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Coating processes April category listing, related patent applications 04/12

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04/26/2012 > 36 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20120100278 - Films for use as dosage forms: Non-gelatin film materials, e.g. films of modified cellulose materials find use as dosage forms. Substances are incorporated into the film matrix and films thus prepared may be administered orally, or otherwise internally, or epidermally. The administable form may comprise a matrix which contains at least one water soluble polymer in... Agent: Bioprogress Technology Limited

20120100279 - Method and device for coating catheters or balloon catheters: In a method and apparatus for coating catheters or balloon catheters the catheter or balloon catheter is radially surrounded completely or almost completely at a constant distance by a device that applies a coating solution so that the coating solution completely fills the space between the catheter or balloon catheter... Agent: Dot Gmbh

20120100280 - Photoresist-coating apparatus and photoresist-coating method using the same: A photoresist-coating apparatus includes a substrate on which a particle-detecting area and an invalid particle-detecting area are defined, a nozzle discharging photoresist to the substrate and moving along a direction, and a particle-detecting sensor controlling on and off of the nozzle in the particle-detecting area according to presence of particles,... Agent:

20120100281 - Method and system for the controlled dispensing of mercury and devices manufactured through this method: A method for a controlled dispensing of mercury by mercury sources that release mercury at a temperature Te, the sources being kept at a conditioning temperature Tc<Te and being brought to a temperature T>Te by means of displacement of the mercury sources.... Agent: Saes Getters S.p.a.

20120100282 - Organic film deposition apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display device by using the same: An organic film deposition apparatus includes: a deposition source that discharges a deposition material; a deposition source nozzle unit located at a side of the deposition source and including a plurality of deposition source nozzles arranged in a first direction; a patterning slit sheet spaced apart from the deposition source... Agent:

20120100283 - Methods of forming capacitors: Some embodiments include methods of forming capacitors. A metal oxide mixture may be formed over a first capacitor electrode. The metal oxide mixture may have a continuous concentration gradient of a second component relative to a first component. The continuous concentration gradient may correspond to a decreasing concentration of the... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20120100284 - Switching element, method for manufacturing the same, and display device including switching element: A method for manufacturing a switching element which has enough resistance to repeat switching operations and which can be miniaturized and have low power consumption, and a display device including the switching element are provided. The switching element includes a first electrode to which a constant potential is applied, a... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120100285 - Organic photoelectric conversion element: An organic photoelectric conversion element having a high absorbance at 600 nm can be provide by a method for manufacturing an organic photoelectric conversion element having a pair of electrodes at least one of which is transparent or translucent, and an organic layer between the electrodes, the method comprising a... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20120100286 - Flexible circuit chemistry: The present invention provides a circuit creation technology that improves conductive line manufacture by adding active and elemental palladium onto the surface of a substrate. The palladium is disposed in minute amounts on the surface and does not form a conductive layer by itself, but facilitates subsequent deposition of a... Agent: Sri International

20120100287 - Laminar flow plating rack: A plating apparatus includes a vessel and a rack operable to be positioned inside the vessel. The rack includes a number of mandrels including a number of substrate mounting surfaces. The number of mandrels is non-revolving with respect to the rack. The rack further includes a number of gears coupled... Agent: Seagate Technology, LLC

20120100288 - Automated powder-coating method: An automated powder-coating system and method is provided. A series of conveyor belts are arranged end to end to transition one or more work pieces between the conveyor belts. Sensors are used to determine the current location of a work piece with respect to the series of conveyor belts. An... Agent: L & P Property Management Company

20120100289 - Insulating compositions comprising expanded particles and methods for application and use: Compositions and methods for their application are described herein. The compositions include a plurality of particles having a density of 1000 kg/m3 or less (e.g., a pre-expanded polymer) and a binder. Also described herein is a method of applying the composition onto a surface. The method includes blowing a plurality... Agent: Basf Se

20120100290 - Novel bonding agents based on carbodiimides, aqueous resorcinol-formaldehyde-latex dispersions comprising bonding agent, adhesion-improved fibres, processes for production thereof and use thereof: The present invention relates to novel bonding agents based on carbodiimides, to aqueous resorcinol-formaldehyde-latex dispersion comprising bonding agent, to adhesion-improved fibres, to processes for production thereof, and to use thereof for improving adhesion in tyres.... Agent: Rhein Chemie Rheinau Gmbh

20120100291 - Semi-continuity fiber prepreg material, manufacturing method thereof, and composite material made of semi-continuity fiber prepreg material: The invention provides a semi-continuity fiber prepreg material, a manufacturing method thereof, and a composite material made of the semi-continuity fiber prepreg material. The semi-continuity fiber prepreg material includes a plurality of intermittency notches and/or continuity notches formed on a fiber prepreg material along at least one direction to make... Agent:

20120100292 - Gas injection unit and a thin-film vapour-deposition device and method using the same: Provided are a gas injection unit and apparatus and method for depositing a thin layer using the same. The gas injection unit includes: an inner pipe through which a reaction gas is introduced; an outer pipe enclosing the inner pipe, through which a cooling fluid cooling the reaction gas in... Agent: Semes Co., Ltd.

