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09/27/2012 > 23 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20120244273 - system and a method for solder mask inspection: A system and a method for method for printing a solder mask on a printed circuit board (PCB), the method includes: acquiring images of multiple areas of a PCB by an inspection unit while the PCB is supported by a mechanical stage; determining spatial differences between a model of the... Agent: Camtek Ltd.

20120244274 - Dispensing method and apparatus: A dispensing method includes feeding a liquid material to one or more ejection parts arranged in a chamber; placing one or more objects on a stage; placing the chamber on the stage and forming a first hermetic space between the chamber and the stage; placing a lid member on the... Agent: Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

20120244275 - Flexible laminate board, process for manufacture of the board, and flexible print wiring board: A process for production of a flexible laminated sheet having one or more laminated bodies each provided with a metal foil formed on one side of a resin film. The process includes coating a varnish containing a polyamic acid and a solvent onto the metal foil, holding the coated film,... Agent:

20120244276 - Method for depositing a palladium layer suitable for wire bonding on conductors of a printed circuit board, and palladium bath for use in said method: A method for generating a surface that can be bonded with gold wire. The surface is obtained by first depositing an exchange palladium layer made of the electrolyte on conductors of printed circuit boards, in particular on conductors made of copper or conductive paste. The exchange palladium layer is then... Agent: Doduco Gmbh

20120244277 - Method for balancing a mass component by means of cmt welding: A rotating mass component with high balancing quality is provided. The balancing is performed in a substantially automated manner and without chip formation. A method for balancing a rotating mass component, such as a rotor is achieved by deposition welding of welding points on the mass component. The mass symmetry... Agent: Daimler Ag

20120244278 - Storage stable emulsions from low penetration grade bituminous binders: The present invention relates to emulsions comprising a (1→3)-β-D-glucan, a cationic emulsifier and a bituminous binder having a low penetration. The emulsion is storage stable whilst fast breaking, even under unfavourable environmental conditions such as high humidity and low temperature. The emulsions can conveniently be used in chip less surface... Agent: Latexfalt B.v.

20120244279 - Polarizer, method of manufacturing polarizer and liquid crystal projector: A polarizer capable of being manufactured in simple steps, and a method of manufacturing the polarizer, as well as a liquid crystal projector are provided. The polarizer includes a substrate having light permeability, and a plurality of linear projections being arranged on the substrate and extending along one direction within... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120244280 - Multi-step method for producing alkali-resistant anodized aluminum surfaces: The present invention relates to a multi-stage method for producing acid- and alkali-resistant, high-gloss anodized aluminum surfaces. In the method according to the invention, in a first step the anodized surface of aluminum and/or alloys of aluminum is compacted by bringing it into contact with an aqueous composition (A) containing... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20120244281 - Low work function diamond surface and radiation energy converters using same: A surface with a low work function is formed from a starting material of diamond or diamond-like carbon. An oxygenation treatment is performed, so that the surface of the diamond or diamond-like carbon is oxygenated. Lithium is then deposited onto the oxygenated surface by means of a physical vapour deposition... Agent: The University Of Bristol

20120244282 - Vapor deposition source: A vapor deposition source for vaporizing a material has a body forming an interior chamber, at least one crucible in the interior chamber, and a divider that divides the interior chamber into a transport channel and a distribution channel. To deposit vapor on an underlying substrate, the deposition source also... Agent: Vacuum Process Technology LLC

20120244285 - Bubble discharging structure, reverse printing block, display device, printing method, and method of manufacturing display device: Disclosed herein is a bubble discharging structure, including a substrate which has a first area and a second area adjacent to the first area, and on which a counter substrate is caused to come in contact with the first area to provide a film having a first pattern, and a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120244283 - Method for producing baseball or softball and mold for producing ball cover thereof: In a baseball or softball shaping method and mold for a ball cover, firstly the ball core is independently formed, thereafter the ball core is placed in the mold cavity of the mold, this mold being constructed from two corresponding figure of 8 shaped soft mold pieces, a joining surface... Agent:

20120244284 - Pattern forming apparatus and pattern forming method: A pattern forming apparatus includes a first nozzle part 52 in which discharge nozzles 523 for discharging an application liquid are arranged in a row in a direction (Y-direction) perpendicular to a scan-moving direction relative to a substrate, and a second nozzle part 72 including a pair of discharge nozzles... Agent: Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20120244286 - Pattern forming method: A pattern forming method includes the steps of: forming a pattern transfer layer on a process target film; bringing a mold into contact with the pattern transfer layer, the mold having a predetermined relief pattern on a surface thereof and including a porous layer formed on the surface and impregnated... Agent:

20120244287 - Active ice-phobic freeze point reducing anti-ice coating and method for providing anti-ice protection to surfaces: The present invention provides a method for providing anti-ice protection to surfaces, particularly aerodynamic surfaces, to prevent foul weather icing for extended periods of time and over repeated icing situations, comprising applying an organic polymer matrix layer to the surface where the organic polymer matrix layer comprises a homopolymer comprising... Agent:

