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10/25/2012 > 35 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20120269955 - Method for the production of an otoplastic device: A novel method for producing an otoplastic device is described. In said method, a model of the auditory canal of an individual is made, then a thin film is placed over the model, and said thin film is used for making an accurate copy of the model in a deep... Agent: Otoplastik Bleuer & Furst

20120269956 - Chemical mechanical vapor deposition device for production of bone substitute material: A method for fabricating a substitute component for bone, including the processes of: provision of a chemical spray including at least three of calcium chloride, hydrogen phosphate, hydrogen carbonate and water to form a combined solution; reaction and precipitation of the combined solution onto a substrate; allowing the precipitated particles... Agent:

20120269957 - Method for conditioning the surfaces of dental components: In a method for conditioning the surfaces of dental components of oxide ceramic materials based on zirconium dioxide, ZrO2, a thin layer of a ceramic solder is applied on at least one of the surfaces to be joined with one another, and the component is then subjected to a ceramic... Agent: Dcm Gmbh

20120269958 - Material buildup simulations by application of powder jet mass conservation priciples: A method for simulating of the thickness of a coating which is placed onto a substrate surface is disclosed. The thickness is simulated using mass conservation principles. In a preferred embodiment at least one reference spray trial is performed, the correlation of a single spray profile to at least one... Agent:

20120269959 - Screen printing apparatus and screen printing method: There are provided a screen printing apparatus and a screen printing method which can realize an increase in conversion efficiency of a solar cell by forming a circuit pattern having a large aspect ratio of a sectional shape by increasing the thickness of the circuit pattern. A screen printing apparatus... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120269960 - Method of manufacturing conductive laminated film: A manufacturing method of a conductive laminated film suppressing a wrinkle has a metal layer forming step in which a conductive metal layer is continuously formed on a surface of a long transparent conductive film where a transparent conductive layer is formed while the transparent conductive film, including a long... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120269961 - Method for generating a catalyst-containing electrode layer: A method for generating a catalyst-containing electrode layer on a substrate, particularly a catalyst layer for fuel cells or other chemical or electrochemical reactors, comprising the following steps: (A) generating an electrode layer on the substrate, wherein the electrode layer contains carrier particles for the catalyst to be deposited thereon;... Agent: Elcomax Gmbh

20120269962 - Process for passivating dielectric films: Methods are disclosed herein for depositing a passivation layer comprising fluorine over a dielectric material that is sensitive to chlorine, bromine, and iodine. The passivation layer can protect the sensitive dielectric layer thereby enabling deposition using precursors comprising chlorine, bromine, and iodine over the passivation layer.... Agent: Asm International N.v.

20120269963 - Formulations for producing roadway markings with adhesion on dry and damp concrete: The invention comprises a novel formulation for marking roadways, consisting of different subsurfaces such as, for example, concrete. The invention also relates to a formulation for marking roadways, which can be applied both to damp and to dry surfaces.... Agent: Evonik Roehm Gmbh

20120269964 - Method for the spot repair of scrath-resistant paint films: A spot repair method of scratch-resistant paint film: (a) sanding a part to be repaired having a scratch-resistant clear paint film thereon, (b) sanding a part to be clear gradation painted outside the part to be repaired with an abrasive material, (c) painting the part to be repaired with a... Agent: Basf Coatings Japan Ltd.

20120269965 - Process for the production of a dark-color multi-layer coating: s

20120269966 - Cementitious adhesive delivery and application system: A masonry method for adhering together first and second structures includes loading a dry adhesive into a bag and sealing the bag closed. After transport to a jobsite, a portion of a tip of the bag is cut to provide an orifice in preparation to apply the adhesive. Liquid is... Agent:

20120269968 - Atomic layer deposition apparatus and process: An atomic layer deposition apparatus, including: a chamber with an internal volume; a fixture assembly to hold a substrate within the internal volume of the chamber; a plurality of gas injection ports to facilitate the introduction of gas; at least one precursor gas arrangement to introduce precursor gas into the... Agent: Kurt J. Lesker Company

20120269967 - Hot wire atomic layer deposition apparatus and methods of use: Provided are gas distribution plates for atomic layer deposition apparatus including a hot wire or hot wire unit which can be heated to excite gaseous species while processing a substrate. Methods of processing substrates using a hot wire to excite gaseous precursor species are also described.... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120269969 - Film deposition method and apparatus: A film deposition method of depositing a thin film by alternately supplying at least a first source gas and a second source gas to a substrate is disclosed. The film deposition method includes steps of evacuating a process chamber where the substrate is accommodated, without supplying any gas to the... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120269970 - Cleaning method and film depositing method: A cleaning method for a film deposition apparatus that deposits a polyimide film conveyed into a film deposition chamber by feeding a first source gas formed of dianhydride and a second source gas formed of diamine into the film deposition chamber, the method including the steps of: generating an oxygen... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120269971 - Method for disposing a component: Provided is a method for disposing a component on a substrate (100), the method comprising steps of: a step (a) of preparing the substrate (100), a first liquid, and a component-dispersing liquid; a step (b) of applying the first liquid to the substrate (100) along the +X direction continuously to... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120269972 - Optically absorptive material for alignment marks: Imprint lithography templates having alignment marks with highly absorptive material. The alignment marks are insensitive to the effects of liquid spreading and can provide stability and increase contrast to alignment system during liquid imprint filling of template features.... Agent: Molecular Imprints, Inc.

