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Coating processes August inventions list 08/11

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08/25/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110206827 - Film-coated tablet or granules containing as active ingredient a pyridylpyrimidine compound or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt of this compound: Film-coated tablet, consisting of a tablet core with a film coating, or granules containing as active ingredient a pyridylpyrimidine compound or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt of this compound, preferably imatinib or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt of imatinib, preferably imatinib monomethanesulfonate, wherein (i) the tablet cores and the granules have been... Agent: Siegfried Generics International Ag

20110206828 - Devices and methods for tissue engineering: A resorbable tissue scaffold fabricated from bioactive glass fiber forms a rigid three-dimensional porous matrix having a bioactive composition. Porosity in the form of interconnected pore space is provided by the space between the bioactive glass fiber in the porous matrix. Strength of the bioresorbable matrix is provided by bioactive... Agent: Bio2 Technologies, Inc.

20110206829 - Composition for stripping and stripping method: The present invention provides a stripping composition and a stripping method capable of easily stripping a color resist or an organic insulating film formed on a substrate to reuse the substrate when defects are found during a process of forming the color filter or organic insulating film on the substrate.... Agent:

20110206830 - Reverse interferometric method and apparatus for measuring layer thickness: A reverse interferometric method for the determination of the thickness of a layer of material employs a multi-wavelength light source which generates a light beam which comprises a time-variant series of different monochromatic wavelengths. The beam is reflected from the body of material being measured and is detected by a... Agent: United Solar Ovonic LLC

20110206832 - Method for ejecting droplet of alignment material and device for the same: Droplet ejection method and device capable of preventing a line defect, which results from a defective nozzle that ejects an inappropriate amount of droplet and is included in nozzles of an ink-jet head, from developing to appear as a visible defect in image display of a liquid crystal display panel.... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20110206831 - Transparent inorganic-organic hybrid materials via aqueous sol-gel processing: A sol to form an inorganic-organic hybrid coating having a thick highly transparent hard coating is described. The hybrid coating is formed from a combined aqueous sol with least one hydrolyzable silane and at least one hydrolyzable metal oxide precursor where the only organic solvents present are those liberated upon... Agent: University Of Florida Research Foundation Inc.

20110206833 - Extension electrode of plasma bevel etching apparatus and method of manufacture thereof: An extension electrode with enhanced durability and etching rate for plasma bevel etchers. The extension electrode comprises a plasma exposed truncated conical surface on an annular aluminum body. The aluminum body can roughened prior to anodization and coated with a ceramic material such as yttria.... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

20110206834 - Curable composition for transfer materials, and pattern forming process: An object of the invention is to provide curable compositions for transfer materials suited for nanoimprinting processes, which compositions have high dry etching resistance against argon gas and high selectivity of dry etching rate between by argon gas and by oxygen gas, and can be fabricated into fine patterns used... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20110206835 - Borate and polymer compositions for the repair and maintenance of railroad ties: A remedial railroad tie repair treatment capable of extending the useful life of a railroad tie. The remedial repair treatment comprises a mixture of a borate solution and a chemical tie plugging compound combined that, when applied to a wooden area of interest, will delay the decay thereof and facilitate... Agent:

20110206836 - Bio-based coating: A bio-based coating for a building automatically transmits or reflects heat gain from infrared sunlight. The coating is composed of bio-based polymerized oil and a catalyst that is also a thermochromic material. The catalyst reduces the temperature for polymerization of the oil to create a suspension that forms a hardened... Agent:

20110206837 - Method of producing laminate film: A method of producing a laminate film includes coating a support with coating solutions with at least two monolayer extrusion dies to provide layers. A difference in solubility parameter between the coating solution and a solute in the adjoining layer ≧0.1 for respective coating solutions. Viscosity of the downstream side... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110206838 - Optical waveguide for touch panel, touch panel using the optical waveguide and manufacturing method of the optical waveguide: m

20110206839 - Method and apparatus for forming structures of polymer nanobeads: The disclosure relates to providing printed structures of polymer that have substantially flat printed surfaces. In one embodiment, the disclosure relates to a post-printing treatment apparatus for receiving a substrate supporting a polymer printing thereon. The polymer can be PMMA or other suitable polymer. In a related embodiment, the polymer... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110206840 - Thermosetting powder adhesive composition: A powder adhesive comprising a primary rubber bonding polymer and a thermosetting component, and a method for bonding elastomers to metals employing the same. By adding a thermosetting component to a powdered adhesive, the adhesive may be applied to a substrate, sintered and thermoset to provide a sweep resistant adhesive... Agent:

20110206842 - Cvd-siemens reactor process hydrogen recycle system: A hydrogen recycle process and system for use with chemical vapor deposition (CVD) Siemens type processes is provided. The process results in substantially complete or complete hydrogen utilization and substantially contamination-free or contamination-free hydrogen.... Agent:

20110206841 - Method and device for conditioning paper: Method for conditioning paper, which comprises a first step of cooling and one of applying a liquid to the paper. In the cooling step, the temperature of the paper is reduced, e.g. below ambient temperature or below the dew point of a liquid-saturated gas mass applied in the liquid-application step.... Agent:

20110206843 - Processing methods and apparatus with temperature distribution control: Wafer treatment process and apparatus is provided with a wafer carrier arranged to hold wafers and to inject a fill gas into gaps between the wafers and the wafer carrier. The apparatus is arranged to vary the composition, flow rate, or both of the fill gas so as to counteract... Agent: Veeco Instruments Inc.

