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Coating processes

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12/18/2014 > 24 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140370182 - Organic silicon compound and silane coupling agent containing the same: R1 and R2 are each independently a C1-5 alkyl group, R3 is a hydrogen atom or a methyl group, R4 and R5 are each independently a C1-5 alkyl group, m, n, and p are each independently an integer of 1 to 5, and q is an integer of 1 to... Agent: Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.

20140370183 - Method of restoring a system of pipes: A method of restoring a system of pipes preferably includes the steps of preparation of the system; airflow mapping the system; drying and cleaning the system of pipes; injecting the interior coating material into each system inlet; monitoring and controlling airflow rates through the system of pipes to track the... Agent:

20140370184 - Electrical appliance: An object is to increase the conductivity of an electrode including active material particles and the like, which is used for a battery. Two-dimensional carbon including 1 to 10 graphenes is used as a conduction auxiliary agent, instead of a conventionally used conduction auxiliary agent extending only one-dimensionally at most,... Agent:

20140370185 - Method for forming a conductive pattern: A method for forming a conductive pattern on a substrate (208) includes providing an image pattern for imaging on the substrate; imaging the image pattern on the substrate creating imaged areas; spraying functional material (240) on the substrate that diffuse molecules of the functional material into the imaged areas and... Agent:

20140370186 - Carbon-deposited alkali metal oxyanion electrode material and process for preparing same: The present invention relates to a process for the synthesis of a carbon-deposited alkali metal oxyanion cathode material comprising particles, wherein said particles carry, on at least a portion of the particle surface, carbon deposited by pyrolysis, said process comprising a dry high-energy milling step performed on precursors of said... Agent:

20140370187 - Precipitation method for the synthesis if iron hexacyaoferrate: A method is provided for synthesizing iron hexacyanoferrate (FeHCF). The method forms a first solution of a ferrocyanide source [A4Fe(CN)6.PH2O] material dissolved in a first solvent, where “A” is an alkali metal ion. A second solution is formed of a Fe(II) source dissolved in a second solvent. A reducing agent... Agent:

20140370188 - Absorptive polarizer and production method therefor: The present invention relates to an absorptive polarizer and a method for manufacturing the same, and more particularly, to an absorptive polarizer which includes a nano-composite layer in which nanoparticles including a light absorptive element or an oxide or compound thereof are selectively contained in a block copolymer having a... Agent:

20140370189 - Method for synthesis of graphene films with large area and high throughput: Improved methods for synthesizing large area thin films are disclosed, which result in films of enhanced width. The methods comprise providing a separator material which is rolled or wound up, along with the metallic foil substrate on which the thin film is to be deposited, to form a coiled composite... Agent:

20140370190 - Analytic substrate coating apparatus and method: An apparatus and method for producing a coated analytic substrate using a compact and portable automated instrument located in the laboratory setting at the point of use which can consistently produce one or a plurality of coated analytic substrates “on demand” for using the analytic substrate immediately after coating, preferably... Agent:

20140370191 - Composite polyamide membrane: A method for making a composite polyamide membrane including the steps of applying a polyfunctional amine monomer and polyfunctional acyl halide monomer to a surface of the porous support and interfacially polymerizing the monomers to form a thin film polyamide layer, wherein the method is includes at least one of... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140370192 - Molybdenum allyl complexes and use thereof in thin film deposition: Molybdenum complexes and use thereof in thin film deposition, such as CVD and ALD are provided herein. The molybdenum complexes correspond in structure to Formula (I) and Formula (II), wherein R1, R3, R5, R7, R8 and R10 are independently and at each occurrence alkyl; R2, R6 and R9 are independently... Agent:

20140370193 - Image recording method: An image recording method includes an intermediate image-forming step of forming an intermediate image by applying an ink to an intermediate transfer body, a temperature adjusting step, and a transfer step of transferring the intermediate image onto a recording medium in this order. The ink contains polymer particles and a... Agent:

20140370194 - Method of increasing ink crystallization: The present embodiments relate to methods of increasing ink crystallization.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140370195 - Method of forming pattern: According to one embodiment, a method of forming a pattern includes applying a polymer material having a first segment and a second segment in openings formed in a guide, heating the polymer material to achieve microphase separation of the polymer material to form a self-assembled pattern which includes a first... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140370196 - Mask for depositing a thin film and a thin film deposition method using the same: A mask for depositing a thin film and a thin film deposition method using the same are disclosed. The mask includes pattern bars disposed on a frame. The pattern bars are moveable and are position to form a deposition pattern. The mask includes a pattern modification mechanism configured to move... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140370197 - Device and method for producing reinforcements: A device and a method for producing impregnated reinforcements, in particular for composite materials such as drive belts. The method for producing the reinforcements includes: introducing the reinforcement into an applicator device; introducing at least one substance for impregnating the reinforcement into the applicator device; and, embodying the impregnated reinforcement.... Agent:

20140370198 - Method for preparing surfaces: The invention relates to a surface preparation method using a combination of at least two polymers, which are the same or different, which are grafted hierarchically or multiply on a surface, and also to the use of this preparation method, more particularly in applications for controlling the surface energy of... Agent:

20140370199 - Liquid processing apparatus, liquid processing method, and storage medium: A liquid processing apparatus includes multiple substrate holding units each configured to horizontally hold a substrate and arranged in a left/right direction; a moving unit that is spaced from an arrangement of the substrate holding units in a forward/backward direction and is moved in the left/right direction; a nozzle standby... Agent:

20140370200 - Device and method for the coating of a surface area of a gap in the coating of a pipeline: The present invention is for coating a surface area of a gap in the coating of a pipeline, said surface area having a length along the central longitudinal axis of the pipeline and a width of at least part of the circumference of the pipeline. The device according to the... Agent:

20140370201 - Method and apparatus for greasing a wheel bore: A wheel lubricating device for lubricating at least a portion of a wheel, including: a lubrication applicator, a rotary drive mechanism at least indirectly coupled to said lubrication applicator, a lubrication supply conduit in fluid communication with said lubrication applicator, a transfer pump for transferring a lubricating medium through said... Agent:

20140370202 - Cosmetic applicator: Systems and methods for applying a tan line correction solution onto the skin are provided. The method may include guiding a nib along a portion of skin. The nib may be formed from resin and saturated with tan line correction solution. The nib may be saturated with tan line correction... Agent:

20140370203 - Micro cold spray direct write systems and methods for printed micro electronics: A system and method for depositing an aerosolized powder of solid particles on a substrate for printed circuit applications is disclosed and comprises cold spraying the aerosolized powder onto the substrate to form a finite feature, wherein at least one of the dimensions of length and width of the finite... Agent: Ndsu Research Foundation

20140370205 - Film deposition method: A film deposition method using a film deposition apparatus, includes: a film deposition process step in which at least a substrate is mounted on at least one of the circular concave portions and a film is deposited on the substrate; and a particle reducing process step performed before or after... Agent:

20140370204 - Vapor deposition reactor using plasma and method for forming thin film using the same: A vapor deposition reactor may include a first electrode including a first channel and at least one first injection hole connected to the first channel. a second electrode electrically separated from the first electrode, and a power source for applying power between the first electrode and the second electrode to... Agent:

12/11/2014 > 26 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140363562 - Photo-curing of thermoplastic coatings: The present invention relates to a method for the preparation of a medical device element by means of extrusion or injection moulding and to medical devices comprising such extruded or injection moulded medical device elements. The medical device elements (e.g. tubes, wires, lines, stents, catheters, guides, endodontic instruments, needles, trocars... Agent:

20140363563 - Elastin-based copolymers: A copolymer comprising a block of an elastin pentapeptide and method of making and using the copolymer are provided.... Agent:

20140363564 - Method of making pressure-sensitive adhesive article including active agent: A method includes contact printing an active composition onto a surface of a release substrate to form a printed surface. The active composition spontaneously dewets the surface of the release substrate to form active deposits on the surface of the release substrate. The active composition comprises an active agent dissolved... Agent:

20140363565 - Photoresist coating apparatus and methods: A photoresist coating apparatus is provided. The photoresist coating apparatus includes a base; and a position platform moving back and forth along a scanning direction on the base. The photoresist coating apparatus also includes an imprinter having a trench configured to hold photoresist and fixed on the position platform; and... Agent: Semiconductor Manufacturing International (shanghai) Corporation

20140363566 - Catalytic layer formation: A catalytic layer may be formed by infiltrating a mobile phase including metal salts into a metal scaffold to form a percolated scaffold, drying the percolated scaffold to form a green-group scaffold, and calcining the green-group scaffold such that perovskites form from the metal salts and chemically bind to the... Agent:

20140363567 - Methods of fabricating a metal nanowire dispersion solution and methods of fabricating a transparent conductor using the same: A method of fabricating a metal nanowire dispersion solution includes heating a first solution including a metal compound, a catalyst, an organic protection agent and menstruum, thereby forming metal nanowires in the first solution, performing a first cleaning process providing a first solvent into the metal nanowire, thereby separating the... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140363568 - Manufacturing method of electrode material: A method of manufacturing a composite materials in which a carbon material and a metal compound can maintain a nanosized form as a final product is realized, and a method for manufacturing a superior electrode material is provided. A metal compound precursor is formed from a metal compound material source,... Agent:

