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Coating processes June invention type 06/11

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06/30/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110159169 - Drug releasing coatings for medical devices: The invention relates to a medical device for delivering a therapeutic agent to a tissue. The medical device has a layer overlying the exterior surface of the medical device. The layer contains a therapeutic agent and an additive. The additive has a hydrophilic part and a hydrophobic part and the... Agent: Lutonix, Inc.

20110159170 - Apparatus for and a method of determining condition of hot melt adhesive for binding of a perfect bound book: Apparatus is disclosed for monitoring and signaling when a hot melt adhesive contained in a heated adhesive reservoir should be changed. A wheel is at least partially immersed in the adhesive in the reservoir and is rotated by a motor and a computer controls system controls the operation of the... Agent:

20110159171 - Method for preparing organic light emitting diode and device thereof: A method for fabricating an organic light emitting diode and a device thereof are provided. The method includes: providing a substrate; dispensing to the substrate a second organic molecule solution resulting from dissolving a second organic molecule in a solvent; applying the second organic molecule solution to a surface of... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20110159172 - Method for manufacturing positive electrode of nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery: Provided is a method for manufacturing a positive electrode for a nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery that can improve safety by evenly forming an inorganic particle slurry layer formed on a surface of a positive electrode active material layer. The method according to an aspect of the invention includes forming a... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20110159173 - Conductive coating for solid oxide fuel cells: A method of manufacturing an electrically conductive interconnect for a solid oxide fuel cell stack, including the steps of (a) making a metal substrate having a first surface configured for electrical contact with an anode of the solid oxide fuel cell stack and a second surface configured for electrical contact... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20110159174 - Recycling using magnetically-sensitive particle doping: A doping gun may be used to dope the coating layer of a bonded material with magnetically-sensitive particles. During a recycling process, pieces of the coating layer may be magnetically separated from non-doped pieces of the bonded material. In this way, the non-doped pieces are of a relatively high purity... Agent: Environtics, Vill.

20110159175 - Methods for inhibiting corrosion of high strength steel turbine components: Disclosed herein is a method for inhibiting corrosion of a high strength steel turbine component subject to rotary stress. The method comprises applying a sacrificial overlay coating material to at least a portion of a surface of the component to form a protected component, and applying a seal material to... Agent:

20110159176 - Method of making fuser member: A method of making a fuser member having an annealed outer surface comprising: providing an outer layer comprising compatible first and second fluorothermoplastics over an outer substrate surface, wherein the first fluorothermoplastic is a crosslinkable polymer and the second fluorothermoplastic is a linear polymer; curing the outer layer to crosslink... Agent:

20110159177 - Coated translucent substrate for a greenhouse and a freezer door: An coated translucent substrate that comprises a translucent substrate, an anti-reflection coating and a conductive oxide coating and a process for manufacturing the same is provided. The translucent substrate has a first surface at a first side. The anti-reflection coating is provided at the first side of the translucent substrate... Agent:

20110159178 - Systems and methods for purging uv curing tubes: Certain embodiments of the invention may include systems and methods curing a coated optical fiber. The method includes drawing the coated optical fiber through a gas chamber filled with a predetermined gas, drawing the fiber through a cure tube coupled to the gas chamber, and purging at least a portion... Agent: Ofs Fitel, LLC

20110159179 - Metallized retroreflective sheeting with increased daytime brightness: A retroreflective sheeting (10) comprising a cube layer (20) having a front light-receiving surface (30) and a rear retroreflecting surface (32), and a metallic layer (22) covering the rear retroreflecting surface (32). The rear surface (32) comprises an array of retroreflective elements (34) and diffusing patches (36) within such array... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20110159180 - Method and device for processing of granules: This invention relates to a method and device for processing of granules of solidified salts, by forming at least one injection zone in a fluidised bed where a feed stream of seed particles is contacted/coated by the liquid product by simultaneous injection of a feed stream of the seed particles... Agent:

20110159181 - Fine composite metal particles and their production method, micro-bodies, and magnetic beads: Fine composite metal particle comprising a metal core and a coating layer of carbon, and being obtained by reducing metal oxide powder with carbon powder.... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd

20110159182 - Treated alumina hydrate material and methods of making the same: In a particular embodiment, a particulate material includes alumina hydrate. The particulate material has a 500 psi Compaction Volume Ratio of at least about 4.0 cc/cc.... Agent: Saint-gobain Ceramics & Plastics, Inc.

20110159183 - Chemical vapor deposition apparatus and a control method thereof: Disclosed are a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) apparatus and a control method thereof, the CVD apparatus including: a chamber; a susceptor which is provided inside the chamber and on which a substrate is placed; a process-gas supplying unit which is placed above the susceptor and supplies process gas; a sensing... Agent: Ligadp Co., Ltd.

20110159184 - Method of fluoridation, the unit of fluoridation, and the directions for use of the unit of fluoridation: A method of fluoridation that can maintain a stable treatment quality is provided. The method of the fluoridation treatment performs the fluoridation treatment by heating and keeping a workpiece in a fluoridation treatment space filled with a predetermined fluoride atmosphere. By exposing an interior space structure that is reactive against... Agent:

20110159185 - Composite wood processing method and equipment for unidirectionally pressurizing and filling wood: The present invention discloses a composite wood processing method and equipment for unidirectionally pressurizing and filling wood. Original ducts of wood which transport water and nutrients are used primarily to make wood into the composite wood by a unidirectional pressurization method. The processing method puts the wood longitudinally into a... Agent:

20110159187 - Film deposition apparatus and film deposition method: A film deposition apparatus includes a separation member that extends to cover a rotation center of the turntable and two different points on a circumference of the turntable above the turntable, thereby separating the inside of the chamber into a first area and a second area; a first reaction gas... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110159188 - Film deposition apparatus, film deposition method, and computer-readable storage medium: A film deposition apparatus rotates a turntable and each gas nozzle relatively to each other at a rotational speed of 100 rpm or higher when depositing a titanium nitride film, to speed up a reaction gas supply cycle or a film deposition cycle of a reaction product. A next film... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110159186 - Film forming apparatus and film forming method: The present invention provides a film forming apparatus and a film forming method realizing improvement in the degree of freedom in film formation while suppressing production cost. While conveying a base material by using a plurality of guide rolls, film formation is performed by atomic layer deposition by outputting precursor... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110159189 - Imprint apparatus and method for producing article: An imprint apparatus is disclosed that forms, by pressing a resin applied onto a substrate and a mold against each other, a pattern on the substrate. The imprint apparatus includes a substrate stage that holds the substrate, and a control unit for controlling the position of the stage by outputting... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110159190 - Method for fabricating carbon nanotube film: A method for fabricating a carbon nanotube film includes the following steps: providing a vacuum chamber having a carbon nanotube array therein; and pulling a carbon nanotube film out from the carbon nanotube array.... Agent: Beijing Funate Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

20110159191 - Sensitizing solution for electroless plating and electroless plating method: Provided is a sensitizing solution for electroless plating which can easily dissolve an Sn compound therein without the use of acid, and thus can be used for a long period of time without impairing the uniformity of a metal plating coating. The sensitizing solution for electroless plating is a sensitizing... Agent: Kanto Gakuin School Corporation

20110159192 - Apparatus for coating pipes: Apparatus for coating a pipe. The apparatus includes a first frame to be mounted on a pipe and a second frame rotatably mounted on the first frame. An induction heating coil comprised of electrical conductors is mounted on the apparatus. A coating applicator is mounted on the second frame and... Agent: Pipeline Induction Heat Limited

20110159193 - Method of forming flexible moisture and oxygen barrier thin film substrate: Disclosed herein is a method of forming a flexible moisture and oxygen barrier thin film substrate for a flexible display and food packaging, the thin film being able to increase the life-spans of organic devices. The method includes the steps of: a) uniformly dispersing plate-shape nanometer-size or micrometer-size particles in... Agent:

20110159194 - Method of using a carrier sheet in a continuous high internal phase emulsion foam forming process: A method for continuous High Internal Phase Emulsion (HIPE) foam production. A HIPE is produced then extruded onto a carrier sheet positioned on a belt surface.... Agent:

20110159195 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet and method for producing pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet: wherein R1 represents a hydrogen atom or a methyl group, and R2 represents an alkyl group having from 1 to 20 carbon atoms; and (b) the monomer mixture includes a monomer m2 in an amount of 12% by mass or more based on the whole monomer components constituting the monomer... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110159196 - Coating device and coating method having a constant directing air temperature: Exemplary coating devices and methods are disclosed. An exemplary coating device may include an atomizer for applying a spray jet of a coating means or material to a component, at least one directing air nozzle for outputting shaping or directing air in order to shape the spray jet, and a... Agent:

20110159197 - Coating method: A coating method of coating a surface of an object with a paint containing a glitter pigment, including: spraying the paint onto the surface of the object; and controlling a color shade of the paint on the object by adjusting a particle size of paint particles to be sprayed according... Agent:

20110159198 - Flame guard and exhaust system for large area combustion deposition line, and associated methods: Certain example embodiments relate to an in-line scalable system that may be used in the combustion deposition depositing of thin films. The systems of certain example embodiments may comprise one or more modules, with each such module including at least one burner and at least one high volume cooling section.... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20110159199 - Large area combustion deposition line, and associated methods: Certain example embodiments relate to an in-line scalable system that may be used in the combustion deposition depositing of thin films. The systems of certain example embodiments may comprise one or more modules, with each such module including at least one burner and at least one high volume cooling section.... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20110159200 - Substrate holding member, substrate processing apparatus, and substrate processing method: A substrate processing apparatus includes a tray, a mask and a rotary stage. The tray includes a substrate support configured to support an outer edge portion of a substrate, a mask support provided on an outer periphery side of the substrate support and projected above the substrate support, and a... Agent: Shibaura Mechatronics Coporation

20110159201 - Method of forming pattern and method of manufacturing organic light emitting device: A method of forming a pattern includes: providing a heating substrate that selectively controls positions where heat is generated by controlling locations where electric current flows; forming a pattern forming material on a surface of the heating substrate; aligning a patterning substrate, on which a pattern may be formed, to... Agent: Samsung Mobile Display Co., Ltd.

20110159202 - Method for sealing pores at surface of dielectric layer by uv light-assisted cvd: A method for sealing pores at a surface of a dielectric layer formed on a substrate, includes: providing a substrate on which a dielectric layer having a porous surface is formed as an outermost layer; placing the substrate in an evacuatable chamber; irradiating the substrate with UV light in an... Agent: Asm Japan K.k.

20110159203 - Radiation curable compositions: m

20110159204 - Oxygen radical generation for radical-enhanced thin film deposition: A method of radical-enhanced atomic layer deposition (REALD) involves alternating exposure of a substrate to a first precursor gas and to radicals, such as monatomic oxygen radicals (O•), generated from an oxygen-containing second precursor gas, while maintaining spatial or temporal separation of the radicals and the first precursor gas. Simplified... Agent: Lotus Applied Technology, LLC

20110159205 - Marked precoated strings and method of manufacturing same: A coated string for a stringed device which includes a coating applied to the surface of the string. The coating includes a base layer bonded to the surface of the string and an at least partially transparent low-friction top coat applied to the base layer. The base layer includes heat... Agent: Innovatech, LLC

20110159206 - Process for the production of high internal phase emulsion foams: A method for reducing the adherence of a High Internal Phase Emulsion (HIPE) to belt surfaces in a multi-tiered curing oven.... Agent:

20110159207 - Method for producing build-up substrate: A method for producing a build-up substrate containing two layers of wiring patterns that are separated from each other with an insulating film intervening therebetween and are electrically connected to each other at a contact part penetrating through the insulating film, includes: ejecting a liquid repelling agent having repellency to... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110159208 - Improvements in the manufacture of b-stage resin impregnated papers or non-wovens: A method of manufacturing a b-stage resin impregnated décor paper that is suitable for inclusion in a decorative or industrial laminate, includes impregnating a décor print base paper with a resin carried by a solvent, which resin includes one or more of melamine formaldehyde, urea formaldehyde, and phenol formaldehyde or... Agent: Depco-trh Pty Ltd

20110159209 - Pattern forming method: To forming a pattern on a substrate using a template simply and at low cost by forming a high-molecular copolymer having a first segment and a second segment on a substrate, contacting a template having a groove with the copolymer, filling the copolymer into the groove of the template, causing... Agent:

20110159210 - Metal halide reactor deposition method: The invention utilizes a metal halide generating reactor that permits the temperature of the generation of a metal halide from a gaseous halide compound, a halogen gas, or an interhalogen compound at controlled temperatures distinctly different from controlled temperatures of a deposition furnace where metal layers are deposited by CVD... Agent:

20110159212 - Insulating film material, method for forming film by using the insulating film material, and insulating film: e

20110159211 - Shadow ring for modifying wafer edge and bevel deposition: Embodiments of the invention contemplate a shadow ring that provides increased or decreased and more uniform deposition on the edge of a wafer. By removing material from the top and/or bottom surfaces of the shadow ring, increased edge deposition and bevel coverage can be realized. In one embodiment, the material... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110159213 - Chemical vapor deposition improvements through radical-component modification: A method of forming a silicon oxide layer is described. The method may include the steps of mixing a carbon-free silicon-containing precursor with a radical-nitrogen precursor, and depositing a silicon-and-nitrogen-containing layer on a substrate. The radical-nitrogen precursor is formed in a plasma by flowing ammonia and nitrogen (N2) and/or hydrogen... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110159214 - Gold-coated polysilicon reactor system and method: A reaction chamber system, and related devices and methods for use in the system, are provided in which reduced power consumption can be achieved by providing a thin layer of gold on one or more components inside a reaction chamber. The reaction chamber system can be used for chemical vapor... Agent: Gt Solar, Incorporated

06/23/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110151103 - System and a method for pharmaceutical dosage preparation using jettable microemulsions: A jettable solution includes an oil, the oil being one of a naturally occurring oil, an edible oil, or a removable oil, an edible surfactant, an edible aqueous solution, and a pharmaceutical solubilized into the naturally occurring oil, in which the naturally occurring oil, the pharmaceutical, the surfactant, and the... Agent:

20110151104 - Poly(ester amide)-based drug delivery systems with controlled release rate and morphology: A method of forming a coating on a medical device having a controlled morphology is described.... Agent: Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20110151105 - High-throughput combinatorial dip-coating apparatus and methodologies: Embodiments of the current invention describe a high performance combinatorial method and apparatus for the combinatorial development of coatings by a dip-coating process. The dip-coating process may be used for multiple applications, including forming coatings from varied sol-gel formulations, coating substrates uniformly with particles to combinatorially test particle removal formulations,... Agent:

20110151106 - Source for inorganic layer and method for controlling heating source thereof: A deposition source for an inorganic layer and a method for controlling a heating source thereof capable of improving a deposition efficiency, preventing condensation of a nozzle, and/or precisely controlling the temperature by minimizing the time that is needed to reach a stabilization of a deposition rate. The deposition source... Agent: Samsung Mobile Display Co., Ltd.

