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Coating processes January recently filed with US Patent Office 01/12

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01/26/2012 > 21 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20120021120 - Coatings with identification and authentication properties: This invention is directed to methods of plating, plating baths, and articles with coatings which permit secure identification and/or authentication of coated or plated product. The coatings include composite coatings with particulate matter within a metallic matrix where said particulate matter has identification and/or authenticating properties. Articles with composites coatings... Agent:

20120021121 - Method of producing an ombrÉ finish for materials: Methods of producing an ombré finish for materials may comprise applying a stain to the surface of a material in a first concentration toward a first part of said surface and in a second concentration toward a second part of said surface, blending said stain from said first part to... Agent:

20120021122 - Conductive carbon black: Described herein is a method of forming a composition including mixing an anhydride, a silane and a solvent to form a solution. Carbon black and an isocyanate are mixed to form a carbon black mixture. The solution and the carbon black mixture are homogenized to form a carbon black dispersion.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20120021123 - process to sequester carbon, mercury, and other chemicals: Biomass is devolatilized to produce both a combustible fuel (syngas) and activated carbon. The activated carbon is used as an adsorbent to capture a contaminant, such as mercury, and stored in a landfill, is impregnated with components with inherent fertilizer properties and tilled into arable land, is used along with... Agent:

20120021124 - Barrier coating corrosion control methods and systems for interior piping systems: Methods and process steps for mapping, cleaning and providing barrier coatings to interior walls of piping systems. An entire piping system can be cleaned in one single pass by dry particulates forced by air and the piping system coated in one single pass. Pipes can be protected from water corrosion,... Agent:

20120021125 - Acrylic-fiber finish, acrylic fiber for carbon-fiber production, and carbon-fiber production method: An acrylic-fiber finish for use in carbon-fiber production contributes to high tenacity of resultant carbon fiber. The acrylic-fiber finish for carbon-fiber production includes an epoxy-polyether-modified silicone and a surfactant. The weight ratios of the epoxy-polyether-modified silicone and the surfactant in the total of the non-volatile components of the finish respectively... Agent: Matsumoto Yushi-seiyaku Co., Ltd.

20120021127 - Material for chemical vapor deposition and process for forming silicon-containing thin film using same: A material for chemical vapor deposition containing an organic silicon-containing compound represented by formula: HSiCl(NR1R2)(NR3R4), wherein R1 and R3 each represent C1-C4 alkyl or hydrogen; and R2 and R4 each represent C1-C4 alkyl. The material is particularly suitable as a material for forming a silicon nitride thin film on a... Agent: Adeka Corporation

20120021126 - Vacuum vapor coating device for coating a substrate: A vacuum vapor coating device for coating a substrate with a coating material, the vacuum vapor coating device comprising a chamber (1) into which vacuum can be created, the chamber (1) comprises: at least one support (3) for receiving the substrate, a vapor source (4) of the coating material, a... Agent: Essilor International (compagnie General D'optique

20120021128 - Substrate transport mechanism contacting a single side of a flexible web substrate for roll-to-roll thin film deposition: Systems and methods for depositing a thin film on a flexible substrate involve guiding the flexible substrate along a spiral transport path back and forth between spaced-apart first and second precursor zones so that the substrate transits through the first and second precursor zones multiple times and each time through... Agent: Lotus Applied Technology, LLC

20120021129 - Manufacture method of metal plate substrate for computer-to-plate of inkjet printing: A method for preparing a metal substrate for inkjet CTP, comprising: treating a metal substrate by anodizing or non-anodizing (such as sandpaper burnishing, sand blasting, polishing, or brushing), and then applying a hydrophilic polymer paint on the surface of the metal substrate. Due to the existence of nano-size or micron-size... Agent:

20120021130 - Method for inhibiting decomposition of metal sulfide-containing material: This invention provides methods of producing a crosslinked lipid coating on a metal sulfide-containing material using a chemical initiator. The crosslinked lipid coating attached to the surface of the material prevents dissolution or oxidation of the material. The methods may be useful to prevent oxidation and leaking of sulfide-containing material... Agent: Temple University - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