20120244288 - Alkyd dispersion, and a process for producing the same: The instant invention provides a high-solid, solvent-free alkyd dispersion, and a continuous process for producing the same. The aqueous alkyd dispersion, according to the present invention comprises (a) from 40 to 70 percent by weight of one or more alkyds based on the total weight of the dispersion, wherein each... Agent:

20120244289 - Coating apparatus and methods: A coating end effector may be carried by a robot. A plasma spray head is mounted by a joint to the end effector. A plurality of actuators couple the end effector and plasma spray head to provide articulation of the joint. The apparatus may be used to coat an airfoil... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20120244290 - Deposition substrate temperature and monitoring: The disclosure provides an apparatus for depositing a coating on one or more parts (21). The apparatus has: a chamber (22); a part holder (64) for carrying the part(s); a bias voltage source (94) coupled to the part(s) to apply a bias voltage to the part(s); a source (34) of... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20120244291 - Low voltage near-field electrospinning method and device: An electrospinning method includes providing a nozzle fluidically coupled to a source of polymer ink and providing a substrate adjacent to the nozzle. A first voltage is applied to the nozzle to initiate electrospinning of the polymer ink onto the substrate, wherein the first voltage is within the range of... Agent:

20120244292 - Method for manufacturing electrode having porous coating layer, electrode manufactured therefrom, and electrochemical device comprising the same: A method for manufacturing an electrode may include (S1) preparing a sol solution containing a metal alkoxide compound, and (S2) forming a porous non-woven coating layer of an inorganic fiber by electroemitting the sol solution onto an outer surface of an electrode active material layer formed on at least one... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20120244293 - Method for producing polymer sheet having three-dimensional pattern on surface: Provided is a method for simply producing a polymer sheet having a three-dimensional pattern on surface. The method produces such a polymer sheet having a three-dimensional pattern on surface by applying a polymerizable composition to one surface of a polymer sheet and allowing the surface to have a three-dimensionally altered... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120244294 - Cross-linking moiety: A cross-linking moiety having a general formula I: N3—ArF—W, wherein ArF comprises a fluorinated phenyl azide group having at least one non-fluorine substituent that is bulkier than fluorine at a meta position relative to the azide group, and W comprises an electron-withdrawing group.... Agent:

20120244295 - Method of defining electrodes using laser-ablation and dielectric material: A method of forming an electrochemical test sensor includes providing a base. Electrochemically-active material is placed on the base. Dielectric material is applied over the electrochemically-active material. A first selected area of the dielectric material is laser-ablated to expose the electrochemically-active material. A second selected area of the dielectric material... Agent: Bayer Healthcare LLC

09/20/2012 > 32 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20120237666 - Preformulation for tabletting natural mixtures of conjugated estrogens: A method of producing a pharmaceutical preformulation in the form of a solid, free-flowing dry extract of a natural mixture of conjugated equine estrogens, which is particularly suitable use in for solid galenic forms, e.g. tabletting. The conjugated estrogens are available for further galenic processing in a form which assures... Agent: Abbott Products Gmbh

20120237667 - Printed layer formation processing device and printed layer formation processing method: A printed layer formation processing device performs a part of a process for forming a printed layer on a part of the print medium by a first colorant in a molded object formation process. The printed layer formation processing device includes: a formation amount correspondence relationship storage part that stores... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120237668 - Solid particles having a silicate coating: A method for producing solid particles having a silica coating, by: dispersing the solid particles to be coated in an aqueous medium to produce a solid particle dispersion, adjusting the pH of the solid particle dispersion by a buffer system to produce a buffered solid particle dispersion, and adding an... Agent: Giesecke & Devrient Gmbh

20120237669 - Successive deposition apparatus and successive deposition method: A successive deposition apparatus by which a reduction in the luminous efficiency of a light-emitting element can be suppressed even in high-speed deposition of a light-emitting layer thereof is provided. The apparatus includes: a second deposition chamber; a third deposition chamber coupled to the second deposition chamber; a transfer unit... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120237670 - Fabricating method of solar cell: Provided are fabricating methods of a solar cell capable of displaying a predetermined color. The method includes forming a first electrode on a substrate and forming a light-absorbing layer on the first electrode. The light-absorbing layer may have a composition ratio, a content of the amorphous portion, or an energy... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120237671 - Method and arrangement for application of electrically conductive layers with a high current carrying capability for making internal contact with channels: A method applies layers to channels of a resistance heating element, where the channels are arranged in a honeycomb structure and receive a medium to be heated. Adjacent layers communicate with electrically conducting end-face metallizations of the resistance heating element and have, at an opposite end, an insulation region in... Agent: Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung, E.v.