20110151107 - Coating apparatus and method for real-timely monitoring thickness change of coating film: A method for real-timely monitoring thickness change of a coating film is disclosed. In the method, a coating module having a chamber and a film thickness-monitoring module containing an SPR optical fiber sensor, a light source, a light-receiving detector, and optical fibers are first provided. The optical fibers are used... Agent: Forward Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110151108 - Lead for painting and method of painting with a lead: A lead for painting includes a water-insoluble lead basic mass in which a water-soluble dye is present. A method of painting with a lead is also provided.... Agent: Faber-castell Ag

20110151109 - Surface of the workpiece and a relative motion between the workpiece and the coating element: The invention relates to a coating method for coating at least one surface of a workpiece (1) by means of a coating element (2), from which material is transferred to the surface of the workpiece (1), wherein in a first method step at least the area of the surface of... Agent:

20110151110 - Metal nanoparticle ink compositions: Nanoparticle inks which do not require further processing steps after application to a substrate in order to form a conductive or decorative pattern are described. The nanoparticle inks contain metal nanoparticles, one or more humectants, a dispersant and a solvent. Methods for forming the nanoparticle inks include a low energy... Agent:

20110151111 - Apparatus and method for vapor deposition of dielectric wire coating: Embodiments of the invention involve a technique and process for coating fine diameter, single strand wire of long continuous lengths with Parylene. The special fixture design and process allows for ultra thin (as thin as 0.2 micron), pore free, coatings. The advantages of this technology allow for wire products that... Agent:

20110151112 - Process for the preparation of conductive carbon layers on powdered supports: A process for the preparation of carbon layers on powdered supports comprising dissolving a hydrophilic polymer (PH) at the level of 85 do 99.9% by weight in water, adding pyromellitic acid (PMA) or pyromellitic dianhydride (PMDA) at the level of 0.1-15% by weight, then introducing to the mixture the powdered... Agent: Uniwersytet Jagiellonski

20110151113 - Coating formulations, compositions and processes of preparing and using the same: Formulations are provided comprising, at least two parts, such as, a first part comprising at least one polyamine and at least one polyol, the first part being substantially free of polyetheramine; and a second part comprising at least one polyisocyanate, or a first part comprising at least one polyamine, at... Agent:

20110151114 - Composite patterning device and method for removing elements from host substrate by establishing conformal contact between device and a contact surface: A composite patterning device includes a stiff first layer having a Young's modulus in a first range, a flexible second layer having a Young's modulus in a second range, a fluidic layer interposed between the first and second layers and having a Young's modulus in a variable range, and a... Agent: Cooledge Lighting, Inc.

20110151115 - Apparatus and methods for dispensing adhesive to labels: In one aspect, a labeling apparatus for applying a label onto a moving object includes a label delivery mechanism configured to hold the label and operable to deliver the label to the object. At least first plurality of electrically-actuated adhesive applicators is positioned and arranged to dispense adhesive onto the... Agent: Nordson Corporation

20110151116 - Process for the production of coated titanium dioxide pigments: A process for the preparation of pigment-grade titanium dioxide is provided that produces substantially anatase-free titanium dioxide with a uniform coating of a metal oxide without producing separate particles of the metal oxide that are not incorporated into the coating. The process comprises mixing a titanium dioxide precursor with a... Agent:

20110151117 - Organic metal complexes for forming metal thin layer, ink including the same and method for forming metal thin layer using the same: There is provided organic metal complexes for forming a metal thin layer, ink including the same, and a method for forming a metal thin layer using the same: wherein the organic metal complexes for forming a metal thin layer include Ag, and a ligand represented by the specific general formula;... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110151118 - Treatment system using a fluid capable of phase change: An apparatus and a system and method for treating a material are provided. The apparatus includes a vessel that includes a perforated core disposed within the vessel and a dip tube disposed within the core. The dip tube is in fluid communication with the treatment vessel at a first port... Agent: General Electric Company

20110151119 - Methods and systems of transferring, docking and processing substrates: In accordance with some embodiments described herein, a method for transferring a substrate to two or more process modules is provided, comprising loading at least one substrate into one or more mobile transverse chambers, the mobile transverse chambers being carried on a rail positioned adjacent to the two or more... Agent:

20110151120 - Surface treating method for making the same: A surface treating method for making a housing having a main body includes forming a plating layer on the main body, coating an adhesive on the plating layer to form an adhesive layer, and coating a lacquer on the adhesive layer to form an outer layer. The adhesive comprises polyolefin... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110151122 - Film deposition apparatus, film deposition method, and computer readable storage medium: A disclosed film deposition apparatus includes a turntable having in one surface a substrate receiving portion along a turntable rotation direction; a first reaction gas supplying portion for supplying a first reaction gas; a second reaction gas supplying portion for supplying a second reaction gas; a separation area between a... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110151121 - Chemical vapor deposition apparatus and method for forming parylene film: A chemical vapor deposition apparatus and a method for forming a parylene film are provided. The chemical vapor deposition apparatus includes a buffer chamber, a deposition chamber, a pyrolysis chamber and an evaporator. The buffer chamber has a first valve and a second valve. The evaporator is connected with the... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110151123 - Pigmented phase change inks containing low molecular weight pigment dispersants: c

20110151124 - Imprint apparatus, imprint method, and article manufacturing method: An imprint apparatus performs processing including dispensing of a resin onto an imprint region on a substrate and molding of the dispensed resin using a mold. The imprint apparatus includes a dispenser including a discharge section having an array of ports for discharging the resin, and configured to dispense the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110151125 - Cure growth control apparatus: An apparatus for curing a composite assembly may include a base tool, a growth control apparatus, and at least one engagement fitting. The base tool may have a different thermal expansion growth rate than a composite assembly to be cured using the apparatus. The growth control apparatus may have a... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110151126 - Trivalent chromium conversion coating: An aqueous composition for depositing an inorganic corrosion resistant self-healing conversion coating on a metal substrate is disclosed. The composition is substantially free from hexavalent chromium and cobalt and includes a trivalent chromium compound, a vanadate, a mineral acid, and nano-particles formed from one of carbon and silica.... Agent:

20110151127 - Novel mixtures of polyisocyanate compositions:

20110151128 - One-component, ambient curable waterborne coating compositions, related methods and coated substrates: Disclosed are coating compositions that can be one-component, ambient curable, and waterborne. The coating compositions include a polymer that is the reaction product of a polycarbodiimide and a ketocarboxylic acid. Also disclosed are substrates coated with a coating deposited from such compositions, as well as methods for depositing a coating... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20110151129 - Wood treatment solution and process: The present invention features a single aqueous solution that imparts acceptable levels of water resistance, fire resistance, mold resistance and pest resistance to wood, and which may be used in standard wood treatment techniques commonly utilized in the wood treatment industry. In one preferred embodiment, the aqueous solution comprises a... Agent:

20110151130 - Roll coating apparatus and method for producing a coated metal strip: A connecting member 15 connects an applicator roll support unit 11a in a right stand 1a and an applicator roll support unit 1b in a left stand 1b, and a connecting member movement mechanism 16a is provided between the right end of the connecting member 15 and the applicator roll... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20110151131 - Bacteriostatically treating method: The present invention provides a method for imparting bacteriostatic effect to a textile product by immersing the textile product for 20 minutes or more in an aqueous solution containing a cationic polypeptide at a concentration of 250 ppm or more, which solution has a temperature of 25° C. or more.... Agent: Chisso Corporation

20110151132 - Methods for coating articles exposed to hot and harsh environments: Methods for providing a coating system for reducing CMAS infiltration of substrates exposed to hot and harsh climates. Exemplary methods include optionally disposing a bond coat on a substrate, disposing an inner ceramic layer over the bond coat, or on the substrate in the absence of a bond coat, and... Agent:

20110151133 - Method of fabricating a painted substrate that is electrically non-conductive: The present invention relates to a method of fabricating a painted substrate (30) using powder paint (21), said substrate being electrically insulating, during which method the following steps are performed in succession: a) a treatment coating (10) is placed on a mold (1), said treatment coating (10) including at least... Agent: Eurocopter

20110151134 - Method for manufacturing micro-nano imprint mould and imprinting process: A method for manufacturing a micro-nano imprint mould and an imprinting process are described. The method for manufacturing a micro-nano imprint mould includes: providing a mould body including a first surface and a second surface on opposite sides, wherein the mould body includes an imprinting pattern structure set in the... Agent: National Cheng Kung University

20110151135 - Optical thin-film deposition device and optical thin-film fabrication method: An optical thin-film vapor deposition apparatus and method are capable of producing an optical thin-film by vapor depositing a vapor deposition substance onto substrates (14) within a vacuum vessel (10). A dome shaped holder (12) is disposed within the vacuum vessel (10) and holds the substrates (14). A drive rotates... Agent:

20110151136 - Methods for depositing high-k dielectrics: Methods for depositing high-K dielectrics are described, including depositing a first electrode on a substrate, wherein the first electrode is chosen from the group consisting of platinum and ruthenium, applying an oxygen plasma treatment to the exposed metal to reduce the contact angle of a surface of the metal, and... Agent:

20110151137 - Method of gas distribution and nozzle design in the improved chemical vapor deposition of polysilicon reactor: An improved process and apparatus for uniform gas distribution in chemical vapor deposition (CVD) Siemens type processes is provided. The process comprises introduction of a silicon-bearing gas tangentially to and uniformly along the length of a growing silicon rod in a CVD reactor, resulting in uniform deposition of polysilicon along... Agent:

20110151138 - Method for depositing film: The method for depositing a film of the present invention comprises the first irradiation step of irradiating particles having energy on a surface of a substrate 101, the first film deposition step of depositing a first film 103 on the surface of the substrate 101 subjected to the first irradiation... Agent: Shincron Co., Ltd.