20110206844 - Chromium-free passivation of vapor deposited aluminum surfaces: A process for passivating a vapor-deposited aluminum layer on a substrate, including providing a substrate comprising vapor deposited aluminum on a surface thereof; treating the surface of the substrate with an aqueous substantially chromium-free composition comprising a hexafluorozirconate; and rinsing the treated surface with water. A process for passivating a... Agent:

20110206845 - Organometallic compounds and processes for preparation thereof: This invention relates to organometallic compounds represented by the formula LML′ wherein M is a metal or metalloid, L is a substituted or unsubstituted cyclopentadienyl group or cyclopentadienyl-like group, a substituted or unsubstituted pentadienyl group or pentadienyl-like group, or a substituted or unsubstituted pyrrolyl group or pyrrolyl-like group, and L′... Agent:

20110206846 - Method for depositing transparent conducting oxides: A method of preparing light transmitting conducting metal oxide (TCO) films using atomic layer deposition (ALD) of a metal precursor multiple oxidizing reactants. The multiple metal oxidizing reactants may be selected to enhance growth of the TCO film. In a particular embodiment, an indium oxide TCO film is prepared using... Agent: Uchicago Argonne LLC

20110206847 - Apparatus and method of fabricating thin film pattern: A fabricating method and apparatus of a thin film pattern improves the reliability of forming the thin film pattern by a resist printing method. The apparatus includes a print roller device of a roll shape around which a blanket is wound; a spray device located around the print roller device... Agent:

20110206848 - Method for forming an image in stone: A method of imbedding an image in a stone substrate includes printing an image onto a first surface of the stone substrate. Optionally, a moist towel is placed over the first surface of the stone substrate and a weight is placed over the moist towel then time is provided for... Agent:

20110206849 - Method of forming a multi-layered fiber: A method for forming multi-layered fiber including a core, a first layer, and a second layer. The core has an exterior surface portion containing polypropylene. The first layer is applied to at least a portion of the core and contains a first polymer. The first polymer contains a polymer having... Agent:

20110206850 - Ball marking device: A device for marking a ball includes a stencil ring and a housing. The housing includes a base and a top. The base includes a base quick connecting element. The top includes a top quick connecting element. The base and said top quick connecting elements are for connecting and disconnecting... Agent:

20110206851 - Use of dams to improve yield in film processing: The present invention relates to methods for forming films. In particular, the present invention relates to the formation of films on a substrate, the substrate having at least one dam portion.... Agent: Monosol Rx, LLC

20110206852 - Imprint apparatus, template of imprint apparatus, and article manufacturing method: An imprint apparatus includes a dispenser, a detector configured to detect an alignment mark located on a pattern surface of a template, and a controller. The pattern surface includes a first region including a pattern corresponding to the resin pattern, and a second region including the alignment mark, and is... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110206853 - Method for forming a lubricating film: A method of forming a lubricating film on a surface, comprising applying to a surface a multiphasic composition comprising at least one (per)fluoropolyether (PFPE) lubricant, water and from 0.1 to 3% by weight of water of at least one thickening agent, said multiphasic composition having a viscosity, when measured at... Agent: Solvay Solexis S.p.a.

20110206854 - Pack of lubricant wipes: A pack (2) of wipes (4) comprising a container (6) for the wipes (4), and a plurality of the wipes (4) in the container (6), and the wipes (4) being such that they are impregnated with a lubricant. A method of lubricating a product using the pack (2) of wipes... Agent:

20110206855 - Article having cobalt-phosphorous coating and method for heat treating: A method of processing an article having a substrate and a cobalt-phosphorous coating disposed on the substrate includes heat treating the article. At least one physical characteristic of the cobalt-phosphorous coating is altered using the heat treating to thereby change a performance characteristic of the article. For example, the article... Agent:

20110206856 - Composition and method for preparation of electro-conductive polymer surfaces: A method of electrostatic spraying of a polymer surface involves oxidation and treating the oxidised surface with a polyamine and an electroconductivity modifying agent which contains a mono-carboxylic acid of from one to 12 carbon atoms.... Agent:

20110206857 - Ultra low dielectric materials using hybrid precursors containing silicon with organic functional groups by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition: Methods for depositing a low dielectric constant layer on a substrate are provided. In one embodiment, the method includes introducing one or more organosilicon compounds into a chamber, wherein the one or more organosilicon compounds comprise a silicon atom and a porogen component bonded to the silicon atom, reacting the... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110206858 - Uv curable putty compositions: The invention is directed to putty compositions curable by means of high energy radiation, comprising A) at least one compound capable of free-radical polymerization having at least one olefinic unsaturated group and B) at least one filler, the at least one filler or a mixture of fillers having a particle... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110206859 - Engineered fluoride-coated elements for laser systems: The invention is directed to elements having fluoride coated surfaces having multiple layers of fluoride material coatings for use in laser systems, and in particular in laser systems operating at wavelength <200 nm. In a particular embodiment the invention is directed to highly reflective mirrors for use in wavelengths <200... Agent:

