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05/31/2012 > 35 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20120135130 - Method of making implantable medical devices having controlled surface properties: An implantable medical device that is fabricated from materials that present a blood or body fluid or tissue contact surface that has controlled heterogeneities in material constitution. An endoluminal stent-graft and web-stent that is made of a monolithic material formed into differentiated regions defining structural members and web regions extending... Agent: Advanced Bio Prosthetic Surfaces, Ltd., A Wholly Owned Subsidiary Of Palmaz Scientific, Inc.

20120135132 - Method and device for loading medical appliance with drugs and/or polymers: A method for loading a medical appliance with a medicament and/or a polymer is disclosed, the medical appliance comprising one or more grooves or holes loaded with the medicament and/or polymer. The method comprising the steps of: 1) capturing an image of the grooves or holes of the medical appliance,... Agent: Microport Medical (shanghai) Co., Ltd

20120135131 - Rgd peptide attached to bioabsorbable stents: Provided herein is a method of forming medical device that includes RGD attached to the device via a spacer compound. The method comprises providing a spacer compound comprising a hydrophobic moiety and a hydrophilic moiety, grafting or embedding the spacer compound to the surface layer of the polymer to cause... Agent: Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20120135133 - Method for coating metal implants with therapeutic mixtures: Disclosed herein are methods of treating an article surface. The method comprises delivering a polymer and drug to a medical implant having a porous surface and using at least one particle stream from at least one fluid jet to subsequently remove the polymer from the outer surface of the metal... Agent: Enbio Limited

20120135134 - 1-hydroxy-2-o-acyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine compounds, preparation process, antifouling composition, process for its preparation, method to prevent fouling, method to turn a surface into an antifouling surface, and, covered surface: 1-OH-2-acyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine compounds and its analogs, pure or mixed, having formula WCH2CHXCH2PO3YCH2CH2Z, where W is preferably a hydroxyl group or an O-acyl group containing from 2 to 22 carbon atoms, and where X is preferably an O-acyl group containing from 2 to 22 carbon atoms or a hydroxyl (OH) and where... Agent: Instituto De Estudos Do Mar Almirante Paulo Morera - Ieapm

20120135135 - Coating apparatus and coating method: In applying a coating liquid including a solute and a solvent onto a given area on a substrate so as to allow the coating liquid to be solidified on the substrate by volatizing the solvent, an atmosphere in a vicinity of a coated area of the substrate is kept under... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120135136 - Circuit board including aligned nanostructures: Method of fabricating a circuit board are generally disclosed. The method of fabricating a circuit board may include, for example, providing a substrate, forming one or more channels having linear nanostructures on the substrate, and forming a first electrode and a second electrode on the substrate, where the one or... Agent: Snu R&db Foundation

20120135137 - Preparing an alloy catalyst using conductive polymer coating: Techniques herein prepare an alloy catalyst using a protective conductive polymer coating. More particularly, an alloy catalyst is prepared by: preparing a platinum catalyst supported on carbon; coating the surface of the platinum catalyst with a conductive polymer; supporting a transition metal salt on the coated catalyst; and heat treating... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20120135138 - Hemispherical coating method for micro-elements: Optically anisotropic spheres that can be used as pixel elements in rotating element displays are fabricated by partially (e.g., hemispherically) coating a plurality of spheres by transfer coating methods. Typically, a monolayer of spaced apart monochromal (e.g., white) spheres is formed on a support surface by, for example, making use... Agent: Cbrite Inc.

20120135139 - Method of processing a treadmill belt and an apparatus for practicing the method: A method for enhancing anti-abrasion of a belt of a treadmill and an apparatus for practicing the method are disclosed herein. As processing the belt, the belt is installed in the apparatus and a driving device of the apparatus can move the belt. A distributing device of the apparatus scatters... Agent: Johnson Health Tech Co., Ltd.

20120135140 - Water-based adhesive composition and a process to foam it: A process to apply a foamable water-based adhesive comprises combining, in a pressure-tight container having an outlet valve, a) a first aqueous polymer having a pH-value above 6 and containing a dissolved or dispersed salt that can liberate a gas, and b) a second aqueous polymer comprising an acid and... Agent:

20120135141 - Polymerization on particle surface with reverse micelle: A method of coating particles comprises providing a solution comprising reverse micelles. The reverse micelles define discrete aqueous regions in the solution. Hydrophobic nanoparticles are dispersed in the solution. Amphiphilic monomers are added to the solution to attach the amphiphilic monomers to individual ones of the nanoparticles and to dissolve... Agent: Agency For Science, Technology And Research

20120135142 - Process for production of aluminum complex comprising sintered porous aluminium body: This method for producing an aluminum composite including porous sintered aluminum, includes: mixing aluminum powder with a sintering aid powder containing either one or both of titanium and titanium hydride to obtain a raw aluminum mixed powder; adding and mixing a water-soluble resin binder, water, a plasticizer containing at least... Agent: Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

20120135144 - Coating device and coating method: A coating installation includes at least one recipient which can be evacuated and which is provided to receive a substrate, at least one gas supply device which can introduce at least one gaseous precursor into the recipient, and at least one activation device which contains at least one heatable activation... Agent:

20120135143 - Device and method for coating a micro- and/or nano-structured structural substrate and coated structural substrate: The present invention relates to a device and a method for coating a microstructured and/or nanostructured structured substrate. According to the present invention, the coating is performed in a vacuum chamber. The pressure level in the vacuum chamber is elevated during or after the charging of the vacuum chamber with... Agent:

20120135145 - Substrate-processing apparatus and substrate-processing method for selectively inserting diffusion plates: According to one embodiment of the present invention, a substrate-processing apparatus comprises: a lower chamber with an open top; an upper chamber which covers the top of the lower chamber, and which cooperates with the lower chamber to form an internal space for substrate-processing; a shower head arranged in a... Agent:

20120135146 - Methods of forming topographical features using segregating polymer mixtures: Methods are disclosed for forming topographical features. In one method, a pre-patterned structure is provided which comprises i) a support member having a surface and ii) an element for topographically guiding segregation of a polymer mixture including a first polymer and a second polymer, the element comprising a feature having... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120135147 - High build low temperature exotherm extrudable material: A high build tooling compound suited for plug building by extrusion process with conventional FRP dispensing equipment is described. The material is based on urethane hybrid and unsaturated polyester resin mixture with additives to provide low shrinkage and low exotherm. The formulation allows building a desired part thicknesses from 0.5... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20120135148 - Substrate treatment system, substrate treatment method, and non-transitory computer storage medium: A substrate treatment system includes a plurality of treatment apparatuses, a position adjustment apparatus adjusting a center position of the substrate, a substrate transfer apparatus transferring the substrate to the treatment apparatuses and the position adjustment apparatus, and a control unit controlling operations of the apparatuses. The substrate transfer apparatus... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120135150 - Acrylic polyol coating composition: This invention is directed to a coating composition comprising an coating composition comprising a crosslinkable composition and a crosslinking composition. The crosslinkable composition comprises an acrylic polyol wherein the acrylic polyol comprises at least 40 percent by weight of at least one linear or branched C8 or higher alkyl acrylate... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20120135149 - Improved anti-biofouling coating: The invention relates to a coating material suitable for providing a substrate with an anti-biofouling coating, the coating material comprising a macromolecule comprising: (A) a macromolecular scaffold comprising a reactive group capable of undergoing a Michael type reaction between a Michael type acceptor group and a Michael type donor group,... Agent:

20120135151 - Coating composition for metal substrates: The present invention provides novel packaging articles, e.g., food and beverage cans. Preferred cans typically comprise a body portion and an end portion, wherein at least one of the body and end portions are aluminum and are coated on at least one major surface with a coating composition of the... Agent: Valspar Sourcing, Inc.

