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Coating processes March listing by industry category 03/11

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03/31/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110076383 - Method of developing latent fingerprints: Latent fingerprints on a porous substrate such as paper are developed for viewing and recordal by applying heat to cause the fingerprint to be clearly viewed under radiation to cause the fingerprint to fluorescence (e.g. a few seconds heating with air or client contact with a heated device at around... Agent: University Of Technology, Sydney

20110076384 - System and method for making biomaterial structures: A system and method for making a biomaterial device includes a support structure providing a shape for a biomaterial device. At least one applicator has a supply of biomaterial solution and is positioned along the support structure. The at least one applicator forms a biomaterial fiber by applying shear force... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20110076385 - Ion exchange resin treated to control swelling: The present invention provides a method and composition for loading one or more drugs in a solution onto one or more ion exchange resin particles to form a drug-loaded resin particle. The drug-loaded resin particle is separated from the solution and dried before recombining the drug-loaded resin particle with the... Agent: Coating Place, Inc.

20110076386 - Stent fixture and method for reducing coating defects: A stent fixture for supporting a stent during formation of a coating is provided.... Agent: Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20110076387 - Method for imparting antibiotic activity to the surface of a solid substrate: The present invention relates to a method for imparting antibiotic activity to a surface of a solid substrate by exposing a solid substrate composition to conditions suitable for covalent grafting and thermal polymerization of the substrate.... Agent: Lonza, Inc.

20110076388 - Fiber modified layer and methods of making and using same: A composition for use in a fiber modified layer, comprising an aggregate material, a binder, and a plurality of fibers, wherein each fiber has a length of greater than 0.25 inches. Also provided is a method of selecting a fiber modified layer for applying on an existing surface, comprising the... Agent: Road Science, LLC

20110076389 - Deposition source and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting device: A deposition source which improves deposition characteristics and uniformity of a deposited film, and a method of manufacturing an organic light-emitting device. The deposition source includes a heat source, a heat transfer plate arranged on the heat source and adapted to receive heat generated by and transferred from the heat... Agent: Samsung Mobile Display Co. Ltd.

20110076390 - Methods for multi-step copper plating on a continuous ruthenium film in recessed features: Methods are provided for multi-step Cu metal plating on a continuous Ru metal film in recessed features found in advanced integrated circuits. The use of a continuous Ru metal film prevents formation of undesirable micro-voids during Cu metal filling of high-aspect-ratio recessed features, such as trenches and vias, and enables... Agent: Novellus Systems, Inc.

20110076391 - Adhesive compositions and methods for their use and preparation: Adhesive compositions that contain thermally conductive carbon-based materials that are also electrically insulated; methods for using such adhesive compositions and methods for their preparation.... Agent:

20110076392 - Battery cathodes: Batteries and related compositions and methods are disclosed. In some embodiments, a method of making a battery can include heating at least one cathode including a cathode material in an atmosphere including oxygen, heating the cathode in a vacuum, adding the cathode into a housing, adding a separator into the... Agent: The Gillette Company, A Delaware Corporation

20110076393 - Trailing plated step: Methods for fabrication of magnetic write heads, and more specifically to fabrication of magnetic poles and trailing magnetic pole steps. A write pole may first be patterned on a substrate. Then a side gap material may be patterned along sidewall portions of the write pole. Thereafter, a masking layer may... Agent:

20110076395 - Method for imparting topical holographic effect to a polymeric film substrate: A method for imparting topical holographic effect to a polymeric film substrate comprising a first surface and a second surface. The method comprises the steps of embossing the first surface of the polymeric film substrate to impart a holographic effect to the polymeric film substrate; and printing the embossed first... Agent:

20110076394 - Optical sheet manufacturing apparatus and optical sheet manufacturing method: An optical sheet manufacturing apparatus includes a first master including a first three-dimensional structure, a second master including a second three-dimensional structure, a first processing unit to heat a first surface of a resin sheet to a first temperature and transfer the first three-dimensional structure onto the first surface heated,... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110076396 - Method of forming a calcium phosphate coating within a porous material: The present invention relates to a method of coating a porous material such as a medical implant with a layer of calcium phosphate, wherein the material is submersed in an aqueous solution of calcium, phosphate and carbonate ions, and the pH of the solution is gradually increased. A calcium phosphate... Agent:

20110076397 - Pipe lining method and apparatus: An exemplary embodiment provides a form for providing a lining in a pipe. The form includes a body having a leading part and a trailing part, a hole in a leading side of the leading part and a channel in the body communicating with the hole. The body has a... Agent:

20110076399 - Deposition source: A deposition source with uniform deposition characteristics includes a crucible in which a deposition material is disposed; a heat transfer member disposed on upper portions of the deposition material in the crucible; and an accommodation member for accommodating the heat transfer member and including a mesh plate.... Agent: Samsung Mobile Display Co., Ltd.

20110076398 - Evaporation source and vapor deposition apparatus using the same: An evaporation source that causes the evaporation bars to vaporize and emit small particles. The small particles of the evaporation bars are evenly dispersed all around the evaporation source. Thus, the particles then accumulate on workpieces to form symmetrical films. A vapor deposition apparatus using the present evaporation source is... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110076401 - Method of making showerhead for semiconductor processing apparatus: A method of making a showerhead for a semiconductor processing apparatus is disclosed. In one embodiment, the method includes providing a substrate; forming first holes in the substrate; forming a protective film on the substrate, where the protective film covers sidewalls of the first holes; and forming second holes in... Agent: Hermes-epitek Corporation

20110076400 - Nanocrystalline diamond-structured carbon coating of silicon carbide: One embodiment of the forming a nanocrystalline diamond-structured carbon layer on a silicon carbide layer comprises providing a silicon carbide layer in a reaction chamber and exposing the silicon carbide layer to a chlorine containing gas for an exposure time period to form a nanocrystalline diamond-structured carbon layer from the... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110076402 - System for controlling the sublimation of reactants: An apparatus and method improves heating of a solid precursor inside a sublimation vessel. In one embodiment, inert, thermally conductive elements are interspersed among units of solid precursor. For example the thermally conductive elements can comprise a powder, beads, rods, fibers, etc. In one arrangement, microwave energy can directly heat... Agent: Asm International N.v.

