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Coating processes July category listing 07/12

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07/26/2012 > 24 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20120189760 - Multilayered polyelectrolyte-based capsules for cell encapsulation and delivery of therapeutic compositions: The present invention provides novel, biocompatible matrices for cell encapsulation and transplantation. If further provides methods for delivering agents to encapsulate cells and to the local environment of a host system. The invention also provides methods for targeting and manipulating particular cells and/or proteins of the host system. In a... Agent:

20120189761 - Aqueous suspension of activated carbon and methods of use: The invention relates to an aqueous concentrate for agricultural use for dilution and spray application to soil or plant material comprising at least about 25% by weight activated carbon and a method of greening turf using the composition.... Agent: Eureka! Agresearch Pty Ltd

20120189762 - Seed treatment facilities, methods and apparatus: A seed treatment system having a central computerized data store, a user interface, and network connections from the data store to a plurality of retail facilities and a plurality of agricultural produce suppliers. Each retail facility having a seed treatment system configured to uniformly treat batches of seeds with any... Agent: Bayer Cropscience Lp

20120189763 - Method for microstructure control of ceramic thermal spray coating: An apparatus for applying segmented ceramic coatings includes means for supporting and moving one or more substrates; one or more heat sources disposed proximate to one or more substrates, wherein at least one of the heat sources is positioned to apply a heat stream to pre-heat a thermal gradient zone... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20120189765 - Paint curing measurement system and method: In a paint curing measurement system and method, the number of products input to an paint curing production line, the frequency of spraying primer on the surfaces of the products, the frequency of drying the primer on the surfaces of the products, a frequency of spraying topcoat on the surfaces... Agent: Gds Software (shenzhen) Co.,ltd

20120189766 - Process and apparatus for controlling coating deposition: Method and apparatus for controlling a coating deposition process, where at least at one stage of the coating deposition process at least one of the coating precursors includes a gas, a vapour or an aerosol. The method includes monitoring ultrafine particles and adjusting at least one process parameter based on... Agent: Beneq Oy

20120189764 - Process for predicting gloss of low gloss coating by wet color measurement: The present invention is directed to a process for process for predicting gloss of a coating resulting from a wet layer of a low gloss coating composition, such as automotive OEM or refinish paint. The process includes measuring reflectance of the layer of the coating composition applied over a test... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20120189767 - Self-aligned nano-scale device with parallel plate electrodes: A contiguous deep trench includes a first trench portion having a constant width between a pair of first parallel sidewalls, second and third trench portions each having a greater width than the first trench portion and laterally connected to the first trench portion. A non-conformal deposition process is employed to... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120189768 - Water-dispersible varnish, electric compressor using the water-dispersible varnish and method of manufacturing the same, and refrigeration and air-conditioning apparatus equipped with the electric compressor: c

20120189769 - Method and apparatus for refinishing wooden floors: A portable machine is used to abrade the surface of a factory finished wooden floor so the abraded surface may be recoated with a fresh coat of wooden floor finish. Abrasion of the surface provides anchor sites to achieve a strong bond between the pre-existing abraded finish and the fresh... Agent: Nilfisk-advance, Inc.

20120189770 - Preparing lithographic printing plates by ablation imaging: Lithographic printing plates can be prepared and made ready for lithographic printing without wet development or processing. A positive-working lithographic printing plate precursor is exposed to ablating infrared radiation of an energy of at least 1 J/cm2 to form a lithographic printing plate ready for lithographic printing. The positive-working lithographic... Agent:

20120189771 - On-the-fly coating of acid-releasing degradable material onto a particulate: Methods of creating particulates coated with acid-releasing degradable material comprising the steps of: combining an acid-releasing degradable material with a solvent or a plasticizer to create a coating solution; providing a first flowing stream comprising the coating solution; providing a second flowing stream comprising particulates; and, combining the first and... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20120189772 - Process for preparing a polyolefin pipe having inherent resistance to thermooxidative degradation: A process for producing a pipe having improved resistance to thermooxidative degradation, the process comprising melting a polyolefinic molding composition in an extruder, extruding the molten molding composition through an annular die and subsequently cooling it, wherein the inner surface of the pipe is exposed to the action of a... Agent: Basell Polyolefine Gmbh

20120189773 - Coating treatment apparatus, coating treatment method, and non-transitory computer storage medium: A coating treatment apparatus includes: a rotating and holding part; a nozzle supplying a coating solution; a moving mechanism moving the nozzle; and a control unit that controls the rotating and holding part, the nozzle, and the moving mechanism to supply the coating solution onto a central portion of the... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120189774 - Enhanced deposition of noble metals: The invention relates generally to processes for enhancing the deposition of noble metal thin films on a substrate by atomic layer deposition. Treatment with gaseous halides or metalorganic compounds reduces the incubation time for deposition of noble metals on particular surfaces. The methods may be utilized to facilitate selective deposition.... Agent: Asm International N.v.

