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Coating processes June invention type 06/12

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06/28/2012 > 46 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories.

20120164310 - Coating device and coating method: A device for coating a medical implant includes a container that contains a liquid having at least one pharmaceutically active substance. An elastic head for application of the liquid onto a surface to be coated is connected to an inside of the container through at least one channel.... Agent: Heraeus Medical Gmbh

20120164309 - Coating method and coating device: A device for coating at least regions of a medical implant includes an elastically deformable transfer means having a liquid that contains at least one pharmaceutically active substance. The liquid can be transferred to the medical implant when the transfer means is contacted with a surface of the medical implant.... Agent: Heraeus Medical Gmbh

20120164311 - Coating method and coating device: A device for coating at least regions of a medical implant including a powder having at least one pharmaceutically active substance or one bone growth-promoting substance such that the powder can be transferred to the medical implant when the medical implant is contacted.... Agent: Heraeus Medical Gmbh

20120164312 - Coating method and coating device: A method for coating at least regions of a medical implant includes providing a medical implant having a surface to be coated, and immersing the surface of the medical implant into a liquid including at least one pharmaceutically active substance, whereby the liquid is transferred to the surface of the... Agent: Heraeus Medical Gmbh

20120164313 - Method of manufacturing optical waveguide: A method of manufacturing an optical waveguide is provided which enables a recognition device such as a CCD camera to easily recognize an alignment mark for positioning a mold for over cladding layer formation. The method includes the steps of: forming protruding cores and a protruding alignment mark on an... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120164314 - Thick film resistive heater compositions comprising ag & ruo2, and methods of making same: The resistor composition when printed to a dry thickness and fired at a temperature between 750° C. and 950° C. achieves a sheet resistivity between 10 and 10,000 milliohms/square and a hot temperature coefficient of resistivity of 1000 ppm/C or higher. The fired resistor composition may achieve a resistance thickness... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20120164315 - Coating die and manufacturing method of enameled wire using same: There is provided a coating die for applying an insulation varnish around a wire conductor, comprising: a die body; and a die hole formed through the die body, the die hole including: an entry portion having an opening size monotonically decreasing along a conductor insertion direction; and a coating portion... Agent:

20120164316 - Method for producing resin-impregnated sheet: An object of the present invention is to produce a resin-impregnated sheet in which a fiber sheet is impregnated with a liquid crystal polyester, which has excellent thermal conductivity in a thickness direction. A resin-impregnated sheet is produced by impregnating a fiber sheet with a liquid composition containing a liquid... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20120164317 - Method for fabricating polarizer: Provided is a method for fabricating a polarizer. The method includes forming an unevenness structure pattern on a substrate, coating conductive nano-particles on an entire surface of the unevenness structure pattern, and planarizing an entire surface of the resultant substrate after the conductive nano-particles are coated on the unevenness structure... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120164318 - Process for producing electrophotographic belt: A process by which an electrophotographic belt having a protective layer more containing a filler on its surface side can be produced at a lower cost. The process is a process for producing an electrophotographic belt having a base layer and a surface layer, and has the steps of (1)... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120164319 - Method of forming a metal phosphate coated cathode for improved cathode material safety: The invention features a method of forming a metal phosphate coated cathode. Either a metal salt or a phosphate salt is dissolved in a nonaqueous solvent to form a first solution. The other of the metal salt or the phosphate salt (e.g., whichever compound is not dissolved in the nonaqueous... Agent:

20120164320 - Manufacturing method of soft magnetic material and manufacturing method of dust core: A manufacturing method of a soft magnetic material has a step of preparing a metal magnetic particle containing iron as the main component, and a step of forming an insulating film surrounding the surface of the metal magnetic particle. The step of forming the insulating film includes a step of... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20120164321 - Electric field/magnetic field sensors and methods of fabricating the same: An electric field sensor is obtained by directly forming an electrooptical film of Fabry-Perot resonator structure on a polished surface at a tip of an optical fiber by an aerosol deposition method.... Agent: Nec Corporation

20120164322 - Device for forming thin films and method for using such a device: The invention relates to a device for forming at least one thin film made of a powder material (14). The device includes a storage area, a deposition area (7), and a cylinder (1) having a circular base for depositing and compacting the powder material (14), the latter having been previously... Agent: Phenix Systems

20120164323 - Production of polycrystalline silicon by the thermal decomposition of dichlorosilane in a fluidized bed reactor: Processes for producing polycrystalline silicon by thermal decomposition of dichlorosilane are disclosed. The processes generally involve thermal decomposition of dichlorosilane in a fluidized bed reactor operated at reaction conditions that result in a high rate of productivity relative to conventional production processes.... Agent: Memc Electronic Materials, Inc.

20120164324 - Self-passivating protective coatings: In one aspect, the present invention provides a method of protecting a metal vessel susceptible to corrosion by hydrogen sulfide, the method comprising: (a) applying a coating composition comprising a metal oxide precursor material, a solid metal oxide, and a solvent to a surface of the metal vessel to be... Agent: General Electric Company

20120164325 - Method of forming lubricative plated layer on viscous liquid feed nozzle and viscous liquid feed nozzle: In a viscous liquid feed nozzle having a nozzle body provided with a thin and long hole with a front end serving as a feed port, a lubricative plated layer is provided by immersing the liquid feed nozzle in a plating tank containing a lubricative plating solution and forming, by... Agent: Nhk Spring Co., Ltd.

20120164326 - Coating deposition apparatus and method therefor: A coating deposition apparatus includes a plurality of mounts that are adapted to mount work pieces at respective work piece locations. A crucible is located adjacent the plurality of mounts for emitting a source coating material. A plurality of gas nozzles are respectively directed at the work piece locations to... Agent:

20120164327 - Film-forming method and film-forming apparatus for forming silicon oxide film on tungsten film or tungsten oxide film: A film-forming method includes forming a tungsten film or a tungsten oxide film on an object to be processed, forming a seed layer on the tungsten film or the tungsten oxide film, and forming a silicon oxide film on the seed layer, wherein the seed layer formed on the tungsten... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120164328 - Film formation method and storage medium: A substrate is transferred to a processing container, and a film formation raw material containing cobalt amidinate and a reducing agent containing a carbonic acid in a vapor phase are introduced into the processing container, thereby a Co film is formed on the substrate.... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120164329 - Combination cvd/ald method and source: The present invention relates generally to methods and apparatus for the controlled growing of material on substrates. According to embodiments of the present invention, a precursor fed is split in to two paths from a precursor source. One of the paths is restricted in a continuous manner. The other path... Agent: Asm International N.v.

