured to detect one or more attributes of the optical media that result from at least one of the embossing and coating... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20140099439 - Method for producing optical lens: A method for producing an optical lens includes: forming a mark outside a lens region set in a lens substrate, the mark being adapted to perform position alignment; pattern-forming a masking layer above one principal surface of the lens substrate while controlling formation position of the masking layer with the... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20140099440 - Processes and devices for applying coatings to the interior of tubes: Processes and devices useful in the application of coatings (14) to the interior of tubes (10) are described. Such processes (40, 400) may include applying a layer (20) of coating fluid (18) to the internal surface (16) of the tube (10) and passing a smoothing member (22) through the tube... Agent: Atomic Energy Of Canada Limited

20140099441 - Method for synthesizing carbon nanowires at high density on surface of pores or gaps in structure, and hierarchical structure synthesized by the method: The present invention relates to a method for synthesizing carbon nanowires directly on the internal surface of a three-dimensional structure including a carbon structure and, more particularly, to a method for synthesizing carbon nanowires at high density on the surface of pores or gaps present in a structure, and a... Agent: Korea Institute Of Energy Reasearch

20140099442 - Method and apparatus for impregnating tobacco industry products with sensate constituents of botanicals: A method and apparatus for impregnating tobacco industry products with sensate constituents of botanicals by storing the tobacco industry products and the botanicals separately and applying heat and/or pressure to the apparatus to obtain a modified taste and aroma profile, are disclosed.... Agent: British American Tobacco (investments) Limited

20140099443 - Zinc oxide precursor and method of depositing zinc oxide-based thin film using the same: A zinc oxide (ZnO) precursor and a method of depositing a ZnO-based thin film using the same, with which a high-quality and high-purity ZnO-based thin film can be deposited. The ZnO precursor includes a mixture solvent containing at least two organic solvents which are mixed and a source material comprising... Agent: Samsung Corning Precision Materials Co., Ltd.

20140099444 - Composites containing polypeptides attached to polysaccharides and molecules: This document provides methods and materials related to composites or coatings containing polypeptides attached to polysaccharides and/or molecules. For example, methods and materials related to composites or coatings containing polypeptides (e.g., casein polypeptides) attached to polysaccharides (e.g., cellulose) and/or molecules (e.g., calcium containing molecules such as calcium phosphate and calcium... Agent: The Penn State Research Foundation

20140099445 - Method for producing a film having a nano-structure on the surface of the film: A method is provided for producing easily a membrane (film) having a micro surface structure (porous structure, fibrous structure and the like) in nano-order. The method for producing a film having a nano-structure on the surface of the film, includes the steps of: (1) coating a substrate with a solution... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20140099446 - Composition for sealing a colorant to a surface, protecting a surface, and providing wear resistance to a surface: A protective sealant composition that is useful for sealing a colorant to a substrate, such as carpet. The protective sealant composition is formulated such that, upon drying, the composition forms a topcoat on the surface of the substrate, with the topcoat having a hard component and a soft component. The... Agent: S.c. Johnson & Son, Inc.

20140099447 - Method and apparatus for treating waste materials: A method and apparatus for treating waste materials comprising, particulating the waste materials into discrete particles, heating and drying the particles in a non-oxidizing atmosphere in a drier at a temperature in the range of 800° to 860° C. for carbonizing the particles, crushing the carbonized particles and leaching the... Agent: Good Morning Enterprises Inc.

20140099448 - Method and apparatus for electrostatic painting: A device and method for electrostatic powder coating include: obtaining continuously a working fluid constituted by air deprived of undesirable substances; supplying the working fluid, between 0.5 bar and 10 bar, in a container containing an amount of coating powder; extracting from the container; a first flow made up of... Agent: Eurosider S.a.s. Di Milli Ottavio & C.