20120189775 - Method for producing indexable inserts: e

20120189776 - Methods, systems and apparatus for clear texturing: Disclosed are a method and system of rendering clear texturing on a media substrate. According to one exemplary method, one or more parameters are provided by a user, via a UI (User Interface), to control the clear texturing process, wherein the parameters are associated with, but are not limited to,... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20120189777 - Method for providing a respective flat working layer on each of the two working disks of a double-side processing apparatus: A method provides a respective flat working layer on each of two working disks of a double-side processing apparatus including a ring-shaped upper working disk, a ring shaped lower working disk and a rolling apparatus that are rotatably mounted about an axis of symmetry of the double-side processing apparatus. The... Agent: Siltronic Ag

20120189778 - Coating method using ionic liquid: A coating method includes depositing a coating material onto a turbine engine component using an ionic liquid that is a melt of the salt. The coating material includes aluminum. The turbine engine component is then heat treated to react with at least one element of the coating material with at... Agent:

20120189779 - Photopolymerizable coating composition: A photopolymerizable coating composition and method for polyamide substrates, wherein the photopolymerizable coating composition consists of at least one acid-functional monomer with a molecular weight less than 240 g/m, at least one reactive crosslinking monomer and at least one photoinitiator. The coating compositions of the invention have improved adhesion to... Agent:

20120189780 - Controlling thickness of residual layer: Methods for manufacturing a patterned surface on a substrate are described. Generally, the patterned surface is defined by a residual layer having a thickness of less than approximately 5 nm.... Agent: Molecular Imprints, Inc.

20120189781 - Method of forming conductive layer and semiconductor device: Provided are a method of forming a conductive layer on an inner portion of a through-electrode in which uniform adhesion property of plating in the inner portion of a through-hole is enhanced and a tact time is short, and a semiconductor device. The method of forming a conductive layer includes:... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120189782 - Electronic device manufacture using low-k dielectric materials: Materials and methods for manufacturing electronic devices and semiconductor components using low dielectric materials comprising polyimide based aerogels are described. Additional methods for manipulating the properties of the dielectric materials and affecting the overall dielectric property of the system are also provided.... Agent: Aspen Aerogels, Inc.

20120189783 - Plasma reaction method and plasma reaction device: A plasma reaction method and a plasma reaction device. The plasma reaction method includes steps of: installing at least one conductive coil set in a closed space; filling a reaction fluid into the closed space; and applying an electric field and/or a magnetic field to the conductive coil set, whereby... Agent:

07/19/2012 > 29 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20120183674 - Method of selectively applying an antimicrobial coating to a medical device or device material: A process for depositing nanoparticles on a surface. The process includes the steps of: providing a sol including a volatile non-aqueous liquid and nanoparticles suspended in the non-aqueous liquid; processing the sol to form a plurality of droplets; depositing the plurality of droplets on a surface; and evaporating the non-aqueous... Agent:

20120183675 - Seed treatment systems and methods: An automated seed treatment system is adapted for on-site operation at a retail seed distributor. A sealed seed-treater vessel is configured to apply a plurality of chemical treatments to a batch of seed based on a recipe. A programmable system controller is electrically coupled to pump controllers of pump-stations. The... Agent: Bayer Cropscience Lp

20120183677 - Photoluminescent compositions, methods of manufacture and novel uses: A photoluminescent marking for authentication that includes at least one or more photoluminescent layers that substantially convert an electromagnetic radiation to an emission signature is disclosed. Also disclosed are methods of creating and using the inventive photoluminescent marking for authentication.... Agent: Performance Indicator, LLC

20120183676 - Vapor deposition method and vapor deposition apparatus: The present invention (i) uses a mask unit (80) including: a shadow mask (81) that has an opening (82) and that is smaller in area than a vapor deposition region (210) of a film formation substrate (200) and; a vapor deposition source (85) that has a emission hole (86) for... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20120183678 - Blackened electromagnetic interference shield glass and method of producing the same: Method of producing an electromagnetic interference shield glass, which comprises (a) forming a conductive pattern on at least one side of a front side and a rear side of the glass by using a conductive paste comprising a colored glass frit, and (b) firing the conductive pattern to blacken the... Agent:

20120183679 - Method for making an electrochemical sensor strip: A method for making an electrochemical sensor strip is provided which comprises the following steps: forming a circuit layer on a first substrate; forming a protective film on the first substrate such that the protective film covers a first portion of the circuit layer on the first substrate; forming an... Agent:

20120183680 - Method of forming a motor waterproof structure: A method of forming a motor waterproof structure includes the steps of providing a motor stator assembly; using at least a first enclosing material to cover the whole motor stator assembly therein; using a second enclosing material to cover on an outer side of the first enclosing material, and leaving... Agent:

20120183681 - Application apparatus and application method: Before the application of a liquid application agent to a base material having at least an outer surface of uneven shape, a low-viscosity liquid having a lower viscosity than that of the application agent is applied to a region of the base material, the application agent being supposed to be... Agent:

20120183682 - Multilayer ceramic electronic component and manufacturing method thereof: A multilayer ceramic electronic component including thin external terminal electrodes each having a superior bonding force to a ceramic base body is provided. In order to form the external terminal electrodes, after Cu plating films are deposited on exposed portions of internal electrodes by direct plating on a ceramic base... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120183683 - Glass substrate-holding tool and method for producing an euv mask blank by employing the same: A glass substrate-holding tool employed during the production of a reflective mask blank for EUV lithography includes an electrostatic chuck and a mechanical chuck. A caught and held portion of a glass substrate caught and held by the electrostatic chuck, and pressed portions of the glass substrate pressed by the... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20120183684 - Apparatus and method for depositing particles: A granule applicator for an apparatus and method for applying granules onto an asphalt-coated sheet moving in a machine direction with improved resolution and edge definition of the applied granule patches and blends. In one embodiment a blend drop conveyor has an upper flight urged into a concavity by an... Agent: Owens Corning Intellectual Capital, LLC