20110206861 - Manufacturing method of liquid discharge head: This invention relates to a manufacturing method of a liquid discharge head comprising: forming an active energy ray-curable resin layer on a surface of a substrate on which discharge energy generating elements are formed, attaching a material permeable to active energy rays onto a surface of the active energy ray-curable... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110206860 - Method for forming polarization reversal: A method for forming a ferroelectric spontaneous polarization reversal includes the steps of forming a convexo-concave structure on a top face of a ferroelectric substrate firstly, and then forming a ferroelectric spontaneous polarization region on the substrate including one portion of a convex portion, with a concave portion being formed... Agent: National Institute For Materials Science

20110206863 - Organometallic compounds having sterically hindered amides: This invention relates to organometallic compounds represented by the formula M(NR1R2)x wherein M is a metal or metalloid, R1 is the same or different and is a hydrocarbon group or a heteroatom-containing group, R2 is the same or different and is a hydrocarbon group or a heteroatom-containing group; R1 and... Agent:

20110206862 - Titanium nitride film deposition by vapor deposition using cyclopentadienyl alkylamino titanium precursors: i

20110206864 - Organometallic compounds, processes for the preparation thereof and methods of use thereof: This invention relates to organometallic precursor compounds represented by the formula (Cp(R′)x)yM(H)z-y, a process for producing the organometallic precursor compounds, and a method for depositing a metal and/or metal carbide layer, e.g., Ta metal and/or TaC layer, on a substrate by the thermal or plasma enhanced disassociation of the organometallic... Agent:

20110206865 - Method of and apparatus utilizing carbon cord for evaporation of metals: A high temperature evaporator is made using an electrically insulating crucible and a heating element made of woven graphite fibers. The crucible is manufactured out of an electrically insulating block to the required shape, and channels are machined on the walls of the crucible. The woven graphite cord is threaded... Agent:

20110206866 - Deposition apparatus and method: A deposition apparatus 50 includes a chamber 1 having at its top section a gas inlet 4 for supplying deposition gas 25. Inside chamber 1 is a susceptor 7 on which to place a substrate 6; a heater 8 located below the substrate 6; and a liner 2 for covering... Agent:

20110206868 - Donor substrate and method of manufacturing display: A method in which a donor substrate is used in forming a light emitting layer by forming a transfer layer containing light emission material, irradiating a radiation ray to the transfer layer while the transfer layer and a substrate to be transferred face each other, and sublimating or vaporizing the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110206867 - Methods for repair and preventive maintenance of railroad ties using uv curable polymers: A method for repair and preventive maintenance of railroad ties by application of a polymer system to the surface of the rail seat. The polymer system is cured by irradiation with ultraviolet light to fully cure or partially cure the polymer. The polymer system may be used in conjunction with... Agent: Encore Rail Systems, Inc.

08/18/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110200738 - System and method for conditioning implantable medical devices: A method for passivating a biomaterial surface includes exposing the biomaterial surface to therapeutic electrical energy in the presence of blood or plasma. The biomaterial surface may be removably secured within a chamber of a treatment system, which communicates the therapeutic electrical energy to the biomaterial surface while interfacing the... Agent:

20110200739 - Method for testing the quality of a metallic coating: A method and a device for determining a quality of a metallic surface of a metallic substrate, for example a steel or steel alloy substrate, are provided. The device includes a mould, a sheet holder and a die, with which the metallic substrate is formed to produce a drawn test... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Steel Ag

20110200740 - Method of preparation of a mwcnt/ polymer composite having electromagnetic interference shielding effectiveness: A method of preparing carbon nanotube/polymer composite having electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding effectiveness is disclosed, which includes: dispersing multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) in an organic solvent such as N,N-Dimethylacetamide (DMAc); dissolving monomers such as methyl methacrylate (MMA) and an initiator such as 2,2-azobisisobutyronitrile (AIBN) in the MWCNT dispersion; and polymerizing... Agent: National Tsing Hua University

20110200741 - Organic thin film deposition device, organic el element manufacturing device, and organic thin film deposition method: An organic thin film deposition device that is compact and high in processing capability is provided. Inside a vacuum chamber, first and second substrate arrangement devices that can be in a horizontal posture and a standing posture are provided; and when in the standing posture, substrates held by the respective... Agent: Ulvac, Inc

