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Coating processes December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/11

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12/29/2011 > 32 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20110318476 - Porous and nonporous materials for tissue grafting and repair: Implants having improved mechanical properties and/or degradation profiles, kits including such implants, and methods of producing and using the same.... Agent:

20110318477 - Apparatus and method for producing a sheet material: Provided is an apparatus for producing a sheet material including: an RFID reader (11) for reading information froth an RFID tag; a sheet supply unit (12) for supplying the sheet material (4) having a heat-sensitive printing layer on one surface of a sheet-type base material, and having a heat-sensitive adhesive... Agent:

20110318479 - Metal plating compositions and methods: Disclosed are metal plating compositions and methods. The metal plating compositions provide good leveling performance and throwing power.... Agent: Rohm And Haas Electronic Materials LLC

20110318478 - Particles and inks and films using them: Particles and particle films are provided. In certain examples, particles produced from a single phase process may be used to provide industrial scale synthesis of particles for use in devices such as printed wiring boards.... Agent:

20110318480 - Method of manufacturing substrate using a carrier: A method of manufacturing a substrate using a carrier, that includes preparing a carrier having a releasing layer, and insulating layers and metal layers sequentially disposed on both sides of the releasing layer; patterning the metal layers to form base circuit layers; forming buildup layers on the base circuit layers;... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110318481 - Method for preparing metallic thin film: Provided is a method for manufacturing a metal film, including: coating or printing a metal ink containing an organic metal complex on a substrate; and necessrily parallel-performing a pressure process during a procedure of forming metal particles by firing the metal ink, thereby forming a conductive metal film. The present... Agent: Inktec Co., Ltd.

20110318482 - Manufacturing method of electrode catalyst layer for fuel cell: The present invention provides a method for manufacturing an electrode catalyst layer for a fuel cell which includes a polymer electrolyte, a catalyst material and carbon particles, wherein the electrode catalyst layer employs a non-precious metal catalyst and has a high level of power generation performance. The electrode catalyst layer... Agent: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

20110318483 - Apparatus and method for manufacturing slabs with a veined effect: Means for dispensing a powdery colouring substance onto the surface of a mix (14) comprising stone, stone-like, glass or ceramic material. The means comprise at least one dispensing device (28) for containing and dispensing a powdery colouring substance (11) and at least one spreading device (30). The spreading device (30)... Agent:

20110318484 - Silver-coated ball and method for manufacturing same: A silver-coated ball 10 according to the present invention includes: a spherical core 1; and a coating layer 2 including silver superfine particles, which is arranged so as to surround the core 1. The silver superfine particles included in the coating layer 2 have a mean particle size of 1... Agent: Neomax Materials Co., Ltd.

20110318485 - Method for making composite carbon nanotube structure: A method for making a composite carbon nanotube structure includes the following steps. An organic solvent, a polymer, and a carbon nanotube structure are provided. The polymer is dissolved in the organic solvent to obtain a polymer solution. The carbon nanotube film structure is soaked with the polymer solution. A... Agent: Tsinghua University

20110318486 - Method for making composite carbon nanotube structure: A method for making a composite carbon nanotube structure is introduced. The method includes the following steps. A carbon nanotube structure and a polymer are provided. The polymer and the carbon nanotube structure are composited together. The composite carbon nanotube structure composited with polymer and the carbon nanotube is then... Agent: Tsinghua University

20110318487 - Substrate for producing aligned carbon nanotube aggregates and method for producing the aligned carbon nanotube aggregates: A substrate of the present invention for producing aligned carbon nanotube aggregates on a surface thereof is a substrate for producing aligned carbon nanotube aggregates on a surface thereof, the substrate for producing aligned carbon nanotube aggregates including: a metal base substrate; and carburizing prevention layers formed on both front... Agent:

20110318488 - Organoruthenium compound for chemical deposition and chemical deposition process using the organoruthenium compound: An object of the present invention is to provide an organoruthenium compound which has good film formation characteristics as an organoruthenium compound for chemical deposition, has a high vapor pressure, and can easily form a film even when hydrogen is used as a reactant gas. The present invention relates to... Agent:

20110318490 - Method for depositing a coating: A coating apparatus and method for depositing a coating that contains at least one first element on a substrate by an activated vapor deposition, wherein the substrate is introduced into a gas atmosphere that contains at least the first element, and the gas atmosphere is activated by a heated activation... Agent: Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Zur F&#xd6 Rderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20110318489 - Substrate processing apparatus, processing tube, substrate holder, fixing part of the substrate holder, substrate processing method, and substrate manufacturing method: There is provided a substrate processing apparatus, including: a substrate holder that holds a plurality of substrates (wafers) in a state of being arranged in a lateral direction (approximately in a horizontal direction) approximately in a vertical posture; a processing tube that houses the substrate holder; a throat side sealing... Agent: Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

20110318491 - Thermal receiver elements and imaging assemblies: An imaging element has a substrate, an extruded, non-voided compliant layer and an image receiving layer. The extruded, non-voided compliant layer has a heat of fusion of equal to or greater than 0 and up to and including 45 joules/g of compliant layer as determined in a temperature range of... Agent:

20110318492 - Coating apparatus and method: A rotary-style coating machine of the type capable of applying coatings to various web substrates in the commercial offset web and/or digital web printing industry. The coating machine includes a coating cylinder and a plate cylinder that are rotatably mounted within the machine. The coating cylinder includes a coating sleeve... Agent: Global Web Finishing

20110318493 - Chemical bath deposition apparatuses and fabrication methods for chemical compound thin films: Chemical bath deposition (CBD) apparatuses and fabrication methods for compound thin films are presented. A chemical bath deposition apparatus includes a chemical bath reaction container, a substrate chuck for fixing a substrate arranged face-down toward the bottom of the chemical bath reaction container, multiple solution containers connecting to a reaction... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110318494 - Coalescent for aqueous compositions: A coalescent composition including from 20 to 80% by weight, based on the weight of the coalescent composition, ethylene glycol phenyl ether and from 80% to 20% by weight, based on the weight of the coalescent composition, diethylene glycol phenyl ether and a coalescent composition including from 20 to 80%... Agent:

