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05/26/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110123703 - Method and system for automatic or manual evaluation to provide targeted and individualized delivery of cosmetic actives in a mask or patch form: A system and method are provided for targeted and individualized delivery of multiple skin benefit agents to the skin of a user. The image of a predetermined treatment area of the user's skin is first captured by an imaging device. Selective data input from analysis tools and the end user... Agent:

20110123704 - Drug-delivery endovascular stent and method for treating restenosis: A radially expandable, endovascular stent designed for placement at a site of vascular injury, for inhibiting restenosis at the site, a method of using, and a method of making the stent. The stent includes a radially expandable body formed of one or more metallic filaments and a liquid-infusible mechanical anchoring... Agent: Biosensors International Group, Ltd.

20110123705 - Cohesive osteogenic putty and materials therefor: Described is an implantable medical material comprising a malleable, cohesive, shape-retaining putty including mineral particles, insoluble collagen fibers and soluble collagen. The medical material can be used in conjunction with biologically active factors such as osteogenic proteins to treat bone or other tissue defects in patients.... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110123702 - Room temperature-curable polymers: Methods of making room temperature-curable polymers. Reactants include siloxane-terminated polymers and silanols. The reactants are mixed, and the polymerization allowed to proceed in air at room temperature. The polymers are exceptionally useful because they allow for the incorporation into the polymers themselves of one or more therapeutic compounds. Thus, medical... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20110123706 - Continuous coating supply system and method: A continuous coating supply system includes a first coating storage unit, a second coating storage unit, a coating intake, a coating outlet, conduits and a plurality of valves. The conduits connect the first storage unit, the second coating storage unit, the coating intake and the coating outlet and are positioned... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110123707 - Thin film deposition apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display device by using the same: A thin film deposition apparatus including a deposition source having a crucible to contain a deposition material and a heater to heat and vaporize the deposition material; a nozzle unit disposed at a side of the deposition source along a first direction and having a plurality of nozzle slits to... Agent: Samsung Mobile Display Co., Ltd.

20110123708 - Manufacturing method for a laminated body: A method for producing a layered article having a layer of particles stacked on a substrate, including the following steps: (1): preparing a mixed particle dispersion liquid by dispersing, in a liquid dispersion medium, inorganic particle chains (A) in a volume fraction of from 0.30 to 0.84, each of the... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20110123709 - Process for producing pure ammonium perrhenate: A process for preparing a pure ammonium perrhenate includes producing a first aqueous suspension containing an ammonium perrhenate. A stoichiometric amount of a nitric acid is added to the first aqueous suspension so as to produce a second suspension. The second suspension is introduced into a cathode space of an... Agent: H.c. Starck Gmbh

20110123710 - Process for producing glass substrate for information recording medium: A process for producing a glass substrate for an information recording medium, comprising processing a glass formed into a plate by a float process, a down-draw method or a press method, wherein, in cooling of the glass in the last step where the glass has a temperature of at least... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110123711 - Methods for forming metal-polymer hybrid tooling for forming parts having micro features: A method for forming metal-polymer hybrid tooling includes patterning a surface of a member such as a silicon wafer, stainless steel, nickel or nickel alloy, engaging a polymer layer with the patterned features of the surface of the silicon wafer to form the polymer layer having a reverse of the... Agent: Northeastern University

20110123712 - Thermochromic coating and method of manufacturing thereof: A thermochromic coating which comprises a thermochromic compound and a polyurea resin. The thermochromic compound and polyurea resin form a thermochromic layer. The coating optionally has a protective layer containing a resin and a UV-blocking material arranged on top of the thermochromic layer. A reflective layer containing a reflective material... Agent: Swift River Properties LLC

20110123713 - Powder coating apparatus and method: A filter support casing and filter provides powder into a Bernoulli flow system. The system has an upper end and a lower end, the upper end having an opening therein. The filter support casing extends downward from the upper end. There is a filter supported within the casing. The filter... Agent:

20110123714 - Continuous inkjet printer aquous ink composition: A continuous ink jet printer aqueous ink composition including pigment particles dispersed with a dispersant or self dispersing pigment particles without the need for a dispersant, and a polymer additive distinct from any dispersant used to disperse the pigment particles, wherein the polymer additive comprises a water soluble block copolymer... Agent:

20110123715 - Method for partially coating complex components with catalytically active components: A method for partially coating a shaped body, the surface of which comprises an area to be coated and an area to be left clear, wherein with the method a protective layer is applied to the area to be left clear, a layer comprising a fluid phase is applied to... Agent: Sud-chemie Ag

