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Coating processes September class, title,number 09/11

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09/29/2011 > 40 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20110236562 - Film preparation and process for preparing the same: An object is to provide a film preparation comprising a polymer harmless to living bodies and being highly adhesive to the skin; and a film preparation further containing a pharmaceutically active oily ingredient and being highly adhesive to the skin. More specifically, provided is a film preparation comprising a drug,... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co. Ltd.

20110236563 - Method for producing a proton-conducting membrane: The invention relates to a method for the production of a proton-conducting polymer membrane on the basis of polyazoles, comprising the steps of A) convening one or more aromatic tetra-amino compounds having one or more aromatic carboxylic acids, which contain at least two acid groups per carboxylic acid monomer, to... Agent: Basf Se

20110236564 - Preparation method of metal oxide doped monolith carbon aerogel for capacitance capacitor: Provided is a preparation method of a metal oxide doped monolith carbon aerogel for a high capacitance capacitor, the including: preparing a monolith carbon aerogel by performing a thermal decomposition of a moist gel dried in condition of a atmospheric pressure and a room temperature in a nitrogen atmosphere; impregnating... Agent: Samhwa Capacitor Co., Ltd.

20110236565 - Electroless palladium plating solution and method of use: An electroless palladium plating solution includes a polar solvent, at least one palladium salt, at least one non-nitrogenated complexing agent, an alkaline adjusting agent that adjusts the plating solution to a pH of at least 8.0, and a reducing agent. The plating solution, which is used for forming a layer... Agent: Omg Americas, Inc.

20110236566 - Method of depositing electrically conductive material onto a substrate: A method of depositing electrically conductive material onto a dielectric substrate is provided. The method includes the steps of providing a dielectric substrate and depositing electrically conductive material onto the dielectric substrate using a cold spray gas dynamic process, wherein the cold spray gas dynamic process accelerates the electrically conductive... Agent:

20110236567 - Method of forming electrode: Provided are a method of forming a carbon film which has a reduced number of steps and improved productivity without needing a high-temperature process, and a method of forming an electrode which does not need a binder. A fluororesin film is formed on a surface of a collector, and a... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20110236568 - Memory cell having nonmagnetic filament contact and methods of operating and fabricating the same: A magnetic cell structure including a nonmagnetic filament contact, and methods of fabricating the structure are provided. The magnetic cell structure includes a free layer, a pinned layer, an insulative layer between the free and pinned layers, and a nonmagnetic filament contact in the insulative layer which electrically connects the... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20110236570 - Extrusion coating apparatus and coating film forming method: An extrusion coating apparatus applying the coating solution to the substrate through a bead in a state in which a continuously running belt-like substrate and a lip surface on an upstream side and a downstream side in the substrate running direction are adjacent to each other, including: a manifold to... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110236571 - Method of manufacturing an optical matrix device: According to the method of manufacturing an optical matrix device of this invention, lyophobic portions which are lyophobic, and lyophilic portions which are lyophilic, with respect to metal ink are formed alternately and parallel, and with a pitch smaller than a width of droplets applied by printing technique, on a... Agent:

20110236569 - Systems and methods for preventing or reducing contamination enhanced laser induced damage (c-lid) to optical components using gas phase additives: Systems and methods for preventing or reducing contamination enhanced laser induced damage (C-LID) to optical components are provided including a housing enclosing an optical component, a container configured to hold a gas phase additive and operatively coupled to the housing; and a delivery system configured to introduce the gas phase... Agent:

20110236572 - Polymer composition: A dry coating binder includes a polymer which includes at least 80% by weight of main monomers. The main monomers are selected from C1-C20-alkyl (meth)acrylates, C1-C20-hydroxy alkyl (meth)acrylates, vinyl esters of carboxylic acids including up to 20 carbon atoms, vinyl aromatics having up to 20 carbon atoms, ethylenically unsaturated nitriles,... Agent: Kemira Oyj

20110236573 - Ultra-high solids emulsion pressure sensitive adhesives and their applications: A process for making an ultra high solids emulsion adhesive that is coatable and dryable at room temperature. The process consists of increasing solids using a phase inversion process to accomplish the addition of increased solids into aqueous formulations thereby obtaining emulsion pressure sensitive adhesives with solids content in excess... Agent:

20110236574 - Crushed stone surface texture composition and process for applying the same: A crushed stone surface texture composition includes by weight approximately 45-65% crushed stones, 5-25% stone dust and 15-35% resin. The resin includes by weight approximately 40-60% industrial grade adhesive and also 40-60% industrial grade thickening agent, water and ammonia. The crushed stones may vary in size from 0.0625 inch diameter... Agent:

20110236575 - Semi-continuous vapor deposition process for the manufacture of coated particles: A reactor for conducting vapor phase deposition process is disclosed. The reactor includes a reactive precursor reservoir beneath a powder reservoir and separated from it by valve means. A reactive precursor is charged into the reactive precursor reservoir and a powder is charged into the powder reservoir. The pressures are... Agent:

20110236576 - Housing and surface treating method for making the same: A surface treating method for making a housing have a metallic glass main body comprising: coating a primer on the metallic glass main body to form a bottom layer; forming a plating layer on the bottom layer; coating an adhesive on the plating layer to form an adhesive layer; and... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110236577 - Case printing: This is a process of hydropainting a case, box, container, shell, protector, or holder for an electronic device or communication device. In one example, we describe a method which offers the advantage of eliminating the need to mask the device, and therefore, it reduces the cost of using this printing... Agent:

20110236578 - Paste applicator and paste applying method: According to one embodiment, a paste applicator includes a discharger, a driver, a detector, and a controller. The discharger discharges paste material toward a surface of an object to be applied. The driver relatively moves the object to be applied and the discharger along the surface of the object to... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110236579 - Imprint apparatus and method of manufacturing article: An imprint apparatus which cures a resin dispensed on a substrate while the resin and a pattern surface of a mold are in contact with each other, comprises a supply portion configured to supply a gas, used to accelerate filling of a concave portion of the pattern surface of the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110236580 - Three dimensional decoration method:

20110236581 - Treatment solution for insulation coating for grain-oriented electrical steel sheets and method for producing grain-oriented electrical steel sheet having insulation coating: A treatment solution for insulation coating for grain-oriented electrical steel sheets contains at least one selected from phosphates of Mg, Ca, Ba, Sr, Zn, Al, and Mn; colloidal silica in a proportion of 0.5 to 10 mol in terms of SiO2 and a water-soluble vanadium compound in a proportion of... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20110236583 - Container containing a cobalt carbonyl complex and cobalt carbonyl complex composition: Since the cobalt carbonyl complex contained in the above container or the above composition can retain its sublimation properties for a long time without being converted into a stable complex, when a cobalt film is formed by chemical vapor deposition using the container and the composition, a high-quality film can... Agent: Jsr Corporation

20110236582 - Polyelectrolyte complexes: The present invention relates to aqueous compositions of associative polyelectrolyte complexes (PECs), optionally containing surfactants, biocidal agents and/or oxidants, which can provide surface protection to treated articles including reduced soiling tendency, reduced cleaning effort and improved soil repellancy, as well as providing bacteriostatic properties to treated surfaces that thereby gain... Agent:

20110236584 - Method and apparatus for conducting film coating on surface of spinning circular workpiece under action of gas pressure, and nozzle utilized in the same: This invention relates to a method for conducting film coating on the surface of spinning circular workpiece under action of gas pressure, and nozzle utilized in the same. Circular workpiece to be coated is held on a rotating mechanism, and a feedstock loading machine having a nozzle, which is capable... Agent: National Cheng Kung University

20110236585 - method to produce a photocatalytic surface, including layers of sno2 and tio2: A method of creating photocatalytic surfaces, includes the steps of creating a plurality of alternate layers of TiO2 and SnO2 on a carrier, wherein the SnO2 layers are created from strongly basic solutions.... Agent: Wallenius Water Aktiebolag

20110236586 - Method for sealing surfaces: The invention relates to a method for sealing surfaces using single-component, moisture-curing coating compositions (C) containing 5 to 75 wt % of one or more silane-terminated polymers (P) having end groups of the formula (I) —O—C(=O) —NH—A—Si (OR1) (I), wherein A stands for a linear or branched alkylene group having... Agent: Wacker Chemie Ag

20110236587 - Carpet dÉcor and setting solution compositions: Compositions, methods, apparatuses, kits, and combinations are described for permanently or temporarily re-designing, decorating, and/or re-coloring a surface. The compositions useful in the present disclosure include a décor product formulated to be applied and affixed to a surface. If desired, the décor product may be substantially removed from the surface... Agent:

20110236588 - Methods, apparatus, and systems for facilitating compliance with marking specifications for dispensing marking material: Control of locating equipment used by a locate technician to perform a locate and/or marking operation to detect and/or mark a presence or an absence of at least one underground facility at a work site is based at least in part on marking specifications (e.g., government-based regulations, industry-based recommended guidelines/best... Agent: Certusview Techonologies, LLC

20110236589 - Novel pest repellant and pesticide composition and method of use: A novel pest repellant and pesticide composition for use in repelling, and in some cases exterminating, reptiles, rodents, insects (including bed bugs), and other unwanted pests. Advantageously, this pest repellant and pesticide composition is safe, effective, economical to produce, and environmentally-friendly. The novel pest repellant and pesticide composition includes: between... Agent:

20110236590 - Method of manufacturing nozzle plate: A nozzle plate has a nozzle hole for ejecting liquid, which penetrates in a thickness direction of the nozzle plate. An ejection face of the nozzle plate having an ejection opening of the nozzle hole is covered with a water-repellent coat having a through hole communicating with the nozzle hole.... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110236591 - Bipolar rectifier power supply: A process for powering an electrical load includes applying a rectified alternating current waveform across the load for a first time period with only a single power supply for at least two half cycles. At least one half cycle of an alternating current waveform of opposite polarity are then applied... Agent: General Plasma Inc.

20110236592 - Method for treating a metal element with ion beam: The present invention relates to a method for treating a metal element subjected to an ion beam, where: the ions of the beam are selected from among boron, carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen; the ion acceleration voltage, greater than or equal to 10 kV, and the power of the beam, between... Agent: Quertech Ingenierie

20110236593 - Treatment method using plasma: The invention is related to a treatment for a base material using plasma. Various particulate substances, porous substances, or film-state substances can be easily formed on the base material. Alternatively, a particulate substance, a porous substance, or a film-state substance, such as ceramic, can be formed even on a base... Agent:

20110236595 - Curable composition for imprints, patterning method and pattern: Provided is a curable composition for imprints having good patternability and dry etching resistance. Disclosed is a curable composition for imprints comprising a polymerizable monomer (Ax) having a substituent having an aromatic group and having a molecular weight of 100 or more, and a photopolymerization initiator.... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110236594 - In-situ deposition of film stacks: Methods and hardware for depositing film stacks in a process tool in-situ (i.e., without a vacuum break or air exposure) are described. In one example, a method for depositing, on a substrate, a film stack including films of different compositions in-situ in a process station using a plasma is described,... Agent:

20110236596 - Corrosion inhibiting coatings controllable by electromagnetic irradiation and methods for corrosion inhibition using the same: A corrosion inhibiting coating includes a primer layer having incorporated therein corrosion inhibitor-loaded containers which release a corrosion inhibitor in response to electromagnetic irradiation; and a container-free protective top layer which, when intact, prevents spontaneous opening of the containers in the primer layer induced by electromagnetic irradiation, wherein the coating-releases... Agent: Max-planck-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Wissenschaften E.v.

20110236597 - Method for patterning substrate and method for fabricating capacitive touch panel: A method for patterning a substrate is presented, which includes the following steps. A conductive material is jet-printed onto a part of at least one side of the substrate. A surface of the at least one side of the substrate is imprinted with a laser to pattern a first conductive... Agent: Winsky Technology Limited

20110236598 - Film deposition apparatus, film deposition method, and computer readable storage medium: In an disclosed film deposition method, after a film deposition-alteration step is carried out that includes a film deposition process where a Si containing gas is adsorbed on a wafer W and the adsorbed Si containing gas on the wafer is oxidized by supplying an O3 gas to the upper... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110236599 - Plasma processing including asymmetrically grounding a susceptor: An asymmetrically grounded susceptor used in a plasma processing chamber for chemical vapor deposition onto large rectangular panels supported on and grounded by the susceptor. A plurality of grounding straps are connected between the periphery of the susceptor to the grounded vacuum chamber to shorten the grounding paths for RF... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110236600 - Smooth silicon-containing films: Methods and hardware for depositing ultra-smooth silicon-containing films and film stacks are described. In one example, an embodiment of a method for forming a silicon-containing film on a substrate in a plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition apparatus is disclosed, the method including supplying a silicon-containing reactant to the plasma-enhanced chemical vapor... Agent:

20110236601 - Method for depositing a material: The invention relates to a method for depositing a material for a target onto a surface of a sample, which method comprises the steps of: irradiating a surface of the target with a laser or electron beam to generate a plume of target material particles; positioning the sample near the... Agent: Solmates B.v.

09/22/2011 > 34 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20110229627 - Electrospray coating of objects: Electrospray methods and systems for coating of objects (e.g., medical devices such as a stent structure) with selected types of coatings (e.g., open matrix coating and closed film coating)... Agent: Regents Of The University Of Minnesota

20110229628 - Method of creating a structured surface in the field of the printing industry: A method for creating a structured surface or a safety or decorative feature based thereon in a process of the printing industry wherein a liquid, preferably ink or varnish, and particles, preferably pearlescent pigments or a material having a similar effect are applied to a substrate. The liquid is provided... Agent: Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Aktiengesellschaft

20110229629 - Method for producing liquid crystalline polyester impregnated fiber sheet: A method for producing a liquid crystalline polyester impregnated fiber sheet, comprising a step of impregnating a fiber sheet composed of an aramid fiber or a polybenzazole fiber with a liquid composition containing a liquid crystalline polyester and an aprotic solvent free of a halogen atom and a step of... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20110229630 - Fabricating method of electron-emitting device: A fabricating method of an electron-emitting device includes at least the following steps. A substrate having a first side and a second side is provided. The first side is opposite to the second side. A first electrode pattern layer is formed on the first side of the substrate. A conductive... Agent: Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd.

