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Coating processes October categorized by USPTO classification 10/11

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10/27/2011 > 40 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20110262621 - Method of loading beneficial agent on a prosthesis: A beneficial agent can be loaded as discrete droplets on a prosthesis, such as a stent. Relative movement between the prosthesis and a dispensing element can be controlled to define a dispensing path in a raster format. The discrete droplets can be dispensed from a dispensing element when the dispensing... Agent: Abbott Laboratores

20110262622 - Coating device and associated coating method: Exemplary coating devices and exemplary coating methods for coating components with a coating agent, e.g., for painting motor vehicle body components with a paint, are disclosed. An exemplary coating device comprises an application device that applies the coating agent. The application device may include a paint head that discharges the... Agent:

20110262623 - Coater/developer, method of coating and developing resist film, and computer readable storing medium: A transfer flow is produced in accordance with a process recipe of a process to be carried out. In the transfer flow, a type of modules listed in accordance with a substrate transfer order is associated with a necessary staying time from when the substrate is transferred into a module... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110262624 - Method and apparatus for depositing led organic film: In one embodiment the disclosure relates to an apparatus for depositing an organic material on a substrate, including a source heater for heating organic particles to form suspended organic particles; a transport stream for delivering the suspended organic particles to a discharge nozzle, the discharge nozzle having a plurality of... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110262625 - Thin film deposition apparatus: A thin film deposition apparatus including a chamber; a deposition source accommodated in the chamber and configured to discharge a deposition material; a deposition source nozzle unit located at a side of the deposition source and including a plurality of deposition source nozzles arranged in a first direction; and a... Agent:

20110262626 - Antibody protective agent and methods of using same: The invention provides an effective and environmentally friendly antibody protective agent and the methods of using it in immunological detection. The antibody protective agent helps antibody to maintain relatively high immunological activity at room temperature. Working electrodes coated with antibodies and the antibody protective agent are installed in immunological detection... Agent:

20110262627 - Method of dispensing conductive material with active z-axis control: A method for printing a conductive trace on a plastic panel comprising: locating a nozzle proximate to a surface of a panel; moving the nozzle relative to the surface of the panel; sensing the surface of the panel relative to the height of the nozzle off of the panel; determining... Agent: Exatec, LLC

20110262628 - Method and system for inline chemical vapor deposition: Disclosed are an inline chemical vapor deposition method and system for fabricating a device. The method includes transporting a web or discrete substrate through a deposition chamber having a plurality of deposition modules. A buffer layer, a window layer and a transparent conductive layer are deposited onto the substrate during... Agent: Aventa Technologies LLC

20110262629 - Method for fabricating a nickel-cermet electrode: The method for fabricating a nickel-cermet electrode comprises the steps of formation of a mixture comprising an organic nickel salt in solid state and at least one ceramic material in solid state at ambient temperature, followed by shaping of the mixture and heat treatment of the shaped mixture, preferably under... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20110262630 - Composite materials with improved performance: A composite material comprising at least one polymeric resin and optionally at least one fibrous reinforcement where the polymeric resin comprises at least one difunctional epoxy resin and at least one epoxy resin with a functionality greater than two having at least one meta-substituted phenyl ring in its backbone.... Agent: Hexcel Composites Limited

20110262632 - Magnetoresistive effect element, thin-film magnetic head, method for manufacturing magnetoresistive effect element, and method for manufacturing thin-film magnetic head: A magnetoresistive effect (MR) element, a thin-film magnetic head having the MR element, a method for manufacturing the MR element, and a method for manufacturing the thin-film magnetic head are disclosed. The MR element, which uses electric current in a direction perpendicular to layer planes, includes a lower electrode layer,... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110262631 - Method for manufacturing one-layer type capacitive touch screen: Disclosed herein is a method for manufacturing a one-layer type capacitive touch screen. The method for manufacturing a one-layer type capacitive touch screen includes: forming a plurality of electrode wirings made of metal in an inactive region of a base substrate; forming a plurality of first electrode patterns made of... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110262633 - Lubricant deposition onto magnetic media: A method, in one embodiment, can include pumping a gas into a reservoir that includes a lubricant. In addition, the method can include changing the gas into a supercritical fluid that extracts lubricant molecules from the lubricant resulting in a mixture of the supercritical fluid and the lubricant molecules. Furthermore,... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20110262634 - Method of manufacturing magnetoresistive device and apparatus for manufacturing the same: A magnetoresistive device has an MgO (magnesium oxide) layer provided between a first ferromagnetic layer and a second ferromagnetic layer. The device is manufactured by forming a film of the MgO layer in a film forming chamber. A substance whose getter effect with respect to an oxidizing gas is large... Agent: Canon Anelva Corporation

20110262635 - Method of manufacturing photoluminescent pavers at a paver manufacturing facility: A method is disclosed of manufacturing photoluminescent paving blocks or pavers at a paver manufacturing facility. A curable paver composition is provided at a mixing station for mixing. The mixed composition is shaped into uncured pavers having upper surfaces at a forming station. A curable liquid coating composition is applied... Agent:

20110262636 - Method of manufacturing plastic lens: The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a plastic lens comprising forming a resin layer on a surface of a plastic lens substrate. The method of manufacturing a plastic lens of the present invention comprises coating a water-based coating liquid comprising a resin component and a water-based solvent... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20110262638 - Device and method for depositing a powder mixture for forming an object with composition gradients: A device for depositing a mixture of powders to form an object with composition gradients, including: a plurality of tanks respectively configured to contain different powders; a powder mixer placed under the tanks and including a rotatably mounted mixing member; a plurality of powder dispensing mechanisms respectively cooperating with the... Agent: Comm. A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alter.

20110262637 - Heat-curable powder coating composition: The invention relates to a one component heat curable powder coating composition comprising a resin containing reactive unsaturations and wherein all said reactive unsaturations are carbon carbon double bonds connected directly to an electron withdrawing group, a thermal initiation system comprising a peroxide chosen from the group of compounds represented... Agent:

20110262639 - Method for manufacturing plugged honeycomb structure: A method for manufacturing a plugged honeycomb structure includes: a step of mixing ceramic particles with a gas on one end face side of the plugged honeycomb structure, and a step of sucking the gas containing the ceramic particles from the other end face side of the plugged honeycomb structure... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20110262640 - Methods for making construction material using enzyme producing bacteria: There is provided a method for producing construction material utilizing loose pieces of aggregate, enzyme producing bacteria, an amount of urea and an amount of calcium ions. A first solution is prepared which includes urease which is formed by enzyme producing bacteria. A second solution is prepared which includes urea... Agent:

20110262641 - Inline chemical vapor deposition system: An inline CVD system includes a manifold and a continuous transport system. The manifold has a plurality of ports. The ports include a first precursor port, a pair of second precursor ports and a pair of pumping ports. The first precursor port is disposed between the second precursor ports and... Agent: Aventa Systems, LLC

20110262642 - Process for producing silicon and oxide films from organoaminosilane precursors: wherein R is selected from a C1-C10 linear, branched, or cyclic, saturated or unsaturated alkyl group with or without substituents; a C5-C10 aromatic group with or without substituents, a C3-C10 heterocyclic group with or without substituents, or a silyl group in formula C with or without substituents, R1 is selected... Agent: Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

20110262643 - Ink compositions and methods: A radiation-curable gel ink with reduced syneresis. The inks include a curable monomer, an organic gellant, a gel-forming wax, an optional photoinitiator, and an optional colorant. Also disclosed are methods of making such inks, and methods of forming images with such inks.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110262644 - Method and system for mask handling in high productivity chamber: A structure for independently supporting a wafer and a mask in a processing chamber is provided. The structure includes a set of extensions for supporting the wafer and a set of extensions supporting the mask. The set of extensions for the wafer and the set of extensions for the mask... Agent: Intermolecular, Inc.

20110262645 - Foaming porous pad for use with a motorized device: A foaming porous pad suitable for coupling to a hand-held device and for application to human skin includes a porous pad substrate and a foaming composition disposed on the porous pad substrate. The porous pad substrate includes a nonwoven pile fabric having a nonwoven backing layer and a pile comprising... Agent:

20110262646 - Surfactant-assisted inorganic nanoparticle deposition on a cellulose nanocrystals: Natural biopolymers in the form of cellulose nanocrystals (CNC) are shown to have the required characteristics to serve as chemically reactive biotemplates for metallic and semiconductor nanomaterial synthesis. Silver (Ag), gold (Au), copper (Cu) and platinum (Pt), cadmium sulfide (CdS), zinc sulfide (ZnS) and lead sulfide (PbS) nanoparticles, nanoparticle chains... Agent: Purdue Research Foundation

20110262647 - Treatment of textile materials: The present invention provides a method for treating textile material to confer flame retardant properties, the method comprising the steps of impregnating the material with an aqueous solution of a treatment agent which is a poly (hydroxyorgano) phosphonium compound; drying the impregnated material; curing the dried impregnated material with ammonia... Agent: Rhodia Operations

20110262648 - Durable thermosets from reducing sugars and primary polyamines: The present invention provides thermosetting aqueous binder compositions of one or more diprimary diamine, e.g. lysine, or poly(primary amine), e.g. polyethylenimine, and one or more reducing sugar in which the number of equivalents of primary amine relative to the number of equivalents of carbonyl groups in the reducing sugar ranges... Agent:

20110262649 - Two-layer coating system having improved intercoat adhesion: A two-coat coating system for producing a two-coat coating, comprising (A) a composition of a transparent radiation-curable or radiation-curable and thermally curable clearcoat material, comprising at least one hydroxy-functional binder, and (B) a pigmented coating composition, the pigmented coating composition comprising at least one blocked, water-soluble or water-dispersible isocyanate.... Agent: Basf Coatings Gmbh

20110262650 - Vaporizing or atomizing of electrically charged droplets: A vaporizing apparatus includes a chamber, a nozzle for dispersing a liquid into droplets, an electrode electrically isolated from the nozzle, and a heater for generating a vapor by applying heat to the droplets. The voltage source applies charges to the droplets by applying a voltage between the nozzle and... Agent: Synos Technology, Inc.