20110123716 - Process for preparing a dispersion of a particulate solid: m

20110123717 - Two part spray foam using a blowing agent as a plasticizer and a room temperature crosslinking agent: Latex spray foams formed from a non-aqueous two-part foamable composition are provided. The A-side contains includes a dry latex polymer, a multifunctional acid, and a liquid blowing agent and the B-side contains a polyfunctional aziridine crosslinking agent a plasticizer, and, optionally, a non-functionalized resin. The multifunctional acid may be a... Agent:

20110123718 - Handheld roller device for painting corners: A handheld roller device for painting corners 10 includes a handle member 12, a roller assembly 14 secured to the handle member 12 by an angle bar 16, a first ball transfer retainer 18 forcibly and removably inserted into a recess 20 in an outer end 22 of a rotating... Agent:

20110123719 - Modification of identification signatures with an applied material: A method of modifying radar, thermal, acoustic, and visual signatures of an object includes the application of flocking to the object. The flocking may be applied by an electrostatic flocking process. The flocking material may be constructed to include a radar absorbent material to increase the efficacy of the flocking... Agent:

20110123720 - Method for painting a plastic powder product: A method for painting a plastic powder product includes the steps of: adding a conductive material into engineering plastics; high pressure injection molding the engineering plastics with the conductive material in a module to manufacture a plastic powder product; surface treating the plastic powder product for removing oil stains and... Agent: Govern General International Co., Ltd.

20110123721 - Enzymatic synthesis of polyol acrylates: The invention relates to a process for the enzymatic synthesis of polyol acrylates and also to a process for preparing polymeric polyol acrylates, to the polymers obtainable by this process, and to their use for preparing radiation-curable and thermally curable coating materials.... Agent: Basf Aktiengesellschaft

20110123722 - Light-guide ink, using method and manufacturing method of the same: Light-guide ink comprising: scattering particles of 2-25 parts by weight; a resin of 10-50 parts by weight; a pigment of 0.01-0.5 parts by weight; a solvent of 20-75 parts by weight; a photoinitiator of 0-8.5 parts by weight; and an additive of 0.01-3.5 parts by weight.... Agent: Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

20110123723 - Photosensitive resin composition and preparation method: A photosensitive resin composition comprises: 0.01 wt %-10 wt % of reflective particles; 0 wt %-12 wt % of pigment; 1 wt %-10 wt % of dispersant; 1.5 wt %-5 wt % of dispersion resin; 2 wt %-25 wt % of optically active polymer; 1 wt %-22 wt % of... Agent: Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

20110123724 - Dielectric composite and a method of manufacturing a dielectric composite: A composite for a transducer facilitates an increased actuation force as compared to similar prior art composites for transducers. The composite facilitates increased compliance of the transducer in one direction, an improved reaction time as compared to similar prior art composites for transducers, and provides an increased lifetime of the... Agent: Danfoss A/s

20110123725 - Method of enabling selective area plating on a substrate: A method of enabling selective area plating on a substrate includes forming a first electrically conductive layer (310) over substantially all of the substrate, covering sections of the first electrically conductive layer with a mask (410) such that the first electrically conductive layer has a masked portion and an unmasked... Agent:

20110123726 - Nanostructure sorting: Apparatus, methods, and systems for sorting nanostructures, such as nanodots or nanotubes, are described. Sorting the nanostructures removes remnants of the nanotube fabrication from a mixture or bundle of material. The sorting activity may include suspending the mixture in a plasma to separate nanostructures and remnant material. A motive force,... Agent:

20110123727 - Magnetic laminated structure and method of making: A method for making an article comprising a multilayered structure comprising a series of magnetic layers is provided. The method includes providing a substrate and depositing a series of magnetic layers on the substrate and disposing insulating layers between successive magnetic layers. Each magnetic layer has a thickness of at... Agent: General Electric Company

20110123728 - Thin film manufacturing method and thin film element: A thin film manufacturing method includes the steps of a) placing a substrate including a first main surface inside a reaction container filled with a raw material solution, and b) forming a thin film by irradiating a light in the direction of the first main surface of the substrate.... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

05/19/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110117266 - Medical device coating system: A system for coating a medical device comprises a transfer web, a metering web. The webs are each advanced in a downstream direction toward a gap defined by the advancing webs. A coating solution applicator is configured to apply a coating solution at a staging area at a position upstream... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110117267 - Soft prosthesis shell texturing method: A method of texturing a soft prosthetic implant shell, such as a silicone breast implant shell. A soft prosthetic implant with a textured external surface layer of silicone elastomer and having an open-cell structure is made by adhering and then dissolving round salt crystals. The resulting roughened surface has enhanced... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110117268 - Consumable materials having encoded markings for use with direct digital manufacturing systems: A consumable material comprising an exterior surface having encoded markings that are configured to be read by at least one sensor of a direct digital manufacturing system, where the consumable material is configured to be consumed in the direct digital manufacturing system to build at least a portion of a... Agent: Stratasys, Inc.

