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11/24/2011 > 29 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20110287167 - Ceramic coating and method of preparation thereof: A ceramic coating with gradient density/porosity and/or incorporated biologically active agents can be fabricated on the surface of substrates, including the surface of implantable medical devices.... Agent:

20110287168 - Wet granulation system comprising at least one ultrasonic nozzle: The present disclosure relates to a system for uniform distribution of a liquid binder onto a surface of particulate solids of at least one pharmaceutical product. The system comprises a substantially circular mixer, provided with rotating means in a lower part, configured to rotate the solids along a periphery of... Agent:

20110287169 - Medical product for treating stenosis of body passages and for preventing threatening restenosis: A method for coating catheter balloons with a defined amount of a pharmacologically active agent, uses a coating device having a volume measuring device for releasing a measurable amount of a coating solution by means of a dispensing device specifically onto the surface of the catheter balloon.... Agent: Hemoteq Ag

20110287170 - Method and apparatus for applying particulate: The present disclosure relates to a particulate feeding apparatus for applying particulate, such as super-absorbent materials, to a substrate, such as a fibrous web. The apparatus may include a feeder tube for the powder and a rotary gate valve, including one or more holes, which may then intermittently feed particulate... Agent: Innovent, An Unincorporated Division Of Standex International Corporation

20110287171 - Active material coating apparatus and coating method using the same: An active material coating apparatus according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes a lower die having a groove for supplying an active material of a slurry state and forming a first lip portion of an outlet slot connected to the groove and outputting the active material; an... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20110287172 - Substrate processing apparatus, control device thereof, and control method thereof: A process gas supply cycle pattern that will adversely affect the result of processing is changed beforehand. Based on information supplied from a setting input section, a pattern computation section obtains the result of computation of a process gas supply cycle pattern that includes a rotation cycle of a substrate... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110287173 - Transparent electrically-conductive hard-coated substrate and method for producing the same: A transparent electrically-conductive hard-coated substrate of the invention comprises a transparent base material; a deposited carbon nanotubes layer formed on the transparent base material; and a cured resin layer formed on the deposited carbon nanotubes layer, wherein the deposited carbon nanotubes layer has a thickness of 10 nm or less,... Agent:

20110287174 - Novel catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in fuel cells: A method for making a carbon-metal-nitrogen oxygen reducing cathode catalyst, the method comprising mixing a carbon source with a transition metal precursor to form a metal precursor loaded carbon substrate; adding a nitrogen precursor compound to the metal precursor loaded carbon substrate to form a carbon-metal-nitrogen precursor; and pyrolyzing the... Agent: Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University

20110287175 - Cyclooctatetraenetricarbonyl ruthenium complex, method of producing the same, and method of producing film using the complex as raw material: m

20110287176 - Method for producing ceramic electronic component: In order to prevent the ingress of moisture into a void section of a component main body of a ceramic electronic component, at least the component main body of the ceramic electronic component is provided with water repellency using a water repellent agent. The water repellent agent is dissolved in... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110287177 - Vacuum processing apparatus, substrate rotation apparatus, and deposition method: An apparatus for rotating a substrate having a center hole, comprises a pickup member configured to hold the substrate by holding an edge of the center hole, and a driving unit configured to drive the pickup member, wherein the driving unit is configured to insert the pickup member into the... Agent: Canon Anelva Corporation

20110287178 - Deposition process: Anti reflective silica coatings are deposited on the glass ribbon produced during a float glass or a rolled glass production process using a flame pyrolysis deposition process which is preferably a combustion chemical vapour deposition process. The temperature of the ribbon is greater than 200° C. The process may be... Agent: Pilkington Group Limited

20110287179 - Device and method for applying glue: A device (1) for applying glue onto labels, comprising a drum (2) rotatable about a predetermined rotational axis (X), including a glue application unit (4) for applying glue onto an external surface (2a) of the rotatable drum (2), said glue application unit (4) including a receiving space (16) for receiving... Agent:

20110287180 - System and method for using a force model to control process configurations for the encapsulation of a web: The present invention relates to methods and apparatus for manufacturing a treated web. The subject methods and apparatus involve the control of numerous variables, including, without limitation, web tension (both overall web tension as well as the web tension immediately before and after each individual blade), angle of entry of... Agent:

20110287181 - Method for producing nanostructures by means of spinodal decrosslinking: Disclosed is a method for producing regularly arranged nanowires from a nanowire-forming material on a substrate. Said method is characterized by the following steps: a) the material is introduced into a carrier liquid at a load remaining at least three orders of magnitude below the loading capacity of the carrier... Agent:

20110287182 - Apparatus and method for coloring landscape material: An apparatus for coloring landscape material, including a frame and a drum rotatably mounted on the frame. The drum includes a longitudinal centerline and a wall that defines a chamber. A plurality of projections are formed on an inner surface of the wall in the chamber. A colorant delivery system... Agent: Mulch Manufacturing Inc.

