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Coating processes March listing by industry category 03/12

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03/29/2012 > 34 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20120076918 - Latent fingerprint powder applicator and related method of use: A latent fingerprint applicator apparatus is defined by a sleeve or mitt that is sized to retain the entire hand of a user, the sleeve including a flexible conformable powder application surface that enabling the applicator to be wiped onto a surface of interest to apply powder in order to... Agent: Tritech Forensics

20120076920 - Local delivery of water-soluble or water-insoluble therapeutic agents to the surface of body lumens: A method and device for local delivery of a water-insoluble therapeutic agent to the tissue of a normal or diseased body lumen is disclosed. An expandable structure of a medical disposable device, such as a balloon of a balloon catheter, is coated with a non-durable coating which comprises poly(HEMA) complexed... Agent:

20120076919 - Method for producing an antimicrobial coating on a technical surface: The invention relates to a method for producing a microbial substance-releasing layer on a technical surface. The inventive method comprises three steps: a) producing a solution from polyvinylacetate, a preservative agent and a solvent, b) applying the solution to the technical surface, and c) drying the solution applied to the... Agent:

20120076921 - Method and system for forming a pharmaceutical product directly onto a packaging surface: The present invention relates to a method for forming a pharmaceutical product, such as a dissolvable film dosage form, onto a surface. Particularly, the present invention relates to a method of forming a pharmaceutical product directly onto the surface of a substrate.... Agent: Monosol Rx, LLC

20120076922 - Method and device for the spectral analysis of a metal coating layer deposited on the surface of a steel strip: In a method for the spectral analysis of a metal coating layer deposited on the surface of a steel strip, the strip is moved along an arc of the outer surface of a rotating roller with a cylindrical wall guiding the strip by contact. An ablation laser beam is guided... Agent: Siemens Vai Metals Technologies Sas

20120076923 - Wet paint coating thickness measurement and instrument: An instrument is described for measuring the thickness of a paint coating on a rotating roll of a roll coating applicator roll for determination of the thickness of a paint coating to be applied to a moving substrate comprising: sensor means arranged for emitting and detecting signals reflected from the... Agent: Wolf Industrial Innovation

20120076924 - Charging member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus:

20120076925 - Method and apparatus for thermal jet printing: The disclosure relates to a method for depositing films on a substrate which may form part of an LED or other types of display. In one embodiment, the disclosure relates to an apparatus for depositing ink on a substrate. The apparatus includes a chamber for receiving ink; a discharge nozzle... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20120076926 - Method for producing an electrical conductor with an insulation and at least one point to be kept free of the insulation: The conductor, including the points being kept free insulation, is initially surrounded by a liquid, electrically non-conducting bonding agent which forms the insulation after solidifying. The conductor can be a transposed conductor in which the individual conductors thereof are electrically isolated relative to each other and are interconnected by the... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120076927 - Method of improving the thermo-mechanical properties of fiber-reinforced silicon carbide matrix composites: A thermal treatment process for improving thermo-mechanical properties of ceramic matrix composite materials such as silicon carbide (SiC) matrix composites is described. The treatment process removes excess silicon and/or other process-related defects from the SiC-based matrix as well as the fiber interfacial coating. This invention can be practiced with minimal... Agent: United States Government As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army

20120076928 - Polycrystalline monolithic magnesium aluminate spinels: Polycrystalline monolithic magnesium aluminate spinels are disclosed. The polycrystalline monolithic magnesium aluminate spinels have small grain sizes and may be deposited on substrates as thick one-piece deposits. The polycrystalline monolithic magnesium aluminate spinels may be prepared and deposited by chemical vapor deposition. Articles made with the polycrystalline monolithic magnesium aluminate... Agent: Rohm And Haas Company

20120076929 - Thin film electronic device fabrication process: A thin film electronic device fabrication process includes providing an electronic device on a substrate, a first reactant gaseous material, a second reactant gaseous material, an inert gaseous material; and a delivery head through which the reactant gaseous materials and the inert gaseous material are simultaneously directed toward the electronic... Agent:

20120076930 - Chemiluminescent aerosol spray: The invention functions by co-dispensing two vessels, each of which is pressurized by means of a non-flammable liquid or gaseous propellant. The chemical ingredients from each vessel are combined upon contact with the surface or by means of a mixing valve or upon attached to the actuators of each vessel,... Agent:

20120076931 - Fuser member: The present teachings provide a fuser member. The fuser member includes a substrate layer comprising a polyimide polymer and a hydroxyl terminated polybutadiene. A method of manufacturing a fuser member containing a polyimide polymer and a hydroxyl terminated polybutadiene is presented.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20120076932 - Solvents in the preparation of polyuretherane dispersions: The present invention relates to substituted N-(cyclo)alkylpyrrolidones as solvents for use in processes for preparing polyurethane dispersions.... Agent: Basf Se

20120076933 - Double-sided coating apparatus and double-sided coating method: According to one embodiment, a double-sided coating apparatus includes a first coating head arranged on one side of a raw material to coat the one side with a coating liquid by alternately forming a coating region and a non-coating region in a direction crossing a delivery direction, a second coating... Agent:

20120076934 - Ultrafiltration membranes and methods of making: The present invention is an integral multilayered composite membrane having at least one ultrafiltration layer made by cocasting or sequentially casting a plurality of polymer solutions onto a support to form a multilayered liquid sheet and immersing the sheet into a liquid coagulation bath to effect phase separation and form... Agent: Millipore Corporation

20120076937 - Film deposition device and film deposition method: A film deposition device includes a chamber, a turntable, a first reactive gas supplying portion, a second reactive gas supplying portion, and a separation gas supplying portion. A convex part includes a ceiling surface to cover both sides of the separation gas supplying portion, form a first space between the... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120076935 - Method and apparatus for multiple-channel pulse gas delivery system: A pulse gas delivery system for delivering a sequence of pulses of prescribed amounts of gases to a process tool, comprises: (a) a plurality of channels, each including (i) a gas delivery chamber; (ii) an inlet valve connected so as to control gas flowing into the corresponding gas delivery chamber;... Agent:

20120076936 - Substrate processing apparatus, gas nozzle and method of processing substrate: Provided are a substrate processing apparatus, a gas nozzle, and a method of processing a substrate, which is capable of improving heating efficiency of a gas without increasing a size of a reaction container. A gas supply nozzle 300 includes a first extension part 321, a third extension part 323,... Agent: Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

20120076938 - System and method of applying a chrome-like coating on objects: This invention provides for a method, system and apparatus for applying a chrome-like coating on objects using hand-held, portable, and self-contained spray canisters. The chrome-like coating is achieved by the simultaneous spraying of the object's surface with an ammoniacal silver nitrate solution and a reducing agent. This simultaneous spraying may... Agent:

20120076939 - Method of producing endless band-shaped body: A method of producing an endless band-shaped body includes: forming a coating film by applying film-forming resin solution to an outer circumferential surface of a cylindrical core body that is being rotated around an axis of the cylindrical core body by a rotation device in a state where the axis... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20120076940 - Methods for treating a ferrous metal substrate: Disclosed are methods for treating and coating a ferrous metal substrate, such as cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, and electrogalvanized steel. These methods include contacting the ferrous metal substrate with an aqueous pretreatment composition comprising: (a) a Group IIIB and/or IVB metal compound; (b) phosphate ions; and (c) water.... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20120076941 - Compositions and methods for coloration and/or staining of galvanized metal surfaces: An aqueous liquid solution containing soluble salts of coloring metals—particularly manganese and ferric iron along with a sugar source and fulvic and/or humic acid can be readily applied to galvanized metal surfaces impart a natural color tone to such surfaces. In this manner the visibility manmade structures like fences and... Agent: Foster-gardner, Inc.