20110117269 - Biosensor, thin film electrode forming method, quantification apparatus, and quantification method: A biosensor is disclosed comprising a support; a conductive layer composed of an electrical conductive material such as a noble metal, for example gold or palladium, and carbon; slits parallel to and perpendicular to the side of the support; working, counter, and detecting electrodes; a spacer which covers the working,... Agent:

20110117270 - Method of post-twinning dual solid foamed insulation: The present invention relates to a method for making wire insulation that comprises the steps of providing a solid insulative material; adding a chemical foaming agent to at least one section of the solid insulative material; extruding the solid insulative material over at least one wire to create an insulated... Agent: General Cable Technologies Corporation

20110117271 - Method for forming a seed layer for the deposition of a metal on a substrate: A method for forming, on a substrate, a seed layer enabling the subsequent deposition of a metal layer, including the step of immersing the substrate in a bath containing a material from the ethoxysilane or siloxane family and a copper or nickel amidinate.... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (tours) Sas

20110117272 - Marking device with transmitter for triangulating location during locate operations: Methods, apparatus and systems for determining the location of a marking device during performance of a marking operation using triangulation are described. The marking device may be of the type used to mark the presence or absence of underground facilities and may include a marking material dispenser to dispense marking... Agent: Certusview Technologies, LLC

20110117273 - Evaporation source, process for producing optical member, and optical member: An evaporation source for supporting an organic material for vapor deposition which comprises a nonwoven fabric constituted with a fiber comprising silicon oxide, wherein thermal conductivity of the nonwoven fabric is 0.01 to 1.0 Wm−1K−1, a process for producing an optical member comprising heating the evaporation source to vapor deposit... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20110117274 - Optical member and method of manufacturing the same: An optical member including an oxide layer that has a stable fine textured structure and is excellent in durability is provided. The optical member includes a base material and an antireflection coating on a surface of the base material. The antireflection coating includes at least an oxide layer having a... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110117275 - Film deposition device and method thereof: A film deposition device includes a nozzle configured to inject a plurality of particles to a target; and a suction unit provided around the nozzle and configured to suck particles that are rebounded from the target among the plurality of particles injected from the nozzle.... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110117276 - Multilayer nitride-containing coatings: This invention relates to erosion resistant coatings comprising at least 2 sublayer systems in which each sublayer system is separated from another by an interlayer, wherein (i) each sublayer system is the same or different and comprises at least 4 layers, (ii) said layers comprise alternating layers of a nitride-containing... Agent:

20110117277 - Wall texturing tool: A tool and method for applying a texture material to a surface is provided. The tool comprises a body having a flat surface for mating to a smooth surface, such as a repaired portion of drywall. The body is formed of a rigid plastic material, that is optionally transparent, to... Agent:

20110117278 - Process for coating a component having partially closed holes and process for opening the holes: During the coating of a component including cooling-air holes, it is necessary, when remachining the coated cooling-air holes, to determine the correct alignment of the cooling-air row. A process is provided in that at least two cooling-air holes are kept clear by a masking material during the coating and the... Agent:

20110117279 - Thin film forming method and film forming apparatus: A thin film forming apparatus (100) includes: a vacuum chamber (1); a substrate transfer mechanism (40) that is provided in the vacuum chamber (1) and feeds an elongated substrate (8) to a predetermined film forming section (4) that faces a film forming source (27); an endless belt (10) capable of... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110117280 - Method of producing an organic and/or carbon-containing friction lining: A method of producing an organic friction lining includes the steps of producing a liquid friction material pulp placing a fabric into the friction material pulp drying and saturating the friction material pulp together with the fabric placed therein and removing the fabric from the dried friction material.... Agent:

20110117281 - Aqueous coating binders for corrosion protection, wood and concrete: This invention relates to aqueous binders comprising mass fractions of from 70% to 98% of chain-extended epoxy amine adducts A and from 2% to 30% of crosslinkers C that are selected from the group consisting of aminoplast resins, phenol resols, triazine tris-alkyl carbamates, and mixtures of such crosslinking agents, a... Agent: Cytec Austria Gmbh

20110117282 - Process of obtaining a polyurethane coating composition having extended pot-life: The invention relates to polyurethane coating compositions having a pot-life of at least 8 hours and a de-blocking temperature of 50-100° C. The composition comprises: a) a blocked isocyanate formed by mixing at least one isocyanate functional compound with at least one imidazole and b) at least one polyol. The... Agent: Rhodie Chimie

20110117283 - Spray coating system: A spray coating system is provided. The spray coating system includes a spin support for supporting and spinning the substrate; a sprayer for applying a material to an upper surface of the substrate; a cup surrounding a lateral and lower region of the spin support, wherein an opening is located... Agent:

20110117284 - Deck stain applicator: The present disclosure generally relates to coating material applicators and more specifically, but not by limitation, to an apparatus for applying a coating material such as stain to a surface such as a deck, characterized by a generally planar surface with intentional gaps between elements (e.g., boards of a deck).... Agent: Wagner Spray Tech Corporation

20110117285 - Liquid vessel liner and method of application: A liner and method of application for use on a metal surface to protect metal structures such as cooling towers, evaporative condensers, and other liquid containing vessels such as tanks from corrosion, leaks, and wear. The liner is an inexpensive apparatus and process comprising a coated metal having a second... Agent: Baltimore Aircoil Company, Inc.

20110117286 - Modified surfaces and method for modifying a surface: A surface modified substrate includes a substrate having a surface and a layer of nanoscale inorganic oxide particles disposed on at least a portion of the surface.... Agent: Rhodia Inc.

20110117287 - Process for producing modified substrate: The present invention provides a modified substrate including a hydrophilic polymer wherein the soluble hydrophilic polymer ratio is 15 weight percent or less and the number of adhered human blood platelets is 10/4.3×103 μm2 or less. In addition, the present invention provides a method for producing a modified substrate including... Agent:

20110117288 - Substrate processing method, substrate processing apparatus and storage medium storing program: There is provided a substrate processing apparatus capable of effectively suppressing non-uniformity in deposition degree on a surface of a substrate. A substrate processing method includes depositing a deposit on a sidewall of each opening of a resist pattern, which is formed on an antireflection film on an etching target... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110117289 - Deposition apparatus and deposition method: [Solving Means] A deposition apparatus that forms a film on a plurality of base materials at the same time, includes a support unit including a support section that rotatably supports the plurality of base materials around a rotation shaft, a vacuum chamber including a cylindrical processing chamber that rotatably accommodates... Agent: Ulvac, Inc.

20110117290 - Use of an organopolysiloxane/polyurea block copolymer as a coating on plastic surfaces: Use of an organopolysiloxane/polyurea block copolymer according to formula (1), where R is a univalent hydrocarbon radical with 1 to 20 carbon atoms, optionally substituted by fluorine or chlorine, X is an alkylene radical with 1 to 20 carbon atoms in which methylene units that are not adjacent to one... Agent: Tesa Se

20110117291 - Template treatment method, program, computer storage medium, template treatment apparatus and imprint system: In a template treatment of forming a film of a release agent on a treatment surface of a template, the treatment surface of the template is first cleaned. Thereafter, in a coating unit, the release agent is applied to the treatment surface of the template. The release agent on the... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110117292 - Methods for controlling coating gloss: A method including applying a coating composition on a substrate to form a coating, wherein the coating has a first surface roughness; transferring a pattern to the coating to form a patterned coating, wherein the patterned coating has a second surface roughness different from the first surface roughness; and curing... Agent:

20110117293 - Method for thin layer deposition: said crystallization treatment being preceded by a deposition step, in which an energy-providing film is deposited above and/or below said titanium-oxide-based thin film, said energy-providing film being capable of absorbing the energy supplied during said crystallization treatment more effectively than said at least one titanium oxide film and/or of creating... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20110117294 - Biofouling prevention by induction heating: An apparatus and method for heating target surfaces to a temperature that inhibits, prevents or removes biofouling through induction heating includes an electromagnetic driver and control circuitry for generating electromagnetic energy within a select frequency range to match a target surface. An antenna emits the electromagnetic energy within a focused... Agent:

05/12/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110111116 - Surgical needle coatings and methods: The present invention provides improved medical devices for use in surgical procedures and methods for manufacturing improved medical devices. In some embodiments, the improved medical devices can include improved surgical needles that are capable of being repeatedly passed through tissue using minimal force. More particularly, the improved surgical needles can... Agent: Ethicon, Inc.

20110111117 - Coating compositions having improved early hardness: where R1 and R2 are individually selected from the group of hydrogen and an alkyl group having 1, 3-5 carbon atoms and (2) a hydroxyl terminated reaction product of trimethylol propane and a lactone; (C) an organic polyisocyanate crosslinking component, at least portion of which comprises a trimer of isophorone... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110111118 - Process for the screened application of fluids to substrates: A process for screened application of fluids to substrates includes i) providing a substrate being unscreened at least in a portion or a coating of the substrate unscreened at least in the portion, having a screened first image of a first fluid applied to the substrate in the portion, or... Agent: Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Ag