20110076403 - Vaporization apparatus with precise powder metering: Apparatus for vaporizing a particulate material, comprising a metering apparatus including: a reservoir; a housing having an internal volume and first and second openings for respectively receiving and discharging the particulate material; a rotatable shaft disposed in the internal volume, the shaft having a smooth surface and a circumferential groove... Agent:

20110076404 - Pigment based inks for reliable high speed inkjet printing: An aqueous ink composition comprising at least one of dispersed pigments and anionic charged polymer, and further comprising a lower level, relative to the concentration of pigment and anionic charged polymer, of a polyvalent metal oxide particle dispersion, wherein the ink composition has a pH of greater than 4 and... Agent:

20110076405 - Hole drilling with close proximity backwall: A method of making a coated component with a close proximity backwall is achieved by applying a coating to a pre-existing workpiece that contains a substrate with a plurality of apertures. The substrate is in close proximity to a backwall. The coating is removed from the plurality of apertures with... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20110076406 - Thermally conductive, electrically insulating material and production method thereof: Means for a thermally conductive and electrically insulating material containing an AlN crystal mainly comprising AlN, and a production method thereof. In production, a molten aluminum layer is formed on an AlN substrate with at least its surface comprising AlN in an atmosphere of a non-oxidizing gas, and the molten... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110076407 - Low temperature curable melamine containing coating composition and the use thereof: The present invention is directed to a melamine containing coating composition curable at ambient temperatures and suitable for coating plastic substrates. The present invention is also directed to a process for coating plastic substrates with a melamine containing coating composition curable at ambient temperatures.... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110076409 - Coating compositions: e

20110076408 - Moulded textile lingerie item with support region made from silicone: An article made of elastic textile material comprising at least one zone intended to be shaped by thermal molding is provided. The at least one zone has at least over one part a support region in which the textile material is coated, prior to thermal molding, with a non-moldable material... Agent: Hbi Branded Apparel Enterprises, LLC

20110076410 - Method for making strain tolerant corrosion protective coating compositions and coated articles: Method comprising providing a coating precursor composition including a corrosion resistant particulate component having an average coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) greater than alumina at 1200° F. (649° C.) dispersed in a binder matrix, wherein an aspect ratio of at least a portion of the corrosion resistant particulate component is... Agent:

20110076411 - Fluid supply device for spraying system: The present invention relates to a fluid supply device for a spraying system, comprising a first module (1) with two feed lines (50, 60) for paint, the lines being independent from each other and connected to a first color changer (100) with color valves (103, 104) disposed therein and circulation... Agent:

20110076412 - Wood grilling plank soaking device: An apparatus and method for thoroughly soaking wood for use in the grilling or preparation of food. The apparatus being capable of accepting and soaking wood in the form of wood planks, wood chunks, or wood chips. The apparatus in a form of a tank which holds the cooking wood... Agent:

20110076413 - Single layer bond coat and method of application: A protective coating system for metal components includes a superalloy metal substrate, such as a component of a gas turbine. A single layer bond coat is applied to the superalloy metal substrate in a thermal spray process from a homogeneous powder composition having a particle size distribution wherein about 90%... Agent: General Electric Company

20110076414 - Process for applying a bonding primer layer: A process for applying a bonding primer layer for a protective ceramic layer on a component surface by high-velocity flame spraying is proposed. A coating material in the foam of at least one metal alloy powder is at least partially melted and is applied as particle stream with high velocity... Agent:

20110076415 - Use of alkoxylated amines to improve water repellency: The present invention relates to the use of alkoxylated amines for treating wood and other cellulose materials in order to enhance their water repellent properties and to reduce water uptake when treated wood or other cellulose materials are brought into contact with water.... Agent:

20110076416 - Method of making porous materials and porous materials prepared thereof: The present invention furthermore concerns the porous material obtainable by the inventive method, semiconductor devices and electronic components comprising said porous material, and the use of said material for electrical insulation and in microelectronic devices, membranes, displays and sensors.... Agent: Basf Se

20110076417 - Method for producing conductive film: A conductive film producing method according to the present invention contains a conductive metal portion forming step of forming a conductive metal portion containing a conductive substance and a binder on a support, and a vapor contact step of bringing the conductive metal portion into contact with a superheated vapor.... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110076418 - Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same: A method of fabricating a liquid crystal display device, includes applying an alignment film to a substrate surface, provisionally drying the alignment film, baking the alignment film; rubbing; and rubbing washing, which are performed in this sequence, wherein, in applying the alignment film, the alignment film is formed so as... Agent: Nec Lcd Technologies, Ltd.

20110076419 - Method for developing fine grained, thermally stable metallic material: A method for developing fine grained, thermally stable metallic material in which friction stir welding or friction stir processing is performed along at least a portion of the material. Thereafter, a thin layer is removed from either side, or both sides of the material to eliminate the origin of abnormal... Agent: Hitachi America, Ltd.

20110076420 - High efficiency low energy microwave ion/electron source: A microwave charged particle source is provided according to various embodiments of the invention. The microwave charged particle source can include a coaxial antenna for generating microwaves and a dielectric layer surrounding the antenna. The microwave charged particle source can also include a first gas line outside the dielectric layer... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110076421 - Vapor deposition reactor for forming thin film on curved surface: A vapor deposition reactor and a method for forming a thin film. The vapor deposition reactor includes first to third portions arranged along an arc of a circle. The first portion includes at least one first injection portion for injecting a material to a recess in the first portion. The... Agent: Synos Technology, Inc.

20110076422 - Curved microwave plasma line source for coating of three-dimensional substrates: Deposition system and methods for dynamic and static coatings are provided. A deposition system for dynamic coating includes a processing chamber, a non-linear coaxial microwave source, and a substrate support member disposed inside the processing chamber for holding a non-planar substrate. The substrate has a first contour along a first... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

03/24/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110070355 - Polymeric marker with high radiopacity for use in medical devices: High radiopacity is achieved in a polymeric marker by combining a polymeric resin, a powdered radiopaque agent having uniformly shaped particles of a specific particle size distribution and a wetting agent. The method to produce the marker calls for the blending and pelletization of these materials followed by extrusion onto... Agent: Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20110070356 - Texturizing surfaces: Methods for applying surface texture to the exterior of bodily implants, as well as implants made by the methods described.... Agent: Mentor Worldwide LLC

20110070357 - Apparatus and methods for loading a drug eluting medical device: Methods and apparatus are disclosed for loading a therapeutic substance or drug within a lumenal space of a hollow wire having a plurality of side openings along a length thereof that forms a hollow drug-eluting stent with a plurality of side drug delivery openings. Loading a drug within the lumenal... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20110070358 - Method of forming hollow tubular drug eluting medical devices: A method of a forming a hollow, drug-eluting medical device includes utilizing a hollow wire having an outer member and a lumen of the outer member, and filling the lumen with a fluid to form a supported hollow wire. The supported hollow wire is shaped into a stent pattern. Openings... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20110070359 - Film formation method and film formation apparatus: A film formation method according to the present invention includes the step of forming a film of material powders 7 by introducing a carrier gas 5 to a first chamber 8 accommodating the material powders 7 intermittently and mixing the material powders 7 and the carrier gas 5 to generate... Agent:

20110070360 - Source gas supply unit, and deposition apparatus and method using the same: Provided are a source gas supply unit capable of supplying a constant amount of source gas to a deposition chamber to deposit a uniform layer, and a deposition apparatus and method using the same. The source gas supply unit includes a canister in which a source is stored, a heater... Agent: Samsung Mobile Display Co., Ltd.

