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11/29/2012 > 33 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20120301602 - Method for the production and control of plates for electronics and related apparatus: A method for the production and control of plates for electronics comprising a first step in which a plate is positioned, by positioning means, in a loading station; a second step in which the plate is disposed in a deposition station associated with a unit for depositing metal or other... Agent: Applied Materials Italia S.r.l.

20120301601 - Systems and methods for adjusting moisture concentration of a veneer: Systems and methods for adjusting a moisture concentration of veneer are provided. In at least one specific embodiment, the method for adjusting a moisture concentration of a veneer can include estimating a moisture concentration of a veneer surface at one or more locations thereon. The method can also include comparing... Agent: Georgia-pacific Wood Products LLC

20120301603 - Consumable tool friction stir processing of metal surfaces: The surface composition of a metal article may be modified by depositing a coating layer material of a different composition from a consumable tool which is urged against the article surface while being rotated about an axis generally normal to the surface. The frictional heating resulting from rotation of the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120301604 - Use of electro-static mask to apply layers to an electro-active optical element: A method for manufacturing an electro-active lens may be provided. The method may comprise the steps of providing a substrate having a first surface; disposing a mask over at least a portion of the first surface of the substrate, where the mask comprises an electro-static plastic material and where the... Agent: Pixeloptics, Inc. (027497)

20120301605 - Gravure printing engraving roll and manufacturing method therof: There are provided a gravure printing engraving roll and a manufacturing method thereof. The gravure printing engraving roll includes: a base layer provided with gravure printing patterns; and a reinforcement coating layer applied to the base layer in order to reinforce strength of the base layer, the reinforcement coating layer... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120301606 - Noble metal nanoparticles, a process for preparing these and their use: Nanoparticles which contain noble metals alone or noble metals in combination with base metals. The nanoparticles are embedded in an aqueous solution of a temporary stabilizer based on a polysaccharide.... Agent: Umicore Ag & Co. Kg

20120301607 - Connecting and bonding adjacent layers with nanostructures: An apparatus, comprising two conductive surfaces or layers and a nanostructure assembly bonded to the two conductive surfaces or layers to create electrical or thermal connections between the two conductive surfaces or layers, and a method of making same.... Agent: Smoltek Ab

20120301608 - Mould for lithography by nano-imprinting and manufacturing methods: This mould may also include n intervening layers positioned between the first layer and the second layer, where n is an integer greater than or equal to 1, and in which the Young's modulus of the second layer is lower than the Young's modulus of the nth intervening layer adjacent... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20120301609 - Optical laminates, polarizing plates and image display devices: The invention provides an optical laminate comprising an optically transparent base and a silica particle-containing antiglare layer, wherein the silica particles have a dielectric constant of less than 4.0, which optical laminate is provided with excellent optical characteristics and with suitable aggregation of silica particles even when silica particles are... Agent:

20120301610 - Method of producing glass preform and apparatus for producing the same: A method of producing a glass preform by depositing silica powder that contains silica particles on a starting material includes a transferring step, a disaggregating step, and a depositing step. The transferring step includes transferring the silica powder. The disaggregating step includes disaggregating and dispersing agglomerates of the silica particles... Agent: Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

20120301611 - Soldering iron with replaceable tip: A soldering iron (and a desoldering iron) with a replaceable tip, which is releasably securable on the forward heat-conducting end of a soldering (or desoldering) iron heat assembly. The tip has a heat conducting core in a tip cap. Methods of manufacturing and using the tip are also disclosed. A... Agent:

20120301612 - Coating method: A coating method includes supplying a coating liquid from a coating nozzle onto a front side central portion of a substrate held on a substrate holding member, rotating the substrate holding member about a vertical axis to spread the coating liquid toward a peripheral portion of the substrate by a... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120301613 - Device and method for coating elongate objects: A device for coating an exterior of an elongate object includes a housing structure with an elongate chamber having first and second opposite ends. A port communicates with the first end for receiving the elongate object and an outlet is located at the second end. An air supply passage and... Agent: Nordson Corporation

20120301614 - Organic layer deposition apparatus, frame sheet assembly for the organic layer deposition apparatus, and method of manufacturing organic light emitting display device using the frame sheet assembly: An organic layer deposition apparatus capable of protecting or preventing a patterning slit sheet from sagging, and a frame sheet assembly for the organic layer deposition apparatus.... Agent:

20120301615 - Thin film-manufacturing apparatus,thin film-manufacturing method,and substrate-conveying roller: A conveyance system 50A of a film-forming apparatus 20A includes a blowing roller 6 having a function of supplying a cooling gas toward a substrate 21. The blowing roller has the first shell 11 and the internal block 12. The first shell 11 has a plurality of first through holes... Agent:

20120301616 - Apparatus and method for combinatorial gas distribution through a multi-zoned showerhead: A multi-zone, combinatorial, single wafer showerhead is used to concurrently develop hardware, materials, unit processes, and unit process sequences. The multi-zone, combinatorial, single wafer showerhead utilizes showerhead pucks to perform process sequences on isolated regions of a single substrate. The showerhead pucks are designed so that they are easily interchangeable... Agent: Intermolecular, Inc.