20110111119 - Method of manufacturing sheet type electronic paper display device: There is provided a method of manufacturing a sheet type electronic paper display device. The method includes: forming a preliminary substrate including a plurality of raised patterns having a greater width than a diameter of first rotary bodies, and a plurality of cell spaces formed between the raised patterns; disposing... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110111120 - Preparation of antimicrobial contact lenses with reduced haze using swelling agents: This invention relates to antimicrobial lenses containing metals and methods for their production.... Agent:

20110111121 - Thin film forming method and film forming apparatus: The present invention relates to a method of forming a thin film by depositing, in a vacuum, particles emitted from a film forming source (27) on a substrate (21). Specifically, the particles are deposited on the substrate (21) in a state where a movable endless belt (11) is disposed between... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110111122 - Apparatus and process for producing an ion-permeable web-reinforced separator and separator obtainable therewith: An apparatus for producing an ion-permeable web-reinforced separator comprising a duplex type impregnating apparatus comprising two slots each with substantially vertical upper and lower slot faces for providing premetered substantially identical quantities of a dope simultaneously to either side of an elongated porous web, a transport means providing for substantially... Agent: Vito N.v.

20110111123 - Increased area weight segments with pitch densification to produce lower cost and higher density aircraft friction materials: Economically attractive method of making carbon-carbon composite brake disc or pad. The manufacturing method herein provides lowered manufacturing cycle time and reduced cost of manufacturing while enabling increased density of the final composite. The method includes: providing a fibrous nonwoven fabric segment produced from high basis weight fabric; optionally needling... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110111124 - Method and device for lubricating rollers and a rolled strip of a rolling stand: A method for lubricating rolls, especially work rolls (2, 3) of a rolling stand, and rolling stock (6) passed between the rolls during the rolling operation, in which a lubricant-gas mixture, a lubricant-water-gas mixture, a lubricant-water mixture and/or a grease-medium mixture is applied to the rolls (2, 3) or the... Agent: Sms Siemag Aktiengesellschaft

20110111125 - Dithered printing of clear ink to reduce rub and offset: An imaging device includes a media supply and handling system configured to move media along a path. A printing system is disposed along the path that includes at least one printhead for applying melted phase-change ink of at least one color to the media to form images thereon. A fixing... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110111126 - Method for forming hollow fiber bundles: A method of forming a plurality of hollow fibers includes the step of providing an elongated flexible substantially continuous fiber and coating an outer surface of the fiber with a hollow fiber material. The hollow fiber material is cured or hardened. A gap is created between the outer surface of... Agent:

20110111127 - Method for bonding a coating on a roller: A roller for a conveyor comprising a cylindrical core defining a support surface; a helical groove disposed in said support surface and lagging bonded to said support surface.... Agent: Van Der Graaf Inc.

20110111128 - Diffuser structure and manufacturing method thereof: A diffuser structure and a manufacturing method thereof are disclosed. The diffuser structure includes a substrate, a plurality of throughholes, and a glue layer. The throughholes are perpendicularly formed in the substrate. Each throughhole includes a gas-in part, a gas-out part, and a connecting part for connecting the gas-in part... Agent: Global Material Science Co., Ltd.

20110111129 - Method for fabricating cadmium sulfide thin film: A method for fabricating a cadmium sulfide thin film, in which the chemical bath including the sulfur-containing compounds and the cadmium-containing compounds is adjusted to alkaline by adding aqueous ammonia, followed by adding the buffer salts while stirring and heating, and then the glass substrate is immersed in the chemical... Agent: Jenn Feng New Energy Co., Ltd.

20110111130 - Process for coating metal bands: The invention describes a method of coating coils, comprising the following steps: (1) applying an aqueous primer coating composition (B) comprising at least one crosslinkable binder system (BM), at least one filler component (BF), at least one corrosion control component (BK), and volatile constituents (BL), to the optionally cleaned metal... Agent: Basf Coatings Gmbh

20110111131 - Method for producing a multicomponent, polymer- and metal-containing layer system, device and coated article: A method for producing layer systems on substrates includes irradiating a first vacuum coating source with an irradiating source. The first vacuum coating source includes a first layer material that is dissolved in a solvent. A second vacuum coating source is applied to the substrate via a chemical vapor deposition... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20110111132 - System and method for depositing coatings on inner surface of tubular structure: A system and method for depositing coatings on an inner surface of a tubular structure includes at least one pump for creating and maintaining a vacuum in the tubular structure, a meshed electrode adapted to be positioned in a center of the tubular structure, and a biased voltage power supply... Agent: Electric Power Research Institute, Inc.

