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Coating processes

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01/22/2015 > 34 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20150024115 - Nanofluidic channels with gradual depth change for reducing entropic barrier of biopolymers: A device for passing a biopolymer molecule includes a nanochannel formed between a surface relief structure, a patterned layer forming sidewalls of the nanochannel and a sealing layer formed over the patterned layer to encapsulate the nanochannel. The surface relief structure includes a three-dimensionally rounded surface that reduces a channel... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150024116 - System and process for formation of a time-released, drug-eluting transferable coating: A system and method are disclosed for coating surfaces of expandable medical devices with composite coatings. Coatings are composed of various materials including, e.g., polymers and drugs. Transfer of the coatings within a patient or other host forms a drug-eluting coating that delivers time-released drugs over time for treatment of... Agent:

20150024118 - Applying fluid to a substrate: According to one example there is provided a system for applying fluid to a substrate using a first and second array of fluid applicators.... Agent:

20150024117 - Vacuum drying apparatus and method of manufacturing display apparatus by using the same: A vacuum drying apparatus and a method of manufacturing a display apparatus by using the same. A vacuum drying apparatus according to embodiments of the present invention includes a chamber having a space formed therein, a support unit that is installed in the chamber and on which a substrate coated... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150024119 - Method and arrangement for transferring electrically conductive material in fluid form on a substrate to be printed: A method and an arrangement are disclosed for transferring electrically conductive material in fluid form onto a substrate. Said substrate is preheated to a first temperature, and of said electrically conductive material there is produced fluid electrically conductive material. The fluid electrically conductive material is sprayed onto the preheated substrate... Agent:

20150024120 - Conductive-pattern forming method and composition for forming conductive pattern by photo irradiation or microwave heating: Provided are a conductive pattern forming method and a composition for forming a conductive pattern by photo irradiation or microwave heating, capable of increasing the conductivity of the conductive pattern. A conductive pattern is formed by preparing a composition for forming a conductive pattern comprising, copper particles each having a... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20150024121 - Process for producing non-flammable quasi-solid electrolyte and electrolyte-separator for lithium battery applications: A process for producing a separator-electrolyte layer for use in a lithium battery, comprising: (a) providing a porous separator; (b) providing a quasi-solid electrolyte containing a lithium salt dissolved in a first liquid solvent up to a first concentration no less than 3 M; and (c) coating or impregnating the... Agent:

20150024122 - Graphene ink and method for manufacturing graphene pattern using the same: A graphene ink includes a dispersion solution with a surface tension between 35 and 55 mJ/m2, a polymer binder dissolved in the dispersion solution to form a colloidal solution, and a plurality of graphene sheets dispersed in the colloidal solution with a suspension concentration of 0.1˜5 wt %. The graphene... Agent: Enerage Inc.

20150024123 - Catalysts for electroless metallization containing iminodiacetic acid and derivatives: Catalysts include iminodiacetic acid and derivatives thereof as ligands for metal ions which have catalytic activity. The catalysts may be used to electrolessly plate metal on metal clad and un-clad substrates.... Agent:

20150024124 - Method for manufacturing solid electrolyte: Provided is a method for manufacturing a solid electrolyte including preparing a preparation solution by dissolving first polymers and second polymers in a cosolvent which includes a first cosolvent and a second cosolvent, preparing a mixture solution by adding a lithium solution to the preparation solution, preparing an electrolyte paste... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150024125 - Methods and systems for coating and sealing inside piping systems: Methods and systems for cleaning, coating and sealing leaks in existing pipes, in a single operation. A piping system can be cleaned in one pass by dry particulates forced and pulled by air throughout the piping system by a generator and a vacuum. Pipes can be protected from water corrosion,... Agent:

20150024126 - Coating with photochromic properties, method for producing said coating and use thereof applicable to optical articles and glazed surfaces: Coating with photochromic properties, method for producing said coating and use thereof applicable to optical articles and glazed surfaces. The coating is formed by the combination of the following three elements: (1) a polymeric matrix, which is typically rigid and deposited on the surface of interest; (2) hollow, sealed micro-... Agent: Consejo Superior De Investigaciones Cientificas (csic)

20150024127 - Method for manufacturing spectacle lens, and lens holder: When a dyeing treatment is applied to a spectacle lens in a state that the lens is dipped in a dyeing liquid, an optical surface of the spectacle lens is held in a state of facing a sealed space by mounting the spectacle lens on a cup-type lens holding member,... Agent:

20150024128 - Felt for forming fiber cement articles and related methods: A fiber cement felt includes: a base fabric layer including MD and CMD yarns interwoven with each other, wherein the CMD yarns comprise twisted monofilaments; and at least one batt layer overlying the base fabric layer.... Agent:

20150024129 - Process for preparing a protective layer on a tribological surface of a mechanical component: The invention provides a process for preparing a protective layer on a tribological surface of a mechanical component, wherein the layer comprises a metal phosphate and/or metal sulphate having anti-wear and/or anti-fretting properties, and the process comprises subjecting the tribological surface of the component to a mechanical treatment which is... Agent:

20150024130 - Powdery sealant and sealing method: The sealant for sealing a device comprises a copolyamide-series resin powder having a particle diameter of not more than 1 mm. The copolyamide-series resin powder contains at least a fine particle (e.g., a copolyamide-series resin particle having an average particle diameter of 20 to 400 μm), or may contain the... Agent: Daicel-evonik Ltd.