20120135152 - Stable reactive thermosetting formulations of reducing sugars and amines: The present invention provides stable aqueous thermosetting binder compositions having a total solids content of 15 wt. % or higher, preferably, 20 wt. % or higher, and having extended shelf life comprising one or more reducing sugar, one or more primary amine compound, and one or more stabilizer acid or... Agent:

20120135153 - Glass substrate for magnetic disk and manufacturing method of the same: A glass substrate for a magnetic disk of the invention is a disk-shaped glass substrate for a magnetic disk where the substrate has a main surface and end face and is subjected to chemical reinforcement treatment, and is characterized in that the penetration length in the uppermost-portion stress layer on... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20120135154 - Method of and system for applying blocking material to assay substrates: Methods of and systems for applying blocking material to assay substrates are disclosed. A method includes supplying an assay substrate having at least one surface. A first portion of the surface of the substrate has at least one analysis feature thereon, and a second portion of the surface of the... Agent:

20120135155 - Process chamber component having yttrium-aluminum coating: A substrate processing chamber component comprising a chamber component structure having an yttrium-aluminum coating. The yttrium-aluminum coating comprises a compositional gradient through a thickness of the coating.... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120135156 - Electromagnetic processing line: A method for manufacturing a film, the method having the steps creating a cast film having a polymer component, a monomer component, a nanoparticle component, a magnetic-filler component, or a combination thereof; shearing the cast film; aligning a cast-film component by applying an electric field to the cast film; aligning... Agent:

20120135157 - Coating and ion beam mixing apparatus and method to enhance the corrosion resistance of the materials at the elevated temperature using the same: The present invention relates to a ceramic coating and ion beam mixing apparatus for improving corrosion resistance, and a method of reforming an interface between a coating material and a base material. In samples fabricated using the coating and ion beam mixing apparatus, adhesiveness is improved, and the base material... Agent: Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

20120135158 - Methods and systems for electric field deposition of nanowires and other devices: Methods, systems, and apparatuses for nanowire deposition are provided. A deposition system includes an enclosed flow channel, an inlet port, and an electrical signal source. The inlet port provides a suspension that includes nanowires into the channel. The electrical signal source is coupled to an electrode pair in the channel... Agent: Nanosys, Inc.

20120135159 - System and method for imprint-guided block copolymer nano-patterning: This disclosure describes a method for nano-patterning by incorporating one or more block copolymers and one or more nano-imprinting steps in the fabrication process. The block copolymers may be comprised of organic or organic components, and may be lamellar, spherical or cylindrical. As a result, a patterned medium may be... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20120135160 - Method for production of non-adhesive-type flexible laminate: A non-adhesive-type flexible laminate including a polyimide film with at least one surface thereof being plasma-treated, a tie-coat layer formed on the plasma-treated surface, and a metal conductor layer fanned on the tie-coat layer is provided. A ratio (T/Rz) of a tie-coat layer thickness (T) to a 10-point mean roughness... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20120135161 - Method for preparing an oriented-porosity dielectric material on a substrate by means of electromagnetic and/or photonic treatment: Provided a method for producing an oriented-porosity dielectric material on a substrate. The method includes depositing a vapor phase on a substrate of a composite layer comprising a material forming a matrix and a compound comprising chemical groups capable of being oriented under the effect of an electromagnetic field and/or... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique

20120135162 - Molded resin product and process for surface treatment thereof: A molded resin product includes a substrate made of a transparent resin, opaque coating film disposed on rear surface of the substrate except for an area set aside for a patterned portion, a transparent resin material disposed in the area set aside for the patterned portion on the rear surface... Agent: Yoshino Kogyosho Co., Ltd.

20120135163 - Method and apparatus for plasma induced coating at low pressure: m

20120135164 - Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method: Provided are a plasma processing apparatus and a plasma processing method, wherein a substrate supporting table is supported such that nonuniformity of heat release is eliminated and maintenance is facilitated. In the plasma CVD apparatus (10), a supporting beam (12), which has inside thereof a through hole (12c) penetrating the... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

05/24/2012 > 35 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20120128864 - Surface coating method for an orthodontic corrective bracket: A surface coating method for an orthodontic corrective bracket is provided, in which each orthodontic bracket formed of ceramic is covered with a titanium coating layer having a predetermined thickness so as to be able to minimize a frictional force and to increase surface hardness and durability while a wire... Agent: Hubit Co., Ltd.

20120128863 - Tensioning process for coating balloon: Method of coating an expandable member includes providing an expandable member having a proximal and a distal end with a guidewire lumen extending therebetween, the expandable member having a deflated and fully expanded configurations, and inflating the expandable member to an initial inflation pressure; positioning a mandrel within the guidewire... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20120128866 - method for producing plastic molded parts having an integrated conductive track: The invention relates to a method for producing a plastic molded part (9) comprising an integrated conductor path (3), which plastic molded part is used in particular as an intermediate product to be further processed into an electrically heatable mirror (1). The method steps are: a) producing a substrate (7)... Agent: Kraussmaffei Technologies Gmbh

20120128865 - Apparatus for forming electrode and method for forming electrode using the same: Disclosed herein is an apparatus for forming an electrode on a surface of a ceramic laminate. The apparatus for forming an electrode includes: a blast surface plate having ruggedness to which an electrode material paste is applied; and a moving device moving a ceramic laminate so that the ceramic laminate... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120128867 - Method of forming conformal barrier layers for protection of thermoelectric materials: An atomic layer deposition method for forming a barrier layer over a thermoelectric device comprises providing a thermoelectric device in a reactor, introducing a pulse of a first precursor into the reactor, introducing a pulse of a second precursor into the reactor, introducing an inert gas into the reactor after... Agent:

20120128868 - Composite ionomeric membrane:

20120128869 - Phase change energy storage in ceramic nanotube composites: The present disclosure generally relates to methods and systems for forming phase change material composites and to the thus formed phase change material composites. In some examples, a method for forming a phase change material (PCM) composite may include dispersing nanowire material in a nonpolar solvent to form a nanowire-solvent... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20120128871 - Method for patterned media with reduced magnetic trench material: A bit patterned magnetic media design for reducing the amount of magnetic material located in the trenches between topographic features is disclosed. An intermediate non-magnetic layer is deposited on the topography prior to depositing the functional magnetic layer on the topographic substrate features. The non-magnetic layer increases the width of... Agent: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands B.v.

20120128870 - Tmr device with improved mgo barrier: A method of forming a high performance magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) is disclosed wherein the tunnel barrier includes at least three metal oxide layers. The tunnel barrier stack is partially built by depositing a first metal layer, performing a natural oxidation (NOX) process, depositing a second metal layer, and performing... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

20120128872 - Method for fabricating a layer with absorbing particles for an energy radiation: A ceramic layer is fabricated on a substrate by coating the substrate with a material containing chemical precursors of a ceramic. The precursors are transformed by a heat treatment into the ceramic to be fabricated. Different methods for heat insertion may be used for individual layers by absorbing particles, which... Agent: Siemans Aktiengesellschaft

20120128873 - Hot-pressed transparent ceramics and ceramic lasers: A transparent polycrystalline ceramic having scattering and absorption loss less than 0.2/cm over a region comprising more than 95% of the originally densified shape and a process for fabricating the same by hot pressing. The ceramic can be any suitable ceramic such as yttria (Y2O3) or scandia (Sc2O3) and can... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20120128874 - Lubricious coatings: The present disclosure provides substrates having a lubricious coating thereon. The substrate may be flexible and include, in embodiments, a medical device. The lubricious coating, in embodiments, is applied in a pattern so that the coating avoids delamination and/or fracturing which might otherwise occur as the substrate flexes and/or stretches.... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120128875 - Method for producing an inlet lining: The invention relates to a method for producing an inlet lining on a stator-sided component of a turbine engine, in particular, a gas turbine, with at least the following steps: providing a stator-sided component of a turbine engine with an inlet lining; providing a mixture consisting of a solvent, particles... Agent:

20120128876 - Multilayer surface covering with expanded supporting layer: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a multilayer surface coating including a PVC expanded surface layer, said method including the step of applying an aqueous composition including polyvinyl alcohol to the bottom portion of said supporting layer prior to the step of expanding said supporting layer.... Agent: Tarkett G.d.l. S.a.