20110111133 - Multi-directional pin anneal of mr sensors with plasmon heating: A method by which portions of a wafer level fabrication can be selectively heated by means of the formation of a plasmon generating layers of specific size, shape, orientation and material on the fabrication and then illuminating the formation with electromagnetic radiation of such wavelength and polarization as will optimally... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

20110111134 - Systems and methods of preparation of photovoltaic films and devices: Described herein are systems and methods for deposition of films using energy dispensers combined with film-material dispensers. The processes achieve high energy efficiency and speed by deposition of film materials that absorb energy in a designed radiation band, coupled with delivery of energy using a radiation source with a band... Agent: Yewsavin, Inc.

20110111135 - Thin film manufacturing method and silicon material that can be used with said method: Particles coming from an evaporation source 9 are deposited on a substrate 21 at a predetermined film forming position 33 in a vacuum so as to form a thin film on the substrate 21. A bulk material 32 containing a source material of the thin film is melted above the... Agent:

20110111136 - Precursor vapor generation and delivery system with filters and filter monitoring system: A vapor delivery system for supplying vapor to a chamber in a plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) system includes a vapor supply that supplies vapor by vaporizing at least one liquid precursor in a carrier gas. A first path includes a first filter that filters the vapor flowing from the... Agent: Novellus Systems Inc.

20110111137 - Curing non-carbon flowable cvd films: A method of forming a silicon oxide layer is described. The method may include the steps of mixing a carbon-free silicon-containing precursor with a radical-nitrogen-and/or-hydrogen precursor, and depositing a silicon-nitrogen-and-hydrogen-containing layer on a substrate. The conversion of the silicon-nitrogen-and-hydrogen-containing layer to a silicon-and-oxygen-containing layer is then initiated by a low... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110111138 - Metal ink compositions, conductive patterns, methods, and devices: Metal complexes adapted to form conductive metal films and lines upon deposition and treatment. The metal complex can be a covalent complex and can comprise a first and second ligand. Low temperature treatment can be used to convert the complex to a metal. The metal films and lines can have... Agent: Carnegie Mellon University

05/05/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110104362 - Method of making a dry powder pharmaceutical composition: A method of making active pharmaceutical ingredient particles with surface-modified nanoparticles deposited on the particles' surfaces, the method comprising: providing a plurality of media particles having surfaces with the surface-modified nanoparticles deposited on the surfaces; mixing the plurality of media particles with the active ingredient particles, both of which are... Agent:

20110104363 - Plasma processing apparatus and method for controlling substrate attraction force in plasma processing apparatus: An object is to provide a plasma processing apparatus and a method for controlling a substrate attraction force in a plasma processing apparatus by which the substrate attraction force is controlled to be constant without being influenced by the number of processed substrates. Therefore, change of a substrate potential is... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20110104364 - High-speed pultrusion process for the manufacture of fiber reinforced composites: The pultrusjon process for making the composite cere of an aluminum conductor composite core (ACCC) cable is improved by replacing the traditional wet-out step of dipping the fiber in a bath of liquid rcsm with a high-pressure spray wet-out step In a preferred process, the fiber is spread out into... Agent:

20110104365 - Method for sealing edge portion of double-layered product and apparatus for sealing edge portion of double-layered product: An object of the present invention to make a measure against moisture entry into an edge portion of a double-layered product such as a photovoltaic cell panel or an electronic panel more reliable. A tip end of the coating agent discharge port is arranged to face a part of an... Agent: Sun Tool Corporation

20110104366 - Method of chemical protection of metal surface: A process for forming a protective layer on a metal surface includes the steps of: providing a metal material having an oxygen containing layer; applying at least two compounds to the oxygen containing layer of the metal material wherein a first compound applied is a molecularly large compound; and applying... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20110104367 - Layer structures and method to their production: A method for producing membranes and membrane electrode units by laying thin film layers on a porous carrier substrate. The layers are applied using only one of several production methods, but have different functional properties. These membranes and membrane electrode units may be used to generate energy by electrochemical or... Agent:

20110104368 - Method of treating surface of mold: A method of treating a surface of a mold that includes supplying a fullerene into an amorphous carbon layer that covers the surface of the mold and heating the amorphous carbon layer to at least 400° C. while covering a surface of the amorphous carbon layer with a covering member.... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110104369 - Apparatus and method for continuous powder coating: The present invention relates to a method and an apparatus by which powder is evenly dispersed and is coated on a substrate uniformly and continuously so that a uniform layer may be formed. More specifically the present invention provides a method and an apparatus for forming a coating layer that... Agent:

20110104370 - Decorative grass having a decorative pattern formed of glitter and methods of producing and using same: The presently disclosed and claimed inventive concept(s) relates to materials having a decorative pattern formed of glitter, and more particularly but not by way of limitation, to flower pot covers, floral wrappings, ribbon materials and decorative grasses made from such materials. In one aspect, the presently disclosed and claimed inventive... Agent:

20110104371 - Rapid action coater: A new device and process for continuously applying coatings, such as resin and additives or polymers or the like, to minerals is disclosed. The device and apparatus differ substantially from standard batch coating processes currently used by industry. The apparatus uses a horizontal cylinder with an internal auger and a... Agent:

20110104372 - Polymer injection method for blocking piping in dikes and dams: A polymer injection method and apparatus for blocking piping in dikes and dams, uses non-water reacted two-component polymeric material to produce a hydra-insensitive expanding polymer for blocking piping channel. A transferring device is provided to the method, which includes an injection gun, an injector, and a hollow tube, wherein the... Agent: Zhengzhou Uretek Technology Ltd.