20140099449 - Radiation curable aqueous dispersions: An aqueous dispersion comprising a mixture of a first dispersion and a second dispersion, said first dispersion comprising at least one (meth)acrylated pre-polymer (A), and said second dispersion comprising at least one thiol-functional compound (B), said aqueous dispersion optionally comprising at least one ethylenically unsaturated compound (C).... Agent:

20140099450 - Methods and systems of manufacturing a coated structure on a substrate: A method of manufacturing a coated structure on a substrate includes positioning a substrate in a vapor deposition chamber having a crucible with source material. The method includes evaporating the source material with electron beams from an irradiation source, the evaporated source material being deposited on the substrate as a... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

20140099451 - Method for depositing layers on a glass substrate by means of low-pressure pecvd: The invention relates to a method for producing metal or semiconductor oxide, nitride or oxynitride films on a substrate, by means of the PECVD method, including the steps that involve: (i) having a low-pressure PECVD device including at least one plasma source that includes at least one electrode connected to... Agent: Agc Glass Europe

04/03/2014 > 24 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140093638 - Method of dispensing material based on angular locate feature: A dispensing system includes a frame, a dispensing unit gantry movably coupled to the frame, and a dispensing unit coupled to the dispensing unit gantry. The dispensing unit further includes a vision system gantry coupled to the frame and a vision system coupled to the vision system gantry. A controller... Agent:

20140093639 - Fuel cell component with coating including nanoparticles: A product comprising a fuel cell component comprising a substrate and a coating overlying the substrate, the coating comprising nanoparticles having sizes ranging from 2 to 100 nanometers.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20140093640 - Wire and cable extrusion processes: An extrusion system is described herein. The extrusion system includes a die and tip defining an extrusion cavity, the extrusion cavity configured to receive heated material for extrusion and coating one or more wires. Furthermore, an exit region of the die is configured to be cooled to a temperature less... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140093641 - Lubricant compositions containing fluorooxiranes: An lubricant composition comprising a C4 to C15 fluorooxirane fluid having a boiling point ≧20° C., and a lubricant soluble or dispersible therein, is provided.... Agent: 3mm Innovative Properties Company

20140093642 - Coating material for aluminum die casting mold and method of manufacturing the coating material: Disclosed is a coating material for an aluminum die casting mold and a method of manufacturing the coating material. The coating material includes a CrN bonding layer formed on a surface of a substrate, a TiAlN/CrN nano multi-layer disposed on a surface of the CrN bonding layer, and a TiAlN/CrSi(C)N... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140093643 - Method and system of depositing a viscous material into a surface cavity: A method of depositing a viscous material into a surface cavity of a target object. The method includes providing the target object having the surface cavity. The target object has an exterior surface with a cavity opening that provides access to the surface cavity. The method also includes evacuating air... Agent: Tyco Electronics Services Gmbh

20140093644 - Substrate treatment method and substrate treatment apparatus: A substrate treatment method includes a rinsing step of supplying a rinse liquid to a front surface of a substrate while rotating the substrate at a first rotation speed, a liquid mixture film forming step of forming a liquid film of a liquid mixture of water and an organic solvent... Agent: Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20140093645 - Atomic layer deposition of quaternary chalcogenides: Methods and systems are provided for synthesis and deposition of chalcogenides (including Cu2ZnSnS4). Binary compounds, such as metal sulfides, can be deposited by alternating exposures of the substrate to a metal cation precursor and a chalcogen anion precursor with purge steps between.... Agent:

20140093646 - Method for producing liquid-ejection head: A method for producing a liquid-ejection head includes forming molds on or above the substrate, the molds being used as mold members for forming the plurality of liquid chambers; forming the flow-passage-forming member by depositing an inorganic material on or above the substrate and the molds by chemical vapor deposition,... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140093647 - Method for electroless metallization: A method for forming a polymerized film on a surface of a non-conductive material and subsequently forming an electroless metal plating film on the surface is described. The method includes the step of contacting the surface of the material with a solution including (A) an amine compound having at least... Agent:

20140093648 - Method for surface modification of a body: The invention concerns a method for modification of the surface of a body, especially a film-shaped body, wherein a fibre-containing substance comprising nano-sized polysaccharide fibre particles is dispersed in a medium essentially composed of water and a polar solvent to form a suspension. The suspension is applied on the surface... Agent: Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus Vtt

20140093649 - Impregnation section with rollers and method for impregnating fiber rovings: An impregnation section of a die (150) and a method for impregnating at least one fiber roving with a polymer resin are disclosed. The impregnation section includes an impregnation zone (250) configured to impregnate the roving with the resin. The impregnation zone (250) includes a plurality of contact surfaces (252).... Agent: Ticona LLC

20140093650 - Method of manufacturing a composite light guide: The present invention provides an extrusion casting method for making composite light guide plates with a thickness of more than about 1 mm, for use in LCD backlights or in general illumination devices. In the fabrication method of the present invention the extrusion roll molding process is combined with coating... Agent: Skc Haas Display Films Co., Ltd.

20140093651 - Repellent surfacing solutions and mixtures for treatment of surfaces: The invention describes methodological approach and process for preparation of variable compositions of water-(hydrophobic), oil- and dust-repellent multi-component mixtures containing non-cyclic silanes, siloxanes, hydrocarbons, silane-carbons), cyclic molecular compounds (cyclic-silanes, hydrocarbons, silane-carbons and their derivatives) and other hydrophobic molecular components (as separate molecular substances or as molecular substitutes within the silanes... Agent:

20140093652 - Process for multi-layer continuos roll-to-roll coating: The invention relates to a process for the continuous production of a flexible substrate, preferably a plastics film containing a multi-layer coating in a roll-to-roll coating process, in which at least one vacuum coating process and at least one wet coating process are combined together, and to a device for... Agent: Bayer Intellectual Porperty Gmbh

20140093653 - Method for modification of the surface and subsurface regions of metallic substrates: A method for surface engineering a metal substrate involves mixing precursor powders with a polymer binder to create a coating mix and coating the substrate with the coating mix. The substrate is then heated via induction heating, with the frequency and duration of the heating being controlled so as to... Agent: Dayton T. Brown, Inc.

20140093654 - Irradiation assisted nucleation of quantum confinements by atomic layer deposition: A method of fabricating quantum confinements is provided. The method includes depositing, using a deposition apparatus, a material layer on a substrate, where the depositing includes irradiating the layer, before a cycle, during a cycle, and/or after a cycle of the deposition to alter nucleation of quantum confinements in the... Agent:

20140093655 - Method for applying hot melt adhesive powder onto a shoe or sole part: A method for applying hot melt adhesive powder onto a sole or shoe part includes the steps of applying a cleaning agent, irradiating, applying a conductive liquid which has a conductivity at least 100 times higher than purified water which has a conductivity of 5.5.10−6 S/m, spraying hot melt adhesive... Agent: Orisol Asia Ltd.

20140093656 - Method for manufacture and coating of nanostructured components: The synthesis of nanostructures uses a catalyst that may be in the form of a thin film layer on a substrate. Precursor compounds are selected for low boiling point or already exist in gaseous form. Nanostructures are capable of synthesis with a masked substrate to form patterned nanostructure growth. The... Agent: University Of Idaho

20140093657 - Methods and systems for joining materials: A method is provided for joining a filler material to a substrate material. The method includes melting the filler material within a melting chamber of a crucible such that the filler material is molten. The crucible has an outlet fluidly connected to the melting chamber. The method also includes holding... Agent: General Electric Company

20140093658 - Methods and systems for joining materials: A method is provided for joining a filler material to a substrate material. The method includes melting the filler material within a melting chamber of a crucible such that the filler material is molten, holding the filler material within the melting chamber of the crucible by electromagnetically levitating the filler... Agent: General Electric Company