20120128877 - Polyamides with nanoparticles on the surface: e

20120128878 - Nano-filler for composites: A hybrid carbon nanotube and clay nanofiller is produced by a freeze-drying process performed on clay platelets, and carbon nanotubes grown on the clay platelets using a chemical vapor deposition process.... Agent: Nano-proprietary, Inc.

20120128879 - Abradable layer including a rare earth silicate: An abradable coating may include a rare earth silicate. The abradable coating may be deposited over a substrate, an environmental barrier coating, or a thermal barrier coating. The abradable coating may be deposited on a gas turbine blade track or a gas turbine blade shroud to form a seal between... Agent: Rolls-royce Corporation

20120128880 - Carbon nanotube growth on metallic substrate using vapor phase catalyst delivery: A chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method using a vapor phase catalyst of directly growing aligned carbon nanotubes on a metal surfaces. The method allows for fabrication of carbon nanotube containing structures that exhibit a robust carbon nanotube metal junction without a pre-growth application of solid catalytic materials to the metal... Agent: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

20120128883 - Compression device with wear area: A method of making a compression device having a pressure applicator for applying a compression to a wearer's body part when the device is placed on the wearer's body includes applying a colorant having a first color to at least a portion of a loop material having a second color... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120128882 - Gel polymer pen lithography: The disclosure relates to methods of printing indicia on a substrate using a tip array comprised of elastomeric, compressible gel polymers. The tip array can be prepared using conventional photolithographic methods and can be tailored to have any desired number and/or arrangement of tips. Numerous copies (e.g., greater than 15,000,... Agent: Northwestern University

20120128881 - Phase change composition for printing: A phase change composition including at least one crystalline polyester and at least one acrylate monomer. Examples of suitable crystalline polyesters include aliphatic crystalline polyesters and polylactones. A method of making the phase change composition, and a method for applying the phase change composition to a substrate.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20120128884 - Three-dimensional art and tool for creation of the same: A trowel for use in painting or sculpturing and having a handle enabling a user to hold the trowel, a rotating mechanism supported by the handle and an application member removably attached to and in rotary union with the rotating mechanism. The invention relates to a method for creating a... Agent:

20120128885 - Corrosion-resistant multilayer varnish and method for the production thereof: An electroless deposition coating is applied in a first stage with an aqueous corrosion preventative (K1), comprising at least one compound (A1) having a lanthanide metal cation and/or a d-element metal cation and/or a d-element metallate as anion, and at least one acid (A2) capable of oxidation; a further electroless... Agent: Basf Coatings Gmbh

20120128886 - Nuclear power plant, method of forming corrosion-resistant coating therefor, and method of operating nuclear power plant: In a nuclear power plant, a corrosion-resistant oxide film on a surface of the metal component of a reactor structure is exposed to a high-temperature water, the corrosion-resistant oxide film containing an oxide having a property of a P-type semiconductor, and a catalytic substance having a property of an N-type... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120128887 - Method of manufacturing ultra-thin and elastic keypad: The present invention pertains to a method of manufacturing ultra-thin and elastic keypad, especially comprising the processing of the elastic film, silicone adhesive, and plastic film. Wherein, the present method simply takes advantage of the steps of printing, oil pressing, and trimming to easily finish the keypad, which favorably avoids... Agent:

20120128888 - Composition for metal plating comprising suppressing agent for void free submicron feature filling: According to the present invention a composition is provided comprising at least one source of metal ions and at least one additive obtainable by reacting a) a polyhydric alcohol condensate compound derived from at least one polyalcohol of formula (I) X(OH)n (I) by condensation with b) at least one alkylene... Agent: Basf Se

20120128889 - Process and apparatus for producing coated particles: The invention is directed to a process and apparatus for preparing coated particles, in particular a process for preparing particles that are coated with small particles using electrospraying. The coated particles produced according to the present invention find use for instance as catalysts or as pharmaceuticals. According to the invention... Agent:

20120128890 - Method for curing substances by uv radiation, device for carrying out said method and ink cured by uv radiation: The proposed method of substance curing by radiation, received from the UV LEDs, the device designed to implement this method, and ink cured by radiation from UV LEDs.... Agent:

20120128891 - Composition for forming resist underlayer film for nanoimprint: There is provided a composition for curing a resist underlayer film used as an underlayer of a resist for nanoimprint in nanoimprint lithography of a pattern forming process by heat-baking, light-irradiation or both of them to form the resist underlayer film. A composition for forming a resist underlayer film used... Agent: Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.

20120128892 - Surface processing method and surface processing apparatus: A disclosed surface processing method includes a first processing step, wherein a gas cluster beam is generated from a source material that does not contain nitrogen, and irradiated to a member to be processed, and a second processing step, wherein a nitrogen gas cluster beam is generated and irradiated to... Agent: Hyogo Prefecture

20120128893 - Method for closing holes: A method for closing a hole with a coating is provided. The method comprises attaching the subject body to an electric spark machine as a workpiece; bringing an electrode of a powder including an electrically conductive substance close to the subject body so as to lap the electrode over the... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20120128894 - Crucible for electron gun evaporation: A lower crucible component 3 comprises a lower planer surface 5 sometimes supporting an upper crucible component 1, the lower planner surface 5 having an inside section 9, outer vertical wall 11, upper crown 12, inner vertical wall 13 and upper planer surface 14 sometimes used to hold material for... Agent:

20120128895 - Carbon film forming method, magnetic-recording-medium manufacturing method, and carbon film forming apparatus: A carbon film forming method including a step in which, inside a film formation chamber provided with a filamentous cathode electrode, an anode electrode disposed around the perimeter of the cathode electrode, and a substrate holder disposed at a position that is separated from the cathode electrode, a disk-like substrate... Agent: Showa Denko Hd Singapore Pte. Ltd.

20120128897 - Organoaminosilane precursors and methods for depositing films comprising same: wherein R1 is independently selected from hydrogen, a linear or branched C1 to C6 alkyl, a linear or branched C2 to C6 alkenyl, a linear or branched C2 to C6 alkynyl, a C1 to C6 alkoxy, a C1 to C6 dialkylamino and an electron withdrawing group and n is a... Agent: Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

20120128896 - Stain-resistant container and method: Stain resistant containers can be prepared in a three step process involving treatment with a nitrogen gas plasma, depositing a plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) organosilicon thin film onto the interior surface of the container, followed by treatment with an oxygen gas plasma. An apparatus for the process is... Agent:

05/17/2012 > 31 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20120121793 - Nanoscale collagen particles and membranes: Nano scale collagen particles can be obtained from an embrittling and attrition process that reduces the size of collagen particles to the nano scale. These nano scale collagen particles have many favorable properties such as providing beneficial and enhanced properties for cell seeding and wound healing. The nano scale collagen... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20120121794 - Deposition quantity measuring apparatus, deposition quantity measuring method, and method for manufacturing electrode for electrochemical element: A manufacturing method according to the present invention includes a step of allowing lithium to deposit on a substrate provided with a layer capable of forming a compound together with lithium. A first beta ray and a second beta ray are emitted toward the substrate for irradiation before the deposition... Agent:

20120121795 - High temperature material compositions for high temperature thermal cutoff devices: The present disclosure provides a high-temperature thermal pellet composition that maintains structural rigidity up to a transition temperature of about 240° C. The composition comprises at least one organic compound (e.g., triptycene or 1-aminoanthroquinone). The pellet can be disposed in a housing of a thermally-actuated, current cutoff device, such as... Agent: Therm-o-disc, Incorporated

20120121796 - Evaporating method for forming thin film: A method of forming a film on a substrate includes depositing first and second evaporating source materials respective from first and second evaporating sources onto the substrate while moving the evaporating sources together with respect to the substrate, the first and second evaporating source materials being different from each other... Agent:

20120121797 - Liquid jet head, liquid jet apparatus, and method of manufacturing a liquid jet head: A liquid jet head includes an actuator substrate having grooves, and a flexible substrate for supplying a drive signal to the actuator substrate. On a surface of the actuator substrate, in the vicinity of a rear end thereof, are formed a common extension electrode and an individual extension electrode connected... Agent:

20120121798 - Conductor paste for rapid firing: The present invention provides a conductor paste for rapid firing that is applied to a ceramic green sheet and is fired along with the green sheet under high-rate temperature rise conditions at a high heating rate of at least 600° C./hr from room temperature to the maximum firing temperature. The... Agent: Noritake Co., Ltd.

20120121799 - Method for segregating the alloying elements and reducing the residue resistivity of copper alloy layers: Methods for forming interconnect or interconnections on a substrate for use in a microelectric device are disclosed. In one or more embodiments, the method includes depositing an alloy layer comprising Cu and an alloying element, for, example, Mn, in a dielectric layer and segregating or diffusing the alloying element from... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120121800 - Method of modifying surface of substrate for inkjet printing: A method may include providing a surface modification inkjet head and a target inkjet head to be movable on a substrate, and forming a surface modification printed pattern by moving the surface modification inkjet head and ejecting surface modification ink onto the substrate. A target printed pattern may be formed... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120121801 - Amine functional adducts and curable compositions comprising same: A process for applying a coating to a substrate and broadcasting solid decorative or protective materials onto the liquid surface of the coating before it completely cures or dries, wherein the coating is a multi-component curable composition which is reactive upon admixing of the components and wherein the composition comprises... Agent: The Sherwin-williams Company

20120121802 - Method and system for surface adhesive rule technology: A surface-adhesive-rule technology (SART) method and system for creating a surface-adhesive-rule die and counter die for pre-treating cardboard. Wherein the pre-treating comprises: creasing and/or cutting and/or embossing the cardboard. The SART system may comprise: a rule-drawer having one or more cartridges, one or more nozzles, and one or more pressure... Agent:

20120121803 - Wide pattern nozzle: The invention relates, inter alia, to a device for applying a plurality of threads of a fluid, such as adhesive or lotion, to a moving web-like substrate, having a plurality of outlet openings for the threads of fluid, wherein each outlet opening is disposed between a pair of flow openings,... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20120121804 - Method for producing silica-zirconia composite particles each coated with silica layer: Disclosed is a method for producing silica-zirconia composite oxide particles each coated with a silica layer, which is characterized in that a liquid dispersion of silica-zirconia composite oxide particles is obtained by reacting an alkoxide of silicon and/or a condensable compound derived from the alkoxide with an alkoxide of zirconium... Agent: Tokuyama Dental Corporation

20120121805 - Method for filling wall cavities with expanding foam insulation: The invention described herein generally pertains to the use of low boiling point, low vapor pressure blowing agents with froth polyurethane or polyisocyanurate foams to achieve superior cavity filling than when using conventional higher vapor pressure or more ozone-depleting blowing agents.... Agent: Fomo Products, Inc.

20120121806 - Complexes of imidazole ligands: Metal imidazolate complexes are described where imidazoles ligands functionalized with bulky groups and their anionic counterpart, i.e., imidazolates are described. Compounds comprising one or more such polyalkylated imidazolate anions coordinated to a metal or more than one metal, selected from the group consisting of alkali metals, transition metals, lanthanide metals,... Agent: Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

20120121807 - Film deposition system and method and gas supplying apparatus being used therein: The present invention provides a film deposition system and method by combining a plurality of gas supplying apparatuses and a deposition apparatus being in communication with the plurality of gas supplying apparatuses. By means of respectively providing different types of vapor precursors with high concentration and high capacity into a... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120121808 - Water-soluble film roll and method for paying out water-soluble film: To provide a water-soluble film roll 3 having end faces 4 with masking materials 5 adhered thereto. By using the water-soluble film roll 3 and paying out a water-soluble film 1 while holding the masking materials 5 adhered to the end faces 4, it is possible to prevent moisture from... Agent: Kuraray Co., Ltd.

20120121809 - Formulation and process for treating wood substrates: The present invention discloses a composition and method for the treatment of substrates such as, for example, wood. The inventive composition and method are useful for the treatment, protection and maintenance of wood and other similar materials.... Agent:

20120121810 - Release compositions for lignocellulosic composites: Lignocellulosic composites are made by pressing a mixture of a particulate lignocellulosic material with polymeric MDI, in the presence of a fatty amine ethoxylate anti-masking agent.... Agent: Huntsman International LLC

20120121811 - Isocyanate prepolymer catalysts and related curing processes: Isocyanate prepolymer catalysts and processes for rapidly curing isocyanate prepolymers are disclosed herein. Substrates coated with the isocyanate prepolymers are treated with a drying agent and water, which combine to form a hydrated catalyst complex. Co-catalysts, such as organo tins, may be used to further enhance the curing rate.... Agent:

20120121812 - Process for continuous preparation of a prepolymer based on phenolic resins, oxazolines and epoxides: Process for the continuous preparation of prepolymers based on phenolic resin, an oxazoline component and an epoxide in the presence of a catalyst, including supplying the phenolic resin and the oxazoline component to an extruder in a stream A; a Lewis adduct of boron trifluoride or of aluminium trichloride, or... Agent: Evonik Degussa Gmbh

20120121813 - Apparatus and method for printing in both image and aroma domains intelligently: A method comprising an algorithm for automatically detecting an object in a digital image in order to determine if a scent can be associated with the detected object and applying the scent to the print medium, and a printer equipped to apply the scent.... Agent:

20120121814 - Sealed metered coating apparatus: The present invention relates to an apparatus for applying a coating, preferably a high viscosity coating to a supported web, preferably tissue. The apparatus of the present invention comprises a sealed coating chamber that can be supplied with coating material under pressure. The chamber further comprises a metering device at... Agent:

20120121815 - Method of photopolymerizing of acrylates: Acrylate-containing compositions are photocured by mixing at least one N-oxyazinium salt photoinitiator, a photosensitizer for the N-oxyazinium salt, an N-oxyazinium salt efficiency amplifier, and one or more photocurable acrylates to form a photocurable composition. This photocurable composition is then irradiated to effect polymerization of the one or more acrylates. This... Agent:

20120121816 - Pallet for high temperature processing: A generally planar substrate pallet having an front, a back, and pair of sides. The distance between the front and the back and the distance between the sides are significantly longer than the thickness of the substrate pallet. The ratio of vertical deflection of the substrate pallet to the distance... Agent:

20120121818 - Coating surface processing method and coating surface processing apparatus: A coating surface processing method includes forming a coating on the entire surface of a base body that has fine holes or fine grooves formed on the to-be-filmed surface, including the inner wall surfaces and the inner bottom surfaces of the holes or the grooves, and flattening the coating formed... Agent: Ulvac, Inc.