20110070361 - Non-electrolytic deposition method: The invention relates to a method for the non-electrolytic deposition of a compound, preferably an electrochromic compound, comprising the following successive steps: (a) an electroconductive layer is deposited on a non-conductive solid substrate; (b) a reducing agent or an oxidizing agent (=redox agent) is deposited on an area of said... Agent: Essilor International (compagnie Generale D'optiqu

20110070362 - Battery electrode substrate, and electrode employing the same: An electrode substrate for a battery has nickel applied as a coat on the surface of a base constituted of crossing of a plurality of fibers including a core formed of synthetic resin and a coating of synthetic resin having a softening temperature lower than the softening temperature of the... Agent: National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology

20110070363 - Process for production of water-resistant organic thin film: There is provided a process for production of a water-resistant organic thin film without causing damage to the water-resistant organic thin film which comprises the steps of: (a) keeping supporting means away from an organic thin film; (b) preventing a base material on which the organic thin film is laminated... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110070364 - Method for holding a lens for dip treatment thereof: Method for dip treatment of an optical element, wherein the optical element is held, while it is being dipped, by a holding ring, the ring including a hoop for draining and encircling a peripheral edge of the optical element, thereby exerting continuous linear contact with the peripheral edge, the hoop... Agent: Essilor International (compagnie Generale D'optique)

20110070365 - Method for manufacturing film-formed body: Provided is a method for manufacturing a film-formed body wherein a second film is formed by suppressing influence of existence/absence of a first film, at the time of forming the second film by making fine particles collide and deposited on a second film forming surface on a substrate whereupon the... Agent:

20110070366 - Process for manufacturing a heat insulation container: A process for manufacturing a heat insulation container mainly includes preparing a coating material by mixing a binder and a thermo-expandable powder, coating such coating material on a surface of a container and then heating the container to foam the coated material. The foamed coating material is therefore provides the... Agent: Rich Cup Bio-chemical Technology Co., Ltd

20110070367 - Methods of forming density-matched polymer slurries: Polymer slurries of ultrahigh molecular weight polyalpha-olefins are made stable toward settling, separation and agglomeration by surface treatment with a combination of wax and optional relatively high-density particulates. The selection of the surface coating acts not only as an anti-blocking agent, or partitioning aid to keep the tacky polymer particles... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20110070368 - Apparatus and a method of applying a dry film lubricant to a rotor slot: An apparatus (60) for applying a dry film lubricant comprises a tool (62) and a pad (64). The tool (62) includes a handle (66), a cranked member (68) and a supporting member (70). The pad (64) is removably locatable on the supporting member (70). The supporting member (70) is oval... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20110070369 - Covering device and method for coating components: A covering device for the coating of components via cold kinetic compaction or kinetic cold gas spraying, which can be used to cover a region which is not to be coated of a surface of the component which is to be coated. The covering device is profiled such that it... Agent: Mtu Aero Engines Gmbh

20110070370 - Thermal gradient enhanced chemical vapour deposition (tge-cvd): A chemical vapor deposition (CVD) apparatus is configured for thermal gradient enhanced CVD operation by the inclusion of multiple heaters, positioned so as to provide a desired thermal gradient profile across a vertical dimension of a substrate or other work piece within the chamber. So configured, the chamber may also... Agent: Aixtron Ag

20110070371 - Fluorine compounds for doping conductive oxide thin films: Methods of forming a conductive fluorine-doped metal oxide layer on a substrate by chemical vapor deposition are described. The methods may include heating the substrate in a processing chamber, and introducing a metal-containing precursor and a fluorine-containing precursor to the processing chamber. The methods may also include adding an oxygen-containing... Agent: Alliance For Sustainable Energy

20110070372 - Reactive ink components and methods for forming images using reactive inks: An ink set comprising at least two inks. A first ink includes an optional colorant, a first multi-functional monomer, a second multi-functional monomer that is different from the first multi-functional monomer, and a peroxide initiator comprising a thermal free radical initiator. A second ink includes an optional colorant, a first... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110070373 - Method for forming an ordered alloy: A method for forming an ordered alloy includes: (a) forming a layer of a first metal with a layer thickness of less than 0.3 nm over a substrate; (b) forming a layer of a second metal with a layer thickness of less than 0.3 nm on the layer of the... Agent: National Taiwan University

20110070374 - Polycarbodiimides: Polycarbodiimides, processes for their preparation, water-borne coating compositions and the use of the water-borne coating compositions to coat flexible substrates such as leather, artificial leather, textile fabrics, fibers and non-wovens that are used in the manufacture of athletic footwear are disclosed.... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20110070375 - Modular substrate processing system and method: A modular substrate processing system is provided for processing a flexible substrate. The system includes at least two process modules arranged adjacent to each other in a horizontal direction. The process modules include gas cushion rollers adapted for contactless guiding of the flexible substrate and for diverting the flexible substrate... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110070376 - Anti-fouling paints & coatings: Disclosed herein are a materials such as a coating, an elastomer, an adhesive, a sealant, a textile finish, a wax, and a filler for such a material, wherein the material includes an proteinaceous molecule such as a peptide and/an enzyme that confer a metal binding, an anti-fouling and/or an antibiotic... Agent: Reactive Surfaces, Ltd.

20110070377 - Slide curtain coating apparatus and slide curtain coating method: To provide a slide curtain coating apparatus and method for depositing a curtain of coating liquid onto a running web, the apparatus and method capable of preventing the curtain from being condensed at its center region and preventing the resulting coating from having greater thickness at its edge regions. The... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20110070378 - Method for treating thermoplastic polyurethane golf ball covers: A method of forming a golf ball is disclosed herein. The method includes placing a golf ball precursor product with a thermoplastic polyurethane cover in a solution containing an isocyanate functionality reactive material. The precursor product is then removed from the solution and heated to remove solvent. The precursor product... Agent: Callaway Golf Company

20110070379 - Light and uv stabilisers: A light stabiliser AS comprising a surface-active or amphiphilic part A which leads to migration of the stabiliser to the surface of a material during the process of formation of a surface, and solidification of the material, and a stabilising part S which is the photochemically active ingredient and transforms... Agent: Cytec Technology Corp.

20110070380 - Systems and methods for thin-film deposition of metal oxides using excited nitrogen-oxygen species: Systems and methods are delineated which, among other things, are for depositing a film on a substrate that is within a reaction chamber. In an exemplary method, the method may comprise applying an atomic layer deposition cycle to the substrate, wherein the cycle may comprise exposing the substrate to a... Agent:

20110070381 - Use of nitrogen-based reducing compounds in beam-induced processing: A system for beam-induced deposition or etching, in which a charged particle or laser beam can be directed to a work piece within a single vacuum chamber, either normally incident or at an angle. Simultaneously with beam illumination of the work piece, a deposition or etch precursor gas is co-injected... Agent: Fei Company

20110070382 - Novel lens-protecting processing films: A method is performed for temporarily protecting lenses before subsequent treatment of the lens. The process provides a polymeric ophthalmic lens having a front surface and a rear surface, then provides a coating solution comprising a water-soluble/dispersible or organic-soluble/dispersible organic polymer in a solvent, the solvent not attacking or dissolving... Agent:

03/17/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110064867 - Process for manufacturing flowable powder drug compositions: Powder drug compositions exhibiting improved flow properties are manufactured by spraying a suspension of surface-modified nanoparticles having an average particle size diameter of less than 100 nm in a dryable liquid carrier onto particles of a powder ingredient of a drug composition. The liquid carrier is rapidly dried so as... Agent:

20110064868 - Liquid and low melting coatings for stents: Stents with coatings comprising a combination of a restenosis inhibitor comprising an HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor and a carrier. Also provided are methods of coating stents with a combination of an HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor and a carrier. A preferred example of a restenosis inhibitor is cerivastatin. The stent coatings have been... Agent: Ev3 Peripheral, Inc.