20120183685 - Apparatus and method for depositing particles: A granule applicator for an apparatus and method for applying granules onto an asphalt-coated sheet moving in a machine direction with improved resolution and edge definition of the applied granule patches and blends. One embodiment includes a rotating drum having openings that connect the interior space and an exterior of... Agent: Owens Corning Intellectual Capital, LLC

20120183686 - Reactor system and method of polycrystalline silicon production therewith: Embodiments of a method for reducing or mitigating metal contamination of polycrystalline silicon are disclosed. In particular the disclosure relates to a method of mitigating metal contamination of granulate polycrystalline silicon, during its manufacture in a fluidized bed reactor unit, resulting from contact with a metal surface of components of... Agent: Rec Silicon Inc.

20120183687 - Methods for reducing particulate density: Methods of making a reduced-density, coated particulate comprising the steps of: providing a first flowing stream comprising particulates coated with a coating material selected from the group consisting of a tackifying agent and a resin-type material; providing a second flowing stream comprising a density reducing material wherein the density reducing... Agent: Halliburto Energy Services, Inc.

20120183688 - Method of coating a porous substrate with a thermoplastic material from the outside of the substrate: A method of coating a first porous substrate with a thermoplastic material comprises the steps of: rotating the substrate about an axis of the substrate; and applying the material in a liquefied state onto the substrate, wherein the step of applying is performed from the outside of the substrate. According... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20120183689 - Ni film forming method: A Ni film forming method performs a cycle once or multiple times. The cycle includes: forming a nitrogen-containing Ni film on a substrate by CVD using nickel amidinate as a film formation material and at least one selected from ammonia, hydrazine and derivatives thereof as a reduction gas; and eliminating... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120183690 - Method of imprinting texture on rigid substrate using flexible stamp: A method of imprinting a texture on a rigid substrate, having area greater than 50 square centimeters, preferably greater than 200 square centimeters, is provided. The texture imprinted on the rigid substrate facilitates light management through the rigid substrate. The method includes wet coating a layer of a curable material... Agent: Moser Baer India Limited

20120183691 - Multi-colored golf ball and method for visually enhancing dimple arrangement: A method of enhancing the appearance of a golf ball by visually distinguishing golf ball cover land area from golf ball cover dimples, comprising: providing a golf ball comprising a core, a cover and optionally an intermediate layer disposed between the core and the cover, wherein said cover comprises an... Agent:

20120183692 - Protective coating and method of use thereof: A protective coating for protecting a surface has a liquid applied coating having 100% solids and zero solvents and/or zero volatile organic compounds. The resulting protective coating may be clear or transparent to visible light. The liquid applied coating has two or more components that is applied to a surface... Agent:

20120183693 - Coating film forming apparatus, use of coating film forming apparatus, and recording medium: A coating film forming apparatus that holds a substrate upon a spin chuck and forms a coating film by supplying a chemical liquid upon a top surface of said substrate comprises: an outer cup provided detachably to surround the spin chuck; an inner cup provided detachably to surround a region... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120183694 - Hybrid polyurethane spray foams made with urethane prepolymers and rheology modifiers: Hybrid spray foams utilize a urethane reactant, a crosslinker, and an (optional) epoxy and/or acrylic resin along with a blowing agent and rheology modifier to produce a quick-setting foam that remains in place until the foam forms and cures. The urethane reactant may be formed as an adduct with or... Agent: Owens Corning Intellectual Capital, LLC

20120183695 - Methods, systems, and compositions for fire retarding substrates: b

20120183696 - Plating method using analysis photoresist residue in plating solution: A plating method includes supplying a plating solution into a plating bath, immersing a first substrate having a lower metal interconnection and a photoresist pattern in the plating solution, performing a first plating process and forming a first plating pattern on the first substrate, removing the first substrate from the... Agent:

20120183697 - Liquid crystal polyester-containing liquid composition: An object of the present invention is to provide a liquid crystal polyester-containing liquid composition which is capable of producing a prepreg and a resin film in which surface defects are remarkably reduced even in case of drying at high temperature to remove the solvent in the production process. Disclosed... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20120183698 - Anti-soil silicone varnish compositions and support substrates treated therewith: Silicone compositions, particularly for the production of anti-fouling varnishes which may be applied to flexible or bulk supports to provide an anti-fouling silicone varnish for textiles coated with elastomeric silicones which is economical, adhesive, low-slip and glossy; these are crosslinked silicone compositions comprising: A. at least one alkenylsilane, B. at... Agent: Rhodia Chimie

20120183699 - Method for fabricating flexible board using solution process: Disclosed is a method for fabricating a flexible board using carbon nanotubes. The method includes applying a carbon nanotube-containing ink onto a substrate to form a deposited layer, and coating a polymeric or monomeric solution on the deposited carbon nanotube layer to form a thin film layer. In accordance with... Agent:

20120183700 - Method for dispensing foam onto substrates of large width: A method for dispensing a foamed material onto a substrate surface, including: generating a relative movement between a substrate surface and a material dispensing apparatus exit opening, mixing at least two material components in a mixing device, generating a pressure differential between the mixing device and a dispensing region, conveying... Agent: Nordson Corporation

20120183701 - Method for producing a marked object: A method produces a marked object. To be able to create markings in a particularly flexible way, it is provided that the object is produced by an additive production process, at least one marking being formed in the object during the additive production process. The method makes many degrees of... Agent:

20120183702 - Fabrication of 3-dimensional micro-assemblies: Disclosed herein is a method of: depositing an actuating material onto a bendable component; and applying heat or an electromagnetic force to the actuating material, such that the volume of the actuating material changes, causing the component to bend.... Agent: The Government Of The United State Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

07/12/2012 > 39 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20120177809 - Duct coating system: A method of sealing pipes or ducts with a duct coating applicator having a camera mounted thereon. The duct coating applicator sprays plural compounds on an interior of the duct. A duct coating applicator mounted camera records a video of an inside of the duct. The video is quickly accessible... Agent:

20120177810 - In-situ identification and control of microstructures produced by phase transformation of a material: A microstructure detector and in-situ method for real-time determination of the microstructure of a material undergoing alloying or other phase transformation. The method carried out by the detector includes the steps of: (a) detecting light emitted from a plasma plume created during phase transformation of a material; (b) determining at... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20120177808 - System and method for low-power nanotube growth using direct resistive heating: Direct resistive heating is used to grow nanotubes out of carbon and other materials. A growth-initiated array of nanotubes is provided using a CVD or ion implantation process. These processes use indirect heating to heat the catalysts to initiate growth. Once growth is initiated, an electrical source is connected between... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120177811 - Method for manufacturing a corrosion sensor: A method for manufacturing a corrosion sensor includes spraying a non-conductive material on a substrate and spraying a conductive material at discrete locations on the substrate or on the non-conductive material. The method further includes spraying the non-conductive material around the discrete locations of the conductive material.... Agent: General Electric Company

20120177812 - Method for producing display device: A method for producing display devices for forming deposited patterns conforming to pixels on a substrate by means of elongated evaporation sources and a deposition mask having regularly arranged apertures, the method including the steps of arranging the deposition mask and the substrate in such a way that the long... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120177813 - Chemical annealing method for fabrication of organic thin films for optoelectronic devices: There is disclosed a method of coordinating ligands, such as nitrogen-containing ligands to metal centers of metal-containing macrocyclic compounds, such as Magnesium Tetraphenyl Porphyrin (MgTPP) or Zinc Tetraphenyl Porphyrin (ZnTPP). The disclosed method comprises (a) forming an organic film comprising the disclosed metal-containing, macrocyclic compound; and (b) exposing the organic... Agent:

20120177814 - Method for improving coating: A system and a method, the method includes determining or receiving a multiple iteration printing scheme indicative of multiple printing iterations of a coating material to be applied on an electrical circuit that comprises at least one three dimensional structure to be coated by the coating material; wherein the multiple... Agent: Camtek Ltd.

20120177816 - Method of fabricating piezoelectric materials with opposite c-axis orientations: In accordance with a representative embodiment, a method, comprises: providing a substrate; forming a first piezoelectric layer having a compression-negative (CN) polarity over the substrate; and forming a second piezoelectric layer having a compression-positive (CP) over the substrate and adjacent to the first piezoelectric layer.... Agent: Avago Technologies WirelessIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20120177815 - Sputtered piezoelectric material: Piezoelectric actuators having a composition of Pb1.00+x(Zr0.52Ti0.48)1.00−yO3Nby, where x>−0.02 and y>0 are described. The piezoelectric material can have a Perovskite, which can enable good bending action when a bias is applied across the actuator.... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120177817 - Method for producing a conductive film: A method for producing a conductive film, having the steps: forming, on a support, a conductive metal portion containing a conductive material and a binder; bringing the conductive metal portion into contact with vapor or a hot water; and immersing the conductive metal portion into hot water having a temperature... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120177818 - Protective biodegradable coatings and methods for use: A composition utilized to prevent the deposit of overspray, the composition comprising, based on the total weight of the composition, (a) from about 1% to about 60% by weight a blend of dibasic esters; (b) from about 10% to about 75% by weight one or more surfactants; and (c) a... Agent: Rhodia Operations

20120177819 - Method of manufacturing lens: There is provided a method of manufacturing a lens, including: forming a first lens layer having a protrusion and a groove part formed on a first surface thereof; forming a light shielding layer on the first surface; and forming a second lens on the first surface.... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120177820 - Food casings with modified adhesion and release properties and methods of manufacture: The invention relates to a multilayer fibrous reinforced food casing comprising a fibrous reinforced layer located between an inside layer and an outer layer; the inside layer comprising an adhesion promoter comprising one or more of protein coagulants, proteins, glyoxals, glutaraldehyde, caseins, gelatines, wet strengths resins and any mixtures thereof;... Agent: Viskoteepak Belgium Nv, A Belgian Corporation