20120100293 - Method of dissociating an organoborane-amine complex: A method of dissociating an organoborane-amine complex in a coating composition is provided. The method includes the step of introducing the organoborane-amine complex, the radical polymerizable compound, and optionally an amine, onto a substrate to form the coating composition. The method also includes the step of introducing carbon dioxide into... Agent: Basf Se

20120100294 - Coated film manufacturing method and coating machine: A coated film manufacturing method and a coating machine are provided which can prevent deformation of a die coater due to evaporation of a coating liquid and prevent surface deficiency occurring when starting the coating. A coating machine is prepared which includes a die coater having a manifold, a slot... Agent:

20120100296 - Gravity fed spray device and methods for spraying multiple components: This invention is directed to a method for producing a coating layer of a coating composition comprising two or more components. The two or more components are mixed post atomization. This invention is also directed to a gravity fed spray gun having a spray needle comprising two or more spray... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20120100295 - High strength phosphate-based cement having low alkalinity: A mixture for making a high strength phosphate cement includes monopotassium phosphate, a Group IIA metal oxide in amounts of about 20 to about 100 parts per 100 parts of the monopotassium phosphate and monocalcium orthophosphate in amounts of from about 3 to about 30 parts per 100 parts of... Agent:

20120100297 - Method for spraying multiple components: This invention is directed to a method for producing a coating layer of a coating composition comprising two or more components. The two or more components are mixed post atomization. This invention is also directed to a spray gun having a delivery device for producing such coating layer.... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20120100298 - Product of polysiloxane condensation: Provided is a condensation reaction product solution which is particularly suitable for filling a trench formed on a substrate having a narrow width and a high aspect ratio. The condensation reaction product solution has a long pot life, superior trench-filling when used for trench-filling, and a low cure shrinkage, an... Agent:

20120100300 - Plasma coating system and method for coating or treating the surface of a substrate: A plasma coating plant for coating or treating the surface of a substrate having a work chamber which can be evacuated and into which the substrate can be placed, and having a plasma torch for generating a plasma jet by heating a process gas, wherein the plasma torch has a... Agent:

20120100299 - Thermal spray coating process for compressor shafts: A process for forming a dense abrading thermally insulating coating on a rotor shaft in a gas turbine engine is described. The process comprises fixturing the rotor shaft to allow it to rotate about its axis and plasma spraying the coating on the rotor shaft. The coating comprises a zirconia... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20120100302 - Method for producing polycrystalline silicon rods: The invention relates to a method for producing polycrystalline silicon rods by deposition of silicon on at least one thin rod in a reactor, wherein, before the silicon deposition, hydrogen halide at a temperature of 400-1000° C. is introduced into the reactor containing at least one thin rod and is... Agent: Wacker Chemie Ag

20120100301 - Nucleation of ultrathin, continuous, conformal metal films using atomic layer deposition and application as fuel cell catalysts: A method to achieve a conformal ultrathin film of platinum or one of its alloys on a substrate that can be economically used as a heterogeneous catalyst, such as automotive polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cell catalyst. The method includes using a hydrogen plasma in platinum atomic layer deposition along... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120100303 - Carbon nanofiber including copper particles, nanoparticles, dispersed solution and preparation methods thereof: Disclosed are amorphous carbon nanofibers including copper nanoparticles or copper alloy nanoparticles, copper composite nanoparticles prepared by grinding the amorphous carbon nanofibers and implemented as surfaces of Cu-included particles are partially or wholly coated with amorphous carbons, a dispersed solution including the copper composite nanoparticles, and preparation methods thereof and... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20120100305 - Method of fabricating a part decorated with relief: A method for fabricating a part with relief, wherein portions in relief are at least partially coated with a decorative layer. The method a) forms the body of the part; b) selectively alters the surface state of the body of the part to change the adherence thereof locally relative to... Agent: Eta Sa Manufacture Horlogere Suisse

20120100304 - Micrometric direct-write methods for patterning conductive material and applications to flat panel display repair: A method for direct-write patterning comprises providing a cantilever having a cantilever end, wherein the cantilever is a tipless cantilever; providing an ink disposed at the cantilever end; providing a substrate surface; and moving the cantilever end or moving the substrate surface so that ink is delivered from the cantilever... Agent: Nanolnk, Inc.