20110262651 - Method of manufacturing polymer optical waveguide: A method of manufacturing a polymer optical waveguide which is capable of efficiently manufacturing a polymer optical waveguide with a low optical loss by using a photosensitive resin of the type hardenable by a photo-cationic polymerization reaction is provided. The polymer optical waveguide includes light-transmitting cores, an under cladding layer... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110262652 - Imprint apparatus and method of manufacturing commodity: The present invention provides an imprint apparatus which performs imprint processing of curing a resin on a substrate while pressing a mold against the resin, and transferring a pattern onto the substrate by separating the mold from the cured resin, the apparatus including a holding unit including a holding surface... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110262655 - Current activated tip-based sintering (cats): The invention relates to a product and a process for fabricating a ID, 2D, or 3D layered micro or nano component that comprises providing an electrode having a micro-scale or nano-scale tip, and applying an electric current to the electrode tip in the presence of a micro-scale or nano-scale powder.... Agent:

20110262653 - Method of producing color change in a web substrate: The present invention relates to a method of producing a web substrate comprising an activatable colorant and at least one region comprising a topical additive. The web substrate is exposed to a first external stimulus producing a first activated color region. The first activated color region is subsequently exposed to... Agent:

20110262654 - Process for preparing polymer particles containing metallic flakes: A process for forming polymer particles containing metallic flakes, comprising: a) forming a suspension of metallic flakes in a solution of a polymeric binder in a solvent; b) forming droplets of the suspension, c) freezing the droplets to freeze solvent in the droplets to form frozen solvent domains within the... Agent:

20110262656 - Optical thin-film vapor deposition apparatus and optical thin-film production method: A method of vapor depositing a vapor deposition substance onto substrates within a vacuum vessel includes holding the substrates with a dome shaped holder disposed within the vacuum vessel, rotating the dome shaped holder, vapor depositing a substance from a vapor deposition source disposed oppositely to the substrates, supplying ions... Agent:

20110262657 - Method for reducing thin films on low temperature substrates: A method for producing an electrically conductive thin film on a substrate is disclosed. Initially, a reducible metal compound and a reducing agent are dispersed in a liquid. The dispersion is then deposited on a substrate as a thin film. The thin film along with the substrate is subsequently exposed... Agent:

20110262658 - Process and device for treating the coating of thermoplastic resin containers: A process and device for drying the coating of containers made of thermoplastic material. The process involves feeding said containers through a furnace divided into two areas: in the first, most of the solvent of the coating is removed by heating the paint with infrared lamps, while the temperature of... Agent:

20110262659 - Methods of leveling ink on substrates using flash heating and apparatuses useful in printing: Methods of leveling ink on substrates and apparatuses useful in printing are provided. An exemplary embodiment of the methods includes irradiating ink disposed on a first surface of a porous substrate with radiation emitted by at least one flash lamp. The radiation flash heats the ink to at least a... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110262660 - Chalcogenide-containing precursors, methods of making, and methods of using the same for thin film deposition: Disclosed are chalcogenide-containing precursors for use in the manufacture of semiconductor, photovoltaic, LCD-TFT, or flat panel type devices. Also disclosed are methods of synthesizing the chalcogenide-containing precursors and vapor deposition methods, preferably thermal ALD, using the chalcogenide-containing precursors to form chalcogenide-containing films.... Agent: L'air Liquide, Societe Anonyme Pour L'etude Et L'exploitation Des Procedes Georges Claude

10/20/2011 > 20 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20110256304 - Ceramic encapsulation by use of one or more specialized silanes to template oil in an oil in water emulsion: This invention relates to a method for emulsion templating hollow silica-based particles. The particles are suitable for containing one or more active ingredients or for containing other smaller particles which may include one or more active ingredients. The emulsion templated particles can be formed from two or more silanes. The... Agent:

20110256305 - Turbine coating apparatus and spray gun assembly therefor: The present invention generally relates to a turbine coating apparatus and a spray gun assembly therefor. More specifically, the present invention relates to a spray gun assembly comprising a gun support mountable to the turbine coating apparatus and at least one spray gun mounted to the gun support. The spray... Agent: Harmonium International Inc.