20110200742 - Drying method and drying device: A drying method in which a substrate on which a coating liquid such as a resist liquid containing a volatile solvent is applied is dried under a reduced pressure in an airtight container, and an inert gas is then supplied in the container, so that flows do not concentrate and... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20110200743 - Dip-coating process and method for making electrophotographic photosensitive member: A dip-coating process includes immersing a member to be coated in a coating solution in a coating vessel and lifting the member to be coated while covering a side surface of the member to be coated with a telescopic sliding hood to form a coating film on a surface of... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110200744 - Adhesive sheet, process for producing the same, and method of cutting multilayered ceramic sheet: The present invention relates to an adhesive sheet including a substrate and, an adherent layer containing heat-expandable microspheres, the adherent layer being disposed on at least one side of the substrate, in which the adherent layer has a thickness of 10 to 38 μm, and wherein the heat-expandable microspheres have... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110200745 - Reinforcing bar material coated with high adhesion anticorrosion film and method of producing the same: A reinforcing bar material is coated with a high adhesion anticorrosion film that increases adhesion strength to concrete. The film is applied by heating a reinforcing bar material, spraying and melt-adhering an epoxy powder coating material onto the reinforcing bar material while a temperature on a surface of the reinforcing... Agent:

20110200746 - Method for producing a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or sheet: It is provided a method for producing a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or sheet which is superior in a heat-resistance. A mixture is prepared by uniformly mixing a specific polymer having hydrolyzable silyl end groups and urethane linkages and/or urea linkages in the main chains or side chains with tackifying resins.... Agent:

20110200747 - Coated web manufacturing machine and manufacturing method: A manufacturing machine for manufacturing a wrapping paper web for cigarettes with a low ignition propensity has a coating device (3) at a coating position defined in a travel path (2) of web (W). The coating device (3) has a rotary screen (4) and a gravure roller (6) located on... Agent:

20110200748 - Method for producing parts made of a thermostructural composite material: A method of fabricating a thermostructural composite material part includes making a fiber preform formed of yarns or tows and impregnated by a consolidating composition containing a carbon- or ceramic-precursor, transforming the carbon- or ceramic-precursor by pyrolysis, and then densifying the preform by chemical vapor infiltration. A consolidating composition is... Agent: Snecma Propulsion Solide

20110200749 - Film deposition apparatus and method: A chamber includes at its upper section a gas inlet from which to introduce a deposition gas. The inner walls of the chamber are covered by a cylindrical liner, and the chamber houses a susceptor assembly on which to place a semiconductor substrate. The liner includes a barrel section inside... Agent:

20110200750 - Methods for manufacturing panels and panel obtained herewith: Method for manufacturing panels of the type which is composed at least of a substrate and a top layer with a printed decor, wherein the top layer comprises at least two material layers, and wherein for manufacturing, one starts from larger boards, wherein the method consists at least of providing... Agent: Flooring Industries Limited, Sarl

20110200751 - Pretreatment agent for ink jet textile printing and ink jet textile printing process: Provided is a pretreatment agent for ink jet textile printing that can provide printed matters on fabric with high color-developing properties and less bleeding. The pretreatment agent includes at least water and (A) a multivalent metal ion and polymer fine particles, (B) a cationic polymer and polymer fine particles, or... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110200752 - Overspray shielding device and method: A shielding device for shielding a root of a blade or a vane for a spray coating process of the blade or the vane is provided. The shielding device includes a removable insert having a first member with one or more projections sized to sealingly fit into corresponding one or... Agent:

20110200753 - Apparatus and method for manufacturing substrate: Disclosed herein is an apparatus for manufacturing a substrate, including: a first chamber supplying an insulation layer; a second chamber including a roughening roller roughening at least one side of the insulation layer supplied from the first chamber, an evaporator depositing a metal layer on the roughened insulation layer, and... Agent:

20110200754 - Corrosion resistant primer coating: A method of making the metal-1 ferrate compound suitable for the corrosion resistant primer coating comprises steps of (a) dissolving a highly soluble metal-1 salt in water, (b) dissolving and mixing an alkali metal ferrate compound and a metal-2 hydroxide in water, (c) adding the solution of step (b) to... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20110200755 - Method for the preparation of a reinforced thermoset polymer composite: The present invention refers to a method for the preparation of a reinforced thermoset polymer composite, said thermoset polymer composite comprising coated fibres, the coating being used as a vehicle for the introduction of carbon nanotubes into the thermoset polymer, the preparation of said reinforced thermoset polymer composite comprising the... Agent:

20110200756 - Liquid coating composition comprising polyurethane resin sag control agents: A liquid coating composition comprising a resin solids content comprising (i) a binder solids content comprising at least one hydroxyl-functional binder A and 0.5 to less than 5 wt. % of at least one polyurethane resin B with functional groups selected from the group consisting of hydroxyl groups, free isocyanate... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110200757 - Grease masking packaging materials and methods thereof: The present invention relates generally to the packaging materials. More specifically, the invention relates to materials and methods suitable for use as packaging materials whereby the appearance of grease, fat or oil staining on the packaging material is reduced or eliminated.... Agent: Rock-tenn Shared Services, LLC

20110200758 - Method and device for spraying mixtures obtained from the reaction of polymer materials: The invention relates to a method and a device for producing a thin article or a thin coating on a previously manufactured solid body. At least two reactive polymer materials (A, B) are mixed together thoroughly and die resultant mixture (M) is discharged via a nozzle (216) in the form... Agent: Stemma Srl