20120301617 - Golf ball having an aerodynamic coating including micro surface roughness: Golf balls include: (a) a golf ball having a first set of construction specifications; (b) a coating of the golf ball having an exterior surface and (c) the exterior surface having an enhanced micro surface roughness. The enhanced micro surface roughening affects the aerodynamic properties of the ball as compared... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20120301618 - Golf balls incorporating cerium oxide nanoparticles: The invention is directed to a golf ball providing improved UV resistance, abrasion resistance and hydrophobicity comprising cerium oxide nanoparticles having a particle size within the wavelength of visible light. The golf ball of the invention may comprise the cerium oxide nanoparticles in any or all of outer core layers,... Agent:

20120301619 - System and method for coating substrates: A system and method for coating substrates includes transporting rolls and a collecting container for collecting coating material.... Agent:

20120301620 - Method for making transparent carbon nanotube composite films: The present disclosure relates to a method for making a transparent carbon nanotube composite film. The method includes: (a) providing a transparent carbon nanotube film structure; (b) fixing the transparent carbon nanotube film structure on a supporting; (c) immersing the transparent carbon nanotube film structure with the supporting into a... Agent: Tsinghua University

20120301621 - Epoxy resin imbibed polymer particles: The present invention relates to a stable aqueous dispersion of thermoplastic polymer particles imbibed with a thermosettable compound. The polymer particles are characterized by having a sufficient concentration of anti-agglomerating functional groups to stabilize the latex against agglomeration. The dispersion is useful as one part of a two-pack formulation.... Agent:

20120301622 - Novel emulsified release agent for composite panel: The present invention is directed to an emulsified release agent for use in manufacturing of wood products from wood fibers or chips with pMDI adhesives, where the application process for the release agent would normally agitate the release agent. The emulsified release agent is simple to manufacture, has good stability... Agent: Guardian Chemicals Inc.

20120301623 - Meniscus coating apparatus and method: A meniscus coating apparatus and method for coating at least one surface of a metal strip includes an apparatus having an adjustable coating tray, a roll enclosure disposed adjacent the coating tray, an adjustable baffle, and/or a gas delivery device operable to help seal the roll enclosure.... Agent:

20120301624 - Spray nozzle and method for atmospheric spraying, device for coating, and coated component: A spray nozzle for atmospheric plasma spraying is provided. The nozzle includes an attachment at an axial end of the spray nozzle from which a protective gas may be discharged in the outflow direction. By means of a plasma spray nozzle that enables atmospheric plasma spraying using protective gas, it... Agent:

20120301626 - Method of making a compact layer of enamel coatings on moulded products: An invention relates to application of enamel layers in the form of powder in the electric field and subsequent firing. A cleaned surface of a steel product is covered with a ground coat enamel layer in the form of powder in the electric field by an application gun until the... Agent:

20120301625 - Templated growth of graphenic materials: A method is disclosed for producing graphenic materials by templated growth along a preformed graphenic material lattice edge, wherein at least one of the graphenic material or template is translated during growth of the graphenic material. A method for preparing CNTs from preformed CNT substrates in the presence of cylindrical... Agent: Cxnanophysics, LLC

20120301627 - Coatings with organic polymeric fillers for molded smc articles: Filler particles of a moisture-permeable, organic polymeric material are used in a polymeric coating composition, and this composition can be applied to a surface of a molded, fiber-reinforced polymeric material, such as sheet molding compound (SMC), to enable the electrostatic application of a layer of a powder primer to the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120301629 - Hard coating forming method: The present invention relates to a hard coating forming method. According to the present invention, a hard coating can be formed to have high index of refraction and favorable physical properties in terms of hardness, wear-resistance, scratch-resistance, chemical resistance, transparency, gloss, and the like on surfaces of various manufactured goods... Agent:

20120301628 - Photoalignment compound, photoalignment composition, display substrate having an alignment layer, and method for manufacturing the display substrate: R3 represents —(CH2)mCH3, “m” represents an integer in a range of 1 to 12, each hydrogen atom of R3 is replaceable with F or Cl, R4 represents an amino group, aniline group, carboxy group, hydroxyl group, cyano group, alkylene group, or functional groups being represented by the following Chemical Formulas... Agent:

20120301630 - Method for forming flexible printed circuit board: A method for forming a flexible printed circuit board is provided. First, an insulating substrate with a first side and a second side is provided. Second, a through hole connecting the first side and the second side is formed in the insulating substrate. Then, a printing step is carried out... Agent:

20120301631 - Method for producing a microfabricated atomic vapor cell: The present invention relates to a method for producing a microfabricated atomic vapor cell, including a step of forming at least one cavity in a substrate and closing the cavity at one side. The method further includes: a step of depositing a solution including an alkali metal azide dissolved in... Agent: Csem Centre Suisse D'electronique Et De Microtechnique Sa- Recherche Et Developpement

20120301632 - Method for forming thin film using radicals generated by plasma: A method for forming a thin film using radicals generated by plasma may include generating radicals of a reactant precursor using plasma; forming a first thin film on a substrate by exposing the substrate to a mixture of the radicals of the reactant precursor and a source precursor; exposing the... Agent: Synos Technology, Inc.

20120301633 - Method of producing gas barrier laminate: A method of producing a gas barrier laminate comprises: the steps of forming an inorganic compound layer on a substrate by vapor-phase film deposition, applying surface roughening treatment to a surface of the inorganic compound layer, and subsequently forming an organic compound layer on the roughened surface of the inorganic... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

11/22/2012 > 26 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20120295013 - Electroless plating apparatus, method of electroless plating, and manufacturing method of printed circuit board: An electroless plating solution is accommodated in a plating tank of an electroless plating apparatus. A reference electrode and a counter electrode are immersed in the electroless plating solution. A conductive member is provided to be electrically in contact with a conductive portion of a long-sized substrate. The conductive member,... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120295014 - Injector for a vacuum vapour deposition system: An injector for a vacuum vapour deposition system, includes an injection duct suitable for receiving vaporized materials from a vacuum evaporation source and a diffuser having a plurality of nozzles for diffusing the vaporized materials into a vacuum deposition chamber, each nozzle including a channel suitable for connecting the injection... Agent: Riber

20120295015 - Method for preparing electronic component-mounting device: A method for making an electronic component-mounting device. The electronic component-mounting device includes an antenna having a coating layer and a conductive layer that is mounted on a polymeric device body. The coating layer is formed on the surface of the polymeric device body with the conductive layer formed on... Agent: Jieng Tai International Electric Corp.

