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Coating processes August inventions list 08/12

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08/30/2012 > 35 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20120219694 - Production of pulverulent coating compositions for stable protective coatings for pharmaceutical dosage forms: spray processing the aqueous polymer dispersion in the presence of a drying gas to provide a powder, wherein the entry temperature of the drying gas into the spraying apparatus is at least 20° C. above the glass transition temperature and is at least 20° C. above the minimum film-forming temperature... Agent: Basf Se

20120219695 - Production of pulverulent coating compositions for stable protective coatings for pharmaceutical dosage forms: r

20120219697 - Methods for covalently attaching molecules on surfaces and producing non-fouling surfaces: The present invention relates to methods of modifying the chemical structure of a surface by covalently attaching molecules containing desired functional groups on the surface using plasma energy. In these methods, chemical compounds containing the desired functional groups and having a vapor pressure lower than 0.001 bar are exposed in... Agent:

20120219696 - Methods of loading a hollow stent using a solvent: A method of loading a composition into a structural element of a stent, where the structural element is defined by a lumen and at least one opening to access the lumen. The composition that is injected may include a therapeutic agent, and it includes a solvent and optionally an excipient.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20120219698 - Fabrication of non-homogeneous articles via additive manufacturing using three-dimensional voxel-based models: The invention provides systems and methods for manufacture of a non-homogeneous article using a 3D voxel-based model of the article and a rapid prototyping device. Use of a voxel-based model provides processing advantages and offers improved realism of the manufactured object with regard to non-homogeneous (i) color, (ii) translucency, and/or... Agent:

20120219700 - Coating method and coating system having dynamic adaptation of the atomizer rotational speed and the high voltage: Exemplary coating methods and coating systems, e.g., for coating the component surface of a component with a coating agent by means of an atomizer in a coating system, for example to paint a body part of a motor vehicle with paint, are disclosed. An exemplary method comprises moving the atomizer... Agent:

20120219699 - Graphical application system: A graphical application system, with a surface spattering device, with at least one nozzle for expelling a spattering material onto a target surface, a nozzle control mechanism controls expelling of the nozzle. A spatial referencing unit references the spattering device in space and a computation means automatically controls the nozzle... Agent: Hexagon Technology Center Gmbh

20120219701 - Method for fabricating touch sensor structure: A method for fabricating a touch sensor structure is disclosed and has steps of forming a conductive layer on a substrate; forming a patterned bridging photo-resist layer on the conductive layer through a half-tone masking process that the bridging photo-resist layer partially covers the conductive layer and has a first... Agent: Hannstar Display Corporation

20120219702 - Nanomaterial-based films patterned using a soluble coating: A film can be patterned with a nanomaterial. Such patterning can, in various embodiments, be performed by applying a uniform mixture of a solute in a solvent to a surface of the film to form a coating of a soluble material on the surface of the film in a pre-defined... Agent:

20120219703 - Method for manufacturing conductive metal thin film using carboxylic acid: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a conductive metal thin film, including: preparing a conductive metal coating solution by adding carboxylic acid to a dispersion including a conductive metal particle having a core/shell structure; coating the conductive metal coating solution on a top portion of a substrate,... Agent: Hanwha Chemical Corporation

20120219704 - Method for making modified current collector of lithium ion battery: A method for making a modified current collector of a lithium ion battery is provided. In the method, the modifier and a metal plate are provided. The modifier is a mixture of a phosphorus source having a phosphate radical, a trivalent aluminum source, and a metallic oxide provided in a... Agent: Tsinghua University

20120219705 - Leather-surface repair-composition and the method for surface repair of leather surfaces: Leather-surface repair set consisting at least of a degreaser and of a composition comprising an emulsion of polyurethane and at least one pigment component and further comprising at least one further component which allows to relatively increase or decrease the elasticity of the reacted composition. Particularly, a 2-ethylhexyl-, 2-isodecyladipate and/or... Agent:

20120219706 - Color enhancing emulsions: Color enhancing compositions for enhancing, changing and concealing the color of substrates to which the compositions are applied are provided. The compositions include chromatically selective scattering particles having small sizes and narrow size distributions. Inks, paints and other coatings made from the color enhancing compositions are also provided.... Agent: Basf Corporation

20120219707 - Process for production of broad-band cholesteric liquid crystal film: The production method for a broadband cholesteric liquid crystal film having a reflection bandwidth of 300 nm or more includes the steps of: applying a liquid crystal composition containing a polymerizable mesogenic compound (a), a polymerizable chiral agent (b), and a thermal polymerization initiator (c) onto an alignment base material... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120219708 - Atomic layer deposition method utilizing multiple precursor zones for coating flexible substrates: Systems and methods for atomic layer deposition (ALD) on a flexible substrate involve guiding the substrate back and forth between spaced-apart first and second precursor zones and through a third precursor zone interposed between the first and second precursor zones, so that the substrate transits through each of the precursor... Agent: Lotus Applied Technology, LLC

20120219709 - Use of hydroxycarboxylic acid oligomers as adhesives, manufacturing method and hydroxycarboxylic acid oligomers obtained: Disclosed is a method of using at least one functionalized hydroxycarboxylic acid oligomer as an adhesive for bonding materials. Also described is a process for manufacturing functionalized hydroxycarboxylic acid oligomers including at least one stage for polycondensation of a hydroxycarboxylic acid and a functional agent, as well as functionalized hydroxycarboxylic... Agent: Valagro Carbone Renouvelable Poitou-charentes

20120219710 - Method of forming titanium nitride film, apparatus for forming titanium nitride film, and program: According to the method of forming a titanium nitride film, first, an inside of a reaction pipe accommodating a semiconductor wafer is heated up to 200° C. to 350° C. by using a temperature increasing heater. Then, the titanium nitride film is formed on the semiconductor wafer by supplying a... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120219712 - Delivery device for deposition: A delivery device for thin-film material deposition has at least first, second, and third inlet ports for receiving a common supply for a first, a second and a third gaseous material, respectively. Each of the first, second, and third elongated emissive channels allow gaseous fluid communication with one of corresponding... Agent:

20120219711 - Method for applying layers: A process for the application of layers composed of ceramic or organoceramic materials on surfaces of metals, semimetals or compounds thereof and also components or assemblies made of these materials by a chemical deposition process from the gas phase at atmospheric pressure or 30% below this and process temperatures during... Agent:

20120219713 - Parallel batch chemical vapor deposition system: Described is a parallel batch CVD system that includes a pair of linear deposition chambers in a parallel arrangement and a robotic loading module disposed between the chambers. Each chamber includes a linear arrangement of substrate receptacles, gas injectors to supply at least one gas in a uniform distribution across... Agent: Aventa Technologies, LLC

20120219714 - Stabilization of bicycloheptadiene: Disclosed are stabilized bicyclo[2.2.1]hepta-2,5-diene compositions and methods of making and using the same.... Agent: American Air Liquide, Inc.