20120164330 - Method of using print head assembly in fused deposition modeling system: A method of using a print head assembly that includes a print head carriage and multiple, replaceable print heads that are configured to be removably retained in receptacles of the print head carriage.... Agent: Stratasys, Inc.

20120164331 - Method for spray painting a rubber sheet or surface: A method for spray painting a surface of a rubber sheet, particularly a black rubber sheet made from vulcanized crumb rubber produced from waste tires, includes the steps of overlaying a high-polymer substantial layer on the surface of the rubber sheet, and spray-painting any color photographs or designs preferably by... Agent:

20120164332 - Method for producing a multilayer concrete-based coating on a ceramic or earthenware surface: A method for producing a decorative coating on a surface made of a mineral compound that is ceramic or earthenware, the method including: depositing an adhesive primer layer on said surface made of a mineral compound; depositing a concrete layer; hardening said concrete layer; and depositing a decorative layer. Advantageously,... Agent:

20120164333 - Liquid discharge apparatus and liquid discharge method: A liquid discharge apparatus includes a transportation portion which transports a medium in a transportation direction, a cutting portion which moves in an intersection direction intersecting with the transportation direction and cuts the medium, and a head portion which is provided so as to be aligned with the cutting portion... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120164334 - Article treated with silica particles and method for treating a surface of the article: An article including a substrate, and a base layer formed on a surface of the substrate, and methods for treating the surface of the substrate are provided.... Agent: Snu R&db Foundation

20120164335 - Method for coating a tin-free silicon composition on a flexible medium: A method is described for coating a flexible medium made from fabric, paper, polyvinyl chloride, polyester, polypropylene or polyethylene terephthalate with a tin-free elastomer silicon composition that can be cross-linked by polycondensation.... Agent: Bluestar Silicones France

20120164336 - Method for coating a tin-free silicon composition on a flexible medium: A method is described for coating a flexible medium made from fabric, paper, polyvinyl chloride, polyester, polypropylene, polyamide, polyethylene, polyurethane, non-woven fibreglass fabrics, or polyethylene terephthalate with a tin-free elastomer silicon composition that can be cross-linked by polycondensation.... Agent: Bluestar Silicones France

20120164337 - Liquid ejection head and method of manufacturing the liquid ejection head: To provide a print head that simplifies the manufacture process of a print head and reduces the manufacturing cost while preventing the peeling-off between a substrate and a flow passage forming member in the print head, and a method of manufacturing the print head. In the print head of the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120164338 - Isocyanurate compound for forming organic anti-reflective layer and composition including same: In Formula 1, R is independently a hydrogen atom or a methyl group, R1 is independently a chain type or ring type saturated or unsaturated hydrocarbyl group of 1 to 15 carbon atoms containing 0 to 6 of hetero atoms, and R2 independently a chain type or ring type saturated... Agent: Dongjin Semichem Co., Ltd.

20120164339 - Substrate liquid processing apparatus, substrate liquid processing method and computer readable recording medium having substrate liquid processing program: Disclosed are a substrate liquid processing apparatus and a substrate liquid processing method that performs a water-repelling process for a substrate with a water-repellent liquid, and a computer readable recording medium having a substrate liquid processing program. A first diluted water-repellent liquid is generated by mixing a first diluting liquid... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120164340 - Corrosion-resistant glasses for steel enamels: A cementitious composite material wherein glass-coated steel rods are positioned in a cementitious matrix. The glass composition for coating the steel reinforcing rods includes between about 33-45 weight percent SiO2, 13.5-19.5 weight percent B2O3, 3.5-4.6 weight percent Al2O3, 4.0-13.5 weight percent K2O, 5.5-15.5 weight percent ZrO2, 8.6-15.9 weight percent Na2O,... Agent:

20120164342 - Method for removing impurities from plating solution: A method of regenerating an electroless tin or tin alloy plating solution containing thiourea or thiourea compounds by reducing impurities by adding organosulfonic acid, organosulfonic acid compound, or salts thereof in certain amounts and then cooling the solution to form precipitates. The precipitates are then removed from the tin or... Agent: Rohm And Haas Electronic Materials LLC

20120164341 - Method for removing impurities from plating solutions: Impurities are removed from electroless tin and tin alloy plating solutions by generating precipitates through the addition of sufficient amounts of benzenesulfonic acid, benzenesulfonic acid hydrate or salts thereof to the electroless tin and tin alloy plating solutions. The precipitates may then be removed from the electroless plating solutions using... Agent: Rohm And Haas Electronic Materials LLC

20120164343 - Method and apparatus for the treatment of individual filaments of a multifilament yarn: A method and apparatus for treating the surfaces of individual filaments in multifilament yarn. The method includes the steps of immersing the yarn into a liquid treatment solution and coating all exposed surface areas of each individual filament with the treatment solution, disrupting the orientation of the individual filaments and... Agent: Syscom Advanced Materials, Inc.

20120164344 - Activation of electrode surfaces by means of vacuum deposition techniques in a continuous process: The invention relates to a method of manufacturing of metal electrodes for electrolytic applications by means of a continuous deposition of a layer of noble metals upon metal substrates by a physical vapour deposition technique.... Agent: Industrie De Nora S.p.a.

20120164345 - Method of manufacturing retarder: A method of manufacturing a patterned retarder includes forming a retarder material layer by applying a retarder material to a substrate; drying the retarder material layer at a first temperature; exposing the retarder material layer to linearly-polarized UV, wherein the retarder material layer has an optical anisotropic property; and heat... Agent:

20120164346 - Method and device for forming pattern: According to a method for forming a pattern in one embodiment, a first pattern is formed on a substrate, and an upper part of the first pattern is irradiated with ultraviolet rays, to enhance a liquid-repellent property to an inversion resin material. Furthermore, according to the method for forming the... Agent:

20120164347 - Susceptor for cvd apparatus, cvd apparatus and substrate heating method using the same: Provided are a susceptor for a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) apparatus, including: a susceptor body having an upper surface opposed to a lower surface thereof and formed of a light transmitting material, the upper surface thereof having at least one pocket part formed to receive a substrate therein; and a... Agent:

20120164348 - Method for the structured coating of substrates: The invention relates to a method for the structured coating of substrates from liquid phase and also to a device for the structured coating. Furthermore, the invention includes the use of the method.... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20120164349 - System and method for depositing material in a substrate: One embodiment of the present invention is a unique method for depositing materials in a substrate. Another embodiment is a unique system for depositing materials in a substrate. Other embodiments include apparatuses, systems, devices, hardware, methods, and combinations for depositing materials within a substrate. Further embodiments, forms, features, aspects, benefits,... Agent:

20120164350 - Treatment of parts with metallized finish areas with a differentiated appearance: The invention relates to a process for the treatment of parts for creating a surface with areas with shiny and matte appearances, in which on the surface previously coated with a first layer of copper and a second layer of metal a selective etching of the second layer is performed,... Agent:

20120164351 - Selectively functionized transducer microarray: A system and method are provided for selectively functionalizing a transducer microarray. The method provides a microarray including a field of transducers exposed to a shared local environment. A difference in the pH associated with the transducers is created. As a result, functional molecules are selectively bound to transducers in... Agent:

20120164352 - Method for producing composite and the composite: The present invention is a method for producing a composite including a matrix and a dispersed material dispersed in the matrix. The method includes introducing a raw material for dispersed material which constitutes a dispersed material into a fluid including a melt of a raw material for matrix which constitutes... Agent: Keio University

20120164353 - Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition apparatus: PECVD apparatus for depositing material onto a moving substrate is provided comprising a process chamber, a precursor gas inlet to the process chamber, a pumped outlet, and a plasma source disposed within the process chamber. The plasma source produces one or more negative glow regions and one or more positive... Agent:

20120164354 - Sputtering apparatus and manufacturing method of electronic device: The present invention provides a sputtering apparatus that can efficiently laminate thin films in a short time without lowering throughputs, and a manufacturing method of an electronic device. The sputtering apparatus according to an embodiment of the present invention includes a rotatable substrate holder, four target holders obliquely arranged with... Agent: Canon Anelva Corporation

06/21/2012 > 38 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20120156361 - Method for coating silicone hydrogels: The invention relates to a process for producing biomedical articles, in particular, silicone hydrogel contact lenses having durable hydrophilic chitosan coating. The chitosan coating is covalently attached to the medical device by performing a crosslinking reaction between chitosan and the carboxylic groups on the surface of a medical device directly... Agent:

20120156362 - Method and device for coating path generation: A method for generating a motion path for a spray gun for coating a component is disclosed. Path templates for surface segments of the component are defined, the surface is analyzed, a first motion path is generated, a model of the spray profile is simulated, the coating thickness is simulated... Agent:

20120156363 - Gas injection system for chemical vapor deposition using sequenced valves: A gas injection system for a chemical vapor deposition system includes a gas manifold comprising a plurality of valves where each of the plurality of valves has an input that is coupled to a process gas source and an output for providing process gas. Each of a plurality of gas... Agent: Veeco Instruments Inc.

20120156364 - Interdigitated finger coextrusion: A co-extrusion device has at least one first inlet port to receive a first material, at least one second inlet port to receive a second material, a first combining channel arranged to receive the first material and the second material and combine the first and second materials into a first... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20120156365 - Deposition apparatus and manufacturing apparatus: An object of the present invention is to carry out stable film deposition for a long stretch of time without an evaporation material being stuck in a manufacturing apparatus that carries out evaporation. A driving portion that can move a crucible up and down is provided for an evaporation source... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120156366 - Strip process for superalloys: A process for forming a coated substrate comprises providing a nickel base alloy substrate, depositing a chromium coating onto the nickel base alloy substrate and diffusing chromium from said coating into the substrate, applying a MCrAlY coating onto the nickel base alloy substrate and heat treating the substrate with the... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20120156367 - Method of termite proofing a building structure: A method of termite proofing a building structure (1, 101), the building structure (1, 101) has a foundation (3) located below an adjacent finished ground level (5) and an external wall (2, 102) formed on the foundation (3) and defining an exterior surface (4, 104) of the building structure (1,... Agent: Termortar Pty Ltd

20120156368 - Corrosion resistant gas cell formed from nickel plated stainless steel: Method of making a corrosion resistant gas cell including an end cap having integral reflecting mirrors and sealing surfaces, the method involving the steps of: rough shaping a plate of stainless steel to near net dimensions using a standard-precision CNC milling machine and standard cutting bits to form a near... Agent: Midac Corporation

20120156369 - Method of forming optical coupler: Provided are methods of forming an optical coupler. The method includes forming a first waveguide and an in-plane tapered layer on a silicon layer, forming a mask with first and second openings. The first opening is formed between the in-plane tapered layer and the second opening, and the second opening... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120156370 - Process for the infiltration of porous ceramic components: Process for the infiltration of porous ceramic components, in which a dispersion containing metal oxide particles and having a metal oxide content of at least 30% by weight, based on the dispersion, is used, where the particle size distribution d50 of the metal oxide particles is not more than 200... Agent: Evonik Degussa Gmbh

20120156371 - Method of applying a polyurethane adhesive to a substrate: A system and method for applying a two-part adhesive to a substrate includes a prime mover for providing an output torque, a first pump connected to the prime mover for receiving the output torque, the first pump having an inlet and an outlet, a second pump connected to the prime... Agent: Adco Products, Inc.

20120156372 - Nozzle-based, vapor-phase, plume delivery structure for use in production of thin-film deposition layer: A physical vapor deposition effusion method comprising translating a strip material through a physical vapor deposition zone in a deposition chamber and providing first and second substantially closed vessels located serially along the processing path in the same deposition chamber, each vessel emitting different source materials to produce overlapping plumes... Agent: University Of Delaware

20120156373 - Preparation of cerium-containing precursors and deposition of cerium-containing films: Methods and compositions for depositing rare earth metal-containing layers are described herein. In general, the disclosed methods deposit the precursor compounds comprising rare earth-containing compounds using deposition methods such as chemical vapor deposition or atomic layer deposition. The disclosed precursor compounds include a cyclopentadienyl ligand having at least one aliphatic... Agent: American Air Liquide, Inc.

20120156374 - Sectional wafer carrier: A structure for a chemical vapor deposition reactor includes a support element defining oppositely-facing substantially planar upper and lower surfaces and a vertical rotational axis substantially perpendicular to the upper and lower surfaces, and a plurality of carrier sections releasably engaged with the support element. Each carrier section can include... Agent: Veeco Instruments Inc.