20120295016 - Method for producing a light-emitting element: A method of producing a light-emitting element is provided. The method includes forming a first half-transmitting/reflecting film and a second half-transmitting/reflecting film sequentially on an organic layer by physical vapor deposition.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120295017 - Method for producing plasma display panel: An aggregated particle paste containing aggregated particles, each composed of a plurality of aggregated crystal particles made of magnesium oxide, and a solvent is prepared. A crystal particle paste containing crystal particles having a cubic shape, made of magnesium oxide, and a solvent is prepared. Thereafter, by mixing the aggregated... Agent:

20120295018 - Method for producing and device for producing magnetic recording medium: The present invention provides a device and a method for producing a magnetic recording medium, the device and method capable of forming a lubricant membrane with a uniform thickness on a surface of the magnetic recording medium. Specifically, the device for producing the magnetic recording medium according to the invention... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20120295019 - Complete tooling packages for mold building structures: Tooling packages for mold building structures, mold structures, and methods of making mold structures are described.... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc

20120295020 - Optical member and preparation method thereof: The present invention relates to a preparation method of an optical member, comprising the following steps: coating a a mixture of methyl methacrylate (MMA) and a light diffuser on one surface of a substrate comprising poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA) by a predetermined pattern; polymerizing the coated methyl methacrylate into poly... Agent:

20120295021 - Apparatuses and methods for the deposition of microfibers and nanofibers on a substrate: Described herein are apparatuses and methods of creating fibers, such as microfibers and nanofibers. The methods discussed herein employ centrifugal forces to transform material into fibers. Apparatuses that may be used to create fibers are also described. Embodiments described herein relate to apparatuses and methods for the deposition of fibers... Agent:

20120295022 - High-throughput printing of chalcogen layer: Methods and devices for high-throughput printing of a precursor material for forming a film of a group IB-IIIA-chalcogenide compound are disclosed. In one embodiment, the method comprises forming a precursor layer on a substrate, wherein the precursor layer comprises one or more discrete layers. The layers may include at least... Agent: Nanosolar, Inc.

20120295024 - Apparatus and methods for profile wrapping laminates: Apparatus and methods for applying a coating of adhesive to laminate cover material in a profile wrapping operation. The apparatus can include a slot nozzle, a pressure roller, and a drive roller. The drive roller and pressure roller are movable to first positions in which the drive roller and pressure... Agent: Nordson Corporation

20120295023 - Latex particles imbibed with a thermoplastic polymer: The present invention relates to a process for imbibing a step-growth polymer into thermoplastic latex particles and a composition made by such a process. The composition is useful, for example, as a coating, an adhesive, a sealant, a primer, a caulk, a stain, or a filler for a variety of... Agent:

20120295025 - Adhesive compositions: Polydiorganosiloxane polyoxamide, linear, block copolymers and methods of making the copolymers are provided. The method of making the copolymers involves reacting a diamine with a polydiorganosiloxane precursor having oxalylamino groups. The polydioroganosiloxane polyoxamide block copolymers are of the (AB)n type.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120295026 - Method for producing hollow bodies having enclosed freely displaceable particles: The invention relates to a method for producing hollow bodies having freely displaceable particles enclosed in the hollow body, wherein a) a gel-forming liquid in which the particles are suspended is brought into a cross-linking bath, b) the gel cores that form are isolated, c) the cores are coated with... Agent: Basf Se

20120295027 - Mesoporous metal oxide graphene nanocomposite materials: A nanocomposite material formed of graphene and a mesoporous metal oxide having a demonstrated specific capacity of more than 200 F/g with particular utility when employed in supercapacitor applications. A method for making these nanocomposite materials by first forming a mixture of graphene, a surfactant, and a metal oxide precursor,... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute And The Trustees Of Princeton University

20120295028 - Thin-film formation apparatus system and thin-film formation method: A heating chamber representing one of process chambers, in which a heating apparatus for heating a substrate and a substrate transfer apparatus for moving the substrate and the heating apparatus relative to each other are arranged, a ZnO sputtering chamber representing one of the process chambers, in which a sputtering... Agent:

20120295030 - High density, hard tip arrays: Improved high density, hard tip arrays for use in patterning are provided. An article comprises a handle chip; and a silicon nitride membrane bonded to at least a portion of the handle chip. The silicon nitride membrane comprises an array of a plurality of silicon nitride tips extending directly from... Agent: Nanoink, Inc.

20120295029 - Methods utilizing scanning probe microscope tips and products therefor or produced thereby: The invention provides a nanolithographic method, comprising: (i) providing a substrate; (ii) providing a nanoscopic tip coated with a patterning compound; (iii) contacting the coated tip with the substrate so that the patterning compound is applied to the substrate to produce a desired pattern; and (iv) wherein the patterning compound... Agent: Northwestern University

20120295031 - Multilayer coating for flame retardant substrates: A method includes coating a substrate to provide a flame resistant substrate. In an embodiment, the method includes exposing the substrate to a cationic solution to produce a cationic layer deposited on the substrate. The cationic solution comprises cationic materials. The cationic materials comprise a polymer, a colloidal particle, a... Agent: The Texas A&m University System

20120295032 - Coating composition and coating film forming method: The present invention relates to a coating composition containing a colored aluminum pigment and a titanium oxide pigment, wherein in the case where a coating film formed from the coating composition is illuminated at 45 degrees with respect to the surface of the coating film, a ratio of lightness L*... Agent:

20120295033 - Plasma nano-powder synthesizing and coating device and method of the same: Disclosed are a plasma nano-powder synthesizing and coating device and method, the device comprising: a chamber which forms a sealed space, and comprises a reaction unit provided at one side and a processing unit provided at the other side, the reaction unit provided in an upstream of gas flowing in... Agent: Korea Institute Of Energy Research

20120295034 - Method and device for producing polymer laminations or strand-shaped applications on a substrate: A process and apparatus for the production of polymer layers or of strand-shaped applications on a substrate, in particular of FIPFG seals, by applying a reactive, foamable polymer material on the substrate, and the polymer material being subjected to a corona treatment or plasma treatment after it has been applied... Agent: Sonderhoff Chemicals Gmbh