20120219715 - Aqueous dispersion for inkjet printing: s

20120219716 - Removable protective lip on a wiping element: A wiping element made of a rubber-elastic or ductile-elastic material for the protection of components mobile against one another, wherein at least one wiping lip (2) is provided on a wiping ring (1). The wiping element has a protective lip (4), which is or can be fixed in a detachable... Agent:

20120219717 - Method for producing fabric for textile printing, textile printing method, and processing solution: Disclosed is a method for producing a method for producing a fabric for textile printing, which is characterized by comprising an impregnation step in which a fabric to be processed is impregnated with a processing solution that contains a solvent and an organic acid having two or more carboxy groups,... Agent: Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd.

20120219718 - Co2-facilitated transport membrane and method for producing the same: A CO2-facilitated transport membrane of excellent carbon dioxide permeability and CO2/H2 selectivity, which can be applied to a CO2 permeable membrane reactor, is stably provided. The CO2-facilitated transport membrane is formed such that a gel layer 1 obtained by adding cesium carbonate to a polyvinyl alcohol-polyacrylic acid copolymer gel membrane... Agent: Renaissance Energy Research Corporation

20120219719 - Method of manufacturing composite carbon sheet using expanded graphite sheet and mixed dispersion solution: Disclosed herein is a method of manufacturing a composite carbon sheet, including the steps of: mixing 70 parts by weight of a first solution as a dispersant with 30 parts by weight of a second solution as a binder to prepare a third solution; mixing 80˜97 parts by weight of... Agent:

20120219720 - Method of manufacturing surface-coated cutting tool with excellent abrasion resistance: A method of manufacturing a surface-coated cutting tool includes: forming an aluminum oxide layer having a layer thickness of 0.05 to 5 μm and an α-alumina structure with a corundum type crystal structure on a cutting tool body using a sol-gel method. The step of forming includes adding an alcohol... Agent: National University Corporation Shizuoka University

20120219721 - Method for producing films having particle-containing layer: m

20120219722 - Method for producing a flexible composite elastomeric polyurethane skin: The present invention relates to a method for producing a flexible elastomeric composite polyurethane skin wherein a polyurethane reaction mixture is sprayed onto a mould surface and the polyurethane reaction mixture is allowed to cure to produce the skin layer. The polyurethane reaction mixture is composed of components comprising at... Agent: Recticel Automobilsysteme Gmbh

20120219723 - Method to recreate the surface of an aged and deteriorated fibre-reinforced plastic facing material: The present invention relates to a method and a device to improve an aged surface layer (7) of a boarding material (1) to an essentially “newly painted condition”, which boarding material (1) is manufactured from essentially recovered, ground down polymer material (3) and ground down organic fibre (4) having a... Agent:

20120219724 - Method for forming metal oxide film, method for forming manganese oxide film, and computer-readable storage medium: In a method for forming a metal oxide film, by which excellent adhesion between the film and Cu can be provided, a gas containing an organometallic compound is supplied to a base, and the metal oxide film is formed on the base. After forming the metal oxide film on the... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120219725 - Substrate processing apparatus and method: An apparatus for processing a substrate includes an inspection system disposed in a first position to detect the location and orientation of the substrate supported on a supporting surface of a processing nest positioned in the first position and one or more processing heads disposed in the second and third... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120219726 - Method and device for producing a component: The invention relates to a method for producing a component (12), especially a hollow structural part for a turbomachine. The method is characterized by the following steps: a) layer-by-layer deposition of at least one powder component material (20a) onto a component platform in the region of a buildup and joining... Agent: Mtu Aero Engines Gmbh

20120219727 - Method of surface treating microfluidic devices: The formation of a barrier layer within individual channels or cavities of a microfluidic device is described. The barrier layer is effected through a gas phase deposition process, desirably implemented in a plasma environment using a gas plasma reactor. Judicious selection of a precursor compound used within the gas plasma... Agent: Dublin City University

20120219728 - Methods of surface treating porous particles: A method of treating porous particles, each porous particle having an external surface and a multiplicity of pores with interior pore surfaces, by contacting the external surface with a hydrophobic agent while causing the interior pore surfaces to remain substantially free of the hydrophobic agent. In certain illustrative embodiments, treating... Agent:

08/23/2012 > 41 patent applications in 36 patent subcategories.

20120213910 - Tablets with site- and time- controlled gastrointestinal release of active ingredient: The present invention describes a pharmaceutical dosage form with site- and time-controlled gastrointestinal release of active ingredient.... Agent: Jagotec Ag

20120213911 - Method for the realization of biologically compatible prosthesis: Method for the realization of a biologically compatible prosthesis component including the steps of having at least two materials with different physical/chemical features, defining in forming means the component as a composition of at least two volumes of at least two materials, sintering the component in the forming means and... Agent: Biocoatings S.r.l.

20120213912 - Method for preventing the crystallisation of pharmaceuticals in a polymer film: The invention relates to a method for preventing the crystallization of a pharmaceutical in a polymer film, wherein the solvent-containing coating compound, which comprises a matrix-forming polymer or polymer mixture and at least one pharmaceutical and is spread to produce the polymer film, is temporarily dried at temperatures that is... Agent:

20120213913 - Method and device for regenerating the interior surfaces of conduits by means of thermal spraying of metals: A method for regeneration of internal conduit surfaces by thermal projection of metals, includes inserting a device including a vehicle having a rolling assembly to permit rolling of the vehicle and carrying a thermal projection system, through a manhole in a conduit installation, including the steps of inserting the device... Agent: Ingenier&#xcd A Y Marketing, S.a.