20120269973 - Automated layer by layer spray technology: The present invention comprises an automated apparatus capable of spray depositing polyelectrolytes via the LbL mechanism with minimal or no human interaction. In certain embodiments, the apparatus sprays atomized polyelectrolytes onto a vertically oriented substrate. To counteract the effects of irregular spray patterns, the substrate is preferably slowly rotated about... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20120269974 - Aqueously dispersible polyurethane: The invention relates to an aqueously dispersible polyurethane having a specific amount of substance of hydroxyl groups, —OH, of at least 0.6 mol/kg, and additionally satisfying at least two of the following conditions: a) a degree of branching measured as specific amount of substance of tertiary and/or quaternary aliphatic carbon... Agent: Cytec Austria Gmbh

20120269975 - Process for the production of a dark-color multi-layer coating: e

20120269976 - Moisture curable antifouling coating compositions: A one-package moisture curable composition is provided. The composition comprises, by weight percentage based on the dry weight of the composition, from 50 to 95% at least one silane terminated polybutadiene based polymer or silane terminated polyol based polymer and from 5 to 50% at least one fluoro/fluoroalkoxy-functionalized silane; wherein... Agent:

20120269977 - Two-component moisture curable coating compositions: A two-package moisture curable composition is provided. The composition comprises a first part comprising at least one silane terminated polyurethane and a second part comprising at least one silanol terminated polysiloxane; wherein the silane terminated polyurethane based polymer has at least one end group of the general formula: -A-(CH2)m-SiR1n(OR2)3-n, where... Agent:

20120269978 - Aqueous coating materials and method of producing stonechip-resistance coats: Disclosed are aqueous coating materials comprising at least one water-dispersible polymer (WP), having at least one functional group (a), preferably at least one crosslinking agent (V) having at least two functional groups (b), which react with the functional groups (a) of the water-dispersible polymer (WP) when the coating material cures,... Agent: Basf Coatings Gmbh

20120269979 - Rotary machine with separately controllable stations: A rotary machine may have multiple stations that have a linear motion operated by a cam and a rotational motion operated by individual motors mounted on each station. Each station may perform a motion profile that is proportional to the machine's central axis rotation or, in some cases, independent of... Agent: Computrol, Inc.

20120269980 - Container for selectively dispensing a material: A dispensing container apparatus having a tubular container with a bottom end and a rotatable annular upper end connected to a tubular shaft, and a compression member associated with the tubular shaft which causes a material disposed within the containment region to communicate into the tubular shaft or into a... Agent:

20120269981 - Solid oxide fuel cell and manufacturing method thereof: A solid oxide fuel cell including a metal frame, a pre-treated porous metal substrate, an anode layer, an electrolyte layer, a cathode interlayer and a cathode current collecting layer is provided. The pre-treated porous metal substrate is disposed inside the metal frame. The anode layer is disposed on the porous... Agent: Institute Of Nuclear Energy Research Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan

20120269982 - Method for electrochemical coating: In a method for coating a work piece, a layer is electrochemically produced from a first material. In order to generate an inhomogeneous expansion behavior of the layer, a thermal spraying, in particular a cold gas spraying, achieves that specific zones are created in the layer from a material having... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120269983 - System and method to apply topping materials to print products: Disclosed are systems and methods, including a method that includes depositing a curable adhesive onto a first surface of a substrate in a pre-determined pattern, placing topping material onto the substrate with the deposited adhesive, and applying UV energy to the substrate including the deposited adhesive and the placed topping... Agent: Scodox Ltd.

20120269984 - Electroconductive paste for electron beam curing and circuit board production method using same: The present invention provides an electroconductive paste for electron beam curing that allows the formation of a circuit board having an electroconductive layer that has superior hardness and bendability as well as superior adhesion to a plastic base even if used in a high-temperature environment. The present invention is an... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20120269985 - Atmospheric film-coating method: An atmospheric film-coating method is described, which includes the following steps. A substrate is provided. A gasification step is performed on a film coating solution to form a plurality of film coating vapor molecules. The film coating vapor molecules are deposited on a surface of the substrate to form the... Agent: Creating Nano Technologies, Inc.