20120295035 - Photocuring methods and articles prepared therefrom: Photocuring methods are made more efficient by using an N-oxyazinium salt photoinitiator with an organic phosphine as a photoinitiator efficiency amplifier. This photoinitiator composition can be used to cure acrylates or other photocurable compounds, particularly in an oxygen-containing environment. The method can be used to prepare various articles, fibers, or... Agent:

20120295036 - Machine and method for atmospheric plasma treatment of continuous substrates: A machine for atmospheric plasma treatment of continuous material substrates comprises means for feeding a substrate for moving it along a feed path; at least two electrodes each positioned at one face of the substrate, each electrode facing a respective face of the substrate, a difference in electric potential being... Agent: S.p.a.

20120295037 - Method for manufacturing electrodes: A method for manufacturing electrodes includes applying an electrode mixture paste by coating to a first surface of an electrode current collector having the first surface and a second surface, to provide a first paste-coated member having a first surface that is a surface of the electrode mixture paste, and... Agent:

20120295038 - Method and apparatus for using solution based precursors for atomic layer deposition: A unique combination of solution stabilization and delivery technologies with special ALD operation is provided. A wide range of low volatility solid ALD precursors dissolved in solvents are used. Unstable solutes may be stabilized in solution and all of the solutions may be delivered at room temperature. After the solutions... Agent:

11/15/2012 > 29 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20120288615 - Apparatus and method for treating substrate: Provided are an apparatus and method for depositing a thin film on a substrate. The substrate is supported by a substrate holder. The substrate holder is seated on each of a plurality of holder seating grooves defined in a top surface of the susceptor. An injection hole for injecting a... Agent:

20120288616 - Measurement method and device for measuring layer thicknesses as well as production method and coating system: A method for measuring the thickness of a coating on a component section of a rotating component, wherein a heat expansion of the component section is determined by detecting a component core temperature and an actual coating thickness is produced, a device for conducting a method of this type having... Agent: Mtu Aero Engines Gmbh

20120288618 - Gas diffusion electrode material and production method thereof: A gas diffusion electrode material of the present invention includes: a porous body (1) formed of continuous and discontinuous polytetrafluoroethylene microfibers (2) and having three-dimensionally continuous micropores (4); and a conductive material (3) supported on the porous body (1). Moreover, a density of the polytetrafluoroethylene microfiber (2) is lower in... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20120288617 - Precursor formulation for battery active materials synthesis: Compositions and methods of forming battery active materials are provided. A solution of battery active metal cations and reactive anions may be blended with a fuel to yield a precursor mixture usable for synthesizing a battery active material for deposition onto a substrate. The battery active metal cations include lithium,... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120288620 - Composition, method for manufacturing thin film, and method for manufacturing light-emitting element: It is an object to provide a composition in which an anthracene derivative is dissolved and a technique in which a thin film that has a favorable film quality is formed by a wet process using the composition. In addition, it is another object to manufacture a highly reliable light-emitting... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120288619 - Electrostatic chuck, thin film deposition apparatus including the electrostatic chuck, and method of manufacturing organic light emitting display apparatus by using the thin film deposition apparatus: An electrostatic chuck, a thin film deposition apparatus including the electrostatic chuck, and a method of manufacturing an organic light emitting display apparatus using the thin film deposition apparatus. The electrostatic chuck includes: a first plate; a first common wire disposed on the first plate and electrically connected to a... Agent:

20120288621 - Polyimide film and wiring board: A polyimide film for production of a wiring board having a metal wiring, which is formed by forming a metal layer on one side (Side B) of the polyimide film, and etching the metal layer; the polyimide film is curled toward the side (Side A) opposite Side B; and the... Agent: Ube Industries, Ltd.

20120288622 - Casting mold surface treatment method: A surface treatment method includes covering a surface of a casting mold with a carbon film containing at least one type of nanocarbon selected from the group consisting of carbon nanocoils, carbon nanotubes and carbon nanofilaments, and further applying fullerenes to that surface. With this surface treatment method being performed... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120288623 - Method for plastic restoration and kit therefor: A method of plastic restoration is disclosed. A plastic surface is scoured with an abrasive dust mixture and a scouring pad. The plastic surface is wiped to remove a residue of the abrasive dust mixture. A sealer is applied to the plastic surface. A kit for use in plastic restoration... Agent:

20120288624 - Method of making a filter: A method of making a filter adjusts the bottom heights of the color-resisting colors to make the top ends of the color-resisting blocks be in a same level by disposing the foundation layer between the transparent substrate and the light-shielding layer and disposing the groove in the foundation layer, so... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20120288625 - Gas supply apparatus, thermal treatment apparatus, gas supply method, and thermal treatment method: A gas supply apparatus including a raw material gas supply system supplying a raw material gas inside a raw material storage tank into the processing container by the carrier gas, the gas supply apparatus includes: a carrier gas passage introducing the carrier gas into the raw material storage tank, a... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120288626 - Templated monolayer polymerization and replication: A self-replicating monolayer system employing polymerization of monomers or nanoparticle ensembles on a defined template provides synthesis of two-dimensional single molecule polymers. Systems of self-replicating monolayers are used as templates for growth of inorganic colloids. A preferred embodiment employs SAM-based replication, wherein an initial monolayer is patterned and used as... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20120288627 - Three-dimensional electromagnetic metamaterials and methods of manufacture: In certain embodiments, a method may include a computing device generating a digital representation of a metamaterial structure and sectioning the digital representation to generate a plurality of substantially two-dimensional layer layouts. The method may also include a printing device sequentially fabricating each of a plurality of substantially two-dimensional layers... Agent: Sri International