20110104373 - Method of cleaning contaminated surfaces: A method for cleaning contaminated surfaces of surgical waste management equipment. The method includes rinsing surfaces of the equipment with water to remove water soluble contaminants and waste material. A rinse solution is applied to the surfaces of the equipment to provide a residual film thereon. The rinse solution includes... Agent: Stryker Corporation

20110104374 - Heat treatable coated article with diamond-like carbon (dlc) and/or zirconium in coating: In certain example embodiments, a coated article includes respective layers including diamond-like carbon (DLC) and zirconium nitride before heat treatment (HT). During HT, the hydrogenated DLC acts as a fuel which upon combustion with oxygen produces carbon dioxide and/or water. The high temperature developed during this combustion heats the zirconium... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20110104375 - Biocide composition comprising pyrithione and pyrrole derivatives: The present invention is directed to a biocidal composition comprising a blend of one or more pyrithione compounds, and one or more pyrrole compounds of Formula I wherein said biocidal composition is copper free or low copper content.... Agent:

20110104376 - Liquid formulations for coating and printing substrates: A method is disclosed of preparing a liquid formulation for application as a deposit on a substrate. The method includes the steps of providing a liquid having a first viscosity in a non-evaporative state; and adding an amine-acid adduct to the liquid to form a mixture having a second viscosity... Agent: Flexcon Industrial Park

20110104378 - Redispersible polymer powder: The present invention pertains to a water-redispersible polymer powder based on at least one modified natural latex. The modified natural latex can be obtained by mixing natural latex with at least one radical initiator and/or oxidising agent, by mixing and reacting natural latex with at least one olefinically unsaturated monomer... Agent: Akzo Nobel N.v.

20110104377 - Redispersible polymer powder composition: The present invention pertains to a water-redispersible polymer powder composition based on at least one synthetic polymer and at least one natural latex. Preferably, the polymer powder contains up to about 90 wt. % of at least one water-insoluble, synthetic polymer, up to about 90 wt. % of least one... Agent: Akzo Nobel N.v.

20110104379 - Manufacturing method for elastic member: The present invention provides a sealing member for fuel which includes a fluororubber base and a sliding-treated layer coating the surface of the base. The sliding-treated layer includes a matrix made from a fluororubber, a sliding thin film formed in the surface portion of the matrix from a molten first... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20110104380 - Method for producing molded article: The present invention provides a method for producing a molded article which enables dissolution of a desired amount of a subject material in a molten resin without any limitation by the solubility of a high-pressure carbon dioxide in the molten resin and which is therefore suitable for commercial production of... Agent: Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.

20110104382 - Plasma spray coating method: A thermal spraying method in which masking operation on the surface of a spray object can be facilitated and in which a test piece can be fixed securely so as to enable setting of spray conditions. There is disclosed a thermal spraying method of performing a thermal spraying of heat... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20110104381 - Plasma treatment of large-scale components: The invention relates to a device and a method for the plasma treatment of large-scale components. Said device comprises a vacuum chamber (3) containing one or more pumps, a transport device (2) for conveying the component (1) into the vacuum chamber (3), insulation (4) that is situated between the component... Agent:

20110104383 - Erosion resistant cermet linings for oil & gas exploration, refining and petrochemical processing applications: The present invention is directed to a method for protecting metal surfaces in oil & gas exploration and production, refinery and petrochemical process applications subject to solid particulate erosion at temperatures of up to 1000° C. The method includes the step of providing the metal surfaces in such applications with... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20110104384 - Erosion resistant cermet linings for oil & gas exploration, refining and petrochemical processing applications: The present invention is directed to a method for protecting metal surfaces in oil & gas exploration and production, refinery and petrochemical process applications subject to solid particulate erosion at temperatures of up to 1000° C. The method includes the step of providing the metal surfaces in such applications with... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20110104385 - Apparatus for electrostatically coating a workpiece and method of reducing contamination thereof: To minimize contamination and improve cleanability of an apparatus for electrostatically coating workpieces, the external surfaces of the apparatus are coated with a hydrophobic and hard coating.... Agent: Abb Research Ltd.