20140363569 - Perpendicular magnetization with oxide interface: A mechanism is provided for a structure with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy. A bottom oxide layer is disposed, and a magnetic layer is disposed adjacent to the bottom oxide layer. The magnetic layer includes iron and is magnetized perpendicularly to a plane of the magnetic layer. A top oxide layer is... Agent:

20140363570 - Method for producing a sliding bearing comprising a cuni2si, cufe2p or cusnx compound: A sliding bearing includes a bearing surface which comprises a material in which an alloy material based on CuSnX (0.01<X<9), CuNi2Si, or CuFe2P is used. A method for producing such a sliding bearing and a use for CuNi2Si, CuFe2P, and CuSnX in a sliding bearing is also provided.... Agent: Federal-mogul Wiesbaden Gmbh

20140363571 - Odor eliminating cloth and process for producing the same: An odor eliminating cloth according to this invention is characterized in that an odor eliminating composition containing a porous inorganic substance, a metallic oxide, and an inorganic silicon compound carrying a polyamine compound is fixed to at least a part of a cloth by means of a binder resin. With... Agent:

20140363572 - Composite membrane: A method of making a composite membrane comprising the steps of forming a discriminating layer upon a surface of a porous support by sequentially applying immiscible coating solutions upon the support, wherein one coating solution comprises a crosslinking agent and another coating solution comprises a block copolymer, and the block... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140363573 - Evaporation device and evaporation method thereof: The disclosure discloses an evaporation device and evaporation method. The evaporation device includes a main chamber for accommodating the evaporation source and the substrate; a first extension chamber and a second extension chamber respectively and alternately communicating with the main chamber; and a first metal mask inside the first extension... Agent: Everdisplay Optronics (shanghai) Limited

20140363574 - Rapid ceramic matrix composite production method: Ceramic matrix composite materials and a process for making said composite materials are disclosed.... Agent:

20140363575 - Methods for the deposition of manganese-containing films using diazabutadiene-based precursors: Methods and precursors are provided for deposition of films comprising manganese on surfaces using metal coordination complexes comprising a diazabutadiene-based ligand. Certain methods comprise exposing a substrate surface to a manganese precursor, and exposing the substrate surface to a tertiary amine.... Agent:

20140363576 - Permanent signature applicator and method of use: A credit card signature applicator comprising a strip of material placed over a signature portion of a credit card; and a permanent transfer ink layer on an underside of the strip of material, where the permanent transfer ink layer creates a duplicate signature on the signature portion of the credit... Agent:

20140363577 - Melt infiltration apparatus and method for molten metal control: A method and apparatus for providing molten metal infiltration into a component is provided.... Agent:

20140363578 - Apparatus and method for quantitatively coating catalyst support: Disclosed herein is a method of coating a catalyst support, in which a monolithic catalyst support provided therein with a plurality of longitudinally formed channels is quantitatively coated with catalyst slurry applied to post-treatment of exhaust gas, including the steps of: introducing catalyst slurry into a quantitative container whose bottom... Agent: Heesung Catalysts Corporation

20140363579 - Thin film diffusion barrier: An elastomeric substrate has a material diffusion harrier, and a method produces the same. In an embodiment, a method for producing a material diffusion barrier on an elastomeric substrate includes exposing the elastomeric substrate to a cationic solution to produce a cationic layer on the elastomeric substrate. The method also... Agent:

20140363580 - Glass-fiber-reinforced concrete compositions and related methods: Glass-fiber-reinforced concrete compositions that may be sprayed, and methods of preparing and applying such compositions. Such compositions may include cement, reinforcing glass fibers randomly oriented and homogenously distributed throughout the concrete composition, and a particle packing aggregate. At least a portion of the particle packing aggregate may be rounded rather... Agent:

20140363581 - Printing coated paper and method for producing a printed material using the same: Provided is a printing coated paper which is advantageous not only in that the coated paper has offset printability and causes no mottling in the printed area even in ink jet printing, but also in that the coated paper exhibits excellent rubbing resistance with respect to the printed area and... Agent: Mitsubishi Paper Mills Limited

20140363582 - Method of preparing yttria solution for buffer layer of substrate: Disclosed herein is a method of preparing a yttria solution for a buffer layer of a substrate, including the steps of: (a) mixing yttrium acetate tetrahydrate with methanol to form a mixture and then stirring the mixture; (b) injecting diethanolamine as a chelating agent into the mixture of the step... Agent:

20140363583 - Led curing lamp and method: A curing lamp apparatus mounts to a work surface with a suction cup. A base is mounted to the suction cup. A flexible neck extends from the base to the lamp head. The lamp head includes a lamp element with first and second UV light sources which emit UV light... Agent:

20140363584 - Method of producing cured product and method of forming pattern: The present invention provides a photo-curable composition that requires a small mold-releasing force in a method of producing a cured product and also provides a method of producing a cured product with a small mold-releasing force. The method of producing a cured product includes applying a photo-curable composition onto a... Agent:

20140363585 - Machine and process for powder-based additive manufacturing: A machine, which is usable for additive manufacturing by sintering or melting of powder using an energy beam acting on a powder layer in a working zone, includes a device for producing a layer of the powder. The device includes a storage apparatus for storing the powder, a distributor for... Agent:

20140363586 - Laser-based method for growing an array of carbon nanotubes: A method for growing an array of carbon nanotubes includes the steps of: (a) providing a substrate; (b) forming a catalyst film on the substrate, the catalyst film including carbonaceous material; (c) introducing a mixture of a carrier gas and a carbon source gas flowing across the catalyst film; (d)... Agent: Tsinghua University

20140363587 - Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method: Disclosed is a substrate processing apparatus and method which facilitate to improve uniformity of thin film material and also facilitate to control quality of thin film by the use of plasma forming space and source gas distributing space separately provided from each other, wherein the substrate processing apparatus includes a... Agent: Jusung Engineering Co., Ltd.

12/04/2014 > 34 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20140356519 - Elastin-based copolymers and method of using: A copolymer comprising a block of an elastin pentapeptide and method of making and using the copolymer are provided.... Agent:

20140356522 - Application of unique surface coatings to high volume manufacturing output: A photographic material for image display including an intimately sorbed contrast agent that provides a contrast layer against which the recorded image can be seen regardless of the nature and colour of the background.... Agent: Smartwater Research Limited

20140356521 - Method and device for applying powder or granule and method for manufacturing a heat generating element using the same: A method for applying a powder or granule, wherein the powder or granule is continuously pulled out, by a screw feeder, from a supply unit for temporarily storing the powder or granule, the pulled-out powder or granule is allowed to fall to be received in a vibrating conveyor unit, the... Agent:

20140356520 - Method to enhance sensitivity to surface-normal optical functions of anisotropic films using attenuated total reflection: Methodology for determining optical functions of thin films with enhanced sensitivity to “p” polarized electromagnetic radiation reflected from both interfaces of an absorbing film.... Agent: J.a. Woollam Co., Inc.

20140356523 - Materials, methods, and apparatus for improving leak robustness: Materials, methods, and apparatus for improving the ability of an enclosure, such as a battery enclosure, to resist leakage/ingress of water or other liquids. Some embodiments and implementations may be particularly useful in connection with vehicle battery enclosures for electric vehicles, including hybrid electric vehicles. In some implementations, a surface... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140356524 - Nanostructure dispersions and transparent conductors: A nanostructure dispersion comprising a mixture of host metallic nanostructures and metallic nanoparticles is provided. The nanostructures and nanoparticles are attracted to each other and remain attracted upon deposition of the mixture onto a substrate to form a transparent conductor. Also provided is a method of fabricating a transparent conductor.... Agent:

20140356525 - Method of manufacturing magnetic recording medium: An aspect of the present invention relates to a method of manufacturing hexagonal ferrite magnetic powder. The method of manufacturing hexagonal ferrite magnetic powder comprises wet processing hexagonal ferrite magnetic particles obtained following acid treatment in a water-based solvent to prepare an aqueous magnetic liquid satisfying relation (1) relative to... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140356526 - Composition and method for roads, parking lots, and driving surfaces: A method of producing a cationic asphalt slurry composition which can be used as an asphalt paving sealer or as a paving or repair composition. In the method and composition, latex and other polymers are used to build viscosity and a pH buffering filler is added to prevent flocculation. Consequently,... Agent:

20140356527 - Method of fabricating light-scattering substrate: A method of fabricating a light-scattering substrate, a light-scattering substrate fabricated by the same method, and an organic light-emitting device (OLED) including the same light-scattering substrate, in which a light-scattering layer of the light-scattering substrate can improve a light extraction efficiency. The method fabricates the light-scattering substrate by chemical vapor... Agent: Corning Precision Materials Co., Ltd.