20120288628 - Supported elastomeric glove with enhanced gripping surface and a method of transferring of patterns onto a dipped elastomeric glove surface: A semi cured supported elastomeric glove with enhanced gripping surfaces achieved by the method of transferring of patterns by compression moulding, including a plurality of concave indentations of any pattern and moulded into the gripping surfaces of the semi cured glove.... Agent: Dipped Products PLC

20120288629 - Device and method for coating in the edge area of the small sides of workpieces: A device 1 for the application of coating agents in the edge area of the small sides of workpieces 8 comprises a conveyance device 2, a coating roller 3, and at least two coating stamps 4. The coating roller 3 and/or the coating stamps 4 is/are advanced to the workpiece... Agent: Lcm Gmbh

20120288630 - Novel coated membranes and other articles: The present invention provides porous media or membranes having a surface coating that includes a cross-linked terpolymer which has a superior combination of properties, including heat stable biomolecule resistant adsorptive properties, resistance to strong alkaline solutions, and low levels of extractable matter. In some preferred embodiments, the porous media is... Agent: Millipore Corporation

20120288631 - Method for spraying two-component compositions: This invention is directed to a method for producing a coating layer of a coating composition comprising two or more components. The two or more components are mixed post atomization. This invention is further directed to a method for producing a layer of a coating composition comprising a first component... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20120288632 - Catalysts for polyurethane coating compounds: The present invention relates to coating compositions for polyurethane coating materials that feature new catalysts.... Agent: Basf Se

20120288633 - Novel composite material and its production method: A novel composite material and its production method, which contains a wearing layer made of polymer PP, a colored layer made of ink and a printing layer made of polymer PP. The production method of this novel composite material includes the following steps: (1) a colored layer is formed by... Agent:

20120288634 - Anti-corrosion treatment method for aluminum heat exchanger: Disclosed is an anti-corrosion treatment method for a heat exchanger, in which even if an aluminum material-made heat exchanger having been flux-brazed by the NB process, in particular, an aluminum material-made heat exchanger to be used for automobile air conditioner is not subjected to a chemical conversion treatment in advance,... Agent: Nippon Paint Co., Ltd.

20120288635 - Substrate coating device and substrate coating method: A substrate coating device (10) includes a precision stage (7), a nozzle (8), and conveyors (3 to 6 and 21). The precision stage (7) has a horizontal placement surface for placing a substrate W thereon and is configured to be reciprocable between an upstream end and a downstream end in... Agent: Tazmo Co., Ltd.

20120288636 - Template for imprinting and imprinting method: According to one embodiment, a template for imprinting includes a concave-convex pattern on one surface thereof. The template includes a base material having light transmission characteristics, and a resin layer provided on the base material and becoming convex portions of the concave-convex pattern. The resin layer contracts and reduces its... Agent:

20120288637 - Methods of affecting material properties and applications therefor: Methods of affecting a material's properties through the implantation of ions, such as by using a plasma processing apparatus with a plasma sheath modifier. In this way, properties such as resistance to chemicals, adhesiveness, hydrophobicity, and hydrophilicity, may be affected. These methods can be applied to a variety of technologies.... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20120288639 - Combined heating for soldering an armor cladding onto a tip by means of induction and laser: The present invention relates to a method for coating a component (1) of a gas turbine or an aircraft engine, in particular for producing a blade-tip armor cladding on a blade of a gas turbine or aircraft engine, in which a coating material is applied to the component with a... Agent: Mtu Aero Engines Gmbh

20120288638 - Induction oven for curing coatings on containers: An induction heater includes an electrically conductive coil that produces an alternating magnetic field when current is applied to the coil. The magnetic field is used to heat metal containers such as tubular containers. The coil extends about a heating path of travel that extends along the longitudinal axis of... Agent: Nordon Corporation

20120288640 - Bovine serum albumin (bsa)-diazirine, method of forming bsa-diazirine, and method of selectively fixing biomaterial using bsa-diazirine of photo-reactive type: The present invention provides bovine serum albumin (BSA)-diazirine, a method of forming BSA-diazirine, and a method of selectively fixing biomaterial using thereof. The bovine serum albumin-diazirine may function as a blocker which prevents the non-specific binding, as well as a linker, which links the solid support and the biomaterial by... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120288642 - Decorative laminate board and related methods: A method of providing a decorative laminate board is provided. The method includes providing a board having a decorative upper surface, treating a portion of the decorative upper surface with a laser for embossing the decorative upper surface, and coating the laser treated portion of the decorative upper surface.... Agent: Pergo (europe) Ab

20120288641 - System and method for depositing material on a piezoelectric array: A system having a print head for depositing material on a piezoelectric array, where the print head and array are moveable with respect to each other, and a computer for controlling movement of the print head and array with respect to each other to locations along the array, and controlling... Agent:

20120288643 - Multi-zone chuck: A method for affecting film growth on a substrate during a deposition process includes steps of: applying a first voltage or current to a first zone of a chuck adapted to hold the substrate in position, the film growth on at least a portion of the substrate proximate the first... Agent: Lsi Corporation

11/08/2012 > 29 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20120282390 - Methods of modifying stent coating thicknesses: A method of manufacturing a stent includes applying a coating to the stent and changing an amount of the coating being applied to the stent by modifying the diameter of the stent.... Agent:

20120282391 - Endoluminal implantable surfaces, stents, and grafts and method of making same: A method of manufacturing an endoluminal implantable surface, stent, or graft includes the steps of providing an endoluminal implantable surface, stent, or graft having an inner wall surface, an outer wall surface, and a wall thickness and forming a pattern design into the endoluminal implantable surface, stent, or graft. At... Agent: Palmaz Scientific, Inc.

