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Coating processes

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04/16/2015 > 28 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20150104560 - Method and device for radiotherapy: A radiotherapy method, comprising positioning a predetermined amount of a radionuclide selected from the group consisting of Radium-223, Radium-224, Radon-219 and Radon-220, in proximity to and/or within a tumor of a subject, for a predetermined time period. The predetermined amount and the predetermined time period are selected sufficient for the... Agent:

20150104561 - Method of screen printing on a substrate: A test sensor reagent for measuring the concentration of analytes in body fluids includes cellulose polymers for improving the stability of the test sensor and reducing the total assay time. The test sensor reagent also includes an enzyme, an electron transfer mediator and a rheological additive.... Agent:

20150104563 - Device and method for verifying the construction of adhesively-attached substrates: A device and method for inspecting the deposition of hot melt onto an object to be assembled. A comparison is made between sensed images of the object after application of the hot melt and a predetermined standard to determine if the construction integrity of the object made with the hot... Agent:

20150104562 - Method of manufacturing multilayer interconnects for printed electronic systems: A fully additive method for forming multilayer electrical interconnects for printed electronic and/or optoelectronic devices is disclosed. Electrical interconnects are fabricated by directly ink-jet printing a dielectric material with selective interconnection holes, and then ink jet printing conductive patterns and filling the interconnection holes with conductive material to form multilayer... Agent: Omega Optics, Inc.

20150104564 - Method and apparatus for manufacturing organic el device: The invention allows evaporation materials discharged from evaporation sources to deposit on a substrate with a desired pattern, while eliminating the need for the conventional strip-shaped shadow mask, and enables correction of the effects due to the substrate being displaced during conveyance. In the apparatus for manufacturing an organic EL... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150104565 - Method for forming flexible transparent conductive film: A method for forming a flexible transparent conductive film includes steps of: (a) electrospinning a first solution, which contains a polymer, a solvent and a metal ion-containing precursor, to form an polymeric fiber onto a soluble substrate; (b) providing energy to reduce the metal ion-containing precursor of the polymeric fiber,... Agent:

20150104566 - Manufacturing method of graphene film: A manufacturing method of graphene film includes the steps of: disposing a substrate in a reaction chamber including an inlet and an outlet; providing a metallic catalytic material into the reaction chamber; providing a reducing gas into the reaction chamber; raising the temperature of the reaction chamber to a deposition... Agent:

20150104567 - Method for forming a functional pattern on a substrate: A method for forming a functional pattern such as an electrode or the like on a substrate is provided. The method includes a) coating a polymer layer on an upper surface of the substrate, b) forming a pattern having an opening in the polymer layer, c) coating a functional fluid... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20150104568 - Anti reflective coating for photovoltaic glass panel: A method of making an anti-reflective film comprises preparing a liquid composition with specific amounts of tetraethyl orthosilicate, polyethylene glycol, HCl, ethanol and at least one alcohol having a higher boiling point than ethanol and miscibility with both ethanol and water; applying the liquid composition onto a surface of a... Agent: Agc Flat Glass North America, Inc.

20150104569 - Barrier layers for silver reflective coatings and hpc workflows for rapid screening of materials for such barrier layers: Provided is High Productivity Combinatorial (HPC) testing methodology of semiconductor substrates, each including multiple site isolated regions. The site isolated regions are used for testing different compositions and/or structures of barrier layers disposed over silver reflectors. The tested barrier layers may include all or at least two of nickel, chromium,... Agent:

20150104570 - Methods of controlling jacket bonding with cable armor and water blocking at strength members: A method of making an armored cable having a polymer covering where the bond between the armor and the covering is controlled by introducing particulate matter at the interface of the armor and covering. A filler material is applied to the exterior surfaces of the cable strength elements in order... Agent:

20150104571 - Release composition for inhibiting freeze-sticking of aggregate to steel and aluminum: A composition for inhibiting freeze-sticking of aggregate particles to steel or aluminum comprising about 80 wt. % to 100 wt. % sugar beet molasses containing about 30 wt. % to about 40 wt. % water, based on the total weight of the composition, wherein the composition contains no natural protein... Agent: Akj Industries, Inc.