20120021131 - Method of applying gelcoat and an arrangement performing said method: The present invention relates in general to a method of manufacturing fibre-reinforced parts for a wind power plant, such as a blade, in an open mould. More specifically the invention relates to a process step of applying at least one layer of gelcoat on a interior surface of said open... Agent: Lm Glasfiber A/s

20120021132 - Method of fabricating thin film by microplasma processing and apparatus for same: Provided is a method of fabricating, with satisfactory adhesion, a thin film of a metal or a metallic-compound, such as a metal oxide or nitride, on a substrate made of a high-melting-point material such as silicon or ceramics by using a metal or metallic-compound target as the primary raw material... Agent: National Instiute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology

20120021133 - Powder hopper with quiet zone, a combination of a powder hopper and a powder spray gun and a method of operating a powder hopper: A powder hopper is provided with a low turbulence zone for supplying powder to a spray gun. The low turbulence zone is defined by a baffle inside the hopper with the low turbulence zone being within a volume of the baffle, and an annular zone between the baffle and the... Agent: Nordson Corporation

20120021134 - Process and apparatus for coating with reduced defects: A process and apparatus for producing a polymer coating with reduced defects is described. The process includes coating a solution of a polymerizable material and a solvent on a substrate, polymerizing a portion of the polymerizable material, and removing a major portion of the solvent after polymerization of the portion... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120021135 - Method of manufacturing eyeglass lens: An aspect of the present invention relates to a method of manufacturing an eyeglass lens comprising a primer layer and a hardcoat layer in this order on a substrate, which comprises coating a waterborne resin composition in which a resin component is dispersed or dissolved in a water-based solvent on... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20120021136 - System and method for controlling plasma deposition uniformity: A plasma process uniformity control apparatus comprises a plasma chamber defined by chamber walls and a plurality of magnetic elements disposed on the outside of the chamber walls. Each of the plurality of magnets is configured to supply a magnetic field directed at respective portions of the plasma inside the... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20120021137 - Cutting tool: A method for manufacturing a cutting tool includes the steps of providing a body of cermet or cemented carbide, having a cutting edge with an edge radius Re smaller than 40 μm, a flank a rake face, applying by PVD a single or a multilayer coating to at least a... Agent: Oerlikon Trading Ag, Truebbach

20120021138 - Nanolayer deposition process for composite films: A NanoLayer Deposition (NLD) process for depositing composite films of tertiary, quaternary, pentanary, and hexary stoichiometric films is provided. The inventive deposition process is a cyclic process consisting of a sequence of thin film deposition and treatment steps to obtain a desired film stoichiometry. The deposition steps are not self-limiting... Agent: Tegal Corporation

20120021139 - Manufacturing method of display device and mold therefor: A method of manufacturing a display device in which a film deposited on a substrate through openings in a covering layer is easily removed from the covering layer, is described herein, includes forming a master layer having a predetermined pattern of openings on a base substrate; spraying a light shielding... Agent:

20120021140 - Imprint lithography alignment method and apparatus: A method of aligning a template and a substrate for imprint lithography involves using a mask pattern of the template and a luminescent marker pattern of the substrate, the method including aligning the template mask pattern and the substrate marker pattern using a radiation intensity measurement of radiation emitted by... Agent: Amsl Netherlands B.v.

01/19/2012 > 17 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120015097 - Method of using image data in the production of thin wall extrusions: A method of coating metal wire with extrudate using an extrusion system. The method includes the steps of advancing the metal wire through an extrusion die of the extrusion system and extruding molten extrudate over the metal wire as the metal wire is advanced through the extrusion die. Image data... Agent:

20120015098 - Carbon nanotube based transparent conductive films and methods for preparing and patterning the same: Carbon nanotube (CNT) based transparent conductive films and methods for preparing and patterning the same are disclosed. For example, CNT based transparent conductive films with controlled transmittance and conductivity and methods of preparing and patterning the same are provided. Methods of preparing a CNT ink for assembling on a transparent... Agent:

20120015099 - Structure and method for fabricating a magnetic thin film memory having a high field anisotropy: A method for depositing uniform and smooth ferromagnetic thin films with high deposition-induced microstructural anisotropy includes a magnetic material deposited in two or more static oblique deposition steps from opposed directions to form a free layer having a high kink Hk, a high energy barrier to thermal reversal, a low... Agent: Everspin Technologies, Inc.