20110287183 - Manufacturing method of gas diffusion layer: A gas diffusion layer, a manufacturing apparatus and a manufacturing method thereof are provided. The gas diffusion layer having different hydrophilic/hydrophobic structure and channel therein can be manufactured quickly and easily by using a coating mask. The gas diffusion layer is used in various fuel cells to enhance the ability... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110287184 - Precursor compositions and methods: Compositions including an amido-group-containing vapor deposition precursor and a stabilizing additive are provided. Such compositions have improved thermal stability and increased volatility as compared to the amido-group-containing vapor deposition precursor itself. These compositions are useful in the deposition of thin films, such as by atomic layer deposition.... Agent: Rohm And Haas Electronic Materials LLC

20110287185 - Adaptive manufacturing device and method: Various devices, systems and methods for manufacturing are discussed. For example, a manufacturing device is discussed that includes a hopper/wiper device operable to apply layers of material to a bed, and heater means operable to heat selected areas of each layer to form a product. The hopper/wiper device is operable... Agent:

20110287186 - Method for making a phoshate-treated galvanized steel sheet: A method for making a phosphate-treated galvanized steel sheet, including forming a phosphate film on the surface of a galvanized layer of a galvanized steel sheet using a phosphate treatment solution containing Zn2+ and Mg2+ so as to satisfy 2.0<Zn2+≦5.0 g/L, 2.0≦Mg2+≦5.0 g/L, and 0.4≦Mg2+/Zn2+≦2.5, and satisfying 0.020≦free acidity/total acidity<0.10.... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20110287187 - Reduced phosphorus (tbep) floor coatings: The invention provides an aqueous floor coating composition, comprising water, at least one polymer film forming agent, and a plasticizing agent, wherein at least a portion of the plasticizing agent is a synergistic combination of tributoxyethyl phosphate and a benzoate ester blend. Such compositions have reduced phosphorus content, yet retain... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20110287188 - Processes for applying a conversion coating with conductive additive(s) and the resultant coated articles: A process for coating an article includes the steps of contacting an article with a first solution to produce a coated article, the first solution includes a solvent and at least one non-conductive material comprising at least one oxide of a metal; contacting with a second solution the coated article... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20110287189 - Method of the electrode production: The invention relates to methods of gas detonation deposition (gas detonation explosion) applying coatings, especially layers of materials for electrochemical devices for use as electrodes in electrochemical energy generation and storage devices such as batteries, supercapacitors, photovoltaic cells, and the like. In the method of the gas detonation deposition the... Agent: Enerize Corporation

20110287190 - Ultraviolet light curing compositions for composite repair: Methods and compositions concerning an ultraviolet light curable formulation useful for repairing composite materials including the repair of a hole in the exterior of an airplane. The formulation may contain an acrylic oligomer, an acrylic monomer, an organic peroxide, a dialkylaniline promoter, a photoinitiator. The formulation can include a filler... Agent: Texas Research International, Inc.

20110287191 - Production method of multilayer pieces comprising inclined holes and resistant to high thermal stresses, and use of the method for repairing pieces: One or more embodiments relate to a production method of multilayer pieces comprising holes having inclined axes and the pieces being resistant to high temperatures and having a bond sub-layer and a thermal barrier coating layer (TBC) comprising depositing the bond sub-layer on the substrate of the piece, depositing the... Agent: C.r.m.a.

20110287192 - Device and method for coating a substrate using cvd: The invention relates to a device for coating a substrate (14) using CVD, in particular for coating with diamond or silicon, wherein a heat conductor array comprising a plurality of elongated heat conductors (2) is provided in a housing (10), said heat conductors extending between a first (1) and a... Agent: Diaccon Gmbh

20110287193 - Apparatus and method for treating an object: The invention relates to an apparatus for treating an object using a plasma process. The apparatus comprises a supporting structure for supporting the object, and an electrode structure for generating the plasma process. Further, the apparatus comprises multiple gas flow paths for separately flowing materials towards the object. In addition,... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast- Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

20110287194 - Device and method for coating a substrate using cvd: The invention relates to a device for coating a substrate using CVD, in particular for coating with diamond or silicon, wherein a neat conductor array composed of a plurality of elongated heat conductors (2) is provided in a housing (9), said heat conductors extending between a first (1) and a... Agent: Diaccon Gmbh

20110287195 - Curing apparatus employing angled uvleds: A UVLED apparatus (and related system and method) provide efficient curing of an optical-fiber coating on a drawn glass fiber. The apparatus employs one or more UVLEDs that emit electromagnetic radiation into a curing space. An incompletely cured optical-fiber coating, which is formed upon a glass fiber, absorbs emitted and... Agent: Draka Comteq B.v.