20120213914 - Apparatus and method for electroless deposition of materials on semiconductor substrates: An apparatus is provided having a closable chamber that can be sealed and is capable of withstanding an increased pressure and high temperature. The chamber has several inlet ports for the supply of various process liquids, such as deposition solutions, water for rinsing, etc., and a port for the supply... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

20120213915 - Process for producing heat-treated vinylidene fluoride polymer powder and process for producing vinylidene fluoride polymer solution: Provided is a process for producing vinylidene fluoride polymer powder that exhibits excellent solubility with respect to aprotic polar solvents, and a process for producing a vinylidene fluoride polymer solution using vinylidene fluoride polymer powder obtained by the polymer powder production process. The process for producing heat-treated vinylidene fluoride polymer... Agent: Kureha Corporation

20120213916 - Manufacturing method for electroluminescence display apparatus: A method of manufacturing an electroluminescent display apparatus includes: discharging first droplets of the fluid luminescent material from the first nozzles to the target discharge areas when the first nozzles are positioned in an area above the target discharge areas so that all of the first droplets are arranged in... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120213917 - Tube-shaped sputtering target: A tube-shaped sputtering target is provided having a carrier tube and an indium-based sputtering material arranged on the carrier tube. The sputtering material has a microstructure having a mean grain size of less than 1 mm, measured as the mean diameter of the grains on the sputtering-roughened surface of the... Agent: Heraeus Materials Technology Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120213918 - Vertically aligning a carbon nanotubes array: The present invention provides a technique for vertically aligning a carbon nanotube array, which can improve vertical alignment at the bottom of the carbon nanotube array during growth of carbon nanotubes on a substrate. For this purpose, the present invention provides a method of vertically aligning a carbon nanotube array,... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120213919 - Electrode materials with high surface conductivity: The present invention concerns electrode materials capable of redox reactions by electron and alkali-ion exchange with an electrolyte. The applications are in the field of primary (batteries) or secondary electrochemical generators, supercapacitors and light modulating systems of the electrochromic type.... Agent: Cnrs

20120213920 - Positive electrode active material, lithium ion electric storage device using the same, and manufacturing method thereof: Provided are a positive electrode active material, a lithium ion electric storage device using the same, and a manufacturing method thereof. The positive electrode active material contains (1) lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide, and at least one type of a lithium ion acceptance capacity adjustment compound selected from (2a) lithium... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120213921 - Method for producing glass substrate for magnetic disk and method for producing magnetic disk: In a method in which a cut line is formed on one surface of a planar glass material, and the cut line is allowed to extend in the thickness direction of the glass material, thereby cutting a glass substrate from the glass material, the cut line is selectively formed on... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20120213922 - Colored ink for pad transfer printing of silicone hydrogel lenses: The present invention provides a method for making colored silicone hydrogel contact lenses. The method of the invention comprises the steps of: (a) providing a contact lens constructed of a silicone hydrogel; (b) applying a color coat to at least a portion of a surface of the lens with an... Agent:

20120213923 - Methods and apparatus for applying adhesives in patterns to an advancing substrate: Methods and apparatuses herein may provide for the application of viscous fluids, such as adhesives, in pre-determined patterns to an advancing substrate. The fluid application apparatus may include a slot die applicator and a substrate carrier. The substrate carrier may include one or more pattern elements and may be adapted... Agent:

20120213924 - Gallium formulated ink and methods of making and using same: A gallium formulated ink is provided. Also provided are methods of preparing the gallium formulated ink and for using the gallium formulated ink to deposit a Group 1b/gallium/(optional indium)/Group 6a material on a substrate for use in the manufacture of a variety of chalcogenide containing semiconductor materials, such as, thin... Agent:

20120213925 - Coating apparatus and method: A coating method includes holding a substrate in a horizontal state on a substrate holding member; supplying a coating liquid onto a front side central portion of the substrate held on the substrate holding member; rotating the substrate holding member about a vertical axis to spread the coating liquid supplied... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120213926 - Method for producing a filter element having a filter medium: The invention relates to a method for producing a filter element (1), comprising a first filter medium (2), which has individual filter folds (4), and a second filter medium, which surrounds at least sections of the filter folds (4) in the manner of a mat-like filter jacket (6) that is... Agent:

20120213927 - Surface coating method and device for exterior part: A surface coating method for an exterior part includes positioning one or more exterior part preforms, which are objects to be surface-coated, within a deposition chamber capable of revolution and rotation; positioning one or more tablets containing a coating component on an evaporation device installed within an area surrounded by... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120213928 - Forming reactive element modified aluminide coatings with low reactive element content using vapor phase techniques: Vapor phase coating techniques with improved control over the co-transfer and co-deposition of aluminum and reactive element(s) from sources to the article being coated. One method includes providing a reactive element source, wherein at least a portion of the reactive element source comprises a non-halide compound of a reactive element,... Agent:

20120213929 - Method of operating filament assisted chemical vapor deposition system: A method of performing a filament-assisted chemical vapor deposition process is described. The method includes providing a substrate holder in a process chamber of a chemical vapor deposition system, providing a non-ionizing heat source separate from the substrate holder in the process chamber, disposing a substrate on the substrate holder,... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120213930 - Ink composition and ink jet recording method using the same: m

20120213931 - Multi-component coating method for porous substrates: The disclosure relates to a coating method including the steps of providing a multi-component coating composition including two or more components, applying each component to a porous substrate, mixing each component with at least one other component thereby causing at least two components to undergo a chemical reaction.... Agent: Valspar Sourcing, Inc.

20120213932 - Controlled thickness reduction for hot-dip coated, hot-rolled steel strip and installation used in this process: The invention relates to a method for hot-dip coating hot-rolled steel strip, during which the steel strip passes through a pickling station, a rinsing station, a drying station, a heating furnace and then through a molten bath. The final thickness and the thickness tolerance of the hot-dip coated steel strip... Agent:

20120213933 - Formation of selenide, sulfide or mixed selenide-sulfide films on metal or metal coated substrates: e

20120213934 - Apparatus and methods for impinging fluids on substrates: Herein are disclosed apparatus and methods for impinging fluids, e.g. heated fluids, onto the surface of moving substrates and then locally removing the impinged fluid. The apparatus may comprise at least first and second fluid delivery outlets that are in diverging relation to each other. A long axis of the... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120213935 - Sol gel process for producing protective films for polymeric substrates: Sol gel process for producing hydrophobic transparent films for polymeric substrates, the process relates to the sol-gel reaction of silicon alkoxide carried out in certain conditions. The sols obtained were, without limiting, spin- or dip-coated onto polymeric substrates then thermally cured into transparent-abrasion resistant coating. Such coating transmit visible light,... Agent: Evonik Degussa Gmbh

20120213936 - Coating apparatus and method for replacing liquid material thereof and cleaning method thereof: The present invention provides a coating apparatus, a method for replacing a liquid material thereof and a cleaning method thereof. The coating apparatus comprises at least one tank, a draining device, a cleaning solution valve switch, a second liquid material valve switch and a control unit. The method comprises the... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20120213937 - Position adjustable grapple attachment: An attachment that is configured for attachment to an arm of a piece of construction equipment. The attachment includes a pair of grapple mechanisms mounted on a main beam. Each grapple mechanism includes opposing grab arms mounted to a grab arm housing. The grab arm housings of the grapple mechanisms... Agent: Lavalley Industries, LLC