20120100306 - Thin film manufacturing method and silicon material which can be used in the method: Particles coming from an evaporation source 9 are deposited on a substrate 21 at a specified film forming position 33 in a vacuum so as to form a thin film on the substrate 21. A rod-shaped material 32 containing a source material of the thin film is melted above the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120100311 - Apparatus for forming deposited film and method for forming deposited film: First and second electrodes are provided in a chamber. The second electrode includes a first part supplying a first gas to a space between the first electrode and the second electrode, a plurality of second parts supplying a second gas to the space, a first supply path of the first... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20120100310 - Coating device and coating method: A coating installation containing at least one recipient which can be evacuated and which is adapted to accommodate a substrate, at least one gas supply device which is used to introduce at least one gaseous precursor into the recipient and at least one heatable activation element which has a definable... Agent:

20120100309 - Plasma treatment apparatus and plasma cvd apparatus: A plasma treatment apparatus includes a treatment chamber covered with a chamber wall, where an upper electrode faces a lower electrode; and a line chamber separated from the treatment chamber by the upper electrode and an insulator, covered with the chamber wall, and connected to a first gas diffusion chamber... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120100307 - Shower plate having different aperture dimensions and/or distributions: A shower plate is adapted to be attached to the showerhead and includes a front surface adapted to face the susceptor; and a rear surface opposite to the front surface. The shower plate has multiple apertures each extending from the rear surface to the front surface for passing gas therethrough... Agent: Asm Japan K.k.

20120100308 - Ternary metal alloys with tunable stoichiometries: Methods and equipment for forming ternary metal alloys are provided. In some embodiments, TaCN thin films are deposited by exposing a substrate to alternating pulses of an organometallic tantalum precursor comprising nitrogen and carbon and hydrogen plasma. The stoichiometry of the film is tuned from carbon rich to nitrogen rich... Agent: Asm America, Inc.

20120100312 - Methods for enhancing tantalum filament life in hot wire chemical vapor deposition processes: Methods for depositing films using hot wire chemical vapor deposition (HWCVD) processes are provided herein. In some embodiments, a method of operating an HWCVD tool may include providing hydrogen gas (H2) to a filament disposed in a process chamber of the HWCVD tool for a first period of time; and... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120100313 - Vertical laser cladding system: A vertical laser cladding system is particularly effective for the interior surfaces of tube-like structures. The vertical cladding process works from bottom to top, so that previously clad layers form a shelf for subsequent application of cladding powder. This system is also particularly effective for handling double-bore plasticating barrels.... Agent: Xaloy, Inc.

04/19/2012 > 34 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20120094003 - Method of making a sintered skin engaging member: A method of forming a skin engaging member for use on a hair removal device comprising the steps of: providing a carrier having at least one receiving region; applying a skin conditioning composition in a powder form into the receiving region; and sintering the powder to form a solid interconnected... Agent:

20120094006 - Method of making a skin engaging member: A method of forming a skin engaging member for use on a hair removal device comprising the steps of: providing a carrier having at least one receiving region; and dispensing a skin conditioning composition in a flowable form through a dispensing member, into or onto the receiving region, wherein said... Agent:

20120094004 - Methods of forming self-supporting films for delivery of therapeutic agents: The present disclosure relates to self-supporting films for delivery of a therapeutic agent containing at least one hydrophobic polymer and at least one therapeutic agent. Methods of forming the self-supporting films are also disclosed.... Agent:

20120094005 - Methods of forming self-supporting films for delivery of therapeutic agents: The present disclosure relates to self-supporting films for delivery of a therapeutic agent containing at least one hydrophobic polymer and at least one therapeutic agent. Methods of forming the self-supporting films are also disclosed.... Agent:

20120094007 - Method for the immobilization of cationic active ingredients on surfaces: e

20120094008 - Nano- and micro- encapsulation of biomaterials into particles and capsules by varying precipitation conditions: This invention describes novel methods for fabricating nano/micro particles and capsules through template decomposition which incorporates the to-be-encapsulated molecules which are precipitated in pores of particles or in solution, i.e. below their isoelectric point, drying or by solvent adjustment methods. The encapsulation process can be followed by a deposition or... Agent:

20120094011 - Film deposition apparatus and film deposition method: A film deposition apparatus includes a partitioning member that forms, in a chamber, a film deposition space including a turntable on which a substrate is placed, a first reactive gas supplying portion for supplying a first reactive gas toward the turntable, and a second reactive gas supplying portion for supplying... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120094009 - Magnetic write head fabrication with integrated electrical lapping guides: Methods of fabricating magnetic write heads and electrical lapping guides (ELG's) using a split gap deposition process is described. A removal process is performed on a magnetic material to define a main write pole and to define a corresponding ELG for the main write pole. A first non-magnetic gap layer... Agent:

20120094012 - Method for producing coating having desired gloss value: The present invention is directed to a method for producing a coating having a desired gloss value on a substrate. This invention is also directed to method for producing a predicted gloss value of a coating on a substrate. This invention is further directed to a method of using a... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20120094010 - Substrate processing apparatus, temperature controlling method of substrate processing apparatus, and heating method of substrate processing apparatus: Provided is a substrate processing apparatus capable of suppressing inferiority when heat treatment is controlled using a temperature sensor. The substrate processing apparatus includes a heating means configured to heat a process chamber wherein a substrate is accommodated; a first temperature detection means configured to detect a temperature about the... Agent: Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

20120094013 - Intermediate transfer member: There is disclosed an intermediate transfer member comprising a belt comprising conductive particles dispersed in a thermoplastic polymer. The thermoplastic polymer is selected from the group consisting of polyimide, polyamideimide, polyetherimide, polycarbonate, polysulfone, polyethersulfone, polyphenylsulfone, polyester, polyphenylsulfide and polyamide. The belt has a welded seam. There is an overcoat disposed... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20120094015 - Liquid crystal alignment agent and liquid crystal alignment film formed therefore and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention provides a method of forming a liquid crystal alignment film comprising a process of coating a liquid crystal alignment agent onto a substrate, and then processing said alignment agent with dehydration/ring-closure reaction and free radical polymerization, wherein said liquid crystal alignment agent comprises a molecular compound containing... Agent: Chi-mei Corporation

20120094014 - Vapor deposition apparatus and vapor deposition method: There is provided a vapor deposition apparatus and a vapor deposition method capable of efficiently sublimating/melting a granular organic material with high mobility. The vapor deposition apparatus for forming a thin film on a substrate by vapor deposition includes a depressurizable material supply apparatus configured to supply a material gas,... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120094016 - Electrode material for aluminum electrolytic capacitor and method for manufacturing the material: e

20120094017 - Patterned nanoparticle assembly methodology: Methods for creating a precision assembly of nanoparticles by controlled deposition from a colloidal fluid (e.g., a ferrofluid) are disclosed. The method can include assembling magnetic nanoparticles, fixing the nanoparticles in place, and then allowing the completed nanoparticle assembly to be washed and dried to remove unwanted process contaminants left... Agent: University Of South Carolina

20120094018 - Method of making laser-ablatable elements: A method is used to make a laser-ablatable element for direct laser engraving that has a laser-ablatable, relief-forming layer that has a relief-image forming surface and a bottom surface. The relief-forming layer can be prepared by applying multiple formulations. Each formulation comprises a coating solvent, a laser-ablatable polymeric binder, and... Agent:

20120094019 - Composition for manufacturing doped or undoped zinc oxide thin film and method for manufacturing zinc oxide thin film using same: Disclosed is a composition for forming a zinc oxide thin film, which contains an organic zinc compound as a starting material, is not ignitable, and can be easily handled. The composition for forming a zinc oxide thin film is capable of forming a transparent zinc oxide thin film which is... Agent: Tocoh Finefhem Corporation

20120094020 - Hydrophobic fluorinated polyelectrolyte complex films and associated methods: A method for controlling the hydrophobicity of a surface of an article by alternately depositing solutions comprising net positively charged polymers and net negatively charged polymers onto the surface to form a polyelectrolyte film of an interpenetrating network of net positively charged polymers and net negatively charged polymers on the... Agent: Florida State University Research Foundation, Inc.