20110318495 - Aqueous coating material, its preparation and use: The present invention relates to an aqueous coating material comprising at least one ionically and/or nonionically stabilized polyurethane, which is saturated, unsaturated and/or grafted with olefinically unsaturated compounds, and at least one organic, aliphatic solvent, wherein said solvent has a solubility parameter δ<10 (cal/cm3)1/2 and a degree of branching corresponding... Agent: Basf Coatings Ag

20110318496 - Wind turbine blade treatment apparatuses and methods: In an embodiment of the present disclosure, a wind turbine blade treatment apparatus comprises a support having a frame with an edge follower configured to be positioned near an edge of a wind turbine blade. The support also includes a side member connected to the frame, configured to extend at... Agent:

20110318497 - Hoistway sheave resurfacing: A method of and system for repairing the sheaves (24) in an elevator system has these steps. The ropes (22) associated with the sheave are removed, the sheave is cleaned, and a coating (24) is deposited on the cleaned surface. The coating is adapted to reduce the wear coefficient of... Agent: Otis Elevator Company

20110318498 - Coaxial hollow cathode plasma assisted directed vapor deposition and related method thereof: A plasma generation process that is more optimized for vapor deposition processes in general, and particularly for directed vapor deposition processing. The features of such an approach enables a robust and reliable coaxial plasma capability in which the plasma jet is coaxial with the vapor plume, rather than the orthogonal... Agent: University Of Virginia Patent Foundation

20110318499 - Laser fusible coating compositions used for laser making systems and methods: A laser fusible composition comprises a marking component, e.g. plastic dyes and pigments, coated with hot melt adhesive composition which can absorb laser irradiation at 780-10600 nm, and thereby causes through laser fusing, the composition to adhere firmly to metals, ceramics, glass, porcelain, marble, natural stone, paper and cardboards when... Agent:

20110318500 - Powder coating apparatus and powder coating method (as amended): Powder coating apparatus is equipped with a shutter for opening and closing the space between an object to be coated and a screen electrode. First, a powder is supplied onto the screen electrode from a hopper while the shutter is closed. Next, a brush is slidingly rubbed against the surface... Agent:

20110318501 - Template forming method: According to one embodiment, there is provided a template forming method that transfers a pattern from a first template to a to-be-processed substrate and subjects the to-be-processed substrate to a processing process to form a second template by using an imprinting method, includes forming a first resist film on a... Agent:

20110318502 - Methods of depositing sio2 films: This invention relates to a method of depositing an inorganic SiO2 film at temperatures below 250° C. using plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD) in a chamber including supplying tetraethylorthosilicate (TEOS) and O2, or a source thereof, as precursors, with an O2/TEOS ratio of between 15:1 and 25:1.... Agent: Spp Process Technology Systems Uk Limited

20110318503 - Plasma enhanced materials deposition system: A system and method for combined material deposition and plasma and/or controlled atmosphere treatment processing of substrates. In one variation, plasma and/or controlled atmosphere treatment and deposition are performed using a single processing system with multiple processing areas. In another variation, plasma and/or controlled atmosphere treatment and deposition are performed... Agent:

20110318504 - Method for fabricating composite material comprising nano carbon and metal or ceramic: Disclosed is a method for fabricating a composite material comprising nano carbon and metal or ceramic, in more detail, a method for fabricating a composite material in which metallic or ceramic particles are uniformly dispersed on a nano carbon surface, the method including (1) coating a metal layer on nano... Agent:

20110318505 - Method for forming tantalum nitride film and film-forming apparatus for forming the same: A method for forming a tantalum nitride film, which comprises supplying a gaseous nitrogen atom-containing compound, as a reactant gas and supplying gaseous t-amylimido-tris-(dimethylamide)tantalum, as a gaseous raw material, to the surface of the substrate S to thus form a tantalum nitride film on the surface of the substrate S;... Agent:

20110318507 - Method for manufacturing panels and panels obtained thereby: A method for manufacturing coated panels of the type including at least a substrate and a top layer, provided on the substrate, with a motif, may involve providing a synthetic material layer on the substrate, and providing a relief on the surface of the synthetic material layer. The relief may... Agent:

20110318506 - Optical tape media patterning using cationic polymerizable monomers: A method for forming an optical tape for data storage from a substrate film includes a step of patterning a curable liquid composition onto a side of the substrate film. Characteristically, the curable liquid composition includes a cationic photoinitiator and a polymerizable component selected from the group consisting of vinyl... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

12/22/2011 > 27 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20110311711 - Method of making an electrochemical sensor: A process for the manufacture of small sensors with reproducible surfaces, including electrochemical sensors. One process includes forming channels in the surface of a substrate and disposing a conductive material in the channels to form an electrode. The conductive material can also be formed on the substrate by other impact... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20110311712 - Capsule comprising low-substituted cellulose ether and method for preparing the same: A capsule with good disintegration properties that can quickly display its content's efficacy as well as a method for preparing the same are provided. More specifically, provided is a capsule comprising a shell comprising low-substituted cellulose ether. Also, provided is a method for preparing a hard capsule comprising the low-substituted... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110311714 - Fluidized bed pyrocarbon coating: Arrangements are provided for assembling multiple substrates for coating within a fluidized bed coater so as to deposit a coating of uniform thickness across the entire exterior surface thereof. One embodiment includes a method for coating orthopedic implants having convex and concave surfaces with pyrocarbon by pyrolytic decomposition of a... Agent:

20110311713 - Systems and methods for rotating and coating an implantable device: A method for applying a coating to an implantable device is disclosed. The method includes positioning an implantable device relative to an ultrasonic material delivery apparatus. The implantable device is rotated at a relative speed. The relative speed may be more than 120 revolutions per minute. An application material is... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20110311715 - Apparatus for slot die setup and control during coating: The invention relates generally to an apparatus and method that enables a very accurate initial setup of the coating gap for slot die coater and subsequent control of the coating gap during coating operations such that web splices and web defects do not interrupt the coating process. An highly accurate... Agent:

20110311716 - Plural component coating application system with a compressed gas flushing system and spray tip flip mechanism: A system for purging a plural component coating application system including: a first pressure regulator for receiving an inert gas, providing the gas at a first pressure; a first valve; a first operator connected to the first valve capable of being controlled by a logic controller; a first check valve;... Agent: Line Travel Automated Coating Inc.