20150104572 - Non-metallic nano/micro particles coated with metal, process and applications thereof: The present invention provides a simple and economical process for preparation of metal-coated non-metallic nano/micro particles. The nano/micro particles are composed of a core and metallic coat over the core using silver or other transition/noble metals. The core of the non-metallic nano/micro particles are selected from inorganic material such as... Agent:

20150104573 - Process for preparing metal oxide coated aluminium effect pigments: The present invention relates to a process for preparing a coloured effect pigment, comprising: (i) coating aluminium-based substrate particles in an aqueous coating medium with at least one metal oxide layer, wherein the metal oxide is selected from a titanium oxide, an iron oxide, or any mixture thereof, (ii) providing... Agent: Basf Se

20150104574 - Fast atomic layer deposition process using seed precursor: Embodiments relate to an atomic layer deposition (ALD) process that uses a seed precursor for increased deposition rate. A first reactant precursor (e.g., H2O) may be formed as a result of reaction. The first reactant precursor may react with or substitute source precursor (e.g., 3DMAS) in a subsequent process to... Agent:

20150104575 - Multi-metal films, alternating film multilayers, formation methods and deposition system: A deposition system can conduct ALD or CVD deposition and can switch between the deposition modes. The system is capable of depositing multi-metal films and multi-layer films of alternating ALD and CVD films. Reactant supplies can be bypassed with carrier gas flow to maintain pressure in a reactor and in... Agent:

20150104576 - Speckled kitchen utensil and manufacturing method thereof: This invention relates to a speckled kitchen utensil and a manufacturing method thereof, wherein the surface of the kitchen utensil is coated with a primer coating layer including polyamideimide in NMP, water, a PTFE dispersion, a carbon black dispersion and a silica dispersion, and a color coating layer is formed... Agent:

20150104577 - Wheel protecting panel: A wheel protector is provided. The wheel protector may be a substantially circular panel having a front surface, a rear surface and a rim. The wheel protector may be made plastic, paper, metal or any suitable material. The circumference of the rim is sized to be substantially the same as... Agent:

20150104578 - Cladding having an architectural surface appearance: A panel including a surface made of a synthetic material may be subjected to a material removal process to create a specific decorative or architectural appearance. In one embodiment, a panel of cellular PVC is blasted with an abrasive material such as crushed glass to create a realistic stucco appearance... Agent:

20150104579 - Methods of preparing polyhemiaminals and polyhexahydrotriazines: Polyhexahydrotriazine (PHT) film layers are formed by a process comprising heating a first mixture comprising i) a solvent, ii) paraformaldehyde, and iii) a diamine monomer comprising two primary aromatic amine groups at a temperature of about 20° C. to less than 150° C. This heating step forms a stable polyhemiaminal... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150104580 - System for applying viscous substances: A system for applying viscous substances is formed from a liquid and a granular solid. The system comprises a liquid circuit with a liquid containment unit. A liquid line and conveying means circulate the liquid from the liquid containment unit into the liquid line. A solid circuit with a storage... Agent:

20150104581 - Filter unit, coating apparatus, and method for producing coating film: A filter unit including a filter and a housing, in which the filter has an opening on one end side and filters a coating liquid from the outside to the inside of the filter, the housing has, on one end side, an inlet port of the coating liquid, and has,... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150104582 - Method for making a functionalized membrane: The present disclosure describes functional membranes and a method for making a functional membrane. The method includes providing a porous substrate, applying the at least one graftable species to the porous substrate, and treating the coated porous substrate with electron beam radiation to provide a functionalized membrane. The method includes... Agent:

20150104583 - Coating systems for cement composite articles: A method for making a coating composition by mixing one or more latex polymers and an aliphatic epoxy resin system having an epoxy equivalent weight less than 1000 and being distinct from the one or more latex polymers to provide an aqueous first component, and providing a second component having... Agent:

20150104584 - Method of increasing strength of a panel edge: A method of increasing strength of a panel edge includes providing a panel having a lateral surface treated by plasma. An elastic material is provided, photoinitiator is added therein, and the elastic material is then liquefied by heating. Subsequently, the liquefied elastic material is sprayed on the lateral surface, and... Agent: Henghao Technology Co. Ltd

20150104585 - Seal structure of fluid device: A seal structure includes: first and second members defining a hollow internal area of a fluid device; and a seal member fixed to the first member for sealing a gap between the first and second members. The seal member includes a sliding contact member being in sliding contact with a... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20150104586 - Directed surface functionalization on selected surface areas of topographical features with nanometer resolution: A method for making a single molecule receptor in a nanopore structure includes depositing a material by a physical vapor deposition (PVD) technique onto a selected interior surface of a nanochannel and functionalizing a surface of the material with a chemical compound having at least two functional groups. The material... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150104587 - Nanofluidic sensor comprising spatially separated functional sensing components: A method for making multiple single molecule receptors in a nanopore structure includes depositing a first material and a second material by a physical vapor deposition (PVD) technique onto different selected interior surfaces of a nanochannel and functionalizing a surface of the first material, the second material, or both the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

04/09/2015 > 18 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150099055 - Coated microbubbles: The present invention relates to methods and apparatus to provide coated microbubbles, particularly but not exclusively microbubbles at least partially coated with a component, for example a clinically active component. Systems of the present invention use electromagnetic fields to move microbubbles between streams of liquids in order to perform coating... Agent:

20150099056 - Polymer coating for medical devices: Coatings are provided in which surfaces may be activated by covalently bonding a combination of silane derivatives (A) to the metal surface, covalently bonding a lactone polymer (B) to the silane derivative by in situ ring opening polymerization, and depositing at least one layer of a polyester (C) on the... Agent:

20150099057 - Composition of matter for repelling moisture from a dental mirror and process for applying the same: A composition of matter may be effective for repelling spray and condensation of aerosol moisture, such as breath, from a desired surface, such as a mirror. The composition of matter may include a hydrophobic admixture of one or more of at least one terpene, at least one alcohol, at least... Agent:

20150099060 - Coating and curing apparatus and methods: Disclosed herein is a method of coating and curing, including conveying a substantially flat substrate to be coated with a conveyor system through a combination roll coating and curing facility, wherein the combination roll coating and curing facility comprises at least one roll coating facility and at least one curing... Agent:

20150099059 - Techniques for print ink droplet measurement and control to deposit fluids within precise tolerances: An ink printing process employs per-nozzle droplet volume measurement and processing software that plans droplet combinations to reach specific aggregate ink fills per target region, guaranteeing compliance with minimum and maximum ink fills set by specification. In various embodiments, different droplet combinations are produced through different printhead/substrate scan offsets, offsets... Agent:

20150099058 - Thin film forming method: A method includes introducing an organic metal gas containing hydrogen into a deposition vessel to cause a component of the organic metal containing hydrogen to be adsorbed on a substrate; introducing an oxidizing gas or a nitriding gas into the vessel, generating plasma with the oxidizing gas or the nitriding... Agent: Mitsui Engineering & Shipbulding Co., Ltd.

20150099061 - Formation of solid oxide fuel cells: A method of producing a solid oxide fuel cell comprising tape casting an anode support and spraying layers onto the anode support. The layers that can be sprayed onto the anode support include an anode functional layer, an electrolyte layers, and a cathode functional layer.... Agent: Phillips 66 Company

20150099062 - Method for manufacturing film electrode: A method for manufacturing a film electrode is disclosed, which comprises the following steps: (A) providing a polymer substrate, and forming a micro-structure array comprising a plurality of micro holes on the polymer substrate; and (B) depositing sequentially an electron-conductive layer, a catalyst layer, and a proton exchange membrane on... Agent:

20150099063 - Method of producing layers for solid oxide fuel cells: A method of forming layers of a solid oxide fuel cell. The method begins by pumping a volume of a slip form a slip reservoir to a separator reservoir. A separator and a blade are provided upon a carrier to form the separator reservoir with a gap formed between the... Agent: Phillips 66 Company

20150099064 - Pattern formation method and magnetic recording medium manufacturing method: According to one embodiment, a pattern formation method includes forming a surface treatment polymer film on a substrate, applying a solution containing a monomer or oligomer of a surface treatment polymer material to a surface of the surface treatment polymer film, forming a self-assembled layer by coating the surface treatment... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150099066 - Combination cvd/ald method, source and pulse profile modification: The present invention relates generally to methods and apparatus for the controlled growing of material on substrates. According to embodiments of the present invention, a precursor feed is controlled in order to provide an optimal pulse profile. This may be accomplished by splitting the feed into two paths. One of... Agent:

20150099065 - Gas injection components for deposition systems, deposition systems including such components, and related methods: Visor injectors include a gas injector port, internal sidewalls, and at least two ridges for directing gas flow through the visor injectors. Each of the ridges extends from a location proximate a hole in the gas injector port toward a gas outlet of the visor injector and is positioned between... Agent:

20150099067 - Method of applying wax to a flotation device: A method of applying wax to the top surface of a surfboard. The method may include heating the wax until the wax is molten and in liquid form. Then the liquid wax may be applied to the surface. The liquid wax may then cool and harden on the top surface... Agent:

20150099068 - Steel cord for extrusion process, an apparatus and method and use of said steel cord: A steel cord (2) for an extrusion process, where a steel wire (6) is connected to the leading end of the steel cord (2). The steel wire (6) is easy to insert through an extruder head (12) and leads the steel cord (2) through the extruder head (12), to facilitate... Agent:

20150099069 - Low-cost plasma reactor: An apparatus for vacuum plasma processing materials in a vacuum chamber composed primarily of carbonaceous polymer. The various components of the vacuum chamber can be formed by traditional polymer assembly techniques. The polymers may be electrically non-conductive to allow external placement of electrodes for either capacitive coupling, inductive coupling, or... Agent:

20150099070 - Composition for forming resist underlayer film for nanoimprint: There is provided a composition for curing a resist underlayer film used as an underlayer of a resist for nanoimprint in nanoimprint lithography of a pattern forming process by heat-baking, light-irradiation or both of them to form the resist underlayer film. A composition for forming a resist underlayer film used... Agent:

20150099071 - Method of depositing material: Material is deposited in a desired pattern by spontaneous deposition of precursor gas at regions of a surface that are prepared using a beam to provide conditions to support the initiation of the spontaneous reaction. Once the reaction is initiated, it continues in the absence of the beam at the... Agent: Fei Company

20150099072 - Method for forming ti-containing film by peald using tdmat or tdeat: A method for forming a Ti-containing film on a substrate by plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition (PEALD) using tetrakis(dimethylamino)titanium (TDMAT) or tetrakis(diethylamino)titanium (TDEAT), includes: introducing TDMAT and/or TDEAT in a pulse to a reaction space where a substrate is placed; continuously introducing a NH3-free reactant gas to the reaction space; applying... Agent: AsmIPHolding B.v.

04/02/2015 > 24 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150093496 - Medical device coatings for releasing a therapeutic agent at multiple rates: Medical device coatings are provided that simultaneously release a therapeutic agent at different rates from different portions of the medical device coating. In a first embodiment, medical device coatings are provided that include particles comprising a therapeutic agent with two or more different particles sizes within a single layer on... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20150093497 - Multi-level thin film capacitor on a ceramic substrate and method of manufacturing the same: In accordance with the teachings described herein, a multi-level thin film capacitor on a ceramic substrate and method of manufacturing the same are provided. The multi-level thin film capacitor (MLC) may include at least one high permittivity dielectric layer between at least two electrode layers, the electrode layers being formed... Agent:

20150093498 - Method and apparatus for automatically adjusting dispensing units of a dispenser: A dispensing apparatus includes a frame having a gantry configured to provide movement in the X axis and Y axis directions, and first and second dispensing units coupled to the gantry and configured to dispense material onto a substrate. The second dispensing unit is coupled to the gantry by an... Agent:

20150093499 - Insulating material for rotating machines: An insulating material and its method of use of insulating material for rotating machines such as motors and generators. The insulating material includes a resin embedded with a filler that is not based only on a monomodal nanoparticle size particle distribution. Radiation erodes the material and is conductive to the... Agent:

20150093500 - Corrosion-resistant silver coatings with improved adhesion to iii-v materials: The electrical and optical performance of silver LED reflective contacts in III-V devices such as GaN LEDs is limited by silver's tendency to agglomerate during annealing processes and to corrode on contact with silver-reactive materials elsewhere in the device (for example, gallium or aluminum). Agglomeration and reaction are prevented, and... Agent: Intermolecular, Inc.

20150093501 - Rare earth magnet and its preparation: A rare earth magnet is prepared by disposing a R1-T-B sintered body comprising a R12T14B compound as a major phase in contact with an R2-M alloy powder and effecting heat treatment for causing R2 element to diffuse into the sintered body. The alloy powder is obtained by quenching a melt... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20150093502 - Bright coloured surface layer: A method to produce a pale and/or plain coloured wear resistant surface layer by using a dry powder layer comprising a mix of refined fibres binder, pigment and wear resistant particles.... Agent: V&#xe4 Linge Innovation Ab

20150093503 - Tantalum oxide coatings: A process for the deposition of tantalum oxide on a substrate from a precursor mix comprising a halide of tantalum and an organic oxygen source. The process lends itself in particular to on line coating during the float glass manufacturing process, where residual heat is used to effect thermal decomposition... Agent: Pilkington Group Limited

20150093504 - Coating reinforcement application and method: A method for applying a polymer to a substrate having a first surface and a second surface (such as an inside surface and outside surface). One or more apertures are provided through the substrate, with the apertures linking the first and second surfaces. A polymer coating is applied to the... Agent:

20150093505 - Rotolined articles: The present invention relates to the field of steel pipes and vessels rotolined with metallocene-produced polyethylene.... Agent:

20150093506 - Method for 3-d printing a pattern for the surface of a turbine shroud: A method of making an article of manufacture is provided and includes the steps of spraying a first coating onto a substrate, and depositing a second coating on the first coating by 3-D printing a material disposed in a pattern. The pattern includes ridges disposed at a base surface of... Agent: General Electric Company

20150093507 - Method of producing structure containing phase-separated structure, and block copolymer composition: A method of producing a structure containing a phase-separated structure, the method including: a step of forming a layer of a neutralization film; a step of form a layer containing a mixture of a plurality of block copolymers having different periods; and a step of phase-separating the layer containing the... Agent:

20150093508 - Composition for pattern formation and pattern-forming method: A composition for pattern formation includes a block copolymer that includes a block represented by formula (I) and a block represented by formula (II). R1 and R3 each independently represent a hydrogen atom, a methyl group, a fluorine atom or a trifluoromethyl group. R2 represents a monovalent organic group. R4... Agent: Jsr Corporation

20150093509 - Substrate stain compositions and methods of application: Compositions and methods for changing the color of non-wood substrates. A one step method uses a solution of a water soluble pigment or dye and a metal salt. The non-toxic solution can be sprayed on a primed or unprimed substrate without wiping. The method can produce an even color on... Agent:

20150093510 - Self cross-linkable and self cross-linked aromatic polyimide membranes for separations: This invention relates to self-cross-linkable and self-cross-linked aromatic polyimide polymers, their membranes and methods for making and using these polymers and membranes. The self-cross-linkable aromatic polyimide polymer described in the present invention comprises both hydroxyl functional groups and carboxylic acid functional groups. The self-cross-linked aromatic polyimide was formed via heating... Agent:

20150093511 - Method of manufacture for graphene fluoropolymer dispersion: A method for forming a dispersion includes mixing graphene particles, a fluorosilane coupling agent and a first solvent to produce a first dispersion wherein the graphene particles are from about 0.1 to about 0.8 weight percent of the first dispersion. The method includes concentrating the first dispersion by removing the... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150093512 - Process for the production of a multi-layer coating: A process for the production of a multi-layer coating includes applying a coating layer from an aqueous pigmented coating composition A onto a substrate provided with an EDC primer and applying a base coat layer from an aqueous coating composition B overlying the coating layer. A clear coat layer is... Agent:

20150093513 - Novel urea-formaldehyde (uf) resin composition for enhanced stability, tensile and tear strength before and after cure: The present invention provides aqueous urea formaldehyde resin (UF resin) compositions having a pH or 7.0 or more, preferably, 8.5 or more, and comprising the UF resin modified with from 2.5 to 15 wt. %, of at least one ammonia or volatile amine neutralized carboxylic acid group containing solution polymer... Agent:

20150093514 - Polishing and electroless nickel compositions, kits, and methods: Disclosed are various methods, kits, and compositions in the field of electroless nickel plating and chemical polishing. An electroless nickel plating composition may include a surfactant-brightener; a coupler; a bismuth metallic stabilizer; and organosulfur stabilizer and a bismuth complexer. Prior to plating, a substrate may be polished with a polishing... Agent:

20150093515 - Method of manufacturing polymer optical waveguides and devices thereof: A fully additive method for forming optical waveguides and devices, such as thermo-optic polymer switches and electro-optic polymer modulators, is disclosed. A first polymer material of refractive index N1 is coated onto a suitable substrate to form a first cladding layer. The first cladding is then selectively patterned using a... Agent: Omega Optics, Inc.

20150093516 - Metal-film forming method, method for manufacturing a metal-film formed product and system for manufacturing the same: A metal-film forming method of the present invention includes a surface activation process of irradiating a laser beam to the surface of the base metal, thereby activating the surface of the basemetal, a noble-metal nanoparticle dispersion liquid coating process of coating the surface of the base metal with a noble-metal... Agent:

20150093517 - Method of producing electroconductive member for electrophotography: Provided is an electroconductive member for electrophotography, having a fiber layer on the outer peripheral surface of an electroconductive substrate, the electroconductive member having good adhesion property between the electroconductive substrate and the fiber layer. Specifically, provided is a method of producing an electroconductive member for electrophotography, the electroconductive member... Agent:

20150093518 - Heat treatment apparatus and heat treatment method: The present disclosure provides an apparatus of performing a heat treatment with respect to a substrate mounted within a processing vessel, including: a substrate mounting stand including an inner portion configured to transfer heat to a central portion of the substrate and a heat generation regulating portion configured to generate... Agent:

20150093519 - Stabilizing laser energy density on a target during pulsed laser deposition of thin films: A process for stabilizing laser energy density on a target surface during pulsed laser deposition of thin films controls the focused laser spot on the target. The process involves imaging an image-aperture positioned in the beamline. This eliminates changes in the beam dimensions of the laser. A continuously variable attenuator... Agent: Los Alamos National Security, LLC

03/26/2015 > 26 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150086704 - Coating spray system: Embodiments of the present invention include a spray bonder that comprises a bonder, a carrier, and, optionally, a propellant. Embodiments also include a coating spray system that comprises the spray bonder and a coating spray that includes a coating material, a carrier, and, optionally, a propellant. The coating material can... Agent:

20150086705 - Donor sheet and method for light induced forward transfer manufacturing: A light induced forward transfer manufacturing method provides for transfer of material from a donor sheet. A donor sheet is used that comprises a trench in a surface of the donor sheet, with transfer material in the trench. The material is transferred by scanning a light spot along the bottom... Agent:

20150086706 - Robotic cartridge dispenser and method: A system for applying sealant material from a cartridge includes a cartridge fixture storing a plurality of cartridges each cartridge including unique identification information and containing sealant material, a cartridge robot for removing a selected one of the cartridges from the fixture, and a dispense robot for receiving the selected... Agent:

20150086707 - Method for manufacturing a battery: A method for manufacturing a battery provided with an electrode sheet including a separator layer integrally formed on an active material layer. The method includes: a coating step in which a liquid dispersion in which resin particles are dispersed is coated onto the active material layer, forming an undried separator... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150086708 - Method of processing a substrate: A method of processing a substrate or panel is disclosed. A substrate having thereon an array of chips is provided. A mask layer is laminated on the substrate. The mask layer has a plurality of openings to reveal active areas of the chips respectively. A spray-coating process is then performed... Agent:

20150086709 - Passivating ultra-thin azo with nano-layer alumina: A method of making an electrical conductor includes depositing an ultra-thin layer including aluminum-doped zinc oxide layer on a surface and using atomic layer deposition to deposit a nano-layer including alumina in contact and conformal with a surface of the ultra-thin layer including aluminum-doped zinc oxide.... Agent:

20150086710 - Method for producing rfeb-based magnet: Provided is a method for producing an RFeB-based magnet, the method including: disposing a nozzle so as to be opposed to an attachment surface of a base material that is a sintered magnet or hot-plastic worked magnet composed of an RFeB-based magnet containing a light rare earth element RL that... Agent: Daido Steel Co., Ltd.

20150086711 - Low application temperature powder coating: Powder coating compositions that include an epoxy resin composition and a curing agent are described. The powder coating compositions can be applied at low application temperatures of about 165° C. to 185° C. The coating compositions can be used to form fusion-bonded single layer and dual-layer epoxy pipe coatings, and... Agent: Valspar Sourcing, Inc.

20150086712 - Method for coating a paper web: The invention relates to a method for coating a paper web (1), comprising the steps in the following sequence: applying a first layer (20) made of a predetermined quantity of melamine resin to a first side of the paper web (1), first drying of the thus coated paper web (1)... Agent:

20150086713 - Non-fluoro hydrophobic aqueous-based polyurethane resin dispersion, and production method and use thereof: The present invention provides a cross-linking non-fluoro hydrophobic aqueous polyurethane dispersion, which is produced by selecting a compound comprising alcohols, amines, acids, saturated or unsaturated (double-bonded or epoxidized) aliphatic long chain carbon-carbon groups or polydimethylsiloxane comprising alcohol groups, amines, oxosilane to be reacted with IPDI to obtain a PU prepolymer;... Agent: Tamkang University

20150086714 - Separator having porous coating layer and electrochemical device having the same: The present invention refers to a method for manufacturing a separator, comprising preparing first inorganic particles having an average diameter of 1 to 10 μm and coated with a coupling agent, and second inorganic particles having an average diameter of 50 to 500 nm and coated with a coupling agent... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150086716 - Printing of colored pattern using atomic layer deposition: An apparatus for depositing a layer of material at different thicknesses on a substrate using atomic layer deposition (ALD) to form patterns that exhibit different colors. The patterns may be formed using a printer head that moves in a two-dimensional plane over the substrate along a path while injecting the... Agent:

20150086715 - Method and apparatus for depositing atomic layers on a substrate: Method of depositing an atomic layer on a substrate. The method comprises supplying a precursor gas from a precursor-gas supply of a deposition head that may be part of a rotatable drum. The precursor gas is provided from the precursor-gas supply towards the substrate. The method further comprises moving the... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

20150086717 - Mass-production method of real spin golf ball: Disclosed is a mass-production method of a real spin golf ball. The mass-production method includes (a) preparing a plurality of golf balls securely mounted in a frame and installed at a level state in a water tub, (b) filling salt water having specific gravity higher than specific gravity of water... Agent:

20150086718 - Pipe doping apparatus: An apparatus and associated methods for an automated pipe doping apparatus. The apparatus may include a pump fluidly coupled to a reservoir and a dope manifold, the pump positioned to pump pipe dope from the reservoir to the dope manifold; an ejector coupled to the dope manifold, the ejector positioned... Agent:

20150086719 - Use of tralopyril against marine woodborers: The present invention relates to a method for reducing or preventing the attack of marine woodborers on wood situated in a marine environment characterised by impregnating said wood with a biocidal composition comprising traloypril.... Agent: Janssen Pharmaceutica, Nv

20150086720 - Steel sheet for container having excellent organic film performance and process for producing the same: A surface-treated steel sheet for a container, comprising: a steel sheet, and a Zr compound film disposed on the steel sheet, wherein the Zr compound film being formed by a dipping or electrolytic treatment in a solution containing Zr ion, F ion, ammonium ion and nitrate ion; and the coating... Agent:

20150086721 - Processes for nanoparticle dispersions with ionic liquid-based stabilizers: The disclosure generally relates to a dispersion of nanoparticles in a liquid medium. The liquid medium is suitably water-based and further includes an ionic liquid-based stabilizer in the liquid medium to stabilize the dispersion of nanoparticles therein. The stabilizer can be polymeric or monomeric and generally includes a moiety with... Agent:

20150086722 - Method for cleaning titanium alloy deposition: Embodiments described herein relate to a thermal chlorine gas cleaning process. In one embodiment, a method for cleaning N-Metal film deposition in a processing chamber includes positioning a dummy substrate on a substrate support. The processing chamber is heated to at least about 50 degrees Celsius. The method further includes... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20150086723 - Coating surfaces by a printing method: A method of applying a homogeneous layer of a coating material on a surface with a manually operated application device is presented, the device comprising a number of drop-on-demand printing nozzles perpendicularly to a main direction of movement, with means for measuring the movement with respect to the surface and... Agent:

20150086724 - Coating device and coating method: A coating device for coating a coating liquid onto a substrate includes: a coating head having a coating-liquid outlet, adapted to move with respect to the substrate along a first axial direction and capable of coating the substrate with coating liquid through the coating-liquid outlet; and adjustment unit connected to... Agent:

20150086725 - Thermal spray method integrating selected removal of particulates: A thermal spray system and method includes a hot gas generator with nozzle accelerating heated gas towards a substrate in the form of a gas column projecting onto the substrate surface as a spot. One or more feedstock injectors proximate the nozzle exit, directed towards the gas column, are connected... Agent:

20150086726 - Methods for making cured sealants by actinic radiation and related compositions: Disclosed are methods for making a cured sealant. The methods include depositing an uncured sealant composition on a substrate and exposing the uncured sealant composition to actinic radiation to provide a cured sealant. The uncured sealant composition includes a thiol-terminated polythioether, a polyene comprising a polyvinyl ether and/or a polyallyl... Agent:

20150086728 - Machining system and method for machining microstructure on light guide plate: A light guide plate includes a first transparent base layer, an adhesive layer and a transparent composite layer. The adhesive layer is configured for bonding the transparent composite layer on the first transparent base layer. The transparent composite layer is located on the adhesive layer, and the transparent composite layer... Agent:

20150086727 - Preparing method of catalyst for fuel cell and preparing method of membrane electrode assembly: A preparing method of a catalyst for a fuel cell includes mixing a nitrogen-containing compound, a metal-containing compound, a carbon support, and a solvent to form a first composition, so that the nitrogen-containing compound and the metal-containing compound are dispersed in the solvent; removing the solvent of the first composition... Agent: National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology

20150086729 - Method for producing a substrate with stacked deposition layers: A stacked substrate is produced using an apparatus including an injector head device. Production includes the steps of providing an injector head device comprising a gas bearing pressure arrangement and injecting bearing gas against opposite substrate surfaces, to balance the substrate without support in a conveying plane in the injector... Agent:

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