20120094021 - Method of forming a diffusion aluminide coating on a surface of a turbine component and a homogeneous paste for coating such surfaces: The subject invention is directed to diffusion aluminide coatings, and more particularly, to a homogenous paste for applying a diffusion aluminide coating to a selected surface of a turbine component and to a method of applying a diffusion aluminide coating to a selected surface of a turbine component.... Agent: Goodrich Corporation

20120094022 - Method of forming metal thin film: Provided is a method of forming a metal thin film which can reduce leakage current while improving electric properties by improving step coverage of a device. The method of forming a metal thin film includes supplying a metal precursor including chlorine, purging byproducts produced after the supplying of the metal... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120094023 - Lightweight terrazzo surface composition: A terrazzo composition containing a resin component; a hardener component; and an aggregate component, where the composition has a tensile strength of about 8500 psi to about 8900 psi, a compressive strength of about 2600 psi to about 3000 psi, a Shore D Hardness of about 50 to about 100,... Agent: Quaker Chemical Corporation

20120094024 - Optimum surface texture geometry: A surface geometry for an implantable medical electrode that optimizes the electrical characteristics of the electrode and enables an efficient transfer of signals from the electrode to surrounding bodily tissue. The coating is optimized to increase the double layer capacitance and to lower the after-potential polarization for signals having a... Agent: Pulse Technologies, Inc.

20120094025 - Substrate depositing system and method: A substrate depositing system comprises a substrate loading chamber for receiving a substrate, a substrate unloading chamber for withdrawing the substrate, at least one process chamber disposed between the substrate loading chamber and the substrate unloading chamber for processing the substrate, and a mask keeping chamber connected to one side... Agent: Samsung Mobile Display Co., Ltd.

20120094026 - Method and device for applying fluids: This document describes a process and a device for applying fluids, specifically particle material, on an area to be coated, which is viewed in forward moving direction of the coater, chat fluid is applied on the area to be coated and then a levelling element is run over the applied... Agent: Voxeljet Gmbh

20120094027 - Method of forming a cured coating composition on an automobile component: A method of forming a cured coating composition on an automobile component is provided. The method utilizes a coating compound including a radical polymerizable compound and an organoborane initiator and includes the step of applying the coating composition to the automobile component. The organoborane initiator is complexed with a bi-functional... Agent: Basf Se

20120094028 - Geopolymer and epoxy simultaneous interpenetrating polymer network composition, and methods for the same: A simultaneous interpenetrating polymer network—geopolymer epoxy composition includes a first component comprised of a waterborne epoxy curing agent, an aluminosilicate source, and an amorphous silica, and a second component comprised of an epoxy resin and an alkaline silicate solution. The two components are mixed to produce a SIN-GE composition that... Agent:

20120094029 - Setting the quantity of cooling air for a turbine blade or vane by controlled overspray: A process for coating an edge within a hole in a coated component is provided. The hole is a cooling-air hole operable conduct a coolant therethrough. According to the processes, an outer coating is provided on the outer surface of the component. An inner coating is provided on an inner... Agent:

20120094030 - Direct formation of highly porous gas-sensing layers by in-situ deposition of flame-made nanoparticles: Method of producing a gas sensor includes positioning a sensor substrate in a flame spray pyrolysis apparatus, generating an aerosol phase with sensing material nanoparticles by flame spray pyrolysis of a precursor substance, depositing the sensing material particles contained in the aerosol, in particular nanoparticles of the sensing material, onto... Agent:

20120094031 - Method and coating plant for providing a workpiece with a coating: In order to produce a method of providing a workpiece with a coating comprising the following process steps: —coating the workpiece: and —drying the workpiece by means of a drying device which is of increased capacity and is also particularly suitable for very long workpieces, there is proposed a method... Agent: Durr Systems Gmbh

20120094032 - Marine antifoulant coating: A protective coating applied to the underwater portion of a marine vessel operable to inhibit the growth of marine foulants. The coating comprises a polymer, a marine biocide, a preservative, an antimicrobial agent, and optionally a coloring agent. In certain embodiments, the marine biocide, preservative, and optional antimicrobial agent are... Agent:

20120094033 - Nanoparticles with grafted organic molecules: An apparatus for producing grafted Group IV nanoparticles is provided and includes a source of Group IV nanoparticles. A chamber is configured to carry the nanoparticles in a gas phase and has an inlet and an exit. The inlet configured to couple to an organic molecule source which is configured... Agent:

20120094034 - Combinatorial plasma enhanced deposition techniques: Combinatorial plasma enhanced deposition techniques are described, including designating multiple regions of a substrate, providing a precursor to at least a first region of the multiple regions, and providing a plasma to the first region to deposit a first material on the first region formed using the first precursor, wherein... Agent: Intermolecular, Inc.