20120156375 - Inkjet ink composition with jetting aid: An inkjet ink composition comprising water, self-dispersing carbon black pigment particles, and a copolymer jetting aid; wherein the copolymer jetting aid comprises a copolymer obtained from polymerizing at least 5 weight percent of one or more monomers comprising a long hydrocarbon chain having greater than or equal to 12 carbons... Agent:

20120156376 - Method for manufacturing a composite molded body: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a composite molded body, and more particularly, to a method for manufacturing a composite molded body, comprising: a step of manufacturing a molded body containing polyethylene terephthalate, acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene, and glass or carbon fibers; and a step of coating the molded body... Agent:

20120156377 - Agent for treating hard surfaces: The present invention is an agent for treating a hard surface comprising at least two components selected from the group consisting of (a) multi-armed stellate polyalkoxylates; (b) polyesteramides; and (c) copolymers prepared from a quaternary ammonium acrylamide and acrylic acid. The agents of the present invention find use in cleaning... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20120156378 - Systems, methods, and devices for applying fluid composites to a carrier sheet: Systems, method and devices for applying a fluid composite to a carrier sheet are presented herein. An aspect of this disclosure is directed to a fluid-administering apparatus for applying a fluid composite, such as resins, epoxies, and adhesives, to a carrier sheet, such as a cloth tape. The apparatus includes... Agent: Neptune Research Inc.

20120156379 - Method for producing alkali and alkaline earth alloys and use of the alkali and alkaline earth alloys: Surprisingly, it was found within the context of the invention that by mixing salts, hydroxides, alkoxides or oxides of alkali or alkaline earth compounds with salts, hydroxides, alkoxides or oxides of semi-metals or metals from the 3rd or 4th main group and subsequent heating, alkali or alkaline earth alloys can... Agent: Nano-x Gmbh

20120156380 - Substrate treating apparatus: A substrate treating method for treating substrates with a substrate treating apparatus having an indexer section, a treating section and an interface section includes performing resist film forming treatment in parallel on a plurality of stories provided in the treating section and performing developing treatment in parallel on a plurality... Agent: Sokudo Co., Ltd.

20120156381 - Geopolymer mortar and method: A geopolymer mortar formed by mixing about 35% to about 45% by weight pozzolanic material, about 35% to about 45% by weight silicon oxide source, about 15% to about 20% by weight alkaline activator solution, and about 0.3% to about 2.5% by weight copper ion source. The pozzolanic material may... Agent:

20120156382 - 2-component laminating adhesive: The invention relates to a two-component composition consisting of a component A containing a polymer with a molecular weight of 250 to 5000 g/mol which has at least 2 epoxy groups per molecule, a component B containing a compound of the formula (I) R1-phenyl-(—O—R2)a where R1=H, C1 to C6-alkyl, a=1,... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co, Kgaa

20120156383 - Graffiti deterrent coating: A graffiti deterrent coating includes water, polyvinyl alcohol, silicone resin emulsion paint, and polytetrafluoroethylene. The coating is non-sacrificial and is resistant to paint applied over the coating, causing the paint to bead and run rather than to adhere to the coating.... Agent:

20120156384 - Pressure controlled droplet spraying (pcds) method for forming particles of compound materials from melts: A method and apparatus of forming compositionally homogeneous particles is provided. The method includes forming a homogenous melt from a plurality of constituent materials under a first pressure sufficient to prevent substantial vaporization of the constituent materials. Droplets are generated from the homogenous melt. The droplets are cooled under a... Agent: Sunlight Photonics Inc.

20120156385 - Use of aqueous wax dispersions and method for improving the mechanical properties of textile fibers: Provided are the application of waxes, preferably in the form of aqueous wax dispersions comprising a dispersing agent (a) and a wax component (b) and optionally additional auxiliary and additive materials (c). The mechanical properties of textile fibers treated with these aqueous wax dispersion compositions are improved. In particular, the... Agent: CognisIPManagement Gmbh

20120156386 - Anionic wetting agents for stabilizing self-depositing compositions comprising oxidic pigments: The present invention relates to an acidic aqueous particulate composition containing, in addition to iron(III) ions, fluoride ions and at least one water-insoluble, dispersed organic binder, a water-insoluble, dispersed oxide pigment with elevated resistance to agglomeration for the autophoretic deposition of organic-inorganic hybrid layers onto metal surfaces, the composition additionally... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co Kgaa

20120156387 - Beta-amino acid comprising electrolyte and method for the deposition of a metal layer: The present invention relates to an electrolyte for the electroless deposition of a metal layer on a substrate, wherein the electrolyte is free of heavy metal stabilizers, cyanides, selenium compounds and sulfur compounds comprising sulfur in an oxidation state between −2 and +5, and in which instead a β-amino acid... Agent: Enthone Inc.

20120156388 - Metal-coated polyimide film: A metal-coated polyimide film is excellent in long-term adhesion reliability, exhibits various dimensional stabilities, and is particularly suitable for FPC, COF and TAB applications. The metal-coated polyimide film comprises a non-thermoplastic polyimide film; and a metal layer being directly formed on one surface or both surfaces of the non-thermoplastic polyimide... Agent: Kaneka Corporation

20120156389 - Preparation of layer-by-layer materials and coatings from ionic liquids: A method for making a layered material can include providing a substrate having a surface with at least one region having a charge and forming layers by sequentially contacting the at least one region with a first solution and a second solution. The first solution comprises a first layering material... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20120156390 - Multi-angle hard bias deposition for optimal hard-bias deposition in a magnetic sensor: A method for manufacturing a magnetic sensor that result in improved magnetic bias field to the sensor, improved shield to hard bias spacing and a flatter top shield profile. The method includes a multi-angled deposition of the hard bias structure. After forming the sensor stack a first hard bias layer... Agent: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands B.v.