20110311717 - Vapor deposition method and vapor deposition system: Provided is a vapor deposition method of forming one or a plurality of layers on a one surface (7a) side of a glass substrate (7), the one or the plurality of layers including an organic layer (4), the vapor deposition method including: forming at least one layer of the one... Agent:

20110311718 - Method of manufacturing thin-film dielectrics and capacitors on metal foils: Disclosed is a method of making a thin-film dielectric, comprising providing a base metal foil, forming a barium titanate-based dielectric precursor layer over a base metal foil, pre-annealing the dielectric precursor layer and base metal foil, rapidly heating the pre-annealed dielectric precursor layer from a temperature of less than 530°... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110311719 - Proppants coated by piezoelectric or magnetostrictive materials, or by mixtures or combinations thereof, to enable their tracking in a downhole environment: A method for “tagging” proppants so that they can be tracked and monitored in a downhole environment, based on the use of composite proppant compositions comprising a particulate substrate coated by a material whose electromagnetic properties change at a detectable level under a mechanical stress such as the closure stress... Agent: Sun Drilling Products Corporation

20110311720 - Electrically conductive metal fluid distribution plate for fuel cells: In at least one embodiment, the present invention provides an electrically conductive fluid distribution plate and a method of making, and system for using, the electrically conductive fluid distribution plate. In at least one embodiment, the plate comprises an electrically conductive fluid distribution plate comprising a metallic plate body defining... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20110311721 - Low temperature cure clear powder coating over liquid paint on heat sensitive substrates: A method of applying a clear thermo set powder coating(s) to non-conductive heat sensitive plastic substrates having been previously liquid painted with an adhesion promoter and/or primer/basecoat or basecoat or any combination therein. The method allows for the application of a decorative or functional clear powder coated surface to a... Agent:

20110311722 - Method of and system for forming nanostructures and nanotubes: The present invention relates to a methods of and systems for forming nanostructures having precise dimensions and configurations. A structure is provided with lattice mismatch on a substrate or intermediate layer. Curling is self induced or induced by pressure and/or temperature to form precise nanostructures and nanotubes, in term of... Agent:

20110311723 - Silicate shell microcapsules for treating textiles: Compositions containing suspended silicate shell microcapsules of a silicone textile treatment are disclosed. These compositions are particularly useful as textile treatments to impart hydrophobicity, softness, and flame retardant properties.... Agent:

20110311724 - Providing gas for use in forming a carbon nanomaterial: In a Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) process for forming carbon nanomaterials, a supply of acetylene gas is filtered by a filter to remove a volatile hydrocarbon gas before the acetylene gas is provided to a mass flow controller. The mass flow controller can mix the filtered acetylene gas with a... Agent: Surrey Nanosystems Ltd

20110311725 - Apparatus and methods for safely providing hazardous reactants: An apparatus for providing a reactant comprises a reactant space and a reservoir space. The reactant space comprises a chemical complex capable of evolving the reactant when heated. The reservoir space, in turn, is in gas communication with the reactant space. The apparatus is operative to heat the chemical complex... Agent: Sundew Technologies LLC

20110311726 - Method and apparatus for precursor delivery: An improved precursor vaporization device and method for vaporizing liquid and solid precursors having a low vapor pressure at a desired precursor temperature includes elements and operating methods for injecting an inert gas boost pulse into a precursor container prior to releasing a precursor pulse to a reaction chamber. An... Agent: Cambridge Nanotech Inc.

20110311727 - Weldable pre-primed coating composition for automotive oem and coating method thereof: The present invention relates to a weldable pre-primed coating composition, comprising binder resins, a crosslinker, an anti-corrosive pigment, conductive metal powder, carbon nanotubes, etc. The coating composition can be applied to a metal sheet before processing of the metal sheet to maximize the weldability, adhesion, corrosion resistance and processability of... Agent:

20110311728 - Stabilizer composition for polyamides: A polymer composition containing at least one thermoplastic polymer, in particular polyamide. To reduce the formation of conductive deposits on a metal or metal-plastic composite 10 coated and/or extrusion coated using the polymer composition, the polymer composition contains at least one copper halide and at least one alkali halide.... Agent:

20110311729 - Method for making surface-enhanced raman scattering substrate: A method for making a surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) substrate is introduced. The method includes the following steps. A carbon nanotube film structure and a first solution comprising a number of metallic ions are provided. The carbon nanotube film structure includes a number of carbon nanotubes. Standard electrode potentials of... Agent: Tsinghua University

20110311730 - Sealant application tool: A method and apparatus for applying a sealant. A sealant application system is positioned over a fastener. The sealant application system comprises an elongate member, a first channel, a nozzle, a second channel, and a biasing system. The elongate member has a first end connected to a sealant source for... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110311731 - Apparatus and method for applying a film on a substrate: A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, an apparatus having a plurality of applicators, each applicator with an ingress opening to receive a liquid, and an egress opening to release the liquid, and a conductor positioned in a conduit of each of the plurality... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Univiersity Of Illinois

20110311732 - Thin film deposition method: s

20110311733 - Method for curing and surface-functionalizing molded parts: The invention relates to the fields of chemistry and relates to a method for curing and surface modification of molded parts, which can be used, for example, in the automobile industry, in vehicle construction, in the electrical industry. The object of the present invention is to disclose a method which... Agent: Leibniz-institut Fuer Polymerforschung Dresden E.v

20110311734 - Two layer barrier on polymeric substrate: fcPlasma treatment apparatus for treating a substrate (6) comprising at least two opposing electrodes (2, 3) and a treatment space (5). The at least two electrodes (2, 3) are connected to a plasma control unit (4) for generating an atmospheric pressure glow discharge plasma in the treatment space (5). A... Agent: Fujifilm Manufacturing Europe B.v.