20110229631 - Positive electrode for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery, and production method thereof: A production method for a positive electrode for a nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery that includes a positive electrode active material capable of intercalating and deintercalating a lithium ion, a conductive agent and a binder, in which the positive electrode active material is produced by coating cobalt-based lithium composite oxide represented... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20110229632 - Methods of improving surface roughness of an environmental barrier coating and components comprising environmental barrier coatings having imrpoved surface roughness: Methods for improving surface roughness of an environmental barrier coating including providing a component having a plasma sprayed environmental barrier coating, applying an outer layer repair slurry to the environmental barrier coating of the component, drying the environmental barrier coating having the applied outer layer repair slurry; and sintering the... Agent:

20110229633 - Mask and mask assembly having the same: A mask assembly includes a frame including an opening part; and unit masks that are disposed on the opening part and having both ends of each of the unit masks supported by the frame in the state where tensile force is applied in one direction, each of the unit masks... Agent: Samsung Mobile Display Co., Ltd

20110229634 - Honeycomb filter production apparatus: A honeycomb filter production apparatus used for producing a honeycomb filter, the apparatus includes: a workpiece securing section for securing a base (workpiece) of a honeycomb filter; a powder transfer section for transferring a powder together with an air current by utilizing pressurized gas; an introduction section that is provided... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20110229635 - Honeycomb filter production apparatus: A honeycomb filter production apparatus includes: a workpiece securing section for securing a base of a honeycomb filter; a powder transfer section for transferring a powder together with an air current by utilizing pressurized gas; an introduction section for introducing the powder that has transferred from the powder transfer section... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20110229636 - Apparatus and method for controlling the deposition of granules on an asphalt-coated sheet: An apparatus for applying granules onto an asphalt-coated sheet includes a granule applicator positioned above an asphalt-coated sheet moving in a machine direction. The granule applicator deposits granules into contact with the asphalt-coated sheet along a contact line substantially perpendicular to the machine direction, thereby defining a granule-coated sheet. A... Agent:

20110229638 - System and method for polycrystalline silicon deposition: A method for making polycrystalline silicon from a gas comprising at least one silicon precursor compound is disclosed. The method can be effected from a gas comprising a polycrystalline silicon precursor compound in a chemical vapor deposition system by establishing a first flow pattern of the gas in a chemical... Agent: Gt Solar Incorporated

20110229639 - Non-polar gallium nitride thin films grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition: Non-polar (11 20) a-plane gallium nitride (GaN) films with planar surfaces are grown on (1 102) r-plane sapphire substrates by employing a low temperature nucleation layer as a buffer layer prior to a high temperature growth of the non-polar (11 20) a-plane GaN thin films.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110229637 - Substrate processing method and substrate processing apparatus: A disclosed substrate processing method includes steps of: arranging a substrate in a chamber; introducing H2 gas at a first flow rate and O2 gas at a second flow rate independently from the H2 gas into a catalyst reaction portion in which catalyst is accommodated, wherein H2O gas produced from... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110229640 - Fabrication method of calcium carbonate thin film with shape-controlled finestructure pattern using additive: Disclosed are a method for fabrication of a calcium carbonate thin film comprising adding a calcium agent to a container receiving an additive-dissolved water to dissolve calcium agent and leaving a mixture of the calcium agent and the additive in water for a predetermined period to form a calcium carbonate... Agent: Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resources

20110229641 - Ink composition, ink set and image forming method: wherein, in Formulae (X1) to (X3), Z represents an alkylene group having 2 or 3 carbon atoms, or a divalent linking group including an alkylene group having 2 or 3 carbon atoms and an oxygen atom; and R1 represents a hydrogen atom or an alkyl group having 1 to 4... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110229642 - Method for disposing a component: A method for disposing a component comprises: a step of preparing a substrate and a first liquid; a step of preparing a component-containing liquid containing the components and a second liquid; a step of disposing the first liquid in a hydrophilic region; a step of bringing the component-containing liquid into... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110229644 - Glass coating process and apparatus: A process and an apparatus for coating glass substrate by using at least one or more liquid raw materials which react essentially on or in the vicinity of at least a portion of the glass substrate surface. The process comprises steps: a) heating the glass substrate to at least substantially... Agent: Beneq Oy

20110229643 - Ink set: An ink set containing at least one ink of which viscosity at 70° C. is 100 mPa·s or more, and at least one ink of which color hue is the same as the above ink and of which viscosity at 70° C. is 30 mPa·s or less.... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110229646 - Latex resin composition for rubber gloves without sulfur and vulcanization acceleator and method of manufacturing dip-formed article using the composition: The present invention provides a latex resin composition for rubber gloves without sulfur and a vulcanization accelerator and a method of manufacturing dip-formed article using the composition. The composition comprises a conjugated diene monomer; an ethylenically unsaturated nitrile monomer; an ethylenically unsaturated acid monomer; an ethylenically unsaturated monomer copolymerizable with... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20110229645 - Low temperature curing polyuretdione compositions: Composition and process for low temperature curing of polyuretdione-polyol compositions in which the polyuretdione is prepared from a polyisocyanate with isocyanate groups and a polyol containing primary hydroxyl groups. The catalyst for the composition and process is an amine catalyst containing the group —N═C—N—, being aprotic, having a pKa greater... Agent: Ppg Industries, Inc.

20110229648 - Ink composition: By using an ink composition which contains C.I. Acid Red 52, C.I. Acid Red 92, and a specific dye at a ratio in a specific range, it is possible to provide recorded matter having good lightfastness without impairing fluorescence intensity and color developability.... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110229647 - Ink composition and recording method:

20110229649 - Supersonic material flame spray method and apparatus: A method of forming a coating deposits a material onto a substrate with high velocity thermal spray apparatus. The method comprises the steps of mixing of an oxidizer gas and a gaseous fuel in the mixing unit, igniting and combusting the oxidizer and gaseous fuel mixture in the combustion chamber,... Agent:

20110229650 - Electrostatic powder coating method and electrostatic powder coating apparatus: Workpieces, which are conveyed by a conveying device along a conveying path, are heated by a heating and degreasing coil. Then, resin powder is downwardly sprayed from a nozzle of a coating device to each corresponding one of the workpieces, which are conveyed by the conveying device. The workpieces are... Agent: Asmo Co., Ltd.

20110229651 - Radiation-curable coating compositions, composite and plastic materials coated with said compositions and methods for their preparation: Curable coating composition suitable for use on composite substrates such as plastic composites, cementitious composites, ceramic composites, and engineered wood, or on plastic materials. The curable coating composition comprises a multifunctional oligomer, a monomer selected from the group consisting of monofunctional monomers, difunctional monomers and mixtures thereof, a photoinitiator, a... Agent: Finishes Unlimited, Inc.

20110229652 - Decorating method: A decorating method includes the steps of coating a base material with a coating composition comprising 45-95 parts of urethane methacrylate, 1-50 parts of a compound having at least an intra-molecular radical polymeric double bond, and 0.1-15 parts of photopolymerization initiator. The coating is hardened to form an under coat.... Agent: Kabushiklgalsya Fukuda Corporation

20110229653 - Method of making a laser engraved embossing roll: The present invention is a laser engravable embossing roll exhibiting improved wear characteristics and life span through the use of an epoxy resin based material Specifically, the embossing roll according to the present invention can be produced using standard laser engraving techniques that have heretofore been applied to rubbers. Rubber... Agent: Georgia-pacific Consumer Products Lp

20110229654 - Composition and method for forming an aluminum film: e

20110229655 - Process for production of electret material: Provided is a process by which an electret material having excellent thermal resistance of charge retentivity can be obtained. The process for producing an electret material of the invention includes an irradiation step, a formation step, and a charging step. In the irradiation step, a dispersion containing fine polytetrafluoroethylene particles... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110229657 - Apparatus and method for forming carbon protective layer: An apparatus and method for forming a carbon protective layer on a substrate using a plasma CVD method allows a more uniform in-plane distribution of the carbon protective layer thickness. The apparatus includes an annular anode that generates a plasma beam and a disk-shaped shield disposed between the anode and... Agent: Fuji Electric Device Technology Co., Ltd.