20110200759 - Oxidation resistant coatings, processes for coating articles, and their coated articles: A process for applying an oxidation resistant coating to an article includes the steps of mixing at least about 10% by volume to up to about 99% by volume of a slurry at least one silica based material having a viscosity of about 1×102 poise to about 1×107 poise at... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20110200760 - Method for manufacturing the color controlled sappire: Disclosed herein is a method of manufacturing a color-controlled sapphire, comprising: vaporizing a metal material, irradiating the vaporized metal material with electron beams or high-frequency waves to form the vaporized metal material into a plasma state, and then implanting the metal ions into a sapphire by extracting the metal ions... Agent:

20110200761 - Nanoimprint lithography: A molding system includes a mold having a base and at least one protuberance extending from the base. The protuberance has an end surface. The system also includes a first photo-catalyst layer on the end surface. The first photo-catalyst layer is configured to at least partially break down a residual... Agent:

20110200762 - Surface preparation for thin film growth by enhanced nucleation: Various processes and related systems are provided for making structures on substrate surfaces. Disclosed are methods of making a structure supported by a substrate by providing a substrate having a receiving surface and exposing at least a portion of the receiving surface to output from a remote plasma of an... Agent:

20110200763 - Process and installation for depositing films simultaneously onto both sides of a substrate: A process for the simultaneous deposition of films onto both sides of a substrate (2), which comprises in particular introducing a substrate (2) into a reaction chamber (106, 206) or making said substrate run therethrough, in which chamber at least two electrodes (110, 210) are placed. At least one dielectric... Agent: Agc Glass Europe

08/11/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110195176 - Method of manufacturing a display: A method for the manufacture of an organic light-emissive display comprises: providing a substrate comprising a first electrode layer and a bank structure defining a plurality of wells; depositing a conductive organic layer over the first electrode; depositing an organic light-emissive layer over the conductive organic layer; and depositing a... Agent: Cambridge Display Technology Limited

20110195177 - Method for making lithium-ion battery electrode material: The present disclosure relates to a method for making an electrode material of lithium-ion batteries. In the method, a carbon source compound is dissolved into a solvent to form a liquid phase solution. A number of titanium dioxide particles are provided and are dispersed into the liquid phase solution. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110195178 - Production method of dielectric ceramic composition and production method of electronic device: Production method of dielectric ceramic composition including a main component of (Ba1-x-ySrxCay)m(Ti1-zZrz)O3 comprises steps of preparing materials of a first main component of (Ba1-x1-ySrx1Cay)m(Ti1-zZrz)O3 and a second main component of (Ba1-x2-ySrx2Cay)m(Ti1-zZrz)O3, obtaining a material of the main component by mixing materials of the first and second main component, and fixing... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110195179 - Reflective substrate surface system, reflective assembly, and methods of improving the visibility of a substrate surface: The present invention provides a marking system adapted for coating a surface of a substrate in which a drying agent is used. According to a first aspect of the invention, a binder layer, such as paint, is applied to the surface. A drying agent is dispensed into the spray of... Agent:

20110195180 - Process for the production of a dark-color multi-layer coating: e

20110195181 - Superhydrophobic powders, structure with superhydrophobic surface, and processes for producing these: A process for producing superhydrophobic powders comprising silica as the main component and the surface of the powders have a contact angle with water of 150° or larger; and a structure having a superhydrophobic surface comprising the powders. The process comprised: introducing hydrophobic groups into the silica present in the... Agent: Kawamura Institute Of Chemical Research

20110195182 - Cvi followed by coal tar pitch densification by vpi: A method for the manufacture of carbon-carbon composite brake discs comprises (a) heat treating a carbon-carbon composite preform in the shape of a brake disc at 1600-2540° C., (b) directly following heat treating, subjecting the heat-treated preform to Chemical Vapor Deposition/Chemical Vapor Infiltration processing, (c) infiltrating the preform with an... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110195183 - Spin coater and method for spin coating: There is provided a method for spin coating, by which a resist is coated on a surface of a circular disc with a hole formed in its center. A method for spin coating coats a film-forming material discharged from a nozzle to an upper surface of a circular disc substrate... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20110195187 - Direct liquid vaporization for oleophobic coatings: This is directed to a liquid vaporization process for depositing an oleophobic ingredient on a surface of an electronic device component using a PVD process. A raw liquid material that includes the oleophobic ingredient can be placed in a liquid supply system coupled to a vacuum chamber. The liquid supply... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110195186 - Plane-type film continuous evaporation source and the manufacturing method and system using the same: A manufacturing method and system using a plane-type film continuous evaporation source are disclosed, in which the manufacturing method comprises the steps of: providing a plane-type film continuous evaporation source, being a substrate having at least one evaporation material coated on a surface thereof while distributing the at least one... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110195185 - Sige matrix nanocomposite materials with an improved thermoelectric figure of merit: Nanocomposite materials comprising a SiGe matrix with silicide and/or germanide nanoinclusions dispersed therein, said nanocomposite materials having improved thermoelectric energy conversion capacity.... Agent:

20110195184 - Substrate protection device and method: A protection device is adapted for protecting substrates within a process chamber against deposition material generated by a deposition source. The protection device includes a plate adapted for facing the substrate at a side opposing the deposition source and a mesh disposed over the plate. The mesh faces the substrate... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110195188 - Chemical vapor deposition of high conductivity, adherent thin films of ruthenium: A multi-step method for depositing ruthenium thin films having high conductivity and superior adherence to the substrate is described. The method includes the deposition of a ruthenium nucleation layer followed by the deposition of a highly conductive ruthenium upper layer. Both layers are deposited using chemical vapor deposition (CVD) employing... Agent: Advanced Technology Materials, Inc.