20110256306 - Method for manufacturing electrophoretic display apparatus: The following is included: loading cells spatially defined by partitions with a dispersion liquid containing electrophoretically mobile particles and a dispersion medium for dispersing the electrophoretically mobile particles, and covering the exposed surface of the dispersion liquid loaded in the cells with a sealing coating to seal the dispersion liquid... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110256307 - Method for manufacturing capacitive touch screen: Further, the present invention can make a process for manufacturing a capacitive touch screen simple and spray only the necessary amount of conductive polymer at an accurate position, such that waste materials can be prevented and the thickness of the electrode pattern is easily controlled to form the electrode pattern... Agent:

20110256308 - Algorithmic processing to create features: Sub-lithographi lamella and pillar structures defined by larger lines or lamellae are described. A static random access memory (SRAM) cell structure is created in a three-dimensional format as a vertical stack of wired transistors. These transistors are fabricated from crystalline silicon, and supplemental wiring structure features are fabricated to comprise... Agent:

20110256309 - Monolithic ceramic electronic component and method for manufacturing the same: A method for manufacturing a monolithic ceramic electronic component includes a plating substep of depositing precipitates primarily composed of a specific metal on an end of each of internal electrodes exposed at a predetermined surface of a laminate and growing the precipitates to coalesce into a continuous plated layer, wherein... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110256310 - Method for manufacturing insert-molded cover: A method for manufacturing an insert-molded cover for electronic devices, including manufacturing a metallic body, processing the metallic body by a chemical method and forming an oxide film on a surface of the metallic body, and molding a plastic antenna lid on the metallic body by insert molding so that... Agent: Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

20110256311 - Method of coating a container using a semi-permanent coating composition capable of blocking ultraviolet light: The present invention relates to a method of coating a container with a semi-permanent coating composition that can provide protection from exposure to ultraviolet (“UV”) light or light having wavelengths less than or equal to 400 nm. In particular, the present invention relates to a coating composition and a method... Agent: The Coca Cola Company

20110256312 - Optical film, anti-reflection film, polarizing plate and image display device: An optical film, which comprises: a transparent support; and an optical layer on or above the transparent support, wherein the optical layer contains a thickening agent which shows a viscosity of 10 mPa·sec or more when added to 2-butanone in a content of 3% by mass, and the optical layer... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110256313 - Delivery device: Delivery devices for delivering solid precursor compounds in the vapor phase to reactors are provided. Such devices include a precursor composition of a solid precursor compound with a layer of packing material disposed thereon. Also provided are methods for transporting a carrier gas saturated with the precursor compound for delivery... Agent: Rohm And Haas Electric Materials LLC

20110256314 - Methods for deposition of group 4 metal containing films: wherein M is Group 4 metals; wherein R1 and R2 can be same or different selected from the group consisting of a linear or branched C1-10 alkyl and a C6-12 aryl; R3 can be selected from the group consisting of linear or branched C1-10 alkyls, preferably C1-3 alkyls and a... Agent: Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

20110256315 - Showerhead assembly with gas injection distribution devices: A method and apparatus that may be utilized for chemical vapor deposition and/or hydride vapor phase epitaxial (HVPE) deposition are provided. The apparatus includes a showerhead assembly with separate inlets and manifolds for delivering separate processing gases into a processing volume of the chamber without mixing the gases prior to... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110256316 - Method for patterning nanomaterial using solution evaporation: Disclosed is a method for patterning a nanomaterial using solution evaporation. More particularly, the method for patterning a nanomaterial using solution evaporation includes; coating the nanomaterial with a polymer material and uniformly dispersing the coated nanomaterial in a solvent to prepare a solution containing the nanomaterial, and pouring the nanomaterial-containing... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20110256317 - Storage container, method for molding resin, and method for forming plating film: A storage container is provided, which includes carbon dioxide containing a functional material and a container body in which carbon dioxide has been hermetically contained. Accordingly, a method for molding a resin, a method for forming a plating film, and the storage container for carbon dioxide, which are excellent in... Agent: Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.

20110256318 - Process for preparing and treating a substrate: Processes for preparing and treating a substrate are disclosed. A process includes: a) applying a cleaning solution comprising at least an organic acid to at least a portion of the substrate; (b) rinsing at least a portion of the cleaning solution with a first rinsing step; (c) applying a chemical... Agent:

20110256319 - Aqueous coating substance, method for the production thereof, and use thereof: The present invention relates to an aqueous coating material comprising at least one stabilized, saturated or unsaturated polyurethane and at least one alkoxylated monoalcohol, to a process for preparing the coating material, and to its use.... Agent: Basf Coatings Gmbh

20110256320 - Method for using 3-coat-1-bake waterborne coating composition: Disclosed herein is a method to apply waterborne primer, basecoat and clearcoat compositions in a wet-on-wet manner followed by the curing of all three applied compositions to form a durable protective coating on a substrate. The primer composition comprises (meth)acrylic latex, polyurethane resin, melamine and, optionally, polyesters.... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110256321 - Article having composite layer: A composite article includes a substrate and a layer attached to the substrate. The layer includes a metal phase, a first ceramic phase, and a second ceramic phase.... Agent:

20110256322 - Low-gloss dry-erase coating formulation: An EB (electron beam) or UV (ultra violet) curable, low-gloss, dry-erase coating formulation for static and electronic whiteboards is disclosed. The coating contains an acrylate silica blend, an aliphatic urethane acrylate or a polyester acrylate, a polyfunctional reactive diluent and at least one photoinitiator... Agent: Exopack-technology, LLC

20110256323 - Inhibiting excess precursor transport between separate precursor zones in an atomic layer deposition system: Systems and methods for ALD thin film deposition include a mechanism for removing excess non-chemisorbed precursors from the surface of a substrate in a translation-based process involving multiple separate precursor zones. Excess precursor removal mechanisms according to the present disclosure may introduce localized high temperature conditions, high energy conditions, or... Agent: Lotus Applied Technology, LLC

10/13/2011 > 22 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20110250346 - Adhesion of organic coatings on glass: Methods of manufacturing and coating glass including depositing an inorganic oxide on an exterior surface of the glass, and then applying an organofunctional silane to the glass over the inorganic oxide. The methods also may include applying an organic coating to the glass over the organofunctional silane, and curing the... Agent:

20110250347 - Method and apparatus for forming contact gaps in continuous welding electrode: Circular contact gaps are formed in the welding flux coating of a continuous welding electrode by locating the electrode in a fabrication duct having the same diameter as the flux coating. High pressure air is injected at evenly spaced position of the flux coating through two air injection air ports... Agent:

20110250348 - Methods of making carbonaceous particles: Methods and apparatus relate to preparing particles for use as electrode material in batteries. Wet attrition milling provides the particles sized as desired. Pre-milling with a jet mill, for example, may occur prior to the wet attrition milling. Further, adding a soluble carbon-residue-forming material to a suspension before and/or after... Agent: Conocophillips Company

20110250349 - Method and sealant for sealing air filter leaks: The present invention relates generally to a method and device for composition air filter leaks, and, more particularly, to a method and sealant for sealing high efficiency air filter leaks without blocking significant parts of the filter.... Agent:

20110250350 - Novel tie-coat compositions: The present application discloses a condensation cure silicone RTV tie-coat composition comprising (i) a silanol-terminated polydiorganosiloxane, and (ii) 0.1-10% by wet weight of the total tie-coat composition of one or more adhesion promoters selected from the group consisting of bis(trialkoxysilylalkyl)amines and N,N′-bis(trialkoxysilylalkyl)alkylenediamines and optionally (iii) up to 30% by wet... Agent: Hempel A/s

20110250351 - Process for generating bidirectional reflectance distribution functions of gonioapparent materials with limited measurement data: This disclosure is directed to a method for matching color and appearance of an object. The method comprise the step of generating a bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF) of a gonioapparent material containing effect flake pigments in a solid medium using limited measurement data.... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110250352 - Vehicular clear coat scratch repair composition and method: A method for repairing a scratch in the clear top coat overlying a pigmented base coat on a metallic substrate, without damaging the pigmented base coat, involves the steps of applying an amount of a repair composition to the scratch at least sufficient to fill the scratch, spreading the composition... Agent: I.p. 3 Group, LLC

20110250353 - Process for the preparation of a cross-linked multilayer film: The present invention provides a process for the preparation of a multilayer film, in particular, a cross-linked multilayer macromolecular film.... Agent: The University Of Melbourne

20110250354 - Titanium-containing precursors for vapor deposition: Disclosed are titanium-containing precursors and methods of synthesizing the same. The compounds may be used to deposit titanium, titanium oxide, strontium-titanium oxide, and barium strontium titanate containing layers using vapor deposition methods such as chemical vapor deposition or atomic layer deposition.... Agent: American Air Liquide, Inc.

20110250355 - Method for producing a pattern on a continuous strip: A method for producing a polymer topographic pattern on a continuous strip which has a longitudinal orientation and transverse orientation perpendicular thereto. The pattern is applied to an area of the continuous strip to be imprinted by means of an application device moving in relation to the strip in a... Agent:

20110250356 - Process for efficient production of bas relief photo carvings in solid surface materials: Disclosed are a process for the efficient production of bas relief art, e.g., photo carvings, in a solid surface material for various uses, including for jewelry, and processes to provide a finished product of a certain desired quality, e.g., staining and finishing techniques.... Agent:

20110250357 - Vacuum coating system and method for operating a vacuum coating system: The present invention relates to a vacuum coating system (01), comprising at least one process chamber (02) that can be evacuated, at least one entry opening (10) and at least one exit opening (11), wherein wafer elements (03), which are coated in the process chamber (02) while passing through, can... Agent:

20110250358 - Micronized wood preservative formulations in organic carriers: Provided is a composition for the preservation of wood and other cellulosic materials. The composition comprises a dispersion of micronized inorganic compounds and/or organic biocides in an organic carrier. Also provided is a method for making the composition.... Agent: Osmose Holdings, Inc.