20120015100 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape: The present invention relates to a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape including a substrate and at least one pressure-sensitive adhesive layer disposed on at least one surface of the substrate, in which the substrate is formed of an olefinic resin composition containing a polyolefin resin and a metal hydroxide, and in which... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120015101 - Continuous feed tablet coating system: A system for coating tablets and other small articles is provided. The system is comprised of an elongate housing containing a drum journalled for rotation about a horizontal axis. The drum has two open ends that receive and discharge a supply of tablets respectively. The drum is rotated about the... Agent: O'hara Technologies Inc.

20120015102 - System and method for drying five-sided containers: A method of painting a five-sided container, which includes applying a water-based paint to the interior surfaces and the exterior surfaces of the container, and forcing heated air into the open side of the container to at least partially dry the paint on the interior surfaces and the exterior surfaces... Agent: Valspar Sourcing, Inc.

20120015103 - Polyurethane foam: This disclosure describes a method of making a polyurethane foam and a method of reducing NVH expected to be experienced by a substrate using the foam. When the foam is subjected to 95% relative humidity for a period of 7 days at a temperature of about 50° C., the foam... Agent:

20120015106 - Method and apparatus for coating: The invention relates to a method and an apparatus for coating one or more objects (1) by exposing an object (1) to alternately repeating surface reactions of two or more gaseous precursors. The apparatus comprises a reaction chamber (2, 40), means for forming at least one distinct precursor region inside... Agent: Beneq Oy

20120015104 - Method and apparatus for depositing led organic film: In one embodiment the disclosure relates to an apparatus for depositing an organic material on a substrate, including a source heater for heating organic particles to form suspended organic particles; a transport stream for delivering the suspended organic particles to a discharge nozzle, the discharge nozzle having a plurality of... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20120015105 - Method of cvd-depositing a film having a substantially uniform film thickness: wherein a start of the second time interval lies within the first time interval, such that a pre-exposure interval exists between a start of the first time interval and the start of the second time interval, during which pre-exposure interval the first reactant is supplied to the reaction chamber while... Agent:

20120015107 - Methods for manufacturing panels and panel obtained thereby: A method for manufacturing coated panels of the type including at least a substrate and a top layer with a motif, the top layer being provided on the substrate, the method may involve at least two steps. A first step may involve providing a synthetic material layer on the substrate.... Agent:

20120015108 - Composition containing a silicon-containing compound: The invention provides a composition for improving the water repellency of a substrate, like a construction substrate for example a building component. This composition contains a mixture formed by combining: water, at least one water-repellent silicon-containing compound, which is a silicone resin, an alkoxysilane or a polysiloxane, a siloxane surfactant... Agent:

20120015109 - Fluoropolymer-containing films for use with positive-displacement fluid pumps: A positive-displacement pump comprising a housing, a rotatable component disposed at least partially within the housing, and a film disposed at least partially between the housing and the rotatable component, where the film comprises a reinforcing material and a fluoropolymer material.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20120015110 - Ultraviolet curable coating: Ultraviolet curable compositions are disclosed that can be applied to achieve a uniform gloss after curing even under conditions of varying ultraviolet intensity during curing, that do not require continuous agitation to keep flattening agents and other additives suspended prior to application of the composition, and/or which do not exhibit... Agent:

20120015111 - Dyed plastic lens fabrication method: Provided is a process for producing a dyed plastic lens in accordance with which in accordance with which deformation and change in the color of the plastic lens can be suppressed and a plastic lens having a refractive index of 1.7 or greater and, in particular, a refractive index of... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20120015112 - Method of fabricating pattern: o

20120015113 - Methods for forming low stress dielectric films: A method for forming a multi-layer silicon oxide film on a substrate includes performing a deposition cycle that comprises depositing a silicon oxide layer using a thermal chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process and depositing a silicon oxide layer using a plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) process. The deposition cycle... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

01/12/2012 > 34 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20120009325 - Method of making a stent with hollow struts: A stent including hollow struts is formed on a cylindrical substrate. The struts of the stent are formed by electroforming metal layers of the strut in openings formed in a patterned photoresist material. A first metal layer forming the inner strut material is formed in openings in a first photoresist... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20120009326 - Rotatable support elements for stents: Various embodiments of methods and devices for coating stents are described herein.... Agent:

20120009327 - Method and device for coating of a medical implant: r

20120009330 - Apparatus for localized coating of cascade impactor particle collection surfaces: The invention relates to apparatuses and methods for applying a coating material to the collection surfaces of the stages after an impactor is assembled for use. The apparatuses and methods comprise generation of a multimodal droplet aerosol of liquid coating material and delivering it into the impactor. The coating substance... Agent:

20120009329 - Control function and display for controlling spray gun: Control method and apparatus for a manual spray gun includes display that is disposed on the spray gun and that provides information to an operator about one or more coating operation parameters. An auxiliary trigger may be used that enables an operator to makes selections of one or more coating... Agent: Nordson Corporation

20120009328 - Thin film deposition apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display device by using the same: A thin film deposition apparatus that may be precisely aligned with a substrate during a deposition process, and a method of manufacturing an organic light-emitting display device using the thin film deposition apparatus.... Agent:

20120009331 - Method for manufacturing cable-type secondary battery: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a cable-type secondary battery comprising an electrode that extends longitudinally in a parallel arrangement and that includes a current collector having a horizontal cross section of a predetermined shape and an active material layer formed on the current collector, and the... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20120009334 - Method of fabricating one-dimensional nanostructure of organo-optoelectronic material: An organo-optoelectronic nanowire is fabricated. It is made through a one-step unit operation under a low temperature. An organo-optoelectronic template is obtained for the fabrication, whose idea is a bio-inspired one. The nanowire obtained has a high efficiency and a high surface area; and, heat generated on operation is easily... Agent: National Central University

20120009332 - Method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display device: A method of manufacturing an organic light-emitting display device, which simplifies fabrication processes of the organic light-emitting display device and improves manufacturing yield. This method includes preparing a substrate that has a number of first regions and a second region surrounding the first regions. The substrate is conveyed into a... Agent:

20120009333 - Organic el element array: An organic EL element array is provided which can more easily be produced with a high aperture ratio and a high definition and in which light-emitting layers of organic EL elements adjacent to each other in an interpixel region mutually overlap in the interpixel region.... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120009335 - Conductive polymer film and polarizing plate using the same: A conductive polymer film having an antistatic function and an electromagnetic wave shielding function, and also having excellent optical properties such as transparency even if the film is arranged in the interior of LCD. The conductive polymer film comprises a polymer film and a conductive polymer adhered to the surface... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120009336 - Method for applying a layer of electrical insulation material to a surface of a conductor: A method is provided for applying a layer (12) of electrical insulation material to a surface (14) of a conductor (16). One embodiment of the method involves preparing the surface (14) of the conductor (16), followed by cold spraying a plurality of mica particles (28) onto the surface (14) of... Agent:

20120009337 - Novel cpp device with an enhanced dr/r ratio: A CPP-GMR spin valve having a composite spacer layer comprised of at least one metal (M) layer and at least one semiconductor or semi-metal (S) layer is disclosed. The composite spacer may have a M/S, S/M, M/S/M, S/M/S, M/S/M/S/M, or a multilayer (M/S/M)n configuration where n is an integer≧1. The... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

20120009338 - Method for producing plasma display panel: A method for producing a plasma display panel having a base layer including metallic oxides and agglomerated particles dispersed on the base layer includes the following steps of: forming the base layer on the dielectric layer; spreading a first organic solvent on the base layer to form a first coating... Agent:

20120009339 - Friction fabrication tools: The present invention relates to tooling and methods for disposing, coating, building up, repairing, or otherwise modifying the surface of a metal substrate using frictional heating and compressive loading of a consumable metal material against the substrate. Embodiments of the invention include friction-based fabrication tooling comprising a non-consumable member with... Agent:

20120009341 - Method for modifying the surface of a bioinert material: Provided is a method for modifying the surface of a bioinert material, the method including preparing a base material composed of a bioinert material; and spraying a bioactive powder onto the bioinert base material through a spray nozzle using a high pressure carrier gas to form a bioactive layer on... Agent: Snu R&db Foundation