20120177821 - Composition of nanoparticles: Catalytic nanoparticles are coated with a layer of an amphoteric surfactant to stabilize the nanoparticles for electroless metal plating.... Agent: Rohm And Haas Electronic Materials LLC

20120177822 - Coating substrates for catalysts in bundles: The invention relates to a process and an apparatus for coating a plurality of catalyst support bodies.... Agent:

20120177823 - Method for forming a protective coating containing aluminum on the surface of a metal part: A method for forming a protective coating containing aluminum on the surface of a metal part, wherein the part is contacted with a carburizer made of an aluminum alloy, at a treatment temperature and in a chamber, the atmosphere of which contains an active gas which reacts with the carburizer... Agent: Snecma

20120177824 - Method and device for coating substrates from the vapor phase: In a method for coating substrates with materials to be vaporized in a vacuum coating system, the vaporization material is deposited on the substrate by double vaporization using an intermediate carrier. The intermediate carrier is continuously moved and.... Agent: Von Ardenne Anlagentechnik Gmbh

20120177825 - Method of coating a fabric using a blade-coating device: A method of coating a fabric includes advancing the fabric to a cutting device; cutting and trimming two opposite edges of the fabric that are hairy and that extend along an advancing direction of the fabric by using the cutting device such that hairy parts are removed from the opposite... Agent:

20120177826 - Method for coating metallic surfaces with an aqueous composition: The invention relates to a process for coating metallic surfaces with a composition containing at least one of a silane, silanol, siloxane or polysiloxane that is capable of condensation, water and optionally an organic solvent. The composition also contains compound containing Ti, Hf, Zr, Al or B; and at least... Agent: Chemetall Gmbh

20120177827 - Box spacer with sidewalls: The technology disclosed herein generally relates to methods of making a spacer. At least a portion of a first elongate strip and a portion of a second elongate strip are arranged to define a space there between. A first sidewall is extruded through a first extrusion nozzle in the space.... Agent: Infinite Edge Technologies, LLC

20120177828 - Wear part with hard facing: The invention relates to a wear part or tool comprising a body containing an iron-group metal or alloy, a wear-resistant layer metallurgically bonded to a surface of the body through an intermediate layer, characterised in that the wear-resistant layer comprises at least 13 vol. % of grains of metal carbide... Agent:

20120177829 - Composition for forming silica based insulating layer, method for manufacturing composition for forming silica based insulating layer, silica based insulating layer and method for manufacturing silica based insulating layer: A composition for forming silica-based insulation layer includes a hydrogenated polysiloxazane including a moiety represented by the following Chemical Formula 1 and a moiety represented by the following Chemical Formula 2, and having a chlorine concentration of about 1 ppm or less:... Agent:

20120177830 - Corrosion-resistant layered coatings: In general, the present invention provides coating systems and processes for applying a selected coating system on a metallic substrate. The coating system includes two or more coating layers. A first layer comprises a MCrAl(Y,Hf)-type coating. The MCrAl(Y,Hf) coating is overlaid with a second coating composition that includes a metallic... Agent:

20120177831 - Method for making fused ceramic articles of near net shape: The invention is a solution impregnation and drying treatment that imparts a high temperature binder into an already formed porous green body composed of particulate batch material. The batch material includes inorganic compounds and binder. The result is reduced sag and distortion and the same or increased strength when the... Agent:

20120177832 - Composition for oil- and/or water-repellent finishing of fiber materials: Described are 8 aqueous compositions useful for treating textile materials to impart oil- and/or water-repellent properties thereto. The compositions contain inter alia polymers containing perfluoroalkyl groups (RF groups), wherein 55 to 100% of the RF groups contain 6 carbon atoms.... Agent: Huntsman Textile Effects (germany) Gbmh

20120177833 - Method for applying defined-character, anti-projectile, anti-leak barrier coating: A method for applying to an outside surface of a liquid container an anti-leak, self-healing, layered barrier structure intended to inhibit liquid leakage from that container due to an impacting and piercing projectile. The method includes the steps of (a) spray applying to the mentioned container surface a first barrier... Agent: High Impact Technology, L.L.C.

20120177834 - System and method for protecting a cotton module during the unloading process: A system and method for applying a protective layer to a cotton module of compacted cotton moving in an unloading direction from a cotton module builder through an open end thereof along an unloading surface, the system including application apparatus having at least one applicator in fluid communication with at... Agent:

20120177835 - Use of a coating agent that cures at room temperature: b) Adding a solvent and up to 10 wt. % (relative to the amount of solid matter) of a catalyst, the catalyst being selected from the group consisting of Lewis acids, organic acids and bases, inorganic bases, functional silanes, in particular aminosilanes, inorganic acids, in particular sulphuric or phosphoric acid,... Agent: Nano-x Gmbh

20120177836 - High-purity fused and crushed zirconia alloy powder and method of producing same: The present invention provides a high-purity fused and crushed stabilized zirconia powder. The powder—with or without further processing, such as plasma spheroidization—is used in thermal spray applications of thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) and high-temperature abradables. The resulting coatings have a significantly improved high temperature sintering resistance, which will enhance the... Agent: Sulzer Meto (us), Inc.