20120121817 - Method for producing diamond-like carbon film body: Provided is a method of manufacturing a DLC film formed body in which peeling-off of a DLC film is suppressed. In manufacturing a DLC film formed body having a film hardness of 10 GPa or more, prior to the formation of the DLC film, a surface of a base is... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20120121819 - Media for membrane ion exchange chromatography based on polymeric primary amines, sorption device containing that media, and chromatography scheme and purification method using the same: Media and devices, such as anion exchangers including such media, wherein the media is a membrane having a surface coated with a polymer such as a polyallylamine. The resulting membrane offers stronger binding of protein impurities and superior removal of host cell proteins from biological samples than conventional ligands based... Agent: Millipore Corporatioin

20120121820 - Fabrication of silk fibroin photonic structures by nanocontact imprinting: A method of manufacturing a nanopatterned biophotonic structure includes forming a customized nanopattern mask on a substrate using E-beam lithography, providing a biopolymer matrix solution, depositing the biopolymer matrix solution on the substrate, and drying the biopolymer matrix solution to form a solidified biopolymer film. A surface of the film... Agent: Trustees Of Tufts College

20120121821 - Renewable resource-based metal-containing materials and applications of the same: In accordance with certain aspects of the present disclosure, a method of producing carbon-metal nanocomposites includes (a) treating a material containing at least one o-catechol unit with a first solution of hexamine such that the material becomes hexamine treated; (b) treating the material with a second solution having a plurality... Agent: Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Arkansas

20120121822 - Manufacture method for thin film frame layer of display panel: In the manufacture method for thin film frame layer of display panel, a photoresist liquid is coated onto a high transparent flat substrate through a capillary pipe of a dispenser. A predetermined pattern of photoresist is formed onto the substrate through a predetermined relative motion of the dispenser and the... Agent:

20120121823 - Process for lowering adhesion layer thickness and improving damage resistance for thin ultra low-k dielectric film: An improved method for depositing an ultra low dielectric constant film stack is provided. Embodiments of the invention minimize k (dielectric constant) impact from initial stages of depositing the ultra low dielectric constant film stack by reducing a thickness of an oxide adhesion layer in the ultra low dielectric film... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

05/10/2012 > 49 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories.

20120114830 - Method of doping surfaces: Disclosed herein are methods of treating an article surface. The method comprises removing a metal oxide surface from the metal substrate to expose a metal surface; and delivering particles comprising a dopant from at least one fluid jet to the metal surface to impregnate the surface of the article with... Agent: Enbio Limited

20120114831 - High efficiency encapsulation of charged therapeutic agents in lipid vesicles: Methods for the preparation of a lipid-nucleic acid composition are provided. According to the methods, a mixture of lipids containing a protonatable or deprotonatable lipid, for example an amino lipid and a lipid such as a PEG- or Polyamide oligomer-modified lipid is combined with a buffered aqueous solution of a... Agent: The University Of British Columbia

20120114832 - Calcium phosphate complex, and method for production thereof: Provided is a means for fixing calcium phosphate onto the surface of a metal by a treatment method which uses no acid and produces less residue. A method of producing a calcium phosphate composite in which calcium phosphate is bonded to the surface of a base material, the method including... Agent: Iwatani Corporation

20120114834 - Automatic stamping method and apparatus based on press roller and pin press: An automatic stamping apparatus includes a conveyor for conveying a stamping object, a stamper for stamping a pattern and two-dimensional bar code information on the stamping object, a reader for reading the pattern and the two-dimensional bar code information, and an information processor for determining a pattern and two-dimensional bar... Agent: Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute

20120114833 - Film formation apparatus and film formation method: A film formation apparatus includes a film formation source, a quartz oscillator for measurement, and a quartz oscillator for calibration. When a thin film is formed on an object, a film forming material is heated in the source to release vapors thereof. The quartz oscillator for measurement measures the amount... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120114835 - Nozzle for applying a thin film of liquid: A nozzle for applying a fluid material to an object includes a tubular wall with several circumferentially spaced ribs that extend outward from the tubular wall to engage an object to which the fluid material is to be applied. The ribs are configured to space the tubular wall from the... Agent: Adhesive Techlologies, Inc.

20120114836 - Tpir apparatus for monitoring tungsten hexafluoride processing to detect gas phase nucleation, and method and system utilizing same: Apparatus and method for monitoring a vapor deposition installation in which a gas mixture can undergo gas phase nucleation (GPN) and/or chemically attack the product device, under process conditions supportive of such behavior. The apparatus includes a radiation source arranged to transmit source radiation through a sample of the gas... Agent: Advanced Technology Materials, Inc.

20120114838 - Film formation apparatus: A film formation apparatus includes a film formation source, a quartz oscillator for measurement, and a quartz oscillator for calibration. When a thin film of a film forming material is formed on a film formation object, the film forming material is heated in the film formation source to release vapors... Agent: Cannon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120114837 - Film formation apparatus and film formation method: Provided are a film formation apparatus and a film formation method which may control with accuracy the thickness of a thin film formed on the film formation object. A film formation apparatus includes a moving part (film formation source unit) for moving a film formation source between a predetermined film... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120114839 - Vacuum vapor deposition system: Provided is a vacuum vapor deposition system, which enables a vapor deposition rate to be measured accurately and a film thickness to be controlled with higher accuracy. The vacuum vapor deposition system includes: a vacuum chamber; a substrate holding mechanism; a vapor depositing source; a film thickness sensor for monitoring;... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120114840 - Vacuum vapor deposition system: Provided is a vacuum vapor deposition system including: a vapor depositing source; a film thickness sensor for monitoring; and a film thickness sensor for calibration, in which a distance L1 from a center of an opening of the vapor depositing source to the film thickness sensor for calibration and a... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120114841 - Method of making carbon nanotube composite materials: The present invention is a method of making a composite polymeric material by dissolving a vinyl thermoplastic polymer, un-functionalized carbon nanotubes and hydroxylated carbon nanotubes and optionally additives in a solvent to make a solution and removing at least a portion of the solvent after casting onto a substrate to... Agent:

20120114842 - Coated article supporting photocatalytic layer and uv-reflecting underlayer, and/or method of making the same: Certain example embodiments relate to articles supporting photocatalytic layers that also include UV-reflecting unclerlayers, and/or methods of making the same. In certain example embodiments, the inclusion of a UV-reflecting underlayer surprisingly and unexpectedly results in the reduction of dosing time to enable quick activation of the photocatalytic coating. For example,... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20120114843 - Conductive ink, method of preparing the same, and method of preparing transparent conductive film: A conductive ink includes carbon nanotubes, ionic liquid, and a solvent, wherein the viscosity of the ink is 0.01 Pa·s to 10000 Pa·s.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120114844 - Process for production of r-fe-b-based rare earth sintered magnet, and steam control member: A sintered R—Fe—B based rare-earth magnet body 1 including, as a main phase, crystal grains of an R2Fe14B type compound that includes a light rare-earth element RL, which is Nd and/or Pr, as a major rare-earth element R is provided. A bulk body 2 including a heavy rare-earth element RH,... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20120114845 - Conductive metallic coating material, method of corrosion prevention with conductive metallic coating material, and method of corrosion-preventive repair therewith: Provided is a highly versatile conductive metallic coating material which is free from the limitation related to a facility without handling complication, and which can maintain its anticorrosive action for a long period. Specifically provided is a conductive metallic coating material which has an organic resin component and a metal... Agent: Oiles Corporation