20120076942 - Antimicrobial fabric finish:

20120076943 - Methods for making environmental barrier coatings using sintering aids: Methods or making an environmental barrier coating using a sintering aid including combining at least water, a primary transition material selected from mullite, BSAS, or a mullite/BSAS mixture, and a slurry sintering aid to produce a transition layer slurry; applying the transition layer slurry to a ceramic component; combining at... Agent:

20120076944 - Blended fluoropolymer compositions: Blended fluoropolymer compositions are provided, in which a liquid dispersion of a first fluoropolymer is blended with a liquid dispersion of a second fluoropolymer. The first fluoropolymer may be polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), such as a low molecular weight PTFE (LPTFE) in the form of an aqueous dispersion having a mean particle... Agent: Whitford Corporation

20120076945 - Molded rotatable base for a porous pad: A rotatable base for a porous pad has openings that provide for improved flow distribution of a liquid in the base across a substrate. The rotatable base can be molded form a two piece mold and the openings can have draft angles to facilitate the molding process.... Agent: Entegris, Inc.

20120076946 - Amorphous metal formulations and structured coatings for corrosion and wear resistance: A system for coating a surface comprising providing a source of amorphous metal that contains more than 11 elements and applying the amorphous metal that contains more than 11 elements to the surface by a spray. Also a coating comprising a composite material made of amorphous metal that contains more... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC

20120076947 - Resin layer formation method, resin layer formation device, disk and disk manufacturing method: A resin layer formation method and device for making a resin layer uniform on a substrate before lamination or on a substrate is provided. Adhesive is coated at an inner circumference side while rotating a substrate at low speed. A first adhesive layer is formed on the surface of the... Agent:

20120076948 - Method for producing curable composition for imprints: r

20120076950 - Curable composition for imprints and producing method of polymerizable monomer for imprints: Provided is a curable composition for imprints excellent in pattern transferability. Disclosed is a curable composition for imprints comprising a polymerizable monomer (A) and a polymerization initiator (B), which is substantially free from a polymer which contains at least one species of the polymerizable monomer (A) as a repeating unit.... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120076949 - Pattern forming method and pattern forming apparatus: In applying an application liquid onto a substrate and forming a line-like pattern, discharging of the application liquid is initiated from an inward position X0 which is inward from an originally intended start position X1, while keeping the amount of the gap between a nozzle and the substrate to a... Agent:

20120076951 - Black ink composition, ink set, and image forming method: A black ink composition includes: carbon black and a water-insoluble resin that covers at least a part of the surface of the carbon black; a cyan pigment and a water-insoluble resin that covers at least a part of the surface of the cyan pigment; a magenta pigment and a water-insoluble... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

03/22/2012 > 29 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20120070563 - Apparatus and methods for loading a drug eluting medical device: Methods and apparatus are disclosed for loading a therapeutic substance or drug within a lumenal space of a hollow wire having a plurality of side openings along a length thereof that forms a hollow drug-eluting stent with a plurality of side drug delivery openings. Loading a drug within the lumenal... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20120070562 - Apparaus and methods for loading a drug eluting medical device: Methods and apparatus are disclosed for loading a therapeutic substance or drug within a lumenal space of a hollow wire having a plurality of side openings along a length thereof that forms a hollow drug-eluting stent with a plurality of side drug delivery openings. Loading a drug within the lumenal... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20120070564 - Bake plate exhaust monitor: An Exhaust Gas Analyzer (EGA) subsystem for monitoring exhaust gasses, for controlling and rapidly adjusting the processing conditions within a processing chamber in a thermal processing unit used for heating-treating wafers before and/or during Post Application Bake (PAB) procedures. The EGA subsystem can be used to control and/or optimize the... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120070565 - Operationally reliable coating device for powdery material: A device for coating powdery material with at least one liquid additive, said device including a conveying device which contains a conveyor line which transports the powdery material, in addition to an introduction device for introducing the liquid additive onto the conveyor line comprising the powdery material, also including a... Agent: Sika Technology Ag

20120070566 - Dispersing agent of mwcnts and the method for preparation and application of homogeneous mwcnts dispersion: Dispersing agent of MWCNTs and the method for preparation of homogeneous MWCNTs dispersion are disclosed. Acid yellow 9(4-amino-1-1′-azobenzene-3,4′-disulfonic acid, AY) is a good agent for multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs). MWCNTs dispersed in AY solution was remained stable about three months and even remained stable after centrifugation at 10000 rpm for... Agent: National Taipei University Of Technology

20120070567 - Method for producing soft magnetic metal powder coated with mg-containing oxide film and method for producing composite soft magnetic material using said powder: A method for producing a soft magnetic metal powder coated with a Mg-containing oxide film, comprising the steps of adding and mixing a Mg powder with a soft magnetic metal powder which has been subjected to heating treatment in an oxidizing atmosphere at a temperature of 40 to 500° C.... Agent: Diamet Corporation

20120070568 - Color golf ball: A method of making a golf ball comprising providing a core, a cover layer and optionally an intermediate layer, wherein at least one of the core, cover layer and intermediate layer comprises or is surface-coated with a color effect providing pigment comprising at least one of: (1) calcium aluminum borosilicate... Agent:

20120070569 - Organometallic compositions and coating compositions: The present invention is directed to novel organometallic complexes as catalysts for the reaction of compounds with isocyanate and hydroxyl functional groups to form urethane and/or polyurethane and the process employing such catalysts. More particularly, the present invention is directed to novel complexes of zinc(II) with substituted amidines. These novel... Agent: King Industries, Inc.

20120070570 - Conductive thick metal electrode forming method: A method of forming conductive features on a substrate, the method includes, filling a flexible stamp with a metal nanoparticle composition, depositing the metal nanoparticle composition onto the substrate, and heating the deposited metal nanoparticle composition during or after the depositing to form the conductive features.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20120070571 - Paint comprising a liquid phase and an active powder phase: Coating composition comprising a liquid first phase comprising one or more polymer binder components having functional groups capable of cross-linking by electron pair exchange, and a second phase which is a powder material, such as sand, comprising one or more compounds capable of activating crosslinking of the binder components in... Agent: Akzo Nobel Coatings International B.v.