11/17/2011 > 21 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20110281019 - Direct fluid coating of drug eluting balloon: A system and method for coating an expandable member of a medical device comprises providing a dispenser in fluid communication with a fluid source with the dispenser having at least one outlet to dispense fluid of the fluid source therefrom. The outlet(s) of the dispenser is positioned proximate a surface... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20110281020 - Maintaining a fixed distance during coating of drug coated balloon: A system and method for coating an expandable member of a medical device comprising a support structure to support the expandable member and a dispenser positioned with at least one outlet proximate a surface of an expandable member. A drive assembly establishes relative movement between the at least one outlet... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20110281021 - Rapidly disintegrating dosage form for releasing active ingredients in the oral cavity or in body cavities: A dosage form which is, in particular, sheet-like and rapidly disintegrating or soluble in an aqueous environment for rapid release of active ingredients in the oral cavity, in body orifices or in body cavities, where the dosage form comprises a matrix which comprises one or more water-soluble polymers as base... Agent: Lts Lohmann Therapie-systeme Ag

20110281022 - Methods for controlling the release rate and improving the mechanical properties of a stent coating: Methods for controlling the release rate and improving the mechanical properties of a stent coating are disclosed.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20110281023 - Self-aligned bevels for write poles: A method of depositing material onto a base portion of a wafer is disclosed. The method includes forming a bevel into a portion of a surface of the base portion of the wafer and depositing a first layer of conductive material onto the beveled portion of the base portion so... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20110281024 - Method for preventing or reducing silver migration in the crossover areas of a membrane touch switch: Disclosed is the use of carbon layers as barriers to prevent silver migration in circuitry crossovers, either over a bottom circuitry layer and/or beneath subsequent circuit layers.... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110281025 - Curable composition for transfer materials, and (meth) acryloyl group-containing urea compound: The invention provides curable compositions for transfer materials suited for nanoimprinting, which have very high transfer properties in a nanoimprinting process, show high selectivity in dry etching rate between by argon gas and by oxygen gas, and can be fabricated into fine patterns with high throughput. The curable composition for... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20110281026 - Cleaning method for coating systems: The present invention relates to a pretreatment method to be applied to secondary surfaces in coating systems prior to coating. To this end, a non-stick coating is applied to the secondary surfaces, which can be easily detached from the secondary surfaces, even after coating material has been deposited thereon. In... Agent: Oerlikon Trading Ag, Trubbach

20110281027 - Method of making a porous polymer-metal and carbon-metal composites: The invention provides a method for the self-assembly of organometallics within a sacrificial amphiphilic template in order to produce uniform mesoporous carbon composites coated with the organometallic component.... Agent: Arizona Board Of Regents, A Body Corporate Of The State Of Arizona , Acting For And On Behalf Of Ari

20110281028 - Method for double-dip substrate spin optimization of coated micro array supports: Described is a method for preparing a substrate-coated support for use in micro-array devices. The method comprises the steps of applying a first coat of substrate to a support, making the substrate coating ramp by subjecting the coated support to centripetal forces, adding a second coat of substrate to the... Agent: Sqi Diagnostics Systems Inc.

20110281030 - Particulate materials for acoustic texture material: A composition for forming a textured coating on drywall material, where the textured coating substantially matches a pre-existing acoustic texture material on the drywall material, comprises acoustic texture material and propellant material. The acoustic texture material comprises a base portion the base portion is capable of existing in a flowable... Agent: Homax Products, Inc.

20110281031 - Industrial vapour generator for depositing an alloy coating on a metal strip: The present invention relates to a vacuum deposition facility for depositing a metal alloy coating on a substrate (7), said facility being equipped with a vapour generator/mixer comprising a vacuum chamber (6) in the form of an enclosure provided with means for creating a vacuum state therein relative to the... Agent:

20110281029 - Method for forming thin film: Deterioration of the degree of vacuum in a vacuum chamber is prevented while securing adequate cooling performance by gas cooling. A substrate 21 is provided in a vacuum, and the cooling body 1 is provided close to a film non-formation surface of the substrate 21. A thin film is formed... Agent:

20110281032 - Ink compostion and recording method: An ink composition includes an aluminum pigment, a white pigment, and a dispersion solvent, wherein the ink composition has a structure in which the aluminum pigment is dispersed in the dispersion solvent and the content of the white pigment is 0.01% to 10% based on the content of the aluminum... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110281033 - Coating method: A coating method for coating an enclosure is disclosed. A masking material and a coating material are applied to a flange of the enclosure. The masking material does not absorb the coating material.... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20110281034 - Layer-by-layer fabrication method of sprayed nanopaper: A layer-by-layer fabrication method of sprayed nanopaper is disclosed in the present invention. According to one embodiment, a plurality of nano-micro particles are suspended in a solvent to form a sprayable particle precursor. Afterwards, one or more sprayed nanopapers are formed by vacuum-assisted layer-by-layer spray of the sprayable particle precursor... Agent:

20110281035 - Chemical synthesis for graphene sheets greater than 1 um in length: A method for preparing a graphene sheet greater than 1 μm in length that includes: combining graphitic oxide with a solvent having a ratio of from about 50:50 to about 80:20 deionized water and ethanol to form a graphitic oxide solution; mixing a solution of NaBH4 and deionized water and... Agent:

20110281036 - Fuser member with intermediate adhesive layer: In accordance with the disclosure, a fusing member is provided comprising, in order, a base member, a cured liquid silicone rubber substrate layer, an amino silane, and an anhydrous solvent containing adhesive layer. The fusing member further comprises a fluoroelastomer fusing surface topcoat layer including poly (vinylidene fluoride-tetrafluoroethylene-hexafluoropropylene).... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110281037 - One-part dual curing clear coating composition comprising acrylic modified acrylate for cars and dual curing process employing the same: The present invention relates to a one-part dual curing clear coating composition comprising acrylic modified acrylate for cars, the composition containing an acrylic oligomer resin and a melamine resin as main components, and to a dual curing process utilizing the clear coating composition, the process comprising applying the clear coating... Agent:

20110281038 - Production apparatus and method of producing a light-emitting device by using the same apparatus: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a light-emitting device. At least one of a light-emitting film forming step, a conductive film forming step and an insulating film forming step is carried out while holding a substrate in a manner that an angle subtended by a surface of... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20110281039 - Method for preventing or reducing contamination of an immersion type projection apparatus and an immersion type lithographic apparatus: A method for preventing or reducing contamination of an immersion type projection apparatus is provided. The apparatus includes at least one immersion space that is at least partially filled with a liquid when the apparatus projects a beam of radiation onto a substrate. The method includes rinsing at least part... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

11/10/2011 > 37 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20110274819 - Oral preparation with controlled release: A pharmaceutical pellet is disclosed, comprising a spherical core containing active ingredient with a smooth surface and a coating on the core which controls the release of the active ingredient in a pH-independent manner. With such a pellet the release of the active ingredient can follow a profile with a... Agent: Add Advanced Drug Delivery Technologies Ltd.

20110274820 - Coating composition and use thereof: The present invention relates to a new coating composition and especially a new coating composition to be used with a specific coating device for providing an even, thin and enclosing coating on tablets, capsules or pills of different sizes and shapes in order to improve the taste and the swallowing... Agent:

20110274823 - Application of a coating on a medical device: Methods and devices for the provision of a coating on an implantable medical device. The coating includes a bio-absorbable carrier component. In addition to the bio-absorbable carrier component, a therapeutic agent component can also be provided. The methods and devices provide a coating having improved uniformity and coverage which in... Agent:

20110274821 - Heparin coatings: The invention includes a medical hydrogel made from polymerized polysaccharide macromers. The macromers are preferably polysaccharides decorated with polymerizable groups, for example, methacrylates. The macromers may also be made into polymers of at least two macromers polymerized together. These polymers are preferably multi-armed or high-molecular weight and used for medical... Agent: Biointeractions, Ltd.

20110274822 - Rotatable support elements for stents: Various embodiments of methods and devices for coating stents are described herein.... Agent:

20110274824 - High strength suture coated with rgd peptide: A high strength surgical suture material with improved tie down characteristics and tissue compliance formed of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) yarns, the suture being coated with arginine-glycine-aspartate (RGD) peptide. The suture has exceptional strength, is ideally suited for most orthopedic procedures, and can be attached to a suture anchor... Agent:

20110274825 - Method of characterization of viscoelastic stress in elongated flow materials: The present invention generally relates to a device for measuring characteristics of polymeric fluids (semi-dilute and concentrated polymer solutions and melts) in extremely strong elongational flows. In one embodiment, the present invention relates to a device for measuring characteristics of polymeric fluids (semi-dilute and concentrated polymer solutions and melts) in... Agent: The University Of Akron