20120177837 - Metallophobic thermally applied ceramic materials: Metal substrates coated with ceramics and resistant to attack by molten metal.... Agent:

20120177838 - Electromagnetic wave reflective member production method: An electromagnetic wave reflective member production method including a right-circularly-polarized-light selective reflective layer forming step, and a left-circularly-polarized-light selective reflective layer forming step, characterized in that a right-handed twisted coating film is formed in the right-circularly-polarized-light selective reflective layer forming step by applying a right-handed twisting coating liquid on a... Agent: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

20120177839 - Pad printing method for making colored contact lenses: The invention provides a method for producing colored contact lenses with relatively high quality color images. The method of the invention comprises the steps of: obtaining a water based ink having a viscosity of greater than about 100 centipoise (cps) and the ink has a dynamic surface tension of less... Agent:

20120177841 - Low temperature silicon carbide deposition process: Methods for formation of silicon carbide on substrate are provided. Atomic layer deposition methods of forming silicon carbide are described in which a first reactant gas of the formula SinHaXb wherein n=1-5, a+b=2n+2, a>0, and X=F, Cl, Br, I; and a second reactant gas of the formula MR3-bYb, wherein R... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120177840 - Process for forming an improved durability thick ceramic coating: A process for forming a ceramic coating on a substrate, such as a turbine engine component includes the steps of providing a substrate, creating a plasma which preheats the substrate, and forming a ceramic coating by injecting a powder feedstock into the plasma. The ceramic coating forming step comprises depositing... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20120177843 - Method for manufacturing nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery: When an active material with low ionic conductivity and low electric conductivity is used in a nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery such as a lithium ion battery, it is necessary to reduce the sizes of particles; however, reduction in sizes of particles leads to a decrease in electrode density. Active material... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120177842 - Method for manufacturing power storage device: The power extraction efficiency of a nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery such as a lithium ion battery is improved. A material having magnetic susceptibility anisotropy such as an olivine type oxide including a transition metal element is used for active material particles. The active material particles and an electrolyte solution are... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120177844 - Method and device for chemical vapor deposition of polymer film onto a substrate: A method for chemical vapor deposition of a polymer film onto a substrate (6), includes the following two separate, consecutive steps:—a step for the photon activation of the gas phase wherein photon activation energy (42, 43) is provided to at least one gaseous polymer precursor that is present in a... Agent: Essilor International (compagnie Generale D'optique

20120177845 - High molecular weight alkyl-allyl cobalttricarbonyl complexes and use thereof for preparing dielectric thin films: A method for forming a cobalt-containing thin film by a vapor deposition process is provided. The method comprises using at least one precursor corresponding in structure to Formula (I); wherein R1 and R2 are independently C2-C8-alkyl; x is zero, 1 or 2; and y is zero or 1; wherein both... Agent: Sigma-aldrich Co. LLC

20120177846 - Radical steam cvd: Methods of forming silicon oxide layers are described. The methods include concurrently combining plasma-excited (radical) steam with an unexcited silicon precursor. Nitrogen may be supplied through the plasma-excited route (e.g. by adding ammonia to the steam) and/or by choosing a nitrogen-containing unexcited silicon precursor. The methods result in depositing a... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

07/05/2012 > 39 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20120171353 - Efficient path coating on labcoat ipmp coating system: A method of coating a medical prosthesis includes identifying coating points on the surface of the medical prosthesis and determining a coating pathway along which an applicator travels while coating the medical prosthesis. In some embodiments, the coating pathway minimizes the rotational movement of the medical prosthesis during the coating... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120171354 - Implantable medical devices: The present invention is directed to methods for producing a coated substrate, including dissolving at least one biomolecule to form a solution; nebulizing the solution to form a liquid aerosol; combining the liquid aerosol and a plasma to form a coating; and depositing, in the absence of reactive monomers, the... Agent: Enbio Limited

20120171355 - Method of manufacturing fibrous hemostatic bandages: A method of manufacturing a sturdy and pliable fibrous hemostatic dressing by making fibers that maximally expose surface area per unit weight of active ingredients as a means for aiding in the clot forming process and as a means of minimizing waste of active ingredients. The method uses a rotating... Agent: Lnk Chemsolutions, LLC

20120171357 - Liquid material arrangement method, color filter manufacturing method, and organic el display device manufacturing method: A liquid material arrangement method is a method for arranging a liquid material in a plurality of prescribed regions on a substrate by discharging the liquid material as a droplet from a nozzle. The liquid material arrangement method includes: performing a discharge information acquiring step for acquiring discharge information of... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120171356 - System for digital deposition of pad / interconnects coatings: A method and a system for printing patterns on an object, is provided. The system may include a copper protective coating printing unit arranged to print copper protective coating ink on the object to provide at least one copper protective coating ink pattern. The system may include zero or more... Agent: Camtek Ltd.