20120269986 - Pearlescent pigment, process for producing the same, coating composition and multilayered coat: This invention relates to a pearlescent pigment, which is composed of flaky alumina substrate particles produced by a hydrothermal process and coat layers formed on the flaky substrate particles and composed of at least one metal oxide including at least a titanium oxide. The metal oxide has an average particle... Agent: Dainichiseika Color & Chemicals Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20120269987 - Processes and systems for engineering a barrier surface for copper deposition: An integrated system for processing a substrate in controlled environment to enable deposition of a thin copper seed layer on a surface of a metallic barrier layer of a copper interconnect is provided. The system includes a lab-ambient transfer chamber, a vacuum transfer chamber, a vacuum process module for cleaning... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

20120269988 - Method of manufacture of multilayer film: Provided is a process for producing a multilayer film which, even when bent, is less apt to decrease in barrier property or electrical conductivity. The process comprises forming a barrier film and a transparent conductive film on a resin film to produce a multilayer film. The barrier film is formed... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20120269989 - Low temperature silicon oxide conversion: A method of forming a silicon oxide layer is described. The method first deposits a silicon-nitrogen-and-hydrogen-containing (polysilazane) film by radical-component chemical vapor deposition (CVD). The polysilazane film is converted to silicon oxide by exposing the polysilazane film to humidity at low substrate temperature. The polysilazane film may also be dipped... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

10/18/2012 > 26 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20120263863 - Marked precoated medical device and method of manufacturing same: A medical device, such as a medical wire, which includes a coating applied to the surface of the medical wire. The coating includes a base layer bonded to the surface of the medical wire and an at least partially transparent low-friction top coat applied to the base layer. The base... Agent: Innovatech, LLC

20120263864 - Method and a drum coater for coating small items, such as tablets, and a coating system comprising such drum coaters: The drum coater comprises a substantially cylindrical drum (11) with a peripheral wall and a substantially horizontal axis of rotation. The method comprises providing a coating zone within the drum, feeding tablets into the drum, spinning the drum containing the tablets at a rotational speed such that a substantially annular... Agent:

20120263865 - Dual lane coating: The present invention relates to methods and apparatuses for forming an active-containing film product, while significantly reducing the amount of wasted active material. The resulting product is an active-containing film product that meets the user's predetermined criteria of physical properties and is suitable for use.... Agent: Monosol Rx, LLC

20120263866 - Method for measuring layer thickness by means of laser triangulation, and device: A method for determining the layer thickness of a component to be coated is provided. The monitoring of the process is automated by carrying out laser triangulation measurement before and after the coating of the component. At least one reference point on the component is used to determine the distortion... Agent:

20120263867 - Composition, film manufacturing method, as well as functional device and manufacturing method therefor: Disclosed are compositions, useful in ink jet printing methods, that prevent clogging during dispensing, achieve stable dispensing, prevent precipitating of content matter during dispensing, and prevent phase separation during film formation. Also disclosed are uniform, homogenous, functional films formed using the compositions and manufacturing methods therefor, as well as organic... Agent: Cambridge Display Technology Limited

20120263868 - Interconnect structure to reduce stress induced voiding effect: An interconnect structure that may reduce or eliminate stress induced voids is provided. In an embodiment, a via is formed below a conductive line to provide an electrical connection to an underlying conductive region. The conductive line includes a widened region above the via. The widened region serves to reduce... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20120263869 - Methods for forming a barrier layer with periodic concentrations of elements and structures resulting therefrom: A method is provided which includes dispensing and removing different deposition solutions during an electroless deposition process to form different sub-films of a composite layer. Another method includes forming a film by an electroless deposition process and subsequently annealing the microelectronic topography to induce diffusion of an element within the... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

20120263870 - Carbon dioxide gas sensors and method of manufacturing and using same: A gas sensor includes a substrate and a pair of interdigitated metal electrodes selected from the group consisting of Pt, Pd, Au, Ir, Ag, Ru, Rh, In, and Os. The electrodes each include an upper surface. A first solid electrolyte resides between the interdigitated electrodes and partially engages the upper... Agent:

20120263871 - Optical film and method for production thereof: The invention relates to a resin solution containing polyester with a specific structure, an optical film containing the polyester, and methods for production thereof Further, the invention also relates to an optical laminate, a polarizing plate, and an image display device each using the optical film. The polyester may be... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120263872 - Optical multilayer thin-film filters and methods for manufacturing same: Optical multilayer thin-film filters (OMTFFs) are disclosed. An exemplary filter includes a transparent substrate, a multilayer film (MF) on a surface of the substrate, and a top layer. The MF is of alternatingly laminated layers of a high-refractive-index (HRI) material and a low-refractive-index (LRI) material. The top layer is on... Agent: Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20120263873 - Self-cleaning nozzle for applying adhesive to a moving web: A nozzle for applying a liquid adhesive to a web moving continuously in a travel direction has a body having a passage forming an outlet opening generally transversely to the direction immediately adjacent the moving web at a face of the body so that the liquid adhesive flows through the... Agent:

20120263874 - Fluid bed reactor: Fluidized bed reactor systems for producing high purity silicon-coated particles are disclosed. A vessel has an outer wall, an insulation layer inwardly of the outer wall, at least one heater positioned inwardly of the insulation layer, a removable concentric liner inwardly of the heater, a central inlet nozzle, a plurality... Agent:

20120263875 - Method and apparatus for depositing a material layer originating from process gas on a substrate wafer: u

20120263876 - Deposition of silicon dioxide on hydrophobic surfaces: Methods for forming silicon dioxide thin films on hydrophobic surfaces are provided. For example, in some embodiments, silicon dioxide films are deposited on porous, low-k materials. The silicon dioxide films can be deposited using a catalyst and a silanol. In some embodiments, an undersaturated dose of one or more of... Agent: AsmIPHolding B.v.

20120263877 - Cvd reactor having gas inlet zones that run in a strip-like manner and a method for deposition of a layer on a substrate in a cvd reactor of this kind: The invention relates to a CVD reactor having a process chamber (1), the floor (3) of which is formed by a susceptor (2) for receiving substrates (4) to be coated with a layer and the ceiling (6) of which is formed by the underside of a gas inlet element (5)... Agent:

20120263878 - Powder mix and a method for producing a building panel: A powder mix layer for a building panel and a method for producing a building panel with a decorative surface produced from a powder mix layer with a controlled loss on cure.... Agent: Ceraloc Innovation Belgium Bvba

20120263879 - Vacuum assisted slot die coating techniques: Systems, apparatuses, techniques and processes for applying a wet film to a substrate using a slot die are provided. In one form, the air pressure around at least a portion of the discharge end of the slot die is adjustable by the application of a vacuum force in order to... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120263880 - Method for making bouncing ball with columns: A method for making a bouncing ball with columns is provided. The method includes the steps of: providing a mold comprising an upper mold and a lower mold each having a plurality of column holes extending outward from an inner surface thereof and being communicated with an outside of the... Agent:

20120263881 - Release coating: Described herein is the use of a modified PET in combination with a vinyl addition silicone water-based release coating to provide performance equivalent to the silicone by itself at a lower cost than the silicone by itself and resulting in a release backing paper that can be repulped and recycled... Agent: Eco-friendly Solutions, LLC

20120263882 - Resin-impregnated base substrate and method for producing the same: A resin-impregnated base substrate is provided by immersing a sheet in an aromatic liquid crystal polyester solution composition so that the polyester is impregnated into the sheet, and removing the solvent. The composition comprises 20 to 50 parts by weight of an aromatic liquid crystal polyester and 100 parts by... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20120263883 - Resin modifier: The present invention provides a resin modifier capable of obtaining a coating film having satisfactory basic performances such as antistatic properties, water resistance and transparency, a method for producing a coating film using the resin modifier, and a coating film obtained by the production method. The resin modifier of the... Agent:

20120263884 - Coating agent for a water pressure transfer film, a water pressure transfer method and a water pressure transfer article: A coating agent (60) comprising an ultraviolet ray hardening resin composite (62) to be applied on a water pressure transfer film (20) contains no organic solvent, but contains at least photo-polymerization pre-polymer, photo-polymerization monomer and photo-polymerization initiator and having a viscosity of 10 to 100 CPS (25° C.) and an... Agent: Taica Corporation

20120263885 - Method for the manufacture of a reflective layer system for back surface mirrors: In method for the manufacture of a reflective layer system on a substrate with at least one metallic reflective layer, a dielectric, transparent layer is deposited on the substrate as a silicon oxide containing layer using a suitable PVD process. The coated substrate subsequently is transferred out of the vacuum... Agent: Von Ardenne Anlagentechnik Gmbh

20120263886 - Thin film deposition via a spatially-coordinated and time-synchronized process: A system and process for the formation of thin film materials. The process includes forming a plasma from a first material stream and allowing the plasma to evolve in space and/or time to extinguish species that are detrimental to the quality of the thin film material. After the plasma evolves... Agent:

20120263887 - Technique and apparatus for ion-assisted atomic layer deposition: An apparatus for depositing a coating may comprise a first processing chamber configured to deposit a first reactant as a reactant layer on a substrate during a first time period. A second processing chamber may be configured to direct ions incident on the substrate at a second time and configured... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20120263888 - Film formation apparatus for semiconductor process and method for using the same: A method is provided for using a film formation apparatus including a process container having an inner surface, which contains as a main component a material selected from the group consisting of quartz and silicon carbide. The method includes performing a film formation process to form a silicon nitride film... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