20110274826 - Method of manufacturing polarizing member: An embodiment of the present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a polarizing member comprising forming a polarizing film by coating a dichroic dye-containing solution on an orienting layer, preparing an epoxy group-containing silane coupling agent solution by adding an epoxy group-containing silane coupling agent to an aqueous solvent,... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20110274827 - Paint shop and method of operating a paint shop: In a paint plant which comprises at least one spray-painting device incorporating at least one application unit for painting workpieces and in particular motor vehicle bodies with a fluid paint, in order to enable the fluid paint overspray i.e. the paint particles which are not adhering to the workpieces that... Agent: Durr Systems Gmbh

20110274828 - Electrode manufacturing apparatus and electrode manufacturing method: An electrode manufacturing apparatus (100) is provided with an unwinding unit (10), a first oven end unit (20), a drying oven (30), a second oven end unit (80), and a winding unit (90). The first oven end unit (20) is provided with a first coating unit (27) that coats a... Agent:

20110274829 - Method for producing a flexible circuit configuration: For a method for producing a flexible circuit configuration in the form of a layer sequence of at least one insulating layer and at least one conductive layer, typically multiple insulating layers (N1, N2, N3, NF) and multiple structured conductive layers (L1, L2), the layer sequence for the flexible circuit... Agent: Cicor Management Ag

20110274830 - Method for producing a flexible circuit configuration: A method is specified for the production of a flexible circuit configuration, which allows the manufacturing of such flexible circuits on a carrier film cost-effectively and with high precision. For this purpose, the carrier film is fastened at the beginning of the method on a rigid frame, which encloses an... Agent: Cicor Management Ag

20110274831 - Manufacturing method of electronic part: A manufacturing method of an electronic part (varistor 2) whose device 4 is covered by an outer cover material 6, including the steps of: forming a first outer cover film 8 by coating and fixing a first outer cover film liquid material 30 that includes an organic solvent, on the... Agent: Nippon Chemi-con Corporation

20110274832 - Method for silica encapsulation of magnetic particles: Provided is a method of inhibiting magnetically induced aggregation of ferrimagnetic and/or ferromagnetic nanoparticles by encapsulating the nanoparticles in a silica shell. The method entails coating magnetic nanoparticle surfaces with a polyacid polymer to form polymer-coated magnetic nanoparticles and treating the polymer-coated magnetic nanoparticles with a silica precursor to form... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110274833 - Heat-curable powder coating composition: The invention relates to a one component heat curable powder coating composition system for being cured at a temperature from 60 to 130° C. comprising: a thermal initiation system and a resin system, wherein the reactivity of the thermal initiation system is such that the thermal initiation system provides a... Agent:

20110274834 - Methods and apparatus for applying adhesives in patterns to an advancing substrate: Methods and apparatuses herein may provide for the application of viscous fluids, such as adhesives, in pre-determined patterns to an advancing substrate. The fluid application apparatus may include a slot die applicator and a substrate carrier. The substrate carrier may include one or more pattern elements and may be adapted... Agent:

20110274835 - Method for membrane deposition: A method and apparatus for applying a uniform membrane coating to a substrate, such as a honeycomb structure, having a plurality of through-channels, wherein the through-channels have an average diameter of less than or equal to 3 mm. The method includes providing a liquid precursor comprising membrane-forming materials to the... Agent:

20110274837 - Ald reactor, method for loading ald reactor, and production line: An ALD reactor for treating one or more substrates is provided. The ALD reactor includes at least one reaction chamber which has a front plate including gas connections for introducing starting materials, flushing gases and the like gases into the reaction chamber. In addition, the front plate is arranged for... Agent: Beneq Oy

20110274836 - Removal of trapped silicon with a cleaning gas: Embodiments of the present invention relate to apparatus and methods of preventing build-up of explosive material in vacuum forelines of deposition systems. A cleaning gas such as nitrogen trifluoride (NF3) may be introduced into a particulate collection device including a catchpot having a configuration comprising a sloped interior surface area... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110274838 - System and process for the continuous vacuum coating of a material in web form: The system (1) for the continuous vacuum coating of a continuously suppliable material in web form (2) provided with feed means; at least one inlet chamber (4), wherein the transition between the inlet atmospheric pressure and the vacuum pressure of a coating chamber (5) incorporating at least one vacuum deposition... Agent: Novogenio, S.l.

20110274839 - Cantilevers for deposition: Cantilever design for patterning from a cantilever tip can be improved with, for example, a recessed area surrounding the cantilever tip. A device for printing nanoscopic and microscopic patterns includes at least one cantilever having a front surface, a first side edge, a second side edge, and a first end... Agent: Nanoink, Inc.