20120171358 - Method of preparing conductive polymer composition and method of manufacturing conductive film using the same: Disclosed is a method of preparing a conductive polymer composition, in which FTS (Ferric p-toluene sulfonate) is used as a dopant and mixed with a conductive polymer monomer before polymerizing the conductive polymer monomer, thereby facilitating the control of the concentration of the conductive polymer composition and increasing the electrical... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120171359 - Organic el device manufacturing method and apparatus: An organic EL device manufacturing method includes a step of supplying a substrate, and while moving the substrate with a non-electrode-layer side thereof in contact with a surface of a can roller, the non-electrode-layer provided with no electrode layer, discharging a material from a nozzle of a vapor deposition source... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120171360 - Nitrogen-containing alloy and method for producing phosphor using same: A method for industrially producing a phosphor with high performance, in particular, high brightness. Also disclosed is a nitrogen-containing alloy and an alloy powder useful for producing the high performance phosphor. The method for producing the phosphor includes heating a raw material for a phosphor in whole or in part... Agent: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

20120171361 - Simultaneous polymerization of two vinyl monomer mixtures to opposite faces of a flat porous substrate: A bi-polar electrode having ion exchange polymers on opposite faces of a porous substrate is formed using a method that includes providing an electrode substrate with activated carbon layers on opposite faces of the electrode substrate, wherein said faces have an outer perimeter band void of the activated carbon layers.... Agent: General Electric Company

20120171362 - Hydrocarbon adhesive composition and method for treating substrate surface using same: Disclosed are a non-fluorine and non-silicon hydrocarbon-based adhesive composition for substrate surface treatment for inkjet printing, a substrate surface-treated by the composition, and a method for modifying the surface of the substrate by using the composition so as to form fine lines by means of inkjet nano ink. The disclosed... Agent: Doosan Corporation

20120171363 - Catalyst application solution, electroless plating method using same, and direct plating method: Disclosed is a catalyst application solution for plating an insulating portion of an object to be plated that comprises the insulating portion. The catalyst application solution is characterized by containing a water-soluble palladium compound, a reducer, a dispersant, catechol, a copper antioxidant and a buffering agent, and by having a... Agent: C. Uyemura & Co., Ltd.

20120171364 - Piezoelectric thin film process: A process of forming an integrated circuit containing a piezoelectric thin film by forming a sol gel layer, drying in at least 1 percent relative humidity, baking starting between 100 and 225° C. increasing to between 275 and 425° C. over at least 2 minutes, and forming the piezoelectric thin... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20120171365 - Film forming apparatus, film forming method and storage medium: The film forming apparatus includes a chamber 1; a heater 5 for heating a wafer W within the chamber 1; a film forming source vessel 31, provided outside the chamber 1, for accommodating cobalt carbonyl as a film forming source; a line 43 for transporting gaseous cobalt carbonyl from the... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120171367 - Displacement gold plating solution and method for forming connecting portion: The present invention provides a displacement gold plating solution and a plating treatment technology capable of realizing a uniform film thickness when forming a connecting portion obtained by sequentially plating a nickel layer, a palladium layer, and a gold layer in layers. The present invention provides a displacement gold plating... Agent:

20120171366 - Method for forming wiring and electrode using metal nano paste: dropping the temperature of the furnace to 100 to 150° C. under the mixed atmosphere of carboxylic acid and air; and dropping the temperature of the furnace to room temperature under a nitrogen atmosphere. According to the present invention, a metal film having high density and a minimized amount of... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120171368 - Lighting device and production method of the same: Bonding between a light-emitting element and electrodes of a substrate is ensured to enhance reliability of a lighting device. In the lighting device of the present invention, a material made of metal alkoxide or polymetalloxane generated from metal alkoxide is used as a coating material covering the light-emitting element. This... Agent:

20120171369 - Method for producing a perpendicular magnetic recording medium: composing the intermediate layer of consecutive N layers (provided that N is an integer of at least 3 or more), depositing a first layer containing ruthenium (Ru) as a main component, first; setting a gas pressure during the deposition to the pressure which is higher than or the same as... Agent: Wd Media (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20120171370 - Optical member, optical system using the optical member, and method of manufacturing an optical member: Provided is an optical member capable of keeping a high performance antireflection effect over a long period of time with respect to an arbitrary substrate. The optical member has plural layers on a substrate, and includes at least one metal oxide layer having a void, and at least one layer... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120171371 - Atomic layer deposition method for coating flexible substrates: Systems and methods for atomic layer deposition (ALD) on a flexible substrate involve guiding the substrate back and forth between spaced-apart first and second precursor zones, so that the substrate transits through each of the precursor zones multiple times. Systems may include a series of turning guides, such as rollers,... Agent: Lotus Applied Technology, LLC

20120171372 - Automatic shutter for adhesive dispenser: In automated gluing systems for semiconductor device manufacture, an automatic shutter system is provided for use with an adhesive dispenser that is configured to deposit adhesive for joining elements during final assembly processes. A shutter is configured to interpose itself between a needle tip of the dispenser and a working... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Pte Ltd.

20120171373 - Encapsulation of pigments with polymer latex prepared by mini-emulsion polymerization: A process for preparing a polymer latex comprising encapsulated pigment particles, said process comprising the steps of: a) Providing a first dispersion comprising water, at least one surfactant and at least one particulate, inorganic pigment of which the particles have a mean diameter of from 200 nm to 10 μm;... Agent: Akzo Nobel Coatings International B.v.