20110195189 - Pattern formation method: According to one embodiment, a pattern formation method is disclosed. The method includes applying an imprint material onto a workpiece film; and bringing a transfer surface having a first unevenness of a template into contact with the imprint material to form a second unevenness in the imprint material. The second... Agent:

20110195190 - Surface treatment liquid, surface treatment method, hydrophobilization method, and hydrophobilized substrate: Disclosed is a surface treatment liquid which enables simple and efficient hydrophobilization of a substrate and prevention of collapse of a resin pattern or etched pattern. Also disclosed are a surface treatment method using the surface treatment liquid, a hydrophobilization method using the surface treatment liquid, and a hydrophobilized substrate.... Agent: Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd

20110195191 - Surface preparation of steel parts for batch hot-dip galvanizing: This innovation is relevant to a surface preparation of pre-fabricated steel parts, able to guarantee an excellent contact between the surface to be coated, and the molten bath, based on a Zinc-alloy containing Aluminum between 0.01 and 0.1 wt %. In a greater detail this invention is related to a... Agent: Setra S.r.l.

20110195192 - Method for manufacturing liquid discharge head: Provided is a method for manufacturing a liquid discharge head, the liquid discharge head includes a substrate provided on a surface with a first energy generating part and a second energy generating part for generating energy utilized for discharging a liquid; a first discharge port provided corresponding to the first... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110195193 - An end sealing device for a metering nip, a coater with a sealed end and a method of using same: A device (10) for sealing one or both ends of a metering nip. The device (10) comprises a high pressure chamber (12) and a low pressure chamber (14), with each chamber (12,14) comprising a sealing element (18,22) operatively adapted so as to form a seal with the metering nip. The... Agent:

20110195194 - Cationic radiation curable compositions: d

20110195195 - Water-borne paints based on epoxy resins: An aqueous epoxy resin system AB is described comprising an aqueously dispersed epoxy resin A having, on the average, at least one epoxy group per molecule, and a water-soluble or water-dispersible curing agent B which comprises the reaction product of an amine B1 having at least one primary and/or at... Agent: Cytec Austria Gmbh

20110195196 - Method for manufacturing transparent oxide electrode using electron beam post-treatment: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a transparent oxide electrode using an electron beam post-treatment. The method for manufacturing a transparent oxide electrode comprises the steps of: (a) forming a thin film for the transparent anode on a substrate; and (b) irradiating an electron beam to the... Agent:

20110195197 - Method of manufacturing ultraviolet cross-linked foam insulated wire: A method of manufacturing an ultraviolet cross-linked foam insulated wire includes dissolving a gas in an ultraviolet curable resin composition, subsequently applying the ultraviolet curable resin composition on a conductor, and irradiating ultraviolet light on the ultraviolet curable resin composition to form a foam insulation layer on the conductor. The... Agent: Hitachi Cable, Ltd.

20110195198 - Polymerizable photoinitiators and radiation curable compositions: A polymerizable Norrish Type II photoinitiators includes an optionally substituted benzophenone group or an optionally substituted thioxanthone group exhibiting improved compatibility with and solubility in radiation curable compositions. Radiation curable compositions and inkjet inks can contain these polymerizable Norrish Type II photoinitiators, exhibiting low extractable amounts of the photoinitiators and... Agent: Agfa Graphics Nv

20110195200 - Method and device for descaling a metal strip: A method and a device for descaling a metal strip, in which the metal strip is guided in a direction of conveyance through at least one plasma descaling unit in which it is subjected to a plasma descaling. The metal strip is subjected to an automatically controlled cooling process in... Agent: Sms Siemag Aktiengesellschaft

20110195199 - Process and device for soldering in the vapor phase: The invention provides a coating system for coating substrates in a cyclic mode. The process stations of the coating system are disposed in a circular fashion. A handling mechanism is provided for transferring the substrates between the process stations. The process stations comprise a lock for loading and unloading the... Agent:

20110195201 - Method for making a nano-optical antenna array: A method for making a nano-optical antenna array includes following steps. First, an insulative substrate is provided. Second, the insulative substrate is hydrophilicly treated. Third, a monolayer nanosphere array is formed on the insulative substrate. Fourth, a film is deposited on the monolayer nanosphere array. Fifth, the monolayer nanosphere array... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110195202 - Oxygen pump purge to prevent reactive powder explosion: A method of managing particles and material accumulation in exhaust components used in deposition systems is provided. More specifically, embodiments of the present invention relate to methods of preventing build-up of explosive material in vacuum forelines of deposition systems. In one embodiment, a short purge of oxygen-containing gas may be... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110195203 - Gas barrier film manufacturing method: A gas barrier film of high flexibility exhibiting a good gas barrier property over a long period of time is manufactured by a method of manufacturing a gas barrier film by capacitively-coupled plasma CVD using silane gas, ammonia gas, and hydrogen gas and/or nitrogen gas as gaseous raw materials, in... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