20150024131 - System and method for application of a surface compound: A compound delivery applicator comprising a substantially conical portion comprising a first end configured to couple to a compound receptacle and an applicator blade comprising a first portion extending outwardly along a longitudinal axis of and from a second end of the substantially conical portion, the first portion comprising a... Agent:

20150024132 - Method of producing a self-adhesive tape having a layer of photoinitiator-free pressure-sensitive acrylate hotmelt adhesive: The invention describes a double-sided, carrierless self-adhesive tape which can be used in particular for achieving very durable adhesive bonding of a variety of articles. This double-sided, carrierless self-adhesive tape is composed of a homogeneously crosslinked pressure-sensitive acrylate hotmelt composition of single-layer construction, which may have been lined with release... Agent:

20150024133 - Ink compositions comprising colorant particles containing polymeric particles: Ink compositions for use in capillary-action markers are provided. More particularly, an ink composition includes a solvent, a colorant particle, and a resin component.... Agent:

20150024134 - Image recording method: An image recording method including applying an ink onto a recording medium; and applying a liquid composition that destabilizes a dispersion state of a pigment in the ink onto the recording medium so as to at least partially overlap with a region in which the ink is applied. The ink... Agent:

20150024135 - Marbleizing an object: A method for coating an object with a design pattern is provided and includes placing a specified amount of water with no additives in a container to a depth exceeding at least one dimension of the object, adding a first acrylic paint to the water in an amount to provide... Agent:

20150024136 - Method for increasing the slip resistance of a floor surface: The present invention relates to a composition for use in treatment of a floor surface resulting in increased slip resistance of the surface. The present invention further relates to a method for treatment of a floor surface resulting in increased slip resistance of the surface. The present invention also relates... Agent: Floor Safety Innovation B.v.

20150024137 - Method for the application of an aqueous treatment solution on the surface of a moved steel strip: An apparatus and method for the application of an aqueous treatment solution onto the surface of a steel strip that is moved, at a prespecified strip speed, in a direction of movement of the strip, with the following steps: drying of the moving steel strip with a gas flow; application... Agent:

20150024138 - Method for forming a sprayable nonisocyanate polymer foam composition: Provided is a method for the spray application of a nonisocyanate polymer foam composition. The method comprises the steps of supplying dosed quantities of the components of the nonisocyanate polymer composition to the mixing chamber where the components react with each other and form a foamable nonisocyanate polymer composition, transferring... Agent: Polymate, Ltd.

20150024139 - Electroless copper plating solution: Provided is an electroless copper plating solution that forms a highly adhesive conductive film regardless of the degree of roughness of the resin surface and also has a fast deposition rate. The electroless copper plating solution of the present invention is characterized in that it contains guanosine. The electroless copper... Agent:

20150024140 - Resin coating layer and life-extension method for piping: A resin coating layer according to the present invention is formed by curing a thermo-setting resin composition on an inner wall of a heat transfer tube. Forming the resin coating layer allows the heat transfer tube to be easily repaired without involving a cutting process of the heat transfer tube.... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20150024141 - Method of photocuring acrylate compositions: Acrylate-containing compositions are photocured by mixing at least one N-oxyazinium salt photoinitiator, a photosensitizer for the N-oxyazinium salt, an N-oxyazinium salt efficiency amplifier, an aromatic heterocyclic, nitrogen-containing base, and one or more photocurable acrylates to form a photocurable composition. This photocurable composition is then irradiated to effect polymerization of the... Agent:

20150024143 - Film deposition apparatus, film deposition method, and computer readable storage medium: In a disclosed film deposition method, after a film deposition—alteration step is carried out that includes a film deposition process where a Si containing gas is adsorbed on a wafer W and the adsorbed Si containing gas on the wafer is oxidized by supplying an O3 gas to the upper... Agent:

20150024142 - Magnetic recording medium and method for producing protective film thereof: A method for producing a protective film for a magnetic recording medium comprises steps of (a) providing a magnetic layer formed on a substrate; and (b) forming a protective film on the magnetic layer by means of a plasma CVD method using mixed gas of specific lower saturated hydrocarbon gas... Agent:

20150024144 - Process for producing a rolling bearing cage, in particular for large rolling bearings, and apparatus for carrying out the process: The invention relates to a process for producing a rolling bearing cage, in particular for large rolling bearings, wherein a steel strip with openings for in each case one rolling body is provided and bent to form a ring, wherein, for thermal coating with a thermoplastic powder, the ring is... Agent:

20150024145 - Semi-transparent coating material: A semi-transparent coating material for coating glass or glass ceramics includes at least one sol-gel hybrid-polymer coating system having a hybrid-polymer or inorganic sol-gel-based matrix, and nanoparticles and nanoscale pigments and/or dyes are added to the hybrid-polymer or inorganic sol-gel-based matrix.... Agent: Schott Ag

20150024146 - Melt in place binders for binding particulate fillers to substrates: The invention relates to the use of a melt-in-place acrylic binder that is applied to a substrate in the form of a powder, followed by a fusing together of the binder powder by heat or radiation. Particulate filler is present either on the substrate, mixed with the binder powder, or... Agent:

20150024147 - Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition apparatus and method of manufacturing display apparatus using the same: A plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (“PECVD”) apparatus includes: an ejecting unit which is configured to eject a gas toward a substrate onto which the gas is deposited; a lift which is configured to support and selectively raise or lower a mask unit in which is defined a pattern through which... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150024148 - Remote fluorination of fibrous filter webs: A method of making a fluorinated fibrous web, which method includes providing a nonwoven web 22 that contains polymeric fibers, creating a plasma that contains fluorine atoms at a first location 14, and contacting the nonwoven web with products from the plasma at a second location 26 remote from the... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 33 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20150017318 - Method for fabricating microchip for nucleic acid amplification reaction: Provided is a method for fabricating a microchip for nucleic acid amplification reaction that is capable of simple and highly accurate analysis. Provided is a method for fabricating a microchip for nucleic acid amplification reaction, the method including a solidification step of drying a reagent solution including at least a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150017317 - Occluding device for occlusion of a body vessel and method for making the same: In at least one embodiment of the present invention, a method for making an occluding device for occlusion of fluid flow through a lumen of a body vessel is provided. The method comprises attaching a coating to an embolization coil that is substantially straight. The coating is nominally strained on... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20150017319 - Method and system to reduce outgassing in a reaction chamber: Systems and methods of reducing outgassing of a substance within a reaction chamber of a reactor are disclosed. Exemplary methods include depositing a barrier layer within the reaction chamber and using a scavenging precursor to react with species on a surface of the reaction chamber. Exemplary systems include gas-phase deposition... Agent:

20150017320 - Method of manufacturing stacked thin film piezoelectric filter: A method of manufacturing a stacked thin film piezoelectric filter includes the steps of forming a lower thin film piezoelectric resonator on a substrate, measuring a frequency of the lower thin film piezoelectric resonator and adjusting the frequency, forming an acoustic coupling layer on the lower thin film piezoelectric resonator... Agent:

20150017321 - Method for forming thin film pattern: To provide a method for forming a thin film pattern 14 having a predetermined shape on a surface of a substrate 1 having an electrode formed in advance in a thin film pattern forming region, there are included the steps of: bringing a resin film 2, which transmits visible light,... Agent:

20150017322 - Sulphates of use as electrode materials:

20150017323 - Knuckle design and system of making: Railcar coupling knuckles having areas of improved structure, improved surface characteristics, and reduced stress under loading, and systems and methods for shot peening railcar components such as, but not limited to, coupling knuckles. Such shot-peening systems and methods may include robotic and/or fixed-position shot-peening devices equipped with shot-emitting mechanisms for... Agent: Columbus Steel Castings Company

20150017324 - Method of applying a nanocrystalline coating to a gas turbine engine component: A method of applying a nanocrystalline metal coating to a titanium or titanium alloy blade of a gas turbine engine is described. The method includes selecting an intermediate bond coat from the group consisting of nickel, nickel alloy, P, B, Tl and combinations thereof, and applying the intermediate bond coat... Agent:

20150017326 - Flame-applied resin powder coating for swimming pool and recreational surfaces: Application of a resin to a pool surface to provide a colored finish that is ultraviolet resistant. The resin may be a powder that can be melted at a fairly low temperature and applied to the pool surface. A first later of resin may be applied to an epoxy layer... Agent:

20150017325 - Method of powder coating glass to block visible and nonvisible light: Systems and methods of powder coating glass to block light are described herein. The method includes preheating a glass item and applying two or three coats of powder, alternating with heating at desired temperatures and/or for a set time. The glass article may be a glass window or a container... Agent:

20150017327 - Two-component handheld spray gun: Systems and methods for resolving inefficiencies when applying spray adhesive and activator from a two-component, handheld spray gun are provided. One embodiment of the two-component, handheld spray gun apparatus includes a first nozzle and a second nozzle coupled to a common bracket. The first nozzle and the second nozzle each... Agent:

20150017328 - Surface treatment apparatus and method for nufacturing surface-treated substrate: A surface treatment apparatus includes a treatment vessel which contains a treatment solution, a transfer device which transfers a substrate through an interior portion of the treatment vessel in an in-plane direction of the substrate, and a jet device which is positioned in the interior portion of the treatment vessel... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20150017329 - Drop pattern generation for imprint lithography with directionally-patterned templates: Imprint lithography methods that incorporate depositing droplets of polymerizable material in patterns that improve fill time performance when employing directionally-oriented imprint templates. The patterns are based on grid arrays formed of repeating sets of rows of droplets oriented along fast and slow axes, with droplets of each row offset along... Agent: Canon Nanotechnologies, Inc.