20110151139 - Method for selectively functionalizing non-modified solid surface and method for immobilizing active material on the functionalized solid surface: A method for selectively functionalizing a non-modified solid surface to create a photoresponsive coating layer includes: functionalizing a non-modified solid surface only, which is not oxidized and nitrified, with hydrogen; forming an EGPA coating layer on the non-modified solid surface functionalized with hydrogen using light; forming an EGA coating layer... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110151140 - Methods of forming nickel aluminde coatings: A method for forming a nickel aluminide based coating on a metallic substrate includes providing a first source for providing a significant portion of the aluminum content for a coating precursor and a separate nickel alloy source for providing substantially all the nickel and additional alloying elements for the coating... Agent:

20110151141 - Chemical vapor deposition for an interior of a hollow article with high aspect ratio: A method and apparatus for plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition to an interior region of a hollow, tubular, high aspect ratio workpiece are disclosed. A plurality of anodes are disposed in axially spaced apart arrangement, to the interior of the workpiece. A process gas is introduced into the region. A... Agent: Sub-one Technology, Inc.

20110151142 - Pecvd multi-step processing with continuous plasma: Embodiments of the present invention provide methods for reducing defects during multi-layer deposition. In one embodiment, the method includes exposing the substrate to a first gas mixture and an inert gas in the presence of a plasma to deposit a first material layer on the substrate, terminating the first gas... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110151143 - Method for producing a getter device: The invention relates to a method for producing a getter device (1), wherein a getter material (3) is introduced into a container (2) and the getter material (3) is heated to a temperature under reduced pressure so that getter material (3) is deposited on an inside of the container (2).... Agent: Alvatec Alkali Vacuum Technologies Gmbh

20110151144 - Perpendicular magnetic recording medium, manufacturing process of the same, and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus using the same: Embodiments of the invention provide a perpendicular magnetic recording medium improved for fly ability, high in read signal quality, and capable of suppressing magnetic decay of recorded magnetization to be caused by stray fields. In one embodiment, a perpendicular recording layer is formed over a substrate with a soft magnetic... Agent: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands B.v.

06/16/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110143014 - Coatings with tunable molecular architecture for drug-coated balloon: A drug delivery balloon is provided, the a balloon having an outer surface, and a tunable coating disposed on at least a length of the balloon surface. The tunable coating includes a first therapeutic agent and a first excipient, and can include a second therapeutic agent and a second excipient.... Agent:

20110143015 - Primer composition for metal oxide ceramics: [Means for Solution] A primer composition for metal oxide ceramics, comprising (A) a polymerizable monomer component containing 5% by mass or more, preferably, 5% by mass to 80% by mass of an acidic group-containing polymerizable monomer as represented by a 11-methacryloyloxy-1,1-undecanedicarboxylic acid and a rest of a polymerizable monomer without... Agent: Tokuyama Dental Corporation

20110143017 - Method for generating and applying instrument profiles: The invention relates to a method for generating calibrated colour data of a target using colour measurement instruments distributed in the network comprising the steps A) generating at least one standard instrument profile for the colour measurement instruments distributed in the network to correct photometric and wavelength scale differences, and... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110143016 - Temperature control method for chemical vapor deposition apparatus: Provided is a method in which a difference between a surface temperature of a susceptor and a surface temperature of a substrate is accurately grasped without using a complicated high-priced equipment. A temperature control method for a chemical vapor deposition apparatus includes detecting a rotation state of a susceptor on... Agent: Ligadp Co., Ltd.

20110143018 - Methods and systems for making battery electrodes and devices arising therefrom: The invention provides, in preferred embodiments, methods, systems, and devices arising therefrom for making battery electrodes, in particular, for lithium-ion batteries. Unlike conventional slurry coating methods that use mechanical means to coat thick pastes of active material, other materials, and solvent(s) onto a substrate, the invention provides for a method... Agent:

20110143019 - Apparatus for deposition on two sides of the web: Apparatuses and methods for depositing materials on both side of a web while it passes a substantially vertical direction are provided. In particular embodiments, a web does not contact any hardware components during the deposition. A web may be supported before and after the deposition chamber but not inside the... Agent: Amprius, Inc.

20110143020 - Cathode and lithium battery including the same: A cathode active material composition of a cathode of a lithium battery includes a conducting agent, a binder, and a cathode active material coated on one surface of a current collector, wherein the cathode active material composition is coated with a vanadium oxide.... Agent:

20110143021 - Conformal coating system and method: A conformal coating system and method for coating a printed circuit board (PCB) is provided. The system comprises a coating station configured to coat the PCB with a coating material and without cleaning the PCB with a saponifier. A surface energy of the PCB is maintained above a target surface... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20110143022 - Highly conductive composites for fuel cell flow field plates and bipolar plates: This invention provides a fuel cell flow field plate or bipolar plate having flow channels on faces of the plate, comprising an electrically conductive polymer composite. The composite is composed of (A) at least 50% by weight of a conductive filler, comprising at least 5% by weight reinforcement fibers, expanded... Agent:

20110143023 - Gas sensor using porous nano-fiber containing metal oxide and manufaturing method thereof: Disclosed is a method of manufacturing a gas sensor by using a nano-fiber including metal oxide. The method of manufacturing the gas sensor includes the steps of (1) mixing a polymer precursor with a solvent, (2) dispersing metal oxide into the mixture obtained through step (1), (3) preparing a nano-fiber... Agent: Chungnam National University Industry Collaboration Foundation

20110143024 - Solid lubricant-coating device and image-forming apparatus: A solid lubricant-coating device is provided with a solid lubricant to be applied to the surface of a latent image-supporting member; a supply roller for scraping and supplying the solid lubricant onto the surface of the latent image-supporting member by self rotation; a pressing unit for pressing the solid lubricant... Agent: Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.

20110143026 - Method for fabricating chemical sensor element: A chemical sensor that utilizes localized surface Plasmon resonance including a substrate, metal-containing particles and dielectric particles, wherein the metal-containing particles and the dielectric particles are disposed on the substrate, is used as a chemical sensor element. Thereby, a chemical sensor element having a sufficient detecting sensitivity when localized surface... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110143025 - Method of manufacturing a layered silicone composite material: A method of manufacturing a layered silicone composite material comprising the steps of: applying a second addition-curable organopolysiloxane composition that contains a second adhesion promoter onto a first silicone layer that is formed by curing a first addition-curable organopolysiloxane composition containing a first adhesion promoter and where the first silicone... Agent:

20110143027 - Arrangement for depositing coating powder on a rotational symmetric body: An arrangement for depositing coating powder on a rotational symmetric body is provided. The arrangement includes a rotation device for rotating the rotational symmetric body around a horizontal axis of rotation, wherein the horizontal axis of rotation coincides with the axis of the rotational symmetry of the body, a nozzle... Agent:

20110143028 - Aircraft adhesive: A method, composition, and article are disclosed relating to the formation of a hump seal on an aircraft transparency. The method includes applying to the aircraft transparency an adhesive composition having a Part A and a Part B. Part A includes a plasticizer, a cross-linking agent, and an adhesion promoter.... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20110143029 - Preparing method for coating pmma particles with silicon dioxide: A preparing method for coating polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) particles with silicon dioxide is disclosed and includes the following steps of: preparing a silicon dioxide solution by mixing a silicon dioxide powder and a solvent; adding a dispersant-and-interface-modifier agent into the silicon dioxide solution; performing a wet grinding to the silicon dioxide... Agent:

20110143030 - Process for forming and devolatilizing brominated polybutadiene polymer particles: Brominated butadiene polymers are recovered from solution and formed into particles by spraying the solution onto a heated, mechanically agitated bed of seed particles. The droplets contact the seed particles in the bed and form a polymer layer on the outside of the seed particles, thereby enlarging them. The solvent... Agent:

20110143031 - Fiber reinforced tpu composites: A catalyst masterbatch is disclosed, which when used with a rigid TPU polymer, will cause the rigid TPU to depolymerize during melt processing and repolymerize as the melt is being cooled. This feature is of particular interest in a pultrusion process to create TPU/fiber composites. The catalyst masterbatch contains a... Agent: Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.