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20110189377 - Coating for medical devices comprising an inorganic or ceramic oxide and a therapeutic agent: The invention relates generally to an implantable medical device for delivering a therapeutic agent to the body tissue of a patient, and a method for making such a medical device. In particular, the invention pertains to an implantable medical device, such as an intravascular stem, having a coating comprising an... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110189378 - Apparatus and method for coating a functional layer: An apparatus and method for coating a functional layer on a current collector with an active material layer thereon, the apparatus including a first roll and a second roll, the first roll and second roll being for advancing the current collector; a gravure roll, the gravure roll being configured to... Agent:

20110189379 - Method for the thermographic inspection of nonmetallic materials, particularly coated nonmetallic materials, as well as method for the production thereof and an object produced according to the method: A method for the thermographic inspection of nonmetallic materials, particularly coated nonmetallic materials, is provided. The method includes heating at least one part of the surface of the nonmetallic material, preferably a part of the surface furnished with a nonmetallic coating, by a short energy pulse, preferably a light pulse,... Agent:

20110189380 - Device and method for fabricating display device: A device for manufacturing a display device includes a deposition source; a deposition thickness calculator for calculating a deposition thickness of a deposition material deposited on a substrate; and a controller for controlling a power of a heater which heats the deposition source by comparing the deposition thickness calculated with... Agent: Samsung Mobile Display Co., Ltd.

20110189381 - Anti-corrosion conformal coating for metal conductors electrically connecting an electronic component: An apparatus includes an electronic component mounted on a substrate and metal conductors electrically connecting the electronic component. A conformal coating overlies the metal conductors and comprises a polymer into which a phosphine compound is impregnated and/or covalently bonded. Accordingly, the conformal coating is able to protect the metal conductors... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110189383 - Device and method for inert gas cure for leadframe or substrate strips: A cover for use in a cure oven, wherein the cover is configured to enclose an inner volume of a storage cassette air-tightly. The storage cassette is of the kind to store a plurality of leadframe or substrate strips having a die overcoat to be cured. The cover comprises a... Agent: Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh

20110189382 - Method of preparing fluorinated hybrid compositions: Described is a method for preparing a coating composition comprising a fluorine and silicon containing polymer, with a reactive diluent, and optionally non-reactive oligomeric additives, crosslinkers, or inorganic particles, which upon curing provides coatings with a good balance of adhesion, mechanical properties, scratch resistance, low surface energy, repellency, and transparency.... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110189384 - Thin-film solar cell manufacturing apparatus: A thin-film solar cell manufacturing apparatus includes a film forming chamber that is evacuated to a reduced pressure and forms a film on a substrate using a CVD method; a loading-ejecting chamber that is connected to the film forming chamber via a first opening-closing part and that is switchable between... Agent: Ulvac, Inc.

20110189386 - Compositions and methods for restoring aircraft windows and other plastic surfaces: Plastic restoration kits and methods for effectively restoring the light transmission and optical clarity properties to a plastic surface such as an aircraft window. The kits and methods restore plastic surfaces that have been damaged by scratching and/or UV-induced oxidation. The kits and methods employ a polishing composition and optionally... Agent: Lenzsavers, LLC.

20110189387 - Exact match no sand wood floor repair kit: A repair kit for repairing wood floors without sanding includes a two-part epoxy putty with an epoxy resin and filler, while the second part has a hardener. The filler may be one or more of an alkali silicate, alkaline earth silicate, silica, and borosilicate. The kit further includes a flexible... Agent: Touch-up Products Ltd.

20110189385 - Products and methods for repairing concrete surfaces: Products and methods for treating imperfections in concrete surfaces, especially floors being polished, wherein the products are used with grinding equipment, and combine with concrete powder or fines to fill, e.g., cracks, holes and voids and blend with the existing color of the concrete surface thereby yielding a consistent, natural... Agent:

20110189388 - Biosensor: The invention relates to a biosensor solution in which the biosensor comprises at least one sol-gel response region pattern doped with a biological signature molecule and printed on the biosensor, and at least one micro-channel for transporting material to said at least one sol-gel response region pattern.... Agent: Valtion Teknillinen Tutkimuskeskus

20110189389 - Optical transparent member and optical system using the same: It is an object to provide an optical transparent member capable of maintaining a high-performance antireflection effect for a base over a long period of time, and an optical system using the same, specifically an optical transparent member including on a base a layer containing SiO2 as a main component,... Agent: Osaka Prefecture University

20110189390 - Physical vapor deposition apparatus and physical vapor deposition method: A physical vapor deposition apparatus and a physical vapor deposition method for forming a film of a substance which is hard to be made fine particles even when it is heated by plasma, arc discharge, or the like are provided. It has an evaporation chamber 10 provided inside it with... Agent:

20110189391 - Decorative colored particle dispersion for use in surface coating compositions and method for making same: The present disclosure generally relates to various composite slurries for use in seamless surface coverings and various methods for making the same. In particular, the present disclosure teaches various composite slurry compositions comprising, for example, a clear hardening material, a plurality of particles, a stabilizing filler, and an aggregate. Additionally,... Agent: Chips Unlimited, Inc.