20120282392 - Medical device coating process: Methods for coating medical devices for implantation within a body vessel are provided comprising providing a cylindrical container, placing a medical device inside the cylindrical container, and applying a polymer in liquid form inside the container.... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120282393 - Pasting apparatus and method: An apparatus and method operations are provided for battery plate fabrication, in particular for applying paste to battery plate grids. A conveyer-type pasting machine includes a conveyer belt for moving battery plate grids under a new type of paste dispensing hopper, which includes closely spaced knurled rollers and an angled... Agent: Mac Engineering And Equipment Company, Inc.

20120282394 - Composite ceramic material and method for manufacturing the same: Provided is a composite ceramic material for a fuel cell and a method for manufacturing the same. The composite ceramic material for the fuel cell forms a cored structure where perovskite ceramic particles having a small particle diameter surround lanthanum cobaltite particles having a large particle diameter, and lanthanum cobaltite... Agent: Posco

20120282395 - Doped carbon nanotubes and transparent conducting films containing the same: Transparent conducting electrodes include a doped single walled carbon nanotube film and methods for forming the doped single walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT) by solution processing. The method generally includes depositing single walled carbon nanotubes dispersed in a solvent and a surfactant onto a substrate to form a single walled carbon... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120282396 - Opaquely colored, infra-red plastics molding composition and methods of making the opaquely colored, infra-red plastics molding compostion: The invention relates to subduedly colored (brown, gray, black, green), infrared reflecting PMMA compounds which can be applied to other plastic compounds as an IR barrier layer... Agent: Evonik Roehm Gmbh

20120282397 - Optical film and method for production thereof: The invention relates to an optical film containing polyester with a specific structure, and methods for production thereof. Further, the invention also relates to an optical laminate, a polarizing plate, and an image display device each using the optical film. The polyester may be obtained by condensation polymerization of dicarboxylic... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120282398 - Dense phase powder coating system for containers: A dense phase powder coating system includes a powder supply, dense phase pump, a spray gun and a diverter valve that can be used to select between conveying powder to the spray gun or circulating the powder back to the powder supply. The diverter valve may include two pneumatically actuate... Agent: Nordson Corporation

20120282399 - Method of manufacturing fabric with cool effect: A method of manufacturing fabric includes the steps of grinding a material with cool effect into powder of nanometer scale; adding antibacterial zinc oxide powder of nanometer scale or antibacterial silver powder of nanometer scale to the powder; mixing the zinc oxide powder or the silver powder with the powder... Agent:

20120282400 - Method for making a cemented tungsten carbide-based material: A method for making a cemented tungsten carbide-based material includes subjecting a cemented tungsten carbide substrate film to chromization so as to form the cemented tungsten carbide substrate with a chromized layer that contains a tungsten carbide and a chromium carbide and forming a diamond film on the chromized layer.... Agent: National Taiwan Ocean University

20120282401 - Method of forming a partial deposition layer and apparatus of forming a partial deposition layer: A method of forming a partial deposition layer and an apparatus of forming the partial deposition layer are provided. A substrate is provided over an evaporation plate. A shielding plate is placed between the evaporation plate and the substrate such that the shielding plate shields a first portion of the... Agent: Etansi Inc.

20120282402 - Coating methods and apparatus: An apparatus deposits a coating on a part. The apparatus comprises a chamber and a sting assembly for carrying the part. The sting assembly is shiftable between: an inserted condition where the sting assembly holds the part within the chamber for coating; and a retracted condition where the sting assembly... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20120282403 - Breathable laminate with a high abrasion resistance and method of manufacturing the same: The invention is a highly abrasion resistant laminate material with high resistance to water penetration, yet breathable, that can be manufactured to various degrees of breathability to suit any particular application need and a method for making same.... Agent:

20120282405 - Device and method for preserving components: Devices for preserving components with a preservative agent, e.g., for cavity preservation of motor vehicle body components, are disclosed. An exemplary device, in addition to a preservative agent, may apply a hardener configured to react with the preservative agent, which causes the preservative agent to harden.... Agent:

20120282404 - Two-stage method for the corrosion protection treatment of metal surfaces: The invention relates to an at least two-stage method for corrosion protection treatment of metal surfaces, wherein, in a first step (i), an organic coating comprising an aqueous phase (A) is applied to the metal surface and, in a following step (ii), the organic coating applied to the metal surface... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20120282406 - Method for the manufacturing of a low shrinkage flexible sheet: The invention relates to a method for the manufacturing of a low shrinkage flexible sheet, said sheet comprising a fabric containing polyolefin fibers, said method comprising the steps of: a) depositing a molten plastomer layer on at least one surface of the woven fabric to form a sheet having a... Agent:

20120282407 - Glass frit compositions for enamels: This invention relates to glass and enamel compositions. The glass compositions comprise SiO2, Cs2O, Na2O, ZnO, B2O3, and TiO2, and optionally Bi2O3 and F. The resulting compositions can be used to form an enamel on a substrate, for example, to decorate and/or protect the substrate.... Agent: Ferro Corporation

20120282408 - Sol-gel coating for steel and cast iron substrates and methods of making and using same: Methods and compositions for providing a durable, non-stick coating on steel and/or cast iron surfaces are disclosed. Disclosed is a method for coating a steel or cast iron substrate, the method comprising contacting at least a portion of a steel or cast iron substrate with a porcelain enamel coating formulation... Agent:

20120282409 - Recycled nylon materials for use in refrigeration systems: Methods of forming an integral component for a compressor and methods for improving ductility of an integral component for a compressor are provided. The integral component is formed of a recycled nylon and a recycled polypropylene. Recycled carpet is used to provide the recycled nylon and recycled polypropylene. The integral... Agent: Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.

20120282410 - Apparatus and method for recovery and dry treatment of overspray in a painting booth: A liquid-paint painting booth (10) comprises a painting chamber (11) inside which the liquid paint is sprayed and which is provided with a grille-lined floor (15) for sucking from the chamber an air flow which is then conveyed to a filter unit (20, 26) for filtering the air and separating... Agent: Geico S.p.a.