20110143032 - Porogens, porogenated precursors and methods for using the same to provide porous organosilica glass films with low dielectric constants: A porous organosilica glass (OSG) film consists of a single phase of a material represented by the formula SivOwCxHyFz, where v+w+x+y+z=100%, v is from 10 to 35 atomic %, w is from 10 to 65 atomic %, x is from 5 to 30 atomic %, y is from 10 to... Agent: Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

20110143033 - Vacuum processing apparatus and vacuum processing method: A vacuum processing apparatus has a degassing chamber and does not need a large-sized vacuum evacuation device. In the process of heating and degassing an object to be processed in the degassing chamber, transferring the object to be processed into a processing chamber through a buffer chamber; and performing vacuum... Agent: Ulvac, Inc

20110143034 - Method for depositing graphene film: Provided is a method of depositing a graphene film. In the method includes supplying a gaseous-phase graphene source to a substrate, forming an adsorbed layer on the substrate by the graphene source, and activating the adsorbed layer by heating the adsorbed layer. Therefore, a uniform graphene film having a large... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110143035 - Thin film deposition system and method for depositing thin film: A thin film deposition system and a method for deposit a thin film are disclosed. A thin film deposition system includes a source material feeder configured to feed source material, a source gas feeder comprising a vaporizer connected with the source material feeder to evaporate the source material fed by... Agent:

20110143036 - Process for preparing decorative surface appearance in acrylic material employing anisotropic particles: A decorative surface appearance in an acrylic material is obtained by applying a flowable crosslinkable acrylic material containing anisotropic particles having an aspect ratio of 3 to a shrinkable support followed by crosslinking to form a solid article.... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110143037 - High-speed wire coating device and method: Device for continuously depositing a treatment substance (20) on the surface of a thread (10), comprising: impregnation means (2) for impregnating the thread by dipping it into a bath designed to contain a solution of the treatment substance (20) in liquid form, through which bath the thread (10) runs when... Agent: Societe De Technologie Michelin

20110143038 - Method for deposition of ceramic films: The present invention is concerned with methods for the deposition of ceramic films on ceramic or metallic surfaces, particularly the deposition of sub-micron thickness ceramic films such as films of stabilised zirconia and doped ceria such as CGO (cerium gadolinium oxide). The present invention is particularly useful in the manufacture... Agent: Ceres Intellectual Property Company Limited

20110143039 - Process and device for cold spraying: The invention relates to a process for cold spraying, wherein particles of at least one coating material, together with a carrier gas, are directed onto a surface of a workpiece to be coated by means of a spray gun. According to the invention, the particles of at least one coating... Agent: Mtu Aero Engines Gmbh

20110143040 - Ink jet ink, ink cartridge, and ink jet recording method: An ink jet ink contains a pigment and a polyurethane polymer. The polyurethane polymer contains units derived from a polyisocyanate, a polyol, a compound having a carboxy group, and a compound having a sulfo group, and an acid value of the polyurethane polymer is 20 mgKOH/g or more and 100... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110143041 - Non-plugging d.c. plasma gun: A plasma gun system comprising: a plasma gun comprising an outlet, wherein the plasma gun is configured to generate a plasma stream and provide the plasma stream to the outlet; and a plasma gun extension assembly configured to be coupled to the plasma gun, wherein the plasma gun extension assembly... Agent: Sdcmaterials, Inc.

20110143042 - Methods for making near net shape airfoil leading edge protection: Methods for making near net shape airfoil metal leading edge protective strips including providing a high temperature additive manufacturing device; providing a tooling system having a mandrel; a metallic cladding applied to the mandrel; and at least one cooling channel associated with the mandrel applying a metallic deposit to the... Agent:

20110143043 - Plasma application of thermal barrier coatings with reduced thermal conductivity on combustor hardware: A process for forming a thermal barrier coating comprises the steps of providing a substrate, providing a gadolinia stabilized zirconia powder, and forming a thermal barrier coating having at least one of a porosity in a range of from 5 to 20% and a dense segmented structure on said substrate... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20110143044 - Process for the treatment of particles: The invention relates to a process for the treatment of particles using a plasma torch and to the particles obtainable by the process. The particles so obtainable may be incorporated into coatings, plastics, paints, printing inks, ceramics, glasses or personal care products.... Agent: Basf Se

20110143045 - Large area deposition of graphene on substrates, and products including the same: Certain example embodiments of this invention relate to the use of graphene as a transparent conductive coating (TCC). A substrate having a surface to be coated is provided. A self-assembled monolayer (SAM) template is disposed on the surface to be coated. A precursor comprising a precursor molecule is provided, with... Agent:

20110143046 - Electron beam curable composition for curing in a vacuum chamber: A liquid composition and a process for coating the composition onto a surface of a substrate in a substantially oxygen-free atmosphere, under vacuum conditions. The composition comprises one or more components, all of which components do not go into a gas or vapor phase under the vacuum conditions. The composition... Agent:

20110143047 - Adhesion-promoting additive for an ink for imprinting glass: The invention relates to an adhesion-promoting additive for an ink for imprinting glass comprising at least one silane, and at least one reticulating agent based on an organic ester of o-silica.... Agent: Durst Phototechnik Digital Technology Gmbh

20110143048 - Zinc oxide film and method for making: A method for depositing a solid film of ZnO onto a substrate from a reagent solution includes a reservoir of reagent solution maintained at a sufficiently low temperature to inhibit homogeneous reactions within the reagent solution. The reagent solution contains a source of Zn, a source of 0, and multiple... Agent:

20110143049 - Lubricant removal to reuse disks for conditioning deposition tools: A disk that is identified as defective in a manufacturing process is reused for conditioning a deposition tool that deposits a magnetic material onto disks. After the disk has been identified as defective, a surface of the disk is cleaned in a cleaning tool to remove a lubricant material using... Agent:

20110143050 - Method for producing a three-dimensionally controlled surface coating in a cavity: The cavity has first and second main walls covered by a photoresist. The photoresist is subjected to electronic or electromagnetic radiation of wavelength comprised between 12.5 nm and 15 nm. A first thickness of the photoresist is exposed to form a first area of sacrificial material and a second area... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20110143051 - Electrically conductive emulsion ink and method for producing electrically conductive thin film using the same: The emulsion ink comprises an oil phase containing metal nanoparticles and a water phase containing a reducing agent for the metal nanoparticles and/or a photocatalyst. An electrically conductive film can be formed by coating or patterning the emulsion ink on a substrate surface, and then subjecting the coated ink to... Agent: Riso Kagaku Corporation

20110143052 - Spraying method for forming coating layer on workpiece: A spraying method for forming a coating layer on a surface of a workpiece includes spraying the surface of the workpiece with a liquid coating having a viscosity in a range from about 1 to 8 centipoises, preheating the workpiece at about 60 to 80° C. for about 10 to... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110143053 - Method of forming zinc oxide film (zno) or magnesium zinc oxide film (znmgo) and apparatus for forming zinc oxide film or magnesium zinc oxide film: A method of forming a zinc oxide film or a magnesium zinc oxide film which has a high transmittance. The method of forming a zinc oxide film or a magnesium zinc oxide film includes (A) converting a solution containing zinc, or zinc and magnesium into mist, (B) heating a substrate,... Agent: Toshiba Mitsubishi-electric Indus. Sys.corp