20110064869 - Coated capillary electrophoresis tubes and system: The invention is directed to a capillary tube for electrophoresis that has a positively charged coating on the capillary inner surface that prevents positively charged analytes from adsorbing to the inner capillary surface. The capillary tube has an inner surface that is coated with a first polymer layer having a... Agent: Beckman Coulter, Inc.

20110064870 - Preparing substrates containing polymers for metallization: Methods of swelling and topographically altering polymers of substrates using low foaming compositions are disclosed. Solvent swells which are stable, homogeneous and low foaming are applied to substrates containing polymers to swell and soften the polymers followed by applying an oxidizer to topographically alter and desmear the polymers in preparation... Agent: Rohm And Haas Electronic Materials LLC

20110064871 - Laminated body for manufacturing resin mold, laminated body, resin mold and method for manufacturing magnetic recording medium: A laminated body which forms a resin mold by compression molding using a master mold, the laminated body having: a pair of mutually facing base materials, a layer of a liquid or gel-like curable resin material sandwiched between the pair of base materials, and one or more flow suppression bodies,... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20110064872 - Materials for travelled surfaces: A mixture of material for providing at least a portion of a travelled surface. The mixture includes an aggregate with a plurality of particles. The mixture also includes a hydrocolloidal agent adapted to swell upon exposure to water to form a resilient and flexible binder, for substantially binding the particles... Agent: Envirobond Products Corporation

20110064873 - Method for producing carbon nanocoils: The present invention discloses a method for producing carbon nanocoils, which comprises: providing a metal substrate; depositing a tin precursor on the substrate; heating the substrate with the precursor to a predetermined temperature to form a catalyst on the substrate; placing the substrate in a quartz tube furnace; and introducing... Agent: National Taiwan University

20110064874 - Process for coating modified bitumen membranes using powder coatings: A method of applying a powder coating composition during manufacture of modified bitumen roll roofing membranes, is provided. The coating composition is heat activated providing greater adherence to surfaces that it applied to, and greater reflective properties. The coating that has an initial energy efficiency rating greater than or equal... Agent: Gaf Materials Investment Corporation

20110064875 - Composite particulate preparing apparatus and method: A composite particulate preparing apparatus is provided that includes a rotating body receiving particulates to which an adhering material is allowed to adhere and having a bottom surface, a side wall and a flange part; a centrifugal machine rotating the rotating machine to apply centrifugal force to the particulates in... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110064876 - Method of producing ceramic foams: A process for foaming ceramic foams, in which the ceramic foams are produced from a precursor or a mixture of precursors which contain at least one ceramic-forming element and liberates at least one volatile reaction product during an inorganic gelation process. In one embodiment, foaming is based on a precursor... Agent: Cellaris Limited

20110064877 - Gas supply device, vacuum processing apparatus and method of producing electronic device: The gas supply device 20 is provided with a gas supply pipe 21 which is configured of a double-layer pipe comprising an inner pipe 23 connected to a gas introduction pipe 22 and an outer pipe 24 for covering the outer peripheral portion of the inner pipe 23 with a... Agent: Canon Anelva Corporation

20110064879 - Organometallic compounds: Methods of vapor depositing metal-containing films using certain organometallic compounds containing a carbonyl-containing ligand are disclosed.... Agent: Rohm And Haas Electronic Materials LLC

20110064878 - Apparatus and method for film deposition: A deposition apparatus 100 comprises: a heater 121 for heating a silicon wafer 101; an electrically-conductive busbar 123 for supporting the heater 121; and an electrode assembly 107 having a hollow rod electrode 108 with upper and lower openings for conducting electricity to the heater 121 and a connector 124,... Agent:

20110064880 - Vacuum processing apparatus, vacuum processing method, and electronic device manufacturing method: A vacuum processing apparatus includes an evacuatable vacuum chamber, a substrate holder which is provided in the vacuum chamber, has a substrate chuck surface vertically facing down, and includes an electrostatic chuck mechanism which electrostatically chucks a substrate, a substrate support member which is provided in the vacuum chamber to... Agent: Canon Anelva Corporation

20110064881 - Plastic electronic component package: A plastic package for an image sensor or other electronic component which comprises a plastic body, preferably of LCP material, molded around a leadframe and defining a cavity in which the image sensor is to be disposed. A lid assembly is provided having a transparent glass lid retained in a... Agent:

20110064882 - Liquid silicone rubber coating composition, curtain airbag, and its production method: A liquid silicone rubber coating composition exhibiting high adhesion for an airbag base fabric; a curtain airbag having a silicone rubber coating layer of the cured composition formed on at least one surface of the base fabric; and a method for producing such curtain airbag are provided. The composition comprises... Agent:

20110064883 - Method of post-mold crosslinking thermoplastic polyurethane golf ball cover compositions: A golf ball includes a cover material containing a thermoplastic polyurethane composition which may be crosslinked post-mold by applying a radiation source such as ultraviolet light. The thermoplastic polyurethane composition may be crosslinked under controlled conditions selected to yield golf balls exhibiting desired physical properties and performance characteristics, such as... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20110064884 - Printing inks for offset and/or high printing containing nir absorbers and nir absorbers soluble in offset and/or high printing inks: Printing inks for offset and/or letterpress printing which comprise NIR absorbers, and solubility of the NIR absorber in the printing ink is at least 0.1% by weight. NIR absorbers consisting of cyanine cation with an anion which has long-chain alkyl or aralkyl groups. Use of such printing inks for printing... Agent: Flint Group Germany Gmbh

20110064885 - Apparatus and method for film deposition: The deposition apparatus 100 comprises: a heater 121 for heating a silicon wafer 101; electrically-conductive busbars 123 for supporting the heater 121; electrode assemblies 107 for supporting the busbars 123 and conducting electricity to the heater 121, the electrode assemblies 107 each having a hollow rod electrode 108 with upper... Agent:

20110064887 - Manufacturing process for workpiece for electroless plating: A process for manufacturing workpiece whose surface is to be plated by means of electroless plating includes an ozone-processing step, and a superficial-layer removing step. In the ozone-processing step, a workpiece body including resin and having a surface is processed by means of an ozone treatment by brining the workpiece... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110064886 - Method of improving optical sensor: A method for improving an optical sensor is disclosed, which includes the following steps: providing an optical sensor; acid-treating the surface of the optical sensor; forming a thin metal film on the acid-treated surface of the optical sensor; and plasma-modifying the thin metal film on the optical sensor. The aforesaid... Agent: Forward Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110064888 - Portable heating apparatus for powder coating: The present invention provides a portable apparatus for heating a surface of an object during powder coating. The object is fixed at a location, and a powder comprising a thermal plastic polymer or a thermoset polymer is applied to the surface of the object prior to heating. The apparatus comprises... Agent:

20110064889 - Method for production of electroless plating material: A production method of an electroless plating material of the present invention is a method for the production of an electroless plating material that has a surface to be plated by electroless plating, and includes an ozone treatment step in which a material body that is made of a resin... Agent: Okuno Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.