20110311735 - Magnetron design for rf/dc physical vapor deposition: Methods and apparatus to improve target life and deposition uniformity in PVD chambers are provided herein. In some embodiments, a magnetron assembly includes a shunt plate having a central axis, the shunt plate rotatable about the central axis, a first open loop magnetic pole arc coupled to the shunt plate... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110311736 - Method and apparatus for forming film: This invention adopts plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition using the apparatus including a chamber, a pair of rotary electrode reels including a feed-out reel and a take-up reel, a plasma source, a material gas supplier, and an exhaust unit, and includes applying a negative voltage applied to the rotary electrode reels... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Chuo Kenkyusho

20110311737 - Vapor deposition apparatus for minute-structure and method therefor: A vapor deposition apparatus for a minute-structure includes a surface acoustic wave device 10 that has at least a pair of electrodes 12 and 13 arranged at an interval on a surface of a piezoelectric body 11, a vacuum vapor deposition device 20 that vacuum-deposits at least two substances A... Agent: Ihi Corporation

12/15/2011 > 29 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20110305819 - Method of coating stents: A method of coating a stent involves modifying a spray coating parameter until a target mass per coating layer is achieved. A method for coating involves spraying a batch of stents according to spraying parameters that were previously determined to provide a target mass per coating layer.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20110305820 - Fiber modified layer and methods of making and using same: A method of selecting a fiber modified layer for applying on an existing surface, comprising the steps of: providing a binder mixture having an effective amount of an aggregate material, a binder, and a plurality of fibers, wherein each of the plurality of fibers has a length greater than 0.25... Agent: Road Science, LLC

20110305823 - Fuel injector: A fuel injector for fuel injection systems of internal combustion engines includes a solenoid coil; an armature acted upon in a closing direction by a restoring spring; and a valve needle, which is connected to the armature in force-locking manner and on which a valve-closure member is formed, which forms... Agent:

20110305822 - Method for manufacturing electromechanical transducer: This invention includes energizing an electrode in which the surface facing a cavity is exposed as one electrode for electrolytic etching and the other electrode provided at the outside and contacting an electrolytic etching solution to perform electrolytic etching of a sacrificial layer to form a cavity. Thereafter, a removal... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110305821 - Silver nanoparticle composition comprising solvents with specific hansen solubility parameters: A metal nanoparticle composition includes an organic-stabilized metal nanoparticle and a solvent in which the solvent selected has the following Hansen solubility parameters: a dispersion parameter of about 16 MPa0.5 or more, and a sum of a polarity parameter and a hydrogen bonding parameter of about 8.0 MPa0.5 or less.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110305824 - Process for forming an electroactive layer: There is provided a process for vacuum drying. The process includes the steps of: depositing a liquid composition containing a film-forming material and at least one solvent onto a workpiece to form a wet layer; placing the wet layer on the workpiece into a vacuum chamber including a condenser; and... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110305825 - Electroless metal deposition for micron scale structures: A method for electroless metal deposition on a surface in a finely dimensioned space (e.g. the bore of a hollow fibre) includes introducing into the space an electroless plating solution that has a nil or relatively low plating rate at normal room temperature, and thereafter heating the structure to an... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20110305826 - Increased throughput for large-scale production of low melt organoamine stabilized silver nano-particles: Process for producing organoamine-stabilized silver nanoparticles with a molar ratio of silver salt to organoamine of about 1:4 to about 1:10 are disclosed. The process includes: forming a solution including an organic solvent and a first amount of organoamine; adding silver salt particles to the solution; adding a second amount... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110305827 - Methods of using a non-photocatalytic porous coating as an antisoiling coating: The present invention relates to the use as an antisoiling coating of a porous coating comprising a polysiloxane matrix and a porous volume such that the potential filling ratio of the total volume of said coating by oleic acid is at least 25% by volume, having a porosity rate ranging... Agent: Essilor International (compagnie Generale D'optique)

20110305828 - Method for forming zirconia film: [Solving Means] The method for forming a zirconia film by an aerosol gas deposition method, the method including: placing zirconia fine particles P having a mean particle diameter of 0.7 μm or more and 11 μm or less and a specific surface area of 1 m2/g or more and 7... Agent: Fuchita Nanotechnology Ltd

20110305829 - Tacky finish and textile materials and articles treated therewith: This invention relates to tacky finishes and to the textile materials and articles treated with the tacky finishes. The tacky finishes provide improved processing features for end-use articles that contain such finishes. The tacky finish may be combined with other adhesion promotion finishes in the treatment of textile materials. The... Agent:

20110305830 - Water-based grouting composition with an insulating material: According to an embodiment, a method for thermally insulating a portion of a tubular located inside an enclosed conduit comprises the steps of: (A) introducing a grouting composition into an annulus between the tubular and the enclosed conduit, the grouting composition comprising: (i) a water-swellable binding material comprising water-swellable clay;... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20110305831 - Method for chemical vapor deposition control: A method of depositing a thin film on a substrate in a deposition system is described. The method includes disposing a gas heating device comprising a plurality of heating element zones in a deposition system, and independently controlling a temperature of each of the plurality of heating element zones, wherein... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110305832 - Surface treating method for making a housing: A surface treating method for making a housing have a metallic main body includes the follow steps. A primer is coated on the metallic main body to form a bottom layer. A plating layer is formed on the bottom layer. An adhesive is coated on the plating layer to form... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110305835 - Systems and methods for a gas treatment of a number of substrates: Systems and methods for the gas treatment of one or more substrates include at least two gas injectors in a reaction chamber, one of which may be movable. The systems may also include a substrate support structure for holding one or more substrates disposed within the reaction chamber. The movable... Agent: S.o.i.tec Silicon On Insulator Technologies