20120237673 - Method for producing optical film: The method for producing an optical film includes a step of preparing a first coating liquid containing a certain amount of light-transmitting particles, a resin, and a solvent, a second coating liquid containing an amount less than the certain amount of light-transmitting particles, a resin, and a solvent, or not... Agent:

20120237672 - Method for tuning photonic crystal: The present invention is to provide a method for tuning photonic crystal. The photonic crystal has a plurality of voids and is immersed in a predetermined liquid. The predetermined liquid has a refractive index. The method for tuning photonic crystal is used to control the liquid-solid affinity for adjusting the... Agent:

20120237674 - Method for producing polarizing element: A method for producing a polarizing element includes the steps of : forming a coating film of a metal on a glass substrate; forming an island-shaped film composed of a metal halide on the glass substrate by partially removing the coating film and also halogenating the metal; forming needle-shaped particles... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120237675 - Polarization preserving projection screen with engineered particle and method for making same: Polarization preserving projection screens provide optimum polarization preservation for 3D viewing. The projection screens additionally provide improved light control for enhanced brightness, uniformity, and contrast for both 2D and 3D systems. Generally, the disclosed method for providing a projection screen comprises embossing at least a first side of a first... Agent: Reaid Inc.

20120237676 - Sol-gel based formulations and methods for preparation of hydrophobic ultra low refractive index anti-reflective coatings on glass: Embodiments of the invention relate generally to methods and compositions for forming porous low refractive index coatings on substrates. In one embodiment, a method of forming a porous coating on a substrate is provided. The method comprises coating a substrate with a sol-gel composition comprising at least one self assembling... Agent: Intermolecular, Inc.

20120237677 - Patterning of ultra-low refractive index high surface area nanoparticulate films: A method for forming a nanoporous film pattern on a substrate comprising imparting differential surface energy to a surface of a substrate to define first areas having a first surface energy conducive to maintenance of a nanoporous film thereon and second areas having a second surface energy non-conducive to maintenance... Agent: The Curators Of The University Of Missouri

20120237679 - Apparatus and methods for depositing one or more organic materials on a substrate: Embodiments are disclosed of apparatus and methods for depositing one or more organic materials onto a substrate. One or more thin films can thereby be formed. The organic materials can be those employed in organic LED (OLED) technologies.... Agent: Kateeva, Inc.

20120237678 - Tool for harvesting polycrystalline silicon-coated rods from a chemical vapor deposition reactor: A tool for harvesting polycrystalline silicon-coated rods from a chemical vapor deposition reactor includes a body including outer walls sized for enclosing the rods within the outer walls. Each outer wall includes a door for allowing access to at least one of the rods.... Agent: Memc Electronic Materials Spa

20120237680 - Method for elaborating carbon nanotubes on a substrate: A method for elaborating carbon nanotubes on a substrate is provided. The method may comprise a step for growing on the substrate the nanotubes by chemical vapor deposition by having a stream comprising a carbon source, a precursor source of an oxide compound and, optionally a catalyst source, pass over... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20120237682 - In-situ mask alignment for deposition tools: A system for handling masked substrates comprising a chamber having a pedestal for supporting a substrate, and a chuck for supporting a mask in relation to a substrate. The system may include an alignment system operable to confirm alignment of the mask and the substrate. A method of positioning a... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120237681 - System and method of depicting foliage: A system and method for creating and replicating foliage patterns comprising: a first stencil, where the first stencil forms the shape of a leaf; and a second stencil, where the second stencil forms the shape of an arrangement of veins and stems of a leaf, wherein a user may selectively... Agent:

20120237683 - Absorbent article having a stable skin care composition: The present invention relates to an absorbent article having a stable skin care composition disposed on its skin-contacting surface. The skin care composition is readily transferable to the skin via normal contact, wearer motion, and/or body heat. Importantly, the skin care composition contains at least one skin care ingredient imparting... Agent:

20120237684 - Method of manufacturing a transparent member and plastic member: A plastic member, for example, a hydrocarbon-based transparent polymer molded product is subjected to fluorination processing in a fluorine gas within a reaction device 8 to fluorinate only a surface layer thereof. Thus, a refractive index can be lowered, a surface reflection can be lowered, and light transmittance of a... Agent: Tadahiro Ohmi

20120237685 - Method for producing a coated quartz glass component: In a known method, a SiO2 slip layer is applied to a basic quartz glass body by means of spraying on an SiO2 slip, the slip layer is dried and sintered to form an SiO2-containing functional layer. In order to permit the reproducible production of a functional quartz glass layer,... Agent: Heraeus Quarzglas Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120237686 - Antimicrobial glaze and porcelain enamel via double layer glaze with high zinc content: A cost-effective and practical antimicrobial glaze system and glazing process is disclosed herein. The antimicrobial glaze/enamel may comprise at least two layers: a base layer and a top layer. The base layer may contain a typical or normal glaze widely used in sanitary ware, having a low level of zinc... Agent: Ideal Standard International Bvba

20120237687 - Method of manufacturing carbon material: A method of manufacturing a carbon material that can prevent formation of unevenness of a coating film and degradation in adhesivity of the coating film, by inhibiting a carbon substrate from forming a portion in which a metal carbide layer is not formed. The method is characterized by including a... Agent: Toyo Tanso Co., Ltd.