20110064890 - Film deposition method: A film deposition method deposits a film on a surface of a substrate in strip form traveling on a peripheral surface of a cylindrical drum in at least one film deposition compartment around the peripheral surface of the drum. The method disposes previously a differential compartment between one film deposition... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110064891 - Methods of rapidly densifying complex-shaped, asymmetrical porous structures: Methods of densifying a complex-shaped and/or asymmetrical porous structure include providing a porous structure having such shape, connecting at least two regions of the porous structure with an electrically-conductive element to form a continuous electrically-conductive assembly to enable non-contact electromagnetic coupling between the porous structure and an induction coil, establishing... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

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20110059226 - Method for loading a molecule into a porous substrate: P

20110059228 - Drug-eluting coatings applied to medical devices by spraying and drying to remove solvent: A coating device for coating a medical device with a drug-eluting material uses an in-process drying station between coats to improve a drug release profile. The drying station includes a heat nozzle configured for applying a uniform drying gas. A coating process using the dryer includes a closed-loop control for... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20110059227 - System and method for coating a stent: A systems and method for reducing coating defects on a stent may involve a support apparatus comprising wire cage for carrying a stent. The support apparatus may have no structure that extends inside the stent. A support apparatus may include a plurality of wires that pass through the stent but... Agent:

20110059229 - Method of manufacturing glass substrate and information recording medium: In a method of manufacturing a glass substrate for an information recording medium including a step for chemically strengthening the glass substrate by contacting the glass substrate with chemical strengthening processing liquid containing chemical strengthening salt, concentration of Fe and Cr is 500 ppb or less in said chemical strengthening... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20110059230 - Method for metalizing solar cells, hot-melt aerosol ink, and aerosol jet printing system: The present invention relates to a novel method for applying conductive structures on solar cells, a hot melt aerosol ink being atomised by means of an aerosol jet printing system and being discharged from the printing system in the direction of the solar cell, the printing system being heated at... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellshaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20110059231 - Methods and devices for processing a precursor layer in a group via environment: Methods and devices for high-throughput printing of a precursor material for forming a film of a group IB-IIIA-chalcogenide compound are disclosed. In one embodiment, the method comprises forming a precursor layer on a substrate, the precursor is subsequently processed in a VIA environment.... Agent:

20110059232 - Method for forming transparent organic electrode: A method for forming a transparent organic electrode includes: preparing an organic conductive composition including a conductive material, a binder, and a solvent; preparing a substrate on which cutting lines demarcating cells are formed; forming a conductive layer by printing a conductive pattern within each of the cells demarcated by... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110059233 - Method for preparing stabilized metal nanoparticles: A process for preparing stabilized metal nanoparticles, the process comprising reacting a metal compound with a reducing agent in the presence of a stabilizer in a reaction mixture comprising the metal compound, the reducing agent, and the stabilizer, wherein the reaction mixture is substantially free of solvent, to form a... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110059234 - Metal pattern composition and method of forming metal pattern using the same: Disclosed is a metal pattern composition including a conductive metal or a conductive metal precursor compound, and a carboxylic acid-amine base ion pair salt.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110059235 - Method for producing magnetic recording medium and producing apparatus thereof: Provided are a method of producing a magnetic recording medium with improved environmental resistance, especially, corrosion resistance and an apparatus used therefor. In producing a magnetic recording medium having a magnetic recording pattern on a magnetic recording layer formed on at least a surface of a nonmagnetic substrate using an... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20110059236 - Optical fiber: The present invention provides an optical fiber superior in yellowing resistance. An optical fiber according to the present invention has a coating made from a UV curable resin formed on the outer surface of a bare optical glass fiber, and is characterized in that the coated material includes an unreacted... Agent: Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

20110059237 - Method of manufacturing pneumatic tire: Provided is a method of manufacturing a pneumatic tire which enables an inner liner layer made of a thermoplastic resin or a thermoplastic elastomer composition to be formed without decreasing the productivity and deterioration the working environment. Powder 8 of a thermoplastic resin or a thermoplastic elastomer composition having an... Agent: The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

20110059239 - Building board and method for production: A building board, in particular of wooden material, plastic or a mixture of wooden material and plastic, with a top side and an underside and side edges. A polyurethane layer is applied at least on the top side. A decorative layer imitating a natural material is applied onto the polyurethane... Agent: Flooring Technologies Ltd.

20110059238 - Process and apparatus for manufacturing decorative papers and/or panels for flooring or surfacing of furniture, walls, etc.: A process for manufacturing decorative papers and/or panels for flooring or surfacing of furniture, walls, finish foils, filter papers or kraft papers for low and high pressure use etc., in which a substantially dry solid composition is prepared in powder form, having a polymer component containing aminoplasts (amino resins) and/or... Agent:

20110059240 - Process for the manufacturing of dense silicon carbide: A method of producing a densified SiC article is provided. Near-net shape porous silicon carbide articles are produced and densified using the developed method. A substantial number of pores within the porous near-net shape silicon carbide article are filled (impregnated) with a carbon precursor, a silicon carbide precursor, or a... Agent:

20110059241 - Method of using sulfur-based corrosion inhibitors for galvanized metal surfaces: A composition and method for inhibiting white rust formation on galvanized surfaces. The composition includes thiols, polymeric dithiocarbamates, and xanthates. The composition may be introduced onto the galvanized surface, especially in an industrial water system, using a variety of different methods or programs including integrating with current programs or developing... Agent:

20110059242 - Device and method for wet treating plate-like-articles: A method and device for wet treatment of plate-like articles includes, a chuck for holding a single plate-like article having an upwardly facing surface for receiving liquid running off a plate-like article when being treated with liquid, wherein the chuck is outwardly bordered by a circumferential annular lip. The chuck... Agent: Sez Ag

20110059243 - Adherends with enhanced surfaces: Metallic substrates have a surface for receiving application of an adhesive that includes a precipitated coating of metallic nanoparticulates. A first portion of the nanoparticulates is adhered to the surface and a second portion is in contact with the first portion. Also provided are adhered constructs. These constructs include a... Agent:

20110059244 - Adhesion promoter and coating composition for adhesion to olefinic substrates: An adhesion promoter, a coating composition containing the adhesion promoter, and a method for preparing the adhesion promoter and coating. The adhesion promoter is an olefin based polymer having at least one amine containing compound. The amine may be used as a catalyst for the coating.... Agent: Basf Coatings Ag

20110059245 - Coating apparatus and coating method: A coating apparatus including a coating part which applies a liquid material including an oxidizable metal on a substrate, a chamber having a coating space in which the coating part applies the liquid material on the substrate and a transport space into which the substrate is transported, and a removal... Agent: Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20110059246 - Coating apparatus and coating method: A coating apparatus including a coating part which applies a liquid material including an oxidizable metal on a substrate; a chamber having a coating space in which the coating part applies the liquid material on the substrate and a transport space into which the liquid material is transported; and an... Agent: Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20110059248 - Coating method and coating apparatus: A coating method including coating a liquid material including an oxidizable metal on a substrate, and heating the substrate having the liquid material coated thereon in the presence of an inert gas.... Agent: Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20110059249 - Methods of slide coating two or more fluids: A method of slide coating that includes providing a first fluid including at least one solvent and at least one polymer; providing a second fluid, including multi unit polymeric precursors; flowing the first fluid down a first slide surface, to create a first fluid layer on the first slide surface;... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110059247 - Modeling apparatus and modeling method: [Solving Means] A powder transfer mechanism (16) laminates powder layers containing water-soluble powder as a main component one by one at a modeling portion (14). An inkjet line head (17) injects a water-based ink that dissolves the powder in an area of an uppermost layer of the powder layers laminated... Agent: Tomita Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