20120070572 - Vapor delivery system for use in imprint lithography: Described are systems and method of using a vapor delivery system for enabling delivery of an adhesion promoter material during an imprint lithography process.... Agent: Molecular Imprints, Inc.

20120070573 - Mg-zn-a1-based hydrotalcite-type particles and resin composition containing the same: Preparing Mg—Zn—Al-based hydrotalcite-type particles which comprise core particles composed of Mg—Al-based hydrotalcite and an Mg—Zn—Al-based hydrotalcite layer formed on the surface of the core particle, and have an average plate surface diameter of 0.1 to 1.0 .mu.m and a refractive index adjustable to a required value in the range of... Agent: Toda Kogyo Corporation

20120070574 - Pretreatment method for improving antioxidation of steel t91/p91 in high temperature water vapor: Disclosed is a pretreatment method for improving antioxidation of steel T91/P91 in high temperature water vapor, which includes applying a slurry, containing rare earth oxide, on a surface of a substrate; holding the temperature in a gas mixture environment of inert gas and water vapor after drying; and cleaning away... Agent: Shandong Electric Power Research Institute

20120070575 - Methods for applying solution catalysts to reactor surfaces: A method for treating at least one interior surface (for example, a bed wall) of a fluidized bed polymerization reactor system, including by applying a solution catalyst (preferably at least substantially uniformly and in liquid form) to each surface, and optionally (where a catalyst component of the solution catalyst comprises... Agent: Univation Technologies, LLC

20120070576 - Coated porous metal medium: The invention relates to a coated porous medium comprising metal particles. The metal particles define a free area surface S. The free area surface S is substantially completely coated with a coating layer. The coating layer is substantially conformal, substantially uniform in composition and has substantially the same thickness over... Agent: Nv Bekaert Sa

20120070577 - Film-forming apparatus and film-forming method: A film-forming apparatus and film-forming method is provided that includes a reflector system capable of adjusting the temperature distribution of a substrate. The essential role of a reflector is to reduce the output of a heater by reflecting radiation heat from the heater and to protect members provided below the... Agent:

20120070578 - Method for producing titanium metal: Disclosed is a method for producing titanium metal, which comprises: (a) a step in which a mixed gas is formed by supplying titanium tetrachloride and magnesium into a mixing space that is held at an absolute pressure of 50-500 kPa and at a temperature not less than 1700° C.; (b)... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20120070581 - Vapor deposition systems and methods: Vapor deposition systems and methods associated with the same are provided. The systems may be designed to include features that can promote high quality deposition; simplify manufacture, modification and use; as well as, reduce the footprint of the system, amongst other advantages.... Agent: Cambridge Nano Tech Inc.

20120070582 - Deposition of ternary oxide films containing ruthenium and alkali earth metals: Methods and compositions for the deposition of ternary oxide films containing ruthenium and an alkali earth metal.... Agent: L'air Liquide Societe Anonyme Pour L'etude Et L'exploitation Des Procedes Georges Claude

20120070579 - Method and apparatus for coating glass substrate: A coating process for coating a surface of a glass substrate in normal air pressure, in which coating process at least one liquid starting material is atomized into droplets and the formed droplets are guided towards the surface to be coated. The formed droplets are vaporized substantially close to the... Agent: Beneq Oy

20120070580 - Fluoropolymer compositions and treated substrates: c

20120070583 - Flame simulating assembly: A method of forming a simulated combustible fuel element for simulating a semi-burned combustible fuel element, including, first, covering a surface of the semi-burned combustible fuel element with a material selected to produce a resiliently flexible mold, and second, after the selected material has set, removing the semi-burned combustible fuel... Agent:

20120070584 - Highlighting ink formulation comprising an anti-smear agent: The disclosure is generally related to highlighting ink formulations and writing instruments containing the same. The disclosure provides a highlighting ink formulation that includes a solvent system, a colorant dispersed or dissolved in the solvent system, and an anti-smear agent dispersed or dissolved in the solvent system, wherein the anti-smear... Agent: Sanford, L.p.

20120070585 - Manganese based coating for wear and corrosion resistance: A component is disclosed. The component includes a substrate made of a ferrous metal, and a coating on a surface of the substrate. The coating includes a compound having an empirical formula FexMnyOz, where x varies from about 0 to about 2, y varies from about 1 to about 4,... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20120070586 - Method for manufacturing tubular body: According to an exemplary embodiment, a method for manufacturing a tubular body is provided. The method includes maintaining at about 15° C. or lower a heat-curable solution containing a polyimide precursor solution in which a conductive agent having an acidic group is dispersed; coating the heat-curable solution maintained at about... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20120070587 - Filtration media for filtering particulate material from gas streams: A composite fabric formed by depositing a web of nanofibers electroblown from a first polymer onto a first support web comprising fibers of larger average diameter than the nanofibers spun from a compatible material, in the absence of an adhesive between the webs, and solvent-bonding the webs together.... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20120070588 - Method for patterning a polymer layer and method for packaging a microbattery: The method for patterning a polymer layer arranged on a support comprises deposition of a layer made from a lithium-based polymerization inhibitor material on a first area of the support, deposition of a cationically polymerizable material on the polymerization inhibitor layer and on a second area of the support, application... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20120070589 - Creation of magnetic field (vector potential) well for improved plasma deposition and resputtering uniformity: A physical vapor deposition (PVD) system includes a chamber and a target arranged in a target region of the chamber. A pedestal has a surface for supporting a substrate and is arranged in a substrate region of the chamber. A transfer region is located between the target region and the... Agent:

20120070590 - Plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition apparatus and the controlling method thereof: This prevent disclosure provides a plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition apparatus and the controlling method thereof. The plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition apparatus includes: a plurality of reaction chambers, each of the reaction chambers having a first reaction space and a second reaction space; an adjustable partition unit controlled to... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

03/15/2012 > 39 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20120064223 - Drug coated balloon surface relaxation process to minimize drug loss: Method of coating an expandable member is provided. The method comprises providing an expandable member having deflated and fully expanded configurations, and inflating the expandable member with a select amount of inflation medium, the select amount of inflation medium applied at a nominal pressure, disposing a therapeutic agent on at... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20120064224 - Liquid crystal coating apparatus and liquid crystal coating method: The present invention provides a liquid crystal (LC) coating apparatus and an LC coating method. The LC coating apparatus comprises a plurality of liquid crystal coating devices, at least one real-time detector and a controller. The LC coating method comprises the following steps: utilizing the LC coating devices to coat... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

20120064226 - Cantilever microprobes for contacting electronic components and methods for making such probes: Embodiments disclosed herein are directed to compliant probe structures for making temporary or permanent contact with electronic circuits and the like. In particular, embodiments are directed to various designs of cantilever-like probe structures. Some embodiments are directed to methods for fabricating such cantilever structures. In some embodiments, for example, cantilever... Agent: Microfabrica Inc.