20140093659 - Precursors and transport methods for hydrothermal liquid phase sintering (hlps): A method of producing a monolithic ceramic body from a porous matrix includes providing a porous matrix having interstitial spaces, providing an infiltrating medium comprising a solvent and at least one reactive species, and infiltrating at least a portion of the interstitial space of the porous matrix with the infiltrating... Agent: Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey

20140093660 - Method for manufacturing bipolar plate: A method for manufacturing bipolar plate includes placing a mixed material on a plate wherein the mixed material includes a carbon material as well as a resin and the material of the plate is metal, and irradiating a light to the mixed material for modifying the mixed material wherein the... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140093661 - Selective blue light filtered optic: Disclosed herein is a method that comprises providing a solution containing a dye or a dye mixture, ultrasonicating the solution to reduce the average size of aggregates of the dye or dye mixture contained in the solution, and incorporating the dye or the dye mixture in the optical path of... Agent: High Performance Optics, Inc.

03/27/2014 > 36 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20140087058 - Method for producing encapsulated nanoparticles: A method is provided that produces nanocomposite materials containing well-dispersed, nanoparticles encapsulated in a polymer matrix. A feedstock comprising a colloidal dispersion of nanoparticles in a solvent and a polymer dissolved in the same solvent is passed through an ultrasonic nozzle using a flow control device, producing an aerosol of... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140087059 - Pharmaceutical composition and process for montelukast tablets: The manufacture of compositions containing montelukast and to stable tablet compositions resulting thereof are disclosed, which include a first compaction step of a dry blend including, montelukast or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, and microcrystalline cellulose, and a further compression step into tablets.... Agent: Pharma Pass LLC

20140087060 - Process for producing a solid dispersion of an active ingredient: A process for producing a solid dispersion of an active ingredient which comprises feeding the active ingredient and a matrix-forming agent to an extruder and forming a uniform extrudate, wherein the extruder comprises at least two rotating shafts (2), each of the shafts (2) carrying a plurality of processing elements... Agent: Abbvie Deutschland Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140087061 - Control system for can coating: A can coating machine control system includes a coating control signal that functions as a go/no-go signal based on a plurality of monitored conditions such as can in position, vacuum pressure, gun in position, guard in position and speed condition. Local pressure regulation of the coating material in the spray... Agent: Nordson Corporation

20140087062 - Plating catalyst and method: Stable zero-valent metal compositions and methods of making and using these compositions are provided. Such compositions are useful as catalysts for subsequent metallization of non-conductive substrates, and are particularly useful in the manufacture of electronic devices.... Agent:

20140087063 - Method for manufacturing ion optical device: The present invention provides a method for preparing an ion optical device. A substrate is fabricated with a hard material adapted for a grinding process, the substrate at least including a planar surface, and including at least one insulating material layer. Next, one or more linear grooves are cut on... Agent: Shimadzu Research Laboratory (shanghai) Co. Ltd.

20140087064 - Touch screen panel and method of preparing the same: A method for preparing a touch screen panel includes forming a non-conductive pattern on a non-display part on one face of a window plate, so that the thickness of the non-conductive pattern is decreased to produce a thin touch screen panel. In addition, this will prevent leakage of ink through... Agent: Dongwoo Fine-chem Co., Ltd.

20140087065 - Cathode composite material, method for making the same, and lithium ion battery using the same: A method for making a cathode composite material of a lithium ion battery is disclosed. In the method, a composite precursor is formed. The composite precursor includes a cathode active material precursor and a coating layer precursor coated on a surface of the cathode active material precursor. The composite precursor... Agent: Tsinghua University

20140087066 - Hardmask: Compositions containing certain organometallic oligomers suitable for use as spin-on, metal hardmasks are provided, where such compositions can be tailored to provide a metal oxide hardmask having a range of etch selectivity. Also provided are methods of depositing metal oxide hardmasks using the present compositions.... Agent:

20140087068 - Metal mold, process for manufacturing the same, and molded article produced using the mold: The mold has a mold surface on which is formed as a release film a water-repellent and oil-repellent fluorocarbon-based chemisorbed film having a thickness that is uniform in nanoscale and having a controlled surface energy. As a result, even when a mold has an ultrafine shape on the nanometer scale,... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20140087067 - Method of coating a metal mold surface with a polymer coating, mold for rubber products and method of molding rubber products: This invention relates to preparation of a metal mold surface for molding rubber products by plasma jet directed polymer coating, a coated mold for rubber products and production of rubber products. Such rubber products are rubber tires and industrial products, particularly rubber tires.... Agent:

20140087069 - Method for repairing hollow fiber membrane: A method for repairing a hollow fiber membrane in a module in which ends of a plurality of hollow fiber membranes are secured to a side of the module. A method for repairing a hollow fiber membrane in a module includes bringing a filler material that is in a solid... Agent:

20140087070 - Surface coating system and method of using surface coating system: A coating system for a surface (such as a floor) including a liquid adhesive layer composition including a heat-activated adhesive that forms an adhesive layer upon drying after application to a surface, and a liquid maintenance layer composition comprising a dispersible polymer that forms a maintenance layer upon drying after... Agent: Diversey, Inc.

20140087071 - Ion-exchange manganese oxide lithium adsorbent using porous structure and method for preparing the same: The present invention relates to an ion-exchange manganese oxide lithium adsorbent using a porous structure and a method for preparing the same. The lithium adsorbent according to the present invention is highly dispersed on the surface of the porous structure, and thus it has excellent adsorption performance and physical stability... Agent: Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resources

20140087073 - Equipment and method of manufacturing for liquid processing in a controlled atmospheric ambient: In various exemplary embodiments, a system and related method for processing substrates is provided. In one embodiment, a substrate processing system is provided that includes a substrate load module, a plurality of facilities modules, a plurality of process chambers, a substrate transfer module, at least one transfer gate to provide... Agent:

20140087074 - Film formation jig and film formation method using the same: A film formation jig is configured to be used in a film formation process to a device constituted of members having heat-resistant temperatures different from each other, in which a film is formed on a film formation target member of the device having a heat-resistant temperature higher than a heat-resistant... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140087075 - System and method for deposition of a material on a substrate: A method and apparatus for improving coating of a substrate.... Agent: First Solar, Inc.

20140087072 - Vapor deposition system and method: A deposition system includes a system housing having a housing interior, a fixture transfer assembly having a generally sloped fixture transfer rail extending through the housing interior, a plurality of processing chambers connected by the fixture transfer rail, a controller interfacing with the processing chambers and at least one fixture... Agent: Quantum Innovations, Inc.

20140087076 - Enhanced deposition of noble metals: The invention relates generally to processes for enhancing the deposition of noble metal thin films on a substrate by atomic layer deposition. Treatment with gaseous halides or metalorganic compounds reduces the incubation time for deposition of noble metals on particular surfaces. The methods may be utilized to facilitate selective deposition.... Agent: Asm International N.v.

20140087077 - Direct laser-engraveable patternable elements and uses: A laser-engravable patternable element can be used to provide a relief image for various types of printing including flexographic printing. This laser-engraveable patternable element has a one laser-engravable layer that comprises a thermoplastic elastomeric interpolymer alloy that comprises a non-crosslinked halogenated polymer, a partially crosslinked polyolefin, and a polyester. A... Agent:

20140087078 - Preparation method of yaobian pottery: The method for preparing yaobian pottery according to the present disclosure allows reproduction of regular yaobian patterns and mass production of the yaobian pottery. The locking-type airtight container using the yaobian pottery may be used to store food and food ingredients for a long period of time. The present disclosure... Agent: Elix Co., Ltd.

20140087079 - Method and apparatus for variable gloss reduction: The smoothness of a toner layer is reduced and thus the gloss of a resulting print is reduced. A single toner, the original high gloss version, is enabled to print all images. A finishing option is provided which, through application of a combination of heat and pressure with a textured... Agent: Electronics For Imaging, Inc.