20110059250 - Coating method and coating apparatus: A coating method including coating a liquid material including an oxidizable metal on a substrate a plurality of times to laminate a plurality of liquid material layers on the substrate; and adjusting at least one of oxygen concentration and humidity inside a chamber having a coating space in which the... Agent: Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20110059251 - Coating composition having a high scratch resistance and weathering stability: c

20110059252 - Two component coating compositions and coatings produced therefrom: The present invention is directed to two component coating compositions that cure under ambient conditions and more particularly to those having low VOC (volatile organic content) that are suitable for use in automotive refinish and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) applications. The coating composition includes crosslinkable and crosslinking components, wherein the... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110059253 - Aqueous coating composition comprising an autoxidisable amide group containing resin: An aqueous coating composition comprising an autoxidisable amide group containing resin having ≧30 wt % of fatty acid residues by weight of autoxidisable amide group containing resin; a Tg in the range of from −40 to +35° C.; ND×AV≦22 mg KOH/g; a Mw in the range of from 2,500 to... Agent:

20110059254 - Curtain coating apparatus and curtain coating method: A curtain coating apparatus including: a pair of edge guides configured to support both side edges of at least one coating liquid so as to form a coating liquid film which falls freely and apply the coating liquid film onto a continuously running support; and an auxiliary water introduction port... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20110059255 - Method for minimizing emissions while forming a polyurethane foam: A method minimizes emissions while spraying a mixture of a resin composition and a polyisocyanate onto a surface. The resin composition has a hydroxyl content of at least 400 mg KOH/g and includes a blowing agent that is a liquid under pressure, a first polyol, at least one additional polyol... Agent:

20110059256 - Delivery unit, coating apparatus, and coating method: It is an object of the present invention to apply a liquid uniformly on a to-be-coated area of an object subjected to liquid coating. A delivery unit which delivers the liquid on the to-be-coated area of the object subjected to liquid coating comprises a main body filled with the liquid... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20110059257 - Coating nozzle, coating method, and inner volume control valve: A coating nozzle includes a nozzle body including an inlet opening for receiving a liquid supplied from a liquid supply valve and an outlet opening, a distribution plate disposed adjacent to the nozzle body and including an elongated bore in fluid communication with the outlet opening, a shim plate disposed... Agent: Nordson Corporation

20110059258 - Method for supplying a coating system with a particulate auxiliary material: In order to separate an overspray of a liquid coating material from an air current flowing through the application region of a coating system, an overspray present in the air current may be charged with a particulate auxiliary material introduced in the air current. The new or fresh auxiliary material... Agent:

20110059259 - Method and system for high-throughput deposition of patterned organic thin films: High-throughput OVJP systems and methods are provided that may use multiple flow paths having different conductances to enable deposition with relatively short lag times. A high-throughput OVJP system may include a flow tube having a cross-sectional area much larger than the diameter of one or more apertures through which source... Agent: Universal Display Corporation

20110059260 - Deposition of lubricant onto magnetic media: A method, in one embodiment, can include inserting a magnetic media into an enclosure. Furthermore, the method can include using a non-thermal physical vapor deposition process to deposit a lubricant onto the magnetic media within the enclosure.... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20110059261 - Nanofiber manufacturing apparatus and nanofiber manufacturing method: Nanofibers are manufactured while preventing explosions from occurring due to solvent evaporation. An effusing unit (201) which effuses solution (300) into a space, a first charging unit (202) which electrically charges the solution (300) by applying an electric charge to the solution (300), a guiding unit (206) which forms an... Agent:

20110059262 - Aqueous floor coatings based on uv-curable polyurethane dispersons: The present invention is directed to a process for coating a wood substrate, the coating composition curable by radiation having a wavelength of 320 nm to 450 nm and the coated product so-produced.... Agent: Bayer Materialscience LLC

20110059263 - Retardation substrate, method of manufacturing the same, and liquid crystal display: A retardation layer that includes regions causing different retardations can be manufactured easily. A retardation substrate includes a substrate and a solidified liquid crystal layer supported by the substrate. The solidified liquid crystal layer includes first to third regions. The first to third regions re arranged on the substrate and... Agent: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

20110059264 - Modification of surfaces with nanoparticles: Methods for functionalizing a surface of a substrate with nanoparticles are described. In certain embodiments, the method can include attaching a plurality of photoactive linker to nanoparticles to obtain photoactive nanoparticles, wherein each photoactive linker comprises a binding group that attaches to the nanoparticles and a photoactive group; depositing the... Agent:

20110059265 - Method for producing layered materials using long-lived photo-induced active centers: The invention relates to a method for applying a photo-activated layered polymer coating to a substrate material in which one or more layers do not contain photoinitiator, or are not exposed to initiating light, but cure due to migration of cationic active centers. At least two separate monomer layers are... Agent: University Of Iowa Research Foundation

20110059266 - Method of drying and/or curing an organic coating on a continuously running metal strip, and device for implementing this method: A method of drying and/or curing an organic coating on a continuously running metal strip, includes heating the strip by electromagnetic induction in a tunnel furnace having an enclosure with hot internal walls and heating the enclosure. The heating of the strip by electromagnetic induction is coupled with heating by... Agent: Siemens Vai Metals Technologies Sas

20110059267 - Surface treatment of silicon nanoparticles: The present invention relates to the treatment of photoluminescent silicon nanoparticles in order to give them surface functionalities, for example amine radicals or other radicals, that favor their use especially in biology for labeling applications. A reaction is then applied to the nanoparticles in order to create a surface coating... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20110059268 - Methods of forming porous coatings on substrates: Methods of forming porous coatings on substrates. Methods of forming porous coatings include preparing a binder, applying the binder to a substrate to form a binder layer, applying a coating material to the binder layer to form a coating material layer, and sintering the coated substrate. In some examples, preparing... Agent: Viper Technologies LLC, D.b.a. Thortex, Inc.