20120064227 - Cantilever microprobes for contacting electronic components and methods for making such probes: Embodiments disclosed herein are directed to compliant probe structures for making temporary or permanent contact with electronic circuits and the like. In particular, embodiments are directed to various designs of cantilever-like probe structures. Some embodiments are directed to methods for fabricating such cantilever structures. In some embodiments, for example, cantilever... Agent: Microfabrica Inc.

20120064225 - Spray deposition module for an in-line processing system: In one embodiment, an apparatus for simultaneously depositing an anodically or cathodically active material on opposing sides of a flexible conductive substrate is provided. The apparatus comprises a chamber body defining one or more processing regions in which a flexible conductive substrate is exposed to a dual sided spray deposition... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120064228 - Forming method of light extracting structure, light-emitting substrate having light extracting structure, and manufacturing method of image display apparatus: A light extracting structure which can efficiently extract light emitted from a light-emitting layer. A capture layer is formed onto a first translucent material film formed on a substrate. A dispersion liquid obtained by dispersing particles into a dispersion medium is coated onto the capture layer. The dispersion medium is... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120064229 - Polymer acids as binder and ph reducing agent for aqueous lithium-ion cells: A positive electrode for an electrochemical cell. The positive electrode includes a current collector that is coated with a slurry comprising a positive active material, a water-soluble polymer which acts as a binder and pH adjuster, a conductive additive and water. The positive active slurry was then coated on to... Agent: International Battery, Inc.

20120064230 - Method for forming conductive via in a substrate: The steps of the present invention are as follows: (a) a detachable film is formed on both sides of a substrate, respectively; (b) a number of vias running through both sides of the detachable films are formed in the substrate; (c) the vias are filled with a conductive paste; (d)... Agent:

20120064231 - Method for manufacturing printed circuit board including flame retardant insulation layer: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a printed circuit board including a flame retardant insulation layer. The printed circuit board of the present invention exhibits excellent thermal stability and excellent mechanical strength, is suitable for imprinting lithography process, provides improved reliability by reducing coefficient of thermal expansion,... Agent:

20120064232 - Method of treatment for imparting conductivity to surface of separator-use base member of solid polymer type fuel cell: The present invention provides a method of treatment for imparting conductivity to a surface of a separator-use base member resulting in little distortion and superior conductive performance for a separator-use base member of a solid polymer type fuel cell made of any of a sheet of stainless steel, titanium, or... Agent:

20120064233 - Apparatus and method for manufacturing mmo anode using continuous coating and heat treatment process: Disclosed is a method of manufacturing an MMO anode using reel-to-reel continuous coating and heat treatment, including continuously coating a surface of a metal substrate with an MMO (Mixed Metal Oxide) coating solution using a continuous coater and passing the metal substrate through a heat pretreatment furnace and a heat... Agent:

20120064234 - Ito-coated article for use with touch panel display assemblies, and/or method of making the same: Certain example embodiments of this invention relate to techniques for making a coated article including a transparent conductive indium-tin-oxide (ITO) film supported by a heat treated glass substrate. A substantially sub-oxidized ITO or metallic indium-tin (InSn) film is sputter-deposited onto a glass substrate at room temperature. The glass substrate with... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20120064235 - Non-fouling surfaces for reflective spheres: The present invention relates to treating of reflective surfaces to prevent fouling. The present invention also relates to reflective materials treated to prevent fouling, as well as methods of using such reflective materials.... Agent: Nanosys, Inc.

20120064236 - Process of fabricating prepreg sheet for printed-wiring board and device of fabricating prepreg sheet for printed-wiring board: The present invention is a process of resin-coating the opposite surfaces of an elongated substrate sheet 3. The process includes the steps of: feeding the substrate sheet 3 while tensioning the same in a feeding direction along the length of the substrate sheet 3; coating, by the coating head 2... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

20120064237 - Film forming method: There is disclosed a film forming method of spraying an aerosol jetted from a nozzle on a film formation object, while continuously changing a spraying position of the aerosol, to form a film which continuously covers an upper surface, an outer surface and a curved surface, which enables continuous formation... Agent: Toto Ltd.

20120064238 - Methods of making powder coating compositions, powder coating compositions made thereby, and powder coating systems: Methods for making powder coating compositions are disclosed in which at least one first powder coating composition and at least one second powder coating composition are mixed. The at least one first powder coating composition, when deposited upon a substrate and cured, provides a cured coating having a first hue... Agent:

20120064239 - Activated ph control for protein glues: A glue composition can include: one or more glue proteins selected to undergo a conformational change responsive to a pH change; and one or more pH components selected to change the pH of the one or more glue proteins in response to a change in one or more conditions. The... Agent:

20120064240 - Transparent aqua-based nano sol-gel composition and method of applying the same: The present invention relates to a transparent aqua-based nano sol-gel composition and method of applying the same to transparent substrates without decreasing the visible light and sunlight transmittance thereof. The transparent aqua-based nano sol-gel can be applied to a surface of a transparent substrate to form a porous film which... Agent:

20120064241 - Method of surface-treating aluminum heat exchangers for vehicles, and method of manufacturing the heat exchangers: The present invention relates to a method of surface-treating an aluminum heat exchanger for vehicles in which a sufficient amount of photocatalytic metal oxide particles are retained on a surface of the heat exchanger in a state capable of exhibiting a photocatalytic activity thereof to remove VOC in a compartment... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20120064242 - Method for monitoring corrosion protection in power plant: According to one embodiment, there is provided a method for monitoring corrosion in a power plant, including: forming a film with a composition of M1FeO3 (M1: trivalent or tetravalent metal) or M2Fe2O4 (M2: divalent metal) on an inner wall surface of each of apparatuses of the power plant; and maintaining... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120064243 - Preparation of nanostructured microporous composite foams: A method of producing a monolithic metal or metal composite having a hierarchic pore structure, the method comprising the steps of: selecting a template material, said template material having a porous structure; contacting the template material with a solution of the or each metal to be structuralised; depositing the or... Agent:

20120064244 - Vegetable oil-based coating and method for application: A method of applying a urethane material to a vehicle substrate that includes the steps of: providing a vehicle substrate; and applying a urethane material to the vehicle substrate where the urethane material typically includes the reaction product of an A-side that includes an isocyanate and a B-side that typically... Agent: South Dakota Soybean Processors, LLC

20120064245 - Ald systems and methods: A gas deposition system (1000) configured as a dual-chamber “tower” includes a frame (1140) for supporting two reaction chamber assemblies (3000), one vertically above the other. Each chamber assembly (3000) includes an outer wall assembly surrounding a hollow chamber (3070) sized to receive a single generation 4.5 (GEN 4.5) glass... Agent: Cambridge Nanotech Inc.