20120094035 - Method for preparing plastic particles coated with metal: The present invention relates to a method for preparing plastic particles coated with metal, which comprises the following steps. First, mix a plurality of plastic particles with a tin/palladium solution to form a first mixed liquid. Alternatively, first mix the plurality of plastic particles with a stannous chloride/hydrochloric acid solution.... Agent: Chung Shan Institute Of Science And Technology, Armaments Bureau, M.n.d.

20120094036 - Coating composition for thermal protection on substrates, processes for manufacturing, and methods of applying same: This invention relates to coating compositions for thermal protection of substrates (particularly for protecting surfaces that are subject to transient, extreme temperature excursions), processes for manufacturing the coating and methods for applying them. The coating is designed to reduce/minimize the thermal diffusivity of the composite and uses constituent materials selected... Agent: Ocellus, Inc.

04/12/2012 > 14 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120088026 - Film thickness measurement: A method for determining the thickness of a film on a substrate is described. The substrate has a first major surface opposite a second major surface, and the film covers a portion of the first major surface. During a first measurement step, a first measuring beam is used to determine... Agent:

20120088027 - Analog interferometric modulator device with electrostatic actuation and release: Examples of methods of manufacturing a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) device can include forming a first reflective layer on a substrate, forming a sacrificial layer over the first reflective layer, removing a portion of the sacrificial layer to form an opening, and filling the opening with a dielectric material to form... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

20120088028 - Process for producing a positive nickel hydroxide electrode for a nickel-metal hydride or nickel cadmium storage battery: In a process for producing a positive nickel hydroxide electrode for a nickel-metal hydride or nickel-cadmium storage battery a positive nickel hydroxide electrode produced in an earlier stage in the process is after-treated by introducing a saline solution into the active mass contained in an electrode carrier structure of the... Agent: Hoppecke Batterie Systeme Gmbh

20120088029 - Organic/inorganic composite electrolyte and electrochemical device prepared thereby: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing an electrode having an organic/inorganic composite porous coating layer comprising porous inorganic particles and a binder polymer, wherein the porous inorganic particles have pores having such a size that lithium ions (Li+) solvated in an electrolyte solvent can pass therethrough. The... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20120088031 - Gas discharge pipe and associated method: The embodiments of the present invention describe a gas discharge pipe comprising a first discharge channel and at least one second discharge channel designed to be connected respectively to a first vacuum pump and to at least a second vacuum pump on the one hand and to a reactor outlet... Agent: Adixen Vacuum Products

20120088030 - Film forming apparatus, film forming method, and recording medium: A film forming apparatus that produces a thin film by repeating cycles of sequentially supplying reaction gases including a loading table in a vacuum vessel having substrate mounting areas; reaction gas supplying units arranged in a peripheral direction with intervals to supply the reaction gases onto substrates; separating areas separating... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120088032 - Business method for building performance retrofit of existing single family residential homes: Processes are described for binding a fibrous material. The processes may include applying to a surface of the fibrous material an aqueous binding composition to form a coated fibrous material. The binding composition may include: (a) a water-soluble polyamic acid, and (b) an organic crosslinking agent capable of undergoing a... Agent:

20120088033 - Sealed anodized aluminum components and process for their manufacture: A more efficient process of sealing an anodized aluminum article, which can facilitate higher production rates than conventional sealing techniques, includes steps of providing an article comprised of aluminum or an aluminum alloy that has been anodized, treating the oxide layer with a solution containing an anion capable of combining... Agent:

20120088034 - Wafer: A wafer has a rare earth oxide layer disposed, typically sprayed, on a substrate. It is useful as a dummy wafer in a plasma etching or deposition system.... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20120088035 - Platen control: A system and method for maintain a desired degree of platen flatness is disclosed. A laser system is used to measure the flatness of a platen. The temperature of the platen is then varied to achieve the desired level of flatness. In some embodiments, this laser system is only used... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20120088036 - Composite material: Disclosed herein are engineered composite materials suitable for applications that can benefit from a composite material capable of interacting with or responding to, in a controlled or predetermined manner, changes in its surrounding environment. The composite material is generally includes a gradient layer structure of a sequence of at, e.g.,... Agent: Greenhill Antiballistics Corporation

20120088037 - Process of preparing light reflective film: A process stably produces a light reflective film with plural light reflective layers formed of a fixed cholesteric liquid crystal phase, having high transparency and excellent light-reflective characteristics. The process of preparing a light reflective film having at least two light reflective layers formed of a fixed cholesteric liquid crystal... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120088038 - Method and device for high-rate coating by means of high-pressure evaporation: In order to overcome the existing conflict between layer thickness homogeneity on the one side and material yield and coating rate on the other side reducing the classic vacuum evaporation, the substrate forms the boundary of an essentially closed coating chamber which is supplied by an evaporation source. The walls... Agent:

20120088039 - Fabrication of single-crystalline graphene arrays: The present disclosure demonstrates the synthesis of ordered arrays of GSC's by re-growth from pre-patterned seed crystals, offering an approach for scalable fabrication of single crystal graphene devices while avoiding domain boundaries. Each graphene island is a single crystal and every graphene island is of similar size. The size of... Agent: University Of Houston System

04/05/2012 > 27 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20120082777 - Method of producing phosphor film and method of producing image display apparatus: A method of producing a phosphor film includes performing a first treatment wherein a suspension, in which a plurality of first particles having a median diameter that is equal to or smaller than 1/10 of a median diameter of a plurality of phosphor particles is dispersed in a dispersion medium,... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120082778 - Vacuum deposition system and vacuum deposition method: The present invention aims to provide a technology, which uses an apparatus having a simple configuration to efficiently form a film with uniform film thickness and film quality when continuously forming a film by vacuum deposition of highly reactive lithium. A vacuum deposition system of the present invention has a... Agent: Ulvac, Inc.

20120082779 - Multilayer printed wiring board and method for manufacturing multilayer printed wiring board: A multilayer printed wiring board including a first interlayer resin insulation layer, a first conductive circuit formed on the first interlayer resin insulation layer, a second interlayer resin insulation layer formed on the first interlayer resin insulation layer and the first conductive circuit and having an opening portion exposing a... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20120082780 - Wiring material, method of manufacturing wiring, and nano-particle dispersion: A wiring material contains copper, nitrogen, and a dopant which is more readily oxidized than copper in an Ellingham diagram, the dopant being added to the wiring material at a rate of not less than 0.5 at. % and not more than 10 at. %.... Agent:

20120082781 - Method of manufacturing piezoelectric vibrating piece, wafer, piezoelectric vibrator, oscillator, electronic apparatus, and radio-controlled timepiece: Disclosed is a method of manufacturing a piezoelectric vibrating piece. In a resist pattern forming step, a mask member is arranged in a wafer S while a mask-side mark formed in a mask member prepared for one electrode film is aligned with wafer-side marks S3 and S4 corresponding to the... Agent:

20120082782 - Method for manufacturing an oxide thin film: A method for manufacturing an oxide thin film comprises: providing a coating material composed of a first precursor material, a fuel material and a solvent; coating the coating material on a substrate; and annealing the coated coating material on the substrate to convert the coated coating material into an oxide... Agent: National Cheng Kung University

20120082783 - Method of applying a nanocrystalline coating to a gas turbine engine component: A method of applying a nanocrystalline coating to a gas turbine engine component is described. The method comprises the steps of applying an intermediate bond coat to at least a portion of the component, and then applying the nanocrystalline coating to at least the portion of the component overtop of... Agent:

20120082784 - Hot-melt extruded adhesive tape: A molding method of hot-melt extruded adhesive tape includes a banded or foliated carrier with peelable surface. A feed mechanism is used to feed the carrier by a conveying mechanism. The thermoplastic rubber can be extruded by the extrusion feed mechanism onto the carrier's peelable surface through 0.2 mm˜1.0 mm... Agent: Sun-good Glue Company, Ltd.

20120082785 - Biaxially oriented polyester film and preparation method thereof: A back sheet for a solar cell, consisting of a polyester comprising at least one repeating unit of trimethylene naphthalate and trimethylene terephthalate in an amount of 85% by weight or more, has improved hydrolysis-resistance and is useful in the field requiring weatherability.... Agent: Skc Co., Ltd.

20120082786 - Method for manufacturing encapsulated superhard material: The invention relates to a method of manufacturing encapsulated superhard material, the method comprising the steps of providing a source of superhard material, providing a mixture comprising an appropriate binder, a solvent or fluid medium and the intended coating or encapsulating layer, combining the superhard material and the mixture in... Agent:

20120082787 - Method for producing graphene film, method for manufacturing electronic element, and method for transferring graphene film to substrate: e

20120082788 - Coating method and a corresponding coating machine:

20120082789 - Window with anti-bacterial and/or anti-fungal feature and method of making same: Certain example embodiments of this invention relate to a window having anti-fungal/anti-bacterial properties and/or self-cleaning properties, and a method of making the same. In certain example embodiments, a silver based layer is be provided and the layer(s) located thereover (e.g., the zirconium oxide inclusive layer) are designed to permit silver... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20120082790 - Ultraviolet angled spray nozzle: An apparatus for masking an article with masking material is disclosed. The apparatus generally includes a spray head connected to a primary channel which forms a passage for the masking material. This channel has two sections, the first of which terminates in a junction with the spray head and is... Agent:

20120082791 - Coating composition amenable to elastomeric substrates: Waterborne, polymer based coating compositions for interior and exterior use on elastomeric substrates (such as tires) with one or more polymer latex resins (having one or more carboxylic acid groups) in an amount sufficient to provide polymer solids in an amount of from 5 to 50% by weight of the... Agent:

20120082792 - Method for manufacturing soil-resistant glass and soil-resistant glass: A method for manufacturing soil-resistant glass the surface of which is covered with a coating film having a high hardness, and the soil-resistant glass are provided. A coating film comprising titania or/and titania-silica is formed by coating a glass surface with a photocatalyst solution comprising the titania or/and the titania-silica... Agent:

20120082793 - Dispersoid having metal-oxygen bonds, metal oxide film, and monomolecular film: Dispersoids having metal-oxygen groups that are suitable for the production of metal oxide thin-films at a low temperature of 200° C. or below and for the production of homogeneous organic-inorganic hybrid materials. The dispersoid having metal-oxygen bonds may be obtained by mixing a metal compound having at least three hydrolyzable... Agent: Nippon Soda Co., Ltd.

20120082794 - Selenium/group 1b/group 3a ink and methods of making and using same: A selenium/Group 1b/Group 3a ink is provided, comprising, as initial components: (a) a selenium/Group 1b/Group 3a system which comprises a combination of, as initial components: a selenium; an organic chalcogenide component: comprising at least one organic chalcogenide having a formula selected from RZ—Z′R′ and R2—SH; wherein Z and Z′ are... Agent:

20120082795 - Method for using a primer comprising a self-emulsified polyester microgel: A method for coating a substrate comprising applying to at least a portion of the substrate a primer coating composition comprising a self-emulsified polyester microgel is disclosed. Multilayer coating systems comprising such a primer are also disclosed.... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20120082796 - Curtain coating method and curtain coating apparatus: A curtain coating method including: ejecting at least one layer of a coating liquid from a slit, and making the ejected coating liquid fall freely from a curtain nozzle lip by using a curtain edge guide which guides the coating liquid in the form of a curtain liquid film, so... Agent: Ricoh Company. Ltd.

20120082797 - Nozzle for a thermal spray gun and method of thermal spraying: A nozzle for a thermal spray gun and a method of thermal spraying are disclosed. The nozzle has a combustion chamber within which fuel is burned to produce a stream of combustion gases. The streams of heated gases exit through a pair of linear exhausts which are located on either... Agent: Monitor Coatings Limited

20120082798 - Process for the manufacturing of decorative boards: A process of the manufacturing of decorative boards with an abrasion resistant surface and edge with joining functionality, the process comprising the steps; a) Cutting a carrier board to the desired dimension and molding edges with joining functionality. b) Treating at least the upper surface of the board. c) Applying... Agent:

20120082799 - Process for multilayer coating: p

20120082800 - Method for manufacturing magnetic recording medium: According to one embodiment, there is provided a method for manufacturing a magnetic recording medium, the method including: depositing a magnetic recording layer on a substrate; forming a mask on a region of the magnetic recording layer corresponding to a recording area; irradiating another region of the magnetic recording layer... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120082801 - Method of laser treating ti-6ai-4v to form surface compounds: The method of laser treating Ti-6Al-4V to form surface compounds is a method of forming barrier layers on surfaces of Ti-6Al-4V workpieces. The Ti-6Al-4V workpiece is first cleaned and then a water-soluble phenolic resin is applied to at least one surface of the Ti-6Al-4V workpiece. The Ti-6Al-4V workpiece and the... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20120082802 - Power loading substrates to reduce particle contamination: A method for preventing particle contamination within a processing chamber is disclosed. Preheating the substrate within the processing chamber may cause a thermophoresis effect so that particles within the chamber that are not adhered to a surface may not come to rest on the substrate. One method to increase the... Agent:

20120082803 - Protective film mainly composed of a tetrahedral amorphous carbon film and a magnetic recording medium having the protective film: A protective film is disclosed that is mainly composed of a tetrahedral amorphous carbon (ta-C film) that is denser than a DLC film formed by a plasma CVD method and containing aggregate particles so reduced as to a necessary and sufficient level, to provide a method of manufacturing such a... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

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