20120237688 - Two-component polyurethane coating compositions: m

20120237689 - Golf ball coating system using magnetic levitation: A coating system for golf balls using magnetic levitation is described. Golf balls including magnetic material interact with a magnetic field generated by a magnetic field source with a platform. The interaction between the magnetic field and the golf ball causes the golf ball to levitate above the platform. A... Agent:

20120237690 - Continuous powder coating method for profiles having little or no conductivity: A process for applying an electrostatic coating to a profile in-line, the method including the steps of forming a profile, applying a primer composition to the profile, the primer composition including at least one halogen, halogen salt, halogen complex or mixture thereof and at least one carrier and electrostatically applying... Agent:

20120237691 - Method of forming metal oxide film: Provided is a method of forming a metal oxide film. In the method, a metal oxide film is formed on a substrate using a coating solution including a metal precursor, and electrical conductivity of the metal oxide film is controlled.... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120237692 - Effective coating method for plate type nano materials on large area substrate: A method for coating a substrate with a plate type nanomaterial is provided. The method involves preparing a dispersed solution containing the plate type nanomaterial and a surface active agent, dipping the substrate into the dispersed solution, and drying the substrate after withdrawing the substrate from the dispersed solution. Also... Agent:

20120237693 - In-situ clean process for metal deposition chambers: Embodiments of the invention include methods for in-situ chamber dry clean for metal deposition chambers. In one embodiment, a method for in-situ chamber dry clean after a metal deposition process includes placing a substrate in a processing chamber, performing a metal deposition process on the substrate in the processing chamber,... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120237694 - Aluminum alloy coating process and method: The present disclosure describes a coating process and product using ultraviolet or electron beam curing of a low magnesium aluminum alloy to produce a product having mechanical properties suitable for tab and end stock.... Agent: Golden Aluminum, Inc.

20120237695 - Method and apparatus for depositing a thin film: A substrate is brought into close proximity with one or more gas injectors to deposit a thin film. As the substrate is moved horizontally along a predefined direction, it is injected with reactive gases and pyrolytically heated with a heating light focused on the substrate. To prevent photolytic reactions, the... Agent: 2-pye Solar, LLC

20120237696 - Fluid distribution members and/or assemblies: A fluid distribution member assembly for use in a substrate processing system includes a fluid distribution member having a central portion and a perimeter portion. The fluid distribution member defines at least one slot formed there-through and the at least one slot extends along a non-radial path configured to allow... Agent: Axcelis Technologies, Inc.

20120237697 - Method for surface coating cubtc metal-organic framework nanostructures on natural fibers: A method for the surface coating of CuBTC (Cu3(BTC)2, (BTC=1,3,5-benzenetricarboxylate; HKUST-1) Metal-Organic Framework (“MOF”) nanostructures on natural fibers is disclosed. The surface coating of CuBTC MOF nanostructures is achieved by sequential coating of the natural fibers with a copper precursor solution and a BTC precursor solution under ultrasound irradiation at... Agent: Tarbiat Modares University

09/13/2012 > 32 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20120231151 - Arrangement apparatus and arrangement method for forming nano particles in shape of pillar: Disclosed is an apparatus and method for arranging nanoparticles in a column shape by simultaneously inserting the nanoparticles into respective nanogrooves of a substrate with a nanogroove array.... Agent:

20120231153 - Hybrid compositions containing organic material and inorganic material, hybrid dielectric layers including the same, and methods of forming the same: Hybrid compositions are provided. The hybrid composition includes poly-4-vinylphenol, sodium compound and aluminum compound. A content of the poly-4-vinylphenol to a total weight of the poly-4-vinylphenol, the sodium compound and the aluminum compound is 69 wt % to 99.89 wt %. A content of the sodium compound to a total... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120231152 - Methods for preparing a coating solution for producing a transparent conductive film: A method for preparing a coating solution for producing a transparent conductive film includes dissolving a zinc precursor and a metal salt with a solvent to form a first solution containing the zinc precursor and a second solution containing the metal salt. The first solution is mixed with the second... Agent:

20120231154 - Ceramic device and method for fabricating the same: A method for fabricating a ceramic device is provided. A green sheet is adhered on an adhesive film. A photoresist film is then formed on the green sheet. A photolithographic process is carried out to form circuit trenches in the photoresist film. The circuit trenches are filled with metal paste,... Agent:

20120231155 - Method of manufacturing printed circuit board with metal bump: A method of manufacturing a printed circuit board, including: applying a dry film on a carrier and then patterning the dry film to form holes for forming metal bumps; forming an upper circuit layer including metal bumps charged in the holes and connection pads on the dry film; forming an... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120231156 - Flexure, method of manufacturing flexure, and head suspension with flexure: A flexure 11 has a substrate 13 made of a thin conductive metal plate, a base insulating layer 31 made of flexible resin formed on the substrate, wiring patterns 15 formed on the base insulating layer and connected to a slider mount 17, and a cover insulating layer 33 formed... Agent: Nhk Spring Co., Ltd.