20110274840 - Apparatus and method of fabricating thin film pattern: An apparatus and a method of fabricating a thin film pattern, capable of forming a demolding seed between an imprinting mold and a substrate in a demolding process of demolding an imprinting mold from a substrate, are disclosed. The method of fabricating a thin film pattern includes coating imprinting resin... Agent:

20110274841 - Coil spring coating portion forming method and apparatus: In a coating portion forming method of a coil spring, the method includes steps of heating the coil spring, dipping the heated coil spring in a thermosetting resin solution, and reheating the coil spring which is pulled up from the thermosetting resin solution.... Agent: Showa Corporation

20110274842 - Corrosion resistant coating: A process has been developed which will provide a product that simulates zinc phosphate by providing a corrosion resistant coating on materials including but not limited to, steel, hot dipped galvanized or electrogalvanized metal. The simulated product provides very similar, if not the same, physical and visual attributes as zinc... Agent: Chemetall Corp.

20110274843 - Thermally crosslinking polyacrylates and process for their preparation: Crosslinker-accelerator system for the thermal crosslinking of polyacrylates with functional groups suitable for entering into linking reactions with cyclic ethers, more particularly epoxide groups or oxetane groups, comprising at least one substance containing epoxide or oxetane grouops (crosslinker) and at least one substance with an accelerating action for the linking... Agent: Tesa Aktiengesellschaft

20110274844 - Agent for the treatment of top-coat paint films to impart stain resistance and a method for the treatment of top-coat paint films to impart stain-resistance: An agent for imparting stain resistance to a top-coat paint film that has (a) from 3 to 10 mass % of a compound represented by Formula (1) or a partial hydrolysis condensate thereof, wherein Formula (1) is R1—(OCH2CH2)n—O—Si(OR2)3 wherein R1 is an alkyl group having 1 to 6 carbon atoms... Agent: Basf Coatings Japan Ltd.

20110274845 - Flexographic printing precursors and methods of making: A mixture of a high molecular weight EPDM rubber with a low molecular weight (liquid) EPDM rubber provides a highly useful laser-ablatable flexographic printing plate precursor formulation. This formulation is sensitive to infrared radiation by the incorporation of an IR absorbing compound such as a carbon black. The inclusion of... Agent:

20110274846 - Carrier, process for producing same, bioreactor, and chip for surface plasmon resonance analysis: A carrier comprises a base plate, a polymeric film, which has been bound on a surface of the base plate, and a ligand, which has been bound with the polymeric film. The ligand has been bound with the polymeric film at a density falling within the range of 1.0×1016 pieces/mm3... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110274847 - Universal actuator for coatings: An actuator device for applying a single or multi-component coating, which comprises: at least one universal attachment port configured to connect to one or more of a spray attachment, brush, applicator pad, or roller; a throughway configured to secure and/or position at least one feed tube in or on the... Agent: Richard Parks Corrosion Technologies, Inc.

20110274848 - Ejection device and droplet disposition method: An ejection device in which a multi-nozzle mechanism including failure nozzles ejects droplets such that variation in amounts of droplets (spacers) is prevented and droplets are disposed on spacer regions of a substrate. An ejection device includes a multi-nozzle mechanism including a pair of nozzle row units prepared by equally... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20110274849 - Packaging for two or more fluids: The invention relates to a packaging for fluids, said packaging comprising: a) a flexible pouch (10) preferably made from water and/or solvent impermeable material and having a total capacity, said pouch being provided with at least one port (14, 15) through which fluids may be introduced and dispensed, each said... Agent:

20110274850 - Hydrothermal synthesis of active materials and in situ spraying deposition for lithium ion battery: A method and apparatus for forming an electrochemical layer of a lithium ion battery is provided. A precursor mixture in a carrying medium is activated in a reactor chamber by application of energy to synthesize active materials. The activated precursor mixture is then spray deposited on a substrate. A binder... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110274851 - Apparatus for producing polycrystalline silicon: An apparatus for producing polycrystalline silicon in which raw gas including silicon compounds is introduced into a reactor, in which electric current is supplied to silicon seed rods in the reactor so as to heat the silicon seed rods, and in which polycrystalline silicon is deposited on surfaces of the... Agent: Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

20110274852 - Method for producing diamond-like carbon film: Disclosed is a method which enables stable and high-speed deposition of a diamond-like carbon film by plasma CVD using a general-purpose vacuum chamber without needing significant modification of the apparatus. Specifically, the method forms a diamond-like carbon film on a substrate by plasma CVD, in which the diamond-like carbon film... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20110274855 - Method for coating a component: The invention relates to a method for coating a component (16), wherein the component (16) is provided with at least one coating layer that can be cured by applying UV light, said layer having UV light applied thereto in an exposure chamber (14) comprising a substantially spherical or ellipsoidal interior... Agent: Daimler Ag