20110229656 - In-liquid plasma film-forming apparatus, electrode for in-liquid plasma, and film-forming method using in-liquid plasma:

20110229658 - Graphite electrode: The present invention relates to an electrode composed of carbon having at least two different zones, wherein an outer zone (A) forms the base of the electrode and carries one or more inner zones, wherein the innermost zone (B) projects from the zone (A) at the top and has a... Agent: Wacker Chemie Ag

20110229659 - Ion beam assisted deposition of ophthalmic lens coatings: Some embodiments provide a physical vapor deposition process for forming a coating on a substrate of an ophthalmic lens in a vacuum deposition chamber. The process can include depositing a multilayer interference stack having a plurality of low refractive index layers and a plurality of high refractive index layers on... Agent:

20110229660 - Ion beam assisted deposition of ophthalmic lens coatings: Some embodiments provide a physical vapor deposition process for forming a coating on a substrate of an ophthalmic lens in a vacuum deposition chamber. The process can include depositing a multilayer interference stack having a plurality of low refractive index layers and a plurality of high refractive index layers on... Agent:

09/15/2011 > 46 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20110223314 - Efficient microencapsulation: A device and method for generating microcapsules employs an inertial-focusing channel for introducing particles dispersed in a prepolymer suspension fluid, a droplet-generating junction for introducing oil evenly onto the flow of particles to create separated droplets of prepolymer suspension fluid encapsulating respective particles in a streamline flow, and a polymerization... Agent:

20110223317 - Direct thermal stabilization for coating application: A coating system includes a first work piece, a work piece support for holding the first work piece, a plasma-based coating delivery apparatus configured to apply a coating material to the first work piece in a plasma-based vapor stream, and a first electron gun configured to direct a first electron... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20110223315 - Motorized rotating and/or oscillating applicator: An applicator for applying a product includes a motor and a switch for automatically rotating and/or oscillating an applicator head. By virtue of having a motor with a throttling gear, the applicator is capable of rotating and/or oscillating at controlled frequencies during application of cosmetic, medicinal, or other products to... Agent: Hct Asia Ltd

20110223316 - Use of fluorescing dye in pretreatment to improve application and rinsing process: A process for pretreating a substrate is disclosed. The process includes applying a composition comprising a fluorescing agent to treat an area of the substrate. The treated substrate area is then rinsed to remove excess composition. The rinsed substrate area is exposed to an energy source whereby the fluorescing agent... Agent: Ppg Inudstries Ohio, Inc.

20110223318 - Method for introducing functional group to surface of material: The present invention relates to a method for introducing a functional group to the surface of a material. The present invention provides a method for introducing a mixture of a lipid and a compound containing a functional group to the surface of a material. The method, for example, comprises the... Agent:

20110223319 - Method of fabricating electroluminescence display: An aspect of the present disclosure, there is provided a method of fabricating an organic electroluminescence display device, including forming a plurality of first electrodes with a prescribed interval on a substrate, forming a light emission function layer including a light emission layer on at least an upper surface of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110223320 - Methods of forming material over a substrate and methods of forming capacitors: A method of forming a material over a substrate includes performing at least one iteration of the following temporally separated ALD-type sequence. First, an outermost surface of a substrate is contacted with a first precursor to chemisorb a first species onto the outermost surface from the first precursor. Second, the... Agent:

20110223321 - Methods of making multilayered structures: The present invention relates to a multilayered structure including at least one diamond layer and methods of making the multilayered structures. The multilayered structure includes a diamond layer having a top surface and a bottom surface, a first thin adhesion layer on the top surface, a second thin adhesion layer... Agent:

20110223322 - Production of conductive surface coatings using a dispersion containing electrostatically stabilised silver nanoparticles: The present invention relates to a process which comprises: providing a substrate having a surface; applying a dispersion to the surface, wherein the dispersion comprises at least one liquid dispersant, and electrostatically stabilised silver nanoparticles having a zeta potential of from −20 to −55 mV in the dispersant at a... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20110223323 - Process for producing scintillators: A process for producing a scintillator including the steps of producing a CsI columnar film formed of columnar CsI crystals by a deposition method, and adding an emission center to the CsI columnar film by disposing the CsI columnar film and an emission center material in a non-contact state in... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110223324 - Ptfe graphite coating composition, method and apparatus: A non-stick coating application for high heat welding environments comprised of a fluorinated polymer combined with acidified graphite to which a hardening agent, such as alumina, may be added in some embodiments.... Agent: Teledyne Scientific & Imaging, LLC

20110223325 - Mask for kinetic cold gas compacting: A mask and method for kinetic cold gas compacting is disclosed. The mask includes a body for covering a not-to-be-coated region of a substrate to be coated having a work side exposed to a coating substance. The work side has a hardness such that the work side is not plastic... Agent: Mtu Aero Engines Gmbh

20110223327 - Liquid release agent: A liquid release agent for application onto an edge region of a panel, which edge region is provided or to be provided with a coating by means of an adhesive or by means of a glue, includes a fluidic carrier made of alcohol, or a mixture of alcohols, or a... Agent: Angelika Riepe

20110223326 - Means for applying and wiping away a liquid: A means for applying and wiping away a liquid, having a container with a filling space and at least one opening for the application of the liquid, characterized in that, on the outside of the container, which side does not have at least one opening, the means has at least... Agent: Sika Technology Ag

20110223328 - Trailer flooring with hotmelt coating: A method for providing improved moisture protection to a wood board flooring comprising a plurality of solid wood components which together form the wood board, such that the wood board has a first surface and a second surface, the method comprising: applying a coating to at least one of the... Agent: Havco Wood Products, LLC.

20110223329 - Films and method of production thereof: A method of producing a film coated onto a substrate by dissolving a metal or metalloid containing compound having hydrolysable groups in a solvent to form a precursor solution. The precursor solution is coated onto the substrate as a continuous liquid phase. The precursor solution is then cured to produce... Agent:

20110223330 - Fine fiber electro-spinning equipment, filter media systems and methods: Electrostatic fine fiber generation equipment such as for forming nano-fibers from polymer solution is provided. The fine fiber generation equipment includes a strand that may take the form of a stainless steel beaded chain. The beaded chain can be an endless chain entrained upon two guide wheels and driven about... Agent: Clarcor Inc.