10/11/2012 > 25 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20120258238 - Polymer for controlling delivery of bioactive agents and method of use: A medical device includes a base material and chlorhexidine or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof disposed in the base material sufficient to reduce microbial growth. The base material includes a polymer having a silicone monomer and a urethane monomer. To make the medical device having an antimicrobial agent, a silicone-urethane-carbonate... Agent: Teleflex Medical Incorporated

20120258239 - Evaporation system with measurement unit: An evaporator for evaporating a material onto a substrate is described. The evaporator includes a guiding means for guiding the material towards at least one opening nozzle. The guiding means includes a measurement outlet for a portion of the material. The evaporator further includes a first measurement system configured for... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120258240 - Methods and apparatuses for roll-on coating: Coating rollers accepting liquid media provide liquid chemicals to substrates for depositing a thin coating layer on the flat substrates, such as semiconductors or panels. The liquid media is cooled to a life-preserving temperature while shielded from the thermal energy heating the substrates to prevent degrading the liquid media. Physical... Agent: Dynamic Micro Systems, Semiconductor Equipment Gmbh

20120258241 - Electrical contact material in high-temperature electrochemical devices: The feasibility of adding glass to conventional SOFC cathode contact materials in order to improve bonding to adjacent materials in the cell stack is assessed. A variety of candidate glass compositions were added to LSM and SSC. The important properties of the resulting composites, including conductivity, sintering behavior, CTE, and... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120258242 - In-line film-forming apparatus, method of manufacturing magnetic recording medium, and gate valve: Provided is an in-line film-forming apparatus capable of opening and closing a gate valve at a high speed while preventing the occurrence of vibration due to the opening and closing of the gate valve. In the in-line film-forming apparatus, immediately before a piston (114) in a cylinder (115) reaches an... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20120258243 - Method and apparatus for producing a fresnel zone plate: o

20120258244 - Window with anti-bacterial and/or anti-fungal feature and method of making same: Certain example embodiments of this invention relate to a window having anti-fungal/anti-bacterial properties and/or self-cleaning properties, and a method of making the same. In certain example embodiments, a silver based layer is be provided and the layer(s) located thereover (e.g., the zirconium oxide inclusive layer) are designed to permit silver... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20120258245 - Paint with metallic microwires, process for integrating metallic microwires in paint and process for applying said paint on metallic surfaces: sanding said active third coat (4) with fine grain sandpaper to remove the microwires oriented perpendicular to the plane of the metallic surface; the maximum attenuation frequency of the reflectivity of said electromagnetic radiation being determined within of the range of maximum attenuation frequencies given by the composition of the... Agent: Micromag 2000, S.l.

20120258246 - System, nozzle, and method for coating elastic strands: A contact nozzle for coating an elastic strand with an adhesive. Air is discharged at the adhesive in contact with the strand, causing the adhesive to spread around the periphery of the strand. The air assists with release of the adhesive from the nozzle and also cleans the nozzle to... Agent: Nordson Corporation

20120258247 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet: Provided are a PSA composition capable of forming a PSA having an excellent high-temperature cohesive strength and low-temperature adhesive strength with low corrosiveness to metal; and a PSA sheet formed of the composition. The PSA composition comprises a copolymerization product of a monomer mixture having a composition containing at least... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120258248 - Method of employing enhanced penetration of wood preservatives to protect wood and a related solution: A method of protecting wood through enhanced penetration of wood preservatives includes providing a solution including (a) at least one amine oxide, (b) at least one organic wood preservative and (c) a non-borate buffering based agent. The solution has a pH of 5 to 12.4 and preferably about 7 to... Agent:

20120258249 - Low/zero voc glycol ether-esters as coalescents for aqueous polymeric dispersions: Certain ether-esters compounds and certain ether ester coalescents are provided. Also provided are an aqueous coating composition including an aqueous polymeric dispersion and from 0.1% to 40% by weight, based on the weight of the aqueous polymeric dispersion solids, of the glycol ether-ester coalescents and a method for forming a... Agent:

20120258250 - Extrusion-based additive manufacturing process with part annealing: A method for building a three-dimensional part, the method comprising providing a printed three-dimensional part and support structure, where the support structure comprises at least two polymers having different glass transition temperatures. The method also comprises annealing the three-dimensional part.... Agent: Stratasys, Inc.