20120114846 - Coated substrates having undercoating layers that exhibit improved photocatalytic activity: A coated substrate is disclosed. The coated substrate includes a substrate; an undercoating layer comprising at least one layer selected from a mixture of silica and zirconia; a mixture of silica and alumina; or a mixture of silica, alumina and titania overlaying at least a portion of the substrate; and... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20120114847 - Sio2 slurry for the production of quartz glass as well as the application of the slurry: SiO2 slurry for the production of quartz glass contains a dispersion liquid and amorphous SiO2 particles with particle sizes to a maximum of 500 μm. The largest volume fraction is SiO2 particles with particle sizes of 1 μm-60 μm, as well as SiO2 nanoparticles with particle sizes less than 100... Agent: Heraeus Quarzglas Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120114848 - Paek powder, in particular for the use in a method for a layer-wise manufacturing of a three-dimensional object, as well as method for producing it: By a temper treatment a polyaryletherketone powder is processed such that it is particularly suited for the use in a method for a layer-wise manufacturing of a three-dimensional object. To this effect the powder is tempered at a temperature that is at least 20° C. above the glass transition temperature... Agent: Eos Gmbh Electro Optical Systems

20120114849 - Fluid valve, particularly return valve for a painting system: Exemplary illustrations of a fluid valve, e.g., a return valve for returning residual paint, rinsing agent, and compressed air from a paint line when changing color in a painting system, are disclosed. An exemplary fluid valve may be adjusted between an open position, in which the fluid valve is at... Agent:

20120114850 - Precision ground concrete masonry blocks and system and method for the high-speed application of mortar/grout to precision ground concrete masonry blocks and self-leveling installation of concrete masonry systems: A concrete block includes a top surface including one or more regions having a higher surface height that is then precision ground to the desired height. The one or more regions having a greater height may include a tapered front face of between 30 to 60°. A recess or pocket... Agent: Fsn, LLC

20120114851 - Hyperpolarization methods, systems and compositions: The disclosure provides various methods and systems for providing hyperpolarized materials as well as the hyperpolarized materials so provided. In addition, methods of providing hyperpolarized materials, such as agents, to end users from a remote location are also provided.... Agent: Millikelvin Technologies LLC

20120114852 - Method of manufacturing compositions for removing halogenated hydrocarbons from contaminated environments: The present invention provides a supported reactant for in situ remediation of soil and/or groundwater contaminated with a halogenated hydrocarbon consisting essentially of an adsorbent impregnated with zero valent iron, wherein the adsorbent is capable of adsorbing the halogenated hydrocarbon. In one embodiment, the adsorbent is activated carbon.... Agent: Remediation Products, Inc.

20120114853 - Method and device for coating a catalyst support body with catalyst-free outer surface: The invention relates to a method for coating a catalyst support body, which comprises: providing the catalyst support body as well as slurry located within a pan; introducing an open input end of the catalyst support body into the slurry; and, subsequently, directing an amount of the slurry though the... Agent: Basf Se

20120114855 - Coating installation and coating method: A coating method can use a coating device containing at least one recipient which can be evacuated and which is adapted to accommodate a substrate, at least one gas supply device which is used to introduce at least one gaseous precursor into the recipient and at least one heatable activation... Agent:

20120114854 - Vacuum processing apparatus and vacuum processing method: A vacuum processing apparatus has a degassing chamber and does not need a large-sized vacuum evacuation device. In the process of heating and degassing an object to be processed in the degassing chamber, transferring the object to be processed into a processing chamber through a buffer chamber; and performing vacuum... Agent: Ulvac, Inc.

20120114856 - Deposition apparatus: A deposition apparatus configured to form a thin film on a substrate includes: a reactor wall; a substrate support positioned under the reactor wall; and a showerhead plate positioned above the substrate support. The showerhead plate defines a reaction space together with the substrate support. The apparatus also includes one... Agent: Asm Genitech Korea Ltd.

20120114857 - Method of contact coating a microneedle array: A method of coating a microneedle array by applying a coating fluid using a flexible film in a brush-like manner. A method of coating a microneedle array comprising: providing a microneedle array having a substrate and a plurality of microneedles; providing a flexible film; providing a coating solution comprising a... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120114858 - Varying fluoroelastomer cure across the roller to maximize fuser roller life: In accordance with the invention, there are image forming apparatus, fuser members, and methods of making fuser members. The method of making a fuser member can include providing a substrate having a longitudinal axis, providing a first flow coating solution including a fluoroelastomer polymer, and providing a second flow coating... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20120114859 - Integrated heat spreader and method of fabrication: An integrated heat spreader is disclosed in which grooves are formed in a recess of the heat spreader to enhance the stiffness and strength of the integrated heat spreader without increasing production costs or complexity. The integrated heat spreader may be fabricated by providing a metal strip having raised portions... Agent:

20120114860 - Method of inhibiting formation of deposits in a manufacturing system: A method inhibits formation of deposits on a cooling surface of an electrode. The electrode is used in a manufacturing system that deposits a material on a carrier body. The cooling surface comprises copper. The system includes a reactor defining a chamber. The electrode is at least partially disposed within... Agent:

20120114861 - Electrochemical fabrication methods for producing multilayer structures including the use of diamond machining in the planarization of deposits of material: Electrochemical fabrication methods for forming single and multilayer mesoscale and microscale structures include the use of diamond machining (e.g. fly cutting or turning) to planarize layers. Some embodiments focus on systems of sacrificial and structural materials which can be diamond machined with minimal tool wear (e.g. Ni—P and Cu, Au... Agent: Microfabrica Inc.

20120114862 - Coating method for reactive metal: A coating method includes depositing a reactive material onto a turbine engine component using an ionic liquid that is a melt of a salt, and heat treating the turbine engine component to react the reactive material with at least one other element to form a protective coating on the turbine... Agent:

20120114863 - Lens holding jig and method of manufacturing lens base material using the same: A lens holding jig (3) includes a lower holding portion (15) that holds the lower surface of a lens base material (1). The upper surface of the lower holding portion (15) forms support surfaces (16) that support the lower edges (S1, S2) of a cut end surface (1a) of the... Agent:

20120114864 - Color change for powder coating material application system: A color changer has a common feed passage that is connected to two or more inlet passages. The common feed passage can be reverse purged in a direction that is opposite a direction of powder flow through the common feed passage. A valve element seals a supply port that connects... Agent: Nordson Corporation

20120114865 - Dispersion and method for modifying a surface with hydrophobized silica: A dispersion, comprising 0.1 to 25% by weight hydrophobized silica, 8 to 90 wt % of at least one alcohol selected from the group consisting of ethanol, 1-propanol and 2-propanol, 7 to 89 wt % of water, 0 to 30% by weight solvent immiscible with water, and 0.04 to 5... Agent: Evonik Degussa Gmbh

20120114866 - Method for applying a fluid onto a substrate: A method for applying a fluid onto a substrate. The fluid, upon exiting a container, passes through a porous material that is in contact with the substrate, and the porous material is provided with a marking agent that marks the application site of the fluid on the substrate.... Agent: Sika Technology Ag

20120114867 - Method and device for rimming glasses: A glass rimming device and method which permits bartenders to produce more types of drinks, more efficiently. A drawer compartment, holding food trays, is attached by a set of guide rails to the underside of a bar counter. When the glass rimming device is in the closed position the food... Agent:

20120114868 - Method of fabricating a component using a fugitive coating: A method of fabricating a component is provided. The method includes depositing a fugitive coating on a surface of a substrate, where the substrate has at least one hollow interior space. The method further includes machining the substrate through the fugitive coating to form one or more grooves in the... Agent: General Electric Company

20120114869 - Film forming method: Disclosed is a film-forming method wherein a manganese-containing film is formed on a substrate having a surface to which an insulating film and a copper wiring line are exposed. The film-forming method includes forming a manganese-containing film on the copper wiring line by a CVD method which uses a manganese... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120114870 - Manufacturing method of noble metal plating layer: The invention discloses a manufacturing method of a noble metal plating layer comprising the following steps: preparing a base material which is an alloy including a nickel base and at least one element with high oxidation valence on an object to be plated; soaking the object to be plated in... Agent: National Defense University