20120009340 - Method for producing deformable corrosion protection layers on metal surfaces: The invention relates to a method for producing deformable corrosion protection layers on a metallic surface and to use of the method. In order to create an economical process for cathodic corrosion protection of metal for a broad range of applications, the invention proposes a method for producing deformable corrosion... Agent: Nano-x Gmbh

20120009342 - Arrangement and method for wetting fibers with a fluid: An arrangement for wetting fibers with a fluid is provided. The arrangement includes a channel for guiding one or more fibers passing through the channel from an inlet end of the channel to an outlet end of the channel. A fluid supply device is coupled to the channel, wherein the... Agent:

20120009343 - Apparatus and process for atomic or molecular layer deposition onto particles during pneumatic transport: The invention provides a process for depositing a coating onto particles being pneumatically transported in a tube. The process comprising the steps of providing a tube having an inlet opening and an outlet opening; feeding a carrier gas entraining particles into the tube at or near the inlet opening of... Agent: Delft University Of Technology

20120009344 - Process and apparatus for producing composite material: A process and an apparatus for producing a composite material utilize a rotatable hollow body that is inclined with an upstream side being higher than a downstream side. A reaction zone is defined within an elongated chamber in the hollow body. Protrusions inwardly extend from an inner peripheral wall of... Agent: Meijo Nano Carbon Co., Ltd.

20120009345 - Method for manufacturing encapsulated superhard material: The invention teaches the steps of providing a source of superhard material, providing a mixture comprising an appropriate binder, a solvent or fluid medium and the intended coating or encapsulating layer, combining the superhard material and the mixture in a shovel rotor, rotating the rotor at an appropriate velocity such... Agent:

20120009346 - Method of manufacturing silica membrane: A simple method of manufacturing a silica membrane which has high separation performance and high permeation flux is provided. The method is a method for manufacturing a silica membrane 1 by depositing a silica sol on a porous substrate 11, drying the silica sol by air blowing which has a... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20120009347 - Precise temperature control for teos application by heat transfer fluid: Embodiments of the invention generally provide a mixing block for mixing precursors and/or cleaning agent which has the advantage of maintaining the temperature and improving the mixing effect of the precursors, cleaning agent or the mixture thereof to eliminate the substrate-to-substrate variation, thereby providing improved process uniformity.... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120009348 - Method and apparatus for continuous thin film deposition process in vacuum: A method and apparatus for continuously depositing thin film on substrate in vacuum, the method including the following steps: maintaining the degree of vacuum in the vacuum deposition chamber by disposing at least one inlet vacuum pre-evacuating chamber at the inlet of the vacuum deposition chamber and disposing at least... Agent:

20120009349 - Thin film forming device and thin film forming method: In a film forming method using gas cooling, a decrease in a film formation rate and an excessive load on a vacuum pump due to gas introduction are avoided while achieving an adequate cooling effect. A thin film forming device of the present invention includes: a cooling body 10 having... Agent:

20120009350 - Electroless autocatalytic tin plating solution and electroless autocatalytic tin plating method using the same: Disclosed are an electroless autocatalytic tin plating solution and an electroless autocatalytic tin plating method using the same. The electroless autocatalytic tin plating solution includes: tin salt formed as a tin ion and a ligand having two or more carboxyl groups are bound; and one or more reductants selected from... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120009351 - Ultraviolet floor curing device: A floor curing apparatus is disclosed, including a housing, an ultraviolet lamp, and an offset wheel arrangement including a pair of inner drive wheels configured to rotate and alternately be driven about a first common axis and a pair of outer drive wheels configured to rotate and alternately be driven... Agent:

20120009352 - Process for fabrication of seamless uv cured intermediate transfer belts (itb): Various embodiments provide methods and apparatus for forming intermediate transfer belts (ITBs) by combining a dip-coating process with a UV-curing process.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20120009353 - Method for manufacturing a substrate with surface structure by employing photothermal effect: A manufacturing method for manufacturing a substrate with a surface substrate by employing photothermal effect is described. Nanoparticles on the surface of the substrate excited by a beam convert light energy to thermal energy. The surface structure on the substrate is formed through the thermal energy generated by the excited... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120009354 - Method for treating surface of glass substrate and apparatus for performing same: A method for treating a surface of a glass substrate according to the invention has the steps of placing the glass substrate into a vacuum treatment chamber, introducing a gas into the vacuum treatment chamber, providing electric power to generate an ion source and using the ion source to treat... Agent:

20120009355 - Method and apparatus for stabilizing a coating: A method and apparatus for stabilizing an incidental coating in a substrate coating apparatus is provided. The method includes defining interior surfaces of a coating zone in the substrate coating apparatus. The method may include preheating interior surfaces to a local preheat temperature that is approximately equal to a local... Agent: Exatec, LLC

20120009356 - Contamination reducing liner for inductively coupled chamber: A method and apparatus for depositing a film through a plasma enhance chemical vapor deposition process is provided. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a processing chamber having a coil disposed in the chamber and routed proximate the chamber wall. A liner is disposed over the coil and is protected... Agent:

20120009357 - Rotation member, housing, bearing, gearbox, rotating machine, shaft structure and surface treatment method: In a rotation member rotatably engaged with a housing, a pulsing electric discharge is generated in a processing liquid or in a gas, between an electrode and the rotation member. The electrode is a chemical compound of a metallic powder or metal, or a molded body formed by molding ceramic... Agent: Ishikawajima-harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

20120009358 - Curing method employing uv sources that emit differing ranges of uv radiation: A UVLED apparatus (and related system and method) provide efficient curing of an optical-fiber coating on a drawn glass fiber. The apparatus employs one or more UV-radiation sources that emit electromagnetic radiation to effect the curing of coated glass fiber.... Agent: Draka Comteq B.v.

01/05/2012 > 21 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120003379 - Methods to improve adhesion of polymer coatings over stents: Methods are disclosed to improved adhesion of polymer coatings over polymer surfaces of stents which include plasma treatment, applying an adhesion promoting layer, surface treatments with solvents, and mechanical roughening techniques.... Agent:

20120003380 - Manufacturing and detecting device and method of birefringent lens grating: The present disclosure provides a detecting device of a birefringent lens grating. The detecting device includes a projection pattern disposed adjacent to the birefringent lens grating; an illuminating light source for projecting light onto the projection pattern and the birefringent lens grating; an image capturing device for capturing the light... Agent: Shenzhen Super Perfect Optics Ltd.

20120003381 - Method of adjusting speed and/or routing of a table movement plan and a lithographic apparatus: A method of adjusting speed and/or routing of a part of a movement plan of a table under an immersion fluid supply system of a lithographic apparatus. The method includes splitting the movement plan of the table into a plurality of discrete movements; determining a risk of a bubble of... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20120003382 - Method of treating a material to achieve sufficient hyrophilicity for making hyrophilic articles: An exemplary method of treating a material such as carbon or graphite to render at least some surfaces of the material hydrophilic includes coating at least a portion of the at least some surfaces with an oxygenated element and controlling a rate of a breakdown of the oxygenated element to... Agent:

20120003383 - Manufacturing method of energy storage device: A manufacturing method of an energy storage device capable of increasing the discharge capacity or an energy storage device capable of suppression of degradation of an electrode due to repetitive charge and discharge is provided. In the manufacturing method, a crystalline silicon layer including a group of whiskers in which... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120003384 - Hollow element filled curable body repair compounds: A curable body repair material is described. The curable body repair material includes a curable polymeric resin, and a plurality of hollow elements. The curable body repair includes less than 3% by number of hollow elements having a diameter greater than 100 micrometers. Method of making and using the same... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120003385 - Method of manufacturing optical waveguide: A mold for the formation of an over cladding layer in an optical waveguide is integrally produced from a light-transmissive resin and a light-transmissive support plate by molding using a mold member identical in shape with the over cladding layer. In the production of the mold, a hollow resulting from... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120003386 - Method for producing amorphous metal organic macromolecules, material obtained by said method, and use thereof: The present invention relates to a method for producing a material suitable for producing ceramic oxide coatings, comprising the following steps: (a) preparing at least one first compound of a metal cation, selected from the cations of manganese, cerium, gadolinium, and/or yttrium, having at least one organic anion or an... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft F&#xd6 Rderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20120003387 - Amine aqueous solution for forming an active layer of polyamide reverse osmosis composite membrane, polyamide reverse osmosis composite membrane prepared thereby, and preparation method thereof: Disclosed are an amine aqueous solution for forming an active layer of a polyamide reverse osmosis composite membrane and a preparation method of the polyamide reverse osmosis composite membrane using the same. The amine aqueous solution comprises 0.1 to 20 wt % of a polyfunctional amine compound, 0.1 to 20... Agent:

20120003388 - Methods and apparatus for thermal based substrate processing with variable temperature capability: A substrate support may include a body; an inner ring disposed about the body; an outer ring disposed about the inner ring forming a first opening therebetween; a first seal ring disposed above the first opening; a shadow ring disposed above the inner ring, extending inward from the outer ring... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120003389 - Mocvd reactor having a ceiling panel coupled locally differently to a heat dissipation member: The invention relates to a device for depositing at least one, in particular crystalline, layer on at least one substrate (5), having a susceptor (2) for accommodating the at least one substrate (5), the susceptor forming the floor of a process chamber (1), having a cover plate (3) which forms... Agent:

20120003390 - Copper interconnection structure and method for forming copper interconnections: A copper interconnection structure includes an insulating layer, an interconnection body including copper in an opening provided on the insulating layer, and a diffusion barrier layer formed between the insulating layer and the interconnection body. The diffusion barrier layer includes an oxide layer including manganese having a compositional ratio of... Agent: Advanced Interconnect Materials, LLC

20120003391 - Sealing off a melt dip coating apparatus: The invention relates to a sealing system for a melt dip coating apparatus for coating a metal strip with a metal melt (200). The melt dip coating apparatus comprises a roller dipping into the metal melt for deflecting or stabilizing the metal strip as the latter passes through the metal... Agent: Sms Siemag Aktiengesellschaft

20120003392 - Fine particles: A fine particle comprising a core and a coating, wherein the coating comprises a substantially monomolecular layer of organic molecules. The fine particle being produced by a process comprising introducing a core material into a plasma stream, thereby vapourising some or all of the core material; cooling the core material... Agent: Intrinsiq Materials Limited

20120003393 - Method of manufacturing optical waveguide: A method of manufacturing an optical waveguide is provided in which a mold that prevents fins or burrs from being formed is used for the formation of an over cladding layer in the optical waveguide. The mold for the formation of the over cladding layer is produced from a light-transmissive... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120003394 - Beam-induced deposition at cryogenic temperatures: A method of depositing material onto a substrate at cryogenic temperatures using beam-induced deposition. A precursor gas is chosen from a group of compounds having a melting point that is lower than the cryogenic temperature of the substrate. Preferably the precursor gas is chosen from a group of compounds having... Agent: Fei Company

20120003396 - Apparatus and method for atomic layer deposition: Apparatus for atomic layer deposition on a surface of a substrate includes a precursor injector head. The precursor injector head includes a precursor supply and a deposition space that in use is bounded by the precursor injector head and the substrate surface. The precursor injector head is arranged for injecting... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast-natuurweten Schappelijk Onderzoek Tno

20120003395 - Method of fabricating an electrochemical device using ultrafast pulsed laser deposition: A method of fabricating a multi-layered thin film electrochemical device is provided. The method comprises: providing a first target material in a chamber; providing a substrate in the chamber; emitting a first intermittent laser beam directed at the first target material to generate a first plasma, wherein each pulse of... Agent: Imra America, Inc.

20120003397 - Method for depositing nanoparticles on a support: A method for depositing nanoparticles on a support includes taking a colloidal solution of nanoparticles. The method also includes nebulizing the colloidal solution of nanoparticles on a surface of the support in an atmospheric plasma.... Agent: Universite Libre De Bruxelles

20120003398 - Apparatus and method for exposing a substrate to uv radiation using a reflector having both elliptical and parabolic reflective sections: Embodiments of the invention relate generally to an ultraviolet (UV) cure chamber for curing a dielectric material disposed on a substrate and to methods of curing dielectric materials using UV radiation. A substrate processing tool according to one embodiment comprises a body defining a substrate processing region; a substrate support... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120003399 - Recording media having a nanocomposite protection layer and method of making same: A method includes: forming a recording layer on a substrate and depositing a nanocomposite layer on the recording layer, the nanocomposite layer including a wear-resistant material and a solid lubricant material, wherein the atomic percentage of the solid lubricant material in the nanocomposite layer is in a range from about... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

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