20110305836 - Atomic layer deposition apparatus and thin film forming method: An atomic layer deposition apparatus, which forms a thin film on a substrate, includes a first container that defines a first inner space and includes a substrate carrying-in and carrying-out port and a gas introduction port in different positions, the substrate being carried in and out through the substrate carrying-in... Agent: Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

20110305837 - Poly(ethylene glycol) and poly(ethylene oxide) by initiated chemical vapor deposition: A method for ionic polymerization of ethylene oxide. In the first step of the method, a gaseous monomer composition comprising ethylene oxide at a first flow rate is mixed with a gaseous ionic polymerization initiator at a second flow rate, thereby forming a mixture. The formed mixture is then heated... Agent: Drexel University

20110305833 - Apparatus for treating and/or coating the surface of a substrate component: Apparatus for treating and/or coating the surface of substrate components by deposition from the gas phase. A plurality of substrate carriers and a plurality of coating and/or treating units are arranged in a deposition or treatment chamber which can be evacuated. The system can be equipped in a modular fashion... Agent: Guehring Ohg

20110305834 - Multiple vacuum evaporation coating device and method for controlling the same: A multiple vacuum evaporation coating device and a method for controlling the same. The vacuum evaporation coating device includes a plurality of evaporation sources, a rotating part adapted to rotate the plurality of evaporation sources and a coating block plate adapted to block all but one of said plurality of... Agent: Samsung Mobile Display Co., Ltd.

20110305838 - Method of production of a deposit of nanoparticles with increased adhesion and device for implementation of such a method: A device intended to accomplish the deposition of particles of nanometric size on at least one part of the surface (4) of a substrate (2), including a first enclosure (14) intended to contain a liquid (8) charged with particles (6) of nanometric size, in which the first enclosure (14) is... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20110305839 - Ozone gas treatment process and treatment apparatus: A process for treating the surface of a resin substrate with an ozone gas by bringing the ozone gas into contact with the surface includes the steps of: generating an ozone gas; humidifying the generated ozone gas; and exposing the surface of the resin substrate to the humidified ozone gas.... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110305840 - Chemical conversion treatment liquid for metallic material and process for treatment: A zinc phosphate chemical conversion treatment liquid comprising 500 to 4,000 ppm of phosphate ions and 300 to 1,200 ppm of zinc ions, as a treatment liquid for depositing a zinc phosphate coating over the metallic material through chemical conversion treatment, wherein coefficient K (K=10X×P2×Z3/1018) as calculated from phosphate ion... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20110305841 - Preservation of wood, compositions and methods thereof: The disclosure relates to compositions for wood preservation and methods of applying compositions for wood preservation. The compositions comprise nonionic surfactant mixtures and prepolymer. Compositions of nonionic surfactant mixtures and prepolymers can be used advantageously in methods to preserve wood by impregnation of the wood with preservatives at ambient atmospheric... Agent: Apinee, Inc.

20110305842 - Floatable opposables for applying fluids to process biological samples: A slide processing apparatus is used to apply substances for processing specimens. The slide processing apparatus can deliver a substance to a mounting surface of a slide carrying the specimen. The substance can be contacted with an opposable held by an opposable holder device. The opposable is pulled towards the... Agent: Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.

20110305843 - Process for the preparation of the top coat layer of an automotive oem multi-layer coating: A coating process wherein a precoated automotive substrate is OEM top coated with an aqueous two-component polyurethane top coating composition prepared by static mixing a non-aqueous hydrophobic polyisocyanate crosslinker component and an aqueous binder component having a binder solids content comprising at least one water-dilutable hydroxyl-functional binder and 5 to... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110305844 - Methods for treating textiles with an antimicrobial composition: In one embodiment, a method for treating a textile with an antimicrobial composition includes preparing an antimicrobial composition that includes water, an organic acid, chitosan, and one or more heterocyclic N-halamine compounds, preparing an aqueous solution that comprises the antimicrobial composition, applying the aqueous solution to a textile, and heating... Agent: Global Biochemical Development, LLC

20110305845 - Manufacture method of decorative zipper: The present invention discloses a decorative zip manufacturing method, which comprises the steps of: melting and coating the thermoplastic resin on the surface of at least one side of the zip ribbon to gain a zip with a thermoplastic resin layer; melting the thermoplastic resin layer and fixing a functional... Agent: Jiangmen M.f.b.s. Machinery Ltd.

20110305846 - Apparatus and method for surface processing: The present disclosure provides a surface processing apparatus, comprising a reaction chamber provided to form a deposition layer on a substrate, a carrying chamber connected to the reaction chamber and comprising a slot, and a plasma generator installed in the slot and providing plasma to process the substrate surface. Whereby... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110305847 - Linear plasma system: The invention relates to a linear plasma system. The linear plasma system includes a number of troughs of an electrode alternating with a number of peaks of the electrode forming a sawtooth shape, a reactive gas feed, a precursor gas feed, and a power source. The reactive gas feed is... Agent: Belight Technology Corporation, Limited

12/08/2011 > 23 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20110300289 - Coating method and manufacturing method of organic el display: A coating method in which ink droplets containing functional material are ejected through nozzles on a substrate having a plurality of pixel regions and lyophobic portions adjacent to the respective pixel regions, to form a functional layer in each of the pixel regions includes: landing an ink droplet on a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110300290 - Device for fabricating electrode by roll to roll process and method for fabricating electrode: There are provided a device for fabricating an electrode by a roll-to-roll process and a method for fabricating an electrode. The device for fabricating an electrode includes an unwinding roll and a winding roll travelling an electrode material; a film forming roll disposed between the unwinding roll and the winding... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110300291 - Method for film formation, apparatus for film formation, and computer-readable recording medium: Disclosed is a method for film formation, characterized by comprising allowing a treatment gas stream containing a metal carbonyl-containing treatment gas and a carbon monoxide-containing carrier gas to flow into a region on the upper outside of the outer periphery of a substrate to be treated in a diameter direction... Agent:

20110300292 - Method for making lithium battery cathode composite material: A method for making a lithium battery cathode composite is provided. First, a plurality of lithium vanadium phosphate particles is provided. A lithium iron phosphate layer is then formed on an outer surface of each of the lithium vanadium phosphate particle by coating a lithium iron phosphate precursor slurry, thereby... Agent: Tsinghua University

20110300293 - System and method for producing particles and patterned films: A system including a mold having a fluoropolymer wherein the mold defines a plurality of cavities having a predetermined shape and a cross-sectional dimension less than about 100 micrometers; a roller; a surface in cooperation with the roller to form a nip point configured to receive the mold, wherein the... Agent: Liquidia Technologies, Inc.