20120231157 - Method and device for producing carbon paper: A method for producing carbon paper, including: 1) employing a polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fiber as a reinforcing material, a phenolic resin or epoxy resin as a bonding agent, and molding and preparing the carbon fiber into a carbon fiber blank by a dry paper-making method; and 2) stacking and putting a... Agent:

20120231158 - In-line type film forming apparatus and method for manufacturing magnetic recording medium: There is provided an in-line type film-forming apparatus that can prevent a substrate from being dropped out of a carrier and convey the carrier at high speed. A first supporting member (41) is supported to be displaceable in a direction along an attaching face (S1) of the support base (40)... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20120231159 - Mechanical processing of reactive laminates: A method of producing a reactive powder includes providing a bulk structure of reactive material comprising a first reactant and a second reactant, the bulk structure having a preselected average spacing between the first and the second reactants; and mechanically processing the bulk structure of reactive material to produce a... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20120231160 - Method of coating pipes or pipe sections: The present publication discloses a method for coating pipes. The method comprises applying curable first polymer (e.g. epoxy) onto the surface of the pipe and partially curing the first polymer or leaving the first polymer uncured to in order to form a reactive first polymer layer. Thereafter, the pipe with... Agent: Borealis Ag

20120231161 - System, formulation and method for producing ceramic vacuum microspheres: A system, formulation and method for producing ceramic vacuum micro spheres utilizing a spray dryer having a top mounted atomizer rotary wheel and a side or bottom mounted dual fluid nozzle, forming microspheres by spraying solution from the top mounted atomizer rotary wheel and simultaneously coating the microspheres by spraying... Agent: Xurex Nano-coatings Corp.

20120231162 - Process for producing water-absorbing polymer particles with improved permeability: The invention relates to a process for producing water-absorbing polymer particles with improved permeability, comprising the steps of polymerization, drying, grinding, classification and thermal surface postcrosslinking, with pneumatic conveying between grinding and classification.... Agent: Basf Se

20120231163 - Apparatus and method for producing carbon: A carbon nanotube producing apparatus of the present invention includes: a synthesis furnace; a gas supply pipe and a gas exhaust pipe in communication with the synthesis furnace; heating means that heats inside of the synthesis furnace to a predetermined temperature; and gas blowing means that blows a feedstock gas... Agent:

20120231164 - Precursors and methods for the atomic layer deposition of manganese: Methods and precursors are provided for deposition of elemental manganese films on surfaces using metal coordination complexes comprising an eta-3-bound monoanionic four-electron donor ligands selected from amidinate, mixed ene-amido and allyl, or eta-2 bound amidinate ligand. The ligands are selected from amidinate, ene-amido, and allyl.... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120231165 - Application of supercritical fluid technology for manufacturing soft tissue repair medical articles: A process for grafting polymers onto or within a substrate material is disclosed. The process includes exposing the substrate to a supercritical fluid composition including one or more aliphatic cyclic polyesters and a catalyst.... Agent:

20120231166 - Organic thin film deposition device, organic el element manufacturing device, and organic thin film deposition method: An organic thin film deposition device that is compact and high in processing capability is provided. Inside a vacuum chamber, first and second substrate arrangement devices that can be in a horizontal posture and a standing posture are provided; and when in the standing posture, substrates held by the respective... Agent: Ulvac, Inc.

20120231167 - Multilayer masking tape: A masking tape for use in applications where a coating material is applied to a surface for defining a sharp edge of the portion of the surface that is coated. A masking tape may include a reinforcing strip releasably attached to the non-adhesive side of conventional masking tape comprising a... Agent: Langeman Manufacturing Limited

20120231168 - Apparatus and method for coating pipes or pipe sections: The invention relates to an apparatus and method for coating a pipe or a section of a pipe with a polymer layer. The apparatus comprises an applicator for applying polymer melt on the surface of a pipe or pipe section, a roller for pressing the polymer applied by the applicator... Agent: Oy Kwh Pipe Ab

20120231169 - Chalcogen compound powder, chalcogen compound paste, process for producing chalcogen compound powder, process for producing chalcogen compound paste, and process for producing thin film of chalcogen compound: The chalcogen compound has a high content of carbon and thus leads to a high resistance value. Chalcogen compound powder containing Cu—In—(Ga)—Se and having an average particle diameter (D50) of less than 0.5 μm and a carbon content of 0.2% or less by mass in the powder is obtained in... Agent:

20120231170 - Vapor permeable barrier coating applicable at low temperature: Disclosed is a coating composition that includes an aqueous emulsion of a hydrophobic acrylic polymer, a water-soluble polymer, and an inorganic filler, and further includes a freezing-point lowering component to permit low temperature application. The freezing-point lowering component will preferably include a water-soluble, corrosion inhibiting salt. The coating composition will... Agent:

20120231171 - Enhanced plant growth system: A composition for enhancing plant growth and a method of applying the composition onto hydrophobic surfaces and retaining the composition on these surfaces is disclosed. The composition comprises a superabsorbent, a binder and nutrients that may be applied onto surfaces of materials that are part of the plants or plant... Agent:

20120231172 - Lubricating apparatus and methods for lubricating vehicle panel assembles for vehicle installation: A lubricating apparatus for lubricating a panel assembly prior to vehicle installation includes a lubricating jig assembly. The lubricating jig assembly includes a front guard wall and a rear guard wall connected to the front guard wall defining a panel receiving volume therebetween. At least one nozzle opening is located... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20120231173 - Ceramic coating deposition: A material is applied to a part. The part is placed in a deposition chamber and a first electric potential is applied to the part. Components are evaporated for forming the material. The evaporated components are ionized. The first electric potential is modulated so as to draw the ionized component... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20120231174 - Device and method for applying paints: A device is provided for applying paints that includes, but is not limited to an apparatus for producing a stream of paint particles, a guide element with a surface for limiting the stream of paint particles in space. The guide element is realized in such a way that an area... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120231175 - Process for building three-dimensional objects: A process for building three-dimensional objects based on electrophotographic printing is disclosed, comprising the steps of depositing a first layer of powdered base material on a substrate, operating an imaging member, a charging device, an image generating device and an image developing device, in that order, to deliver and deposit... Agent:

20120231176 - Adhering method using electrostatic powder adhesive, and powder adhesive to be used in adhering method: Provided is an adhering method which comprises spray-coating an adherend with a powder adhesive and then using the adherend, thereby enabling the formation of an automobile interior part having good heat tolerance and high adhesion strength. The adhering method to be used for forming an automobile interior part involves a... Agent: Sunstar Engineering Inc.

20120231177 - Depositing coatings in long hollow substrates using a heated center electrode: A method and system for plasma immersion ion processing including providing a hollow substrate having an interior surface defining an interior and a gas feed tube extending through the interior, wherein the gas feed tube is hollow and includes a wall having a plurality of holes defined therein. The method... Agent: Southwest Research Institute

20120231178 - Anisotropic conducting body and method of manufacture: A layer of the mixture that contains polymer and conductive particles is applied over a first surface, when the mixture has a first viscosity that allows the conductive particles to rearrange within the layer. An electric field is applied over the layer, so that a number of the conductive particles... Agent: Condalign As

20120231179 - Embedded wiring board and a manufacturing method thereof: An embedded wiring board includes an upper wiring layer, a lower wiring layer, an insulation layer, a first conductive pillar and a second conductive pillar. The upper wiring layer contains an upper pad, the lower wiring layer contains a lower pad, and the insulation layer contains an upper surface and... Agent: Unimicron Technology Corp.

20120231181 - Insulation coverage of cvd electrode: Embodiments of the present invention relate to apparatus and methods for preventing arcing between a RF hot chamber components and grounded chamber body. One embodiment of the present invention provides an insulation cover for using in a plasma processing chamber. The insulation cover comprises a frame having an inner window... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120231180 - Process of purifying ruthenium precursors: Disclosed are methods of purifying a ruthenium containing precursor by removing oxygen from the ruthenium containing precursor by flowing an inert gas through the ruthenium containing precursor. Also disclosed are methods of forming an improved ruthenium containing film using the purified ruthenium containing precursor.... Agent: Air Liquide Electronics U.s. Lp

20120231182 - Method and apparatus for treating containers: An apparatus for treating the interior of containers includes a chamber for holding a container and provides precursor materials via an annulus formed by coaxially arranged electrodes at which plasma is created upon application of voltage and the container is treated.... Agent: Kaiatech, Inc.

09/06/2012 > 37 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20120225186 - In-line bubble removal mechanism: A mechanism for preventing or inhibiting bubbles of dissolved gasses from outgassing due to phase change phenomenon of the pressure differential inside a liquid-filled incompressible line can be provided. This mechanism may be useful in a variety of applications, such as coating of stents and scaffolds.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20120225185 - Method for treating the surface of a device for dispensing a fluid product: A treatment method for treating the surface of a fluid dispenser device, said method comprising the step of using chemical grafting to form a thin film on at least one support surface of at least one portion of said device that is in contact with said fluid, said thin film... Agent: Valois Sas

20120225187 - Epoxy resin curing indicator composition: Compositions comprising at least one epoxy resin and/or reactive diluents, at least one hardener for the at least one epoxy resin, at least one curing indicator, wherein the colour of the composition changes depending on the curing degree, a process for determining sufficient cure of a composition comprising providing a... Agent: Elantas Gmbh