20120064246 - Growth and applications of ultralong carbon nanotubes: Ultralong carbon nanotubes can be formed by placing a secondary chamber within a reactor chamber to restrict a flow to provide a laminar flow. Inner shells can be successively extracted from multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) such as by applying a lateral force to an elongated tubular sidewall at a location... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20120064247 - Method for forming cu film, and storage medium: A film-forming source material composed of a Cu complex is supplied to a wafer, which is kept at a relatively high first temperature and has a Ru film as a film-forming base film, and initial nuclei of Cu are formed on the wafer. Then, the film-forming source material composed of... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120064248 - Method for forming cu film and storage medium: In a method for forming a Cu film, a substrate is loaded in a processing chamber and a gaseous film-forming source material including monovalent amidinate copper and a gaseous reducing agent including a carboxylic acid are introduced into the processing chamber. Then, a Cu film is deposited on the substrate... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120064249 - Texture material for covering a repaired portion of a textured surface: A texturing system for applying a desired texture pattern on a patched portion of a surface. The texturing system comprises texture material, a dispensing system for dispensing the texture material, and a selecting system. The texture material comprises a carrier, a binder, a filler, and a change material. The texture... Agent: Homax Products, Inc.

20120064250 - Method and apparatus for transporting a print support: The present invention generally relates to a transport unit for transporting a print support, or substrate, through a plant that deposits print tracks on a surface of the print support. The plant has at least one print station having at least one print head to deposit the print track onto... Agent: Applied Materials Italia S. R. L.

20120064251 - Method of preparing a magnesium alloy substrate for a surface treatment: A method of preparing a magnesium alloy substrate for an electroless electro-deposition surface treatment includes cleaning the magnesium alloy substrate in a wet solution, whereby a magnesium hydroxide layer is formed on an outer surface of the magnesium alloy substrate, and heating the magnesium alloy substrate to a temperature sufficient... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20120064252 - Cyclohexane oxidation process byproduct derivatives and methods for using the same: m

20120064253 - Method for coloring recognizable tool bit: A method for coloring a recognizable tool bit comprises: positioning step: a tool bit positioned on a rotating means; setting step: adjusting a flow rate of a daubing means for deciding a thickness of a colored layer of the tool bit; daubing step: the daubing means having a brush to... Agent:

20120064254 - A method and a device for coating ceramic material fibers in metal by a liquid technique: A method of coating ceramic material fibers in metal using a liquid technique and a device implementing the method. The method maintains a charge of molten metal in levitation in a substantially spherical shape inside a crucible and causes a tensioned ceramic material fiber to travel at a predetermined speed... Agent: Snecma

20120064255 - Vibration damping coating: A method is disclosed for applying a vibration-damping surface to an article. The method includes providing a coating material comprising a ceramic, metallic or cermet material and a viscoelastic glass frit and plasma spraying the coating material onto an article. The coating material forms a plurality of ceramic, metallic or... Agent: Aps Materials, Inc.

20120064256 - Liquid processing apparatus, liquid processing method and storage medium: Disclosed is a liquid processing apparatus which performs a liquid processing by supplying a chemical liquid from a chemical liquid supplying unit to substrate rotating around a vertical axis, and includes a cover member arranged at an upper surface of substrate to oppose the substrate and have a space therebetween... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120064257 - Formation of palladium sulfide: Technologies are generally described for methods and systems of forming a palladium sulfide film on a substrate including flexible substrate. A palladium sulfide precursor may be applied to the substrate. The palladium sulfide precursor may comprise a palladium organothiolate. The palladium sulfide precursor may be heated under reaction conditions sufficient... Agent:

20120064258 - Method for manufacturing carbon nanotubes: A method for manufacturing carbon nanotubes includes providing a substrate having a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface, forming a catalyst film on the first surface of the substrate, wherein the catalyst film comprises a carbonaceous material, flowing a mixture of a carrier gas and... Agent: Tsinghua University

20120064259 - Rotary magnet sputtering apparatus: Provided is a rotary magnet sputtering apparatus that reduces an adverse effect due to heating of a target portion and so on caused by an increase in plasma excitation power. The rotary magnet sputtering apparatus has a structure in which the heat is removed from the target portion by causing... Agent: Tohoku University

20120064260 - Surface wave plasma cvd apparatus and film forming method: A surface wave plasma CVD apparatus includes a waveguide connected to a microwave source with slot antennae; a dielectric member that introduces microwaves from slot antennae into a plasma processing chamber to generate surface wave plasma; a moving device that reciprocatory moves a subject of film formation such that the... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20120064261 - Method and system for coating vinyl products: A method and system for coating a vinyl workpiece includes denibbing the workpiece and deionizing the air around the workpiece. The workpiece is roll coated using a roll coating machine, wherein the roll coating machine includes a plurality of engraving rollers. An angular surface of the workpiece is roll coated... Agent: Eastern Wholesale Fence Co., Inc.

03/08/2012 > 35 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20120058249 - Method of making implantable devices with reduced needle puncture site leakage: A prosthetic implantable device that offers a reduction in fluid loss when the device is punctured, such as by a dialysis needle or suture needle, and the needle is subsequently removed. The device may be made to be thin and flexible, and with longitudinal stretch, in order that it also... Agent:

20120058250 - Method for preparation of bioactive glass coatings by liquid precursor thermal spray: The present invention belongs to the field of biomedical material, and is particularly related to a method of preparing bioactive glass coatings by liquid precursor thermal spray. The objective of the present invention is to overcome the shortcomings of the air plasma spraying where the powder feedstock preparation is complicated... Agent: Si Chuan University

20120058251 - Film forming apparatus and method of manufacturing light emitting device: The problem regarding volatileness of a solvent in an EL forming material, which occurs in adopting printing, are solved. An EL layer is formed in a pixel, portion of a light emitting device by printing. Upon formation of the EL layer, a printing chamber is pressurized to reach a pressure... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120058252 - Ion source cleaning in semiconductor processing systems: Cleaning of an ion implantation system or components thereof, utilizing temperature and/or a reactive cleaning reagent enabling growth/etching of the cathode in an indirectly heated cathode for an ion implantation system by monitoring the cathode bias power and taking corrective action depending upon compared values to etch or regrow the... Agent: Advanced Technology Materials, Inc.

20120058253 - Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method: Provided is a substrate processing apparatus in which after a module is disabled, a substrate is provided to a carry-in module capable of placing the wafers most rapidly in the plurality of unit blocks and the substrates are sequentially transported to the module group by the transportation means to be... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120058254 - Electroless plating solution, method for electroless plating using the same and method for manufacturing circuit board: The electroless plating solution contains at least a water-soluble metal salt, a reducing agent for reducing metal ions derived from the water-soluble metal salt, and a chelating agent. In addition, the electroless plating solution contains a sulfur-based organic compound as a leveler having at least one aliphatic cyclic group or... Agent: C. Uyemura & Co., Ltd.