20110274854 - Method of making window unit including diamond-like carbon (dlc) coating: A method of making a coated article (e.g., window unit), and corresponding coated article are provided. A layer of or including diamond-like carbon (DLC) is formed on a glass substrate. Then, a protective layer is formed on the substrate over the DLC inclusive layer. During heat treatment (HT), the protective... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20110274853 - Negative photoresist composition and patterning method for device: The present invention relates to a negative photoresist composition and a patterning method for device in which a photoresist pattern having a high sensitivity with a good reverse taper profile can be formed not only to realize an effective patterning of various thin films but also to facilitate removal of... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

11/03/2011 > 28 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20110268866 - Coated stent: A coated stent (20) for use in a medical procedure and methods of manufacturing the coated stent (20) are described. A stent component (30) has an expanded state in which an inner diameter (ds) of the stent (30) is less than or equal to an outer diameter (dc2) of a... Agent: Cook Medical Tecnhologies LLC

20110268867 - Rotatable support elements for stents: Various embodiments of methods and devices for coating stents are described herein.... Agent:

20110268868 - Imaging systems having ray corrector, and associated methods: In an embodiment, a method forms a lens with wavefront coding. The method includes positioning a lens in a mold; and curing material onto a surface of the lens to form an aspheric surface of the lens with wavefront coding. In another embodiment, a system for fabricating and evaluating a... Agent:

20110268869 - Imprint lithography: An imprint lithography apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus has a substrate table configured to support a lithographic substrate and a plurality of nozzles arranged to eject fluid onto the lithographic substrate, the plurality of nozzles extending over a distance which is substantially equal to or greater than a width of... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20110268870 - Film forming apparatus and film forming method: In an apparatus for film formation, constituted so that an organic EL molecular gas is ejected into an ejection vessel, a plurality of organic EL material vessels are provided together with a piping system for connecting the plurality of organic EL material vessels to the ejection vessel. The plurality of... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110268871 - Screen-printing method and method for manufacturing thin-film solar cell: A screen-printing method for forming a screen-printing layer on an object includes following steps. A screen is disposed on the object and ink is applied on the screen. The screen comprises a screen frame, a screen cloth, and an emulsion layer. Each warp and each weft of the screen are... Agent: Auria Solar Co., Ltd.

20110268872 - Film formation method for forming hafnium oxide film: A film formation method for forming a metal oxide film includes loading a target object into a process container configured to maintain a vacuum therein; supplying a film formation source material into the process container; supplying an oxidizing agent into the process container; and causing the film formation source material... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110268873 - Tattoo transfer pattern printed by an ink jet printer: A composition of matter includes a cationic dye and a solvent, wherein the composition does not have particles that are greater than 25 microns in diameter. The disclosure also describes a method for producing a composition of matter. An ink jet cartridge includes the composition of matter. A device includes... Agent: Randd Enterprises Of San Jose, LLC

20110268874 - Method of manufacturing polarizing member: An aspect of the present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a polarizing member comprising: forming a polarizing film by coating a dichroic dye-containing solution on a substrate; subjecting the polarizing film that has been formed to a treatment to immobilize the dichroic dye in the film; coating a... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20110268875 - Antireflection film and method for manufacturing the same: the process for its production including: coating a functional layer-forming composition containing leveling agent A onto a transparent base material or a functional layer preformed thereover; half-curing it to form a functional layer in contact with the low refractive index layer; further coating the half-cured functional layer with a low... Agent: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

20110268876 - Method of producing composite members having increased strength: This invention relates to extruded composite materials specifically focusing on the increasing load bearing capacity and the overall strength of composites. Injectable conformable structural core materials are used to replace foam cells inside extruded composite materials thereby increasing the overall load bearing stability and strength. The core materials are tailored... Agent:

20110268877 - Methods for making high strength ceramic elements: One embodiment of the present invention relates to spherical ceramic elements, such as proppants, for maintaining permeability in subterranean formations to facilitate extraction of oil and gas therefrom. The strength of the ceramic element may be enhanced by combining materials having different coefficients of thermal expansion. Methods of making the... Agent:

20110268878 - Organoruthenium compound for use in chemical vapor deposition and chemical vapor deposition using the same: e

20110268880 - Reactor clean: A method and apparatus for performing chemical vapor deposition (CVD) processes is provided. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises a reactor body having a processing region, comprising a wafer carrier track having a wafer carrier disposed thereon, at least one sidewall having an exhaust assembly for exhausting gases from the... Agent: Alta Devices, Inc.