20120225190 - Method for coating measurement: The present invention is directed to a method for obtaining characteristics of a target coating layer. Specifically, a clearcoat layer is provided over a target coating layer for measuring color and appearance characteristics of the target coating. The clearcoat layer can comprise materials from renewable resources, The present invention is... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20120225189 - Modular paint line and method of operation therefor: A paint line includes a plurality of modular manufacturing stations positioned in series and defining a forward transport direction. Each modular manufacturing station includes an article transportation device for moving at least one carrier through the modular manufacturing station. At least one of the modular manufacturing stations includes a piece... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20120225188 - Multiple control method for printing a multilayer pattern and relative plant: A method for multi-layer printing on a support, comprising a first printing step performed in a printing station in a system, one or more subsequent printing steps that are performed in one or more subsequent printing stations in the system and a plurality of alignment steps performed in the system,... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120225191 - Apparatus and process for atomic layer deposition: Provided are atomic layer deposition apparatus and methods including a gas distribution plate comprising at least one gas injector unit. Each gas injector unit comprises a plurality of elongate gas injectors including at least two first reactive gas injectors and at least one second reactive gas injector, the at least... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120225192 - Apparatus and process for atomic layer deposition: Provided are atomic layer deposition apparatus and methods including a gas distribution plate comprising at least one gas injector unit. Each gas injector unit comprises a plurality of elongate gas injectors including at least two first reactive gas injectors and at least one second reactive gas injector, the at least... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120225193 - Apparatus and process for atomic layer deposition: Provided is a substrate processing apparatus, such as an atomic layer deposition (ALD) chamber, comprising a substrate support on a swinging support arm and, optionally, a plurality of exhaust ducts located adjacent to but a distance from the gas distribution plate. One or more of the substrate processing apparatus may... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120225194 - Apparatus and process for atomic layer deposition: Provided are atomic layer deposition apparatus and methods including multiple gas distribution plates including stages for moving substrates between the gas distribution plates.... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120225195 - Atomic layer deposition carousel with continuous rotation and methods of use: Provided are atomic layer deposition apparatus and methods including a rotating wheel with a plurality of substrate carriers for continuous processing of substrates. The processing chamber may have a loading station on the front end which is configured with one or more robots to load and unload substrates from the... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120225196 - Apparatus for generating electrical energy and method for manufacturing the same: Disclosed is an apparatus for generating electrical energy that includes; a first electrode, and a second electrode spaced apart from the first electrode, and an energy generation layer disposed between the first electrode and the second electrode, wherein the energy generation layer comprises a photoelectric conversion layer and a plurality... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120225197 - Terminal electrode forming method and manufacturing method of piezoelectric/electrostrictive element by use thereof: A terminal electrode 10 to connect a conducting wire is formed, with plating, on the surface of an electrode formed on the surface of the ceramic and made of an electrode material containing a glass component by the terminal electrode forming method. This method includes a first gold plating layer... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20120225198 - Conductive metal ink composition and method for forming a conductive pattern: The conductive metal ink composition comprises a conductive metal powder; an organic silver complex where an organic ligand including amine group and hydroxyl group binds with a silver (Ag) salt of aliphatic carboxylic acid; a non-aqueous solvent comprising a first non-aqueous solvent having a vapor pressure of 3 torr or... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20120225199 - Current collector coating for li-ion battery cells using aqueous binder: A coating for a current collector for a rechargeable electrochemical cell comprising a water-soluble polymeric material that provides suitable binding and coating characteristics without the need for a thickening agent or any external reagent to control the viscosity of the electrode active mix. Multiple water-based polymeric materials are disclosed. Also... Agent: International Battery, Inc.

20120225200 - Methods for making fasteners: Methods of forming fasteners are disclosed. One method comprises dispersing polymer particles into a contact release surface, transforming the polymer particles into an at least semiliquid state of a suitable viscosity for a time sufficient to transform into preform projections having contact edges, contacting and fixing a front surface of... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120225201 - Adhesion promoter between oxide ceramic and a veneer material, in particular for dental purposes, method for the use thereof and kit for the production and application thereof: The aim of the invention is to improve the bond between the oxide ceramic and the veneer material and to increase the durability of said bond. According to the invention, an adhesion promoter (mixture of silicate ceramic and quartz) is applied as a sol to a main body that is... Agent: Glueckauf Technologie Kg

20120225202 - Method of producing a porous membrane and waterproof, highly breathable fabric including the membrane: A method for creating a highly breathable and waterproof fabric based on hydrophobic plastic (such as PVDF) as a membrane layer. This new fabric allows higher water vapor throughput and better water resistance than other PVDF and ePTFE membranes. This is achieved through control of pore size, thus creating a... Agent:

20120225203 - Apparatus and process for atomic layer deposition: Provided are atomic layer deposition apparatus and methods including a gas distribution plate with a thermal element. The thermal element is capable of locally changing the temperature of a portion of the surface of the substrate by temporarily raising or lowering the temperature.... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120225204 - Apparatus and process for atomic layer deposition: Provided are atomic layer deposition apparatus and methods including multiple gas distribution plates including stages for moving substrates between the gas distribution plates.... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120225205 - Evaporation method, evaporation device and method of fabricating light emitting device: The invention provides an evaporation apparatus, which is able to improve an efficiency of evaporation materials, uniformity of deposited films, and throughput of the evaporation process. Disclosed is an evaporation source holder, which is installed in an evaporation chamber and configured to hold an evaporation material, and a moving mechanism,... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120225206 - Apparatus and process for atomic layer deposition: Provided are atomic layer deposition apparatus and methods including a gas cushion plate comprising a plurality of openings configured to create a gas cushion adjacent the gas cushion plate so that a substrate can be moved through a processing chamber.... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120225207 - Apparatus and process for atomic layer deposition: Provided is a substrate processing apparatus, such as an atomic layer deposition (ALD) chamber, comprising a substrate support on a swinging support arm and, optionally, a plurality of exhaust ducts located adjacent to but a distance from the gas distribution plate. One or more of the substrate processing apparatus may... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120225208 - Fabrication method and fabrication apparatus for solid shaped product: In a solid shaped-product fabrication method of discharging, to a target, a droplet from a nozzle of a liquid discharge unit for discharging a liquid, and fabricating a solid shaped product, the liquid contains at least water and a colorant that is dissolved or dispersed in the water, the droplet... Agent:

20120225209 - Method and apparatus for masking a portion of a component: A method and apparatus (2) for masking a portion (36) of a component (30), the apparatus (2) comprising: a sacrificial masking element (4) for masking the portion (36); and a locating jig (6) detachably connectable to the sacrificial masking element (4) and configured to position the sacrificial masking element (4)... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20120225210 - Device and method for manufacturing a three-dimensional body: The production of three-dimensional bodies is performed by selective solidification, wherein surface impurities on the layers to be produced, which may occur during the production process using “powder shuttle” technology, are significantly reduced or eliminated. In this manner the production process is more efficient, produces a higher grade product and... Agent: Fit Fruth Innovative Technologien Gmbh

20120225211 - Method for producing laminate film: In a method for producing a laminate film, a first coating fluid containing a first organic solvent in which particles having a first charge are dispersed and a second coating fluid containing a second organic solvent in which a binder having a second charge opposite to the first charge is... Agent:

20120225212 - Storage stable epoxy resin compositions for electrical laminates: Epoxy resin compositions that include an epoxy resin component that includes at least one epoxy resin and a solvent blend that includes methyl ethyl ketone and glycol methyl ether acetate are provided. The compositions are well-suited for use in the fabrication of prepregs and composite electrical laminates made therefrom.... Agent:

20120225213 - Method and device for coating components: A method for spraying a coating and a cold gas spray nozzle is disclosed. The method includes spraying a coating by the cold gas spray nozzle. A rinsing gas is fed to the cold gas spray nozzle during an interruption of the spraying or at an end of the spraying.... Agent: Mtu Aero Engines Gmbh

20120225214 - Anti-glare film manufacturing method: The method includes: forming a coating film including particles and an ultraviolet curable resin on a film substrate; and curing the ultraviolet curable resin by ultraviolet irradiation to form an anti-glare layer constituted by the particles and the ultraviolet curable resin. A ratio of a thickness A of the anti-glare... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120225215 - Sol-gel based antireflective (ar) coatings with controllable pore size using organic nanocrystals and dendrimers: Embodiments of the invention relate generally to methods and compositions for forming porous low refractive index coatings on substrates. In one embodiment, a method for forming a porous coating on a substrate is provided. The method comprises coating a substrate with a sol-gel composition, comprising at least one porosity forming... Agent: Intermolecular, Inc.

20120225216 - Method for forming a microretarder film: The present invention provides a method for forming a micro-retarder film. The method comprises utilizing a tension-assisted rolling process for a microstructure phase film layer to form a microstructure phase film pattern with a plurality of openings and a plurality of phase retarder patterns. Next, a homogeneous material layer is... Agent: Vusense Corporation

20120225217 - Method of producing a magnetic recording disc: A method of manufacturing a magnetic disk in which at least a magnetic layer, a carbon protective layer, and a lubrication layer are sequentially formed on a substrate is provided. The method comprises forming a film of a lubricant composition on the protective layer, the lubricant comprising a lubricant compound... Agent: Wd Media (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20120225218 - Apparatus and method for dielectric deposition: The disclosed invention includes apparatus and methods that may be used for plasma-based deposition of thin layers of material on separate or continuous web substrates at very low temperatures with very low defect density. It achieves superior control of gas phase chemistry by controlling the sequence of introduction of gaseous... Agent: Plasmasi, Inc.

20120225219 - Apparatus and process for atomic layer deposition: Provided are atomic layer deposition apparatus and methods including a gas distribution plate with a thermal element. The thermal element is capable of locally changing the temperature of a portion of the surface of the substrate by temporarily raising or lowering the temperature.... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120225221 - Deposition method and manufacturing method of light-emitting device: A first substrate including, on one of surfaces, a light absorption layer having metal nitride and a material layer which is formed so as to be in contact with the light absorption layer is provided; the surface of the first substrate on which the material layer is formed and a... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120225220 - Medium for random laser and manufacturing process of the same: A random laser comprising a substrate and a rare earth-doped glass fabricated on the substrate in the form of a waveguide, wherein the glass comprises a germanium glass, a titanium glass, or a chalcogenide glass.... Agent:

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