20120171374 - Nozzle for use with a spray coating gun: A nozzle for use with a spray coating gun for applying a coating material to a substrate. The nozzle includes a discharge portion operative to emit the coating material therefrom. The nozzle also includes a material-receiving portion operative to receive feedstock therein. The discharge portion is angled from the material-receiving... Agent: General Electric Company

20120171375 - Method of densifying thin porous substrates by chemical vapor infiltration, and a loading device for such substrates: To densify thin porous substrates (1) by chemical vapor infiltration, the invention proposes using loading tooling (10) comprising a tubular duct (10) disposed between first and second plates (12, 13) and around which the thin substrates for densification are disposed radially. The tooling as loaded in this way is then... Agent:

20120171376 - Method of applying atomic layer deposition coatings onto porous non-ceramic substrates: A method of depositing a conformal coating on a porous non-ceramic substrate requires reactive gases to flow through the substrate so as to leave a conformal coating behind. The process can be used to leave a hydrophilic surface on the interior pores of the substrate, even when the substrate is... Agent:

20120171377 - Wafer carrier with selective control of emissivity: A wafer carrier for use in a chemical vapor deposition apparatus includes at least one region on its outer surface having a substantially different (e.g., lower) emissivity than other regions on the outer surface. The modified emissivity region may be located on the outer edge, the top surface, and/or the... Agent: Veeco Instruments Inc.

20120171378 - Binary and ternary metal chalcogenide materials and method of making and using same: This invention discloses the synthesis of metal chalcogenides using chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process, atomic layer deposition (ALD) process, or wet solution process. Ligand exchange reactions of organosilyltellurium or organosilylselenium with a series of metal compounds having neucleophilic substituents generate metal chalcogenides. This chemistry is used to deposit germanium-antimony-tellurium (GeSbTe)... Agent: Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

20120171379 - Radiation-sensitive composition: A radiation-sensitive composition containing a resist compound having a high sensitivity, a high resolution, a high etching resistance, and a low outgas which forms a resist pattern with good shape and a method of forming a resist pattern and novel compositions for forming a photoresist under coat film which is... Agent: Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.

20120171380 - Pre-conversion coating composition: The present invention is directed to a coating composition comprising (i) a corrosion inhibitor and the (ii) reaction product of a calcium compound with an acid compound. The coating composition is deposited onto a substrate prior to the application of a pre-treatment coating composition (conversion coating) onto the substrate. The... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20120171381 - Method and device for applying a sealing compound to a surface: e

20120171382 - Wire feed pressure lock system: A pressure lock system passes a wire along a wire path from a wire source at a high pressure first region to a destination at a low pressure second region. The pressure lock system includes a pressure lock chamber. A first conduit has an interior positioned to pass the wire... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20120171383 - Conformal coating apparatus and related method: A conformal coating apparatus is provided to deposit material on a substrate. The conformal coating apparatus includes a housing, a head configured to deposit material and a movement mechanism coupled to the housing and to the head. The movement mechanism includes a movable member coupled to the head, three actuators... Agent: Specialty Coating Systems, Inc.

20120171384 - Sizing agent for paper: The invention relates to a paste for surface sizing paper, containing an anionic optical brightener and a mixture comprising a cationic polymer dispersion and a cationic or amphoteric alkyl ketene dimer dispersion or emulsion as the sizing agent, and to the use thereof for surface sizing paper, and to the... Agent: Bk Giulini Gmbh

20120171385 - Process for removing a composite coating present on the surface of a gas cartridge: The invention relates to a method for removing at least part of at least one layer of a composite coating that is formed of fibers and at least one resin that is present on the surface of the body of a gas cartridge. In said method, at least one liquid... Agent: L

20120171386 - Pharmaceutical packaging with lubricating film and method for producing same: The invention relates to a pharmaceutical packaging comprising a silicone-free lubricating film of crosslinked organic molecules, and to a method for producing same.... Agent: Schott Ag

20120171388 - Methods for formation of an ophthalmic lens precursor and lens: This invention discloses methods for generating one or both of an ophthalmic lens precursor with at least a portion of one surface free-formed from a Reactive Mixture. In some embodiments, an ophthalmic lens precursor is formed on a substrate with an arcuate optical quality surface via a source of actinic... Agent:

20120171387 - Methods for producing extruded body reactors: A method is disclosed for plugging selected cells of a honeycomb monolith so as to form a fluidic reactor, the method comprising contacting selected cells of a honeycomb monolith with a melted or softened plug material, the material comprising at least one sinterable particulate and a binder, the binder comprising... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20120171389 - Methods for depositing material onto microfeature workpieces in reaction chambers and systems for depositing materials onto microfeature workpieces: Methods for depositing material onto microfeature workpieces in reaction chambers and systems for depositing materials onto microfeature workpieces are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a method includes depositing molecules of a gas onto a microfeature workpiece in the reaction chamber and selectively irradiating a first portion of the molecules on... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20120171390 - Methods and apparatus for sputtering using direct current: An apparatus and methods for plasma-based sputtering deposition using a direct current power supply is disclosed. In one embodiment, a plasma is generated by connecting a plurality of electrodes to a supply of current, and a polarity of voltage applied to each of a plurality of electrodes in the processing... Agent: Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.

20120171391 - Thin film deposition using microwave plasma: Embodiments of the present invention generally provide deposition processes for a silicon-containing dielectric layer using an improved microwave-assisted CVD chamber. In one embodiment, a method of processing a substrate in a processing chamber is provided. The method generally includes applying a microwave power to an antenna coupled to a microwave... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

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