20120282411 - Nanofiber manufacturing system and nanofiber manufacturing method: A nanofiber manufacturing system in which nanofiber is formed from a raw material liquid by electrostatic explosions in a nanofiber forming space and the formed nanofiber is collected and deposited on a main surface of a base sheet. The system includes: a first dielectric belt having dielectric property; sheet conveying... Agent:

20120282412 - Method for polymerizing a monomer solution within a cavity to generate a smooth polymer surface: In preferred embodiments, the present invention relates to methods for polymerizing a monomer solution within a cavity covered by a porous membrane to generate a smooth polymer surface. More specifically, the method can be used to provide a medical device or sensor with a smooth polymer surface.... Agent:

20120282413 - Method for spraying multiple components: This invention is directed to a method for producing a coating layer of a coating composition by introducing a catalyst as a second component into an atomized stream of a first component of the coating composition. This invention is also directed to a spray gun for producing such coating layer.... Agent: E.i.du Pont De Nemours And Company

20120282414 - Ruthenium film-forming material and ruthenium film-forming method: (wherein R1 is independently at each occurrence a hydrogen atom, a halogen atom, a hydrocarbon group having 1 to 4 carbon atoms or a halogenated hydrocarbon group having 1 to 4 carbon atoms; R2 is independently at each occurrence a halogenated hydrocarbon group having 1 to 4 carbon atoms, an... Agent: Jsr Corporation

20120282415 - Methods for using porogens for low k porous organosilica glass films: A chemical vapor deposition method for producing a porous organosilica glass film comprising: introducing into a vacuum chamber gaseous reagents including at least one precursor selected from the group consisting of an organosilane and an organosiloxane, and a porogen that is distinct from the precursor; applying energy to the gaseous... Agent: Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

20120282416 - Argon gas level controller: A controlled environment enclosure is disclosed. The enclosure has a tank with a lid, wherein the lid and tank are capable of creating a sealed enclosure. The enclosure also has a fluid filling inlet for introduction of a filling fluid into the tank, a fluid sensor for detecting a fluid... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20120282417 - Method for preparing a metallized polymer substrate: A method for coating a surface of a substrate in (co)polymer with a metal material is provided. The method may comprise the successive steps of (a) subjecting the surface to an oxidizing treatment by a chemical reaction of the Fenton type in the presence of at least one precursor of... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20120282418 - Sicn film formation method and apparatus: A method for forming an SiCN film on target substrates placed in a process field inside a process container repeats a unit cycle a plurality of times to laminate thin films respectively formed, thereby forming the SiCN film with a predetermined thickness. The unit cycle includes performing and suspending supply... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

11/01/2012 > 29 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20120276278 - Medical devices having antimicrobial coatings thereon: The present invention provides a medical device, preferably a contact lens, which a core material and an antimicrobial metal-containing LbL coating that is not covalently attached to the medical device and can impart to the medical device an increased hydrophilicity. The antimicrobial metal-containing coating on a contact lens of the... Agent:

20120276279 - Piezoelectric film: A method for producing a biocompatible material of the formula NaxKyNbO3, 0≦x≦0.8, 0.2≦y≦1, x+y=1 includes the steps of a) providing a Na-precursor and a K-precursor for NaxKyNbO3, b) mixing the precursors in solution wherein said precursors first react to form a sol and thereafter a gel, c) heat treating the... Agent: St. Jude Medical Ab

20120276280 - Method and system for coating insertable medical devices: A coating system for coating an Insertable Medical Device (IMD) with one or more drugs is disclosed. The coating system includes a spray nozzle unit for coating the IMD with one or more drugs. The IMD includes a guiding member, a coating member and a supporting member. The IMD is... Agent: Concept Medical Research Private Limited

20120276281 - Method of coating a workpiece incorporating a color contributing primer layer: A method of coating a workpiece. The method includes applying a primer layer having a color pigment to the workpiece, applying a basecoat layer to the primer layer, and applying a clearcoat layer to the basecoat layer. The primer layer contributes to the color of the workpiece.... Agent: Ford Motor Company

20120276282 - Tooling carrier for inline coating machine, method of operating thereof and process of coating a substrate: A process of coating at least one substrate with a plurality of deposition sources, a method of tooling, a carrier unit and a deposition system are described. The systems and methods provide for or allow for exposing a first substrate portion 112a of said at least one substrate 112 to... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120276283 - Article carrier with non-adherence coating: A non-adherence coating is applied to portions of article carriers used in paint and coating operations to prevent the adherence of paint, undercoat or other coatings applied to the articles from accumulating on the carrier and requiring high pressure fluid streams to remove the accumulated paint and coatings. Article contact... Agent: Designs Systems Inc.

20120276284 - Method for preparing functional multilayer anisotropic conductive adhesive film: A functional multilayer anisotropic conductive adhesive film, capable of bonding and package 0.18-0.13 micron IC chips and high density COF, includes a monomer layer, a reinforcing layer, a low-temperature, hot-melt resin layer, and a conductive particle layer, successively bonded by coating and drying processes. The monomer layer comprises a copolymer... Agent: Guangdong Dongbong Technology Co., Ltd

20120276285 - Barrier laminate and device sealed with it, and method of sealing device: Disclosed is a barrier laminate comprising at least one organic layer and at least one inorganic layer, wherein the organic layer is formed by vacuum vapor deposition of a composition containing a radical-polymerizing monomer and a polymerization initiator, followed by curing the composition, and the polymerization initiator is liquid at... Agent:

20120276286 - Method and sealant for sealing air filter leaks: The present invention relates generally to a patch including a micro fiber glass and a polymeric binder, where the mixture forms an in situ porous patch that allows for active filtration after application to a leak or hole in an air filter. The mixture can be pressurized with a propellant... Agent:

20120276287 - Spectroscopic module: In the spectroscopy module 1, a light detecting element 4 is provided with a light passing opening 4b through which light made incident into a body portion 2 passes. Therefore, it is possible to prevent deviation of the relative positional relationship between the light passing opening 4b and a light... Agent: Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