20110143054 - Use of a target for spark evaporation, and method for producing a target suitable for said use: The invention relates to a method for using a target for a coating process of metal oxide and/or metal nitride coatings by means of spark evaporation, wherein the target can be operated at a temperature that is higher than the melting point of the metal used in the target, and... Agent: Oerlikon Trading Ag, Tr&#xdc Bbach

20110143055 - Dispersions of polyurethanes, their preparation and use: e

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20110135806 - Manufacturing methods for covering endoluminal prostheses: The disclosure relates to a method for coating a target. The method includes providing a target and an electrospinning apparatus. The target comprises a first surface and an opposing second surface. The electrospinning apparatus comprises a mandrel, a mask including an aperture, a reservoir loaded with a solution, and an... Agent:

20110135807 - Multi-layer, substantially polyvinyl chloride- and polyolefin-free composite film: The invention relates to a multilayer composite film which is substantially free from polyvinyl chloride and polyolefins. In particular, the layers of the film may include an ABS material, a polystyrene material, and/or a polyester material. The material composition and thickness of composite film are such that the maximum tensile... Agent:

20110135808 - Ultra low melt metal nanoparticle composition for thick-film applications: A method of forming conductive features on a substrate, the method includes reacting a metal compound with a reducing agent in the presence of a stabilizer in a reaction mixture comprising the metal compound, the reducing agent, and the stabilizer, wherein the reaction mixture is substantially free of solvent, to... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110135809 - Liquid composition, method for forming sulfide film, method for manufacturing light-emitting device, and method for manufacturing display panel: A liquid composition contains a dispersion medium serving as a liquid and a plurality of sulfide particles serving as solids dispersed in the dispersion medium, and the dispersion medium contains a mercaptocarboxylic acid ester. After the liquid composition is applied to a base member, a sulfide film may be formed... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110135810 - Finely deposited lithium metal powder: The present invention provides a method of finely depositing lithium metal powder or thin lithium foil onto a substrate while avoiding the use of a solvent. The method includes depositing lithium metal powder or thin lithium foil onto a carrier, contacting the carrier with a substrate having a higher affinity... Agent:

20110135811 - Solution for inhibiting palladium activity including halogenic acid and method for preventing defect of plating using thereof: e

20110135812 - Metal separator for fuel cell and method for treating surface of the same: The present invention provides a metal separator for a fuel cell, which is surface-treated to have high electrical conductivity and electrochemical corrosion resistance, and a method for treating the surface of the same. The metal separator may include an amorphous carbon film formed on the surface of a separator substrate,... Agent: Korea Automotive Technology Institute

20110135813 - Method of manufacturing unit cell of solid oxide fuel cell using transfer process: A method of manufacturing a unit cell of a solid oxide fuel cell using a transfer process, in which an anode, electrolyte, cathode and interconnect are deposited on a substrate using the transfer process when the unit cell of the solid oxide fuel cell having a variety of shapes, such... Agent: Korea Institute Of Ceramic Engineering And Technology

20110135814 - Functioning substrate with a group of columnar micro pillars and its manufacturing method: A functioning substrate with a group of columnar micro pillars characterized in that a first matrix of organic polymer and a group of columnar micro pillars of organic polymer extending from this matrix are provided. This group of columnar micro pillars has an equivalent diameter of 10 nm through 500... Agent:

20110135815 - Inks with water soluble near ir dyes: The methods and compositions of the present invention provide an ink jet ink having a colorant, an aqueous vehicle, and water stable and water soluble phthalocyanine and/or naphthalocyanine dye chromophores.... Agent:

20110135816 - Optical fiber assemblies, and methods and apparatus for the manufacture thereof: Methods for manufacturing cables and cables assemblies include providing particulate matter within a tube extruded about optical fiber. The particles may be accelerated so that as they strike the tube they mechanically attach to the tube.... Agent:

20110135817 - Microfluid-system-supporting unit and production method thereof: The present invention relates to a microfluid-system-supporting unit, comprising a fixing layer formed on a substrate, a protective layer or a fixing layer, wherein part of at least one hollow filament in any shape is placed and fixed in the fixing layer. Thus, it provides a microfluid-system-supporting unit lower in... Agent: Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110135818 - Impregnation plant and method: The object of the invention is to provide a method and system for impregnating a liner, simultaneously reducing the risk of a void inside the liner after curing. This object is achieved by an impregnation plant (10) comprising a vacuum lock (16) comprising a housing having an inlet (14) and... Agent:

20110135819 - Aqueous solution for applying to a channel and applying method: An aqueous solution containing a buffer and an organosilicone surfactant and a method of applying an aqueous solution containing a buffer and an organosilicone surfactant to a channel are presented. The aqueous solution includes a buffer and an organosilicone surfactant and may also include a blocking agent. The method includes... Agent:

20110135820 - Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method: After a solvent is discharged onto a substrate in a period from a time point t0 to a time point t1, rotation of the substrate is started at a time point t2. A resist liquid is discharged onto a center portion of a target surface of the substrate at a... Agent:

20110135821 - Methods of and apparatus for controlling pressure in multiple zones of a process tool: A method of and a multiple zone pressure controller system for controlling the pressure of a gas or vapor flowing to at least two zones of a process tool such as a vacuum deposition chamber. The system comprises: at least two channels configured and arranged so as to provide the... Agent:

20110135822 - Coated cutting tool and method for producing the same: A coated cutting tool comprising a base material having a surface coated with a coating film, wherein the coating film comprises at least one layer comprised of a TiCN columnar crystal film, wherein the TiCN columnar crystal film has an average grain size of 0.05 to 0.5 μm, as measured... Agent: Tungaloy Corporation

20110135824 - Electroless deposition system: An electroless deposition method includes providing a deposition solution, and saturating the deposition solution with an oxygen concentration in a range from about two thousand parts per million to about twenty thousand parts per million, and replenishing deionized water in the deposition solution.... Agent:

20110135823 - Metal organic precursor, a method of preparing the same, and a method of forming a conductive metal film or pattern: wherein Me is the Groups 3 to 12 metal ion, L1 is the chelating ligand, A is the anion, n, m, p, and q are independently integers of 1 or more, n is the sum of a charge quantity of L1 and a charge quantity of Me, m is a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110135825 - Process to manufacture main body of bike helmet: A process of manufacturing the main body of a bike helmet is disclosed, where its process comprises the following steps: (I.) coating with base layer resin: that is, uniformly coat the entire shock absorbing liner with a base layer resin; (II.) coating with protective layer resin: uniformly coat the base... Agent:

20110135826 - Mounting device for mounting a bodyshell sliding door of a motor vehicle: An improved mounting device for mounting a bodyshell sliding door to a body-in-white of a motor vehicle during a painting operation comprises a body connection which can be mounted to the body-in-white and a door connection which can be mounted to the bodyshell sliding door. The body connection and the... Agent: Dura Automotive Body & Glass Systems Gmbh

20110135827 - Method of fabricating carbon nanotubes uniformly coated with titanium dioxide: Provided is CNTs on which TiO2 is uniformly coated. The method includes: functionalizing CNTs with hydrophilic functional groups; mixing the CNTs functionalized with hydrophilic functional groups in a solution that contains with TiO2 precursors; refining TiO2 precursor-coated CNTs from the solution in which the CNTs and the TiO2 precursors are... Agent: Electronic And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110135828 - Method for manufacturing coating film: The presently disclosed subject matter provides a method for manufacturing a coating film whereby a problem of planarity in a plastic film wound up into a roll form can be eliminated and the coating film can be formed uniformly and precisely. There is therefore provided a method for manufacturing a... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110135829 - Ester-based concrete surface retarders: Compositions and methods of the invention for retarding the surface of a concrete or other hydratable cementitious composition involve the use of at least one alkyl-ester-of-hydroxycarboxy compound contained in the form of particles or as a discontinuous phase distributed within a continuous non-aqueous carrier phase that is spray-applicable in liquid... Agent:

20110135830 - Heat-sensitive recording material and production method thereof: To provide a heat-sensitive recording material, including: a substrate; a heat-sensitive color developing layer on the substrate, the heat-sensitive color developing layer containing at least a leuco dye and a developer; and a protective layer on the heat-sensitive color developing layer, the protective layer containing at least a binder resin,... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20110135831 - Biostatic polymer: Methods and compositions effective for at least a week for prevention of microbial colony growth on a surface, for example an inanimate surface, where the surface is covered with a dry or substantially dry film formed from a composition comprising a polyvinyl alcohol and a quaternary ammonium compound. The film... Agent: Novapharm Research (australia) Pty Ltd.