20140087080 - Outer periphery coating method of honeycomb structure: An outer periphery coating method of honeycomb structure has coating steps where the honeycomb structure including a ring-like bulge portion is rotated; a coating member is brought into contact with a side surface of the honeycomb structure by pressing a side edge portion of a spatula via a rubber sheet,... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140087081 - Sustainable poly(vinyl chloride) mixtures for flooring products: A mixture of poly(vinyl chloride) and epoxidized methyl soyate is disclosed. The epoxidized methyl soyate as a plasticizer replaces butyl benzyl phthalate which is conventionally used for the manufacture of multi-layer laminate sheet flooring or single layer tile flooring. The epoxidized methyl soyate, a bio-plasticizer, unexpectedly is a “drop-in” replacement... Agent: Polyone Corporation

20140087082 - Room temperature vulcanisable silicone compositions: Room temperature vulcanisable (RTV) silicone compositions which are storage stable, have good freeze/thaw characteristics in the absence of polar solvents and which cure to a low modulus silicone elastomer and a process for making same. The composition contains (i) 100 parts by weight of a hydroxyl endblocked polydiorganosiloxane having a... Agent: Dow Corning Corporation

20140087083 - Starch based polymer blends: A starch based polymer blend suitable for extrusion coating, lamination of paper, film, coated or metallised film, foil, and fibrous webs comprises starch in the range 10% to 60% by weight of the polymer blend, one or more further carrier polymers in the range 40% to 90% by weight of... Agent: Biome Bioplastics Limited

20140087084 - Apparatus and method for generating a layer system: For improving the variability in the coating of substrates a coating apparatus is proposed having a plasma generator for generating a plasma jet which exits from a coating head of the plasma generator. A first particle reservoir and a second particle reservoir are provided. The particles from the first particle... Agent: Reinhausen Plasma Gmbh

20140087085 - Method and device for coating a float glass strip: A method for coating a float glass strip following its production process, the float glass strip being transported out of a float glass bath by a conveyor device in which the float glass strip cools and/or is cooled, a coating occurring in at least two coating devices arranged successively along... Agent: Innovent E.v.

20140087086 - Thermotropic liquid crystalline powder: A powder that contains microparticles formed from an aromatic polyester is provided. The mean size of the microparticles is generally from about 0.1 to about 40 micrometers. The microparticles may also have a shape that is generally spherical in nature. Regardless of the actual size and shape, however, the size... Agent: Ticona LLC

20140087087 - Method and apparatus for producing photoreaction product sheet: A photo-reactive composition layer is formed on a support with transparency while the support is moved in one direction. Then the support is reversed in a first irradiating chamber as to be moved in a direction opposite to the one direction to generate a serpentine transport path. The support prior... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140087088 - Process for producing foamed wallpapers: The invention relates to a method for manufacturing a foamed coating on a web-shaped substrate, the substrate being coated entirely or partly with a coating agent, the applied coating being dried at a temperature above 70° C., and the coating agent being applied as a foam, an aqueous coating agent... Agent:

20140087089 - Methods for hardening amorphous dielectric films in a magnetic head and other structures: A method in one embodiment includes exposing a side of a dielectric layer to a beam of charged particles for converting an amorphous component of at least a portion of a dielectric layer to a crystalline state, wherein the side of the dielectric layer of extends between adjacent layers. Another... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140087090 - Method for manufacturing pattern structure: A method for manufacturing a pattern structure includes the steps of forming a lift-off material on a base by an inkjet technique, forming a functional film on the base and the lift-off material by atomic layer deposition, and removing the lift-off material by a lift-off technique so as to form... Agent:

20140087091 - Apparatuses and methods for atomic layer deposition: Embodiments of the invention provide apparatuses and methods for atomic layer deposition (ALD), such as plasma-enhanced ALD (PE-ALD). In some embodiments, a PE-ALD chamber is provided which includes a chamber lid assembly coupled with a chamber body having a substrate support therein. In one embodiment, the chamber lid assembly has... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140087093 - Deposition reactor with plasma source: A deposition reactor includes an in-feed part that defines an expansion space which leads reactants as a top to bottom flow from a plasma source towards a reaction chamber, the expansion space widening towards the reaction chamber, and a lifting mechanism for loading at least one substrate to the reaction... Agent: Picosun Oy

20140087092 - Plasma deposition on a partially formed battery through a mesh screen: A plasma deposition method deposits a battery component material on a partially fabricated battery cell comprising a battery component layer containing charge-carrying metal species and having an exposed surface. A mesh screen is maintained at a preset distance from the exposed surface, the mesh screen having a plurality of mesh... Agent:

03/20/2014 > 22 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140079871 - Fluid dispensing machine and method of dispensing fluid: A fluid dispensing machine includes a frame and a fixture held by the frame. The fixture is configured to support a substrate. A positioning system is supported by the frame. A guidance system is supported by the positioning system. The guidance system has a camera viewing the fixture that is... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

20140079872 - Method for manufacturing lithium ion secondary battery: A method for manufacturing a lithium ion secondary battery having electrodes in which a mix layer including a first binder and one of a positive electrode active material and a negative electrode active material is formed via a second binder on a collector. The method includes: performing pattern coating of... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140079873 - Method for producing electrode active material and electrode active material: The present invention is to provide an electrode active material and a method for producing the same capable of preventing production of foreign substance, poor coating and deterioration of electrode active material upon covering the surface of the electrode active material with ion conductive oxide, decreasing battery resistance and having... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140079874 - Method and device for printing functional layers for electronic components: A method for printing fluid layers for producing functional layers for electronic components in a rotary printing machine. The drying time tdry, or the time timm between the printing of the fluid layer in the printing nip of cylinders of the printing machine and the immobilization of the fluid layer,... Agent: Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Ag

20140079875 - Solid electrolytic capacitor and its manufacturing method: A solid electrolytic capacitor according to an aspect of the present invention includes an anode conductor including a porous valve metal body, a dielectric layer formed on a surface of the anode conductor, and a solid electrolyte layer including a conductive polymer layer formed on a surface of the dielectric... Agent: Nec Tokin Corporation

20140079876 - Structure manufacturing method: A structure (10) including (i) a casing (1) made of a dielectric and (ii) a conducting member (2) embedded in the casing (1) so as to be through the casing (1) is manufactured by insert molding. The conducting member (2) is provided with a recess (2c), and an upper mold... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140079877 - Magnetic recording medium fabrication method and apparatus: A method of fabricating a magnetic recording medium sequentially forms a magnetic recording layer, a protection layer, and a lubricant layer on a stacked body. The lubricant layer is formed by vapor-phase lubrication without exposing the stacked body to atmosphere after forming the protection layer on the stacked body. A... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20140079878 - Apparatus for vapor phase processing ophthalmic devices: This invention discloses apparatus for processing one or more of a Lens Precursor, a Lens Precursor Form and an ophthalmic Lens. The apparatus provides for vapor phase processing of the subject Lens Precursor, a Lens Precursor Form and an ophthalmic Lens.... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20140079879 - Method for producing tubular body: A method for producing a tubular body includes winding ceramic fibers to form an aggregate with the ceramic fibers. The aggregate has a tubular shape. Pyrolytic carbon is vapor deposited on the aggregate to form a fiber-reinforced carbonaceous substrate. The pyrolytic carbon positioned at least on an outer surface of... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20140079880 - Cover for shaft of electronic thermometer probe: A cover for a shaft of an electronic thermometer probe. The cover includes a tubular body having an open end and a closed end opposite the open end. The body defines a cavity sized and shaped to slidably receive the shaft of the electronic thermometer probe. At least a portion... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140079881 - Corrosion resistant compositions for titanium brazing and coating applications and methods of application: A composition comprising titanium, a small amount of at least one platinum group metal and alloying elements for lowering melting point of the composition to below titanium beta transus temperature.... Agent:

20140079882 - Systems and methods for applying texture material to ceiling surfaces: An aerosol system for dispensing sprayable material in a desired spray pattern comprises an aerosol assembly and an outlet assembly. The outlet assembly comprises an actuator member, at least one flexible outlet member supported on the actuator member such that at least one pair of edges defined by the at... Agent: Homax Products, Inc.

20140079883 - Device housing and method for making the device housing: A method for making a device housing includes the steps of: providing a substrate; forming a base paint layer on the substrate by spraying; sensitizing a surface of the base paint layer; activating the surface of the base paint layer; providing a first water solution and a second water solution,... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140079884 - Methods, materials and apparatus for improving control and efficiency of layer-by-layer processes: The disclosure provides materials, apparatuses, and methods for making multilayer coatings with a high degree of efficiency and control. In some aspects, for example, coatings are described having multiple layers of nanoparticles and a polyelectrolyte, wherein the nanoparticles form tightly packed monolayers. The interface between monolayers may include polyelectrolyte material.... Agent: Svaya Nanotechnologies, Inc

20140079885 - Forming method of laminated structure by internal oxidation: A forming method of a laminated structure by internal oxidation is provided. An alloy coating layer is formed. The alloy coating layer has a columnar grain structure and includes a first metal element and a second metal element, and the first metal element is oxidized more easily than the second... Agent: National Taiwan Ocean University

20140079886 - Method of producing tinned steel sheets: A method of producing a tinned steel sheet that includes forming an Sn-containing plating layer on at least one surface of a steel sheet with a mass per unit area of Sn is 0.05 to 20 g/m2; immersing the steel sheet in a chemical conversion solution containing 60 g/L or... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20140079887 - Fluid applied silicone air & water barrier system and process thereof: There is provided herein a one-part room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone based air and water barrier composition comprising silanol-terminated diorganopolysiloxane polymer; fumed silica; stearic acid treated ground calcium carbonate extending filler; polyalkoxy crosslinking agent; metal chelate condensation cure catalyst; and, an adhesion promoter. There is also provided a wall assembly... Agent:

20140079888 - Fast drying aqueous amine free coating composition(s): Coating compositions and methods providing a high build, fast drying, fast hardening non-amine containing aqueous latex binders are provided, wherein the coating composition is applied to a substrate at a wet film thickness to about 15 mils that ensure drying times of less than 10 minutes. The binder requires the... Agent:

20140079889 - Curing process for concrete: A curing process of a concrete element including at least partially coating the element with a curing composition, the composition including a solvent and a thickening agent, the thickening agent being insoluble at a pH greater than 12 and being soluble in the solvent for a solubility range of pH,... Agent: Lafarge

20140079890 - Thermal coating of a component stack and of component stacks: A component stack is coated such that, during a first coating pass, a first angle (α) is formed between the first stack opening surface and the coating beam and, during a second coating pass, a second angle (β) is formed between the first stack opening surface and the coating beam,... Agent: Sulzer Metco Ag

20140079891 - Method for treating cu thin sheet: A method for treating a Cu thin sheet is provided. The method comprises the steps of: supplying a slurry in which a diffusion bonding aid (DBA), such as Ni powder, and a reinforcing material (RM), such as a carbide base metal compound, are dispersed in a solvent to a predetermined... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140079892 - Process for producing resin-coated metal pigment: Disclosed is a process for producing a resin-coated metal pigment comprising 100 parts by weight of a metal pigment and 0.1 to 50 parts by weight of a resin, wherein the resin is attached on the surface of the metal pigment, the process comprising applying an ultrasonic vibration during resin... Agent: Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation

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