20110223331 - Mesoporous monoliths containing conducting polymers: The present invention relates to a mesoporous monolith containing a conducting polymer such as poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) and methods for making the monolith. The mesoporous monolith is electroactive, at least semi-transparent and has one or more of a large internal pore surface area, pore size and pore volume. It can be used... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20110223332 - Method for depositing cubic boron nitride thin film: The present invention relates to a method for depositing a cBN thin film on a substrate to obtain an abrasive material by physical vapor deposition carried out under an atmosphere composed of an inert gas and hydrogen. The abrasive produced by the inventive method comprises the cBN thin film attached... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20110223333 - Method of treating catalyst for nanocarbon production and method of manufacturing nanocarbon: According to one embodiment, a method of treating catalyst for nanocarbon production comprises, bringing a surface of a catalytic material into contact with a chemical, the catalytic material containing a metallic material and being used to produce nanocarbon, corroding the surface of the catalytic material, and drying the surface of... Agent:

20110223334 - Atomic layer deposition chamber with multi inject: Embodiments of the invention relate to apparatus and methods for depositing materials on substrates during atomic layer deposition processes. In one embodiment, a chamber lid assembly comprises a channel having an upper portion and a lower portion, wherein the channel extends along a central axis, a housing having an inner... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110223335 - Device for forming surface pattern on fluid, and forming method thereof: A device for forming a surface pattern of fluid includes: fluid that can be hardened under a predetermined condition; a base unit to which the fluid is applied; and a vibration unit for vibrating the applied fluid to form a waveform on a surface of the fluid. A method for... Agent:

20110223336 - Photoactivatable crosslinker compositions for surface modification: The invention describes novel compositions of crosslinkers that include at least two pendent photoactivatable groups, such as benzophenone moieties, and an initiator, such as acetophenone.... Agent: Innovative Surface Technologies, Inc.

20110223337 - Extrusion coating apparatus and coating method as well as coating film forming method: The present invention provides an extrusion coating apparatus which can control the coating shape in end portions regardless of the coating thickness and can suppress high edges. The extrusion coating apparatus includes a coating width regulating plate inserted into both end portions of a slit, a slit die discharging the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110223338 - Mineral heat-insulation material: The method for applying a heat insulation layer to an area is characterized in that alpha-hemihydrate or beta-gypsum or lime-alpha-hemihydrate or a mixture thereof is mixed as hydraulic binder with a pore former consisting of aluminum powder, mixed with ground limestone, and citric acid with addition of water and is... Agent:

20110223339 - Method for surface processing: A method for a surface processing is provided. The method may include coating a surface of an object by a carbon coating including at least one type of a nano carbon selected from a carbon nano coil, a carbon nanotube and a carbon nano filament and applying liquid including fullerene... Agent: Mec International Co., Ltd.

20110223340 - Electro-form nozzle apparatus and method for solution coating: An apparatus and method for liquid-phase coating of layers onto a substrate of an electronic device. Electo-form nozzles containing a body and disc are arranged in an array to perform multiple depositions on the substrate. A low solids mixture produces a very thin dried film of electronic materials.... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110223341 - Process for guniting refractory mixes using conventional dry gunning equipment and refractory mixes for use in same: A dry refractory mix and a method for apply the dry refractory mix to a surface. One aspect of the invention utilizes gunning mixes without cement. The dry refractory mix also may include a setting agent that is homogeneously blended with the refractory mix. In operation, when used with pneumatic... Agent: Reno Refractories, Inc.

20110223342 - Methods and apparatus for coating substrates: Methods and apparatus for coating substrates. A die can be employed for extrusion coating an elongated substrate, where the die defines a coating cavity therein. The die can comprise a die block having a coating supply channel for supplying a coating material to the coating cavity. The die can further... Agent: Eastman Chemical Company

20110223343 - Novel nanocomposite for sustainability of infrastructure: A nanocomposite has significant social, economic and environmental benefits. By having high tensile strength and high toughness, a large number of opportunities of applying fly ashes are opened up. Besides replacing ordinary Portland cement, the nanocomposite is able to be used as an inorganic adhesive/resin to make fiber reinforced inorganic... Agent: The University Of Alabama Office For Technology Transfer

20110223344 - Process and apparatus for coating glass: A process and an apparatus for coating glass by means of a method using at least one or more liquid raw materials which react essentially on at least a portion of the glass substrate forming a coating on it. At least part of the liquid raw materials is atomized to... Agent: Beneq Oy

20110223345 - Method for manufacturing multilayer information recording medium: A substrate formed of an organic-inorganic hybrid material and provided with a reinforcement member in an inner periphery portion is used, as a signal transfer substrate, in a method for procuring a multilayer information recording medium having “n” information recording layers (“n” is an integer of two or more), the... Agent:

20110223346 - Sputtering device and sputtering method: A sputtering apparatus (1) is provided with a substrate holder (22) for holding rotatably the substrate (21) in the surface direction of the processing surface of the substrate; a substrate magnetic field forming device (30) which is disposed to surround the substrate (21) and forms a magnetic field on the... Agent: Canon Anelva Corporation

20110223349 - Powder dispensing apparatus and method: An additive manufacturing powder dispenser has a metering member for dispensing a line of powder to be used in an additive manufacturing process. The metering member has one or more metering voids that extend through the metering member with entrance openings defined in a first face of the metering member... Agent:

20110223348 - Presensitizing films using a pipeline process: Methods and systems for presensitizing film, including presensitizing a first region of a film, where the first region is a first subset of an image region, presensitizing a second region of the film, where the second region is a second subset of the image region, and where the presensitizing the... Agent: Zebra Imaging, Inc.

20110223347 - Presensitizing films using time delays: Methods and systems for presensitizing film, including causing a presensitization effect on a region of a film, the presensitization effect, as a function of time, exhibiting a presensitization effect peak after a peak time from an initiation of the presensitization effect, and exposing, after a delay time, substantially the same... Agent: Zebra Imaging, Inc.

20110223351 - Laser cladding of a thermoplastic powder on plastics: A method applies a coating (17) of a thermoplastic material on a substrate (11) made of a polymeric material, with the thermoplastic material and the polymeric material being incompatible. Firstly, the substrate and/or the powder are exposed to a plasma discharge (12) or the reactive gas stream resulting therefrom in... Agent: Vlaamse Instelling Voortechnologisch Onderzoek N.v. (vito)

20110223350 - Method for producing thermoelectric material: A method for producing a thermoelectric material is provided. A semiconductor material powder is provided. An electroless plating process is preformed to deposit metal nano-particles on the surface of semiconductor material powder. An electrical current activated sintering process is performed to form a thermoelectric material having one and plurality grain... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110223352 - Method of making a keycap structure: A method of making a keycap structure including steps of colored plastic body formation, final coating spraying, baking, laser engraving, transparent layer covering, and finishing. Through the aforesaid steps, at least a colored plastic body is pre-formed. The colored plastic body has a to-be-processed surface. The to-be-processed surface is spray-coated... Agent:

20110223354 - High pressure pre-oxidation for deposition of thermal barrier coating: An apparatus for coating a work piece includes a process chamber, a coating material supply apparatus located at least partially within the process chamber for delivering a coating material to the work piece, a pre-heater assembly adjoining the process chamber, and a support for holding the work piece. The pre-heater... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20110223353 - High pressure pre-oxidation for deposition of thermal barrier coating with hood: An apparatus for coating a work piece includes a process chamber, a coating material supply apparatus located at least partially within the process chamber for delivering a coating material to the work piece, a pre-heater assembly adjoining the process chamber, and a support for holding the work piece. The pre-heater... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20110223356 - Coating apparatus and method with indirect thermal stabilization: An apparatus includes a work piece support for holding and selectively rotating a work piece, a coating delivery apparatus configured to apply a coating material to the work piece, a susceptor positioned adjacent to the work piece support, and a first electron gun configured to direct a first electron beam... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20110223357 - Surface treatment method: A surface treatment method, which is capable of continuously and efficiently performing high quality surface treatment that can improve adhesion between a substrate and a functional layer by preventing oligomers from oozing out onto the substrate surface with the passage of time from surface treatment when performing surface treatment on... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110223355 - Thermal stabilization of coating material vapor stream: A coating system includes a work piece, a coating delivery apparatus configured to apply a coating material to the work piece in a plasma-based vapor stream, and a first electron gun configured to direct a first electron beam at the plasma-based vapor stream for adding thermal energy to the coating... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20110223358 - Method of manufacturing gas barrier film: The method of manufacturing a gas barrier film feeds long lengths of a substrate and forms a silicon nitride film as the gas barrier film on the substrate by a capacitively coupled plasma-enhanced CVD technique while transporting the substrate in a longitudinal direction. Gaseous raw materials using in the forming... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110223359 - Hydrothermal synthesis of lifepo4 nanoparticles: Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to lithium-ion batteries, and more specifically, to a method of fabricating such batteries using thin-film deposition processes. In one embodiment In one embodiment, a method of forming a film on a substrate is provided. The method comprises combining a lithium-containing precursor, an iron... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

09/08/2011 > 39 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20110217448 - Method for preparation of a controlled release system: The present invention relates to a method for the preparation of a controlled release system and especially to a method for entrapment of compounds in polymer carriers for controlled release of active ingredients, preferably bioactive ingredients, such as drugs. This method results in a system for controlled release of active... Agent: Universiteit Utrecht Holding B.v.

20110217449 - Controlled vapor deposition of biocompatible coatings for medical devices: An intraocular lens with a hydrophilic polymer coating composition and method of preparing same are provided. Specifically, a composition suitable for reducing tackiness in intraocular lenses is provided wherein an acrylic intraocular lens is treated by vapor deposition with an alkoxy silyl terminated polyethylene glycol polymer composition.... Agent:

20110217450 - Method for coating stents: A method for coating a stent can involve a device having a drying zone, a spray zone, and movable member for positioning a stent in the drying zone and another stent in the spray zone. Each stent can be on a support. A force can be applied to the outside... Agent:

20110217451 - Large-area transparent conductive coatings including doped carbon nanotubes and nanowire composites, and methods of making the same: Certain example embodiments of this invention relate to large-area transparent conductive coatings (TCCs) including carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and nanowire composites, and methods of making the same. The σdc/σopt ratio of such thim films may be improved via stable chemical doping and/or alloying of CNT-based films. The doping and/or alloying may... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20110217452 - Optical film, polarizing plate, image display, and manufacturing method of optical film: An optical film is provided and includes: a support; a hard coat layer formed by hardening a hard coat layer-coating composition; and a overcoat layer formed by hardening an overcoat layer-coating composition, in this order. Each of the hard coat layer-coating composition and the overcoat layer-coating composition contains a compound... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110217453 - Manufacturing method of substrate having function layer between partition walls, and manufacturing method of image display apparatus using the substrate: The present invention provides a manufacturing method of a display substrate that can easily remove a substance adhering to the top of partition walls with high precision. On a substrate, partition walls for dividing a surface of the substrate into a plurality of regions are formed, and a color filter... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110217454 - Method for manufacturing piezoelectric film: A method for manufacturing a piezoelectric film includes: forming a piezoelectric precursor film including Bi, Fe, Mn, Ba, and Ti; and obtaining a piezoelectric film preferentially oriented with the (110) plane by crystallizing the piezoelectric precursor film.... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110217455 - Large-area transparent conductive coatings including alloyed carbon nanotubes and nanowire composites, and methods of making the same: Certain example embodiments of this invention relate to large-area transparent conductive coatings (TCCs) including carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and nanowire composites, and methods of making the same. The σdc/σopt ratio of such thin films may be improved via stable chemical doping and/or alloying of CNT-based films. The doping and/or alloying may... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20110217456 - Magnetic catalyst and method for manufacturing the same: Disclosed is a magnetic catalyst formed by a single or multiple nano metal shells wrapping a carrier, wherein at least one of the metal shells is iron, cobalt, or nickel. The magnetic catalyst with high catalyst efficiency can be applied in a hydrogen supply device, and the device can be... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110217457 - Repair method: A method for repairing gas turbine components, in particular gas turbine blades, including at least the following steps: a) preparing a gas turbine component to be repaired; b) removing a damaged portion from the gas turbine component to be repaired, thereby forming a plane separation surface; c) placing the gas... Agent: Mtu Aero Engines Gmbh

20110217458 - Method for producing lithographic printing plate and production apparatus therefor: An apparatus for producing a printing plate by applying a first coating liquid onto a belt-like support, and drying the first coating liquid to form an image recording layer; and applying a second coating liquid for an overcoat layer onto the image recording layer, and drying the second coating liquid,... Agent:

20110217459 - Process for conjugating biomolecules to hydrophobic membrane-incorporated molecules: A process is provided of conjugating a recognition element such as a biomolecule to a hydrophobic multifunctional linker molecule by incorporating a multifunctional linker molecule including one or more anchoring groups, a reporter group and a reactive site thereon into a membrane, and, reacting the membrane including the incorporated multifunctional... Agent:

20110217460 - Self-assembling, collagen-based material for corneal replacement: A material derived from sea cucumber collagen fibrils is suitable for use in corneal replacements or as an implantable contact lens. To produce material, the collagen fibrils are centrifuged into orthogonal stacks of lamellae comprised of aligned fibrils. The resulting structure is a transparent film of arbitrary thickness very similar... Agent: Shriners Hospitals For Children

20110217461 - Manufacturing method of a holder of a boat for loading a substrate: A manufacturing method of a holder of the boat for loading a semiconductor substrate includes molding a holder substrate of a pipe shape having inner and outer circumference of a predetermined size in such a manner that a lower portion of the semiconductor substrate is seated thereon, and forming a... Agent:

20110217463 - Method and apparatus for finishing a wood panel: A method for finishing an engineered wood board. The method includes: cleaning the top and bottom, applying a first top resin layer, which contains corundum particles, to the top and a first bottom resin layer to the bottom, drying the first top and first bottom resin layers to a residual... Agent: Flooring Technologies Ltd.

20110217462 - Methods for manufacturing insulated heat conductive substrate and insulated heat conductive composite substrate: A method for manufacturing an insulated heat conductive substrate comprises the steps of: performing hydrolysis and condensation of at least one thermally conductive ceramic powder to prepare at least one modified thermally conductive ceramic powder, which comprises a plurality of modified powder particles, each grafted with an organic material; mixing... Agent: Polytronics Technology Corp.

20110217466 - Apparatus and methods for chemical vapor deposition: Methods and apparatus are disclosed for the formation of vaporizing liquid precursor materials. The methods or apparatus can be used as part of a chemical vapor deposition apparatus or system, for example for forming films on substrates. The methods and apparatus involve providing a vessel for containing a liquid precursor... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110217464 - Method for applying a thermal barrier coating: A method and apparatus for forming thermally grown alpha alumina oxide scale on a substrate is provided. The method includes the steps of: a) providing a heating chamber having a heat source and an oxidizing gas source selectively operable to provide a stream of oxidizing gas; b) providing at least... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20110217465 - Shields for substrate processing systems: A shielding system for a physical vapor deposition (PVD) chamber is disclosed. The PVD chamber includes a pedestal supporting a substrate. The shielding system includes a first annular portion and a second annular portion of a pedestal shield. The first annular portion is attached the pedestal at a first location.... Agent: Novellus Systems Inc.