20120058255 - Carbon nanotube-conductive polymer composites, methods of making and articles made therefrom: Electrically conductive polymer materials, such as mixtures of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT) and poly(styrenesulfonate) (PSS) are combined with functionalized carbon nanotubes to form composites that exhibit increased electrical conductivity. Functionalized or non-functionalized carbon nanotubes combined with the same electrically conductive polymer materials are combined with non-conductive polymers to increase the electrical conductivity... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

20120058256 - High melt flow fluoropolymer: The present invention relates to a partially-crystalline copolymer comprising tetrafluoroethylene, hexafluoropropylene in an amount corresponding to HFPI of from about 2.8 to 5.3, and preferably from about 0.2% to 3% by weight of perfluoro(alkyl vinyl ether), said copolymer having less than about 50 ppm alkali metal ion, having a melt... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20120058257 - Laminated electronic component and method for manufacturing the same: A laminated electronic component is configured to include substrate plating films disposed on outer surfaces of an electronic component main body through direct plating such that external terminal electrodes are connected to exposed portions of internal conductors (internal electrodes), and the average particle diameter of metal particles defining the substrate... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120058258 - Methods of cleaning hard drive disk substrates for nanoimprint lithography: Post sputter cleaning of hard disk substrates for use in an imprint lithography processes. The cleaning removes contaminants including organic contaminants that otherwise may cause repeating void (non-fill) defects in the imprinted pattern.... Agent: Molecular Imprints, Inc.

20120058259 - Electroless nickel alloy plating bath and process for depositing thereof: An aqueous nickel phosphorus tin alloy electroless plating bath and process for depositing a nickel phosphorus tin alloy onto a substrate, particularly an aluminum substrate for memory disk applications, wherein the nickel phosphorus tin alloy deposit provides enhanced thermal stability, as defined by the inhibition of crystallization and suppression of... Agent: Omg Electronic Chemicals, LLC

20120058262 - Liquid crystal alignment agent and liquid crystal alignment film formed therefore and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention provides a free radical polymerizable liquid crystal alignment agent having superior coating ability, a manufacturing method, which comprises the process of coating the liquid crystal alignment agent onto a substrate, carrying out dehydration/ring-closure and free radical polymerization, enables obtaining a liquid crystal alignment film with superior reliability,... Agent: Chi-mei Corporation

20120058261 - Mgf2 optical thin film including amorphous silicon oxide binder, optical element provided with the same, and method for producing mgf2 optical thin film: An MgF2 optical thin film is formed on an optical surface of a base material. The MgF2 optical thin film includes MgF2 particles and an amorphous silicon oxide-based binder which exists on the surfaces of the MgF2 particles and between the MgF2 particles. Owing to this amorphous silicon oxide-based binder,... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20120058260 - Slot die coating process: The present invention relates to a process for applying an optical coating to a substrate comprising the steps of (a) preparing an optical coating formulation comprising a solvent component and a film forming component; (b) using a die coater to form a coated substrate by applying the optical coating to... Agent:

20120058263 - High performance nano-metal hybrid fishing tackle: Fishing tackle is coated with nanostructured material to modify and improve the performance. The fishing tackle includes a fishing rod which is coated adjacent a first end section, in a middle section, adjacent a second end section, or over an entire surface to improve the action, power or any performance... Agent:

20120058264 - Spraying device and method: The present invention relates to a spraying nozzle, a spraying device including such a nozzle, and a spraying method implementing such a device. A nozzle for projecting powdery sold products for coating objects. The nozzle comprises a body having an essentially cylindrical shape and comprises at least two tunnels extending... Agent:

20120058265 - Cascade-type coating device for powdery material and associated method: A device for coating powdery material with at least one liquid additive. Said device includes an introduction device which includes a supply line and at least two nozzles which can introduce the liquid additive onto the conveyor line and to the powdery material. Said outlet openings of the at least... Agent: Sika Technology Ag

20120058266 - Manufacture of high active detergent particles: A process for manufacturing detergent particles comprising the steps of: a) forming a liquid surfactant blend comprising a major amount of surfactant and a minor amount of water, the surfactant part consisting of at least 51 wt % linear alkylbenzene sulfonate and at least one co-surfactant, the surfactant blend consisting... Agent:

20120058267 - Coating process for water-absorbing polymer particles: A coating process wherein an aqueous liquid is sprayed onto surface postcrosslinked water-absorbing polymer particles in a horizontal mixer and the inner wall of the horizontal mixer which is in contact with the product is made from a stainless steel.... Agent: Basf Se

20120058268 - Method of making convoluted coated braided hose assembly: A seamless convoluted hose assembly. The assembly includes: a tubular inner liner having an outer surface, an inner surface, and an inner liner wall therebetween which defines a passageway. The assembly further includes a helical coil or a plurality of annular loops which produce convolutions in the outer surface of... Agent:

20120058269 - Apparatus, system, and method for creating spin-art on fabric: A system, apparatus, and method for creating designs on an underlying material by spinning a platform on which the material is positioned while applying a coloring agent onto the material, and a system and method for lifting and disassembling a spinning platform to remove the painted material.... Agent: Soco, LLC

20120058270 - Thermally stable volatile film precursors: A precursor for the deposition of a thin film by atomic layer deposition is provided. The compound has the formula MxLy where M is a metal and L is an amidrazone-derived ligand or an amidate-derived ligand. A process of forming a thin film using the precursors is also provided.... Agent: Wayne State University

20120058273 - Ink composition, and method of forming pattern, color filter and method of preparing color filter using the same: An ink composition, and a method of forming a pattern, a color filter and a method of manufacturing the color filter using the same. The ink composition includes a binder resin, a multifunctional monomer having an ethylenic unsaturated double bond, a coloring agent, a polymerization initiator containing a certain positive... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120058271 - Transparent ink-jet recording films, compositions, and methods: Transparent ink jet recording films, compositions, and methods are disclosed. These films exhibit high maximum optical densities and low haze values. Such films are useful for medical imaging.... Agent:

20120058272 - Transparent ink-jet recording films, compositions, and methods: Transparent ink-jet recording films, compositions, and methods are disclosed. These films exhibit high maximum optical densities and have low haze values. These films are useful for medical imaging.... Agent:

20120058274 - Building material for forming an architectural surface covering and method for producing the same: A building material for use in forming exterior surface coverings. According to a preferred embodiment, the building material consists of the combination of a paper material, bonding agent, and water. The building material can either be formed directly upon a substrate, such as a wall or ceiling, or otherwise formed... Agent:

20120058275 - Metathesis-active adhesion agents and methods for enhancing polymer adhesion to surfaces: The invention discloses an adhesion agent composition comprising at least one C3-C200 olefin compound having at least one metathesis active double bond, wherein the olefin is substituted or unsubstituted; and at least one compatibilizing functionality for interacting with a substrate surface. The substrate surface can be any surface, for example,... Agent: Materia, Inc.