20110268881 - Novel germanium complexes with amidine derivative ligand and process for preparing the same: Provided is a germanium complex represented by Chemical Formula 1 wherein Y1 and Y2 are independently selected from R3, NR4R5 or OR6, and R1 through R6 independently represent (Ci-C7) alkyl. The provided germanium complex with an amidine derivative ligand is thermally stable, is highly volatile, and does not include halogen... Agent: Techno Semichem Co., Ltd.

20110268879 - Apparatus and method for high-throughput atomic layer deposition: Atomic layer deposition apparatus for depositing a film in a continuous fashion. The apparatus includes a downwardly sloping process tunnel, extending in a transport direction and bounded by at least two tunnel walls. Both walls are provided with a plurality of gas injection channels, whereby the gas injection channels in... Agent:

20110268882 - Ball spacer method for planar object leveling: An apparatus for leveling an array of microscopic pens with respect to a substrate surface is provided. The apparatus includes an array of microscopic pens; a substrate having a substrate surface; a controllable arm comprising a spherical ball on an end thereof; a force sensor configured to measure a force... Agent: Nanolnk, Inc.

20110268883 - Force curve analysis method for planar object leveling: An apparatus for leveling an array of microscopic pens relative to a substrate surface or measuring a relative tilting therebetween includes an actuator configured to drive one of the array or the substrate to vary a distance therebetween, one or more force sensors configured to measure a force between the... Agent: Nanolnk, Inc.

20110268884 - Formation of nanoscale carbon nanotube electrodes using a self-aligned nanogap mask: A first single-wall carbon nanotube can be electrically coupled to a first electrode, and a second single-wall carbon nanotube electrically coupled to a second electrode. In an example, the first and second single-wall carbon nanotubes are laterally separated by a nanoscale gap, such as sized and shaped for insertion of... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20110268885 - Solution for removing aluminum oxide film and method for surface treatment of aluminum or aluminum alloy: The removing solution makes it possible to form a film of the metal derived from the metal salt or oxide contained in the removing solution by dissolving away the oxide film from the aluminum or aluminum alloy surface at a low temperature and a high speed while restraining, as securely... Agent:

20110268886 - Methods for making slip resistant file folders: Methods for producing easily and securely gripped slip-resistant file folders, including file pockets and hanging folders. The methods include providing folder paper stock; conveying the folder paper stock in the process of folder manufacture; providing a curable slip-resistant material in a melt state; applying the slip-resistant material at predetermined areas... Agent: Smead Manufacturing Boulevard

20110268887 - Process for removing residual water molecules in metallic-thin-film production method and purge solvent: The present process for removing residual water molecules is suitably used in a metallic thin film production method of forming a metallic thin film on a substrate. The residual-water-molecule removal process involves removing residual water molecules using a gas generated by vaporizing a purge solvent. Preferably, the purge solvent is... Agent: Adeka Corporation

20110268888 - Exposure device having an array of light emitting diodes: A device and method for exposing light sensitive substrates to a concentrated light source. The device is suitable for curing substances such as photosensitive sensitive inks, adhesives, and photographic elements. Ultraviolet or visible light is emitted from an array of LED's, and then directed by an array of light guides... Agent:

20110268889 - Preparation of mist, process and apparatus for forming new materials by mist gas discharge: A process for preparing mist, which includes micro/nano solids or liquids, and a process for forming new materials by mist gas discharge, and also an apparatus for forming new materials. The advantages are: as compared to common gases, mists exhibit broader selection range of elements and compounds and broader range... Agent: Beijing Tough & Lubricating Institute

20110268890 - Method and device for inductively heating a component: A device (20) for inductively heating at least one region (12, 14) of a component (10) includes a coil device (30) for generating a magnetic field in at least the region (12, 14) of the component (10) and includes an auxiliary member (40) to be configured adjacently to the component... Agent: Mtu Aero Engines Gmbh

20110268891 - Gas delivery device: A gas delivery device is for use in low pressure Atomic Layer Deposition at a substrate location. The device includes a first generally elongate injector for supplying process gas to a process zone, a first exhaust zone circumjacent the process zone, and a further injector circumjacent the first exhaust gas... Agent: Spp Process Technology Systems Uk Limited

20110268892 - Process for producing polycrystalline silicon: [Means for Solution] The process for producing polycrystalline silicon by feeding a reaction gas containing a silane gas and a hydrogen gas into a reaction vessel equipped with silicon core members erected on the electrodes, heating the silicon core members by flowing an electric current thereto to a temperature at... Agent:

20110268893 - Thin film manufacturing device and thin film manufacturing method: The present invention provides a thin film manufacturing device capable of preventing crack damage of a crucible by, while maintaining a melt state of a film formation material in the crucible, tilting the crucible to discharge substantially the entire amount of film formation material from the crucible. The thin film... Agent:

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