20110217467 - Vacuum processing apparatus and vacuum processing method: A vacuum processing apparatus includes two process chambers and three load-lock chambers which are alternately connected in series, and a transferring device which transfers a plurality of carriers only between the process chamber and the load-lock chambers that are adjacent to each other. A substrate undergoes deposition processing when the... Agent: Canon Anelva Corporation

20110217468 - Ink set and recording method using the same: An ink set includes at least a cyan ink composition containing a self-dispersible pigment, a magenta ink composition containing a self-dispersible pigment, and a yellow ink composition containing a pigment coated with a water-insoluble polymer.... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110217469 - Methods and systems of transferring, docking and processing substrates: In accordance with some embodiments described herein, a method for transferring a substrate is provided. The method includes loading one or more substrates into a respective mobile chamber of one or more mobile chambers. The mobile chambers are movable on a first rail positioned adjacent to two or more process... Agent:

20110217470 - Preparation for chemical treatment of glass, ceramic and stone surfaces: The invention relates to a preparation for chemical treatment of glass, ceramic and stone surfaces consisting of esters of fatty acids, monomeric organo-silicon compounds and organic solvents. Glass, ceramic and stone surfaces treated with the invention show excellent hidrophobicity and shine. Furthermore, the application of the invention prevents damages of... Agent:

20110217471 - One-component, ambient curable waterborne coating compositions, related methods and coated substrates: Disclosed are coating compositions that can be one-component, ambient curable, and waterborne. The coating compositions include a polycarbodiimide, a carboxylic acid functional polymer, and a base. The polycarbodiimide is modified for hydrophilicity and is derived from a tetramethylxylylene diisocyanate. The base is present in the composition in an amount sufficient... Agent:

20110217472 - Method for refinishing a vehicle using a multi-layer coating system including a hydroxyl modified polyurethane dispersion binder: A method for refinishing a vehicle using a multi-layer coating system is provided. The multi-layer coating system comprises a hydroxyl-functional polyurethane dispersion. The hydroxyl-functional polyurethane comprises the reaction product of a pre-polymer intermediate formed from the reaction of an isocyanate with an active hydrogen containing compound, such as a polyester... Agent: The Sherwin-williams Company

20110217473 - Wet processing apparatus, wet processing method and storage medium: A wet processing apparatus for wet-processing substrates can suppress the reduction of throughput when some component part thereof becomes unserviceable. The wet processing apparatus includes a first nozzle unit and a second nozzle unit. When the wet processing apparatus operates in a normal mode, a substrate carrying mechanism is controlled... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110217474 - System and method for managing energy usage in a manufacturing facility: A system and method for managing energy usage in a manufacturing facility includes harvesting the thermal properties of paint particulate wash for pre-conditioning air that is drawn into the building. The drawn-in air may be conditioned to a target temperature by an air makeup unit and then used in a... Agent: Thierica Equipment Corporation

20110217475 - Methods for applying polymer-modified wet concrete mixtures: The invention relates to methods for applying wet concrete mixtures containing cement, fillers, water, one or more polymers, and possibly further admixtures or additives according to the wet-mix shotcrete method, characterized in that the wet concrete mixtures, which contain at least one polymer based on one or more vinyl esters... Agent: Wacker Chemie Ag

20110217476 - Conversion layers for surfaces containing zinc: The invention relates to a process for producing a coating layer which protects against corrosion, in which a surface to be treated is brought into contact with an aqueous treatment solution containing at least one source of chromium(III) ions and also at least one organic compound which oxidizes zinc in... Agent:

20110217477 - Radiation-cured coatings: A process for coating a substrate comprising condensing a radiation curable material on a substrate and curing it using an electron flux 6′ with energy between 6.5 eV and 300 eV. The electron flux 6′ is directed at the substrate (2) either simultaneously or sequentially with delivery of the curable... Agent: Camvac Limited

20110217478 - Aqueous dispersed polyester resin compositions: The invention relates to a radiation curable aqueously dispersed polyester resin composition containing an emulsifier D and the reaction product AC of a hydroxy functional polyester resin A and an olefinically unsaturated compound C which can be radically polymerised and which is attached to the polyester resin backbone by an... Agent: Cytec Surface Specialities S.a./n.v.

20110217479 - Method and apparatus for transcripting fine patterns: In a method for transcripting fine patterns and an apparatus for transcripting fine patterns, the ingress of bubbles is prevented and patterns are transcripted with a high throughput by a relatively compact apparatus. For this purpose, a back surface of a stamper is vacuum sucked and the stamper is brought... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20110217480 - Structure for resting furniture: The present invention relates to a method for the realization of a structure for couches, beds, mattresses, chairs and the like. In particular, in accordance with a first embodiment, operations are foreseen that include the processing in machine tools of a single mono-block in such a way as to obtain... Agent:

20110217481 - Electromagnetic strip stabilizer: An electromagnetic strip stabilizer includes: a pair of electromagnets, opposed to each other, that generate magnetic forces to act on a steel strip passing between the electromagnets after a surface coating process being applied to the steel strip; a pair of sensors, each sensor provided for each of the electromagnets,... Agent: Sinfonia Technology Co., Ltd.

20110217482 - Led curing lamp and method: A curing lamp apparatus mounts to a work surface with a suction cup. A base is mounted to the suction cup. A flexible neck extends from the base to the lamp head. The lamp head includes a lamp element with first and second UV light sources which emit UV light... Agent:

20110217483 - Fabricating method of an optical compensation film: An optical compensation film includes an optical film and a retardation film. The optical film provides a plate retardation in the direction of thickness (Rth), while the retardation film is disposed on the optical film. The retardation film includes first retarders and second retarders, wherein the first retarders are disposed... Agent: Au Optronics Corporation

20110217484 - Method for repairing seal segments of rotor/stator seals of a gas turbine: The subject of the invention is a method for repairing sealing surfaces of seal segments, arranged on the inner circumference of a turbine casing section, of a rotor/stator seal of a gas turbine. With the method according to the invention, first of all material is removed from the sealing surfaces... Agent: Lufthansa Technik Ag

20110217485 - Method for coating a metal crucible element with a mixture of glass and ceramic: Angular sectors of a cylindrical wall of a crucible for vitrification of waste, built in steel and subject to high temperatures, are coated with a mixture of mainly glass and ceramic, the coating being subject to a heat treatment comprising a step between 650° C. and 850° C. so as... Agent: Areva Nc

20110217486 - Method for processing a chemical vapor deposition (cvd) and a cvd device using the same: A method for CVD processing, comprises the steps of: fixing both ends of a silicon substrate to a pair of electrode mounts; lowering a resistance value of the silicon substrate by raising temperature of the silicon substrate with heat from an outer heater provided outside the case; heating the silicon... Agent: Teoss Co., Ltd.