20110300294 - Writable-erasable surfaces: Writable-erasable surfaces prepared by a powder coating process are provided. The coatings have many desirable attributes. For example, the coatings (e.g., powder compositions) cure rapidly at elevated temperatures or under radiation, have low VOC emissions, and have reduced tendency to form ghost images, even after prolonged and repeated normal use.... Agent: Ideapaint, Inc.

20110300295 - Jetting dispenser and method of jetting highly cohesive adhesives: Jetting dispensers and methods of non-contact dispensing a hot melt adhesive onto a substrate. The method may include jetting a plurality of droplets of the hot melt adhesive from a nozzle outlet toward the substrate in a direction of travel. Each droplet has a droplet length approximately aligned with the... Agent: Nordson Corporation

20110300296 - Bulk polymerization of silicone-containing copolymers: Methods for preparing silicone-containing polymers by essentially adiabatic polymerization methods are disclosed. The polymerization system includes free radically polymerizable monomers. The monomers include ethylenically unsaturated cone-containing monomers and/or mercapto-functional silicones as well as additional free radically polymerizable monomers. The silicone-containing polymers are useful as adhesives or release materials.... Agent:

20110300297 - Multi-wafer rotating disc reactor with inertial planetary drive: Wafer carriers and methods for moving wafers in a reactor. The wafer carrier may include a platen with a plurality of compartments and a plurality of wafer platforms. The platen is configured to rotate about a first axis. Each of the wafer platforms is associated with one of the compartments... Agent: Veeco Instruments Inc.

20110300298 - Clear ink composition: There is provided a clear ink composition containing a water-insoluble alkanediol having at least seven carbon atoms, a water-soluble alcohol that functions as a dissolution aid for dissolving the water-insoluble alkanediol, water, a fine polymer particle at least containing polyolefin, and a fluorene resin. A colorant is not used.... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110300299 - Banded papers, smoking articles and methods: Wrapper for cigarette manufacture includes transversely extending band regions applied by a printing technique, such as gravure printing. The band regions comprise starch, an anti-wrinkling agent such as 1,2 propylene glycol or glycerin, and optionally calcium carbonate. Any suitable printing technique can be used to apply the aqueous solution to... Agent: Philip Morris Usa Inc.

20110300300 - In situ foaming in artificial stone: A method of manufacturing a body structure for a door or other furniture is provided. A skeletal framework is placed on an uncured artificial stone mix deposited on a release sheet placed on a surface. Liquid structural foam is introduced within the skeletal framework. The skeletal framework is wrapped with... Agent:

20110300301 - Resin applicator and method of using the same: The present invention provides an apparatus and a method for applying resin to a plurality of fibres, comprising: a housing (10) having at least one fibre entry port (20) and at least one fibre exit port; at least one fibre spreading surface (50a) arranged, in use, to spread a plurality... Agent:

20110300302 - Compositions for the treatment of timber and other wood substrates: This invention is related to a wood preservative composition comprising i) at least one active ingredient, and ii) a carrier system containing at least 10% w/w of a solvent selected from one or more ester compounds of the formula (I) wherein: R and R′ are independently selected from Ci-Cβ-alkyl groups,... Agent: Tim Tech Chemicals Limited

20110300303 - Sulfidation-resistant coating system and process therefor: A coating system and process for protecting component surfaces exposed to sulfur-containing environments at elevated temperatures. The coating system includes a sulfidation-resistant overlay coating that is predominantly niobium or molybdenum.... Agent: General Electric Company

20110300304 - Spray self assembly: An apparatus (and a method of making an apparatus) that includes a flexible functional material. The flexible functional material includes nano-particle layer(s) and linking agent layer(s). The nano-particle layer(s) are bonded to the linking agent layer(s). The nano-particle layer(s) and/or linking agent layer(s) are deposited by being sprayed. Since nano-particle... Agent:

20110300305 - Mechanical sintering of nanoparticle inks and powders: Nanoparticle inks and powders are sintered using an applied mechanical energy, such as uniaxial pressure, hydrostatic pressure, and ultrasonic energy, which may also include applying a sheer force to the inks or powders in order to make the resultant film or line conductive.... Agent: Applied Nanotech Holdings, Inc.

20110300306 - Coaxial laser assisted cold spray nozzle: A cold spray nozzle assembly for applying a coating of particles to a substrate includes a nozzle defining an inner passage with a nozzle exit. The nozzle assembly also includes a particle supply member in communication with the inner passage. The particle supply member supplies the particles to flow and... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20110300307 - Method for manufacturing wiring board: A method for manufacturing a wiring board includes forming a conductive pattern on an insulation layer, forming on the conductive pattern a resin insulation layer containing a resin and a silica-type filler, and irradiating a laser beam having an absorption rate with respect to the conductive pattern is in an... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20110300308 - Streamer cable with enhanced properties: The present invention relates to streamer cables. One embodiment of the present invention relates to a method for preparing a streamer cable. The method may comprise retrofitting the streamer cable with a solid void-filler material, where the streamer cable was configured as a liquid-filled streamer cable. The retrofitting may comprise... Agent: Teledyne Instruments, Inc.