20120276288 - Coating device for workpieces and method for operating the coating device: The coating device according to the invention for a workpiece comprises a flow channel which has an opening for the workpiece, through which the workpiece protrudes at least partially into the interior of the flow channel during the coating. In addition, a spraying device is provided, which is arranged in... Agent: J. Wagner Ag

20120276289 - Nanoporous coating synthesis and apparatus: An example of a nanoballoon thermal protection system includes a refractory ceramic foam having carbide balloons. The foam has a closed cell structure not allowing liquid to penetrate through the foam. Each of the carbide balloons is hollow and has a diameter greater than 0 nm and less than 900... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20120276290 - Silica nanoparticles with rough surface: A method for preparing nanoparticles includes preparing a mixture containing an organic solvent, surfactant and water; adding a first quantity of a first silica precursor and ammonia to the mixture; adding a second quantity of the first silica precursor and a second silica precursor to the mixture; adding acetone to... Agent: University Of North Dakota

20120276291 - Methods and apparatuses for reducing gelation of glass precursor materials during vaporization: Methods and apparatuses for vaporizing liquid precursor material for use in a vapor deposition process are disclosed. The method for vaporizing liquid precursor material includes introducing a flow of liquid precursor material into an expansion chamber and directing the flow of liquid precursor material towards a wall of the chamber.... Agent:

20120276292 - Method of forming silicon oxide containing films: t

20120276293 - Ink jet recording apparatus and ink jet recording method: A recording method includes applying and overcoating. A color ink is applied to a region on a medium. A clear ink is applied to the region. The applied color ink and the applied clear ink are overcoated.... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120276294 - Method for making liquid separation membrane: A method for making a liquid separation membrane, including: (1) providing a polyvinylidene fluoride liquid separation membrane or polypropylene liquid separation membrane prepared by a thermally induced phase separation method as a substrate membrane, soaking the substrate membrane with water or a weak polar organic liquid to make membrane pores... Agent: Tianjin Motimo Membrane Technology Co., Ltd.

20120276295 - Systems and methods for making monolithic gel bodies: Systems and methods for making a monolithic gel body. Some systems can include a substrate, a sol, an ammonia atmosphere. Some methods can include applying a first quantity of the sol to the substrate to form a first coated substrate, and positioning the first coated substrate in the ammonia atmosphere... Agent:

20120276296 - Water-based coating compositions: characterised in that the at least one water-dilutable polyurethane binder is based on at least one polyhydroxyl compound, said polyhydroxyl compound comprises at least 50% by weight of at least one polycarbonate polyol, which is liquid at 20° C., the % by weight are based on the total amount of... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20120276297 - Surface coating system and method: Coating systems for a surface (such as a floor) including a peelabie layer composition including a peelabie layer film former, and a maintenance layer composition including a maintenance layer film former having a first Tg from about −100° C. to about 20° C. Methods of coating a surface are also... Agent: Diversey, Inc.

20120276298 - Trunnion painting fixture: A painting tool for painting a vehicle wheel is disclosed. The tool includes a base and a plurality of idler wheels rotatably coupled to the base. The wheels are disposed about the base to rotatably support a workpiece. A motor is coupled to the base and includes a motor output... Agent: R-coating, Inc.

20120276299 - Coating method and coating apparatus: An apparatus is described for coating a flexible substrate with at least a first organic layer and a first inorganic layer. The apparatus comprises a first and a second chamber and an atmosphere decoupling slot between the first and the second chamber. A printing facility is arranged in the first... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

20120276300 - Polymer membranes prepared from aromatic polyimide membranes by thermal treating and uv crosslinking: The present invention discloses a new type of high performance polymer membranes prepared from aromatic polyimide membranes by thermal treating and crosslinking and methods for making and using these membranes. The polymer membranes were prepared from aromatic polyimide membranes by thermal treating under inert atmosphere followed by crosslinking preferably by... Agent: Uop LLC

20120276301 - Adhesion improvement of dielectric barrier to copper by the addition of thin interface layer: Embodiments described herein provide a method of processing a substrate. The method includes depositing an interface adhesion layer between a conductive material and a dielectric material such that the interface adhesion layer provides increased adhesion between the conductive material and the dielectric material. In one embodiment a method for processing... Agent:

20120276302 - Process for treating wood: A method for treating wood by a treatment liquid is put forward. The method comprising the steps of: providing a container to hold the wood and the treatment liquid, placing the wood m the container, providing a electrode in the container for subjecting the wood to radio-emission, and providing a... Agent:

20120276303 - Manufacturing method of and manufacturing apparatus for metal oxide film: A method of manufacturing a metal oxide film is disclosed. The method includes the steps of soaking a substrate on which the metal oxide film is formed in a precursor solution for forming the metal oxide film; and irradiating and scanning a light, the light being collected at an interface... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20120276304 - Method for repairing a titanium blade by laser recharging and moderate hip pressing: A method for repairing a metal part by recharging damaged parts by spraying a powder of metal onto the metal part, wherein the process includes laser recharging the damaged parts using the powder, followed by hot isostatic compression, the maximum temperature applied during the isostatic compression not exceeding the recrystallization... Agent: Snecma

20120276305 - Atomic layer deposition of metal phosphates and lithium silicates: The present application relates to atomic layer deposition (ALD) processes for producing metal phosphates such as titanium phosphate, aluminum phosphate and lithium phosphate, as well as to ALD processes for depositing lithium silicates.... Agent:

20120276306 - Atomic layer deposition for controlling vertical film growth: A method for forming a film by atomic layer deposition wherein vertical growth of a film is controlled, includes: (i) adsorbing a metal-containing precursor for film formation on a concave or convex surface pattern of a substrate; (ii) oxidizing the adsorbed precursor to form a metal oxide sub-layer; (iii) adsorbing... Agent: Asm Japan K.k.

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