20120114871 - Method and apparatus for producing an ionized vapor deposition coating: A vapor deposition coating system including a metal vapor source, a power supply coupled to the metal vapor source, at least one thermionic ionizing grid including one or more thermionic filaments, wherein the ionizing grid is at least partially located within a region having a metal atom flow density in... Agent: Southwest Research Institute

20120114872 - Method for patterning a photosensitive layer: The method of patterning a photosensitive layer includes providing a substrate including a first layer formed thereon, treating the substrate including the first layer with cations, forming a first photosensitive layer over the first layer, patterning the first photosensitive layer to form a first pattern, treating the first pattern with... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20120114873 - Process of producing an optical film: The present invention provides an optical film having a high transparency and an excellent adhesion property to polarizers. The process for producing an optical film according to the present invention includes a step (1) of subjecting at least one surface of a polypropylene resin base film to physical surface treatment;... Agent:

20120114874 - Methods for producing metal-coated carbon material and carbon-metal composite material using the same: Methods for producing a transition-metal-coated carbon material having a transition metal coating which has a high adhesion strength between the transition metal and the carbon material, and which is neither exfoliated nor detached in subsequent processing are provided. The transition-metal-coated carbon material may be obtained by adhering a compound containing... Agent: Shimane Prefectural Government

20120114875 - Surface contamination metrology: The present disclosure is directed to a method for determining the state of cleanliness of an optical component (an optic) before any coating is applied to the surface. In method is particularly applicable to optical elements and components that are intended for uses in the DUV (deep ultraviolet) and EUV... Agent:

20120114876 - Hollow cell array structure and method and apparatus for producing hollow cell array structure: A disclosed method for producing a hollow cell array structure includes a first step of layering a deformable material capable of being plastically deformed under a predetermined condition on a first substrate, the first substrate having plural, mutually separated depressions in a surface thereof, such that the deformable material forms... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20120114877 - Radical reactor with multiple plasma chambers: Two or more plasma chambers are provided in a radical reactor to generate radicals of gases under different conditions for use in atomic layer deposition (ALD) process. The radical reactor has a body with multiple channels and corresponding process chambers. Each plasma chamber is surrounded by an outer electrode and... Agent: Synos Technology, Inc.

20120114878 - Method of making coated article having antibacterial and/or antifungal coating and resulting product: Techniques are provided for making a coated article including an antibacterial and/or antifungal coating. In certain example embodiments, the method includes providing a first sputtering target including Zr; providing a second sputtering target including Zn; and co-sputtering from at least the first and second sputtering targets in the presence of... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

05/03/2012 > 41 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20120107485 - Glove coating and manufacturing process: This invention relates to an elastomeric article with improved lubricity and donnablity and reduced stickiness/tackiness. According to the methods of the invention, the internal surface of the elastomeric article is coated with a polyisoprene coating. The coating of the invention is formed from synthetic polyisoprene rubber that may or may... Agent: Allegiance Corporation

20120107486 - Sealant coating device and dispensing method thereof: The present invention provides a sealant coating device having a sealant receiving chamber and a nozzle formed on a lower portion of the sealant receiving chamber. The sealant coating device further has a heating device, and the heating device is installed around the sealant receiving chamber for heating a sealant... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20120107488 - Electroluminescent device: An electroluminescent device comprises a hole injecting electrode, an electron injecting electrode and at least one organic light emitting layer disposed between said hole injecting electrode and said electron injecting electrode wherein a layered metal chalcogenide layer is disposed between said hole injecting electrode and said light emitting layer.... Agent: Cambridge University Technical Services Limited

20120107487 - Roll to roll patterned deposition process and system: A continuous roll-to-roll apparatus for providing a patterned deposit of a material onto a moving substrate web includes a payout station for feeding out a substrate web, a take-up station for taking up the substrate web, and a web transport system for advancing the web through the apparatus from the... Agent: United Solar Ovonic LLC

20120107489 - Cartridge block for multilayer ceramic screening: A cartridge block for screening a multilayer ceramic with a conductive paste includes a threaded paste cartridge attachment located at a top of the cartridge block, the threaded paste cartridge attachment being configured to receive a paste cartridge containing the conductive paste; a paste routing section, the paste routing section... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120107490 - Method and plant for manufacturing electrotechnical articles: c

20120107491 - High permittivity transparent films: Thin films containing a transparent conducting oxide and a high permittivity material are disclosed. Exemplary thin films may exhibit increased transmission in the visible-to-near infrared (vis-NIR) spectrum without a decrease in electrical conductivity compared to the thin film without the high permittivity material. Methods for making thin films having enhanced... Agent: Alliance For Sustainable Energy, LLC

20120107492 - Positive electrode current collector for lead accumulator: In a positive electrode current collector for a lead-acid battery including a coating of tin dioxide formed on the surface of a current collector substrate of titanium or a titanium alloy, the half width of a peak with the maximum intensity among peaks of tin dioxide in the x-ray diffraction... Agent: Gs Yuasa International Ltd.

20120107493 - Binding agent for producing road markings ready quickly for traffic: The present invention comprises a novel formulation for marking travel lanes, such as roads, which following the application can be reopened for traffic after a waiting period that is shortened as compared to the prior art.... Agent: Evonik Roehm Gmbh

20120107494 - Process for producing a repair coating on a coated metallic surface: A process for producing a repair coating on a metallic surface coated with a corrosion protecting coating A applied with a pretreatment composition, an organic composition or a silicon compound containing composition. Corrosion protecting coating A has been at least partially removed in the area Z, and a thin corrosion... Agent: Chemetall Gmbh

20120107495 - Optical waveguide production method: p

20120107496 - Method of generatively manufacturing a three-dimensional object with broaching elements and method of generating a corresponding data set: The present invention relates to a method of generatively manufacturing a three-dimensional object (3) by means of a device, comprising the following steps: a) layerwise applying a powdery material (11) onto a support (5) of the device or a previously applied layer; b) selectively solidifying the powdery material (11) by... Agent: Eos Gmbh Electro Optical Systems

20120107497 - Method and system for applying particulate solids on a substrate: ejecting swirled, particulate solids from the line onto the surface of the wet and/or adhesive synthetic resin layer of the substrate. The invention also relates to a substrate, in particular a wood-based panel or decorative paper, at least partially coated with a particulate solid, characterized in that the particulate solid... Agent: Kronotec Ag

20120107498 - Multi component particle generating system: A multicomponent particle generating system may include a first nozzle constructed to generate at least one isolated particle, and a second nozzle arranged to generate a generally uninterrupted fluid jet without breaking up. The first and second nozzles are arranged to have the isolated particle traverse the fluid jet from... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast- Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

20120107499 - Ceramic encapsulation with controlled layering by use of functionalized silanes: This invention relates to a method for forming hollow silica-based particles suitable for containing one or more active ingredients or for containing other smaller particles which may include one or more active ingredients. The method comprises preparing an emulsion including a continuous phase that is polar or non-polar and a... Agent:

20120107500 - Biocidal roofing granules, roofing products including such granules, and process for preparing same: Biocidal roofing granules are prepared by providing a mineral core and at least one biocidal photocatalytic metal oxide. A gel-forming inorganic coating medium is prepared and used to coat the mineral core to form a coating layer having a porous network on the mineral core, and the at least one... Agent:

20120107501 - Coating device and coating method: A coating installation containing at least one recipient which can be evacuated and which is provided to receive a substrate, at least one gas supply device which can introduce at least one gaseous precursor into the recipient, and at least one activation device which contains at least one heatable activation... Agent:

20120107502 - Bisamineazaallylic ligands and their use in atomic layer deposition methods: Methods for deposition of elemental metal films on surfaces using metal coordination complexes comprising bisamineazaallylic ligands are provided. Also provided are bisamineazaallylic ligands useful in the methods of the invention and metal coordination complexes comprising these ligands.... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120107504 - Evaporation system and method: A deposition system is provided which is adapted for depositing a thin film onto a substrate. The deposition system includes a substrate carrier adapted for carrying the substrate and at least one tilted evaporator crucible. The at least one tilted evaporator crucible is adapted for directing evaporated deposition material towards... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120107505 - Method for forming ge-sb-te film and storage medium: There is provided a method for forming a Ge—Sb—Te film having a composition of Ge2Sb2Te5 on a substrate by a CVD method using a gaseous Ge source material, a gaseous Sb source material and a gaseous Te source material. The method includes loading the substrate within a processing chamber (Process... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120107503 - Smoothing agents to enhance nucleation density in thin film chemical vapor deposition: The present invention provides methods for making structures, including nanosized and microsized thin film structures that exhibit a high degree of smoothness useful for applications in microelectronics. Deposition processing of the invention utilize smoothing agents capable of selectively adjusting the relative rates of processes involved in thin film formation and... Agent:

20120107506 - Film formation method and film formation apparatus: Provided is a film formation apparatus capable of causing a substrate and a mask to be in a substantially horizontal state and brought into intimate contact with each other without deforming mask apertures. A region inside a mask frame and outside aperture regions of a mask on a rear surface... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120107507 - Method of manufacturing a sifting screen: A sifting screen and method of manufacturing such a screen. Segments of the screen are provided with a unique cross-sectional structure to afford various desirable characteristics to such an implement. The cross section includes, typically, a wire frame, a hard plastic encapsulation layer and an elastomeric outer layer.... Agent:

20120107508 - Polyurethane floor finishes with hybrid performance: VOC-compliant aqueous polyurethane floor coating compositions and components are provided. Embodiments include at least one organic solvent having a vapor pressure of less than 0.1 mm Hg under ambient conditions and a viscosity of less than 60 cps for at least three hours after being formed. The coating compositions exhibit... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20120107509 - Method for producing fiber-reinforced composite materials from polyamide 6 and copolyamides made of polyamide 6 and polyamide 12: The present invention relates to a method for producing fiber-reinforced composite materials, in which a multiplicity of continuous filaments or woven fabric is impregnated optionally together with reinforcing materials, comprising caprolactam and other starting materials for polyamide 6 or other starting materials for copolymers of caprolactam, passed through at temperatures... Agent:

20120107510 - Liquid crystal polyester liquid composition: The present invention aims at providing a liquid composition which contains a liquid crystal polyester, a solvent and an inorganic filler and which provides a liquid crystal polyester-impregnated fiber sheet that is less likely to cause a decrease in strength even when exposed to high humidity; according to a preferred... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20120107511 - Method of applying fugitive hydrophobic treatment to tissue product: Cellulosic tissue sheets having temporary moisture barrier properties are prepared by applying a solution of reactive size in emollient at an elevated temperature to a previously formed tissue sheet.... Agent: Georgia-pacific Consumer Products Lp

20120107512 - Binder for rbsc assembly and method of binding rbsc assembly using the same: The invention relates to a binder for binding RBSC (reaction-bonded silicon carbide), which is used to prepare RBSC assembly, wherein it includes a sintered body obtained by sintering a mixed powder of at least one substance selected from the group having Al, Ti, Fe, Mg, Cu and Ge, and silicon,... Agent: Skc Solmics Co.,ltd

20120107513 - Solvent composition for silicone compound: Disclosed is a solvent composition for silicone compounds, containing 1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene, or a solvent composition for silicone compounds, containing (A) 1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene and (B) a compound made up of at least one selected from the group consisting of 1,1,2,2-tetrafluoro-1-methoxyethane, 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluorobutane, and 1,1,2,2-tetrafluoro-1-(2,2,2-trifluoroethoxy)ethane. This solvent composition has characteristics of nonflammability and low toxicity,... Agent: Central Glass Company, Limited

20120107514 - Coating apparatus and method of forming coating layer using the same: A coating apparatus includes: a nozzle having a nozzle front end configured to spray a coating solution and a head configured to store the coating solution; a movement axis configured to cause the nozzle to move back and forth in a straight line; a rotating connection member configured to connect... Agent:

20120107515 - Method for applying polymeric coatings with trigger/pump sprayer applicator: Polymeric coatings are applied to a surface using a trigger or a pump type spray head attached to a suitable container for said coatings. The sprayer may be pre-primed with a solvent to aid in initial sprayability of the coating.... Agent:

20120107516 - Intermediate transfer member and method of manufacture: There is described a method of forming a transfer member suitable for use with an image forming system. The method includes coating an ultraviolet (UV) curable mixture comprising a chlorinated polyester resin, a reactive diluent, conductive species and a photoinitiator on a substrate. The UV curable mixture is cured with... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20120107517 - Method of manufacturing optical waveguide for touch panel: A method of manufacturing an optical waveguide for a touch panel is provided which achieves a small dimensional change due to heat to provide precise formation positions of a cladding layer and cores on a substrate. The method includes: selecting an elongated substrate made of stainless steel to continuously apply... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120107518 - Antireflection film, polarizing plate and image display device: A Method for producing an antireflection film comprising a transparent support, at least one hard coat layer, and a low refractive index layer, the method including: coating a coating composition for forming the hard coat layer on or above the transparent support and curing the coating composition for forming the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120107519 - Radiation curing of coatings: The invention relates to a process of coating a substrate with a non-aqueous coating composition comprising a) a polyol, b) a polyisocyanate crosslinker, c) a metal based catalyst for the addition reaction of hydroxyl groups and isocyanate groups, d) a thiol-functional compound at least partly deactivating the metal based catalyst,... Agent: Akzo Nobel Coatings International B.v.

20120107520 - Removing residues from substrate processing components: Residues are removed from a surface of a substrate processing component which has a polymer coating below the residues. In one version, the component surfaces are contacted with an organic solvent to remove the residues without damaging or removing the polymer coating. The residues can be process residues or adhesive... Agent:

20120107521 - Protective layer for charged particle beam processing: A protective layer is applied to a work piece to protect the surface during charged particle beam processing by directing a fluid toward the surface. The surface is preferably not touched by the applicator. Ink jet print-type print heads are suitable applicators. Ink jet-type print heads allow a wide variety... Agent: Fei Company

20120107522 - Method for producing formed circuit component: Disclosed is a method for producing a formed circuit component, wherein the surface of a substrate is roughened by being irradiated with laser ray instead of being etched using a chemical agent, thereby assuring sufficient adhesive strength with an electroless plating. Specifically disclosed is a method for producing a formed... Agent: Sankyo Kasei Co., Ltd.

20120107523 - Uv photoactivatable curable paint formulations and cured coatings thereof: A UV photoactivatable curable paint formation for providing a cured paint coating of a desired appearance on a substrate by UV irradiation, comprises a UV curable film-forming compound; a UV photoinitiator; a particulate UV reflective material in an effective rate of curing enhancing amount without affecting the resultant desired appearance... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120107524 - Thin-film manufacturing method and apparatus: A thin-film manufacturing method includes the steps of: generating a plasma from source gas; extracting ions from the plasma; and depositing a thin film on one side or both sides of a substrate to be deposited with the ions. The method is performed in an apparatus including: a plasma chamber... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20120107525 - Co2 recycling method and co2 reduction method and device: Disclosed is a device which uses CO2 in exhaust gases as a carbon source and immobilises the carbon (C) in the CO2 to create an advanced carbon fuel in the form of useful, high added-value nanocarbon structures such as multi-layer carbon-nanotubes, carbon-onions or the like, and which also reduces the... Agent:

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