20120258251 - Apparatus and method for coating substrate: An apparatus and a method for producing a liquid film from one or more liquid precursors onto the surface of a substrate in order to establish a coating, the apparatus being arranged to direct an aerosol flow against the surface of the substrate in a coating chamber. The apparatus includes... Agent: Beneq Oy

20120258252 - Wind turbine fluid application apparatus: A wind turbine tower cleaning or coating apparatus is provided. The apparatus includes a frame which circumferentially extends at least partially around a wind turbine tower. A separator structure can be attached to the frame and extends between the frame and the wind turbine tower to position the frame at... Agent:

20120258253 - Methods for forming an oxide-dispersion strengthened coating: A method for forming an oxide-dispersion strengthened coating on a metal substrate is disclosed. The method generally includes comminuting MCrAlY alloy particles to form an oxygen-enriched powder, wherein at least about 25% by volume of the MCrAlY alloy particles within the oxygen-enriched powder have a particle size of less than... Agent: General Electric Company

20120258254 - Methods for providing high-surface area coatings to mitigate hydrocarbon deposits on engine and powertrain components: Provided are methods related to preventing hydrocarbon residue buildup in engine, exhaust-gas-system or powertrain components. Prevention is achieved by applying coating of a mixed metal oxide via a suspension plasma spray.... Agent: Basf Corporation

20120258255 - Control of film composition in co-sputter deposition by using collimators: The present disclosure includes a method for control of a film composition with co-sputter physical vapor deposition. In one implementation, the method includes: positioning first and second PVD guns above a substrate, selecting first and second collimators having first and second sets of physical characteristics, positioning the first and second... Agent: Intermolecular, Inc.

20120258256 - Guided non-line of sight coating: A method for applying a vapor deposition coating onto a substrate with a non line of sight or limited line of sight is disclosed. A vapor stream is provided in a chamber that is below atmospheric pressure. The vapor stream is impinged with a working gas that provides a flow... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20120258257 - Nanolayer deposition process: A hybrid deposition process of CVD and ALD, called NanoLayer Deposition (NLD) is provided. The NLD process is a cyclic sequential deposition process, including introducing a first plurality of precursors to deposit a thin film and introducing a second plurality of precursors to modify the deposited thin film. The deposition... Agent: Asm International N.v.

20120258258 - Method of reusing a consumable part for use in a plasma processing apparatus: A method of reusing a consumable part for use in a plasma processing apparatus includes cleaning a surface of the consumable part made of SiC that has been eroded by a first plasma process performed for a specific period of time. The method further includes depositing SiC on the cleaned... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120258259 - Apparatus and method for uv treatment, chemical treatment, and deposition: Embodiments of the present invention provide apparatus and methods for performing UV treatment and chemical treatment and/or deposition in the same chamber. One embodiment of the present invention provides a processing chamber including a UV transparent gas distribution showerhead disposed above a substrate support located in an inner volume of... Agent:

20120258260 - Method and device for polarizing a dbd electrode: The invention relates to a device for treating the surface of a substrate by means of dielectric barrier discharge for generating a filamentary plasma, including a reaction chamber comprising a mixture having a composition such that, when in contact with the plasma, the mixture decomposes and generates species capable of... Agent: Agc Glass Europe

20120258261 - Increasing etch selectivity of carbon films with lower absorption co-efficient and stress: A method for depositing a film includes arranging a substrate in a plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition chamber. A first ashable hardmask (AHM) layer that is carbon-based is deposited on the substrate. During the depositing of the first AHM layer, doping is performed with at least one dopant selected from... Agent: Novellus Systems, Inc.

20120258262 - Methods and apparatuses for roll-on coating.: Methods and apparatuses for a deposition system are provided to deposit a thin coating layer on flat substrates, such as semiconductors or panels. In an embodiment, liquid supplied rollers accepting liquid media provide liquid chemicals to the substrates for coating the substrates. The liquid delivery system can control the flow... Agent: Dynamic Micro Systems, Semiconductor Equipment Gmbh

10/04/2012 > 36 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20120251703 - Use of low global warming potential (lgwp) solvents for finger print development applications: Developing compositions are provided herein for use in producing a visibly detectable image of a latent physiological biometric. The developing compositions include a carrier solvent that includes at least one C3-C4 hydrofluorocarbon olefin or at least one hydrochlorofluorocarbon olefin.... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120251704 - Conditioning method, computer readable storage medium and substrate processing apparatus: In a conditioning method conditions interiors of a plurality of process chambers of a substrate processing apparatus, conditioning of the interior of the first process chamber is performed if a first integrated value set in connection with the process of the substrate reaches a set value N1. The second process... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120251705 - Temperature controlling method and plasma processing system: In order to control a temperature of a wafer with high accuracy, there is provided a temperature controlling method including retrieving a result of measuring a kind of a film formed on a rear surface of the wafer; selecting a temperature of the wafer corresponding to an electric power supplied... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120251707 - Adhesives: The invention provides an adhesive comprising structurally modified, pyrogenically prepared silicas containing on their surface organosilane groups of the formula (I) SiCnH(2n+1), where n is 2 to 18. The invention further provides for the use of these structurally modified, pyrogenically prepared silicas in adhesives.... Agent: Evonik Degussa Gmbh