20110104386 - Digital manufacture of an gas or liquid separation device: Printing one or more layers using toner and/or laminates to form one or more multi-channeled layers, with a particular pattern, including forming a desired image, for example, electrographically, on a receiver member. The multi layered channel printing apparatus and related method and print incorporates one or more static layers, and... Agent:

20110104387 - Method of cold plasma surface process for ferrous absorbent: The invention provides a method of a cold plasma surface process for ferrous absorbent including the following steps. Firstly, a substrate is disposed in a vacuum chamber under a room temperature, and electrical energy is transmitted to the substrate; next, organic silicon monomer is added into the vacuum chamber under... Agent:

20110104388 - Method for making an optical device including a curable index matching elastomeric solid layer: A method for making an optical device may include applying at least one precursor for a curable index matching elastomeric solid layer onto an end face of an optical waveguide device. The optical waveguide device may include a core having a core index of refraction, and a cladding surrounding the... Agent: Harris Corporation

20110104389 - Method for patterning a surface using selective adhesion: The invention relates to a method of patterning a layer formed from a fixable material such as photopolymer on a surface in a desired pattern. The method involves coating selected areas of the substrate with an adhesion promoter and subsequently coating the fixable material. The fixable material is then fixed,... Agent:

20110104392 - Grafting apparatus and method of using: This invention provides a coating apparatus and methods for coating a device, such as an industrially or medically applicable device. The apparatus is suitable for providing a coating using a photoactivatable compound and a polymerizable compound. In another aspect, the apparatus and methods are useful for coating a device wherein... Agent: Surmodics, Inc.

20110104391 - Inkjet coating device and inkjet coating method: Further, in the coating process with the UV-curing coating material, the UV light from the UV light source formed integrally with the coating head is applied to cure the material. In the vacuum suction section, as the destination, the bubbles or the like in the coating head are sucked. When... Agent:

20110104390 - System and method for coating medical devices: A system and method for photo-grafting a coating polymer onto the surface of a medical device are provided. The system comprises a plurality of stations including a novel grafting station. The system and method of the invention are both time- and resource-efficient. The system includes several stations, each station including... Agent: Covalon Technologies Inc.

20110104393 - Plasma ion implantation process for patterned disc media applications: Processes and apparatus of forming patterns including magnetic and non-magnetic domains on a magnetically susceptible surface on a substrate are provided. In one embodiment, a method of forming a pattern of magnetic domains on a magnetically susceptible material disposed on a substrate includes exposing a first portion of a magnetically... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110104394 - Process for the permanent multicolor painting of a product: A process for the permanent multicolor painting of a product, e.g. a body part, includes defining a first region, a first location within the first region and a second location within the first region but different from the first location, on the surface of the product. The surface is provided... Agent: Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Ag

20110104395 - Film deposition apparatus, film deposition method, and storage medium: In a film deposition apparatus where bis (tertiary-butylamino) silane (BTBAS) gas is adsorbed on a wafer and then O3 gas is adsorbed on the wafer so that the BTBAS gas is oxidized by the O3 gas thereby depositing a silicon oxide film by rotating a turntable on which the wafer... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110104396 - Substrate laser oxide removal process followed by electro or immersion plating: Method of ablating the surface of a substrate including providing a dry substrate and an electrolyte source, ablating the surface of the dry substrate to at least partially remove a native oxide layer, and immersing the ablated dry substrate in the electrolyte source, in which the dry substrate is ablated... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20110104397 - Method of manufacturing ceiling fan blades: A method of manufacturing a ceiling fan blade which includes the steps of printing a patterned layer on a surface of the ceiling fan blade, applying infrared ray to heat the patterned layer at 100-150 degrees centigrade for 1-3 minutes, and spraying a shining layer on a surface of the... Agent:

20110104398 - Method and system for depositing multiple materials on a substrate: A system for depositing two or more materials on a substrate is provided. The system comprises one or more susceptors configured to define two or more recesses for accommodating at least a first material and a second material respectively. The first and second materials are different. The system further comprises... Agent: General Electric Company

20110104400 - Method for depositing an amorphous carbon film with improved density and step coverage: A method for depositing an amorphous carbon layer on a substrate includes the steps of positioning a substrate in a chamber, introducing a hydrocarbon source into the processing chamber, introducing a heavy noble gas into the processing chamber, and generating a plasma in the processing chamber. The heavy noble gas... Agent:

20110104399 - Method of removing contamination from a reactor: The present invention provides a method for removing metal and/or metal oxide contamination from the interior of a vacuum coating reactor, the method comprising the steps of: a) performing an idle coating step by depositing a coating layer, wherein the coating layer comprises silicon; b) at least partly removing the... Agent: Oerlikon Solar Ag, Trubbach

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