20120156391 - Process for producing electrically conductive surfaces: m

20120156392 - Oriented carbon nanotube manufacturing method: Disclosed is a method capable of accelerating the growth of oriented carbon nanotubes when manufacturing the oriented carbon nanotubes by a plasma CVD. Under the circulation of a gas which is the raw material of the carbon nanotubes, plasma is generated by an antenna (6) provided in a depressurized treatment... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120156393 - Deposition of hydrogenated thin film: A hydrogenated thin film is formed in a controlled vacuum on a substrate by evaporating one or more solid materials and passing the resulting vapor and a hydrogen-containing gas into a space between two electrodes. One of the electrodes includes openings for allowing the vapor to enter the space. Plasma... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120156394 - Discharge surface treatment: An electrode used in combination with an electric spark machine for surface treatment, is comprised of a mixed powder including a powder of aluminum at a ratio of 5-18 weight % to the total of the mixed powder or a powder of any metal selected from the group consisting of... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20120156395 - Process for applying amorphous metal: Ni-based refractory metallic glass coatings utilizing periodic table group five element vanadium in combination with other group 5 or 6 elements, particularly tantalum, chromium, or molybdenum, can be formed via co-sputtering with proper control of carrier gas pressure and/or bias voltage. The alloy forms fully amorphous coatings that are not... Agent: Metaglass Coatings, LLC

20120156396 - Cvd reactor: The invention relates to a CVD reactor comprising a heatable body (2, 3) disposed in a reactor housing, a heating device (4, 17) for heating the body (2, 3) located at a distance from the body (2, 3), and a cooling device (5, 18) located at a distance from the... Agent:

20120156397 - Method of manufacturing an optical lens: A method of manufacturing an optical lens that is configured to correct high order aberrations. One embodiment is a method of customizing optical correction in an optical system. The method includes measuring optical aberration data of the optical system. The method further includes calculating a lens definition based on the... Agent: Ophthonix, Inc.

20120156398 - Method and apparatus for coating utensils using magnetic force: A method and apparatus for coating utensils using a magnetic force is provided. In a process of applying a coating material mixed with a filler having magnetism reaction particles to a surface of the utensil and heat-treating the utensil, magnets disposed on upper and lower surfaces of the utensil generate... Agent:

06/14/2012 > 40 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20120148725 - Biochip array with a three-dimensional structure and method for forming the same: The present invention discloses a biochip with a three-dimensional structure. The surface of the three-dimensional mesoporous layer is chemically modified to recognize labeled DNAs, proteins, peptides, saccharides, and cells. In addition, this invention also discloses a method for preparing the biochip with a three-dimensional mesoporous layer, including a blending process,... Agent: Chung Yuan Christian University

20120148726 - Alignment film printing method of lcd substrate and device thereof: Disclosed are an alignment film printing method of LCD panel and device thereof. The method comprises: acquiring position information of one or more defect substrate units of a substrate; delivering the position information to a process management system; delivering the position information to a first alignment film printing apparatus by... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20120148727 - Coating apparatus and method for coating using the same: A coating apparatus to apply a coating solution onto a base material, including a first body portion, a second body portion spaced-apart by a gap from the first body portion, a coating solution inlet arranged in one region of the second body portion, a coating solution passage connecting the coating... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20120148730 - Film formation method and method for manufacturing light-emitting device: A binder material layer including an evaporation material is formed over a main surface of an evaporation source substrate, a substrate on which a film is formed is placed so that the binder material layer and a main surface thereof face each other, and heat treatment is performed on a... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120148729 - Method for producing an organic negative electrode: A method for producing an organic negative electrode is provided in the present disclosure. The method comprises the steps of: preparing a first element comprising conductive material into a first membrane; preparing a second membrane on the first membrane from a second element formed by a high polymer solution.... Agent: Innot Bioenergy Holding Co.

20120148728 - Methods and apparatus for the production of high purity silicon: Methods and apparatus for the production of high purity silicon including a silicon deposition reactor with a gas distribution plate for injecting gas into the silicon deposition reactor.... Agent: Siliken Sa

20120148731 - Surface modification agents for lithium batteries: A method includes modifying a surface of an electrode active material including providing a solution or a suspension of a surface modification agent; providing the electrode active material; preparing a slurry of the solution or suspension of the surface modification agent, the electrode active material, a polymeric binder, and a... Agent:

20120148732 - Method for manufacturing gas diffusion layer for fuel cell, gas diffusion layer for fuel cell, and fuel cell: m

20120148733 - Method for electroless plating of tin and tin alloys: The invention relates to a method for electroless (immersion) plating of tin and tin alloys having a thickness of≧1 μm as a final finish in the manufacture of printed circuit boards, IC substrates, semiconductor wafers and the like. The method utilizes an electroless plated sacrificial layer of copper between the... Agent: Atotech Deutschland Gmbh

20120148734 - Method for making separator of lithium ion battery: A method for making a separator of a lithium ion battery is provided. In the method, a modifier, and a porous membrane are provided. The modifier is a mixture of a phosphorus source having a phosphate radical, a trivalent aluminum source, and a metallic oxide provided in a liquid phase... Agent: Tsinghua University

20120148735 - Magnetic random access memory (mram) with enhanced magnetic stiffness and method of making same: A spin toque transfer magnetic random access memory (STTMRAM) element and a method of manufacturing the same is disclosed having a free sub-layer structure with enhanced internal stiffness. A first free sub-layer is deposited, the first free sub-layer being made partially of boron (B), annealing is performed of the STTMRAM... Agent: Avalanche Technology Inc.

20120148736 - Investment casting shells having an organic component: A composition for use in investment casting shells and a method of making the composition is disclosed. The composition includes an engineered binder and a refractory flour. The engineered binder comprises a siliceous material and at least one organic component selected from: at least one type of wood pulp; at... Agent:

20120148737 - Process for producing laminated optical film: An object of the invention is to provide a process for continuously producing a laminated optical film, the process being able to produce a laminated optical film in which the occurrence of a point defect is suppressed. Provided is a process for producing a laminated optical film, including: a rubbing... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120148738 - Masking jig, substrate heating device, and coating method: A cooler is connected to a back surface of an insulating substrate. A masking jig is used to specify a coating region in which a coating is to be formed by spraying copper powder onto a front surface of the insulating substrate from a cold spray device. This masking jig... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120148739 - Method for manufacturing metal nanostructure and metal nanostructure manufactured by the method: A method for manufacturing metal nanostructure which can manufacture a metal nanostructure which has the structure and properties different from the structure and properties of a conventional material and can be properly used in various applications is provided. The method for manufacturing metal nanostructure includes the steps of: preparing metal-coated... Agent: Toptec Co., Ltd.