20120251708 - Biosensor, thin film electrode forming method, quantification apparatus, and quantification method: A biosensor is disclosed comprising a support; a conductive layer composed of an electrical conductive material such as a noble metal, for example gold or palladium, and carbon; slits parallel to and perpendicular to the side of the support; working, counter, and detecting electrodes; a spacer which covers the working,... Agent:

20120251709 - Method for manufacturing ceramic electronic component and ceramic electronic component: A method for manufacturing a ceramic electronic component capable of preventing degradation of the self alignment property and product characteristics due to absorption of flux into pores of a ceramic element assembly during soldering in mounting and a ceramic electronic component. In the method, a ceramic element assembly is subjected... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120251706 - Method of manufacturing an anti-fingerprint paint and use of the anti-fingerprint paint: A method of manufacturing the anti-fingerprint paint is described hereinafter. Firstly, blend fluorinated polymer with fluorocarbon solvents to form fluorocarbon polymer paint. Secondly, blend nano-particles with the fluorocarbon solvents, then add the fluorine-couplant into the fluorocarbon solvents with the nano-particles therein, and further mix up the above-mentioned solvents to get... Agent:

20120251710 - Method of producing high purity siox nanoparticles with excellent volatility and apparatus for producing the same: The present disclosure provides a method of producing high purity SiOx nanoparticles with excellent volatility and an apparatus for producing the same, which enables mass production of SiOx nanoparticles by melting silicon through induction heating and injecting gas to a surface of the molten silicon. The apparatus includes a vacuum... Agent: Korea Institute Of Energy Research

20120251711 - Method of manufacturing a glass substrate for a magnetic disk and method of manufacturing a magnetic disk: In a magnetic disk glass substrate manufacturing method, a main surface of a glass substrate is polished using a polishing liquid containing colloidal silica abrasive particles as polishing abrasive particles and a surface plate with a polishing pad, then the glass substrate is brought into contact with a liquid containing... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20120251712 - High-intensity, persistent photoluminescent formulations and objects, and methods for creating the same: Disclosed is a method for creating a photoluminescent object that is fabricated by applying to a preformed article, at least one photoluminescent formulation to result in a photoluminescent layer. The at least one photoluminescent formulation comprises at least an effective amount of at least one phosphorescent material and another effective... Agent: Performance Indicator, LLC

20120251714 - Fine grained, non banded, refractory metal sputtering targets with a uniformly random crystallographic orientation, method for making such film, and thin film based devices and products made therefrom: In various embodiments, sputtering targets are refurbished by spray-depositing a powder within a furrow in the sputtering target to form a layer therein.... Agent:

20120251713 - Method for restoring antimicrobial hydrophilic coatings: A method for restoring a silver oxide-containing hydrophilic coating includes heating the coating to a temperature between about 260° C. and about 540° C. and maintaining the coating at a temperature between about 260° C. and about 540° C. in an environment containing oxygen and ozone for less than 24... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Space Systems International, Inc.

20120251715 - Invisible composite security element: Disclosed is a composite security element and a method for applying the same to a substrate (e.g., paper). The composite security element has a first pattern mark and a second pattern mark. The first pattern mark is marked in first (active) marking material (e.g., ink) and the second pattern mark... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20120251716 - Method and apparatus for applying a coating to a surface: A method for applying a coating to a surface comprising providing a sprayable liquid binding agent formed of first and second components, pumping the first and second components of the binding agent to a first dispensing device (13) and combining the first and second components in the first dispensing device... Agent:

20120251717 - Photographic printing paper and method of making same: A non-absorbing barrier layer for photographic printing paper includes a non-polyolefin resin. A photographic printing paper includes a base substrate; a image receiving layer and a barrier layer comprising a non-polyolefin resin coated on the base substrate. A method of making a photographic printing paper includes coating a barrier layer... Agent:

20120251719 - Process for manufacturing a heat insulation container: A process for manufacturing a heat insulation container mainly includes preparing a coating material by mixing a binder and a thermo-expandable powder, coating such coating material on a surface of a container and then heating the container to foam the coated material after the container is shaped. The foamed coating... Agent:

20120251718 - Sol-gel transition control of coatings by addition of solidifiers for conformal coatings on textured glass: Embodiments of the invention generally relate to methods and compositions for forming conformal coatings on textured substrates. More specifically, embodiments of the invention generally relate to sol-gel processes and sol-gel compositions for forming low refractive index conformal coatings on textured transparent substrates. In one embodiment a method of forming a... Agent: Intermolecular, Inc.