20110135832 - Method and composition for refinish coatings: A refinish, multi-component coating composition includes a first package including a hydroxyl-functional polymer, a second package containing a polyisocyanate crosslinker, and, optionally, one or more reducers. The refinish composition further includes from about 1 to about 4.5 percent by weight, based on total nonvolatile vehicle weight, of a melamine resin... Agent: Basf Coatings Ag

20110135833 - Positioning device and method with rotary indexing table for monolith-based automobile and chemical catalysts: The invention relates to a processing and positioning device for processing catalyst support bodies. The device comprises a rotary indexing table, which comprises a turntable, which is rotatable about a longitudinal axis running in the axial direction of the turntable, and at least one loading platform, which comprises a holding... Agent: Basf Se

20110135834 - Modular transfer apparatus and process: The present invention concerns an apparatus, a process and a cartridge for producing and transferring a thin film to a substrate withdrawing the thin film. The apparatus includes the substrate, a transfer lip, a gap defined between the substrate and the transfer lip and a liquid film supported on the... Agent:

20110135835 - Method for depositing a carbon nanotube thin film coating on an arbitrary substrate directly from chemical vapor deposition synthesis: A method includes generating an aerosol comprising a plurality of catalyst particles from a precursor solution comprising a carbon source and a catalyst, transmitting the plurality of catalyst particles through a reaction zone extending along a temperature profile including at least one temperature sufficient to induce in each of the... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110135836 - Non-interactive electrostatic deposition of induction charged conductive powder: A method for manufacturing electrodes using an electrostatic deposition unit. In the first step of the process a mixture of magnetic carrier beads and a conductive powder is prepared in the sump of the deposition unit; the mixture forms a magnetic brush on the sleeve of the deposition unit. In... Agent:

20110135837 - Electrochromic devices having improved ion conducting layers: An improved ion conductor layer for use in electrochromic devices and other applications is disclosed. The improved ion-conductor layer is comprised of at least two ion transport layers and a buffer layer, wherein the at least two ion transport layers and the buffer layer alternate within the ion conductor layer... Agent:

20110135838 - Liquid precursor for depositing group 4 metal containing films: The present invention is related to a family of liquid group 4 precursors represented by the formula: (pyr*)M(OR1)(OR2)(OR3) wherein pyr* is an alkyl substituted pyrrolyl, wherein M is group 4 metals include Ti, Zr, and Hf; wherein R1-3 can be same or different and selected from group consisting of linear... Agent: Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

20110135839 - Lithographic apparatus and a method of forming a lyophobic coating on a surface: A method of forming a lyophobic coating on a surface having oxidized groups is disclosed. The method includes bringing into contact with the surface a silane or siloxane having the formula SiX4 wherein each X is the same or different, wherein at least one X is a leaving group and... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20110135840 - Method for producing a component through selective laser melting and process chamber suitable therefor: A component is produced through selective laser melting of a powder material in a process chamber using a laser which is also used for producing coating areas of the component. The coating areas have a composition that differs from the composition of the powder material. This is accomplished by intermittently... Agent:

20110135841 - Apparatus and method for depositing and curing flowable material: An apparatus for depositing and curing a curable material on a substrate comprising a deposition means configured to deposit the curable material on the substrate along a deposition path, and a light source configured to direct a beam of light on the deposited curable material to thereby at least partially... Agent: Gslbu Singapore Pte Ltd.

20110135843 - Deposited film forming device and deposited film forming method: In order to form a high-quality Si-based film at high speed, for example, a deposited film forming device according to one aspect of the present invention includes: a chamber; a first electrode arranged in the chamber; and a second electrode arranged in the chamber and spaced a certain distance from... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20110135842 - Method and system for performing different deposition processes within a single chamber: A method and system for plasma-assisted thin film vapor deposition on a substrate is described. The system includes a process chamber including a first process space having a first volume, a substrate stage coupled to the process chamber and configured to support a substrate and expose the substrate to the... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110135844 - Large area plasma processing chamber with at-electrode rf matching: A plasma processing system having at-electrode RF matching and a method for processing substrates utilizing the same is provided. In one embodiment, the plasma processing system includes a chamber body, the substrate support, an electrode, a lid assembly and an RF tuning element. A substrate support is disposed in a... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110135845 - Electrical discharge surface treatment method: An electrical discharge surface treatment method for forming a coating film by generating a pulsed electrical discharge between an electrode and a workpiece in working fluid or gas using a green compact obtained by molding metal powder or metal alloy powder or a molded body obtained by heating the green... Agent:

20110135846 - Antibacterial treatment method for fiber, method for producing antibacterial fiber and antibacterial fiber: Disclosed are a method for the antimicrobial treatment of a fiber and a process for the production of an antimicrobial fiber, each of which is characterized by immersing the fiber in an aqueous solution containing a noble metal ion or a noble metal complex and irradiating the aqueous solution with... Agent: Osaka University

20110135847 - Low k dielectric: A spin-on dielectric of novel composition formed as a sol comprising an a source of silicon such as an orthosilicate ester, alone or in combination with an alkylated orthosilicate ester, a polar solvent, water, an acid catalyst, which may be a strong acid catalyst, and an amphiphilic block copolymer surfactant,... Agent:

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20110129593 - Composition for glucose sensing comprising of nanofibrous membrane and method for manufacturing non-enzymatic glucose biosensor using the same: Disclosed herein is a composition for glucose sensing obtained by dispersing in a solvent such as acetone a nanofibrous membrane fabricated by electrospinning a mixture containing poly(vinylidene fluoride) and poly(aminophenylboronic acid). Also disclosed is a method of fabricating a non-enzymatic glucose biosensor based on an electrospun nanofibrous membrane by depositing... Agent:

20110129595 - Deposition source, deposition apparatus having the same, and method of forming thin film: A deposition source includes a first deposition source section, the first deposition source section being configured to store a deposition material, a second deposition source section, the second deposition source section being separate from the first deposition source section and being configured to store the deposition material, the first and... Agent:

20110129594 - Thin-film battery methods for complexity reduction: Thin-film battery methods for complexity reduction are described. Processing equipment arrangements suitable to support thin-film battery methods for complexity reduction are also described. Cluster tools to support thin-film battery methods for complexity reduction are also described.... Agent:

20110129596 - Deposition apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light emitting device using the same: A deposition apparatus that improves deposition characteristics and the uniformity of a deposited layer, and a method of manufacturing an organic light emitting device using the deposition apparatus. The deposition apparatus includes: a base; a heat blocking layer formed on the base; a heat emitting layer patterned into stripes and... Agent: Samsung Mobile Display Co., Ltd.