20120213938 - System for utilization improvement of process chambers and method of operating thereof: A substrate processing system for processing an essentially vertically oriented substrate is described. The system includes a first processing chamber having a first processing region and being adapted to deposit a first layer comprising a first material, a second processing chamber having a second processing region and being adapted to... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120213939 - Enhanced electro and electroless plating method and the plating thereof: The present invention provides an enhanced plating for electro and electroless plating. There is provided a method of plating a surface to be plated, the method comprises premixing a plating solution with additive. The additive comprises diamond particles is also provided.... Agent: Inspiraz Technology Pte Ltd

20120213940 - Atomic layer deposition of silicon nitride using dual-source precursor and interleaved plasma: Atomic layer deposition using a precursor having both nitrogen and silicon components is described. The deposition precursor contains molecules which supply both nitrogen and silicon to a growing film of silicon nitride. Silicon-nitrogen bonds may be present in the precursor molecule, but hydrogen and/or halogens may also be present. The... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120213941 - Ion-assisted plasma treatment of a three-dimensional structure: A boundary between a plasma and a plasma sheath is controlled such that a portion of the shape is not parallel to a plane defined by a front surface of the workpiece facing the plasma. Ions in the plasma are directed toward the workpiece. These ions can either seal pores... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20120213942 - Special random magnetization apparatus and process for thin sheet magnetic sheets and rolls: A magnetization apparatus and process for producing thin magnetized sheets and rolls. It has permanent magnet pieces oriented and magnetized perpendicular to the other components of soft pole piece surfaces. This orientation permits the adjustably controlled field strength of the magnetic field produced. By varying the number of pole pieces... Agent:

20120213944 - Method for manufacturing printed wiring board: A method for manufacturing a printed wiring board including forming a penetrating hole in a core substrate, forming a first conductor on a first surface of the substrate, forming a second conductor on a second surface of the substrate, and filling a conductive material in the hole such that a... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20120213943 - Polymer laser marking: An aqueous marking composition is described which upon application to a polymeric surface and laser irradiation, produces one or more marks or other indicia having high contrast in the polymeric surface.... Agent: Ferro Corporation

20120213945 - Enhanced deposition of layer on substrate using radicals: Embodiments relate to using radicals to at different stages of deposition processes. The radicals may be generated by applying voltage across electrodes in a reactor remote from a substrate. The radicals are injected onto the substrate at different stages of molecular layer deposition (MLD), atomic layer deposition (ALD), and chemical... Agent: Synos Technology, Inc.

20120213947 - Depositing thin layer of material on permeable substrate: Embodiments relate to depositing a layer of material on a permeable substrate by passing the permeable substrate between a set of reactors. The reactors may inject source precursor, reactant precursor, purge gas or a combination thereof onto the permeable substrate as the permeable substrate passes between the reactors. Part of... Agent: Synos Technology, Inc.

20120213946 - Doping control by ald surface functionalization: Systems and methods for producing a material of desired thickness. Deposition techniques such as atomic layer deposition are alter to control the thickness of deposited material. A funtionalization species inhibits the deposition reaction.... Agent: Uchicago Argonne LLC

20120213948 - Localized microwave system and method: A system for repairing a crack in a component, or forming a joint between two components, is described. The system includes a filler material; a plasma-generating material; and a ceramic cover that is positioned around the crack, or around an interface region between two components that are to be joined.... Agent: General Electric Company

20120213949 - Method for producing indium tin oxide layer with controlled surface resistance: The invention relates to a method for producing a transparent indium tin oxide conductive layer on a substrate. The method involves using a target having a low indium-to-tin ratio in a low temperature manufacturing process (less than 200° C.), and introducing a plasma gas and a reaction gas into the... Agent:

20120213950 - Device and process for positioning individual particles on a substrate: A device and process for positioning individual particles on a substrate is proposed. The device is equipped with at least one particle source which isolates particles of a defined material, with a focusing unit with an entry window facing the particle source and an exit window facing away from the... Agent:

08/16/2012 > 36 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20120207913 - Methods and systems for dosing and coating inhalation powders onto carrier particles: A method of method of coating powdered medical agent onto a carrier particle for use in a dry powder inhaler may include applying ultrasonic energy to agglomerated powdered medical agent to deaggregate and aerosolize particles of the medical agent into particles having a desired average particle size, and coating at... Agent: Stc Unm

20120207914 - Apparatus for applying electrode mixture paste with homogeneous distribution of coating amount of electrode mixture paste: An electrode mixture paste is applied on both sides of a strip of core material as it runs along its lengthwise direction, and the coating thickness of the paste is adjusted as the core material coated with the paste passes through a gap between a pair of scraper tools. Tips... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120207915 - Artificial dielectric composites by a direct-write method: An artificial dielectric composite having an electrically non-conducting substrate, an electrically non-conducting pattern on the substrate, and an electrically conducting coating on the pattern. The substrate may be a textile such as paper. The electrically non-conducting pattern may comprise palladium. A direct-write device, such as an inkjet printer, may be... Agent:

20120207916 - Apparatus and method for cooling or heating work piece in a vacuum chamber: A vacuum processing system includes a vacuum chamber in connection with a vacuum pump that can exhaust air or vapor in the vacuum chamber, and a container in the vacuum chamber configured to contain one or more work pieces therein and to receive a heat-exchange liquid that comes into contact... Agent:

20120207917 - Conductive pattern-forming composition and method: A conductive pattern-forming composition is obtained by loading a silicone rubber composition comprising a curable organopolysiloxane and a curing agent with conductive submicron particles.... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20120207918 - Conductive metal ink composition and method for forming a conductive pattern: The conductive metal ink composition comprises a conductive metal powder; a non-aqueous solvent comprising a first non-aqueous solvent having a vapor pressure of 3 torr or lower at 25° C. and a second non-aqueous solvent having a vapor pressure of higher than 3 torr at 25° C.; and a coatability... Agent:

20120207919 - Method of manufacturing a perpendicular magnetic disc: A method of manufacturing a perpendicular magnetic disk comprises forming, on a base, a film of a first ground layer made of Ru or a Ru alloy at a first pressure, forming, on the first ground layer, a film of a second ground layer made of Ru or a Ru... Agent: Wd Media (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20120207920 - Protecting a mold having a substantially planar surface provided with a plurality of mold cavities: A method of protecting a mold having at least one substantially planar surface provided with a plurality of mold cavities includes inserting a plurality of mandrels into respective ones of the plurality of mold cavities, depositing a layer of mold protection material onto the at least one substantially planar surface... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120207921 - Elongated microcapsules and their formation: Elongated microcapsules, such as elongated hydrophobic-core and hydrophilic-core microcapsules, may be formed by pulse stirring an emulsion or shearing an emulsion between two surfaces moving at different velocities. The elongated microcapsules may be dispersed in a coating formulation, such as paint.... Agent: United States Of America As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And

20120207923 - Method for coating a silicate flourescent substance: A method for producing a coating on a silicate phosphor, comprising the steps of preparing a solution of a precursor of the coating material; depositing the coating material on phosphor particles introduced into the solution; and heat treatment in an oxidative atmosphere at temperatures of at least 150° C.... Agent:

20120207922 - Method of manufacturing eyeglass lens: An aspect of the present invention relates to a method of manufacturing an eyeglass lens having a functional film on a lens substrate, which comprises determining materials for manufacturing an eyeglass lens by implementing a prescribed material determining method and manufacturing an eyeglass lens by use of the materials that... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20120207924 - Adhesive application apparatus and control method of the same: A paste formation pattern for odd numbers on which dot groups are arranged in an island form and a paste formation pattern for even numbers on which dot groups are arranged at opposing positions to the dot groups on the paste formation pattern for odd numbers in an island form... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120207925 - Premix and method for producing a thermally expandable and curable epoxy-based compound: A two-component premix for preparing a heat-expandable and heat-curable epoxy-based material, comprises an isocyanate, a diol or polyol, an epoxy prepolymer, a heat-activatable hardener for epoxy prepolymers, and a heat-activatable blowing agent.... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20120207926 - Combined injection module for sequentially injecting source precursor and reactant precursor: Performing atomic layer deposition using a combined injector that sequentially injects source precursor and reactant precursor onto a substrate. The source precursor is injected into the injector via a first channel, injected onto the substrate and then discharged through a first exhaust portion. The reactant precursor is then injected into... Agent: Synos Technology, Inc.

20120207927 - Hafnium- and zirconium-containing precursors and methods of using the same: Disclosed are hafnium- and zirconium-containing precursors and methods of providing the same. The disclosed precursors include a ligand and at least one aliphatic group as substituent selected to have greater degrees of freedom than the usual substituents. The disclosed precursors may be used to deposit hafnium- or zirconium-containing layers using... Agent:

20120207928 - Methods of making and deposition methods using hafnium- or zirconium-containing compounds: Disclosed are hafnium- or zirconium-containing compounds. The compounds may be used to deposit hafnium- or zirconium-containing layers using vapor deposition methods such as chemical vapor deposition or atomic layer deposition. The hafnium- or zirconium-containing compounds include a ligand at least one aliphatic group as substituents selected to have greater degrees... Agent: American Air Liquide, Inc.

20120207929 - Dosage form exhibiting rapid disperse properties, methods of use and process for the manufacture of same: A rapidly dispersing dosage form is described, which releases its active ingredients within a period of less than about ninety seconds. These dosage forms exhibit a three-dimensional shape that is retained for adequate storage but is readily dispersed in the presence of excess moisture. Also disclosed are methods of administration... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20120207930 - Method for disposing a component: In order to increase the probability that the component is disposed on the hydrophilic region, used is a substrate comprises a water-repellant region, a hydrophilic region, and a hydrophilic line, wherein the water-repellant region surrounds the hydrophilic region and the hydrophilic line, the hydrophilic region and the hydrophilic line are... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120207931 - Imprinting apparatus, imprinting method, and manufacturing method of uneven plate: According to one embodiment, an imprinting apparatus includes an ejecting unit, a stage, a moving unit, and an observation unit. The ejecting unit ejects and drips a hardening resin material onto a substrate to be processed. The substrate to be processed is placed onto the stage. The moving unit relatively... Agent:

20120207932 - Systems and methods for rapid liquid phase deposition of films: A rapid liquid phase deposition (LPD) process of coating a substrate provides improved deposition rates. The LPD process may include the following steps: incubation of acids with corresponding oxides, sulfide, or selenide for a predetermined period of time; removing the undissolved oxides, sulfide, or selenide; liquid phase deposition of the... Agent: Natcore Technology, Inc.

20120207933 - Method for preparing inorganic resins on the basis of hydrogen-free, polymeric isocyanates for preparing nitride, carbide and carbonitride networks and use thereof as protective coatings: The present invention relates to methods for producing inorganic resins, comprising the polymerisation of at least one hydrogen-free, inorganic isocyanate which may be converted into a pure, hydrogen-free polymer by CO2 abstraction, to resins which are produced by this method, and to the use of such resins for producing coatings.... Agent:

20120207934 - Spray coating device: The invention discloses a spray coating device for coating substrates, which includes a nozzle arrangement with at least two nozzles. The nozzle arrangement includes at least one primary nozzle adapted to spray a suspension onto at least one substrate; and at least one secondary nozzle adapted to blow a gas... Agent: University Of Western Cape

20120207935 - Photocurable inks and methods of use: A photocurable ink contains a colorant dissolved or dispersed within a solvent, a photoinitiator, an organic phosphite, and a photocurable compound. This photocurable ink can be used for imaging or other applications where a uniform or patterned image is desired. The photocurable ink can be cured partially before application, or... Agent:

20120207936 - Coating material for achieving sound dampening and method for the same: Sound-dampening material, including a base coat and a top coat, and a method for sound-dampening a surface, are described. The base coat includes about 20-50 percent rubber emulsion, about 10-20 percent carbonate filler, about 3-10 percent fire retardant, about 3-10 percent opacity filler, and about 10-64 percent of other components.... Agent: Blue Angel Paint And Coatings, Ltd.