09/01/2011 > 24 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20110212253 - Method of identifying the orientation of a tissue sample: A method of identifying the orientation of a tissue sample is provided. The method includes the use of a single-use tissue marking system for use in marking a tissue sample. A first surface of the sample is marked with a first ink defined by a first color; a second surface... Agent:

20110212254 - Cost effective automated preparation and coating methodology for large surfaces: An apparatus and method of preparing and coating a large structure such as a ship's hull while in a dry dock wherein a plurality of spray guns disposed in an array are positioned by a robotic arm in a spaced relationship along the surface to be treated so that their... Agent:

20110212255 - Film forming method, film forming apparatus, pattern forming method, and manufacturing method of semiconductor apparatus: There is disclosed a film forming method comprising continuously discharging a solution adjusted so as to spread over a substrate by a given amount to the substrate through a discharge port disposed in a nozzle, moving the nozzle and substrate with respect to each other, and holding the supplied solution... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110212256 - Deposition rate control: An vapor deposition control system includes a multi-level control scheme.... Agent: First Solar, Inc.

20110212257 - Method to decrease warpage of a multi-layer substrate and structure thereof: Disclosed is a method to improve heat dissipation efficiency and to decrease warpage of a multi-layer substrate, comprising a plurality of metal layers and a plurality of dielectric layers, which are alternately formed. A plane parallel with a first metal layer and a second metal layer, substantially has the same... Agent: Princo Corp.

20110212258 - Double complex salts as absorbers in osc/opv devices: The present invention pertains to the double complex salts in optoelectronic components, like organic diodes, organic transistors or organic lasers, in particular an organic solar cell (OSC, OPP) and in particular from oligomers built from charged metal complexes.... Agent: Cynora Gmbh

20110212259 - Method for preparing an electrode for producing hydrogen: A method for preparing an electrode, includes the steps of preparing a dispersion of a polyoxometalate and a material conferring electronic conductivity and comprising positive charges in a solvent; depositing the suspension obtained in the first step on a carbon medium; drying the suspension deposited in previous step, and applying... Agent:

20110212260 - Methods of forming electrically conductive structures: Some embodiments include methods of forming conductive material within high aspect ratio openings and low aspect ratio openings. Initially, the high aspect ratio openings may be filled with a first conductive material while the low aspect ratio openings are only partially filled with the first conductive material. Additional material may... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20110212261 - Non-wetting coating on a fluid ejector: A fluid ejector having an inner surface, an outer surface, and an orifice that allows fluid in contact with the inner surface to be ejected. The fluid ejector has a non-wetting monolayer covering at least a portion of the outer surface of the fluid ejector and surrounding an orifice in... Agent:

20110212262 - Multilayer coating apparatus and multilayer coating method: Provided are a multilayer coating apparatus and a multilayer coating method in which an uneven flow can be reduced when two types of resins having different softening points are caused to join together and a wire member is coated therewith. A coating apparatus (10) includes: a first extruder (12) and... Agent:

20110212263 - Imprinting of partial fields at the edge of the wafer: Edge field patterning of a substrate having full fields and partial fields may include patterning using a template having multiple mesas with each mesa corresponding to a field on the substrate. Polymerizable material may be deposited solely between the template and the full fields of the substrate. A non-reactive material... Agent: Molecular Imprints, Inc.

20110212264 - Module, nozzle and method for dispensing controlled patterns of liquid material: A liquid dispensing module and nozzle or die tip for discharging at least one liquid filament. The nozzle includes a strand guide for guiding a substrate past the nozzle and a frustoconical protrusion disposed on a surface of the nozzle adjacent the notch. A liquid discharge passage extends along an... Agent: Nordson Corporation

20110212265 - Method, apparatus and system for processing of vehicle tyres, and vehicle tyre: A method of processing a vehicle tyre, comprising inserting a delimiter (471) into the tyre by forming the delimiter from a delimiter material; and a corresponding apparatus and system.... Agent:

20110212266 - Golf ball manufacturing method: The invention provides a method of manufacturing golf balls having a core and at least one cover layer which involves injecting a molten cover resin material around a core so as to form a cover layer. The cover resin material is a single resin composition made up of (A) a... Agent: Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd.

20110212267 - Coating composition comprising a polyisocyante and a polyol: The invention relates to a non-aqueous coating composition comprising a. a polyisocyanate, b. a polyol having an average functionality of more than 3 hydroxyl groups per molecule, c. a metal based curing catalyst for the addition reaction of isocyanate groups and hydroxyl groups, and d. a mercapto carboxylic acid, wherein... Agent:

20110212268 - Method for high volume manufacture of electrochemical cells using physical vapor deposition: Embodiments of the present invention relate to apparatuses and methods for fabricating electrochemical cells. One embodiment of the present invention comprises a single chamber configurable to deposit different materials on a substrate spooled between two reels. In one embodiment, the substrate is moved in the same direction around the reels,... Agent: Sakti3, Inc.

20110212269 - Method and apparatus for static biasing a pre-metalized non-conductive substrate: Methods and apparatus are provided for static-biasing a pre-metalized non-conductive substrate within a process chamber. A substrate holder that holds a pre-metalized non-conductive substrate is engaged by a lift mechanism that provides movement of the substrate in a first, upward direction to a contact position within the process chamber and... Agent:

20110212270 - Magnetic recording medium manufacturing method: A method of manufacturing a magnetic recording medium. The method includes altering magnetic characteristics of a magnetic recording layer at positions corresponding to concave portions of a mask layer by ion implantation or exposure to an activated halogen-containing reactive gas, via a mask layer on which a concavo-convex pattern is... Agent: Fuji Electric Device Technology Co., Ltd.

20110212271 - Hydrophilic compositions, methods for their production, and substrates coated with such compositions: Liquid compositions are disclosed that include a photocatalytic material and a hydrophilic binder that includes an essentially completely hydrolyzed organosilicate. Also disclosed are methods of making such compositions, methods of coating a substrate with a hydrophilic composition, and substrates coated with such compositions. The compositions may, for example, be embodied... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20110212272 - Manufacturing method for magnetic recording medium: A magnetic recording medium having a high magnetic pattern contrast is manufactured. By changing an acceleration voltage that accelerates ions in a process gas, depths (peak depths D0 and D1) from a magnetic layer 44, at which an injection amount of a target element is the maximum, can be made... Agent: Ulvac, Inc.

20110212273 - Process for treating wood: The proposed invention relates to a method for fluid treatment of wood comprising the steps of placing the wood in an airtight tank, evacuating the airtight tank to establish a vacuum environment for the wood, applying a fluid to the wood. Additionally, the method may further comprise the subsequent step... Agent:

20110212274 - Hybrid in-situ dry cleaning of oxidized surface layers: According to one embodiment, the method includes providing a substrate containing a metal-containing barrier layer having an oxidized surface layer, exposing the oxidized surface layer to a flow of a first process gas containing plasma-excited argon gas to activate the oxidized surface layer and applying substrate bias power during the... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110212275 - Laminate: A laminate prepared by pretreating at least one side of a substrate of a plastic film by plasma treatment and then directly laminating a thermoplastic resin on a surface treated by pretreatment.... Agent: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

20110212276 - Method and device for applying or embedding particles onto or into a layer applied by plasma coating: A method for applying or embedding nanoparticles or microparticles of any substance in a defined manner onto or into a layer to be applied to a substrate surface by plasma coating before, during or after the plasma coating operation in a magnetron or plasmatron. The particles are introduced from the... Agent:

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