20110250359 - Protective aqueous treatment for wood and method for producing treatment: A multi-functional aqueous protective treatment for wood substrates. The treatment comprises an aqueous solution of a zirconyl compound and incorporated bio-active constituents, providing protection against bio-degradation of wood and against degradation of aesthetic value of applied wood coatings by spontaneous staining and also protects against termites or other “in-depth” bio-degradation... Agent: Wayne Pigment Corporation

20110250360 - Coating system and method for the series coating of workpieces: The series painting of vehicle bodies is carried out by painting robots (6, 7) which are mounted in the spray cabin (1) on a portal structure (11, 12, 13) so as to be stationary above the bodies (2).... Agent:

20110250361 - Apparatus and method for prepping a surface using a coating particle entrained in a continuous or pulsed waterjet or airjet: An innovative method of prepping a surface entails entraining a coating particle into a fluid stream, directing the fluid stream containing the coating particle at the surface to be prepped to thereby prep the surface using the coating particle. The prepped surface can then be coated using the same or... Agent:

20110250362 - Oxide coated cutting insert: A cutting tool insert, particularly useful for machining of steel and stainless steel, comprising a body of a hard alloy of cemented carbide, cermet, ceramics, cubic boron nitride based material or high speed steel a hard and wear resistant coating; and at least (Al,Cr)2O3 layer applied to said body is... Agent: Seco Tools Ab

20110250364 - Powder coating apparatus and powder coating method: The powder coating apparatus is provided with a coating booth into which a ground-connected object to be coated can be delivered and a plurality of coating tools respectively provided on the coating booth and adapted to discharge electrically charged powder coating materials onto the object to be coated. At least... Agent: Honda Motor Co. Ltd

20110250363 - Powder-containing oil type lubricant for mold and electrostatic spray method and electrostatic spray apparatus using the same: The powder-containing oil type lubricant for die contains 60 to 99% by mass of an oil type lubricant consisting of oil, 0.3 to 30% by mass of a solubilizing agent, 0.3 to 15% by mass of an inorganic powder and 7.5% by mass or less of water, the lubricant being... Agent: Toyota Motor Corporation

20110250365 - Continuously manufactured colored metallic products and method of manufacture of such products: Metallic tube, pipe and conduit are made in a continuous process that includes a zinc galvanization stage, a first passivation stage, a second passivation stage and a third passivation stage. A colorant is added to the tube, pipe or conduit during the continuous manufacturing process, and the colorant imparts the... Agent: Allied Tube And Conduit Corporation

20110250366 - Bell jar for siemens reactor including thermal radiation shield: A bell jar for a Siemens reactor of the type used to deposit polycrystalline silicon on a plurality of heated silicon rods via chemical vapor deposition process. The bell jar includes a thermally conductive inner wall having an interior surface at least partially defining an interior space adapted to receive... Agent: Memc Electronic Materials, S.p.a.

20110250367 - Deposition apparatus with preheating chamber having thermal hood: A deposition apparatus includes a coating chamber operative to deposit a coating on workpieces. A preheating chamber is located adjacent to the coating chamber and includes a heating zone receiving the workpieces. A heating source is operative to provide heat to the heating zone. A thermal hood within the preheating... Agent:

10/06/2011 > 34 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20110244112 - Stent coating method: A stent is coated by ejecting droplets of a coating substance from a reservoir containing a coating substance. A reservoir housing can have a plurality of reservoir compartments. A transducer is used to eject the coating substance from the reservoir. Energy from the transducer is focused at a meniscus or... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20110244113 - Method of tooth surface treatment: The method of tooth surface treatment includes the steps of applying a photopolymerization type dental surface coating material to a smooth surface of an erupted tooth and/or a non-cavitated caries, and thereafter irradiating light on the applied part to polymerize and harden the photopolymerization type dental surface coating material. By... Agent: Gc Corporation

20110244114 - Barium ferrite magnetic storage media with uniform magnetic particle distributions: Magnetic storage media and methods for constructing magnetic storage media that include a multilayer structure are described. In some examples, a magnetic recording medium can be formed by forming an underlayer over a substrate, drying the underlayer, milling a plurality of magnetic particles, and forming a magnetic layer that includes... Agent: Imation Corp.

20110244115 - Extrusion application system: A machine and a method of applying a non-Newtonian liquid composition onto a surface in a controlled manner. The composition is held in a chamber at a controlled variable pressure and is dispensed through a slit die nozzle as controlled by a valve. Characteristics of the composition are empirically developed... Agent: B&h Manufacturing Company, Inc.