20110129597 - Antibacterial electronic device and method for manufacturing the same: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing an antibacterial electronic device. The method includes the steps of: (1) dispersing antibacterial material into alcohol solution with a predetermined concentration to form an even mixture solution; (2) laying statically the even mixture solution for a predetermined period of time to... Agent: Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110129598 - Very thin achromatic quarter wave film laminate for transflective lcd and method for producing the same: Disclosed herein is an very thin achromatic quarter wave film laminate for transflective LCD included in an LCD polarizer. More specifically, the very thin achromatic quarter wave film laminate for transflective LCD has a considerably reduced thickness, as compared to conventional quarter wave films in which anisotropic polymeric films are... Agent:

20110129599 - Provess for transferring coatings onto a surface of a lens substrate with most precise optical quality: The present invention relates to a process for transferring at least one coating onto at least one geometrically defined surface of a lens substrate to produced a lens substrate coated with at least one functional coating adhering to at least one geometrically defined surface through a layer of transparent adhesive... Agent: Essilor International Compagnie Generale D'optique

20110129600 - Cold spray deposition processes for making near net shape composite airfoil leading edge protective strips and composite airfoils comprising the same: Methods for making a leading edge protective strip for a composite airfoil including utilizing a cold spray deposition system to deposit a protective strip onto a leading edge of the composite airfoil.... Agent:

20110129601 - Polybenzimidazole/polyacrylate mixtures: PBI compositions include solutions comprising PBI and acrylate monomer and coatings comprising PBI and polyacrylate. The solutions may also include polymerization initiator, solvent, co-polymers. The coatings are thermally resistant, electrically insulating (dielectric), and adhesive. The PBI compositions are used in the manufacture of microelectronics and related products. Methods for applying... Agent:

20110129603 - Air-permeable filtration media, methods of manufacture and methods of use: The present invention provides an air-permeable filtration media that includes an air-permeable backing and an adsorbent. The adsorbent is at least partially embedded in the air-permeable backing. The present invention also provides a method of manufacturing an air-permeable filtration media. The present invention also provides a method of substantially removing... Agent: Point Source Solutions, Inc.

20110129602 - Diruthenium complex, and material and method for chemical vapor deposition: A diruthenium complex such as tetra(μ-formato)diruthenium(II,II) or tetra(μ-formato)(dehydrate)diruthenium(II,II), a material for chemical vapor deposition which comprises the complex, and a method of forming a ruthenium film from the material by chemical vapor deposition.... Agent: Jsr Corporation

20110129604 - Direct oxidation method for semiconductor process: An oxidation method for performing direct oxidation includes respectively supplying an oxidizing gas and a deoxidizing gas to the process field, and directly oxidizing a surface target substrates by use of oxygen radicals and hydroxyl group radicals generated by a reaction between the oxidizing gas and the deoxidizing gas. The... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110129605 - Method for manufacturing printing plate: A method for manufacturing a printing plate includes forming first trenches having a first depth into an insulative substrate, forming an organic film over the insulative substrate including the first trenches, and forming second trenches having a width smaller than that of the first trenches into the organic film, the... Agent:

20110129606 - Primer coating for enhancing adhesion of liquid toner to polymeric substrates: A primer coating is provided for use on polymeric substrates to enhance adhesion of liquid toner to the substrates for printing in an electrophotographic printing device. The primer coating includes a dispersion of a copolymer of ethylene and acrylic or methacrylic acid and a compatible adhesion enhancer comprising a hydrogenated... Agent: Michelman, Inc.

20110129607 - Substitutional electroless gold plating solution and method for forming gold plating layer using the same: There is provided a substitutional electroless gold plating solution and a method for forming a gold plating layer using the same. The substitutional electroless gold plating solution includes an organic solvent, and an organic acid-based gold salt dissociated from the organic solvent to generate gold ions. The substitutional electroless gold... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110129608 - Methods of applying matrix resins to glass fibers: Methods of forming composite rovings formed of reinforcing fibers coated with at least one matrix resin are provided. The matrix resin may be any thermoplastic or thermoset powder or thermoplastic or thermoset emulsion, and is applied to reinforcement fibers after a size composition has been applied. The matrix resin may... Agent:

20110129609 - Anticorrosion coating composition in aqueous dispersion comprising an organic titanate and/or zirconate: Anticorrosion coating compositions for metallic parts based on particulate metal in aqueous dispersion are described. The compositions include an organic titanate or zirconate compatible in aqueous phase or in organic phase, an optional silane-based binder, and water. Also described are methods of forming anticorrosion coatings for metallic parts obtained from... Agent: Nof Metal Coatings Europe

20110129610 - Method for coating a hard surface with an anti-filming composition: The present invention generally relates to a method of coating a hard surface, particularly glass, with an anti-filming composition comprising the steps of contacting the hard surface with an effective amount of a composition comprising a water-soluble polymer, wherein the water-soluble polymer comprises an alkoxylated polyacrylic acid.... Agent:

20110129611 - Decorating hydroxyapatite biomaterials with modular biologically active molecules: A modular peptide design strategy wherein the modular peptide has two functional units separated by a spacer portion is disclosed. More particularly, the design strategy combines a hydroxyapatite-binding portion and a biomolecule-derived portion. The modular peptides have improved non-covalent binding to the surface of the HA-based materials, and are capable... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20110129612 - Moving walkways or escalators having anti-slip coating and method for applying an anti-slip coating: Escalator with a step band with several steps (4), or moving walk with a pallet band with pallets (4), wherein the steps (4) or pallets (4) are made of metal as brass, copper, NIROSTA, steel, magnesium, aluminum, and provided with an antislip coating. The antislip coating comprises a carbide hard... Agent: Inventio Ag

20110129613 - Release sheet and production process for the same: A process for making a release sheet which is non-silicone based and has good releasability from a pressure sensitive adhesive layer and which makes it possible to form a release agent layer at low temperature, having solvent resistance. The process comprises coating a substrate film with a release agent liquid,... Agent: Lintec Corporation

20110129614 - Extreme synthesis of crystalline aerogel materials from amorphous aerogel precursors: In one embodiment, a system includes a pressure cell adapted for enclosing a porous structure; an inert pressure medium within the pressure cell; and a heat source for heating the porous structure. In another embodiment, a composition of matter includes a crystalline porous structure having a density of about 30... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC

20110129615 - Apparatuses and methods for maskless mesoscale material deposition: Apparatuses and processes for maskless deposition of electronic and biological materials. The process is capable of direct deposition of features with linewidths varying from the micron range up to a fraction of a millimeter, and may be used to deposit features on substrates with damage thresholds near 100° C. Deposition... Agent: Optomec, Inc. Fka Optomec Design Company

20110129616 - Oxygen-doping for non-carbon radical-component cvd films: Methods of forming silicon oxide layers are described. The methods include the steps of concurrently combining both a radical precursor and a radical-oxygen precursor with a carbon-free silicon-containing precursor. One of the radical precursor and the silicon-containing precursor contain nitrogen. The methods result in depositing a silicon-oxygen-and-nitrogen-containing layer on a... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110129617 - Plasma system and method of producing a functional coating: A plasma system has at least one inductively coupled high-frequency plasma jet source having a burner body delimiting a plasma generating space having an outlet orifice for the plasma jet, a coil surrounding the plasma generating space in some areas, an inlet for supplying a gas and/or a precursor material... Agent:

20110129619 - Film formation method and apparatus: A film formation method includes setting a target object at a temperature of 150 to 550° C., the target object being placed inside the process container configured to hold a vacuum state therein, and then, repeating a cycle alternately including a first supply step and a second supply step a... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110129618 - Vertical film formation apparatus and method for using same: A method for using a vertical film formation apparatus includes performing a coating process inside the process container without product target objects present therein to cover an inner surface of the process container with a coating film, and then performing a film formation process inside the process container accommodating the... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110129620 - Gas heating methods: Method for thermally spraying a heater onto a substrate, comprising providing a metallic material having a core and an insulator therein and thermally spraying the metallic material and the insulator onto a substrate to form a heater. Method of fabricating a thermally sprayed gas heater, comprising providing a gas flow... Agent: Thermoceramix Inc.

20110129621 - Systems and methods for distributing gas in a chemical vapor deposition reactor: Systems and methods for the production of polysilicon or another material via chemical vapor deposition in a reactor are provided in which gas is distributed using a silicon standpipe. The silicon standpipe can be attached to the reactor system using a nozzle coupler such that precursor gases may be injected... Agent: Gt Solar, Incorporated

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