20110189392 - Apparatus and method for producing reinforced composite polyurethane materials: The invention relates to a device and a process for the preparation of polyurethane composite materials reinforced by fibers or solid particles, comprising at least one PUR spray-mixing head with a defined spraying direction and at least one application means for the directional application of fibers and/or solid particles, characterized... Agent: Bayer Material Sceince Ag

20110189393 - Expanding void filler and a process of manufacturing same: An adhesive composition, a process of manufacture and a method of filling a surface having voids with a void filler are disclosed herein. Upon insertion between opposing surfaces or around an exposed surface, the void filler expands into and around the voids, filling surfaces having voids and covering irregularities of... Agent:

20110189394 - Method for forming carbon nanotube: In order to form carbon nanotubes on a conductor covering a portion of a substrate in a short heating time, a mesh-like conductive member (102) made of Mo or the like is deposited on a substrate (101) made of glass or the like; a catalyst support, such as Al2O3, and... Agent:

20110189398 - Decorative sleeve cover formed of a paper and/or polymeric material having a texture or appearance simulating the texture or appearance of cloth: Flexible materials having a texture or appearance simulating the texture or appearance of cloth suitable for use in the formation of decorative flower pot covers and flower pots are disclosed. The flexible materials include polymeric materials, paper and laminates thereof.... Agent:

20110189397 - In-mould labelling process: There is disclosed a process for manufacturing an in-mould labelled article, the process comprising the steps of: placing a label comprising a polyvinylidene chloride coated film (15) into a mould for injection moulding, thermoforming, or blow moulding; holding the label in position; injecting a polymeric melt into, or thermoforming or... Agent: Innovia Films Limited

20110189396 - Ink, ink cartridge, ink-jet recording method, and ink set: An ink containing a plurality of coloring materials having different hues, wherein the bronze value B, which is calculated from tristimulus values of reflected light, of illumination in the direction of an angle of 45 degrees to a normal to the image, in the direction of specular reflection and tristimulus... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110189395 - Process for imparting grease, oil and water repellence to substrates: A process for imparting grease, oil and water repellence to a substrate comprises applying by means of a printing process on at least a portion of the surface of such substrate a composition comprising at least one (per)fluoropolyether derivative. By means of such process it is possible to confer suitable... Agent: Solvay Solexis S.p.a.

20110189399 - Cleaning device: This invention relates to a cleaning device comprising a cleaning composition and a substrate. The cleaning composition comprises an absorbent particulate, a binding agent, and optionally, a thickening agent. The cleaning composition may be applied to a substrate, such as a textile substrate, by applying the composition to at least... Agent:

20110189400 - Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method: Disclosed is a substrate processing apparatus for forming a coating film on a substrate, which includes; a nozzle having a slit-shaped ejection port for ejecting a coating solution onto the substrate, the ejection port being elongated in a width direction of the substrate; a relative movement mechanism configured to cause... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110189401 - Successive corrosion-protecting pre-treatment of metal surfaces in a multiple-step process: The present invention relates to a method for improving the corrosion-protecting pre-treatment of metal surfaces and using rinse water in a manner to conserve resources in such a corrosion-protecting pre-treatment, comprising a conversion treatment step using an aqueous composition comprising at least 50 ppm of the elements B, Si, Ti,... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20110189402 - Apparatus for applying a primer coating with the aid of vacuum: Apparatus for application of primer with the aid of vacuum, includes a reservoir (26) for liquid primer, an applicator nozzle (14) having an applicator chamber (16) and a suction chamber (18), a supply system (24, 26) for supplying primer from the reservoir (28) to the applicator chamber (16), a suction... Agent: Duspohl Maschinenbau Gmbh

20110189403 - Coating material comprising a basic additive: A coating material includes an amorphous alkali titanate.... Agent: Sachtleben Chemie Gmbh

20110189404 - Method for treating wheel rims and composition for use therein: There is provided a method of treatment including (i) applying a treatment composition to at least a portion of the surface of a wheel rim and (ii) allowing a thus applied treatment composition to cure. There is also provided compounds and compositions useful in the method.... Agent:

20110189405 - Powder feeder for plasma spray gun: The instant invention discloses a method of generating silicon powder aerosol to maintain cleanliness of the silicon powder during the feed process which utilizes an carrier gas, optionally, inert, and non-contaminating feed line to a plasma spray gun.... Agent: Integrated Photovoltaic, Inc.

20110189406 - Method of forming graphene layer: The present invention relates to a method of forming a graphene layer, and, more particularly, to a method of forming a graphene layer which is a two-dimensional thin film composed of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb-style lattice and having one atom thick and which is put to practical use... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20110189407 - Process for the internal coating of hollow bodies using a plasma beam at atmospheric pressure: A coating process using a plasma beam is provided, wherein the coating contains nanozeolites loaded with dye.... Agent:

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