20120148740 - Raw materials and methods of manufacturing bio-based epoxy resins: Disclosed are methods for manufacturing bio-based epoxy resins. The raw materials of the resins include lignin, polyol, solvent, catalyst, acid anhydride, and multi-epoxy compound. The methods of manufacturing the resins include evenly mixing the lignin, the polyol, the catalyst, and the solvent together to form a mixture. The acid anhydride... Agent:

20120148741 - Foaming composition for creating indications for a limited duration of time: A foaming composition for generating temporary indications, preferably to mark defensive wall lines and spots for free kick shootout in football, where the foam remains stable over a very short but sufficient period of time to take the shot, wherein the composition comprises a propellant, a foaming emulsifier, a cation... Agent:

20120148742 - Combinatorial site-isolated deposition of thin films from a liquid source: An apparatus for combinatorial site-isolated thin film deposition may include a source of a liquid precursor, a nebulizer configured to convert the liquid precursor to an aerosolized mist of particles, a first deposition cell configured to direct an aerosolized mist of particles onto a first selected region of the substrate,... Agent:

20120148743 - Method and apparatus for depositing led organic film: In one embodiment the disclosure relates to an apparatus for depositing an organic material on a substrate, including a source heater for heating organic particles to form suspended organic particles; a transport stream for delivering the suspended organic particles to a discharge nozzle, the discharge nozzle having a plurality of... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20120148744 - Substrate processing apparatuses and systems: A system for processing substrates is described. In one embodiment, the system comprises a process chamber, at least one electrical resistance heater, and at least one Coanda effect gas injector.... Agent:

20120148745 - Aminovinylsilane for cvd and ald sio2 films: s

20120148746 - Method of manufacturing thin film: The present invention provides a thin film manufacturing method which realizes stable, highly-efficient film formation using a nozzle-type evaporation source while avoiding unnecessary scattering and deposition of a film formation material after the termination of the film formation. Used is a film forming apparatus including: an evaporation chamber 16; a... Agent:

20120148747 - Masking solutions comprising siloxane-based surfactants for using in painting operations: This invention provides a masking material that can be used to protect an underling surface (e.g. an automobile surface) during an overcoating (e.g. painting) operation. The masking material in one embodiment includes a thickener and a pH control agent and water. The masking material can be applied to a surface... Agent: Cal-west Specialty Coatings, Inc.

20120148748 - Grease masking packaging materials and methods thereof: The present invention relates generally to the packaging materials. More specifically, the invention relates to materials and methods suitable for use as packaging materials whereby the appearance of grease, fat or oil staining on the packaging material is reduced or eliminated.... Agent: Rock-tenn Shared Services, LLC

20120148749 - Masking tape for composite materials: A masking product for masking a composite material object comprising a substantially flat liner, a first tape layer on the liner having a width less than a width of the liner and defining a margin of liner along one edge of the first tape layer, the first tape layer defining... Agent: Budnick Converting, Inc.

20120148750 - Aluminosilicate glass and color adapting composition for ceramics: The present invention relates to a color adapting composition used for coloring and color adapting porcelain for ceramic crown such as dental restorations and prosthetics, and aluminosilicate glass appropriate for using in a color adapting composition. More specifically, a color adapting composition for dental porcelains are prepared by blending two... Agent:

20120148751 - Wear resistant antimicrobial compositions and methods of use: Anti-microbial compositions comprising (a) a quaternary ammonium compound and (b) a cationic biocide. Applicant has discovered a synergistic combination of the two components with the ration of cationic biocide to quaternary ammonium being less than 1:10 or with a single quaternary compound in a ratio of less than 1.6 to... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20120148752 - Process for coating an active ingredient with a urea-formaldehyde polymer: The present invention relates to urea-formaldehyde polymer-coated active ingredients, a method of making the same, and their use.... Agent: Albemarle Corporation

20120148753 - Prepreg: The present invention relates to a prepreg composite and to a process for manufacturing the prepreg composite. The manufacturing process involves surface treatment and impregnation of a high tenacity fibrous material with a surface treatment agent and a polymer matrix resin material. The fiber may be in the form of... Agent:

20120148754 - Aqueous fire-retardant non-corrosive composition for topical application to products and articles: Disclosed is a fire-retardant, non-corrosive, insect-resistant, fungus-resistant composition comprising a first flame-retardant agent, a preservative composition, a second flame-retardant agent, a third flame-retardant agent, and a liquid melamine formaldehyde resin adhesive. The composition is to be used for topical application to articles using a spray device, where a layer of... Agent:

20120148755 - Organic el element and method of manufacturing the same, organic el display device using the element, organic el material, and surface emission device and liquid crystal display device using the material: s

20120148756 - Method of producing compound nanorods and thin films: A method of producing compound nanorods and thin films under a controlled growth mode is described. The method involves ablating compound targets using an ultrafast pulsed laser and depositing the ablated materials onto a substrate. When producing compound nanorods, external catalysts such as pre-deposited metal nanoparticles are not involved. Instead,... Agent: Imra America, Inc.

20120148757 - Method for manufacturing light guide plate: A method for manufacturing a light guide plate includes the step of printing a dot pattern with ink droplets on a surface of a transparent resin sheet while the transparent resin sheet is conveyed continuously or intermittently, and forming reflective dots from the dot patteren. The ink droplets are supplied... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20120148758 - Method of carbo-nitriding alumina surfaces: The method of carbo-nitriding alumina surfaces is a process for applying a carbo-nitride coating to an alumina or alumina-based composite surface. The method involves the step of applying a phenolic resin to the alumina surface in a thin, uniform film. The resin-coated alumina surface is maintained in a controlled chamber... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20120148759 - Method for coating a metal surface with a hybrid layer: e

20120148760 - Induction heating for substrate processing: A system for processing a substrate is provided. The system includes a power source for providing a current, and an RF coil which generates a magnetic field when supplied with the current from the power source. The system further includes a susceptor for supporting the substrate. The susceptor is inductively... Agent:

20120148761 - Integrated microwave wave guide with impedance transition: A microwave waveguide, and a system and method related to a microwave waveguide, is described. One embodiment includes an integrated microwave waveguide comprising a waveguide block, a first waveguide section in the waveguide block, a second waveguide section in the waveguide block, a first impedance transition section integrated with the... Agent:

20120148762 - Nanocomposites containing nanodiamond: The present disclosure relates to a method of coating a substrate, with the method comprising: providing a substrate; dispersing nanodiamond powder in a liquid to provide a coating precursor; converting the liquid of the coating precursor to a vapor; introducing the coating precursor to a vapor deposition process; and operating... Agent: Southwest Research Institute