20140356528 - Method for transferring objects onto a substrate by means of a compact film of particles: A method of transferring objects onto a substrate, or a moving substrate, the objects to be transferred being placed in a transfer area including an inlet and an outlet spaced apart from one another by two lateral edges opposite one another, and holding a carrier liquid forming a conveyor, the... Agent: Commissariat A I'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20140356529 - Systems and methods for reinforcing a pipe using fiber bundles and fiber bundle ribbon: Systems and methods for reinforcing a pipe. A robot is adapted for rotating in a pipe to apply resin and/or fiber to an inner surface of a pipe in a generally helical pattern. Application of resin and/or fiber to the pipe may be actively adjusted to achieve desired application. A... Agent:

20140356530 - Method of coating a substrate with a catalyst component: s

20140356532 - Coating material for aluminum substrate for inkjet computer-to-plate and preparation and use of same: A coating material for an aluminum substrate for inkjet computer-to-plate and preparation method and use of same. The composition of the coating material is: high polymer 5-40 wt %; nano-sized and/or micro-sized oxide particles 5-30 wt %; organic solvent constituting the remainder. The high polymer is at least one selected... Agent:

20140356531 - Film formation apparatus and film formation method: According to one embodiment, a film formation apparatus is configured to coat a processing fluid on a surface of a substrate by supplying the fluid to the surface of the substrate from a nozzle while rotating the substrate and moving the nozzle and configured to form a film from the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140356533 - Apparatus for treating a wellbore screen and method: An apparatus and methods for applying an inner coating to a wellbore screen are described. The apparatus comprises a support for the wellbore screen, an elongate injector for injecting coating material into the inner bore of the wellbore screen, and a driver for positioning the elongate injector into the inner... Agent:

20140356534 - Method for the chemical vapor infiltration of refractive substances: Method for chemical vapor infiltration of refractory substances, wherein a porous structure is subjected in a reaction zone to the flow of a gas containing at least one gaseous precursor, wherein the partial pressure of the precursor and the dwell time of the gas are set at a given temperature... Agent: Cvt Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140356535 - Method for manufacturing polysilicon: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing polysilicon. According to the present invention, meltdown can be prevented during the growth of silicon rod, and a polycrystalline silicon rod having a larger diameter can be shortly manufactured with a minimal consumption of energy.... Agent:

20140356536 - Texturizing a wall or ceiling with non-acoustical joint compound: A method of texturing a wall or ceiling with non-acoustical joint compound by providing a collapsible bag having an opening at its top and is adapted to contain non-acoustical joint compound for forming a textured coating on the wall or ceiling and providing a spray nozzle having a low pressure... Agent:

20140356537 - Method for creating a scratch-off document using sintering: A method for creating a scratch-off document, the method includes the steps of providing a substrate with an image; covering the image with a scratch-off toner; sintering the scratch-off toner; wherein an amount of the sintering of the scratch-off toner is determined from a group consisting of pressure, speed, and... Agent:

20140356538 - Surface tension interference coating process for precise feature control: A member useful in printing including a substrate useful in printing, a first coating deposited on the substrate, the first coating having a first surface tension and forming an edge, a second coating deposited on the substrate adjacent the edge of the first coating, the second coating having a second... Agent:

20140356539 - Plating apparatus, plating method and storage medium: A plating apparatus 20 includes a substrate holding device 110 configured to hold a substrate W; a discharging device 21 configured to discharge a plating liquid 35 toward the substrate W held by the substrate holding device 110; and a plating liquid supplying device 30 connected to the discharging device... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140356540 - Process for curing surface-coating compositions: The present invention relates to a method for coating surfaces by applying an oxidatively drying coating composition comprising at least one oxidatively drying binder and at least one drying agent acting as an accelerator of the drying and curing process proceeding under the action of an oxidizing agent, characterized in... Agent: Cytec Austria Gmbh

20140356541 - Composition for oil- and/or water-repellent finishing of fiber materials: Described are 8 aqueous compositions useful for treating textile materials to impart oil- and/or water-repellent properties thereto. The compositions contain inter alia polymers containing perfluoroalkyl groups (RF groups), wherein 55 to 100% of the RF groups contain 6 carbon atoms.... Agent:

20140356542 - Deacidification treatments of printed cellulosic materials: A deacidification composition for use in for treating printed cellulosic materials is provided. A method of making the composition and a method of preparing components of the composition also are provided. The composition includes zinc oxide in the form of nanoparticles and/or nanoclusters.... Agent:

20140356543 - Spray nozzle, spraying device having the spray nozzle and method for spraying: The present invention provides a spray nozzle, configured with left and right halves, at least one of the left and right halves being defined with a mating surface in which a recess defining width of a linear opening of the nozzle is defined, each end of the nozzle being mounted... Agent:

20140356544 - Resin molded body for electrostatic coating: The present invention relates to a resin molded body for electrostatic coating, which contains resin and carbon fiber that have an average fiber diameter of from 1 nm to 150 nm (inclusive), and which has a surface resistivity of from 1.0×103Ω/□ to 9.9×1013Ω/□ (inclusive) and a volume resistivity of from... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20140356545 - Method and apparatus for electrostatic painting using oxygen-enriched carrier fluid: A method and an apparatus for industrial and professional electrostatic painting, in accordance with ionization parameters predetermined according to the type of material to be painted and implemented using an electrostatically charged pressurized carrier fluid (whether positively charged, negatively charged, or in the neutral plasma state) combined to a flow... Agent: Eurosider S.a.s. Di Milli Ottavio & C.

20140356546 - Methods and apparatuses for roll-on coating: Methods and apparatuses for a deposition system are provided to deposit a thin coating layer on flat substrates, such as semiconductors or panels. In an embodiment, liquid supplied rollers accepting liquid media provide liquid chemicals to the substrates for coating the substrates. The liquid delivery system can control the flow... Agent: Dynamic Micro Systems, Semiconductor Equipment Gmbh

20140356547 - System and method of improving implant quality in a plasma-based implant system: During the cleaning mode, the plasma is biased at a higher potential than the walls, thereby causing energetic ions from the plasma to strike the plasma wall, dislodging material previously deposited. This may be achieved through the use of one or more electrodes disposed in the plasma chamber, which are... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates Inc.

20140356548 - Electromagnetic wiping device, steel sheet wiping device including same, and method for manufacturing steel sheet: Provided are an electromagnetic wiping device for controlling the amount of coating of a steel sheet, a steel sheet wiping device including the same, and a method for manufacturing the steel sheet. The present invention can prevent overcoating at least at the edge of the steel sheet by removing a... Agent:

20140356549 - Method to obtain sic class of films of desired composition and film properties: Provided are methods and systems for providing silicon carbide class of films. The composition of the silicon carbide film can be controlled by the choice of the combination of precursors and the ratio of flow rates between the precursors. The silicon carbide films can be deposited on a substrate by... Agent:

20140356550 - Film forming apparatus, film forming method and non-transitory storage medium: A film forming apparatus includes a first supply unit configured to supply a first reaction gas into the reaction vessel under an environment of a first pressure, a second supply unit configured to supply a second reaction gas into the reaction vessel under an environment of a second pressure lower... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140356551 - Molded bodies having high surface quality: The invention relates to thermoplastic compositions comprising A) 30.0 to 100.0 parts by wt. of at least one aromatic polycarbonate, B) 0.0 to 50.0 parts by wt. of a rubber-modified graft polymer and/or vinyl copolymer, C) 0.00 to 50.00 parts by wt. of polyester, D) 5.0 to 50.0 parts by... Agent:

20140356552 - Heating evaporation deposition apparatus and evaporation deposition method using the same: A joule-heating evaporation deposition apparatus which deposits a layer on a target substrate, the apparatus including: a base substrate facing the target substrate including a plurality of target areas defined thereon; a plurality of heating electrodes on the base substrate; and a deposition material on the plurality of heating electrodes... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

11/27/2014 > 31 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20140349004 - Dtpa derivative, metal complex, mr and ct contrast agent and method for manufacturing same: The present invention relates to DTPA derivatives capable of forming complexes by combining with metals and the like, metal complexes formed by combining with the DTPA derivatives, MR and CT contrast agents including gold (Au) nano-particles of which surfaces are coated with the metal complexes, and a method for manufacturing... Agent:

20140349005 - Biosensor systems and related methods for detecting analytes in aqueous and biological environments: Disclosed herein are biosensor systems and related methods for detecting analytes in aqueous and biologic environments. A biosensor system for detecting binding of an analyte of interest may include a detector configured to detect a change in an electrical property on a surface thereof. The detector may be a FET.... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20140349006 - Method for spray coating a material handling surface: A method for spraying an oil, such as an MSDS exempt vegetable oil, onto a material handling surface to impede material from adhering to the surface. The method includes spraying the oil from an elevated position. The elevated position can be a platform comprising an elevated section configured to support... Agent:

20140349007 - Cold spray coating process: A cold spray coating process is disclosed. The cold spray coating process includes positioning a cold spray nozzle relative to a bearing assembly, rotating the bearing assembly, and directing a powdered babbitt material through the cold spray nozzle, to a surface of the rotating bearing assembly. The powdered babbitt material... Agent:

20140349008 - Method for producing reconstituted wafers with support of the chips during their encapsulation: A method for collectively fabricating a reconstituted wafer comprising chips exhibiting connection pads on a front face of the chip, comprises: positioning the chips on an initial adhesive support, front face on the support, vapor deposition at atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature, of an electrically insulating layer on the initial... Agent: 3d Plus

20140349009 - Photoluminescent pigment; cosmetic, paint composition, and resin composition containing same; and bright pigment production method: A bright pigment of the present invention is a bright pigment including flaky particles and a metal oxide layer covering each surface of the flaky particles. The metal oxide layer has a thickness variation coefficient (standard deviation of thickness of the metal oxide layer/average thickness of the metal oxide layer)... Agent: Nippon Sheet Glass Company, Limited

20140349010 - Device and a method for applying a hardenable plastics coating in a tubular construction: A device (1) for applying a coating of hardenable plastic to an inner side of a wall of a tubular construction, for example a sewage pipe, includes a supply chamber (3) for containing a hardenable plastic, a delivery head (2) including an outlet (5) for letting out the hardenable plastic... Agent: Reno-pipe B.v.

20140349011 - Processing chamber: A process apparatus for treatment of a substrate comprising a load chamber for loading the substrate, a process chamber for processing the substrate, a sealing plane separating the process chamber from the load chamber and means for vertically moving the substrate from the load chamber to the process chamber, and... Agent:

20140349012 - Method and device for drying, modelling and/or thermally modifying wooden parts: The invention relates to a method for drying, modelling and/or thermally modifying wooden parts, comprising the steps of: a) arranging the wooden parts in a bath; b) filling the bath with a liquid, for instance paraffin or (linseed) oil, wherein the wooden parts are sealed from the ambient air by... Agent:

20140349013 - Method of manufacturing a low volume transfer anilox roll for high-resolution flexographic printing: A method of manufacturing a low volume transfer anilox roll includes depositing a first coating material over a contact surface of a cylinder. A plurality of cells are patterned into the contact surface of the cylinder. A second coating material is deposited over the patterned contact surface of the cylinder.... Agent: Uni-pixel Displays, Inc.

20140349014 - Methods for making slip resistant file folders: Methods for producing easily and securely gripped slip-resistant file folders, including file pockets and hanging folders. The methods include providing folder paper stock; conveying the folder paper stock in the process of folder manufacture; providing a curable slip-resistant material in a melt state; applying the slip-resistant material at predetermined areas... Agent:

20140349015 - Corrosion inhibitor systems using environmentally friendly green solvents: Improved anti-corrosion systems or products are disclosed containing individual epoxy and curing agent fractions dispersed in low VOC ester-containing dispersants. Preferably, the epoxy fraction is a conventional epoxy resin, whereas the curing agent is imidazoline. the dispersant includes a mixture of carboxylic acid esters advantageously including glutarate, succinate, and adipate... Agent: Jacam Chemical Company 2013, LLC

20140349016 - Glass ceramics based antioxidants for the oxidation protection of carbon carbon composites: Liquid anti-oxidants made by mixing specific chemical compositions disclosed herein, followed by thorough stirring so that a homogeneous blend of colloidal-like solutions are obtained. Such liquid anti-oxidants are applied to the surface of the carbon-carbon composite that is needed to be protected against oxidation by brushing, dipping, spraying, or other... Agent: Board Of Trustees, Southern Illinois University

20140349017 - Copper film-forming composition, and method for producing copper film by using the composition: Provided is a copper film-forming composition, which is in the form of a solution and can obtain a copper film having sufficient electrical conductivity when heated at a relatively low temperature. This copper film-forming composition contains 0.01 to 3.0 mol/kg of copper formate or its hydrate, 0.01 to 3.0 mol/kg... Agent:

20140349018 - Sound deadener composition with emulsion polymer and fluorinated compound: A description is given of a sound deadener composition comprising a polymer dispersion comprising (a) at least one water-dispersed polymer obtainable by emulsion polymerization of free-radically polymerizable monomers and having a glass transition temperature in the range from −60 to +60° C.; (b) inorganic fillers; and (c) at least one... Agent: Basf

20140349019 - Silicone and siloxane-based impregnated coating and polymeric materials for conditioning: The present disclosure generally relates to a personal care device comprising an immiscible conditioning composition formed by combining a hydrophilic matrix, such as a polymeric material, and a hydrophobic conditioning agent. More particularly, the present disclosure relates to a personal care device comprising a hydrophilic matrix, such as a polymeric... Agent:

20140349020 - Installation and method for curtain-coating panel-shaped components: The present invention relates to a device 10 and a method for curtain-coating of panel-shaped components 60 as well as components which have been manufactured by such a method. The device comprises a device 40 for generating a liquid curtain 42 of coating material, an input transport device 20 and... Agent:

20140349021 - Methods and assemblies for applying flowable substances to substrates: The present disclosure is directed, in part, to a method of applying a flowable substance to a substrate. The method comprises contacting a portion of the substrate with a portion of a rotating applicator as the substrate is conveyed, and immersing the portion of the rotating applicator in the flowable... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140349022 - Sufrface cleaning and coating method and system: The cleaning formulation and method uses a polysilazane for superior cleaning and to create a protective coating with “easy clean” properties on numerous surface types, including metals, marine paints and gel-coat surfaces; cleaning and guarding them from the effects of all types of accretions, including two of the most pernicious—ice... Agent:

20140349023 - Plasma spray apparatus integrating water cleaning: An integrated apparatus and method comprises a plasma gun with a water supply, treatment fluid supply, and controls, the combination of which is adapted for directing a plume onto a surface of a three-dimensional part to treat the surface; and for controlling injection of water into the plume with the... Agent:

20140349024 - Process of selecting and applying a protective coating: A process of applying a protective coating to a vessel, wherein the protective coating is selected on the basis of risks associated with regions where the vessel is expected to travel.... Agent: Akzo Nobel Coatings International B.v.

20140349025 - Conductive compositions and methods relating thereto: A conductive composition is disclosed, In one embodiment, the composition comprises 40 to 90 wt % of silver particles having an average particle size in the range of 10 to 450 nm and having an aspect ratio of 3 to 1:1, 2 to 20 wt % of an alkyl carbonyl... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140349026 - Film forming method: A film forming method includes coating a surface of a steel material with an ultraviolet cured paint controlled to a predetermined control temperature and then radiating the coated paint with ultraviolet rays to cure the coated paint and form the film. When the steel material surface is coated with the... Agent:

20140349027 - Transfer printing apparatus and manufacturing method of light guiding film: A transfer printing apparatus includes a mold, a stamper, a pressing roller and a curing unit. The mold has a first surface with first and second concavities, the second concavity has first and second planes, the first plane is perpendicular to the first surface, and the second plane is inclined... Agent: Coretronic Corporation

20140349028 - Precoating methods and compositions: Methods and compositions for precoating a substrate. The method comprises: applying to the substrate a curable precoat forming high solids composition comprising: UV curable resin forming components and a photoinitiator system; and applying UV radiation to cure the curable precoat forming component. The curable precoat forming component is not thermally... Agent:

20140349029 - Coating for cooling air holes: A method of repairing a component removes a prior coating from an underlying metal substrate. Small cooling air holes extend through the substrate and the coating that is to be removed. A new coating layer is placed on the metal substrate, and over the existing cooling air holes. The location... Agent:

20140349030 - Polymer article and method for selective metallization of the same: A method for selective metallization of a surface of a polymer article is provided. The polymer article contains a base polymer and at least one metal compound dispersed in the base polymer. The method includes gasifying at least a part of a surface of the polymer article by irradiating the... Agent: Byd Company Limited

20140349031 - Colored aluminum article producing method, coloring method, and liquid ejection apparatus: This invention is to appropriately color aluminum materials. A method for producing a colored aluminum article by coloring an aluminum material includes: a mask forming step S104 of forming a defined region coating mask that covers a pre-defined region of the aluminum material; a coloring step S106 of coloring the... Agent: Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd.

20140349032 - Film deposition method: A film deposition method, in which a film of a reaction product of a first reaction gas, which tends to be adsorbed onto hydroxyl radicals, and a second reaction gas capable of reacting with the first reaction gas is formed on a substrate provided with a concave portion, includes a... Agent:

20140349033 - Method for forming film by plasma-assisted deposition using two-frequency combined pulsed rf power: A method for forming a dielectric film on a substrate by plasma-assisted deposition, includes: introducing a Si-containing process gas to a reaction space wherein a substrate having a surface with patterned recesses is placed; and applying RF power to the process gas in the reaction space to form a dielectric... Agent: AsmIPHolding B.v.

20140349034 - Coating device for coating an elongated substrate: A device and system for dynamically applying liquid to a single thread for a thread consuming device as said thread moves relative to the device along a path of movement. The device is configured to apply liquid to said thread by means of an electrospraying unit. A method for applying... Agent: Inventech Europe Ab

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