20120251721 - Device and method for forming film: The present disclosure relates to a film forming apparatus for forming a thin film on a surface of an object to be processed by using an organic metal raw material gas within a processing chamber configured to exhaust air, wherein a hydrophobic layer is installed on a surface of a... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120251722 - Device and method for thermal evaporation of silicon: An evaporator cell (100), in particular for evaporating a high-melting material like Si, comprises a first crucible (10) being adapted for receiving the material to be evaporated and providing a first evaporation volume, and a heating device (30) being arranged for heating the first crucible (10), wherein the first crucible... Agent: Createch Fischer & Co. Gmbh

20120251723 - Method of cleaning film forming apparatus, film forming method, and film forming apparatus: Plasma is generated on the first condition between a cathode electrode and an anode electrode. Then, plasma is generated on the second condition different from the first condition. The second condition is for spreading plasma between the cathode electrode and the anode electrode in the outer peripheral direction as compared... Agent:

20120251720 - Vapor collection: An apparatus for collecting condensed vapor during physical vapor deposition includes an enclosure configured to be placed adjacent to one or more vapor sources in a vacuum chamber. The enclosure includes an internal surface of the enclosure partially enclosing a volume of space configured to receive an object wherein the... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20120251724 - Beta-ketoimine ligand, method of preparing the same, metal complex comprising the same and method of forming thin film using the same:

20120251725 - Imprint method, and imprint apparatus for implementing the same: An imprint method includes, in the peeling step of peeling a mold off the material layer to be transferred, a region-of-contact recognition operation of recognizing and determining a region of contact of the mold with the material layer to be transferred, a center-of-gravity locating operation of determining a center of... Agent: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

20120251726 - Method of manufacturing film with coating: The tip of a downstream lip is disposed so as to be further separated from a web as compared to the tip of an adjacent lip, and downstream and upstream spacers are placed so that the a liquid discharge port length interposed between two downstream spacers is shorter than that... Agent:

20120251727 - Process for producing rigid open-cell foam: To provide a process capable of producing a light-weight rigid open-cell foam by a spraying method using mainly or solely water as a blowing agent, wherein a polyol system liquid is excellent in storage stability even when the blowing agent is used in a large amount, and the foam is... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20120251728 - Oil-repellent coating material composition:

20120251729 - Coating compositions with alkoxy-containing aminofunctional silicone resins: This invention relates to a coating composition comprising (A) 100 weight parts of at least one epoxy resin; (B) 40 to 900 weight parts of at least one alkoxy-containing aminofunctional silicone resin; (C) up to 50 weight parts of at least one organic hardener; (D) up to 100 weight parts... Agent:

20120251730 - Two-component coating compositions: The present invention describes two-component coating compositions which for curing require no polyisocyanates or melamine-formaldehyde resins as crosslinkers.... Agent: Basf Se

20120251731 - Curtain coating method and curtain coating device: A curtain coating method including: discharging at least one coating liquid from a slot type die; forming a coating liquid film of the coating liquid freely falling; and applying the coating liquid film to a support medium continuously running, with both right and left ends of the coating liquid film... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20120251732 - Process of applying water-based rubber copolyer to textile: A process of making a textile comprising dropping a predetermined amount of rubber copolymer in a reactor filled with a solvent including 90-100 wt % of toluene, 0-10 wt % of acetone, and 0-10 wt % of ethanol; adjusting conditions of the reactor to a predetermined range of temperature and... Agent:

20120251733 - Electroless plating apparatus, method of electroless plating, and manufacturing method of printed circuit board: An electroless plating solution is contained in a plating tank of an electroless plating apparatus. A reference electrode and a counter electrode are immersed in the electroless plating solution. A conductive member is provided to be electrically in contact with a conductive layer formed of a long-sized substrate. The conductive... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120251734 - Drying device: A drying device (10) includes: a drying furnace (12); a plurality of guide rollers (14) that are arranged in the drying furnace (12) and that transport a sheet-like current collector (210); and a vibration imparting device (16) that is provided for at least part (14a) of the plurality of guide... Agent:

20120251735 - Printing conductive lines: A method for printing conductive lines on a substrate includes printing a pattern of conductive material (204) on the substrate to; and sintering a first part of the pattern of conductive material.... Agent:

20120251736 - Conductive ink composition, method for manufacturing the same, and method for manufacturing conductive thin layer using the same: Disclosed is a conductive ink composition, a manufacturing method thereof, and a manufacturing method of a conductive thin film using the same, and more specifically, a conductive ink composition is provided that includes composite metal nanoparticles including first metal nanoparticles and second metal nanoparticles, and a polymer matrix. The polymer... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20120251737 - Plasma-nitriding method: A plasma-nitriding method for plasma-nitriding a silicon nitride film includes loading a target object into a processing chamber and mounting the target object on a mounting table; heating the target object; supplying a processing gas containing a nitrogen-containing gas and a rare gas into the processing chamber while introducing a... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120251738 - Magnetic field assisted deposition: Embodiments relate to applying a magnetic field across the paths of injected polar precursor molecules to cause spiral movement of the precursor molecules relative to the surface of a substrate. When the polar precursor molecules arrive at the surface of the substrate, the polar precursor molecules make lateral movements on... Agent: Synos Technology, Inc.

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