20120148763 - Surface wave plasma cvd apparatus and layer formation method: A surface wave plasma CVD apparatus, includes: a waveguide (3) that is connected to a microwave source (2), and in which a plurality of slot antennas (S) are formed thereof; a dielectric plate (4) for conducting microwaves emitted from the plurality of slot antennas (S) into a plasma processing chamber... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20120148764 - Deposition of thermoelectric materials by printing: A method for producing a layer of thermoelectric material with a thickness comprised between 50 μm and 500 μm on a substrate comprises preparing an ink comprising the thermoelectric material, a solvent and a binding polymer material, depositing a layer of ink on a substrate, heating the layer of ink... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

06/07/2012 > 39 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20120141655 - Vapor sheath for liquid dispensing nozzle: The present disclosure provides a device for preventing the fouling of a liquid dispensing nozzle. The end of the dispensing nozzle is placed in a hollow interior of a band carrying the same solvents that are dispensed by the nozzle. The solvent on the band evaporates into a gap between... Agent:

20120141656 - Needle-to-needle electrospinning: An electrospinning apparatus may include a first spinneret and a second spinneret, each including a reservoir and an orifice. The first and second spinnerets may have first and second electrical charges, respectively. The first spinneret orifice may be located substantially opposite the second spinneret orifice. The first and second spinnerets... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120141657 - Apparatus and method for adjusting the track of a granule-coated sheet: A method for adjusting the track of a granule-coated sheet includes moving a granule-coated sheet around a drum. The granule-coated sheet includes first granules. A track of the granule-coated sheet is sensed at the drum. A first signal is generated when the granule-coated sheet has moved off a pre-designated track.... Agent: Owens Corning Intellectual Capital, LLC

20120141658 - Coating method for spacers of liquid crystal substrate and manufacturing method for liquid crystal substrate: A coating method for spacers of a liquid crystal substrate and a manufacturing method for the liquid crystal substrate are disclosed. The coating method for spacers of the liquid crystal substrate has steps of: providing a glass substrate which has a conductive cladding on a surface thereof and further has... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20120141659 - Imprint apparatus and article manufacturing method: The imprint apparatus of the present invention includes a holding unit configured to hold a mold; a particle inspection unit configured to inspect whether or not particle is present on an imprint area, in which the resin pattern is formed, of the substrate; a dispenser configured to apply an uncured... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120141660 - Secure identification of a product: In a method for marking a product first a product identification (12) is generated (S1) and applied (S5) onto the product (21). Subsequently the product identification (26) applied onto the product (21) is captured (S6) and stored (S8, S9) in a product database (11). Here in particular also an independent... Agent:

20120141662 - Conductor pattern forming method: There is provided a method for forming a conductor pattern on a substrate in such a manner that the conductor pattern has a lead portion extending in a longitudinal direction thereof, a first conductor portion located at one end of the lead portion and a second conductor portion located at... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20120141663 - Quinhydrone-containing sensor: The application relates to quinhydrone (RN=106-34-3) containing sensors (10) for e.g. potentiometric measurements, especially in vivo measurements such as potentiometric pH measurements in wounds. In particular, the application describes methods for preparing crystalline quinhydrone for use as an ink in the manufacture of such sensors. By combining concentrated aqueous solutions... Agent:

20120141661 - Substrate supports for semiconductor applications: This invention relates to substrate supports, e.g., coated electrostatic chucks, having a dielectric multilayer formed thereon; dielectric multilayers that provide erosive and corrosive barrier protection in harsh environments such as plasma treating vessels used in semiconductor device manufacture; process chambers, e.g., deposition chambers, for processing substrates; methods for protecting substrate... Agent:

20120141664 - Thermally and electrically conductive structure, method of applying a carbon coating to same, and method of reducing a contact resistance of same: A thermally and electrically conductive structure comprises a carbon nanotube (110) having an outer surface (111) and a carbon coating (120) covering at least a portion of the outer surface of the carbon nanotube. The carbon coating may be applied to the carbon nanotube by providing a nitrile-containing polymer, coating... Agent:

20120141665 - Method of and apparatus for forming a metal pattern: Provided are methods of and apparatuses for forming a metal pattern. In the method, an initiator and a metal pattern are sequentially combined on a previously-formed bonding agent pattern improving adhesion and/or junction properties between the substrate and the metal. The bonding agent pattern may be formed using a reverse... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120141666 - Transparent carbon nanotube electrode using conductive dispersant and production method thereof: The transparent CNT electrode exhibits excellent conductive properties, can be produced in an economical and simple manner by a room temperature wet process, and can be applied to flexible displays. The transparent CNT electrode can be used to fabricate a variety of devices, including image sensors, solar cells, liquid crystal... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120141667 - Methods for forming barrier/seed layers for copper interconnect structures: Methods for forming barrier/seed layers for interconnect structures are provided herein. In some embodiments, a method of processing a substrate having an opening formed in a first surface of the substrate, the opening having a sidewall and a bottom surface, the method may include forming a layer comprising manganese (Mn)... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120141668 - Method for producing magnetic disk, and glass substrate for information recording medium: To provide a method for producing a magnetic disk, whereby a magnetic recording layer is formed at a high temperature. A method for producing a magnetic disk, which comprises a step of forming a magnetic recording layer on a glass substrate having a temperature of at least 550° C., wherein... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20120141669 - Apparatus and method for improved recovery of latent fingerprints: Hydrating an object bearing a latent fingerprint and then selectively drying the object leaving the fingerprint hydrated. The hydrated fingerprint is then coated with cyanoacrylate ester, preferably in a heat accelerated cyanoacrylate ester vacuum chamber. Hydrating is preferably accomplished by chilling the object below a dew point and then exposing... Agent:

20120141670 - Open-porous metal foam body and a method for fabricating the same: Disclosed are an open-porous metal foam and a method for manufacturing the same. An open-porous metal foam according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention is made of an iron-based alloy including 15 wt % or more of chrome and 5 wt % or more of aluminum. The open-porous... Agent: Alantum

20120141671 - Roughened coatings for gas turbine engine components: A gas turbine engine component with an aluminide coating on at least a portion of an airflow surface that includes a roughening agent effective to provide a desired surface roughness and a deposition process for forming such aluminide coatings. A layer including a binder and the roughening agent may be... Agent: Mt Coatings, LLC

20120141672 - Coating apparatus and liquid substance coating method: Provided is a coating apparatus in which a liquid substance is less likely to splash around and a chemical solution can be coated on a specific region of the inside surface of a tubular container. The coating apparatus 10 includes a spraying direction changing member 12, fixed to a tip... Agent: Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.