20110244116 - Selective nanoparticle assembly systems and methods: Disclosed are methods and systems for transferring dry or semi-dry nanoparticles onto a substrate. In one embodiment, this includes the steps of providing a roller comprising an elastomeric stamp; transferring nanoparticles in a dry or semi-dry state, and which contact the surface of a donor substrate, from the donor substrate... Agent: The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

20110244117 - Additive for robust metal ink formulations: A composition that may be an electronic circuit element includes a metal nanoparticle, a silicone modified polyacrylate compound and a solvent. The silicone modified polyacrylate compound may be a silicone modified polyacrylate compound with at least one organic functional moiety. A method of forming conductive features on a substrate includes... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110244118 - Method of forming barium ferrite magnetic storage media: Magnetic storage media and methods for constructing magnetic storage media that include a multilayer structure are described. In general, the magnetic storage media include a substrate, an underlayer formed over the substrate, and a magnetic layer that includes a plurality of magnetic particles formed over the underlayer. In some examples,... Agent: Imation Corp.

20110244119 - Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and method of manufacturing the same: A vertical magnetic recording disc (100) includes a base (10), a magnetic recording layer (22), and a medium protection layer (26). The magnetic recording layer (22) is a ferromagnetic layer having a granular structure where a granular portion is formed. The medium protection layer (26) contains nitrogen (N) atoms and... Agent: Wd Media (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20110244120 - Thin film deposition apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display device by using the same: A thin film deposition apparatus that can be easily used to manufacture large-sized display devices on a mass scale and that improves manufacturing yield, and a method of manufacturing an organic light-emitting display device by using the thin film deposition apparatus. The thin film deposition apparatus includes: a loading unit... Agent: Samsung Mobile Display Co., Ltd.

20110244121 - Methods for arranging nanotube elements within nanotube fabrics and films: A method for arranging nanotube elements within nanotube fabric layers and films is disclosed. A directional force is applied over a nanotube fabric layer to render the fabric layer into an ordered network of nanotube elements. That is, a network of nanotube elements drawn together along their sidewalls and substantially... Agent: Nantero, Inc.

20110244122 - Bio-based adhesive material: An adhesive product and method of making the product replaces asphalt in the manufacture of roofing shingles and pavement. The method comprises steps of forming a mixture of oil comprising fatty acids and a powdered material; maintaining the oil to powdered material weight ratio in the mixture between 1 to... Agent:

20110244123 - Oxide coated ceramic powders: A method of forming a dielectric powder includes depositing a metal nitrate coating on ceramic particles to form nitrate coated ceramic particles, separating the nitrate coated ceramic particles, dewatering the nitrate coated ceramic particles, and heat treating the nitrate coated ceramic particles at a temperature sufficient to convert the metal... Agent: Eestor, Inc.

20110244124 - Methods for producing polycrystalline silicon that reduce the deposition of silicon on reactor walls: Gas distribution units of fluidized bed reactors are configured to direct thermally decomposable compounds to the center portion of the reactor and away from the reactor wall to prevent deposition of material on the reactor wall and process for producing polycrystalline silicon product in a reactor that reduce the amount... Agent: Memc Electronic Materials, Inc.

20110244125 - Method and apparatus for lining pipes with isocyanate and hydroxyl-amine resin based on castrol or soy oil: A method and apparatus is disclosed for remotely installing in a conduit a monolithic liner comprised of an amine terminated resin and a hydroxyl resin combined with isocyanate. The hydroxyl resin may include caster oil or soy based oil. The liner mixture may include anti-static agents such as quaternary ammonium... Agent:

20110244126 - Method for selectively removing hydrogen from molecules: Methods for removing hydrogen from molecules are disclosed. In one embodiment, hydrogen-containing molecules are deposited on a solid substrate and are bombarded with hydrogen projectile particles. The particles may have energies of 5-100 eV, or more preferably 10-50 eV. The hydrogen projectile particles remove hydrogen atoms from the deposited molecules... Agent: The Chinese University

20110244127 - Method of forming coated structures: A process for forming room temperature water soluble polymer coatings on porous substrates by a solution of a room temperature water soluble polymer, one or more crosslinkers, a solvent for the room temperature water soluble polymer such as water and optionally one or more porogens, or functional agents, stirring the... Agent: Millipore Corporation

20110244128 - Flow plate utilization in filament assisted chemical vapor deposition: A filament assisted chemical vapor deposition (FACVD) system. The FACVD system includes a gas distribution assembly, heater filament assembly, and a flow plate that is disposed between the gas distribution assembly and the heater filament assembly. The heater filament assembly and the flow plate have a corresponding extent across a... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110244129 - Method of making cutting tool inserts with high demands on dimensional accuracy: providing the ground inserts with a wear resistant non-diamond or non-diamond-like coating. According to the method, the ground inserts are heat treated prior to the coating operation in an inert atmosphere or vacuum or other protective atmosphere below the solidus of the binder phase for such a time that the... Agent: Seco Tools Ab

20110244130 - Method for producing photocatalytically active titanium dioxide layers: A method for manufacturing photocatalytically active titanium dioxide layers on substrate surfaces. The method reduces the effort for the manufacture of photocatalytically active titanium dioxide layers and increases the choice for the coating of suitable substrate materials. In the method, a titanium compound present in the gas phase and water... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung E. V.