20120207937 - Paint stand system and method of use thereof: A paint stand system is provided. The system has a base and a podium. The base has a support and a shaft extending from the support and the podium has a hollow shaft, a stage coupled to the hollow shaft at the midway point of the stage, and a compliant... Agent:

20120207938 - Controlled decoration of carbon nanotubes with aerosol nanoparticles: The present invention addresses the problem of conveniently and efficiently decorating nanostructures such as carbon nanotubes with aerosol nanoparticles using electrostatic force directed assembly (“ESFDA”). ESFDA permits size selection as well as control of packing density spacing of nanoparticles. ESFDA is largely material independent allowing different compositions of such nanoparticle-nanotube... Agent:

20120207939 - Methods of photocuring and imaging: The photocuring efficiency of a photoinitiator is increased by mixing it with an organic phosphite and an aldehyde. This mixture or photoinitiator composition can be used to cure acrylates or other photocurable compounds, particularly in an oxygen-containing environment.... Agent:

20120207940 - Pattern forming method and pattern forming device: A pattern forming method includes: forming a layer of a block copolymer, including at least two kinds of polymers, on a substrate; heating the block copolymer layer; irradiating UV light on the heated block copolymer layer; and supplying a developing solution to the UV light-irradiated block copolymer layer.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120207941 - Method for forming and stabilizing printed conductors on a flexible substrate: A method for forming printed conductors on a flexible substrate is disclosed. Initially, an inorganic matrix precursor is printed onto a flexible substrate. The inorganic precursor is then cured with a light pulse to form a porous inorganic matrix thin film. A polymer is subsequently infused into the porous inorganic... Agent:

20120207942 - Process for production of liquid crystal display device: The present invention provides a process for producing a semi-transmissive liquid crystal display device which allows sufficient polymerization reaction in the liquid crystal layer in each of the reflection region and the transmission region. The process is a process for producing a liquid crystal display device that includes a pair... Agent:

20120207943 - Method for producing curable composition for imprints: Provided is a method of producing a curable composition for imprints including (A) a polymerizable monomer, (B) a polymerization initiator, and (C) a solvent which is capable of effectively suppressing lifting or separation of patterns, excellent in coatability, and excellent in time-dependent stability. The method of producing a curable composition... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120207944 - Fabrication and selective patterning of thin films using ion beam-enhanced atomic and molecular layer deposition: Additional embodiments include using ion beam-assisted ALD to deposit a seed layer for subsequent thermal ALD processes, and ion beam-assisted molecular layer deposition chemistries (MLD) for direct patterning of organic and/or inorganic long-chain macromolecules (e.g., polymers, proteins, peptides and polysaccharides). A further embodiment combines both ALD and MLD methods to... Agent:

20120207945 - Photocurable inks with aldehydes and methods of use: A photocurable ink contains a colorant dissolved or dispersed within a solvent, a photoinitiator, an organic phosphite, an aldehyde, and a photocurable compound. The organic phosphite is present in a molar excess relative to the aldehyde moieties that are present. The photocurable ink can be used for imaging or other... Agent:

20120207946 - Method of forming a protective film for a magnetic recording medium, a protective film formed by the method and a magnetic recording medium having the protective film: A method of forming a protective film of a magnetic recording medium is provided that achieves a good bonding characteristic with a lubricant film and at the same time, suppressing adhesion of contamination gases, to attain a reduced thickness of the magnetic recording medium. The method includes forming a protective... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20120207947 - Electron transporting titanium oxide layer: A method for making a solution for forming a titanium oxide sol-gel layer. Is provided. The method comprises the steps of: mixing an acid with water thereby obtaining a first mixture, mixing the first mixture with a water miscible alcohol, thereby obtaining a second mixture, mixing an amine compound, e.g.,... Agent: Imec

20120207948 - Atomic layer deposition using radicals of gas mixture: Performing atomic layer deposition (ALD) using radicals of a mixture of nitrogen compounds to increase the deposition rate of a layer deposited on a substrate. A mixture of nitrogen compound gases is injected into a radical reactor. Plasma of the compound gas is generated by applying voltage across two electrodes... Agent: Synos Technology, Inc.

08/09/2012 > 25 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20120201953 - Conductive substrate, manufacturing method of conductive substrate, and laser light irradiation device: A conductive substrate includes substrate made of a resin material, and a conductive layer formed on the substrate by baking a conductive paste which is coated on the substrate at a predetermined position, wherein the conductive layer is formed through baking by applying second laser light to the conductive paste... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120201954 - Method of determining multilayer thin film deposition on a piezoelectric crystal: A method for accurately calculating the thickness of deposited thin film layers onto a piezoelectric crystal blank in which dissimilar materials can be utilized, enabling determinations for various applications employing exotic materials. Additionally, the specific acoustic impedance (or equivalent z-ratio) of an unknown deposited material can be determined. The exact... Agent: Inficon, Inc.

20120201955 - Film-forming apparatus, method of cleaning the same, and method of manufacturing a light-emitting device: A cleaning method of removing a vapor-deposition material adhering to equipments without exposure to the atmosphere is provided. A vapor-deposition material adhering to equipments (components of a film-forming apparatus) such as a substrate holder, a vapor-deposition mask, a mask holder, or an adhesion preventing shield provided in a film-forming chamber... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120201956 - Method and apparatus for fabricating or altering microstructures using local chemical alterations: A method and apparatus for fabricating or altering a microstructure use means for heating to facilitate a local chemical reaction that forms or alters the submicrostructure.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120201957 - Method for the microdeformation of the front face of a thin part by modifying the rear face or the periphery of the part: Method for the microdeformation of the front face of a thin part, by modifying the rear face or the periphery of the part. According to the invention, which can notably be used to correct the wave surface of a mirror, a local treatment is applied to the rear face or... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20120201959 - In-situ hydroxylation system: Described are systems and methods for the hydroxylation of a substrate surface using ammonia and water vapor.... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120201958 - Multidentate ketoimine ligands for metal complexes: The present invention is a plurality of metal-containing complexes of a multidentate ketoiminate.... Agent: Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

20120201960 - Three-dimensional printer: A printer (106) for building a three-dimensional model by sequential deposition of a plurality of cross-sectional layers by using a thermal print head (1) movable relative to a material bed (102) over a deposited layer. A protective sheet (3) is disposed between the thermal head (1) and deposited layer. Temperature... Agent: Blueprinter Aps