20120141673 - Sandwich composite elements: A device for the application of foaming reaction mixtures to a substrate which makes it possible to apply that foaming reaction mixture uniformly, a process for the production of foaming reaction mixtures using this device, apparatus for producing composites which include the device of the present invention and composites produced... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20120141674 - Evaporator and method for depositing organic material: An evaporator for depositing material on a substrate includes a crucible configured to receive a deposition material, and a plurality of nozzles in fluid communication with the crucible and facing the substrate, the nozzles projecting away from the crucible and being arranged in a first direction along the crucible, at... Agent:

20120141675 - Precursor compositions for atomic layer deposition and chemical vapor deposition of titanate, lanthanate, and tantalate dielectric films: wherein each of R1-R5 is the same as or different from one another, with each being independently selected from among hydrogen, C1-C12 alkyl, C1-C12 amino, C6-C10 aryl, C1-C12 alkoxy, C3-C6 alkylsilyl, C2-C12 alkenyl, R1R2R3NNR3, wherein R1, R2 and R3 may be the same as or different from one another and... Agent: Advanced Technology Materials, Inc.

20120141676 - Ald coating system: An ALD coating system (100) includes a fixed gas manifold (710, 1300) disposed over a moving substrate with a coating surface of the substrate facing precursor orifice plate (930). A gas control system (1400) delivers gas or vapor precursors and inert gas into the fixed gas manifold which directs input... Agent: Cambridge Nanotech Inc

20120141677 - Method of manufacturing thin film: The present invention provides a thin film manufacturing method which realizes stable, highly-efficient film formation using a nozzle-type evaporation source while avoiding unnecessary scattering and deposition of a film formation material before the start of the film formation. Used is a film forming apparatus including: an evaporation chamber 16; a... Agent:

20120141678 - Carbon nanotube ink: Carbon nanotube inkjet solutions and methods for jetting are described.... Agent: Fujifilm Dimatix, Inc.

20120141679 - Ink composition, ink set, and image forming method: An ink composition includes: (Component a) a polymerizable compound having an ethylenically unsaturated double bond; (Component b) a polymerization initiator; (Component c) water; and (Component d) a polyhydric alcohol having an alkyleneoxy chain, wherein the (Component a) polymerizable compound includes a monofunctional polymerizable monomer having a (meth)acrylamide structure, and a... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120141680 - Method of spraying a turbine engine component: A method of spraying a component involves disposing a component near a spray coating device. The component has a first mating feature that is formed as part of the component. A first mask is disposed over a portion of the component and has a second mating feature. The first mating... Agent:

20120141681 - Compositions comprising reverse micelles and methods for their use: Compositions containing a reverse micelle comprising a first compound and a second compound are disclosed, wherein the second compound is configured to change conformation in response to a stimulus, a first conformation selected for formation of the reverse micelle, and a second conformation selected for disruption of the reverse micelle;... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20120141682 - Coating apparatus, coating method and coating-film forming apparatus: A coating method, which uses a coating apparatus including a rotatable tray having a recessed portion for accommodating a substrate and rotatable together with the substrate, a nozzle for supplying a coating liquid, and an applicator for spreading the coating liquid, includes the steps of placing a substrate into the... Agent: Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20120141683 - Spray device for coating and use thereof: This invention is directed to a method for producing a coating layer of a coating composition comprising two or more components. This invention is also directed to a spray gun having two or more spray channels for producing such coating layer.... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20120141684 - Spray method and use thereof: This invention is directed to a method for producing a coating layer of a coating composition comprising two or more components. The two or more components are mixed post atomization. This invention is also directed to a spray gun having a spray needle comprising two or more spray channels for... Agent:

20120141685 - Process for coating a support surface with a porous metal-organic framework: Described is a process for coating at least part of a surface of a support with a porous metal-organic framework comprising at least one at least bidentate organic compound coordinated to at least one metal ion, which process comprises the steps (a) spraying of the at least one part of... Agent: Basf Se

20120141686 - Rust-proof paint composition and method of manufacturing a member having a rust-proof coating using the rust-proof paint composition: A rust-proof coating, which does not contain a hazardous metal such as chromium and is able to form a thin coating in which crack generation is inhibited even after a baking treatment at a high temperature, including based on the whole composition, 5 to 40% by weight of an organic... Agent: Yuken Industry Co., Ltd.

20120141687 - Method of forming a roofing product including a ceramic base material and recycled roofing material: A method of forming a roofing product can include providing a ceramic base material having an open structure, and filling the open structure of the ceramic base material with a bituminous material. In a particular embodiment, the bituminous material has no greater than approximately 5 weight % of abrasive particles... Agent: Certainteed Corporation

20120141688 - Release agent applicator and method of using same: Water, oils and other liquid release agents are thinly and uniformly applied to hot cooking surfaces using an open-cell silicone foam structure. The foam is selected to have characteristics. It does not degrade chemically or physically when exposed to the liquid release agents or high-temperatures commonly encountered when frying foods.... Agent: Prince Castle LLC

20120141689 - Method of fabricating patterned retarder: A method of fabricating a patterned retarder includes: forming a retarder material layer on a substrate by coating a retarder material; irradiating a first polarized UV ray onto the retarder material layer, the first polarized UV ray having a first polarization axis; irradiating a second polarized UV ray onto the... Agent:

20120141690 - Process for permanent deformation of keratin fibers: The present invention relates to a process for permanent deformation of keratin fibers comprising the steps of : providing the keratin fibers with mechanical fibers a composition comprising one or several sources of ions of formula: wherein X is a group selected from the group consisting of O−, OH, NH2,... Agent: L'oreal

20120141691 - Method of applying a metallic precursor to a titanium oxide coating to form a composite coating or material: The method of the present invention comprises the following three steps: (1) Coating titanium oxide in the form of a membrane, nanometer-sized particles or powder onto a substrate to form a preliminary coating; (2) Adding a reducing agent and a dispersing agent to a metallic precursor to form a solution... Agent:

20120141692 - Method for producing a structure: A method for producing a structure including: colliding a photocurable adhesive composition with a light source, at least a portion of which is covered with a transparent member, thereby forming a film of the photocurable adhesive composition on the surface of the transparent member; irradiating the film of the photocurable... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120141693 - Ion sources, systems and methods: Ion sources, systems and methods are disclosed.... Agent: Alis Corporation

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