20150017330 - Application jig and method of manufacturing honeycomb structured body: An application jig includes a first principal surface, a second principal surface, and an opening section. The second principal surface is provided on an opposite side of the first principal surface. The opening section penetrates from the first principal surface to the second principal surface and includes a first opening... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20150017331 - Process for metallizing nonconductive plastic surfaces: The present invention relates to a process for metallizing nonconductive plastics using etching solutions free of hexavalent chromium. The etching solutions are based on permanganate solutions. After the treatment of the plastics with the etching solutions, the plastics are metallized by means of known processes.... Agent: Atotech Deutschland Gmbh

20150017332 - Reclaim sealer application apparatus and method: An apparatus and method for supplying virgin sealer and reclaim sealer to a sealer applicator. A closed loop path including a first fluid flow path is coupled between a source of virgin sealer and the applicator and includes a recirculation path from the applicator back to the source of virgin... Agent:

20150017333 - Resin spread device and method of spreading resin: A resin spread device includes a substrate, a first member, a resin and a second member. The first member is disposed on the substrate, the first member includes a first region, a second region and a third region, the first region and the third region surround the second region, a... Agent:

20150017334 - Multilayer body and container: The present invention provides a multilayer body, a packaging material and a container, each of which can maintain excellent water repellent properties and non-adhesive properties. Specifically, the present invention describes a non-adhesive multilayer body wherein hydrophobic oxide fine particles having an average primary particle diameter of 3-100 nm adhere to... Agent:

20150017335 - Method of repairing and/or protecting a surface in a reactor: A method of forming a heterogeneous protective layer on a surface of a component in a reactor is useful for repair and/or protection. The reactor may be used for production of polycrystalline silicon or a reactant thereof. The heterogeneous protective layer comprises silicon, and may comprise silicon carbide (SiC) and/or... Agent:

20150017336 - Non-aqueous liquid coating composition: The invention relates to a non-aqueous liquid coating composition comprising a) a polyol, b) a polyisocyanate crosslinker c) one or more thiol-functional compounds, d) a metal-based curing catalyst for catalyzing the addition reaction of isocyanate groups and hydroxyl groups, e) a base having a pKa value of at least 7,... Agent: Akzo Nobel Coatings International B.v.

20150017337 - Allergen reducing agent, and processed product, coating material, and wood building material using same: An allergen reducing agent is provided that contains a terpenoid polymer or copolymer as an active component, and that functions to reduce allergens such as mites and pollen, and is capable of suppressing coloring.... Agent:

20150017338 - Inflatable support structure system: An improved mobile paint booth system and method for applying paint to a vehicle is herein disclosed. An improved mobile paint booth can comprise a plurality of vertical supports, a base support, a first upper beam, and a second upper beam. The plurality of vertical supports can comprise a corner... Agent:

20150017339 - Substrate structure grown by plasma deposition: Substrate structure comprising a substrate (6) and a plasma grown layer (6a). The surface of the resulting substrate structure (7) is characterized by interrelated scaling components. The scaling components comprise a roughness exponent α, a growth exponent β and a dynamic exponent z, wherein the growth exponent β has a... Agent:

20150017340 - Painting booth coating agent line and manufacturing method for a coating agent line: The invention relates to a painting booth for coating components, particularly for painting motor vehicle body components, with a booth wall (10) and a coating agent line (1), which runs from the exterior of the booth through the booth wall (10) into the interior of the booth. The invention proposes... Agent:

20150017341 - Method and arrangement for producing an electrically conductive pattern on a surface: A method and an arrangement are disclosed for producing an electrically conductive pattern on a surface. Electrically conductive solid particles are transferred onto an area of predetermined form on a surface of a substrate. The electrically conductive solid particles are heated to a temperature that is higher than a characteristic... Agent:

20150017342 - Formation of xylylene type copolymers, block polymers, and mixed composition materials: A gaseous p-xylylene monomer, formed by reacting xylene with a monatomic oxygen source, is mixed with a functional gaseous monomer. The resulting mixture may be deposited and solidified on a substrate, which may optionally be exposed to a photoinitiating light energy and/or a permittivity enhancing electric or magnetic field. Alternatively,... Agent:

20150017343 - Die for extrusion molding, method of producing die for extrusion molding, extruder, and method of producing honeycomb structured body: A die for extrusion molding includes a first face, a second face, a raw material supply section, and a molding section. The second face is provided opposite the first face. The raw material supply section includes a first through hole that extends from the first face toward the second face.... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20150017344 - Thin film formation: A method of forming a graphene film (20) on one or more surfaces (10) of a copper-containing substrate (12) comprising the steps of: (i) heating a copper-containing substrate (12) defining one or more surfaces (10) to an exposure temperature; (ii) exposing the substrate (12) to a carbon-containing precursor gas at... Agent:

20150017345 - Method and apparatus for applying a sealing: A method for applying a sealing is disclosed which includes applying a liquid sealant to a component in a predefined area of the component and treating the predefined area with a plasma beam prior to applying the liquid sealant and/or treating the liquid sealant with a water spray after applying... Agent:

20150017346 - Vegetable oils, vegetable oil blends, and methods of use thereof: An oil composition including at least three vegetable oils, each vegetable oil being distinct from the other and each having a smoke point above 200° F., wherein the combined volume of the at least three vegetable oils is at least about 25% of the total volume of the oil composition.... Agent:

20150017347 - Method for producing film with coating: Even in the case where a coating liquid is applied onto an inorganic vapor-deposited film deposited on a support in advance, it is possible to effectively prevent cissing with a simple configuration and no increase in thickness of a product. A coating liquid preparation apparatus for preparing a coating liquid... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150017348 - Ald of metal-containing films using cyclopentadienyl compounds: Atomic layer deposition (ALD) type processes for producing metal containing thin films comprise feeding into a reaction space vapor phase pulses of metal containing cyclopentadienyl precursors as a metal source material. In preferred embodiments the metal containing cyclopentadienyl reactant comprises a metal atom that is not directly bonded to an... Agent:

20150017349 - Polycrystalline silicon rod manufacturing method: Switches (S1-S3) allow switching between parallel/series configuration in a circuit (16) provided between two pairs of U-shaped silicon cores (12) arranged in a bell jar (1). In the circuit (16), current is supplied from one low-frequency power source (15L) supplying a low-frequency current, or from one high-frequency power source (15H)... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

01/08/2015 > 27 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150010692 - To apply a coating to media: Apparatus to apply a coating to media. The apparatus includes a first roller for receiving a continuous belt. The continuous belt is for receiving a coating from a second roller and for transferring the coating to media. The first roller is arranged to provide an adjustable width of the continuous... Agent:

20150010693 - Device for injecting air and fuel into a combustion chamber of a turbine engine: A method for depositing particles onto a substrate, or a running substrate, including: (a) making a compact film of particles floating on a carrier liquid provided in a transfer area having an outlet of particles laid out facing the substrate; (b) depositing a substance on the compact film of particles,... Agent: Commissariat A L' Energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20150010694 - Method of manufacturing substrate having cavity: The method of manufacturing a substrate includes: forming a penetrating hole in a base layer; inserting a metal dummy part in the penetrating hole; forming an insulating portion made of synthetic resin to fill a ring-shaped gap between the penetrating hole and the dummy part; forming lower insulating layers, covering... Agent: Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

20150010695 - Transparent conductive electrodes comprising merged metal nanowires, their structure design, and method of making such structures: A method for making a nanowire-based electrode having homogenous optical property and heterogeneous electrical property is disclosed. The method comprises coating a first solution comprising a first material on to the substrate to form a layer of nanowire network; evaporating to remove the solvent in the metal nanowire film; printing... Agent: Nuovo Film, Inc.

20150010696 - Finely deposited lithium metal powder: The present invention provides a method of finely depositing lithium metal powder or thin lithium foil onto a substrate while avoiding the use of a solvent. The method includes depositing lithium metal powder or thin lithium foil onto a carrier, contacting the carrier with a substrate having a higher affinity... Agent:

20150010697 - Electrical insulating resin based on isohexidediol diglycidyl ethers: e

20150010698 - Method of manufacturing hexagonal ferrite magnetic particles: The method of manufacturing hexagonal ferrite magnetic particles comprises applying an adhering matter comprising a glass component and an alkaline earth metal to hexagonal ferrite magnetic particles, and subjecting the hexagonal ferrite magnetic particles to which the adhering matter has been applied to a heat treatment.... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150010699 - Universal fireproofing patch: Techniques and methods are disclosed for facilitating the fireproofing application process to the structural members of buildings (e.g., houses, apartment buildings, office buildings, sky-rises, etc.) and for improving the structural integrity of steel when exposed to extreme temperatures. The components of the Universal Fireproofing Patch provide a fireproofing protection product... Agent:

20150010700 - Microstructured tape comprising coextensive, intersecting paint-retention and hand-tear patterns: Tape backings with a first major side and an oppositely-facing second major side, wherein the first major side includes coextensive, intersecting microstructured paint-retention and hand-tear patterns; and, tapes including such backings, and methods of making and using such tapes and tape backings.... Agent:

20150010701 - Graphene roll-to-roll coating apparatus and graphene roll-to-roll coating method using the same: A graphene roll-to-roll coating apparatus and a graphene roll-to-roll coating method are provided on the basis of a continuous process.... Agent:

20150010702 - Mechanically fluidized silicon deposition systems and methods: Mechanically fluidized systems and processes allow for efficient, cost-effective production of silicon. Particulate may be provided to a heated tray or pan, which is oscillated or vibrated to provide a reaction surface. The particulate migrates downward in the tray or pan and the reactant product migrates upward in the tray... Agent:

20150010703 - Spin on hard-mask material: Disclosed and claimed herein is a composition for forming a spin-on hard-mask, having a fullerene derivative and a crosslinking agent. Further disclosed is a process for forming a hard-mask.... Agent:

20150010704 - Ddr zeolite seed crystal, method for producing same, and method for producing ddr zeolite membrane: There are provided DDR type zeolite seed crystals capable of inhibiting generation of surplus DDR type zeolite crystals in the case of using the DDR type zeolite seed crystals as seed crystals upon forming a DDR type zeolite membrane on the surface of a porous support. The DDR type zeolite... Agent:

20150010705 - Methods for forming templated materials: Methods of forming layers can comprise defining a plurality of discrete site-isolated regions (SIRs) on a substrate, forming a first layer on one of the discrete SIRs, forming a second layer on the first layer, measuring a lattice parameter or an electrical property of the second layer, The process parameters... Agent:

20150010706 - System and method for the transfer of color and other physical properties to laminate composite materials and other articles: A method of transferring a dye to a composite material comprising applying the dye to a transfer media to create a colored transfer media, placing the colored transfer media into contact with the composite material, and applying, using an autoclave, at least one of heat, external pressure, vacuum pressure to... Agent:

20150010707 - Method for marking a tool: A method is provided for marking a tool. The method includes the steps of providing a dented mark in the tool, providing a first protection layer on the tool except the dented mark, and providing a second protection layer on the first protection layer. The first and second protection layers... Agent:

20150010708 - Process for coating metallic surfaces with an aqueous composition, and this composition: m

20150010710 - High solids coating and process for coating: Described is a high solids coating composition having exceptional rheological properties and appearances comprising (a) a thermosetting binder, (b) from about 0.1 to about 10 wt. % based on binder solids of solid polyurea particles prepared by the reaction of a mixture of a polyisocyanate and an amino reactant comprising... Agent:

20150010709 - Polytetrafluoroethylene thin film with polydopamine adhesive layer: One aspect of the present invention relates to a method of fabricating a low friction, wear resistant, polydopamine/polytetrafluoroethylene layered film. In one embodiment, the method comprises the deposition of a polydopamine film on a stainless steel substrate through an oxidative polymerization process, the deposition of a polytetrafluoroethylene nanoparticle film on... Agent:

20150010711 - Coating applications: A coating composition containing an emulsion is provided. The emulsion contains a silicone gum, a ethylene oxide/propylene oxide copolymer and water. The coating composition is different than an acrylic composition. It is for example polyurethane, epoxy, alkyd, polyurethane-acrylic, polyester, Si-polyester, styrene-acrylic, vinyl acetate, Si-acrylics, silicone, fluoro-polymer, vinyl polymer or blends... Agent:

20150010712 - Water-free surface sizing composition and method for treating a paper substrate with same: Water-free compositions suitable for application as a surface size to a cellulosic substrate, and methods of applying the water-free compositions to the surface of a cellulosic substrate.... Agent:

20150010713 - Coating-forming apparatus and coating-forming method: Provided is a coating-forming apparatus. The coating-forming apparatus according to one embodiment of the present invention includes a support member rotatably supporting a tube body about the central axis thereof; a robot moving in the longitudinal direction of the tube body and spraying paint or an abrasive material on the... Agent:

20150010714 - Ion beam processing of sic for fabrication of graphene structures: A method of preparing graphene on a SiC substrate includes bombarding a surface of the SiC substrate with ions and annealing a volume of the SiC substrate at the bombarded surface to promote agglomeration of carbon at the bombarded surface to form one or more layers of graphene at that... Agent: University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20150010715 - Antimicrobial coating for inhibition of bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation: The present invention provides antimicrobial coatings for coating substrate surfaces, particularly medical devices, for preventing bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation by inhibiting microbial growth and proliferation on the coating surface. The antimicrobial coatings are composed of a hydrogel and a bioactive agent including a substantially water-insoluble antimicrobial metallic material that... Agent: Bacterin

20150010716 - Sheetless backlight module, a light guide plate for the sheetless backlight and manufacturing method thereof: A sheetless backlight module and a light guide plate thereof are provided. The light guide plate includes a body and a plurality of light scattering units. The body has a bottom and a plurality of microstructures formed on the bottom and recessed in the body from the bottom. The pluralities... Agent:

20150010717 - Thin film battery fabrication using laser shaping: A method of fabricating a battery comprises selecting a battery substrate having cleavage planes, and depositing at least one battery component film comprising a metal or metal compound. A plurality of pulsed laser beam bursts from a femtosecond laser source that is set to provide a pulsed laser beam having... Agent: Front Edge Technology, Inc.