20110300310 - Method and device for coating functional surfaces: A method and system for coating the functional surfaces of symmetrically serrated components, in particular the tooth flanks of gears, includes a coating source emitting coating material in the form of electrically charged particles in the direction of a revolving component. A high-quality functional surface coating of the component is... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

20110300309 - Plasma film deposition method: A plasma nozzle supplies a plasmatized electric discharge gas, and a first supply section in a flow regulator which is interposed between the plasma nozzle and a base member supplies a first liquid-phase raw material. A second supply section which is separate from the first supply section supplies a second... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110300311 - Production method of electrode and discharge surface treatment therewith: A surface treatment method of a subject body is comprised steps of: packing and pressurizing powder including an electrically conductive material in a mold so as to obtain a plurality of compressed powder bodies; joining the plurality of compressed powder bodies together by arranging the plurality of compressed powder bodies... Agent: Ihi Corporation

12/01/2011 > 38 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20110293819 - Method and apparatus for cleaning organic deposition materials: A method of cleaning off organic deposition material accumulated on a mask includes forming an organic deposition material pattern on a substrate using the mask, which includes a plurality of slots, in a deposition chamber including a deposition source; transporting the mask to a stock chamber that is maintained at... Agent:

20110293818 - Method and apparatus for depositing a film using a rotating source: The disclosure generally relates to a method and apparatus for depositing a substantially solid film onto a substrate. The solid film can be an Organic Light-Emitting Diode (“OLED”). In one embodiment, the disclosure relates to using a material supply, a rotating or moving mechanism having at least one transfer surface... Agent: Kateeva Inc.

20110293820 - Metal-polymer composites comprising nanostructures and applications thereof: Metal-polymer composites, and methods of making and use thereof, said composites comprising a thermally-cured dense polyaniline substrate; an acid dopant; and, metal nanostructure deposits wherein the deposits have a morphology dependent upon the acid dopant.... Agent: Los Alamos National Security, LLC

20110293821 - Process for the preparation of plates for lead-acid batteries: To improve the procedure for producing plates for lead-acid batteries, it is proposed with the invention to expose the pasted plates to saturated steam in one phase of the procedure.... Agent: Hoppecke Batterien Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110293822 - Method and apparatus for preparing a polarizing dye receiving surface: A method of preparing a polarizing dye receiving surface includes bringing the polarizing dye receiving surface into contact with a brushing surface of a brush pad carrying an abrasive material and brushing the polarizing dye receiving surface with the brushing surface in one or more brushing strokes. Each brushing stroke... Agent:

20110293823 - Method and device for producing a plastic coating: m

20110293824 - Intermediate transfer belt and electrophotographic apparatus: To provide an intermediate transfer belt for use in an electrophotographic apparatus, including as an outermost surface thereof: uniform convex regions formed by aligning independent spherical resin particles in a surface direction; and depressed regions formed of a lubricant layer which respectively lie between the convex regions.... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20110293826 - Apparatus and method for coating internal surfaces of a turbine engine component: A coating apparatus for coating interior surfaces of internal passages of a workpiece, such as a turbine engine component is provided. The coating apparatus comprises a vessel defining an internal space, a plate dividing the internal space into a first chamber and a second chamber, a divider supporting the plate,... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20110293825 - Method and an arrangement for vapour phase coating of an internal surface of at least one hollow article: An arrangement for vapour phase coating an internal surface of hollow articles comprises a part plate, at least one spud site and at least one manifold. The part plate defines a portion of a chamber for supplying a vapour coating. Each spud site has a tube and a first mouldable... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20110293827 - Method of reducing magnetite formation: A method of reducing magnetite formation in the bore of a pipe including the steps of selecting a pipe with a pre-existing oxide layer on its inner bore surface and coating the pre-existing oxide layer with an oxidation resistant metal to thereby reduce magnetite formation in the bore of the... Agent:

20110293828 - Method for manufacturing a complexly shaped composite material part: A method of fabricating a complex part out of composite material including three-dimensional woven fiber reinforcement densified by a matrix, the method including three-dimensionally weaving a continuous fiber strip including a succession of fiber blanks for preforms of a plurality of parts that are to be fabricated; subsequently cutting individual... Agent: Snecma Propulsion Solide

20110293829 - Coating method and apparatus, a permanent magnet, and manufacturing method thereof: The object of the present invention is to improve the productivity of a permanent magnet and to manufacture it at a low cost by effectively coating Dy and Tb on a surface of the magnet of Fe—B-rare earth elements having a predetermined configuration. The permanent magnet of the present invention... Agent:

20110293831 - Linear batch chemical vapor deposition system: Described is a linear batch CVD system that includes a deposition chamber, one or more substrate carriers, gas injectors and a heating system. Each substrate carrier is disposed in the deposition chamber and has at least one receptacle configured to receive a substrate. The substrate carriers are configured to hold... Agent: Aventa Systems, LLC

20110293832 - Method and apparatus for depositing thin layers of polymeric para-xylylene or substituted para-xylylene: The invention relates to an apparatus and a method for depositing one or more thin layers of polymeric para-xylylene. Said apparatus comprises a heated evaporator (1) used for evaporating a solid or liquid starting material. A supply pipe (11) for a carrier gas extends into said evaporator (1). The carrier... Agent: Aixtron Ag

20110293830 - Precursors and methods for atomic layer deposition of transition metal oxides: Methods are provided herein for forming transition metal oxide thin films, preferably Group IVB metal oxide thin films, by atomic layer deposition. The metal oxide thin films can be deposited at high temperatures using metalorganic reactants. Metalorganic reactants comprising two ligands, at least one of which is a cycloheptatriene or... Agent:

20110293834 - Thermal activated pressure sensitive adhesive and method for producing the same and product therewith: A thermally activated pressure sensitive adhesive includes a substrate having a thermally activated pressure sensitive adhesive applied to one side of thereof. A method and system for includes forming a pressure sensitive adhesive coated substrate using a thermally activated pressure sensitive adhesive coated substrate.... Agent:

20110293833 - Zwitterionic block copolymers and methods: Zwitterionic block copolymers having oppositely charged or chargeable terminal groups, and methods of making and using the same, are disclosed. The zwitterionic block copolymers can undergo microphase separation.... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20110293835 - Apparatus, tool and methods for depositing annular or circular wedge coatings: An apparatus for depositing annular or circular wedge coatings with arbitrary dependence of thickness versus position includes a coating tool in which at least one substrate is disposed in a line of sight arrangement vs. least one deposition source, each substrate having an axis of symmetry and associated with a... Agent: Ci Systems (israel) Ltd.