20120058276 - Solution for processing of metal replacement with metal aluminum or aluminum alloy and method for surface processing using such solution: There is disclosed a processing solution for metal replacement for metal aluminum or an aluminum alloy. The processing solution is used for surface processing of an underlying aluminum material. The processing solution for metal replacement removes an oxide film on the underlying aluminum material and suppresses corrosive attack to it... Agent: C. Uyemura & Co., Ltd.

20120058277 - Multistage emulsion polymer and improved pigment efficiency: This invention provides a multistage emulsion polymer including, as copolymerized units: from 0.5% to 5%, by weight P-acid monomer, based on the weight of the emulsion polymer; from 0% to 0.05% by weight multiethylenically unsaturated monomer, based on the weight of the emulsion polymer; and at least one second monoethylenically... Agent:

20120058278 - Stable aqueous composite compositions: This invention provides a method for forming a stable aqueous composition including composite particles by admixing TiO2 particles and adsorbing emulsion polymer particles at or below the critical composite ratio to an equilibrated viscosity range of from 200 cps to 4000 cps. Also provided is a method for forming a... Agent:

20120058279 - Method and appratus for coating workpieces: The invention relates to a method for coating workpieces (2), which consist at least partly of wood, wood materials or the like, comprising the following steps: providing a workplace (2), which consists at least partly of wood, wood materials or the like, supplying a coating material (12) which is to... Agent:

20120058280 - Thermal evaporation process for manufacture of solid state battery devices: A method for manufacturing a solid-state battery device. The method can include providing a substrate within a process region of an apparatus. A cathode source and an anode source can be subjected to one or more energy sources to transfer thermal energy into a portion of the source materials to... Agent: Sakti3, Inc.

20120058281 - Methods for forming low moisture dielectric films: A method for forming a pre-metal dielectric (PMD) layer or an inter-metal dielectric (IMD) layer over a substrate includes placing the substrate in a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process chamber and forming a first oxide layer over the substrate in the CVD process chamber. The first oxide layer is formed... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120058282 - Method of forming conformal film having si-n bonds on high-aspect ratio pattern: A method of forming a conformal dielectric film having Si—N bonds on a substrate having a patterned surface includes: introducing a reactant gas into a reaction space; introducing a silicon precursor in pulses of less than 5-second duration into the reaction space; applying a first RF power to the reaction... Agent: Asm Japan K.k.

20120058283 - Method for preparing a thin film of thiospinels: The invention relates to a method for preparing a thin film of at least one compound of formula AM4X8, where: A is Ga or Ge; M is V, Nb, Ta or Mo; and X is S or Se. Said method includes the following steps: i) a step of forming a... Agent:

03/01/2012 > 34 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20120052183 - Method for preparing porous hydroxyapatite coatings by suspension plasma spraying: The present invention relates to a preparation method for porous hydroxyapatite coatings. In particular, it is a method of using suspension plasma spraying to prepare porous hydroxyapatite coatings, which belongs to the technical field of biomedical material preparations. The present invention added a pore-forming agent into the hydroxyapatite suspension with... Agent: Si Chuan University

20120052184 - Drug eluting coatings for a medical lead and method: A medical electrical lead includes a drug eluting coating provided over at least a portion of the lead body. The drug eluting coating can be provided over at least a portion of the lead body and adjacent to at least one electrode located on the lead body. The drug eluting... Agent:

20120052185 - Medical devices containing nitroprusside and antimicrobial agents: A medical device includes a structure configured for introduction to a vascular system of a patient. The structure including a surface having sodium nitroprusside and silver disposed thereupon, The sodium nitroprusside has a concentration sufficient to reduce thrombosis. To make the medical device, a base material is impregnated with sodium... Agent: Teleflex Medical Incorporated

20120052186 - Method for the production of dentures: A method for the production of dentures, in which for the production of a veneer (1) several layers (4) of at least one material mixture are applied on a support frame (2), on a spatially curved exterior surface (3) of the support frame (2), particularly in a computer-controlled fashion based... Agent: Amann Girrbach Ag

20120052187 - Sunscreen compositions for application to plants: A sunscreen composition for application for plants comprises Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), Zinc Oxide (ZnO), Silicon Dioxide (SiO2), a surfactant, wetting agent, dispersant (SWD) and water. The composition forms a suspension concentrate when combined that when diluted in water provides a solution that provides uniform coverage using convention spraying equipment. A... Agent:

20120052188 - Systems and methods for assembling a lipid bilayer on a substantially planar solid surface: Techniques for assembling a lipid bilayer on a substantially planar solid surface are described herein. In one example, a lipid material such as a lipid suspension is deposited on a substantially planar solid surface, a bubble filled with fast diffusing gas molecules is formed on the solid surface, and the... Agent: Genia Technologies, Inc.

20120052189 - Vapor deposition system: A vapor deposition process can be used to create layers within a photovoltaic module.... Agent:

20120052190 - Liquid processing apparatus, liquid processing method and storage medium: There is provided a liquid processing apparatus including a first and a second processing regions provided in a left-right direction, each for accommodating a substrate and performing a process on the substrate by a processing solution from a nozzle; a rotary body rotatable about a vertical axis; a plurality of... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120052191 - Solar cell with structured gridline endpoints and vertices: A micro-extrusion printhead assembly utilized in a micro-extrusion system to form parallel extruded lines of material on a substrate includes a material feed mechanism for pushing/drawing materials out of dispensing orifices defined in the printhead assembly, a Z-axis positioning mechanism, and a base. A production method utilizes the micro-extrusion system... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20120052192 - Separator for non-aqueous secondary battery, making method, and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery: A separator carries lithium particles on its surface. Using the separator, a non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery having a high initial efficiency and improved cycle retentivity is available.... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20120052193 - Magnetic stack structure and manufacturing method thereof: A magnetic stack structure is disclosed. The magnetic stack structure includes two metal layers and a free layer sandwiched by the two metal layers. The thickness of the free layer is 1-30 nm. The thickness of the metal layers are 0.1-20 nm respectively.... Agent:

20120052195 - Anti-corrosive package: The invention provides an anti-corrosive package which can be added to release agents used in preparing textiles and molded articles from lignocellulosic materials, concrete and polyurethane foam.... Agent:

20120052194 - Method of treating the surface of a cavity of a die used for casting: Disclosed is a method of processing the surface of a cavity a casting die wherein the fluidity is good even if the shape of the surface of the cavity (castings) has a complex shape, mold releasability are excellent, reprocessing is possible, and the life of the die can be prolonged.... Agent:

20120052196 - Monolithic graphitic castable refractory: A monolithic refractory castable material comprises from about 25 to about 80 weight percent of graphite, from about 1 to about 15 weight percent of a water dispersible, curable phenolic novolac resin, and from about 70 to about 15 weight percent of one or more refractory aggregates, based on the... Agent:

20120052197 - Method for producing polarizer: A method for producing a polarizer comprises the steps of: (A) stretching a polyvinyl alcohol-based resin layer to obtain a stretched layer; (B) immersing the stretched layer in a dyeing liquid containing iodine to obtain a dyed layer in which absorbance thereof determined from a tristimulus value Y is from... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120052198 - Methods of applying metal coatings to objects: A method of coating an object includes applying a heterogeneous mixture of polymeric powder and metal powder to a surface of an object and heating the surface for a period of time sufficient to cause the polymeric powder to cure and form a coating on the surface. The cured polymeric... Agent:

20120052199 - Method for insulating an appliance with an expanding insulating material: A method for filling the internal cavity of an appliance cabinet with an expanding foam material includes defining a pattern of fill holes in the outer cabinet wall at defined locations for injecting foam into identified sections of the cavity. Measured quantities of the foam material are injected into the... Agent: General Electric Company

20120052202 - Method for metering granular source material in a thin film vapor deposition apparatus: A method is provided for continuously feeding source material from a bulk supply at atmospheric conditions to a vapor deposition apparatus while maintaining vacuum deposition conditions in the vapor deposition apparatus. The method includes sequentially conveying doses of granular source material from a bulk supply into a vacuum lock chamber.... Agent: Primestar Solar, Inc.

20120052200 - Minimizing blockage of holes in turbine engine components: An airfoil for use in a gas turbine engine is provided, the airfoil having a hole therein. A ceramic plug is inserted in the hole so that the plug extends above a depth of a thermal barrier coating, such as a ceramic, to be placed on the airfoil. The airfoil... Agent:

20120052201 - Pallet for accommodating thermal gradients arising during processing: Pallets suited to accommodate thermal gradients during processing. In one aspect, a pallet includes a pair of elongate members, a fixed elongate lateral cross member fixedly coupled to each of the elongate members, and an elongate floating lateral cross member floatingly coupled to the elongate members. The floating lateral cross... Agent:

20120052203 - Substrate processing apparatus and method of processing substrate: Provided is a substrate processing apparatus and a substrate processing method, capable of preventing a reactive product from being deposited to the inside of a processing chamber and an exhaust line, and preventing the corrosion caused by hydrogen chloride gas. The method includes (a) forming a film on a substrate... Agent: Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

20120052204 - Workpiece wetting and cleaning: In a workpiece processor, a head is moveable onto a bowl to form a process chamber. A workpiece can be cleaned in the processor by immersing the workpiece into a liquid bath in the bowl and then boiling the liquid. Vacuum may be applied to the chamber to reduce the... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120052205 - Coating method for forming pattern on workpiece: A coating method for forming a pattern on a workpiece is provided. First, a workpiece surface is provided. Second, a mask having a shape conforming to a predetermined pattern is provided. Next, the workpiece surface includes a first portion exposed outside and a second portion shielded by the mask. A... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120052206 - Method for producing a coated metal strip with an improved appearance: the atmosphere in the confinement zone having an oxidizing power lower than that of an atmosphere consisting of 4% oxygen by volume and 96% nitrogen by volume and higher than that of an atmosphere consisting of 0.15% oxygen by volume and 99.85% nitrogen by volume, as well as a coating... Agent: Arcelormittal Investigacion Y Desarrollo Sl

20120052207 - Hydrolytically-stable hydrophilic coatings for pemfc bipolar plate: Bipolar plates useful for fuel cell applications include a plate body having a channel-defining surface that is at least partially coated with a hydrophilic layer. This hydrophilic layer comprises residues of a silane-coupling agent in a sufficient amount such portions of the first hydrophilic layer have a contact angle less... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120052208 - Self-cleaning varnish supply machine: A self-cleaning varnish supply machine and method of using the same. The machine has a plurality of at least two cylindrical storage containers, a supply line, a return line, a pump, a compressed air supply source, a plurality of at least two outlet valves, a plurality of two inlet valves,... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20120052209 - Composition for paper coating: Provided is a composition for paper coating, including aliphatic polycarbonate having an average molecular weight of 50000˜3000000 obtained by reaction of one or at least two different kinds of epoxide compounds selected from the group consisting of (C2-C10)alkylene oxide substituted or unsubstituted with carbon dioxide, halogen, or alkoxy; (C4-C20)cycloalkylene oxide... Agent: Sk Innovation Co., Ltd.

20120052210 - Coalescent for aqueous compositions: A coalescent composition selected from 1,3-(C6-C12alkyloxy)-2-propanol, 1,1′-oxybis[3-(C6-C12alkyloxy)]-2-propanol, and mixtures thereof is provided. Preferred coalescents are 1,3-(decyloxy)-2-propanol and 1,1′-oxybis[3-(heptyloxy)]-2-propanol. A method for forming glycerol diethers and diglycerol diethers, an aqueous coating composition including the coalescent compositions and a method for forming a coating are also provided.... Agent:

20120052211 - Solderability enhancement by silver immersion printed circuit board manufacture: A process used during manufacture of printed circuit boards comprises protecting metal pads and/or through-holes to provide a tarnish-resistant and solderable coating. In the method, the pads and/or through-holes are bright-etched, metal plated, preferably by an immersion process, and treated with a tarnish inhibitor. The tarnish inhibitor may be incorporated... Agent: Enthone Inc.

20120052212 - Method of making heat treated coated article using diamond-like carbon (dlc) coating and protective film: There is provided a method of making a heat treated (HT) coated article to be used in shower door applications, window applications, or any other suitable applications where transparent coated articles are desired. For example, certain embodiments of this invention relate to a method of making a coated article including... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20120052213 - Method for recoating double clad optical fiber: A method for recoating a double clad optical fiber having a core, a first cladding layer that surrounds the core, and a coating layer that covers the first cladding layer, in which the coating layer includes a second cladding layer that surrounds the first cladding layer, the method including: a... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20120052214 - Method for patterning flexible substrate: The invention provides a method for patterning a flexible substrate. The method for patterning a flexible substrate includes providing a carrier substrate. A release layer is formed on the carrier substrate. A flexible substrate film is formed on the release layer. A plurality of UV blocking mask patterns is formed... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120052215 - Method for manufacturing gas barrier thin film-coated plastic container: Disclosed herein is a method for producing a plastic container coated with a thin film that is excellent in gas barrier properties, film coloration and film adhesiveness without using an external electrode having a special shape while suppressing deposition of foreign matters such as carbon powders. The method for producing... Agent: Kirin Beer Kabushiki Kaisha

20120052216 - Gas distribution showerhead with high emissivity surface: Embodiments of the present invention provide methods and apparatus for surface coatings applied to process chamber components utilized in chemical vapor deposition processes. In one embodiment, the apparatus provides a showerhead apparatus comprising a body, a plurality of conduits extending through the body, each of the plurality of conduits having... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

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