20150010718 - Heat transfer control in pecvd systems: The invention relates to a method for manufacturing thin films on substrates, the method comprising providing a deposition system, said system comprising an inner non-airtight enclosure for containing at least one substrate and an outer airtight chamber completely surrounding said enclosure, and providing at least one substrate in the inner... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 29 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20150004304 - Solubilized coq-10: The present invention is directed to compositions and methods of delivery of CoQ-10 solubilized in monoterpenes. Use of monoterpenes as dissolving agents, greatly effects the ability to incorporate greater amounts of bioactive CoQ-10 in formulations, such as soft gel capsules.... Agent:

20150004305 - Method and system for using an irreversible thermo-chromatic indicator for quality assurance of a part subjected to heat treating: A system and method of verifying that a part is heat treated to strengthen the part. The part is marked with a thermo-chromatic composition before heat treating. The part is then heat treated to strengthen the part and change the color of the thermo-chromatic composition to indicate successful completion of... Agent:

20150004306 - Method for manufacturing display device: A method for manufacturing a display device may include forming a plurality of plastic films on a carrier substrate using a mask member. The plastic films may be spaced from each other and may include a first plastic film. The method may further include forming a display unit that includes... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150004307 - Conductive polymer dispersions for solid electrolytic capacitors: A capacitor with an anode and a dielectric over the anode. A first conductive polymer layer is over the dielectric wherein the first conductive polymer layer comprises a polyanion and a first binder. A second conductive polymer layer is over the first conductive polymer layer wherein the second conductive polymer... Agent: Kemet Electronics Corporation

20150004308 - Method for creating a textured bond coat surface: A method for creating a textured surface (52) of bond coat material (18) for improving the performance of a thermal barrier coating system (12). A plurality of columns (62) of bond coat material are formed by spraying (52) the material through a corresponding plurality of openings (32) in a mask... Agent:

20150004309 - Application package for powder coatings: Methods and systems for coating metal substrates are provided. The methods and systems include a powder coating composition comprising a polymeric binder and an application package. The application package includes at least one antistatic component and at least one post-blended component. Use of the application package reduces back ionization and... Agent: Valspar Sourcing, Inc.

20150004310 - Purification of nanocrystals by gel permeation chromatography and the effect of excess ligands on shell growth and ligand exchange: Methods for purifying nanocrystals via gel permeation chromatography are provided. The method can include: loading a sample solution into a chromatography column, wherein the sample solution comprises nanocrystals coated with a layer of organic ligands; using an eluent, passing the nanocrystals coated with the layer of organic ligands through a... Agent:

20150004311 - Coating film forming apparatus, coating film forming method, and recording medium: A coating film forming apparatus includes: a substrate holding unit to horizontally hold a substrate; a rotating mechanism to rotate the substrate held by the substrate holding unit; a coating liquid supplying mechanism to supply coating liquid to form a coating film on the substrate; an annular member to rectify... Agent:

20150004312 - Adjustable mask: An deposition apparatus for forming a deposition material layer on a substrate is described. The deposition apparatus includes a substrate support adapted for holding a substrate; and an edge (660) exclusion mask (640) for covering a periphery of the substrate (610) during layer deposition. The mask has at least one... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20150004313 - Apparatus of chemical vapor deposition with a showerhead regulating injection velocity of reactive gases positively and method thereof: A method for chemical vapor deposition using a showerhead through which at least one reactive gas and a purge gas are injected over a substrate, wherein the method includes: disposing the showerhead such that the bottom surface of the showerhead is spaced apart from the substrate by a predetermined distance;... Agent: Korea Institute Of Industrial Technology

20150004314 - Bis(trimethylsilyl) six-membered ring systems and related compounds as reducing agents for forming layers on a substrate: A first compound having an atom in an oxidized state is reacted with a bis(trimethylsilyl) six-membered ring system or related compound to form a second compound having the atom in a reduced state relative to the first compound. The atom in an oxidized state is selected from the group consisting... Agent:

20150004315 - Bis(trimethylsilyl) six-membered ring systems and related compounds as reducing agents for forming layers on a substrate: A first compound having an atom in an oxidized state is reacted with a bis(trimethylsilyl) six-membered ring system or related compound to form a second compound having the atom in a reduced state relative to the first compound. The atom in an oxidized state is selected from the group consisting... Agent:

20150004316 - Methods of depositing a metal alloy film: Provided are methods of depositing films comprising exposing at least a portion of a substrate to a metal precursor to provide a first metal on the substrate and an organometallic reducing agent to deposit a second metal on the substrate to form a mixture or alloy of the first metal... Agent:

20150004318 - Nozzle and nozzle head: A nozzle and nozzle head arranged to subject a surface of a substrate to gaseous precursors. The nozzle includes an output face via which the precursor is supplied, a longitudinal precursor supply element for supplying precursor and a longitudinal discharge channel open to and along the output face for discharging... Agent:

20150004319 - Vapor phase growth method: A vapor phase growth method is disclosed. The method includes a step of preparing a substrate in a chamber, a first step of adsorbing only a first element to the substrate by supplying a first source material into the chamber, a second step of stopping supply of the first source... Agent:

20150004317 - Organosilane precursors for ald/cvd silicon-containing film applications: Disclosed are Si-containing thin film forming precursors, methods of synthesizing the same, and methods of using the same to deposit silicon-containing films using vapor deposition processes for manufacturing semiconductors, photovoltaics, LCD-TFT, flat panel-type devices, refractory materials, or aeronautics.... Agent:

20150004320 - Machine for printing on three-dimensional articles and printing method: The printing machine includes a support plate provided on its periphery with a plurality of receiving elements for articles rotatably mounted on the support plate, and a device for rotating the support plate in order that two articles, mounted on their associated receiving elements, respectively face two separate printing stations,... Agent:

20150004321 - Installation for processing a paper web, in particular a cigarette paper web: An arrangement for processing a paper web having a low surface area density not exceeding 70 g/m2, in particular a cigarette paper web, that may include in a conveyance direction: an input side, over which the paper web is fed into the arrangement; an output side, over which the paper... Agent:

20150004322 - Backfluorinated nhc carbenes and complexes:

20150004323 - Catalysts for electroless metallization containing five-membered heterocyclic nitrogen compounds: Catalysts include five-membered nitrogen containing heterocyclic compounds as ligands for metal ions which have catalytic activity. The catalysts are used to electrolessly plate metal on metal clad and un-clad substrates.... Agent:

20150004324 - Process for smoothing the surface of a part made of cmc material: A method of smoothing the surface of a ceramic matrix composite material part that presents a surface that is undulating and rough. The method includes depositing a refractory vitreous coating on the surface of the part, the vitreous coating essentially containing silica, alumina, baryte, and lime.... Agent:

20150004325 - Ink composition for making a conductive silver structure: An ink composition for making a conductive silver structure comprises a silver salt and a complex of (a) a complexing agent and a short chain carboxylic acid or (b) a complexing agent and a salt of a short chain carboxylic acid, according to one embodiment. A method for making a... Agent:

20150004326 - Apparatus and method for depositing alkali metals: A method for making ion conducting films includes the use of primary inorganic chemicals, which are preferably water soluble; formulating the solution with appropriate solvent, preferably deionized water; and spray depositing the solid electrolyte matrix on a heated substrate, preferably at 100 to 400° C. using a spray deposition system.... Agent:

20150004327 - Conductive member and method for manufacturing same: A conductive member includes a substrate, conductive layers that are provided on both surfaces of the substrate, and contain a conductive fiber having an average minor axis length of 150 nm or less and a matrix, and intermediate layers that are provided between the substrate and the conductive layers, and... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150004328 - Manufacturing method for magnetic recording medium: A manufacturing method for a magnetic recording medium which includes a magnetic layer, a lower protective layer, an upper protective layer and a lubricating layer on a substrate, and in which the total film thickness of the lower protective layer and the upper protective layer is 2.5 nm or less,... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20150004329 - Short-time growth of large-grain hexagonal graphene and methods of manufacture: The disclosure is relates to nanotechnology and nanofabrication of few-crystal hexagonal graphene. The method includes contacting a copper film with a gas. The method further includes raising a temperature of the copper film to about 1000° C. over of period of about 40 minutes. The method further includes heating the... Agent:

20150004330 - Plasma source and methods for depositing thin film coatings using plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition: The present invention provides novel plasma sources useful in the thin film coating arts and methods of using the same. More specifically, the present invention provides novel linear and two dimensional plasma sources that produce linear and two dimensional plasmas, respectively, that are useful for plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition. The... Agent: Agc Glass Europe S.a.

20150004331 - Method and device for passivating solar cells with an aluminium oxide layer: A method for coating a substrate with an AlOx layer, in particular an Al2O3 layer, comprising the following method steps: (a) providing an inductively coupled plasma source (ICP source) having a reaction chamber and at least one RF inductor, (b) introducing an aluminium compound, preferably trimethylaluminium (TMA) into the ICP... Agent: Singulus Technologies Ag

20150004332 - Method of depositing a film, recording medium, and film deposition apparatus: A method of depositing a thin film on a substrate inside a vacuum chamber includes a first process that deposits a first film on the substrate, the first process including a process of supplying an active species that is obtained by changing a gas to plasma and is related to... Agent:

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