20120201961 - Substrate structures applied in flexible electrical devices and fabrication method thereof: A substrate structure applied in flexible electrical devices is provided. The substrate structure includes a carrier, a release layer overlying the carrier with a first area and a flexible substrate overlying the release layer and the carrier with a second area, wherein the second area is larger than the first... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120201962 - Composition, compound and film forming method: In the formula, A represents a p-valent, linear or cyclic residue; L represents a single bond or a divalent linking group; p indicates an integer of at least 2; D1 represents a carbonyl group (—C(═O)—) or a sulfonyl group (—S(═O)2—); D2 represents a carbonyl group (—C(═O)—), a sulfonyl group (—S(═O)2—),... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120201963 - Polyurethane floor finishes with hybrid performance: VOC-compliant aqueous polyurethane floor coating compositions and components are provided. Embodiments include at least one organic solvent having a vapor pressure of less than 0.1 mm Hg under ambient conditions and a viscosity of less than 60 cps for at least three hours after being formed. The coating compositions exhibit... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20120201964 - Resist coating device and method: A gumming device and method can reduce or avoid generation of air bubbles between layers thereby improving quality and manufacturing efficiency of TFT LCD. The gumming device comprises a nozzle, a gum feeding mechanism connected with the nozzle and a nozzle moving mechanism. Wherein at least two rows of gum... Agent: Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20120201965 - Multi-phase self-stratifying coating exhibiting gradient behavior: The present invention relates to multi-phase self-stratifying coating systems, and in particular, to multi-phase self-stratifying coating systems having a substantially homogeneous composition of polymeric binder components that upon application and cure generates a multi-phase stratified coating wherein each phase is rich in a different polymeric binder component and wherein individual... Agent:

20120201966 - Surface layer: The present teachings provide a composition that includes a functionalized polyfluoropolyether and functionalized polybutadiene in a weight ratio of functionalized polyfluoropolyether/functionalized polybutadiene of from about 20/80 to about 80/20 in a solvent. The composition can be used to form a surface layer having a water contact angle of greater than... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20120201967 - Method for coating paper: The present invention relates to a process for coating paper, wherein the coating material used is a biodegradable, aliphatic-aromatic polyester having a melt volume rate (MVR) according to EN ISO 1133 (190° C., 2.16 kg weight) of from 3 to 50 cm3/10 min.... Agent: Basf Se

20120201968 - Storage container, method for molding resin, and method for forming plating film: A storage container is provided, which includes carbon dioxide containing a functional material and a container body in which carbon dioxide has been hermetically contained. Accordingly, a method for molding a resin, a method for forming a plating film, and the storage container for carbon dioxide, which are excellent in... Agent: Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.

20120201969 - Photocatalytic reactions in nano-imprint lithography processes: An imprint lithography template having a photoactive coating adhered to a surface of the template. Irradiation of the photoactive coating promotes cleaning of the template by decomposition of organic material proximate the template (e.g., organic material adsorbed on the template). An imprint lithography system may be configured such that template... Agent: Molecular Imprints, Inc.

20120201970 - Method of making a multilayer composite: A method for providing a multilayer composite includes the steps of providing a first composite comprising a film of a dielectric material with a front surface and an opposite rear surface, the front surface comprising a surface pattern; depositing an electrically conductive layer onto the surface pattern; providing a second... Agent: Danfoss A/s

20120201971 - Method of coalescing transparent substrate and display device and dam pattern forming apparatus: Provided is a method of coalescing a transparent substrate and a display device. The method includes a first step of applying light curing-type dam material on a surface of the display device and forming dam patterns, a second step of applying adhering material inside the dam patterns, and a third... Agent: Dmk Co., Ltd.

20120201972 - Method for producing composite semipermeable membrane: The purpose of the present invention is to provide a method for producing a composite semipermeable membrane, which has excellent chemical resistance, and in which floating of a skin layer is not easily generated. A method for producing a composite semipermeable membrane of the present invention, characterized in that an... Agent:

20120201973 - Primer composition for cured silicon-containing surface and its uses: A method for improving an adhesion of an adhesive to a cured silicon-containing surface is provided. The method comprises applying a primer composition to the surface before applying the adhesive; and subjecting the surface to a plasma treatment before or after the composition is applied thereto; wherein the primer composition... Agent: Great Eastern Resins Industrial Co., Ltd.

20120201974 - Method for the high-temperature-resistant bonding of oxygen-permeable oxide ceramics based on substituted alkaline-earth cobaltates by means of doping-supported diffusive reactive sintering: A method for high temperature resistant bonding of oxygen permeable oxide ceramics of substituted alkaline earth cobaltates by doping assisted diffusive reaction sintering includes providing at least one joining surface of the oxygen permeable ceramics with a Cu-containing additives. At least a join area of the oxygen permeable ceramics is... Agent: Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20120201975 - Aqua-printing gelatinous film and aqua-printing method using the same: Disclosed is aqua-printing gelatinous film and aqua-printing method using the same, in which a UV coating layer is formed on the surface of a water soluble gelatinous film, and a pattern is printed thereon, after that a protecting layer is covered over there so as to make up the aqua-printing... Agent:

20120201976 - Core wire holder for producing polycrystalline silicon and method for producing polycrystalline silicon: One end side of a core wire holder 20 is formed into a shape of a truncated cone and has an inclined surface. In the end portion, an opening 22 is provided, and a hollow portion 21 is formed, a silicon core wire 5 being inserted into the hollow portion... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20120201977 - Process for gradient nanovoided article: A process and apparatus for producing a gradient nanovoided article, a gradient nanovoided coating, and a gradient low refractive index coating is described. The process includes providing a first solution of a polymerizable material in a solvent, and providing a first environment proximate a first region of the coating and... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

08/02/2012 > 26 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20120196028 - Preparation of controlled release skeletal muscle relaxant dosage forms: The present invention is directed to a method of preparing an extended release pharmaceutical composition comprising cyclobenzaprine, comprising coating inert particles with a cyclobenzaprine-containing a drug layering composition to form IR beads, then coating the IR beads with an extended-release coating to form ER beads.... Agent: Aptalis Pharmatech, Inc.

20120196029 - Apparatus and method of forming a uniform grid line: A method for forming a conductive trace on a panel can comprise: determining a height between a sensor and a surface of the panel, adjusting the height if the height does not equal a desired height by creating relative motion between the nozzle and the panel, creating relative motion between... Agent: Exatec, LLC

20120196030 - Coating methods and apparatus: A coating apparatus comprises a coating chamber for coating the articles. The at least one preheat chamber is coupled to the coating chamber. The at least one loading station has a proximal end connectable to at least one of the preheat chambers when in an installed position at a distal... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20120196031 - Display device and method of manufacturing the same: A display device formed by plural pixels that have reflective regions and transmissive regions is disclosed. The display device includes, in each of the pixels: an element layer formed on a substrate; a planarizing layer formed on the substrate to cover the element layer; and a gap adjusting layer formed... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120196032 - Electronic device and method for manufacturing the same: A highly reliable electronic device that prevents entry of a plating solution via an external electrode and entry of moisture of external environment inside thereof, and generates no soldering defects or solder popping defects which are caused by precipitation of a glass component on a surface of the external electrode.... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120196033 - Method of manufacturing a glass substrate for a magnetic disk and method of manufacturing a magnetic disk: A method of manufacturing a glass substrate for a magnetic disk includes a polishing step of polishing a main surface of a glass substrate by sandwiching the glass substrate between a pair of surface plates each having a polishing pad on its surface and by supplying a polishing liquid containing... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20120196034 - Method of controlling road dust in strip mines: The present invention is directed to an improvement in dust control methods used at strip mines. The invention is based upon super absorbent polymer used in combination with water. The polymer is premixed with water and is applied to the roads by use of a conventional truck capable of dispensing... Agent:

20120196035 - Method for modifying the surface energy of a solid: A method for modifying the surface energy of at least one surface of a solid is provided. The method may comprise a step consisting of grafting, on the surface, a polymeric organic film consisting of graft polymers, each polymer having a first unit bound directly to the surface derived from... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20120196036 - Method of mass-production of eyeglass lens: An aspect of the present invention relates to a method of mass producing eyeglass lenses in which formation of a functional film through a primer layer positioned either directly or indirectly on a substrate is simultaneously or sequentially conducted on multiple substrates to obtain multiple finished lenses, which comprises with... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20120196037 - Artifacts, method of creating such artifacts and methods of using such artifacts: A method for creating an artifact for use with an optical three-dimensional measuring system includes steps of: (a) providing an artifact that comprises an inspection surface, which artifact is configured to be scanned by a non-contact sensor included in the optical three-dimensional measuring system, which artifact comprises at least one... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20120196038 - Jig for semiconductor production and method for producing same: The present invention relates to: a jig for semiconductor production which is used for a CVD device in a semiconductor production process and contains a jig base and an SiC coating film formed on the jig base, in which the SiC coating film has a surface area ratio (surface area... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20120196039 - Method for enhancing metallization in selective deposition processes: A method for achieving a clean substrate, the method may include depositing a protective material on an area of a substrate, to prevent the area from being contaminated by a coating material that is to be deposited during a deposition process; and removing the protective material from the area after... Agent: Camtek Ltd.

20120196040 - Refractory material impregnated with phase change material, method for making the same, and temperature controlled chamber formed by the same: The present invention is directed to methods for forming heat absorbing bodies (and the resulting heat absorbing bodies and enclosures formed thereby) that utilize capillary action to draw a fluidic composition comprising a molten phase change material (PCM) into the interstitial spaces of a porous body of a refractory material.... Agent:

20120196041 - Articles for dispensing coatings compositions: Articles which function as a pouch and contain liquid compositions from which cured polymeric coatings are dispensable onto various selected substrates. An article according to some embodiments of the disclosure includes a tear seal that is removed from the article prior to the user's being able to access the contents... Agent:

20120196042 - Fluoropolymer emulsion coatings: The present invention relates to an aqueous/oil emulsion containing fluoropolymer that is capable of forming thick coatings in a single pass, which coatings after drying and baking are free of cracks.... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20120196043 - Method for producing heat-treated liquid crystal polyester-impregnated base material: An object of the present invention is to provide a method for producing a heat-treated liquid crystal polyester-impregnated base material, which can prevent welding to a supporting material upon a heat treatment. A second liquid crystal polyester-impregnated base material is obtained by heat-treating a first liquid crystal polyester-impregnated base material... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20120196044 - Method for producing heat-treated liquid crystal polyester-impregnated base material: An object of the present invention is to provide a method for producing a heat-treated liquid crystal polyester-impregnated base material, in which the portion to be practically used as the liquid crystal polyester-impregnated base material after a heat treatment is not welded to the supporting member. In the step of... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20120196045 - Liquid coating die: A coating die that includes a removable manifold section with each side of the manifold section defining a manifold, a land, and an outlet or lip. The two manifolds, lands and outlets may be the same or different, respectively. The manifold section is removably connected to at least one die... Agent: Premier Dies Corporation

20120196046 - Sprayable hydraulic binder composition and method of use: Process for the preparation of a sprayable hydraulic binder composition containing as main components water, aggregates, hydraulic binder, set accelerator, characterized in, that a calcium silicate hydrate (C—S—H) containing component is added before and/or at the spray nozzle.... Agent:

20120196047 - Determining relative scan velocity to control ion implantation of work piece: To select a relative velocity profile to be used in scanning an actual work piece with an ion implant beam of an ion implantation tool, the implantation of a virtual work piece is simulated. A dose distribution is calculated across the virtual work piece based on an implant beam profile... Agent: Advanced Ion Beam Technology, Inc.

20120196048 - Method of depositing film by atomic layer deposition with pulse-time-modulated plasma: A thin film is formed by alternating multiple times, respectively, a process of adsorbing a precursor onto a substrate and a process of treating the adsorbed surface using a reactant gas and a plasma, wherein the reactant gas is supplied substantially uniformly over the substrate, and the plasma is pulse-time-modulated... Agent: Asm Japan K.k.

20120196050 - Apparatus and method for atomic layer deposition: Apparatus for atomic layer deposition on a surface of a sheeted substrate, comprising: an injector head comprising a deposition space provided with a precursor supply and a precursor drain; said supply and drain arranged for providing a precursor gas flow from the precursor supply via the deposition space to the... Agent:

20120196049 - Manufacturing method of magnetic recording medium: A manufacturing method of a magnetic recording medium provided with a protective layer excellent in corrosion resistance, mechanical durability, adhesion with a lubrication layer, and floating stability of a head even if the film thickness is reduced is provided. This is a manufacturing method of a magnetic recording medium in... Agent: Western Media (singapore) Pte. Lte.

20120196051 - Deposition apparatus and methods: A deposition apparatus includes a deposition chamber and a deposition material source. An electron beam source is positioned to direct a first electron beam to vaporize a portion of the deposition material. A first electrode is provided for generating a primary plasma from the deposition material source. A second electrode... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20120196052 - Method of forming copper wiring and method and system for forming copper film: A method of forming a Cu wiring in a trench or hole formed in a substrate is provided. The method includes forming a barrier film on the surface of the trench or hole, forming a Ru film on the barrier film, and embedding Cu in the trench or hole by... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120196053 - Methods for creating an electrically conductive transparent structure: Creating an electrically conductive transparent structure. Liquid droplets comprising electrically conductive nanomaterial are deposited randomly onto a surface of a supporting substrate at a desired density to form an electrically conductive transparent network wherein the droplets are released from an applicator. A rate of drying of the liquid is controlled... Agent:

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