20110244131 - Method and apparatus for template surface treatment, and pattern forming method: According to an embodiment, a template surface treatment method includes hydroxylating the surface of a template having an uneven pattern surface or absorbing water onto the surface to distribute OH radicals on the surface, and coupling a coupling agent onto the template surface on which the OH radicals are distributed.... Agent:

20110244132 - Method for producing a pattern on an endless strip: The invention relates to a method for producing a topographical pattern from polymer material on an endless strip with a longitudinal direction and a transverse direction extending perpendicularly thereto, in which method a cylindrical rotary screen is used to apply the polymer material by the screen printing process to a... Agent:

20110244133 - Member formed with coating film having tin as its main component, coating film forming method and soldering method: A member having a coating film capable of suppressing whisker generation is provided. The coating film (3) including a plurality of crystalline grains (3a) made of tin or tin alloy is formed above the surface of the base member (1). An intermetallic compound (3b) of tin and the first metal... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110244134 - Multistage emulsion polymer and coatings formed therefrom: A multi-stage aqueous emulsion polymer, an aqueous coating composition including the emulsion polymer, and a method for providing a coating including the emulsion polymer are provided. The multistage emulsion polymer includes from 10% to 30% by wt., based on the wt. of the multistage emulsion polymer, of a first polymer... Agent:

20110244135 - Water-based ink for ink-jet recording, ink cartridge, ink-jet recording apparatus, ink-jet recording method, method for producing water-based ink for ink-jet recording, and method for preventing corrosion of metal member of ink-jet recording apparatus: There is provided a water-based ink for ink jet recording including a self-dispersible carbon black modified by carboxylic acid group, a water, and a water-soluble organic solvent, wherein a weight concentration of phosphate ion in the water-based ink is not more than 35 ppm. The water-based ink for ink jet... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110244136 - Roll coater: A roll coater with a recirculation loop is disclosed. Waste coating material form the roll coater is treated in an agitator unit containing, for example, one or more ultrasonic transducers, and optionally a filtration unit and/or temperature control unit to produce reconditioned coating solution, such as a reconditioned sol-gel precursor... Agent: Adco Engineering

20110244137 - Floor finish applicator: One aspect of the present Invention provides a pull-behind floor finish applicator which includes a wheeled cart constructed and arranged to receive a source of floor finish. The wheeled cart includes a selectively moveable floor finish spreader coupled to the cart with a biasing member.... Agent: Diversey, Inc.

20110244138 - Metallic coating for non-line of sight areas: A disclosed process for coating a turbine vane includes the steps of applying a coating to line of sight surfaces with a thermal spraying process and applying a slurry coating to non-line of sight surfaces to provide oxidative protection and desired thermal protection. Moreover, the applied coating on both the... Agent:

20110244139 - Atmospheric plasma treatment of tire cords: d

20110244140 - Method of manufacturing transparent conductive film: An atmospheric-pressure plasma-enhanced MOCVD (metal organic chemical vapor deposition) uses a power circuit for supplying power for plasma generation, including a pulse control circuit provided inside in order to form a transparent conductive film on the surface of the substrate, the transparent conductive film having a low resistivity, excellent optical... Agent: Method Of Manufacturing Transparent Conductive Film

20110244141 - Method of processing multilayer film: A method of processing a multilayer film is provided. The method includes providing a substrate film having a substrate film first surface and a substrate film second surface. The method also includes providing a barrier layer adjacent to the substrate film second surface. The barrier layer has at least one... Agent: General Electric Company

20110244142 - Nitrogen doped amorphous carbon hardmask: Embodiments described herein generally relate to the fabrication of integrated circuits and more particularly to nitrogen doped amorphous carbon layers and processes for depositing nitrogen doped amorphous carbon layers on a semiconductor substrate. In one embodiment, a method of forming a nitrogen doped amorphous carbon layer on a substrate is... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110244143 - Method of creating a fluid layer in the submicrometer range: A method of creating a fluid layer in the micrometer range includes transferring a fluid between substrates and forming a fluid layer. A surface energy of a first substrate releasing the fluid is higher than a surface energy of a fluid on the first substrate to create a first fluid... Agent: Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Aktiengesellschaft

20110244144 - Method of manufacturing battery electrode and coating die for use therein (as amended): The objective of the present invention is to provide an unexpected method of manufacturing a battery electrode and a coating die for use therein, both of which are capable of providing a high speed drying and of improving a peel strength between a collector and a compound. The manufacturing process... Agent:

20110244145 - Iron particulate-reinforced tin based matrix composite solder ball and flip chip ball placement method using same: The present invention provides an iron particulate-reinforced tin based matrix composite alloy tin solder ball and a flip chip ball placement method using the same. A tiny metal iron particle is added in an alloy solder ball to form an alloy solder ball containing iron powder, whereby magnetic equipment can... Agent:

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