20110293836 - Thermal barrier coating method, masking pin and combustor transition piece: A thermal barrier coating method forms a thermal barrier coating by spray coating over the surface of a component where cooling holes are made. The thermal barrier coating is formed by spray coating after masking pins, which do not protrude above the surface of the component, are inserted into the... Agent:

20110293837 - Composition and procedure for applying phase change materials (pcms) to natural stone: The present invention relates to a composition of phase change materials (PCMs) and to the application thereof to natural stone in order to improve the thermal properties of same. Different PCMs are used depending on the type of stone and the manner in which they are introduced into or applied... Agent:

20110293838 - Flux and fluxing bath for hot dip galvanization, process for the hot dip galvanization of an iron or steel article: The present invention generally relates to a flux for hot dip galvanization comprising from: 36 to 80 wt. % (percent by weight) of zinc chloride (ZnCl2); 8 to 62 wt. % of ammonium chloride (NH4C); from 2.0 to 10 wt. % of a least one of the following compounds: NiCl2,... Agent: Galva Power Group Nv

20110293839 - Water-based impermeabilization composition for coating diverse substrates: The present invention relates to a water-based waterproof composition for coating different substrates characterized in that it is formulated by including a elastomeric acrylic comprising a mechanical reinforcing fiber of an elastic material produced by a fiber yarn process, that, once applied and dried keeps its elongation properties.... Agent: Polimeros, Adhesivos Y Derivados, S.a. De C.v.

20110293840 - Systems and methods for fabricating a direct metal deposition structure having fully forged structural qualities: A method for fabricating a direct metal deposition (DMD) structure having substantially fully forged structural qualities is provided. In various embodiments, the method includes depositing a layer of metallic material onto an existing metallic structure having a microstructure that provides the existing metallic structure with substantially fully forged structural qualities.... Agent: The Curators Of The University Of Missouri

20110293841 - Process and composition for treating metal surfaces: m

20110293842 - Water-based two-component coating compositions:

20110293843 - Solvent-borne coating composition containing acetoacyl-functional polymers: A coating composition comprising an acetoacyl-functional polymer, an organic solvent, and a crosslinking agent.... Agent: Valspar Sourcing, Inc.

20110293844 - Paint composition and coating film formation method: The present invention provides coating composition comprising (A) carboxy-containing polymer, (B) epoxy-containing acrylic resin, and (C) carboxy-containing reaction product with an acid value of 50 to 200 mg KOH/g and a number average molecular weight of 600 to 5,000 obtained by a half-esterification reaction of an acid anhydride with a... Agent:

20110293845 - Methods of bonding pure rhenium to a substrate: Methods are provided for bonding pure rhenium to a substrate comprising a material. Non-lubricated components configured to have friction contact with another component are also provided. In an embodiment, by way of example only, a method includes disposing a eutectic alloy over the substrate to form an inter layer, the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110293846 - Method for coating target surfaces in the form of dielectric substances or ferroelectric crystals: The invention relates to supports consisting of nanoscalar polymer fibres, polymer tubes or hollow fibres for the application and targeted and/or delayed release of ingredients, in particular, agricultural active ingredients. The invention also relates to a method and a device for the production of supports of this type in a... Agent: Philipps-universitat Marburg

20110293847 - Particle-beam induced processing using liquid reactants: A system or method of charge particle beam induced materials processing is disclosed. A charged particle beam (electron or ion) is focused at the interface of a substrate and a bulk liquid. The beam induces a localized chemical reaction that results in deposition or etching of deterministic micro- or nano-scale... Agent:

20110293848 - Method and system for treating flexible films: A system and method for treating films. The method comprises steps of: providing a flexible film having a first side and a second side; flame treating the first side of the flexible film; subsequently treating the first side with plasma. the treated film may subsequently have a coating applied and... Agent:

20110293849 - Method for producing a brake disc: s

20110293850 - Transparent carbon nanotube electrode with net-like carbon nanotube film and preparation method thereof: Provided is a transparent carbon nanotube (CNT) electrode comprising a net-like (i.e., net-shaped) CNT thin film and a method for preparing the same. More specifically, a transparent CNT electrode comprises a transparent substrate and a net-shaped CNT thin film formed on the transparent substrate, and a method for preparing a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110293851 - Method for creating a substrate for printed or coated functionality, substrate, functional device and its use: The invention relates to a method for creating a substrate for printed or coated functionality. The method comprises obtaining a base web substrate comprising cellulose and/or wood fibres, coating the base web substrate with a barrier layer, and coating the barrier layer with a top coat layer comprising mineral and/or... Agent:

20110293854 - Atomic layer growing apparatus and thin film forming method: An atomic layer growing apparatus introduces an organic metal gas containing hydrogen to a deposition vessel to cause an organic metal component to be adsorbed on a substrate. Then, the apparatus introduces an oxidizing gas or a nitriding gas to the deposition vessel to generate plasma, thereby oxidizing or nitriding... Agent: Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd

20110293852 - Organometallic precursor compounds: This invention relates to organometallic precursor compounds represented by the formula (H)mM(R)n wherein M is a metal or metalloid, R is the same or different and is a substituted or unsubstituted, saturated or unsaturated, heterocyclic radical containing at least one nitrogen atom, m is from 0 to a value less... Agent:

20110293853 - Thin film forming apparatus and thin film forming method: A thin film forming apparatus controls pressures of a first internal space in a deposition vessel and a second internal space provided in the first internal space according to determined pressure conditions, respectively. The apparatus causes a source gas to flow onto a substrate in the second internal space and... Agent: Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd

20110293855 - Method of producing coated member: A method of producing a coated member in which a base material surface is at least partially coated with a diamond-like carbon film, the method includes: a diamond-like carbon film deposition process in which a diamond-like carbon film is formed on a surface of the base material by generating plasma... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

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