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20110052788 - Antifouling hydrogels, coatings, and methods of synthesis and use thereof: The invention provides an antifouling hydrogel comprising an effective amount of antifouling polymer modified with a compound containing catechol functional groups to yield a modified antifouling polymer comprising at least one catechol functional end group; and an effective amount of at least one oxidizing reagent, wherein the at least one... Agent:

20110052789 - Composite structure including a low vinyl acetate layer: A composition including an ethylene-vinyl acetate component and an ABA block copolymer, wherein the A segments of the block copolymer are styrenic segments, is also provided. The composition includes between 1 and 15 wt % of vinyl acetate repeating units, based on the total weight of composition exclusive of any... Agent:

20110052787 - Solventless method for forming a coating on a medical electrical lead body: A solventless method for forming a coating on a medical electrical lead is described. The method includes combining particles of a therapeutic agent with a polymeric material in a flowable form in the absence of a solvent to form a uniform suspension. A predetermined amount of the suspension is dispensed... Agent:

20110052790 - Kits for and methods of repair, maintenance and substantial color match of cementitious materials: Kits for and methods of repair, maintenance and substantial color-match of existing cementitious materials are disclosed. A kit for repair, maintenance and substantial color-match includes a plurality of materials including: a plurality of cementitious powders for preparing a base cementitious mixture comparable to a base of the existing material either... Agent:

20110052792 - Method for printing electronic device using matching logic and method for manufacturing rfid tag using the same: A method of producing an electronic device by a roll-to-roll printing process using matching logic, and a method of producing a RFID (radio frequency identification) tag. The method, which enables mass production of inexpensive printable electronic devices, includes: determining specs of the electronic device; determining matching conditions including substrate, ink... Agent:

20110052791 - Thin film deposition apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display apparatus using the same: A thin film deposition apparatus used to manufacture large substrates on a mass scale and that allows high-definition patterning, and a method of manufacturing an organic light-emitting display apparatus using the same, the apparatus includes a loading unit fixing a substrate onto an electrostatic chuck; a deposition unit including a... Agent:

20110052793 - Optical monitor with computed compensation: A method is provided for the determination a thickness error in a previously deposited layer using the reflection monitor signal of the currently-depositing layer. This thickness error is then used to compute corrections to the thickness of the currently-depositing layer and the next layer which corrects for the thickness error... Agent:

20110052794 - Vapor-phase growth apparatus and thin-film vapor-phase growth method: A method for vapor-phase growth of a thin film by introducing into a reaction chamber a raw material gas wherein a dilute impurity gas, having a mixture of impurity gas of which the flow-rate is controlled by a first flow-rate controlling mechanism and diluting gas of which the flow-rate is... Agent:

20110052795 - Thin film deposition apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display device by using the same: A thin film deposition apparatus includes an electrostatic chuck that fixes a substrate on which a deposition material is to be deposited; a blocking member disposed at a side of the substrate fixed on the electrostatic chuck and covering at least a portion of the substrate; and a deposition unit... Agent:

20110052796 - Method and device for producing stoichiometry gradients and layer systems: A process and a device for coating substrates with a stoichiometric gradient in an in-line coating system include at least two evaporation devices, each with an evaporator tube. The evaporator tubes are implemented so as to be tiltable independently of one another, whereby the transition area of the two vapor... Agent:

20110052797 - Low temperature plasma-free method for the nitridation of copper: Techniques for nitridation of copper (Cu) wires. In one aspect, a method for nitridation of a Cu wire is provided. The method includes the following step. The Cu wire and trimethylsilylazide (TMSAZ) in a carrier gas are contacted at a temperature, pressure and for a length of time sufficient to... Agent:

20110052798 - Ccm composite: c

20110052799 - Method of recycling scrap magnet: The method has the steps of: grinding a recovered scrap magnet which is an iron-boron-rare earth-based sintered magnet, thereby obtaining a scrap-derived recovered raw material powder; obtaining a sintered body from the scrap-derived recovered raw material powder by a powder metallurgy method; and processing the sintered body. The processing includes... Agent:

20110052801 - Green color filter element: A green color filter having a green filter layer comprising a bridged aluminum phthalocyanine pigment and a second pigment having its maximum absorption at a wavelength from 400 to 500 nm.... Agent:

20110052800 - Process of producing grating for x-ray image pickup apparatus: A process of producing a grating to be used in an X-ray image pickup apparatus includes the steps of preparing a grating having a plurality of protrusions periodically arranged, curving the grating in the direction in which the plurality of protrusions is arranged, and filling spaces between the protrusions with... Agent:

20110052802 - Process for producing wire-grid polarizer: On a light-transmitting substrate 14 having a surface on which a plurality of ridges 12 are formed, an underlayer 22, first fine metallic wires 24 and second fine metallic wires 30 are formed by a vapor deposition method satisfying the conditions (A) to (F). (A) The underlayer material was vapor-deposited... Agent:

20110052803 - Method of forming metal deposits on ultrahard materials: A method of forming a metal deposit on an ultra-hard material. In an embodiment, the method includes providing a plurality of ultra-hard particles, mixing the ultra-hard particles in a solution with a metal salt, drying the solution to create a mixture of metal salt particles adhered to surfaces of the... Agent:

20110052804 - Process for the manufacture of titania coated microspheres: The present invention relates to a process for the manufacture of titania-coated microspheres, preferably titania-coated inorganic microspheres, comprising at least the steps of: (i) providing a mixture comprising (a) a solution of a titania precursor of formula A pTi qF rin a solvent comprising water, wherein A is selected from... Agent:

20110052805 - Method and system for depositing a metal or metalloid on carbon nanotubes: The invention relates to a method and a system for depositing a metal or a metalloid on carbon nanotubes (NTC). The method of the invention comprises homogenising an NTC powder in a reactor, and depositing said metal or metalloid on the homogenised NTC powder using a chemical vapor deposition technique... Agent:

20110052806 - Spray coating with uniform flow distribution: A spray nozzle is disclosed that produces a flat spray pattern for liquid coating material, the spray pattern having a generally uniform flow distribution of quantity of coating material across the spray pattern. The spray nozzle may include a rectangular cut spray orifice to produce such a spray pattern. The... Agent:

20110052807 - Coating treatment method, computer storage medium, and coating treatment apparatus: A substrate is rotated at a first rotation number (first step). The rotation of the substrate is decelerated to 1500 rpm that is a second rotation number and the substrate is rotated at the second rotation number for 0.5 seconds (second step). The rotation of the substrate is further decelerated... Agent:

20110052809 - Method for application of an adhesion promoter composition to a substrate: The present invention relates to a method for application of an adhesion promoter composition, containing at least one adhesion promoter substance, to a substrate. For this purpose, the adhesion promoter substance is vaporized and the vapor formed is transported to the substrate via a carrier gas.... Agent:

20110052810 - Film forming method and storage medium: An AxByOz-type oxide film can be produced by introducing a first organic metal compound source material, a second organic metal compound source material and an oxidizer into a processing chamber and forming the AxByOz-type oxide film on a substrate. In the production, a compound which has a low vapor pressure... Agent:

20110052808 - Method of depositing a multilayer coating with a variety of oxide adhesion layers and organic layers: An improved vapor-phase deposition method and apparatus for the application of multilayered films/coatings on substrates is described. The method is used to deposit multilayered coatings where the thickness of an oxide-based layer in direct contact with a substrate is controlled as a function of the chemical composition of the substrate,... Agent:

20110052813 - Functionalised graphene oxide: A functionalised graphene oxide and a method of making a functionalised graphene oxide comprising: (i) oxidizing graphite to form graphite oxide wherein the graphene sheets which make up the graphite independently of each other have a basal plane fraction of carbon atoms in the sp2-hybridised state between 0.1 and 0.9,... Agent:

20110052814 - Gluing method and device of corrugated board sheet: In a gluing method of a box production line using a glue gun of a contact-type, the glue can be applied firmly without placing excessive pressure on a gluing margin during a gluing step even when a paper type of the corrugated board sheet changes due to an order change.... Agent:

20110052811 - Metering system for simultaneously dispensing two different adhensives from a single metering device or applicator onto a common substrate: A new and improved hot melt adhesive or other thermoplastic material dispensing system comprises two separate and independent rotary gear-type metering pumps with two separate and independent supply sources and fluid supply passageways, or two separate and independent sets of rotary gear-type metering pumps with two separate and independent supply... Agent:

20110052812 - Metering system for simultaneously dispensing two different adhesives from a single metering device or applicator onto a common substrate: A method of making an article having a substrate and two materials applied thereto includes providing a metered fluid dispensing system having first and second supply sources for supplying first and second fluids, respectively, an output device having at least one dispensing nozzle, and at least two pumps for pumping... Agent:

20110052815 - Bakeable, screen-printable anti-reflection coating for glass: A composition for the production of an antireflection coating, comprising a condensate obtainable by the condensation of silicon compounds of the general formula RnSiX4-n (I) in which the X groups are the same or different and represent hydrolyzable groups or hydroxyl groups, the R groups are the same or different... Agent:

20110052816 - Method and apparatus for treating the peripheral region of a sandwich component: The invention refers to a device and method for treating a peripheral region of a sandwich component, in particular of a sandwich component having a honeycomb structure and two spaced-apart coating layers and a core structure having a plurality of cavities. The invention is characterized by applying a layer of... Agent:

20110052817 - Method to incorporate compounds into matrices: A method to deposit water insoluble compounds onto solid matrices using aqueous systems is described. A transient water soluble complex is formed and dissociated when deposition takes place.... Agent:

20110052818 - Coated paper for inkjet printing, composition and method for inkjet printing: A coating composition for paper is provided for use with inkjet printing comprising at least one of ground calcium carbonate and kaolin clay, a binder, and a salt suitable to fix the ink on the paper. A method of printing on a paper coated with the composition, as well as... Agent:

20110052819 - Application device and method of producing application layer using same: An application device comprises a liquid tank for retaining a liquid, and a discharge unit to which the liquid is supplied from the liquid tank, and which discharges the liquid to an application-target area of an object at a set application width, The discharge unit comprises a head cylinder filled... Agent:

20110052821 - Method of manufacturing polymer film: A method of manufacturing a polymer film having a microphase-separated morphology includes a film-forming step in which a solution containing a block copolymer having two or more types of polymer chains which are mutually incompatible and are bonded to each other, a first solvent and a second solvent having a... Agent:

20110052820 - Process for making core-shell fluorinated particles and an overcoat layer comprising the same: The presently disclosed embodiments are directed generally to methods for making the core-shell fluorinated particles which are incorporated into the overcoat layers of an electrophotographic imaging member to reduce torque and cleaning failures during the photoreceptor cleaning process. The core-shell fluorinated particles are core-shell fluorinated nano- or micro-particles encapsulated in... Agent:

20110052823 - Aqueous coating material, a method for the production thereof and the use thereof: An aqueous coating material comprising at least one ionically and/or nonionically stabilized polyurethane, which is saturated, unsaturated and/or grafted with olefinically unsaturated compounds, wherein said coating material contains between 0.5% and 30% by weight of polytetrahydrofuran, based on the total weight of the coating material.... Agent:

20110052822 - Coating composition and method for forming coating film: The present invention provides a coating composition that is excellent in application workability, and that can form a cured coating film excellent in coating film performances such as scratch resistance, acid resistance, stain resistance, finished appearance, sagging resistance, etc. Specifically, the present invention provides a coating composition comprising an acrylic... Agent:

20110052824 - Apparatus and process for depositing coatings: A spray coating process and apparatus suitable for depositing coatings on surfaces of components, and particularly surfaces that are difficult to access with conventional cold spraying equipment. The process and apparatus employ a spray gun having a tubular body with a longitudinal axis and an exit at one end thereof.... Agent:

20110052825 - Method and apparatus for thermal spraying of metal coatings using pulsejet resonant pulsed combustion: An apparatus and method for thermal spraying a metal coating on a substrate is accomplished with a modified pulsejet and optionally an ejector to assist in preventing oxidation. Metal such as Aluminum or Magnesium may be used. A pulsejet is first initiated by applying fuel, air, and a spark. Metal... Agent:

20110052826 - Application device and driving method thereof: An application device wherein a liquid is applied to an application target region of a substrate disposed on a supporting table by moving a discharge section including a nozzle hole which discharges the liquid in a first direction relative to the supporting table; a displacement amount of the discharge section... Agent:

20110052827 - Articulated nozzle and method of applying a strip of viscoelastic material using said nozzle: Device for applying a strip (B) of a viscoelastic material to a receiving surface (S) in relative motion (R) relative to said device, comprising a feed means and an application nozzle (1) having a body (11), into which said feed means (2) emerges, and a head (12) at the end... Agent:

20110052828 - Method for high-temperature ceramic circuits: A novel means for placing conductive metal traces on ceramic without adhesives, glues or any organic materials. Metal traces created by thermal spraying metal on to a prepared ceramic surface. The ceramic surface is prepared by creating recesses where the metal is to remain as circuit traces. Following thermal spray,... Agent:

20110052829 - Coating method, coating station, and method for coating an object: A powder coating station (1) for electrostatic coating of a first and second side of a work piece 3 moved relative to the coating station (1) comprises at least a first dispensing unit (4, 5) for dispensing coating particles and at least a first electrode arrangement (6, 7, 8, 9)... Agent:

20110052830 - Powder coating method and paint thereof: Disclosed is a powder coating method and paint thereof. First, a metal object is applied a voltage. Second, paint is rubbed to carry a static charge, wherein the static charge is opposite to the voltage applied to the metal object. The statically charged paint is then sprayed from a nozzle... Agent:

20110052831 - Novel oxetane compound, active energy ray-curable composition, active energy ray-curable ink composition and inkjet recording method: The present invention provides an oxetane compound represented by the following formula (1), and a active energy ray-curable composition including the oxetane compound as a polymerizable monomer. In formula (1), R11 to R15 each independently represents a hydrogen atom or an alkyl group; R21 to R24 each independently represents a... Agent:

20110052832 - Film forming method and film forming apparatus: An object of the present invention is to provide a reflection film formation technology which achieves the simplification of an apparatus structure and the cost reduction thereof. A film forming method of the present invention includes a reflection film formation step (P2) for forming a reflection film having light reflecting... Agent:

20110052833 - Gas distribution showerhead and method of cleaning: During a deposition process, material may deposit not only on the substrate, but also on other chamber components. In a MOCVD chamber, one of those components is the gas distribution showerhead. The showerhead may be cleaned by bombarding the showerhead with radicals generated by a plasma that includes an inert... Agent:

20110052834 - Method and compositions for creating an atomic composite of ceramics coated with titanium making use of coating methodology: The invention relates to a method for the coating of a surface of a ceramic basic body with a titanium compound, comprising the steps of (i) providing a preformed ceramic material; (ii) at least one step of surface activation of said ceramic material using a plasma for plasma-chemical surface preparation... Agent:

20110052835 - Light induced electroless plating: A method and composition for plating metal contacts on photovoltaic solar cells is described. The cell is immersed in an aqueous bath containing platable metal ions and a chemical reducing agent. The cell is then exposed to light, causing the two sides of the cell to become oppositely charged. The... Agent:

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